Naruto Manga 461 Spoilers Confirmed + Naruto Manga 460 Breakdown:Sasuke’s Little Web vs Charlotte’s Web @_@

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He may have a sword, but Naruto has a mother-f*cking chain. BEAT THAT!

He may have a sword, but Naruto has a mother-f*cking chain. BEAT THAT!

Hey everyone,

Well not only am I aiming to get this post out early,( In my time anyway.. Yeah, screw your ideas of ‘early’ >_<“) I am also trying out a different approach to the breakdown. As a way of belittling the serious tone of the manga. Either way I will hear you all either complaining or complementing the change in the discussion. Lets give a round of applause’s for the variation of opinions in here. The love is just burning a hole in the computer screen! If it is, you are going to need to get it replaced. But back to important matters; the manga. ^_^

You heard of the calm before the storm, well this is the meetings before the fist pounding. Or in the case of Raikage, the cleverly thought up insults before using his fists of fury. I can tell you this much, he didn’t get his title for flower arranging. Inside the meeting hall Zetsu is determined to lead the Kages on a wild chase to find Sasuke. Sadly Ao is roughly 10 years behind on who he thinks Sasuke. He thinks that Sasuke was the one who fought Haku and Zabuza. Everyone is shocked to know that Sasuke is near. Well except Tsuchikage who is trying to piece things together on who Sasuke actually is.

True discreteness involves being able to hide behind your own hat

True discreteness involves being able to hide behind your own hat

Raikage catches Zetsu’s head in his grip and orders him to tell them where Sasuke is. Zetsu giving ‘hints’ doesn’t go down to well with his safety because Raikage crushed his head like a twig. You can just feel the exasperation pouring off Mizukage when she says that they could of got information off Zetsu about the Akatsuki. But it is what Gaara said next that had me cackling evilly. I can’t tell if it was the manga translator taking this piss out of the situation or if Gaara did just say what we all knew.

Hardcore like a man in speedos

Hardcore like a man in speedos

The orders gone out and now everyone is on the lookout for Sasuke. Just before Raikage creates a new exit for a lasting effect on everyone, he orders Ao to keep Danzou on lock-down. No evil schemes and ‘playing’ with Root for you mister. Danzou can sit it out until he makes a well thought out escape. Yes exactly, he is going to wing it and hope he can turn the conference into ‘Shawn Of The Dead’ with his sharingan.

Am I the only one who found the reaction to Zetsu’s betrayal on Sasuke’s face priceless? They work along a criminal organisation and expect to be treated fairly. They are either dumbasses or clinically ill in the head. Or both.

Either way his thoughts would be along the lines of “I feel cranky and pubescent today and I don’t know why!! My parents are dead, my life sucks, I cant hold down a girlfriend, I mean what the f*ck?? Now this f*cking shit!? I can just feel people cackling over my misfortune.”

See that creepy smile? That is him in his happy place playing with bunnies

See that creepy smile? That is him in his happy place playing with bunnies

Now you would think that with a criminal organisation after him, that Naruto would not lye moping on the floor with a window open. Then again personal safety was never high on Naruto’s list. Now look where it got him. He has Madara watching him from behind. In an attempt to break the awkwardness of the situation, Naruto tries to use Rasengan on Madara.

Collateral damage... So who's going to pay for the damage?

Collateral damage... So who's going to pay for the damage?

Yamato and Kakashi arrive to cover Naruto. Even though Naruto’s Rasengan failed, Yamato manages to entwine Madara with his wood. It is like Kishi is trying to tell us something here about Uchiha Madara. Could it actually be? That Uchiha Madara is actually Uchiha Madara!? It is gasps all around. It’s like he wasn’t allowed to print in bold letters “I am Uchiha Madara mother-f*ckers”on the mask so he settled for making Madara say his name whenever he can.

Yamato throws out the idea that whether Madara can disappear or is really a ghost he will need to become solid to take Naruto. Well they have really went too far now. First they carry Naruto around like he is a prized possession and now they have caged him! Way to make it harder to get him. You know, now that he has NOWHERE to go! But Madara is here because he wants to know how Naruto got Nagato to betray him. He is as curious as that dead cat. Sadly Naruto only has Sasuke on his mind lately so Madara decides to tell him about Uchiha Sasuke, who was eaten up by the hatred and betrayal of the Shinobi world. I feel a campfire story coming up….

Talking!? This doesn't compute. Someone give the man a script!

Talking!? This doesn't compute. Someone give the man a script!

While Sasuke is off killing Samurai because he is in a bad mood, the rest of his team are left to realise several things. 1: Sasuke has an anger problem 2: That Suigetsu does not appreciate being told not to kill and then Sasuke ends up being a hypocrite and starts killing 3: Sasuke’s chakra has become colder and darker. 4: There is a Kyuubi-like demon Sasuke holding him the the palm of his hands.

All of the slaughter has lead Raikage right to Sasuke’s location and the moment they have located his position being below them, Raikage smashes the ground below him and drops to the ground. He really did inexplicably tear of his top clothes.  And now the battle begins! I am voting for Raikage here, so go kick some ass man!

More amazing coloured art designs by Tenrai Senshi. They’re awesome!


I must warn you the next thing here gets pretty random, so if you’re against that sort of thing you may need to skip it for your own safety and IQ points.


1.07 pm in a local chemist a mysterious figure enters the shop buying hair care products. This in the conversation that followed between the customer, the shop assistant and the others in the local chemist.

Shop Assistant: Excuse me sir. Do you need any help?

Mysterious figure: Do you think I, Uchiha Madara, would need help trying to decide on which hair care product would deliver the correct amount of shine to leave my hair glossy and bouncing with feminine-like volume!? You idiot pink beast!

Shop Assistant: I am sorry, sir. If you can handle this by yourself. *cries*

Uchiha Madara: I, Uchiha Madara, don’t care for such things as tears, Sakura. So take your puffy red eyes somewhere else. I, Uchiha Madara, do not wish to look at them any longer.

*Sakura runs off crying*

Naruto: OI, YOU! Who do you think you are talking to her like that!?

Madara: “Oi, you” is not a proper greeting and you would do well to remember that. I, Uchiha Madara, speak my mind bitch, so take your ranting elsewhere. I, Uchiha Madara, am shopping for shampoo.

Naruto: Why yo-

Kiba: -What’s going on here? I heard yells and a crying Sakura. So I thought there must be a cat fight! So where are the hot chicks fighting!?

Naruto: *points to Madara* This piece of sh*t just trashed Sakura!

Kiba: That’s it? I come out for screen time and all I get is some man in a Halloween costume reducing a girl to a blubbering mess?

Madara: I, Uchiha Madara, do not need to listen to your trivial insults. This mask of Uchiha Madara is full of punk ass pwnage that has f*cked readers over for a year now. So cower in fear at the mask of Uchiha Madara!

Naruto: I think this crackpot has got mother issues….

Kiba: I was going to say he has personality issues. Look he is helping out an old lady with her skin problems!

Naruto: That isn’t an old lady…

Kiba: What are you talking about!? She is blue!

Kisame: I can hear you, you idiots!

Kiba: What a masculine voice she has… She really let herself go…

Kisame: Bastards…..

Madara: Quiet. I, Uchiha Madara, am tilling out here!

Shop Keeper: That will be $5.71, please.

Madara: WHAT!? I, Uchiha Madara, find this a rip off!

Kisame: Please just pay it, Madara. We have Zetsu waiting in the van and he gets so touchy when he is left out in the heat.

* Madara looks at shampoo bottle with mild interest and takes off out the door with Herbal Essence*

Madara: I, Uchiha Madara, don’t pay!! DRIVE MAN, DRIVE!!!

*Takes off in Zetsu’s van while Kisame runs after them trying to hold his hat onto his head*

Shop Keeper: GET BACK HERE, YOU CRAZY KIDS!! *shakes fist*


I apologise to anyone who read that. It popped into my mind when I was listening to Madara repeatedly say his name. I then couldn’t resist putting it up! If you lost an IQ point or 2, you were warned before hand!

You just don't see many bubbles of them. So here it this weeks Bubble!

You just don't see many bubbles of them. So here it this weeks Bubble!

This weeks winner is……………..


This weeks winning bubble by thatwhichisbored

Well I got it done before midnight over here, so I done what I set out to do. So I’m off!




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  1. 1st

  2. muahhahahahahah

  3. no one will win sasugay will get away somehow… perhaps some distraction …… but sasugay will get away he has to say before he dies by his own mouth his true relation with oro which was the reason he killed him XD XD

  4. Oh a new discussion, maybe i should take the discussion here.
    @instalingrad: My reference to yin yang was that naruto has half of the Kyuubi’s chakra inside him, the yang or positive half. The remaning half went into the shinigamis stomach along with the 4th. It wouldnt be “too complicated” since it is already a plot point. As for how Madara could get it from there, i dont really know. Maybe he was getting dragged in too after the fight and did some crazy space/time trick to get away as well as bring the rest of the Kyuubi. I think the idea is a possibility.

    P.S. Nice breakdown Cookie >_>

  5. well to me it seems tobi is throwing the name uchiha madara as a second unfamiliar name if he really is madara why does he still wear his mask. also this is my first post i been reading this breakdowns for awhile and decided i wanted to get into the discussions.

    personally i hope sasugay gets beat up by raikage then the raikage will be one of my newest fav. characters.

    nice breakdown.


    i will stop for now but i have alot to say eventually.

  6. Awsome!

  7. Bubble:

    1st. is it me or why are we running such a small distance at full speed

    2. wait this sounds familiar for cloud ninjas, remember yugito nii

    3. wait! i look like yugito nii… wait if im like her then im officially screwed!!!

  8. wait can i write another bubble if so.

    1. so when do you think kishi’s gonna give us a sharingan or byakugan

    2. well, if you look at me, im covering up my left eye, looks like ive got a doujutsu

    3. ohh why do you get one i mean everybody else does, i mean whats next the 6th hokage with a sharin… damnit!!

  9. First, Nice breakdown cookie, thanks for the quick upload

    Now, about raikage vs sasuke, i think sasuke will kick some ass somehow, the comment karin made about his dark super mean chakra was kinda telling his pretty pissed right now, which i think means that he has that super omgownage murder intent in him, also, i guess he has gotten more expirienced with MS i dont think that, nowing how hard it was for him to control it, and knowing how a powerful weapon it can be, he hasn’t improved at all, also, i dont think sasuke is stupid enough (well he is but i dont think this time) to go against all the kages without knowing how to get the upper hand, or at least not getting his ass kicked, im also interested in seeing how such a big scale battle will develop in a place with so many important guys right now, i think the great ninja war kishi was talking about could unleash here, something like all the villages getting involved in one big battle, and naruto getting in between for sasuke and kakashi too, i dont know something like that, i also want to see that kyubi-sage mode in action, in looked pretty badass and i think if its to show on a fight it could be this one.

  10. YOOOSHHHHH cookie that shop joke is AWESOME ENUF maybe OVER 9000!!! 😛 rlly luffed it so much

    GZ for tenrai ur colored manga is being so kewlllllll

    waiting for next week *.*

  11. can we use the “thinking” boxes as talking ones on the bubble contest?

  12. Cookie…your legendary 😉 And you passed!!! ^.^

    Nice breakdown, posted in perfect time. 🙂
    Well done =D

  13. The =D = fail 😦

    I find what Garra said hysterical. ^.^
    But only now that you mentioned it, how could i have missed it.

    “ALL hard core” Yep as hard as Zetsu’s neck that gets compared to a twig.
    Deidara’s super hard core-as Garra must know 1st hand. 😛

    And of course nobody betrays akatsuki…..Nagato still has a secret plan, this plan is that everyone that was brought back to life, is actually going to become a new Pain realm. Nagato will still crush konoha. Madara’s lying about Nagato’s betrayal, he’s delusional and senile and doesn’t know what he’s saying.
    Konan hasnt betrayed akatsuki….she’s just waiting for Nagato. She’s keeping herself entertained with Yahiko and emo Nagato’s corpses.

    So of course nobody betrays akatsuki….

  14. This chapter had a great ending. Never thought Gaara would use a word like “hardcore”.
    Nice job with the early breakdown, Cookie. 🙂
    Thanks a lot, I think I actually lost 3 IQ points. >.<

    For the bubble, are those bubbles with black outlines next to their faces on the left side ?

  15. What im thinking is how does Madara find people so easliy how could he know Naruto was in the Iron country, my assumption he can sense Sharigans Or he has a Byakugan which is doubtful.

  16. Lol @ last weeks bubble. I think we can all laugh at Chouji.

    Raikage just seems way to strong for Sasuke. He has already showed his strength and just recently his speed. I’m really curious to see what happens here. Naruto come to aid maybe? Just a thought xD

  17. First off, great breakdown Cookie and Tenrai nice coloring! I wonder what you’ll draw next time. 0_0

    @Anyone: Now I know I brought up this Sasuke may have the Kyuubi in him thing but it’s just a theory. I said it was what it “looks” like and it may be the case. Bah, I’ll just post what I said in the last breakdown.

    “That DEFINITELY looked like the Kyuubi! Call me crazy but Naruto only has half of the Kyuubi’s chakra sealed in him. What if Madara was able to retrieve the other half of the Kyuubi from the Shinigmi and give it to Sasuke? That would make Naruto and Sasuke uber rivals!

    Naruto’s Kyuubi (
    Sasuke’s Kyuubi ( )”

    Hehehe, if this theory is correct I retain all bragging rights. If it’s wrong I’ll deny deny deny! Lol, jkjk…>_>

    @Ahsan: I agree I hope no one wins this match but if someone does I hope it’s the Raikage. If Sasuke is able to beat a ninja of Kage level single handedly then he’s still ahead of Naruto by to much. It was hinted at a few chapters back that Naruto may have surpassed Sasuke but it’s still unclear. The outcome of this battle will give us a better perspective.

    @Senju: He may be hiding something under that mask (another sharingan?) which may have something to do with the ‘Moon’s Eye Plan’. If he hides it he has another power under his sleeve hidden even from the knowledgeable Itachi.

    @Everyone: This chapter was badass and I’m not hesitant to say Sasuke was kickass in this chapter! Besides Itachi these samurai are only other people Sasuke has ever killed and he did it without the slightest hesitation. Deidara killed himself and now that I think about Itachi kinda killed himself to. Yeah, I’m getting technical. 😛

    Naruto is…meh. Sasuke is gaining cool points while Naruto is losing them. Still needs a clone to create a Rasengan as Tobi has mentioned before. -_-

  18. I wonder if Madaras plan could be too have a chat and then Teleport with Naruto and throw him in the thick of it with Sasuke, With every one trying too kill or capture sasuke Naruto would help him and then of course Kakashi and Yamato would head too narutos postion. Thus Implicating him as a missing Nin and then word on the street back in Konoha will make sense. Kinda makes sense.

  19. Alright chalk one bubble contest up.
    I wonder if the moon’s eye plan is that nine tails + bacon bits= power???
    Also I wonder if madara calculated into his plan the Raikage’s ability to make cup holders out of tables, twigs out of people’s necks, or to create doors out of walls at his leisure.

  20. all you ppl mite wanna check out the mangashare – binktopia translation – WAY better than sleepyfans.

  21. Great breakdown cookie – how did u make it more random than the last couple of breakdowns? O_O . Oh and Sasuke will win hands down. If he had suddenly learned how to control the power of emo (or a tailed beast) then i wouldn’t have backed him. Say what u will about Sasuke, but he still is pretty fucking strong.

    well better get to work on mine.

  22. About sasuke having a part of kyubi inside… i just dont think something so, i think it may be some other tailed beast, afterall it makes sense the sudden badassness and the ‘vil’ chakra coming out of him, we have seen what he could do to kyubis power, why not use similar abilities to control his own, also, even if he has a tailed beast or some kind of new power, i dont think he will be able to win so easily against the raikage, not because of the 1on1 battle, but what about all the other kages and bodyguards and samurais that are around, as I said before, i think the ninja war kishi was talking about, will start here, some conflict between the villages may appear, probably because of naruto getting in between for sasuke, some will support him, other will not.

    About the Moon’s eye plan, it pobably has something to do with the tailed beasts, i dont think they are going trhough all the work of capturing them, just to bring some other badass plan out of nowhere, im starting to think, itachi wanted to stop this in some way, remember how he asked naruto if he was willing to do everything to save sasuke?, here that may be tested, but who knows, so many things are going on that almost anything is possible

  23. From the previous post…

    @tobiisagoodboy yeah.. i really dont think that Madara woulda been all cool and stuff if he really had been trapped by Kakashi and Yamato. i just wanna knw what he says without it turning into a flashback.. hopefully he’ll say something like…”you wanna knw about sasuke? i’ll tell you about sasuke.. sasuke’s a bitch!!” 😀 but i dont think it’s some yin yang sorta thing.. quite simply because it wouldnt make sense.. how would he get that exactly? by being with Naruto too long? thats not true… and he was being evil for a way long time before he went into Naruto’s ..head? soul? w/e.. and confronted the kyuubi… therefore i think there are only 3 possibilities.. like you said.. his own chakra looking super evil.. OR gedo maso.. OR some sharingan tech that allows him to steal kyuubi chakra…

    But i am curious.. didnt Itachi already have the MS before he fought Sasuke?? i thought him killing his entire village gave him the MS and then he wanted(or so we were told) Sasuke to have it too so that he could steal his eyes and become even stronger.. isnt that what Madara did? he killed his brother and then got a super MS…

    Im getting really confused here… someone help!!!

  24. I had another assumption when I first started watching Naruto I wondered where the sharigan cam from and the Backstory and there was this article about Sojobo or something who was a tengu and he fell in love with the princess of the Byakugan so he could make new eye techniques it said he was the father of Madara but now what if he was the Origin of the clan and his hidden powers like Amaterasu and Tsuyokomi and the other abilites, It could be the Demon Sharigan itself like the Pic that was behind Itachi when he was going too pluck Sasukes eyes out.

    Or another assumption is that it could be like Itachis Susano which I think Susano is a personalised Spirit power of the Sharigan only Itachis had his Sword and Shield Sasukes Susano could be his very own Embodiment of Evil Kind like Guts Inner Rage from Berserk.

  25. @super: Who cares if he has to use a clone still. In any serious fight he would use sage mode. Sasuke going uber emo isnt very “cool” to me. Also, Sasuke with the nine-tails is as dumb as Naruto-Sharigan theories.

