Naruto 457 breakdown and 458 spoiler discussion! The Meeting of the 5 Kages Begins!

Naruto 458 Spoiler from WOTG

Hey everyone,

I’m back again, delayed as usual! But I have good excuses, that none of you care about! >_> Oh you know it’s true… Well before I get assaulted for my lateness, I’ll just get to the breakdown! So without further adieu, we shall headbutt this weeks breakdown. YOSH!!

Naruto what are you doing there!? Gate-crashing in style only works when you don't have a professional wrestler to your left! 0_0

Naruto what are you doing there!? Gate-crashing in style only works when you don't have a professional wrestler to your left! 0_0

If some of us weren’t Narutard, we would really be getting pissed off with the length Kishi is willing to stretch out this arc to. Keeping the audience in ‘suspence’ only works when you don’t make the starting chapters to feel like a filler. >_< When will you learn!? But to the main point, the actual chapter that I am meant to be breaking down. We start off this week back with our old friends in “Sugar Plum Fairies” who have just got an e-mail that the west route is the least guarded.  Plan A: Sneak passed them with Karin’s chakra sensing. Plan B: Pretend to be delivering a pizza. One of them is bound to end in failure…. Why? The pizza is cold! Idiots can’t get it delivered on time. Juugo speaks up to Karin’s shock of being needed, telling her they need her skills. One of the very limited times they actually do. Sasuke then tells Zetsu that he is to point out Danzo for him, but he has to make sure he got Zetsu’s name correct first. But with Danzo and his team, they too have moved to the modern day technology and have received an e-mail from Sai updating Danzo.

Modernising scares people

Modernising scares people

So ask we trudge onwards, the samurai walk on land with mechanical snorkels… I see fish… Or fish out of water. >_> As the team fails to move quietly through enemy territory, Suigetsu complains about how boring this has all become. He has been there and done that. Killed that person and stole a sword. It was the highlight of his adventure. Karin rejects the idea of killing off Danzo straight away, because it is just too complicated. Not to mention every battle lately has an explosion, so wouldn’t someone hear or even see it? The Kages can’t just stare blanky with their mouth hung open and say ” Look at that purty star.*o*” Sasuke seems to have been planning just to kill Danzo before the meeting because Karin got in trouble. Karin also points out to Zetsu that if he is a big liar then she can tell because his chakra will change. LIAR, LIAR, PANTS ON FIRE! >_< Zetsu also kills the Danzo = Madara theory when he states ” Danzo is no friend of ours.” Unless Zetsu has a grudge… That can only be repayed by blood.

Am I the only one who thinks Suigetsu is stoned? >_>

Am I the only one who thinks Suigetsu is stoned? >_>

Well the entire Naruto and Raikage meeting still makes me cringe in embarrassment… For high ranked shinobi, team Samui must really feel like idiots right about now. It took Shii five seconds to realised they were being tracked. So Naruto begins to beg Raikage to halt the execution of Sasuke (and I shake my head in my hands) he falls to his knees and begins to speak of how revenge causes war. Then, in his own subtle way, he calls Sasuke crazy because getting revenge drove him off his rockers. We leave them briefly with an intense silence choking Yamato. Well those books are a handy thing. They told Sai in big bold letters that Naruto likes Sakura. But Naruto isn’t going to tell her because he can’t keep a promise. Well if that’s going to start this debate up again…. RUN FOR YOUR ONLINE READER LIFE!! >_< But Sai isn’t going to sit down and let Naruto do all the work. HE is going to do something big. He is going to ________

No! For the sake of Naruhina lovers everywhere, he  is going to hold a butter knife at Kishi and make him get back to the love confession!

No! For the sake of Naruhina lovers everywhere, he is going to hold a butter knife at Kishi and make him get back to the love confession!

Raikage leaves Naruto with the most simplest job in the world. Make sure war doesn’t break out between both villages after he kills Sasuke. Yamato wakes from his awe state ready to attack Raikage with the fact that Konoha could of killed him because of the Hyuuga ‘incident.’ But they were good little villagers and didn’t retaliate. Kakashi adds his own little bit in. Naruto sucks at begging and as a Kage, it is his duty to decide on this matter. Raikage reply went something like this:

Well, that's you told

Well, that's you told

So after Raikage’s speech about how Naruto won’t get far being stupid, he storms out flicking his cloak dramatically as he goes. He obviously hasn’t heard how strong Naruto is.Back in Konoha, Sai has found… SAKURA! Who is currently waiting on Tsunade to wake up. 0_0 This should be interesting.

Back in the meeting place, Sasuke has just been shown who Danzo is. And his Sharingan is not activated because he has just seen Danzo’s sharingan. No if it was, then Danzo would be named ‘Cripsy’ right now. So now the Kages has finally arrived and the meeting has begun with Mifune as their amoderator. So what do we expect next week?  The actual meeting or a bunch of gate-crashing? Either way it shall be interesting to see how the complete opposites get along.

