Naruto Manga 458 Breakdown and 459 Spoiler discussion. The Five Kages’ Arguements

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Hey everyone,

Well I’m back again to bring you another slightly more interesting chapter this week! We got plot twists, Sai bitch slapping Sakura and different arguments laid down by each of the Kages. Also to create hot headed arguments for all of us. So without further delay, lets skip merrily to the breakdown. Well unless you already done that… In which case, you shall be labeled cheater forever now and never get to touch this shiny orb. *__*

The only ones brave enough to like a beast in the eye and say " I know where you live!"

The only ones brave enough to look a beast in the eye and say " I know where you live!"

Gaara is never one to dilly dally, so he tries to get right to the point, but find opposition in the form of Tsuchikage. Tsuchikage follows the belief’s of elderly dreams. One of mannerly youngin’s who never answer back. Gaara pretty much crushed that dream when they handed him the Kazekage title. The ironic thing is, they will probably become the best of friends… Mizukage doesn’t want to hear any more of old men rambling and asks Gaara to continue. With Kankuro hissing insults at the Tsuchikage from the safety of that circular table behind the Kage’s table. Gaara continues explaining how, as a former host, that the Akatsuki captured and nearly killed him when they extracted the beast. I do believe they DID kill you, Gaara… I mean Deidara was sitting on someones corpse and I don’t think it was Elmo’s… So Gaara points out that he asked the other countries for help with protecting the hosts, but only Tsunade helped him out. Useless. Some people don’t understand that ‘aid’ involves making an effort. Not telling the person to go get a job. Tsuchikage then points out that the country should retrieve the host secretly because other countries are not going to help out if it is stolen.

Some times the only way to get attention is to put your fist down. Sometimes it doesn't end to well. >_>
Sometimes the only way to get attention is to put your fist down. Sometimes it doesn’t end too well. >_>

Mizukage states than even if they have all the beasts it would take time, knowledge and skill to control them. Tsuchikage then says that the host must grow with the beast to adapt them and adds his own snide remark at Gaara. Ah they are going to be the best of friends. You can just tell, can’t you? CAN’T YOU!? 0_0 Danzo adds his own little bit to the conversation when he says the only people who could actually control the beasts were: Killerbee, Madara, the first Hokage and 4th Mizukage, Yagura. Well that completely disproves Madara being the 4th Mizukage. No to mention that a young host was also a Kage. So he caused a rein of terror too? One way to fulfill your life. 0_0″ It also means that if Madara was a Mizukage, then he was the 2nd or 3rd… He really IS old. Raikage has had enough of this discussion, not to mention touchy from the mention of his little brother, so he bangs his fist for silence. The only way to do it. So after all the ‘security teams’ return to their seats after his outburst, he begin his lecturing.


Where'd it go!? 0_0

Raikage explains- well roars that the Akatsuki is not just made up of missing nins from the other villages, but the other villages have used Akatsuki. Gaara doesn’t take the fact that the villages has used Akatsuki smoothly. In his defense, they did try to kill him. But that was all in the past, I’m sure he doesn’t hold a grudge. *Watches insane look in Gaara’s eyes* Yup.. no grudge whatsoever… But Tsuchikage defends the Akatsuki telling how effective their work was and how they were cheap too. Raikage isn’t taking those compliments and tells him to STFU and that because of Suna’s invasion plan, they used Orochimaru who was in the Akatsuki, the Hokage and Kazekage ended up dead. But also thinks of his suspicions of how Danzo had a plot to do with the Hokage’s death. You can’t really defend him, if he plotted to kill the 3rd. It just shows the dedication he has for become Hokage. Anyone who apposes him are now sleeping with the fishes. Not in the good sort of way, either.

He doesn't sleep. He is always watching... Always waiting.. HE WILL GET YOU >_<

He doesn't sleep. He is always watching... Always waiting.. HE WILL GET YOU >_<

As Riakage turns his fury on Mizukage about the suspicion that Akatsuki was formed in Kirigakure, she admits that the 4th Mizukage might of been controlled by the Akatsuki. Before Raikage and Tsuchikage can get in the ring for some one on one dueling, Danzo tells everyone that the leader of the Akatsuki is Madara. Mifune cuts into the conversation and asks if the Kages are willing to form a five-village alliance until Akatsuki is dealt with. Mifune states that they will all fight amongst themselves for rein of command so he, as a neutral party, would like to choose.

Madara, Deidara,Itachi,Kisame,Konan,Nagato, Sasori,Orochimaru,Zetzu,Kakuzu,Hidan. If you got all of them correct you get absolutely nothing. What I don't have your adress >_>
Madara, Deidara, Itachi, Kisame, Konan, Nagato, Sasori, Orochimaru, Zetzu, Kakuzu, Hidan. If you got all of them correct you get absolutely nothing. What I don’t have your address >_>
Back in Konoha, Sai is putting his new job as Konoha’s own love guru into action. Confrontation is the key in this chapter and now Sai is following the lead. Sai starts off telling how Naruto got beaten up by Karui, but still didn’t sell out Sasuke. He then continues telling Sakura and Shizune that Naruto has left to plead for the Raikage to forgive Sasuke, no matter how useless it may be. And it was pretty useless to begin with. You need to use ‘law’ and ‘order’ to get him to bow down and follow your words, ie: YOUR FISTS!  He then gets to the point of why he even bothered to come to a tent full of woman. After he explains to Sakura that he may not of been on the team for a long time or that he doesn’t know what promises that Naruto made to Sakura, he tells her that even he could tell that Naruto loves Sakura. Sakura then has flashbacks to the time when she asked Naruto to bring Sasuke back and how he has said that he felt the same pain she was feeling. Then to the time that Naruto said that he will keep his promise to bring Sasuke back. This all leads to one revelation in Sakura; her realising how selfish and unkind she has been to Naruto. All this time she has been putting weights on Naruto and making him feel horrible because she can’t get over the infatuation with Sasuke. Will this make her shed off her childish infatuation? Or will she stay a love drove puppy. She has reverted to her teary old self too… Oh you all know it’s true! I’m not the only one thinking it. >_> So Sai leads to the obvious thing now, Sasuke may cause pain to Naruto, but so does Sakura. Not to mention, just like the seal that has been put on Sai, the promise Naruto made to Sakura has become a curse to him. First prize goes to Sai for telling it as it stands! There is no side stepping for him.
She's a maneater, make you buy cars, make you cut cords, wish you never ever met her at all! -- Jumped into my head the moment I read that page >_<

She's a maneater, make you buy cars, make you cut cords, wish you never ever met her at all! -- Jumped into my head the moment I read that page >_<

Back in the Kage’s meeting the votes have been counted, the dramatic pause for the winner has been done and now there will be only one person to claim the prize. Konoha being the only village to still have it’s beast, has been thought to be the winner? But will the other Kage’s allow it? I can see Gaara siding with Konoha because of the history, I can even see the Mizukage siding with Konoha. But as for the Tsuchikage and the Raikage? Let the battle for power begin!!

Bar brawl! Bar brawl, BAR BRAWL!!! Someone get the pool stick! >_<

Bar brawl! Bar brawl, BAR BRAWL!!! Someone get the pool stick! >_<

This weeks bubble! Done from the left to the right ;-) Have fun!

This weeks bubble! Done from the left to the right 😉 Have fun!

This week winner is Black Ice. I can't believe how many though Suigetsu was talking..He was stoned people ;-) Meh

This week winner is Black Ice. I can't believe how many though Suigetsu was talking..He was stoned people 😉 Meh

Well that’s it for me. The Gaiden will be out by Monday, so don’t worry! 😉

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  6. informative chapter. saw a lot of it coming obviously. what’s gonna happen now though? the whole next chapter cant be all about the kages arguing over power so what happens in those side panels you think?

  7. hm…. the narusaku moments kinda pissed the shit outta me, but did u see sakura’s expression? XD she just noticed naruto likes her! how lame! XDDDD

  8. looks like Chojuro has something like the samehada
    and i was sure gaara would go nuts after page 6…way to let me down bro -__-

  9. This was a good chapter…Sai is kickin’ Sakura’s ass(mentally)…
    I truly hope Naruto crashes this before Sasuke does…but then again he’s already heading back to the village and that should take a day going and coming back so i doubt it…
    ohh when i saw the bubble i instanly knew what to type…

    Danzo:*whispers* hurry wheres the bathroom?
    Tsukage:I already told you to hold it…im almost 10years older than everyone and i still can hold mine…
    Tsukage: No Way…Everyone Danzo Sh*tted Himself…

  10. After months of reading this blog, I finally decided to become part of this little anime family you guys have here.
    Seems like this is fun stuff.

    For the bubble contest, who’s on top and who’s on the bottom, in the panel to the left ?

  11. @Raikoben: welcome to WRA…its always great for people to join us here. For the bubble, danzo is on the top, and the tsukage is on the bottom. Make sure you check out the chatroll sometimes to actually meet the most of us. Theres usually atleast somebody on there.

  12. @ 3rd caption: The question is not where did it go but WHAT THE HELL that is… If you ask me it kind of looks like an umbrella.

  13. How can they elect Danzo just because Konoha has a tailed beast?! He’s not even Hokage yet! He still needs the Jonin’s votes!
    And I hope Killerbee comes back because then even Kumo will have a tailed beast and there will not be many reasons for him to be elected.




  15. @supafreak17: it sure looks like an umbrella! i think it’s going to have the power to reflect things…
    @shinobimadness: great caption!

  16. @shinobimadness: thanks.

    Danzo: Look, Ōnoki, let’s not deal with this here in public …
    Tsuchikage 1: No, NO ! We’re dealing with this now !
    Tsuchikage 2: You mean to tell me that you left a fine-ass man like me to be with that hussie, Orochimaru ?!?

  17. @Raikoben: Welcome to WRA =D First thing first, do not accept sweets from strangers or anyone here. >_> It’s usually sugar free. Keep the cursing to a minimum and don’t be afraid to speak your opinion!
    Other than that, have fun and if you’re on the chat… Be prepared for a large amount of randomness and very little sanity.. In fact be prepared for anything 😉

  18. I thought id share an interesting observation….

    kankuros puppet is most DEFINITELY sasori’s body, anyone agree? i smell a big fight brewing between a number of people

  19. @Raikōben Welcome to the awesomeness dude 😀 have fun 😉

  20. so should i take the silence to a no , is kakashi not over rated

    mumbles to himself “this should get things going”

  21. @Ahsan: Kakashi is very powerful but to answer your question: yes. He is quite possibly one of the most overrated character in Naruto.

  22. @ahsan-ok ok i hear you. i’ll be gone for a week after this comment. (and i wont have internet so i cant see the new manga 😦 ). but yes kakashi has indeed become one of the most overrated ninja. i love the guy but he has.i think it’s safe to say that when the manga started, he really was one of the more powerful ninja around, but over time it seems like a bunch of people have caught up to, or surpassed, him.

  23. Kakashi isn’t overrated. he almost took down God realm 1 on 1, he’s respected by everybody in the village and even Tsunade said that he might even be fit for hokage. And furthermore Kakashi is extremely creative and has a ton of techniques. Every time he fights he shows something new. And let’s not forget that he’s young and is constantly improving: like developing the mangekyou sharingan.

  24. That comment about being kage level just shows how overrated he is. He said himself he would easily die if he fought Oro, yet the 3rd and Oro fought evenly. He ‘almost’ took out god relm. That means he lost. Also that wouldnt have even mattered if he was fighting all 6 paths since it could be brought back. Any time he fights high level enemies he ends up in the hospital. His fighting style revolves so heavily on his sharingan which drains his chakra more than an Uchihas, that he isnt equipped for long fights. I am not saying i dont like the guy, not at all, and im not saying he isnt very skilled, but the fact is he has a big reputation and it seems that over time, his abilities have become exaggerated probably with his own concent seeing as deception is the art of shinobi. He is strong but the leaf is supposedly the strongest of the great nations which should mean their kage is the greatest of the kage. Kakashi is not the strongest non-missing nin in the series…

  25. BUBBLE
    Danzo:Seems like I need my secret weapon to win this bar brawl…

    Back to the discussion, Kakashi is very powerful and, thinking about someone said, *points at dish* a bunch of people didn’t surpass him. There’s Naruto, but noone else of the remaining Konoha 11 surpassed him. He’s one of the most powerful Jonin of Konoha, if not the most powerful and like redcopywheel said, he’s young and is constantly improving.
    And about the remaining Konoha 11, in my opinion Shikamaru did not surpass him by beating Hidan. Anyway, if you think I’m wrong about something just post an answer.
    By the way I’m away for two weeks and I probably won’t have Internet. I’m waking up at 4:00 am and my flight is at 7:00 pm. This is one of my last comments before a probable two week break. So… I know you’ll all miss me and my supersmart comments *looks at the crowd trying to refrain from falling on the floor laughing* but I have to go… No, don’t beg me to stay. I have to go… Oh, I almost forgot, if I win the bubble contest *at this remark the crowd can’t resist anymore and falls on the floor laughing* then here’s a YAY FOR ME!

