Updated W/ Spoiler Vids. Bleach Manga 370: It’s your hand now. Breakdown + Discussion

This weeks spoilers are by bleachxdz1

G’day all.


While Supertrek rages about OP being too short this week (and me too) and eatencookie starts the breakdown before the chapter even gets released O_O, I went to sleep. Now it wasn’t the greatest of sleeps I’ve ever had but it did its job 😛 .

Ha Haaar, Not here

Ha Haaar, Not here

Now after a two week break we return to Bleach where I thought Barragan was finally dead. A cracked Kidou cube is shown, and Soi Fon is panting like… (excluding all innuendos) … a marathon runner (yep lets go with that).

This can happen if you do it 2 a day...

This can happen if you do it twice a day...

Soi Fon exhausted, after her long, long, long ‘run’ (>_>) falls out of the air. Hacchi who couldn’t give a shit at the moment inspects his once perfectly crafted Kidou cube, known as the gates of the four beasts. He comments on the power of Soi Fon’s bankai seeing as how it cracked the cube. I guess we’ll just have to take his word on how strong the cube is I mean who has ever heard of a carpenter saying there work is shit?    

The truth - finding out you're nowhere near as awesome as you think you are

The truth - finding out you're nowhere near as awesome as you think you are

Hacchi shatters the sphere with a click of the fingers, then decides to check in on how Soi Fon is faring. Omeada then insults Hacchi, calling him fatty! WTS!? You’re wearing a curtain Omeada and you’re calling others fat, NO DICE. Of course Hacchi just ignores him while Soi Fon explains that she generally can only do her BanKai attack once every 3 days. She then puts on her sex face uhhh I mean runners face (>_>) and tells Hacchi that he better pay her back. 

Ignoring Omeada - somebodies gotta do it, might as well be his Captain

Ignoring Omeada - somebodies gotta do it, might as well be his Captain

Barragan’s Decaying Aura then strikes and wrecks Soi Fon’s shoes, Barragan’s screwed now 😛 . Then the classic line of manga returns as Barragan repeats himself a few times ‘I’ll never forgive you’ (this might have something to do with missing a third of his skull … I asked a scientist and he said ‘huh?’ – what he meant to say was yes it’s because part of his skull (and brain?) is missing).

Soi Fon: "Errrr, that's the 3rd pair this week... that only leaves 78 left... OMG!!" O_O

Soi Fon: "Errrr, that's the 3rd pair this week... that only leaves 34 left... OMG, he's dead now!!" O_O

What came next felt a little dodge. I’m pretty sure that Tite spilt ink all over the page but couldn’t be fu*ked cleaning it up, so drew around it. Anyway the decaying aura spreads out and makes Soi Fon and Omeada do the dramatic slow motion dive for safety.

Omeada: Fu*k there's ink uhhhh i mean Decaying aura everywhere!!!! Soi Fon: Don't worry Tite can cover it up

Omeada: Fu*k there's ink uhhhh i mean Decaying aura everywhere!!!! Soi Fon: Don't worry Tite can cover it up

Soi Fon is WTFing while the aura attacks Hacchi. Hacchi uses his Hollow mask to power up his Kidou and Barragan decides to rant about how awesome he is. Apparently he is the god of Hueco Mundo, however as someone mentioned in the last breakdowns comments (name yourself!!!), if he’s god then why is he the 2nd espada? Take that you conceited bone pile!

Barragan thinking *whoever said we only used 10% of our brain is full of sh!t* :P

Barragan thinking *whoever said we only use 10% of our brain is full of sh!t* 😛

However his aura proves to strong as it smashes through Hacchi’s Kidou wall and hits his mask. Soi Fon yells out in surprise and almost seems generally scared that he could have been killed (I mean who else will bind and gag [gag] Urahara for a month?).

Hacchi: "Now's not the ti... yeah, that is a great song.."

Hacchi: "Now's not the ti... yeah, that is a great song.. choice on the timing"

Barragan lets out a triumphant burst of laughter and then says something that finally made me realise who he is, and why he’s got a god complex. He yells ‘Tiny, Tiny!’ about 7 times, and thus the mystery of Barragan is solved, it turns out he’s actually Nagato reincarnate, and he’s still looking for his dog…

Don't lie - we all thought it

Don't lie - we all thought it

After a taste of victory Barragan begins to monologue. Apparently only his power is absolute and reinforces this by having his aura contact Hacchi’s arm. For some reason I got a feeling that Hacchi was actually reaching for the aura. Barragan has another Ghost Rider moment before we flash over to Hacchi who has been rebuilt with a Kidou box arm 😛  (seriously, what can’t Kidou do?)