    Naruto needs his badass Sage Cloak back imo.

  26. Hey every! And nice breakdown Cookie.


    Hmmm, you say that Sasuke beating someone who is kage level would mean that he is still too far ahead of Naruto, but that is an inaccurate statement.

    Why? Because Naruto has already defeated someone above Kage level. Pein. Think about it, Pein is the same guy who killed Hanzou (who himself had taken on and defeated all three sannin at the same time). Even Tsunade, a kage herself, could not stop his rampage through Konoha.

    I think if the Raikage were to have fought Pein, he would lose, unless you think he’s more powerful than the sannin. In any case Naruto is already above Kage level, that much is certain. If he fought the Raikage I am certain he would win. The Raikage may be able to walk through walls, but Naruto can do a lot worse in Sage mode and his element is strong against lightning as well.

    Just remember, that just about all of the Akatsuki are above Kage level themselves. After all, Deidara defeated the kazekage and Sasori defeated a former Kage that was said to be the most powerful from Suna. Sasuke defeating a Kage would not be anything new and Naruto’s triumph over Pein is much more of an achievement to me.

    As for Naruto losing cool points? He just gained a whole boat load of them in his battle against Pein. What has Sasuke done since his battle with Itachi other than become even more emo and hateful? He hasn’t gained anything new since the MS and the only thing he can do is go around flaunting his power and starting wars in the process.

    If anything, Sasuke is loosing a lot of awesomeness points. I just hope he and Naruto fight soon so that he can get his ass kicked once and for all. Even Zetsu mentions the fact that Naruto is most likely more powerful than Sasuke now and I don’t think he said that just to annoy the Uchiha.

    P.S. Just on a side note, I think Naruto still does a Rasengan with a clone because it is faster, not because he can’t do it one handed. He has gotten used to it, so why change something that works? If he can control Sage chakra, then I am pretty sure the chakra control for a Rasengan is within his capabilities.

  27. @lelulilo: … Nooooo …

  28. Excellent breakdown and super fast … total awesomeness

  29. Nice breakdown and somne people have a theory that Madara gave Sasuke the half of the Kyuubi that wasn’t sealed in Naruto… Because you know that Minato sealed only half of the kyuubi in Naruto and I think the other part went in the Death God’s stomach with Minato’s soul. In some way Madara could have retrieved it…

  30. AWESOMENESS breakdown cookie! 😀 You forgot the whole star wars reference thingy in this chapter though D8 SAMURAI STORMTROOPERS HAVE LIGHTSABERS! O_O

    I could practically imagine the whole scene going:

    Samurai: *falls for it*
    Sasuke: Because I’m worth it, girl.
    Karin: I didn’t sign up for this shit.
    The samurai want to destroy Taka. Poor them.
    HOLY SHIT. THE SAMURAI HAVE LIGHTSABERS. but they are fodder. Dammit, Kishi
    Sasuke: I broke a nail. So I’m pissed. SO COME AND GET ME, BITCHES.
    Samurai: Ok 8D
    Sasuke deflects the Force by using his Force.
    Samurai: We are SO screwed.
    Juugo: Get a grip, bitch. Tell me where Danzou is. I’ll take care of the samurai.
    Karin feels a disturbance in the force!

    … and that was my muse totally losing it. ^^;

    Anyways, can’t wait to do the breakdown next week! O_O This is going to be kickass simply because it involves Raikage-chan ^^ I WANNA SEE A CHIBI RAIKAGE BUSTING WALLS D_>

  31. Okay… sorry for that last comment, it was my insanity acting up… O_o

    So, now on a slightly saner level: Raikage KICKSASS!… dunno if that was any saner. ^^;

    But in the usual laws of manga and whatnot, I have a feeling that neither Sasuke nor the Mizukage will die in that confrontation. It’s likely that, as far as cliche goes, Naruto or someone else will interfere in the middle of the fight and defend either Sasuke or the NEW HULK OF KUMOGAKURE!… *cough*

    And I find it slightly stupid, but not impossible, that Sasuke would have some sort of manifestation inside him. It WOULD explain his sudden confidence in defeating five Kages, and the sudden switch of chakra from pink bunny thoughts to dark and cold emoness… Although I sincerely doubt it’s a new beast, I wouldn’t throw away the fact that it might be the other side of kyuubi’s chakra. Heck, Bakamoto’s done too much like that already.

    And Gaara says akatsuki would never betray each other. He’s obviously never met Konan or Nagato.

    Or Madara.

    He also says that they’re hardcore. Yup, yup, never met Nagato. Definitely. -_-

  32. YOSH!!! Very well done cookie…as usual, and tenrai…your coloring of the panels is awesome 🙂

    My thoughts:
    Sleepyfans r getting sloppy with their work…’harcore’? Seriously? I didn’t know how to react to that one…so i did what any sane person would do…laugh hysterically till i passed out from lack of oxygen (thats a perfectly sane thing to do right? RIGHT!!!???)

    Sasuke’s happy place reminds me of that scene from ‘Happy Gilmore’

    Btw…ask Prawl to pay for the damage to Naruto’s room…he’s stolen my wallet so many times that by now that paying for that is no problem for Mr. Prawlkage…

    Ok…now i have to say this before others do…cookie, i’m pretty sure you need to be institutionalized…why you ask? Because your comedy is a hazard to those around you!!! You cannot be walking around with that. I died of laughter, was in limbo for 3 hours (still laughing mind you), had a nice cup of tea with Bob (he’s in charge of the paperwork there, he’s a nice guy btw), and finally got sent back to this world (word of advice: if u ever get sent to limbo, ask for Bob…and tell him you know Dro_Sensei, he owes me…BIG TIME). ^__^

    Ok, I’m out…but you all will get a healthy dosage of my bubble entries for this week soon enough…I have been thwarted in my attempts to win the contests in recent history, but i will win one…*shakes fist at thatwhichisbored because his bubble was hilarious but then changes fist into a handshake for congratulations* Oh yes, that reminds me…*extends other hand to cookie to give her a high five for a job well done* :p

  33. yeah you know a chapter is not translated correctly when garra says HARDCORE! he doesent seem like the type to be listening to scooter so biktopedia or whatever it is is the way forward.

    @Tenrai Senshi
    great comment also naruto is said to have passed jiraiya and minato who are both kage level.

    ill also add a side not as there is a question i have been thinking about latley. since naruto now has sage chakara does that make him imperviouse to genjutsu as there is another chakara flow to prevent it ?

  34. @chromer91: Mmmm. Yeahh … but that’s not how it works … Naruto has to be the one who focuses the sage chakra to stop it. So, he has to know that he’s in a genjutsu, and not be undeniable pain, like the Tsukuyomi would put him in.

  35. whaaa?!! early post…. nice work!

  36. Thanks guys! Hey, what is with the shock of the early post!?

    @Senju:He isn’t exactly ready to come out in the open, so why publish his face around the ply like a super model?

    @acklikxx: Thank you,I do try! 😀

    @Noom: Go for it. They can read each others minds @_@

    @Schy:I was being tested? o_O

    @lelulalilo: He still has one of the Zetsus, they could of came across Team Kakashi when they were passing, or he couls sense their chakra. Sort of like how Naruto could sense everyone in Konoha’s chakra when he is in Sage Mode.

    @Dynamic: god damn it woman! Get out of my head! I had that exact vision only Suigetsu was having a Yoda moment…I am wearing a tin foil helmet after this incident! Yeah I think I’ll cry about that, but just know I will be reading it over my phone, while I am in different country @_@ Mainly because I will need a laugh!

    @Super: For even considering giving Sasuke cool points you can go to the naughty wall! NOW GO!!>_<

    @Dro: Hence why I changed to the Manga share 1/4 through the breakdown, but I couldn't get rid of that 'Hardcore' crack. Too funny! Prawldoesn't have it anymore… *coughs*
    …… My best friends told me I needed to be institutionalized as well… Hey I can't help the humour.. It just pops in there like magic. Also be prepared to be taken down in the bubbles. Hehe.

    @Mud: Do you not see the link to Manga Shares in the post lol! Oh… Well needless to say being on a sugar high does not help trying to reduce the randomness. But it will probably be just as random 2/3 weeks from now. Whenever I return! 😀

    @Everyone:SCREW YOUR SASUKE FAVOURING! I am sticking with Raikage. Though if my theory is correct he will get beat up. Just not by Sasuke … And anyway, he is a Kage. Not to mention Sasuke lost to his brother who was NOT a kage, so who is more likely to be stronger? Plus we are still unclear of how strong Raikage is. So Sasuke skills are pretty much well known. He may of copied Bee's talents but Bee didn't seem to use his strongest ones. On that note, as his brother, Raikage would have ways to deflect those Jutsus too because they would of fought each other from time to time. Raikage cn also walk through walls.. Don't see Sasuke doing that,do we!? 😉

  37. i didn’t read all the comments cuz i didn’t have time but here’s what i have to say:
    1) naruto is a lot more powerful then sasuke. sure, if naruto couldn’t go into sage mode, then sasuke would beat him but with sage mode naruto would kill sasuke.
    2) wtf zetsu! i was hoping we could find something out about him or madara’s plan. that was so pointless!
    3)is zetsu’s white part dead? the translation left me with some doubts…
    4) i hope the raikage is stronger then sasuke but i believe that sasuke will end up winning or at least escaping.
    5) HARDCORE!!!!

  38. @Senju: Welcome to WRA =)

    @Super: Now that I’m fully rested, I can get back to explaining how that can’t be the Kyuubi in Sasuke.

    Whenever we are shown a Bijuu inside of a person, it is always in its complete form, naturally. And if you look closely, you’ll see that the beast we saw in Sasuke looks nothing like the Kyuubi. It has six fingers. It has spines on its back. Its teeth are…whale-like unlike the Kyuubi’s sharp fangs. Its eyes don’t have irises and pupils. And its outline is completely different.

    Allow me to use your format =P. “I think it’s (the beast) just a manifestation of Sasuke’s dark and cold chakra (…or emoness, if you will)”

    @Senshi: Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    @Instalingrad: Yes, Itachi had the Mangekyou before fighting Sasuke, which he supposedly obtained from killing Uchiha Shusui (the owner of the Sharingan eye Danzou has). He made Sasuke believe he was after his eyes in order to obtain the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan. And Madara had his brother’s eyes implanted, thus gaining the Eternal MS. There’s nothing to be confused about, really.

  39. LMFAO!!! It’s great to see the reaction you get when supporting or praising Sasuke here! XD I shall continue then.

    @Fanboi: A clone needed to create a rasengan was cool move at first but 3 years later it’s become jaded and lame. He even needs clones to create the rasengan in sage mode. -_- The badass Sage Cloak might help him gain some cool points though.

    @Tenrai: Naruto above Kage level eh? I would love to agree but that would mean he could take on Jiraiya (Kage level) which I highly doubt. Didn’t Nagato say that Jiraiya would (not could) have defeated him if he knew his secret?

    Well Naruto knew his secret (none of them being the real body) and would have lost still if Pein was there to kill him. To me both Sasuke and Naruto aren’t above Kage level. Sasuke killed Orochimaro sick and dying in bed. Itachi wanted to die and was sick. Sasuke irked Deidara into killing himself and escaped the blast, so that would mean Sasuke is just about Kage level (out thought his opponent).

    Naruto on the other hand beat Pein… how did he beat Pein? Well, I repeat Pein was there to capture not kill Naruto. I think we can both agree that if Pein was there for the kill Naruto would have lost just like Jiraiya did. I could point out the numerous times in battle Pein could have killed Naruto but do I really have to? 😉 Not only that he didn’t even really defeat Nagato (the mastermind). Nagato used the last of his chakra (enough to revive an entire village btw) and killed himself. We know though that Nagato still had fight left in him…

    and again enough chakra to revive hundreds of shinobi.

    Just because he ended up the victor in this battle does not prove Naruto is above Kage level. He beat Nagato through words not strength necessarily which I for one found rather impressive. Now, I’m not saying he isn’t above Kage level either. He’s hella strong I admit and he got so far with Nagato because of his strength. I just haven’t seen the battle which would without a doubt prove it (him being above Kage level).

    Now back to my original point. The reason I say why the battle with Sasuke and the Raikage would give me a clearer perspective on how strong Naruto is to Sasuke is because, as I said before, to me Naruto and Sasuke are both close but not above Kage level. If Sasuke is able to beat Raikage (A Kage level opponent) by himself then in my opinion he is stronger than Naruto who hasn’t beaten a Kage level opponent by himself. Sure he beat Pein (not there to kill him) and which I’ve already covered. Sure he beat Kakuzu (already weakened by Kakashi). The Raikage is there to kill Sasuke and Sasuke ain’t taking that shit. Naruto had his battle to show how strong he was (Pein) and I’m impressed. Now it’s Sasuke’s turn and the way he handled those samurai I’m already impressed. The outcome of this battle will show if Sasuke is stronger than Naruto.

    So yes, Sasuke does gain awesomeness points for being badass and Naruto loses them for sleeping around, clone generated rasengans, and brooding over Sasuke like an…dare I say it…EMO!? Heh.

    *waits for Naruto fans to pounce on him like a starving fox on his dinner* 0_0

  40. @Pickles: Remember that Naruto has the Yang chakra sealed in him. How do you know the Yin (dark) chakra of the Kyuubi doesn’t have a different manifestation? And yes, it does look like the Kyuubi. ;P

    As I’ve been saying over and over again it I never said it was the Kyuubi. It just looked a lot like it. Only 6 fingers? Seriously? Look at this…

    It as 5 fingers and can split its arms in parts. The Kyuubi can have as many arms and fingers it wants. XD Not to mention those things behind the monster look more like tails not spines. Anyway, it’s just a theory and we’ll see how it turns out. I am half way convinced it could go either way. It most like is just his evil manifestation of chakra. 😉

  41. @supertrek89

    Here’s a fact. Naruto is above kage level. If you are wondering whether he could defeat Jiraiya, the answer is, yes, he could. I can say that with a great deal of confidence as well, because the manga backs up my claim.

    Fukusaku has already stated that his sage mode is more perfect and complete than Jiraiya’s and it’s also said that Naruto has surpassed him and the Fourth (who was a kage himself). We are informed such when he see the phantom figures of both standing behind Naruto.

    Also, Naruto defeated all of Nagato’s bodies before defeating him through words and Pein was not holding back. If I recall correctly, Jiraiya was only able to defeat three bodies and that was after a great deal of effort. Once the other bodies came out, he was defeated pretty quickly.

    Naruto, on the other hand, had already taken out one body before the battle even started (and with any information relayed to him yet) and he subsequently took out each other one in rapid succession after than. The only body he had real trouble with was Deva Pein and he even managed to defeat him WITHOUT sage mode.

    In any case, your reasoning is not entirely accurate either. Deidara beat the Kazekage, but does than mean he is stronger than Jiraiya? No, it doesn’t. Kage is just a rank, after all and we know nothing about the Raikage’s strength. Sasuke beating him does not automatically mean he is more powerful than Naruto.

    For example, if Kakashi was elected as Hokage instead of Danzou as he was about to be, does that automatically mean he would have suddenly been able to beat Naruto or Jiraiya?

    I think you get my point.

  42. @Tenrai: I wouldn’t say that’s so much as a fact than a personal opinion. Fukusaka says that he’s surpassed Minato and Jiraiya. Yes I know this but it does not mean he could beat Jiraiya in battle (because he can’t) and there’s no chance he’d beat Yondaime Hokage. Surpassing them to me has a different meaning. He furthered the rasengan past the 4th’s reach and obtained more control over Sage Mode than Jiraiya could obtain. This much is obvious and is indeed a fact.

    Naruto defeated all of Pein’s bodies with the help of the frogs and the Kyuubi. Even Hinata helped. Yes, I know the frogs are his summonings and the Kyuubi is a part of him. Tell me this though. If Hinata hadn’t stepped in to save Naruto what would have been the result of the battle? His loss is the correct answer. What would have been the result if Pein was there to kill Naruto? Naruto’s death. Yes, Pein was holding back. He couldn’t fight at full power because of what he did to the village. If God Realm was at full power he would have owned Naruto at the beginning of the battle just as he did as soon as he regained his powers.

    Again, this is why I say if Sasuke defeats the Raikage single handedly (no help whatsoever except from summonings and his own power) in my opinion he’s still stronger than Naruto. Naruto defeated an already weakened enemy with no intention to kill. This does not make Naruto Kage level and your reasoning is off. Sasuke is fighting an enemy of Kage level and with all the intention to kill in the world. If Sasuke does win then indeed Sasuke is without a doubt above Kage level while to me Naruto’s level is left in doubt.

  43. here’s a theory
    maybe sasuke has the “ten-tails”
    who said they only went up to 9?
    (no really who did say)

  44. @super: Naruto doesnt need clones to do Rasengan in sage mode…

    In the picture hes making a 2 Great Ball Rasengans. Thats why he requires clones.

    And yes Naruto loses some cool points by ditching the cloak. =(

  45. @Super

    This is where Fukusaku claims that Naruto has surpassed those who came before him, in reference to the phantoms of Minato and Jiraiya.

    Lets face the facts, Naruto beat Pein. Whether Pein intended to kill him or not, he was still defeated and Naruto didn’t even use Sage mode to finish him off. If Naruto is able to trump Deva Pein just using his shadow clones and a well time Rasengan, then I think he has proven himself.

    Anyway, I think the purpose of my argument has been misunderstood. I am not trying to disprove Sasuke’s power. In fact, I already believe he WILL defeat the Raikage and that is my honest opinion. All I am doing is pointing out that Naruto is already past kage level (as has Sasuke) and, as Zetsu himself said ‘probably’ (but not definitely) more powerful than Sasuke.

    You must remember that Zetsu has seen them both fight, and knows their capabilities. He’s seen Sasuke’s limits and Naruto’s, so I think he knows what he is talking about.

    In any case, this debate is rather pointless because we still don’t know how strong the Raikage is or who will win a battle between Sasuke and Naruto will only be seen when it happens.

  46. Does anyone see that it could be dark zetsu in Sasuke’s body? Zetsu can materialize from anything, right? So maybe he goes into people’s bodies and influence them?

    @super: I agree with you that if Sasuke beats Raikage, then he’s probably better than Naruto. The Raikage has the speed, strength, and power similar to Naruto, so if he loses, that probably means Naruto would lose as well.

    @anyone: Why hasn’t Sasuke used heavy Genjutsu on anyone like his brother did?

