One Piece 551 Discussion and Breakdown + 552 Spoiler Prediction! New Demotivational Poster Included! @_@

-One Piece Spoiler 552 Below-

caption-180059-20060330092935Artwork by Sakuraraito

Here’s this week’s spoiler. Go ahead and spoil your manga dinner you impatient ones. >_< Spoiler script in comments section below. Thx again from Naruto1piece4 😉

YOSH, welcome to another One Piece Chapter Breakdown! I’m sorry it’s out late but I had my birthday this weekend, so I was a little busy partying (not really)! Let’s begin! This chapter was f**king AWESOMENESS!! OMG, Whitebeard appears, the Gates of Justice open, Buggy is Jesus, and the battle is about to start! GAH, I’m getting a little ahead of myself let’s start from the beginning.


First though here’s this week’s BOPP! Red Hair Shanks! Here’s to hoping he’ll be apart of this upcoming massive melee! Artwork by MariusLorca!

I'm not mad at you Usopp...I'm just very very dissapointed in you... T_T

I'm not mad at you Usopp...I'm just very very dissapointed in you... T_T

Usopp WTF man!? I can’t keep defending you if you come back as a lard ass! How are you supposed to keep up with the Straw Hat Pirates in that condition? I see now that you NEED Luffy around you to take all the food before your grubby hands snatches it all for yourself! Now get your fat ass on a treadmill, lose the weight, and make me proud to be an Usopp fan again! BTW, this is how I imagined Rouge to look like after 20 months of pregnancy. The Food cravings must’ve been hell! I’m also starting to believe that these cover stories may have nothing to do at all with the main story. They’re just fan service to show you the rest of the crew is doing fine…to fine in Usopp’s case! >_<

The art of 'Not Giving A Fuck' makes one look cooler than he/she already is. :)

The art of 'Not Giving A Fuck' makes one look cooler than he/she already is. 🙂

Moving on to the main storyline Sabaody Archipelago is astounded that Gol D. Roger’s lineage lives on to this day through his recently revealed son Ace. Obviously as this is front page news the reporters dutifully rush to print out extras of the story so the whole world can soon know. Over at Marineford many dropped jaws and collective gasps can be heard and even the highest of brass adopt shocked expressions to this revelation. Except for the Admirals of course the pompous bastards! >_<

1st piece of evidence that the Marines have phychis! Trust me, I'm on to something here...

1st piece of evidence that the Marines have psychics! Trust me, I'm on to something here...

Shichibukais Moria and Flamingo Doflamingo have a…one sided discussion on the happenings. I mean all Flamingo says is “Well well…” Seriously this guy is scarier than Moria. 0_0 On the other hand Coby and Helmeppo have a nice psychic discussion between one another. Who would have thought their training advanced to that level in such a short period of time?

Because Gol D. Roger is a pimp! XD

Because Gol D. Roger is a pimp! XD

Now here comes the flashback I think we all predicted was coming. Garp reminisces on a conversation he had with Roger right before the execution and probably at Impel Down. This is how Garp came into the possession of Ace…Roger f**king told him he’d take the kid! XD No seriously Roger says “You protect him!!” and those aren’t question marks those are exclamation marks! We find out here that since they were old rivals Roger trusted Garp like a friend thus he came to him for help in this deed. Perhaps this dashes the theories that Garp and Roger were blood related? Now here’s something interesting I think. Roger says, “Nah, I know you’ll do it…!!!” as if he could read Garp’s heart and thoughts. Is this part of his mysterious power to hear the voice of ‘All Things’ or did he just know Garp’s personality after all these years of battle?

We finally get to see part of Rogue's face without it being shaded black and might I say she is HOT as hell!

We finally get to see part of Rogue's face without it being shaded black and might I say she is HOT as hell!