Well that’s it for me. I for one have plans, so I must be off.

Well first things first. We have only a 5 minute break. One toilet and the one with gas must use it last. Apparently we have had complaints.
Well first things first. We have only a 5 minute break. One toilet and the one with gas must use it last. Apparently we have had complaints.
This weeks Bubble; you know the terms by now 0_0

This weeks Bubble; you know the terms by now 0_0

Bubble winner from Ahsan this week. Now do this week bubble before I go dictator on you ^_^

Bubble winner from Ahsan this week. Now do this week bubble before I go dictator on you ^_^



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  1. first. woo hoo first ever for me

  2. Bonoooooo!!! xD

  3. Dammit cookie!!! >__< o well, time to read…:P

  4. 3rd

  5. 4th!

  6. 5th

  7. 6th! 1st top 10 baby. now to read the breakdown haha

  8. ok i have a theory.
    Sasugay and his team are going to jump in and get the ass whooped.

  9. BUBBLE:

    Suigetsu: Hey Karin, want a hit? This is some good stuff.

    Karin: Drug free, is the way to be!!!

    Zetsu: Don’t knock it ’till you try it girly, I’ve been smokin’ crack since i was a wee little sprout…and look at me, I’ve turned out just fine…

  10. naruto annoys me sometimes…ugh i can’t believe he’s begging, on his knees right now.
    when the raikage said “ninjas respect actions and strength” anruto should have said something like, “news flash retard, i just single-handedly defeated pain…all 6 of ’em….”

  11. BUBBLE:

    Suigetsu: Karin…i haven’t told you this before, but i think you’re smexy.

    Karin: *giggle* What exactly did u slip him, Zetsu? He’s as high as a kite…

    Zetsu: Slip-SLIP HIM!!!!???? That little rain puddle snuck into my tent last night and took pieces of me to put in his bong. Look at what he did to my handsome face! Do you know how much aloe it’s gonna take to fix this?

  12. OK…now to actually give my thoughts on the breakdown…Cookie, as always, you did a very nice job. *extends hand for handshake that he knows he will never be returned*

    ‘We’re moving into the modern century.’ LMAO, its a good thing you fixed that cookie, it would have been a waste if people wouldn’t have been able to read it, it’s Gold cookie, pure comedic GOLD! You should become a comedian or something along those lines…You have what it takes! I mean, cmon…’Beast Tards’? That’s hilarity at its finest!

    Now as for Sai spilling the beans (like someone i know -__-). One of two things is going to happen, A: Sai is going to tell Sakura exactly what Naruto feels and Sakura will be like ‘Oh noes’ or B: Sai will tell her what Naruto is doing and omit how Naruto feels for her and then I’ll b like ‘Oh noes’. Either way there will be ‘Oh noes’ from one side.

    Also i just realized something about the bubbles…all three of those in the first slide are Karin…so that makes my last to captions null and void…DAMMIT!! Here i was thinking that this week i would win the bubble contest…o well, i wont stop till i win at least ONE contest!! BELIEVE IT! 😛

    P.S: Supertrek, Do you smell….the debate….that’s cooking??? *raises one eyebrow* o_O

  13. Hahahahhaa, Suigetsu is high as a kite! XD Great breakdown and funny as always Cookie! Even though you didn’t pick my awesome bubble entry! >_<

    *looks around for Dro* >_>

    *cough*naru*cough*hina*cough* ^^

    Lol, let's not start that one up again. After all we always knew Naruto liked Sakura this is all old news.

    I wonder what Sasuke's reaction is going to be when Naruto crashes the meeting. Someone is going to crash the meeting dammit and my bet is on Naruto. Maybe he'll take advantage of the confusion in order to not only be a DB by ignoring Naruto's presence once again but also to kill Danzou. 😉

    And I for one respect Naruto begging for the Raikage's mercy on Sasuke. Ninja or no ninja Naruto is an unconventional one! He's always done things differently since day 1 so no matter what the "true" way of the ninja is I prefer Naruto's way of the ninja. People may call it cowardly and weak but it takes a stronger man to bow before another in my opinion.

  14. ah finally its up!
    im gonna read now.
    damn i think i got the swine influenza!!! T_T

  15. @super- ok ok i agree with you naruto’s way is better…but you have to admit, it would’ve been awesome if he said what i put haha 🙂

  16. i miss bono
    what ever happened to him?

  17. omg! the narusaku moments pisses me off! >.<

  18. Ok first thing first. Why is Sasuke still alive. Seem like god doesn’t listen to ur prays. (Side step just in case of lightning)
    Na just joking, the lightning thing i was foreal about. I just wonder see how my second Fav Gaara is going to do. This is a debate that i wont to start up. Who would beat out of Gaara and Sasuke now. I say they can beat each other. Some say Sasuke is just to damn good looking to lose. So what y’all think.