  26. BUBBLE
    Danzo:Seems like I need my secret weapon to win this bar brawl…

    This bubble is the right one.

    And my flight is at 7:00 am.

  27. I predicted a few months ago that Gaara would’ve lost the black markings around his eyes, since he lost the Shukaku … but I guess not.
    I think Kishi only kept them because Gaara wouldn’t be the same if he didn’t have them.

  28. jiraiya was hokage level, he fought all six pains at once and could have lived and fought them a second time knowing there secret and possibly killing pain (dont know why he didnt…) while kakashi could only take on two and barely hold on. like tobi said he doesnt have a great chakra pool so he rly cant compete against other ninja just as skilled for long periods of time even tho he is a beast/genius. but he is rly young and hasnt reached his full potential or had enough battle experience like kakuza said, so kakashi can improve but is still over rated. i wish we got to see the other konoha 11 battle more so we can rly compare things like this

  29. BUBBLE:

    Danzo: Well since I do have a shady history, am hungry for power, and may or may not have killed the third hokage in a scheme I think it makes pefect sense to make me in charge of the five nation alliance.

    Tsuchikage: HA!!! You have a better chance of a group made up of a vegetable-man, a stoned guy, a nerdy bitch and a bipolar maniac led by the king of emos attempting to assassinate us in a few moments.

    Tsuchikage: CRAP! Looks like we’re screwed! Everyone look at these spoilers for the next chapter!

  30. @steadz177 I think your right Good Observation!

  31. @ steadz177 & peediwee : kankuro could be using sasori as a puppet but i really don’t see gaara and the town elders going along with this for example ebizo (chiyo’s brother). he would probably be against this as sasori was his great nephew. my guess is that kankuro is using a puppet build after sasori (same weapons, etc) but not actually using sasori.

  32. Bubble 1: Oh God Danzo… what was that for!?
    Bubble 2: Sorry, but at my age i have no control over it
    Bubble 3: Well God Damn it smells awful… you should go wipe, theres no way that was a clean cut of cheese”

  33. LMAO!!! Funnier than usual breakdown Cookie or is it because it’s 6 in the morning and I haven’t slept yet? 0_o Nah, it was funny and very descriptive good job!

    Is it just me or our most people doing the bubbles from left to right now?

    My thoughts on the chapter were that is was pretty good besides the Sakura part. Come on no bashing on Sakura yet? I’m sorry but I must do this. She’s crying AGAIN and for what? She finds out Naruto loves her? WTH, wasn’t this obvious to everyone like 3 YEARS AGO!!! How dense can you be and why the hell is she crying over it? >_< Is she crying over how much Naruto is going through to keep his promise to her cry baby ass and to retrieve Sasuke? Instead of crying about it why don't you stop looking at granny Tsunade and go help Naruto fulfill that promise he made to you? You can fight now right? Well make use of yourself dammit!

    Sai= Awesomeness for yelling at Sakura… XD

    Ummm…Gaara was badass when he just sat there unflinching hands folded over one another as all the guards jumped out to fight. Mifune is a dumbass for picking the snake Danzou. Even someone as quick to fight like the Raikage noticed how sly Danzou is and his true nature. You'd think that someone who looks as wise as Mifune would pick a better candidate to lead the 5 nations but I suppose you can't judge others by appearance.

    Last but not least I said it before and I'll say it again. Kakashi is an overrated genius but he has every right to be. 😉

    Well, I'm about to fall out. Sorry for the Sakura bashing but someone had to do it. 😛

  34. BUBBLE:

    Tsuchikage: “What’d you say your real name was again!?”

    Danzou: “It’s…Madobitora…zou…”

    Tsuchikage: “WTF, now you’re just playing games with us!”

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    I feel Great.

  36. Nice breakdown cookie.
    lol as brought out by super we all know bees brother pitys the fool.
    And which shiny orb were you refering to. Does it happen to be a green one O_O *pulls out shotgun*

  37. BUBBLE

    Supertrek: YOSSSSSSSSHHHHH!!!!!

    Eatencookie: its all green 😛

    Piccolo: IM NOT A GOD DAMN YOSHI!!!!

  38. BUBBLE

    Tsuchikage: Oh yea sure choose the one the is the closest person ever to being madara. He is obviously the best person for this job. Why dont we all just commit suicide now? >_<

    Hanzo: Relax. Just because i suspiciously wanted to be hokage and had evil plots to become hokage and just sat back and watch akustki destroy our village and now all of a sudden have the sharingan that just so happens to also be on the right side of my face doesnt mean im madara.

    Tsuchikage: pffffffffffffffffffffffffft!!!

  39. Here’s another bubble…not sure if you can do multiple post

    BUBBLE:Man, this sure is boring…guess ill just give myself a “stranger”…
    Tsukage:What the heck is that? It better not be anything perverted…

    *sidenote…a stranger is when you sit on your hand till it goes numb then…you know the rest

  40. Hey everyone!

    Another nice breakdown, and I gotta say I loved this chapter. So many interesting developements are starting to form and all the se new characters are really cool by the looks of things.

    Gaara was owning the entire meating with his nonchalant mask of emotionless epic win (that was complicated).

    As for emotionaless, I think Sai has earned 900 awesomeness points in this chapter alone. Coming from being a character that most people found easy to hate, he is developing very well into a character we will all like a lot more.

    It’s about time people started learning what Naruto is shouldering, and what they are forcing him to shoulder and ti takes the emotionless one to figure this out. -____-

    Anyway, that’s me for now! ^ ^

  41. Man, that last post came out really lopsided. lol.


    The Final Agreement:

    (The Room is in uproar with the comming decision of the Lord of the Iron.)

    “Konoha! This damn meeting came about because of Konoha’s Hokage was weak-kneed and listened to the helplessness of a pathetic child. Now that missing-nin kidnapped my brother, the real chance we had against Akatuski. I don’t trust you or your damned Host,” yelled Raikage.

    “Although, I hate to agree with Raikage for once, how do we know Konoha’s host is up for the challenge. From what I was told, he’s only a kid and no kid could have the potential to master a monstrocity such as the Kyuubi,” said Tsuchikage.

    “Hey Gaara. Isn’t that Naruto kid the host their talking about,” asked Kankuro. “Yeah, I remember Gaara saying Akatuski was after him to,” said Temari. “Naruto huh. I think he has what it takes,” said Gaara. “I don’t think that will convince them though,” said Kankuro.

    “You guys know of this host,” asked Mizukage. “Yes. He helped save me from Akatuski. He also stopped me from going on a rampage three years ago. I have faith in his ability,” said Gaara. “I’m not trusting the words of a child, one who fell victim to his own bijuu,” said Tsuchikage.

    “Naruto. You don’t mean that pathetic excuse for a shinobi that sobbed like a wimp. That kid doesn’t have what it takes to be a shinobi,” said Raikage.

    “You’ve met Uzumaki Naruto,” said Danzou. “Yeah, that punk approached me and tried to convince me in forgiving Uchiha Sasuke,” said Raikage. “So, Sai failed me. Anyway, he was only acting that way because of Sasuke. After all, they were very close. If his opponent is Akatuski, I have faith in his ability,” said Danzou.

    “How, give me proof said,” Raikage. “Uzumaki Naruto has grown into a fine shinobi under the training of Hatake Kakashi and the Sannin, the Legendary Toad Sage Jiraiya,” said Danzou. “Jiraiya he’s dead, I heard Akatuski got em,” said Raikage. “Another legend bites the dust. First it was Orochimaru,” said Tsuchikage.

    “That was from Uchiha Sasuke, he wasn’t part of Akatuski than from my sources,” said Danzou. “It seems Sasuke has become dark and followed the course that darkened his eyes,” said Gaara.

    “Jiraiya lost his life to Madara’s most trusted man, Pain. A man that carried the legendary dojutsu, Rinnegan,” said Danzou. “A bloodline such as that actually exists. Makes for an interesting specimen. It is no wonder that even the great Jiraiya died,” said Raikage.

    “Pain was undefeated. We, Root, studied his movements and Akatuski for years. No one was able to defeat him. Except for Naruto,” said Danzou.

    “WHAT,” yelled Raikage. “Impossible, against the Legendary dojutsu that shaped shinobi techniques,” said Tsuchikage. “Naruto. How strong have you gotten,” said Gaara. “This kid must be no joke to defeat something like that,” said Mizukage.

    “He has become a Sage just like Jiraiya and is without of a doubt a hero in our village. When Pain came to our village, he reduced it to rubble, but he alone toppled Pain and with that strength, I believe we can put an end to Akatuski. He transformed into the 8 tails, but managed to reverse back. Whether that had something to do with his seal is unknown, but surely Kakashi and Yamato an inheirtor of the 1st Hokage’s genes are able to work something out so we can control Naruto. He is also the son of the feared Yellowflash,” said Danzou.

    (Tsuchikage punches the table as well.)

    “You don’t mean THE YELLOW FLASH OF KONOHA,” said Tsuchikage. “The very same. The same man that reduced your troops into mush during the 3rd shinobi war. He was the former 4th Hokage and he sealed the 9 tails within his son to face Madara. It seems he saw things our way,” said Danzou.

    “Namikaze Minato . Even I’ve heared of him,” said Raikage.

    “It seems the Hokage has caught everyone’s attention. We will aid as much as you can. We strike in two years time. Use that to gather your forces.. From what I’ve heard, Akatuski has military strength that rivals multiple nations. Over the years of disarmament, they’ve been getting stronger, but with the time we have, and the aid of the 5 great nations, 2 years will be enough. It has been several years over a decade since the last shinobi war since Madara has been gathering men, but like I said earlier, we have 5 nations. We can divide the time amongst us appropriately. My samurai will also be preparing for the battle,” said,” Mifune.

    “Hmm. TO think I’d be relying on those Konoha fools again. Hmph, makes me sick to my stomach,” said Raikage.

    (Danzou thinks in his head.)

    “Finally the time has arised. Konoha will rise again as the most prestigious nation. And we have a long grueling war for Konoha to gain experience in. Naruto, you will play out your allotted part,” said Danzou.

    (Zetsu’s face pulls back in.)

    (Switch Scene to Falcon.)

    “So basically that’s what is going down,” said Light Zetsu. “Damn. Akatuski is sure getting to be a hot place. I don’t know if I want to stick around longer,” said Suigetsu. “What should we do Sasuke? Should we wait out the two years or strike soon. If Madara is a strong as they say, we could put up a chance a strike Danzou during the conflict,” said Karin.

    “It is up to you Sasuke,” said Juugo. “I’ll wait out the two years. If Madara is as strong as they say and his army is so massive. Destroying Danzou and Konoha may go hand in hand,” said Sasuke.

    “This Naruto guy sounds like the real deal. We’ll need time to prepare definately,” said Suigetsu. “Hmm. He’s just an obstancle in my way. I’ll cross him as I did Orochimaru,” said Sasuke.

  43. BUBBLE

    Tsuchi: Short people have the same rights you know!

    Danzo: No one cares about the opinion of a dwarf, Gimli.

    Tsuchi: I’m not a fucking dwarf! And my name’s not Gimli. That’s just my half-assed twin.

  44. I think I know how Danzo got his Sharigan, I thinks its Obito’s right eye.

  45. HEY HEY! It’s time for some bullshit form everyone’s favorite missing-nin… ME! *looks about for challengers to the “favorite” position*

    Ok, time for a random analysis of my own, as I have not been on to post alot lately.

    My take on things is as such:

    1st – Kishi has been watching too much CSPAN – a 5 kage summit, with only minimal fighting PALES in comparison to the United Nations day-to-day bickering.

    2nd – Does anyone else have a post-9/11 feeling about this arc?
    Destroyed village = Destroyed towers in New York
    Akatsuki = Radical terror extremists

    MADARA = BIN LADEN?!?!? You say I am a madman, but think of it… We have a 5 nation summit banding together to stop the world’s greatest “boogeyman”… Too familiar.

    Which leads us to Danzo’s TRUE IDENTITY:

    HE IS MADAROBITO-KAIDOZO-CHENEYBUSH – And he is unstoppable!

    Also: Mifune of the iron village is MADARA or someone else under his control. Alternate theory: Mifune is in Danzo’s pocket, since Danzo let him test them samurai swords on his arm.

  46. Wait a minute Cookie….did you just declare 1st on your own post? 0_o

  47. @prawlkage it is weird how mifune didnt even have to leave the room to think about who should lead the five nation alliance or even take a minute. the logic behind his decision is too strong

  48. OMG, welcome back Schy long time no see and you to Dynamic. Even Prawl our second favorite missing-nin made an appearance. 🙂

  49. Hey super…im back for good now. 🙂

  50. lol@prawl

    looks like the missing ninja are finally coming back ,have you removed your eye patches:P

  51. Does anyone think that Danzo actually doesn’t have sharingan? 0_0

    I dont believe that myself….but it’ll be a pretty crazy theory to suggest Danzo has no sharingan….and its just a genjutsu to make it seem like he has sharingan. 0_-

    …i guess its possible :/

  52. schy danzo doesnt have the sharingan 😛 youre just day dreaming:P

  53. BUBBLE:

    Danzo: Why does everyone ignore me! HELLOOOOO!!!! Im actually Madara the leader of Akatsuki and your giving ME power!!!HELLOOOOOO!!!!!Im trying to take over the WORLD!!! CMON!!!!

