Spoilers One Piece Chapter 555 + Chapter 554 Breakdown! New Demotivational Poster Included! #_#

-On Piece Spoiler Below-

caption-247477-20060225100618Picture by Gundammaniac81592

One Piece 555 spoilers are out and have been out for a while now if you looked down in the comments section. If you’re trying to avoid spoiler pits like me get a flying type Zoan fruit and just fly over them. 🙂 Video by Bleachxdz1’s.

-One Piece Breakdown Below-

YOSH!!! Welcome to another One Piece Chapter Breakdown! I’m just going to dive right into this… This is my own personal opinion on what happened on the release of this chapter. You don’t have to like it or agree with it. Just enjoy it. 😉

My rant: o_O

15 pages… I swear Oda and his staff were taking acid this week and decided to pop in Charlie’s Chocolate Factory for some inspiration. Then after much thought and consideration Oda came to a realization…

Oda: “OMGZ, I just discovered something guys!”

Staff: “NANI!?!”

Oda: “Oompa fucking Loompas!”

Staff: “No wayyyyzzzz GTFO!!!”

Oda: “Of course…shorter is better! It worked for Charlie and he made great chocolate so why not me and manga!? I’m motherfucking Oda bitches I can do anything I want! I want a glass elevator that shoots out the roof installed now and where my bitches at!?” @_@

Staff: “Duuuuuuuuuuudeeeee, we’re right here!”

Oda: “Let’s print this sonofabitch and see what happenz!”

Staff: *dies from overdose* x_X

WTF Oda!?! No, shorter is not better and you don’t have any damn Oompa Loompas! So what the hell is up with only 15 PAGES!!! 2 weeks for this and now he needs a new staff! *rubs head and downs a bottle of liquor* And I don’t even drink. >_< *grabs metal baseball bat and gathers a angry mob* Another plane ticket to Japan plz… o_o

End rant


Here’s this week’s BOPP (Badass One Piece Picture) by Olafpriol.

Now let’s get to the actual breakdown!

"People, birds, and stuff at war" Lazy translation or is the world so f**ked up now that even stuff picks up arms and go to war? o_0

"People and birds and stuff at war" Lazy translation or is the world so f**ked up now that even stuff picks up arms and go to war? o_0

Chopper is hiding from the natives of the island as they do mortal combat with a giant bird. Not much else going on there besides Chopper trying to do a Kiss impersonation with his long ass tongue. Yeah, Chopper’s badass like that… Still think those birds have something to do with awakened Zoan users? I don’t know anymore. T_T

Yeeaaahhh, you all thought I was crazy but I told you he was a legendary pokemon! :P

Yeeaaahhh, you all thought I was crazy but I told you he was a legendary pokemon! 😛

The chapter immediately starts off with the revelation of Marco’s Devil’s Fruit ability. Much props to Elisha for predicting Marco’s ability last week! 😉  He posses the “Mythical Beast” Zoan type fruit allowing him to turn into a Phoenix. Rarer than the X. Drake’s Ancient Zoan fruit which allowed him to turn into a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Rarer than logia types is the biggie though! In fact the Mythical Zoan fruit is presented as the rarest type of Devil Fruit revealed in the manga thus far. In correlation to the fruit’s rarity the fruit offers immense power. Marco is presented as untouchable as attacks merely phase through him and he can revive himself from the flames after any sort of damage. He…is….invincible? 0_o I bet a good blast of Haki or Haki based attacks are the only things that could touch him besides the obvious sea stone based items and sea water.

I didn't see anyhing either but they did! >_> *points at you* O_O

I didn't see anyhing either but they did! >_> *points at you* O_O

Marco and Kiazru play ‘Who Can Trick the Opponent Into Thinking Their Godly Bodies Actually Got Hurt’ and Kizaru, quite funnily actually, recovers from a kick that beamed him into the ground to give orders to the troops. Damn these guys are strong.

Eye for an eye... A broken heart for a broken rectum. *pukes* ><

Eye for an eye... A broken heart for a broken rectum. *pukes* ><

The giants move in and Jaws (that’s what I’ll call him from now on) picks up a f**king iceberg and chucks it at the giant’s formation. I mean….WTF!?! This guy can turn his skin as hard as diamond, block Mihawk’s slash, and chuck icebergs the size of like 10-12 giants!? Yes….I tried to measure it…>_> This dude is no joke! If he’d punch you you’d turn to pulp. Akainu doesn’t take that shit though. As he makes himself known he starts fuming both literally and figuratively about why no one stayed to defend the base. I wonder what his powers are… 0_0

Can a Falcon Punch joke be overdone? Nah! :D

Can a Falcon Punch joke be overdone? Nah! 😀

Credit goes to Tobi for predicting correctly Akainu’s DF power weeks ago. Building up a pile of magma on one arm Akainu shoots out a giant magma fist. Let me pause here for a second though. Right before Akainu shoots out that fist it looks like something cracks and Akainu is in pain. I have no idea what it is but it may be a drawback to his pure destructive power. I would appreciate it if anyone could offer up their opinion on what happened there. Moving on Akainu shoots out his Daifunka (Big Eruption). I’m going to call it Daifucka because it’ll “fuck” your “day” up if you get hit by this. On contact with the iceberg it completely vaporizes and volcanic debris rains down on the area as everyone scampers away. No one appreciates deadly fireworks nowadays. -_-

This is how Whitebeard roasts his marshmellows. Hardcore...

This is how Whitebeard roasts his marshmellows. Trust me you don't want to be near the bon fire! @_@

The volcanic fireworks rain down on the battlefield and Whitebeard loses one of his freaky whale face boats. The world watches from the safety of the jumbotrons as the impressive battle deciding the fate of the world takes place at the feet of the World Government. Whitebeard doesn’t move an inch as a giant fireball heads straight for him and blocks it with his great spear. Then he blows out the flames with only his breath! Honestly, I think these people will start flying soon…wait…to late. -_-

Funky fresh beats wins the crowd every time! XD

Funky fresh beats wins the crowd every time! XD

The battle continues to rage on and the pirate captains and marine commanders let loose. Flaming swords are whipped out and giant drums pulled out from the intestinal tracks. I really don’t think that’s healthy.

Randomness FTW!!!

Randomness FTW!!!

