One Piece Chapter 553 Spoilers Confirmed + 552 Breakdown!!! New Demotivational Poster Included! ^^

-One Piece Spoiler Below-

Artwork by Grueny

Here’s this week’s spoiler video. No need for the spoiler script to be posted in the comments section like usual because the script is inside the video this time. Yay, let’s ruin our manga reading fun early…>_< Video from Bleachxdz this time.

Hehe, another late breakdown…shame on me! >_< It won’t happen again..>_>

YOSH!!! Welcome to another One Piece Chapter Breakdown! I put in an AMV for kicks so please enjoy.


This week’s BOPP and AMV. I don’t know Reflex’s situation with the AMVs and I really wanted to get this one posted. It has so little views (88) but the maker is such a talented beginner and the vid is awesome. I recommend visiting her page and looking up her vids. She is Kikuneesama. There’s also a birthday vid on her page dedicated to Luffy90 which is especially Kawaii!!! ^_^

Ahem…>_> The picture is from E1n! Now on to the breakdown!

I'm used to chopper but that one-legged thing in the background scares the hell out of me! >_<

I'm used to chopper but that one-legged thing in the background scares the hell out of me! >_<

Lol, poor chopper always getting the short end of the stick. Of course he’s mistaken for food once again and is being hunted down for dinner. He’s not food you assholes! XD I’m just hoping he turns human and knocks their heads in like he did Luffy and Sanji back at Kureiha’s castle.

It's creeping me out.... 0_o

It'd creep me out too.... 0_o

In the main story we start off with Ivankov and Luffy having a discussion about Ace and Luffy’s father Dragon. Ivankov’s logic is undeniable right? Ace is the son of Dragon so Dragon will come to rescue Ace from his execution like the good father he is. Well, unbeknownst to Ivankov Ace is not Dragon’s son and the chances of him making an appearance are now close to nil…unless he finds this as the perfect opportunity for a surprise attack on the World Government. Either way Ivankov finds out that Ace is not Dragon’s son from an interesting source… from Luffy! Unbeknownst to most of us Luffy already knew all of this! In fact he’s known all along Ace was Gold D. Roger’s son and I say “unbeknownst to most of us” because some already guessed Luffy might have known already. Now it seems Ace either told him or he just figured out Ace didn’t come from the same father and mother. Luffy’s reaction was priceless…it was perfectly “Luffy”! But shhhhhhhhh, it’s a big secret so don’t tell anyone except for an entire ship of escaped prisoners! 0_0 Damn, who’s Luffy’s mother!? This question has been burning a hole through my mind for awhile now… >_<

Never assume! You might lose your soul...

Never assume! You might lose your soul...

Back at Marineford Whitebeard has immediately started off with the first move. Unfurling his badass coat he extends his two arms out to the both sides of his body and the air itself cracks around his fist! Holy shit IT’S A BEAM!!! *_* I JUST KNOW IT!!!  XD But alas it’s not… T_T Instead two underwater explosions occur on both sides of his ship which looks like they destroyed or at least damaged a few Marine ships. That’s still badass but it’s not explained what just happened there as we move into Ace’s flashback.

What can I say? Garp hates dog killers. ;)

What can I say? Garp hates dog killers. 😉

I would just like to quickly say here that I made a huge mistake on the last breakdown. Ace has been out to sea for only 3 years not 13! I just assumed he left 3 years before Luffy and has been out at sea for the 10 years that Luffy was training…which would put Ace at age 7 out on the dangerous oceans by himself… *Notices no one else noticed wipes his brow and moves on* hehehehe… 😉

Anyways in the flashback Garp finds out about the Spade Pirates and their captain Ace and gets mad his adopted grandson has become a rising pirate. Who could imagine Gol D. Roger’s son would become a pirate of all things? @_@ <——-this is how I roll my eyes…don’t judge me! >_< Sengoku and Whitebeard also catch on to this new kid who carries the initial “D”. Maybe this is how the Marines found out he was Roger’s only son and that the mother carried him in her womb for 20 months…from the “D” and his quick rise to fame. Nah, they’re still psychic as hell or Garp blabbed! What’s more interesting here though is that Ace was offered a position in the Shichibukai and he denied it. REJECTED!!! 😀

Party over here, party over there, hell with Shanks it's party everywhere!

Party over here, party over there, hell with Shanks it's party everywhere!

Ace seems to be become a paparazzi in his adventures as captain of the Spade Pirates tracking down all the famous people of the sea. First he meets up with Luffy’s hero Red Hair Shanks to thank him for saving his little bro’s life. Shank’s doesn’t take that shit and throws a party just to tell Ace off. Heh, serves you right paparazzi! Seriously though Shanks thought Ace was there to fight and when he grabbed that sword my heart skipped a beat, but then Ace thanked him and Shank’s alcoholic ass threw a party of course. That man would throw a party if he found a damn penny on the ground. Ace next stalks and corners Jimbei to demand of him to take him to see Whitebeard. Jimbei who feels like he’s in debt to that man says he will not take him and they battle for 5 DAYS!!! 0_0 That’s a month in DBZ anime time btw.

Hehehehe, I didn't even have to change the second panel. XD

Hehehehe, I didn't even have to change the second panel. XD

Whitebeard must have heard about the epic battle and came to see for himself who wished to take his head so badly. Whitebeard comes down himself and PWNS Ace’s entire crew and Ace tells his crew to escape while he fights Whitebeard himself. Well of course Whitebeard wins and this confirms for me that he has Haki because he was able to touch and hit Ace. After Whitebeard wins he asks Ace to join his crew and remember by this time Whitebeard knew Ace was Gol D. Roger’s son, so he could have been planning for Ace to join his crew long before this. The fight was probably just a test to see how strong he is. I wonder just what the hell Jimbei was doing this entire time.

"Surprise" is a dish best served hot in Ace's case.

"Surprise" is a dish best served hot in Ace's case.

Ace joins the ship and meets Thatch the man who is later to become victim to Blackbeard’s greed and ambition. Thatch tells Ace that after he joined the crew the Spade Pirates came back to take him but Whitebeard’s crew kicked their asses and now they’re on the ship too. It’s like a Davy Back Fight except with more ass kicking. 😉 Now Ace gets smug and asks if they really should leave him on the ship without chains or guards. Why you ask? Well because Ace REALLY wants to kill Whitebeard! He tries every day well into the hundreds of numbers of attempts to assassinate the Yonkou and he fails every time which I found to be quite funny. 😉 Later on I assume after another failed attempt he asks Marco why they call Whitebeard “Old Man”. Marco basically says it’s because he considers everyone on his ship his son and Ace better make up his mind soon on whether or not he’ll follow Whitebeard.

MAyve is Ace listened to him so many things would be different right now! :D

Maybe is Ace actually listened to him so many things would be different right now! 😀

Well Ace is convinced, decides to follow Whitebeard, and starts to build a name for himself until he’s considered for commander of the 2nd Division. We also see him tell Whitebeard about his father Gol D. Roger but of course Whitebeard doesn’t care. For one thing he knew all this already and two he was drunk off his ass, “Gurararara”! We also see something very interesting. All along it was Ace who sent himself on this mission to extract revenge on Blackbeard and was not going under Whitebeard’s orders. In fact he tried to tell him not to go but Ace wanted Blackbeard’s head and can you blame him? It seems Thatch was one of the first people to befriend Ace on the ship.

Old's an affliction that dulls even the greatest of men...

Old's an affliction that dulls even the greatest of men...

Back to the present time Ace yells to his friends asking them why they came to rescue him from the fate he brought upon himself knowing full well he went against their better judgment. Whitebeard denies ever letting him run out and says he told Ace himself to go after Blackbeard and thus he’s responsible. Besides that the Whitebeard Pirates want to show the world what happens when you f**k with one of their crew. After all they have a rep to protect. 🙂 Finally we get a reaction out of those damn Admirals but the middle one is kinda scaring me. He may be the strongest one out of the three. I say this because he’s the last Admiral to be revealed, his DF is unkown, he’s sitting in the middle, he looks older and may have more experience, and he seems the least worried. All of that = Strongest Badass in my eyes. A rumbling is heard and Garp rambles on something about a seaquake like all senile old people do. Oh what…? There is a seaquake coming…a tsunami!? That’s right Whitebeard possesses the Gura Gura Fruit and has the power to create f**king tsunamis!!! If Ace weren’t there on the platform I have the feeling he’d just flood the entire base of Marineford and be done with it. Sengoku makes an encouraging statement to his troops saying that even though they may have the greater force Whitebeard’s power may very well be the one factor that turns the battle. As he has the power to “Destroy the World” and that’s not an exaggeration. I think we all can pick a few real life situations that demonstrates the devastating effect of tsunamis on civilization. Now here’s a man who can control such a devastating force willingly and has Haki… PWNAGE!

