Naruto 460 Spoiler Confirmed + Chapter 459 Breakdown: Sakura’s Decision

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An early breakdown this week. Beating the Gaiden post time by a land slide. Which I think can be classed as amazing. But before we get to the breakdown, I’d like to point one little thing out, which is amazing too.  Did anyone know that we ranked 79th position in WordPress’s growing blogs of the day? That is total awesomeness!  Just imagine how many blogs there are on WordPress and we kicked their highly written up asses! Now to smoothly bribe ourselves into the top 10. I shall keep you updated on this. Some of you could call this a “random fact of information,” but as a blog that started on June the 8th; this is a major achievement on our part. So I am going to keep an update on this. Just because I find it awesomeness. 😉

79. WRA

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With the mangafinally beginning to pick up it’s pace, we are made to wonder how exactly this is going to end like? How long do we really with Naruto? Is the end next year? Nah, just kidding. That would be too depressing. So lets head right to this breakdown! Before someone has an emotional breakdown. Never mind. Sakura is doing that for us. 😀

The meeting room has been left in a state of shock. Danzou, being chosen by Mifune, says that he’ll be honoured to lead them if they’ll accept him. Raikage furiously roars why had Danzou been chosen, when he is the embodiment of darkness of the Ninja world!? The spawn of Barney… I knew he was suspicious from the beginning.  When Mifuneasks who should be chosen then, Raikage replies that he is the most trustworthy. None of his village is involved with Akatsuki.  Mifune disagrees and points to the newly made cup holder on the table, courtesy of Raikage. He explains that some emotion is needed to lead strong warriors, but Raikage lets his own run him. He would destroy the alliance as easily as he did the table. He doesn’t see the cup holder in progress there.. Mifune continues to explain that Gaara is too young to lead it, some of the others find it difficult to even address him as the ‘Kazekage’. The Tsuchikage is not only too old, but he seems to have mobility problems. He has also used the Akatsuki too many times in the past, so he is the least trustworthy. Mizukage is just like the seat of the Akatsuki. There would be too many worries of information leaks and spies.

It's because he has a snail suit in his bag, isn't it?

It's because he has a snail suit in his bag, isn't it?

With Konoha being the only one with a Tailed Beast, it only seems fair that they lead. Not just that, the Akatsuki should not be allowed to capture the Nine Tails. Raikage gets to his feet (if he already wasn’t on them) and roars that he will not be apart of an alliance that requires his village to reveal it’s intentions. Ao senses something has changed in the meeting room, so he warns Chojiro to prepare for battle. He then activates his Byakugan. Dun dun duuuuuun. Wow another eye technique. I am just waiting for Lee to use a ‘dynamic entry’ somewhere with an eye technique. Hey, maybe he has a Rinnegan. Maybe Naruto may even have a shakuringan. A weird combination of all three. Originality at it’s best. Well at least it’s not another sharingan. You can hardly say the clan was massacred with the amount of people walking around with a sharingan, lately.

Get your eye technique, right here! Get them for unlimited time only! Well have so many of them we give them out forever! Come take an eye technique!

Get your eye technique, right here! Get them for unlimited time only! Well have so many of them we give them out forever! Come take an eye technique!

Back in Konoha the Rookie 9 (minus team 7) are by some planks of wood. Choji tries his job at comforting Ino, but Kiba has had enough of her blubbering and yells at her to quit crying. Ten ten jumps to her defense and tells him not to talk to her like that. Kiba cuts her off yelling that it isn’t like before. Shino points out that if Ino is reacting like this then Naruto and Sakura will… He lets it trail off there to add the effect of their reaction. Neji then tells them to let Shikamaru handle it. He must feel responsibility seeing as he failed in his first duty as a team leader. That is why he offered to go. In Tsunade’s tent Shizune points out to Sai that Naruto wants to save Sasuke too. He is not just doing it as a promise. Sai admits that he thinks that too, but everyone relies on Naruto too much. He says that he can feel Naruto’s sadness lately. He can also feel the heat of Naruto’s gut anger at Sasuke. All the while Shikamaru waits outside the tent for the perfect moment for his dramatic entrance. Sai continues saying that they to do something for themselves, for Konoha’s and Naruto’s sake. Shikamaru takes this moment to enter the tent and tell them Sai is right. Just before Sai can begin his Sasuke rant. One day, Sai… You’ll have your chance one day….

Shizune next roll is in "The Hunchback of Notradamn III The Gender Pill"

Shizune next roll is in "The Hunchback of Notre Dame III. The Gender Pill Mishap"

Shikamaru explains that they are not kids anymore. Hinata is proof enough for that. >_> They will stop the Akatsuki and Sasuke. He is here to ask Team 7 for permission. They can’t let war break out between Konoha and Kumokure because of Sasuke. He then more on to theoretical speaking. If Kumokure kill Sasuke, then Sakura, Naruto and Ino won’t stand for it. If they end of being killed then Shikamaru, Choji and Inoichi and their parents will want revenge. The other side will want revenge too. If Choji and Shikamaru get killed, then their parents will want revenge and it will become an all out war. The messengers from Kumokure said that Sasuke is already being treated as an all out criminal. If he continues to work with Akatsuki he will only become more hated. Shikamaru says that they need to take care of Sasuke themselves. That is why he has come to ask permission from Team 7. Sakura asks Shikamaru not to continue.

Shikamaru went badass 0_0

Shikamaru went badass 0_0 It's going to be a shoot out..

In an inn, Naruto lies uselessly on the floor thinking of Sasuke. Naruto wonders what Sasuke is doing and thinking right now. Is he thinking of Sakura, Kakashi and him just a little bit? Has defeating his brother made him feel better or worse? Then why hasn’t he returned to Konoha. He wonders if the hatred has eaten Sasuke up. Has he really become a common criminal. He then clenches his fist in fury and realisation. He doesn’t understand Sasuke anymore.

No, Naruto!! Stay away from that emo side!! >_< He has taken the wrong pills.

No, Naruto!! Stay away from that emo side!! >_< He has taken the wrong pills.

The Fairy Plum Princesses are left it shock. Zetsu has somehow disappeared. Sasuke chuckles. He finds the fact that they’ve been ditched amusing. Near ‘The Three Wolves,’ Madara sits on a lump of snow getting frost bite on his butt. Once Zetsu announces he is ready, he tells Zetsu to begin.

If age isn't getting you, then maybe frost bite will

If age isn't getting you, then maybe frost bite will

Back in Konoha, Shikamaru apologises to Sakura because he will do it, regardless of their answer. Sai tells him that Naruto has went to the Land of Iron to meet the Raikage. Shikamaru realises that it isn’t going to be as easy as he hoped. Sakura shocks everyone by saying she will talk to him. After saying that he loves her so she’ll do it, she thinks that she caused him the most pain and she doesn’t want to make another mistake. So they’re off to the Land of Iron too.

Realisation is a bitch

Realisation's a bitch

Back in the meeting. Ao has made a shocking discovery. The colour running along Danzou’s right arm, right shoulder and his right eye is Uchiha Shisui’s chakra colour. Who he happened to fight once upon a time. Ao appears behind the Mizukage demanding to see the eye beneath Danzou’s bandages. The Tsuchikage in confusion, ask what is going on. Ao explains that Danzou stole Shisui’s eye and implanted it. Shisui had the power to get into people’s minds and control them. His opponent wouldn’t even know that they were being controlled. It was one of the most powerful eye techniques. Raikage demands if Danzou is controlling Mifune. Aoexplains that his right eye is a souvenir from a battle with a Hyuuga, so he can’t judge him on that. But he could see through the illusion on the 4th Mizukage so he can’t fool him. Raikage cuts off Ao calling Danzou a bastard. Before anything more can happen, Zetsu appears in the centre of the conference yelling hello. By this point, all the bodyguards have taken their position in front of their Kage. As the Kages recognise him as an Akatsuki, Zetsu tells them that Uchiha Sasuke is here. But the question is where?

Shisui wears eye liner -__-"

Amy Winehouse's eye liner has even reached Naruto..No-where is safe -__-"

There is a lot of questions started by this chapter. Here are a few of them. Not only is Naruto and Sasuke in the Land of Iron, but Madara is there too. What will happen when Madara realises that Naruto is here too? Will he convince Sasuke to capture him or will he go after him by himself? But Sakura and Sai will head to the Land of Iron too. Will this mean that the rest of the Rookie 9 will come too? Not to mention we are heading for another Team 7 confrontation. The 4th Mizukage was being controlled by who? Will the Kage’s forget about Danzou’s betrayal and search for Sasuke? Shall we see a game of hide and seek beginning? Is Zetsu’s parents a fern and a tape recorder? The sharingan usually disappears when the person is dead, so did Danzou steal it when Shisui was near dead? Or did he also steal Shisui’s right arm and shoulder as a way so he would have Uchiha blood running though his veins so he could activate Shisui’s sharingan? Has Sasuke been left with no choice but to stay with Akatsuki? He has become a caged rat, falling right into Madara’s palms. Well I’ll let you debate this all out.

This weeks winner: Raikōben!!

This weeks winner: Raikōben!!

And another bubble forced upon you all >=)

And another bubble forced upon you all >=)

😀 I want to thank Tenrai Senshi for his awesome art work! You can only imagine how much time this took him. It is amazing! I would send him this shiny green orb, only I ran out of stamps at number 132… And the post office woman has started to give me weird looks at the amount I’ve purchased so far. >_>So here it is:




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  6. Yay!!! New breakdown. 😀

  7. BTW what do you mean “quick breakdown” The Naruto breakdown always used to be up on Friday when Jeremiah did it 0_o

    Anyway, good, long-analysed breakdown. 😉

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  10. -_- i was going by my standards, not HIS. Do you want it to come out this friday, cause that is still a ‘friday’ 😉 hehe

  11. Extremely High number!!!!

  12. I want Naruto breakdowns to be up earlier 😦

    But at least the breakdown will be better if you take more time, i guess 😦

    I just think its possible to start doing the breakdown until its complete, from the moment you read the chapter. Have faith, spirit and stamina, i know you can succeed 😀

  13. well lets see schy: i was waiting for tenrai to do his amazing drawing, i was also working and juggling my normal life too. So schy stop rushing my breakdowns! or i bite chu >_<

  14. BUBBLE:

    choji: its alright ino, sasuke is gone you can always go out with me

    Ino: OH GOD! not you you’re very chub….

    tenten: dont say it, ino. cant remember last time he got rejected

    Kiba: he started eating so much and has never been able to get the weight off

  15. sorry last comment other way round for tenten and kiba

    choji: its alright ino, sasuke is gone you can always go out with me

    Ino: OH GOD! not you you’re very chub….

    Kiba: dont say it, ino. cant remember last time he got rejected

    tenten: he started eating so much and has never been able to get the weight off

  16. Okay i guess you have an excuse *this* time. You could concentrate on your life, instead of the important things like breakdowns, while waiting for Tenrai does his awesomeness drawing….

    But next ti-Hey wait….im supposed to be eating you 😦

  17. hm…. im annoyed how sakura cries 24/7.

  18. Ao’s Byakugan must be from a member of the Main Branch (possibly Hinata’s Mother? wouldnt that be a twist lol) because the Main Branch members dont get the Hyuga Curse Mark put on them. And as many know, when a Hyuga with the Curse Mark dies, they’re Byakugan gets sealed, so the fact that the Byakugan wasn’t sealed, means its a Main Branch member.

  19. BUBBLE:

    Choji: Ino i told you i was about to jizz!!!
    Ino: AHHHH!! its in my eye!! it hurts!!
    Kiba: Ino you sound like Temari when i got it in her eye the other night.
    Temari: Kiba i told you it hurts a lot!!

  20. BUBBLE:

    choji: Ino I’m so sorry!

    Ino: Get away from me!

    Kiba: Choji you sick Bastard.

    tenten: How could you eat her parents!

  21. YOSH, great breakdown Cookie! It took me forever to find the time to read and comment on it though. XD

    About time they finally found the resolution to deal with Sasuke in their own way. I can only hope they have killing intent. I can’t wait to see Naruto’s reaction to the news of his comrade’s decision against Sasuke. If he busts out crying him and Ino are meant to be together. >_>

    And didn’t Naruto say he understood Sasuke’s feelings like 8 chapters back ? Now all of a sudden he doesn’t understand Sasuke anymore!? 0_o What happened in between now and then that Naruto doesn’t understand how much the hate has consumed Sasuke anymore?

    Sai gets +10 awesomeness points for telling it like it is once again and Ino loses even more of my respect for her… -_-

    Ao has the Byakugan eh? I wonder if they have a black market for these kind of things. I bet if you pluck out your right eye in Naruto before going to bed the doujutsu fairy stops by and you wake up with a new eye. ^^

    …or just an empty eye socket and huge regrets…>_>

    @Kisu: Indeed you are correct! I wonder who’s it from though…Hinata’s mother is an option but seeing a man like Ao fight a woman, rip out her eye, then kill her doesn’t seem to fit his character. A twist it would be but I’m leaning towards the original owner of the eye being male.