Hacchi thinking: *Thank GOD i use my left hand...

Hacchi thinking: *Thank GOD i use my left hand...*

Barragan is sort of ‘…’ before asking the obvious question of where the hell is your arm? Hacchi points to Barragan and it becomes all too apparent what has happened when a worm hole appears in Barragan’s chest.

Kidou mail - fuck your fed-ex

Kidou mail - fuck your fed-ex

As is standard, within the monologue speech of Barragan’s, Hacchi got the idea of how to destroy him, seeing as how Barragan’s power is absolute then even he shouldn’t be able to survive it. A bit more talk of God’s and belief ensues before Barragan is finally killed.

The classic move of the bad dude destroying themselves is used by Tite and everyone lives happily ever after (albeit Soi Fon and Hacchi are both missing an arm).

Below is this week’s Bubble contest and winners. The rules are a little different this week. You can either make both bubbles from Barragan or the first bubble from Hacchi and the second from Barragan. Keep up the awesome entries 😀 

here it is

here it is


Top 10 Bubbles.

Honestly this week’s winners and top 10 took awhile to decide, i hope this weeks’ contest goes as well.

10th – gonrod:

1: ……
2: I think SOMEONE’S trying to compensate for something… 

9th – AJD

1: ……

2: “Why do they always reject my death scout cookies?” 

8th – Dro Sensei

Barragan: …
Barragan2: They could’ve just said they weren’t interested in converting religions…they didn’t have to yell at me and shut the door in my face.

7th – Instalingrad

Barragan:Omg!! I know that nobody wants to see Hachi and Soi Fon get it on but those censors have gotten completely outta hand!!

6th – Alec

So, that means you don’t want to learn about T-Mobile’s new options?

5th – Supertrek

Barragan : “I bet Santa Clause wouldn’t have to put up with this shit…”

4th – Tobiisagoodboy

No, wait…Im certain it was right after the giant floating kido.

3rd – Dynamicenterance

Barragan: …
Barragan: I know you’re around here somewhere, Yamato… >_>

2nd – Eatencookie

Barragan: $1 !?

Finally this weeks winner.


Raikoben - LMAO at this entry

Nice one Raikoben, I LMAO at this entry


~ by mudshovel on August 22, 2009.

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  2. 2NDDDDDDD didn0t loved this manga at all :s

  3. DAMN! 3rd~!

  4. BUBBLE:


  5. bubble

    barragan:1 DAMN YOU HACHIIIIII for using (insert deodorant merchant here).
    Barragan2: it rlly “kills” all the bad odors and leaves a freshy pine odor


  6. lemme corrrect the bubble entry plis


    barragan:1 DAMN YOU HACHIIIIII for using (insert deodorant merchant here).
    Barragan2: it rlly “kills” all the bad odors and leaves a freshy rose scent.


  7. Bubble:

    Barragan: Thats right ladies and gentleman
    Barragan: MJ is back from the dead

  8. BUBBLE:
    Hacchi: I said i don’t want your girl scout cookies!
    Barragan: You will buy them, buy them, BUY THEM!!!!

  9. YOSH!!!! LMFAO, awesome breakdown Mudshovel! XD Soi Fon’s sex face…I mean runners face is something I want to see for myself…>_>

    Heh, I called it last breakdown that Barragan was still alive. Didn’t see the same attack that failed the first time working the second time. And it was I who told you in chat, not the breakdown, 😛 that if Barragan was God why is he the #2 Espada. XD

    I hope to see cat fight next week. More fan service and Lisa might give us some nice panty shots. @_@ Besides that I bet Tite wants to save the best fight (Espada #1) for last.

  10. >_> Super…Tone down the ero power a little man! 😛

    Nice breakdown Mud, great captions as always. I thought the exact same thing about the ink spillage when i saw that page! ^^
    Probably Espade no. 3 is more fitting to die next than any of the high ranks so i hope the girls go at it now.

  11. damn no1 praise my bubble entry damn >.> i thought it was so DAMN good =(

  12. Gaaaaaah so many bubbles and scored number 2!! Damn Narnia! Now to find some inspiration for bubbles! Oi Mud where is the spam folder!? My comments always end up in there! I call sabotage by someone else >_<

    LOL, i just checked cookie and there are no comments there, but it’s under ‘My Dashboards’ on the gray bar at the top of the page. Sometimes the site just out right deletes the comment – no idea why but it’s happend to me b4… (It’s super)

  13. What the ….??! number 7??? but but…. they were soo… 😦
    looks like im gonna havta go with ero to win here…. so be it… bwahahhaa….

