YOSH!!! One Piece 554 Spoilers Confirmed + 553 Breakdown!!! Sanji And Zoro Debate Standstill! XD

-One Piece Spoiler Video Below-

Here’s the spoiler you all have been waiting for! >< Must resist…2 weeks without One Piece…manga! GAH, I read the first few sentences! HOLY SHIT *closes eyes*! XD One Piece spoiler from Bleachxdz1’s. The actual vid is only 1:30 long. The rest is just black…don’t know why don’t really care. 😉

Nami actually outshines Nami in this picture! 0_0 Well done Oda. *applauds*

Nami actually outshines Nico in this picture! 0_0 Well done Oda. *applauds*

YOSH!!! Welcome to another One Piece Chapter Breakdown! I’m getting this out earlier than usual because my life has been threatened and made forfeit! *points at Ahsan* @_@

Lol, jkjk…>_> *whispers “call the cops”* T_T


Here’s this week’s AMV and BOPP. The AMV is uploaded by Chxh but the original uploader and owner of the video is Junicookie. Thx to Chxh for uploading the video after Junicookie’s two previous accounts were deleted and of course thanks to Junicookie for the awesomeness! ‘Badass One Piece Picture’ by E1n once again because he’s awesome like that. Yeah, you know that picture’s badass and hella funny. 😉

-One Piece Breakdown Below-

Now on to the breakdown and what an action packed chapter we have!

It's a shame the pharoh didn't have this guy when chasing down Moses across the Red Sea... I'm just saying he could have really helped out alot...>_>

It's a shame the pharoh didn't have this guy when chasing down Moses across the Red Sea... I'm just saying he could have really helped in their case...>_>

We start off with the two giant waves converging on the marine ships resulting from an undersea earthquake Whitebeard made with his DF ability. Quick as an admiral should be I believe Aokiji used Soru, or he’s just that damn fast to reach the point in between the two waves. He then freezes the waves in place using his infamous move “Ice Ace”. It would have been interesting to see how this battle could have turned out without Aokiji there. If they didn’t have that ice logia user on their side the marines would have probably been screwed unless Akainu has a power that could stop a tsunami too. Another thing I want to point out is that Whitebeard called Aokiji, “That brat…”! Lol, I know that’s not really anything special but doesn’t that sound a little personal like Whitebeard may have personally know Aokiji? After all as an admiral and a marine solider it’s very possible Aokiji could have met Whitebeard in battle at least.

I wonder if Whitebeard cringes every time he hears somebody say that... >_<

I wonder if Whitebeard cringes every time he hears somebody say that... >_<

Well if they haven’t met in battle before they sure as hell have now. While in midair Aokiji creates spears made of ice and shoots them down at Whitebeard. Whitebeard cracks the air around him and destroys the spears and proceeds to send the attack at Aokiji which shatters him to pieces. Hot damn Whitebeard can create quakes in the air itself! He doesn’t even have to touch you to kill you! >_< I wonder if he quaked the air around Aokiji’s body or created a quake inside him… I would like to hear your thoughts about this in the comments because the latter is just insane! Aokiji of course isn’t killed and reforms himself while landing on the body of water below him and freezing it. Now that the whole battlefield that used to be surrounded by water is now coated in ice what’s the first thing on the pirate’s and marine’s minds? EXTREME ICE SKATING YOOSSHH!!! What…no!? 0_o How many chances do you get to ice skate at Marineford I ask you!? >_< Instead of ice skating on the OCEAN the marines decide to fire upon Moby Dick and the battle has now really begun!

There's only one way to solve this...Everyone off to the nearest plastic surgeon NOW!!! *_*

There's only one way to solve this...Everyone off to the nearest plastic surgeon NOW!!! *_*

The pirate captains jump off the ship looking ugly and fearful and the Vice Admirals line up to look badass and elite. The only question left is who’s stronger? It doesn’t matter how they look and how much they pose because in the end it’s all about fighting ability. Right you ugly sonofabitch pirates and the Vice Admirals don’t look much better either! 😉 The pirates talk about how rare it is to see all the Vice Admirals together at once, but we saw the 5 guys in the front at the Buster Call on Enies Lobby and we didn’t even get hurt. YAY for readers! 😀  Otsuru-san (the old lady) after putting some youngling in his place remarks that even if she were to run she’d never find a place to call safe. After all this battle does affect the entire world.

Pic 6

The Pirates of the Carribean rejects...they were actually on the set for real blood and when Johnny Depp cried about suing the shit out of them they came here. -_-

Sengoku acknowledges that the battle has begun as he looks down upon the inevitable slaughter the World Government invited in by capturing Ace and attempting to execute him. Mihawk pulls out his big ass sword and all I can say is YIPEE!!! A Shichibukai joins the battle already and his first target is none other than Whitebeard himself. He wants to measure the attack range of Whitebeard with his and without further ado he cuts down sending the world’s strongest sword attack flying in Whitebeard’s direction! Before it can make contact though one of Whitebeard’s crewmembers, Diamond Jaws captain of the 3rd squad, steps in and blocks the attack. His DF allows him to cover his entire body in the hardest rock known to man…diamond. Good luck getting through that. Tobi pointed out something interesting in the comments section.

“Wait, didnt Das Bones say ‘will you try cutting diamond next’ to zoro? If he does it then he will have surpassed Mihawk in one respect!” (Tobiisagoodboy)

Adding the word "falcon" to anything automatically makes it twice as cool and funny. XD

Adding the word "falcon" to anything automatically makes it twice as cool and funny. XD (You can click to enlarge this one)

I personally believe that Mihawk can beat this guy and Zoro might face him later on knowing he has to surpass him to get one step closer to Mihawk. Like Tobi said in another comment just because Mihawk couldn’t cut Jaws with a distance attack doesn’t mean he can’t cut him with a direct close up attack. I too would think the close up attack would be stronger. On the other hand they did just call the attack “The world’s strongest sword attack…” Meh, who knows but I find it hard to believe Mihawk’s strongest attack was used so easily and so early.

You can turn any battle into a pokemon battle with little effort really... XD

You can turn any battle into a pokemon battle with little effort really... XD

Appearing out of nowhere presumably at the speed of light another admiral jumps into the fray and tries his luck at Whitebeard. Man, they really follow the concept of ‘Take off the head of the snake and the body will fall with it’ to the tee. Kizaru shines bright over the Moby Dick and shoots beams of light down at Whitebeard attempting to take him out here and now. All the light manages to do is hurt Whitebeard’s eyes though as yet another Whitebeard crewmate jumps into the fray to protect his captain. Spinning around in a swirl of blue flames captain of the 1st squad Marco blocks the rays of light firing at his captain. Blue flames eh…? Last time I checked blue flames were hotter than red flames but I’m far to lazy to do the research. Is Marco just a hotter version of Ace or is he completely different? All I can say is he’s strong as hell to be able to block an Admirals attack without any problems and Kizaru remarks how scary the Whitebeard pirates are.

Well that’s it for this week’s breakdown. There was no winner this week except for Chuck Norris of course. >_< I should have just said blood and carnage will pursue! 😉 Instead of doing another Prediction Contest since there is no manga next week I will replace it with a great debate, Sanji vs. Zoro!!! That’s right the debate of the century and you can bet your ass I’ll be participating! I will announce the winner on the next breakdown 2 weeks from now and I will not be bias to my decision. I will read every argument and weigh the poll votes into the final decision. Now who am I shooting for? The underdog of course!!!! YOSH, SANJI FTEW!!! XD

Debate 1

Sanji pic by Vashperado. Zoro pic by Njoo.

Here’s this week’s demotivational poster. Comment, predict, and enjoy! I know the wrting may be hard to see for some people so click on the imgae to enlargen it.  😀

Franky Poster

Picture provided by Bu773rs

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116 Responses to “YOSH!!! One Piece 554 Spoilers Confirmed + 553 Breakdown!!! Sanji And Zoro Debate Standstill! XD”

  1. Nice breakdown SUPAH!! Nami did outshine Nico. ONLY thing I would have to say is WTF!!! Why cover up Robin’s chest?! BOOOOOOOO! So they sent out every vice admiral, 2 admirals, and one shibukai(w/e u spell it) to fight the whitebeard pirates. So what about the other 45 pirate ships? The way I look at it the marines have their hands full with just white beards crew. Anymore and they are F@@KEDb time.

  2. Wait, OP Manga Breakdown came before Naruto?! A storm is coming! Run for the hills!

    In all seriousness, this chapter kicked major ass. The battle for Ace has finally begun after the 3-chapter speeches and flashbacks fest, so I’m a happy camper. But there’s 0% Luffy or SHs (not counting the sizzlingly hot cover art)! Are Ace and the WB pirates the new heroes or what?

    The New World pirates are also amazingly kickass! I mean, one managed to take out Pandaman and turn him into a coat! Now that’s powerful. Luffy and his makeshit crew of ragtag misfits look like insects compared to these guys! (I don’t know why you’re complaining about their looks either: that chick with the fancy ‘do and makeup looks pretty hot!)

    I predict that Marco is either a flame Paramecia, a phoenix Zoan, or a gas Logia. *dodges thrown vegetables* What? I like to have all of my bases covered! Knowing Oda, it’ll probably be none of those things and I’ll be foaming at the mouth when Marco’s true power is revealed!

    Sanji vs. Zoro? Well, honestly I can’t imagine the SHs without either of these guys. Luffy depends equally on them, so it seems kind of silly to choose between them. But for convention’s sake, I’ll go with Sanji since he’s pretty useful around the ship with his cooking and I feel kind of sorry for the guy since he’s basically become the buttmonkey of the crew.