Is using Haki cheating in a staring contest? 0_0

Is using Haki cheating in a staring contest? 0_0

The chapter ends with everyone making weird faces before the start of the battle. No really I kid you not. Go back over the last page I was LMAO at Aokiji’s face. He’s like ‘WTF am I doing here!?’ XD The announcer/narrator guy goes into explaining the forces about to face off and that no matter what happens, “The world is about to change!!!”

YAY, that’s it for this breakdown let’s hope I get it out earlier next week eh? 😉 Here’s this week’s demotivational poster and prediction contest winner! Comment, discuss, and enjoy! 😀

Brook demotivational poster

Artwork by Gandaresh


I WIN!!! Dammit, I was close enough and I’m sick of Chuck Norris winning. Here’s what I predicted last week. Same rules apply.

“I predict that the fighting will begin next chapter and it doesn’t matter who throws the first punch. Luffy and co. will join in the battle sneaking in under the utter confusion of cannon fire and death! First though a little bit of talking will take place between Whitebeard and Sengoku. Possibly about Ace and Ace may even talk with Whitebeard. Next cover story will feature Tony Tony Chopper! YOSH!!! It has to be right!!! @_@”

New  Prediction: Chopper will be on the cover story of course and back to the main story the battle will go into full swing. Cannons, sword clashes, and blood everywhere. DF abilities galore and mayhem and chaos!!! Luffy will come through the mist and see the battle raging on and use the confusion to sneak past the defences. We’ll get a flash back to Impel Down to see what’s going down with Blackbeard and Shiryuu.


~ by supertrek89 on August 3, 2009.

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  2. second! 🙂

  3. SUUUUPPPPEEERRR!!! *cough* Yeah…I enjoyed it.
    I hate to say i told you so but……I told you Luffy knew Ace wasnt his real brother 😛

    The flashback was real cool but as i was reeading it i was hoping it would end and we would see some fighting…

    Oh yeah…Akainu is totally the strongest of the admirals, not only does he have all the points you mentioned but he is also a follower of absolute justice 0_0 His df better be lava dammit!! >_<

    Finally, how the hell did Roger and Whitebeard fight evenly??? If anything Roger beat him most of the time too….But come on!!! He's like 9ft, probs has haki, makes Tsunamis, can probably do a bunch of other stuff with his super powerful df, has a fleet of elite pirates and also a giant grinning whale….I always thought Roger would be great but…Seriously, to match Whitebeard one on one? Just think of the stuff he shoulda been able to do but what was it he did? Made comets fly down? No. Turned into a giant fire breathing lizard? No. Listened to stuff? Yeah…I wonder what this powers true nature is….It must truly be awesome though.

  4. Cookie first on a One Piece Breakdown and Candy second!? The world is truly coming to an end… T_T

    And with this post I will have taken over all 5 blocs of the ‘Recent Comments’ list! YOSH!!! 😀

  5. makes me 3rd? 😛

  6. 4th i guess

  7. awesomeness chap

    i predict (lol) luffy will enter the fight next chapy

  8. i dont see the flash to BB and shiryuu coming but i dunno.
    i predict luffy will be the one to grab ace by stretching his arms in the end. but that wont be anytime soon.
    nice breakdown and awesome chap btw

  9. Whitebeard is crazy strong mannn!!!!! Quake man? Holy crap!!! So he can just chuck earthquakes around like its nothing?! Also, those earthquakes can then make Tsunamis?! DAMN!!! i would also like to point out that a tsunami is pretty bad,…Well very bad, and two is even worse, but they have so many fruit users at Marinford and thats two walls of sea water flyin towards them!
    Oh, i dont know what you guys are like on your mythology but i see a clear link between whitebeard and the greek god Posseidon. God of the sea who summoned earthquakes and tsunamis.
    Makes you wonder how strong Roger really was to be able to fight that 15ft, fleet commanding monster….

    p.s. Told you Luffy knew Ace wasnt his blood brother Super 😛

  10. dont really care for the details in this chapter just as long as the marines notice luffy i here to kick there asses (as well as hancock and mihawk noticing) and at the end ace and luffy look at each other and luffy says something that referes to the flash back that was on
    something on the lines like ‘i cant let u die here afterall we made a promise to live our lives with no regrets and be freer than anyone’.

    i would also like it if in couple of chapter some of the warlords change sides such as hancock (we all know why see would change sides), mihawk (because he has recognized that luffy’s here great friend of shanks and zorros captian who he want to fight), and kuma (because even tho the vegapunk inhansed him and vegapunk is in the marines enployment we still dont kno were his loyaltyies lie after the shabodndy arc. dont care about geko moria i want find to die cause he gets on my nerves and so does the laughing freak deflamingo.

  11. @Tobi: Alright I get it you were right about Luffy knowing about his brother, but I won the prediction contest! I know the author of the post…>_>

    Hell yeah, Whitebeard is strong as hell. Now I can understand how he wiped all those Marine ships within mere seconds and all at the same time. I think Roger had REALLY strong Haki (King’s Disposition) and an insane DF in order to fend off Whitebeard. How his ship escaped Whitebeard’s earthquakes and tsunamis though is a mystery to me..maybe he outran them? Maybe he had mantra and could predict Whitebeard was about to send his ship to the bottom of the ocean? Meh.

    @Fearvano: Yeah, I don’t see the flashback to Blackbeard either I just wanted to make the prediction a little bit more interesting. 😉 I’m also very curious at what Blackbeard did/has done that is so damn important.

    @Smurf: Indeed, I want to see Luffy kick ass in front of all the cameras too and for the whole world to know about him and his crew. If he beats a strong opponent, which he will, in this Arc in front of the media his bounty is guaranteed to rise exponentially. I don’t know about any of the Shichibukai turning though because none of them are really more aligned to Luffy than the Government. Boa is only on Luffy’s side so as long as she doesn’t fight him she will work for the Marines. Mihawk is more associated with Zoro than Luffy and he’s at some creepy castle. I have a feeling Kuma has done enough for the Strawhats already and won’t help out again in this Arc.

    And yeah…f**k Moria and Doflamingo!

  12. dont u think blackbeard meant the ace rogers son thing when he said “something that will shake the world to its core”?
    I kinda thought it would be that cus he kinda captured ace but hell i could be wrong =P

  13. Hmm i was also thinking whatever Blackbeard is doing is a lot less complicated than most of us are thinking…Like the Ace thing or killing Whitebeard or maybe just the fight itself.
    I am retracting my earlier statement (from last week) about Jimbei having haki. I recently realized that since its sea water he throws around as weapons it can probably stop df powers such as logias and thus hurt them….If thats true then the strawhats need a merman as soon as possible dammit!!!

    @Super: Yeah…I heard you were in kahoots with the breakdowns author >_>
    As far as Roger goes i am also convinced he had kings disposition just coz of who he was. A lot of places and people are saying he had mantra because of being able to hear the voice of all things but mantra is described by Gan Fall as ‘the ability to hear. As long as a PERSON is alive their body emits a voice.’ It wasnt even revealed if it works on animals yet Roger is supposed to her rocks with writing on them speak because of it? No. Either completly mastered kings disposition haki grants that ability (along with a load of other stuff probably) or the power to hear the voice of all things comes from a devils fruit.

    @Everyone: I am really wondering who luffy is gunna fight. He obviously will fight someone strong but the admirals are all logias (Akainu is lava dammit!!>_<) and i dont think luffy should be gaining enough control over his haki to fight like dark kinb Rayleigh just yet…Meaning he cant touch them. The vice-admirals probably wont offer as great a challenge for Luffy as all the main enemies have up til now so really, all thats left is the schibukai. Hancock obviously wont fight him, i dont see Mihawk doing it either (coz he isnt just interested in Zoro!! Baka!! ) Moria probably wants to go another round but Odas fan service is better than making us watch another shadow battle right? Sooooo….Its Kuma or Doflamingo. Simply put, Luffy has no chance against Kuma right now, none at all. So will he tango with the puppet man who walks funny? o_0 Your thoughts please. ^^

  14. @Tobi: Mihawk has no interest in Luffy. Why would he Luffy’s not even a swordsman. Mihawk is only interested in Luffy’s crew mate Zoro. If he has any interest in Luffy at all it’s because he’s associated with Zoro. 😛

    I can see Luffy taking down Aokiji. After all he did develop Gear 2nd to specifically combat him and Blackbeard said his Haki is improving. So if he gets mad enough he might be able to touch Aokiji. Orrrr, I concur I would love to see Luffy beat in Doflamingo’s crazy smug face.

