Updated W/ Spoiler Vids. Bleach Manga 369: Spitting on Death. Breakdown + Discussion

Here’s this week’s spoiler video by Bleachxdz1’s.

G’day all.

Mudshovel back again to bring you your breakdown fix this week 😀 . El has got a lot of things going on lately, so I’m not sure when she’ll be back but rest assured she will return one day. Till then sit back, relax and prepare to get stupefied 😛

Say what you want about Barragan, but that is a damn fine cloak!

Say what you want about Barragan, but that is a damn fine cloak!

We start off this chapter where we were left last chapter, with Hachi’s Kidou aging terribly. Can’t say I’ve ever seen Kidou age before, but even Hachi is shocked at it’s rate of decay. Barragan is acting nice and conceited and decides to explain the logic behind aging, which I for one was quite interested in.

We all know it's what he wanted to say

We all know it's what he wanted to say

“All things that live and even shinigami, all things that depart this life, do so in accordance with a strict timeline. Anything created by these things are not exempt from this rule. Kidou, created from a shinigami, falls into this category … it to will eventually decompose and corrode”. This is Barragan’s mini speech, and I like the logic behind it.

With Barragan’s lecture over, he announces that it is now time to kill Hachi. Typical arrogant jerks, say what they want then try to kill you before you have a chance to counter with your own logic.

Barragan: "Fuck!!! I just decayed my own legs!!!!

Barragan: "Fuck!!! I just decayed my own limbs!!!!

Hachi however readies some kido planks and builds a Kidou wall to stop the decaying shadow aura thing from reaching him. Barragan triumphantly announces victory (sorta) as his decaying aura starts smashing through the Kido wall.

Hachi, obviously all ready predicting this, chants an incantation to bolster his Kidou walls power and durability. Barragan gives us the ‘stupid viewer’ explanation on why Hachi would use such an incantation at that time.

The explanation - just in case you didn't get it 5 pages ago :P

The explanation - just in case you didn't get it 5 pages ago 😛

What comes next is obviously subliminal advertising. Seriously, whoever didn’t get the ‘join a Kidou tradesman now’ vibe must have skipped through half of the chapter. Anyway, through Hachi’s precision and years of training his skills as a Kidou carpenter, he slaps on the last Kidou plank to complete his new and refurbished Kidou Hut.

Join your local Kidou tradesman today!

Join your local Kidou tradesman today!

Hachi pleads with Soi Fon, since he needs her assistance or more accurately, her Bankai, while Barragan is marvelling at the beautiful Kidou Hut . Soi Fon gets side tracked slightly while she lets us all know for sure that she despises Urahara. Hachi however says to her “I know you hate us, but harden the Fu*k up and do something productive (i.e. murder)”. Well we can always dream that he would T_T .

Barragan: "I knew my flare for exterior design would get me one day!"

Barragan: "I knew my flare for exterior design would get me one day!"

Hachi then does what anyone would when they need help with murder, he bribes Soi Fon into helping him. On the other side of the Kido Hut Barragan is getting impatient and just about attacks before being surprised from behind by Kidou behind him.

A game show wheel and a broken shield appear however this is overshadowed by what appears to be an umbrella. Barragan is less than impressed and laughs at the absurdity of the situation. He then regards himself as an almighty all-powerful (omnipotent) being and that resisting him is futile (seems to be the default line of the bad dude). Hachi however counters this with, ‘Well you’re clearly not omniscient (all-knowing) – that he has failed to grasp what is really going to happen’.

Welcome to 'Kidou of Fortune'

Welcome to 'Kidou of Fortune'

Hachi then explains why Barragan was able to avoid Soi Fon’s Bankai. Saying that he observed Barragan lengthen (not shorten) the Bankai attacks lifespan and thus giving him time to get out of the explosion range before it detonated. However would his all-powerful techniques work if he was closed in a finite (limited) space, unable to dodge said explosion?

Soi Fon then appears to be a spider, I knew she was angry for a reason 😛 , as she has her iron cloth in all directions. It seems that in order to bribe Soi Fon to do this, Hachi must ‘bind and gag’ (I swear this isn’t kinky at all >_> ) Urahara in a barrier for at least a month.

Something about one guy binding and gagging another ...

Something about one guy binding and gagging another ...

Hachi agrees and her attack then punctures the outer wall of the Kidou wheel before exploding inside and possibly the death of Barragan.

Owned, Soi Fon style - damn she's becoming badass!

Owned, Soi Fon style - damn she's becoming badass!

Now it’s Bubble time. Personally I think the whole Bubble thing is getting a little old but meh. If you win you will just have the satisfaction that you beat Supertrek, but if you’re Supertrek then you’ll just know you’ve still got it *insert Frankie pose* XD . (Please mark with BUBBLE in each comment so it’s easy to find).