    Tsuchikage: Pipe down will ya! Now let’s start the meeting.

    Tsuchikage: All in favor of ordering pepperoni say “I”.

  54. @Schy: LMAO, how could I not see it!? They’re contact lenses what a clever rouse! Damn you Danzzooouuuu!!!! XD

    @Anyone: New theory coming up straight from the craziness of my brain. Sai’s a vampire!…No wait that wasn’t it…

    Danzou planned the Uchiha massacre not only to wipe out the Uchihas but to obtain a sharingan from one of the fallen! Still I believe if Danzou got his sharingan from some random no named Uchiha that would be lame as hell! >_<

  55. Remember the dude would have to be alive though super…But i guess it could work.

  56. Danzo’s right side of his body is crushed…..he’s missing an arm and has sharingan on his right side.

    Hmmmm, that could be more evidence to go with the DanzObito theory? I really dont think thats true though….

    (but then again, i thought Danzo having sharingan was just as unlikely…and i suppose it was……)…..

    @super-i like the contact lense idea 😀

  57. spoilers are out on and other sppoiler sites. it sounds awesomeness

  58. spoilers are out on the spoiler web-sites the sound awesome

    go sasuke

  59. from nja:



    泣く いの からナルト・サクラを除く同世代らがなにやら会議



    眼帯の下には 白眼

    それは一度戦ったことのある うちはシスイ のモノとまったく同じものだった

    その事でダンゾウを問い詰める 自分もかつて日向と戦い移植したものだが~

    都合が悪くなった所に ゼツが出てきて

    これから うちはサスケが襲撃にくるよ~ どこにいるかわかるかな~!?



    more from him:

    トビがゼツに やれ!! って命令出して

    and more:



    ブリーチはすまん時間なくて読めなかった;;今週ワンピ・ナルト・その次がブリーチだった気が する><

    fulll translation by Shounensuki,OMG what developments!!!!:

    Ino cries, then there’s a meeting of people of the same generation¹ for some reason. Sakura and Naruto aren’t there.
    Shikamaru goes to where Sakura is

    He reports to Sakura that everyone got together to talk
    The conclusion is that if Sasuke is caught up in hatred and revenge, as Konoha, they will… (kill him?)

    For some reason, Sakura seems to go from being dazed to making a decision
    I’m going to talk to Naruto

    To the conference
    The Mizukage’s attendent with the eyepatch senses that the atmosphere has turned strange for some reason
    Under the eyepatch is the Byakugan
    In Danzou’s right face and arm, he sees a chakra flow he once saw before…

    It is exactly the same as Uchiha Shisui, whom he once fought
    (Shisui’s Sharingan had a doujutsu that allowed him to go into his opponent’s mind and manipulate them, even without the opponent realising it)

    He questions Danzou about it: I too once fought a Hyuuga and got a transplant, but…
    What if I were the one who unravelled the Fourth Mizukage’s jutsu (Danzou was the one manipulating?)

    As the circumstances worsen, Zetsu appears

    After this, Uchiha Sasuke will attack. I wonder if you know where he is…!?

    It ends with him saying something like this

    It seems Sasuke is going full speed down the path of evil, already being searched by the Five Countries as a dangerous criminal…
    Additional comments translated by Shounensuki :

    Shounensuki mistake:Ay… my bad >< Yeah, that's supposed to be Mizukage… Stupid mistake to make…


    Tobi orders Zetsu to "Go!!"
    Zetsu appears in the centre of the place where the conference is held and speaks


    It's the white half of Zetsu.* Sasuke's team are wondering about him saying something like, "He's no longer here."

    When Zetsu appears in the end, Temari stands before Gaara, protecting him ^^

  60. Haven’t read the spoilers yet. The breakdown was awesome.

    Side note I calm all if not half the victory of the Yukimaru debate back then. >_< Yagura buwhahaha

  61. BUBBLE
    Tsuchikage: Noo…
    Danzo: Yes its confirmed, the results are in. All four of you have gained a sexually tramismited discease. What did made you think a foursome could possible end in any other way.
    Tsuchikage: f**cking damn it.

  62. BUBBLE
    Tsuchikage: I won’t believe it.
    Danzo: I am completely serious. After the meeting is over and I gain control of the kage goverment I will assisinate 4 of you, rape 3 and knockout 5. The remaining will support me
    Tsuchikage: haha Your bluffing.

  63. Me confused about that spoiler @_@
    But thats normal i guess.

  64. I thought there was no manga this week? DEATH HAVE YOU LIED TO ME!? >__> <_<*notices people staring at her pointedly* hehehehe *runs to do gaiden*

  65. i WAS tOlD THeRe wAs No mANgA For NaRuTo tHiS WEEk To 😮

  66. okay guys.. well it appears this breakdown will not be out for awhile.. i accidently hit a wrong button and lost my entire effort for this night.. so this breakdown i will have to try to do when i finish work tomorrow and then on thursday. I lost 4/8 of the breakdown. So i have alot of catching up to do… Excuse me.. i’m going to go cry T_T

  67. 4/8 why not just type 1/2 >_>

    Sorry about your
    going bye bye 😦 I wont though…i’ll still eat you up 🙂

  68. Gah srry ppls I think its next week no manga!!! Runs in corner srry :(!!!!!!!!! Bah u know what I’m sick of a certain fucking mofo aka sasuke. Why am I saying this here u ask, because I’m more awesome than cookie! U HERE THAT COOKIE IM MORE AWESOME THAN U!!!! Oh and srry about your breakdown heheh………

    P.S super if u read this u better go to mandis wedding -_- or I will hunt u down and hog tie u and bring u to it!!!!!
    P.S.S sasugay is a ass and I will personly if givin enough make a machine able to go into mantas and kill sasuke then maybe >_> cough nvm. Heheh wow what a pointless post -_-
    ❤ u cookie hope u feel better

  69. Enough Money*!!!! Dammit

  70. Sorry to hear that Cookie…

    *snickers* What!? I like Snickers! ^^

    @Sharingan: Damn, you got the spoilers already!? *closes eyes and runs away…into a wall* >_<

    @Death: I’ll be there…out of fear… 0_0

  71. @super u better be *glares*

  72. *wonders why ppl are threatning super*
    *grabs a pitchfork and lights a torch*
    DOWN WITH STUDENT FEES!!! ummm i mean Death to Supertrek >_> <_<

    woops, my mistake
    Well randomness is back, and that's just cookie's breakdown – and where the hell is my lemonade? Who will i scam now, with it's poor taste and overpriced cup – it's just not fair damn it!!!!
    Ohhh and by that i mean funny breakdown cookie ….

    Sakura – u're a mess woman! Gezzz, does any1 else just sigh when it's her turn to say or do something? Damn it's a let down, u're just wondering when the next water works is coming – SIGH!

    Also how can Yagura said to have controlled the Sanbi if it was fully transformed and lazing in a lake? If it's fully transformed, doesn't that mean Yagura was killed – since Tobi commented that it had been awhile without a host – it was senile ….

  73. i think if sakura were to dissappear from naruto manga ,the manga will only go further up:)

  74. i just want to say to the people who think kakashi is overated i think ur wrong. We have never seen kakashi go all out he is always pretecting someone. “points at choji” also vs kakuza he never used mangyeko sharingan. he is also just as smart as shika, as skilled at taijutsu as gai, and has good sense of smell as kiba. yea he has low chakra but we have never seen him go all out.

  75. we see him go all out all the time…Zabuza for example. He always ends up in a mini coma. If he used MS against Kakuzu then he would have collapsed mid fight. Again i will say i think he is good, but not as much as he is credited for….

  76. he did not go all out on zabuza. he waited to use lighting blade at the end. and he barely used his sharigan. and zabuza was one of the 7 swordsman of the mist. and so far the ones we saw thay are all strong enough to be in akatsuki.

  77. dont compare kakshi to naruto and sasuke because we all know they are the two strongest or are going to be the two strongest because they are the main characters. He is the strongest jounin in konoho

  78. I meant the first fight with zabuza. Nothing held him back, he used his sharingan and kicked his ass. Yet he was out for days after. If you have read my previous comments you should know im not comparing him to Naruto or Sasuke, only to other kage, mainly hokage, which he is supposidly at the level of. I have no doubt he is a strong jonin but i have already made my points why he is overrated. Also, his chakra pool is no lower than an average nin, he just relies on his sharingan a lot for most of his fighting. Since he isnt Uchiha, it takes more chakra to use. It is no inherited problem to do with a small chakra pool, its his own choice to fight that way…

  79. tobi that zabuza fight was a long time ago , and you would agree with me if that fight would take place now kakashi will kik some serious ass

  80. he is not as strong as past hokage, but i think he is the strongest in konoho except for tsunade and naruto. and niether of them can become hokage right now so thst leaves kakashi. idk why naruto cant be hokage he should be

  81. does anyone else think that danzo is not madara but madara’s brother. that is why he has one regular eye because he gave his other sharingan to madara. I dont remember if they ever said he died

  82. I actually thought that those brothers might have given each other one eye so i do see it as a possibility.
    Konoha is supposed to be the strongest of the great nations i.e. the strongest ninja village. Therefore their hokage should be the strongest non-missing nin. Has konoha really fallen so much they simply pick a hokage because there are no other candidates? What about Hinatas dad, he killed a Raikage once and also owned so many nin in that distruction of the leaf arc. What about other anbu members, surely Kakashi isnt the only other worthy person for hokage. The fact that so many are written off for him is also why i say he is overrated.

    @Ahsan: Yeah mate, i know kakashi would own, it was just a counter for ultimates previous statement.

  83. well ur right konoho is not as strong as it used to be but we still dont know how strong the other hokages are other thatn garra and i think kakashi could beat garra because of his speed.

  84. well sharingan since gara lost to deidra and kakashi nearly killed deidra we can say kakakashi is above gara


    a debate

    that willl




    hatake kakashi v.s danzo
    non uchiha sharingan weiladar v.s non uchiha sharingan wieldar

  85. @Ahsan: Haven’t you already done Kakashi vs Danzo a month ago ?
    Then everybody said it’s uncertain ’cause we haven’t seen Danzo fight ?

  86. Gaara wud have definately WIN against deidara if he hadn’t to PROTECT the ALL village capice? he was winning over deidara till he, deidara, saw an opening called “love for the villagers” and he changed his strategy to it!

  87. Gaara wud have definately WIN against deidara if he hadn’t to PROTECT the ALL village capice? he was winning over deidara till he, deidara, saw an opening called “love for the villagers” and he changed his strategy to it!
    So next time read the manga before u say some b***sh**t?

  88. @ultimatesharingan: They’ve said that Izuna died in a war shortly after giving Madara an eye.

  89. Heh, I was one of the few to support Danzou last time and dammit I’ll do it again! Danzou FTW!!!

    Now let me give a simple explanation of why. Kakashi has had the sharingan for like what…17-18 years now? Look at what he’s done with his sharingan and how far he’s advanced. Well how long has Danzou had his sharingan? Who knows how long Danzou has had his sharingan and who/where he got it from? Who knows what kind of experience he has with it and even if he unlocked the MS. All I can say is he’s definitely had it far longer than Kakashi and even though Kakashi is a genius to advance so fast Daznou could have advanced even further for having the sharingan for so long. We’re talking about Danzou here too…he’s a man that would kill his best friend in an instant to unlock MS so the chances of him having it are about 90% to me.

    On top of all that guess what else? We now know that Danzou has a wind affinity which tops Kakashi’s main affinity lightning. Plus Danzou has the sharingan so who’s to say he couldn’t copy all of Kakashi’s other jutsu like Kakashi does others?

    The one thing Kakashi has against Danzou is…the power of youth! That’s right Kakashi can use his superior body to outmaneuver Danzou, but that’s if Danzou’s sharingan doesn’t see through all his movements. Overall if this turns into a close range battle I’d give it to Kakashi in Danzou’s current handicapped state. In a long range battle I’d give it to Danzou based off his knowledge and experience of the sharingan and other jutsu.

    @Sharigan and Tobi: On top of what Raikōben said if Danzou was Izuna (Madara’s younger brother) he’d have EMS (for just swapping one eye with Madara) and could turn off the sharingan willingly since he was a pure blood Uchiha. No need to cover it up with bandages or even for it to be damaged and go blind.

  90. do you really want me to counter supah, u know i have more support 😛

  91. oh and raikoben that time danzo didnt have the sharingan

    though here is a poll of it:P lets leave it to the poll shall we this time 😛

  92. pooling is not the best thing cuz most of ppl chose who they like the most and not the ost suitable to win,


    @super: I back u up dude DANZO FTWWWWWWWW =D

  93. I dont think we have enough data to guage how strong Danzo is yet.

    We do know that he battled Hiruzen for the title “3rd Hokage” and lost.