  3. Starts to count the days again……….think I will go let lose at…..just for fun. <__> , @_@ AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! DAMN YOU MANGA WORLD!!

  4. @Captn: YOSH!!! LMAO, yeah why the hell was Nico’s chest covered!? What a rip off to completely make Nami stand out and the ice cream dripping down her mouth was what really put her over. Hey, I’m not complaining I love Nami but Nico’s sexiness was put in the background because of her showing off. >_<

    As for the marines I have a feeling they have more up their sleeve than what they're initially showing. After all they do have home court advantage who knows what they're hiding in that base? Besides that they still greatly outnumber the pirates. I say they're about even but that's until Luffy finally gets into the mix. Then the marines are really going to have to pick it up.

    And are you going crazy from One Piece deprivation already? XD I don't start experienceing withdrawal symptoms until the day of the regular chapter release (next Thursday or Friday). Then after that I start killing people… @_@

    @Elisha: Thx, but seriously Elisha those pirates need a makeover. I know they're pirates and all but that's no excuse for why they cause my eyes to bleed out like an overused mangekyou sharingan whenever I see them. o_@ Well beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 😉

    Lol, I didn't notice the pandaman jacket! XD I do think Luffy will surprise everyone though when he gets into a serious fight and wins. If Luffy crew arrives and shows their worth then all the better. As for right now though yeah they look like and are a buncha noobs compared to these New World pirates.

    @Anyone: Sanji vs. Zoro! I think I'll start off lightly. Sanji has the hardened shoes to combat Zoro's steel swords so him getting his feet cut by countering Zoro swords won't be a problem. We also know Sanji is proficient with knifes as he is a cook and he used them quite well against Wanze (the noodle guy on the Sea Train). If Sanji ever needed to he'd be able to fight Zoro with sharpened weapons and his legs. That's 4 weapons against Zoro's 3. Hahahaah, Sanji is winning! XD

    Crap..it’s 3 in the morning and I need to go to sleep. Night WRA… Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz -_-

  5. 3rd xD muahahaha

  6. YOSH!! Loved the breakdown Super, also the Franky poster 😛 wonder if I helped to put the idea in your head. My shoutout was fun too >_> Personally I think Whitebeard is gunna die and the divisions may all seperate which would give Zoro a chance to fight Diamond Jaws without Luffy having to fight Ace or anything like that. Something i noticed is the spider-like arms on the vice-admiral to the far left of the third pic down, is that an insect zone?
    Now, i actually think thats Jaws is a logia but really its just me hoping. Marco on the other hand has to be right? Half his head is missing and there are tongues of fire coming from the remainder. What his power exactly is, i am unsure but wouldn’t it be safe to assume he cant control normal fire? (Like when Ace sucked it from the buildings to himself in his fight against blackbeard) I also think Oda is making too many fruits without telling us the names >_< First the supernovas and now this!!


    Right, i have been thinking about this for a while now and unlike super i wont behave modestly in my first comment ^^
    We are considering a fight between these two characters therefore i wont simply dismiss the fight to Zoro coz he has a higher bounty or fought higher ranking people etc. In a fight, i give it to Sanji.
    The first point i will make is how characters constantly talk during one piece (and all manga) fights. Sanji and Zoro can barely stop arguing, even at the most serious of times, so if forced to talk as long as the fight lasts, they will get pissed off with each other. Zoro has said himself that if he gets distracted or lets his emotions take over his swordsmanship will suffer, his reaction time will slow and 'it will only dull the sword'. (each said at different times) He even proved this during his fight with Kaku, every time he got annoyed with his opponent he ate a load of attacks, for example, Kaku turned into that cube, Zoro got pissed off, Zoro ate all those rankyeks (spelling) raining down on him. Sanji on the other hand only gets more persistent and apparently stronger when he lets his emotions take over. Against Kurobi in Arlong park, he fought to stay alive underwater after Kurobi mocked that he couldn't protect anyone and he got annoyed. Again Satori in sky island he got angry at the hold-up and said 'you're about to experience the great, flying, shitty ordeal. Also known as the ordeal of love' before owning him. Against Wanze, Sanji listed the 'sins' his enemy had commited before owning him. The list goes on and on but i think i made my point. Therefore the very natures of the way they fight only makes Sanji 'stronger' and more determined while it just hinders Zoro.
    Further onto their nature, Zoro is a very straight thinking person. This leads him to be exploited by the more cunning Nami. It happens all the time. This would also work in a battle sense.Sanji is a very cunning person, list of Sanjis cunning moments….Go: He pretended to be Mr Prince on Little Garden and Alabaster to confuse Crocodile, he removed one of the cogs on Enels ship to distract him, he closed the gate of jstice so the crew could get away in enes lobby, he also beat Jabura at his own game and tricked him. Further onto the point, Sanji is often shown thinking of battle tactics, something Zoro is never shown doing save for when his katana might snap. Examples of Sanji include deducing Mr 2 had a longer reach so it takes longer for him to get back to an attack stance, if he dodges then Sanji will have the advantage in speed. Another is the climax of the Jabura fight when he jumped into the air and also took five shigan so he could deliver a finishing blow with ease. Times not planning has worked against Zoro include constantly going for Kakus neck claiming it was his weak spot only to constantly eat counters. Therefore once again, the characters natures and personalities swing the fight in Sanjis favour. (If you are going to counter these points please dont just say something like Zoro can change. I was talking about their very natures i.e. The things that make the characters.)
    Further onto this idea of planning i will go into what i think is Zoros biggest advantage against Sanji, his ability to attack at distance. I will get to how Sanji counters the attacks in my next point but the thing i want to say in this one is any piece of rubble becomes a distance weapon for Sanji. He can do ball sized rocks, doors or even whole sections of buildings. The point about planning is that the more Zoro cuts up rubble to avoid it, the more weapons he would create for Sanji. That alone can clearly not win Sanji the fight but it does effectivly counter Zoros distance abilities.
    Now, The poundo hou is no real danger to Sanji for the following reasons. Firstly, Zoro still cant usd Shuisui properly so his control over the attack isnt as good as it was with yabashiri. Secondly, Sanji is more than quick enough to avoid it. I wont just leave it at that, i will clearly point out why. In enes lobby, luffy caught up to Blueno's speed without using gears. Sanji totally overwhelmed Kalifa in terms of speed and even got a 'he's fast!!' comment from a professional assassin. This difference in strength between Blueno and Kalifa was that of 15 normal soldiers i believe which is incredibly mininal for what both Luffy and Sanji can do. This combined with the fact that Sanji is a master of his red leg fighting style (Im gunna call it that just so i have something to call it really…) which shows off his rediculous leg strength, i can comfortably say Sanji is close to if not at Luffys speed before he gear 2nd's. When Odz had Luffys shadow he easily dodged that attack of Zoros twice even though he has a bigger target than a person and it would take longer to move out the way. Therefore Sanji can easily avoid the poundo hou. Further stressing the point is the fact that Sanjis fighting style involves more dodges (also parrys but that isnt relevant yet) than it does blocks. Conversely, Zoro blocks and cuts through stuff more which emphasises my previous point about making more debris for Sanji tio use.
    The logic i just stated is also justification for the statement that Sanji is faster than Zoro. At most Zoro has only been shown keeping pace with Sanji, and while i admit Zoro is fast, combined with leg strength and the fact that enemies always comment on it, Sanji must be quicker, if only a little. (enemies comment on Sanjis speed, not him being quicker than Zoro specifically. Just covering my own back.)
    Right, that is one aspect of fighting fundamentals for Sanji, now to prove another. Sanji and Zoro are always showcased as being rediculously strong together but never once (In terms of raw power) can i find evidence that Zoro is stronger. I do, however have two that favour Sanji. Firstly, their respective CP9 fights. Neither man injured their opponent other than one attack before their finishing blow. Sanjis was a single kick across the room while Zoro used his leopard lute jewel attack where all three blades cut Kaku. In my opinion, Zoro should have done more damage. Now, Sanjis final attack was a single kick while Zoro (on a more injured opponent imo) used 9 blades. If that is not enough, consider that Jabura was the best at Tekkai in CP9. This point doesnt directly relate to power but i do see it as relevant and it does tie in with the next. Against Odz, Zoro deviated a gomu gomu no pistol by using his attack with the most raw power, ni-gori zake. That means both pumped up arms and his neck muscles (or whatever powers the katana in his mouth ^^) were needed. Sanji deviated a gomu gomu no bazooka attack, which is clearly more powerful than a pistol, with a kick from a single foot. He was in diable jambe but all that does is heat his attack which wouldnt effect Odz anyway, the power of the kick is uneffected. Now you could argue that the pistol was practically on top of Zoro but the bazooka was very steep above Sanji, whatever way you look at it, Zoro strained, had to use all three blades and his highest raw power attack to deviate one hand while Sanji used a regular kick, showed no strain and deviated both. That means Sanji is stronger in one leg that all three of Zoros attacking muscles. Even if you want to say that Zoro had a harder scenario, all you could argue is their power equals at max, which i dont believe. But even if you argue that, when Zoro un-pumps his arms, he will be weaker. Weaker than one leg of Sanjis even though sanji has two. Zoro needs all his blades to match up to one of Sanjis legs, Sanji has two. Sanji has more power.
    Sooooo, Sanji is quicker and has more power, the only thing that will win Zoro this fight is his swordsmanship and the things that stem from that. But…I have already stated why his reaction time (by Zoros own logic) would be lacking, as well as his general swordsmanship. Many characters have said that swordsman rely on timing, even if Zoros is dimmed, i will not try and say Sanji surpasses him in that aspect however Sanji does show a remarkable sense of timing whenever he uses his air force move to launch other crew members in the air. He swings with high strength and always makes the contact perfectly. He also shows good timing whenever he juggles knives etc. All in all, i think Sanjis timing is enough to counter Zoros (which would be dimmed) combined with Sanjis superior speed and power.
    Now on the point of Sanjis power i will begin to talk about fight specifics. Zoro blocks powerful attacks by crossing his swords. I showed how one Sanji kick was powerful. So Zoro, if not actually getting overpowered from the attack as he could, would be open to the other leg. Sanji has many attacks stemmed around jumping or hand stands, not just one or two, so Zoro could end up eating a lot of kicks.
    On the subject of the blades, i do not think Sanji kicking them directly would be a problem since he is shown kicking loads of dangerous things without any damage to himself or even the shoe. Zoro is also shown blocking many things without cutting them so together oi thin, Sanji is fine. In terms of Sanji defending, i already said that Sanji rarely blocks but rather dodges or parries. Combined with his speed that is quicker than Zoros, Zoro would have a real hard time damaging him. On the other hand, Zoro blocks a lot, whicn could lead to the katana snappage that he is always fearful of. Combined with a dimmed reaction time, Sanjis cunning and forward thinking ways, Sanji being quicker than him and also possesing a sense of timing that rivals Zoros, i think Zoro would have such a hard time dodging or even defending at all.
    My next point is about how Zoro has gone up against enemies with more limbs/swords or whatever. His statement to Haccis roktoryu was numbers dont matter. Sanji went against Mr 2 who punched and kicked i.e. 4 forms of attack against his two and the problem never really developed. So i dont think Zoros three on two is even an advantage as such. Especially since it would take all three blades to stop one leg as i stated earlier.
    Asura has only been shown to be activated while standing still and it only lasts one move. I dont think its much of a threat since it presents itself so openly. The only reason Kaku didnt dodge is coz he thought the attack he did would own Zoro. Diable jambe however is much more versitile. It can be done while moving or stood still, done on either leg and lasts several moves. Personally, out of the two 'supreme' modes, diable jambe is deadlier and harder to get around, especially when Zoro likes to block, could be overpowered if he does block and, as i have stated, would have a hard time dodging Sanji.
    Finally (at last 😛 ) i get to the point i know all of you will use so much, Zoros endurance. He has outrageous endurance, its a fact. But, after surviving the Kuma ordeal on thriler bark, he wasnt exactly fight ready and as far as we know, is suffering from it still in the current storyline. If hes like that in a fight, hes lost, its as simple as that. Even though no one really notices, Sanji has crazy endurance too. He got totally messed up by Kalifa but then went on to fight Jabura. He isnt on Zoros level but he can still take a beating. I already said how i think Sanji would dominate the exchange anyway, and the longer the fight goes on, the more chance of Sanji planning more and more things, which Zoro is suceptable to. Overall Sanji = win.
    Mannnn…..That was long. ^^