Here's your challenge - Enjoy

Here's your challenge - Enjoy




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  2. LMAO, awesome breakdown Mudshovel! I don’t think this dude is dead yet. He may have to be sealed somehow (even though that seems impossible) or that eye on his necklace has to be pierced. Somehow I just don’t see him dying by the same attack that failed the first time… Hopefully I’m wrong though because if he lives then the fighting will just get dragged out even more.

    Chances of him being dead: 85%

    Chances of him living: 15%

  3. BUBBLE:

    Barragan 1: “Hmmmm…”

    Barragan 2: “You know I could just go around the fucking thing…”

  4. 4th lol this is the first time i have ever been this high in comments lol

    i dont think he is dead but i think that he will be heavily wounded if he didnt have anything else up his sleave and i think the deal they made to seal urahara will be canceled inexchange for her arm being heal/brought back

  5. Anyone wondering what all of Hacchi’s kidou’s names mean? If so, here they are in english: “The Gate of Tiger Fangs”, ”The Gate of Turtle Shell”, “The Gate of Phoenix Wings”, they are in oreder of how he used them (props to Kisu). He neede them to form the final gate “The Final Gate of Four Beasts” aka, the Gate that Soi Fon blows to pieces.

    I think Barragan will ive, but he’ll just come out badly damagaed and say “You… cant… defeat… a… God”, then he dies :D. Hopefully, he kills Omaeda before dying :D. What? We can all dream cant we! lol

    Barragan 1: Dont they realize
    Barragan 2: I can just go around it

  6. yes we can and i also dream that omaeda dies buy full body slow ageing unable to stop and very painfull

  7. I really hate those scans. *facepalm*

    Stupid morons, making Barragans words slightly difficult to read >_> Theres no need for that sort of font, theres just no need. It looks like a childs handwriting.

    Anyway, good breakdown…… 😀 Exept i hate the scans though >_<

  8. @schy: Yeah the text might be a bit hard to read – but the translation is WAY better than Sleepyfans – Binktopias actually make sense!
    @Kisu: lol, to bad binktopia beat you too it. and yeah hopefully Omeada will decay slowly and painfully!
    @super: Yeah but with the amount of explaining they did before he was ‘killed’ must mean they at least hurt him somewhat 😛 >_>
    @Smurf: Exactly what i thought is gonna happen, seeing as how Hachi said that his and Orihime’s barriers are similar.

  9. Is that all Barragan can do ? Walls and shields and incantations ?


    Barragan 1: Oh God, here it is …
    Barragan 2: The door to Narnia …

  10. i think i’m 7th.. >_> great breakdown mud 😀 now to try and be bothered to think up a bubble….hmm..

  11. BUBBLE 1:
    Barragan 1: What the…
    Barragan 2:Am I the only one who sees this floating crest?

    Bubble 2:
    Barragan 1: *shifty eyes*
    Barragan 2: *pulls out staff* YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!!

    Bubble 3:
    Barragan 1: ……
    Barragan 2: That is a nice wall, if I even saw one.

    I’ll leave it at that for now >_>

  12. 1st LOL yay
    great breakdown mudshovel just loved the bubbles.

    Continue wid ur work and btw….

    Get a job? xD

  13. BUBBLE

    Barragan 1: Wow, this is one well-built wall
    Barragan 2: I think I’ll stare at it and let the Shinigami do whatever they want.

  14. BUBBLE:

    Barragan 1: ……

    Barragan 2: “Why do the always reject my death scout cookies?”

  15. I thought there was only space for one bubble.

    Barragan: You know…
    Barragan: I can still hear you.

    BUBBLE (Spiderman Reference.)
    Barragan: Gotta move… [Optional]
    Barragan: Death Senses Tingling

    BUBBLE (Brook Reference.)
    Barragan: Your kidding me. That whispering was so loud my ears nearly popped. BUT I HAVE NO EARS.
    Barragan: AHAHA! Skull joke.

    BUBBLE (One Piece Reference.)
    Barragan: I was so shocked, my eyes nearly popped out of my head! BUT I HAVE NO EYES!!”
    Barragan: Yoho! Brook reference bitches.

  16. I rather enjoyed the breakdown. Good work guys.

    I would prefer the fight be over, but who knows. I was 99% sure Barragan was dead the first time :/. I hope it cuts back to Yami getting his ass whoped soon…

  17. last one

    1: …
    2: Nope, the paint’s still wet…

  18. BUBBLE

    Barragan 1: Damn it, I can’t break that…
    Barragan 2: I should have taken more milk for calcium before I left Hueco Mundo.

  19. Bubble:

    1. ……..

    2. Well this is awkward!

    Bubble 2:


    2. O.K. you win!, Sorry for calling you fat.

  20. Bubble 1: ……
    Bubble 2: I think SOMEONE’S trying to compensate for something…

  21. new bleach episode’s up on bleach get =D

  22. Bubble: Ohhh i get it. This is one of those 3-D art things…. Ok im getting something… sweet i see it! its a scooner! or is it a sailboat?

