Naruto Shippuden: Kakashi’s Gaiden 1+2, What Everyone Has Been Waiting Has Finally Hit The Computer Screens With A Bang @_@

Hey everyone,

It has taken some time, several years to be exact and we never saw it coming. Or if you did, you’re psychic or just a person who sticks to their beliefs… Either way congratulations!  But the time has come and Kakashi’s Gaiden has finally reached our computer screens! Tragic, humorous, entertaining? Nope, none of these words can describe the awesomeness of this Gaiden. @_@ So lets get right to it… and a hell of a long post with the episode. Trust me as the one writing it, I know. @_@ *Insert an evil maniacal laugh right here* >_> Here is a link to the Gaiden for anyone who still hasn’t watched it. Trust me, there is still people out there who haven’t. 0_0 Now to the breakdown!


Mother nature's a bitch when it it join in tripping you up on the path of life.
Mother nature’s a bitch, when it joins in tripping you up on the path of life.

 Obito is in a panicked state, and it’s not because he is being chased by a ravenous bunch of monkeys. Never take strange bananas from out in the opening… But as he trips on an out cropped vine, he lands with elegance and grace in front of his team. Late as usual. After trying to make the classic excuse of  “an old lady asking for directions and then him deciding to help her out”, Kakashi asks if he’s lying. Minato takes this moment to say that Obito showed the old lady the way and then is told he is too lenient by Kakashi. Kakashi says that those who can’t follow rules and regulations are scum, but Obito then states that the only thing that matters is your self control. Rin, being the peacekeeper on the team, tries to get them both to calm the heck down.

HIGH FACE! No wait.. HIGH CHEST! No wait... hmm... High five?
HIGH FACE! No wait.. HIGH CHEST! No wait… hmm… High five? Nah, that can’t be it.

After Minato explains that Kakashi has become a Jounin, he tells the team that they will be splitting up into two groups to make the success rate higher. So they each give Kakashi his gift. Minato a custom made kunai to purposely weigh him down on each mission, Karin a portable medical kit for when Obito punches him and Obito got him a whole bunch of attitude. What better thing to get him than words? Obito points out to Kakashi that he will surpass him as soon as he awakens his sharingan. The damn eyes went to sleep again and they’re a bastard to wake up in the morning time. Minato, after growing annoyed by the bickering, explains the mission. The Rock enemies have invaded the Hidden Grass Village and there are 1000 ninjas making up the front line alone. Their mission is at Kannabi Bridge, where they are to infiltrate the rear territory and destroy the bridge which transports supplies and reinforcements for the Hidden Rock Village. They then must withdraw immediately. No sticking out their tongues and dancing on one foot for them. It’ll just have to wait. Minato is going to face the enemies in the battlefield, offering a diversion for Team Kakashi. Team Kakashiwill be following Kakashi’s command today, seeing as he’s the captain… for a day… And has his name on the team.

I would scream 'BOO' if not for the fact that Minato beat me to it :(
I would scream ‘BOO’ if not for the fact that Minato beat me to it 😦

Team Kakashi have entered the land of the smurfs and their giant mushrooms, but find they are not alone. Hovering in a tree nearby is a Rock shinobi with 19 shadow clones as back up. After a short debate on who should be backing up who, Kakashi charges with his new jutsu. Chidori, the only jutsu that can give you a headache at 6am. While Kakashi takes down the shadow clones one by one, Rin and Obito are left to roam out in the open wondering what they should do. Minato is forced to defend them as a shadow clones appears from the ground. Quickly removing that threat, Minato flashes to Kakashi’s aid after he becomes unable to dodge the enemy’s katana. Both parties flash back to a safe distance and Rin begins to heal Kakashi’s wound. Bad news for the Rock shinobi because Minato has marked him and not in the way Akamaru marks. In the drop of his rucksack, Minato leaves everyone to marvel at the speed of his “Transportation Technique”. The Rock shinobi finally understands why they were to flee like a little sissy girl if they saw him coming. Funny how we learn these things AFTER they may of been useful. After dealing with the spy problem, Minato tells his team that the team will fall back and regroup because Kakashi’s wound is serious. After another argument between Obito and Kakashi breaks out, Minato decides now in the time to lecture them. He tells Kakashi that rules and regulations are important but sometime impromptu is necessary in a mission. He then tells Obito that he should not just talk big, he should also be strong too. Also that he can’t get dust in his eyes because he is wearing goggles. I’m sure he could of thought up a way to get that dust in there. Before they fall back, he warns Kakashi not to use that jutsu again. It moves too fast for him to react to an enemy’s counter-attack. Therefore it is still an imperfect technique. He then tells the team one finally thing, for a shinobi the most important thing is teamwork.