  19. BUBBLE:

    Suigetsu: Remember kids to eat your vegetalble every day.

    Karin: So eat plenty of your vegetalble.

    Zetsu: Please stop telling them that!

  20. Seriously, the bubble winner ?
    No offense to Ahsan or Cookie, but I read at least 2 better entries last week, like …Captain Pickle‘s.
    I’m starting to wonder how the winners are picked.

  21. This chapter kind of makes me think that Kishimoto has run out of original things for his hero to do and has begun copying other Shounen mangaka’s ideas. Namely Naruto humbling himself before the Raikage and begging for Sasuke’s life. There’s an almost identical scene in OP where the hero, Luffy, stops at a village to beg for a doctor for one of his sick crewmembers. Unfortunately, he and his crew are pirates and the village was recently attacked by pirates and therefore greet them hostilely as they (quite reasonably) believe that this is just a trick for another pirate crew to raid them. Luffy and his crewmates are getting impatient as their friend is dying, when one of the crew accidentally gets shot by the villagers. He becomes furious and nearly attacks the villagers, but is stopped by his wounded crewmate who berates him for letting his pride come in the way of the well-being of his crew. She humbly bows before the shocked villagers and begs for their assistance. Luffy follows her example and the villagers are convinced to help them. This is character-development! Kishimoto just can’t seem to grasp how to change Naruto’s character without making him seem like a limp rag! When did “I want to become Hokage!” morph into “I’m going to be pacifistic hippie who’ll spread peace and love!”? Damn you Nagato!

  22. BUBBLE:

    Karin: “Examination complete!
    Suigetsu, your prostate seems fine.
    Hey Zetsu smell my finger!”

    Zetsu: “Oh hell DattebayNO”!

  23. @black ice, your bubble is really LOLs

  24. Any chance Danzo is Senju? I know im kicking a dead dog here… but what happened to this almighty clan?!?!? I need an explanation!

  25. BUBBLE

    Karin: HEHE we are mormons! it’s an LSD-church, right suigetsu?

    Zetsu: Mormons is only a mistake spelling MORONS right…

  26. BUBBLE:

    Karin: So lets go over the plain one more time. After we get in we kill hanzo.

    Suigetsu: And then thats when we gang rape Zetsu! >:)

    Zetsu:…………… Wait What?

  27. u mean danzo 😛

  28. i say garra pwns sasugay O_O

    *caugh* is trying to start debate*caugh*

    Hints to tenrai >.>

  29. @elisha2kings yeah i noticed that too (being a limp rag) but im sure somewhere along the road naruto is gunna learn that being a hippie helps no one

  30. i kinda understand the slow chapters to counter act all the action that we had with pain vs the leaf nins but the only problem was that, that fight was so damn long, we need some quicker info chapters and less naruto being a little punk

  31. Great breakdown cookie.

    @riddicyalutz : Senju are the ninja’s of konoha. all nin in konoha atm belong to / decend from senju.

    I for one want to see what the kage’s are gonna talk bout and how the others will respond to whatever it is Raikage is gonna discuss (most likely akatsuki). Screw the gate crashing, leave that till the next next chapter.
    Naruto begging – hmmm honstly didn’t really care, better than saying ‘believe it’. Thought Raikage’s response was right, so TS naruto.
    WTF is sai doing in konoha? he should be with Kakashi and co.
    Well its gonna be funny if sasuke try’s to kill all the Kage’s, simply because he’s got no chance, secondly i want to see Gaara fight again!

  32. Suigetsu- Duude.. Why the Long Face, I mean Sad Face?

    Karin- His Boyfriend Split up with him and Now the Half Wit cant think straight!

    Zetsu- Its not that Im left handed, And he looked after both our Ass’s.

  33. the next manga is soooooooo not going to have any action in it…..

  34. lol did i win the bubble lmoa

  35. @Nagas: Okay I’m going to keep this short and to the point. If I was choosing incorrectly of the bubble winner; then do explain to me why Drosensei and Supertrek didn’t win this week? Or would that be classed as me choosing close friends? No I chose the one I found funny, so if that didn’t suit you then talk to me on the chat instead of belittling my judgement. I’m going to use Supertrek and Drosensei’s posts as an example. If I chose Dro’s it would cause a controversy because it would of been seen as me attacking One Piece instead of me choosing it because I actually found it funny. As for Super’s it would of just been seen as me choosing another friend. So no; I chose the one I found funny, so please reframe from questioning my motives behind it. Because frankly there was none.

  36. lol i ddint even read naga’s post lol

  37. nagas cookie is right you know

  38. Heh … took me about 2 minutes to figure out who “Nagas” was. -.-

  39. @cookie: he bribed you with pokemon stir fry didn’t he!!!! 😛

  40. @mud: then I know what to do if I wanna win! MUAHAHA!