    i got this outta the spam folder – i know it isn’t, but i can see why it happened. DAMN! 😛

  7. 4th

  8. AAAAHHHHH i posted a huge comment but it totally disappeared!!! TT_TT

  9. lolz yeh thats a huge comment,…
    i would put sanji vs zoro as a tie
    to be honest u really made some points back there for sanji,
    but i just simply think that if zoro were to be hit with a diable jambe he would still be able to get back up, however if sanji was to get a good cut from zoro there would be quite some damage
    I do agree on sanji beeing faster but i have to disagree with the power u see the training that zoro takes thats crazy, how much does sanji actually train (from what we see), not much to nothing
    at last zoros endurance indeed is better then sanjis but sanjis endusrance is great too.
    I know its boring but i say it would be a great battle ending in a tie, or if they would fight 2 times zoro would win the first time and sanji the second.

  10. you know tobi… there is such a thing as a TOO long comment… i think you passed that 5 times over 0_0

  11. It got…A little out of hand…
    I seriously didnt think it was that long. I was writing while doing work and just didnt really notice. I apologise to anyone who was forced to read all that >_>

  12. Very nice early breaksdown, Super!

    A whole chapter of flip-outs, and it was great. I guess we’ve seen now that Whitebeard’s crew is certainly equal to the challenge.

    @Elisha: A phoenix Zoan would be pretty damn cool!

    As for the debate, I’m going with Zoro.

    @Super: Sanji would never use his hands to fight. Wanze was a special case since he armored himself with noodles. All he’d use against Zoro are his legs which can be countered with Zoro’s swords and possibly even causing damage at the same time.

  13. @Tobi: WTH!!! Do I even have to defend Sanji with all you’ve just said!? I think I’ll just sit back and wait to see what Ahsan has to say. XD

    BTW, excellent points made even though I do have to agree with Fear and say I believe Zoro is stronger than Sanji. Remember when he picked up that entire section of building and threw it at Daz Bones? I don’t remember any instances of Sanji displaying that kind of strength. And I’m supposed to be defending Sanji…>_>

    @Pickles: Hehehehe, I know it was more of a jokingly light defense of Sanji than a real defense. 🙂

    I believe what Tobi said in Sanji doing more dodging than blocking, so he tries to avoid receiving any damage from Zoro’s attacks. If he must counter Zoro’s swords he’d parry them by kicking the broad side sword away with his specially hardened shoes rather than aiming at the sharp swing of the sword and getting his shoe and foot cut up.

    @Anyone: Now that I think about it the marines do have the Shichibukai and 2 admirals (Aokiji and Akainu) on reserve, and all the pirates seem to be occupied with other marines. If you look at it from that point of view the marines seem to be winning. Not until Luffy and the escaped prisoners arrive will it be evened out.

  14. Awesome AMV btw!

    Zoro’s would kick Sanji’s butt just cus hes more badass.case closed.
    I would like to see Crocodile, Boa Hancock, Luffy, and Jimbei fight Moria, Hawkeyes, Kuma, and Doflamingo.

    well that is if Boa decides to join Luffy’s side. (DUH)

  15. @tobi yes my great freind sanji is awesome but i think you tend to forget zoro is awesomeness 😀 yosh!!!

    1- speed , from my sources i know that zoro can run to speeds at sanji’s level now you claim sanji is fast but of you can provide evidence that someone comments or clear evidence that sanji is much faster than zoro hence dodgind 136 pund cannon aint gonna be weasy
    emotions dull the blade – very true

    but lets see here whenever zoro has gone into emtions against many strongest opponents he has still got out of thm and defeated his opponents and one thing supposts him in this his endurance which we all agree is out of this world , when kuma did the bubble blast thingi although sanji got up he coudnt stop zoro from putting him to bed , and zoro even after all that took more damage and still stood alive!! and you wanted him fighting just after that i think you knew how much damage he took :P,
    so zoro eventually gets over his emotions , and sanji is not as powerfull as kuma to damage zoro so seriously when he is in emotions! and when zoro will come back will sanji b able to fight him at 100 % his reaction time and everthing will be back to top

    zoro’s inability to thing????

    i dont think sanji is kakashi or shikamaru either though i agree h is a little smarter , but you tend to forget zoro is a fighter a swordsman and thats his only aim and he works on only that if you look in while in battle he devises new powers only in battles that means he is a quick learner to learn during battles and to learn quick you serioulsy need a nice brain i disagree that zoro wont be able to dosomething about sanji’s attacls not all but major ones ,his endurance will fill in for other., and he used his hands only the other chef, you know he doesnt change his way or whatever not attacking women etc… so thats one strange advantage u diggedout gone..

    now you say that sanji usesone leg and zoro used his all 3 swords well my freind he is a swords man who fights with 3 swords thats it, if he has one out he will use 1 if 2 then 2 3 then 3 , should he put 2 swords back then defend and then take them out , he is a swords man and is justly fighting with his swords..

    now you said that sanji will use knives etc as i said before he wont . now if zoro uses that tech (whats the name again) when he gets 6 hands etc then isnt sanji at a very very big disadvantage!!!

    i hope i satisfied you 😀

  16. @tobiisagoodboy as impressive as that longass comment is, you should really go over it a few times as there are some mistakes in it. As i dont like fighting over the web (its incredibly stupid) though, I’ll just point out the whole speed issue, as your ‘proof’ is vague and unconvincing. First off, I don’t think you can justify sanjis speed by comparing it with luffys fight against blueno. You just cant compare speed that way in my HO. second, i just finished watching the episode where zoros two RANGED attacks were doged (which has nothing to do with his personal spped) and I also saw Franky who was about a meter away from odz and moria and he still missed. Right after this the crew comments on how odz possese luffys spped now that he has his shadow so dodging these RANGED attacks (which, did i mention, has nothing to do with zoros personal speed) isnt a problem. Add in the fact that moria is controlling odz shadow, which makes it possible for him to do unrealistic movements, as well makes it easier to understand why zoro and franky both missed.