    As i pointed out in my sad little summary, Barragan was like…. WTF?!? Where’r your arm?? and hacchi pointed at him and i was like… oh no.. bad hacchi.. bad!! eheheh

    i dont think this will happen but i’d really like to what’s happening in hueco mundo…. maybe it will happen.. that would be cool.. but i dont think tite will do it quite so soon…

    @mudshovel how come you guys have stopped doing bleach anime breakdowns?? the last one you did was the beach one…(i knw y… hehe)

    Hachi: If you’re happy and you know it
    Barragan:Blow my head! if you’re happy and you…

  14. @cookie: hehe, i’m sorry but the kidou closet to Narnia won (Narnia 1, cookie 0 😛 )

    @Instalingrad: I don’t watch the bleach anime, so i don’t persoanlly do the anime breakdowns. not sure who is doing atm, but if u have a question email it to scorp (his emails on the front page).

    @Noom: LMAO, gold dude!

  15. Wow, never thought I’d win, I thought #10 or #6 would. Thanks Mud. 🙂
    I think I’ll try to push my luck. 😀

    B1: I assure you, fat Shinigami !
    B2: You’ll rue the day you turned your back on a Jehovah’s witness !!
    ( referring to the door bubble from last week. )

  16. Great breakdown mud 🙂 *imagines Soi Fon’s ‘runner face’ and the ‘pay me back line’ and nose bleeds to death* O_________O

    Mudshovel, is that a ‘Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law’ reference i see there? Cuz if it is you get on the list of people I’d trust with my life…it’s a very short list, even I’m not on there…

    So anyway, if it were up to me (and yes, i’ve looked into it and no, its not up to me but i can still give my opinion) the next fight would be Hisagi and Captn. Komamura vs Tosen…

    As for the bubble contest…I’m happy i made the top ten this week…now, to win this week’s contest…*laughs evilly while petting his pet turtle and spinning around in his swivel chair*

  17. @dro: YES – i was wondering if anybody would get that reference – Birdman FTEW!!!! Your respect points have risen agin Dro 😉

  18. BUBBLE:

    Barragan: DAMMIT! I should’ve listened to Harribel…
    Barragan2: …tanning booths are bad for your health!!!

    BUBBLE 2:

    Barragan: THIS HURTS SO MUCH!!!!
    Barragan2: I knew I should’ve worn protection…

    BUBBLE 3:

    Barragan: I’m pretty sure I was one of the bosses in ‘DotA’…
    Barragan2: …how it came to this, I’ll never know.

    (awesome points to those who know what DotA stands for)

  19. @dro – would that be Defence of the Ancients?

  20. yes, mud…well done sir 🙂

  21. bubble

    Barragan1: When trying to turn off a fire
    Barrgan2: never face it head on, literally

  22. nice breakdown =P
    lolz at the tiny part twas the first thing that popped in my head when i read the manga xD

  23. Yeah well I remember reading about Narnia and it going boom. So while it’s a crumbling mess, I am still at large 😀

    Now to the main question.. HOW DID YOU KNOW THAT I STARTED BEFORE HAND!? >_<

  24. Mud, I refuse to follow your rules! Fear my Bubbles!

    Barragan: GAAAAAH! What did you use on me, It burns! I’m melting, MELTING!
    Hacchi: Calgon, Bang and the dirt is gone *winks*

  25. GAH! Why am I always so late to all these breakdowns. T.T Probably because unlike SOME people, I’ve already started school a week ago… sucks to be me then. TT_TT

    Anyways, AWESOMENESS breakdown, mud! I LOL’ed through the whole thing. ^^

    I was one of the few that thought Mr. Skull would die after Soi Fon’s … marathon. >_>

  26. I have a feeling Hacchi will heal his and Soi fons arm.

  27. Pffft, want more bubbles do you? So needy 😉

    BUBBLE 1:
    Barragan: Am I pretty? Tell me I’m pretty!
    Barragan: Come on, Botox makes me look pretty!

    BUBBLE 2:
    Hacchi: Man have you let yourself go….
    Barragan: You try putting up with a marathon running Soi fon and lets see how you do!

    Barragan: NOT ‘LOST’!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  28. BUBBLE

    B: I cannot die! I am invincible! For I, am DARTH VA- no, wait… UCHIHA MA- damn. Where was I again?

  29. BUBBLE

    Barragan: Ever since I lost the part of Ghost Rider…
    Barragan: MY LIFE’S GONE DOWN HILL! Now I’m in manga.