We get more of a flash back as we now see the Marines were on a pregnant witch hunt making sure they purged the world of Roger’s bloodline. Killing all suspicious women who were pregnant and checking all babies born 10 months after his visit to the island. We all know though Rogue was to badass for that and held her baby in for 20 months before giving birth probably taking the world record of greatest release ever in the history of mankind before her death. Thank goodness it was a boy because if it was a girl she would have been named…Anne? What a boring ass name… 😛

Tough love? *cough*call*cough*child*cough*services*cough* >_<

Tough love? *cough*call*cough*child*cough*services*cough* >_<

Fast forward a couple of years and Ace (such a cool name btw) is now is a little boy. Garp leaves him and Luffy in the care of his good friend Dadan. After much research and browsing across  the internet (going to Wikia and typing in ‘Dadan’) I have only this much information to divulge Seems like he was the father figure in Luffy’s and Ace’s life who raised them both together.

$10 to first the first person who can tell me what movie that line came from! ^^ (not really giving you $10) >_>

$10 to first the first person who can tell me what movie that line came from! ^^ (not really giving you $10) >_>

Ace has been out on the sea for 13 now years conquering and building up his name as a pirate. He left Fuschia Island 3 years before Luffy and Luffy left 10 years later thus bring us to the current timeline. According to Sengoku though Ace didn’t adopt his mother’s maiden name until 2 years before the current storyline. Putting that together does that mean Ace was running around with the name Gol D. Ace for 11 years or maybe it was Monkey D. Ace? Most likely the latter because the former would have had his head on a platter years ago. Anyway, after becoming captain of the Spade Pirates whoever they are and rising to fame and power for 2 years the Marines came to notice that Gol D. Roger’s blood lived on this young pirate. Before they could make a move though Whitebeard came to the realization first and took him in as a crew member with the intent to raise him into the next Pirate King!

Aha! Second piece of evidence that the Marines have psychics!!! 0_0 So close...

Aha! Second piece of evidence that the Marines have psychics!!! 0_0 So close...

Now let me ask you this first. How in the blue hell do you correlate that? Here’s a young guy, been out on the sea for 13 years so far, and in his last 2 years he’s become captain of a crew and has risen to fame. Not unlike many other famous pirates out there…but there’s something special about this kid! *GAPSP* I know! He MUST be the son of Gol D. Roger! It all makes perfect sense right? No, not really. The only thing I can find that connected Ace to being Roger’s son is that he was born on Baterilla where the pregnant witch hunt was taking place. Still the time of birth doesn’t match because Ace was born 20 months after Roger’s visit to the island…maybe they’re all just damned psychic or they have the intuition of Spider Man!

The Banana King...a tyrant much for fearsome than the pansy Pirate King! @_@

The Banana King...a tyrant much for fearsome than the pansy Pirate King! @_@

Back to the revelation that Whitebeard was in fact raising HIM to become the next Pirate King all the while Ace thought it was vice versa. The Marines finally capturing Ace has effectively but a stop to the Next Pirate Age in their eyes. Makes sense to me execute him before he makes it. No new Pirate King…no new Pirate Age. They’ll risk and all out war with Whitebeard for those kind of stakes. Before we get into the action now let me ask you this. Who’s destined to become the Pirate King now that all of this has been revealed?

Yeah I know Moses would've been more appropiate for the joke but 'Captain Jesus' sounds so much funnier! :P

Yeah I know Moses would've been more appropiate for the joke but 'Captain Jesus' sounds so much funnier! 😛

The Gates of Justice have been opened!? Who, what, when, why, and how? BUGGY!? God bless you Buggy you’re a saint! Lol, of course we know he didn’t do shit but he snuck in some comedy relief in all this tension and that makes me love the clown all the more. It doesn’t really explain how the Gates of Justice were opened but we can assume one of Whitebeard’s comrades snuck in the power room and opened up the gates or perhaps Whitebeard has agents inside the Marines…

The life of a pirate is usually not a beautiful one and these hardworking ones prove it! GAH MY EYES!!! >_<

The life of a pirate is usually not a beautiful one and these hardworking ones prove it! GAH MY EYES!!! >_<