    It must have been around 45 years ago though.

  94. Hey guys. Do you think sasugays team has enough power to take out everyone in the meeting because i personally dont

  95. @Death: pfft i think we established my coolness is off the charts, it’s so high 😉 ooooh yeah *quagmire style* *wonders if anyone got that* 0_o
    @Supers: *thows snicker bar in him face knocking him to the ground* *supers start whining* Quit your jibber gabber, you aint hurt! You’re pathetic! If i ever catch you acting like a crazy fool again you’re going to meet my friend PAAAAAAAAIN! Snickers, GET SOME NUTS! *coughs* >_> oh and you’re going to that. you have no choice =__=
    @Schy: Cause saying 4/8 sounded better and like i had more done… Damn i really need that restaining order >_<
    @Mud: Oh er was that your lemonade? hehe i gave it to some dog, it looked parched! hehe when can you expect anything else from me 😉

  96. @Ahsan: Bah, we all knows who’s going to win the polls. That’s a popularity contest. I want to see some good arguments for Kakashi’s side. 😛

    @Marks: Sasuke would get his ass pwned no doubt in my mind. He’s not there to fight all the kages though he’s just after Danzou’s head.

    @Mr. T: I knew there was something odd about you Cookie when you told me you could bench press 300 no sweat! XD

  97. @Super: I also think Danzo would win but i totally disagree that Danzo has definitely had his sharingan longer than Kakashi. Werent you arguing that he could have picked it up from the massacre the other day? Sure, Danzo had bandages on in the Pein flash back but even then, couldnt they just be covering a gaping hole where an old eye once was or something like that…

  98. @Tobi: It was more of theory saying that Danzou could have planned the massacre to get a sharingan than an actual argument but I see your point. 🙂

  99. @Super: It’s called regular exercise… It makes your dancing look like just a tap of your foot 😉 but don’t worry, i’ll post you a book 😛

  100. With that kinda strength I bet you can break these cuffs… 😉

    *writes down that Cookie is actually a man or a grotesque muscular looking women* >_>

  101. HAHAHAHA i can break these cuffs super you can’t break these cuffs though 😉 or maybe someone that can keep all this strength hidden 😛

  102. Hey guys! The spoiler JUST came out -with pics. It’s gonna be HUGE:

  103. Anyways, back to Naruto!!! OBITO!!!! When are you coming out with the anime breakdown btw laz…silly Cookie. 😉

  104. OMG, Penny how’d you do that!? 0_0 My video won’t show up on the blog like that! >_<

  105. hey i finally caught up with my effort i did in it 😀 tonight or tomorrow sometime, one of the other. OMG AWESOMENESS xD damn i knew everyone had an eye technique…

  106. seems like sum nice stuff is gonna happen =D

  107. @super…just put in the link and it popped up…?

  108. Yeah, who DOESN’T have an eye technique…oh yeah, Shikamaru

  109. he probably does, he just over thinks using it -__-

  110. @cookster~Okay 🙂

    The guy with the byakugan under his eye patch….is he from the land of lightnig? If so why did the land of lightning want Hiashi Hyuga? They already had the secrets of the byakugan….

    (I would check what village he’s from in the video above….but my wireless has low quota 😦 )

  111. AHA!!! You can’t put words under the link or the video won’t show on the blog. 😮

    LMAO, I don’t do spoilers but I couldn’t help but read that sentence in the video. Ao has the Byakugan eh? Damn Kishi and his right eye doujutsu fetish! XD

    @Schy: Ao is from the Hidden Mist Village which is the reason he serves under the Mizukage.

    Gah, I added to my comment to late to tell Schy. XD

  112. @schy – he’s from the land of mist.

  113. Thanks penny 🙂

  114. @cookie: yeah, he analyzes that it won’t be useful. Ok…Chouji? Oh, yeah. He uses it to spy on Yanni-Q. Ah, hell…

  115. @schy: no problem. He’s one of the protectors of the gorgeous Mizukage.

    Speaking of that pow-wow, I wonder if Danzo’s eye tech that he just happened to “borrow” from Shisui Uchiha, is how he is keeping Root together. And, he’s losing Sai…

  116. he had stole it from a user who had it.. that must of been sore for the victim 😛 damn.. okay who have we left.. KIBA!! he can’t poss— not wait he talks to dogs, who know he could have one to read their minds 😛

  117. I dont think Sasuke’s team has the strength to beat the 5 Kage’s….no way.
    Sasuke lost to garra 4 years ago (although Garra used Ichibi)

    I wonder who’s stronger Garra or Sasuke?

  118. that actually makes sense, i mean how else would he get them to willingly to kill so many people.. or even get itachi to kill the clan.. hmm.. damn there is so many plot twist here

  119. Naruto always has so many unexpected turns

  120. Well…even though i dont do spoilers either, i couldn’t help but read the sentence. I guess that puts an end to the talk we had about no transplanted byakugans eh, Super?

    Jesus!! everyone with a covered eye gets an eye they shouldnt have!! Naruto will probably unveil the rinnegan when he heals up!!

  121. ide put my bets on sausegay just because gara lost most of his powers some time ago, and sasuke got pretty strong (hate to say this)

  122. nah not the rinnegan… some creepy combination of the sharingan, byakugan and the rinnegan. I shall name it the shakuringan @_@

  123. Thats not real… >_>
    0_0 *hides advanced spoilers from cookie* *whistles*

  124. Kishi must have thought the byakugan was unused and underestimated.
    ….So many nin with sharingan……

    There needed to be a guy with byakugan.

    Stangely enough….we know more people with sharingan than byakugan (i think) even though the hyuga clan is still around and the uchiha is dead.

    That mist nin guy, is one of the few people with byakugan that we know of and could potentialy be the most important person with thoose eyes-and he’s not even a hyuga.

    If he has the eye but not the kekki genkai, im wondering if he has limits like Kakashi? Can he turn his Byukugan off? If he cant, he’s using up chakra right?….and the eye patch isnt preventing the chakra loss like it does for Kakashi, because the byakugan can see through the eyepatch. So its always being used…

  125. hey everything we would of laughed at back in the beginning has appeared, it shall live @_@

  126. @Schy: If he could turn off the Byakugan I’m sure there’d be no need for the eye patch. In fact I think wearing the eye patch actually gives away that he has some hidden doujutsu under there. Lol, it’s like a trend in Naruto to cover up your hidden doujustu under some cloth. 😉

    As for the eye patch covering his leaking chakra… Hmm, for Kakashi I don’t think the fabric covering his eye stops his chakra from leaking. Even when the fabric has been pulled down he can still have his eyes closed and not be using the sharingan. I think it’s him having his eyes closed and not the fabric that stops the sharingan chakra from being leaked in other words. Besides the sharingan see chakra through people’s bodies (blood, muscles, skin, bones, etc..) so I’m sure Kakashi’s sharingan (which can’t be turned off) can still see people’s chakra through his closed eyelid and covering mask. It’s just not in full use until he pulls down the mask and ultimately opens his eye.

    Now back to Ao, based off of Kakashi’s way to stop his chakra from leaking out of the sharingan. I believe Ao can also just close his eyes to help stop the leaking chakra out of his implanted Byakugan. Even if he can still see through his eyelid and eye patch closing his eyes may help in someway. Orrrr, maybe the eye patch is made out of some special material that suppresses the site of the Byakugan and helps keeps his leaking chakra in control.

  127. How come Ao isnt all veiny by the way?

  128. Some1, I mean super is seeing too much bleach 😛 Kenpachi????

  129. wow the spoiler script i posted were right. i thought they were goin to be fake because it was so wild

  130. @Tobi: Hmmm…probably because it’s an implanted Byakugan and not the full one with all the veins. In other words I have no clue. 😉

    @Acklikxx: LMAO!!! MAYBE…the eye patch just eats away the chakra and if he were to take it off he’d grow twice as strong! XD

    Lol, how’s that for Bleach? 😛

  131. BAH!!! Evil spoiler talk >_<

    Who wants brownies? -_-

    *tries disperatly to change the topic of the convo but has self homemade epic fail soup*

  132. the ideas are similar just the objectif are opposite 🙂

  133. Shef boy r d? can i call you that? O_O

  134. LMAO!!! XD

    Oh boy, that’s funny. T_T <—-tears of laughter

    @Marks: I'll take one of those brownies and you can camp with me in my bunker until the manga comes out. I have milk. 🙂

  135. darn it i missed to much

    ok supah just becuz danzo has the sharingan for more time doesnt mean he knows more sharingan, remember kakashi was made a jonin at age of what was it again….

    and another point against a l.b danzo has to come up with a rasen shurkan level attacks or else l.b will win, i dont think he has the ms and since he is old using ms onhim will be easy furthermore his ability which the spoilers tell can be obviously broken by another sharingan:D

  136. another + for kakashi would be obviously his use of 4 elements at amster levels and his so damned good analytical abilities 😀

  137. kakashi doesnt use fire in the manga and he isnt master level with earth. An A rank wind tech is probably strong enough to overcome an S rank lightning since wind is naturally stronger. Danzo easily knows some A rank techs and probably an S or two anyway.

  138. @Ahsan: Pfffft, any sharingan can be broken by another sharingan. I seem to recall Kakashi’s sharingan losing out to a 30% powered clone of Itachi. 😛

    We don’t know how many elements Danzou can or cannot copy but since he is temporary Hokage that must say something about his strength. Hokage’s are not just picked for political matters they also have to be one of the strongest if not the strongest in the village. I’m not saying Danzou is the strongest I’m just pointing out he was picked worthy enough for Hokage without any objection against his strength or political affiliations.

    Another point is he is far pass Jounin level as he was able to handle all those Jounin level nin with only a few attacks. We all know Jounin level nin are required to know at least 2 affinities so we know he has wind…who knows what else. Now I say “at least” because Danzou can know even more…even just as much as Kakashi. BUT, that’s an assumption and I don’t like to make assumptions, so let’s just stick to Danzou knowing 2 affinities. Just saying there is a strong possibility that with his sharingan he could know more just like Kakashi. 😉

    True enough, just because Danzou has had the sharingan longer doesn’t mean he knows more. It just makes it very very very likely. 🙂

  139. I just watched the spoiler and the anime(131 episode).And Shisui is Itachi’s best friend0.0who Itachi killed.Interesting….
    (Sorry for my english;)

  140. if itachi was still alive i’m sure he would be pretty pissed… just saying >_>

  141. I’m hating this kishi’s EYE FETISHHHHH, yeah its A FETISH guy’s, I know u guys didn’t got it,cuz I’m like this SUPER GENIOUS dude 😀

    anyways supah when will u invite me also to ur bunker damn ain’t I cool enuf >.>

    @Cookie lets invade supah’s bunker and tame him as our domestical pet. ^_^

  142. we actually dont know wat level ninja those wood ninja were. they could have been like the sound nins (they rly sucked)

    i have a question about the sharingans look. does anyone remember right after sasuke learned the truth about itachi he stood in front of like the ocean and his eyes were star shaped and wat not? wtf was that?

  143. that was the shape of sasukes MS since everyones (revealed so far) are different. He is the first to have a red design and black background

  144. So is Danzo’s sharingan Shisui’s?

  145. @Schy: I believe the user has to be alive for the sharingan to be transplanted from him/her and to another person. Hence the reason why Obito wanted Rin to hurry up and give Kakashi his sharingan before his death *cough* *cough* *Achoo*…>_>

    Itachi gained his MS through killing Shisui so the only way Daznou could have gotten his sharingan from Shusui was if Itachi left Shusui to die a slow death and walked away.

  146. *Growls at Super* Sounds aweful familiar…

  147. *whistles* I have no idea what you’re talking about…>_>

  148. Unless Danzo was with Itachi at the time…

    Didnt Shisui fall off a cliff? Thats pretty quick to me.

    I guess the body wasnt took to Danzo and then off the cliff….
    But if the sharingan was removed from shisui while he was alive, the Uchiha clan would have rioted. They would have noticed Shisui’s missing eye and the clan could be in danger. (we do know the Uchiha’s did think about “the clan” a little to often. And they did riot)

    …..Its not like we do definitely know the sharingan needs to be removed from the living right?
    …i dont know what do you think?

    I think Danzo may have been with Itachi at the murder, when Itachi killed Shisui, or Danzo went to Shisui’s grave….

  149. It does if you think logically SCHY *Sighs as he goes to explain this again…* ^^

    Chakra is needed to sustain the sharingan. Chakra is also just a mixture of energy, which will stop flowing around a dead person meaning the sharingan cannot remain on a dead Uchiha. Since Kakashi, the only orher non-uchiha sharingan user we know, covers his eye because he cannot ‘turn off’ the sharingan then its safe to assume Danzo covers his for the same reason. If they cant turn it off how could they possibly turn it on? Therefore taking a dead Uchihas eye would just be replacing one normal eye with another. Obito rushing Rin is just further evidence.