  15. So awesome! Thanks so much supertrek! Also, I think Luffy’s eventual confrontation with Doflamingo will come much later. Doflamingo is one of the scummiest Shichibukai in that he actually hurts and kills his nakama, which makes him one of Luffy’s worst-hated kinds of people. I am interested in seeing him battle the WB pirates, though!

    I absolutely love WB now! He’s like Franky: he seemed like a such a jerk when we’re introduced to him, and then we find out that he’s a great and caring captain to his men and is definitely a person that deserves someone as awesome as Ace as his subordinate.

    BTW, do you think this Arc ought to be renamed the “Ace Arc” since it seems to be revolving around him now? Not that I mind! 😉

    I am also hoping Rayleigh shows up to Maineford because that’s the only way for the SHs to reunite there since they all have his Vivre Card. It would be so awesome if he showed up and everyone’s like: Are you here to save your former captain’s son?! And he’s like: Roger had a son? Cool! But I’m just here to return Straw Hat’s ship!

  16. @Super: I will explain where i am with fighting the admirals. Assuming Akainu really is lava ^^ then he would be similar to Aokiji because just the contact from an evemy means that they can form a strong offence (Aokiji freezes, Akainu would burn) From what has been shown, haki used in combination with attacks, like Rayleighs sword or the Kuja pirates arrows, increases the power and nullifies the area attacked. It doesnt completly rid the ability otherwise Kizaru wouldnt be able to hold that light sword he made while fighting Rayleigh. So even with haki, every punch or kick Luffy made at Aokiji would simply result in Aokijis powers freezing him even if he stopped the immediate area of contact, since an unaffected area of Aokiji could still freeze him just fine. With that said, Kizaru is the only one he could fight but i dont think Luffy could keep up with him and im wondering how Rayleigh did it really… All of that is assuming Akainu is lava, its the only thing i can think him being but if he isnt then i will bow my head and Luffy could well end up fighting him.

    @Elisha: Thats a really good point about Doflamingo. I didnt think about it but you’re right, he is sleeze so he will probably be taken out later. Actually he is the schibukai who makes the best use of his privileges if you think about it.

    With these two statements i am again unsure who Luffy will fight. I guess he ‘could’ fight Aokiji but if he gets hit even once its over so i dont see it happening. Maybe Smoker? One thing i see happening is the blades coming down for Aces execution before Luffy lets out the biggest load of haki he has ever done telling them to stop

  17. how about the gates of justice who opened them, i personally dont believe whitebeard and co did it he didnt even know luffy was coming, my bets are on hancock, garp or dragon.
    i think luffy will prolly go up against smoker again but will beat him without going all out, and he might meet coby again?

  18. ahsan is back YOSH!! lets start a debate then:P

  19. luffy is gonna kik serious ass most likely the vice admiral who freeezez everything ,he holds a grudge;)

  20. Umm Ahsan thats Aokiji…He is a full blown admiral…I

    @Fear: I thought about the gates of justice a bit…I agree that it wasnt whitebeard but Hancock and Garp were both in the centre of marinford when they opened so i doubt it was them personally. Could Hancock make someone, by using haki, to open them? Or maybe Bon-chan phoned Marinford before his cover was blown? Or Blackbeard kicked everyones ass in Impel Down and phoned them? I really dont know but they are the best things i can think of.

  21. of course tobi it will be a tough match but if you look back luffy hasnt had a huge battle that he has won from some time ,i think he will take him on and eventually beat him itll be interesting though

    freezer v.s rubber

  22. @super: i kno while on cameras there should be a little bit were moria goes in front of luffy (payback) and u have a frame showing the people saying ‘monkey d luffy is going up against another warlord, do u think he can beat him like he did crocadile’ and luffy shouts ‘i already beat u once i have no intrest in fighting u again’ (because the marines kept i quite no wanting the the warlords to look like a joke) and because of this anouncement they are going to have to raise it for beating a warlord + attackin a tenruybitto + kicking some powerful guy ass in this war.

    @everyone: wat do u think about luffy crew waiting at the thousnd sunny for luffy to come for them (cause we dont kno how far each of them flew might have made it back to the boat already and watching tv to see if luffy will show up there because its been said that the shabondy arcipeligo is on the doorstep of the marine HQ so i dont think it will take them long to get there or they might already be on there way expecting that luffy will go to rescue them, (if any of them were sent into the new world and heard that the new world captains are going to rescue ace they could have hicthed a ride on 1 of there boats and already be there.

    we dont kno much about the rookie captians either just that 4 captians got beat by kizaru and PX- (tihkn it was 1) and the others got beat by the warlord after beating a PX (note it took nearly everything the 2 captains and there crew had just to beat one but luffy crew did it on there own) but after they got beat we dont kno if they were captured or not because kizaru went to fight luffy, if not captured they could join in on the fight to try and make a bigger name for themselves, but when they see how strong luffy is they are all going to shit them selves and not want to fight him if they every see him in the new world.

    (just blabbering some thoughts)

  23. Yeah i am fully aware that Luffy has overcome seemingly unbeatable enemies in every arc but i have already explained why i think he cant win. Firstly, to even hurt Aokiji he would need to have mastered his haki enough to use it whenever he threw a punch. He has only used it instinctively up til now and most of the time when he was mad. Even if he got real pissed off and unleashed an amazing punck or kick filled with haki, Aokiji is an admiral, he wont loose to one hit. I would also like to point out how stupid i think the idea of him mastering this power that he doesnt even know about is. Haki is going to be his next big power up. It is being showed to be quite possibly the strongest way to fight in one piece. I think him learning to control it enough to battle a full logia so quickly, although a testimant to Luffys battling skill, is unlikely and it would also mean a new power up would once again be needed or he will simply spend forever further mastering this skill which, according to you, would have manifested at suck a high level so quickly….Which i think would be very lame and really not Odas style.
    Also, there would be no ‘close’ fight with Aokiji. Its win unharmed or be quite useless. If any part of Luffy gets frozen then even if he could win, he would have neither the time nor the place to defrost himself. When the crew were frozen before, Chopper instructed to slowly heat the area, so something like Ace getting free and melting it isnt gunna work. Water was how they previously freed themselves yet Aokiji, and thus a fight with him, is so far away from the sea which by the way, Luffy obviously cant jump into to defrost himself. I see no way that anyone can consider a fight with an admiral without taking any damage. Then if Aokiji can even grab Luffy once he can completly freeze him.
    I also have a couple more points that i havnt made yet. Both admirals revealed have thoroughly defeated the whole crew (In Aokijis case he could of but since he is a follower of his own justice he let them go, but not before beating Luffy, Zoro, Sanji and Robin ) and then Luffy is just supposed to have powered up enough to beat one on his own when they are fighting full strength? Kizaru proved that they dont simply rely on being untouchable logias.
    Now if Luffy did win, if he surpassed the level of admiral then whats left? Really, only the Yonkou and other admirals. All the other supernovas, for example, would be wasted as enemies since they evidently are not admiral level. Others such as Coby and Smoker would be wasted too. Admirals are the greatest military strength, they fight evenly with (an elderly version i will admit) Rogers pirates and they are constantly in the new world which is supposed to be a nightmare place. If Luffy is that strong, wont you feel that pacing has been completly ruined?
    Finally, thd last line Aokiji said before he left the frozen Luffy has been bothering me for a long time. ‘i feel we have a debt owed for catching crocodile and also….No. Just Smokers stupid talk…’ It is just my interpritation but i think Smoker has annonced that he will be the one to catch Luffy so, if thats true, he wont let him fight Aokiji anyway.
    Sorry, that kinda seems like a long nag but anyway… ^^

  24. @Elisha: TY, I try my best…except on getting the breakdowns out early…>_>


    *pervy pose with trumpets playing in the background* 😀

    @Tobi: Indeed, it would be tough to fight a Logia fruit type like Aokiji without being frozen on impact, but wouldn’t Luffy’s heat emitted from his skin melt the ice? Plus he retracts his arms so fast in Gear 2nd would Aokiji have the necessary time to properly freeze Luffy?

    How an old man like Rayleigh kept up with an admiral that could move at the speed of light I have no idea either. I’m just going to say we’re talking about the man who used to be Gol. D. Roger’s second in command so he’s not to be trifled with as he has full control over his Haki too.