All of a sudden a huge fleet of pirate ships come out of nowhere sailing hell bent on killing. It makes me kinda excited. Whitebeard has allies! Of course, why didn’t I think of that? >_< I just thought Whitebeard would come with his own crew and try to take over neglecting the fact that as a legendary pirate for many years of course he’d have allies! But damn they’re an ugly ass group…but that’s besides the point. Ace seems touched that all of these guys came to rescue him and all the Marines seemed frightened yelling for permission to open fire. Just as it should be! 🙂 Whitebeard hasn’t shown up yet though and the top brass would rather wait for his appearance before opening fire. Doflamingo is just yelling his ass off for the battle to get started talking about how excited he is now. I think he’s getting off on this…

YOSH! Unless you all have Spider-Sense I have come to the definite conclusion that the Marines have phychics amongst them! You heard it here first! ;)

YOSH! Unless they all have Spider-Sense I have come to the definite conclusion that the Marines have psychics amongst them! You heard it here first! 😉

Of course Whitebeard has to make a grand entrance as he appears right in the middle of the Bay of Marineford and looking straight into the eyes of his adopted son. How did he do it? He coated his ship and traveled under water! So simple yet…so ingenious! 😛 You gotta admit Whitebeard looks hella badass and scary standing there muscles bulging out and with his giant ass white…mustache! So HOPEFULLY the battle begins next chapter but I have my doubts. First of all they may want to talk about…whoever/whatever the hell they want to talk about right before the big battle. Then they may match up with who’s fighting who. Luffy is not even there yet. I can’t see them jumping into battle straight away next chapter. Hopefully we’ll get to some action half way through but then again hopefully I’m wrong and Oda just throws it all in.

I think I just jizzed my pants...... 0_0

I think I just jizzed my pants...... 0_0

That’s it for this week’s Breakdown…*sigh* I lost a bet *grumbles* so I have to do this. >_< If you’re a big One Piece fan such as I, I suggest you close your eyes and skip the next part…


One Piece is one piece of SHIIIIT! Who ever watches or reads it needs to be banned from existence because they are therefore constantly failing at life! EPIC FAILING that is! One Piece doesn’t exist, the storyline is childish at best, no one ever dies not even the f**king bad guys which is absolutely shitastic! On top of all that it’s about pirates! Who the f**k cares about pirates!? Har Har Har STFU you dirty bastards! Luffy is an ugly, awkwardly disproportioned, idiot! If someone told him he could breath underwater he’d believe it and jump right in! *takes a breather and cries to himself* T_T

BTW…Cookie is the best and I’m not…>_>


I’m sooorryyy I had to insult One Piece and Luffy I don’t go back on bets!!! Damn that Cookie and her evil ways! If anyone wants her email so they could spam her just say so in the comments section but don’t say you got it form me…>_> One Piece is the EPIC AWESOMENESS!!! The adventure, the stories, the characters, the depth, the heart and feelings, the design, the fights, the hilarity!!! I love EVRYTHING about One Piece…except for those annoying laughs and people keep living…>_> Overall though, it’s one of the greatest manga out there which is why it kicks other manga asses *cough*Naruto*cough*cough*Bleach*cough**cough* in manga sales! 😀

And f**king pirates are badass to! >_<

Here’s this week’s demotivational poster. Comment, predict, and enjoy! 🙂

Moby Dick Poster


*sigh* No one won…I’m sorry Chuck Norris won…AGAIN! @_@ It’s not fair he probably threatened Oda with a roundhouse kick from America! We all know Chuck Norris can kick through all 6 degrees of separation! >_< Same rules apply.

