Bleach manga 368 breakdown + bleach 369 spoilers.

Spoilers for upcoming chapter:

Hello people,

This is Scorpion Legacy filling in for mud who was filling in for ELF…yeah,  well sorry for the delay in bleach breakdown goodness and I hope you enjoy my rushed breakdown ^_^.

I must say this this chapter was rather boring in my opinion.  It starts off with the typical student wanting to stop evil teacher from taking over the world plot point, hurray for originality!  Well I don’t think bleach was meant to have a very complex story line anyway…it’s more of a lets kick some evil ass type of manga.  Well skipping over the Tosen v Hisagi’s pre fight convo (well all know real men talk things out before kicking some ass) lets get look at the good part of this chapter shall we.


Wonderweiss is not a big fan of money shots but his agent said that all the pros do it.

Wonderweiss the porn star!  damn you Kubo creator of bleach!  What kinda of sick perv would force a mentally challenged Arrancar to do porn.

Wonderweiss likes to spit not swallow.

Wonderweiss likes to spit not swallow.

Sexy guy with awesome porn name, check.  Hot mony shot with spit action, check.  Hmmm…something seems a little off.  I know we need an awesome dominatrix chick in a power ranger costume.

Damn, I guess wonderweiss was forced to swallow.

Damn, I guess wonderweiss was forced to swallow...check.

Wow this is getting hot time to put on some Barry white then sit back and enjoy the show.  Go, go power ranger!  ahhhh this brings me back to the good old days I would bring my power ranger action figures over to my best friends house so they could fight the pink vibrating worm that was in his sisters night stand.


Did bleach get switched to adult entertainment yet?

Wow ok well this fight just got a bit to graphic….I think we should take a look at another fight now.

hmmm....the barry white must be taking effect. (yes I f&*ked up the pic edit a bit)

hmmm....the Barry white must be taking effect. (yes I f&*ked up the pic edit a bit)

Well I am happy this chapter is over.  The bleach manga is starting to feel like filler with weeks of build up and no fighting.  I am rather disappointed in this chapter of bleach.

That is all for my short and sweet breakdown.  later peoples.  -_+


Scorpion Legacy


~ by サソリの遺産 Scorpion Legacy on August 3, 2009.

30 Responses to “Bleach manga 368 breakdown + bleach 369 spoilers.”


  2. first

  3. ok second

  4. epic breakdown!

  5. Fourth. 🙂

    If you look at it a certain way, Wonderweiss looks like Donald Duck with hair, when Mashi kicks him in his cheek.

  6. LMFAO!!! Funny ass breakdown and nice and short. Bleach is all fight fight fight right now, but I won’t stop watching it since I spent so much damn time catching up and everything. I believe it’ll get back to the plot again and get epic like the rescue Rukia Arc! I have faith in Bleach, but yes it needs to speed up this talking, get the fighting over with, and get back to the story line.

  7. it was a good breakdown…love the first caption with wonderweiss…all the pro’s do it…lmao
    i am hoping bleach can pick up the pace or show us something exciting like new bankais, ie shunsui,the captain commander,etc…does ukitake count since he got pwned by wonderweiss?

  8. I dont know, is it really seeming like filler scorp the 2nd?

    To me this just seems like extended battling…and instead of the usual, say….5 minutes talk, 10 minutes battling. Since this is extended its like 50 minutes talk, 100 minutes battling.

    I guess this could be the final arc and has been going on for a year now. So this would need to be bigger and extended….right?

    Anyways great breakdown “scorp the 2nd kage” ^_^

  9. only 8 responses to such an awesome breakdown shame on you all those who have read bleach

  10. 10 responses now….. 🙂

    And my new theory 😉

    Aizen is actually the good guy.
    And the kings place……(or wherever he’s trying to get to) is the real enemy, there making some sort of plan with the underworld….Aizen knows this and is trying to save the world from squad 0 (or whatever it is)

    Unlikely…but possible.

  11. @Schy: That’s an awesome plot twist but Aizen would be one complicated good guy if you look at it. He’s trying to kill an entire town to save the world? Just like Itachi massacred his own clan to save Konoha from war. I don’t consider Itachi a good guy for that and neither would I for Aizen even if it’s for the “greater good”. The true good guys are the ones who find a way around the most impossible situations and at least “try” to save everybody.

    On a side note I do have a strange feeling that the King is evil for some reason. He seems most likely to be the strongest and may wind up as Ichigo’s and SS last enemy.

  12. I realy would want to see soul societies king, squad 12’s former captain-before Kisuke (one of the original captains) was also promoted to the squad 0 place there to. It would be awesome to see her-and awesome to see more of the underworld.
    When that “thing” came out of the underworld gate around the start of Bleach, it instantly killed Shreika (thats not hard though 😦 ).But it would be cool to see Ichigo face that.