    @Fear: Another good question is how did they get into Marineford in the first place without the Gates Of Justice being open? They never slipped past Luffy’s ship when the Gates were opened so they must have already been in there. If they could manage that I could see Whitebeard being able to sneak someone in the base and opening the Gates. I also have a theory that someone as powerful and influential as Whitebeard may have some inside men working in the Marines but under his order.

    @Ahsan: Here’s a debate for ya. Whitebeard vs. Blackbeard. We don’t know as much about Whitbeard’s power as we do with Blackbeard’s, but in the coming chapters we’ll get some good insight and at least now we know Whitebeard’s DF.

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and say Blackbeard FTW! >_> *gets ready to be stoned to death* >_<

    @Anyone: All this talk about who Luffy will be fighting has led to three candidates. Doflamingo, Aokiji, and Smoker. As likely as those are let's not forget about Kizaru's nephew Sentoumaru (the guy who claims to have the strongest defense and who treated Luffy like a rag doll back in the Archipelago). Even though he hasn't been shown on the island, I don't think, he is part of the Marines and is related to Kizaru who is of course there so he could make an appearance. I would love to see Luffy get some revenge on this guy before fighting someone stronger.

    Then there's Kuma. Like Tobi said, Kuma is still way out of Luffy's league in my opinion. Even though both times Kuma defeated the Straw Hat Pirates they were badly weakened I still don't see Luffy winning against him one on one. Doesn't mean Luffy won't try though so that could be another possible fight.

  25. @Tobi again: I just read your last statement and I completely agree that the pacing would be off for Luffy to beat Aokiji now. Wells said…but I still think he could beat him..>_>

    @Fear again: Well they have flown to the sky, to many different seas, and possibly even the New World. For them to get back to Sabaody Archipelago this quick would require a lot of explanation from Oda.

    Meant to say @Smurf instead of Fear… >_<

  26. @tobi: i agree with all of that apart from your interpritaion at the end, i think the only way that luffy is going to be able to fight a logia type person without finding there weekness such as crocabile weekness is water/liquid is to have full mastery over his haki and be able to use it while in gear second (so hi can avoid getting hit) because judying from the spoilers that have been confirmed aokiji has frozen the water meaning that to someone to out luffy in the water and to keep him in the not letting him sink is now impossible unless marco flame will melt it but i dont think he will do that until they get ace because the pirates are useing it as a foothold/battlefield. the one think that smoke talked about is the fact that luffy and his crew have never done anything bad and that why he didnt kill him, if u think about it luffy and his crew are the ones maintaining justice on each island they go to lol.

    other points:
    does everyone think that against the guy with the hot hot fruit dont kno if its a filler or not) luffy used a bit of his haki there having burn that fat guy when he was 10,000oC.
    – were did rayleigh pull his sword from during is fight lol.

    @super: i agree about kuma being way out of there league for now until they can use haki and to be able to perdict movements like that hancock sister, because he can warp into another location i am going to go out on a limb and as its faster that kizarus movements, but super i dont think blackbeard has a f**cking chance at beating whitebeard, and i think that luffy will fight deflamingo and kick his ass because his powers wont work well on luffy because of him being rubber (for some reason i think of it like a puppet on strings because of the way he moves his hands).

    and i think that because all of the captains came from the new world that they must have had there ships coated and whitebeard had an inside man get the gates opened for them because i dont think he did it just for luffy, because if u remember one of the marines said that the ships appeared out of nowhere + whitebeard came from underwater.

  27. @super: i think that last comment about luffys crew being at shabondy was supposed to be at me but never mind it was not something i thought would have been possible because luffy was in the clam belt not never far from were he is now and he used the wirlpool current to travel faster so i dont think it would be possible for them to get there, just a hope that they would be there so they can get the bountys up aswell there reuion (not even been apart for long if u think about the time line about 2 weeks) but i sort of hope that they arent there because oda would have to do a flash back for each and everyone of them and that would take a few chapter and i want the fighting to start now

    Hehe, you’re right you and fear look nearly alike…anonymous commentators. 😉 My fault.


  28. *sigh* Smurf!! I just read a whole sentence of spoiler you teme!! ^^ I predicted Aokiji would do that anyway so it doesnt matter. That battle with the fat guy was indeed filler but apparently Oda is heavily involved with the filler so it could have been intended for that kind of interpritation.
    I recently talked to Super about Kuma so i am quite confident in my knowedge of his abilities. He has the power to deflect anything. His teleporting is actually him deflecting himself to the place he wants to be. It is just high speed movement not actually disappearing and reappearing. I have a theory on how he does it but dont feel like explaining now 😛 Kuma said he deflects air at the speed of light so its safe to assume he can move himself at the same speed. That would make him exactly the same speed as Kizaru except Kuma can only teleport at that pace while Kizaru can move his limbs as well, speed of light kick etc. Makinb Kizaru the bigger danger in my opinion.
    Well, im glad you agree with the rest of it ^^ as i said, the last part was just my interpritation while the rest was more fact based…

    @Super: Luffyys heat from his skin melt the ice? Nah, surely not. Aokiji is a cold mo-fo. That section of the ocean got frozen for a week remember? >__>

  29. Oh also the reason all those ships got into Marinford is coz you dont need to go through the gates of justice to get there. Remember the straw hats getting to Enes Lobby from the other side? ^^

  30. @Smurf: The reason I say Blackbeard, besides to play devil’s advocate, is because of his insanely powerful DF. All Blackbeard has to do is suck Whitebeard up in his black vortex and spit him out into the ocean. I know Whitebeard could use Haki and that’s what would probably put him over top of Blackbeard but if Blackbeard really wanted to win he could end it quick;y by doing that. Now this is assuming they’re fighting near a body of water.

    @Tobi: Well Luffy could touch that guy Smurf just pointed out at 10,000 degrees and that’s pretty hot too. 😉

    The Straw Hats got to Enies Lobby on Sea Train didn’t they? I’m just wondering how all those ships appeared out of nowhere and so close to Marineford without being detected. If they didn’t take the Gates of Justice they had to come from one of the many directions like you said, but the base was completely surrounded. I just find their stealth really suspicious.

  31. Prediction: Chopper will makes friend with the natives in human form, inbetween OR shall become another form and chase the natives back. Sortof a not your food at best yu should be mine type of deal.

    @Super if I win this do a mini version of the Point Battle System.

    Chopper will makes friend with the natives in human form, inbetween OR shall become another form and chase the natives back. Sortof a not your food at best yu should be mine type of deal.

    @Super if I win this do a mini version of the Point Battle System.

  33. @tobi: i would say that kizaru is stronger than kuma to, cinsidering the fact that hes an admiral which are supposed to be the strongest in the marines (dont kno about those old guys tho) but in speed i would say there the same but kuma can activate it fastest because kizaru showed a ray of light bounceing of the buldings when he chase after the guy who used the sound to cut him in half (not too sure if that was his only way to move about kno because it could have been done to blind him, cause we saw him jumping onto a cannon ball after it was fired without doing that).

    i still think the reason they were undetected was becasue they were coated still after then cam from the new world an after looking at the few picture i would say that they didnt have to go though the GOJ to get there (changed opinion) plus the time from when they opened the gate how far whitebered got into the marines base is too short so they must have opened it just before they surfaceed (i say whitebered becxasue its not like hes going to be at the back of the ships).

    not sure why the GOJ was opened tho, only think of a few reasons like whitebered hered from shanks and ace about luffy and about going to rescue him from impel down so he opened it knowing that he will play a instremental part in the fight. could have also been as a signal to surface the ships all at once so they didnt notice were they come from and attack the water while whitebered was still down there.