  23. BUBBLE:
    1)I’ve heard of cock block, but c’mon…

    2) So, that means you don’t want to learn about T-Mobile’s new options?

    3)So i’m guessing you don’t want to come see my white van than?

    p.s. nice job muds

  24. Bubble:
    2:Now you must cut down the Tallest tree in the forest… with a herring!!!

    Great breakdown by the way =]

  25. BUBBLE:
    Barragan:Dammit…I forgot the door again…

  26. Thanks for the comments guys and keep up the Bubbles – they’re pretty damn good this week – i might have to do a top 3 or 5, hmmmmm.
    Wanted to get a bit of a discussion going though
    What do you think will be the next fight shown in the manga and which fight do you want to see the most (out of the match ups atm)?

    Personaly i think the next fight will be Harribel vs Lisa and Hiyori. As much as i want to see a harribel victory i think team chick vizard (Toshirou included 😛 ) will take this one.

    And the fight i want to see most would have to be Stark vs Rose and Love. I was gonna say Aizen and Shinji but i think Stark is still hiding alot of his power (plus i want to work out what the hell Rose does) not to mention i don’t think Shinji has a chance against Aizen.
    Once again i can’t see team dude vizard losing this one, but as i said – i think Stark is still hiding alot of his power so it should be a good fight imo.

    @Raikoben: I’m not 100% sure, but i’d say it is. i mean with a time/decaying aura that goes through pretty much anything and the aura around him which can stop weak/average attacks – i think he’s pretty Fu*kin strong as is.

  27. BUBBLE:

  28. BUBBLE:

  29. in all honesty mud i would love to see WW abilities, Still want to see shisui’s ( forgot how to spell his name) Bankai as well as the other bankais we havent seen yet so im kinda excited for the next issue. And as far as shinji goes Hes gotta be strong, he is the leadder of Team Mask. but above all else im really waiting for Urahara and his crew to show up.

    Just wanted to throw a theory out there that im not sure anyone has brought up yet.

    What is aizen, being the crafty bastard that he is expected this, never truely ment to use Karakura town’s spritual energy, but instead to use the energy of all the captains and his espada to Forge the key? lets face it, how many captain and vice captain level shinigami are there, plus the top Espada and the Vizards.
    looks like enough spiritual energy to me.

  30. Bubble:

    baragon: cant help but think.
    Baragon: “stop in the name of love…”

  31. Bubble:
    1:You cant keep me here… im UNGROUNDABLE!

    2:Jeez come out already… i promise not to call you a fatass again!

  32. @Ryuu: Yeah i wouldn’t mind seeing shunsui’s Bankai either – seeing as how he is the strongest captain besides the General (i think). Wonderweiss – murrr – damn i hate that kid. He seems strong, but he just annoys me (mainly the little things, nothing really major i can pin down).

    Yeah i think Shinji is strong, but i’m pretty sure Aizen is stronger. Seeing as how this story follows Ichigo – i get the feeling he’s gonna be the one to kill Aizen (or stop him) and i can’t see him doing that atm – so i’m pretty sure Aizen will survive this encounter with the captains. Hopefully someone dies though – bleach really needs to have a ‘good’ character killed off, cause i’m getting pretty sick of everybody surviving every fight. IMO to keep the story interesting somebody has to die.

    Hmm interesting theory – could be – seeing as how Aizen wasn’t really that surprised to see the cpatains waiting for them in the town (forget it’s name).

  33. BUBBLE 1
    No, wait…Im certain it was right after the giant floating kido.

    BUBBLE 2
    His powers just halved…
    After all, nothings worse than a kido splinter.

    BUBBLE 3
    Ooooh! If only i got a nickel for every giant construction of shinigami spells made instantly before my eyes in an overly flashy and showvanistic way…
    …I’d finally have a nickel…

    BUBBLE 4
    Very well done, but you have yet to experience my true power…
    I will now extreme age myself and attack you with loose change, butter candy and stories of the good ol’ days!

    BUBBLE 5
    Just coz the spoilers will be coming soon…
    You dont really need to lock yourself in a completly sealed bunker you know…

    Sorry, im not sure how many im allowed but they are in my preferance order anyway so if possible, could you just ‘mark’ to my limit and ignore the rest. ^^

  34. @tobi: LOL – do as many as you want – it’s not like there’s a limit to creativity 😉 (but only if it’s tasteful 😛 )

  35. BUBBLE:
    Thats some might nice wood you have there

  36. Back again to target your bubble contest XD I will beat Supertrek on it yet!!! >_<

    Bubble 1:
    Barragan: $1 !?

    Bubble 2:
    Barragan: …..
    Barragan: Nope.. I still can't see any exits.. They never have the signs here…

    Barragan1: HEY LADIES!!!