    Now as to why I think zoro would win, I think the initial Kuma fight proves zoros superiority. He went up against kuma and showed the speed of which he has by dodging kumas warping a number of times, and then doing that amazing display of weaving in and out of Kumas barrargement of those ‘paw paw’ things (no idea if there was a name for the move but w/e) which could equal to the equivalent of luffys gatling. Than, after the huge explosion (in which only zoro is left standing, not sanji) zoro again shows his powers and speed by taking kuma by surprise and using lion song, the only attack that had any visible effect on kuma (if you will remember sanjis own kick to kuma hurt HIM more than the warlord). Than zoro again shows his speed by dodging a beam at nearly point blank range. There is more that happens in this particular episode that proves zoro being stronger and posssing more endurance but i think we all get the point.

    Zoro wins.

  17. oh, and i forgot to mention that zoro didnt even have the awesome power of the bandanna on his head when he fought kuma, so if he had had that on, who knows. Maybe he could’ve beat kuma lol 😛

  18. remember

    kishi said ” sai will cause something big ” *laugh*

    darn it this is what sai was gonna do , mentally fuck sakura , he is a great guy

    srry but naruto breakdown is not up 😉

  19. i think luffys best face exprssion is got to be when he is mad i.e when his eyes have a circle and a filled in circle inside of it it looks amazing.

    i also like his expression when the merrowmerrow beam dosent work i he bits his lip as well and he does his little laugh. i think theres are luffy best facial expressions they always make me laugh lol

    (got bored and wanted to talk about something) lol 🙂

  20. *Sits down and begins playing with glue*

  21. my perdiction on how the strawhat crew comes back together

    judging from wat kuma said after defeting them the first time, something on the lines of ‘hes got himself a good crew wat u would expect from your son dragon’ i think that after kuma sent each of the crew members fly around the world he told dragon there location and becasue of the revolutionary army has the resourses to get them from all around the world i think that dragon faction is going to help them get back together, eitehr buy getting each of them to shabondy arcipeligo of close as they can and for luffy and whoever was able to get to the sunny go (if namis not there then someone from the revolutionary army will help navigate) and with the info on were everybody is they will all come back together and go back to the shabondy arcipelligo to get the ship coated before going mermaid island then onto the new world.

    this could be wat kuma told rayliegh about something on the lines of ‘dragon told me ‘incase luffy is in trouble send them somewere and make sure they live’ so i am going to send them to distant islands for there safty’

    but on the other hand we dont kno why he sent them to diffeerent islands only reason i can think of is so they are not noticed straght away thats way luffy was sent to a island in the clam belt forbidden to man (held captive would take longer to be noticed by goverment) and zoro who also has a bounty over 100 mil.

    either way we dont know wat kuma said to rayliegh but i believe that once that is relieved then the whole mystery about kuma will be revealed.

  22. Well personally i think Kuma said something about Ace being Rogers son. Either way, Rayleigh said ‘you expect me to believe you?’ and Kuma replied ‘I dont know, even i am unsure.’ Kumas response disproves what you think he said first Smurf.

    Seriously, no ones interested in those bug arms coming out of that vice-admiral on the left?

  23. oh soz toby guess that does disprove me lol (my dream just died *goes to kill himslef*) i didnt remember the bit that kuma said

  24. @Ahsan: Couldn’t Sanji just give Zoro the directions to the fighting and a time to be there by? Zoro would wind up getting lost and Sanji would be declared the automatic winner. XD

    @Gangly: YOSH!! You look new here sooo.. WELCOME TO WRA ENJOY YOUR STAY BUT SORRY SANJI WINS!!! 😛

    I think we all agree that Zoro has more endurance than Sanji but Sanji is no slacker either. One of his greatest feats to me was when he kept getting dragged and hit underwater back at Arlong Park fighting Kuroobi. He was under there for so long WHILE getting hit continuously it was basically torture, and yet he still managed to make a comeback without to much damage.

    I honestly can’t say which one is faster but thinking logically in an anime (which is never good btw but I will try) Sanji’s main weapons are his legs. Speed comes from the legs and that’s all Sanji trains and uses to fight with. Taking that into consideration one could say Sanji should be faster than Zoro who mainly trains with his arms.

    @Fear: LMAO!!! Did you see the latest episode!? You have to see Boa try to Merrow Merrow Beam Luffy animated!!! It’s f**king hilarious! XD Oh yeah, and you have to see Boa Hancock in the bath! It’s f**king sexy as hell! @_@

    I’m wishing more than ever for Luffy’s crew to show up now. If they miss out on the biggest battle in history there goes their chances to get higher bounties and some real good experience before crossing into the New World. The only thing I can think of the would raise the rest of the SH bounties now is the incident on the Archipelago.

    @Tobi: Hmmmm….perhaps he has a DF that can turn him into a giant spider? That’d be the first insect Zoan type fruit we’ve seen. 0_o

    *Gives Cookie some scissors and construction paper* Have at it just don’t make a mess. 😉

  25. Nami = subliminal messages?!?!?!?!

  26. @super: i hope they do aswell but i think that luffy,sanji,usopp are going to raise the most out of the SH crew because they did the most towards them but i think that they will raise as soon as the one that got him by luffy is able to speak again becasue that got to hurt and break your jaw being hit buy that punch, would be amazing if all th SH crews bounties were over 100 mil (robin and sanji arent that far off at the moment, and i hope chopper gets a big bounty because they something like 668 mil and 50 beri if chopper was given a respectiable one from the start then they would be over 700 mil not to forget that brook needs to me added to them so atm there total bounty is 701 and 50 beri and if they all get a high bounty they will end up around 1200 mil.

    one thing i just realized havent read all of the comment but after the sea got frozen if we think back to the last time aokiji did this then the lenght of the frozen sea is more that 72 hours of walking so around 200 miles meaning that luffy ship should be frozen as well and as soon as he sees it then he will realize that its aokiji move and the fighting has already started and he will rocket himslef as far as he can into the battle field.

  27. oh yea just thought that luffy bounty is going to go up aswell after the impel down incident then i think luffy bounty is going to go up about 100 mil for that and abouther 100 mil for the attack at shabondy so i think luffys bounty will be over 500 mil, captn kidd can go and suck on that lol, even tho we dont kno wat happened to him all we kno is that over 500 pirates were caught and needed transfering to impel down but werent there at the time so i hope they are being kept on that island were the fight is and get an chance to be free after the wall breaks in there cell of something like that during the fight.

  28. @Gangly: Well i wouldnt really consider debating as fighting unless we start throwing insults back and fourth wich would just be silky so…No worries ^^

    Now, and please dont take this as an insult in any way, but i find nearly all your points irrelevant. Comparing characters and previous battles is important and to be honest, the only way to decide a fictional battle like this but only when you constantly refer back to the subject and characters in hand. Refering to a battle against a man made of metal stronger than steel doesnt point out why Zoro would beat Sanji. Its always about battle types. Just coz a character can beat an opponent that another cant, doesnt mean that he can beat that one too. As far as Zoro dodging the lazer, i actually consider that aspect of the battle, as well as Rayleighs fight with Kizaru to be a load of BS. The attacks are moving at the speed of light, either way, you can argue that Zoro is quicker than that…But you’d be a lier >_> I did put forth Sanji dodging the poundo hou and Sanji being faster than Zoro as two seperate points so there isnt much grounds to attack me there 😛 If you consider my evidence for Sanji being quicker insufficient or too minimal then thats fine, i am done making all those points now. Finally, Zoro dodging the tsupari pad hou attacks with bleeding the wolf had no real reference to anything other than Zoros swordsmanship and the abilities that stem from it. Proof in this is when he first used it against Hacci, Doctor, from Namis hometown, said ‘that takes such concentration and persistence too’ in the manga he simply said ‘What swordsmanship!’ I already pointed out why all aspects of his swordsmanship would be dimmed while Sanjis would be pumped from the banter. Dismiss this point as subjective if you want but it is as good as a fact, they argue a lot.

    @Super: I was thinking insect zone too. Kinda weird…

    @Smurf: Sorry, i could have let you down gentler 😛

  29. now that i think about it if kidd is let loose with over 10 thousand guns and swords his repel and the arm are going to do alot of damage.

  30. about the fight between diamond jose and hawkeye, does anyone think he can cut diamond because zoro said that would be a waste but after finding out about a guy like that i think zorro would start trying to be able to cut diamond and with hawkeye’s resourse by using the navy infomation i think he might have known about diamond and train so he can cut it. or is he going to use haki wats everyone opion?

  31. @tobi: not problem on letting me down gentle lol, i was thinking that guy could be a beatle or something, if a beatle is a insect then i think that its a insect zoan type.

    i have had a closer look at that guy and including his hands i see 9 swords so it matchs up agasint zorro i would love it if zorro would turn up now and fight against him (again its a bery unlikely outcome)

    i have a question to ask: is the front page wat is actually happening like robin been helped out by the revolutionary army and about the cp9 and stuff?

  32. @super- your probably right about the marines having something up there sleeve. One of things more than likely be the Kuma-bots. We don’t know how many were made or are beings made. It took the whole straw hat crew to take down one and it was a very very close call. Then again the straw hats weren’t as strong as the whiterbeards so it could be an even match.

  33. Damn a fair few discussions going on here.

    Firstly – awesome breakdown super.
    Personally i think Whitebeard created a quake around him, but i want it to be the later – just because that would be awesome sauce!
    LMAO on the fugly call on the vice admirals and pirates XD.
    Also i know she’s been in it before but i can’t remember for the life of me – who is that old lady – what has she done in the manga?

    @super – i thought that hawkeyes wanted to measure his skill against that of whitebeard – i thought he was implying that he couldn’t win but he still wanted to see it for himself, the difference of level between them.
    This begs the question – what is stronger – the diamond or the sword?
    Blue flame dude just ate a different DF IMO – meh i’m to lazy to look into it to much (but Ace is better 😛 )

    Also Zoro FTEW!