If you squint your eyes and tilt your head to the side, I think you might find a crack in those goggles =__=
If you squint your eyes and tilt your head to the side, I think you might find a crack in those goggles =__=

Night time has fallen over the camp, but two people are still up. Obito and Minato decide to have a manly moment on a fine looking bolder and have a discussion about a certain person asleep several feet from them. Obito explains that he is aware that teamwork his important, but Kakashi’s criticism makes it difficult. Continuing, he tells Minato that he is the black sheep of the elite Uchiha clan and he knows that Kakashi is awesome. The annoying thing is, my religion teacher called me the exact same thing. -__- Then again, that was because I was the only one scoring high in the personal skills test.  Minato then decides to explain Kakashi’s past to Obito. He starts off with explaining that Kakashi’s father was the feared genius, Hatake Sakumo. Also known as the ‘White Fang’ of Konoha. Even the 3 Sannins would be fearful to face off against him. But Sakumo took his own life when the criticism from the village became too much for him. The village had turned on him after he had postponed a mission so he could save his team-mates. This cost the village many lives. After that incident Kakashi began to follow strictly to the rules and regulations. Minato asks Obito to understand that Kakashi means well.

From this angle it looks like he has holes in his pants, teehehe ^__^
From this angle it looks like he has holes in his pants, teehehe ^__^

 Morning time has arrived in the camp and everyone is finalising things before they set out again. After Rin raps Kakashi’s wound in a new band aid, the team set off to a forest of overgrown bamboo looking trees. The pandas haven’t been here yet then. Minato gives them one last warning before they scatter. They will be fighting teams from here on out, so be careful. Team Kakashi arrive at a river side, but unluckily for them, there is two waiting Rock shinobi watching. One Rock shinobi uses a camouflage technique and begins to prowl behind the unsuspecting team. The first Rock shinobi uses a rain of logs as a cover for his real attack, but Obito takes the logs down with his fire ball attack. While the second shinobi edges closer to Rin, Kakashi and the first shinobi face off. A scream catches Obito’s and Kakashi’s attention as they realise Rin has been captured. Before they can catch them, the Rock shinobi disappear in an awesome poof of smoke.

It may not of been colourfully awesome, but it still had style ;-)
It may not of been colourfully awesome, but it still had style 😉

The cracks in the teamwork between Obito and Kakashi hits breaking point when Kakashi refuses to save Rin until after the mission is completed. Kakashi tells Obito that Rin will probably be treated fairly by the enemies because she is a medical ninja. As long as she heals their wounded she should be kept alive. Kakashi is more worried that the enemy may learn of their mission. Obito won’t stand for his baseless assumptions and says that Rin could be killed if those ninjas were just lackeys who don’t give a damn. Obitowants to make saving Rin priority but Kakashi says the absolutely wrong thing to him. In order to complete a mission, risking a comrade’s life may be necessary. Then points out that if they postpone this mission then the war may continue and move lives will be sacrificed. Obito then argues back that they would be dead by now if Rin hadn’t been there to save them with her medical jutsus. Kakashi then states that was her job. Earning him a punch to the face. Obito yells that he doesn’t like Kakashi after all and Kakashi says he doesn’t care but as the captain Obito will follow his command. Kakashi then tells Obito he is not strong which is why Kakashi was chosen as captain. He keeps digging himself deeper and deeper here. Obito grabs Kakashi by his straps and yell why won’t he save Rin if he was so strong? Kakashi tells him that if you give into emotional feelings you will regret it later. Obito tells Kakashi that Rin cared about him and that she even sewed a safety amulet inside the medical kit she gave him. But Kakashi then tells him that medical kits and medical ninjas were created by the hidden leaf to increase the success rate of each mission and that he doesn’t need useless things like emotions. Obito asks furiously if he seriously believes that. Kakashi answers him back saying he does, but has a flashback of him father and his chakra blade he now carries. Someone is an evil liar. Obito has had enough and tells him that they have been like water and oil since the beginning. He will save Rin himself. Kakashi reminds him what happens to ninjas that break the rules. Obito stops and tell him that he believes the ‘White Fang’ was a hero. He tells him that those in the ninja world that breaks the rules and regulations are regarded as scum, but to him, those who abandon their comrades are even worse than scum. He tells him that he will be scum anyway and crush that way as a ninja. So both parties set off for different destinations.