I predict that the fighting will begin next chapter and it doesn’t matter who throws the first punch. Luffy and co. will join in the battle sneaking in under the utter confusion of cannon fire and death! First though a little bit of talking will take place between Whitebeard and Sengoku. Possibly about Ace and Ace may even talk with Whitebeard. Next cover story will feature Tony Tony Chopper! YOSH!!! It has to be right!!! @_@

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  1. first for the first time

  2. Fiiiiiirrrrrrssssstttttt!!!!!! XD

  3. 2nd

  4. YOSH!! The breakdown was… *Perverted dance* Oww! Baby! SUPER!!! *Franky pose*
    *Cough* Except for the One Piece hate part…

    I really did LOL at the name spade pirates, i guess Super didnt notice it…Ace of spades? *Sigh* Tobi is a sad boy…

    I dont believe we all missed the idea of other pirates who are whitebeards allies showing up! So simple and so ingenious Oda. This confirms for me the fact that Shanks wont be showing up at this fight. Both sides have such a force now that Shanks would just be overkill…Also the time doesnt seem right for Luffy to meet him again. Doesnt he have to give the hat back when he does? O_O

    Doesnt it seem like Luffy would actually know that him and Ace arent blood brothers by the way Garp just brough him to that island and said live here now!!

    Oh and before i go, Super!! The laughs are the best part you teme!!! FUFUFUFUFU!!!!!!

  5. Before i comment on your breakdown (which was awesome sauce), i’d like to comment about that little rant about how bad OP is.
    First of we all know it’s awesome and whoever disagrees should be taken out the back and shot so they don’t infect the gene pool 😛
    Even if nobody dies in OP (which is a lie) at least it doesn’t pull a dick move and kill half the ppl in a village only to revive them all from the dead 30 chapters later – can anyone say LAME!

    can i just ask super – did you have to make up that rant about how crap OP is, or did you copy and paste it from someone? Cause it seems like all the points about why it is crap, comes from the 4kids dubbed animation – which everyone knows is crap, i mean take the name of the company 4KIDS!
    Also that quote ‘can you dig it?’ – is that from the movie ‘the warriors’?

  6. Poor Luffy and his crew of okamas and convicts look quite shabby in comparison to the armada Whitebeard whipped up! Yeah they’ve got two Shichibukai and two Revolutionaries, plus Savior!Buggy and Luffy, but still Whitebeard just kicks ass!

    Did anyone notice Pandaman the Figurehead? 😀 And one of the allies looks like she could be Rolling Lola’s momma.

    The fact that Whitebeard is supporting Ace to be the next Pirate King rather than himself kind of makes me believe even more that he’s going to die in this arc. Even if he dies, Ace will take his place and he’s already friends with Sunny Pirates’ captain, so everything that Jinbei was worried about falling apart will be kept together under Ace. It could also set up a nice sibling rivalry between Ace and Luffy. Don’t quote me on this, though! Goodness knows the last thing Oda can be expected to do is what we expect.

    I gotta ask, why are Sanji and Usopp getting the short end of the Separation stick? Everyone else seems to be getting upgrades or info, while they’re becoming cross-dressers or becoming fatasses! 😛

    Don’t worry about losing to Cookie. We’ll get her in the Naruto discussion forum! >:)

  7. Wait … Super is doing this breakdown but hates One Piece ?

  8. @elisha2kings: totally agree! whitebeard=dead

  9. how could you miss such an interesting picture?

    and come on oda!
    is it always necessary to have an ugly little old lady as a pirate captain? that’s just creepy!!!

  10. @Tobi: Ace of Spades! Damn, you’re right can’t believe I didn’t see that! >_<

    I was hoping that Shanks would be on the Moby Dick by himself (without his crew) to join Whitebeard in the fight, but now that I think about it two Yonkous working together is still overkill. 0_0

    And we all know how knuckleheaded Luffy is. He probably never put to much thought on whether or not Ace was really his blood brother.