  34. @Fear: Zoro with Haki would be awesome and may be the only way to cut through diamond. Maybe Mihawk has some level of Haki to defeat Diamond Jaws.

    As for the front pages they’re basically just to show how everyone is doing and as far as I know they’re true. They usually cover what the villains are up to after their defeat (because they’re not dead of course) and how other heroes left behind in the story are living life. For instance Oda did a couple cover stories on Vivi.

    @Captn: Damn, I forgot about those annoying, emotionless, laser totting Kuma bots! >_< I hope they don't make an appearance because they're pretty strong for duplicates.

    @Mudshovel: Yeah, Tsuru is a pretty high ranked marine official as she was seen at the meeting of the Shichibukai http://read.mangashare.com/One-Piece/chapter-234/page002.html.

    I wondered when someone was going to bring up that quake question I had in the breakdown. Thank you Mudshovel. 😀 I too believe that it was around Aokiji because inside his body would just make Whitebeard too strong.

    As for what Mihawk meant when he was talking about Whitebeard I’m just going off the Binktopia translation. Attack distance is pretty important in a fight and by measuring that I guess he was testing his power against Whitebeard.

    Sanji FTW…>_>

  35. i think that he was aiming for whitebeard becasue he was shocked when it was stopped by someone else because i think that he was expecting that only whitebeard would be able to stop it, he proberly knew that whitebeard is alot stronger and want to see the differnce between each other to see how much more he can possiblly improve.

    yea the old hag is the 2nd incommand under sengoku i think.

    @captn: i doubt that there has been more than 10 made of them bots becasue drake mentioned something like so hes finally finshed them and added kizaru’s ability aswell so this leads me to believe that there hasnt been alot made yet plus the price of each of them so after SH crew and kidd+law crews took out 1 each and the one kuma sent flying i would say there are only 7 left but if they get brought out that could change the momentum of the battle.

    if they do get brought out mybe that will be luffy next obstical to overcome fighting one of the px’s on his own because there not as strong as kuma or an admiral but still ridiculous powerful.

  36. oh yea about my earlier comment about them getting a better bounty i think that usopp will get his face on one half of the picture and sogeking on the other, and i little fram after its realised showing his home town see how famous of a pirate hes become, mybe even his dads sees it if he knows wat usopp looks like

  37. but then again the name will change and to usopp or usopp/sogeking and his dad will defintly find out about it and then look forward to seeing him like shanks is looking forward to meeting luffy (after the fight of course in the new world)

    soz for the double comment i hope they all meet back up with each other and get to mermaid island before the end of the year but i dont want the war to be ended qickly eaither

  38. I deffinatly see Zoro learning to cut diamond and not just (just? lol!) using haki…Remember kairoseke is as hard as diamonds, i thought that had relevance to Zoro the moment i heard it…

    Oh yeah, a burning question i had that Smurf reminded me of, how can Shanks’ crew match these guys? The fatty and Usopps dad must have some crazy skills and while its a bit obvious they do, i never really thought about it…

    I think Whitebeard has the power over shockwaves so i would have to say that it was around Aokiji…

  39. Damn, Sannji is getting his ass cooked in the polls. >_> That was to be expected though… 😉

    @Smurf: I remember now that Usopp did land on a Tenryubito when he came crashing through the auction house. It’d be just like Usopp to accidently raise his bounty to an incredible amount. XD

    @Tobi: Well Sahnks is a Yonkou so his crew must be hella strong too just like Whitebeard’s. Though I have a feeling Yassop and and the fat guy aren’t DF users for some reason… just like their captain (Shanks) isn’t a DF user.

    I’m hoping that the vice-admiral is an insect Zoan type! That’d be awesome if he could turn into a giant spider and it’d be cool to know there are insect Zoan types out there. We have an ancient dinosaur so why not a tarantula eh? 😉

  40. lol i missed so much the debate………………..

    well im back 😀

  41. @Super: There are already so many little sub-catigories for zone types (carniverous, ancient etc.) so i dont see why insect would be off limits. If it isnt like a super hugh spider though it will be pretty lame. Why would he ever go full spider if he could just get stepped on lol. One thing about zones that i was thinking, since theres a human human fruit, do you think theres a giant giant fruit? That’d be pretty cool. Maybe thats what the monk supernova has but i doubt it since his robe ripped as he got bigger which dfs dont normally do. Personally i think its life return but anyway back to my point >_< giant giant fruit ftw!
    It was expected that Sanji would loose the polls, thats a popularity contest really.
    I agree with you that they arnt df users but i dont really know why lol. I guess coz Yassop is called a marksman…

    I really wish Luffys crew could just keep getting bigger. I always think of loads of other ability users i wish they had and i really want another zone user on board. Obviously the crew cant get much bigger since each has a dream and a back story etc. as well as Oda giving them individual fights in the arcs which would last forever with too many characters. Well i hope they at least pick up a fishman… ^^

  42. *Super returns to find Cookie has made a fort and a mote with a drawbridge and crocodiles* Sometimes I think I have too much free time to make these things 😉

  43. I do wonder why I comment here.. I really do >_<
    <—-took over the recent comment bar with this post muuahahaha

  44. i predict straw hats will join to fight after 5 chapters


  45. Well I am here for one reason and one reason only.
    Who can beat out of Sasuke and Luffy.
    I say Luffy but Ill wait until some one put up an argument on why not.
    *Look at Cookie*
    Yea I am talking about you!
    So Supa and any other OP fan I am calling out for your help.
    Cookie might try to delete this post to.

  46. Stop repeating yourself. Your debate can’t go through. Not enough people read op for it to work 😀 suuuuuuuuuckish. Really, why would I delete your post? I was all for the debate, remember? AOPA FTEW!! 😀

  47. Anyways, while Cookie attacks One Piece without any merit again let’s move on and ignore her for the time being.

    @Anyone: I truly believe we’re going to lose Whitebeard this Arc. It’s about time we do lose someone of importance in this manga (in current events not flashbacks) and Whitebeard is up on the platter. I wonder what Jimbei’s response to that will be though. He’ll go berserk and start creating tsunamis of his own I’d bet. Ace would be even more pissed and start launching suns. XD

  48. Suns ftw!!! Ace truly rocks with that attack. Wonder if Marco can make blue suns…Interesting.

    So when do we get to see Akainu’s power?! Him just sitting there really annoys me…But his powers lava anyway >_>
    Also, are the marines really gunna wait til the clock strikes whatever time the execution was supposed to be? If they had sense they would kill him right? Silly Sengoku…

    I wonder how far Kishi will take this ancient zone thing as well. Will we get to see some dude turn into a dragon or something like that for example? Hmm…

  49. I was actually going to read it… *hears gasps* But now I won’t!!>_<

    I call BUUUUULLLLSSHHHIIIIIIITTTTTT on that one! No offense but you hate One Piece like a fat kid hates dieting and exercise! >_<

    -Super 😛

    LMAO. I was gonna call it as well, 2bad Super beat me to it 😛

  50. @ tobiisagoodboy If they executed Ace two or three hours before the appointed time, it would show that the WG is a pussy and can’t even face off against a singular Yonkou. I also think it’s a ref back to when Britannia was a great empire and exact schedules and orderly times were a sign of civilization. To have the execution early would be sign that chaos was winning over civilization. I never said it was logical, just typical Order vs. Chaos silliness! 🙂

    @ super That’s exactly why WB can’t die! The world would end with the wrath of his men and allies who would tear apart the seas in their grief and rage. It would drown kittens! Think about the kittens! 😀

    @ BlockIce C’mon Sasuke vs. Luffy would be such a boring battle! Luffy would just smack him a good one since he’s immune to lightning and probably too thick-headed to be affected by genjutsu!

  51. Yeah you got a point Elisha2kings. Still Cookie your day will come.

  52. @Elisha: Well they did say the world was going to change no matter who stood victorious after this battle. This is because if you think about it no matter what side wins the balance of the world will be thrown off. The powers of the world our balanced in between the 4 Yonkou’s, the Marines, and the Shichibukai. The Marines paired up with the Shichibukai counteract the 4 Yonkous.

    After this battle is done either Whitebeard is going to fall or the top military brass and Shichibukai. If Whitebeard falls there will be 3 Yonkous left and the Marines coupled with the Shichibukai will have dominate power over the world. If Whitebeard prevails then there will be 4 Yonkous and a heavily wounded WG and even less Shichibukai. The power balance then would favor the pirates.

    No matter what kittens will be hurt and the world will be in a state of unbalance and struggle. 😉 The WG isn’t exactly that good natured but for them to kill Whitebeard and gain superiority over the power balance would make for a better storyline in my opinion than the other way around. Pirates win again!? Booooooooo! I’m sure Luffy will succeed in retrieving his brother (Ace) but this rescue mission will be at the cost of Whitebeard’s great life.

  53. It cannot be done. *Focuses on Robin but view drifts back to Nami.* Whitebeard might die however it would only heighten the pirate world. The marines don’t have as much gain without killing the Next pirate king. Also we haven’t seen the full extend of White Beard’s abilities so he should be around for a while. Plus WB hasn’t gotten his obligatory flashback. Ace might live but the unexpected states not. In that case Ace would pass down the role for Pirate King onto Luffy. Don’t think Luffy would accept that too easily though. But that’s a sad possibility to hope against.