  22. i think that in the next chaoter naruto will decide to go the kage meeting and appel to forgive saskue under the conditions that riakage brother is still alive and that saskue is no longer involved in the akatsuki, but he will only decide to do that it will show him leave the place were he is staying, i would like it if he deicide that to prove his capabilites he will fight with one or two of the kages (hope that would happen but its extreamly unlikely). shikamaru will decide to go with sakura and sia and it will show them flyin off on and ink bird. saskue knows of madara plan because of the little smirk in at the end of this page that will last about 10 pages and the other pages will be about the conversations with zetsu in which zetsu will say that saskue is after danzou and if they want an opertunity to kill him then danzou must go alone and any interfence will be delt with, raikage get mad and says he’s the only one that gets to kill saskue because of his brother but zetsu says that saskue was fouled and his brother is still alive somewere but not for long when we find him. danzou agress to fight alone and the kages meeting is posponed, at the end u see garra talking to his siblings saying that naruto is near by and he needs to be informed lets split up and find him.

  23. @super i think your right on the original owner of the eye being a guy becuase if mizukage found out it was a women and he tore out her eye then he would be kill for treating a women like that.

    i think kiba was a bit jeolus of ino crying over saskue after all the time that why he snapped at her.

    when sakura reaches naruto and tell him, he will say that he dosent give them permission and they wouldnt stand a chance of kill/stopping saskue if they think they do then all of there generation should attack naruto in sage mode and if they can beat him then he will let them try. then after saying that he informs them of madara and tells them he’s a bigger threat than saskue right now and they should leave saskue to him.

  24. I think the breakdown couldve been a little more witty. Also it couldve been more “summary”. It was too much word for word of what was said in the manga. Besides that I loved the artwork and the clever captions.

    BTW in this chapter Sakura stops crying (they take a few pages to slow down her tears) and then Ino starts crying! What is this!!! UGH. Why didnt Kiba just b*tch-slap the blonde. Ok there gona go kill her first love. Why cant she have a stronger will. Why cant any girl on this show show a little toughness. I mean their friggin ninjas. If your gona cry go do it where noone can see you like Tsunade did. Im not saying they should be emotionless but wutever. Only TenTen and Temari havent shed tears yet so there’s still hope. Then again what else should I expect from Shonen….

  25. O yea if the current Mizukage uncovers her right eye and shows a sharingan/byakugan Im givin up on this manga!

    well I wont really but it would be disappointing…

  26. BUBBLE:

    Choji: I take full responsibility … we’ll marry.

    Ino: But it’s not yours!

    Kiba: It was suppose to be our little secret.

    Tenten: WTF

  27. BUBBLE

    Choji: Ino, what are you doing?

    Ino: I need to make room for the dojutsu i will be revealing soon.

    Kiba: Thats right! We were all supposed to do that!

    Tenten: What? No one told me! I get left out again?!

  28. Wow, I never thought I’d win a bubble entry, thanks Cookie.
    How’s about I try my luck again ? … as soon as I come up with something … >:)

  29. No matter what place this is… I will always be Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirst!

  30. HOLY GUACAMOLE BATMAN BONO’S BACK!!!! *brain explodes from sheer unbelivaility* XD

  31. BUBBLE

    Choji : im so sorry ino i cant believe i forgot the KY jelly

    Ino : sniff* sniff* its going to be sore for weeks now choji.


    Tenten: HE FOOLED ME TOO!

  32. holy———- 0_0 BONO IS BACK xD

  33. HI!

    Um… it was kinda my fault the breakdown was late, so don’t give cookie a hard time for that. Unfortunately, editing images takes longer than people realize, so I apologize for that.

    Besides, I do recall getting much later breakdowns before, so she is doing a good job. The important thing is that as long as it’s worth the small extra wait, then all is good.

    Sorry again.

  34. BUBBLE

    Choji: Its ok ino. You will get a roll in the story soon.

    Ino: *sobb* Im just as useless as tenten on a number sheet.

    Kiba: Tenten isnt useless. She is just not important and no one likes or cares that she exist. And to top it off she is useless.


  35. Nice breakdown Cookie. You breakdowns are getting better and better.

    And unless you want me stalking you and watching you from a distance while you sleep, i suggest you give me back my orb ^_^


  36. @Supertrek. Regarding your same link, Naruto says he understood how Sasuke FELT, not FEELS, second of all, at that point he didn’t know that Sasuke was a part of Akatsuki, so now something entirely new has come and punched him in the side of the head.

  37. Chouji: Putting water on your eyes doesn’t give you doujutsu.
    Ino: I know! But I really want a Sharingan!
    Kiba: C’mon Tiny!!!
    Tenten: It’s Rinnegan dumbass! *B!tchslap*

  38. Chouji: Have you seen my spiralcakes?
    Ino: Get away from me you creep!
    Kiba: Chouji! Stop harassing the ladies!
    Tenten: You’re one to talk groper!

  39. Anyone else ever notice that Baki from the sands is Kiba reversed?

  40. I thought Abik was Kiba reversed >_>

  41. Why cant Naruto understand that sasuke is following his very way of the Ninja Sasuke isnt going to give up until he kills Danzou and eventually Madara I believe sasuke Knows he is no match for Madara so hes trying too get stronger or at least discover madaras secret, Naruto should WTFU and realise that Madara was responsible for his fathers death and he should know that some people just shouldnt exist. Orochimaru for example he chose his path and his actions were obviously evil Sasuke has chosen his path but what evil has he actually done, As far as I can tell hes doing the most good hes trying too kill danzou who has Konoha and the world of Ninjas in his hands and so does Madara.

  42. @Demon: Bah, “felt”…”feel”…there’s only one way Sasuke has ever felt and that’s the desire for revenge. He felt the need for vengeance then and he still feels for the need for vengeance now. Naruto said he understood Sasuke’s feeling of wanting revenge, so technically if he understood that about him he still basically understands Sasuke’s feelings now without even realizing it.

    You’re right about Naruto not knowing that Sasuke joined Akatsuki back then which is a big change, and which is the main thing that probably has him confused. Why would Saskue join the same group that hosted the brother he hated so much? Well Naruto doesn’t know the smeared history of Itachi and his involvement with the elders…

  43. Well he is working with akatuski and as far as everyone knows kidnapped the raikages brother to take him to his death, he did have every intention of doing this too. He wants the elders dead as well not just Danzo and im pretty sure Sasuke doesnt even know Danzos corrupt ways so he isnt exactly doing it for the ‘right’ reasons. As far as Sasuke is concerned, this is little more than murder for the sake of his feelings, its in no way a sanctified killing. That makes his very nature evil regardless of whether his actions are just. Running away with the villages secrets, such as chidori, was also something he shouldnt have done and he pretty much just lucked out on not becoming Oros body the first time round which would have just been handing him the sharingan.
    Hes also done smaller things like using nasty genjutsu to get info out of innocent people. Sasuke is quite a bad boy really.

  44. BUBBLE:

    Chouji: “It’ll be alright Ino it’s a tried and true procedure…”

    Ino: “Are you sure? I’m just so scared~~”

    Kiba: “No dammit it’s just to dangerous!”

    TenTen: “I don’t care I’m sick of being forgotten! Ino and I are fusing together becoming twice as important and reaching levels of Sakura ugliness. Kishi will have to give us more time in the manga then!”

  45. I dont think Sasuke will kill the Elders, from the recent Info Danzou could have been manipulating them both for many years they will reveal something but in the end they will get spared.
    Sasuke might have been involved in some Bad things KillerBee for one but he had to or Madara would of killed him Sasuke is trying too discover something and now he in the deep end if or when he finds out Akatsuki is betraying him then turn over a New Leaf and group with Naruto. I just hope naruto listens too Sasuke for once.

  46. madara kind of just f@ckd sasuke over. I cant see the exact reason… but i guess it helps him in some way. wat is sasuke trying to figure out anyway? i just dont know wat will happen and its driving me crazy

  47. @Pumpkin: Yeah, I still have to get my writing style down, so bare with me for a bit lol. I want my posts to differ from the ones before me, so it will be awhile until I choose on how I will write them. As for the wittyness it will get more better with more insaneness popping up in there >_>. But trust me, I am just waiting for the perfect moment to go BOOOM all over the post with cookieness 😀 hehehe

    @Tenrai: No apologising! You did an awesome job and it takes time. So you have no need to say sorry 🙂 Thanks again for your help

    @Super: OR it could be from a Hyuuga bunny… It’s an idea >_>

  48. @tenrai u did an awesomeness job

    @all tobi will turn the tables on sasuke and get him caught or something

    @cookie evil but awesomeness breakdown writer

  49. where is naruto , kakashi and yamato right now ?

  50. @Ahsan: I wouldn’t be cookie if i wasn’t 😉 I think they’re in the actual village of The Land of Iron. So they’re staying in an inn for the time being.

  51. Well I am hear for one reason and one reason only.
    Who can beat out of Sasuke and Luffy.
    I say Luffy but Ill wait until some one put up an argument on why not.
    *Look at Cookie*
    Yea I am talking about you!
    So Supa and any other OP fan I am calling out for your help.
    Cookie might try to delete this post to.

  52. The way things are going around here, I have a feeling that we’ll be having NARUTO VS. A MEAT BUN debates pretty soon…


    CONGRATS WRA ON THE RANKING! ^^ I’ll try and contribute more from now on! *coughhadlongholidaycough* Hmm… need to ask scorp if he’s planning on ever doing an FMA manga breakdown… the anime isn’t that interesting now that everyone knows what’s going to happen. ^^;

  53. AND BRILL’ BREAKDOWN COOKIE! 8D I missed you when I was being smothered by long forgotten relatives! *glomps*

    If you ever feel like some random ranting in the comments section, then call me up! ^^

    *dynamic has no life…* Sigh…

    P.S.: I would be honored if you could give me your email (note: for mine you’d have to ask Scorpion… or try and click on my username. I think it takes you to some really scary places O_O)

  54. *facepalms*

    I’m not going to even debate that here. The main reason is that Cookie and most people here don’t read One Piece. Thus, most members here will be obviously bias towards Sasuke winning the fight. How can you have a proper debate without all parties participating having extensive knowledge on both sides of the field [‘Naruto’ and ‘One Piece’]?

    Now as someone who reads both manga I know who would win…

  55. Ha Ha Bubble
    Chouji: Come on Ino stop crying look where in the manga again.
    Ino: Yea at least we have a role once more.
    Kiba: Na fuck that shit you two are not taking my role and whats her name in the back.
    TenTen: My name is Ten Ten! Damn it, its just the same word said twice.

  56. Ur right supa so I want start nothing but I will crush her if she give me the chance.
    *Look at cookie*
    Yea I am talking about you!

  57. @lelulalilo, I think there’s one thing that can describe exactly how I feel about Sasuke. I’m gonna quote Kaname Tosen here “With no moral foundation behind it, killing is nothing more than murder, but on the other hand, killing for a valid purpose, is justice.” Revenge isnt a valid purpose, its only carried out to make yourself feel better. In my opinion, killing Sasuke is for the greater good. If he attacks the Kages, anther Ninja War could break out, so how do you stop this? Simple, remove the catalyst for the war, in other words, take out Sasuke. He has done nothing but evil since he left Konoha. He served Orochimaru, went on missions for him, capture innocent people so Orochimaru could use them as test-subjects, kill his innocent brother, and attacked the Raikage’s innocent younger brother. At least what Nagato was doing was for the greater good, because he was doing it for a noble purpose, but Sasuke apparently does these things on a whim. I truly hope that Sasuke attacks the Kages. The only path Sasuke should still have, is the path to an early and well-deserved GRAVE!

  58. *points at ice accusingly* I would never do that! :O And he started it >_> Hehe no debate for you mr, muahahaha xD All you need is fire to take care of rubber 😀 hehehe. You can’t crush me @_@ I have powers… ones that will leave you crying in a pool of your own body fluids… yeah, they’re that scary @_@

    @Dynamic: She’s back? SHE’S BACK!? YOOOOOOOOSH!!! I was beginning to think I would be alone in the randomness @_@ *glomps* Oh you’ll hear from me really soon. Trust me 😉 muahahaha *trying to resist urge to spam her*

  59. *Sigh* Just like Cookie to give her two cents before the debate dies an early death 😛 *Waits for Cookies unique mixture of insults, One Piece hate, humor and glomping that will be in her comeback*

    So, if we’re in need of a new debate…Naruto vs. a meat bun? >_> Its my idea *Shifty eyes*
    Personally i give it to the bun…A rasengan would just fill the room with meat…

  60. *Totally ignores Tobi’s comment*
    How do you all think Danzou got Shisui’s eye? I said my opinion in the post, but what is yours? It seems… mysterious @_@

  61. Juat been on supa’s blog anddddddd DAMNNNNNNNN i think i love you lol *.*


    MY FAV QUOTE:” Don’t care bout scream of the bads’, but the silence of the goods'”- M. L. King every1

    So supa’s when do i get to meet you o.O?