    @Super: about WB VS BB dont kno who will win tho but on your behalf mybe WB told ace not too go after BB becasue of his strength and the power of his DF.

    and i hate how buggy is getting all the fame for breaking out of impel down when he did fuck all i hope he dies in the fights, one last point nearly everyone on that ship luffys on is stupid thinking that buggy opened it up (someside affect of being locked up to long caused then to lose all reason) buggy too thinking that he’s going to be able to become pirate king

  34. dedicated to white beard v.blackass

    white beard can cause freakin quakes he obviously has full controll over his haki etc he is gonna kik bb’s serious ass

  35. i predict luffy will enter the battle field ,and we may get to see a grand entrance of straw hat pirates towards the end of the fight,but when they will enter they willl be (as i said before) atleast twice stronger

  36. sorry for the triple post ,

    kyou where the heck have you been ?_?

    luffy has to fight an admiral class opponent to show his power ,and his intent to save ace

  37. @ahsan: i thnik your right about the next time they appear they will all be atleast twice as strong but i dont kno when they will turn up most likely option is after the fight is over and luffy goes to sabondy arcipelligo and they will be there with rayleigh if he dosent turn up for this fight now that everyone knows about rogers son (he might have known about it before tho)
    if u think about were some the crew members landed u can see that it will be possible for them to get stronger some i dont know wat they will do they get stronger but its clear that were they landed was shown to make them become stronger when they repeare so they dont turn up stupidly strong for no reason

    zoro: castle palce were the ghost princess is – dont kno the reason here mybe haki with him using it to try and not let the ghosts break his spirit.

    sanji: dont kno the reason here either but he will be running away from the transexuals soo maybe leg strengh plus theres one showing him dressed up as one so u my lose his weakness to woman

    nami: i think this is clear, she going to get better weather skills because shes on a sky island weather research could, could add wind too her rod so that she dosent get hit my her own attack and makes it long range (plus inproved heat and cold balls)

    chopper: dont kno wat he is going to do on the island that hes on but i think a good way for him to improve would be if he can control himself after 3 rumble balls.

    usopp: leaning from an master marksman will help him inprove his range because BB crews marksman is alot better and he might get a better amouo to fire.

    frankie: its pretty clear that hes going to get better wepons from the same place that the guines sciecetist vegapunk lived, mybe increase his defence aswelll with the metal that kuma is made of something harder than steel (zorro coulnt cut it), be good if they learned that vegapunk was not helping the marines of his own accored (kidnapped)

    Robin: her weakness is her strenght not being able to how strong or heavy people (fat guy from sky island) being a bulider on the bridge will improve her strength (but no muscles shes still going to be sexy)

    Brook:dont kno about brook mybe after comin back from the dead he gained some unkown power and the people who worship the devil tell him about it, (only thing i could think off for him)

    anyone disagree or have better explanations

  38. awesome gueses but do you remember zoro gets better when he is at the cusp of death and the shit was beat out of him my kuma,and alos he would be obssesed that he couldnt save his dream etc, he could beat kuma, he promised luffy he will never lose again etc

    i see zoro being the most improved of the straw hats when they arrive

  39. @ahsan: i think that zoro will come bac the strongest probelly about as strong as captian, but considderring they never had a fight before he might have won before then so i would say that he will come back atleast asstrong as moria + oza combo that luffy had to become nightmare luffy to beat

  40. oh yea im also looking forward to sanjis improvment because if wat i thought was true about the running then with his leg strength he woulndt get hurt when kicking someone like kuma, one the lobby arc his diablo jumble would beat takki with is a strong as steel mybe when he gets back he will be able to do something about that extra hard metal that kuma has

  41. Looks like I have a lot to read…

    Nice breakdown, Super =)

  42. Ah yes, this talk of Sanji and Zoro brings up a good debate in mind. Perhaps next week I should do a Zoro vs. Sanji debate in the breakdown? Kyouto you gotta remind me a little about that Point Battle System and not dissapear again! >_<

  43. ttp://
    One Piece 553 Raw Spoiler Confirmed by Nja of 2ch


    カラーは みんなの水着姿
    タイトルは 頂上決戦

    空から白ひげを氷の槍の雨で攻撃するが白ひげが ドン っと叩いたら

    凍った海を 降りやすくなったな~っと隊長たちが次々と飛び出していく

    3番隊隊長のやつが体で受け止める 全身ダイヤモンド人間

    キザルも宙にまってそこから ヤシャガラス?だかなんだかの
    1番隊隊長マルコが全部防ぐ 体からは青い炎


    One Piece 553 Translation by: Aohige_AP of AP

    The colored pages are of everyone in swimsuits
    Chapter title: Battle of the Highest

    The two tidal waves are both stopped by Aokiji’s Ice Age.
    He attacks Whitebeard from the sky with rains of spears made of ice,
    but Whitebeard simply punches the air, and shatters all the spears as well as Aokiji himself into pieces.

    Because the sea is frozen, the division captains of WB’s ship comes down from the ship and walks on it, commenting on how it’s become easy to travel on.
    (nja assumes they are probably all ability users)
    Vice Admirals, with Otsuru and Garp vs division commanders 4~12? (he’s not sure)

    Mihawk attacks the world’s most powerful swordslash at Whitebeard.
    But division captain 3 stops it with his body. He’s entire body is made of diamond.

    Kizaru flies to the sky too, and uses Yashagarasu? (nja is not sure)
    And attacks Whitebeard with multiple rays of beams, but division commander 1 Marco stops all of it. He has blue flames coming out of his body.

    It ends with Marco telling him you can’t have the king right away you know.

    Their fruit names and ability were not explained yet.

    Aokiji shattered into pieces saying “oops…” and didn’t look too worried, so he’ll probably recover in time.

    The Vice-admirals were probably all there.
    A captain commented that you would normally only see this line-up at Buster Call.
    And I said this before, but one of the marines said “look, he has blue flames coming out of him” about Marco.

  44. supah zoro will kik sanji’s ass so bad he will suffer the wrath of the demon lol

  45. What could Marco’s DF be if Ace’s is fire and it said the there are no 2 DF that have the same power

  46. *Creeps back into the OP breakdown*
    So yeah how bout them debate battles…? Yeah i didn’t miss anything at all >_>

    Anyways…. Sweet breakdown Super. There better be some ass beatings beginning next chapter! I want to see who wants to fight whitebeard, personally if i was a marine, i’d be pushing ppl outta my way while trying to find the nearest escape ship. But that’s just the way my spine crumbles… 😛
    Ace, you’re a champ! LMAO at the attempted kills on whitebeard. good stuff!

    Come on i wanna read the next chapter now! Hopfully it gets released early as usual. Haha, take that naruto, OP is out a day before you XD. good times!

    Well i’m going online to play World at War. Peace

  47. @Ahsan: I know you are a big Zoro fan boy but seriously, the opponents you say he can beat are just rediculous. I dont mean to be rude here, just saying that Kuma is so powerful and you think if Zoro wasnt tired then he could beat him? No way man!! You say Zoro always pulls something out when he is close to death…He was so rediculously close to dying against Kuma before he even took in Luffys pain, why didnt he create a new move? He would have died against Kizaru if Rayleigh didnt block the final blow. Why didnt he pull out a new move then? The only times Zoro has been close to death and made a new move are against Hacci and then Das Bones. In every other fight he got hurt but not to the point of death before making a move and then the other times he was at deaths door he hasnt made and new wonder technique. I like the guy yeah, but the way you think he can irrationally beat anyone is going to far and to be honest just makes his character look weaker…
    I also wrote a big post on why Luffy shouldnt fight an admiral now. There are plenty of opponents he could fight to show his strength that arnt admiral level.

    @Smurf: Yata no kagame ( Kizarus bouncing light beam he can ride) appears to be used when he wants to travel above or also probably below himself. If Kizaru wants to move at the level he is on, he can also do that at light speed. He demonstrated this twice, first to the people who shot him when he first landed at the appegilo who he appeared behind without and flashing light and then when Robin tried to pull Zoro away from him he moved and stepped on Zoro in an instant.
    I will go into my theory of Kumas teleporting now since its relevant. The only times he teleported are when he either made a fist or had gloves on. He is deflecting the bask of his fingers or the back of the glove in either case which is what propels him to the place he wants. I will safely admit that Kuma could, for example reach the top of a building in the time it takes to clench a fist (assuming he has his gloves off for fighting) but what you forget is Kizarus casual nature. If he wanted to he could move his hands at the speed of light, form the orb and then ride the beam. I believe that if those split seconds are critical to him, he could perform yata no kagame much faster than the casual way he did before. That is why i still think Kizaru is the quickest ^^

    @Super: Yeah!! Do the Zoro vs Sanji!! Everyone either writes off Sanji strait away or just compares track record and not actually a fight between the two when i try it. I have a few arguments for both sides….

  48. tobi you misread my comment

    ” gets better when he is at the cusp of death and the shit was beat out of him my kuma,and alos he would be obssesed that he couldnt save his dream etc, he could beat kuma, he promised luffy he will never lose again etc”

    i say from the last few battles he gets better when the shit is beaten out of him

    then i say that remember he had promised luffy thats he would never lose another battle but becuz he lost to kuma he is obsseesed and will try even harder than usual to get stronger
    im only saying he will be the one coming out with the most new power among the straw hats

    now you say
    “you think if Zoro wasnt tired then he could beat him?”

    when did i say this ?_?