    So how would you suppose Aizen should try to go about saving everyone and going around killing peoples souls to make a key supertrek89?

    I suggest….maybe using the key head captain Yama knows about?

    I dont think killing hollow souls would be any better than killing human souls personly, because the hollows soul is technically human to (once purified)

    Well that theory could be a great extension to the manga i guess.

  13. when r the spoilers coming?

  14. No answer yet…..<_<

    Soon i guess…..Friday at the latest 🙂

  15. @Schy: That’s exactly the point and why I don’t see Aizen being a good guy. He’s trying to kill a whole town of people to get to the top of the world. Even if his intentions are good his methods are wrong. How could Aizen go about getting the Key and not killing thousands of humans? Well there’s one other method and I think you mentioned it. Yamato may know about it but of course he’s not going to tell Aizen. Anyway the whole point of my post was to show that even if Aizen turned out to be a “good guy” I would never see him in that light if he were to succeed in destroying Ichigo’s hometown.

  16. LMAO, funny breakdown Scorp, cheers for the cover 😉

  17. i want to see kisuke fight with his full strenghth

  18. I voted that Bleach needs to move slower.

    Why!? I’m not crazy (yet >_>) I just dont want the manga to end. Since this arc could be the last arc, i want it to take all the time it needs. But i do think its moving at a resonable speed, considering the status of the current arc-it could be the last arc 😦 So it needs to be extended IMO-as i mentioned before.

  19. i dunno buy i enjoyed the argument between freckle face and teapot

  20. More support for Bleach!!! Ahsan is right this place deserves more posts than this dammit!!!

    What i want to see is a Urahara meet up with Hiyori. They had an interesting relationship together and I think she even liked or really respected him. Now that may seem pedo but you gotta remember she’s at least one hundred years old. I just wonder how come some people grow up in Soul Society and others don’t. >_<

    And it has YET to be explained why there is a talking, hind leg walking, bankai wielding fox!!!! XD

  21. He’s a half breed
    or….its Aizens shikai!!!!! (wait that cant be right Sajin knows he’s different, so its not an illusion….he can feel himself-ummm 0_o i mean feel his face) Aizens Bankai then!!!!!!
    It must confuse touch too. ^_^

    I think Hiyori is just small. ¿? She thinks she has breasts….thats what she told Maiyuri anyway…. >_> I wonder what age she’s be (or anyone would be) if they were human/alive/normal aging?

  22. anyone else think that Aizen’s good looks are just one of those illusions he does…in reality he looks all old and wrinkly

  23. @Boyruns: Hehehe, that’d be funny to see Ichigo beat him up so bad in the future that he reverts to his old true form. A withered power hungry wrinkly old man. XD

    Lol, as good as that might sound we have seen cases of people go on for centuries without aging much at all. I.E. Hiyori and Toshiro. I have no idea how the aging works in this manga and why a fox can talk. 😀

  24. Bleach seemed a little unevetfull as usual, but perhaps Baragan is dead or hurt now?

    I would have though Hali would have perished first-considering she’s weaker than Baragan.

  25. @super: i also dont under stand how a shinigami (Ukitake) can have tuberculosis

  26. wow i haven’t commented here yet :O COOKIE WAS HERE SCORING NUMBER 26 POSITION!!! YOSH!!! 😛
    hehe i loved the deal they made xD it was epic and soooo funny 😛

  27. LMAO!!! Soifon is such a petty shinigami and for a captain I was just LMAO at the way she behaved. XD

    This chapter was nice in my opinion. I don’t understand why Barrangar didn’t go around the freaking shield but whatever. >_<

    He should be dead now as he got uber PWNED. The only reason he survived the first attack was because he aged the missile so it pre-exploded [insert that's what she said joke here]. Since he got caught in the full explosion I don't see how he could have survived unless…he aged the blast!? 0_0

  28. Hey guys, sorry but i’ve been busy, hopefully i’ll have the breakdown out tomorrow (at some stage). If nobody has, i suggest reading the mangashare, binktopia scanlation – very high quality and the translation makes more sense.


  29. YOSH! Indeed Mudshovel we await the breakdown, and yeah I suggest everyone read the Binktopia translation of not only this manga but for Naruto and One Piece too. It’s good to read both Onemanga and Mangashare versions to get an overall fill and especially if you’re really used to Onemanga.

  30. I just witnessed how much manga fox’s version sucks so bad. The quality it terrible. But thats the only place i know of were i can read ALL of Dragonball.

    I looked at that link, but it P’d me off.
    When Barragan talks, i can hardly read the words.

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