    I have a blog? *goes to check* 0_0 You mean my One Piece blog on this site or my chatroom on chatroll!? If it’s the latter I’m absent from chatroll for a month so our fated reunion will just have to wait until September. >_<


  62. i realize everyone is having fun, but getting back to a little seriousness…what is about to happen in this next chapter? are we actually about to get some action?

  63. Damn it so close to proving you wrong cookie.

  64. Why is there no manga this week? … The suspense is gone to kill me!

  65. Lol – funny breakdown cookie, curse that evil barney – wait a minute who let him in…? 😛

    Im gonna have to side with super – a luffy v sasuke debate is rather mundane, so MEH.
    Personally i hope Sakura is in the team to hunt sasuke – then gets killed. firstly because she is annoying. secondly it would make naruto snap and seriously hunt sasuke (and another huge fight).
    YAY, we might get to see the Konoha 11 in action again plus Gaara!!!
    Danzou u shifty champ! LOL, good try.

  66. @Cookie, Obviously Danzou got his eyes at the Doujutsu Department Store. Sadly, he needs Kabuto because the store is out of Sharingans (doujutsus sell like hotcakes, btw, what’s a hotcake?)

  67. @Super: “@Demon: Bah, “felt”…”feel”…there’s only one way Sasuke has ever felt and that’s the desire for revenge. He felt the need for vengeance then and he still feels for the need for vengeance now. Naruto said he understood Sasuke’s feeling of wanting revenge, so technically if he understood that about him he still basically understands Sasuke’s feelings now without even realizing it.”

    As you clearly pointed out, he doesn’t realize it. 🙂 He doesn’t realize that Sasuke is still caught up in revenge because he doesn’t know that Itachi’s really a good guy. Well, more or less. I think it’s possible Danzou was also controlling Itachi to do what he did to some degree.

  68. Sorry about the double post. XD Apparently stop doesn’t work when it comes to stopping a post from being posted. :O

  69. And Super, I’ve read a bit of One Piece – not too much, but some of it, and I’ve got to say, I like what I saw. It might take me a little while to finally read the whole manga. I was okay with the One Piece anime, but the manga I think may be better. And as for the debate… Is Luffy really made out of rubber? Or is he still skin, bones, and muscle and all that jazz? I think Sasuke would win, he can use a chidori whip. And if Luffy has nerve endings then one swipe of Sasuke’s sword would paralyze him. And considering Luffy uses his body as a weapon… That could mean big trouble for himself, no? Sasuke can slash through anything with that chidori sword if I remember correctly. Raikiri would I think Luffy might be too fast to be hit by Raikiri effectively though, so I do give him that. I haven’t seen much of his new gear powers, but nonetheless. Who do you think would win, Super?

  70. *dynamic entry*


    luffy will kik sasuke’s ass so bad he will regret fighting luffy 😀

  71. #79… yay!

    btw… nice… nice breakdown! hehehe…

  72. @holy + @super: Of course Naruto is going to still be in the land of iron. Think about it! They’re gonna catch Sasuke! Tobi set him up to get caught! They’re gonna slowly bring him in for execution while Naruto watches. Madera is counting on Naruto to bust him out and thus become an outlaw too. With no protection from his village, Naruto will become an easier target! I’m not saying this is what I think will happen, but I do think that this is something Madera is planning on happening. I cant see Sasuke killing Danzou until Naruto yells at Danzou for what he did to Negato or Naruto tells Sasuke about it to let him know that Naruto is aware of Danzou’s treachery. Hopefully things will get more interesting!

    @holy: Ya know I’m gonna try to be real subtle about this…LUFFY WOULD KICK SASUKE’S ASS!!!!!! Oh btw lightening based attacks don’t work too well on Luffy…And I don’t think his sharingan would help him when he’s getting knocked out! But at least we know that he’ll live! Ok that part sucks! ;(

  73. @visionary: i think saskue knows of wat zetsu is doing because he smirks when seeing wat madara and zetsu are up to, but i agree with most of the things u want to happen because i want tehm to happen too, luffy would defiently win against saskue because saskue’s sharigan and lightning attacks are like enel’s mantara and lightning logia powers, as well as luffy’s already proven that hes hot stuff and can handle fire in the fill against the fat guy with the hot hot power.

  74. @visionary Ah, ‘kay, thanks for the info. :O

  75. so wat do you guys think of these match ups.
    sasuke vs neji, naruto, shikamaru,
    suigetsu vs lee, ten-ten, sai
    karin vs sakura, ino, (or just one of them because karin isnt that great)
    juugo vs choji, kiba, hinata/sakura

  76. Somehow, I knew that was where the bubble contest was coming from.


    Chouji: Damn it Ino, I told you to get a cap. So who’s is it?
    Ino: I…*sob* I don’t know…*sniff*
    Kiba: Not mine!
    Ten-Ten: Not mine, either!

  77. @holy: The manga is way better than the anime. I think all the animes are toned down for the kids…except for one….and that would be Bleach! I love the mature content! (>_<; Ha Ha!!! Ya know what I mean!? *Quickly looks around and leaves*

  78. @visionary1200: Bleach is toned downed for the kids, sometimes.
    Like when they altered the wound Rangiku got from Allon, or when they added an extra portion of hollow mask remnant to the bottom of Halibel’s breasts. Bleh. That was a disappointing time.

  79. @fuutonsaviour everyone knows naruto wouldnt need neji and shikamaru to beat sasuke

  80. @cookie: Great breakdown. I loved the bubbles – I’ve missed them. 🙂

    @everyone: as a manga blog writer now, I fully appreciate the time it takes to write and post one of these entries. For me – it may not be this way for Cookie – the most time is spent looking for that “right” picture for what you write. And, not everyone is a fast writer like I am (I finish it in one sitting, usually); not to mention that the manga comes out late Thursday evening/Friday…can’t get it going until it’s posted.

    Give Cookie a break as these are tough to create, decorate with pics and captions, editing then posting. 😀

    Great job, again, Cookie!

  81. @Demon: Ah, I see your point and the thing I pointed out for myself without even realizing it. 😉

    YOSH!!! Hop on One Piece and maybe we’ll see you over on the One Piece breakdowns in a couple of months. XD

    As for the Luffy vs. Sasuke debate. I have already put my input on that subject and will not be debating that here for reasons already stated. >_<

    @Visionary: I don't know why you're telling me Naruto's going to stay in the Land of Iron because I never said he was going to leave. 😉

    I like your idea on what Madara is planning for Naruto and Sasuke though. Sounds pretty clever, underhanded, and dirty… Madara's style! XD

    @Penny: Exactamundo! 😀

    @Anyone: Now here's a thought. What if Sasuke put Zetsu under some kind genjutsu and made him spill the beans about Madara's plan? After all like many people have already pointed out Sasuke was smirking when the team realized Zetsu had ran off somewhere. Zetsu seems like the loyal type who wouldn't betray Madara unless forced too because it seems he's the closest to Madara.

    Either that or Sasuke is so damn smug that he doesn't care if someone working under Madara just runs off somewhere in enemy territory.

  82. fully agree penny 😀

    @super actually whats happenin is zetsu getting sasuke trapped 😀

  83. @super: oo-h, sneaky. >_> I would love to go with Sasgay’s smugness being at levels of obscure and obscene insanity, but the thing about the genjutsu is also tempting… Remember though, Madara was standing right next to Zetsu just before he made his dynamic entrance (I’m starting to adore my own username 8D), so it was definitely something the high and mighty man had planned himself. Unless Sasuke had taken over Madara too.

    … which would be over 9000 on every level of stupidity that Bakamoto’s ever tread upon.

    Maybe Sasuke’s guessed what Madara’s plans are and they compliment his own? I wouldn’t hand it to him to be a smart guy (let’s face it– he’s an idiot), but there’s really something about his scheming little brain that annoys me on occasions like this.

    Now, the most obvious theory would be that the smirk was completely unrelated to Zetsu. In fact, I think Sasuke smirked because he’d finally been left alone to do whatever he himself had in mind without having to have Madara’s underlings watching over him.

    @visionary: That’s a good plot you got there… *looks pensive* I’d trust Madara on that level of sneakiness, but a plan like that would have a lot of flaws. Of course, this is a manga, and anything goes, but they don’t know that, do they? >__> <_<)

    And while I still can, I'll get back to an old subject that seems slightly forgotten around here: WHAT ABOUT KISAME VS. KILLER BEE? TT_TT

    I've been waiting for it for AGES. Anyone having a guess as to how soon Bakamoto'll be getting to the subject?

  84. Didn’t Sasuke have something planned if he was betrayed. Maybe he’s looking forward to using a new technique? Also Tobi did say he couldn’t trust Sasuke…

    as a courtesy:

  85. Howdy yall!!

    aint been postin on this here blog for some time now, but recently thoughts have been a creeping in my think box.

  86. I wonder what (if anything) happened to danzos arm that he needed shushis arm and eye!?!… Is that wierd to anyone else but me?

    And really good insight Demon, I think that’s a clever idea about what could happen.

  87. hmmmmmm it has been a really long time since i have commented on this blog!!! so hey all long time!! haha btw great breakdown cookie XD well i have a gd discusion!!!
    @everybody: how abt neji vs shika??? tell me what u think
    gr8 breakdown again cookie 🙂

  88. Im wantin to see narutos reaction to the corruption behind the uchiha massacre, remeber he doesnt know of this yet so he thinks sasuke is being evil for no reason.

    The fact sakura said ” the fools in love with me” makes me think a rejection is coming. Poor naruto. Im gonna make a little predicton here:

    Naruto will be confronted by sakura who will say its time they decide if they choose the village or sasuke, a confused naruto will run and say he doesnt go back on his word choosing sasuke.
    The rest of village will feel betrayed by naruto.

    Meawhile kages will have a little showdown with akatski, noone will die but it will leave the kages in dissaray so that the inward fighting gets worse. note we now no that danzo is not madara cause his sharngan is someone elses.

    Tobi is not madara but obito, hes been using the guise of madara to gain control, perhaps the real madara is controlling the strings from the shadows. Tobi has been using the same sharingan technique as kakashi to appear and disappear he just has greater control, he is a uchiha.

    i want to see naruto train with killer bee in order to gain control over kyubi, during this he will yell at killer bee for hiding from his village, killer bee will say he has dne the same by choosing sasuke over his village. naruto will feel guilty. By controlling kyubi naruto will be able to go in sage mode with kyubi gathering chakra, not necessarily releasing kyubi.

    The kages will start to go to war , tobi will be watchin over with the rest of biju at his disposle. They will fight each other, nt sure on sides. Naruto will return to village now empty of ninja (cause of war), tsunade will awake and talk with him, they will talk about his choice of sasuke over village and how it was a mistake. village shud always come first. Wen naruto relises this tsunade will decide he is ready to be hokage and take him to overthrow danzo and stop war.

    sasuke will go die in an ally.

    kay iv got more after thit but cant be bothered to write lol

  89. bubble
    Choji: im sorry ino but everyones doing, i just wanted a new power…
    Ino: that doesnt meen u can steal my eye!
    kiba: i want her hair!!!
    ten ten: shotgun her breasts!!!

  90. @wul2n- i’m soryy dude but you must be drunk haha. most, if not all, of that prediction will definitely not happen. that’s just not kishi’s style at all

  91. BUBBLE
    Choji: ino, i know you like sasuke, but you dont have have to cry….
    ino: you dont understand. we made love…without a condom
    kiba: WITHOUT A CONDOM?!
    ten ten: YOU HAVE AIDS!!

  92. Wul2n:I do see what ur saying but my idea might be different.

    Just like I said in the Past. Obito is using Madara name to spread fear through out the nations. The reason for that is because he could of felt as though Konoha and thier war was the cost of his pain. That the whole ninja world would need to pay.

    The five heart guy (Bad speller) or Zestu could of some how help him back on his feet. They could of also feed him lies to turn him into the way he is now.

    Oh another good idea. What if the reason that Obito is doing this because at that moment that he was about to die he realize how weak he was. That even with sharingan he was still weak and unable to save the one he love. So on a last dieing request he ask for the power to do so.
    So some way that was able to unlock his MS by that way. Because that was the pain that he needed. No one said that you couldn’t skip steps. So as he ask for that and start to gain some power. FHG (Five hurt guy) shows up and hear his last request. So in return for let say his heart later on down the road, he help rebuild his body. But the kicker is FHG get killed before he could get his end of the deal. But Obito wasent going to give it to him anyway.