  49. Sorry, you are right,I misunderstood and i apologise. About Zoros promise though, the manga and anime did it different. I doubt many people have read back that far but the promise to Luffy wasnt ‘ I will never loose again’ but actually ‘I will never loose to a swordsman again.’ which he hasnt. He has lost to quite a few others though: Arlong, Enel, that rusty marine, Kuma twice, Kizaru etc. It will probs hurt his pride, but no where near as much as if Kuma would have been a swordsman.

    @Super: I just thought those ships appeared on the horizon. One piece seems to have a real small distance to the horizon since the straw hats never notice islands until they are fully in view Lol.

    @Smurf again: All the points you made are practically the same as what i said a few months ago on the things the crew will gain lol. I disagree with two though. Brooke, i think, has gone to the island Scratchman Apoo came from. Hopefully he will learn more fighting techniques with music like how to cut or make explosions. Way i see it, Zoros swordsmanship is better than Brookes so why not improve his music. I know Apoo has power from a df but the fact is, he is playing music. Chopper i think, will never be able to control the form after three rumbles. My theory is that 3 rumble balls force out his awakened zone form. So rather than control it after three rumbles, i think he should achieve the awakened zone form like Impel Downs demon guards.
    I dont think the crew will be coming back by normal means. Nami is in a sky island, two arnt even in the grand line and Zoro would get lost. My initial theory was that they all got sent to places to do with the revolutionary army (Sanji and Robin definitely are at least) and would be gathered along with the army to go attack Marinford. Now that Dragon isnt Aces dad though, i am doubtful…

    @Everyone: Wont you feel cheated if all the members are like twice as strong when they get back? It took 500 issues to get where they are and now they could just double their progress? It will piss me off at least. The weapon users, Nami, Franky and Usopp, I can understand. They get stronger if their equipment is stronger which obviously can happen quickly. But everyone else, who rely on mastery of fruits or skills or increasing physical attributes shouldnt strengthed so much so fast i dont think. Not without stories behind it…Long stories.

  50. no problem tobi ,:D

  51. ive never read this manga how does it compare to bleach and naruto.

  52. Right ^^ potential fan in the making guys…

    Ultimate, One piece has a story that rivals Narutos easily while also containing humor. There is much more variety in the fighting than Naruto and i dare say even more than Bleaches. It really is worth a read.

  53. onepiece is simply the best

    bleach is famous for action and babes adn humor op has both

    naruto is famous for the plot and humor op has them

  54. i think im sold im about to start reading. ill be back on a op post in like a year.

  55. YOSH!!! Great job Tobi and Ahsan you two make quite the recruiting team!!! 🙂

    Trust me you won’t regret reading the top selling manga in the world Sharingan! 😀

  56. yep i actually prefer OP over naruto and bleach, although when i just start reading/watching it was kinda boring and childish (in my opinion) but later on it gets really great!!

  57. well i had my senses telling me an evil manga post was out.. that and i wanted to annoy Tobi with my presense 😀 HI TOBI!! *waves like an idiot, then takes out lollipop* @_@ Well if the world ends, then i shall annoy with me being here *waves like idiot again* 😀

  58. >_> psstt!! I think that crazy person is waving at someone…WHAT!! its me? *makes an awkward smile and waves a little* hehe….
    0_0 That lolly pop looks pretty good..I will give you a peek under my mask if you get me one >_>

    Here is a question for everyone!! (Except Cookie *glares*) Why is Mihawk in the schibukai? He doesnt seem to gain anything from it, appears to loath being told what to do, rarely shows up to the summons and he doesnt even seem to take advantage of the perks like the others do. I have some ideas but i will listen for a while first ^^

  59. @Tobi: Good question…idk. XD

    Lol, but I’ll throw in some ideas. Maybe he did it to get closer to someone in the government he’s after. Maybe it’s to repent for his life as a pirate (that’s more Kuma though). Maybe he did it to raise his status as greatest swordsman in the world. Well, that’s it for me. 😉

    *calls mental hospital to take Cookie away and takes Tobi to court to get a restraining order on Cookie* >_<

  60. *comes out of court with full restraining order against entire op lovers* hehe success!! NOW GET OUT OF HERE!! I HAVE TOOKEN IT AWAY WITH THIS RESTRAINING ORDER!!xD oh and super, you can only get put in there some many times a year, and i used up all of mine @_@

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  62. oh no, this is the awesome power of the restraining order you crazy little fly on the wall >.<

  63. @tobi
    no idea too be honest except for beeing able to roam around freely on the oceans and perhaps some of the things super said,
    some kind of odd relationship with a marine, only Oda knows about
    but for sure i wouldnt come to a fight whitebeard if my schibukai status doesnt have any real advantages, maybe he thought he would meet up with zoro tho?

  64. *kills Cookie* There… *ignores Cookie because he knows she’s going to either come back as a zombie, ghost, or say she can’t be killed* >_<

    @Fear: Luffy comes to get his brother back…Luffy brings his crew…Zoro is on his crew…Mihawk comes to face Zoro. Indeed, makes sense to me for him to come to this fight against a renowned pirate like Whitebeard. 😉

  65. i’m buddha, i don’t die.. i just sit peacefully and try to find inner peace xD ignore me huh? *glomps super* you have been post glomped!!!

  66. Right, i like your ideas guys most of them i havnt thought of before. The big idea for me is that i think Mihawk was looking for someone worthy of surpassing him and its just easier if the government dont want his head. Since his bounty is still unknown and he is the greatest swordsman in the world, i imagine even the admirals and other top marines who could push even his skills where after him.

    God damn it Cookie!!! You had a chance to see Tobis true face but instead you spit at one piece! I will never forgive you!! *Puts cconnector set in forearms and prepares for coup de vent* Come on! Owww! We need the whole crew to take her down!! I will use all my cola!!SSSSSSUUUUUUPPPPPEEEERRR!!!!!

  67. 😀 *glomps tobi too* hehehe you can’t take down budhha, i rule you all 😉

  68. Silly buddha Cookie…You just glomped the number one, super, blue haired hentai of the Luffy pirates. This week im especially hentai too! Oww! Super!!
    you know, my forearms are gettin real full of air waiting for the crew. This weeks me doesnt like waiting….

  69. *jumps into the fray* Sorry I was eating…>_>

    *is now a fat rubber human filled with food* 0_0

    I don’t know if I can fight like this…

    BTW, I like your theory on Hawkeye’s reason for joining the government group, but not having the admirals chase after him would be considered taking advantage of the Shichibukai title. Maybe he did become a Shichibukai for it’s given advantages?

  70. yeah, that was kinda what i ment to say…I dont think anyone would be a government dog without gaining anything right?

    *Throws mr 5 at fat rubber Super* There, hes crap at fighting, work it off on him…Oh he didnt die on little garden >_> this IS Oda we’re talking about…

  71. *coughs smartly* the religion is very popular and i’m sure your manga writer is one of it’s followers.. so you really think you’re going to win here? lol

  72. Who follows Buddhism or in Cookie’s case Buddha here? 0_o

    @Tobi: Lol, indeed Mr. 5 is still alive as he was featured in one of those mini cover stories on the cover pages of the manga.

    *works off his fat on Mr. 5* Phew…alright I’m ready to kick Cookie’s…Buddha’s ass! I feel so wrong for saying that… T_T

    *kicks her ass anyway with Tobi’s help* If I’m going to hell you’re coming with me and I’m dragging you by the ankle to Cookie! >_<

  73. If Cookie doesnt end up there, i will push her down myself! >_<
    Besides…She is practicly Sengoku. Pirates kick marine ass all the time @_@

  74. Hell yeah! Hey…how about we just push her down there right now and get it over with? We’ll see her down there much later. 😉

    @Anyone: Does anyone think the World Government could be good? I mean what if they destroyed that island long ago in the Void Century and changed the world for the better. I mean…what if the inheritors of “D” were the evil ones long ago and the World Government was the revolutionary force that overthrew them and hid the history, so as not to inspire a cult following?

  75. supah impossible if that happens that will greatly increase the number of op chaps to come and it will mean we would come to know the truth then op is already 500+ i dont think oda will drag it to maybe 1200 ? lol

    oh and zoro v,s sanji next week’s debate under one condition

    if you do the breakdown early that is 😛 😛 😛

  76. im starting a publicity campaign to increase my(g.o.d’s) followers

    staring: luffy,zoro,naruto,minato,kakashi,ichigo,kisuke

    and many more join g.o.d izm and follow me and rule the world 😀

  77. Super..You do the pushing then…I keep getting in trouble when i touch girls without permission 😛

    Hmm, i thought the idea is the world belives in the marines and government but they are actually bad which is why you get away with having pirates as protagonists. I just dont see Luffy becoming an anti-hero, it doesnt suit.