    Well I shall not target them.. Until later on 😉 I have a full week after all! I want fights this week damit!! Where are the battles!? Where are the hearts!?

  37. Bubble:
    Barragan2: Ah, it seems like “Up” had to have a few budget cuts for its DVD release…poor Mr. Frederickson…

    Barragan2: Ok…which one of you guys thought it would be funny to lock me out of my flying house? I’m looking at you Wonderweiss -____-

    Barragan2: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10…ready or not…here I come…

    Btw this is me finally being caught up w/ Bleach…expect to see a lot more of me here, whether u like it or not 😛

  38. @cookie: hehe, back again i see. hmmm i think i’ll have to do a top 5 this week – hmmm now who shall i include in it …

    @Dro: Awesome, welcome to the bleach team (as long as NaruSaku isn’t being spread here 😛 )

  39. Bubble:

    Barragan: …
    Barragan: Well that’s just maddeningly unhelpful.


    Barragan: …
    Barragan: I know you’re around here somewhere, Yamato… >_>

    Bubble 3:

    B: …
    B: This makes me feel insignificant for some reason…

    GAH I’m all sucked dry of imagination. Finally back to bleach! *nudges dro* At least I’m not the only one.

    With the amount of bubbles here, we’ll be moving onto foam soon. >_>

  40. @Mud: Don’t worry man, i don’t push my beliefs on others…*grumbles something about Sakura being awesome under his breath*

    ahem, anyway…if Barragan really is dead then i think that the next fight should be Captain Komamura and Hisagi vs Tousen…but if not that one, then Lisa vs Haribel should be good too 😛

  41. *has been nudged* hi there dynamicentrance…btw im sure your imagination will return to you soon enough 🙂

    Foam u say? *pulls out super soaker filled with soap and water* take THIS!! *sprays breakdown with soapy water* AHAHAHA!! oh yes btw…by ‘sprays’ i meant ‘shows’ and by ‘with soapy water’ i meant ‘his ideas for this weeks bubble contest’ 😛

    Barragan: …
    Barragan2: Dammit, next year I’m dressing up as Darth Vader. Maybe that way I’ll actually get some candy.

    Barragan: …
    Barragan2: They could’ve just said they weren’t interested in converting religions…they didn’t have to yell at me and shut the door in my face.

    Barragan: …
    Barragan2: This isn’t my house…

    Barragan: …
    Barragan2: Why didn’t they say anything about my damn fine cloak?

    Ok, that’s enough from me. I actually need some sleep from time to time 😛

  42. Bubble:
    Barragan: …
    Barragan2: Looks like someone had to yell ‘Timber’ (or ‘Timbo’ according to cookie) alot to be able to build something like this

  43. *grumbles about a baka named dro*
    Hold on!!! Dynamic I will get the cream soda. I don’t even know what cream soda is.. Meh *pours cream soda over her* @_@
    Barragan: ….
    Barragan: So now I understand why I should not tell everyone I am death in an old folks home…

  44. YOSH!!! Let’s see what’s going on here! Dynamic is back and Cookie and Dro are spamming bubbles like crazy. Go figure. 😉


    Barragan 1: “………”

    Barragan 2: “I bet Santa Clause wouldn’t have to put up with this shit…”

    Now for some discussion. I like your idea Ryuu. We know the Key has to be created some how so we can meet the Royal Guards, King, higher dimension, and basically for the story to move on. At the same time though Karakura Town can’t be destroyed. That’s why I also came up with a theory that Aizen may use SS instead of Karakura Town to forge the key. Either that or Yamato will create the Key in the future to meet the King for some reason or other.

  45. @super: Makes sence, seeing as how everthing in SS is made of spirit particles, might be easier to make there.

    @mud: wasnt saying shinji would beat him just hold him off a bit, personaly i think the captain comander would step in to save his a$$

    whats up in Hueco mundo though imean i know this is all going down at the same time and all but i wanna see the infiltration team fight yami and ichigo have the horse and king fight for the ability to control the most bad ass hollow mask.

  46. BUBBLE:

    Barragan 1: ….

    Barragan 2: Let me guess… It’s an old-fashioned toilet…

  47. New bleach episode got out and one thing is tickling me, if all the shinigami in seireitei can’t use shikai or bankai cuz their zanpakuto are outside why ichigo can ahahah :p yes that katana of his is already drawn out i mean its current and normal form its shikai so if there wasn’t zangetsu wudn’t it be just the handle? just asking mwahahaahahah xD

  48. AAAnndddd.. done… i have now officially finished messing with teh Naruto ppl and have come over to Bleach.. prepare for the inevitable… that seems to be the buzzword around here anyway… FLEEE!! Ahem, moving on..

    BUBBLE !!!! 1
    Barragan: I wonder if its made of candy?