  150. @tobiisagoodboy

    i see your logic as its a logical assumption but if that was the case why would mandara ask sasuke if he was going to implant itachi’s eyes. at the point of asking sasuke this itachi was already dead

  151. @Chromer: Well that’s up for debate. On the onemanga translation you would be correct Chromer.

    But on the Binktopia translation

    Madara asks Sasuke if he just wants to take them for his own because they’re the eyes of his brother. Not if he wants to transplant them.

    Personally I trust the Binktopia version because they release their chapters later than onemanga for more accurate translation. It’s just like where Sasuke says in the onemanga translation that he want to kill all 5 kages.

    But in Binktopia it shows that Sasuke is only after Danzou which makes much more sense. Not even Sasuke is big-headed enough to think he can take on 5 ninja of kage level.

  152. We havent actually *seen* a dead Uchiha though right? (exept for the 400 or so in Sasuke’s flashback+Itachi) 0_o

    But we dont know if their sharingan was on or not. And we dont know if there eyes turn back to normal for sure. Sure you need chakra to use sharingan…but what if the chakra just preserves and recycles itself in the dead persons eye? Or why does the new person with the eye needs to use their own chakra for sharingan?

    What im trying to say is, we havent specifically seen any evidence in the manga, that suggests a dead uchiha with the sharingan on, at the time of death, has their sharingan reverted. We just assumed it based on logic and what we know……
    But theres lots more to know in Naruto…..
    And logic and Naruto doesnt mix ^_^

    E.G 0TK Naruto VS L.V 3 sharingan Sasuke (Final valley)
    Sasuke’s pawns Naruto while fighting on a wall……
    Naruto should fall off the wall….but gravity apparently moves horizontaly and Naruto sticks to the wall lying there beat up, face in the dirt.
    Did Naruto use chakra to stick to the wall? No, he just got pummelled of the wall, while battling…. and he’d need to use chakra to stick to the wall from every part of his body…..and i onky know Neji that can do that.

    I just think theres to many variables and to many unknowns to know for sure….

  153. Itachi had his sharingan off when he died >_< That Doesnt Help.
    I still think its more likely Danzo was with Itachi when he killed Shisui, because When Itachi screwed up Sasuke's life telling him to hate e.t.c…..he also said there are 2 people who have obtained M.sharingan…..he failed to mention how many people have regular sharingan.

  154. I’m new here so I’ve decided to throw my hat into the ring.

    I had a whole grand theory about how Danzo could have gotten Shisui’s eye but then i remembered that Danzo has his arm too, and my brain was stopped dead in its tracks.

  155. @Bored: YOSH, welcome to WRA!!! Please step lightly now as there are a few crazies around here! @_@

    *carves open a Naruto doll murmuring to himself “Hinata is all mine” over and over again* 0_o

    *Bored runs away screaming at the top of his lungs* I think I scared him away *stabs doll repeatedly* ^_^

  156. @Schy: Maybe Itachi didn’t know Danou had a sharingan… and why would Itachi take Danzou along to kill his best friend Shisui again?

    See Bored I’m not insane. ^^ *bites Naruto doll head off and slobber drools down the side of his mouth* @_o

  157. acklikxx: I call that a plan 😉 but we must do it when he least expects it
    @ at sharingan debate thingy: I’ll join in.. later… like when i can be bothered to read it 😛 reading at work then!
    @bored: *big speamers explode* WELCOME TO WRA! 😛 enjoy your stay and remember the exits are that way *points to small hole in the roof*

  158. @Cookie Yoshhh, so hear me out, we enter directly then we tie him up and train him, kinda simple do u got dog treatas? i think they’re his favorite 😛

    I’m not gonig to like this chapter -_-yay one more guy wid eye under his patch

  159. Hmmm…

    I wanted to post something, but I am not ever sure what. Normally, it would be at a time like this that I would be debating about some interesting topic, but I don’t even have the inspiration for that much.


    So I guess I’ll just say high to everyone. Hope you are all doing well. Sorry I have been really quiet lately…

  160. @Sharingan debate again: I understand that normal logic generally doesnt work with mangas but there are certain things you dont get away with, being tired after chakra use since it is just energy is one example of real world logic over a supernatural theme.

    Also, if dead Uchihas kept their sharingan (or if non-uchiha people could just ‘turn them on’ but not off) them most of the village would be walking around with a sharingan after the massacre. It doesnt come down to morality or anything like that, we are talking about the whole village being able to instantly stronger being able to use an excuse like ‘its for the village, like the Uchiha wanted.’ If even a few more people had the sharingan for this event (which they would if they could) then the fabled sharingan Kakashi would be but one excellence among many. It is clear that if many others had the sharingan, he would not be famous for having it. Even Danzo has a more ‘perminant’ covering (bandages rather than a headband) which suggests he was hiding it rather than being famous for it.
    On the issue of Itachis eyes, the nature of taking them is completly different from what we are discussing. While i believe my logic stands for non-uchihas getting the sharingan, i will happily admit i have no idea about the nature of the eternal MS transplant which would be the reason for taking Itachis eyes. As a point though, if for example, Sasuke simply replaced his eyes with Itachis ‘turned off’ ones, he is still an Uchiha. The problem or not being able to ‘turn on and off’ the foreign eyes wouldnt even stand.

  161. Maybe the village didnt take the Uchiha’s eyes, because at the time of death there sharingan was turned off.
    Or maybe the village couldn’t take the Uchiha’s eyes, because it would mean they are just as bad as the Uchiha, doing it for “the sake of the village ”

    I have no idea why Itachi would bring Danzo along with him when he killed Shisui. But Danzo is a village elder-and did ask for the Uchiha’s to be killed. So he has lots of control over what happens.
    Its just that, if you cant get sharingan from the dead.
    Then Danzo must have took the eye when or before Itachi killed Shisu…….and i cant imagine Shisui battling Itachi with 1 eye. If you can only get a sharingan eye from somebody who has sharingan on at the time, i think Danzo took Shisui’s eye when Itachi batted him. Danzo wouldn’t be stupid enough to put Shisui on gard before Itachi batted Shisu. And why would Danzo fight Shisui himself?
    It makes no sense for both Danzo and Itachi to have to batte Shisu, when there only has to be 1 battle.
    At any rate, i think Danzo and Itachi must have been co-operating with each other, whether Danzo was with Shisui at the murder of not…..(unless you can remove eyes from the dead.) Danzo was probably the one of all the village elders who wanted the Uchiha’s dead the most. So Itachi was probably following Danzo’s commands.

    And Danzo STILL wants Sasuke dead. O_o

  162. Hey guys new to WRA but ive been reading since IRA was around, so i’ll add my 2cents to the Sharingan lazer eye surgery plan covered by Shinobi PPO INC. (Kekkai Genkai FAIL IMO)I think it would be no problem for Sausgay to use Itachis eyes no problem, Family member organ Donor also him being Uchiha i didnt even question it. As for Non-Uchiha i have some what of a theory, I somewhat agree with Super on this to some degree.

  163. posted the same thing on naruto anime but incase no one is going on that breakdown for a while i put it here as well:

    has anyone seen the new anime opening scene there alot of things that arent in the manga so im guessing that theres going to be another filler soon of something else, but wat gotme most intrested that there is a scene were naruto is in a fight with garra and punches him clean in the head.

  164. Sorry for double post submitted by mistake: I think there is a short window after death that the transplant would be possible. All heat doesnt leave the body instantly upon death, so the same could possibly be said for Chakra, Also people especially Obito would want to rush the transplant seeing as how the cave was coming down around them, and nothing like that had ever been done befor (to his knowledge)

  165. @schy: i think that u can take the eye from someone whoes dead but it might have had to be actived at the time of dead of within a certian after death, but then again i dont think that because when itichi was acused of killing him they would have surely noticed that there was a eye missing, so that leads me to think that either taking a eye from the dead is the way he did it or he transplanted his own eye back into the body buy i think that they would have noticed that, that is wat happen when they saw the body.

    i do believe that danzou want the clan destoryed and in doing so most of the poeple that apossed a threat to him would be brought down to 3 people ie kakkahi saskue and itichi

  166. The sharingans would have been turned on before most died. Wasnt the entire point of picking Itachi because only the sharingan had a chance against the sharingan. There is no way Itachi killed the whole clan without one being alert. Do you believe the whole village would be stuck on that morality of ‘being as bad as the Uchiha’? There would have been other people who wanted the power. Friends of the Uchiha may have been offered eyes if the Uchiha died first. Jealous, lesser clans would have seeked power. There is no way Danzo is the only snake in Konoha, he is just the only one to go through with his schemes so far. But look, if the sharingans stayed in dead bodies, then a perfect oppertunity would have emerged for all the other, less commited snakes, to gain power while easily making a half dozen excuses to justify it. Not to mention any greedy ANBU or partnered nin who had a sharingan user die near them. The fact is, more people would have it if they could, the only way to successfully transplant the sharingan to a non-uchiha must be while they are still alive.
    As far as Danzo and Itachi cooperating, they were both in ANBU, discussions no one else would hear could have occured. I dont read spoilers so i cant make a proper comment until the manga comes out but i can say the Itachi overwhelmed Shisui enough to make his death look like an accident. If there was a struggle then the others would have seen signs of battle. Other than saying that i cant rwally agree or disagree with you until the manga comes out ^^

  167. Wait super we are asuming much to much. i had to think about something that has been brought to my attention, We dont know who had there sharingan longer.

    Just because danzos been living longer doesnt mean he had the sharingan before kakashi did. We dont know when exactly he got his sharingan. We do know kakashi got his at a very very young age.
    Not starting any arguments on anything but super you said: @Ahsan: Pfffft, any sharingan can be broken by another sharingan. I seem to recall Kakashi’s sharingan losing out to a 30% powered clone of Itachi.

    When exactly did this happen? Cause the only thing i recal was itachi beingn tricked and then pwned. 😀

  168. oh looks like i missed supah’s comment

    maybe you forgot supah when kakashi’s sharingan was looking into itachi;s one itachi was shocked and baffled becuz kakashi had the ms now . and then itachi good fooled and owned as marks said 😛

    you should re read the manga seriously:P

  169. Dont you need a medical nin to do a sharingan transplant anyway……
    I doubt much medical nin would have helpt, nin who greedily wanted a sharingan eye….
    And the village elders and ANBU probably monitored most of the situation anyway after Itachi and Madara done their thing with the Uchiha.

    When Itachi used Tsukyomi on Sasuke, he showed us how he killed his clan-how much of that was real nobody but Kishi knows. But its pretty clear that the Uchiha’s put up quite a bit of resistance against Itachi. How many of those nin had sharingan and how many had it activated at death is an impossible to answer question as it stands. (could be everyone, could be nobody)
    But at any rate, i dont believe anybody could or would have took the sharingan from those dead members.
    The village elders knew about the situation and most probably they got to the Uchiha resistance first. Afterwards the ANBU would have been called out and a elder would have most likely watched the cremation of the Uchiha’s body’s (Kaguya clan got cremated to) that way it would make sure the secrets of the clan wouldn’t be revealed and it would stop anybody from doing what you said-taking the sharingan. Rememeber in the land of waves arc? Kakashi says ANBU/inferno squad deal with the body immediately so theres no room for error.

    I dont think there would be any bent ANBU members exept ROOT, but Hiruzen was Hokage at the time,…so ROOT is in hiding underground-and regardless of bent ANBU, a medical nin would need to help them get sharingan and ANBU isnt going to get away with dragging a body to hospital, when they’re supposed to deal with the body immediately, not to mention the elders would probably be watching the situation in the 1st place.

    There would probably be some medical nin around the area though and the transplant is quick (providing the ANBU member has a missing eye) but i still doubt the medical nin would co-operate and besides, they’ll be other ANBU, medical nin and elders around the area anyway. The only thing that’ll happen is the ANBU member has their eye removed, gets caught before they have a new eye and get demoted to chunnin for rule breaking and potentially letting the sharingans secrets out.

    And by the time Sasuke wakes up the next morning, security is gone from the Uchiha residence ,an investigation is being held and all the bodies are gone.