    Zoro would win. Sanji is able to keep up pretty easily but in the longer run takes more effor from his part. Zoro uses about the same amount of energy however the swords add to his power. With some push Sanji might be able to melt the blades, but as I said more energy spent. *Looks directly at Robin.* Ahahaha I’ve done it now it, let the rest of you view for a fine, I see hand outs for free. Gahaha Hana Hana joke.

    ttp://read.mangashare.com/One-Piece/chapter-553/page005.html (Captain Jack reincarnate?)

    @Super – Found some trivia. I found out why Binktopia has better translations. Each week the group takes text from other translators. The translations are modified and placed into the scans. The following week or day Binktopia releases a second version of the chapter to reduce errors or continue adding chapter translations. (SleepyFans’ still sound more voice like sometimes)

    PREDICTION: Chopper will befriend the natives or transform into his human or devil fruit form and chase them back.

  54. @super:i think that someone important is going to die but i dont think that it is going to be whitebeard but i do think is will be an admiral, some of WB’s captians and luffy’s grandfather.

  55. Who do you guys think will fight whitebeard 1 on 1? his Captains are blocking the shichibukai and admirals (well 1 of each atm) but who will step up to fight Whitebeard – seeing as both the shichibukai and admirals seem weaker than him (just an observation – nothing factual to back that statement up)

  56. i think it will be garp fighting WB and WB will win garp will die and luffy will be sad but not try to get revenge against whitebeard

  57. white beard will not die rather he will kik some serious @$$

    and i say again straw hats will join tthe battl in 5- 10 chaps

  58. id love it if they did join the battle in less than 10 chapters.

    @super: yea i kno usopp getting his raised for someone else knocking down from the roof lol, and sanji might get his proper picture done with is next bounty, chopper will get a realistic bounty this time i think, and all together i think that there bounty will be over 1200 mil.

    i just wondering how much dragon personal bounty is, anyone have any thought on the bounty of the worlds most wanteds criminal.

  59. @super:i think there is a insect zoan type but i dont think that there will be any fly’s/dragonflys/bees/waspes because in there arabasta arc its said that there is only 2 more zoan type with the ability to fly, i think one of them will be a teradauctal.

  60. luffys match up in the upcomeing fight

    at first there will be alot of people who say they want to fight against him such as moria and deflamigo will want ago because of the fact that he has beat two warlords so far but in the end i think it will be smoker that he ends up fighting, and he will win by focsing and using wat he dosent know is haki so that he can hit him , this will lead to luffy trying to master haki after he find out about all its uses, when he finds out that will be the time when its all explained about all the different thinging haki can be used for, after the fight he will ask rayliegh about it and get a full explaintion.

  61. Sheesh Smurf, between me and you, theres no room for anyone elses posts. I go for the essay approach while you go for the spamming 😛

    What Pell said was his was one of the 5 ways of flying. The others we know seem to be having a logia element that naturally exists ‘flying’ such as fire or smoke and then also Laffites (Blackbeards navigator) ability to turn his arms to wings. Pell was too unspecific in his statement though to confirm there will be no flying insect zone since he could have just meant having a zone type that flies as one of the ways…
    I dont think Garp will fight Whitebeard 1 on 1 because i think Garp is no match…I know he chased Roger all the time but still no amount of physical strength alone could beat whitebeard. I see Sengoku or Akainu takin him on though.

    @Elisha: Yeah thats a good point but i wonder if maintaining their pride like that is really more important that destroying Rogers legacy…

  62. @Kyouto: Thanks for the info but isn’t it also because Binktopia takes more time to release the chapter for proper translation checks?

    @Mudshovel: Whitebeard 1 on 1? I was thinking Sengoku, Akainu, or a combination of high leveled opponents (i.e. 2 Shichibukai and an admiral).

    @Smurf: I’m bad at guessing this kind of stuff but I’d say Dragon’s personal bounty would be 600 million beri (beli?).

    If Luffy beats Smoker I’d be happy. That’s an old enemy that needs to go down and I’m tired of Luffy losing to Logia types.

    @Tobi: Between you, Smurf, and I we are the basic majority of comments here. XD Because One Piece is awesomeness!!! Bribes Smurf, Tobi, and other WRA members to keep commenting here with DF and beri…>_>

    @Anyone: If the Strawhats do show up wouldn’t that take hella forever? First they have to show up which will take who knows how long. Then Oda has to cover each of their individual fights while covering the other individual fights like Whitebeard’s, The Shichibukai, the captains and admirals. OMG, I don’t want the Arc to go on that loooonng. >_<

  63. @supah

    as i said before the straw hats will appear , and then thy will start their fights and during there fights will there story be told to symbolize thir progress , zoro will progress the most 😉

  64. @ahsan: i want the SH crew to appear becasue i want to see them all back together again but at the same time i agree with super on not wanting this arc to trake that long, i want it too end before the end of the year but if they all show up then its going to end in like march and i will end up dieing of old age before luffy ever even meets back up with shanks.

    @super:no need to bribe i love the conversion about one piece more than i do naruto becasue there is soo much that is left the imagination thats just great.

    @super+Tobi: for some reason i got the imprssion that sengoku wasnt all that strong just some guy that is the puppet master so to speak.

    @tobi: i know i keep posting different things because i think of other things after lol, and when i see a post that a page in lenght i king of puts me off reading it (if it wasnt for it being one piece i would have skkipped it lol).

    i want to believe that luffy is going to be noticed by the marines in this next chapter but i think it will be postponed until the next chapter or the one after that (sucks ass) because marcos power need to be explained and the vice-admirals as going to start fighting.

  65. i hear that naruto is not coming out next week wat about one piece is it coming out or not??

  66. meh i actually dont believe this arc will take that long,
    remember ace’s execution is only a few hours away so i doubt this arc will take till the end of the year,..
    but i guess we will see

    @smurf: nope no bleach, naruto or OP this week

  67. damm i want to go comit sucicide

  68. y? lol

  69. because i dont want to wait another week

  70. Sheesh 50 beri? You call this a bribe?! What did you do, turn Chopper in to the marines or something?! And whats with this ‘devil fruit’? This isnt the gomu gomu no mi, its a toy fruit made of rubber….Your bribes suck 😛

    @Smurf: I think Sengoku is super strong *Franky pose* since all the marine hairachy seems to go on is combat strength. Think about it, you never see and fodder soldiers with df powers or any real skill. When refering to strength they always simply talk about the rank. Other than Smoker i think strong characters are always given high ranks and since Smoker seems to be trying to build his rank he also fits in. Remember that Sengoku was an admiral before and everyone always goes on about ‘the strength of an admiral’

  71. @tobi sengoku is strong but Wb will kill him if they fight

    @all i still think sh pirates will make an entry in 10 chaps

  72. reminder on the poll

    Thank you for voting!
    SANJI!!! 8% (9 votes)
    ZORO!!! 76% (87 votes)
    Tie…? 16% (18 votes)
    Total Votes: 114

  73. sorry for the doubl post but only 9 votes for sanji 😛

  74. Don’t believe me huh? Well then I’ll prove that I was actually taking a look at OP before you turned me off it again with your comments. Luffy ate the legendary fruit that turned him to rubber. But he can never swim because of it. Shanks saved him from drowning when he was throw into the water by the bandit leader. Not only that but protected him from the local sea monster at the cost of his arm. Before Shanks set sail again, he gave Luffy his straw hat. Luffy sets sail years later but got caught in a whirlpool. Koby -the cabin boy- rolls a barrel into a cabin which he thought had alcohol in it. But Luffy was in it instead. The fat old Alvida tries to take down Luffy and Koby when they insult her. But Luffy pistol punches her. Koby wants to join the navy and now they are off the spring Zoro from the slammers.

    *takes picture of everyones priceless faces when they realise she isn’t going to read it anymore because of their invasion of her comment * =__= It looks something like their faces in this :

    Also Ice, all Sasuke needs to do is throw Luffy in the ocean. Problem solved

  75. O_O


  76. Sengoku = Stronger than Whitebeard i think. Its so hard to gain WBs respect, i mean even Shanks has a tough time but Whitebeard fully respects Sengoku. Even if he isnt stronger than WB he definitely wont just go and die in a fight….

  77. hmmm… been gone for a while.
    umm yeh zoro gets more votes then sanji but no one can wrely argue why zoro is stronger then sanji,..
    Also for Shanks we dont know for sure if he hasnt found a fruit since he departed from luffy (maybe he was/is searching for a special fruit). I dont believe so but it is a possibility.
    Sengoku i dont believe hes like awesome strength but in my opinion hes at admiral level or just below.

  78. @everyone: the biggest mistake in one piece is on the filler before they go to the grand line.

  79. can anyone tell me the answer, the only clue u get is the word ‘admiral’

  80. is that the stupid arc with the dragon? Sorry if it is, i never watched it fully…

    @Fear: Yeah Zoro wins the polls because its a popularity contest really 😛 I think Sanji would win a fight between the two though…
    Hmm, Shanks has a df as well as that crazy haki? Maybe…He is implied to be one of the strongest to ever exist in the One Piece world but personally i think he is like a younger, more refined version of Rayleigh since he uses haki and their swords are practically identical. Its just speculation really but i dont really see him with a df power.
    Oda did say in an interview that dfs exist more than once i.e. When the person with the power dies a new fruit grows from wherever they grow…So maybe Shanks is looking for Rogers fruit? (If he had one)

  81. @tobi: yea it was that arc.

    @everyone: not much has been explained about haki so if you would be so kind as to share all the infomation that it know so i can look at it all together incase i missed somthing.