    BUBBLE 2
    Barragan: I wish they’d hurry up… i really have to go to the dentist

    BUBBLE 3
    Barragan:You know back in ma day Shinigami’s werent fat pussies.. no sir!!

    BUBBLE 4
    Barragan: Tite prolly thinks this is funny…

    BUBBLE 5
    Barragan:So… uh.. Tite, Buddy, why cant i just go around?


    BUBBLE 6
    Barragan:Thats a lot of wood… I wish i had my wood.. sniff sniff

    BUBBLE 7
    Barragan:Lemme guess.. you’re on the other side being sneaky eh? Well, you should know.. my AWESOMENESS IS OVER 9000!!!

    hahaahah… @acklikxx i saw the new ep and i think ur right.. since there’s no reiatsu flowing through the blade it should look like a normal katana… also… why are all the Zanpakutou soo pissed off i mean Zangetsu doesnt even have such a huge reason to be pissed.. he’s only been around for … wat.. 2 years… i mean as a real entity…. i dunno… some of it seems way toooo contrived…

  49. im sorry i went a little overboard.. but i broke my leg recently.. so dont have nything else to do.. hehe.. waaay too much time…

    I think in the next fight there’s gonna be a match between hallibel and the chickies!!

    @supertrek89 i think you’re absolutely right.. i mean cmon.. the ss and hueco mundo has ppl coming over all the time but not a single person from the Royal palace?? there’s definitely gonna be a key made and it makes sense that it be done while everyone is in the real world.. i think Aizen’s gonna pull some … stupid ass.. illusion move on everybody and hustle on over to SS… and tadaa.. KEY MADE!!

  50. @Super: It isn’t spamming if it’s a contest 😉

  51. Bubble:

    Barragan:WHAT THE F#CK!

  52. @instalingrad: it wudn’t seem a normal katana cuz he’s(ichigo’s) normal katana was totally broken by byakyua hope i’m spelling it he rite way and by urahara leaving just the HANDLE so he’s normal katana is already in shikai form that’s why is able to use GETSUGA TENSHOU.
    @all in my opinion i tihnk zanpakutoh were “witched” to act against their “owners”.

  53. BUBBLE
    All this effort so no one sees him change…The beach is right there man!

  54. BUBBLE

    Barragan: ….
    Barragan: Maybe I should of worn the girl scout uniform instead to sell these cookies. EXTREMELY DEADLY COOKIES!!! Now with 20% less chance of death and a minty after taste! 😉 Side effect may include skin loss, elderly disorder, regular gas out-put and death.

    BUBBLE 2:
    Barragan: Please come out. I’m so god damn lonely! *sob*

    BUBBLE 3:
    Barragan: Well seeing as I’m alone now… Don’t feel like dancin’, dancin’.Even if i find nothin’ better to do.
    Don’t feel like dancin’, dancin’.
    Why’d you break down when I’m not in the mood?
    Don’t feel like dancin’ *continues break dancing*

  55. @acklikxx thats actually not completely true.. even before ichigo had his sword chopped up (hehe..pun..i think) his sword, katana was super large coz of his huge reiatsu , but as we found out in the episode, there was no reiatsu flowing thru tha katana’s after Muramasa did his thing.. essentially, the only way his sword could still be in shikai form is if… unlike other people, his reiatsu flowed into his katana.. or maybe it has something to do with his hollow form

    by the way, was i the only one to be happy to see hollow ichigo?? i mean cmon i knw the guy is evil but he’s fun to watch… he kicked that jerk Zangetsu ass soooo easily… heck.. when he grabbed Zangetsu by the face i was like “OHH YEAH!! HERE COME”S THE PAIN!!”
    Also, i was wondering… how come we never see ZAngetsu use his other hand?? all through the fight i kept wondering why he wasnt using it and then i thought maybe he thot he was too AWESOME but that cant be it… i mean if i was getting the crap beaten out of me i would surely whip out my other hand.. and yell SURPRISE while doing it!! hehheh…. maybe he doesnt have another hand??

    Other than that im kinda happy with bleach…. they only take like one arc in between the main story and keep it nice and new… unlike Naruto… the number of random arcs in which he’s saved someone who was lonely and misunderstood “JUST LIKE HIM!!” is beyond any forgiveness…. Pluz the zanpakutou look badasss!!

  56. that’s sooooooo trueee bleahc arc’s are rlly full with action not like naruto’s.
    @instalingrad: a katana with no zanpakutoh can’t have a shikai form and ichigo’s normal katana with no zangetsu its just handle remember when he went training wid urahara after being defeated by byakuya

  57. Mudshovel … good luck deciding the bubble winner. 🙂

  58. @acklikxx – and that’s probably why bleach isn’t as good as naruto. All it is, is action, repetitive action. Naruto delves away from that to develop the characters and plot line. Bleach however – ohh somebody is in trouble – meh looks like i’ll jump on in and create an arc outta nothing.
    In all fairness this arc atm in bleach has been pretty good, but still not up to Rescue Rukia arc’s awesomeness.