  170. @Everyone: Time for me to clear a few things up and possibly start a forest fire*pulls out a kerosene tank*. I think Kakashi had his sharigan longer than Danzou has. I say this because if danzou has shinsu’s sharigan, it means he got it after he died right.? Now follow this. Kakashi had his sharigan before Minato became hokage right because if when naruto was born the fox was placed inside of him, well the events following the clan death, sasuke was getting ready for the academy which usually they start going around 5-8yrs old. that would mean kakashi has had his sharigan way before either sasuke or naruto was born. which both are about 16/17 by now. that means kakashi has had the sharigan atleast 20+years, and atleast 8years over danzou. i doubt danzou has the MS, however its possible if he has that technique of manipulation. I think itachi had the same thing back when him and kisame went after naruto the first time. If it came down to a fight i would give it to kakashi only because he’s had it longer, and knows how far he can push himself, where as danzou maybe stronger, he is alot older than kakashi. if the fight were to drag out kakashi wins. (kakashi in a dragged out fight against anyone one else would be his loss…lol)

  171. @SCHY: we both seem quite adamant to defend our theories lol. I will admit that you make good points on the Uchiha massacre but couldnt a medical nin be one of the people who wanted the eye? Also wouldn’t any squad containing a sharingan user that is KIA be at potential risk from…umm…eye poachers? I read the first sentence of that spoiler vid by accident and it seems a byakugan was poached in some way. Whether the Hyuga was alive or dead is unknown to me but if i assume your argument, that the eye techniques remain after death and then further assume that Ao took it off a dead Hyuga rather than a dying one then wouldn’t that be a big flaw inthe byakugan? The sharingan evolved from it so surely a flaw like that, keeping the dojutsu active after death, would have been erased in that evolution process. Either way i am done arguing my point now, feel free to counter this one though ^^ I stated my logic and discussed my ideas but now it has come to the point where we are both making lots of assumptions and scenarios, which isnt really my style, i prefer talking on facts of the manga. I hope i didnt come across too aggressive in my points ^^

  172. @smurfclassic

    It was a trailer for the 3rd Naruto Shippuden Movie that came out on Saturday in Japan. Not a filler preview.

  173. if anyone is hearing me:
    PLS do a PSYREN break down…
    i’m so infatuated by this manga.. and i believe it’s awesome.. so if anyone is thinking off adding a new manga break down, please consider PSYREN!!
    thx.. 🙂

  174. Hey guys new to WRA but ive been reading since IRA was around, so i’ll add my 2cents to the Sharingan lazer eye surgery plan covered by Shinobi PPO INC. (Kekkai Genkai FAIL IMO)I think it would be no problem for Sausgay to use Itachis eyes no problem, Family member organ Donor also him being Uchiha i didnt even question it. As for Non-Uchiha i have some what of a theory, I somewhat agree with Super on this to some degree.

    I think there is a short window after death that the transplant would be possible. All heat doesnt leave the body instantly upon death, so the same could possibly be said for Chakra, Also people especially Obito would want to rush the transplant seeing as how the cave was coming down around them, and nothing like that had ever been done befor (to his knowledge)

  175. God damn it Super!! You stole my theory and now people think its yours!! >_<
    Hi ryuujin, welcome to the awesomeness ^^ I would have to disagree with your idea about the chakra remaining since unlike heat which is energy escaping the body, chakra is energy converted internally. Also chakra has a circulatory system similar to blood. Though it isnt really mentioned in great detail (coz it would be really boring lol) it flows similar to blood. It must have something regulating that flow as a heart does for blood and that regulation would stop, just as a heart does, when the person died. I believe if the chakra isnt flowing then the sharingan wont remain. I made more points in my previous comments (all of which SCHY countered to one degree or another lol)

  176. i see you point, but in that train of thought wouldnt the sharingan revert to normal upon being extracted being removed from its chakra power plant. Im just talking For arguments sake it seems that all these awsome Kekkai genkai Doujutsu seem to be transplanted by anyone for anyone. watch when tobi reveals his left side it will be the Rinnegan…

  177. Well i think the very idea of eye transplants being so common is somewhat laughable. They are done with medical ninjutsu though so, for me at least, being able to maintain them when they would normally revert back doesn’t seem like a stretch.
    Yeah, Kisha loves his dojutsu. Amazingly Oro, old determined, resourceful Oro, is the only guy who had problems getting a new set of eyes. The sharingan, byakugan and rinnegan are ‘the three great dojutsu’ so i bet there are still loads of other ones that shinobi are playing swapsies with. LOL!!

  178. Lol at the medical nin yanking there eye out 😀 Medical ninjutsu requires precise chakra contro, i doubt they can concentrate like that =D

    @tobi~of course your not coming off as aggressive :p

    Like i mentioned some posts above, i think its more likely Danzo acquired the sharingan when or before Shisui died. (It was like 4:00 AM when i typed that though, so it doesn’t make much sense)
    But if anything, i actually believe that the sharingan cant be transplanted from a dead person, im just trying to “disprove” that, using the fact theres so many unknown factors in the manga, to try and make more possibilities. for how Danzo got Sharingan.

    But now im not trying to defend that theory-keeping more theories alive….now im defending the ANBU’s integrity >_<

    And darn…that is a flaw in the byakugan huh? Weather its taken from a living or dead hyuga…the secrets are stolen….although im assuming theres more to the curse mark in that case….

    Anyway ,i think theres about a 75% chance that eye techs fade when dead…..(with the exeption of rinnegan maybe)-Nagato's eyes were permanently rinnegan and as a child liked to cover them with his hair. It would have helped if Itachi had his sharingan on when he died, but no luck there. 😦
    I do remember in the forest of death…Sasuke has his sharingan on, but when he uses chakra, the curse seal gets stronger, he has his sharingan on, but isnt using it, or any chakra. I remember him specifically saying "got…to…use…the last…of my chakra………SHARINGAN" when he has sharingan on. That could be evidence to suggest chakra isnt needed to sustain sharingan (or at least sharingan appearance) maybe it means Sasuke can choose when to use sharingan (although already activated) while Kakashi cant…. o_o

  179. @Marks and Ahsan: Hahaha, nice try guys but playing dumb won’t help you out here… *GASP* or perhaps you really did forget the Itachi vs. Kakashi fight!? 0_0

    Now do you all remember Kakashi getting his ass kicked again? Eh, maybe you two should visit each other and go over the manga one more time? 😉

    Let me help you two out here though. That was a clone that Kakashi was using and since the chakra is evenly distributed between the original body and it’s clones.

    A 50% powered clone of Kakashi lost out to a 30% powered clone of Itachi. Meh, in the end Kakashi still got PWNED and only served as a distraction for Naruto to own Itachi not Kakashi. I don’t think Kakashi has ever owned Itachi actually…

    @Marks specifically: Marks you’re assuming that Danzou somehow got his sharingan from Shisui but you provide no facts. You assume he got it from the Uchiha massacre but you provide no evidence. I’m looking at the fact that Danzou had the bandages over his eye long before the Uchiha massacre which can be seen in Nagato’s flashback. Where Danzou is seen supporting Hanzou in the hostage situation of Konan. That’s clear evidence that even then he was hiding something under his eye.

    Now as far as when Kakashi got the sharingan… Kakashi became a Jounin around the age of 13. He didn’t get the sharingan from Obito until he was just about to become a jounin, so in other words he got the sharingan at the age of 13. Kakashi is now 30. 30 – 13 = 17 years of having the sharingan. That’s why I said he’s had it for about 16-17 years. At most 18 but 20+ years is not possible.

    Anyway, the whole point of my original post was to say any sharingan can own another sharingan. It’s just that pure blood sharingans have an advantage over transplanted ones. It makes little difference that Danzou’s sharingan can be overcome because so could Kakashi’s as shown above. I’m sure it’s an assumption that Danzou has had the sharingan longer but it’s the MOST likely assumption. You two are also assuming that Kakashi has had it longer but it’s the LEAST likely assumption, and I applaud you all for taking that stand. In the end though it’s a trasnplanted sharingan vs. a transplanted sharingan and I’m putting my bets on Danzou to have a better grasp on it. 😛

    @Ahsan specifically: On a side note yes Itachi was baffled that Kakashi had obtained MS…

    I don’t see your point though… Kakashi’s has MS we all know this already and he still manages to wind up in the hospital after using it. It’s not even a guaranteed hit and with the chakra it wastes we have yet to see him use it on a person 1 on 1 except with a fleeing Deidara. I wonder why that is… I’m not going to assume Danzou has the MS but like I said he’d easily kill his closest friend for it, so the chances to me of him having it are around 90%.

  180. That…was quite convincing…

  181. @Tobi: Meh, I’m not trying to convince anyone I’m just pointing out the facts and taking up my stand for Danzou. Somebody has to do eh? 😉

  182. in ma point of view danzo gots to be a hell of a ninja to be leader of the root, plis no1 wud followed him if he wasn’t good enuf for the job rite?
    He gots to be strong and smart enuf to just control dem or else root wud RIOT

    @Super. take me to ur bunker = $

  183. acklikxx: Right, but you’re potty training him! I am not having him making a mess on my fine rug! I’ll be in charge of the discipline.. >=)

  184. WTH!? 0_o I’m not taking you to the reinforced spoiler proof bunker if you plan on potty training me like a dog! @_@ I’m glad you’re on my side but you’re also on here side… *glances at Cookie* >_>

    Lol, but hey if you work with me to take her down you don’t have to pay me and you can have free roaming of the bunker. 🙂

  185. i have a bunker too, but yours is rigged with explosives… couldn’t help myself. It was a bargain! no no, you need potty training. You need to be a big boy now

  186. *grumbles something about this being a Naruto discussion forum not a chatroom* >_>

    Back to Naruto! *kills Cookie* >_>

    I say Sasuke is going to try to kill Danzou after the meeting but before he can even try, or even see Daznou’s sharingan, Gaara who wanted to talk to Danzou will see the fight about to happen and step in. Thus leading us to another epic fight of Sauske vs. Gaara Round 2!!!

  187. *glomps Super* you’re not on the chat, so i’m bringing the randomness to the blog! 😉

  188. hmmm after what u said supah i rlly got to potty train u damn u left a mess on the rug last time u came to cookie’s bunker, i wonder how’s ur bunker… hmm… not feeling like going there naymore damnnnnn oO
    nhe i don’t tihnk we’re going to see that epic fight dat soon so… to cookie’s bunker… na na na na batcave na na na na batcave upps cookie’s bunkerrrr


  189. *gets glomped* >_< How am I supposed to kill you if you're glomping me to death!? 0_o *dies* X_X

  190. SUPA’S DEAD YUPIIIIIII =D burries him in his Shi**y bunkerrrrr 😀

  191. @Acklikxx: Well unfortunately there was a pet cemetery under my bunker so now I’m back as a zombie. I hope you’re happy. -_-

    Going back to Naruto I think Sasuke would whoop Gaara’s ass this time. I have many points to show but I will await the Gaara supporters first. 😉

  192. Gaara would win >_>
    Word on the street is he can do high level wind and water techs…

  193. Really? That would be cool if he can do water and wind tech….

    But still Sasuke can use visual jutsu as high as Itachi’s level now. I think it’ll be an interesting bout. But somewhat unfair considering all of Garra’s support (other kage’s that want Sasuke killed)

  194. @Tobi: I would like to know this source of yours and it better not be “the street”. 😉

  195. it’s out people as promised.. but as the risk of my sanity @_@

  196. what’s out cookie?

  197. @ supertrek89

    gaara would win simply because sasuke has never won a fight with a healthy ninja with any talent that i can recall so it might not be accurate but ill give it a shot.

    haku – sasuke close to death
    rock lee – sasuke owned
    gaara – sasuke owned
    naruto – naruto down but he scratched sasuke’s headband and thats all i think he intended to do.
    orochimaru – was pretty much on deaths door and was still alive inside of him anyway.
    itachi – mandara said if itachi was fighting seriousley sasuke would have lost and he was sick aswell
    8 tails – sasuke owned

    there all the fights i can remember other than diedra and the sound nin he broke the arms of and they are the only 2 fights i think he won fairly.

    and garra god knows how many wins he has had and only lost to naruto.

  198. It was a joke -_- I do not think Gaara can do wind and water techs, and said knowledge is not coming through ‘the streets’. As much as it pains me to admit it, i think Sasuke would win too. Though i agree with Chromer totally, i also believe that the recent people Sasuke killed; Oro, Deidara and Itachi, were much stronger than Gaara. I think Gaara is stronger now than he was in the Deidara fight but lets not forget that Sasuke still has something he wants to try. Also, his chidori completly ate through Gaaras ultimate defence last time and even if Gaaras defence is better, Sasukes chidori is stronger too. I wonder what would happen if Gaara ate a chidori current. Sasuke happens to be like a million times quicker than Gaara and i dont even think Gaaras sand has that will of its own to defend him anymore. I know amaterasu wont work since Gaara has that sand armour that he could shed but i think Sasuke can still win without it.

  199. the shippuden breakdown hehe 😀

  200. I agree with….

    tobiisagoodboy? dude what the hell…that is the embodiment of pure evil…

    *feels retarded for pointing out the obviousness of the statement*

    Anyways that is true…we still aren’t sure that if he still has the same or equal power capicity that he had with his tailed beast .

    So Sasuke so far is winning this battle

  201. I just thought of something. (THis is for those who have seen the spoilers and know about Danzou having Shizui’s sharingan).

    Remember how easily Danzou was chosen to be Hokage, after only speaking of a few points on his own behalf in front of the Dyamo (spelling?).

    WEll, we were all ocmplainging how stupid it was and how lame the Hokage ellections were if so little thought was put into the decision, but now we actually have the reason for why it was so easy for Danzou to succeed.

    For the same reason mentioned in the spoilers. He was obviously able to manipulate the decision in the same way he is manipulating Mifune during this Kage meeting. So maybe it wasn’t as half witted as we all suspected as was simply a case of Danzou using the same power to achieve his ends.