The pirates pull another ace out of their sleeve (not to be mistaken with pulling another Fire Fist Ace out of their sleeve and leaving the original Ace to die) and Little Oz Jr. makes an appearance. Where the hell did a creature much bigger than any giant and ship appear from out of nowhere without the marine’s notice until now? Underwater? Meh, doesn’t matter. All we need to know is that this is the descendent of the giant known as ‘Country Stealer Oz’ who’s zombie corpse the SH encountered and defeated at Thriller Bark. Moria is going crazier than usual wanting to have Oz Jr’s corpse to control and Doflamingo tries to beat Chopper’s Kiss impersonation, but fails horribly biting his own tongue. Well next chapter the Shichibukai make their move (even though Mihawk already ruined that for them…>_>). The maries are like f**k your phoenix, flaming sword, intestinal drums, and giant of giants! We got spiderman! Honestly, one of the vice-admirals has an Insect Zoan fruit which allows him to turn into a spider. Good call Tobi. 😛

Overall, action packed chapter but much to short for a two week wait in my opinion. I enjoyed the boom boom bang bang but where the hell is Luffy!? He sure is taking his sweet time to get into the action. Hopefully they’ll arrive in time to beat back the Shichibukai. Now with all that we have been shown of these New World Pirates I need to ask a question.

Here’s this week’s demotivatioal poster. Comment, predict, and enjoy! 😀

Picture 10


We all know who one the polls but who won the debate? Sanji of course. The Zoro supporters hardly put up a fight and just relied heavily on “him just being better” without providing much substantial proof to back this argument. Arguments in the comment section weigh more heavily than poll votes, so even though Zoro received nearly 4x as many votes… for winning the actual debate Sanji wins this round. Now here’s this week’s AMV by Taijutsu363 to commemorate his victory.


Next cover story will feature Nami in the Weather Island. The pirates gain ground on the marines thanks to Oz Jr’s help. Luffy finally shows up to engage one of the Shichibukai.

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  1. First, nice breakdown. Pirates of the Carribean + Pokemon + Falcon Punch = One Piece, amirite ?

  2. Second, awesome chapter but still to short =(

  3. @Raikoben: Maybe! XD

    Indeed this chapter was to short. I wonder when the Zoro lovers will come outta the wood works to tear me a new one…>_>

    *hides in Sanji’s kitchen and enjoys some of his awesome cooking* 😀

  4. Finally The Rock has come back to wra…whoops got caught up with an old memory…its been ages since i commented on the op section…
    anyways good break down super…*gives thumbs up*
    i dont think that luffy’s crew will show up.. it almost too far for most of them, as well as the too dangerous for nami, ussop, brooke, chopper, and robin…then again sogeking, zoro, franky and sanji are fine…lol but seriously its not possible because of where its at. i think this is a like a side quest for luffy like naruto’s sage training was… we saw everything that went on, and everyone saw his results when they really needed him. i think luffy will meet up with his crew when its time for him and blackbeard to finish there conversation at impel down becasue if they were to fight now, only luffy, zoro and sanji would win there fights but it would be a toss up with the rest…

    on a side note of a side note…i think luffy will gain recognition from whitebeard when he arrives…

  5. Supertrek, you’re probably gonna spoil us rotten with getting these breakdowns so soon! And don’t give me too much credit for guessing Marco’s fruit powers, I just went for the widest spread!

    Oz jr. was kind of…random. So was Mr. Hammer, but then cartoon logic, right? I can’t wait to see Luffy’s reaction to Oz II especially now that they’re technically on the same side!

    Where is Luffy and co BTW? It’s been two chapters without a single panel of him. … It’s going to be another 200 chapter battle, isn’t it? 😛

    Also I have a very, very, very bad feeling about how well Whitebeard and his nakama and their allies are doing. We all remember the last time a united army of brigands seemed to be doing well. How ’bout dem Ennies Lobby-style battles? Not to mention the aftermath of that battle led to the first onscreen, non-flashback “death” in OP: Merry! 😦

    Whitebeard, while he may not die, is definitely going to be hard by this war! His strength may be legendary, but I have a feeling that the WG is just starting to get warmed up! (no pun intended!) Hopefully Luffy and his allies should help turn the tide and I haven’t given up on my theory that Rayleigh will show up as well!

  6. Awesome breakdown super. Falcon punch XD nice call.
    I’ll offer my thoughts on the chapter later (cause i gotta get to work in 15 mins T_T )
    But first i wanna call BS to sanji winning the debate. I didn’t enter it because i thought it was so obvious that Zoro is better and i thought the rest of u’s would provide a decent argument. FOR SHAME
    i’ll just leave it at this
    Sanji’s dream is to be a great chef in blue sea or some place.
    Zoro’s dream – 2 be the most badass swordsman to ever live.
    So eventually Zoro will surpass sanji in everyone’s minds, even now he’s better. If u want to start a real debate Tobi let me know.

  7. Great breakdown super! *Franky pose* Odz jr is scared of insects with swords! >__>

    So whitebeards crew is doing good, probably too good. The schibukai are about to attack and we dont even get a picture of hancock…Oh and is that the first female giant in the series? The one in the marine formation.

    @Mud: Nah, we already had that debate so i will just let your comment slide. Sanji FTEW!!!

  8. good 😛 i am not the first 😛

  9. that starting seems VERY familiar….. *glares* Well at least Oda got my money 😀

  10. Once again, haven’t finished reading the manga *cowers* don’t kill me! T.T But I absolutely adore the breakdown 8D

    Beginning was win. In fact, Oompa Loompas are win. 8DDD

    Way to go super! One more percent added to my wish to finish reading OP. That would make… *counts* …6%!

    Darn, not enough motivation. Keep them breakdowns coming! ^^

  11. Great breakdown, shitty chapter. I have to agree with some of the other comments in that only luffy, zoro, and sanji are really prepared for the new world (and maybe robin or chopper). It’ll be interesting to see what transpires after this arc as this story can go in a number of directions.

    Also, idk why, but im getting a bad vibe from whitebeard lately. I think either a) hes gonna die at the end of this battle or b) hes gonna betray ace in some way shape or form (no evidenece to support this other than his evil like smiles and a gut feeling).