  30. BUBBLE:

    Barragan 1: “Muhahahaha!”

    Barragan 2: “All your base are belong to us!”

    (Lmao, I hope you understand where that came from.) XD

    BUBBLE 2:

    Hacchi: “I warned you didn’t I!?”

    Barragan: “You didn’t tell me the ‘surprise in the eye’ would blow half my f**king skull off!!!”

    BUBBLE 3:

    Hacchi: “OH GOD NO IT’S BACK!!!”

    Barragan: “I told you not to bury me in the Pet Cemetery!”

  31. BUBBLE
    Hacci: Take my strong hand!
    Barragan: Thats not even appropriate yet!


  32. darn it waht ever your name is you bleach writer i will kill you i want to see urahara kisuke in action now or else you die …. i name you … ys.. he who must not be named

    if kisuke doesnt come up and kik some aizen ass i will kill you he who must not be named >:)

  33. @Ahsan: Tite Kubo ? I’m sure Urahara will show up soon, but I doubt he’ll be the one to end Aizen. In the end, he’ll be … the much needed help, at best.

  34. BUBBLE:

    Barragan: I think I drank too much soda !!!

  35. @super: LMAO at the bubbles… do you LIVE on this blog or summat? O_o How do you always manage to be one of the first people to comment?

  36. @Dynamic: Shhhhhhh…don’t tell people my secret!

    *steps behind hidden door leading to his secret living bunker under WRA headquarters* @_@

  37. Another bunker, eh? *gets a spoon, hair grip, jelly and some high in fibre frogs and a ‘Weapoon’. Yep I said weapoon 😉 I had another backup mud, after that ‘incident’

  38. BUBBLE:
    Barragan: THAT IS IT!
    Barragan: Who opened that champaign!? Look what it did! LOOK AT IT!

  39. *sings the Ramone’s ‘Pet Cemetary’ to himself* and yes super, I know what that’s from…;)


    Barragan: GAH!! Damn Goku!
    Barragan2: My scouter blew half my face off ’cause his power level is over 9000!!!!!

  40. 0_0 Power level over 9000 is DBZ?! I always thought it was a historys strongest disciple reference…. *Walks away in shame*

  41. BUBBLE:

    Barragan: AAAAGGHHH!! So this is was happens when you don’t respect the pouch!

    Barragan: Damn you Caprisun!!!!!

  42. BUBBLE:

    Barragan: That last blast left me blind!

    Barragan: Aw! But I have no eyes. YOHOHOHOHOHO!!!!!

  43. O______O seriously tobi? well here’s a little lesson from DrO_SeNsEi http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TBtpyeLxVkI

  44. That seems so familiar now lol…
    *continues to walk in shame but is too lazy to dig up HSD links*

  45. @Tobi: LOL, yea it’s a DBZ reference but HSD Kenichi is still fu*king Awesome!!!!!

    @cookie: -__- I’m more inclined to think u had to dig through intestinal juices 😛 . Too bad u only get one shot, then it’s useless. Y not just use the pig who was released on bail for ‘frunk driving’ 😛

    @Dynamic: Well super got a blog funded chip imbeded in his brain, he now knows instantly when somebody comments or creates a post. Apparently he can now read ppls minds at will, hence y OP becomes so likeable… >_>

    @pumpkinbread: Skull joke i see 😉

    @everyone: Nice bubbles, keep up the awesome entries.

  46. Bubble:

    1: Cmon i challenge u!
    2: Try applying rule 34 to this!

  47. BUBBLE

    Barragan: Nausea, heartburn, indigestion, stomach upset, diarrhea…

  48. BUBBLE:

    Barragan: Just one more smoke!!!
    Barragan: I need just one more smoke!!!

  49. @Mud: I was afraid to go near him actually. He might of remembered me from the fish costume! One shot!? Impossible! I guess so much awesomeness can only be good for one shot 😛 The pig? Nah he was too cocky, so I recruited the goat. Far more fire power 😀 So that is what happens to my comments… Gosh darn it Super! Stop sabotaging me! >.<

  50. BUBBLE:

    Barragen: Holy F*ckin mother of….this smells like…OH MY GAWD!!!!! Hacchi?!

    Barragan: What the F*CK did YOU have for breakfast!!!!

  51. BUBBLE:

    Hacchi: Say it!….SAY IT!!!!


  52. BUBBLE:

    Barragan: UNCLEAN!!! UNCLEAN!!!

  53. BUBBLE:

    Barragan: I would like to know WHO THE HELL told Tiny to ‘fetch’ the bone!