    The question it does beg, however, is why, if he had this power for a while now, did he not use it earlier? Is it because that those who are suspiscious of him already are able to notice their own faults when being controlled? Perhaps those being manipulated have to be indifferent or weak willed.

    Anyway, those were my thoughts. I had to think of something. O_o

  202. Wow, my typos were bad during that last post. 😦

  203. The new manga is out quite early today 🙂

  204. Yo, I found something from another board that you guys might find interesting. Anyone think that maybe Danzou was using his sharingon to manipulate the fire Daimyo into making him Hokage?

  205. @kingcam07

    I just said that. lol. Look two posts above yours.

  206. @ 伝説kingcam07 probably yes,seing how easy was for Danzo to convince the Daimyo into making him hokage.Actually this ability of Danzo’s sharingan really sheds some light on how he is able to get everything he wants.

    Also I think Kishi is starting to over do it with all these eyes-maybe he should include ears as well 😛

  207. @King: Indeed, I believe Tenrai already pointed that one out though. 😉

    @Marks and Schy: Damn the spoilers this is the side effect of avoiding them! I had no clue that you all were actually telling me that Danzou had Shisui’s sharingan because I hadn’t seen the spoilers. I thought you all were just making assumptions. Well, I just read the chapter and as clear as day the bastard does have Shisui’s sharingan.

    And I must say you were right Marks this does prove Kakashi has had the sharingan longer than Danzou. The fruits of Kakashi’s experience with the sharingan have been revealed though and Danzou’s still remains a mystery. Though we do know now that he can control others without them even noticing. I wonder how Daznou got Shisui’s eyes though…did he cooperate with Itachi or did he get it some other way?

    @Anyone: Besides all that I thought this chapter was pretty epic! Ao can activate the Byakugan which may mean he can turn a transplanted eye on and off? Sakura is still crying and Ino decided to join in the cry baby bitch parade. On a side note Sakura has yet to reveal any feelings for Naruto so it’s still a one way relationship here. I think they decided they have to kill Sasuke though which is a plus! Killing intent on both sides lead to an awesome fight!

    Naruto is day dreaming about Sasuke again…awkwaaarrrd… Madara has initiated a plan and the gate crasher is none other than Zetsu who lead team Taka there in the first place. I wonder why he asked where Sasuke was though when he should clearly know where he is. 0_o

  208. wow….459 was awesome…but i didn’t understand sth…did Shikamaru meant “killing Sasuke” when he said they need to stop him????GYAAA O_O it’s confusing… i don’t want Sasuke to dieeeee 😥

  209. 😦

  210. WHOA Awesome!! That was the best Manga so far.. Besides all thats happened its about too be the Biggest showdown EVER!! and the Land of Iron is the Battle ground. I want too talk about the Sharigan for a topic. Itachis Sharigan held in the left eye Amaterasu and right eye Tsyukomi and Susano both eyes more than likely, Zetsu said thats the way it was. Though Sasukes eyes have Tsyukomi in the left eye and Amaterasu in the right, That seems differant like Opposite maybe its nothing. Danzous adopted eye from Shizu contains a power in the Left eye which is more unique possibly a tech too combat the Tsyukomi or just completly differant but much more interesting. And Kakashis adopted eye from Obito contains a power in the Right eye which is what we all know a powerful tech too combat the Amaterasu I can imagine endless black flame blasted at Kakashi and him just suckinng it away preferbly right back at his Opponent.

    But Danzou/Shizu sharigan is in the Left and Kakashi/Obito in the Right its abit out there but inside im hoping Sasuke implants both of their eyes instead of his brothers because his brother already implanted all his techniques into him with the Finger too the forehead im just saying it would be SO MUCH COOLER! Im really Anxious that it Does happen.

    But besides all that Shizu dying without anyone noticing his eyes were missing there is something odd about that and Shizu looks Cool. Also Shizu Chakra is in Danzou body apparently it was similiar too when Hinata looked at Kabuto and half was Orochimaru, Very interesting.

    Ao having the Byakugan just earned Cool points, Its out there but Tobi having Byakugan would explain how he knows where he is teleporting. Thats my 2 cents Back too you WRA.

  211. i dont get why zetsu would do that i thought they needed sasuke for the gedo mazo and now 4 kage are gona be on him like a rash not to mention zetsu he might be in ataksuki but appearing like that infront of all powerfull ninja surley he is doomed ?

  212. new chapter is out 😀

  213. wow first to point it out… muahahahaha.. I knew Madara was giving Sasuke no choice. To even tell the kages that he was there. Sasuke will have no other choice but to stick with Akatsuki. :O And with all villages now looking for him.. Sasuke.You.Are.F%cked.

  214. zetsu made me Rofl so hard this chapter haha

    I loved this chapter so awesome

  215. So it seems everyone is after the eyes in naruto now…I wonder why no one goes after elemental ninjutsu in the same way Yamato has it…

  216. I thought it was White Zetsu with Tobi, But its really the Black Zetsu if you look carefully he has his back turned Im Assuming.

    Is it logical too say that Zetsu has the power too merge with his surroundings like make the wall and floor apart of himself and attack with it cause if so thats awesome earth style jutsu. He also appears anywhere with awesome speed.

  217. Oh yea and I guess I was wrong I admit and I was so sure it seemed so logical but Danzou doesnt have Obitos eye and isnt becoming Obito and he didnt take it from some battle he had with Madara. He got it from Shizu and now his body is being taken over, who would of thought for all those who had the Danzou/Shizu theory well done Amazing insight. Now how do you think he got it.??

  218. The Naruto chapter was good.

    BTW i thought i’d like to mention that Danzo’s sharingan may be more advanced than Kakashi’s.

    Despite Kakashi getting sharingan sooner, Shuisui’s sharingan was much better than Obito’s and probably had more potential. Shuisui’s sharingan jutsu to control people seems almost Mangyako LV advanced to me and that isnt even that sharingans M.sharingan LV jutsu.

  219. Well it seems to me that this issue answers the questions we have about Danzos interest in Kabuto. The whole side of his body has Shuisui’s chakra so it is similar to Oro in Kabutos body. Well this technique of Shuisui’s interests me. He controled people without them knowing without his sharingan being MS. So did the ability transfer to Danzo similar to how Yamato got mokuton from the firsts DNA? Can Danzo really use this technique through his bandages? Was Danzo just covering up a wound/missing eye in the pain flashback?

    @SCHY: In our previous debate about the sharingan, you argued that the eye would have had to been taken before Itachi killed Shuisui but i see this case as a big exception since it wasnt just the eye taken. It seems to me like Danzo and Shuisui fused in a manner similar to Kabuto.

  220. @schy- the sharigan actually takes chakra from the uchia, but since its only an uchia with a excellent body can use it or something like that are bette suitable for it because when its activated it takes so little effort and chakra that its almost insignifacnt. i remember either sasuke or itachi saying that to someone.
    @super- so if danzou had that sharigan back when him and hanzou fought nagato, how could it be shui’s sharigan. danzous still had his arm, its just his eyes were bandaged…which could have been from an even previous fight possibly from the 3rd.
    @lelulalilo- i was just thinking back on the zabusa fight when haku supposedly killed zabusa. maybe itachi was told to make it look like he died, and then thats when root came and took shizu’s eye, and arm for danzou. if danzou has his arm, does the chakra from shizu’s arm sustain the sharigan thus reducing the actual drain on danzou?

    speaking of match ups how about this one
    zetsu or shino….
    plant man vs bug man…lmao

  221. Shisui was supposed to have drowned in Nakano river……
    Shouldn the Uchiha have elaborated a bit when talking to Itachi.

    I mean doesnt this show its likely Danzo took parts off Shuisui when he was dead.

    If Danzo took Shuisui’s arm and eye from him the night he drowned (weather Shuisui was alive or dead). The Uchiha police would have known it was a murder.
    A guy cant exactly cut off half his body, remove his eye, hide them were the police cant EVER find them and chuck himself in a river, while expecting the situation to be treated as a suicide. The Uchiha police would have found out for sure that it was a murder. (it would take hours alone to hide his own body parts and he wouldnt get very far bleeding and without an arm and eye) And if you commit suicide, you dont make it painful by yanking your eye and arm out first.
    And Im sure the Uchiha police wasn’t a group of idiots, thinking a guy can and would do the above.

    In chapter 222, we were told Shuisui’s death was a suicide by drown….that means they said that because there was nothing suspicious. Like, missing limbs-if there was, they would have said poor attempt to make it look like a suicide or something.
    There was nothing suspicious and already the Uchiha police thought Itachi killed Shuisui, i doubt Itachi or Danzo would want Itachi to be found out, by making it look like a murder. Afterall the Uchiha clan would be on gard and have suspicions with there coup-de-ga (or whaterver it is) coming up…..

    Not only that but Shuisui’s chakra continues to flow with Danzo’s. 0_o

  222. Could Danzo have just dug up the body?

  223. Yeah……
    Danzo the grave robber…..
    Danzo the necro…nevermind 😛

  224. I read the most recent manga chapter – 459 – for the second time. I still feel, without a doubt, that Sakura is the one (the strong way she acts by calling upon her own inner-strength in order to keep herself afloat and whatnot) that Naruto can rely on, while everyone else relies on Naruto. And thus help ease Naruto’s pain. Hinata gets a lot of her own strength from Naruto, and doesn’t have much of her own strength, even if she can and did change to some degree.

  225. coup-de-tout or something like that I believe, by the way, and actually I believe Danzou apparently only took Shisui’s right eye, not his arm. It’s possible Danzou’s eye was the same color as Shisui’s and he replaced (after the sharingan was deactivated from lack of chakra flow, to Shisui’s own eyes) his old eye with Shisui’s own. Or maybe Orochimaru is a grave robber and pilfered Shisui’s body after it was sent to some kind of morgue and used a kind of reactivation jutsu in order to bring him back to life.

  226. @Supertrek – I think Zetsu was trying to be mysterious and game-playing-like when he asked where Sasuke might be, as though questioning it in a playful manner, like, “that’s for me to know and you to find out,” or something, y’know? It seems apparent to me that either Mifune, as Danzou’s dealings with Akatsuki and Orochimaru and Hanzou were n the shadows, either he didn’t know about the dealings, or else he is indeed being controlled by the sharingan. You’ve got to admit that except for that problem, Mifune does bring up some very good points as to why Danzou should lead the alliance. Danzou may be an asshole as far as we see it, whether or not they see it too, but there is a lot of logic on Danzou’s side. Even if he is an untrustworthy, power-hungry-seeming monster. Can anybody else think of any logic as to why the others would be good?

  227. what if itachi captured shisui then danzo took his eye then after danzo took his eye he ordered itachi to kill him and thats how he got the m-sharingan

  228. i was just reading the perdictions of the next naruto chapter and i realized that i like reading them more than i do the spoilers but not more than the chapter tho because the spoilers are in alot of detail and its always about naruto doing something amaxing of ir someone talking about how amazing naruto is.

    if anyone know of any sopilers/perdiction website please let me kno, and it dosent have to be just naruto could be one piece or bleach or any other good mangas, naruto perdictions are all i can every find 😦

  229. Supertrek you said: @Marks specifically: Marks you’re assuming that Danzou somehow got his sharingan from Shisui but you provide no facts. You assume he got it from the Uchiha massacre but you provide no evidence. I’m looking at the fact that Danzou had the bandages over his eye long before the Uchiha massacre which can be seen in Nagato’s flashback. Where Danzou is seen supporting Hanzou in the hostage situation of Konan. That’s clear evidence that even then he was hiding something under his eye.

    WTH did i say or assumed all this. All i was saying is that we dont know for sure. All i was saying is that we dont know who had there sharingan longer out of kakashi or the hokage. Next time read my post all the way threw before responding T_T

    Lol and if i remember correctly kakashis clone grabbed and held onto itach allowing naruto to pwn him. Lol i dont think kakashi is dum enough to deliberatly fall into the same trick.

  230. supah ill tell you yet another thing when kisame and itachi were up against kakashi , itachi told kisame if you go against him it will take a very long time and we didnt come here to get you injured

    and at ira remember we discussed the fact that kisame v.s itachi and i was saying itachi would pwn him but it came out to be that they were about same class now if you see kakashi’s battle with pain you will see and you already know the amount he has improved
    if at that time he could damage kisame(in other words itachi) then now when he was named as kage level, he can kill him!!

  231. BAD, SUPER! Stop trying to prove a point! *sprays him with a spray filled with water* Bold!

  232. i still can’t be bothered to help out in the debate ^_^” well i’ll try to have the breakdown for tomorrow night.. in my time btw 😛

  233. *scrolls up through debate* *___* sooo long. AHA! it was Super and Ahsan who started it off.. should of known =__=

  234. hehe who else did you expected:D

    so the mist did found a way to steal the byakugan from konoha =S..