    So now we are here with Obito still trying to become his image of strengh.

    Good idea if I say so myself.

  93. Sasuke actually infiltrated Konoha during Pein’s invasion. HE IS DANZOU! That’s why Zetsu is being all coy with the ‘Pin the Tail on the Sasuke’. Sasuke is so tech that Ao couldn’t effectively see through SASUKE’s 1337 eye tech, an eye tech so 1337 that it which made Ao THINK that it was Shisui’s chakra!!!


    Okay, maybe not, but I’d like that better than some of the other theories floating around. I still want Tobi to be Obito. [Read that sentence out loud, it sounds awesome whether you agree about the content or not. Tobi to be Obito.] Unfortunately, I think the attempts to figure out why Obito would be such a little canker sore seem fruitless so far. I want this to be true, but I haven’t come up with or read a rationalization for it that smacks of truthiness yet.

    Instead, here’s an equally (more so?) ridiculous thought.

    Has anyone mused that Tobi/Madara is actually Itachi? I like the idea that Madara is just DEAD, and that someone is using his name for the reputation attached to it. Itachi seemed like a pretty cool customer to me, constantly a step or 12 ahead of Sasuke the hot head. He could be Tobi acting the Madara part to shatter Sasuke wretched little mind, and build the pieces back up how he wants…after removing the fratricidal bits. Far fetched: yes. Food for thought: yes. Delicious? IMHO, yes.

    Sorry for the loss of IQ anyone would suffer from taking my ‘theories’ seriously.

  94. Kisame VS Killerbee…

    I think Killerbee will win.
    Because Itachi is stronger than Kisame.
    While Itachi is stronger than Sasuke.
    And Killerbee is stronger than Sasuke. (could change if Sasuke masters Man.Sharingan)

    But im assuming Kisame and Sasuke are at *about* the same level, since there not at Itachi’s level. And if Sasuke cant beat Killerbee-even with ametarusu, then how can Kisame?

    I dont think “Shark skin” will be quite effective at cutting a biju’s chakra cloak.

    BTW why do you think Killerbee’s transformation into a biju, isnt like Naruto’s?
    No bones or muscles appear as more tails spawn…..theres just the biju chakra cloak, followed by the the Biju when 8 tails is reached. That seems strange….

    Maybe forms and sanity is dependent on who is in control internally.

    Example/My theory: Killerbee is in control over his biju permanently-even when there chakra’s are unified.
    Naruto on the other hand is in control over his biju when their chakra is unified only up to 3 tails. After that he goes inside the cage with the kyubi and as a response nobody is dominant over the other. Furthermore when Naruto reaches 8 tails, the kyubi’s chakra leaks from Naruto’s body and consumes him, so the biju wins the internal struggle, resulting in the biju being in control.

    Now heres what i think….
    If the Jinchuriki is in control over the biju, then the chakra cloak is formed.
    If neither the Jinchuriki or biju is dominant, then the chakra cloak undergoes a mutation, while the appearance is between the biju and Jinchuriki. And the body externally has no sanity-because no mind is dominant (think of it like the Gillian in Bleach, a dominant mind out of 1 hollow=control over the body)
    And if the biju is dominant over the Jinchuriki, the Biju gets its form back and possibly its sanity in the outside world.

    Now Killerbee doesnt spawn bones, or undergo a chakra cloak mutation E.T.C because he’s in control over the biju, so the changes are suppressed-HOWEVER that doesnt make him weak necessary. He may still be just as strong as he would have been if the changes weren’t suppressed.
    He then gives control over to the biju once 8 tails are formed. And therefore the biju is summoned. So arguably, he’s skipping many forms, while retaining the power he would have gained from them, so his 1-7 tail forms are just as strong as they would be mutated like Naruto’s forms.

    Now Naruto is in control up to 3 tails so the chakra cloak remains up until 3.
    However it mutates at 4 tails. Naruto is consumed, like the kyubi is consumed by the seal at 4 tails (they are both equal and equally consumed), so as a response externally the bodys mind has no sanity, the appearance changes to look between the biju’s original form and the Jinchuriki’s original form, all because neither is in more dominant than the other. (also notice when Naruto battled Orochimaru…the kyubis cloak never mutated when at 4 tails until Naruto goes inside the cage and is consumed. We see the 4th tail spawn…then we see inside Naruto’s mind….afterwards the mutation takes place)
    That further supports the theory that dominance exchanged between Jinchuriki and biju alters the form. (Naruto DID appear to have a 4 tailed form without the mutation)
    And again, once the kyubi had dominance over Naruto, the external form changed to that fully of the kyubi with its full size.

    I also believe its possible that Naruto’s emotions is the reason he cant control his biju well at all. 1 tails appearance was because his rage and desperation. He goes 6 tails because of his pain and how he was confused, he then goes 8 once he surrendes to the kyubi and listen to it, allowing it to control Naruto.
    Also with Naruto i believe as more tails are spawned, the external forms sanity becomes more like the kyubi’s. He can hardly speak in 1 tail, He loses sanity enough to attack Kakashi in 2 tails. 4 tails = no sanity-as dominance between the biju and Jinchuriki are even. (see Gilian details a few paragraphs above)
    After 4 tails the Kyubi starts to continue to still gain more dominance over Naruto bit by bit, so the appearance changes (like bones show) and the mind becomes more like the Kyubi-for example in the 6 tails form the 1st Hokage’s necklace is destroyed, showing us it isnt a mindless beast and the form most likely destroyed the necklace because the kyubi wanted to be more free and remembered what Yamato did previously.
    When the biju’s (kyubi’s) influence/control/dominance is finally strong enough, its likely the next stage occurs, where the biju takes over completely and the size, form E.T.C is out in the open. The sanity is also probably more like the biju’s and not mindless like the 4TK.
    So Naruto’s intelligence decreases as more tails form. However the Kyubi’s intelligence increases the forms intelligence, once past the 4th tail and more tails form. This means as dominance becomes more equal the minds cancel each other out. (Like a Gilian in Bleach)

    I think i should mention that although, the difference in forms between the biju chakra cloak and the mutated cloak could possibly be minimum in terms of strength. I think its also important to point out that if the Jinchuriki is in control the difference is jutsu can be used (E.G Rasengan) while otherwise it’ll be something like the Kyubi’s chakra cannon can be used, while neither biju or Jinchuriki is in control.

    So that was quite a lot to read 🙂 I’ll be surprised if you did read all that 😉 And that was my theory to how dominance and control effects the Jinchuriki’s form 😀
    ….i think 😦

  95. Oh wow that was long O_O

    Ummm sorry i couldn’t split it, but im using my PS3 browser……(because my netbook has cookies >_>)

  96. I read it all. Awesome theory. Unlike some of the other theories here, this one makes more sense and doesn’t seem too farfetched for me. It does seem a little weak in some area, but makes sense in a lot of others.

  97. Awesomeness* 😛

  98. Bubble
    ***after pain destroys the village there’s only one u know what left***
    choji: heres the toliet paper you needed.
    Ino: uuuurrrmmmmm…anks choji, just put it down th…ere
    kiba: hurry up! I have to go too!!
    10/10: ya! Hurry up! There’s like 50 people in line!

  99. i think there’s gonna be another rescue/stop sasuke mission coming up. shikamaru said naruto has that leader feeling about him that makes him want to walk with him. if naruto gives them the thumbs down he’s probably gonna want to do it himself. which is funny because its almost exactly like a possible situation itachi warned naruto about. would he save the village or sasuke. i think if it does happen where naruto confronts sasuke, the power itachi gave him will be about what really happened and a way to persuade sasuke that what he’s being manipulated, allowing naruto to tell him about what happened. i think itachi seriously thought everything out even up till now with the village being in jepardy and sasuke being an international target.

  100. @dynamic: I think in a fight btwn kisame and killerbee the victor would be killerbee but then again we still haven’t seen kisame’s full potential. The first time in konoha he had to tone it down so he and itachi wouldn’t draw too much attention and the second time it was him only using 30% so…It is kinda foolish to assume anything of Kisame.

    I think there is something to say when a teammate of yours(zetsu) suddenly decides to appear in the middle of your enemy without your consent saying that you(sasuke) are there about to attack. That smells like treachery to me! Sasuke is smiling, “I’m gonna kick your ass” to zetsu! Maybe Sasuke is gonna want to throw an attack at zetsu which might give away his position…maybe not. I guess I’m curious of what Sasuke’s first move might be. Oh well, we’ll have to wait another week to see. I just want to see Sasuke throw one big Chidori into the meeting and shock the shit out of everybody and watch everybody do the Skeleton dance! “AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” HAHAHA! >’;-;’

  101. Bubble

    Choji: “I’m sorry! It look like chocolate bar with creamy raspberry fruit filling!”

    Ino: “You ate my lipstick AGAIN you F-”

    Kiba: “Stop Ino! You don’t want to make Choji mad! He’ll eat out our section in the Weekly Shonen Jump again!”

    TenTen: “No Kiba! We’re just so LAME we can’t even do Comedic relief!”

  102. Bubble
    Choji: “-But Choji like it when you put rosy swirl on cheek!”

    Ino: “I can’t go on like this…”

    Kiba: “Ino! Don’t forget my vicious wolf fang cheek print too! C’mon! We need you!”

    TenTen: “F* this! Hey Ino let’s switch bodies! That way it’s not suicide!”

  103. I am just going to say it.
    How come i think some of them comment about suck idea was about mine.
    Na it couldn’t be.

  104. @dish 11: im gonna burn down a hospital and tell the police u did it.

    i think my prediction was a bit farfetched but i liked the idea of naruto running and training under killer bee. having them argue over leaving ther villages seems like another lesson for naruto. Plus im getting sick of him whining over sasuke.

  105. @Black Ice~I have absolutely no idea what your comment meant 😛

  106. BUBBLE

    Choji: Ino, seriously, where are the keys
    Ino: *sob* I don’t know, i just don’t know
    Kiba: WTF Ino! How the FU*K are we gonna get to the party now!
    Tenten: YEAH! you really dropped the ball this time pig!

  107. BUBBLE:
    Choji:cheer up ino, everyone gets surprised by kakashi
    Ino:its not fair i wanted it to be by sasuke
    Kiba:wait, that damn yamato got me just yesterday
    TenTen:thats bs..i haven’t been surprised yet by anyone yet..

    *Hopes He Wins With This One*

  108. Surprise sex…? O.o

  109. I thought of something recently in a dream. Mostly in the dream, if I remember correctly, I was actually looking at the picture of Ino and then came on here to discuss what I thought… Something like that – also had a dream about Naruto – was really fun. He realized for the first time just how many people feared him and looked up to him; although I wasn’t necessarily too fond of him being feared. Made him sad if I remember correctly. ANYWAYS. Onto my theory about Ino.

    I think the reason Ino may’ve cried is because she… You know what, considering Ino hasn’t really developed that much, I sort of find it hard to believe. Nevermind. If someone DOES want to know, just ask. :O

  110. I’m routing for Bee here. Sure Kisame won against the last host who could use fused elemental jutsus, but that would probably me due to his vast amounts of chakra. Bee was kicking Sasuke’s @ss even without the beast, and even then his beast said Bee could of beaten Sasuke without using the him. The wait is probably to get the plot in motion and to show how good Bee is at playing Hide and Seek with Kisame. Kisame still hasn’t found him yet. Or maybe hasn’t even set out yet. Probably has set out, but is too lazy. 😛

  111. *Looks at what seems to be a Bee vs Kisame debate and tries to resist the urge to join*

    *Fails at resisting*

    Alright, I shall comment. -__________-

    To me, in a Kisame vs Bee battle, we have to look at what each are capable of. The thing is, this isn’t a case of which one is more powerful, as much as it is a case of who has the right abilities for the job.

    Bee may be more powerful than Kisame, but I think Madara thought about his choice when he decided to send Kisame to do the job that Sasuke (who most might assume is more powerful) couldn’t.

    Think about it, Kisame is built for this kind of fight. He has enough stamina and chakra reserves to last in long battle, he is obviously capable of handling a variety of jutsu (as proven in his fight with the previous jinchuuriki) and he has a sword that can absorb chakra and apparently a lot of it (as shown when he took away Naruto’s Kyuubi chakra just by swinging his sword close to him). That would mean he could effectively prevent Bee from drawing on the aid of his Bijuu.

    Both are proficient close combat fighters, from what we have seen, and both are capable sword fighters as well (although Bee may be faster). We don’t know too much about about Kisame’s capabilities at full strength but he is described as having superhuman strength which would give might make up for Bee’s speed.