    Karin: So we all know what we have to do to win the bubble contest. We have to fry Carnivine- I mean Zetsu and give him to Cookie! MUAHAHA!

    Zetsu: Mmmm… James’ head… WHAT?!

    I couldn’t come up with what Zetsu had to say!
    Anyway, great post cookie and… Would you like some fried Zetsu?

  41. Mabey next time we can get super to do the naruto breakdown – cookies is just too damn good 🙂

    – Now that is a good comment Marks. However, if you still think Super should do the breakdown next week, some reasons why that should happen would be helpful…. it’s called constructive criticism! The way you said it just made you sound ignorant…… – ReFleX

    Where is tenria? I want a debate dammit >_< Gaara vs sasugay

    gaara vs sasugay gaara vs sasugay

    gaaara vs sau…….. ok you get the point T_T

  42. ok how about danzo v.s kakashi for a debate

  43. cancel that ive got a better one

    team ahsan : naruto,kakashi,minato and itachi


    team mud : pain.1st hokage, jiraya.madara

  44. @ The Incredible Marksman.

    Between Sasuke and Gaara, Sasuke would Win.
    In their past battle in the Chuunin Exams Gaara did own Sasuke because of his Chakra Reserve and his overwhelming Sand Attacks at that time Gaara was real strong, And even at that time Sasukes Lightning jutsu was effective but it wasnt enough.

    Though at the moment Sasuke’s Lighting jutsu are completly on another level than before with sasukes lightning Blade and ability too infuse shurikan it would cut through Gaaras Sand defenses preety easily. And in Combat Sasuke is a better Taijutsu fighter so its easy too say that he could beat him.

    Gaara doesnt have Shukaku But Gaara but is jutsu are Sand orientated he has his Shukaku unltimate defense the One the looks like a Snow man and proberly his own absolute defense but it will be Gaara controling that with his own Will and he would also have That Shukaku Spear attack thats preety good. Im guessing any of Gaaras attacks at the moment would be similiar too Crocodiles Sand attacks from OP.

    All in all Sasuke would give Gaara a Hard time even without his MS though with it I cant see Gaara taking on Sasuke with ease.
    But now I guess Gaara without his help from Shukaku and his Chakra reserve Gaara might of had a few good nights sleep and some extra training he might be strong but I dont think he has a chance too take on Sasuke.

  45. line up :

    minato v.s madara

    itachi v.s jiraya

    naruto v.s pain

    kakashi v.s 1st ( note kakashi is only supposed to hold the 1st until others are free so they come for help)

  46. Madara beat Minato when the Fox attacked.

    Itachi said that Jirayai could of killed him and Kisame, But I think Itachi was just trying too leave cause all he wanted too do was warn Danzou So Itachi could of taken Jirayai.

    Naruto Owns Pain, And did.

    Kakashi vs 1st Hokage is hard too Say, But the 1st who defeat kakashi before his buddies came too help. The 1st used too go at it with Full powered MS Madara before he was Hokage so is preety strong.

  47. Team mud has this one in the bag.
    Madara owns Minato.
    Jiraiya was feared by Itachi and Kisame when they were teamed up
    Pein if he was after Naruto’s life (not the kyuubi) had plenty of chances to kill naruto, and that was when he had depleated plenty of chakra from attacking the village.
    1st hokage vs Kakashi, is there really any question in this? even ahsan admits that he would only be able to hold him off temporarily.

    lay your bets, and prepare to lose if u’re not on team mud 😛

  48. What about these guys in a match up?

    Chouji vs Juugo Sai vs Suigetsu

    Karin vs Sakura Shino vs Zetsu

    Kakashi vs Kabuto Naruto vs Killerbee

  49. ok first of all gaara would give sasugay a good match and would problably beat him. Just a matter of who gets in the best attack first. And since we seen the gaara has a specific attack to gaurd and break threw lightning with ease sasugay is pretty much screwd. I Dont see ameretsu beating garra because he can use his said to escape. Though saugay is better at tijitsu and faster the garra this well not work as seen before in the past. Garras sand is just as fast if not faster now when it comes to defending.

    2nd of all madaru didnt beat Minito with fox. No where in the stroy is that stated. We do know however that minito temporaly beat madara and sealed away the fox sacrificing his own life.

    3rd of all. Lets me correct this for the last time. If pain had the entent to kill naruto in the fight then pain will win.
    Again the only reasons why naruto beat pain was

    1 Pain wasnt at full health. None of them were as brought out by kohan when naruto and pain faught.

    2: Pain did not have the intent to kill if he did he would have killed naruto when he had him in the full nelsun or when he was crusified.

    3: Naruto had intel, pa and ma frog 3 big ass frogs and hinita there who provoke the kyubi saving narutos ass agian.

    i agree with you on the itachi vs jman and even though kakashi is my favorite character i dont see him lasting very long agaisnt the first

  50. and another thing. Naruto almost had to go nine tails to baet pain!