  47. Ok, here’s my two cents…if sasuke really had a ‘demon’ inside him it would have surfaced by now, and you cant put a demon inside something that is already developed its chakra coils so Madara implanting it into Sasuke is unlikely (unless Kishi decides to have HUGE plot holes)…so i dont think thats it…did any1 notice this the thing holding Sasuke up has 6 limbs…i might be looking to far into it but maybe that has a significance of some sort?

  48. @Tenrai: Ty for showing me the link but I already knew that information as I said before…

    “Fukusaka says that he’s surpassed Minato and Jiraiya. Yes I know this…” (Supertrek89)

    I’ve addressed what Fukusaka said in that link in the above comment to.

    Naruto did beat Pein of course or else we wouldn’t be where we’re at right now would we? The fact is he beat him with much help and with God Realm in a weakened state. These are all facts and we must face them do we not? I’m sorry if it seems like I’m discrediting Naruto’s victory because I’m not. I loved how Naruto beat Pein without Sage Mode and how he won Nagato over in the end with his words. He won plain and simple. I’m just breaking it down to how exactly he won.

    Anyway, the whole point of what I was saying at first was to me if Sasuke beats Raikage it’ll give me a better perspective of his power level compared to Naruto. Naruto had his turn to show what he has and now it’s Sasuke’s turn. Even if Sasuke loses (which I hope happens) or no one wins at all this fight will still give us a good gauge at his current power level. Most likely Sasuke and Naruto are above Kage level and I do believe this. Naruto has yet to prove it to me though and I await Sasuke’s turn.

  49. im srry but there is no way sasuke can beat the raikage. the raikage can beat his younger brother while he is in the 8 tails cloak mode.and in general is stronger then his bro who whooped sasuke with no question. sasuke would have been dead if juugo didnt have that strange ability; and who ever says that sasuke rly pissed off giving him super powers should take a look at the raikage for the last couple of chapters. srry i cant say more but i have to go. say somethin!!!!

  50. Naruto pwns Sasuke end of story, wasn’t the Pein fight enough for you people!? Naruto could of kept fighting even after it was all over! He was just slightly tired.. And Pein still lost to Naruto, whether he was aiming to kill or not and Nagato was at Kage level. Why? He pwned Jiraiya, Orochimaru AND Tsunade all who were at Kage level.

    As for Sasuke level being near kage, Super wtf!? If Itachi wasn’t hell bent on letting Sasuke kill him, he would of opened some major whoop ass! Not to mention from your logic of ‘Sasuke being near Kage level’ What the hell does that make Itachi!? A god!? -_-” Not to mention Sasuke wouldn’t be able to face Naruto in Sage mode. He’ll turn into a toad if he tries to use genjutsu on him. Which would be a major improvement if anything.Lol. Even in their last battle he didn’t really win, Naruto aimed for th headband! Which when you think about it, if he punched Sasuke in the face this would of all not being happening and we would be watching Naruto accidently kill a bunny when he thought it was an enemy! 😛

  51. @Fuutonsavior: THANK YOU! Someone sees sense! I would see Naruto jumping in to save Sasuke when he is beaten to a pulp before I would see Sasuke having the upper hand and killing the Raikage. I mean it would be the spark to make war. Naruto would protect Sasuke, Raikage would be threaten him and attack Naruto. Kakashi, Yamato and the Rookie 9 would arrive and take a position in front of Naruto. Like a big old disfuntional family. -__- Oh and how could we forget Sasuke being a douche! It’s a war in the making!

    Anyway I have grown attached to that big emotional bag of muscles! If he gets beaten then I will admit I was wrong and I know you won’t let me down. But I refuse to let Raikage die! If he does you will see a sort disappearance from me then a headline of ” Kishimoto HQ has been attacked by a red head of fury and now there has been a manga change” Also a dead Sasuke… or a less douche of one.. One thing at a time @__@

  52. hmmm.. I agree naruto (maybe sasuke too but i havent seen enough of him yet) is at kage lvl, but i do think kage lvl has gone down a bit, i mean tsunade was hokage and i do think naruto could beat her, Kakashi was voted for hokage and i also think naruto could pretty much beat him if they would wrely get to it.
    As for naruto beeing stronger then jiraiya. HELL NO!
    dont forget all the techs jiraiya had (with hair, ultimate rasengan, summons, barriers) as super said the only reason he couldnt beat nagato was cus he didnt know his secret. The only 2 reasons naruto beat pein was because the kyubi took hell alot of chakra of nagato, but think of it wouldnt the kyubi have destroyed naruto if the 4th didnt show up? the other reason was that pein didnt want to kill naruto, at one point naruto was nailed down to the ground and he was one tech away from beeing dead!

  53. @fearvano: Although i rlly love jiraiyat’a and i also think he wud win naruto but u gotta also think that
    ULTIMATE RASENGAN is worse than rasen shuriken just because its incomplete AND! even naruto in sage mode can do it, now for summon naruto also as summoning contract wid dem so they’re even at that, now if u tell me he can’t use dem as well as him its another story. Jiraiya had a variety of jutsus that naruto hasn’t that’s prolly why he’d win and his own natural affinity to fire ellement 😛 (following by anime) agains wind naruto’s affinity

    nhe ma 1st “long” post in this debate YAYYYY


  54. Lol great break down Cookie. The little story with Madara had me dieing laughing. Keep up the good work.

    Now to something that i feel need to be said.
    Please let Sasuke get his ass handed to him. That all I ask for god of Naruto.
    That is all.

  55. @Super: The Yin half is sealed inside Shiki Fuujin along with half of Minato, that’s how I know it doesn’t have a different manifestation.

    The first link shows a picture of Naruto with four tails of the Kyuubi. I believe I’ve already mentioned that whenever we see any Bijuu (or the Kyuubi) inside a person, it’s naturally always in it’s complete form.

    …I could have sworn you were saying it was the Kyuubi and nothing else. I’m not arguing that it can’t be any beast, I just have trouble believing it’s the Kyuubi.

    Apart from the fact that it’s extremely unlikely if not even impossible for the Kyuubi’s image inside a host to use powers, I have to ask this. Why would it even produce an extra finger? Does that really make sense to you, ’cause it certainly doesn’t to me…

    Take a close look at the second “tail” (as you say it is) from the left. Notice how the outline of the right side of it (from our viewpoint) curves almost to 180 degrees…as if it were to join with another “tail.” Conclusion: they are spines.

  56. @Cookie: Wow…if you read all the above posts you would know already that this has all been covered. I see Fearvano sees my points and the facts made. Yes, Naruto beat Pein which is quite a feat but how did he beat him and what factors played into his victory? Pein was in a weakened state at the start of the match, Naruto was at his strongest, Pein was there to capture not kill, and the consequence was Naruto got the upper hand and escaped from being killed off when Pein could have easily done so. Not to mention Hinata jumped in and saved Naruto’s ass from being knocked unconscious while he was pinned to the ground…>_>

    Sasuke beat Deidara. In my opinion though it was more like a tie and Sasuke just out nerved his opponent and ran away. Deidara defeated Gaara… Gaara = Kazekage. Sasuke tied with Deidara = Sasuke near Kage level.

    Itachi wasn’t a God of course. 😉 He was just hella strong. You could say he was a God though as even Madara feared Itachi knowing to much about him. Besides that he was sick throughout the last years of his life. Who knows how strong he was beforehand…

    And…where does it say that the user of genjutsu on a person in Sage Mode results in the user turning into a toad? o_0

  57. @Pickles: Nope I said it just looked like the Kyuubi and it does more than the other beast.

    I don’t see where you’re coming from in your first sentence but… The Kyuubi is a chakra manifestation that takes on the appearance of a fox. The Yin chakra that was sealed away could take on a different form than the Yang chakra sealed inside Nartuo. As the Yin chakra is an embodiment of the “dark” nature in this world it only makes since it would look more evil. I don’t know how Madara (or Sasuke) could have retrieved the Yin chakra from the Shinigami’s stomach but a lot of mysteries have yet to be revealed. How could Madara live for over a century and after being killed by the 1st’s own hands? Meh, who knows but we accept it anyway. Who’s to say Madara can’t bring something out of a Shingami’s stomach? Lol, we know many things have been brought back to life before in this manga so what’s the difference? 😉

    And that was just the creature’s presence around Sasuke, so it wasn’t being shown inside Sasuke’s body. Thus, no need to show it’s naturally complete form.

    As for the picture. -_-

    Looking at the picture from left to right those sure do look like tails to me. Of course they can look like spikes if you want them to look like that. Same thing goes for the tails. My conclusion…tails.

    Now the precious finger. XD

    Just because it may have produced an extra finger doesn’t mean anything. The 6 fingers could represent something or it could not. Anyway why does the finger matter so much!? o_0

    No matter how much you try to dissuade me from my theory it won’t work. If you’re not trying to dissuade me and just pointing out made up problems you found with it then I thank you! It’s just a theory and I’m sticking to it no matter how “impossible” it might be. You should know this by now Pickles. 😉

  58. FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……. *crowd cheers in backround as Marksman raises ppls eyebrow during short intermision of shouting*

    THE MARKSMAN HAS COME BACK TO WRA!!!!! *crowd goes wild*

    i see kakashi is about to be utterly and completly owned by someone completly out of his leage as always. Why am i not surprised -__-.
    First itachi and kisame, then god realm pain and now madara. Damn you kishi, just kill him already you overly dramatic sasugay loving favorite character killing MANLADY!!!!! O_O

    Now if youll excuse me i have to go ansewr this supeno i just received in the mail by and Mr. dawaine Johson.

    hmmm… wonder who the hell that is. >_<

  59. The only problem with that shadow being the fox is when and how the hell did it get in there??? i mean it looks like a fox, gins like a fox, and is sinister the 9 tailed fox its a fox but how is it in this guy an not in naruto? i have a feeling that its just a demon that sasukes evil rage is manifesting but its looks straight up like the fox so… yeah.

  60. That “dark being” behind Sasuke looks like its holding Sasuke in the palms of his two hands put together. I dont think they’re tails…

    Bah, not the hand we know those are fingers not tails! XD Look behind the creature and see what looks like tails…or spines according to Pickles. 🙂


  61. @Super: Okay, I am very confused now.

    First, in your beginning sentence, what other beast are you talking about?

    Now this is what really has me bewildered. You showed me all of those pictures of the Naruto in Kyuubi state and how the Kyuubi can produce another of itself from its own body, now you’re saying that you mean it’s not the Kyuubi in Sasuke but another form of it (or something like that). If that’s the case, then our ideas don’t conflict each other at all, and this deabate is pretty baseless. I’m arguing that the beast inside we saw is not the Kyuubi as we know and have seen as a fox and all.

  62. More then likely it nothing special about that little dark fox looking thing.
    It might just be a way to show off how mad evil he is. Well I could be wrong but I am not buying into that so much.

  63. oh cman you bakas what do you think madara will completely own kakashi

    didnt you see how badass he was looking here

    even without the scar he looks so badass XD XD

    so as the pic said the guy who can say to itachi the same jutus wont work on me can he also find a solution to madara;s space time ninjutsu , lets see …..

    even if he cant im sure he will still put up a fight a great one indeed

    unless kishi messes this one as well >_<

    muahahhahaha wb marksman

  64. @super,pickles: the tails or spine u guys r talking abt, is it those white things on the demon figure? hmmm my theory is that the demon figure is just there to show how pissed sasuke is and thats it nothing more nothing less, what do u guys think?

  65. hmm im gonna have to argree somewhat to Super’s argument. but all in all i still think Naruto is Stronger than Sasuke (atm, until we find out for sure what sasuke’s new emo power is).
    As much as it’s like getting kicked in the balls, you must admit that sasuke is pretty fucking strong. whoever says otherwise is just being juvenile. Sasuke is strong,fast and has a massive range of jutsu (not to mention what seems like a tailed beast under his contol) so he could provide a decent fight against raikage.

    However even if he beats Raikage that doesn’t mean he’s stronger than Naruto. The one thing that makes Sasuke so strong is his sharingan and that is pretty much useless against naruto (excluding the MS techs) sasuke can’t predict the fox’s cloak attacks and he can’t see frog katus either. Now including the MS techs, he would give Naruto a hard time if they fought right now. But personally i think that Naruto is still stronger.

    Can everyone stop comparing the Jiraiya vs pein / naruto vs pein battles pls. they prove nothing, both under different circumstances, both with different intel and both were prepared differently.
    All in all though Jiraiya is stronger -y? because nagato said it himself – if he had had prior knowledge of Pein before there battle – Jiraiya would have won! however Naruto could have been killed numerous times by Pein. Super is right, he has surpased their techs, not them. (i mean minato would own with flying thunder god for starters)

  66. *sigh* Sasuke does not have a tailed beast. Best thing i heard so far is black Zetsu in Sasuke.

    Of course Sasuke is strong, but i just dont think he can measure up to the other powerful shinobi in the Naruto universe. I could even see Kakashi out smarting him (but that will never happen due to Kishis obsession with Students surpassing teachers.)

    I think people have forgot how strong Naruto has become. Maybe because hes back to his Sasuke loving ways.

  67. @ahsan oh yeah why hasnt kishi drawn the scar on him?

  68. @everybody surfed around found this, heres some fanfiction about next chapter not to bad rly haha, enjoy!:

    Status: PREDICTION
    by: The Special One

    Naruto Chapter 461: Raikage vs. Sasuke

    “Finally, the time has arrived for me to nail your coffin shut,” yelled Raikage. (Sasuke uses his sharingan to scan Raikage’s body.)

    “His body is emitting waves similar to my Chidori Nagashi technique. But his chakra is much more dense than my full bodied technique. Who the hell is this guy,” mumbled Sasuke.

    “Fool. It seems you can’t even tell the resemblance between me and the brother you possibly sent to his death,” said Raikage.

    (Immediately Raikage {remain’s charged} rushes in and attempts to strike at Sasuke with a ground smashing punch to the floor. Sasuke evades by jumping into the air. Raikage smiles.)

    “Gotcha Fool,” yelled Raikage.

    (Sasuke’s body is engulfed in a lightning based charge. The lightning that hit the ground when Raikage punch it, channeled into an arc and hit Sasuke in mid-air, keeping him suspended in the air.)

    more spoilers and predictions at

    “Hmm. He’s not bacon yet. It seems the kid knows a little bit about lightning nature recomposition. Not bad,” said Raikage.

    (Sasuke uses his Chidori Nagashi to counter act the bolt that is travelling from Raikage’s fist into the air striking at his person. Sasuke is still trying to fend off against Raikage’s charge.)

    “Damn it. He’s strong. I’m having trouble fending off his lightning styled attacks,” said Sasuke. “Ha, ha. Get toasted,” said Raikage. (Raikage increases the charge and mini explosion sends Sasuke flying into debris.)

    Switch Scene to Karin, Suigetsu, and Juugo:

    “He said Sasuke sent his brother to death. He must be the Eight Tails’ brother,” said Karin. “Yeah, but the host escaped,” said Juugo. “Should we tell that crazed maniac that,” said Suigetsu. “Guy’s watch out,” yelled Karin.

    “That Crazed maniac is Raikage,” said Darui.

    (Darui immediate strikes with his short-sword, with quick reflexes, Suigetsu turns around and parries with his beheading broadsword. Shii approaches as well.)

    “Tell us what you’ve done with Killer Bee. We’ve heard word that he might still be alive,” said Shii. “The hell if we know, that eight tailed host slipped away, that’s all,” said Suigetsu as he knocks Darui back, causing him to slightly slide.

    (Juugo goes in front of Karin to protect her. Shii positions himself back to back with Darui.)

    “So, Killer Bee got away after all,” said Darui. “Raikage would be pleased to hear this,” said Shii. “But What should we do with them, they are obviously with Akatuski and they violated our village grounds,” Darui. “Capture them anyway. I’ve already sent communications to the other Kages and their aide,” said Shii.

    “Shit! We’re in for it now,” said Suigetsu. “Think about the odds. We need to get the hell out of here,” said Karin. “I think these guys will let us. But, I’m not feeling worried,” said Juugo with a grin. “Heh, gotcha covered pal,” said Suigetsu. “These guys are insane,” said Karin. (Juugo goes into his cursed state.)

    “We’ll hold off until back-up arrives,” said Shii. “Right,” said Darui. (Karin sits back while Suigetsu and Juugo clash with Darui and Shii. CLASH sound.)

    Switch Back to the battle between Raikage and Sasuke

    (Sasuke is still charged with Chidori Nagashi and is running for his life as Raikage comes flying at him. Sasuke then decides to remain still.)

    “Just a little closer,” said Sasuke. “Heh, waiting for death it seems,” said Raikage. (Raikage comes within five meters of Sasuke and is about to be pierced by Sasuke’s CHidori chakra sword as Sasuke extends his left arm.)

    “What’s this,” said Raikage. (Raikage catches the Chakra sword with both hands, however he is being pushed back.)

    “His monstrous strength is unreal,” said Sasuke. (Sasuke uses a second Chidori, Raikage uses his strength to hold one with his right hand and switch his left hand into holding the other. Raikage stops being pushed back.)

    “Not bad, not bad kid. BUT STILL NOT ENOUGH,” yelled Raikage. “What THE! How is he doing it. THis is an A-Rank chakra manipulation. He shouldn’t be able to do that,” said Sasuke.

    “I AM RAIKAGE. GOD OF LIGHTNING,” yelled Raikage. (He then channels a stronger current of electricity down the chidori chakra swords which swiftly reaches Sasuke’s location and over powers him.)

    “ARRGH,” yelled Sasuke. “Die Uchiha Sasuke. This is just how it is. You’ve dug your own grave,” said Raikage. (Sasuke cuts the circuit to disabling his chakra. Immediately Raikage comes rushing in at Sasuke.)

    “Damn it. Fire Style: Great Fire Ball Jutsu,” yelled Sasuke. (Raikage rushes straight through it.) “IS That all you’ve got,” said Raikage. “Fire style: Great Dragon Fire Jutsu. Three powerful flame dragons come rushing at Raikage. Raikage stops spreads his hands and uses a large charge of lightning to effectively disturb the flaming dragons. He basically used a similar technique to double Lightning Blade technique employed by Kakashi.)

    “Did my brother seriously lose to a punk like you,” Raikage asks. (Raikge rushes forward again, Sasuke is backed into a wall. He uses the full extent of fire ball ninjutsu to keep Raikage at bay however, Raikage is still steadily charing forward.)