    In terms of ninjutsu, we don’t know much about Bee’s, other than the fact that he can use lighting to supplement his kenjutsu (by running it through his sword). He hasn’t shown anything beyond that other than the chakra blast he used while in his Bijuu form (which he might not be able to attain if Kisame absorbs his chakra). Kisame, on the other hand, is seen using very large scale jutsu to transform entire battlefields even with only 30% chakra.

    I am really not sure who would win in a fight between the two and to me Bee still seems more powerful, however I think Kisame just has the right abilities for such a task, so Madara’s trust in him might not be misplaced.

  112. somthin interesting

  113. Danzou: It seems you caught up to me… hahahaha!!!
    Sasuke: Don’t laugh, you son of a b*tch! You’ll pay for what you done to the Uchiha clan! @pwn man ithink kishi could nver put such childish dialogue here m henc i conclude that spoiler is wrong

  114. @Ahsan: What exactly has Danzo done to the Uchiha clan, that we know about so far ?

  115. Ordered the Uchiha massacre

  116. @ Raikōben, Well when madara/tobi was telling sasuke about how the massacre happened, he told sasuke that the village elders ordered itachi to kill his entire clan and after sasuke found out that it was on their orders he vowed to kill all of those involed aka the village elders & danzo

  117. @kingkhaos: Oh yeah. Sasuke confused me, he made it seem as if the death of the Uchiha was Danzo’s fault only.

  118. Maybe it is…….
    It may have been Danzo’s idea originally, to kill the Uchiha’s.
    He’s such a douche that he’s like that 😦

  119. He might have been controling the elders too making the whole thing his fault…He is the legendary douche bag…

  120. @tobiisagoodboy & SCHY: Well we don’t know yet. Funny if Danzo was really a good person at the end of the day, like Itachi.

  121. I love how Gaara only has one exclamation mark and everyone else has two or threee.

  122. bubble:

    Choji: hey u want sum of my bon-bons..dey cheer me up wen my cat died

    Ino: *sobs* oh God!!



  123. my prediction fa the next manga

    as naruto lay restlessly in the inn
    he haves a feelin sasuke iz close by
    go into sage mode and senses his chakra
    finds him by usin his sage chakra lyke a ninja dog snifs fa a scent
    karin sense his chakra cumin closer and tells sasuke
    sasuke acts lyke he’s not intrested *lyke always*
    water boy and mr. bi polar *wud use names but dont feel lyke lukin up the correct way to spell dem lol* stands guard
    naruto kums into site
    waterboy ask his name naruto tells him
    waterboy attack to see if all the stories he heard about how strong he is is polar quickly follows behind to provide back up..naruto easily beat dem in sage mode
    karin stands in the back bein as useless in a fite as sakura is
    naruto and sasuke talk fa a while
    naruto finally decide to attack to knock sum sense unto sasuke
    dey have a quick little battle..nothin major
    madara appears which stops tha fite
    flash back to the 4 and naruto’s conversation
    naruto and madara talk fa a minute while sasuke jus sit bak and listen to wat naruto have to say about the attack on the villiage
    16 years ago lyke a confuse little puppy lol..then sasuke connect tha dots about the uchiha massacre
    madara goes after naruto sasuke stops him wit amaterasu
    madara puts it out and disappears and as he do tells sasuke he will regret dat
    saskura, shikamaru, yamato, and kakashi show up afta realizing naruto had left usin paku to track his scent
    saskura sees sasuke but this times holds bak her tears
    sasuke tells hawk its tyme to go

    kage meeting
    wud give it a shoot but im lyke supa tired and its supa late

    btw dis is my first prediction i eva did…tell me what u think..and be az brutally honest az posible >_< lol

  124. o yea..i been readin iareawesomness and followed dis blog fa a while now but i neva really i guess im kinda new guy lol

  125. bubble:
    Choji: hey u want sum of my bon-bons..dey cheered me up wen my cat died
    Ino: *sobs* oh God!!

  126. Great Breakdonw Cookie, hunchback, lol i thought the same thing.
    Funny how manga issue titles always throw me off, Sakuras decision… ill go to where naruto is… i thought we were gonna have some grand revalation, no, we get a field trip. pfft, next time on naruto Inos decision, thong or g string.

    choji – sorry i farted
    Ino – Oh my god the smells burning my eyes
    kiba – Woof
    10/ten – Ha ha He barked


  128. Personally, I can’t wait until someone points out to our rather emo Raikage that his brother, Killerbee is NOW the rogue ninja from HIS village. I wonder how THAT will rock this meeting…after all, Sasuke didn’t actually kill him. Sasuke merely showed he was ill-prepared to handle a rather crafty – never mind strong – host.

    And, yes, Madara is setting things up for Sasuke to get his revenge – at a serious price. Gedo Mazo, here we come…unless Naruto has a say in it.


  130. And, Chromer – no manga this week. It’s been blasted all over Shonen Jump is on vacation.

  131. Here is the latest from One

    Reminder: There is no WSJ release this week
    posted by zabi – 2 days ago (last edited 2:38am)
    That means no Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, Katekyo Hitman Reborn and other WSJ titles. The publisher is giving the authors a little break for the Japanese festivities. Updates to these series will resume next week

  132. Killerbee vs Kisame…….

    Kisame wins. Kirabi has lightning chakra as we all know, and so far, there havent been any wide-scaled Lightning jutsus (unless u count Kirin), they are all very concentrated attacks, but Kisame’s moves are highly versatile and can easily cause wide-scale destruction (evidenced by Itachi telling him “We didn’t come to start a war). And as we ALL know, in Naruto, Water isnt weak against Lightning (Earth is weak against lightning and water is weak against Earth, which is also Kisame’s second element), so get that out of your heads. The only reason Suigetsu said he’s weak against it is because his body is MADE of ACTUAL PHYSICAL water.

    Kirabi fought and man handled Sasuke, who was weaker than Itachi. Not much of a challenge there, so we still dont know the limits of his strength.

    Kisame at 30% fought Gai at 6 gates and barely lost, this means he would be equal to 5 gates at 30% (just a guess), now lets triple that, this would mean that Kisame at 90% is equal to a ninja that has opened 15 Gates (which is impossible because it stops at 8), and Kakashi stated that an ordinary ninja opening the all 8 Gates would gain power equaling a Hokage’s power, now lets apply this to Gai, who is anything BUT ordinary, this means that Gai’s naturally high chakra and stamina at 6 gates held off Kisame, but could a normal ninja at 6 gates do this?

    (I have lost all idea of what I am talking about. I’ll comment later and make more sense after i get some well needed shut eye. P.S. If anyone can make sense out of this, thank you.)

  133. @SCHY: I was talking about how some people was saying that there have been some dumb idea on this break down.
    I was jokeing saying that they was not talking about me.
    We they better not.

  134. I still wonder what Madara will do when he realises Naruto is in the Iron country…pleasantly lying on the floor… Suffering from angst…. >_< Damit Naruto!! Get a hold of youself!!!

  135. @Demon: Non nonsensical and far fetched theories? Why…I have no idea what you’re talking about! This blog has all the best theories and theorist to predict…theoretical shit… @_@

    @Dynamic: Indeed, it could be also Sasuke was just being smug at his own smugness. We all know how smug that jerk can be but admittedly I’m starting to like the smug jerk. He’s grown quite formidable and has gathered powerful allies. Even if he’s being used like a puppet made to dance on a gay bar.

    @Acklikxx: YOSH!!! NARUHINA FTEW!!!! 😀

    @Yung King: WELCOME TO WRA AND PLEASE ENJOY YOUR STAY!!! Now gimme all your money fool! @_@

    @Tenrai: Kisame vs. Killer Bee!? Honestly don’t know who would win but I’m rooting for Killer Bee.

    @Schy: 0_0 Lol, I think I understood where you were coming from but then again I think I got lost somewhere in between. I don’t think Kishi would go into that much detail on Jinchuuriki and Bijuu control though, so you may never obtain verifiable proof of if your theory is correct or not. Good theory though I must say. 😉

    @Anyone: One more crackhead theory shall we? XD

    Madara is Obito, Mifune, his own younger brother, Tobi, and Danzou!!! Madara just has a bunch of Kage Bushins running around impersonating everyone just to confuse the hell out of everybody! The sly bastard! >_<

  136. Kisame Vs. Killer Bee

    Firstly- I really didn’t think I’d have to jump into this discussion but here it is. In Killer Bee vs. Kisame bee wins. Its Obvious that when he was fighting saus”gay” he wouldve won with 4 to 1 the guy was kicking ass. Itachi saying that they didn’t want to “start a war” was obviously B.S. This may sound crazy to some but if he hadnt brought out his Biju Hebi>>>(sauske and his posse) would be dead. he has undeniably lots of control and knows what his Biju is capable of and can do. Evidence of this is when he broke from the Genjutsu. Sauske was used more than a public toilet by killer bee to make his escape to get from under his brother. Killer-bee could go out on the best!

  137. Personally, I believe that what will happen is everyone start’s fighting and Naruto appears unintentionally helping Danzo. he Tell’s everyone how he destroyed Pain then asks where Sasuke is. Zatsu slinks away and goes to Madara to tell him Naruto is here. Danzo tries to sweet talk with him, but Naruto is furious with him for becoming Hokage. Danzo tries to control him, and the guy from above with the Byakugan tells his partner what he’s doing. Kankuro and Temari overhear and shout out to Gaara what’s happening. Gaara helps Naruto and Naruto punches Danzo in the face. starting a war. Sauke and the rest of his gang hear the word “Rasengan” and Sasuke freezes up. Then he rushes off to the noise, followed by his gang. so both Sasuke and Madara are rushing towards Naruto 😀

  138. alrighty my first post

    choji : it doesnt matter if we are not mainstream characters we are in the story sometimes

    ino: i wish i was popular like sakura

    kiba : same it would be awesome to be naruto

    tenten : hey i am happy to get a bubble

  139. the mangas been really slow lately 0_o

  140. Well, im new here, i used to post on IRA…


    I think Killerbee vs Kisame its a bit of a mystery, but i have to say, kisame wins, he has proven to be as strong as a 6th gated Gai at 30%, cmon thats fricking powerful, also, the ability of his sword is a great advantage against the Bijuu

    im kinda busy nao, so ill complete the post later, or not… depends if someone comes up with something new

  141. @supertrek: NARUHINA FTW ALWAYSSSS, that cryassbaby sakura NEVAHHHHHH,

    @TENRAI: RLLY LOVED AND MADE to read ur theory but like supah said kishi wudn’t go doing so much trouble over bijuu’s, lousy writer >.> heheheh

    @anyone: im hearing any kinda of predictions cuz specially idk what will happen cuz naruto is going kinda of too much information and less action :s

  142. BUBBLE:

    Choji: Hey Ino, do you know that my ‘Partial Expansion Jutsu’ works on other appendages too?

    Ino: I-I-I’m so depressed t-that even you’re starting to look so g-good…*continues to cry*

    Kiba: Choji!!! Get the hell away from Ino! You PERV!!

    Tenten: KIBA! SHUT UP!! Ino needs a rebound…let her do what she wants.

  143. @ drosensei:
    I love that bubble entry! Hilarious 🙂 It totally suited the comic strip / manga excerpt.

    By the way, I forgot to post earlier to say: great breakdown as always Cookie!!!! Lol @ “Hunchback of Notre Dame…Gender Pill Mishap” Epic win LMAO ;P

    *sigh* I can’t wait for Manga 460 this week…I’m dying from anticipation…I hope it doesn’t disappoint =/

  144. its freaking hard to wait for the spoilers

  145. Hello everyone. I thought I should share this with all the narutards here who are waiting for the new movie to release on dvd. I was just looking for the shippuden 3 trailers and found a 15 minute video of the movie itself! ( ). Follow the above link and you should find a .rar fie of the movie. The movie seems preety GOOD. Didn’t know where to post this as there was no seperate topic on the movie.Have fun.I posted this on the Gaiden breakdown, guess nobody saw the last comment.

  146. @iamstrikr: no ways!!?!? im downloading it right now. >.<

  147. dont be too hasty now its just recorded using a mobile phone.