  12. @Shinobi: YOSH! Welcome back dude! If Luffy goes on side adventures to get his crew back I hope Oda does it quick and awesomely as always. 🙂

    @Elisha: I give props where due and you and Tobi deserved them eh? 😉 Indeed, where the hell is Luffy!?! -_-

    I also agree that the WG is going to start pushing back now and the pirates are really gonna feel it. Especially since the Shichibukai are about to jump in.

    @Mudshvoel: LMAO!!! Well if the Zoro supporters put up some more decent arguments indeed he could have easily won with all the support he had in the polls. XD Sanji just barely beat him here thx to that guy *looks at Tobi* >_>

    @Tobi: You’ll see enough of Boa Hancock next chapter and she might even pull out some Haki. If she sends out a giant wave of King’s Disposition aimed at the pirates I’m shitting myself! 0_0

    @Ashan: Good…you are not the first, second, or third either. XD

    @Cookie: Nooo waaaysss! Lol, I noticed that too. Either you an I have the same muse or you enjoy making skits just as much as I do. 😉

    @Dynamic: So that’s…94 more breakdowns before you gather up the will to finish One Piece? You need more Haki! o_0

    @Gangly: Yes, Whitebeard must DIE!!! I choose option A! I love the guy but I want someone very important to die (besides Ace) dammit and he’s up for grabs!!! Everyone wants his head! >_<

    I don't think most of Luffy's crew is ready for the New World either going off of what we last saw of them together. I do have great faith though that after this arc and they reunite they will be much stronger.

  13. that zoro pic is awesome – possibly the best one piece pic yet

  14. *Hides from Supers sight so Mudshovel doesnt realise it was because of me*
    It would be so great if Hancock would send out a giant haki blast. She rocks pretty hard after all. Well either a big haki blast or a huge mero mero merrow…After getting naked to ensure everyone was interested >_> Im also pretty curious about the other abilities of her fruit and what that huge ass snake can do.
    I realised recently that fear can overcome her mero mero merrow just as much as pain and it made me laugh that Usopps personality would overcome another really strong df power just like Perona. What a guy! Im really starting to like him.

    Reading some of the comments i came up with a little bit of a discussion. We all seem to agree that Luffy, Zoro and Sanji are ready for the new world and despite being from east blue, the weakest of the oceans, are the crews strongest members, it doesn’t matter what order you put them in (Zoros last… 😛 ) but who is the next best? Who is no. r4 in the crew as they stand right now? Personally, im going for Franky. Tell me what you think and hopefully we can have a little discussion ^^ I wont say why i picked Franky til you later…

  15. @ tobi: I have to agree with u on franky beeing #4 simply because hes a badass fighter and hes also a great (one of the best) shipwright. I would give brooke a chance too since he cant be really killed, but he doesnt really have a 2nd skill after pretty good fighting music wont get him far…
    @ breakdown: I do think luffys crew is ready for the new-world tho. he needs a bigger crew and some more big guys. but after all every crew has some weak guys (buggy on rogers crew). but almost every crew member has there own skills:: navigation, shipwright, musician, coward (sorry usopp lovers) :P.
    It would be kool if Franky got a logia… he would be pure ownage then, that or nami getting like a zoan banshee fruit or sumthin that would piss everyone off (mostly sanji) cus she would get ugly if she transforms 😛
    I Wonder what takes luffy so long indeed it wasnt that far from the gates of justice right? maybe he ran into somebody there (ally or friend)? or oda is just letting us wait a bit longer 😛

  16. @Tobi: FRANKY!?! No way! Brook is the 4th strongest on the crew! He can cut you open without the opponent even realizing it! Plus he has his music which can put you to sleep in the middle of battle. *cough*Jigglypuff*cough* Man…this manga does have a lot of Pokemon references…>_>

    I’ll save my other stuff for later! 😛

    @Fear: As I mentioned above Brook has amazing sword skills and his music can be used as a weapon. Why is Usopp only cowardly!? T_T (Big Usopp fan) >_> He has the best sniping skills on the seas and he’s upgraded with his awesome slingshot from Skypia. Not to mention he has some of the more impressive endurance for pain out of the weaker members on the crew.

    Remember we can’t have to many DF users on the crew. Somebody has to dive in and save the DF users who jump in the water after somebody else with a DF falls in the water. -_- It’s ridiculous really. XD Franky with a Logia would be kinda badass though. @_@

  17. @Super: Well I do rather enjoy making skits >_> But I refuse to have a muse who helps you lol! It would be a conflict of interest! lol

  18. @Fear: Usopp is real lame in all the fights he has been in my opinion but i think thats because he never seems to play to his strengths or the situation never allows him to. He is, in all fairness, one top notch marksman. If he stayed at the back of the fray more often he would probably appear much more useful. When he gets in fights with other marksman (Auge from blackbeards crew) he will really shine. Im not that big an Usopp fan but one thing that is clear is everyone of Luffys nakama have an are that they are master class at and Usopps is shooting stuff.

    @Super: NANI!?! Brooke is cool an all but Franky is particularly SUPER this week so its no contest. In terms of his swordsmanship he relies on speed but greatly lacks strength, he probably cant do things like cut steel and he even said he couldnt do the artillery sword attacks. He is really cool but nothing on Cyborg Franky, he can build a bridge out of rubble in 30 seconds! >_<

    @Everyone: I doubt Luffys crew will get much bigger since they have individual fights and arcs would end up taking forever. That being said, if it does grow, they will certainly be an interesting character who is an expert at something. The suitable additions would be stuff like a merman, someone else freakishly mutated by a df like a wood man who always looked wooden or something like that, a giant that has some means to shrink to human size (could be df) or some other random race not shown yet. But what roles are left to fill? Oda has given Luffy a small crew so i doubt he will create more people who are just fighters. Helmsman is just about the only thing i can think they might need.
    Also, i dont see anyone in the crew getting a df. They all have an individual fighting style and getting a df would mean getting rid of it really. I mean Nami wouldnt have to swing that blue pole around if she could turn into a dinosaur.

  19. Haha great break down Supa. Love the Sanji amv.
    Man u r right though i wish the chapter was longer then that.

    I think that Luffy and his gang will finally show up. And white beard might start fighting.

    Plus where is Ace as all this is going down. I know he had to get by something.