    Barragan: Look what he did to my FACE!!!! LOOK AT IT!!!!

  54. BUBBLE:

    I’m not normally a praying man, but if you’re up there,


  55. @dynamic: lolz at homer reference 😛

  56. BUBBLE 1
    Hacci: How do you keep the weight off?
    Barragan: When i feel a little heavy, an explosion or two gets rid of some pounds.

    BUBBLE 2
    Barragan 1: Now i’ll never get a date!! Not with my outfit like this!
    Barragan 2: Whats that? Not the biggest problem?

    BUBBLE 3
    Barragan 1: Car keys? Check. Wallet? Check.
    Barragan 2: This’ll be a good day. I can tell….

  57. Well Mud you are lacking a discussion here so I will start one off! What I am wondering is if Shunsui is going to join the fight against Stark, you know now that we all know he isn’t dead. Also I want to know if Ukitake is okay! After all they made that big unclear! Hand through you chest, because hand shakes aren’t cool enough anymore >.<
    Hacchi: I’m sorry! I didn’t mean for that to happen!

  58. @Cookie: I know Ukitake can be healed by Hacchi and probably the same for Soi Fon. Can someone refresh my memory though? Was it Hacchi AND Inoue who could bring back body parts or was it just Inoue? I know Inoue’s power is stronger then Hacchi’s if she would just get control over it. I also have a feeling that when Lisa gets in trouble fighting Harribel Shusui might just step in and save her ass. Then he might get denied or scorned then he’ll flash step over to the battle with Stark with a long face. -_-

  59. They both could, Super. Because their powers were alike. Well Shunsui did love her.. then again he was a great lazy perv at times that we all loved 😀 But does Hacchi have enough energy left to heal everyone? Face it, they will need back up from those stranded. And when are Urahara and Yoruichi turning up!? I mean how long does it take to create an escape route for the people stuck!? I want to see them see them fight! Not to mention Urahara will probably fight Aizen. I just see it being more likely.

  60. BUBBLE:
    Barragan: Who’s the wise guy who sent me a grenade for a Birthday present…
    Barragan: And why the hell was there WRA written on the card?!?

  61. BUBBLE:

    Barragan: DAMN YOU KUBO! I told you I wanted to cover my left eye not have it blown to pieces!!!

    Barragan: That style is all the rage in Naruto! Why can’t you be more like Kishimoto!!

  62. @redcopywheel: loool. Nice one.

  63. The Tiny part had me r.o.f.l. Who knew Barragan was Nagato in disguise 😀
    heh… gotta love marathon running — its a work out *wink*
    damn innuendos…




  64. BUBBLE

    Barragan: TRICK OR TREAT!!

    Barragan: IT’S HALLOWEEN NOW, FATASS!!!!





    Barragan: DAMMIT ALL TO HELL!!!



    Barragan: Sit on my skull again, Hachi!

    Barragan: I F#&%ING DARE YOU!!!

  65. hmmmm. How come the Naruto breakdown draws massive discussions and no bubbles and the Bleach breakdown gets a ton of Bubble entries but no discussion?
    It’s kind of frustratingly ammusing.

    @cookie: Great discusion – too bad you and super solved it 😛

    @everyone: well it looks like this contest is going to head to a top 10 again.
    I think i’ll add a bubble of my own – just because i can 😛

    Hacchi: HOLY SH!T – where the hell did you come from?!
    Barragan: The Future … and yes, we’re all SCREWED!!!!!

    Hehe i just had 2.

    Maybe everyone but you got the memo on what was going to happen in Bleach? Meh, pretty awesome I think 😉 And if I see your bubble in the top 10 I’ll face palm and attack you through imaginary spam >.>


  66. BUBBLE
    Barragan 1: Barragan, in my late 320’s, looking for that special someone to ‘complete me’
    Barragan 2: Likes: Relaxing walks, god complexes, calcium. Hates: People lending a hand

  67. ok since there is so little discussion here, anyone care to speculate on the remaining bankais we havent seen yet. and i also have a question. Does yoruichi even have a zanpakuto, she was a captain.

    Also as an informed decision who on the Shinigami side will die?
    i would guess the captain comander, his death would cause the most chaos in SS

  68. @ryuu i was wondering the same thing, if she does have a bankai its should b insanely awesome just like kisuke’s, and i feel like captain commander has to die, he too damn old… just playin i hope Omeada dies defending soifun so she wont be so heartless anymore

  69. BUBBLE:
    Barragan1: You think we can lose?! Aizen still has his bankai!
    Barragan2:And it’s CHUCK NORRIS BITCHES!