    @Mudshovel: Yep, I made it up alright. It's a bullshit rant that's completely untrue and besmirches the good name of One Piece. If I tried to diss One Piece truthfully the rant would be shortened into one sentence because One Piece is nearly perfect in every way! 😉


    DING DING DING!!! *hands Mudshovel his monopoly money* You are correct sir! Congrats, ‘The Warriors’ is the answer I was looking for! 🙂

    @Elisha: OMG, I didn’t notice Pandaman and I still don’t notice him where is he!? He keeps appearing in the anime fillers when they go back in time to the Feudal Era. XD

    I’ve been saying this for weeks now but I REALLY want Whitebeard to die even if he’s so damn awesome. I just want a character of great importance to die in this manga and it seems Whitebeard’s time is almost up in this story. Here’s hoping to Ace leading the Whitebeard Pirates in the foreseeable future! *crosses fingers* >_<

    Oh yeah, believe me we'll get Cookie! @_@

    @Nagashikage: I don't hate One Piece dammit I lost a bet! T_T

    @Sogeking: Indeed shame on me. I really wanted to post it it’s just that I couldn’t think of anything funny to say about a picture with a bunch of ships advancing on a base… 😉

  11. *Notices peoples plans to take me down in my own post* 0_0 Oh come now, that’s not fair. Super admitted he thinks OP sucks, should you not be getting mad at him? 😉 And anyway you can’t drag your OP onto a Naruto discussion; people like the freedom of not having to worry about OP invading their conversations 😛 And spam? All I have to do is block them 😉 But that raises so many questions…
    Not to mention my power is over 9000 😀 Believe it bishies lol

    @_@ I want another bet, Super @_@

  12. damn u oda ,damn where is rornoa zoro ,i wanna see him fight damn you oda

    w.b will do for the time bieng though

  13. power over 9000 omg

    but can you defeat me cookie

    i am




  14. If you’re god i’m converting to Buddha

  15. @cookie: I think you mean you’re converting to buddhism, unless ‘buddha’ was code talk for sex change 😛 (making up meanings now? what is making up words no longer good enough >_<) 😛

    @super: *collects monoply money* now to invest in a hotel 😛 . I figured that it was a half hearted attmept at a true OP hate rant – i mean i'm pretty sure that it can't be done since it's so awesome. Also i think alot of pirates and marines will die at this battle. I'm looking forward to crocodile's fights (obviously), i wonder if what blackbeard is doing at the jail is any result to what happens at marine HQ…

    @Ahsan: How mad would that be if Zoro turns up for this? Personally i think all the straw hat pirates will show up at some stage during this fight (after all the cover pages have been done).

  16. I like the Above Pic with the Words titled – Can You Dig It..
    Instant classic in my Eyes.

  17. @Cookie: I’ll think about it you vile woman!!! >_<

    @Mudshovel: Indeed, what the hell has Blackbeard done that would shake the world to it's foundations? I have a feeling it's done already and he's just waiting for the results to show or be noticed.

    @Lelulalilo: YOSH!!! Glad you liked it. A classic movie and line indeed! 🙂

  18. Wow Cookie why would you make that bet. One Piece is Great. Dont ever make some one say that lie any more.

  19. @Mud: Nope I meant what I said 😉 I’m making up my own language, just you wait. It’ll be one of the most popular tongue around 😀
    @Super: Oh you know you want to 😉
    @Ice: Hey it was Super’s idea to have that second bet… And anyway I would of had to of said the exact opposite of what he said on my post, so I won for my safety and sanity of minds everywhere 😦 So no dissing the bet. We knew the costs and we still did it! 😛 And he got surfed! YOSH!! lol

  20. Cookie: Kool fair enough. Supa is stupid for doing so. So it is indeed his fault. I hope you learned ur lession Supa. Don’t let it happen again. OP is to great to have it happen again.
    Lol J/k some what.