  51. I just thought about something. The only way to know for sure that Danzo is Tobi a.k.a Madara is for Danzo to unveil his Sharingan before Sasgay and if that activates Amaterasu than he’s Tobi. And another thing. If he’s Tobi, than he’s totally going to beat up Sasgay! Can’t wait!

  52. Well unfortunately, we are going to wait another chapter or two before we see any action…

    I’m going to remove everything but the english so i don’t take up too much space:

    Naruto Manga 458 Spoilers

    Posted On 12:07 PM by Soletuti | 0 comments
    Japanese Script by Nja @ 2ch
    Verification: Confirmed

    English Translation by Shounensuki @ MH

    The spine has Yamato ><

    The ones who made up the mercenary force called Akatsuki were advisors of many countries
    The Tsuchikage used the Akatsuki to make money
    The Godaime Mizukage interferes, saying her country has no knowledge of this since they're isolated
    (This is the Yondaime Mizukage's fault… That is, the Godaime reveals that it is possible the Yondaime has been manipulating someone)
    Suna planned the Konoha Crash using the Akatsuki (Well, Gaara's father did)
    The Hokage is sceptic, questioning whether they should interfere with these advisors (Danzou is silent¹)
    The Raikage vents his anger towards the other Kage
    Those able to control the Bijuu: Madara, the Shodai Hokage, the Yondaime Mizukage, Killer Bee

    Then the neutral power states their opinion
    How about making an alliance of the Five Countries?
    Then the Hokage, whose country still has its Bijuu, will take supreme command (since there's no hope for the rest). What do you think?
    upon hearing that, the Raikage ask "What the hell!?"

    And it ends with this 

    the Yondaime Mizukage's face is revealed (a gentle man), but (with the Bijuu controlling story) the Tobi = the Yondaime Mizukage things seems to still be okay (since Kisame called him the former Mizukage-sama)

    ¹ This could also mean that he refuses to explain himself.

  53. Greatness have enter the debate on Gaara vs Sasuke.

    Like i said in my early post I believe they can beat each other.
    With out curse seal any more sasuke can not fly so Gaara can easily keep his distance and he is a distance fighter. Yes his lighting attack can be a down fall for Gaara. Yet I am sure that Gaara can have something to stop it or fight against it. In one movie Gaara even had a move that would stop lighting attack all together. Don’t care if it really a movie I taking anything i can get. Then we have black fire, which I am sure Sasuke can do about two times before he start to feel faint. The reason that wont work the first time is because of the sand that Gaara keep over his body. It would burn through that first. Which he can easly realess that sand from his body. Then it the fact that Gaara can fly and stay out of Sasuke reach. He would have to focus on a moving target to catch Gaara in Black Fire.

    Now for Karin or what ever that strongest lighting move Sasuke have. I don’t think he can do it any more because like Gaara in some ways. He have lost a lot of Chakra after losing Curse Seal and Oro. But if that isn’t so he still need to prepare for the move. By Gaara already being in the sky i am sure he can see the clouds forming. Also its depend on the weather.

    But don’t get me wrong I do think Sasuke can beat Gaara. I was just given reason of why i think Gaara can beat Sasuke also.

    Greatness Out!

  54. hello people

    minato will own madara ,damn u bakas ,

    itachi will beat jiraya

  55. Hey everyone! ^ ^

    It seems as though I am late again, but I will blame my life for that. It’s the easiest thing to do.

    Anyway, I am joinging the team debates… with my own team. lol. After all, why chooze a side when you can make your own. Muahahahaha!!!!

    Ahem! Anyway, if I were to think of a great, unbeatable team, based on the strengths we DO know of and not based only on assumptions, I would have to say mine would have Nagato, Naruto, Bee and Minato in it.

    Minato is being described as more powerful than his predecessors, which includes the almighty First Hokage, so that means he was definitely a great force of his time.

    Naruto is just plain awesomenes with sage mode now under his belt and saved Konoha from the brink of destruction and is even mentioned having surpassed both the Fourth and Jiraiya.

    Bee pretty much pwned a four man team of pwerful ninja by himself, including the all mighty Sasuke and his MS bag of tricks, and can also draw out the full power of his 8-tailed Bijuu without any drawbacks, allowing him to counter even the best genjutsu and unleash devastating, mounting range killing, attacks.

    Nagato pretty much pwned Konoha by himsef and defeated the great Hanzou by himself as well (the same man who bested three sanin at the SAME TIME and a force of Konoha ninja alone) and defeated the legendry Jiraiya and Kakashi, so there isn’t much I need to say to prove his worth.

    And there it is. To me, you can’t get better than these four. We don’t know enough about Madara to really place him fairly and Itachi said he is a shell of his former self, so he may not be as strong as he once was. As for Itachi himself, he was a close contender for my team, but just missed the mark in my books by a mere fraction.

