Ninjutsu, Devil Fruits, Bankais, Alchemy, And Whatever You Like! What’s Your Power?


Artwork by P-N-E

Hey WRA, here’s something new to look at while we wait for the new manga releases after a week long break. I know we’re all going through our own personal withdrawal symptoms *punches a random nun and cries out to the moon* so I thought I’d make something to occupy our time and have fun with. It’s a simple post and here’s how it goes. *turns into a werewolf and eats nun* >_>

Make a list of anime you watch/read and under each anime list one power you would have if you were a character in it. Under the power put a small description of that power’s name and its ability. You can pick any anime out there and this list can go up to 5 items. I just picked these 4 anime because they’re the site’s main attraction. Last but not least, yes you are allowed to use an ability/power already in the manga if you can’t come up with anything on your own (i.e. Rasengan for the anime Naruto). So let’s begin! 😀


Bankai_form_of_Hotaru_Nagare_by_xXKurosakiIchigoxXArtwork by xXKurosakiIchigoxX


Power: Bankai

Name: Zennou (The Almighty)

Ability: Performs any and all levels of kido at any chosen power level. No need for incantations or verses to be recited. The wielder of this Bankai just has to point, think of the kido needed, and it will come out at any power level the wielder chooses. Eat it! >_<


Devil_Fruit_by_ZhdaNNArtwirk by ZhadaNN


Power: Devil Fruit

Name: Furasshubakku Furasshubakku Fruit (Flashback Flashback Fruit)

Ability: All who watch One Piece should know this is the mightiest DF ability of them all. It exposes One Piece character’s inability to die in current events and expounds on their greatest weakness. FLASHBACKS! If you want to find a dead major One Piece character go to a flashback! XD

The user shoots out a beam of light and if hit the target is transported into a 1 minute long flashback the user makes. The user then can control anything that happens to his opponent in this flashback. If the user says you are eaten by a shark then a shark will try to eat you. It’s avoidable but the user can also make more inescapable things such as a meteor fall on you. The user has a minute to do what he/she wants. If you die in the flashback when it comes back to current events you will instantly die as you did in the flashback. No time paradoxes included. Your death in the flashback does not mean everything you’ve done up to this point has never happened.


Delusion_by_tzarlzArtwork by Tzarlz


Power: Doujutsu (everyone has them so why can’t I?)

Name: Terepashigan (Telepathy…gan?) @_@

Ability: Far surpasses the Sharigan’s insight of predicting opponents moves from what it sees. As the Terepashigan can actually read the opponents mind and know exactly what he/she is thinking. Therefore the weilder of this doujutsu knows what the opponent’s strengths and weaknesses are, where they plan to attack and with what, how they plan to win, and what they have up their sleeve. Of course, depending on the mastery of this doujutsu varies the results of it. In other words how fast and how far in the mind the user can read and interpret his opponent’s mind.


Digital_Abstract_Design_3_by_S_unit12Artwork by S-unit12


Power: Alchemy

Name: Rakou Alchemist (Lighting Alchemist)

Ability: Able to create lighting from an exaggerated swish of a hand with special clothing worn at all time (even to bed >_>). Special markings are inscribed and marked on to the users clothes which allow him/her to perform this alchemy.


Well, that’s it for me. Of course you don’t have to go into as much detail as I have because there’s no point. Your feeble attempts to create something better than what I have created will lead you all to nowhere except bowing at the greatness that is my power in each anime. Good luck. 😛


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  1. First. 🙂

    Terepashigan ? Uh-oh. XO

    Naruto: Ninjutsu: Kakuzu’s Earth Style …
    Bleach: Bankai: Something with lightning …
    FMA: Alchemy: The Lightning alchemist … =]
    One Piece: Not into it … =[

  2. SECOND!!!!!

  3. four more days ’til showtime baby… 😉

  4. Thirdd

    Naruto: Doujutsu: Shakuringan ( a mix of sharingan, byakugan and rinnegan) 😀

    One Piece: Devil fruit (Logia): Wind Wind fruit

    cant think of anything else lol

  5. 4TH!!!! This just screams boredom, Super. Had nothing better to do? lol 😉

    Hehe, maybe…or maybe I did it for a little bit of fun. Probably a mix of both. 😛


  6. Bleach: Bankai – (can’t be fu*ked thinking of a name).
    ability – User creates a large sphere around the battle area (kinda like Tousen’s) but grants the user control over space and time. If the opponent is about to hit you – suddenly they are 10ft away taking an air swing.

    OP: DF logia type. Force Force fruit
    ability – Controls/manipulate gravity and other force moves. can squish opponents into the ground by raising the gravity around them. pull and push them away.

    Naruto: Human puppet jutsu.
    ability – chakra threads attach to nin and contols them completly (the mind becomes blank and orders are followed with out question). up to 5 nin can be controled at one time. Space/time jutsu (madaras) causes the puppet jutsu to be negated and would cease control.

    DBZ: Tri Beam Cannon – it’s just plain awesome sauce! 😛

  7. BLEACH: Hollowfied Quicny
    Ability – With mask equiped powered up and can shoot all forms of Cero’s, Hollow form is Winged Combat type with abilites like Flashcry.

    ONEPIECE: Matter Matter Fruit
    Ability – Able too reconstruct or deconstruct all forms of matter.