KAAAAABOOOOOM!!! That was one hell of a punch 0_0

KAAAAABOOOOOM!!! That was one hell of a punch 0_0


Elsewhere, Minato has arrived to aid the remaining 4 shinobi against the 50 Rock shinobi. Noticing the disadvantage of the Shinobi from Konoha, the commander from the Rock gives the command to attack all at once. Minatotells each of the remaining Konoha shinobi to throw the kunai knives all at once and he’ll finish the rest. I feel horribly ripped off. We don’t get to see Minato in action at all! I wanted to see him take down the 50 Rock shinobi. 😦 Back with Kakashi, he is about to makea weighty decision. He can either continue the mission alone, or assist in rescuing Rin. His memories of hise? team is just strengthening his resolve.

Get a hold of yourself! The sky is not falling down!

Get a hold of yourself! The sky is not falling down!

Obito has arrived at the enemy’s liar. Notice how it is either a cave or a hole in the ground. It is never a 5 star hotel, not ever a rusty animal holder, that we call a barn. Slapping himself to get a grip had the opposite effect than he was going for. Instead it alerted the enemy to his presence. The second Rock shinobi tells the first to continue using his genjutsu to get the information from Rin and he’ll take care of the intruders. As Obito finally pumps himself to attack the liar, the Rock shinobi appears behind. Before the Rock shinobi can land a blow on Obito, Kakashi appears between both of them dragging his father’s white chakra blade across the enemy’s chest. In a moment of confusion, the Rock shinobi thinks Kakashi to be the “White Fang”.  Obito then realises that Kakashi lied about not needing emotions. Realising that Kakashiis not the “White Fang”, the enemy goes back to beinginvisible, leaving Kakashi and Obito to figure out were his where-abouts is from the slightest of sounds he makes. A slight over use of chakra causes the bark of the tree to crack under the enemy, leading Kakashi to the conclusion that he is behind Obito. In an attempt to block the enemy from attacking Obito, Kakashi jumps in front of him but ends up being hit by the enemies attack across his left eye… Eye… Yeah I really think Kishi has an eye fetish. Hell he could have right eyes decorating his room. @_@ Obito can no longer take being saved by others any longer. What is his resolve? Obito spins around the moment the enemy attacks stabbing him him in the chest, leaving the enemy to question one thing before he kicks the bucket. What are those eyes? Obito has set his resolve. He shall protect his comrades. Believe it and eat it, byatch.

You live! You die! You're a fly on the wall... YOU DIE!!!

You live! You die! You're a fly on the wall... YOU DIE!!!

Obito is marveled that he can see chakra with his sharingan. He can so cheat in hide and seek now! Kakashi tells him that his left eye is completely useless now, so he will use Rin’s medical hit and give emergency first aid. LIVE EYE, LIVE!! I’m sorry doctor.. we couldn’t find a pulse… NOOOOO!!! Within the cave, Rin is still putting up a fight to withhold the information from the Rock shinobi and now Kakashi and Obito have arrived on the scene to help her out. Obito notes that her chakra is disturbed, so Kakashi says she must be under a genjutsu.  The Rock shinobi doesn’t bother with introduction and charges and them both with his blades. He spins around like a topper deflecting each of their attack, while team Kakashi show off their amazing gymnastic skills. As Obito ducks from the enemy’s attack, Kakashi charges forward with his chakra blade. But as the enemy closes his arms to stab Kakashi instead, Obito leans back on one arm and sticks both legs to hold the enemy’s arms in place. Kakashi uses the opportunity to cut across his left shoulder and then jumps off his back to run to Rin. Now that is way I call an adrenaline rush! Rin stares in amazement when she sees Kakashi and Obito hovering inches away from her. But as Kakashi cuts the rope, the Rock shinobi gets to him feet and performs a “Rock Breaker Jutsu.”