    “Huh, huh. Lightning based attacks are useless against this guy, I don’t even think Kirin with work against such a lightning styled expert, he’d just counter it. He’s much better than Kakashi and even myself in it. Fire does little damage. But, what about a black flame,” Sasuke Thought. (Raikage bursts through the flames.)

    “Its over… Hmm. WHat’s this feeling,” said Raikage. (Sasuke’s Mangekyou Sharingan awakes and blood is dripping from his left eye.)

    more spoilers and predictions at

    Switch Scene to Karin:

    (While Darui, Shii, Suigetsu, and Juugo heat it up, Karin notices something.)

    “His chakra, he must be preparing to use Amaterasu,” said Karin

    Switch Scene to Kakashi, Yamato, and Madara’s location:

    “You see, Sasuke has found out the truth about Konoha. About the horrible past that involved the Uchiha and the Senju,” said Madara.

    “Senju, that’s blood of the 1st Hokage. You should know, you fought with him,” said Yamato. “The elders, Danzou and the Hokage advisers, carried over their hatred from the foundations of Konoha itself,” said Madara.

    “I don’t know what you are trying to pull, but Itachi planned that genocide,” said Kakashi. “It seems you didn’t know either. But Danzou is definitely connected to it, to say the least,” said Madara.

    “YOu think Sasuke will try to get revenge on Danzou,” yelled Naruto.

    “Ha, ha, ha,” laughed Madara.

    “You scheming rat,” said Kakashi.

    Next Chapter: The Battle Heats Up

  69. @super: Don’t say that Naruto doesn’t deserve the win because Pain wasn’t at his fullest or that because he was trying to take Naruto alive…Itachi was the same way for Sasuke, he wasn’t at full strength and he didn’t want to kill him either.

    Ok, now super…I ask this because I’m concerned for you…Sasuke? At Kage level? HAVE YOU LOST IT!!!??? None of the original rookie 9 (including Naruto) or team Gai, except for maybe (and I emphasize the MAYBE) Neji are anywhere NEAR that level…sure Naruto has Sage mode, and sure he has impressive moves, but he’s not even at Kage level either…Sasuke (and Naruto) is currently not at Kage Level.

    School starts for alot of people on Monday, so I’m going to get in the spirit of things by giving you guys a little math equation as thought out by my main man Supertrek89. 🙂

    Sasuke > or = Deidara
    Deidara > Gaara
    Garaa = Kage
    Sasuke > or = Kage?

    yea man, I’ve backed you up on alot of things before…but this equation is so hard to figure out that even Matt Damon in ‘Good Will Hunting’ wouldn’t be able to do it.

    Here’s a little equation i whipped up using Supertrek’s formula…

    Naruto > or = Pain

    Pain > Hanzo

    Hanzo = the 3 Legendary Sannin of Konoha combined (in their prime)


    Naruto > or = the 3 Sannin of Konoha combined (in their prime)?

    Yeah, i don’t think so…but here’s the last equation i came up with, and hopefully this one leads to new ideas…

    If Pain = Itachi (if you want to debate who would win between them both please feel free to do so, but I’m saying that they’re even)

    Naruto > Pain (not full power, not trying to kill, and some help from Kyuubi) and…

    Sasuke > Itachi (not full power, not trying to kill, and some help from Orochimaru)


    Naruto = Sasuke

    This is all my opinion you know, but from what we’ve been given in the manga so far this is what my opinion is…as of right now, Naruto and Sasuke are too close to call.

    PS: There are going to be a few of you who go…”Orochimaru helping? Are you insane?” before you throw tomatoes and shun my thoughts, my answer will be a two parter.
    1: Yes, I am insane and…
    2: Although it did not directly hurt Itachi it still made him keep Susano’o out longer and make Itachi use the Sword of Totsuka, wearing him down even more.

    Zetsu even noticed that Susano’o carries with it a great risk…this is a good comparison to Naruto going Kyubi…Pain had to exhaust himself to try and subdue the fox (he didn’t take any real damage from the fox), just like Itachi exhausted himself keepin his technique out. Alrighty, so you have my thoughts…tell me what you think. 🙂

  70. @Dro

    I think itachi OOWWWNNSSS

    just personal opinion XD

  71. Well I shall target one of the debates in style! Muahahahaha! Haven’t entered a Naruto one in ages!


    1: There is something up ahead! It’s that emo kid and what seems to be the darkness inside him. Well at least he isn’t trying to take up a manga page with that sh*t!
    2: That is a demon you idiots! Look at the tails around him!
    3:*thinking* What do they need a manicure on those fingers to tell the difference!?
    4: It’s the darkness, sir! *thinking* muscular idiot.

  72. i dont get why naruto is being doubted as a kage level ninja he is the most powerfull ninja in konoha at the moment there isnt anyone there infact that comes even close to his level at the moment, even all the jounin in the village had to stand back and watch as they all knew they would be more of a burden in the fight against pain than being usefull. kakashi said naruto was at his level if not past him in the fight against Kakuzu, and naruto has gone way past that level so if kakashi is considered to be kage level by the elders and other people in the village then naruto is definatly kage level.

  73. BUBBLE:

    1. I feel something ahead! It’s dark, cold and emo, but main-character’ish at the same time!
    2. Oh dear God, don’t tell me SHE’S butting into this manga!
    3. (thinking) It can’t be…
    4. I’m afraid so, sir.
    5. (thinking) Rowling’s finally made a deal with Kishi! Damn you Harry Potter!

    … sorry, couldn’t help it. ^^; Just popped into my head. O_O

  74. Dynamic you’re the one meant to choose the winner this week 😀

  75. i hate to doubt gaara’s strength but he isnt rly kage level either… the tuchikage (cant spell it) is rite when saying that he is too young. he hasnt refined his skills yet so of course he isnt up to the other kages level but he is the strongest in his village only because his dad died so suddenly. when i think kage level i think third hokage or jiraiya. now there is no way that naruto or sasuke have even got to that level of greatness yet. naruto only has about five or four jutsu, and his trump card is rly risky if the opponent can evade it long enough for him to run out of sage chakra. And niether sasuke or naruto have the skills yet to be kage level; especially sasuke who got owned by the raikages weaker younger brother.
    @dro i dont think super is saying that naruto didnt derserve to win but that if pain wanted to kill him he could have mulitple times.

  76. @ Cookie~ ummmmm…..yeah……..i was… Sure 😛

    Keep up the speedy breakdowns 😉

  77. oops i meant to say isnt trying to say on my previous post

  78. Hey dude, that wasn’t Sasuke’s face… it was actually Karin’s. You can see the glasses. (Well if it was really Sasuke that would surprise me.)

  79. i have to agree with fuutonsavior,
    when i think of kage lvl i think of the 3rd, the 4th and jiraiya.
    I never really considered tsunade beeing at kage lvl (although she was the hokage) and i dont consider kakashi kage lvl either (yet).
    So with that said I dont think naruto and sasuke are kage lvl.
    I just really hope the other kages prove that theres still a (big) difference between them and “kage” lvl. 😛

  80. @Pickles: *facepalms* *_*

    The other “beasts” mean the other Bijuu. The beast that appeared behind Sasuke looks more like the Kyuubi than the other beasts (Bijuu) does it not?

    “You showed me all of those pictures of the Naruto in Kyuubi state and how the Kyuubi can produce another of itself from its own body, now you’re saying that you mean it’s not the Kyuubi in Sasuke but another form of it” (Pickles)

    LMAO, that’s what I’ve been saying all along. Since the very beginning actually. My ideas never conflicted because I never changed them. Let me say it…again. The Yang chakra is sealed in Naruto. The Yin chakra could now be in Sasuke’s possession. Two different forms of chakra. Since Sasuke could have the Yin, “dark” nature chakra, Sasuke’s Kyuubi would naturally look more evil than Naruto’s thus the different appearance.

    Now once again I’m not saying it’s definitely the Kyuubi I’m just saying it LOOKS like the Kyuubi more than the other beasts (Bijuu for you clarification). I said that in my very FIRST post. It could just as well be another Bijuu or could not be any Bijuu and just a representation to show how evil Sasuke is. In fact…I said this was most likely the case and my theory was the least likely case. You must have skipped over that post. -_- Why, you’re so adamant on this one topic is beyond me. It’s a theory and most likely won’t happen. Isn’t that enough for you? 😉 Now if you’ll excuse me I have someone else to tend to. XD

    @Dro: Oh yeah I have a whole nother’ post for you buddy. I liked this part best..

    “Yes, I am insane and…” (Dro)

    because it best describes the craziness of your post. 😛

  81. @cookie: DAMN! I forgot. ^^ First time I actually get into those things… *is actually feeling like she’s lost something by having to do next week’s breakdown* >_>

    @super: I do believe that it’s just Sasuke’s new pet, Fluffy. Meh, it’s about as likely as all the other theories. O_o

  82. Someone said it allready up above or on the last post but it makes more sense now I totally reject all my theory posts before, Yea it must be black Zetsu inside Sasuke.

  83. @Dro: First off let’s start with this…

    “Don’t say that Naruto doesn’t deserve the win because Pain wasn’t at his fullest or that because he was trying to take Naruto alive…Itachi was the same way for Sasuke, he wasn’t at full strength and he didn’t want to kill him either.” (Dro)

    Let me point out everything wrong with that paragraph.

    1. Never did I say Naruto didn’t deserve his win. Actually if you go over my numerous previous posts correctly I’ve said numerous times that I was impressed with Naruto’s win and I said that I was not belittling his win at all. I have absolutely no idea where you got that information from.


    2. Itachi and Sasuke’s battle was completely different from Pein vs. Naruto. Let me give you that big difference. Itachi wanted to lose…no in fact Itachi wanted to die and had it all planned out from the beginning.Pein wanted to stay alive and capture Naruto. See the huge ass difference? Matter of fact I say Sasuke doesn’t deserve his win over Itachi and Naruto did deserve his win over Pein. Moving on…

    “Ok, now super…I ask this because I’m concerned for you…Sasuke? At Kage level? HAVE YOU LOST IT!!!??? None of the original rookie 9 (including Naruto) or team Gai, except for maybe (and I emphasize the MAYBE) Neji are anywhere NEAR that level…sure Naruto has Sage mode, and sure he has impressive moves, but he’s not even at Kage level either…Sasuke (and Naruto) is currently not at Kage Level.” (Dro)

    Yes, I did say Sasuke is “near” Kage level but I’m also the one who said Naruto has not proven himself to me that he is above Kage level. Tenrai was the one who said Sasuke and Naruto are both above Kage level. I can’t help but notice you did not address him though. Lol, I know this is not a personal attack or anything but shouldn’t you be addressing Tenrai and not I?

    I did say “I believe” that Sasuke and Naruto are above Kage level but from the proof provided thus far by the manga I have come to the conclusion that they are not. I’ve come to this conclusion in most if not all my comments addressed to Tenrai. So in the end we are agreeing with each other Dro yet you still threw that comment at me? Are you sure you read over all the comments? o_0

    Now this is exactly why I believe that Sasuke is “near” Kage level.

    “Sasuke > or = Deidara
    Deidara > Gaara
    Garaa = Kage
    Sasuke > or = Kage?” (Dro)

    Yeah that does seem pretty sound to me. I wish you would have posted how exactly it doesn’t seem correct instead of just saying it was whack. Just because you say it doesn’t make sense doesn’t mean much Dro.

    Now since school is about to start let me give you some pre-lessons in how to debase an equation correctly.

    “Naruto > or = Pain
    Pain > Hanzo
    Hanzo = the 3 Legendary Sannin of Konoha combined (in their prime)
    Naruto > or = the 3 Sannin of Konoha combined (in their prime)?” (Dro)

    God knows no one believes this not even your crazy ass. 😉 First off let’s start with the Naruto > or = Pain. This is wholly incorrect. I think I’ve proved sufficiently that if Pein was at full power at the beginning of the match Naruto would have been a goner. If Pein was there for the kill Naruto would have lost too. Naruto beat a weakened enemy who wasn’t there to kill and Naruto received help. His victory does absolutely not make him greater or even = to Pein.

    Wait…didn’t you say it yourself!?

    “Naruto > Pain (not full power, not trying to kill, and some help from Kyuubi) and…” (Dro)

    In other words Naruto is not > or even = to Pein. I’m glad you agree that Naruto could not have beaten Pein if it was a real match with both at full power. ^^

    Now for a math equation once one thing is proven incorrect the rest of the entire equation is automatically wrong as the faults just keep building up on one another. Which is why the equation ended up as this

    “Naruto > or = the 3 Sannin of Konoha combined (in their prime)?” (Dro)

    So I’m just going say Hanzou did not fight the 3 Legendary Sanin in their prime first of all and that the ending result of the equation is astoundingly wrong. -_- This mock equation that you and I both know is wrong comes nowhere near in proving my equation is false.

    Your Pein = Iitachi equation I did like and was probably the most sane thing you said in your post. We can debate that at another time though (Pein = Itachi).

    Pickles, Tenrai, Cookie, and now Dro. All of this for the support of Sasuke and a Kyuubi theory? XD As much fun as it is to debate you 4 can’t we move on to a different topic? I’m tired of saying the same things over and over again and I feel rather crowded really. ^(0_0)^ (Yes Tenrai I do know you have moved on already and I thank you for this 🙂 )

  84. I wonder if Hanzo is Danzo’s brother. 😛 (I base that purely on the similarities between their names)
    Hanzo is actually not dead.
    And Hanzo joins akatsuki.

    I’d say Hanzo is old enough to be Danzo’s bro….

  85. Narutos cool and all with his sage mode and 5 or 6 different rasengans (which still need clones *yawn* ) but one thing thats certain is without sage mode he isnt kage level or even a match for most of the enemies in this manga now. Jiryia was definitely kage level without it. Has Naruto truly surpassed Jiryia or even reached kage level? Probably not but kage is just the best person for the job at the end of the day. Its not that accurate an indication of power. If everyone stayed dead at the end of peins arc and danzo somehow died, Naruto would be kage. If Naruto died then someone like Hinatas dad would get it. Its a position that needs to be filled but the flexibility with its requirements means eebates can rage forever about who is ‘kage level’ and you wont get anywhere.
    My two cents…

  86. supah you said sasuke > or = diedra tell he fucking ran away that coward >_ gara ok

    then kakashi also > or = diedra so y do you people debate say that saying kakshi is kage level is overrated???

  87. @super:
    yin is sealed in the shiki fujin.
    yin and yang chakra is split in the MS eyes, madara used genjutsu to control kyuubi, in genjutsu the chakra is connected, so apparently minato sealed kyuubis yin AND madaras yin chakra, thats why the mask and thats why he’s that weak.
    its all about the “eye of the moon plan”, the eye of the moon (tsukuyomi =god of moon) is his left, the yin-chakra eye. madara wants to regain his sight, so sasuke cant possess kyuubi chakra on a normal way, cuz its in the shiki fujin.
    so there can be 2. alternatives:
    1. he only needs sasuke power for something (stealing his eyes would make no sense, cuz he doenst have the chakra to control it)
    2. sasuke is the way to get the yin chakra back, how? dunno, there must be a natural connection between kyuubi and uchiha, maybe sasuke is the key.

  88. Time to post >:) *laughs maniacally*. First off, Naruto has BOTH halves of the Kyubi inside him. Remember what Jiraiya said WAAAAY back in Part 1? The Fourth used TWO seals on Naruto:
    1. The Reaper Death Seal
    2. Eight Trigrams Sealing Technique
    The Reaper Death Seal was used to seal the KYUBI inside Naruto. (here’s the fun part) Sarutobi said the user of The Reaper Death Seal and the person on whom it was used are destined for an eternity of combat in the Reaper’s stomach, BUT for some strange reason, Naruto has the Kyubi inside of him. Here’s why. When Sarutobi used it on the Orochimaru’s hands, Tobirama and Hashirama, they were clearly sealed inside his own body, BUT Minato sealed the Kyubi inside Naruto, thus, the Reaper didn’t get to devour the Kyubi BECAUSE it wasn’t sealed inside Minato’s body, but rather it was sealed in Naruto (which explains why the Kyubi is present inside Naruto’s mind). The Eight Trigrams Sealing Technique allows Naruto to access the yang chakra, BUT the yin chakra is still INSIDE of him. The Toad Key is apparently for the Eight Trigrams Seal, because when Jiraiya barely opened it, Naruto transformed faster and to more tails, which means it just allows him to take the yang. The seal Minato restored was The Eight Trigrams Seal and not the Reaper’s Seal.

    Naruto IS Kage level. Naruto fully mastered the power of Sage Mode, something not even Jiraiya could do. Hell, Naruto even mastered those giant rasengans, at the very least, he’s S-rank. Sasuke on the other hand, is about Kakashi’s level. Deidara probably only beat Gaara because he was too preoccupied with protecting Sunagakure (and suppressing the Shukaku’s influence), thus Gaara was fighting at a disadvantage. When Deidara fought Sasugay he was at a HUGE disadvantage. Sasugay’s Lightning Element Chakra has an advantage over Deidara’s Earth Element Chakra, Sasugay had Orochimaru’s healing abilities and chakra to mooch off of (he had absorbed Orochimaru if you dont remember), he had the Curse Seal to give him extra powers, and last but not least, he had the Sharingan. What did Deidara have, just some clay explosives -_-. I wont even bother discussing his battle with Itachi.

    (I didnt bring up Pein vs Naruto because Naruto had the advantage. Pein used up most of his chakra destroying the village and killing the ninjas, Naruto had the information on Pein’s abilities from Katsuyu, Pein wasn’t trying to kill him and Naruto had the Kyubi’s help. By the way, Pein’s way above Kage level :D. Remember what happened after the Eight tail Kyubi broke out of Chibaku tensei? I do. Pein was unfazed, a bit surprised, but not scared. His reaction to seeing the Eight tail break out of it was “Maybe I’ll have to make a bigger one”. Pein AIZEN’S ALL!!!!!!)

  89. @kisuachi: that was a nice theory but to put it simply…You’re wrong. Naruto has half the foxes chakra inside him.
    there’s proof.

  90. kisuzachi u r completely wrong, the 8 trigrams was the sealing of the yang chakra in kyuubi and shuki fujin was to seal yin away

  91. BUBBLE:

    1: Don’t we need a plan? You know so we don’t have a repeat of Cairo….
    2: Plan is simple. Reconstruct everything we come across; make a few emos cry, stop for a tea break and repeat.
    3: *thinks*I told them I can’t drink tea. It makes me a country singer >.<
    4: So basically we are doing a repeat of Cairo and skipping out on the bill at the end of it *Thinks* New shampoo here I come!