    Well, that is it from me. ^ ^

  56. minato was the son of danzo, therefore naruto is his grandson. eat that

  57. @cmcedokun: Based on what?

  58. i was just wondering if gaara can even be powerful enough to be kazekage now that he doesnt have shukaku’s powers? or can he still manipulate sand at ease and make shukakus arm to give a bitch slap like he did with deidara?

  59. Now wait a minute! Last time I checked when Madara attacked the village with the Kyubi Minato wound up dead and he walked away alive. Itachi never said when Madara’s powers were weakened so he could have been “a shell of his former self” 16 years ago. Yet, he still managed to almost destroy Konoha and forced the Hokage (Minato) to seal the Kyubi by sacrificing his own life. Yeah Minato…tied with the Kyubi but how could he possibly win in a fight against Madara AND the Kyubi without being killed again? Madara= Win.

    The 1st Hokage would trash Kakashi.

    Pein at full power would trash Naruto Sage Mode and all.

    Jiraiya vs. Itachi…that’s a hard one. It could go either way but I’m on Itachi’s side for this one if we’re talking about a full powered Itachi (not a sick one). Jiraiya in Sage Mode though would give him a run for his money.

    My team: Naruto, Nagato, Madara (prime), 3rd Hokage (prime)! Unbeatable right there! 😛

  60. Team Dish- Naruto, Minato, JMan, and the 1st Hokage

  61. Well if where going with teams. Mine would be Pein, The 1st, Minato, and Madara. That right is an unstopble team. Try me on that one homie.

  62. here’s a power team= ten ten, sakura, ino and Moegi. TEAM InoSakuMoTen FTW!

    @ahsan: “kakashi v.s 1st ( note kakashi is only supposed to hold the 1st until others are free so they come for help)”
    you know that *waiting for others to come and help* can go both ways. Lets say pain pwnds naruto now that would be pain & 1st vs kakashi. :s.
    In order of this fight to work it should be some sorth of world martial arts tournament like in dragon ball.

  63. BUBBLE:

    Karin: You’re the one pointing the gun, Harvey. So point it at the people responsible.

    Zetsu: Fair enough. You first.

    (+5 awesome points to those who get the reference, its an easy one)

  64. @dro: Batman: The dark knight 😛

  65. (+5 awesome points to mudshovel)

    ok mud, with the addition of 5 awesome points you are now at -15 points…when do u wish to pay me? 😛

  66. @everyone: well i have the best team for a 4v4…
    Shikaku/Shikamaru-if you have a bunch of brute force what happens if you cant overpower them?
    Itachi-this guy could pwn pretty much anyone without really being overkill(assuming he has no sickness of course…well even w/ it he still could
    Jiraiya- Its Jiraiya…need i say more?
    Its A Threesome..I Mean 3Way…@_@: Anko, Hinata, and Temari: Even though they are female ninja’s there the best of there field.
    Anko-She’s Sexy…Thats All There Is for Her…
    Hinata-Has The Most Talent for a Ninja…even surpassing the 5th hokage…lol Also she’s got gust like Naruto
    Temari-She’s got good long range and is good for support.

    Worthy Mentions….
    Shino-Although he’s not a main character he’s got talent, guts and rutheless…lol
    Gara-Even though he lost A bijuu i still think he’s a dangerous enemy to have.
    Naruto- For the sake of the whole anime/manga he has to be up there…
    Kabuto-He’s pretty good, i think hes pretty much well rounded, except for being exceptionally good with medical ninjutsus. Even Jiraiya said he was on kakashi’s level.
    MAITO GUY/Rock Lee- These two guys on a team together is just tooo much awesomeness…

  67. Hehe, i didn’t know you could deduct points from ppl who u lose debate’s too Dro. 😛 .
    Also as for the sasuke v Gaara – as much as it pains me to say this – Sasuke will pwn Gaara. Sauske is to fast and too strong.

  68. Well then let’s hope, for Sasuke’s sake, that Gaara doesn’t have the same powers he did when fighting Deidara, or Sasuke would drown. In sand, of course.
    Sasuke hasn’t even legitimately beaten anyone since ever.

  69. interesting mud, very VERY interesting…i’m not even sure what debate your talking about…if it’s the Naruto vs Itachi one, well…we managed to bring back Naruto to 47% in 3 days w/ super’s, dark avatar’s, and tenrai’s amazing debating…thats pretty impressive considering most IRA was for Itachi

    Btw you’re at -15 due to the fact u are in Australia…it’s not because your Australian, it’s because you decide not to share your knowledge with us past dwellers…stop being a selfish and share your knowledge!!!! 😛

  70. @Tenrai Senshi

    your team is the best up at the moment in my opinion although i would say bee has to be replaced not because of his abilitys but because his brother is obviousley stronger as he is the kage. i would have the same team but replace bee with hmmmm…….the 1st only for the fact that if you have a team with 2 biju in and another team had mandara he can controll the 9 tails and use it against the team and maybe he can controll more than 1 biju? but with the first there you have someone who is on even grounds with mandara.