    NARUTO: Medical Nin like Kabuto and Intergrate peoples Bloodline Limits or Doujutsu, Experienced Taijutsu fighter able too open all gates able too control every tiny piece of flesh and bone in the body like the guy from the Naruto Bonds Movie or like Lord Genma from Ninja Scroll.

    GUYVER: Ultimate Battle Creature basically Aptom
    Ability – Too absorb all forms of Zoanoid becoming more Ultimately stronger and eventually absorb a cut off limb from the Guyver Dark.

    D.GREY MAN: Half Akuma on the side of Good.

    HAJIMA NO IPPO: Boxer Like Miyata.

    BERSERK: Ishidoro because Guts is his MASTER and he’s like the COOL APPRENTICE and Also Cause Guts Was My IDOL 🙂

  8. It’s good to know some people joined in the fun. 😉

    @Mudshovel: Tri-Beam Cannon FTEW!!!! XD

    @Lelulalilo: Hahaha, you went all out didn’t ya? 😛

  9. Anime I would be in and the powers I’d have
    By: Prawl

    Bleach: I’d have a chainsaw zanpakto, my Bankai would be unstoppable arrogance.

    Neon genesis evangelion: I would BE Unit 01, only far more violent! yay violence! *smashes Tokyo 3, gets U.S. to fund building of Tokyo 4*

    Full metal alchemist: I’d be a living suit of armor, like Al, but I’d have edward add an epoxy-powder-coat over my bloodseal… Try scrapin that off!

    Naruto: I’d be some random, un-memorable shinobi that would be a vehicle to build up Chouji’s character development… Lame

  10. Naruto: sharingan

    Bleach: Hyorinmaru bankai. Ice powerssssssss

    One Piece: Enel’s devil fruit. Lightning logia type. awesomeness.

    too lazy to think of original powers.

  11. Hajime no ippo: Hayami’s fighting style. Shotgun FTW

  12. you guys are and your simple mangas…lol
    well i’ll start off with the top 3..
    One Piece: I would have the Master Master Fruit. it would grant me the ability to master anything i choose to the instant i decide to use it. ex: if i wanted to use a sword, i would be a master swordsman instantly,etc…it would also allow me to have haki, but allow me to even use the kings disposition.

    Bleach:My Bankai would turn black like ichigo’s but would allow me to use my own reiatsu to increase all of my skills, kido, and even intellegence…i would also have a sharper blade capable of cutting through anything regardless of the oppenents heirro/reiatsu..

    Naruto: this would be easy.. i would have a bloodline limit that would allow me to have access to all elements, including wood, ice etc.

    History’s Strongest Desciple: i would have the elder’s super inhuman strength and experience…thats all you would need…lol

    FairyTail: i would have a mix of ezra’s exquip powers and natsu’s dragonslayer’s ability…

  13. Naruto: I would have the 4 tails sealed inside me and be able to use its lava ninjustu

    DBZ: The Kamehameha Wave. Really I’m really the only one who said this?

    One piece: Invisible Invisible Fruit. This speaks for itself

    GundamnWing: Death Scythe Hell Custom!!!!

  14. Let’s see here:

    Naruto: Kekkei Genkai: kyuusoku mane (means fast copy) Activated when in contact with other people…once they display their jutsu, whether it be kekkei genkai or any type of jutsu learned on their own i am able to copy it and call upon it at any point in the future as long as i can remember that person’s face, of course…too not seem so cheap, my copies wouldn’t be as good as the original thing, but are good nonetheless (think peter petrelli from Heroes)

    Bleach: Zanpakuto’s Name: Senyuukouraku (noun meaning: seeking pleasure only after the happiness of the people is assured)

    Shikai: Say..Torisaru (means: to remove; to eliminate) The zanpakuto turns into two steel tonfas…with blades at front edge and when i deem it necessary, two blades extend from the end of the tonfa…

    Bankai: Say…Tayasu (means: to exterminate; to eradicate) The zanpakuto turns into two Wakizashis with the tonfa’s additional handles at the bottom (think of a katana, then just add a handle at the bottom of the grip going outwards) In this state all skills are increased…strength, stamina, agility, speed, and perception (reaction time). The special ability in Bankai is that Senyuukouraku manifests himself in our world and fights alongside me, mirroring my moves…no verbal communication is needed…just by thought alone…

    ahh yes, the joy of knowing every1 else’s powers pale in comparison w/ my superior ones 😛

    btw…for those of you who don’t know:

    Tonfa i was talking about:


  15. Shikai: kasane kaminari (means lightning strike) when released turns into steel tonfa with blades on the side without the handel. Has the ability to summon lightning.

    Bankai: raitoningu shin (Lightning God) tonfa turn into blades which attack to the outside of the forearm and drastically increase the users strength, agility, speed and reaction speeds

    Naruto: Mass Earth moving Jutsu allows the ninja to turn the solid rock to dust and makes the enemy sink and the solidifies to the hardest minerals in the earth and traps the enemy in an inescapable tomb

    One Piece: Intangible Intangible Fruit (logia type) When needed can make the users body intangible and not being able to be harmed in any way.

  16. Naruto: 1) Blood Line Limit – Ability to use any and all elements and combine any to make new ones.

    2) Doujutsu – Ability to control time and matter. Gives me complete control over the mass, speed, visibility of all things I can see and touch.