  92. @tobiisagoodboy, He never said that the FOX was split in two, only the chakra, which proves my point. Maybe i lost my point in that looooooooong post. Here’s what I was trying to say. The yin chakra is in the Death Seal, thus Naruto cant access it.
    @salamiyo, “the 8 trigrams was the sealing of the yang chakra in kyuubi and shuki fujin was to seal yin away”. Wasn’t that what i said? this is what i said, “The Eight Trigrams Sealing Technique allows Naruto to access the yang”. Well, i guess that means i just aizen’d you 😛

  93. @super: ‘Sasuke irked Deidara into killing himself and escaped the blast, so that would mean Sasuke is just about Kage level’ (super)

    Nope…no ‘I believe’ there so don’t try to play that off like it was a fleeting thought, that makes it seem to us who look over comments carefully before they post that you think something is fact.

    Hmmmm, considering that Naruto beat all of Pain’s 6 bodies before he even had a talk with Nagato…I’d chalk it up as being = Sasuke beating Itachi…both fights met the same conditions (not trying to kill, not at full power, and help from a third party) and that’s how i base my opinion.

    dude…did u read what i said after my Naruto equation? i said ‘Yeah, i don’t think so’ so obviously that was to show how your equation for Sasuke (being > or = Kage), when used in other instances, makes no sense…
    X beats Y and A beats X so that means that A beats Y?…that’s not how things work…people have to fight directly to know if they would win or not…not by hearsay. When i debate who would win in a fight I look at the fact of the opponents (Arsenal of moves and abilities, and past decisions).

    If you do need a reason for your equation being wrong here it is…i left it out of my last comment cuz it would’ve had a couple of links in it and my comment would’ve gone to the spam folder, it would make my man Gaara seem like a tool, that and it would’ve pwned you too hard…;)
    This is the real reason that Gaara became Kazekage in the 1st place, not because he was respected…and not necessarily because he was the strongest in the village…just so that the council could keep an eye on him and try to control his insanity (Shukaku).

    Once Gaara saved the village from Deidara and lost the Ichibi by extraction they saw no problem in keeping him as the current active Kage (oh btw, once you become a Kage you stay as one until you die…if in the case of the 3rd Hokage and the 4th Hokage a village has 2 Kages with one being the active one). His fame and young age is something that helps him stay as the active Kazekage too.

    “So I’m just going say Hanzou did not fight the 3 Legendary Sanin in their prime” (super)
    Dude, have you been around me too much? I think my insanity is rubbing off on you…
    Yeah, they fought…and all three of the Sanin were in the prime of their life…so how exactly does this make my equation incorrect? O_o

    Super, you see I recently entered this debate, so i need someone to counter my arguments…it seems that whenever i post something, it is pushed aside…the only people i can debate with are you, tenrai, cookie, mud, and dark avatar…you guys r the only ones who actually react to my posts. So if you are done with the debate I understand, but let me just make this clear…In my opinion Sasuke, along with Naruto (this is aimed at Tenrai and those who think otherwise), are NOT at Kage level…regardless of who they’ve beaten so far…there are no Kage level ninja in the original Konoha 12 (Neji is the closest in my opinion, he still has a LONG way to go though).

    @tobisisagoodboi: well said 🙂 i was going to go into a whole thing about why Naruto isn’t a Kage level Ninja, but you pretty much summed it up right there. *extends hand for a high five*

    @futtonsavior: to me, saying that because Pain “took it easy” on Naruto because he wasn’t trying to kill him is the same thing as saying Naruto doesn’t deserve the win…sure super’s said he thinks it’s quite the feat to beat him, but by saying that Pain’s goal of capturing Naruto alive it shows that he thinks that Naruto’s win has an asterix by it.

    A: Eatencookie is a dudette, not a dude. 😛
    B: That’s Sasuke, not Karin…in the panel right before it, Karin is on the far right of the group.

    OK! Now that my seriousness is over, let’s talk about something relevant…did anyone think that Sasuke looked fat? 😛

  94. @Dro, I could go on and on about why Itachi is not = to Pain, but blah.

  95. @kisu: 1st: aizen suxx
    2nd: u did not, u told that naruto got the yin inside of him, thats wrong the yin is in the shiki fujin and he did that to seal the genjutsu-users chakra too.
    3rd: kyuubi IS chakra, so splitting his chakra means splittint the whole thing.

  96. @kisuzachi: like super said…we’ll leave that for another time…:)

  97. *High fives dro*
    Does anyone else think Sasuke gets much cooler fights ALL the time?! Why does Kishi love him so?
    Anyway, to move to a different topic, anyone have an idea what the light and dark manipulation Yamato mentioned at the start of elemental training is all about?

  98. @tobisisagoodboy: oops, misspelled your name last time, but the light and dark manipulation has to deal with jutsu like Shikamaru’s kage mane or Ino’s mind transfer jutsu…ones that don’t have an element per say but are still jutsu nonetheless 🙂

  99. So i wonder if they require a similar approach to elemental jutst i.e. do they have some sort of nature manipulation? If so, Ino did a good job learning it.
    But it cant be the case for all ninpo can it? Since Naruto obsessivly uses kage bushin but yet he ‘wouldn’t get it’ (refering to light and dark manipulation) But it wouldnt surprise me if he did that without knowing what he was doing. What about rasengan? Or Multi-size? Sorry to bombard the questions but you seem to get it a lot more than me.

  100. well, the ‘light and dark’ manipulation that have been shown are usually family jutsu…think the Nara clan, the Aburame clan, the Yamanaka clan, and the Akimichi clan…exception to this is medical ninjutsu which seems to be another one of those light and dark manipulation techniques…maybe that’s why people with no known nature affiliation seem to be good with this type (Ino, Sakura, Tsunade, Shizune)

    Rasengan is just pure chakra molded into the form it is…Sasuke’s chidori that extends outward is the same way with the lightning element added to it…and multi-size rasengan is just more chakra added to it…

    btw, im happy to take questions…it makes me sound smart if i answer them correctly 😛

  101. @Dro: 0_0 I’m going to say this lol…once again. I have always since the beginning said Sasuke is “near” I’ll repeat again…”near” Kage level. I don’t see how you can’t get that because I know I said it to you in my last comment and all my previous comments.

    “Sasuke irked Deidara into killing himself and escaped the blast, so that would mean Sasuke is just about Kage level (out thought his opponent).” (Super)

    This is what I said meaning he is near Kage level because he defeated Deidara but not with his own hands! Yes, and I “believe” that both Sasuke and Naruto are above Kage level but I’ll say for the last time the manga has not shown me this is the case. So for me I agree both Naruto and Sasuke are not above Kage level. I’m not making it seem like you’re skipping over my comments you’re doing it to yourself.

    As for the equation. You have yet to prove it wrong. I’ll make it easier for you. Point out one…just one shinobi stronger than Gaara in the Sand Village. Can you? Gaara is the strongest shinobi in his village is he not? Gaara is Kage level and if you disagree with this then I would love to hear your explanation.

    So as it stands the equation

    “Sasuke > or = Deidara
    Deidara > Gaara
    Garaa = Kage
    Sasuke > or = Kage?” (Dro)

    is still correct. In all honesty you wrote that equation down and I almost completely agree with it. The only thing I would change is the second line and turn it to Deidara > or = Gaara.

    As for this equation….

    “Naruto > or = Pain
    Pain > Hanzo
    Hanzo = the 3 Legendary Sannin of Konoha combined (in their prime)
    Naruto > or = the 3 Sannin of Konoha combined (in their prime)?” (Dro)

    LMFAO!!! Come on Dro are you serious!? I know it was a mock equation made in a futile attempt to debase my equation. Hence why I said ‘both you and I know this is wrong’. For one thing I proved it terribly wrong by proving “Naruto > or = Pain” was complete BS. By the time it got to this part…

    “Naruto > or = the 3 Sannin of Konoha combined (in their prime)?”

    It was hilarious. 😉 Anyway, the 3 sanin were not in their prime when they fought Hanzou. For one thing Orochimaru was still on the team. What does this tell us? Well he was still more or less good beginning his decent into full blown evilness. He had not yet acquired all the jutsu he knew many years later. Far weaker in other words. Tsuande did not have the built up chakra on her forehead back then. How do I know this when her forehead is covered. Simply because Orochimaru did not know about Tsuande’s mark on her forehead and what it did. It was a jutsu developed after they split.

    Oh look, more proof that Orochimaru was developing jutsu too. ^^ Jiraiya also wasn’t in Sage Mode in the battle with Hanzou. Of course he could have been beaten out of it. Still, they were no where near in their prime as both Tsunade and Orochimaru have both developed more justu since those years. I can’t prove Jiraiaya developed more justu but…come on seriously Dro? Anyway I was just pointing this out to you. I proved your equation wrong off the first thing you wrote in it…

    “Naruto > or = Pain” (Dro)

    Yeah…definitely not true and if you need proof just go over all the comments before this one so I don’t have to repeat myself…again. XD

    I would love to end this Dro especially if we’re on the same side on both Sasuke and Naruto not being over Kage level. The only thing I see we disagree on is whether or not Sasuke is “near” Kage level.

  102. @salamiyo. it was never explicitly stated in the manga that the chakra was sealed into the Shinigami, only that that was the jutsu Minato used. And I DID say that. I think you got confused when i said “BUT the yin chakra is still INSIDE of him.”. I think the chakra is still inside him, BUT he cant access it. Think about it, one seal allows him to access some of the fox’s chakra, so even a small bit of rational thinking would imply that there is a reason the seal doesnt give him access to ALL the chakra. The best reason behind this would be that the yin chakra is there. But i think the yin is sealed in the symbol on Naruto’s stomach (aka, the Reaper Death Seal). Seriously, i dont know how to make my self clearer than i already have *sigh* 😐

  103. Dude, it clearly says in that link i gave ‘only sealing the yang chakra into Naruto’ the other isnt there. It is said word for word by Jiryia himself!

  104. @tobiisagoodboy, yeah, but my point is, the chakra is not in THE REAPER, but its in the seal on Naruto, which he CANT access, so its the same as sealing it in another place because its not like he can use it. Think about it, if Naruto didn’t have the yin chakra sealed into the seal on his body, wouldn’t Akatsuki and Madara notice this? The Gedo Mazo has to be balanced, which is the reason the Kyubi must be sealed last, wouldnt sealing a half-strength Kyubi throw off that balance? Madara once controlled the fox’s full power, so I think he’d know if part of the Kyubi’s power is missing. I think you guys are thinking I’m saying this, “Naruto can use the yin chakra”, which is not what I’m saying. I’m saying the Fourth didn’t seal the yin in the Shinigami, but he sealed it in the symbol itself, this automatically explains how the Eight Trigrams seal gives Naruto the demon’s chakra.

  105. @super that could be a possibility but what if it was a byakugan instead.

    @pickles thxs for the welcome

    @everyone what if tobi’s moons eye plan involves sasuke to kill danzo and retrieve the sharingan which has the most powerful genjutsu tech so tobi can have it assuming he is missing an eye that would be a good one 2 replace it with.

    sry if this has been mention by someone else i havent read every post yet.

  106. @Kisuzach: Well that would mean half the foxes rediculous amount of chakra would constantly be flowing through Naruto. Yet for a long time he couldnt make lots of shadow clones at once unless he was mad. I just dont understand how you think the seal can hold something in it. Its effectivly a lock. Do you keep money inside a padlock itself? No, you keep it in the thing being padlocked. For all you know, Madara is aware that only half the chakra is in Naruto. Maybe he doesnt care since it is so powerful anyway. Personally, i think Sasuke has the other half from somewhere that Madara dug it up. Its just my hunch. Either way you seem to be mixing a lot of speculation with a few facts.

  107. *sigh* super, NOW you say ‘believe’ so you can believe what you want…but when it looks like you try to claim it as fact that’s where i have a problem with it…please stop claiming i skip over comments, because i obviously don’t…YOUR comments are not clear so they lead to confusion among those who read them carefully (like me for example).

    “Point out one…just one shinobi stronger than Gaara in the Sand Village. Can you? Gaara is the strongest shinobi in his village is he not?” (Super).

    Super, I can’t answer that qustion because we know next to nothing of the shinobi that live in Sunagakure besides Gaara, Temari, Kankuro, and Baki…but what i CAN tell you is that Gaara was not neccesarily made Kazekage because of his strength, he was made Kazekage because the council wanted to keep an eye on him (sounds like I’m repeating myself, but i guess it happens when someone fails to read my posts as carefully as i read theirs). Gaara is the most well known ninja from Suna, he was the Jinchuriki to Ichibi, and he’s the current Kazekage so that makes him the strongest, right? Well by those standards Yagura, 4th Mizukage and Jinchuriki to Sanbi, was the strongest shinobi in Kirigakure…yet someone was controlling his every move (*cough* my theory about Tobi actually being Shisui Uchiha still stands here *cough*).

    “For one thing I proved it terribly wrong by proving “Naruto > or = Pain” was complete BS.” Really now super? and when did you do that? Was it when u said: “Naruto beat a weakened enemy who wasn’t there to kill and Naruto received help. His victory does absolutely not make him greater or even = to Pein.” Now, how funny that we came back to this…Itachi was the same exact case for Sasuke, there was even some participation by a 3rd party…both fights have striking similarities, regardless of whether people believe there to be so or not. So then what is being said here super? That Sasuke and Naruto can beat weakened opponents with no intention to kill? That doesn’t sound like Kage level to me…that sounds like two powerful young ninjas that have gotten incredibly lucky breaks their way for most of their fights.

    Apparently your whole upcoming comment will be that because Gaara is the Kazekage then that it makes anyone who can beat him at Kage level. So, ok…fine…I’ll admit this then…Naruto and Sasuke are stronger than the current Kazekage…so maybe that makes the ‘Kage’ level. But, Naruto is not at Kage level for his town…and Sasuke is not at Kage Level just because he beat Deidara. 🙂

  108. @tobiisagoodboy: I think that Juugo is the perfect example for Light and Dark manipulation light he talks too nature Dark he is Demon like with this abilitys, also light and Dark is maybe a manipulation of jutsu strength like when Sasukes Chidori was Dark.

  109. Well damn Dro sounds like you’re getting pissy here and about to wet your bed. 😉 I jest of course but let’s get one thing straight. We BOTH read comments carefully I do believe. I think things are just…forgotten in all these comments. I never did say you skipped over my comments you just make it seem like you are.

    “I’m not making it seem like you’re skipping over my comments you’re doing it to yourself.” (Super)

    For example your whole first paragraph makes it seem like you skip over my comment (which I’m sure you didn’t). I said

    “Most likely Sasuke and Naruto are above Kage level and I do believe this. Naruto has yet to prove it to me though and I await Sasuke’s turn.”

    supertrek89 said this on August 23, 2009 at 2:49 am (edit)”

    Here I even posted the date for you so you can look it up yourself. It wasn’t NOW that I said “believe” it was about…50 posts up actually. Of course I didn’t count it’s just an estimation. XD Now you might have just skimmed over it or forgotten about it who knows. Still don’t say my comments are confusing because they are not. Unless you can’t read English. 0_o

    I think we have both repeated ourselves many times and admittedly I have more than you because I’ve been debating this topic with…3 different people now. You were the 3rd remember you jumped in last. 😉 If you truly believe that Naruto > or = Pein despite all the factors that went into Naruto’s victory than that is fine by me. I see that I cannot change your opinion on this matter and we will move on. 🙂

    Kazekage is the most powerful in the village this much is obvious. Kazekage is a title given to the strongest of the Suna Village is it not? True they picked Gaara to keep an eye on him but you’d only be fooling yourself to believe that’s the only reason. I’m sure you know that’s not the only reason.

    The 4th Mizukage was being controlled by Madara who was a former Mizukage himself and not originally from Kirigakure in the first place. So yes, Yagura (the 4th Mizukage) was the strongest from his village. Madara was in the shadows and not even know to be alive. Only if they somehow found out about Madara and decided ‘Hey he’s cool but isn’t he dead? Whatever!’ and they wanted a shadowy overlord to rule their country Yugara was picked as the strongest of the village.

    I see you gave into Naruto and Sasuke being at Kage level when you were about wholly contradict yourself saying that Naruto and Sasuke both could beat Gaara, and yet somehow not be at Kage level. XD I agree with you as I have from the beginning that Naruto is not at the level of Hokage. I see we still differ with who’s at Kage level though for Sasuke and now Naruto! 😀

    Well, it seems I can’t convince you that Sasuke beating Deidara who beat Gaara who is a Kazekage puts Sasuke near Kage level. You said it yourself,

    “So, ok…fine…I’ll admit this then…Naruto and Sasuke are stronger than the current Kazekage…so maybe that makes the ‘Kage’ level” (Dro)

    So if Sasuke and Naruto could beat Gaara and that makes them Kage level (this is all in your opinion of course because these fights never happened when Gaara was Kazekage and we don’t know who would win). Then as a result Deidara who actually does beat Kazekage Gaara must put him at Kage level. Now Sasuke beat (or to me tied) with Deidara but according to you this doesn’t make Sasuke Kage level…meh.

    Lol, that was my final attempt and I will not try to convince you anymore because I’ve been on this subject with Tenrai since the beginning of this post and now it’s jaded. As you can see we’re both at this point just repeating ourselves over and over again (especially me -_-) so I won’t be discussing it anymore. I give you the last comment Dro. Have fun with it. 😛

  110. Got damn it. I want to get into the convo but almost every one post is a novel.
    Man I give up I am on who ever side that win.

  111. Naruto + Sage Mode + Nine tails Chakra = Kage Level

    We havent seen it in battle but we know Naruto can do this. Think of the speed and strengh Naruto posseses in this form.

  112. @BlackIce: It’s about to get a whole lot more like a novel in here…

    @super: Ok, I admit it…I missed your “I believe” bit in there. You’re absolutely correct when you say that through all the jumble things get forgotten, so apologize for that, it’s careless, rude, and unusual for me to do that.