  20. i demand a re-debate i countered tobi’s points but he didnt counter >_<

  21. im sorry but the 4th strongest crew member is definetly NOT franky or Brooke. It has to be Robin. I honestly believe that she can beat the top three fighters (Luffy,Zoro, and cheddar hea- i mean sanji).

    a) Zoro vs. Robin: Robin, with her DF ability can easily dispatch zoro by knocking his swords out of his hands/mouth, can choke/ snap his neck, etc.

    b) Sanji vs. Robin: sanji cant fight women. End of story. Shitty chef 😛

    c) Luffy vs. Robin: This fight would actually be one of the most intense fights i think. If luffy went immeaditley into his gear second then he would without a doubt win. However hes never started a fight like that and i doubt he’ll start anytime soon.

    Robin wont be able to snap his neck or anything lethal like that as the man is made out of rubber, but that doesnt mean she cant effectively hamper his fighting ability by simply sprouting up hands and say, using them to continually punch him. She could also cover his eyes and watch him walk off a cliff (he has almost as bad a sense of direction as zoro after all).

    And to seal the deal, Robin can use ‘THAT’ move she used against Franky at the end of the CP9 arc. You know, the one that literally forced him to join the crew *cringes*

    So there you have it. The top three fighters in the straw hat crew lose to Robin, something that neither Brooke or Franky would be able to accomplish.

  22. @gangly finally someone says it. Robin is so frickin underrated, but if u really think about it, she can kill almost anybody if they don’t know what her strength is. Shes a pro at assassination. After Robin is Franky, and then from there its definitely not brooke, hes just funny, and its not usopp either…. his only good fight was against luffy (one of the best fights of all times in one piece), so after franky its either chopper or nami, and then brooke and then usopp.
    @super, tobi and everyone else that still thinks sanji is stronger….

    come on guys, do you really think sanji could beat zoro? I mean zoro is clearly stronger, i will slowly but surely delineate the reasons why zoro would utterly kick sanji’s ass. Zoro’s physical capabilities are much better than sanji’s in the sense that he’s stronger, and anyone that denies that is fooling themselves…just look at their training. Secondly, lets for this moment assume that they are in fact the same strength (being extremely generous to sanji), using logic guys, if someone attacks with a sword, and the other attacks with a leg, if they are the same strength, why would the leg win, obviously it’d get cut up. tobi, you said that zoro loses his cool easily, but please tell me one time in the entire series during an actual fight (not for comic relief) that zoro loses his cool. Sanji on the other hand loses his cool several times, whenever a woman is put in danger. I mean, sanji almost lost to the frickin weird cook during the cp9 arc. Yes sanji is smart, but if brains were all in the one piece fighting world, sanji/everyone in the sh crew, and probably in the world would be able to kill luffy without putting effort into it. Zoro is very strong, and very smart as he shows in his fights against ryuuma (is that his name?), against the giraffe, against das bones against the priest in skypeia, even against the frickin acrobat in the first arc, he doesnt lose his cool, and doesnt lose his concentration in any of those fights. Then, where the hell do you guys get that sanji is faster than him? I would love to see that in the manga. Now sanji has trouble fighting the wolf and even with his leg on fire or whatev, he barely wins, while zoro on the other hand, as soon as he gets his real sword kicks the giraffes ass who based on the “power levels” given to them was the stronger of the two. I’m really curious also to know why you guys dont think that zoro beating Mr. 1, das bones, isnt proof of how much of a better fighter he is. That guy had arguably one of the strongest dfs of all, and zoro goes through him and beats him… sanji has a lot of trouble beating okama kempo… why isnt that proof. I understand the concept of different matchups for different people. But even if you switched the roles, and sanji fought das bones, and zoro fought okama kempo, zoro would have owned, and sanji wouldve been useless. I had a whole bunch of other reasons that got deleted a second ago, but as soon as i remember i’ll type them up again. The conclusion of this is that, as zoro can cut through iron, he too can cut through iron leg sanji

  23. Several problems with that are that firstly they are all immensely stronger than her and on thriller bark Zoros zombie showed how she can be over powered. Second they are all inhumanly fast even without Luffys gears. Third is by your logic Nami or infact every woman in the One Piece world would also be stronger which is clearly not the case. Finally, Robins ability doesnt suit battles very well, it either works well strait away or doesnt work at all. I guess you could say that strength is based on situations and the like as well. Franky or Brooke being more adaptable immediatly makes them stronger in my eyes.
    Besides we proved with the last debate that weaker characters can beat stronger ones. So i see little foothold to your argument.

    @Ahas: I didnt counter because most of everything you said was changing the nature of Zoros character (making battle plans, not arguing with Sanji, concentrating soley on the fight) which i already said in my first comment that i wont bother talking about because you are basically changing the character. The same effect would be had if i simply said Sanji ate the lightning lightning fruit so Zoro will die instantly. It would make Sanji different.
    Besides Super still would have rwad it…

  24. Well omar, most of the time in debates people dont change their minds anyway, its just a matter of one team proving the other wrong. As for all your points, firstly i have commented on every single one so although it just seems like more of a statement to me, i will treat the post like a counter.
    First your logic about why Sanji isnt faster, you havnt seen it…Fair enough i guess but then if you wanna be like that i will too. I would love to see where Zoro is shown to be faster, stronger or more inteligent than Sanji in the manga. Your logic for Zoro being stronger is also out imo. He does training yes, but if that defined One Piece strength then Luffy would be nothing now. He stopped training the minuute he went to sea. The weight lifting is more for his image. I actually provided substantial proof for Sanji having more power but people tended to agree with my statement with less facts that Sanji was faster. That goes back to my ‘people dont change their minds’ idea. You overlooked Zoro and Sanji always arguing and also Sanji doing better when he looses his cool.
    Now onto my fated nemisis, the track record comparison. WE WERE LOOKING AT A FIGHT BETWEEN ZORO AND SANJI!!!! Not if they swapped opponents, who struggled against one opponent more, not who even fought who. It a fight between them. It seems i cant get you guys to ever stop so i will just play your silly game instead. Zoro has never won against a non-swordsman enemy(Enel, Kuma, Kizaru, heck he lost to Arlong and uses a sword sometimes) What does it mean? By your logic Sanji wins by default.
    This is my last post defending Sanji. The debates over, you guys should have commented last week…

  25. cant wait for next undays one piece anime because its were hancock gets naked

  26. @tobi i guess we can agree to disagree but i do feel that a lot of ur arguments don’t make much sense. particularly the last one where u say… he lost to Enel, Kuma, Kizaru and Arlong…. which in my opinion is a bogus argument because neither did Sanji…
    @smurf that episode has been out forever already…

  27. Well i guess we will have to. The reason that particular statement didnt make sense was because you paid attention to the part i didnt really intend. My point was he hasnt beated a non-swordsman that was a big enemy as apposed to the fodder soldiers that get taken out all the time. Those names were just a list for reference, that is all. If my other comments dont make sense im sorry, i dont know what i can do to change that….