    @Ahsan: One piece is gunna hit those kind of issue numbers. Think about it, they have traveled half the grand line and defeated 4 major enemies plus their crews/group. Thats taken 550 and they have the same distance to cross again not to mention the ever increasing number of enemies being created.

  78. but the point supah is saying will simply add another 100 chapsfor sure

  79. *super and tobi turn around to see cookie sitting on a rock licking another lollipop*
    both of them: 0_0 Holy shi—
    Cookie: Hell wouldn’t except me.. i was too good for them apparently 😉

  80. Well Oda says he loves writing it so for all we know the crew could get to the end of the grand line and just go again on a different log route lol.

    0_0 Cookie? *hands cookie an invatation* Come to my party now that you’re back from hell ^^

  81. must resist spoilers,…

  82. oh you’re having a party? it better not be a secret ‘kill Cookie part’ or ‘OP’ based.. or i call in the gate-crashers 😉

  83. no no no. Just come it will be super fun.

  84. *is suspicious but excepts anyway* ^^ see you there!

  85. *has a nice party with cookie and other WRA regulars* theres loads of food left if you wanna take some with you. ^^

    Just dug up something interesting. Dragons last words in loguetown are ‘The world is waiting for our answer.’ If the ‘our’ refers to the will of d, then he may know more about it than most. Also it could mean a reason for him to help Ace still.

  86. yeh i sure hope so,..
    would also explain the GoJ opening =P
    but that would be kinda overkill,
    from what ive seen in the spoilers its allready a good match up,..
    ivankov and luffy might be another reason for him to show up
    if he knows they are there.

  87. @super: i think thats theres a small possibility that the world goverment were good and over throw some evil org to try and make the world better (very small chance tho) but since that has happened thwy have not being keeping a tighter look on all of the people that work for them that are using the marines to do bad things in i.e cptn morgan ect. but wat else make them bad and that they kno about is the slavers business, plus the tenryubitto letting them do wat ever they want, so wat if they were the creators of this world decendents, doing bad things makes u bad its as simple as that.

    but wat i think is more likely is that the worldgovermeny +(the 21+king/ creator ) were 1 of 2 organizations that controles the world and kept the peace back in the void century but the world goverment want to controll everything so they used so cruel method to kill them and take control after doin so they destroyed any mention of wat happen thus the void century.

    @every: i kno there wat a choice about weather luffy mum is alive or not but i dont kno, want to think she is but not likly unless she is in a difficlut situation i.e place of power and dont want to let is be kno, or captured. i think that if she dead then she would have had to be someone damm inprotant because after ace being roger son it take away at luffy being the centre of things. i.e naruto is the 4th son, ichigo is a born soul reaper and his father was a captn of a unknown division.

    luffy mother tenruybitto lol that would be funny. i ont think there would be much that could be done about after that found out but then it would just kill off the story becasue the marines wouldnt be able to do anything to him and it would then be boring.

  88. I am interested in the man elder Nyon fell in love with. I am definitely not saying she is Luffys mum but i do think it was someone important. She was around Marijois at the time Tiger Fisher raided since she guided the Boa sisters back. That could mean it was a government guy or someone directly against the government. I reckon she loved Dragon and helped the revolutionaries >_>

  89. @Ashan – Computer Renting 🙂
    @Super – Right basically its a system of points determined through poll ect. The character with the most point wins the match. Each poll is split into different categories and if there is an official stats for the character that is higher then they recive a starting poinT to throw the balance.

  90. @Ashan, Tobi, and Smurf: Hehe, the World Government turning out to be the good guys in the end is just a crazy theory of mine. I’m glad to see is caused some good discussion though. 😉

    @Kyouto: Thx, I’ll see what I can do with it if you’re right about your prediction. 😉

    @Tobi again: I’d rather have elder Nylon as Luffy’s mother than Ivankov… *pukes* >_<

    I'm sure not so sure Dragon is into the elderly though for love partners. Luffy is…18 years old? 18 years ago I'm pretty sure Nylon looked only slightly better.

    More on the discussion on Luffy's mother I don't think she's been introduced yet. Just like Ace's mother her identity will be kept secret until further down the road and future revelation. Well, that's just what I think.

  91. Well i think Nyons attraction was one sided whoever it was…NO!! Wait a minute…What if it was Garp and shes Dragons mum???

    Hey Super, i think you could make the breakdown shorter if it will speed it up for you like you asked me before. But you’re only allowed to do that if you give us more fun stuff to do! >_<

  92. Hmmmm….I like the sound of that. Nylon is Luffy’s grandmother and Garp’s past lover. I think you might have something there Tobi! 😀

    I’m open for suggestions on things to do for the post but sadly I don’t think I can make them shorter. I just write to much when I get into it. T_T

  93. LOL! Even when you asked if you should shrink them! Being thorough is your curse then… ^^

    But you know, Garp is a hugh guy and Nyon is pretty small…They were doomed from the start! T_T Nah seriously though, i would like it to happen but wouldn’t she reacted from hearing monkey d. luffy? Or did they just say strawhat luffy in the paper she read? I dont remember now…

  94. not she told him ‘u are monkey d. luffy are u not boy’ something like that so i dont think that she is related to him in anyway.

    on the discussion on zorro vs snaji i think that zorro would win but i dont kno it will be a one sided match i think it will be pretty close afterall the 2 fight they each face in the lobby arc wearnt that much different in strenght i think 100 or 2oo differece in power.

    i kno it is impossible from the timeline, and its the biggest cleche to have the most famous pirate as the dad of the main charcter but i still wish it would have been luffy who is rogers son. or mybe later luffy make some decision while rogers old crew is there and realize that only roger would have chosen such a chose and lughed about it, or something like wen he told raylegih that he would die his spirit lived on and it was reborn into someone he thought was worthy and he liked, thus luffy and luffy start remembering things about roger that only roger would have.

    its impossible but it would have been good for something like that to happen

  95. Oi Oi, save Zoro vs Sanji for next breakdown. It looks like i will be the only one defending Sanji, even if it isnt truly what i believe >_> i will do my best and try to make all the Zoro lovers sweat a little 😛

    @Smurf: Luffy is likened to Roger so much though. Here is a quick list of everything i can remember: Crocus says ‘he had a strange feel dont you think, Roger?’ at the twin capes. Gan Fall says ‘he gives me the same feeling as Roger’ to Robin in Skypeia. Kokoro says ‘That Roger was an idiot too’ when talking to herself like she is talking to Tom in Enes Lobby and finally Rayleigh sees Roger in Luffy as he is talking to him. I see no way Roger is Luffys dad unless some woman can hold a child for 5 years LOL! I still think there is a link between Roger and Dragon though…Other than just being D carriers. But the will of D seems to be getting more and more complex every arc with all the assumptions that myself and others are making. Will we really have to wait til the void century is uncovered before we know?! That means waiting til they get to Raftel!! >_<

  96. zoro willkik sanji’sass big time 136 pound cannon FTEW

  97. its 108 though… 😛
    But lets just wait til next week

  98. as you wish my great great fellow op reader 😀 😀 😀

  99. So in the meantime we need another discussion right? Well i think i have something we could talk about a little. Really this is just my opinion but i believe the order of strength of the schibukai is something like this. From strongest to weakest: Blackbeard, Mihawk, Hancock, Kuma, Jimbei, Doflamingo, Moria. It doesnt really matter if you agree with me or not and if you wanna discuss that little scale i just made thats fine too. But really my point is this; it seems really apparent that Moria is the weakest, yet he apparently fought evenly with Kaidou of the four emperors. Although Moria eventually lost and it is heavily implied that all his previous, living, subordinates were killed in the battle, the fact that he fought evenly with Kaidou still remains. The four emperors are supposed to be the most dangerous of the 3 super powers. They are supposed to be so strong that their presence warrented both the creation of the Schibukai and marine HQ to balance them out. They are supposed to be stuck in a deadlock in the new world. So my point is this, does Kaidou, who battled evenly with Moria, who i believe to be the weakest of the Schibukai, deserve the title? Can he even hope to compete with Shanks and Whitebeard who are shown to be some of the strongest characters of the series? I personally think not. I predict that he will be the first Yonkou the straw hats meet in the new world and he will recieve a thorough ass whuppin. Your thoughts please.