As the continuous fall of rocks collapse around them, Kakashi is knocked to the ground by one of them. Obito notices this and jumps forwards and tosses him out of the way, only to find a gargantua’s bolder hurtling towards him. As the dust clears Kakashi and Rin slowly rise to their knee but freeze in horror as they realise something. Obito’s right half of his body has been crushed by a bolder. Kakashi rushes forward trying to remove the bolder, but fails. It is just to big. Obito tells him to stop as the blood slowly begins to trail from his mouth. The right side of his body has been completely crushed and he can no longer feel anything. Kakashi collapses to the ground, pounding his fist as he blamed himself for this happening. If he had come when Obito had said, Obito would not be dying. He questions his capability as a captain and as a jounin. Obito, with his voice becoming very quiet, says that he had forgot that he was the only one not to give Kakashi a gift for becoming a jounin. This catches both Rin’s and Kakashi’s attention. He mummers that he had a thought and that it won’t be useless baggage. He is giving him his sharingan. No matter what the village may say, Kakashi is a brilliant jounin. That is how Obito feels. After Rin whipes the tears from her eyes, Obito tells her to implant the whole eye along with the sharingan into Kakashi’s left eye. Rin agrees and asks Kakashi to come right away. Obito notices that Kakashi is about to deny and tells him that he is going to die, but he can become his eye and see the future for him.

awww... that is young love.. pity about the catch though... She is a dog ;-)

awww... that is young love.. pity about the catch though... She is a dog 😉

Kakashi breaks his way out of the rocks in a classic explosion, leaving the Rock shinobi that was drinking to notice that he is different. He doesn’t understand the sharingan obviously. Obito asks Kakashi to protect Rin, who happens to be clutching onto his hand tightly. Kakashi agrees and then draws the chakra blade. Both the Rock shinobi and Kakashi charge at each other simultaneously, but the force of the collision causes the chakra blade to shatter. Kakashi quickly forms a Chidori and charges again at the shinobi. Back with Rin and Obito, she gasps loudly and squeezes Obito’s hand tightly when the figure of the Rock shinobi appears at the opening. Obito tells Rin not to panic, probably because he could sense that it was Kakashi holding up the Rock shinobi. He was so just trying to scare her. Obito tells Kakashi to take Rin and go, enemy reinforcements will be coming. When Rin tries to grab his hand again he tells her to just go. As Kakashi hold out his hand for Rin, reinforcements have arrived on the scene. Not the good and fun kind either.  Can’t they see there is a precious moment going on here!? Each simultaneously performs an “Earthquake Slam”. Kakashi’s notices immediately and yells at Rin to take his hand. Rin freezes, unwilling to leave Obito alone. Obito calls her name encouraging her to go, so she grabs onto Kakashi’s hand. As the rocks around them begin to collapse inwards because of the jutsu, Rin cries out to Obito who has began to get buried. In Obito’s last moments, he thinks of how Kakashi and him were just beginning to get along. Then how he couldn’t even tell Rin that he loved her… Then finally, how he wishes that he could of spent more time with everyone. Just as Kakashi yells out for Obito, the jutsu takes it’s final move crushing everything inside it.

It is just so damatic T_T OBITOOOOOOOOOOOO NOOOOOOO!!!

It is just so dramatic T_T OBITOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! NOOOOOOO!!!