  148. I really hope we get some action in the manga this time. I don’t know about you guys but I’m kinda tired of all the talking. Naruto should quit rolling on the floor and get to some serious sasuass kicking

  149. Confirmed Spoiler found on mangahelpers:

    背表紙はツナデ 表紙はナルトとサスケ(対峙しててサスケの目が死んでる)

    雷影に首を捕まれた白ゼツ サスケはどこだ? と聞かれ
    白ゼツ ヒントなら教えてやってもいいぞ~
    っていった瞬間にボキゴキ 首がプラーン と首の骨を折られ白ゼツ死亡?
    何も殺すことは~ っと水影様

    他の奴等を火影の見張っていろと命令し 壁を突き破ってサスケ探しへ

    ナルトの寝ている所にマダラが参上 少し話をしないか? と聞いた瞬間に螺旋丸
    ナルトはそんな事より サスケはどうしたんだ? と問い詰める


    それを見ていた水月 俺には殺すなっていってたのにお前はやってんじゃないか

    雷影と部下2人とサスケが遭遇した所で 完です

    Source: NF
    Credit: T.D.A
    Verification: Confirmed

    Here’s my half-assed translation of the spoiler:

    Tsunade on the spine, Naruto and Sasuke on the cover(confronting one another, Sasuke has lifeless eyes)

    Raikage caught white zetsu by his neck and asks him where Sasuke is.
    Zetsu tells him ‘It wouldn’t hurt to give you a hint I guess~’
    The second he says this his neck is broken with a loud sound, is he dead?
    Mizukage goes ‘Killing is off limits’
    Everyone else is ordered to keep watching Hokage while others break through the wall to go look for Sasuke

    Madara comes to where Naruto’s sleeping and asks him if they could talk for a while but is attacked with rasengan in return
    Kakashi and Yamato make appearance and seize Madara
    ‘I just wanted to find out how you managed to change Nagato’s beliefs so I only came here to talk’ says Madara
    Naruto tells him that it doesn’t matter and asks where Sasuke is

    Madara goes ‘Fine, let’s talk about Sasuke who had fallen into darkness and about this world of shinobi, permeated with hatred and revenge’
    Without any hesitation Sasuke strikes down Samurais standing in his way who’d noticed the abnormality around them
    Suigetsu looking at him and goes ‘Why did you tell me not to kill, isn’t that what you’re doing now?’
    Karin senses unusual ‘darkness’ and ‘coldness’ coming from Sasuke with her special ability
    And then someone with insane amount of chakra appears

    The chapter ends with Sasuke running into Raikage and his two underlings


    This is exciting. Yamato and Kakashi seize Madara!!! lol

  150. Confirmed spoiler site here:

  151. this is a mess around thing but i think naruto has another doujutsu (ithink its spelt like that):

    1. its a joke a bit but he has a bandage on one of his eyes in the last few chapters

    2. in the new chapter (459) he has his eye closed what was damaged.

    this is a mess around thing but naruto could have a new eye (maybe he stole nagato’s rinnegan) LOL!!! but yeah do you think he might thinking everybody else has one lately.

    or even better he has the sharingakuinnegan (my translation for sharingan, byakugan and rinnegan).

    only if though! lol

  152. Oh yeah and i dont know if we ever did this debate but who do you think would win between : naruto or neji!

    a rematch from the chuunin exams. And even neji could stop him circulating the 9-tails and sage chakra.

    so who do you think would win!!!

  153. @paz dude i wish u said this debate question earlier its a good one.
    while neji is incredibly fast and smarter, and two ranks above naruto, and probly one of the strongest hyuuga’s in the village, and is just ballin in general… wat was i talking about? o yeah. naruto would win, if he was able to activate sage mode and avoid his chakra points getting pushed. but he porbly wouldnt be able to do so and neji could probly stop the flow of natural energy or watever if he wasnt hit with frog kata. so yeah neji would win

  154. What do you guys think of the fact that Madara appeared where Naruto, Kakashi and Yamato was. Once the rest of the Konoha ninjas come (Team 9), they’ll most likely be a fight between them!!! And……someone will die!!! (according to Kishi’s interview).:(

  155. @fuuton: about neji is though the technique he learnt in the time skip (i think its called air palm or sumthin?) he wouldnt have to be so close so naruto wouldnt be able to use frog katas.

    also, would you think neji could deflect the rasen-shuriken with the rotation or would it just go through because if the rasen shuriken didnt work or he couldnt get close enough to hit him in case he got gentle fist’d (that sounds wrong) but neji would probably win in my opinion

  156. Remember that even though kaiten is an excellent defense rasen-shuriken gots 2 thingies to watch out

    1st it can cause an huge explosion on contact (when it wasn’t still mastered) i think naruto can do it to explode!
    2nd this is the main reason i think kaiten wudn’t defend this rasen shuriken cut through every lil thing he cuts through celular size and over 1k cuts per second at least, neji wudn’t be able to stop it and even if he wud he’d be OUT OF CHAKRA.


  157. Well… that was… quite something.. i hope they’re gonna bring something awesome, what with the not another chapter till next week. I have been waiting for someone to kick sakura’s ass since…. well.. damn… FOREVER!! That bitch.. i wonder how Naru can ignore Hinata’s mountainous love.. hehehe…. Personally, i would like this to end with Raikage fighting Danzou and Sasuke getting his ass handed to him by Naruto… and Naruto bitch-slapping Sakura and Sai changes those gay clothes and…*babbles on and on and… on*

    But, I have a question which i wanna ask and i hope someone can answer it. Basically.. in the beginning of naruto we are told that the byakugan is more powerful than the sharingan.. But is it really? i mean sure the byakugan user can see chakra points but when you count the sheer number of jutsu a sharingan chappy can do then the byakugan is pretty wimpy in comparison i mean if neji walks upto sasuke and is about to do the 128 palm thingy and sasuke whips out that amaterasu on his hat wearing head.. well… neji’s gonna be ashes a second later.. and all of the sharingan tech’s are soooooo powerful.. take the ksukuyomi or the ‘take-control-of-bijuu”, Heck, even the basic copy jutsu is pretty damn badass!!

  158. Bubble

    Choji: is like a box of chacalates..did you eat mine?
    Ino: That bitch Sakura, she cant have Sasuke so she wants him dead.
    Kiba: That’s not true.
    Tenten: Yeah, everybody wants Sasuke dead!


  159. Spoilers. I doubt “Shiro Zetsu” is dead. If he can split in two, surely he can handle his neck being broken.

    @instalingrad: Well, in Naruto, Sharingan and Mangekyou Sharingan are two different doujutsu, abilities-wise ..

  160. oh and uh.. these were my first posts.. so excuse my.. misinformation and please … be gentle..

  161. @Raikōben ahh… yeah.. i know.. but when you think about it… and i did… the Byakugan doesnt even allow for any sort of .. upgrade.. as far as we know.. so it essentially comes down to the same thing.. right? Sharingan Stronger Than Byakugan?

  162. hey, stop tryin to change my debate. its suppose to be naruto vs neji!
    god, why don’t you like think who would win

  163. *Notices discussion about Byuakugan and Sharingan and decides to intervene.*

    Alright, firstly let me point out something quickly. It is mentioned in the manga/anime that the Sharingan is descended from the Byuakugan. That is what is stipulated and nowhere does it insinuate otherwise.

    Now, that does not automatically mean the Byuakugan is more powerful just because it came first, although some Hyuuga may claim such a bold statement in an act of clan pride. Then again, which major clan doesn’t like to claim their own as the strongest?

    However, the truth is, you have to look at this from the right perspective. The Sharingan descended from the Byuakugan, which means it is an evolution of the Byuakugan’s original power.

    Now normally when something evolves, it often becomes stronger, more complex or gains superior properties, hence why the Sharingan seems to share many of the Byuakguan’s original capabilities while having acquired even more in addition to those. In fact, the only real ability not seen being used by the Sharingan is the 360 degree vision the Hyuuga have.

    To me, the Sharningan is better. Just in the same way each generation surpasses the last, the Sharingan is an evolution of (and somewhat superior form of) the Byuakugan.

    Now as for Naruto vs Neji fight, I think the answer is obvious at their current levels of strength. Naruto would win. If you want reasons, I will explain, but it should not be that hard to see the outcome of that battle.

  164. I felt like joining this Debate because Neji Is Awesome and Doujutsu Scmutsu, Like Zetsu said a Stone can beat a Shurikan it just depends how you use it.

    Neji vs Naruto or Naruto vs Neji

    Genjutsu: I havnt seen either use any form so it wouldnt be a battle it that regard.

    Taijutsu: Sage Karta vs Gentle Fist I believe it would be finesse agaisnt power very difficult battle, Im not sure if the body over flows with Sage Chakra or it can be shut off but if it could be shut off it would be Narutos spirtual chakra that would be shut off. In doing so Neji would suffer severe damage but stop the strength of the Sage. Then Naruto would access his Surpressed Kyuubi Chakra which I dont think can be stopped and use that and if capable form that in a new type of Sage power perhaps something we havnt seen but in that regard it would be a tough battle. Neji looses because he would be drained and exhausted from the Natural Sage Plus narutos Stamina, Then Having too deal with Possible Kyuubi Sage Neji would be overpowered and Defeated. But because there is no possible Kyuubi Sage, Neji would of stopped his Chakra flow and whooped him.

    Ninjutsu: Narutos weapons are Mass shadow clones all with possible rasengans or Shadow clone Shurikans. He doesnt really have any other jutsu I could be forgetting one I kinda got a memory block. Neji Has his ultimate defense that Naruto could never penetrate with either.
    But Naruto also has the Rasen-Shurikan thats his Ultimate weapon, Neji is Jounin I believe he did the Wind punch well it must be wind element so Im fanticisng but he could possibly have a Nature manipulation which is Chakra wind punch which could Negate it, If a force of Wind Collides with a Rasen-shurikan then it would most likely be sure too Activate. Im not too sure If Rasen-Shurikan could also cut through Nejis Chakra ultimate defense but its a powerful attack lets say it does cut through Neji would be finished but if Negated then Neji would have the Upper Hand.

    Hard Decision I dont want too underestimate Neji, Hinata Got done in by Pain But it could of been differant if it was Neji. And Neji got defeated by Naruto the First time this time he knows what too expect maybe not But for Now Neji Wins 🙂

    Was that Long Be honest I was trying too explain the Point is it Sound???

  165. @lelulalilo

    Although I do agree that Neji is skilled, I just don’t see him beating Naruto at his current level.

    In sage mode, Naruto doesn’t even have to touch someone to pwn them (as shown when he took out one of Pein’s bodies without even making direct contact) because the range and area of his attack is increased by his sage chakra.

    His strength is also far superior and he is impervious to most physical damage (he did fall of a cliff with little more than a scratch to show for it).

    Neji is primarily a close quarters fighter with only one known ranged attack, so he would not really be a match in that kind of fight.

    As for his ‘rotation’, although it is shown deflecting ranged weapons and physical attacks, we have not seen how it would react to a Rasengan. One spinning mass of chakra meeting a spinning defense could mean trouble and I highly doubt it could stop a Rasenshuriken, especially considering how much destruction it causes.

    There is also the fact that Naruto has a summoning contract, giving him access to even more options for defeating his opponent. To me, Naruto far surpasses Neji now.

  166. honestly, we should make a lst who’d really b a match for naruto…
    neji is not, the rasne-shuriken cuts through all, i think it would even cut through gaaras defense.

  167. Sage Mode is a Powerful Tool your right about his Frog Kata it is strong how it can just touch and have the same affect, Though Neji Being able too see this Chakra could in away surpress it. Also with Narutos Powerful attacks, In real martial arts a form of Combat know as Akido you turn your enemys strength agaisnt him. And Neji having the Gentle fist in a way is that kind of Taijutsu, Given that Rock lee is a powerful fighter and Neji Owns him every time. But its differant with Naruto in Sage Mode yes thats a Powerful tool Given that he didnt use Sage mode Neji would Smash him one on one with out summons Ninja on Ninja.

    With The RasenShurikan It Colliding against Nejis spinning defense its hard too say because Neji has so many lvls with that tech, Its always creating large areas of destruction when he uses the Tech and also when he does it its as if he is a Rasengan. He unleahes chakra from all points in his body and its a circling 360 degrees all around him, Too me Neji is the Best Chakra Fighter going around still with out the summons and rasenshurikan its still a even fight even if he does have Sage mode.

    Naruto in Sage mode is faster stronger tougher, But every blow from Neji attacks from within chakra wise its destroying Narutos powerful Sage Mode. I know Naruto has Ultimate Techniques which seem unbeatable but Neji does have A Advantage in some sense.

  168. @ Tenrai And Salamiyo

    Yes so far Rasenshurikan has cut through alot mostly stone mountains and flesh, so yes it proberly could cut through gaaras defenses. But it hasnt cut anything Chakra orientated it added with Wind Nature maybe it could cut Maybe. But say a normal chakra blade it would negate agaisnt a Chakra Shield.

    But Neji performing a Wind Jutsu called Wind punch whats not too say him using his Spinning defense with Wind nature added wouldnt Own the RasenShurikan or at least Negate it.