    Seems to me like you’re saying that I dont carefully read before i post, but here’s why I originally directed these posts at you and not Tenrai…

    “to me, saying that because Pain “took it easy” on Naruto because he wasn’t trying to kill him is the same thing as saying Naruto doesn’t deserve the win…sure super’s said he thinks it’s quite the feat to beat him, but by saying that Pain’s goal of capturing Naruto alive it shows that he thinks that Naruto’s win has an asterix by it.” (Dro to futtonsavior)

    To call my post ‘condescending’? Super, you’ve been condescending of my posts since the start…and I don’t much appreciate it, but we’re good buds and all so I know you’re probably joking around. I try to respect what you say but when you don’t agree with something don’t call it “BS” and just drop it, let me know why you thought it was. Sure you may say i did the same thing, but that’s not really what I aimed to do. I used what you believed to be correct and input my own beliefs into it to try to prove that the equation didn’t work, then it’s suddenly BS? Look, if my posts seemed condescending I apologize…that was not my intention, so I’m sorry.

    Now as for the ‘Kage’ level thing you bring up…Naruto and Sasuke are stronger than Gaara in my opinion, that makes them as strong as the current Kazekage (at least, for us to know for sure we’ll have to wait and see how this upcoming fight plays out) but that doesn’t make them ‘Kage’ level to me.

    Ok, so here’s where my major problem with your view of what a ‘Kage’ level ninja is…
    So let’s say that Kusagakure (Village Hidden in the Grass) was allowed to appoint a Kage. Since Kusagakure’s ninja’s aren’t as skilled as some of the other ninja from the other countries their Kage wouldn’t be as strong as some of Konoha’s elite Jounin (I base this off two things A: Konoha produces some of the best ninjas in all of the ninja world and B: Their Feudal Lord’s personal bodyguards lost to Gaara, so the ninjas there aren’t too impressive). Now if for some reason Sai ended up fighting this ‘Kage’ and won (or tied), that would make Sai a ‘Kage Level’ ninja according to your logic. To me though, all it does is make Sai > or = Kusa’s current Kage. I think Tenrai mentioned something similar to this before.

    So let me purpose something…instead of saying ‘Kage’ level or things along those lines I suggest we use the same class system that the Naruto world uses for Jutsu:

    S Class- Strongest Ninja in the Naruto world (ninja of historic preportions)…Madara, 1st/3rd/4th Hokage, Sage of 6 Paths, Hanzo etc

    A Class-Legendary Ninja that will be remembered: Jiraya, Orochimaru, Tsunade, Almost all of Akatsuki, maybe Naruto and Sasuke, Kages.

    B Class-Jounin, special Jounin, some other Kages

    C Class-Chunin *cough* Sakura and Hinata *cough*

    D Class-Genin and some useless Chunin *cough* Ino *cough*

    E Class-Genin

    i dunno, let me know what you guys think…keep in mind there are exceptions to these rules…for example Naruto and Sasuke are just Genin by rank, but they belong higher up on the list…B class or even A class. That way we can actually put these different Ninjas on equal ground so that we can more accurately judge them.

  113. sakura is officially the most useless ninja now

    she started off cocky then hopeless the hopefull

    time skip sakura was actually pretty useful like against sasori

    half way through timeskip naruto 4 tail she started getting worse

    now konohamarus better than her. if theres another timeskip she might be useful again or i naruto leaves to train i think she would go with him

  114. @ Supertrek – You are not afraid to admit SassyKay was badass in this chapter? PFFFT! c’mon man, take Sasuke’s weewee out of your mouth… he managed to kill a bunch of poor Samurai. Which segways to my next point)

    WTF! IS WITH THE SAMURAI?!? We see these guys in badass storm-trooper armor, with 4 swords, and SassyKay manages to take them all down with ease?
    *mulls on his own words for a minute*
    …Well then again, they were dressed like stormtroopers.. and those die pretty easy.

    My money is on Raikage putting down the Hulkamania on Sasuke.
    I predict the following: Raikage summons a giant wrestlin’ ring, and hits sasuke with a gawdy gold belt, a chair, a garbage can, and a ladder. Sasuke will try to escape, and Raikage will summon A CAGE MATCH!

    I also predict the tale Madara Uchiha tells Naruto is as follows:

    Madara: “…And then I used my sharingan to make Sasuke sh*t his pants in front of pretty girls. And there was the time I used my sharingan to make Sasuke dry-hump Hidan’s leg… Oh yeah, and something blah blah blah about hatred in the ninja world… TOBI IS A GOOD BOY!”

    Oh, and here’s one nobody has mentioned in a while: I think we’ll see Itachi’s power soon… if we see a Naruto v. Sasuke soon that is….

    Random, and mostly bullshit… brought to you by the one and only Prawlkage!

  115. @PrawlKage You just said something which I found interesting you mentioned Raikages Gold Belt and it hit me. Those weights around Raikage arms I thought were for show and that hes so strong he has huge weights on his arm but that could be true I also Thought that if they are gold arm guards braclets what ever that the Metal could be a conductor too amplify his lightning attacks.

  116. @Lelulalilo: If it was gold it would make discharges which could explain the lightning around him as he faces Sasuke, but i really dont see the need when you can do almost anything from ninjutsu anyway.

    @Super: I really doubt that Gaara was the strongest nin in the village when he was appointed. He may well be now with more training and what not though. Its just speculation on my part but as Dro pointed out there is proof that they just wanted to watch him. In Konoha, Jiryia was a stronger nin that Tsunade but turned it down. Danzo imo is stronger that Tsunade but he wasnt picked because of his crazy lust for power probably. I even think Hiyashi Huga (Hinatas dad, sorry about spelling) may be stronger than Tsunade if you consider the ease he took out a Raikage. The last two are again speculation but you should at least agree on the point of Jiryia, Kage isnt necessarily the strongest.
    Also, you still think Madara was an actual Mizukage? Thats interesting. I figured he just got called that by Kisame because he was controling the 4th meaning he was effectively the Kage. But thats just me….

    @Dro: I agree with moving off from talk of ‘kage level’ and go to that ranking but didnt Jiryia say Akautski was almost all S class? I dont put them on the same scale as Minato, Madara or sage of 6 paths though, so maybe yours is a bit better, although Sarutobi shouldnt be that high should he?
    Thanks for the light and dark info. Your first comment led me to think that every ninjutsu was an element or a result of light and dark but i see that isnt what you intended to say. ^^

  117. BUBBLE: (from right to left)

    1. Shi: Raikage sir! I know we’re in a rush but I really need to use the restroom.

    2. Raikage: Hold it in! Noone takes a shit until that bastard Sasuke is dead.

    3. Darui(thought bubble): Ugh whats that smell?

    4. Shi: Dammit Raikage!

    5. Shi (thought bubble): Its coming out….o god no…its coming out!!!

  118. @Dro: Oi oi, Dro of course I was kidding. Lol, I said it on chatroll after all and I even put a big smiley face—>(XD) after I said it see? 0_0 Why would I say you’re condescending and then smile like that? I also left you a wink to express my sarcasm before leaving chat. 😉 I thought this would interpret I’m joking but I see you took it the wrong way. I get people pregnant on chatroll for goodness sake don’t take what I say on there literally. XD If I really thought your posts were condescending I would have said it here…not chatroll.

    Lolz, weren’t supposed to have with your last post? 🙂 You got all serious but it’s cool. I didn’t feel like either my posts or yours were condescending, but if you felt that way than I apologize because I didn’t mean to come off that way. The only thing I noticed was that you were getting kinda pissy in your last posts, but that really didn’t matter to me anyway because people lose their cool sometimes and it happens. I guess I failed to realize I was being condescending to you and will ask for you to call me out on it next time before it gets out of line.

    As for what I said was BS. Of course I called it BS because that’s what it is to me. Perhaps it was to strong a word but that’s how I feel about it and that won’t change. I did not just call it BS, drop it, and walk away from it though without an explanation as you said. It was the Naruto is > or = Pein equation right? Yes, I definitely did called that BS (no offense) and thoroughly explained why to you and Tenrai before you.

    Now the Kusagakure thing. Sai fighting a Kage…from the Hidden Grass Village… All these things haven’t and will not happen so…I’m just going to move on. It’s a nice theoretical equation but it’s to far there if you don’t mind my saying. Besides I already said I’m moving on from all this talk about Kage level. 😉

    We’ll move on to that system you put up.

    @Bombat: *snickers* You just realized this? She’s not the most useless ninja she’s…Sakura… XD

    @Prawl: *takes Sasuke’s “weewee” out his mouth* o_0

    Well damn Prawl while I’m at it why don’t you stop servicing the Raikage? He’s a big man he might break you. 😉 Yeah, I’ll say it again. Sasuke was badass in this chapter with the way he handled those samurai and he looked cool doing it. No matter if they were weak (the samurai compared to him) he still kicked ass. I do hope the Raikage wins though to put Sasuke in his place and I must admit I’ve favored Killer Bee and his big bro since the first time I saw them. 😛

    @Tobi: We’ll have to agree to disagree on if there’s anyone stronger than Gaara in the sand village. I know why he was picked but the Bijuu in him wasn’t the sole reason his strength played a factor too.

    Jiraiya turning down his position of Hokage just goes along with my saying that the Kage is supposed to be the strongest one in the village. Him turning it down is his own fault but does not debase the practice of who is picked to be Hokage (the strongest). I understand where you’re coming from in saying that the Kage is not always the strongest one in the village but… Unless someone from the Suna was offered the position of Kazekage and turned it down then Gaara was still the strongest one in his village. Danzou was picked most likely because of his sharingan remember? His power to control others but it’s unconfirmed so I’m not going to say it’s definite. As for Hiyashi yes that is speculation indeed.

    Lol, I’m moving on from all these topics but I’ll gladly hand it to you if you can point out one instance where the Kazekage wasn’t the strongest in his village. I know for absolute certainty that the Third Kazekage (iron sand) was the strongest in his village.

    As for Madara not being Mizukage… that’s not confirmed either and neither is it confirmed that he was Mizukage. I’m leaning more to your side though on why you say Kisame called him Mizukage.

    @Anyone: Anyone else? o_@ SHARINGAN!

  119. @tobi: O_o are u kidding me sarutobi doesnt belong in the so called S-class, ofcourse he does!
    he was ones called the god of all shinobi, ofcourse he lost to orochimaru (when oro was at full power) but dont forget that he was… 75+? then. even oro said that he wouldnt have stand a chance if they would ve had that fight a few years earlier.

  120. @Super: I didnt mean for my mizukage comment to be a correction. As soon as i heard the 4th mizukage was under genjutsu i stopped considering Madara as one, but your comment just reminded me.

    @Fear: Go ahead and put Sarutobi in the S class if you want then but to me his students would have surpassed him since thats what Kishi does. So the sannin would be S class as well. I dont really see a fault other than the need for yet another class. Minato was the greatest Hokage so hes better than Sarutobi. Using my unjustified but rational logic of students surpassing teachers since its Kishis thing, he is better than Jiryia who was the best of the sannin so Minato was above all them. Maybe, MAYBE, you could put him in S class still but even he could only sacrifice himself to stop Madara so Madara imo is a class above S. The sage of 6 paths founded ninjutsu and was hella strong, there is no way he is grouped with the likes of Kakuzu for example. So thats why i thought moving all the real strong guys down might work but the more i look at it, those three are a class above.

  121. Ok new here and randomly found this site and must say this is awesomeness!!!!

    I had a couple random ideas and thought that I would throw them out here (since everybody knows a lot about this stuff) and just see what you all think…

    Firstly – for Madara to complete his totally evil plan of capturing tailed beasts doesn’t that mean that he needs all of them? like so far he has captured each beast (up to 7)
    as a whole but with the nine tails its messed up because the chakra is split in half so maybe to complete he plan he does need both halves…

    Secondly – (this is a bit more out there) – but I think that maybe Shisui Uchiha has more to do with Madara than Obito (maybe Kishi is leading us on again)
    although Danzou has haf of Shisui both him and Madara had cool teleporting techniques and would do “anything for the clan” (said in anime…I think lol)

    ok so yah first time and gotta say love the site!!!!!!!!!

  122. Since S-Class is the highest known ninja rank I guess there are just some S class ninja automatically stronger than other S-Class ninja. Minato (S class) stronger then his teacher Jiraiya (also S-class) and even stronger then Jiraiya’s sensei Sandaime Hokage (also S-class). Maybe they do need a higher rank then S class! God class! Your power level has to be OVER 9000! XD

    Wait…if the students are always supposed to surpass the master then does that mean Kakashi is destined to surpass Minato!? Has Kakashi improved beyond Minato already or does this mean he will keep improving!? Gah, if Kakashi gets even stronger I’m killing Kishi! ><

  123. Hmmm 34 people are waiting for that ant to strike >.> Interesting…. *gets popcorn*
    Welcome to WRA jelkins2000 ^^ Enjoy your stay and always remember to refuse sugar free sweets ^^

    1: Is everything okay Raikage? You seem to be crying uncontrollably
    2: I have lost my bling bling T_T Now I can’t sparkle or be a f*cking S-class!
    3: Not his bitch crystals!
    4: We will find them if it is the last thing we do! But first lets remember on what being S-class means… *I demand some bling for my troubles and lonely nights of knowing I will never be S-class T_T*

  124. Heh heh… I have missed doing Naruto Bubbles 😀 And nothing like targeting on going discussions for them >=)

  125. @Jelkins: I forgot Shisui was nicknamed “Shunshin no Shisui” (Body- Flicker Shisui). The body flicker is more like a reverse summoning going off of Minato’s demonstration and explanation of it. You are summoned at will to the object carrying the specially made seal, and the seal can be placed on an object or person. Shisui’s body flicker may be different though but we haven’t seen it.

    Anyway, the thing Tobi/Madara uses to get around is a space/time jutsu. It’s more like warping the body through dimensions and traveling someplace else without movement. It’s more like just reappearing somewhere else at the speed of light. Shisui’s body flicker may well be a space time jutsu (what Tobi/Madara uses) and different from the 4ths reverse summoning. I just wanted to point out the differences between what we’ve seen of Minato’s body flicker and Madara’s space/time jutsu.

    As for the Kyuubi’s chakra I completely agree. Madara can’t just seal half the Kyuubi’s chakra in there he would need the whole thing or else the balance of the statue would be thrown off. It makes the most sense after all the statue needs to be balanced so why would you only throw half of the Kyuubi’s chakra in there? This means that Madara either has access to the Kyuubi’s Yin chakra, knows how to get access to the Kyuubi’s Yin chakra, or doesn’t know that Naruto only has half the Kyuubi’s chakra sealed inside him.

  126. hey guys seems ive jumped into a heated argument as i return from my vacation, but ill make this point quick as my boss is circleing the cubes like the vultureous b*@tch that he is, but saing that Pain would have killed Naruto if that was his intention seems one sided as naruto has never faought anyone with the intent to kill. especially after his most recent Sage training. So, and im really not trying to step on any toes here, but could the fight not be called even as neither combatant had the intent to kill the other?

    Ummm…actually…Naruto did kill Pein. Naruto had all the intention in the world to kill and that’s what he did when he finished him off with the Rasengan. The other 5 bodies were done in to. Now I know the 6 bodies were already dead and that just gives more reason for Naruto not to hold back. Pein was there for capture and Naruto was there or the kill. He just didn’t kill Nagato. Don’t worry about stepping on anybodies toes btw the discussion is mostly dead now anyway. 😉


  127. @Super: Isnt the 4th flying thunder god his space/time jutsu that resembles a reverse summon. The body flicker is just super fast movement. Its a real low level tech that so many people get shown using. Minato and Shisui just took it to an amazing level. Body flicker isnt space/time jutsu though.

  128. @Tobi: Indeed you are right. Lol, any low level ninja can do a body flicker Minato and Shisui just took it to extreme levels as you have said. I agree what Minato does is not a space/time jutsu though and that’s what I was mainly trying to point out in my post.

  129. @everyone:

    anyone besides me, pazowns, and eatencookie want to do bubbles? I mean its not much of a contest if theres noone in it. hahaha

  130. @Everyone Im pretty sure Pain and Minato are the only 2 Ninjas in the world of Naruto who could have beaten all 6 Pains at once (due to there immense speed). So saying “Naruto got lucky in the fight” is kind of dumb. He still technically killed all 6 pains (except not all at once). Even your guys precious saucegay with MS would have lost.

  131. Just to give an opinion, i think minatos ability to move uber fast, may not be space time jutsu, but i do think it is better than space time jutsu in some ways, i think minato’s ability being just a super mastered one, didnt used that much chakra so he could use it as he pleased, which i dont think happens with space time jutsu, which its obviously way more complicated i think.

    I also think madara’s space time jutsu its not just about movement, but about materializing or dematerializing stuff so he can move “inside” objects.

    Also what happened to kabuto?

  132. Jiryia could have if he had Narutos info, pein said it himself. Sage of six paths, madara, probs 1st hokage too. There are a quite a few who could have.

    There is one thing that clearly lowers the quality of what Naruto did. A dead person cant win. Pein would have stabbed Naruto in the head rather than his hands if he wanted him dead. Super has said it a bunch of times but you guys keep preaching that it doesnt matter. If pein didnt want Jiryia dead, if he wanted to catch im, Jiryia would be alive, Pein would have lost.

  133. @ Super – as usual you have put me in my place… well done! And the first thing that came to mind, besides uncontrolled laughter, at the thought of being services by Raikage was the whole skit Eddie Murphy did in Delerious, involving Mr. T… too damn funny!

    I think my aggression was better placed on the disappointment in the Samurai themselves… they (theoretically) train every day, prepared to do sword-related battle, only to die at the hands of an angry emo-kid, sharingan or not. I felt they deserved at least another panel or two, instead of the “He can use chakra too, quick men… DIE!”

  134. @Fanboi: I don’t know where you got that quote from but…meh.

    @Noom: Kabuto is on the run somewhere. Sai tracked him down with his ink animals and now Danzou sent Root Anbu after him. I can presume that he’s scared for his f**king life. XD Heh, he’s probably not but for sure he is in hiding. That brings to mind though are we going to see a Anko and Sai vs. Root Anbu battle coming up. All for the information Kabuto has?