Rin is the first to notice they are now surrounded by the Rock shinobi. Kakashi curses before forming another Chidori. Kakashi acknowledges that thanks to Obito he has now completed this jutsu. After the Rock shinobi tells Kakashi it is no wonder he managed to sneak into enemy territory with his determination, Kakashi tells Rin to get out of here while he holds them off. When Rin tries to protest, Kakashitells her that he promised Obito he’d protect her and he’ll risk his life to do it. Kakashi then spills the beans that Obito loved her and was willing to give his life to protect her. When Rin tries to admit her feelings for Kakashi, he tells her he tried to abandon her and that he was nothing but scum. As the Rock shinobi begin to close in he yells for her to go.

Look to the stars for what you have lost. Let those memories be comforted by the faint flicker of light they offered..

Look to the stars for what you have lost. Let those memories be comforted by the faint flicker of light they offered..

Kakashi’s first thought when he starts to wake, is if he died? Opening his eyes to the starry sky he finds Minato sitting beside him. Minato tells him that the jutsu formula on the kunai acted as a marker when he uses his “Transportation Technique.” When Kakashi asks about the enemy, Minato says he took them all down. He then apologizes for not being able to make it on time. Rin told him everything. He points to her, who is staring in thought at the starry night-time sky. The end of the episode tells of how the Great Third War came to an end with the sacrifices of many nameless shinobi. It also gave birth to many hero’s, who’s stories will be past down from generation to generation. The battle of Kannabi Bridge gave birth to two heroes from Konoha. Each who had a sharingan. One has their name carved onto the memorial stone. The other became known as “Sharingan Kakashi”. His story of bravery has stretched as far as the borders of the other countries.

Dedicated to Obito, who just didn't have enough time with us all. Rest in peace. I salute you! *salutes*

Dedicated to Obito, who just didn't have enough time with us all. Rest in peace. I salute you! *salutes*

Okay I apologise for the delay in this post. I have had one busy week. Not to mention trying to get on a computer which is not free, is like trying to catch a leprechaun that made off with your pot of gold. It takes time and a lot of cunning. So once again I am sorry. But if you haven’t noticed, this is my last week on anime duty. So I will pass the torch to another person, who Scorpian Legend chose. Yeah, I am sorry about that one too, Alexie. So here is Cookie taking her bow and I hope to see you all on the Manga post for all the latest action and randomness on my part! 😀 >_> It couldn’t be helped. Ah hell *Puts on shades and blows up AGS Bunker* Can’t go out without a bang! 😉




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  2. First!!

  3. CRap! Second!

  4. Hehe, I’ll read it later I gotta go out soon but I’ll say awesomeness job in advance Cookie! 😛

  5. what you didn’t read it! I read first I should have won!

  6. awesome breakdown cookie! very nicely done! i salute thee as well!
    i actually cried at the part where obito died. like seriously, I didnt when i read the manga, but T.T
    His voice was quite annoying.
    I guess I’m on anime duty starting now then 😮 I’ll try to keep up, but Ive been a little busy mofo too. >:P
    Good job again ❤

  7. Interesting…….

  8. actually alexie.. i think you should check your mail *coughs awkwardly*

  9. obito was awesome.. kakashi’s voice annoyed me >.<

  10. I got kicked off my computer before I could go back to the chat. I’m not sure if they got through but I tried posting with my PSP and Wii. Anyway awsome breakdown Cookie!

  11. I still can’t get over Super cheating.

    Not a complaint, more so an obvious statement of fact 😉

    Good breakdown cookie.
    Everybody has been talking about how awesome the gaiden was – but imo, it was pretty average. The only thing we all wanted to see (by all i mean me) was Minato’s Flying Thunder God tech, and we only saw a little bit of it once – which was a huge let down.
    Couldn’t really care about what happened to Obitio – most likly i was glad and hopeful, hopeful that this would kill any and all future Obito=somebody theories.
    However my hopes were dashed by ppl in the chatroom, claiming that getting squashed by an avalanche of rocks is somehow survivable. I guess the conspiracy theories won’t die until everybody with a mask removes them and dances around in the open for a couple of months, but even then i’m guessing another one about ‘Obito stole somebodies face’ theory would arise >_< . IT NEVER ENDS!