  70. I really want to know what benihime’s bankai is. Kisuke said it isnt suitable for training people so it must be something awesome that does something like Barragans powers (obviously not time reversal though.)

    Are we gunna see all the vizards shikai as well do you think anyone?

  71. BUBBLE:
    Hachi: He told me enough… he told me you killed him!
    Barragan: No, I am your father…

  72. How come Kensei is always in shikai when he is a vizard (that combat knife)

  73. BUBBLE:
    Barragan 1: Whoooh..!!
    Barragan 2: I’ll never eat THAT curry again!

  74. BUBBLE:

    Barragan: Silence!
    Barragan: I kill you!

  75. @ryuujin: hhmmm…. the captain-commander dying. Hard to see that (considering how uber-powerful he is) but should that happen even i would be stunned. But if that would happen, Tite should at least allow him to have an uber-massacre by showing his bankai. Because i full believe that his bankai either ended the ice age or killed off the dinosaurs !rofl!

    At this point of the manga it’s hard to say that anyone besides the enemy>(espada, possibly Tosen) would die yet. With Hachi here it makes it hard for the vizard/gotei 13 to suffer anymore casualties considering his claim (his powers similar to orihime) but the ex-captains may have something up their selves (…again)

    Yoruichi has a zanpaktou but i think she refains from use it for three reasons [1] she prefers hand to hand [2] to hide her powers against enemies [3] hates her shikai

  76. BUBBLE:

    Barragan: BANG!!!
    Barragan: And the dirt is gone….

  77. Yoruichi was the second captain, remember? So she specialises in assassination. So she really wouldn’t have any need to show her bankai. Or shikai. But seeing as the enemy is so huge(in power) she would probably show it off to them. After all, every shinigami has a zanpaktou. And all but one captain had a bankai.

    Someone in the Gotei 13 will have to die. Mainly because the enemy need to have some advantage.

  78. i agree with cookie on that. the SS crew have the uper hand imo, yes Aizens squad has huge power levels almost over 9… not *going there* they are seriously outnumbered.

    Please know that i understand that the captain comander dieing is far fetched but it would cause the most damage by far. just thought it would be an interesting turn of events for the manga.

  79. For some reason i doubt that Urahara and/or Yoruichi will make an appearance. that is of course assuming that everything goes smoothly for the Gotei 13 and Vizards. However if things go to the shit we may just see one of them appear (that or Ichigo and the gang in Hueco Mundo).
    For as much as i’d like to see Urahara’s bankai (personally i think it’ll be one of the strongest of all), i think Tite will save it for a later date. Maybe a future showdown of Urahara vs Aizen?
    I’ve also said before, although i think somebody from SS must die, i’m doubtful it will happen as Bleach has a lot of ‘pull through in the last second’ mentality.

    Yoruichi. I have no idea where she is at this stage or what she’s doing, but that was a bankai i had forgotten about – i do really want to know what yoruichi’s will be. (a large panther?) 😛

  80. This maybe off topic, but I’ve made two observations:
    1. Kaname said that “Those who do not fear are not fit for battle” (http://www.onemanga.com/Bleach/368/04/), but Iceringer said “Aizen fears nothing” http://www.onemanga.com/Bleach/244/05/, so does Kaname believe Aizen isn’t fit for battle, or is he just a hypocrite?

    2. Let’s say Aizen does defeat the Shinigami and the Vizards, and somehow makes it to the King’s palace or whatever. Wouldn’t he still have to face Squad 0? http://www.onemanga.com/Bleach/315.01/14/ and http://www.onemanga.com/Bleach/315.01/15/ Squad 0 is the ROYAL guard, meaning they guard the King. To kill the king, Aizen would have to face a squad comprised of the greatest Captains in Soul Society’s history, but he’s lost 7 of his arrancar (I doubt Grimmjow would serve him anymore) and perhaps he’ll even lose more. Anyone have any theories as to what Aizen’ll do? I’d love to hear what you think 🙂

  81. @Kisu: Indeed, I think Aizen is seriously outnumbered here and no matter how powerful he may be the numbers of his enemies will seriously be his downfall. That is why I think either he’s going to gather up some Vasto Lordes before trying to face the King or the allies he already has are Vasto Lorde level. Either that or he’s royally fucked all puns intended.