    @Smurf: Oh yeah, i totally forgot about her showing her back in that room but surely the bath scene cant be topped anyway 😛

  28. @omar: its a different one im talking about.

    @tobi: i dont know i think it is a tie but cause ive already seen the bath one a couple of time i am looking forward to this 1.

    now that i think about it i dont think there will be more than 5 episodes until luffy sets off to impel down, im looking forward to seeing the other crew members land.

  29. @Smurf: The episode coming out soon has Luffy going Gear 2nd to PWN the snake sisters in front of all those bewitched Amazon Lily women! Can’t wait for it. I don’t know if it’ll get to Boa showing her back to Luffy though. T_T

    @Omar and Tobi: I see the Zoro vs. Sanji debate has sparked up again. I’m not surprised really as i expected it to happen. -_- As I said if only the Zoro supporters put up even a little more argument on why Zoro would win then he could have easily taken the victory. If you look back at the previous breakdown you can see that the Zoro supporters were mostly relying on the argument ‘he’s obviously better’ than properly defending him. The Sanji supporters went all out and provided substantial arguments for Sanji’s case. Now I’m not saying Zoro didn’t have any good arguments just not as well crafted as the Sanji arguments. Let’s move on it’s just a debate it doesn’t make Sanji actually the winner if they were to ever battle.

    Maybe I’ll do a Sanji vs. Zoro battle round 2 sometime in the far future…>_>

    @Gangly: WTF NO WAY!!! XD First of all it depends on Robin’s strength compared to her opponents strength and weight which allow her to do her moves. If Zoro and Sanji were to resist her she could never bend their backs or break their bones. They would just overpower her. Ok…Sanji couldn’t resist her but Zoro sure could! I’m not going to even debate why and exactly how Luffy would own Robin… I admit Robin would own Brook (“Clutch!”) because he’s not the strongest guy in the world, but he’s definitely stronger than Franky and Tony Tony Chopper! 😛 Besides that Usopp is would own Nami and Chopper too! Dammit why are we pitting the crew against each other!? >< *glares at Tobi* @_@

  30. *Cough* So whitebeards strongest crew member anyone? >_>

    @Super: I dont think you should ever put Zoro against someone again. The fanboys are crazy, they will support him no matter what!….Besides im happy with the win *Punches air but stops when people start looking…*

  31. hmmmm is thinking of ways to start the debate officialy again….

  32. @Tobi: NOT CRAZY!!! @_@ Just dedicated and I’m a huge Zoro fanboy aren’t you? 😛 I believe Marco is the strongest Whitebeard pirate btw besides Whitebeard of course.

    How about this for a discussion?

    Is that creature Chopper turns to his awakened Zoan state? If so why is it so big and uncontrollable? The other Zoan users seemed to be normal size and had complete control over their state. I have my ideas I just wanted to hear what you guys thought.

    @Ahsan: …dammit Ahsan! XD

  33. boycott, protests… thinking……

    oh and i think usop will be the 3rd strongest sh putting the cp aside

    1-zoro( muhahahahahah)
    3-nico robin – franky -ussop ( suck you ussop haters , he is a sh pirate and he has won the battle’s he has been given in his own awesome way

    1000000- nami ( but hot as hell XD XD)

  34. Hmm Marco? Meh, he may have a great zone type but thats all it is. Dont get me wrong, i think he looks bad ass with the flaming wings coming out his back and its great seeing a bird with a non-shalont expression but i always thought zones were limited. He may be invincible (without standard df weaknesses) like a logia but he doesnt have a logias adaptability. If jaws is a logia i would say he is the strongest but i guess i should wait to see more.

    I would say that the monster form of chopper being forced out so its a little different than it should be. I figure that since the rumble ball ‘distorts the wavelengths of his df’, each point it brings out has an aspect of his awakened form and taking too many forces the form out meaning it gets hugh and also saps his life rather than recovering faster. My question is how would you ‘awaken’ a zone type?
    As for the island birds, they all look the same so they cant be df users. Oh and i thought they ruled over men, yet they are fighting…Their iron fist (wing?) isnt tight enough!!

  35. The order of strongest SH to weakest:


    Oda said in an interview that Usopp would always be the “weakest” SH since his purpose is to portray a normal human’s capability.

    I think Robin is stronger than Sanji. She wasn’t Miss AllSunday for nothing!

    I dont find Brooke to be that strong. However hes a great character and good comic relief.

  36. @super: i ment next weeks episode because the episode is already out and its subbed now aswell that the end of this episode is hancock first tear. and the perview shows luffy looking at her naked body lol (its funny as fuck how he just asks why a u naked lol) from wat i have seen in the preview its got alot of bits about the capture and torture.

  37. ussop =FTW he actually owned luffy in the fight >_< if it hadnt been luffy's df he was dead

    maybe ussop eats a df before he comes back , that allows him to make his body metal of make it a gun orsomething

    metal metal fruit ? gun gun fruit XD XD

  38. Metal metal fruit would be quite a cool fruit but i doubt Usopp will get a df. If he did it would completly take away his battle style, using gadgets and his arsenal etc.

    @Smurf: I just watched the episode and i have to say i didnt like the added first half at all, what did you think? It seems you’re right about lots of the camp being shown as well. Wonder if we will have another sad one piece moment again.


  39. @Pumpkin: F**k what Oda said! >_< Lol, Usopp would own Nami and Chopper and you knoowwww it! 😉 Chopper is more of a doctor than a fighter and Nami…she's Nami. An excellent navigator and smoking hot. A great fighter too with her blue pole which btw Usopp made. He'd know all of it's strengths and weaknesses.