  21. G.O.D. = gravitation offense disability; yup you defy the laws of gravity my walking sideways 😛 lol

  22. psst Super don’t listen to him… Do it again 😉

  23. nop cookie supah wont do it again

    and its

    g.o.d= god of death 😛

  24. He bet not do it again.
    If he know what good for him.

  25. Deathcon has no god. She has me as a goddess, but no-one else @_@ rawr
    Ahsan and Ice: Pfft who says I’m going to do a bet on OP? I’ve done my part for it’s post this week 😉 Though I could still destroy you all 😛

  26. Damn you Cookie. Supa will pay for doing this bet and u will get it too.

  27. 😦 awww.. Super I think we are in trouble here lol

  28. Its wierd that Cookie is the person who posts the most here…My theory is she tryed reading one piece lately but her pride wont let her say how great it is. She wants the spoilers….

    I was thinking that kizaru could make this entrance from whitebeard a lot less dramatic by just firing one of those exploding beams at the moby dick. He is the king of the sucker punch after all. Also couldn’t Aokiji have frozen the water making entry so much harder? Hmm…Anyway i just wanna see Coby fight, im interested to see if he knows any more of the rokuscki than just soru.

  29. @Cookie and Ice: Why am I getting in trouble for this? This was somehow all Cookie’s fault and she must be stopped! Band together with me Ice and let’s take her down together…even though I could do it by myself I just like tag teams. 😛

    @Tobi: But ruining Whitebeard’s entrance would have been sin to awesomeness! Even someone as powerful as Kizaru knows his limits. 😉

    @Anyone: So who do you thing who’s going to fight who? I hope Sengoku fights he is after all a vice-admiral. I say…

    Whitebeard vs. Admiral (pick and choose)
    Luffy vs. Aokiji
    Jimbei vs. Marine Battle Ships XD
    Crocodile vs. A Shichibukai (pick and choose)
    Ivankov vs. Admiral (pick and choose)

    Though I have a feeling the admirals will sit back, watch, and not give a f**k until most of their forces have been defeated. I have no idea who’s going to be fighting who actually and those are just extreme guesses. The possibilities are endless!!!! Who knows who’s fighting who!? I just can’t wait to find out! @_@

    *explodes from awesomeness* X_X


    We start with a cover of nami messin round with some weather stuff. Inside marinford, the person who opened the gate is revealed while team great escape sail through. All of whitebeards men on his ship rush to the land while his allies engage the battleships. Sengoku orders Aces execution to commence and then we see Luffy and co. arrive ^^

    @Super: You know, Sengoku isnt a vice-admiral, he is THE admiral! Fleet admiral Sengoku is the highest of the marine forces. Remember he was an admiral back in Robins flashback when he had the afro 😛
    That aside, i really dont know how fights will turn out. Hopefully Smoker gets owned by Luffy who magically learns to control haki, also, Coby put some beatdowns to the pirates ^^

  31. Super you jerk. You never put bet 1 in there at all. I better see it in next weeks, you brat. You so went back on your bet there-__-
    Hey don’t pin this on me. You were the one that created this bet lol. I do recall you trying to defeat me one time… It ended with half your post being destroyed. A great success in my books 😉
    @Tobi: Or I could just be desroying your posts from the inside. Random comments = alot. Debates = little 😉 muahahaha. And hey, my big toe is the OP fan here… I don’t talk to it now…

  32. *GASP* Cookie…you’re wrong again! It amazes me how you manage to that every time. The first part of the bet is right up there. You must have skipped right over it silly little girl. Besides even if it was JUST put up there you must’ve forgotten about it because you just pointed it out. 😛

    @Tobi: Ah, you’re right my fault. I wonder how strong he is then…

  33. chapter after this weeks- (wat i want to happen)

    at the start luffy ship will come in and the captains of the new world think that the marines are stupid to think that 1 ship attacking from behind is enough to stop them, thus letting it though to see whos on board is gets to the front of the new world captian without being attack but stop because there are all marines ship in the way so luffy sling shots himself over to WB ship and with WB glancing at him realzing after see his hat that the is the guy who thinks of ace as a brother, and instructs the men on the ship who are on gaurd that his is not an ememy, he then makes his way to WB, and his told that he thought he would come, i heard stories of u from ace and shanks, luffy smiles.

    seeing luffys face hancock blushes, mihawk smiles, flamingo makes a smug remark (not knwing how strong he is), moria shows an angry face, and kuma does nothing, garp either shows a worried face caouse he thinks that luffy could end up getting killed in this battle or laughs saying theres my brandson.

    luffy: so ace is up there.
    WB: yes

    luffy slingshots himself on to the to shore infront of the warlords and smiles. the weakling of the marines say he underestmationg us, and sohuts ‘stay out of this’ using haki most of them faint.