    3) Summoning Contract with dogs

    Bleach: 4) Zanpakuto Name: The Fallen
    Shikai – negates the effects of all other shikai
    Bankai – N/A

    5) Final Ability…. MY POWER LEVEL IS OVER 9000!!!!

  17. Wish we had a fanfic section like there was on IRA, i miss pennys stories. Anywho

    naruto- Doujutsu – Ryuugan – Spacial manipulation justsu much like Tsukiomi, but instead of damaging the mind the jutsu controls the mind into inflicting damage on the body, I.E. get cut in my world get cut in the real world. (uses the victims own chackra to do this.)

    Bleach- would have Multiple personality disporder, causeing my riatsu to Change, good personality zanpakuto would have the ability to heal people by stabing them injecting spirit particles to heal wounds in shikai(gold sheild and katana), evil personality – shikai turns the blade into a sythe which absorbs reiatsu oncontact with its target no matter what it is.
    Bankai materialization for good is angel wings with white feathers ultimate ability would be to restor life to any dead person with a sacrifice of another.(angel apears to deam worthyness of the exchange if not the shinihgami is used.)
    evil Bankai – reverse materialization Black wings etc draws on the desire to kill summons creatures from the underworld increases strength and speed negates pain and fear.

    only read these two mangas have other abilities my characters can use but im at work. i know, i know, i should read One Piece

  18. LMFAO @ Prawl! Of course he’d be the one to come in here and say random funniness. Chainsaw Zanpaktou! XD

    @Pumpkinbread: I’ll call you Itashironel! (Itachi, Toshirou, and Enel) 😛

    @Shinobi: Simple manga eh? Maybe I should get into History’s Strongest Disciple and Fairy Tail… @_@

    @Jdizzle: LMAO, Kamehameha Wave? That’s too cheap! >__> I forgot all about my Shikai though. T_T

    @Ryuu: I think you’re talking about Loves (Lovesrainscnt) who did all the fanfiction. Yes, I do miss her stories too especially the one about Jiraiya and Tsunade. *drools* @_@

    I think we have a fanfiction section now and may ink it up to IHS. Still working out the details.

    YOSH!!! Get into One Piece and do it now!!!

  19. @supertrek: Itashironel? Im gona call my fish that now!

    Yes if your not reading One Piece (or watching it) your seriously missing out!

  20. Let’s see…

    Anime: Naruto

    Power: Doujutsu

    Name: Metsuki no Ganriki (literally meaning Eyes of Insight)

    Basically, it gives me the ability to completely understand anything I see…what makes them tick. With that, I am able to recreate whatever item of use whatever jutsu I see to optimum potential, whenever I desire.


    Anime: One Piece

    Power: Devil Fruit

    Name: Enajī Enajī no Mi (Energy Energy Fruit)

    With this ability, I get complete control and access to any and all forms of energy that exist. I am, of course, also able to use them at whim.

    *daydreams of having these powers*

  21. Manga: One piece

    Devil Fruit: Oda Oda no mi.
    This grants me absolute control over the one piece world. Enemies can simply be taken out of the plot or their very natures changed so they can help me if i so wish. Even changing their own powers is completly possible…As long as i have a pencil and a sense of humor

    I would also have similar ninjutsu and bankai for their respective manga, only, no sense of humor or originally would be required, particularly with Kishi no jutsu 😛

  22. On any anime: The ability to move so fast, that it will be no problem any kind of attack or power, ill be able to see an enemy, an before he can make a move, finish him off

  23. just to let the pplz who like or the pplz that wat to kno the recent chapters that are out:

    i am please to inform that after 4 months D.GRAY-MAN has finally released a new chapter consisting of over 50 pages.

  24. lets get it bomb itt =D

    dragonball: YEAH I SEE IT SO WHAT since i’m 4 and i’M 17 O.O

    NARUTO: though the powerabove wud be again a choice to win against naruto i’m choosing this one cuz i kinda see rlly bad and kinda listen rlly bad too so
    power Having completely control over the 5scents and harmony wid nature


    shikai: wooden sword able to cut anything through (IRONIC isn’t it)


    I rlly suck at inventing stuff damn x.x no imagination

    @SUPAH u lousy head tell me wha u think D:

  25. @biradical…taking my ideas, eh? -____- and how exactly can a tonfa NOT have a handle? It would just be a ‘Kama’ or a ‘Jutte’…*shakes fist at biradical* i guess it’s true what they say, imitation is the best form of flattery 😛

    @Prawl: LMAO dude, why didn’t I think about that? Good choices 🙂

    @others: I’m thinking of writing a Bleach fan fic…IHS is full of Naruto fan fics…but missing One Piece and Bleach…

  26. Bleach:

    Amatsu raikou (Best definition: Heavenly Lightning)
    Sealed: Appears as two daggers, one straight, one bent in a lightning shape.
    Shikai: Command: Shock them to death
    Appears a two long blades, black metal shaped like lightning bolts, leading to a long handle.
    Effect 1: When in contact with something, it will make the object unable to move for double the duration of the contact. IE- If it came in contact with a person for 5 seconds, they would not be able to move for 10. Similarly, if it came in contact with a Zampacto, it would not be able to release farther for double the duration as well.
    Effect 2: The ability to create a powerful lightning attack (REALLY POWERFUL, Let’s drill that in). The downfall is that it needs to be charged, without any contact or movement, for 1 full minute.