  82. Right, to be honest, nothing has been explained but like everything in a manga, people try and figure it out before they’re told. I think this is everything.
    It is an ability derived from the spirit, yet merely having strong ‘spirit’ doesnt seem enough to attain this power, otherwise anyone with determination, such as Vivi, would be running around doing it. It is possible to send a ‘blast’ of this spirit power out from ones self, this can target one person or sweep across a whole room yet since it has reallly only been done by experts in the field, the difficulty in targeting is unclear. Those who are hit may loose consciousness if their will power isnt strong enough. A strong enough haki is even capable of damaging objects like when Shanks messed up the side of the Moby Dick and also sent large ripples through water. According to the statement by one of the women of Amazon Lily, ‘It even works against us who are used to normal haki…’ it would seem possible to train against haki. As well as knocking them out, targets can also be controled to do certain actions.
    The power can be applied to weapons such as swords or arrows which greatly increased their destructive power. Devils fruits are nullified by haki yet the extent is unclear since a light sword made by means of Kizarus powers, remained even when crossed with Rayleighs haki impowered sword.
    One thing that is clear are the many different types of haki. All the points mentioned seem to be possible regardless of the type of haki a person has. The types do offer some special perks though. Mantra, the ability used by Enel and his priests on Skypeia, is a type of haki that allows movement prediction. There also seems to be a defensive based type which one of the snake sisters and Sentomaru used. Attacks appear to bounce off of them. Kings disposition is the strongest form of haki, makinb people do what you want easily and knocking out strong willed people seems possible with this. Presumably there is a ‘normal’ type of haki that doesnt offer any perks like these but just does the first lot of stuff i said. Zoros Asura may be another type where it is possible to make physical incarnations of the spirit.
    Think thats it ^^

  83. @Super: i hope this arc won’t be as long as the thriller bark arc – that was a bit too long imo (and pretty pointless besides getting brook which sorta made up for everything). Oda does seem to like to draw shit out, but he ALWAYS pulls it off – i mean he’s Oda nuff said.

  84. hehe, looks like i killed all convo in the OP breakdown, next target – the Naruto breakdown 😛

  85. YOSH!!! *kills Mudshvoel* Lol, jkjk…>_>

    Sorry for my long absence from the blog guys.

    @Tobi: Well damn…that basically explains it all! 0_0

    @Cookie: Even so, you were going to quit once your head exploded from the sheer awesomeness that is One Piece…because you can’t read with an exploded head. We’re not narrow minded so we could handle the awesomeness expansion in our minds that is One Piece. 😛

    @Mudshovel: I loved the Thriller Bark Arc. It was soo sad and emotional. The fights weren’t the greatest except for Zoro’s fight and the 9 man tag team on Moria. Still, I have to agree the best part of the arc was definitely the retrieval of Brook.

    @Ahsan: Polls polls polls. Where’s the arguments for Zoro’s side on the debate? 😛

    @Smurf: I can’t seem to find this mistake in One Piece. T_T Please enlighten us. 😉

    @Fear: Indeed, but you know how manga and anime can drag out hours. Just look how DBZ dragged out 5 minutes! -_-

    @Anyone: Daammmmmmiitttt!!! I can’t wait for this chapter release! For some reason I actually have the urge to look at spoilers this week because I have the feeling this week’s chapter will be awesomeness!! Like Mudshovel said, “Oda does seem to like to draw shit out, but he ALWAYS pulls it off – i mean he’s Oda nuff said.” Oda rarely if ever disappoints! I wonder WTH is going to happen this chapter. Everyone is jumping in the battle and DF powers are flying like crazy. *goes into withdrawal phase* @_@

  86. Has anyone else thought that Oda needs to show some strong bounty hunters in this manga? Everyone he has shown all got owned in no time at all (baroke works that were owned by zoro, the ones on shabondy) I dont see the point in having these high bounties if there are no non-military people who could actually beat them. I know the bounty hunter theme is popular for filler and all but i think a group of strong bounty hunters would make great enemies in what would be an awesome arc. Maybe have Luffy captured and going towards death before his crew saves him for a change 😛

  87. @Tobi: Completely agree. Maybe though they give pirates such high bounties to influence other pirates to take them down. Pirates love treasure and there’s no treasure like the head of a high bounty pirate that was in your way in the first place. Survival of the fittest. That way the marines have the pirates killing each other for money and less work for them. Then when the pirates ome in to collect the money…the marines capture them! XD Lol jk, the pirates would probably send in some neutral party to collect the money, and if the marines don’t pay up then no one would trust the government to pay on any bounty.

    On a side note has anyone seen the latest ep. of One Piece? Luffy vs. the snake sisters on Amazon Lily nuff’ said! If you all aren’t watching this arc animated you all are missing out! >< Mmmm….Boa Hancock in the bath. @_@

  88. lolz yeh the anime was hillarious the haki thingie was done great in my opinion. Yeh i agree the pirates kill other pirates for bounty but i wouldnt mind a few strong bounty hunters, i also think its a way to give the pirates a ranking.

  89. double post,..
    anyone of u think theres gonna be a logia type on luffys crew soon? Its the only type of DF missing and it would be real awesomeness if they get a crew memb with one or an existing crewmember that eats one.

  90. @Super: You are as narrow minded as a ruler. Me and my open mindedness can handle awesomeness. Hence why your poofs suck. 😉
    Oh i might add in a OP spoiler if I can mind one too, super:P

    @Mud: No what are you doing with that!? WHAT IS THAT!? Noooo… NOOOOOO, NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! *screams fades away*

  91. @cookie: is that me killing u because ur trying to post spoilers or killing the convo in the naruto section…
    either way…
    *slaps hands*
    well that takes care of her, next target … AMERICA. LOL

  92. Trying? Give me two hours or less and I will have them out on the blog. Muahahhaha!!!

    😦 Owie… that HURT T_T

  93. its not really much of a debate anymore, sanji got owned in the voting..

  94. does anyone have any ideas on how the sh crew is gonna reunite, its frickin killin me, do u think it has to do with what kuma said to rayleigh???

  95. reasons zoro would win:

    Zoro’s concentration is much better than sanji’s, sanji is easily distracted, and rarely takes things too seriously.
    Zoro always, ALWAYS fights the second strongest person in every arc.
    Zoro was able to withstand the pain that kuma made him go through.
    Fights through almost any injury.
    Trains sooooo much more than sanji. Just based on their goals, you can tell that sanji is not going to be as powerful. Sanji’s goal is to find All-Blue and be a great cook, which has nothing to do with combat, Zoro on the other hand has a goal to become the strongest swordsmen in the world, so zoro’s specialty is fighting. and he meditates a lot which gives him power of the mind. Apart from orientation skills, I feel that between him, chopper, and robin are the smartest on the sh crew. These chats about who’s faster and who can dodge who is a bit of a stretch imho, because they’ve never raced or anything. All we can do is look at the facts that already exist…

  96. *Clears throat* Once again we have a person who isnt simply looking at a fight between the two characters. Other than your first point Omar, which i would say is wrong anyway, all you have really done is discuss goals and fights with other people. I am under no dilusion, i know Zoro will challenge the world in a bigger way but what we are looking at is a fight right now…Simply just saying Zoro beats Sanji coz he fought Mr 1 while Sanji fought Mr 2 is a load of crap imo. Luffy owned Enel yet i think Enel could beat Kuma, Magallen would have killed blackbeard if not for Shiruu yet i doubt the warden would have a chance against Ace. Just going on a track record is quite silly really. Your also disregarding the actual sense of a character battle by saying ‘these chats about who’s faster and who can dodge who is a bit of a stretch…’ since comparing attributes like that is the only way to actually pit the characters against one and other. Sorry to be bitchin like that but its the truth.
    Zoro was always gunna win the polls since its a popularity contest but i have yet to see a real, convincing argument why he would beat Sanji, not just one about how he beat someone who beat Sanji etc.
    As for your first point, Zoro frequently looses concentration in fights, he actually has a worse history of that than Sanji. Whenever he starts arguing or lets his emotions slip he always falls prey to attacks. When Sanji is in those situations he actually performs better. Also Zoro has a habit of getting beaten to hell in fights while Sanji makes battle plans. Which has the better concentration in a fight? As for a few of the other points you made that weren’t just about the enemies Zoro fought, all points have been attacked and thoroughly beaten in previous comments…

    Now, sorry about that, im a good boy really ^^ I just get a little defensive about Sanji. Hmm Straw hats reuniting…I dont think its to do with what Kuma said personally, i think he said Ace was Rogers kid. The only thing i can think of is them meeting the revolutionary army and being brought back with them for some reason….

  97. @tobi….

    ok i guess u’ve convinced me on most points, but the most i’m willing to give up is that they’d tie. Thinking about it, there is one time they’ve gone head to head and they tied. I’m talking about none other than thriller bark, denguin vs. weird swordsman guy. They tied. All other battles against each other have come in fillers which shouldnt really count. Damn you for making me doubt myself… lol… but yea… sanji might be funnier? lol ok, but brook and franky own everyone in that department imo… lol can that be another debate? funniest sh crew member?

  98. Oooh! You just gave me another point! XD They tied on thriller bark but Sanji was given a little dog penguins body while Zoro was given a general zombies. That proves Sanjis greatness!!!