  71. 458: The Fate of Akatsuki

    (Kage Scene)
    Mifune: The meeting will now begin.
    Raikage: (stands up) First of all, thank you for coming with such short notice. (sits again) Second, I’ll be direct to the point: we, the Five Great Ninja Villages, got to eliminate the Akatsuki threat. (everyone stares in tension) They’re assaulting our villages, kidnapping the Jinchuuriki and killing for whatever reason they have!
    Gaara: They are collecting the Bijuu inside them. For what purpose, I don’t know.
    Raikage: How can you know that?
    Gaara: I was a Jinchuuriki once (the Kages faces turn to Gaara). They took me from Sunagakure and extracted the Shukaku that dwelled inside me. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for my village, with the help from Konoha. (bows his head a little for Danzou)
    Raikage: Is that so? I wouldn’t be so fond of the Leaf, because one of its missing nin will do the same thing with my brother (stares at Danzou with a menacing glare)
    Danzou: Are you accusing me of this incident?!
    Raikage: You’re not the only one that doesn’t take care of their missing nin…
    Tsuchikage: What in hell are you implying?
    Misukage: Those are serious accusations you’re delivering, Raikage.
    Raikage: Oh… from the data my ninja collected about Akatasuki, every village here besides mine has at least one missing nin that became part of that group: Sasori from Sunagakure, Deidara from Iwagakure, Kisame and Suigetsu from Kirigakure, and the biggest offender here, Konohagakure, with Orochimaru, Uchiha Itachi and Uchiha Sasuke. If you Kages did take care of their missing nin, Akatsuki wouldn’t be such a big threat, or even existed at all!
    Danzou: Preposterous!
    Tsuchikage: I was never so insulted in my life!
    Misukage: Are you blaming us for Akatsuki existence?!
    Mifune: Please calm down. I do not want war to begin within these halls. (everyone calms down)
    Gaara: Did you said Uchiha Sasuke?! (stares at Danzou) Does Naruto know this?!
    Raikage: Do you know that whiny brat?
    Gaara: Of course, he was the one who saved me from Akatsuki. He’s the Kyuubi’s Jinchuuriki. (Raikage looks shocked)
    Raikage: He’s a Jinchuuriki?! So why his so called “friend” Sasuke took away my brother, Kirabi, also a Jinchuuriki?
    Gaara: I don’t know. (looks away)
    Raikage: Thought so. (looks at Danzou) What are you going to do about your missing nin, Konoha?!
    Danzou: I already ordered my village to assume Uchiha Sasuke as a target to kill on sight.
    Raikage: Good. I think it’s wise for all the villages to do that as well, for all Akatsuki members.
    Tsuchikage: I think it’s wise too. The Stone will follow your advice.
    Misukage: The Mist will do the same, since we still have our missing nin issue to attend to.
    Gaara: The Sand will follow too… except for Uchiha Sasuke.
    Raikage: What is the meaning of this?!
    Gaara: Naruto saved me… twice. And I didn’t return the favour from the second time, so this is my way to thank him.
    Danzou: Do you want the Sand end up like Konoha?! A giant crater where once was a proud village? (Everyone is shocked)
    Gaara: What?
    Danzou: One of Akatsuki members, named Nagato, assaulted our village in search of that Naruto you admire so much. All we got left is a giant hole and a village to rebuild. You’re inviting the same event if you let an Akatsuki roam free in your village.
    Gaara: I’m not worried (everyone is apprehensive) I know Naruto won’t make that happen.

    (Naruto Scene)
    (They are traveling through the trees’ branches)
    Naruto: Why?
    Yamato: What bothers you, Naruto?
    Naruto: Why don’t people see? All this hatred, this revenge… this cycle will only repeat over and over if something isn’t done to stop it.
    Kakashi: Don’t expect people to comprehend that at first. Don’t forget we live in the world of the Shinobi, hatred and war are commonplace.
    Naruto: But why, why people won’t do anything to stop it?
    Kakashi: Some people never lived without war. It’s difficult to stray from that.
    Naruto: But… (his face saddens) I understand…
    Yamato: We should return to the village as swiftly as possible. Danzou will be not pleased to know we fled from it.
    Kakashi: You’re right. Let’s return to Konoha.
    Naruto: (Naruto stops) I won’t return to Konoha.
    Yamato: (Yamato and Kakashi stop) What?!
    Naruto: I won’t give up on Sasuke. I won’t cross my arms and see Sasuke being chased and executed like a criminal. I know Sasuke, he isn’t like that, he’s being used. If nobody will be on his side, I will. I’ll save Sasuke from Madara, even if it takes me to the end of the world or takes away my life. I made a promise and I will fulfil that promise.
    Kakashi: There’s no stopping you from that, is there, Naruto? (Naruto smiles) Thought so… well, take care!
    Yamato: What? Kakashi-senpai, you’ll let him do that?
    Kakashi: Why wouldn’t I? Naruto has already chosen his path, we shouldn’t interfere.
    Yamato: But, Kakashi-senpai!
    Kakashi: Don’t worry. If he took care of Pein, I’m confident he’ll take care of himself, isn’t that right, Naruto?
    Naruto: Right!
    Yamato: (preoccupied) If you say so… (Yamato and Kakashi leave, Naruto follows them)
    Kakashi. I thought you were leaving…
    Naruto: And I’m leaving, but I got to say goodbye to someone in the village.