    @Prawl: Thank you. ^^ If I had to suck on Sasuke’s “weewee” I just had to counteract by making you do something equally gay. XD In the end though we both lose. T_T

  135. according to you supah kakashi gets more powerfull he surpasses minato yaaaaaaaaaaaa i want kkakashi v.s madara XD XD

  136. Fanboi: Pein beats himself? He is fighting himself one on one? well okay then but it would be something like this

    Pein1: Oi you that is my pickle!
    Pein2: Cram it emo I am eating here!
    Pein1: Why you little-!!! It’s on!
    Pein3: Keep it down over there! I am trying to paint my nails!
    Pein4: Can we all be friends? Come on group hug
    Pein1 and 2 knock the nail polish down
    Pein3: Oh it’s on now b*tches!
    *joins fight*
    Pein4: You bastard squished my taco! Now I am mad! NRGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!*jumps and attacks*
    Pein5: *puts down glasses and book* You are all too loud. I think you need to CALM THE F*CK DOWN! *tears off clothes to reveal boxing outfit and muscular chest* Come on b*tches I am going to teach you the meaning of pain! ARGGGGGGGGGG!!!
    Pein6: You are all so childish… I want to join >_>
    *charges into fight*
    There is a ghostly silence over the room as 6 bodies lie dead and covered in body fluids* *and no it is not just blood*
    That is how it would probably happen 😉

  137. Whats with the 2 people who didn’t finish their sentence in the manga ( Juugo and Darui). Juugo says: “This is…” Darui says “Raikage, that’s…!” It is almost as if they know/ recognize the Chakra.
    Don’t you guys think sasuke looks a bit like Kimimaro with dark eyeshadow…

  138. @Cookie: Lolz, way to be random. XD

    @Ahsan: Whoa whoa whoa now! Don’t jump to conclusions. 😉 Lol, I posted a question not a fact or statement about Kakashi. 😛

    @Tobi: Indeed! Nuff’ said.

  139. Trying to contribute to the ninja ranking system I’m inventing a new class called the FTW-class. In my opinion of all the nins that we have seen so far FTW-class are the following: Minato, Madara, Shodaime, Itachi, Pain, Hanzo. Hope I haven’t forgot anyone.

  140. for some reason i seem to remember someone in the manga saying raikage is supposed to be stronger than killerbee?? does anyone know where that was? if its true it will definately be a close fight. the only reason i would think that sasuke can win is because of the raikage’s personality traits we’ve seen so far like his temper which could probably be used against him, he doesnt seem too clever either but im pretty sure he’ll be an unbelievably powerful guy.. i can imagine him using some sort of full body lightning jutsu or something of the sort

  141. sakura is not freakin useless. she is not a freaking battle ninja she is the medic!!!!!! i hate how people dont understand her freakin purpose. she is on par with a lot of high level ninjas in konoha. the proof is in how she handled herself in recover gaara ark. she is also a girl and a stereotypical one at that so yeah she is gonna cry, even if she is a ninja!! god damn she is a beast and if learned some summons and some genjutsu cause she was originally good at that; then she would be even better. she is valuable back up for team 7 especially the way kakashi and naruto battle which is very reckless.

  142. It’s to much to read but I look at ur post Dro.
    Ok this is what I think.
    Sasuke or Naruto are not Kage level or stronger then Gaara.
    Now wait before you all start telling me that I suck and I don’t know what I am talking about.
    Ok I am a strong follower of Gaara and hate Sasuke, just want to say that.
    I feel that you can’t just compare who is stronger by who they beat.
    I can see Gaara beating about five Pein’s before he finally stop him.
    Yet we can not say Gaara is on the level of J-man.
    What I am saying is if Gaara beat a ninja but so happen Sasuke can’t, that doesn’t mean that Gaara can beat Sasuke (which I think he can)
    It just mean that he was more capably of fighting that ninja.
    So we can only say someone is stronger when they fight each other.

    If that sound right then I must be really smart when I am haft a sleep.
    Now Can U DIG IT.

  143. Alright, after a break away from the blog (circumstances…) I’ve finally come back to offer my opinion on this debate that still seems to be alive and breathing.

    I actually agree with ice. You can’t determine a person’s power just by who they beat. The great thing about Naruto is that the battles in it are not only determined by strength and power levels (cough… Dragon Ball Z… cough) but actually come down to wit and carefully planning as well.

    Lets face the facts, the strongest have not always won. Deidara only beat Gaara by taking advantage of his will to protect his village, but had it been a one on one battle with no other factors, I am certain Gaara would have won.

    Shikamaru defeated Hidan by analyzing and taking advantage of his fighting style, and using his own ritual against him. By predicting his opponent’s actions, he was able to counter them and it was Hidan’s own lack of variety that caused his demise. I wouldn’t say Shikamaru was ‘kage level’ so to speak, yet he still defeated an s-ranked missing nin.

    Naruto defeated Kakuzu in a similar manner, by thinking ahead and predicting his reaction and changing his plans accordingly. He also defeated Pein by using a great deal of wit and deception and managed to find his way past his defense. I mean come on, he even managed to defeat Kabuto during the Tsunade retrieval arch, and he wasn’t even a fraction as strong as he is now.

    To be honest, none of Sasuke’s major victories have actually been real victories.

    Orochimaru was sick, so he was not at full strength in that fight and even Sasuke admitted that. The fight with Deidara was actually a draw because neither could continue and it was only Deidara’s own temper that caused him to blow himself up and end his life. the battle with Itachi… well I think you all know what happened there and even his fight with Bee was a complete flop.

    Where has any victory on Sasuke’s part really shown his strength? Because I don’t see anything major that stands out. However, to be honest and fair, I would say he was on Deidara’s level and is probably stronger now thanks to MS.

    As for Naruto, I could give examples of some battles and even throw the Kyuubi into the fray, but I think he is more or less kage level now even without the Kyuubi (this is the point where I dissagree with Ice). He did master the sage technique and has mastered very high level jutsu. He has also shown his intelligence and wit in battle as well and his ability to think outside the box.

    He has also completed and mastered jutsu that his predecessors could not and you can’t overlook the fact that he managed to save Konoha where no-one else could. Even Fukusaku has mentioned that he has surpassed his predecessors (Minato and Jiraiya) who were both ‘kage level’ as we put it.

    In the same vein, Sasuke is probably kage level as well now since his battle with Itachi and his newly acquired MS. He is smart, fast and has a good repertoire of jutsu at his disposal, so you can’t really argue with that and the Mangyeko Sharingan gives him an edge. Who is stronger between the two has yet to be determined, so I will not argue that point, and their fighting styles are very contrasting.

    All I can say is we need to be patient and wait. We can’t base out opinions on favoritism.

    As for how strong Gaara is, we can’t even be sure of that anymore, but he is still Kazekage and I don’t think it’s because his eyes make him look cool… (He commands an army of fangrils, what could be more terrifying and deadly than that?)

    (Please note, when I say kage level, I am talking about their strength and abilities in battle and not actual rank.)

  144. @Supertrek: Like I said in my first comment, Madara probably did retrieve it. Maybe right before he sent Pain to capture naruto…

  145. Why not have for all those Ninja’s we believe too be above S-Class Ninja be refered too as Z-Class being ultimate Ninjas.

  146. @Tenrai: I agree with you on most of your points. That’s all I’m going to say… No need to start up another debate. 😉

    @Dragon: Yes, and this also supports my Sasuke with a Kyuubi/Bijuu theory. Hehehehehe… *looks around for Pickles* >_>

    @Fuuton: Indeed, you tell them Sakura haters! ^^

    @Lelulalilo: That could also be another possibility. XD

    @Pumpkin: I’m thinking of a bubble…nothing comes to mind right now but soon enough…

  147. rite all of u lot argueing about kage level crap is pointless, hokage can be chosen on leadership not just strength.

    Its like saying shikimaru is stronger than naruto cause hes a chunin. And to all those who say “well shikimaru is smarter..blah blah blah” I didnt see shikimaru leap up against pain with his pussy broke leg!!!!

    wev already herd the froggy say hes surpassed those who have gone before him, which kishi wudnt put in ther if he meant hes nearly as strong as the 4th.

    i personally wanna see sasuke get destroyed by raikage like most of u but the story wud get more intersting if he won. wed have the kages all in chaos, killer bee wanting revenge and feeling guilty and maybe the other kages will follow danzo because raikage seemed to be the one most against his leadership.

    at the moment i think maybe tobi will tell naruto that sasuke didnt manage to kill killer bee and tel him that hes stil out ther. Naruto being naive will go track him to prove sasuke innocent and stop hatred but really hell be bringing a biju to tobi.

    and if sasuke has a biju i will be pissed off cause that seems like a really shitty twist, maybe its him startng to resonate with that biju gathering device, just like nagato. tobi did mention using sasuke before. member nagato gained it when he felt the most hatred.

  148. o and sasuke is the only one of the origional genin that wev offically kill someone, (i think, tell me an example if u no one) hes definitly the first out of naruto, him and sakura. All of ther fights have ended in suicide or someone else dealing final blow. just wanted to point that out kase it was important lol

  149. @Wul2n: Everyone is always on about how Naruto surpassed this guy or that guy but did he really? Kakashi said ‘If you learn this jutsu, you will have surpassed me in one respect…’ In one respect!! i.e. Your ninjutsu will be stronger but i can still kick your ass. So how did he go about ‘surpassing’ Kakashi? He learned rasenshuriken, a move that could end his days as a ninja. He couldnt use it properly until he got sage mode so he still didnt ‘surpass’ Kakashi til then. I still think Kakashi is the stronger ninja just because even though Naruto is great in sage mode, his strength isnt very balanced, when he isnt saging he isnt really that great. Just my opinion there…Either way, my point is Kishi saying Naruto surpassed someone shouldnt be taken at face value. He is better than Jiryia was in sage mode but does it make him stronger? He furthered his dads technique but does it make him stronger? While sage mode and rasenshuriken were big feats, are these S class shinobi really so easy to catch up to? Learning one or two techniques cannot instintaneously bridge the gap between Naruto and those three genius ninja.
    Also, kage are chosen on ability or talent if you will. That means all things such as strength, leadership, specialities etc. are a factor. I admit the term ‘kage level’ is vague and generally quite relative but there wouldnt be a kage elected for being elequent and having no talent for battle would there? Clearly they are all strong, generally renound nin, with leadership skills. If one trait is higher than average then another could be accepted for being lower than average. Saying a ninja village would be led by a weakling who could just spur the troops on is bs.
    As for Sasuke being the only one to kill someone i would like to ask when? Clearly you are going on technicalities such as Kakashi finishing off the dying Kakuzu, Pein commiting suicide after talking to Naruto or Hidan not being officially dead after Shika sealed him away so i shall do the same with Sasuke. Oro was taken over, not killed and later sealed for eternity by Itachi, not dead and definitely not by Sasukes hand. Didara commited suicide. Itachi died from the culmination of his illness and lack of chakra, not by Sasukes hand. As i have wrote this i did remember two instances where the original genin did kill someone. Choji killed Jirobo and Neji killed the spider guy, something-maru, i forgot his name, in the Sasuke retrieval arc before the timeskip. Not that it means anything anyway.

  150. BUBBLE: (Hehehehe…>_>)

    Shii: “Damn you guys are fast! I know I’m the white guy here but you’d think I’d pick up on some speed training with you guys.”

    Raikage: “It’s not the color of our skin Shii…we’re on steroids…”

    Darui thought bubble: “What the fuck I’m not on steroids!”

    Shii: “Ah, I thought as much.”

    Shii thought bubble: “So that’s where my secret stash went!”

  151. Does anybody like Danzo here?
    I know we used to call him a douche, but do we all still feel that way?
    I personaly still think he’s a douche, however he’s added more depth to this manga recently.
    And theres still a very small possibly Danzo=Madara.

    BTW i haven’t been active on the blog recently, or online on chatrol at all.
    The reason is, i still need to find away to fix my laptop and remove those cookies that monitor me 😦
    Im currently using my PS3 browser, so i have limits 😦

    So sorry for recently, it saddens me also and i hope i can fix my laptop >_<
    Bla…who am i kidding, none of you are probably sad of my absence anyway, in fact my absence is probably normal to you 😦
    That makes me sad.

  152. I agree with the argument that tobiisagoodboy puts up as that Naruto has only surpassed in one aspect. The best other anime/manga comparison I can think of is..well DBZ after Vegeta and Trunks leave the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to fight Cell. Yeah..they may have had a higher power level but they couldn’t hit him even then. Only then had Goku realized that there had to be another way to surpass that level that they had reached.


    by: Nja-2Ch (Vasilli / vered – NF)
    I forgot the title, The spine has Katsuyu

    Sasuke, angered because he is so close to revenge, looses his calm. Without even listening to what Juugo says, he launches a special attack against the Raikage. The girly man [Darui?] deflects it with a Suiton wall, through which he sends a lightning technique.
    Girly man: “As our intelligence said, he is Lightning natured”
    Cool guy [C?]: “It seems he can also use Katon, so don’t neglect your Suiton defence”
    Suigetsu: “Ai ai ai… Information about Sasuke seems to have spread with abandon”

    The cool guy stops moving and uses “Electric Illusionary Lightning Pillars¹” (it resembles the Taiyouken from Dragon Ball)
    Juugo is completely consumed by the genjutsu, Sasuke is about to be crushed flat by the Raikage
    Sasuke breaks out of the Genjutsi as Suigetsu blocks the Raikage’s attack with his Decapitating Carving Knife², but
    it is broken in two, while Suigetsu’s arm is broken into small pieces (however, he’s made of water, so there is probably no real damage)
    Suigetsu: “That guy’s attack is no half work. If it were anyone other than me, their arm bones would be pulp…”
    Sasuke: “Don’t say unnecessary things ”

    The scene changes to the conference room
    “What do we do after this?” Ao is watching Danzou; the Tsuchikage is on alert; his female attendant [Kurotsuchi] wants to see Sasuke, who killed Deidara-nii³; Anpan [Akatsuchi] is protecting the Tsuchikage; Gaara feels like he still hasn’t gotten an answer, but…
    Then we return to Sasuke

    Cool guy: “It seems there’s one more person. I’m going to look for him, please take care of the rest girly man”
    Juugo: “That guy’s a sensing type? If we don’t take care of him first…”

    Juugo goes into Level 2 Cursed Seal, becoming a type who shows his killing impulse without any problem
    “I’m going to kill you!!!”
    Raikage: “Don’t try your luck!!” It ends with him plunging in

    Naruto makes no appearance this chapter.

    ¹ Electric Illusionionary Lightning Pillars (電幻雷光柱, Genden Raikouchuu)
    ² Zabuza’s sword
    ³ This could mean Deidara is Kurotsuchi’s older brother, but it could also mean they were simply close.
    Another Translation:
    by: Shounensuki

    *Forgot the title of the chapter… The Jump spine this week is Katsuyu

    Sasuke, angry that he is so close to getting revenge (and that people are now in his way), loses his cool and ignoring Juugo’s warnings attacks Raikage straight on. Darui uses suiton to create a wall of water and sends Sasuke flying back (while Raikage uses his raiton to run current through the water and Sasuke).

    Darui comments that according to their information Sasuke is a raiton user.
    C replies that Sasuke can also use katon so Darui should not let up on the suiton defensive techniques
    Suigetsu comments that information about Sasuke has been leaked out everywhere.

    C says that he will stop their (Sasuke and his team’s) movements and uses a genjutsu called “Dengenraikouchuu” (which apparently looks like Tenshinhan’s Taiyoken from Dragonball)
    Juugo totally eats the genjutsu and Sasuke is about to get crushed by Raikage

    They get hit with the genjutsu but Sasuke dispels it. Right as he dispels it Raikage is about to hit Sasuke when Suigetsu jumps in and takes the hit. When Suigetsu takes the hit, however, it snaps the Zabuza sword in two and smashes Suigetsu’s arm to little watery bits (he’s made of water though so he probably isn’t permanently damaged).

    Suigetsu comments that Raikage’s attacks are really strong and if it were anyone else taking the attack their arm would be torn up. Presumably Sasuke doesn’t like this extra little comment provided by Suigetsu.

    The scene changes to the Meeting Hall

    All the kage are discussing what they should do now~Ao (the Byakugan guy) will watch over Danzou~The Tsuchikage is just going to stay behind and wait~The girl who was with the Tsuchikage comments that she wants to see Sasuke, the guy who defeated Deidara~The big guy with Tsuchikage who looks like Anpanman will stay behind and look after Tsuchikage~It doesn’t seem like Gaara has given his answer yet~

    The scene changes back to Sasuke

    C tells Darui that he’s going to go find the remaining Sasuke team member (Karin) so he’s leaving the rest up to Darui.
    Juugo realizes that C is a sensing type ninja so they have to take care of him first.
    Juugo goes cursed seal 2, the killer freak out type, and says “I’m gonna kill you!!!”

    Raikage tells Sasuke and Juugo not to get cocky!!

    End of chapter.

    Naruto does not appear once in this chapter.

    more from Nja:

    Karin, thinking it would be very bad if she were spotted by C, stops using her abilities to track the Hokage and instead hides her own chakra.

    The fight is mostly one-sided this week with Sasuke getting knocked back by Darui’s technique and then getting followed up by C’s genjutsu. Sasuke dispels the genjutsu to which C comments, “That’s the Sharingan for you!!!”

    Right as Sasuke dispels the genjutsu, Raikage punches (and is stopped by Suigetsu) and Darui swings his sword down (which is stopped by Juugo)

    After that, Gaara asks the other Kage in the meeting room about when they threw away their sense of self (rose above themselves or gained such self restraint)?

    *Upon hearing this, Mizukage thinks, “what a pure child” while the Tsuchikage thinks, “what a rude brat”.

  154. @cookie: i meant Madara xD But Nagato could do that if he ever got bored lol

  155. sry abt the second post ha didnt mean to 🙂 wahooooo next xhapter should be intresting 🙂 GO RAIKAGE 😀

  156. Does that spoiler put to rest all the Sasuke-Host claims?

    Of course not ^.^

    (Kinda wanted to see what was going on with Madara and Naruto but i guess we’ll get to that next chapter)

  157. Deidara committed suicide, because he cant defeat Sasuke right?

  158. f*ck Raikage, all he does is violence, and badmouthing.. Cant he be kinda calm??

  159. I still believe Sasuke is possesed by something other than his Rage more than likely if we dont find out by this manga then in future.

    Someone said it before but I think its Black Zetsu those arnt fingers but his Plant thingy.

    Also when Madara said too start the Plan it wasnt White Zetsu with him it was the Black one, So that makes it even more believable, My bet is that Sasuke is still being manipulated by something internally.

    The Spoiler kinda Sucked if Raikage and stooges are putting up a good fight they wont stand a chance once Mangekyo Sharigan is unleashed.