    Bankai: Command: Hail in glorious light, Raiden.
    The sword now appears as two separate swords, as if the Shikai was broken in halves.

    The same effects from before still apply, but added are…
    Effect 1: A small piece of one of the swords is taken off the handle, and thrown (in ideal situation) at the enemy. It would then create a small (10-15 feet diameter) dome around the enemy, rendering them immobile inside the sphere.

    Effect 2: Raiden disintegrates, and the user (me) becomes a being of lightning, becoming invincible to physical attacks and most kido/cero/that good stuff.
    1: After the effect expires, the user will be sapped of most, if not all, of his energy.
    2: The user’s body will be badly burned. This is not only limited to the skin, and outside body, however. If the form is sustained long enough, organs could be burned as well

  27. Naruto: iron based kekegenkai (fire, earth, water). Can act like yammy’s wood jutsu, but can also create an iron sand to make an impenetrable armor. Could also fuse it with my bones to strengthen skeletal structure. The steel could be fused with bits of other chakra types to give me access to all types, like ice, wood, and lava (though only in small quantities for small amounts of time. Lightning jutsus only increase my energy (electro magnetism [take that chidori]).

    Code Geass: Geass: do i really need to explain this one???

    Bleach: Shikai (regular zanpaktou): opens up worm holes in the space time continum allowing to 1) travel faster than flash steps 2) redirect incoming attacks 3) or could just send the zanpaktou through to stab someone.
    Bankai (sick ass scythe): Retains same abilitieas as shikai. Can stop time (though that means you can no longer see because light will not be reflecting off anything because it won’t be moving), travel back in time to an extent (further back means the more reiatsu, though to be fair it would be made incredibly hard to go back even an hour) and can create completely new dimensions that stay in existence after bankai has been ended. Can also travel to alternate timelines to study effects of present events (again incredibly tiring to do, and can only stay for a certain amount of time). Easily able to travel through existing dimensions, i.e. go to hueco mundo, soul world, and earth.

    Amatsuki: Unwritten Page. means free of heaven’s net, which means i have no specific destiny, thus the gods can not kill me by indirect means, or control me in anyway, or know certain situations that will arise involving me.

    Death Note: why not just have ryuzaki’s amazing intellect.

    did i think about this too much? probably… mlia

  28. Naruto:Osama Fuuton tatsu: (king wind dragon)
    a huge wind attack that has a tornado effect and can be navigated by the user also size adjustable suitable for single battles or huge battlefields. of course looks like a dragon

    Bleach: kujiku (crush)
    its shikai mode is a huge battle axe like Barragon’s and ability is with every swing is like a force push/blast (like piens ability/or a much better gravity hammer)
    Bankai: increased agility, strength, speed and power and big battle axe turns into duel axes.

    One piece: I know someone said this but the lightning lightning fruit is pretty ballin

  29. fuuton raser shuriken v2.o itts sounds gud

  30. i would use the note note no mi, turn into yagami light, and write everyones name in my note as the captions appear… all of the strong people would die in 40 seconds..

  31. Hmm.. since the originally posted include my favourites im gonna start with my most favourite.. BLEACH!!

    Anime: BLEACH

    Name: Yajuu Kami (The Beasts Of God) It was formed when the souls of two powerful shinigami merged into one. The zanpakutou were intertwined. The Form of a Wolf and a Lion, with the wolf wrapped around the lion, forming its mane.

    Power: Genkai/Sealed

    Ability: In sealed form it releases tremendous forms of lethal reiatsu forcing the wielder to seal it away in another dimension

    Power: Shikai

    Ability: In order to bring it back from the other dimension the wielder must first use the stored up energy by blasting the reitsu in the form of cero like attacks. The blade then gives the wielder the power over shadows along with lightning. Both of these can be bent by the user.

    Power: Bankai

    Ability: It boosts the power of the user a hundred times for a single, extremely powerful, 10 mile attack. When it subsides it gives the user the power to bend the light and the dark to his will, allowing super speed, clones, instantaneous healing and reflection of attacks. The final attack allows the user to manipulate all matter with a 3 mile radius effectively making him Godlike in that area. PLEASE TRY AND.. BEAT THIS!! SUCK IT AIZEN!!

  32. Uhh… i noticed that a lot of people.. out of fairness.. or something.. have decided to give drawbacks… so i will too… altho i dont want to.. but i will… lemme thing… drawbacks… drawbacks… uhh… umm… shit!! i dunno.. you guys can think of something.. right?!

  33. Now for Naruto

    Name: Chishio Utsushi (Blood Copy)

    Ability: As the name suggests it can copy any ability which is a bloodline given ability. Done correctly, it can copy nearly all kekegenkai abilities. With more usage and practise it allows the combination of upto 3 abilities eg. being able to use the wood ability along with the sharingan along with the ksukuyomi. the drawback is simple, the user would have had to make sure that the last 3 people he touched had these abilites, if he touches anyone else then he will lose the other abilities forcing the user to either make sure that he was covered all over or to keep a living part of the people whose powers he needs(i suppose blood can be kept alive for a very long time.. but im not exactly sure how this works out) The 2nd drawback is the time limit, as it can only be used for 30 minutes and each new kekegenkai reduces that by 10 minutes.