    @Smurf: Thx for the info! *runs to animecrazy* @_@

    @Ahsan: YOSH!!! USOPP FTEW!!! 😀

    @Tobi: I think that is his true awakened Zoan state and that the reason he can't control it is because he forces it out with drugs instead of letting it naturally come. I like your idea better though of it being so big because of the drug's interacting with the DF creating the side effect of him being so big in his awakened state.

    This brings another question to mind…does every Zoan fruit have an awakened state or special ones…or do only regular ones. Does Marco have an awakened state. Does X. Drake (dinosaur) have an awakened state?

    Oh yeah and Marco would kick Jaws ass! All he has to do is pick him up and drop him in the sea. Jaws can't even touch Marco no matter how strong he is. 😛

  40. Well i was wondering the same thing super. Is an awakened zone a specific fruit like an ancient zone or a mythical zone? I dont think so, my hunch is every zone has a state just because its good character development for chopper. Thats all im going on…Sorry. I wonder how it happens though. Is it mastery over the power or does something need to effect the user beforehand. I really think vegapunk needs to make an apperance soon. Oda hinted that he knows what devil fruits really are…I wanna know!!!

  41. hey guys, i watched the anime/read the manga quite some time ago, but what do u guys mean by awakened zoan, can any1 refresh my mind on another character that has an awakened zoan?

  42. The four demon guards of Impel Down. Crocodile was the one who used the phrase.

    Hold on Omar I’ll give you a link. I’m not trying to one up you btw Tobi. It just that this makes it easier to find and remember. 🙂



  43. @everyone…if you guys keep arguing about the strenght of the sh then ill have to put it in perspective for you guys… 😉
    luffy is the strongest which is one reason he’s captain, next would have to be zoro…no debate there he would be second in command because of his strength and also his decision making…(although not for the sense of direction…leave that to nami). the next strongest would have to be sanji because he’s slighly weaker than zoro, but smarter than him which put them on equal grounds of fighting…plus everyone would starve without him. next would be franky/chopper. i say this because franky is the strongest there after those three power house monster(luffy,zoro, sanji). he also has various equipment and is the ships helmsman or something.. even though his bounty isn’t that high, he just recently joined them when everyone else finally got one..chopper is easy because he’s the doctor, and that even though he’s small, if he uses his rumble ball he can use the appropirate form to defeat his enemies,…even if he has to use 3 of them. next would be robin because of her df…she would be up there with zoro and sanji if she could increase the strength of her attacks, however the usefulness of it surely makes up for it. aswell as the fact she is very dangerous if u let ur guard down. next would be nami. she’s the most important crewmember right after chopper because of her navigation skills and the ability to keep those three in check. also because her and robin are one reason to watch onepiece…lol and last would be brooke…although he’s new he does have potential…if he trains with zoro for a while…he’s fast but not strong, and he does have some swordsman skills.

    Oh and before i forget theres one sh crewmember that is the strongest…thats ussopp.. i say this because although ussop is physically the weakest, he has the potential to even beat luffy…yes and that reason is ….SOGEKING..from the land of snipers!!!…

  44. that last episode of op was awesome…cant wait for the impel down episodes…im looking forward to that more than whats going to happen to ace in the future if oda keeps this going the way its going…lol

  45. thank u tobi, damn…theres so much to ponder about one piece… i wish i started watching it a little later down the line so that i wouldn thave to frickin wait a weeek lol

  46. sogeking FTW shino 😀

  47. @Omar: I agree, Oda just keeps making it bigger and bigger, more fruits, types, enemies etc. He needs to hurry up and explain some things that are kilking me though: What dfs actually are, will of d…

    @Super: Thanks for that, im really not good at looking for links which is why i normally dont.
    About the point you raised in the breakdown, I dont think Akainu was in pain, i think he can control the temperature of his rock body and the ‘cracking’ was Oda showing it heating up.

    @Everyone: Does Marco have haki now too? I didnt really think about it but he did kick Kizaru to the ground. Yet he didnt hurt him at all…
    The guy who pulls the drum out, you think thats a df? If so, what could be the difference between that and Capones from the supernovas? If not, what the hell is it?
    Is that sword another meitou? Im really interested in the meitous and ever since Zoro showed off Shusui (spelling?) i have wondered what powers others could possess.
    Finally, i think now is the time to place all bets on Doflamingos df power. Lots still think it isnt a df but rather some sort of haki or similar thing but personally i am going for the puppet puppet fruit.

  48. There seriously should be someone doing One Piece episode breakdowns. That last episode was AWESOME and theyre just gona get better.

  49. @Tobi: N/p about the link. I call Flamingo’s power to be a lesser form of Haki that controls the mind of people. After all he does wear those glasses and can hide his eyes going to Haki mode. XD I think you all know what I’m talking about.

    As for how Marco hit Kizaru…maybe he does have a little Haki.

    @Pumpkin: Indeed it was great…we know how awesome One Piece is but others don’t…>_> Not enough room and authors on the blog right now for a One Piece anime breakdown though. Not to mention there may not be enough of a fan base to support it.T_T

  50. just out of curiosity, how many people do u think are in the one piece universe? because back on amazon lily they said that one in a million have kings disposition but if there are like 6 billion people like on earth, thats like 6,000 people… which is a shitload… so should we agree that the four yonkou have kings disposition?