  169. theres no sense in turning everything to nejis advantage.
    wehave seen what happens if chakra meets chakra, remember sasuke vs naruto, if the FRS really hits nejis he’ll just explode.
    and the thing that he can see chakra doenst mean that hes capable to suppress it, he can be happy if hes able to dodge the hits and remember, naruto can control 3 sage kage bunshins, i think in every point of battle naruto has the upper hand.

  170. @lelulalilo

    You said Naruto is faster and stronger in Sage mode, but Neji’s attacks would weaken him. The thing is, if Naruto is faster and stronger, it means he will get in just as much hits as Neji, if not more.

    The fact is, it would only take 1 hit from Naruto to end the battle, while Neji is still trying to weaken him. Also, basing your argument on a real world fighting style that may have no relation to the Jyuuken is not really helpful in a debate that invovles a fantasy setting.

    Secondly, lets just assume that Neji’s defense is impenetrable, just for the sake of this debate. I still don’t see how it will help. Naruto would figure it out pretty quickly if that was the case and he would not waste his attacks.

    Secondly, he has been shown displaying a great deal of cunning in getting past his opponents defense. There is no such thing as an impenetrable defense and Neji’s is the same. It has it’s weaknesses just like any other.

    Also, using his defense would also drain Neji’s chakra quickly, because it is formed by using a constant flow being released continually while he spins. Naruto could just wait it out if he wanted to and Neji would eventually be forced to engage him.

  171. Naruto will have the Ultimate techniques, in the End he will change and get stronger as time goes on he has Unlimited Chakra reserves he has incredible Stamina. He is a persistent fighter he can challenge anyone, Hes unpredictible so he can turn any battle around with his clever and witty strategies. He has Sage mode, The Kyuubi and a few hidden powers. Hes the main Character so he should Own every one. Though other characters like Neji and the rest of Konoha Ninjas including Sasuke will in the End be the best in their field Sasuke will surpass Madara, Neji will become the strongest in the Hyuuga family and Naruto will live up to his Mothers reputation and the 4th Hokage.

    Im out of this Debate it was interesting though its Kishis story some thing unpredictable will happen, What Can I Say Im from Australia I Prefer the Underdog, Im also Tired Good Night 🙂

  172. @ debates: Well, for one thing, Naruto would kick NEARLY everyone’s ass right now, seeing as Bakamoto’s made him damn near invincible. He even mentioned that Sasuke (who killed a SANNIN, weak as he was at the time) is no match for him.

    So I really think we should have a debate between Naruto and someone who actually has a chance against him at the moment. Even if he/she is dead.

    I don’t know about you, but Itachi springs to mind for me. He was inventive and really strong before the whole illness thing. Though I’d still be betting against him at the moment. Naruto got owned BEFORE he got the sage training yada yada…

    Then there’s Madara, who’s obviously one of the strongest characters alive right now, and although we don’t know the full extent of his powers, it would be fun to guess who and why would win. ^^

    I’m thinking Kirabi too. That would be the best match up of the age: a jinchuuriki who lacks special powers (ignoring the giant bull O_O), but has complete control over his beast and awesomeness sword skills vs. a jinchuuriki who has way too many advantages, but lacks control over his beast and can mainly use only jutsu.

    While Naruto would be kickass against most, Kirabee matches him in chakra (he might even have more as he can control his beast) and outdoes him in skills and years of training. I’d love to know who would win in that fight, and it’s possible that we will, seeing as Kishi’s mentioned how Kirabi will try to invade Konoha.

    Well, that’s my two cents. What d’you think? *stares pointedly at Tenrai* O_O

  173. too bad looks like neji lost… but its all good naruto is a beast, but more importantly killerbee invading konoha? thats gonna b crazy. they keep on gettin destroyed… ( i thought they were the strongest village) killer bee vs guy? i would love to see that

  174. @Tenrai Senshi Altho i wish my Sharingan vs Byakugan Debate hadnt been canned i guess Tenrai’s explanation makes sense, but i remmber it being said in the anime that its more powerful than Sharingan but a) it could be in the ability to “See Stuff” and nothing more b)i think it was either Kakashi or tenten who said it, can anyone remmeber? i’ll go check. In the meantime..

    @pazownz Well, i think we have clearly established that nobody beats Sage Naruto and lets face it “Naruto gets beat up by Neji”?? That doesnt sound right at all. Come to think of it, i cant really remmeber any part from the Pein Owns Konoha Arc in which Neji did something spectacularly powerful. He didnt defeat (and correct me if im wrong) a single pein but Naruto took em all out, pretty much, single handed. So, as much as it pains me to say it…hehehe.. Neji would have his ass handed to Him by Naruto and thats without Kyuubi Sage Mode, which we can all agree isnt gonna happen for atleast another few months(especially since the stories come done to talky-talky-talk-talk now).

    @dynamicentrance i think u’r right.. since Naruto would pretty much beat the crap outta anyone right now, especially in konoha, i think the real question is “Who should he fight that might actually stand a chance against him”?

    Personally, i think Jiraiya (damn, that guy was awesome boohoo!!) might be able to take sage Naruto, although i think it says somewhere that Naruto has better Sage control than Jiraiya, but then again, Jiraiya was greatly outnumbered when he fought pein, ALL SIX OF THEM!! and Naruto fought them like 2 on 1 or 3 on 1. Besides, Jiraiya was way more trained and had all these toad abilities (not sage mode but toad summoning related abilities) that were totally powerful! I think he could take on Naruto. But not Kyuubi Sage Naruto. What do you think?

    Im not gonna try and do a Madara vs Naruto coz we know barely anything about his abilities… but … and bear with me here.. how about the entire gang of Sasuke vs Naruto? (coz we already know he’s more powerful than Sasuke) I think that would be totally awesome!!

  175. @Instalingrad: Yeah i agree that Neji gets owned by Naruto but saying he didnt do anything in the pein invasion is unfair 😛 he was on a mission at the time…
    Kishi made Naruto hella strong really quickly though, yet he still needs clones for a rasengan *sigh* he needs to do that shadow clone training so he can learn to do it one handed, and is it too much to ask for a new technique? So much training and he isnt really using his wind chakra that much…
    I wonder if everyone else is gunna power up as quick as Naruto now. LOL if Sakura goes to the slug mountain place where she learns healer mode and turn into a slug if she took in too much energy. All the while Sasuke is still playing with snakes…

  176. how about naruto sage nd kyuubi modes against the 3 sannin if they were alive or whatever.

    i mean naruto could have a chance but jiraiya, tsunade and orochimaru!

    who do you think would win

  177. @tobiisagoodboy i dont think that “being on a mission” excuses him… oh no! he shuda come back and done sumthin… heheh… ok.. fine, so im not being completely fair.. but who cares?! as far as naruto learning a new wind chakra jutsu… well.. i think that would be AWESOME!! i mean, he’s been doing that RASENGAN!! soo much that i think anybody who hears it now goes.. “oh.. right.. his name’s naruto and he does rasengan! Yawn!” i mean, a lot of characters at least do a bunch of different jutsu… but the problem is.. and i think Kishi would agree.. that Naruto learning a new jutsu would make him… too AWESOME!! and hence he’s not gonna be learning anything… soon anyway.

    I still think that we should talk about Naruto vs Sasuke’s Gang.. but i suppose a lot of people think that it would be unfair coz they dont think Naruto can beat Sasuke in a one on one.. is that it? You guys dont think Naruto can beat Sasuke??

  178. OR.. how about… Naruto vs…. Hinata.. in a bathing suit.. now thats a fight almost no guy could win.. sigh.. *runs in the meadow thinking about another meadow*

  179. Neji vs. Naruto: I think it is obvious to all that Naruto would win. Sage mode and a Rasenshuriken could (most likely pierce through all of Neji’s defense. Who knows, maybe when the Jonin exams come, we’ll see Naruto vs. Neji #2!

    Naruto Spoiler/Raw: ————————————————————-SPOILER——————————————–

  180. I am shocked of the outcom of chapter 460! SASUKE VS. RAIKAGE!!!!! There is a weird demon – (looks like the nine tailed fox when in 4 tailsform) behind Sasuke and Naruto looks (REALLY) angry! Damn does it look cool when Kakashi and Yamato seize Madara (Tobi_!) - .
    If you don’t mind MAJOR SPOILERS click the link. and….. wah :(, chapter 461 isn’t coming till next week and chapter 460 isn’t coming till, thursday/friday!

  181. Fahim0717’s spoilers on YouTube has pictures. 😀

  182. @ Raikōben:

    Thanks for the spoiler! I can’t wait for the new chapter to be posted! Hopefully it will be up later today (Thursday). And the next chapter, 461 looks like it will be full of action considering what’s been happening so far ♥


    I hope madara doesn’t pull a “nagato” and talk for the next 10 chapters!

  183. Let’s see…I missed a Naruto vs. Neji debate and a Sharingan vs. Byakugan debate. Well, the outcome of those debates are to obvious anyway so no fun in participating. Not saying they’re dumb just not fun. 😉

    Next chapter breakdown Naruto vs. Killerbee or Killerbee vs. Kisame debate? If someone else doesn’t start it I will! XD

  184. killerbee vs kisame debate was already done like TWICEEEEEEE not again X.X

  185. how about like i said before naruto vs the sannin again

  186. Naruto would loose badly against the sannin. Regardless of that frame in the pein fight where Naruto supposedly surpassed the 4th and Jiryia, i dont think he has surpassed Jiryia at all. J man fought pein with no information and pein even said if he didnt keep his control of 6 bodies a secret Jiryia would have won. Needless to say, pein wanted J man dead in their fight. Naruto had tons of info, more summons that didnt waste his own chakra and pein wanted him alive. If Naruto would have been in Jiryias place (with sage mode etc) he would have been owned. So if it came to a fight with Jiryia plus Oro and Tsunade, i think Naruto would loose easy…

  187. well naruto is more powerful then orochimaru because naruto has surpassed sasuke and sasuke fought and defeated orochimaru. I think naruto could take jiraiya because naruto was a lot better in sage mode then jiraiya was so naruto would probably beat him. you wouldnt know if naruto would beat tsunade because she can use the jutsu what regenarates her. but we dont know how well the sannin worked together because they were close to losing to hanzou, and hanzou lost to pain and naruto defeated pain. but i think they all would die in the end if they fought

  188. @pazowns Naruto could only beat pain cause pain had no intention of killing him, he was only trying to capture him. u have to remember paz that some battles are like rock, scissors and paper. And just cause naruto is better with sage chakra doesnt mean that he is better altogether, Jiraiya is much smarter than naruto especially in his battle with pain when he figured out that nagato wasnt there.

  189. Also Paz, Sasuke only beat Oro coz he was nearly dead and in the end it was just because Sasuke is an Uchiha. If the roles were reversed, Oro would rasenganin all over the place now even if Naruto can beat Sasuke. If anything Tsunade is the one Naruto has most chance beating. When they fought Hanzou, the 3 were a lot younger so they must have got stronger since. Can Naruto really beat 3 exceptional, kage level nin that would have a great combination? Answer: no. I think J man could beat naruto 1 on 1 and i think Oro could too. If Tsunade got in her chakra scramble move that she did to Kabuto she would win too but otherwise she would probably loose. Together, Naruto, as well as most ninja, would have no chance.
    I will also point out that Nagato beat Hanzou when all his techs were in one body, i.e. stronger than his recent fights.

  190. Shippuden ep. this week was excellent, down to the last detail.
    They’re moving the anime along at a great pace, unlike Bleach. =|

  191. @Raikōben: i didnt like it so much. it made deidara look hella weak and sasuke massively strong. D:< sasuke's all like: im cool, so u cant plan a jutsu on my ass. but yeah, they're moving better than bleach. 🙂

  192. @Candy_Cane: Its the same way in the manga. Sasuke only wins the fight because lightning > earth. Pure luck imo. At least he looks really scared at the end. xD

  193. @Candy_Cane: Heh. But yeah, that’s exactly how it happened in the manga. The only reason Sasuke looked that strong was because of his advantage over Deidara’s Doton with Raiton. I still thought Deidara was pretty impressive though. I never get tired of just watching him blow up clay.

  194. @Fanboi: At the end of the day, I wouldn’t say Sasuke won. More like he barely survived.

  195. @everybody NARUTO MANGA 460 is out at

  196. Fuck that chapter was awesome. Madara wants to talk to naruto (wow that’s a change generally it’s naruto who wants to chat). and Sasuke appears (at least i think) to have a tailed beast (under his control?), that or he has somehow learnt to chanel the power of emo, and will be taking on the Raikage….. AWESOME

  197. @mudshovel: dunno but that looked like itachi’s Susanoo to me

  198. @Mudshovel: I think it’s probably a tailed beast to. Madara could have gave him one to use or something bc it never said the beast died when they were seal just the host.