    Boost Ability: Like the sharingan, this also has a very powerful boost. If the user absorbs another person who has these abilities then he can use them whenever he wants although, the time limit is only increased to an hour. The drawback is that the user cannot force the other person to give up their life, the person being absorbed must willingly allow it to happen.

    Signs: While using this ability the users body is engulfed by black smoke, with white symbols flashing on his/her skin with the hair turned into a bright blue. The eyes change colour depending on how many abilities are being used.

  34. oops… wrote sharingan with ksukuyomi… stupid me.. they’re both from the sharingan itself.. i meant byakugan with ksukuyomi

  35. ah finally the great ahsan is here darnit made wordpres towork finally

    1-sharingan -of itachi uchiha 😛

    2-ability to use 3 swords like zoro and his swords 😛

    3-kyubi in me :O

    muahhahaha g-o-d is here

  36. one piece:

    Rumble ball that combines brain point and monster point, though the monster is half the size.

    To do this, chopper eats 2 and a half rumble balls instead of 3.

    Drawbacks: has to rest for a day or two/ sh crew would have no1 to heal everyone else that’d most likely be dying from whatever battle they were in

  37. One piece: genetically modified fruit
    Fire Ice no mi… yes… combine ace and aokiji’s powers…


    Seawater seawater no mi: makes everyone with df abilities lose all their powers… downside is that when used you can’t do anything because ur energy will drain as well… It’s good if you have crew members lol…

  38. One piece:

    press press no mi – preassure fruit. Logia
    gives user control over all forms of preassure ranging in physcial, mental, even air preassure giving user several forms of attack and deffense.

    Exp: Organ preassure, can cause the preassure of victoms specific organs to rupture causing internal bleeding, (must be touching victom exactly where he wishes to cause damage)

    Air preassure: can control the preassure of the air around him, making the user lighter or enemys heavier, slowing their movements while quickening his own. Also capable of controling wind to some extent. If the oppenent is weak enough the user can create a wall of preassure that the oppenent cant get through, an invisible wall. Can also be used as invisible projectiles.

    Mental: By creating mental strain and preassure on the victom the user can control the battle to the users advantage, this is a deadly attribute when used along side the ability to physical slow the victom. Victom starts to doubt their ability thus leading to theri demise.

  39. One piece –

    dragon dragon fruit: model gold – mythical beast zone user

    Takes form and shape of gold dragon. Aromred scales, multitude of attacks, great night vision, flight, breathes fire and ash. One major weakness is the dragons heart wich is found under the neck where no scales grow.

    •Cloud Kill
    •Fireball – a ball of magical fire
    •Fire Shield – a wall of fire used to protect the dragon
    •Shield – an invisible wall of energy to protect the dragon
    •Sleep – the dragon is able to put his enemies asleep
    •Stinking cloud – cloud of foul gas

  40. Hot damn, you guys really went all out especially you Alec with the powers to transverse dimensions, time, and space! >_< Lol, next time I make a post as the author I'll reserve the right to use the godly powers for myself! 😀

    And I see there are a lot more One Piece lovers here than I initially thought. 0_0 Catching up with the series and everything? Exxcceellleennt! 😉

  41. sorry just editing

    1-sharingan -including that of itachi uchiha & uhciha madra( i can use all elements by copying them )basic affinity is lighting though

    2-ability to use 3 swords like zoro and 3 cursed top quality swords

    3-the 9 tailed demon fox inside me >_<

    muahhahaha g-o-d is here

  42. change swords to soul slayers 3 soul slayers with bankai;s

  43. change the sharingan to a bloodline ability of mine that can copy do-jutsu named serningen

    i have copied sharingan ,ms,byakuga,rinnengan so i posses all yaaa

  44. Naruto- I would use water and able to see through water drop that
    is in the area. Some of my move would allow me to make it rain(Yes dollar and water) I won’t be effected by eye ginjutsu because I’ll wont be looking through my eyes. Like is said i would use water that is around me to see. My name would be Reku Recon.

    Bleach- More sword would be almost like the Green Ranger Dragon Dagger. When I play a song it can create a green shield or control some one. In Bankai it would cover my body in a green and black metal like armor. Almost like Venom from Web Of Shadows just more lizard like with a long tail and a blade at the end of of it. My name would be Kuroi Tokage.

    One Piece- It would be Frost Frost Fruit. I would almost be like Iceman. I would be able to slow down molecules and able to turn myself into ice. Also I would be able to absorb water in people body. My name would be Aisu.

    FMA- I would be able to change myself into a large black wolf creature. I would have massive strength and speed. My Alchemy
    would not be as good but I would be able to have control over metal. My name would be Jack Ryder.

  45. Supa I have an idea that will invole me doing none of the work.

  46. Lets see, what powers would I have.

    Naruto: Infinite Wellspring Blood line limit- The possessor of this Blood Line Limit has no upper level of Chakra, and can create and store a near infinite amount of chakra within their bodies. All metabolic energy not put to use is converted straight into chakra and stored away, thus giving the possessor a chakra pool similar to or greater than that of a Jinchuruki, only without having to have a demon sealed inside of you.