  51. Hmm, to me the one piece world is kinda small compared to ours. The crew went half way around the world and landed on 7 islands + Enes Lobby. Some were completly uninhabited and others had the the population of between a village and a small town. Alabaster was the only country we really saw and the crew walked the length of it in a few days, not the easiest terrain either. The other log routes may be more populated but im sceptical. East blue was also relatively scarse of islands. So i would say no, we wont be seeing all the yonkou with Kings disposition and i doubt many characters will have it. Marigold said she has never seen anyone but her sister use it but them three sisters have been campaigning for 11 years. Shanks might have it but i doubt whitebeard (i think he has haki though) and definitely not Kaido, he fought even with Moria ffs. Hes barely a Youkou at all 😛

  52. Well, sorry to butt in here as a NON-OP fan, but I found the spoilers for next chap. while scanning for Naruto (by accident >_>). Here’s to all those who might be interested (they’re confirmed and with pics ^^):

    One Piece 555 Chapter: “Returning the favor”

    Credits: SVG

    Well, spoiler says the title is ‘Returning the favor’

    Flashback of Ace encountering and saving Oars Jr. while searching for Blackbeard

    Doflamingo laughs like a madman and goes on a rampage bloodying up Oars

    Oars tries to reach Ace but collapses

    Chapter ends with WB walking to the scene


    (got the spoiler here: http://mangalaxy.blogspot.com/) ^^

  53. GAAHH SPOLIERS!!!! 0_0 No wait my eyes are supposed to be shut! >_<
    There we go…

    *waves hand wildly in front of him so he doesn't bump into a wall of spoilers by accident*

    Thank you Dynamic, don't take my actions as a discouragement. Others will enjoy and appreciate the spoilers and those who visit the website looking for spoilers will to. Arigatou! ^^

    *falls off a cliff* O_O

  54. *Puts a nice box of spoilers at the bottom of the cliff* o_O Non OP fan? I thought she was one >.<

  55. *looks at spoiler box* Meh, still have some time before he reaches it *checks watch*… around ten milliseconds.

    *arranges spoiler box into giant spoiler display, including neon signs, fireworks spelling out each sentence every ten seconds in the sky and copies of them on post-its stuck around the whole bottom of the cliff*

    *stares with cookie as super falls to his doom*

    That was rather quick. >_>

  56. @Cookie & Dynamic: O_O Why meeeeee!?!? *activates Zoan fruit turning into a dragon and flies away* 😛

    @Anyone: Is Vegapunk good or evil? I want to know your opinions. Not everyone working for the WG is evil and in fact most are good hardworking honest men and women. For all we know he could have been forced to work under the WG. Another edition to the SH crew perhaps? A genius scientist to always improve Franky?

  57. *Takes out a weapoon(coolest one ever which has been upgraded)* Fall like a Dodo @_@ *shoots super’s wings with wasps causing his to collaspe from the sky* *Takes out T-shirt launcher loaded with spoilers* EAT SPOILERS!!! *shoots spoilers at Super* *Super attempt to avoid him lands him to an awaiting spot where Dynamic had set up the spoiler show* 😉

    Why is it you? I think the question is why ISN’T it you 😛

  58. @Super: Always the target of abuse i see – it’s a pity cookie didn’t know that Zoan users can’t be injured physically, i guess u just kept flying then 😉

    Any way i was wondering your thoughts on the battle in OP atm super. Do you think it will branch off into single 1 on 1 fights of whitebeards crew vs marines or will it continue to be a chaotic battle?
    I’m sort of split between which i would prefer. if it’s one on one then it is easier to follow and we can learn more of their abilities, however this will take longer in the manga (in terms of chapters) and so would stretch this arc on for longer.
    If it’s a chaotic battle – it’s harder to follow what is happening and who is doing what, but it will finish the mini war faster than single battles.

  59. @Mudshovel: Yes, that should be true for Mythical Zoan fruit users (I’m just assuming but it’s probably not true…>_>) and as a Dragon that’s what I am.

    *Flies away from Cookie’s vain attacks.” 😀

    I would prefer a mix of those kind of battles. Up close and personal 1 on 1 detailed battles with Luffy and his makeshift crew. Chaotic battles with the Whitebeard pirates that we really don’t need to know a whole lot about. 😉

  60. Hmm really? Okay then. Plan B *calls local zoo about escaped animal* *Local zoo drag super away in a power draining net*

    Well now what >_>

  61. @Cookie: I must ask you Cookie what are those nets made of btw? 😉

  62. That is classified information. You’ll need to show me the paperwork before you try to find out that information 😉

  63. Bah, you fail to realize the power of a Mythical Zoan Fruit user!

    *breaks puny net and burns classified documents* 😛

  64. *The sound of rhythmic drumming can be heard from afar, slowly growing closer…*
    *Somersaults into scene and strikes hentai pose*

    I heard you needed some help, dragon-nii-chan. Im particularly super this week too…

  65. Well that might be problematic in the long run.. For you anyway 😉

    Well seeing as I decided to be a jerk like this, I will do something simply cookieish 😛

    * Gets an Awa Awa no Mi fruit eater to help her. Uses soap suds to drains super’s powers just as he is flying over the ocean**Then gets a Goro Goro no Mi user to send a charge of electricity through the water*

    Btw all Zoan fruit powers are limited to the ability of the animal the transform into and they still have the faults of all devil fruit. Sea ocean rejects them. Ie they can’t swim. 😉

  66. Thank you for the information Cookie…

    To bad the only user of the Awa Awa No Mi fruit (Kalifa) is on the run now with her fellow CP9 members as vigilantes and can’t be found. As for the only user of the Goro Goro No Mi fruit (Enel) he’s on the moon. -_-

    Mythical Zoan fruits are much rarer than any regular Zoan fruit btw and are even rarer than Logia fruits (no regular attack can touch a logia user). Your net means nothing and those attacks (if you could somehow find the only two users) are inefficient to take me down. 😛


  67. @franky – aren’t u tobi? why the name change?

  68. Tobi? >_>
    Yeah, its me…Tobi isnt that cool anymore with the whole take over the world thing. I was sayin for a while that i would become the one and only Franky!! XD

    @Super: Why do you have a zone fruit now by the way? I thought you were Luffy…Unless that dragon has some stretchy features 😛 *gasp* but wouldnt that be breaking the one df per person rule? *double gasp*

  69. Dammit Franky who’s side are you on!? Btw do you prefer the name Franky or Cyborg?

    No takers on the Vegapunk question I posted 13 comments up?

    I’ll repost it until someone answers it! @_@

    “Is Vegapunk good or evil? I want to know your opinions. Not everyone working for the WG is evil and in fact most are good hardworking honest men and women. For all we know he could have been forced to work under the WG. Another edition to the SH crew perhaps? A genius scientist to always improve Franky?”