  160. *Cries to self* Jezz now I AM depressed! I miss out on that! >.<
    As for the Raikage… ROCK IT ON MAN!!! YOOOOOOOOOSH!!!

    @Foolgotten: Sasuke did, as far as everyone other than the Akatsuki know, attacked and attempted to capture Raikage's baby brother. Give the man some slack he has all right to be pissed. And isn't fighting with fury so much better to watch?

    I still think Madara can control people. It is more than persuasion through pity words… More like a technique… My thoughts anyway

  161. Enjoy the Spoiler video people 😀

  162. I just wanted to get on and say nice breakdown cookie. I havent had the motivation to make any other comments refering to the blog lately. As you can see im rarely here anymore.

  163. fahim’s spoiler is up 😀

  164. @tobisagoodboy and others the 4th hokages body flicker is space/time ninjutsu because (dont rember chapter number) but when the leaf is fighting against tobi and dissappears from shino’s bugs someone(i think kakashi) says if he teleported that tobi’s space/time ninjutsu is MORE advanced than minato’s

  165. Flying thunder god is the space/time jutsu of the fourths that Madaras is superior to. That is where a beacon is used so the person can appear at that spot. The body flicker is simply movement that is sped up by the ninjutsu itself, they are two different techniques, body flicker actually being a very low level jutsu.

  166. @Senju and Cyborg (formerly known as Tobi): Indeed you are both right. I made the mistake of referring to Minato’s FTG as not being space/time jutsu when it actually is. For some odd reason I thought it was a body flicker jutsu. o_0

    Are those spoilers!? o_o *hides eyes and holes himself in his spoiler proof bunker*

  167. @cyborg & super ok i thought the ftg was the body flicker tech i was confused but now im clear on it

    man this is alot of post on this page to scroll through my head hurts.

  168. @cyborg k i was reading a post u wrote earlier was the person really raikage that got killed by hinata’s dad

  169. There is still one thing bothering me with Yamato and Kakashi’s actions… WHY THE HELL BUT NARUTO IN A CAGE!!! >.< You know I can just feel a skit flashing before my eyes with that O_O
    Must resist urge to create one… must resist…Meh

    Kakashi: You see that explosion?
    Yamato: Naruto went and stuck his nose where it didn't belong. Just like Mr Bush.
    Kakashi: We'll leave trashing politics until later.. First we need a plan that they won't see coming!
    Yamato: How about we use a wooden horse as a destraction, then kill Naruto so they can't get him! It's foolproof!
    Kakashi: Good, good… But how about we cage him? Screw caging the enemy, what good would that do!?
    Yamato: It's brilliant lets do that!
    *inside the inn*
    Madara: *Thinking* Look at that ass… LOOK AT IT @_@ *drools*
    Shall we have a little chat, Uzumaki Naruto?
    Naruto: *thinks*Holy sh*t! When did he get there… wait how long was he there for!? O_O I must break this awkward moment with Rasengan!
    *fast forward 5 seconds*
    Naruto: *thinking* Wtf am I doing in a cage!? I heard of wanting more screen time but this is getting out of hand…Nobody puts baby in a corner… NOBODY!
    Yamato + Kakashi: *We are geniuses* 😀
    Madara: *thinks* Like taking candy from a baby! Only it's a teenage boy suffering from angst from a bunch of high regarded idiots… MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA*chokes*
    Naruto: …. I'm f*cked…. -__-"

    I mean seriously!? What were they thinking?!

  170. they put naruto in a cage because tobi would have to become solid to take naruto out of the cage… or he could just warp in and out like he always does but u know i don’t think they thought of that.

  171. Maybe its because Madara can go wherever he pleases so putting him in a cage wouldnt work but we dont know if he can teleport with other people and if he cant he wouldnt be able to take Naruto away…Since hes in the cage…

  172. That was the point I was making with the skit… They are idiots… But all he has to do is warp into the cage grap Naruto, blow up the wall, run away, plant a vegetable garden and get some tea with Naruto. And there you have it. Failure in putting Naruto in a cage >.<

  173. My opinion is that they put Naruto in the cage so he could not hurt himself. He’s no match for Madara but being so hotheaded he will attack recklessly and both Kakashi and Yamato know that. So they restrained him.

    When they said that Madara would have to become solid to capture Naruto they meant that at that moment he would become vulnerable to attacks (Kakashi’s raikiri) .

  174. Speaking of wood…

    What are those precautions Madara is speaking of?

    Like everyone says couldn’t he just warp out of there if things go downhill? He’s acting like if things turn to shit he’s brought back-up.

    What if the Mokuton (wood) Jutsu not only suppresses Bijuu chakra but also Madara’s? How else would the 1st have touched and defeated Madara? In other words what if he can’t warp out of that hold Yamato has him in because his chakra is being suppressed? That’s why Madara says he came here with precautions and has plans himself just in case something like this would happen. Not likely I know but it’s just a theory and yes anyone who is familiar with Dark’s fanfiction from IRA is aware of this theory.

    It’s not much but why did Madara only teleport away when Yamato’s Mokuton Jutsu was going after him? He didn’t teleport before the bugs surrounded him though.

    Now of course I know that if he just wants to talk it would work best if he got himself caught to make the enemy at ease. I’m 95% sure he can teleport out of Yamato’s jutsu but what precautions is he talking about if he can just warp away? It’s like he’s talking about precautions they don’t know about…they know about his space/time jutsu.

  175. Come on now.
    People can’t be hating on Mr T.
    I mean even though he do over react, he still have his good points.

  176. Shii: Ok are you ready we are preparing the ring now.

    Raikage: Yes and make sure my titantron and theme song is ready. Plus for now on my ring name is Black Maboo.

    Darui thought bubble: What the hell kinda name is that, who write this crap.

    Shii: Haha……Ok sure.

    Shii thought bubble: I pity the fool who going to tell him that he can’t use The Rock titantron.

  177. BUBBLE:

    Shi: Oh god, why’d the Tsuchikage have to fart in the meeting? And they wonder why we left so suddenly…just wait ’till they get a whiff of it.

    Raikage: HA HA! Suckers, it was actually I who farted in the room. It was the perfect crime.

    Darui’s thoughts: So it was him all along, I knew it smelled familiar.

    Shi: Good going Raikage-sama, now they’ll blame someone else for sure!

    Shi’s thoughts: So he hid the sound of his fart when he broke that Akatsuki member’s neck, ingenious…I see why he’s at Kage level.

    P.S: Is my bubble childish? Yes. Is it disgusting? Yes. Will it finally win me a bubble contest? Maybe… 😉

  178. BUBBLE:

    Shi: Raikage-sama, pardon me for asking but don’t you think it was a little extreme to kill the Akatsuki member like that?
    Raikage: Don’t you know how ‘die hard’ and ‘hardcore’ Akatsuki is? They might be the most hardcore people in the world.
    Darui’s thoughts: *shocked* How can he say that? I’m Hardcore!
    Shi: I understand Raikage-sama.
    Shi’s thoughts: Die Hard was an awesome movie…

    Shi: Hey guys, wanna hear a joke? Yes? OK! So a mushroom walks into a bar and the bartender says, “I can’t serve you.”
    Raikage: I like these kinds of jokes, please continue…
    Darui’s thoughts: Oh no…not one of these jokes again!
    Shi: So the mushroom replies, “Why not? I’m a fun-guy.”
    Shi’s thoughts to herself: Oh man, why I decided to quit my job as a stand-up comedian I’ll never know.

    (for some reason I like the idea of Shi being a stand-up comedian so I’ll throw one more your way)

    Shi: Hey guys, wanna hear another joke? Yes? OK! Two pretezels are rolling down a hill, one was assualted.
    Raikage: Shi, I’ve been meaning to tell you this…your jokes are worse that Killerbee’s rhymes.
    Darui’s thoughts: Uh-oh, he did NOT just go there…
    Shi: OH YEAH!! WELL…You’re brother is SO dead, that by the time we find him he’ll probably look like Michael Jackson’s ‘after surgery’ pictures!
    Shi’s thoughts: Maybe that was going a little too far…Why is the Raikage looking at me like that? O____O

  179. @Dro: Lolz


    Shii: “I wanna be the very best
    Like no one ever was…(dun dun dun dun)

    Hmmm…Raikage according the this pokedex you’re the evolved form of Machamp!”

    Raikage: “Yes, I am the secret evolved form of Machamp what about it?”

    Darui thought bubble: “Oh shit, why does this have to come up now?”

    Shi: “I gotta catch em’ all!”

    Shi thought bubble: “I’ll show the Uchiha why I should be the one wearing a pokeball on the back of my shirt!”

    For all those who don’t know Machamp (shame on you)

    And for all those who don’t know the pokemon opening! *shakes head sadly*

  180. Sasuke seems to be getting his but kicked again >_>
    But as always he’ll probably end up winning.

  181. Cookie’s probably ramming her head into a lamppost right now. >_> She’s going to miss out on some good Sasuke bashing. ^^ But there’s more than enough hope of some more of it when she gets back! 8D

    By the way, to all of those who are wondering, if my schedule allows me… the new breakdown should be up on Friday or Saturday AT THE LATEST. Beat THAT. 8DDD

  182. Bubble

    Shi: Ok we all know what we have to do right.


    Darui thought bubble: What in the blue hell! Well at least Shi is not that damn stupid.


    Shi thought bubble: Damn it I wanted to be the White Ranger this

    For some reason Supa made me think of this.
    Good job Supa! 🙂

  183. i still cant understand how fire lord or watever didnt even consider the hyuuga’s clan leader for the position of hokage, or shikamaru’s dad didnt think of it. he has to be incredibly strong if he killed the previous raikage (assuming the previous raikage was powerful like this one is.) The onyl way sasuke can win is if he uses his MS sharingan powers, otherwise he will get destroyed.

  184. @fuuton: I believe the fire lord didnt consider them cause Danzou had his Eye of manipulation.

  185. naruto is out

  186. naruto is out a better translation then one manga enjoy 🙂

  187. naruto is out and i love the sasugay ass kikin muhahahahahahhahahaha

    go raikage go raikage * dances and shouts*


    i missed kakahsi though

    poor kakashi and yamato will hhave to hold madara and listen to him for yet another week they must be getting tired of ” i uchiha madara want to talk” lol

    the kage’s discussion was nice as well

  188. Honestly there better be some maito gai DYNAMIC ENTERANCEs soon… Damn that guy makes me LOL. seriously Naruto is lacking comedy – it seems to have changed over to emo instead

  189. great chapter sasuke is really gonna get beat up if he dosen’t get his ass out of there. I was a little impresed with the level the kumo jonin presented, if they keep interfiring with the sasuke vs raikage fight sasuke is gonna be outnumberd and out skilled besides that the girl form hidden rock is coming for backup and sasuke only has juugo and suigetsu.

    Don’t get me wrong, I actually think that juugo and suigetsu can be a match for most of the jonin present at the meating but if the kages decide do enter the fight then sasuke is gonna die or be captured no doubt about it.

    About the disscution in the kage room, I thought it was funny as hell, D-bag was actualy gonna be chosen evan without the use of his tech and now he probably lost all confidance and credibility, in the eyes of mifune and the other kages, so no leader of the ninja world and probably no hokage status for him, now that’s me lamo.

  190. actually i think the one that is outnumbered is Raikage. It’s 3 on 4 if I’m not mistaken. The Kumo team: Raikage, Shi, Darui vs Sasuke, Juugo, Karin, Suigetsu. The girl from the rock is not to intervene or Raikage will kill her without even noticing.

    The Hidden Mist is watching over the Leaf so they’re bot not going anywhere. The Rock will remain neutral as well. The only thing that can tip the scales in one or the others favor is Gaara and the reinforcements that the surviving samurai asked for.Why do I get the feeling that Gaara will save Sasuke’s ass from extermination.

    And another thing. If Juugo attacks Raikage he’s a goner!!!

  191. I thought that was a pretty sweet chapter.

    I can’t help but think Sasuke has something up his sleeves, especially after what he said to Juugo and Suigetsu.

    I like how Gaara owned the Tsuchikage. The poor guy went speechless…

    All in all, I thought it was a great chapter.

    @Eugen: Bear in mind that the Kages only brought two of their exceptional ninjas to accompany them as bodyguards, so it’s not like Shi and Darui are your average Jounin.

  192. WOW WOW WOW…

    What a massive holidaying from awesomeness…

    Now i’m back. Missed you all, to be honest, and your colossal contributions.

    So what do we have here..? You know the more i look at this release (461), and other subsequent ones of course, the more my mind goes to one thing….”the moon’s eye plan”.

    This has all been a huge part of madara’s scheming, and it’s working absolutely well, with a 150% success rate.

    Obviously, with yamato making it clear that for him to return to his former monstrous personality(in terms of strength), he would have to become solid, that is fusing with a body, that forms an indispensable part of his plan. That’s where nagato’s “Gedo Rinne tensei no jutsu”, the same jutsu used in reviving kakashi and others, comes into play. It also illustrates that Gedo Rinne Tensei is more than a “God of life: Creation” jutsu, it is also a fusing jutsu, which could actually make nagato the God he claimed to be, given that even madara himself depended on that jutsu.

    Then obviously, with nagato’s “betrayal”, it became clear that the brat uzumaki naruto had “thrown a wrench” in madara’s plans, because that delayed the fusing process, which was supposed to make him more powerful.

    So with the fusing process further delayed, madara being a perfect schemer initiated the “moon’s eye plan”, which in essence is a well planned out distraction from the movements of akatsuki and madara himself. How was he to achieve this? By sending zetsu to the meeting to give sasuke away so the focus of the meeting would change to sasuke, and with their different beliefs, dispositions, projections and assertations, stir up another ninja war. Now that time of war, or at least heated conflict, would be long enough for madara to be able to come out with an alternative for fusing, something necessary to capture the kyuubi and accomplish his goals, or so he thinks.

    So as long as madara is concerned, zetsu and sasuke are just a means to his end. The thing is zetsu is fine with that, given he’s partnered madara long enough to know he founded akatsuki and hence knowing madara’s modus operandi…the problem is, sasuke is not aware of that, or is just realising that.

    Madara probably knows that at the mention of sasuke the raikage would headbutt every wall in the ninja world, danzou’s greed would be made known, the mizukage, seeing that danzou placed an illusion on the 4th mizukage would raise an eyebrow, gaara would be confused and the old tsuchikage would then taunt at gaara’s “juvenile composure”. The result- the mizukage facing off with danzou, and gaara facing off with the senile old hag. A ninja world war, or at least a heated ninja conflict emerges….enough time for madara to hide in the shadows to achieve his temporal plan.

    And given Akatsuki have lost more than 80% their strength, it shows what a tactical genius madara is. Impressive in my opinion.

    What i’m wondering is if this is one of madara’s eternal mangekyou techniques.

    By the way, it seems raikage is about to learn the virtue of patience. Not saying he would lose, just saying he might have had the upper hand if he sat back and planned a little before moving in. Sasuke would definitely trouble him anyway, and with what karin confirmed about his chakra, it would be interesting to see how the raikage handles it.

    Let me know what you all think.

  193. @eugen: No you’re absolutely right. That is definitely one of the positives we can take so far, is that with what has happened danzou is definitely not getting the support of the kages, or those of the jonins either. And with what mizukage learned about danzou’s involvement in placing a genjutsu on yugura, the 4th mizukage, the big boob mizukage(really wish i had a jutsu to make her real and make my bed every night) would not be cutting danzou any slack. What the kage summit has shown is that with time danzou’s “Madoff and Ponzi mischief” would soon be exposed, showing him to be as unscrupulous as his bandaged eye and hand.


  195. @Total

    Hey Total. Welcome back, it’s been a long time since you last commented.

    Welcome to the new Awesomeness! ^ ^

  196. @total

    hmm i agree that sasugay and zetsu were sent to the meeting only to get the attention on him rather thats exactly what i think as he need some time and focus to do the moons eye plan i also agree with the war or ninja fight as kishi even said it himslef “AFTER ALL THE FIGHTS THERE WILL BE A WAR” what i think is that since the 9 tails sealed in naruto needs a key to realease and the other half has to be found madara needs time to find it and the key and furthermore i think that the statue that strange one which has sooo many eyes it has something to do with the eye of the moon eyes ………. lool

    welcome back totalarian hypnosis or utopiabarnished xd lol

  197. Hey tenrai ive been trying to get in contact with you because my fb or yahoo messeger doesnt work at work.

    @ totalitarianhypnosis OM GOODNESS WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN O_o

    Welcome ack to a new awesomeness bro. Its so good to see original ira faces again and stirs up the awesomeness arora jermiah created and that scorpionlegacy along with his crew of writers have resurected.

    I look forward to you future comments. I know that there are going to be some good arguments and disscusions now that your back. 😀

  198. (continuing from my previous post) War will brake out because Gaara will save Sasuke from Raikage. Then Naruto Kakshi and Yamato wil join the Sand. They will be declared mising nin by Danzo. The Kirigakure will join the sand ( the Mizukage seems to like Gaara’s honesty) Then it will be all against those two villages. After that Tsunade wakes up, overthrows Danzo and stops the war. Madara’s preparations are finished he pops up with the evil laugh etc.

    Crazy theory , isn’t it ?

  199. Oh and btw Tobi i have to agree with you. Thats what me and ice have been trying to prove this whole time.

    Just because naruto has sage mode and a new rassingan does not make him better then kakashi, itachi, the forth, jman, or any other s ranked ninja for that matter. It just means he learned a new jitsu.

    i completly agree with you tobi thou i am a few post late >_>

  200. oh and btw cookie nice breakdown. I enjoyed the littly story at the end it was funny as hell.

    Im so late ive just had a chance to read the breakdown.

  201. Yeah next chapter out.

  202. Sounds like Danzou is after Sasukes Sharigan, Guess he wants the MS. What if Madara wants Danzou too get the eye cause its Moons Eye not Moons Eyes. And in doing so Shizui is ressurected from the power of the MS Im guessing cause would always be active, By that I mean if Danzou can only use the eye some times then that must be the slow take over of Shizui’s Chakra though if its constant then Im saying Shizui is reborn.

    From all of that I think the Moons Eye is the MS or a power from it, It could of been a plot before the Uchiha massacre between Madara, Shizui and Itachi but Itachi won right too have MS and carried it out, Maybe Danzou Discovered the it all and went too follow up on the same Plan. But theres a hole whats Sasuke got too do with it. Its all baseless theory.

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