  236. coup-de-etát i believe, anyways i don’t think kakashi WUD evahhhhh win against itachi, ahsan… kakashi himself said sasuke and naruto had surpassed him and when itachi vs sasuke it was stated that itachi wasn’t at 100% he was sick and he was playing wid his brother!!

  237. Let a French Canadian teach you how to write 🙂 it’s ”Coup d’État”

  238. And i am wondering what will happen between Naruto and Sakura in the next 2 or 3 chapter, The way she says : The fool’s is in love with me. Doesn’t look promising for the narusaku clan, GO HINATA he all yours !!!!

  239. itachi > kakashi no doubt about it dont forget that almost every akatsuki member is at kage lvl (except for konan but she can make nice paper flowers,…).
    Itachi had the strongest attack with susano’o and a great defence power, if he was at full power i think he was one of the strongest membs of akatsuki maybe even at pains lvl.

  240. i think its possible that sakura is going insane from her ineptness, sorry narusaku fans but seriously, SAI noticed that naruto is in love with sakura… she just might be going to talk to him to clear out the air tell her that Hinata is his best choice, as she is a looser… or to tell him that she releases him from his promis, just a thought, *wishes naruhina, naruhina naruhina*

  241. I don’t think that we ever saw Itachi go full out in an attempt to beat someone, we have only seen his abilities defeated at 30%. Itachi was a genjutsu master, I don’t believe that Sasuke is any where near his ability to create illusions. As he said if he has one finger he could cast genjutsu.
    Kakashi is one of my favorite characters but I just don’t think that he could have defeated Itachi.

  242. Let a French Canadian teach you how to write it’s ”Coup d’État”

    Thanks. I’m not French at all. XD I’ve read Les Miserables before though. :O That probably doesn’t count though. 😛

  243. @Shinobi: I never said Danzou had the sharingan in the Hanzou flashback. I said Danzou was hiding something under is bandages back then. I implied it was the sharingan but never said for certain. 😛

    @Marks: Hehe, meant to say “@Schy speciffically:” my fault. 😉

    Anyway, yes Kakashi held on to Itachi because that’s basically all he could do. He still lost out in the genjustsu battle and in the end it was Naruto who took out Itachi with the help of Kakashi serving as a distraction/sacrifice (pick and choose). Good job Kakashi. 🙂

    @Demon: Let’s not forget that Sakura was relying on Naruto the most out of all the other shinobi wanting him to bring Sasuke back. The burden she put on him with that promise she made him take has made him sad for the past 3 years because he’s been unable to fulfill it. Of course Hinata as well as the whole village has also leaned on Naruto’s shoulder too but not as much as Sakura. Now I think she’s about to start making things right but…NARUHINA FTW!!! 😀

    @Ahsan: Yeah, Itachi said let’s not draw out the fight for to long because they were in enemty terriotory and other ninja would come along to join the fight. That’s how it would turn into an all out battle and have them injured. He wasn’t saying Kakashi was going to seriously injure them by himself. Itachi > Kakashi and I don’t see how this has anything to do with the Danzou vs. Kakashi debate at all.

    @Schy: Good point that does serve to prove that when Danzou got his sharingan it was far more advanced than when Kakashi first got his. Kakashi had a head start indeed but Dabzou skipped a couple levels. 0_0

    @Cookie: Wait a minute two people can’t start a debate unless Ahsan and I are the same person…SuperAhsan!? 0_o Ahsan started the debate and I just carried it on while others joined in. >_> So you don’t wanna join the debate eh…?

    *throws pebbles at Cookie* Shun the nonbeliever!!! Shuuunnn!!! >_<

  244. Ahg. XD Forgot to put that in quotes. :O
    And we’ll see, I suppose no matter what the outcome (to some degree), I’m looking forward to what Naruto’s going to respond to Sakura with. He is unpredictable after all. *Winks.*

  245. I feel the only way Sakura can truly make things right, is by doing exactly what she did when she recently first tried to make Naruto feel better by encouraging him when he was feeling low (I don’t have a quote, but I’ll look for it if it’s required, all I know is it was in one of the more recent manga chapters when Naruto was still in Konoha) – I think the only way Sakura can make it all better is by redeeming herself by letting Naruto lean on her the way she tried to encourage him that time.

  246. Ino crying about sasuke was a little annoying to me, I really can’t understand that she doesn’t even know the guy very well I don’t know if he’s ever even talked to her.

  247. We don’t see what they do in their spare time, Which. Or what they did.

  248. True i hope this meeting of the people around Naruto’s age means they will be playing a bigger part in the story.

  249. yea Ino crying was kinda annoying. So what if they all made the decision to wipe out her first love from the face of the earth. Deal with it!

    Ok. maybe im too harsh on her but i really wouldve liked to see Kiba b*tch slap her across the face. I mean she barely even knew Sasuke. sheesh

  250. The crying Ino scene seemed to punctuate the fact that is being laid down on the Konoha 11 as the news of Sasuke has finally began to finally make sense. Of course I do think that a better transition into the crying Ino scene would have allowed us to feel like we are actually a part of a group, rather, I felt as though I walked into the middle of a conversation. You know the ones I am talking about; the ones that make no sense because you were not there for the first half it.
    I would have thought that a comrade that one has know for a considerable time warriors trained at birth would cry over the death of said comrade, and be angry at the smearing of the clan name with another. With this culture it seems to be the exact opposite, I mean the man has sullied the name of Konoha. Most men would be outcast as traitorous, what is it really that is keeping these guys thinking of him fondly. Naruto is the only exception because he shared a bond that he cannot let go, the others… there really wasn’t a real bond like that to begin with, what is their excuse? I am just glad that the kids are learning to clean up their mess while their little terrorist friend is hunting for blood. So they finally decided to do something about Sasuke, finally a forced confrontation we all wanted to see. This will finally cause Sasuke see the fullness of his sacrifice with his own eyes, I am uber exctied about what the outcome will be.

    -“I don’t understand you anymore” really Naruto when did u understand Sasuke’s me-mission, i dont think anyone will comprehend it, of course id just grip my head and swear at the stupidity of it

    And how about that, Shisui, Itachi’s friend/sacrifice comes back as a pair of organs for Danzo. Yes Kishimoto, let the evidence that the guy is evil keep mounting up. The guy is replacing body parts faster than Michael Jackson (too soon?) And just as that plot twist develops (What a twist!!) in comes plant kid (cant remember name) with a fabulous hello to the pretty boys in the room. Seriously look at the scene and tell me that you dont think the plant guy was gayed up as he came in, but i digress. Were left on a cliff hanger and the writing staff wouldnt have it any other way, now I have to see what happens. This is accordion ninja saying play well or die hard.

  251. Zetsu* And good point about Ino’s crying. I would imagine someone like the Raikage would be more like what you stated above – about being angered about their reputation being soiled.

  252. anyone else think ino crying is pathetic she didnt share even two words with sasuke. how naruto will take it will be interesting i dont think he is going to be as easy on the subject as all the others are.

  253. Ino likes Sasuke as much as Sakura 0_o That crying is a little odd though….but meah. She’s just emotional 😛

  254. the only question that we need to be answering is weather zetsu is there under saskue order (got impatience and wanted to split the kages up or weather he has no idea and madara is setting saskue up

  255. Nah, there are hundreds of questions that i can think of that need answering. Was it a false accusation by Ao? Is the Mizukage hiding a dojutsu? What will Sakura say to Naruto? What about Narutos ‘never go back on your word’ attitude? Will there still be a meeting after this attack? Hundreds….

  256. when will juugo grow again???? i dont know i think madara wants to get sasuke caught. he realized he cant rly control sasuke already… unless he kills him, so this could very well be a set up. and sasuke isnt the only one whose about to get a beat down. danzo is about to get destroyed by either the raikage or mifune.
    @tobi how/why would it b a false accusation? he has the byakugan and we saw danzo’s chakra veins were all un connected and wat not so he did implant something into that arm of his.

  257. *sigh* everyone gets like this when i suggest what i did. Its just an assumption on my part about what could have happened, hence why i said it as a question. Ao merely pointed out that Danzo has Shuisui’s right arm and eye and that Shuisui had dojutsu capable of implanting thoughts, then he assumed that Danzo was using it, or rather just said it was a possibility.
    Therefore it is also a posibility that Danzo is not using it. It seems to me that everyone is just walking down one of Kishis little lead-ons again. The arguments against the other Kage are solid and even if Danzo is a douche, konoha and therefore him should lead the allience. Plus how can you use a genjutsu eye technique without eye contact? Danzo hasnt taken off those bandages…

  258. not true!!!!! mr tobii genjutsu doesn’t NEED eye contact!!!!!!!
    Remember naruto when facing itachi looked to his finger and poof poof he was trappedin an illusion we don’t know anything bout the capability of danzo sharingan so we can’t say he NEEDS EYE CONTACT =)

  259. But what Itachi used then wasnt a dojutsu…Since it didnt come from his eyes. The reason Itachi couldnt put people in Tsukiyomi without eye contact, the reason he couldnt point where he wanted and make Amaterasu flames, the reason Kakashi cant point and make a space/time warp is because they are EYE techniques. Ao clearly says ‘Shuisui’s dojutsu….’ how could it be his dojutsu if it didnt come from his eye? If danzo pointed a finger slyly and magically started controling Mifune then how is that an eye technique? It would just be a reguler genjutsu not this tech that Shuisui had. Of course i know genjutsu doesnt need eye contact otherwise only ninja with dojutsu in the first place would be the ones who could cast genjutsu which is obviously not true. But dojutsu itself, even regular sharingans using genjutsu such as Sasuke, still require eye contact, so no matter how advanced Danzos sharingan is, it may not need to look eye to eye, but since its a dojutsu he would need to at least look at the person with his naked eye. Danzo hasnt taken his bandages off. Please read my comment before hand since i did say ‘genjutsu eye technique’ not just genjutsu. ^^ *Takes deep breath in*

  260. i think uchiha shisui’s could be taking over danzo’s body. there is no reason for shisui’s chakara to be covering that much of his body and it must be showing on him as he has all them bandages. maybe the sharingan has a similar ability to oro’s body transfer tech that could be how mandara has survived so long although its all useless speculation it could just be as danzo is using the sharingan.

  261. @Chromer: I agree with you even though, as you say, its just speculation. I had a theory a while ago that Madara somehow put his conciousness into one of his sharingan and then had someone else put it in. It could just be a strong life force taking over like Oros though. If thats the case, its probably not happening to Kakashi since Obito actually concented while i assume Shisui didnt. Again…No proof but still interesting.

  262. @tobiisagoodboy

    yeah it would have to be a strong life force and most likley an advanced form of sharingan. as obito only had sharingan for a day its safe to say kakashi will not be taken over and like you said he was willing to give the sharingan. basically what im thinking is

    Mangekyo Sharingan = slow take over
    Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan = instant take over

    but yet again thats more speculation with no real evidence its not even said that shisui had the mangekyo anyway and its unlikley he did.

  263. dont u all think zetsu’s timing was a bit too good for danzou?
    i mean just when things are looking bad for danzou zetsu shows up,..
    Also Ao does say that the mizukage was placed under a genjutsu which i guess is done by danzou and prolly with his sharingan

  264. *sigh* He said the 4th mizukage…The current one is the 5th. That statement implies that Madara (or at least someone) was controling the ‘corrupt’ mizukage. The implication on Madara is stronger when combined with the statement that that kage might have been able to control bijuu. If thats true then it would explain why Kisame refered to Tobi/Madara as mizukage: He was actually controling the kage so it was as if Madara was infact the kage. Ao’s statement however, had nothing to do with Danzo other than the man bragging about his eye a little.

  265. I wonder if this kills the Daznou = Madara theory… >_>

    Daznou and Madara were shown in two completely different places during the same time period. Danzou was at a meeting in front of 4 other kages, a neutral party, and countless bodyguards. Madara was shown outside talking to Zetsu telling him to begin the plan. I know Madara can move at the speed of light but I think they would have noticed if Daznou disappeared from their view long enough to talk to Zetsu and reappeared as if nothing had happened. 😉

    The only way Danzou could still be Madara is if Tobi and Madara are two separate people and it was Tobi who was talking to Zetsu. Orrr, if that was Danzou/Madara talking to Zetsu long before the meeting and Zetsu is just a very slow beginner…not very likely. -_-

  266. I DECLARE IT TO BE A SHADOW CLONE. :O My theories beat yours anyday. ;D Not. X) Lol. But still – I can see people arguing it was a shadow clone. :O

  267. Oh, and maybe transformation technique. :O

  268. @Demon: LOL, indeed that can also be used as a way to keep the Danzou/Madara theory alive. Let me add that in then. Another way Danzou could still be Madara is if that was his shadow clone outside taking to Zetsu. XD

  269. I am looking for cookie if anyone knows how I can get hold of her.


  270. @Tenrai: I just emailed you her email address. Besides that I have no other way of contacting her. Good luck. 😉

  271. Thanks Super. ^ ^

    No problem.

  272. 0_0 how DO you have it!? *scared*

  273. @cookie~ 😛

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