    Hmm, we will need a new debate for the next breakdown…Super! Do something! >_<

  99. @super: the mistake that i was talking about is on the dragon acr (cant spell it) before they go into the grand line and the mistake is that the fat marine who is mega weak and killed after luffy takes apart his boat and he sinks because he is too fat lol, that person is referred to as a admiral and i dont think that he was anywere near to high of rank. i kno wat u mean the one piece anime is amazing, and the haki was done perfectly, luffys spirit must be damm strong to be able to knock out warriors.

    @tobi+super: i too think that there needs to be a strong bounty hunter, the only strong one we have seen so far is the marine turned bounty hunter ‘daddy’ but his true strengh wasnt really shown.

    @tobi: thanks that exctly wat i thought about when it comes to haki (but oda really needs to do a side chapter explaining all (i say side chapter becasue i dont want to take another week to get baqck to the fighting)).

    i think that when someone said that zoro dosent train his leg strengh is wrong because when brooke is trying to find his way on the ship it shows zoro crouching down with weights on and hopping around.

    @omar101990: not a clue when they will get back together but i do think that it has something to do with wat kuma said, i ould like them to join in in the fight to raise the bounty at the very least but i dont think that will happen.

    @fearvano: i dont think that there will be a new member but i would like it if someone else became a logi type and if it had to be someone i would say usopp because the place were he was sent i full of wierd fruit and i hope he eats one by mistake.

    @anyone: looking back too logetown i was thinking about monkey.d.dragon and wat happen with that green gust and thought mybe he has the wind wind logi power, would explain why no one can every seem to catch or find any clue to were he is and when he say luffys bounty he said that he wanted to go feel the wind (clue to his ability)

  100. Nah, if you read loguetown again then you saw the lightning bolt that was perfectly timed to save luffy right? Also the rain that wet the marines gun powder. That combined with the wind gust was all really helpful and convenient to the straw hats. Combined with the abnormal pressure drop and the speed clouds formed i can safely say we are dealing with a paramecia not a logia. I think something like storm storm or weather weather fruit. Its a crazy power whether either of us is right though.
    Hmm, i swear i read somewhere recently that Kishi wanted 10 in the crew before the new world. Meh, he could have just ment the ship but i really want them to get a female fishman (if they exist) who is an expert at mermen karate. I think another girl would rock, there arnt enough in this manga (Amazon lily doesn’t count lol 😛 ) and i think a girl with fighting skills comparable to Luffy, Zoro and Sanji is needed since Robins ability doesn’t really suit battle, it either owns strait away or doesn’t work at all.

    Oh, what does anyone think about Arlong maybe being a former slave and thats why he hates humans so much? Still, hes a douche and i hate him…For Namis sake i should blow a hole through one of his crew in front of him! Shahahaha! *Cough* >_>

  101. @ tobi Even if Arlong wasn’t a slave, he’d still have close friends and crewmembers that were former slaves and would have heard horrible stories of abuse from them. For me, Arlong’s gang is like the Black Panthers: they have a legitimate reason to hate humans but take it too far in their attempt to “avenge” themselves and their ancestors for past and present crimes against their race. Nami also forgave Hachi and will eventually have to come to grips with her new understanding of fishmen when the SHs go to Fishman Island. (Which will probably only take, what, 200 or so chapters? >_<)

    Anyone notice an interesting trend in OP: people that were abused tend to take on the attributes of their abusers. Arlong makes humans his slaves and even puts his mark on Nami like the Tenryuubito's brand. Nami even parallels the Sunny Pirates when she changes Arlong's shameful tattoo into her own symbol after she is free. Nami also is obsessed with money, just like Arlong! The Tenryuubito are spoiled brats that consider the world to revolve around them. Boa Hancock, who was enslaved and abused by the Tenryuubito, acts very spoiled and expects to get away with anything because she is so beautiful.

    I love how deep and complex One Piece is! 😀

  102. One Piece is out

    Hehehe, I replaced your link with the Binktopia translation. I’m sure you wouldn’t mind seeing as how Binktopia makes more sense. >_>


  103. WTS!!! – it was an awesome chapter as per usual – But where the hell were the last 4 pages?

  104. meh 2 weeks time and all oda can get is 14 pages and all doubles,..
    a bit dissapointed although it was a great chapter i guess.
    What the hell is luffy doing though, having a tea break?

  105. 😀 That was an amazing call by whoever suggested the phoenix zone…Even if they did suggest two other possibilities as well 😛
    Hmm, Akainu was magma huh >_>

  106. WTH, only 8 pages (on the Binktopia version) after a two week long wait!? >__>

    And sooommmee people will be getting credit for some major prediction skills in the next breakdown. They will remain anonymous…until the next breakdown of course when I call out their names. 😉

    I see the Zoro vs. Sanji debate sparked up again and just in time for me to decide a winner, a loser, or a tie. o_0

    @Smurf: Lol, thx for the info. I’m pretty sure Oda will have their heads for that mistake. XD

    @Omar: Welcome to the One Piece blog I don’t believe I’ve seen you here before. A funniest crew member debate huh? Lol, I’ll see what I can do. 😉

    @Tobi: I am doing something!!! *looks around for something to do and kills a smurf* @_@

    @Fear: Logia type on SH Crew = Awesomeness especially if it’s a kickass girl on Sanji and Zoro’s level like Tobi said.

    @Elisha: Some good insight there. Like abuser like abused (like father like son)? o_0

  107. Looks like Elisha and Tobi were right on the money.

    The Shuchibukai are finally making a move, Oz (Oars) has a descendant…this is getting more and more interesting. Sucks that we only got fifteen pages this week, especially after a two-week wait…

  108. gah sorry guys wordpress wasnt letting me login curse you ghahhh

    ok now to read op muhahahahhaha

    @omar welcome to wra, 😀

  109. Heres my completly unrelated post on why Zoro’s cursed sword, Sandai Kitetsu, is just holding the guy back. He either needs to upgrade to one of the better kitetsu or go find one of the 12 greatest swords (of which the best kitetsu is part of)
    Zoro said that kitetsu cuts whenever it wants, all the time, ‘this ones a problem child’, it all was said in whiskey peak when he tested it out. Hmm…Sensai said a sword thats harms everything it touches isnt a sword in his opinion. Also, it isnt even a meitou! What is a swordsman doing carrying around a sword that isnt a sword?! *Sigh* Why didnt that rusty marine save yabashiri and get the crappy kitetsu… 😦

  110. Actually, Zoro has another potentially great sword on board. If Usopp dons the mask and turns to Sogeking. All he has to do is handcuff himself to Zoro and Zoro can have the great sword Hanarashi again! 😀


    With the Sogeking’s awesomeness combined with the cursed sword and Zoro’s amazing skills it has to amount to a Meitou! XD

    Lol, seriously though I think Zoro having the Kitetsu helps his fighting ability. We already know Zoro’s luck overpowers the sword’s curse (as was shown when he threw it in the air and the sword cleanly swept around his arm not cutting him). It is specifically meant for “cutting” and that’s what Zoro wants to do with it. Even if it’s not considered a sword to Sensai (Sensei?) it’s still an excellent weapon when put in the right hands…Zoro’s hands.

    If anything it makes him stronger as the sword has an impressive killing intent in battle. Lol, I don’t know if the sword actually has a killing intent but the way Zoro described it…it really seems like it does.

  111. Thats the worstpart about what happened to Yabashiri. We cant see Hanashiri again because it was done with Yabashiri not Kitetsu!!! T_T

  112. i agree zoro likes to cut XD XD

    just kidding dude i dont think zoro is read for the best quality swords he will master there and brake them then he will get a new one like always

  113. nose storm & flower stroms togather = FTW XD XD

    seriously sanji has been pwned to shit 😉

  114. -_- Zoro has a lot more votes yes, but what blog are you reading? As far as i can tell its all completly groundless support.
    If you wanna go at it again just ask Ahsan! XD *puts up dukes*

  115. @tobi About Kitetsu. I always found that Kitetsu was the sword that most mirrored Zoro’s personality. Zoro himself is a demon that enjoys fighting: do you see him right before battle with that demonic grin on his face? He’s also very irreverent but loyal to his principles. I think that Kitetsu sort of helps channel his chaotic love of violence and acts as a catalyst, but Zoro remains in total control of his cursed sword. Yabashiri was a very sweet sword and it was sad to see such a loyal and beautiful blade die like that, but Kitetsu is more like a dangerous ally to Zoro than a tool. It’s very likely that Kitetsu will end its life sometime in the future so that Zoro can get another legendary sword, so I think you’ll get your wish soon!

  116. Since the other kitetsu were named so early in the manga it makes me think they have a larger role to play. The guy who gave Zoro the swords in Loguetown said you wont find a swordsman who will use them. Its a bit groundless but since Zoro appears to be the only swordsman using one, he will probably get one of the others. Wado ichimonji will never leave his side and Shuisui (spelling?) is probably the hardest sword to shatter ever lol. Also, since Zoro ‘just’ got it and its his only sword that has an added perk, it wont be going anywhere for a while. That just leaves kitetsu to get traded! *Rubs palms together*
    Actually i was wondering about that. Shuisui has that ability to absorb the other pound cannon attacks and basically make the attack stronger. Why doesn’t Wado ichimonji have a perk since its the same rank and a more important blade in the story? Or maybe it has a nice perk to a technique Zoro doesn’t know yet….
    Meh either way i will take this chance to make q real long scale prediction. In the new world, the crew will go to the Wano country, the place samurai Ryuuma is from. Zoro carrying Ryuumas former sword will cause big problems for the crew….They will also go to Elbaf 😛

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