  70. on the front page of the new one piece manga (raw) it looks like nami is on shabondy archipeligo with the bubble

  71. @ franky what if usopp got a df ability that made his sniping abilities better. of course for this to be possible he would have to know what it did before he ate it and would have to ask vegapunk(i think this is the person)because he can tell what df abilites will come from eating the fruit because if he ate a random one 99% of the time it probably would change who usopp was

  72. oh great breakdown i especially enjoyed the pokemon refrences.

    also was anyone else getting the if-akainu-doesnt-have-some-type-of-fire-type-ability-i’ll-die disease previous to this chapter

  73. Are you saying I am not in contact with these people? My contact list is epic. What do you not have them on speed dial? Oh well! 😉

    @Franky: Thank you for pointing that out, for that you get this *hands him franky’s autograph* Enjoy 😀

  74. @Senju: I never thought about that possibility, a fruit increasing his sharpshooting somehow, everyone else was talking about him picking up a logia or something though. Another reason Usopp wont get a logia is because it will make him too strong by the way. Oda is keeping him weak. I do like your idea though senju.
    About your point on Vegapunk, he only knows the powers of fruits that have been eaten previously and then had their users die. Devils fruits reincarnate once this occurs and the powers and apperance are the same as before. Oda said this in an interview. There are lots of fruits that have never been eaten such as the ones Kaku and Kalifa ate which were unknown.

    @Super: I think franky sounds better on its own XD About YOUR point on Vegapunk, I think he isnt particularly evil, for some reason i think he is the type of character that would do anything to further his research, even work for the world government.
    I actually have a feeling he will tell Luffy about his fruit even more when they meet because Coby said he knows about it. I think Luffys might be the only df power that can support having another. Its just speculation but if, for instance, eating another fruit resulted in an explosion, it wouldnt bother a rubber man that much. I think Luffy with a zone power as well would be quite cool. Mzybe an ape or something 😛

  75. @Senju: Thx alot! 😀 I for one had no idea what Akainu’s power could be but Franky had it spot on.

    @Franky: LMAO! If Luffy gets the Zoan fruit to turn into an ape I’m calling a DBZ reference on that! XD

    Now that I think about it Vegapunk joining their crew would take away jobs from Franky consequently giving him a less important role on the crew. Vegapunk would always outshine Franky in inventions and would probably make Franky too powerful over time. Not to mention we don’t know Vegapunk’s nature. I just don’t see him as being complete evil.

  76. @tobi/franky: O_o no more tobi,.. so now it franky with madaras mask 😛
    @super: yeh i agree on vegapunk not actually beeing evil. And I do think franky will get some upgrades on him from vega, but i dont see vega joining the SH crew.

    I somehow see dragon having a weather weather fruit or sumthin i dont know why and i dont know how strong that could be but i just had that feeling,..
    Wouldnt it be kool if he would be coming walking in with a twister (tornado) around him xD

  77. A thought i had on Marcos ability. Maybe you all thought about it already but i didnt and no one seems to have said anything. Even if Marco got hit with a load of haki arrows/sword attacks or even if Blackbeard got a hold of him, unless he died from that one hit could he just recover completely? Thats crazy if he can and i see why them mythical zones are pretty rare.

    I wonder if Oda ever runs out of ideas…

  78. @ Franky or anyone do you have a link to oda’s and kishi’s interviews ive heard about them and i want to know what was said during them (i feel like i’m missing out :[ )

  79. also does anyone else hope that akainu has a dr evil accent whenever he says mag-ma

  80. sry for posting 3 in a row but something just came 2 mind what if luffy’s dad is a mythical zoan dragon that controls wind/ lightning

  81. Sorry i dont have any Oda interview links but Cookie put together all of kishi’s recent ones as a discussion.
    As for Akainu, ever since i began predicting he had magma powers i have imagined him with Aces voice lol. Then just to seal that similarity, he totally rips off Aces hiken (fire fist) The truth is he actually has a stupidly serious voice though, as can be heard in Robins flashback.

  82. Hmm as for Dragon, it would be real lame if his name was Dragon and he turned into a dragon. Besides he controled all aspects of the weather, wind, lightning, rain, clouds, even air pressure. For a long time i have thought it was the weather weather or storm storm fruit *glares at fear* My theory! 😛 Jokes, im sure a lot of people think it…

  83. @Senju: I don’t know about interviews because I try to avoid spoilers at all cost but if you go here…


    There’s a plop of information Oda reveals both funny and serious about One Piece. At the bottom of the page is the information separated into volumes. The ones in red aren’t useful links (they’re being edited I suppose) and Vol. 54 seems to not work.

    On the first page you come in on there is listed some trivia. Next to the trivia they show the volume and chapter you can find the answer in. If you want the answer just look at the volume and chapter next to the trivia and go to the bottom of the page to click on the volume. You can find the chapter and answer after you click on the volume.

    @Fear and Tobi: Lol, I think EVERYONE believes Dragon has the Weather Weather Fruit. 😛

  84. >_> Maybe everyone is…

    Worst devil fruit shown? Which do you think sucks the most? I would say the door door fruit. I bet there were loads of lame dfs in fillers but i havnt really watched most of them…

  85. Ehh…Chopper’s Hito Hito No Mi fruit has to be the worst fruit in existence. Why? Because DF are most likely to be eaten by humans and if a human were to eat the Human Human Fruit…well they just can’t swim anymore. XD

  86. But then is Dragon a logia type?

  87. who thinks the current chap spoiler was fucking small >__<

  88. i wouldnt mind dragon having the dragon fruit, its a mythical zoan type so it would be cool to see that in battle.

  89. @Super: Apparently if an animal eats the fruit of themselves i.e. a human eating choppers, they become enlightened.

    @Zekks: I would say he is a paramecia

  90. meh i dont think dragon has the dragon dragon fruit since that would be too obvious.
    btw OP is late this week…. it better be good….

  91. u have got to be freaking kidding me i just read one piece and thought it was a but short so i looked at the amount of pages and theres only god damm 11 pages granted that some are big

  92. LOL Smurf they were all doubles so really its 22 which is bigger than usual.
    Well i quite liked this chapter even if mihawk did nothing while shitty flamingo and gecko were out. Hancocks part was great but we have now seen Whitebeard let countless nakama die and they still havnt saved the one yet.
    I have changed my mind about Doflamingoes powers and now think he has the string string fruit >_>

  93. where the fuckin hell is op , kills sleepy fans translators curse you you god damned ediots

  94. Ahsan, go on mangashare, binktopia already have it out.

  95. LMAO @ translation
    WB: Men we’ve got some ass wiping to do!

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