  13. YOSH!!! Very thorough breakdown Cookie. I didn’t realize how long it was until I saw there was a part 2 to the breakdown. XD Anyway great job even though toes have been stepped on once again…>_<

    @Mudshovel: Come on you gotta admit we still have yet to see Obito take his last breath. Even when Kakashi Gaiden was being animated and all the folks across the net were jumping up and down on Naruto forums saying, 'The anime will finally show Obito die!' It shows him still breathing and alive when the boulders covered him.

    Yes, the theorist are still out there and until all masks are taken off and Obit…I mean Tobi does his little revelation dance I'm still all for the theory. 😉

    LMFAO @ "‘Obito stole somebodies face’ theory…" XD

  14. Obito looked cool with his Sharingan.

  15. obito was badass, and kakashi was a little bitch back then, eh? >.~..<

  16. omg, damn typos! >.<
    also, the 4th looked fantastic! 😉 <33

  17. Seeing Minato was amazing! I can’t wait to read/watch more of him, hopefully in the near future.

  18. watching the new naruto anime opening scene, it seems that we have another filler coming… 😉

  19. Eppiiccccc!!!

    Yondaime was pure awesomeness and I think Kakashi would pawn anyone in Naruto’s generation at that age… pure genius!

  20. cookie i seriously mean it this breakdown was the best i have ever read in my life great work awesomeness , and the ending words were awesomeenss

    “The battle of Kannabi Bridge gave birth to two heroes from Konoha. Each who had a sharingan. One has their name carved onto the memorial stone. The other became known as “Sharingan Kakashi”. His story of bravery has stretched as far as the borders of the other countries.”

  21. I knew Obito wanted a new look.. but to steal faces.. how are we meant to protect them!? with selotape? super glue? that stuff is dangerous.. it stares at you with drawn on eyes… never draw on super glue people.. no matter how bored you are.

    Hehehe thanks guys!!! in all fairness, i warned you it would be epically long. And here it is 😀 job well done, cookie! Now to do a manga breakdown.. Ah the wonders of days off xD

    @Super: since when do i ever do a half assed attempt on a breakdown 😛 I am the WOman for it 😉 hehe

    @mud: you didn’t have to write it T_T and then lose half of it by accident!

    @Alexie: LOOK AT YOUR MAAAAAAAAAAIL!! the second one is the important one. But if you didn’t bother yet. Yup, you DO get to do with it. You were asked first 😛 *claps hand*

    Ahsan: thanks! 😀 damn i thought you were on about me blowing up AGS.. that was a let down 😛 but the ending of the episode was epic anyway!

    @anyone: I still feel cheated out. I wanted to see Minato fight >=(

  22. btw i havent watched gaiden yet , and ill sue u for blowing up ags headquater 😛

  23. Mmk I have it all sorted out :0 thanks guys lmfao. XD
    I hated obito’s voice, and kakashi was really cool at the end.
    Eh the animation in this anime is getting worse anyone else notice? Although this is one of the better works in a while.

  24. @Cookie: Yes, I also felt cheated that the Mianto fight scenes weren’t elaborated on in the anime. I thought the anime was supposed to add stuff the manga didn’t have enough space for to fit. Well, dammit add a Minato fight scene instead of useless fillers! >_<

    @Alexie: Indeed, the animation was getting crappy and I too thought this episode's animation in particular were of higher quality. On the other hand I also thought Obito was awesome too voice and all. I especially loved the fight scenes. 🙂

  25. I think Minato’s ultimate showtime will be aired on a later flashback but not on this arc since its Kakashi’s Gaiden not Minato’s… 😉

  26. Does anyone have a link to a full version of the episodes. I notied the raw had some things that were missing in the subs (Like the awsome new opening they skipped by editing in a pervious one.) Also before anyone tries mentioning it the videos in the link above don’t work for me, and I am looking for mirrors of the FULL version.

  27. Hello everyone. I thought I should share this with all the narutards here who are waiting for the new movie to release on dvd. I was just looking for the shippuden 3 trailers and found a 15 minute video of the movie itself! ( ). Follow the above link and you should find a .rar fie of the movie. The movie seems preety GOOD. Didn’t know where to post this as there was no seperate topic on the movie.Have fun.

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