    Bleach: I would be the only Quincy that died and became a shinigami. My soul cutter would be named rayburst (only in Japanese) and it’s shikai would be the form of a bow that has all the power I had as a Quincy, only it would be able to form the reishi arrows much faster. In bankai form though it would take the form of blazing Halo that hovers over me, giving me the capability to shoot super powered reishi arrows in all directions around me simultaneously. It would also be able to create a force field around me to protect me from being attacked as well.

    One Piece: I would have the powers of the Mimic Mimic fruit which would allow me to use any skill, or Devil Fruit power that I have ever witnessed, or experienced first hand. Thus if I saw hawk-eye in a sword fight, I would assimilate his sword fighting skills; if I saw Aokiji use his Ice powers I would be able to use his Ice powers whenever I wanted from that point on. The limiting factor would be I would only be able to use one devil fruit power at a time, so I would not be able to combine say Croc’s sand abilities with Ace’s Fire abilities. Skills I could use as if they were my own and in any combination.

  47. @Ahsan: God indeed. -_-

    @Ice: Ha, combining the powers of Crocodile and Aokiji eh? XD And we’re having a debate about who would win in a fight between them on the One Piece blog right now. How ironic. 😉

    @Iamnotreallyhere: I really like your Bleach power. Very creative and I could see that happening in the manga. A half Quincy half Shinigami fighter. O_O

  48. Thanks Supa.

  49. Anime:One piece

    Cursed Fruit:Sakura Sakura No Mi(Cherry Blossom Cherry Blossom Fruit)Type:Uknown
    With this crused fruit ability i can controle cherry blossoms,and i can uses that like tiny razor blades and i can also use them defensively,theyre are many of these blossoms so noone can escape or fight for long without surviving

    Bleach:Zanpaktou bithces!

    Zanpaktou ability:manipulates water xD

    Shikai:Drown,Umitsume(Sea Claw)

    Shikai Special Ability:Water int he atmosphere surrounds my blade and pressurizes around it and gives length to it,the length it becomes is my choice,in its pressurized form it becomes sharper the the orginal blade its self and takes the shape of a sythe,I can also,if i choose to make it so the blade pass through solid objects like my enemies bladeor the enemy themselves and when it passes throught the enemies body it will fill any organd it passes through with water sufficating them,i can seperate it from the blade with the command,crash,and it will turn into a wave that crashes into the enemy slicing them,

    Bankai:Kuruma Itotsuki Umitsume(Shining Violet Moon Ocean Claw):Bankai when activated will transform my blade i to water and it will swirl around me in the form of a tornado,then the water will crash to the ground,and im holding a deep violet blue sythe,and i have crescent moon shaped wings that glow a deep violet blue,my wings gather the water in the atmopshere that i can use to advantage

    Bankai Special Ability:In bankai i gain new attacks

    Water Sythes:If my water blade is destroyed i can summon water in the atmosphere to make a new one

    Kinezumi(Caged Mouse):The water my wings gave stored will create a barrier around the enemy suffocating and drowning them

    Kanetsuki Ame:(Sharp Moon Rain):I can swing my blade once and it will break apart and rain down on the enemy

    Shields:My wings can produce shields of water that will burst if struck

    Water Clones:My wings can store the water and create life-like clones that even bleed

    Beame(After Rain)This is my strongest attack,i swing my blade forwards,and small particles of water will travle through the air and into the enemies body,my weapon coming in contact with the water in theyre body,will slice them from the inside out

  50. 最强 Dragon’s powers

    Be aware they’re godlike and impossible.

    One Piece
    Reality Reality Fruit (someone translate that to japanese please!!!)

    I can control, manipulate and warp reality at whim, thus killing opponents in a stupid and random way,making anything I imagine real, changing people’s emotions and natures, making my death an illusion, shape-shifting and giving me any random power I can imagine. 😛

    Enemy: *reveals unbeatable power* MUAHAHA! I SHALL DEFEAT YOU!

    Dragon: You don’t know about my random and unstoppable power.

    *enemy lunges toward me at the speed of light (literally) and tries to impale me*

    *he has stabbed himself for some random reason*


    Dragon: I don’t know exactly, it’s just my power… <_<

    *heals enemy and makes him an ally*

    Btw, this ability can't be copied… 😛

    Have all Tailed Beasts under my control at the same time (Juubi included), every Kekkei Genkai and Dojutsu (even ones I make up in a second), every element and jutsu I can imagine.

    Zanpakuto: Uber-awesome blade of awesomeness and power. It's awesomeness is so awesome enemies die (or become my allies) just by being close to it.

    Shikai: I can wield lots of elemental attacks and fuse them to create new elements.

    Bankai: I gain the ability to warp reality like in One Piece.
    I can copy bankais and do everything I did in OP.

    Fairy Tail
    Ultimate Dragon Slayer and Mage.

    I can use all the Dragon Slayer abilities and turn into a huge and unbeatable dragon. I can also use all normal mage abilities like Ice Make, Exquip, Stellar Spirits…


    Combination of all the characters powers, Kamehameha, Big Bang attack, Death Ball, Galick Gun, Super Saiyan transformations…

  51. 1yr Almost Later….

    A Quincy with Shinagami/Hollow powers given by Ichigos Soul Slayer pierced through my heart, its Do-Able.