  34. Sorry super, but i’m gonna have to disagree on that battle prediction.
    By the looks of it, the sichibukai are closest to the shore/water, and the admirals are all up near ace sitting down.
    i think whitebeard will fight an admiral, but only after owning a sichibukai to start with (then the others let him pass).
    Luffy will fo up against a sichibukai and after a pretty long battle will win, then go up to fight an admiral.
    Honestly, i’d like to see crocodile vs either moria or that smiling douchebag.
    I think jimbei will fight in the water, clearing out oppoising ships before going on land to own.

    wait a minute *reads super’s comment again* okay, well they’re pretty much the same…guess we’ll both be taking the award from Chuck Norris 😉 .

    Who recons shanks will turn up at the end, when the whitebeard pirates and jailbreakers are about to be over run?

  35. SPOILER SCRIPT FOR SPOILER VIDEO: *closes eyes and posts* >_<

    Cover Story: Chopper has just escaped being turned into stew meat!
    Title: Ace and Whitebeard

    As it turns out Luffy knew that Ace and he didn't share the same blood. He tells everyone that Ace's father is Roger (and it looks like the time when Garp revealed who Luffy's father was).

    To Ace

    Ace's reminiscence:
    Setting off on his own… Shanks saving his little brother… shooting down an offer to enter the Shichibukai (REALLY NOT SURE HERE)… Picking a fight with WB… Fighting with Jimbei for 5 days… fighting with WB…
    The days on WB's ship when he aimed for the old man's life… the day when he finally acknokwledged WB as "father"
    Up until BB's desertion.

    WB said I needn't pursue BB, but I ignored him and went anyway… I didn't care, because he was a deserter.

    WB: Haa! Did I say that? I said to go but…?
    Ace: Don't lie!!!
    Whitebeard expresses his opinion to his children (division commanders)
    Because father said to go, you went.

    It's not your fault…

    Whitebeard splits the heavens and causes a giant tidal wave.

    Sengoku: Whitebeard is a user of the Gura Gura Fruit! He's an Earthquake Man!
    Don't think we have an advantage just because of our numbers!! (not sure here)
    He's a man with the power to destroy the world!!!!
    Two giant tidal waves are coming, and Aokiji tries to stop one of them.
    The other is up against Akainu's power, but it doesn't seem that his is a power that can stop it.
    50,000 marines are suddenly wiped out.

  36. @Smurf: Hot damn, that’s EXACTLY what I want to happen. That’s so kickass I think you should write by Oda’s side when he starts to hold back. 😉

    @Mudshovel: Just remember I said it first and yes I’ve begun to read Ippo so need to check up on me, lol. 😛

  37. ivankov easped because she thought that ace was luffys borther thus think he was also dragon son and he will be entering this war aswell but there is not concrete facts now for him to show up other than luffy being in danger, or is there some connection between roger and dragon that has yet to be explain that would cause him to get involved in this fight.
    @super: thanks.:) just thinking that durin the fight with the warlords because luffy owes hancock he showed ask her to chose the side that wou;d put her in less damage (she blushes because hes qorrying about her) + we all dont want to see that beautiful body scratched

  38. You just added it in there! 0_0 No wonder you disappeared on the chat! *face palm* Well at least it’s in there now 😉 muahahaha Anyway you can’t beat me 😀 I have the power! *strikes a pose*

  39. One Piece is out!!!!

  40. New One Piece is out!!! 😀

    another awesome chapter 😀

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