    Oh, we must be getting close to 100 posts now too…

  100. yeh i thought a bit about that too a while ago.
    i first thought moria could just suck up hell alot of shadows and beat him but he couldnt hold over a 1000 shadows so i dunno
    maybe morias crew was very strong back then and he was able to suck up the strongest shadows to keep up with the Yonkou but i guess ur right Kaidou probably is the weakest of them. as for Doflamingo beeing the but one weakest schibukai i think hes atleast stronger then hancock he was shown to have the highest bounty sofar so hes prolly quite something

  101. the raw has been out for an hour and a bit so far

  102. Oh now you’ve done it!! Started talking about Hancock being weak eh?! 😛
    Right before i get to that i have to say i like your idea of Moria sucking up shadows to keep up but really (unless the fight was at night) he would only be hindering himself. His crew would die in sunlight so they would have to stay indoors while Kaidous crew would go wild. Also should 10 minutes be enough to fight a Yonkou? I just dont see how Kaidou can keep in a deadlock with Whitebeard and Shanks at all if he fights even with Moria, your comment just further proves my point really.
    Now, bounties are a good indicator of strength but they also reflect the risk of the pirate. Doflamingo is sleeze, he kills anyone he wants with a smile on his face. Remember the only reason Kidds bounty was higher than Luffys? He killed civilians. I imagine Doflamingo whiping out whole islands on civilians. His nature may explain his high bounty. Another reason i rank him there is because i still think he may be the person Luffy ends up fighting, so i guess it was a bit personal 😛
    Now, i have full faith in the rank i gave Hancock. She has one of the most powerful devil fruits shown and i think people underestimate it because it was useless against Luffy. Anyone who finds her remotely attractive can get turned to stone and the only way out of it is ti inflict considerable pain on themselves. I will point out that means she could easily petrify Aokiji or force him to keep hurting himself until he died. Thats an admiral level opponeng that she could easily overwhelm. The fruit can also make a convenient pistol that is capable of even piercing Luffy. Thdn Hancock also has the strongest form of haki on her side and while it isnt fully mastered, she clearly has a good understanding of it. Finally it isnt revealed what her snake weapon can do but it is easily 5 times bigger than most of the Kuja warriors. Hancock is very strong.

  103. sorry for double post but i just thought of something. Do you think Kumas paws can even deflect Noro Noro beams and mero mero merrow?

  104. yeh ok i got ur point on hancock :p
    but i still think shes just an overgrown perona who can petrify people, and i hate to say it but i doubt ao kiji would be petrified just like that i think if ur mentally strong enough u can resist it. Hancock df is just to kill off the small fry, her haki is pretty usefull tho i must admit,…

  105. i got no idea he says he can deflect “everything” and if he can do so with pain fatigue and stuff then i guess he could

  106. Hmm i dunno if there could be any resistance though. Vice-admiral Mononga was totally overwhelmed. Then again, so many ideas are coming through in the manga about power of the spirit and haki etc. So much is undefined. So you could be totally right fear.
    Yeah he did say everything thats true. I wonder if it really is everything though, i mean he can deflect katana and fire but could he, say, deflect a haki blast like Rayleigh used in the auction hall? The fact that it wouldnt effect him isnt important , i am interested in the limits of his abilities!! >_<
    Also, Super is right, its so hard to tell you and Smurf apart! How come you dont changee gravatar? Or do you like the little square guy? 😛

  107. lolz didnt get to it yet (changing the avatar)
    as for haki i dont think he would be able to delfect the haki rayleigh used since haki “nullifies” df abbilities

  108. Again, the nature of the nullification hasnt been revealed, it could require a different approach than knocking people out. That said, i have to admit i totally forgot that feature of haki while thinking of something alternative for Kuma to deflect 😛 Hmm…What about things like air temperature? If he cant Aokiji could probably beat him…
    He deflected Usopps firebird so i would imagine pure energy like Kizarus beams could also be deflected.
    Another thing i just thought of: By its nature doesnt deflection require resistance first? If for example a body or the wind was moving the same pace in the same direction as his hand then would they still get deflected? Im aware how unlikely and neer impossible it is but at least the wind is kind of plausable right? I really am trying hard to pick faults in his ability…

  109. hmmm yeh i think if there wouldnt be any wind at the moment of the fight and kuma wouldnt move his hand he wouldnt be able to deflect wind, but i doubt Oda will go that far into the details. and we cant really tell if theres no wind. I also wonder if he could deflect positive energy or sumthing so he could create something like perona has. it probably possible but he nvr tried or its part of his df mastery

  110. OP 553 is up 😛

  111. @Tobi: Hmmmm…that list you made brings a question to mind. Could Mihawk really defeat Kuma? we all know Mihawk’s main weapon is a sword and besides that he has a small knife which he used to thoroughly own Zoro. XD

    We also know that Kuma can easily deflect swords because I think he did it to Zoro. If he can deflect Zoro’s attacks with such ease who’s to say he couldn’t do the same with Mihawk? I’m not saying it’ll be the same difficulty as it was with Zoro, but nonetheless it’s possible.

    @Fear: Your points about Kuma’s deflecting ability reminds me of a debate I had going on in my head. If he can deflect pain and fatigue out of his body like he did to Luffy is he even beatable? His skin is harder than steel so it’d be difficult to cut off his limbs. Yet, if you managed to damage him he could just just take away the pain and keep on moving. He’s like a robot zombie. @_@

    OMG it’s out TY Fear! 😀

  112. DAMN!!! Is that guy a friggin diamond logia?! Or does he just cover himself in diamond?! Either way thats my new favourite fruit man!! See you later Smoker 😛 Even Hawkeye couldnt cut it!! Wait, didnt Das Bones say ‘will you try cutting diamond next’ to zoro? If he does it then he will have surpassed Mihawk in one respect! >_< But still that ability rocks man!!
    So whats up with marco and the blue fire? He cant just be fire for three reasons, 1:Ace is fire, 2:It stopped kizarus (Awesome 😛 ) rapid fire light and 3:Its blue!! What power does he have?
    Finally i will say that i am glad to see that Aokiji can make ice extend from his body like he did to freeze the waves. That makes him so much stronger in my eyes than when i was unsure as to whether he could just freeze other stuff.
    Oh and any one else notice the pandaman jacket? ^^ Or that Mihawk still doesn't name attacks?
    God!! That issue was awesome!!

  113. Don’t worry Tobi I just deleted your comments…>_>

    Hehehe, fear the reaper! @_@

    Alright, I’ll try to come out with the breakdown today due to the awesomeness of the chapter. Looks like we got into the full swing of things. All I can say is… OMG NAMI YOU SEXY NYMPH!!! 0_0 I honestly couldn’t take my eyes off the cover page for a good 5 minutes and Robin only helped in my endeavor.

    *nose bleed*

    Oh, and aren’t blue flames hotter than red flames? 0_o

  114. LMFAO!!!! XD


    Look closely now 😉

    Here we see Aokiji in the air throwing his ice spears at Whitebeard. Whitebeard cracks the spears and on the same page somehow Aokiji lands on the water seemingly harmed, but we saw no damage done to him, and freezes it.

    That all makes sense so far right?

    Next page all of a sudden Aokiji is back up in the air and being cracked like his ice spears were. Then he proceeds to fall back onto the body of ice he previously created.

    WTH happened!? FAIL!!! That’s what happened.

    Here’s the proper scantalation.

    In the air Aokiji gets cracked along with his ice spears where he then proceeds to land on the water while reforming his body and turning the water into ice.

    Maybe onemanga will fix it later but for now… *shakes head sadly* >_<

  115. 0_0 To think you would have such power! You’re practicly Whitebeard. The power to destroy the world…Of awesomeness…
    Well sorta but you wont get blue flames from a normal fire, only natural gas. Wierd. Maybe he ate the gas mera gas mera no mi 😛
    Right i will save all my comments for the next breakdown.

  116. i just missed one thing in this chappy and that was luffy entering the fight well i guess that has to wait for 2 weeks
    and yeh blue fames should be hotter then red ones,..
    no chappy next week =(
    aww Mihawk must be a bit dissapoint in hisself,..

  117. One Manga messed the whole thing up really. The whole issue is double pagers but they did most as singles. Whats goin on with all the manga next week?

  118. The only benefit I can see them doing one pagers is to make the text and pictures bigger. More detail and admittedly it does help which is why I read through both versions. Onemanaga for the bigger pictures and Mangashare for the clearer scantalations and translations.

  119. *Sigh* Always the diplomat eh? ^^
    I thought about Mihawk a little more and have decided that he can probably cut diamond. Zoro cant cut steel with his 108 cannon so its unreasonable for Mihawk to cut diamond with a distance attack. I reckon that Mihawk can cut it with contact from his blade, like Zoro cuts steel with his lions song.

  120. New chapter is out

    It’s kind of a small chapter, but awesome nonetheless 😉

  121. darn it when is the breakdown coming 😛

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