    Kabuto upgraded with Deva,Preta,Human Path abilites not in the Eyes but his Body, and Itachis spirit Items Yata Mirror and Totsuka Sword and also Sasukes Kusanagi.

    Oboro and his Live Fusion.

    D.Gray Man:
    Kanda as a 2nd Exosist

    ONEPIECE: The Rough-Bane Pirates
    Ate the Emo Emo DevilFruit can alter living Consciousness, Emotions, Expression and Psyche, only strong Haki Users could resist.
    1ST MATE:
    DJ Samurai ate the SFX SFX DevilFruit allows him to Interpret and Mimic sounds from Animals, Fish, Birds, Weapons,etc.
    Known as the White Leg Gordon Ramsey whose dream is to open the Perfect Resturant in the New World.
    Ex-Vegapunk Scientist ate the Hulk Hulk D-Fruit and is persued relentlessly by WG and Marines.
    Undercover Female Reporter/Journalist with knowledge of world events and places, whose Dream is to find the Greatest story on Earth.
    PIRATE CREW: Clockwork Orange Gang and the Duckie Boyz, high on the Captains Euphoria they follow his every command.

    Woli cause hes a Natural like me.

    GUTS! Non hero Character ZODD!

    Gear me up with 2 Smashers a Sword and a Clone plus all the Other Goodies and Im good to take the World On.

    Aptom and his Ultimate Battle Form.

  52. This looks fun.

    My zanpakuto would be Ashitendou (Evil Paradise). In it’s sealed state it takes the form of a nodachi with a long hilt (32 centimeters.

    Shikai: Its release command is “Join the world in eternal peace” (yeah, I’d probably die before I get to finish saying that lol). In its Shikai it gets a much broader blade. It also gain flesh-like tendrils above the cutting part of the blade that extends from the hilt to the blade’s tip. In the center of this blade an eye emerges.

    Shikai Special Ability: The eye on the blades perception is added to the wielder’s, so whatever it sees, the wielder sees. Its main ability is that it can change shape to whatever weapon it hits if the wielder chooses (it retains the ability to transform into whatever weapon it clashed with before, even if its a different fight). Upon it’s release, its foul energy kills any vegetation in a half-mile radius. It also doubles the power the wielder puts into swings. Its downside is the fact that it rapidly drains the user of his Reiatsu and if not kept an eye on, it will devour all of its user’s Reiatsu and kill that person (if Bankai is achieved, however, this side-effect becomes null).

    Gekidoheki (Rage Burst): It converts the users negative thoughts, emotions and Reiatsu into power energy beam slashes that have a similar appearance to the Getsuga Tenshou, except these blasts are dark purple.

    Gojou Tama (Hatred Ball): It devours any Hollow that are in a half-mile radius and converts their hatred into a basketball-sized ball of pure hatred. Anything it hits dissolves as it acts like a very corrosive poison.

    Bankai: Kontan Kuitsukuse Ashitendo (Soul Devouring Evil Paradise). The Bankai can only be activated after 1000 Hollow are killed by this blade (it requires 1000 deaths each time to release Bankai). In Bankai, the blade is covered by the flesh-like tendrils and they become a lighter shade of brown. Eyes then cover the entire blade. The user is given the perception of all the eyes, but the blade can no longer cut. The arm holding the blade becomes more muscular and gains several eyes on it. Ever swing the user makes is now 7 times stronger than normal. The Bankai can only be maintained for 45 seconds.

    Reikon Teiku (Soul Take): Anyone pierced by Kontan Kuitsukuse Ashitendo is immediately absorbed by it if the wielder’s Reiatsu is greater than the victim’s.

    Devil Fruit: Youma Youma no Mi (Ghost Ghost Fruit)

    The person who eats this Devil Fruit can become intangible for 10 seconds. In this period of intangibility, the user can negate any laws of physics they may choose, or all if they so wish.

    Kekkei Genkai: Doujutsu: Chisiogan (Blood Eye)

    It offers no abilities except one. After the user gets the opponents blood (by any means), they do a Hidan and taste the blood. The Chisiogan then analyzes the blood and the user gains the Kekkei Genkai (because the Chisiogan changes the user’s blood to match the sample tasted) that the blood’s former owner possessed. The information is stored, so the user doesn’t have to taste an (example) Uchiha’s blood in every fight to get a Sharingan. The Chisiogan then morphs into a perfect copy of the eye it took, if not a Doujutsu, then it keeps its original appearance. It only has an appearance while its copying a Doujutsu, otherwise it looks like a normal eye would

    Side Effects/Negatives: only ninjas with a chakra level of an average S-class Jonin or more can use it without taking hours to copy the Kekkei Genkai, as by forcing chakra into the Chisiogan, the process can be sped up. No matter how strong the ninja that uses the Chisiogan, they’ll fall unconscious 15 hours after its first activated, and re-awaken after an hour.

  53. Bleach:
    Bankai – Attacks the nervous system of the user, altering their perception of Pain or feeling, also being able to change the pulses going to the brain effecting brain functions or loss of memory. Can only work if the user has seen the activation and has been cut by the blade. (hahaha Aizen’s kinda O_O)

    Paths of Pain – or Rinnegan
    Have 6 Paths (i.e Forms) like Pein

    One Piece:
    The Flames fruit

    Gohan Full potential

  54. necrobump.