  82. Wow someone agreed with me… What a weird feeling >.>
    Somehow I always get this feeling that it will all boil down to a Urahara vs Aizen. Yoruichi is with Urahara, as always…playing mousemate I think 😉

    Squad 0 would not only be a poweful group, but the also would probably be the most stoic. Leaving everyone behind mainly because they have no attachment. Their skills are ones also that they are known for their powers. It isn’t like the King would hire a bunch of pansy to do the job. not to mention he would know of their Aizen’s plan, so his guards would be on high alert

    I wouldn’t say they are Vasto Lorde… That would be more likely a trump card that Aizen would play when all hope is lost. Gin still hasn’t been appointed with a challenger and aren’t we forgetting Ichigo’s father in this equation?

  83. Exactly, Aizen and co. are seriously outnumbered. They have the Vizards, SS, Urahara, Tessai, Yoruichi, and Isshin and Ryuken (the parents) against them. Then if he does manage to get to the Royal Palace with whatever forces he has left he’ll have the Royal Guard (the best of the best) and the King on his ass. Aizen better start pulling out trump cards eventually (Vasto Lordes FTW) or he’ll be forced to retreat. To die another day… @_@

  84. man as i said urahara will fight aizen , simply becuz his fight is not over with him remember turn back the pendulam!! ive been saying this ever since i read bleach xd xd i so want to see the damned guy fighting

  85. i so wanna see the cursed guy’s bankai all we know about it is that its not suited to training chad hence not heavy and huge ass sword atleast

  86. Well, in the end Ichigo is probably gunna be the one to beat Aizen so if Urahara and him fight, Urahara will most likely die or be rendered unable to fight.

  87. BUBBLE:

    Barragan: You know I have ‘half the mind’ to kill you guys…
    Barragan2: The only problem is, who in their ‘right mind’ would possibly do that?

    (see what i did there? :P)

    Narrator: Cloak? 500 dollars. Gold Bracelet? 1,300 dollars. Being able to still wear your crown even though half of your head is blown off…? Priceless.
    Narrator2: There are just some things money can’t buy, for everything else, there’s Jukuho Raikoben.

    Barragan: The neck bone’s connected to the, jaw bone…the jaw bone’s connected to the, cheek bone…
    Barragan2: The cheek bone’s connected to the…Oh wait, that’s right (@eatencookie: O_X)

  88. it seems like my pic covers up the message to eatencookie…well, you can try to discern what it says if u want…but rest assured, you SHOULDN’T try to find out. @___@ *eerie music plays in background*

  89. Wow, there really seems to be not a lot going on this week in the Bleach manga, huh?

  90. BUBBLE
    Barragan: I might have gotten my head blown off, but there’s good news.
    Barragan: At least I saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Geiko.

  91. i have a question…why is ichigo sooooo weak… he doesnt know kido at all and he only has one attack…when the hell is he going to become powerful and how??

  92. BUBBLE:

    Barragan: You cant kill me!
    Barragan2: I’m RICK JAMES!

  93. @Omar: Why are you comparing his strength with the number of attacks he knows? Yes he might only know Getsuga Tebsho but with his Bankai and Hollow mask he is easily a match for any Captain. His full Hollow Transformation also makes him F’ing strong as even the espada are easy to beat. Only Aizen is stronger than the Espada (and Vasto Lords but we have yet to see any) so ichigo is probably the 2nd – 3rd strongest in the series atm – how is he not powerful?

  94. I dont get it either.

    The captains all have these new trick’s, like Toshiro having a new Bankai form.
    Byakuya, also has different Bankai forms and he used them ALL while battering Ichigo.
    Does that mean Byakuyas weak, considering Ichigo always seems to lose in his Bankai?

    Ichigo, was as strong as the captains when he battled Byakuya. However now the captains are way stronger than Ichigo in his Bankai. And Ichigo cant win without going hollow-even back in episode 120-140.

    Ichigo even drew with Kenpachi, in his Shikai state, and yet he lost to that dude (arranca 101?) in episode 152, until he went Bankai.

    Just whats up with Ichigo and everybody’s power levels? 0_o

  95. the difference is that for instance, shinsui and ukitake fight against the primera espada, and neither go into bankai, as SCHY said, ichigo without going into bankai couldnt keep up with grimmjoww… and the only reason he beat ulquiorra was his second transformation which he doesnt even have control over… idk if u guys watch op but its like saying that chopper is the most powerful because of his monster point

  96. oh and gin and tousen are stronger as well, urahara is stronger, yoroichi, mayuri, kenpachi with two hands, all the vaizards, yamamoto, mayb kimamura…byakuya, ukitake, shinsui, all of those pple are stronger than ichigo and unless he comes up with a third hollow release and fourth hollow release, he’s got no shot at winning against other pple that are gonna b stronger, even syazel aporro would have pwned him

  97. BUBBLE

    Barragan: The side that hold my memory…..The side that hold my memory…..the side that hold my memory

    Barragan: Who are you…..Who am I…..What are the two question I just ask.