    @Raikoben – lol, yeah i mite have to do a top 10 at this stage…

  59. Hmm, im with mud. I started reading Bleach when i joined so im kinda newish and its never been my favourite manga. There are so many fight scenes with so little information giving that every 2 weeks the anime catches up too much and does some completly random filler with yet more shouting of the same attack names and crossing swords. Im really not a fan of bleach anime anymore…Not like…One Piece! XD

  60. @mudshovel umm.. well… WTF??!!! BLEACH IS WAAAY BETTER THAN NARUTO!!!! i dont think that all a character should do is run around and talk about how much misses a douche of a frend who deserted him… like a billion years ago(and in comics 3 yrs is pretty much that) and also.. if u luk closely at a lot of the arcs in Naruto… and i have.. they involve him saving ppl who have been *sigh* misunderstood or are alone(anime).. i mean.. think about it.. the previous 2 arcs have been full of it… plus the darn thing takes sooo long. Bleach keeps people interested by telling them whats going on and why instead of trying to find out how Ichigo feels about someone all the time… Altho to be fair, the Naruto Manga is getting good… especially after Negato bought it. But the Naruto anime is no comparison!! Heck if u luk at the 2 animes together u’ll c the difference in quality.. especially the hueco mundo arc… lemme say again.. im talking about the anime.. not the manga..

    @acklikxx remmber that he was able to get his entire katana back by talking to Zangetsu and calling his name… basically… Zangetsu lent him his power.. See?

    To add to Mudshovel’s dilemma i am gonna add even more bubbles

    BUBBLE 1
    Barragan:Omg!! I knw that nobody wants to c Hachi and Soi Fon get it on but those censors have gotten completely outta hand!!

    BUBBLE 2
    Barragan:I guess they dont wanna know buy my special face cream.

    BUBBLE 3

    BUBBLE 4
    Barragan:I wonder why everybody’s staring at me… Better pretend to look useful.

    BUBBLE 5
    Barragan:If Kishi was the writer i’d be standing in front of this till next year, prolly have some stupid flashback about how i was molested as a Menos!

    BUBBLE 6
    Barragan:You spin my head right round, right round When you go down, when you go down down…. (Hehehe..i know almost no one will get this.. but those who do.. it was AWESOME.. wasnt it?)

  61. Sup WRA Fam Stumbled upon this and thought you guys should check it out especially if your a Rukia Fan! http://weheartit.com/entry/80374

  62. @instalingrad: I respect ur opinion, but Bleach imo, is in no way close to Naruto. The one huge problem i have with Bleach is that Ichigo has only one attack and it can only be used one way. Naruto has a limited amount of jutsu yes, but he can use it more creatively in different situations.
    I’m not a huge fan of the naruto anime (or bleach) for that matter, i mainly read the manga and occasionally watch the eps.
    Yes Naruto does crap on about Sasuke a little to much for my taste, but at least there is a reason for him doing so. To me Bleach is just a plain battle manga, it’s fun to read but you don’t really expect much in terms of plot advances (or characters). Naruto IMO delivers just way more than simple action and that counts more for me.

  63. @mudshovel …. Wow.. ur… so… nice.. heheh…. “i respect ur opinion” hehehe.. thats so cute… personally i like a little fight but w/e.
    I agree with most of what u have said but IMO the Naruto anime is a bit too off the main story and it has Naruto doing way too much stuff which is just not important or how each character somehow manages to become a second Naruto.. again this is the anime… the bleach anime does a very good job of staying true to the story and mostly keeps to the main story without Ichigo running off to try and do stuff that frankly IMO isnt all that important.. heck in the Naruto manga something as exciting as the Konoha village being attacked(its in the last arc i think) is kinda boring becoz of how its presented… the bleach anime is AWESOME… altho i agree that Ichigo is pretty much a one trick guy.. and now even his bankai gets used waaay too much.. but its fun to watch… The manga’s are a whole different story.. while I will never admit that Bleach is bad… NEVER!!! Naruto is a lot of fun… and it mostly has good plot points.. and some weird twists..the whole Killerbee getting away bit was my favourite.. but it still has some annoying habits like every other manga… so i guess we can safely say that we are all different *WE ARE THE WORLD.. WE ARE THE CHILDREN… WE ARE THE ONE’S…*

    But lets not make this into a Naruto vs Bleach thing.. we can have that fight face to face armed with cake.. or cookies.. until then.. I officially (well… sorta) close this discussion. Let us talk of happier things.. like… Will Soifon be getting a hook or a claw for her left hand? And will Aizen finally stop smiling? I hate that smug a@@h@($ And also.. Who will win the Bubble contest?
    Me? U? But u knw u cant win… but i cant either… who knws? *and he ran off into the sunset* THE END


  65. @installingrad “remmber that he was able to get his entire katana back by talking to Zangetsu and calling his name… basically… Zangetsu lent him his power.. See?” caling his name he’s releasing his shikai form so his katana maintans alwaus his shikai form!!! so my problem is w/o zangetsu, ichigo’s katana cudn’t or shudn’t maintain the shikai form cuz his zanpakutoh(zangetsu) is free and outside so he can’t “lent” his pwoer anymore and den again becoming the broken handle in urahara training grounds. correct????