  55. Wow. What was I smoking when I wrote that comment? Must have been trollweed.

  56. @ Dragon – hahaha

  57. @Dragon

    Lol. Wow, I just read it now. It definitely seems like you had too much alcohol intake or something. 😛

    Actually, I don’t think I ever commented on this post about what power I would like to have.

    For One Piece, it only makes sense that I eat the Devil fruit that gives me the power to eat anything, regardless of size, shape, chemical properties or any other characteristics that substance or individual might have. This means I can defeat my enemies by consuming them, or defend myself by literally eating any energy projectiles – or attacks of any other form, that are directed at me – including fire, cannon balls, or even entire ships, etc.

    For Naruto, I would have a Kekkai Genkai the likes of which I described in my one fanfic, that gives the user two distinct powers. One is a doujutsu which allows the user to see spiritual energy and flow of life force that resides within every life force in the world around them and if they make eye contact with someone, they are able to see into their souls. During that link, the user is also able to share their own emotional or physical experiences, past or present, with the victim, making them feel the user’s pain, fears, or make them relive the user’s greatest nightmares. The link is so intricate that anything experienced by the victim will be as if it they were reliving that moment in person to such a degree that physical injuries and psychological damage may be incurred during such a session.

    The other side to the Kekkei Genkai is the physical side, in that physical touch causes a link between the user’s life force and the person he makes contact with. By increasing or decreasing the flow of life force between that connection, the user can either heal their target by giving some of their own life force to them (the downside is it weakens the user), or cause damage by disrupting the flow of their own life force. I would use a tajutsu style similar to the Hyuuga, only instead of disrupting my opponent’s chakra with attacks, I would disrupt their life force. This would work well with my doujutsu, which also allows me to see the flow of life force in all living things as explained above. A well aimed blow with this taijutsu technique can be instantly fatal. @__@

    Also, I would have a dragon summoning contract for good measure. <_<

    *Summons Dragon*

    For Bleach, well, I haven't read enough of Bleach to really know how everything works, so I'll just pretend and say I'd have a special Scythe that allows me to seal the soul of a shinigami away with a single swipe. I think that's the safest thing to go with. X___x

  58. *Eats necroKisu*

  59. Over the years i had many kind of powers i would want and i’d usually get a specific power and adjust them depending on the anime

    One Piece-
    Bone Bone Fruit (yeah sounds dirty but don’t intend it to be see if you can come up with a more suitable name).
    Basically i can increase my bone size, sharpness, hardness, density and create more bones only from the inside of my body or very close to me.
    I can still control the bone that has left my body but can’t change the shape unless I’m touching it again. I am able to shoot the bone/bones from me to deal a incredible damage long distance (kind of like luffys pistol) but it doesn’t have to return. I can increase the bones around my arms,legs etc. to create a bigger one momentarily and also eject it like a projectile weapon or do it condensed.
    If needed i would created a giant’s skeleton and manipulate and make more bones around it to fill the holes and make it a lot stronger and faster.
    I should be able to fly with bone wing (like robins “armed” wings).
    My power should be feared mostly because of the recoil. it can be as little as a baby’s push to as fast as if it looked like i was teleporting. the recoil can come from any wear around my body. The Bone Bone Powers allow me to copy for imitate the Rokushiki Master’s abilities Soru, Geppou, Tekkai, rangkaku, shigan and kami (by bending my bones to my liking or will) since its not the real deal i can’t use Ro-kou-gan (Six king Gun). Of course haki would be equipped but i wouldn’t have the conquerors haki (not that cocky hahahaha).

    The shikai is “when 2 becomes one, 1 has the power to 2″… Azure Sever. (yes, kinda gay) it spilts into 2 blades on the one zanpaktou. it can fire projectile cuts (Urahara’s Benihime) but only green and can spilt like V’s because of the 2 blades. i can also create a shield in front of the sword and fire many Sharpe edged blades like a machine gun (like Ishida’s Bow).

    The Bankai is “Azure God Take form”…Green Azure. i have a black armored suit with 2 swords with a chain connecting them. the bladeof the sword run down past the grip of the sword to the end of the handle(its like protecting my hand). i can throw rotated the chain of one end of the sword and throw it at my oppenent and from the chain my reiatsu can control the chain and swing my zanpaktou and send a large slash (jst like getsuga tenshou).
    When i am out of options i can use my hollow powers. it is a mask that also extends to cover my chest arms and upper back where my hollow, angel looking wings are(yes ironic). with this form it comes with instant regen, cero, bala, strength, speed etc.

    i don’t really care for the eyes hahahahah, i admit they look great and are powerful but i’d prefer Master sage mode.
    A sage ring to collect sage chakra, a normal ring to collect normal chakra so i can have 2 sets. leave 2 clones to collect and hide and 1 clone to tell me telepathically when i can use it. my geke genkai would be like kimmiaru’s execpt i would use the bones to create arms and do seals so i’m not vulnerable when fighting. i would like to be wind natured and create a large sphere of rotating wind jst like in avatar(cartoon version, lets face it that was awesome). and my summons would be 4 elemental frog so i became a 5element sage instant jutsus. at least its not as rigged as the rinnegan or sharingans ffs.

    thats just a couple ideas i had and if you would like to question me or know more feel to go ahead. thank you for your time reading my entry.

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