  199. @Boyruns: Hmm – that’s what i thought at first, but he doesn’t have his MS activated and his chakra is ‘darker’ and ‘colder’ than b4. Personally i don’t think that’s what Susano’o represents, and we know that tailed beasts have a ‘sinister’ chakra (well the Kyuubi has been said to have so, and i don’t think it’s unreasonable to assume that other tailed beasts wouldn’t).
    Plus i remember somewhere Madara saying that he would give Sasuke a tailed beast (not sure when, but i’m pretty sure he said it). Since Sasuke is important to Madara, i doubt he’d let him be exposed without a little aid…

  200. That DEFINITELY looked like the Kyuubi! Call me crazy but Naruto only has half of the Kyuubi’s chakra sealed in him. What if Madara was able to retrieve the other half of the Kyuubi from the Shinigmi and give it to Sasuke? That would make Naruto and Sasuke uber rivals!

    Naruto’s Kyuubi (
    Sasuke’s Kyuubi ( )

  201. Mm, that was a cool chapter, and kick-ass ending.

    @supertrek & mud: Well, maybe Madara got Tobi to do it to Sasuke for him, since Nagato controls the realms of both life and death. Why though, I can’t even begin to get a clue … maybe because Madara knew Sasuke’d need help to capture Bee ?

    That would also explain why Sasuke thinks, all of a sudden, that he can take on some Kages simultaneously.

  202. chapter is the sasuke vs. itachi battle sasuke said that with MS you are able to control nine tails.what if with MS you get a summoning patch with nine tails?madra was able to summon nine sasuke is still learning to summon thats why it is just upto 4 tails & only blood no bones etc.coz when naruto learning to summon frogs then he got few mini summoning before summoning the original(gamabunta).please share your ideas also & please comment on my theory.

  203. That was an awesome chapter. it seems sasuke’s already linked to the gedo-mezo. don’t know what new powers this will give him. but i have a feeling raikage is gona have his ass kicked.

  204. @Spanky: sounds pretty solid. But do you think he could actually summon the Demon Fox, even though it’s miles away, sealed in a host ? I also don’t think you “summon” the Fox. I think you have to go up to it and have it look into your eyes or something like that. But I could be wrong …

  205. …And so it begins! *rubs palms together and grins*

    That was a pretty epic chapter.

    At first, when I saw the fourteenth page, I could have sworn it was the Kyuubi. It made me even think it was Naruto’s doing ’til I saw the rest of the chapter. I think it’s just a manifestation of Sasuke’s dark and cold chakra (…or emoness, if you will)

    Does anyone else think that Zetsu is still alive, by the way? I don’t think a member of Akatsuki would die so easily. Except if he were just for reconnaissance and nothing else.

  206. @Raikōben:

    on this page the frog says that no one is capable of “summoning” creature such as nine tails. & i don’t think that sasuke is able to summon the one which is in hosts body.i think who unloks MS gets a power to summon nine tails.if someone seals gamabunta in someone then it is not like no-one will be able to summon frogs.if there is mybokzan(frog villege) then i think kishi’ll show some more nine tails.

  207. im in agreement with Captain Pickles because i cant see sasuke with a tailed beast, akatsuki has been gathering them for a long time and has 2 left to get why would they remove 1 and place it in a team member if it meant extracting it later and killing the team member? its got to be his emoness! also he hasnt gone under any physical transformation and anyone with a biju has signs of physical transformation even if they can controll it.

  208. u can’t summon nine tails but is able to control it! or isn’t that so?

  209. Oh, and if you look at page 08, the way Tobi says, “your attacks won’t work on me, Madara Uchiha.” It makes it seem as if Tobi’s trying to convince them that he is definitely Madara … but in a sort of a childish, obvious way. The way Kakashi responds makes me think that, too.

    @Spanky: ??? I didn’t catch that.

  210. Wow.. this chapter was pretty awesome.. i feel bad for all the Naruto bashing i did on the bleach blog..altho i was only talking about the anime *braces himself for hurled rocks*

    I sorta thot that it was a tailed beast but when i saw it again i realised it was just some purely evil thingy.. plus u cant summon a tailed beast.. u have to look it in the eyes and then using the MS u can control it.

    @Captain Pickles and im pretty sure that zetsu’s still alive too.. i mean, atleast half of him anyway.

    I think naruto will talk with Madara before Madara tries something. As for Sasuke vs Raikage.. well.. i dont think Sasuke should just win.. altho i hope it will be an epic battle.. instead of a rock beats lightning or watever trick. By the way, Does anyone think that Raikage will win?? i dont mean draw or something… i mean win outright.. anyone??

  211. @Raikōben do you think any of the bad guys will lose?? i mean, danzou? or sasuke? or.. not likely at all but.. madara?

  212. I hope Raikage wins. As payback for the Deidara fight Raikage should be a master of wind and water element 😛

  213. i dont think the “beast” in sasuke was a summon since the 9 tailed fox is allready sealed in naruto and if anyone was still able to summon it then i think madara would certainly have done it.
    I do think the thingie was a tailed beast tho and not just sasukes emoness. My thoughts are that he somehow grabbed some of the 9 tails chakra when he was in naruto’s head and saw the 9 tailed fox. I think he must ve kinda sealed it in hisself and is now using it ( a bit like the filler when there was that other kid with the 9 tailed fox power)

  214. if the raikage doesnt win then its because madara stops him. sasuke cant even fight killer bee, and killer bee’s older bro is stronger and rly pissed rite now. was that lighting coming off his body?

  215. No, not lightning. Pure rage! Rage so intense that it manifested itself!

  216. In this Chapter I noticed
    Juugo says thats.. And instantly I thought that he can see whats happening too Sasuke because of what he did in chapter..
    And now its Manifesting because Karin says on this page that its even darker than the second stage so could this be the 3rd stage that which is juugo in his true form.

    Well I guess she said it was differant and colder, in my mind its Juugos curse or its some thing too do with the Gedo Mazo or evil the other Evil Chakra Kyuubi.

    Another thing I hope that madara goes into Narutos mind with Genujutsu and encounters the 4th or the Kyuubi.

  217. @Raikōben: i mean when kishi said that there is only 1 nine tails beast? i’m saying that there could be a possiblity that with MS you get a summoning patch with nine tails as naruto’s patch with gamabunta.when naruto is not mastered in controling the nine tails chakra then what was the result? first 1st tail then 2nd likewise when sasuke is gaining control he is going the same.he can control upto 4 tails only.that’s why it looks like that. & i personally think that madra got revived with gedo rinne tensai jutsu. nagato is able to do it without losing his life(women of sand for garaa) thats why all attackes go through him.& i think kakashi going the same kishi said that navy blue about kakashi story.sorry for the long post but i’ve still to say if anyone has doubt about my nine tails theory & sorry for the bad english also for not providing characters name.

  218. i don’tthink any sort of beast is in sasuke, maybe its a visualisation of his hatred what manufests into his chakra. Remember how badly he wanted to kill itachi. he thought that itachi killed the clan but its mostly danzou’s doing. remember sasuke will be feeling pain and hatred because of danzou, because of danzou mostly, the whole uchiha clan was wiped out and made saskue mislead him to kill his own brother. It wouldnt be a beast but this is naruto and anything can pop out in the manga. byakugans, sharingans, even rinnegans and maybe beasts now. but i think its just what his chakra is like not that its a beast

  219. oh no i think we are all in for the sasuke show in the next few chapters… you know the whole flash backs and how hard his life has been ect ect. but oh well its all gona be good, the fighting part that is i cant see sasuke winning the fight its more likley naruto will have a large input on how this whole situation pans out and danzo might not be going home after all of this.

  220. i dont think dat iz a tailed beast…well atleast not tha nine tailed fox..i dont think u can summon it lyke u wud a frog because the nine tails is made out of chakra and frog somethin made from two frogs lol

  221. @pazownz ur totally right.. i can see it happening now “Yeah, there’s one more tailed beast like creature roaming around and guess who got it? DING DING DING” But again, you cant summon a sealed beast otherwise akatsuki woulda done it ages ago.. i mean madara knows every single Sharingan jutsu so its unlikely that Sasuke knows something he doesnt.

    Therefore, there are only 2 possibilities 1. Sasuke stole some of the Kyuubi chakra from naruto (like someone said above) 2. His own chakra manifests as a beast of some sort… not a tailed beast but a beast nonetheless… but tell me.. can anyone remmber that thingy where they kept the beast sealed? could it be that Sasuke is linked to it and summons his strength from there? i dont mean that he takes out a beast but just sorta takes some of their chakra or that of the sealing thing??

  222. @instalingrad maybe sasuke has the 0 tailed, (i know its outta the movie) or the 10 tails!!! lol but of course theres not such thing unless kishi makes them anytime soon lol

  223. Im not usually one to give an opinion but if naruto has the ying chakra of the ninetailed fox then maybe sasuke has the yang chakra?
    At that is even more sinister than the ying making sasuke act the way he is.

  224. I wonder what the 10 tails would be. Maybe the 10 tailed squirrel!

  225. @instalingrad: Way i see it, there are 3 more possibilities to add to what you already said. 1) Sasuke is now fused with gedo meso, the bijuu holding thing, as was madaras plan anyway 2) Madara got the yin half of the Kyuubi’s chakra from the shinigami and fused that with Sasuke 3) Sasuke has unlocked his own MS technique, not just the copies of Itachis (Dont always need MS activated to use a technique, Itachi used Tsukiyomi and Amaterasu on many occasions with his regular sharingan.)

  226. i do think that if one of these theories is right kishi is taking it a bit far,.. i dont like the idea of sasuke also having a tailed beast, maybe after everyone having a doujutsu the tailed beasts follo? 😛

  227. @tobi What you said about using MS techniques without actually activating the MS is true, I’ve noticed that too. But that kind of bugs me. What is the whole point of actually activating the MS after you achieved it when you can use it’s techniques with the normal sharingan. If you just use the normal sharingan you’ll avoid bleeding from your eyes, progressive blindness etc.

    When I think about it Itachi did those techniques without the MS pretty early in the manga. Maybe just Kishi didn’t want to show the MS that early. If i recall right the first time we saw it was after Sasuke fought Itachi and had his ass saved by J-man.(that’s when Itachi used Amaterasu without the MS)

    If Sasuke is to use a sharingan technique similar to Susano at this time in the manga i’ prety sure Kishi would have drawed him with the MS on.

    Way I see it what that dark chakra creature behind Sasuke is just his evil chakra seen from Karin’s perspective. Anyway we’ll know for sure in a couple of chapters. IF nothing is mentioned about that ten I’m right 🙂 (sorry for the log post. I hope noone dyes from boredom reading it :S )

  228. I dont think theres any special power is Sasuke, Kishi is just trying to show what the ninja world made of him. He has lost all kindness and become nothing but a common criminal.

    My guess is Sasuke will end up killing Kakashi or Sakura, which in turn would make Naruto forgot his friendship and kill Sasuke once and for all. Right now im looking forward to seeing the Raikage in action.

  229. i think yamatos the only one who can touch madara

    because every1 else seems to just fly through him

    but since yamato was able to hit him it must have something to do with the first hokages DNA because the first hokage beat madara so my theory is that


    yes madara is super powerful and naruto should beat him except yamato is like his natural enemy so to speak WOOD FTW

  230. -_- Madara can teleport using space/time jutsu the likes of which has never been seen. His weakness is trees? -_- Wouldnt that mean he couldnt teleport out of huts or inside a boat? Lame…Its not like Yamato ‘hit’ him, just surronded him with wood ( -_- no more gay jokes about Yamato please! 😛 ) Couldnt Madara have just been acting casual? He let Shino surround him with bugs too.

  231. @tobiisagoodboy yeah.. i really dont think that Madara woulda been all cool and stuff if he really had been trapped by Kakashi and Yamato. i just wanna knw what he says without it turning into a flashback.. hopefully he’ll say something like…”you wanna knw about sasuke? i’ll tell you about sasuke.. sasuke’s a bitch!!” 😀 but i dont think it’s some yin yang sorta thing.. quite simply because it wouldnt make sense.. how would he get that exactly? by being with Naruto too long? thats not true… and he was being evil for a way long time before he went into Naruto’s ..head? soul? w/e.. and confronted the kyuubi… therefore i think there are only 3 possibilities.. like you said.. his own chakra looking super evil.. OR gedo maso.. OR some sharingan tech that allows him to steal kyuubi chakra…

    But i am curious.. didnt Itachi already have the MS before he fought Sasuke?? i thought him killing his entire village gave him the MS and then he wanted(or so we were told) Sasuke to have it too so that he could steal his eyes and become even stronger.. isnt that what Madara did? he killed his brother and then got a super MS…

    Im getting really confused here… someone help!!!

  232. Get your asses over to the new breakdown and take your discussion with you >_< lol

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