    Barragan: Now you we truly understand my C4 bomb

    Barragan: ART IS A BANG!


    Barragan: Gang Violence.

    Barragan: It’s tearing me apart.


    Barragan: I am here to tell the kids a very important messages.


  98. @Omar: Yes you’re right that he can’t keep up unless he uses BanKai. But there is a reason – how long do you think the other captains have been training to obtain the skills and strength they have? and How long in comparison has ichigo been in training? Compare those to stats and you’ll realise that ichigo is powerful – could the other captains have been that skilled with only a few months (at the most) training?
    Ichigo will continue to get stronger and will develop more abilities, that you can be sure of.

  99. @mud true, i can’t disagree with u there… well i just hope he does something cool to beat the espada # 0 (stupidest twist ever)

  100. @omar

    omg great to see another “active” member at wra hey a late welcome dude 😀

    hmm now i really dont like ichigo….he is a dumbass most of the time…. the problem with him is his consistency he is not captain class he just pushes himself beyond what he can do aka hollow mode etc…. thats y he wins battles but if you dont let him do that he cant win , i mean if someone were to finish him so quickly he wouldnt know what happened ,

  101. @ahsan: The same can be said of naruto, or kakashi – take away naruto’s sage mode, and kakashi’s sharingan (equivalent to ichigo’s bankai) and naruto’s kyuubi mode (equivalent to ichigo’s hollow tranformations) – that’s how naruto and Kakashi generally win battles, and if you don’t let them do it – they can’t win. They are basically in the same boat as ichigo.

    Why is bleach the shit kicker manga?
    He is given the power so he can fight stronger opponents (it’s compensation for the fact that he hasn’t trained alot) – y should that power be ignored and not classed as his own?

  102. Regardless of the time he has spent training, the fact still remains that he is weak. I think its been said but Ichigo has a bankai that gives him outrageous speed. Thats its power. Yet he couldn’t even match Grimjaw without his hollow mask while the captains are keeping up with higher ranked espada just by using shunpo. Its like someone using basic kido and making more powerful ice than toshiros bankai. I completely agree that he isnt very balanced at all, no kido and one attack. All other shinigami who Ichigo should be on par with just seem miles ahead. No his power isnt limited to the number of attacks he has but lets face it, its one attack that is used one way. Even if he has a reason to be weaker than the captains, not training nearly as long, the fact he is weaker cannot be avoided.

  103. @everyone saying ichigo is weak…. read the manga one more time fromt he top. i think what you mean to say is the manga is inconsistant with ichigos powers, let me explain.

    in the resque Rukia ark, he trained for a week tops with urahara, and was able to fight on par with Vice captain Ranked Shinigami close to Bankai materialization, i.e. Ikaku and Renji, and beat them. this in fact states that ichigo accomplished in one week what these shinigami took decades to do.

    afterwards he faught Kenpachi, he lost once, but when he actually was able to once again hear his Zanpakutos voice he became strong enough to fight KEnpachi without the Eye patch. and he won Barely.

    Next he attaked Byakuya, who inturn has trained for at least 100 years to achive his bankai and its many forms. ichigo did it in a week.
    Heres my point About inconsistancy in the Manga. We know hes just as strong as Kenpachi in shikai with Kens eyepatch removed, he hasnt shown that level of ability again, We know he can match Byakuya in bankai and his speed is faster, we havent seen that level of ability since.

    what we have seen is these forms get pwnd while thoe others seem to hold their own, by others i mean Ken and Byakuya and others.

    And thats what bugs me

  104. The concentration and nature of reishi(spirit particles in the atmosphere on Earth, SS and Huego Mundo is different. . How your boddy reacts to the reishi determines your power level (over 5000, over 9000 etc.)Ichigo is a human, special but still human. His body seems to resonate best with the reishi in SS. His hollow self’s power is at it’s maximum in Huego Mundo, which explains the incredible increase in power of his hollow form.

    That’s why in the differnt arcs his power seems inconsistent- because they took place in differn worlds .I bet that on Earth Ichigo will OWN BIG TIME. Just like Home Cour Advantage 😉

  105. Bubble

    the god dude: WHo the fu** allowed you to eat my eat ,….gaaah im not playing anymore 😛

    lol and last and the only bubble entry by me 😀

  106. lol correction its eat my head not eat my eat XD XD

  107. Sorry ppls, bit more of a delay on the new breakdown – hopefully i’ll have it out tonight (6hrs).

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