  66. Wow mud, way to be a trooper 😛 WHAT!? Someone had to say it

  67. Yeah ummm…Naruto kicks Bleach’s ass in plot, storyline development, and character development. Bleach has excellent fights…and…well that’s all it really has. Even then I can’t really say the fights are better than Naruto’s but still they are pretty awesome. When Bleach develops a plot it gets lost in the fighting and gets put in the back of our minds… I guess it’s up to what’s more important to you. -_-

    As for the anime…*shudder* Bleach anime AND Naruto anime have some of the worst fillers out there, but at least Naruto tries to intertwine the fillers into the main story line. Bleach…*shakes head sadly* just throws a filler in there randomly even in the middle of a f**king fight! >_< It's ridiculous and the filler is about as stupid as can be. Don't make me get going on that little blond princess bitch and her two useless bodyguards. -_-

    I'm sorry for bagging on 'Bleach' on a 'Bleach' blog but somebody had to step in and point all of this out.

    Rescue Rukia Arc still remains the best Arc in the series and is what got me addicted to Bleach in the first place. Overall, it's a great series and why I've kept up with it in both anime and manga form. *does thumbs up and backs away slowly as the hardcore Bleach fans pull out pitchforks and knives* 0_0

  68. @acklikxx Dude… Thats what i’ve been saying!! He shouldnt have his shikai form at all!! But he does for some stupid reason… i suppose for some inane reason like “BUT HE”S ICHIGO!!” So basically we have been arguing… for nothing.. thats great.. i feel reall stupid now… Thanks!!


    You just couldnt let it go eh?? Even after i called that hiatus?? huh?? i mean, did you miss the lines 4 posts up??
    But seriously.. bleach is pretty good at plot too, they just like to tone down all the talking with the fighting and too much of anything is bad, Naruto does way too much talking and as for the “starting an arc in the middle of a fight” thingy goes(whew that was long) they kinda have to do that. Unlike Naruto which basically spent like a 100 episodes on fillers Bleach kinda tried to stay with the story the result was that they keep catching up with the story, which IMHO is a pretty good thing… nobody wants to know what every single character’s motivation is.. i mean.. damn!! every single person has a damn flashback!! what the hell is up with that?? we’ve gone back in time soooo many times that i think the only way they can do something fresh is if they … i dunno.. went into the future… oh wait.. THEY DID THAT TOO!!!

    Naruto does allow for more character development, but sometimes it just doesnt know when to stop and some of the things that the characters do are just plain stupid. Besides, the current Bleach filler is AWESOME!! Its a 1000 times better than any Naruto filler… heck i think it might even be better than that Naruto Bonds movie… Im sorry for going at Naruto like this but someone had to say it.

    Naruto just doesnt have a lot of..what’s the word im looking for… energy(again talking about the anime). it keeps slowing down so that everybody can find out whats getting the bad guy soo sad.. The hueco mundo arc is pretty AWESOME too.. the fights were awesome and some of the plot twists.. were.. well.. they were very twisty! Like when the captains show up, that was sweet!!

    Dont get me started on that douche of a monk(anime) who runs away.. then comes back… then runs away.. and on and on… and SURPRISE.. he feels exactly like Naruto did… *rolls eyes* How many 2nd Naruto’s are running around anyway?!! And then the current one in which the cold hard murderer chicky gets all mushy about this kid.. and the kids all like “You offed my Mom? Oh well, you’re prettier than her anyway..!!” That doesnt happen!!!

    In the end, it is what you like, but i just wanna say.. that a certain, very loved, very appreciated anime/manga series was essentially a fighting manga/anime… DBZ!! Booyah!! *Does the hokey pokey*

  69. Oh and you should know i can do this for waayy longer than most poeple.. broke my leg.. bored as hell.. u’ll never win!!

  70. Actually, you might win.. im going to bed now.. good luck with the “Down with bleach”.. Good night.

  71. @instalingrad BLEACH SUCKS just kidding. but yeah naruto’s filler arcs rly do kinda suck. they arent even that interesting.

  72. Hmm, i dont buy ‘bleach HAS to make up a random filler arc in the middle of a big cannon section’ (Sorry, thats actually a really twisted quote but its kinda what you said) The problem is, as people have already said, bleach has a whole load of fight scenes and nearly a non-existent way to keep feeding plot points. Since it does so little of the ‘big talks’ that you get with most story driven battle mangas, up to 3 or 4 issues can be covered in one episode. I think i remember 5 issues once. Since the fights are covered so fast the anime keeps catching up. But randomly diverting from a battle scene to karakura all peaceful is stupid. No one likes filler a great deal but i hate the idea of a stupid voice over saying ‘we are taking a break from the interesting fight with the espada so we can bring you uneventful tales that magically happen at the same time’ I dont really like the speed this hueco mundo arc has moved at anyway but the pacing gets totally thrown off every time the anime does that. Fillers suck but fillers that aren’t even tied in suck more.
    Mud made a real good point about bleach fighting too, in the manga it gets away with the one-dimentional style since it comes off as hack and slash but in the anime its just repetitive imo.

    In bleach animes defence though, i think the quality of the animation is better than Naruto. Not One Piece though >_>

  73. @everyone: Geez, bagging bleach on a bleach blog, for shame. 😛
    As i’ve said before i think Bleach is great, just not up to Naruto’s standards (in terms of manga, i don’t really watch the anime).
    Now i think that can end the rage on bleach for now, If you really have a beef with it, then make a post and put it there.

  74. Bleach is out!!! http://www.onemanga.com/Bleach/370/01/

  75. Since i was really bored.. i thot about telling you how AWESOME BLEACH IS .. instead here’s a brief and very unskilled.. not at all worth reading, dont read anymore… summary of 370.

    It starts out with Soi Fon sorta passing out and her weird Vice-Cap catching her. Hachi says how unbelievable it is that Soi fon’s attack was powerful enough to break the Gates of the Four beasts(apparently the kido he used). Soi fon tells us how incredibly draining it is and how she can only do one in 3 days or sumthin. Now that we have established how superbly powerful the attack was and how no one could possibly live through it… Enter still undead bad guy Barragan DUN DUN DUN!! He’s gotten a cracked skull and his AWESOME cloaks sorta been bashed(hows that even possible) but other than that he’s just peachy. Well.. he’s mad as hell… i mean, he did get his skull broken off… that prolly doesnt happen often. So he starts telling them how Totally powerful and supercool he is and how everybody else is just a butt… i mean.. bug.. yadda yadda.. then its Hachi’s turn to feel the pain. Barragan sends his decaying, decomposing, stinking and rotten(ewww) attack at him and hachi puts on his hollow mask and puts up a barrier. Not that it does him any good. Barragan just rants about how Uberpowerful he is and breaks the barrier like it was… a… barrier.. of.. paper.. no glass, glass is better. Anyway, Hachi’s right hand gets engulfed with the aura, Barragan rants some more about how his power is the only absolute power and it’ll beat anything and then the next second, Hachi’s right hand is gone. Barragan knows how pervy Hachi is, so he asks “Where your hand at man?” Hachi points at Barragan’s butt.. well technically his stomach and says how Barragan saying his power beats anything was worth testing out. Apparently his loud, skinless mouth got him dead, coz he starts decaying, but not fast enough for him to escape being told how lame he is by a big fat guy in a little hat. Say bye bye Barragan. Poof.. he’s dust.

  76. I’ve gotta say.. i was hoping for something more…. i dunno.. just more.. 😦

  77. 77 comments, Mud. I have to say you’re doing well here =D

  78. @instalingrad: wow u must be pretty bored if ur summarising the bleach chapter in a comment 😛

    @cookie: yep, all thanks to my awesome bubble contest pic 😛

  79. Errrr – chosing the bubbles this week will be hard >_<

  80. yeah good luck with THAT Mud. Muahahahahaa!!! I really must do more bubbles for next week xD

  81. @mudshovel yeah.. i cant really move around so im super bored.. 😦 i was even gonna do one for naruto but then i thought “why bother? every naruto fan prolly read it way before i did.. jerks” The bubble contest has gotten really tense eh? i mean, what’r u gonna do? u cud just blame the bleach ppl for waiting soo long to release a chapter and forget about number 1 or…. make everybody number 1!! I support idea #2!!

    @eatencookie bubbles make the world go round 😛

  82. Yay-(i think?)
    Barragans dead.
    I always though Hacchi (or whatever his name is) would end Barragan.

  83. Well it seems Eatencookie and supertrek don’t sleep, and downed acouple of 6paks of red bull to get there breakdowns out early. Me on the other hand… hmm i’d prob say it’ll be another 18 – 20 hrs. 15 of which will take to decide the bubble winner 😛

  84. We will await it patiently and with eager eyes. @_@ _>

  85. Where’s the new bleach breakdown?
    If you guys don’t hurry up I may have to make my own Manga Review blog, then I would show you what real procrastination is all about =P

    And what happened to the Anime breakdowns, whoever writes those things is way behind, like almost 3 episodes behind.

  86. uhhh it’s out dude

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