    (Kage Scene)
    Mifune: So it’s settled then. All the Villages will begin the operation to bring to justice Kisame and Suigetsu of the Mist, Zetsu of the Grass, Konan of the Rain, Karin and Juugo of the Sound. And all Villages, except the Sand, will also bring to justice Sasuke of the Leaf. This operation will begin in seven days and the primary target will be Amegakure. This summit is now concluded. (everyone leaves the table, Raikage approaches Gaara)
    Raikage: You know, Kazekage, it isn’t too late to change your decision.
    Gaara: I’ll not change my mind, as much sorrow as it gives you.
    Raikage: Hmmph. You know what is best for your village, but don’t come to the Cloud begging for help.
    Gaara: I’m sure I won’t need any. (they separate)

    (Sasuke Scene)
    (The group is hiding in a secretive high point)
    Suigetsu: Now that’s good.
    Karin: How can you say it’s good?! Our heads are on the line!
    Suigetsu: More people to fight with!
    Karin: You reckless knucklehead!
    Sasuke: Stop it. Don’t lose focus on what we have to do.
    Karin: R-Right!
    White Zetsu: At least they don’t have information on Tobi. As long as he remains unknown, the better. (Sasuke grumps)

    (Danzou Scene)
    Danzou: Torune, get back to Konoha. Declare Naruto, Kakashi and Yamato missing nin.
    Torune: Yes, my lord. (he vanishes away)
    Danzou: (gives the scroll to Fu) Get rid of this scroll. In the wrong hands, Konoha might be the next target of other village’s wrath.
    Fu: Yes, Hokage-san. (vanishes away too)
    Danzou: (thinking) So, Madara is alive. I haven’t heard that name in quite some time. So you came out of the hole you crawled all these years? This will be interesting.

  72. @jdizzlex212: Is that you, or did you get that from someone else ?
    That sounds pretty accurate. I don’t think all that can fit in the next manga though, unless the next chapter is a super chapter with 40+ pages, like Full Metal Alchemist.

  73. No it’s not mine, I got it from a source of mine.

  74. WHOA!! Thats some Spoiler Im so excited I feel like I actually dont have too read this weeks. The just made my Day Im starting too wonder How Powerful Danzou is and also He just proved himself too be the Biggest Snake Just like Orochimaru.

    I can see why Kishi said Sai will cause something Big Danzou got the update from Sai of a Warning from the Threat that Is. And Danzou wants too prevent it from Being revealed now Kakashi, Yamato and Naruto are Missing Nin..Yay!!

    Everyone In Konoha would never think they are Missing Nin kind of People Civil War in Konoha hopefully. Oh so many outcomes its too exciting. I hope Sai Seeks revenge on Demon Danzou.

  75. if danzo makes them missing nin i cant see there will be civil war but there will be village vs danzo. making them missing nin is stupid as they are the primary force of an already weakend village with reputations that exceed his. i dont think danzo wants to be hokage for more than a week lol. but this gives naruto the oppertunity to meet sasuke with the same goal to get rid of danzo so it might be time for them to stop fighting its the perfect chance to get sasuke back on side especially seen as they are in the missing nin club.

  76. Nah i could definatly fit into one chapter. Im really hoping its true. xD

    The question is, is he saying goodbye to Sakura, or Hinata??

  77. And Yes looks like a Naruto-Sasuke team up is brewing.

  78. a naruto sasuke team up would be great but there is a few issues lol. the fact sasuke is semi working for akatsuki, tobi can appear instantly infront of sasuke giving away naruto’s position, sasuke will see naruto as an enemy, he will also want the position of leader, the other two team members are not going to get along with naruto as he is a goodie goodie.

    hopefully naruto gets involved with the danzo fight that would be great.

  79. @jdizzlex212

    This spoiler is a face as far as I know. Here are the confirmed spoilers.


    Hmmm, the First Hokage is definitely a top contender for any elite team, but if you ask me, he is not as powerful as some of the other shinobi that have existed. Even the Third Hokage is mentioned as being stronger than his predecessors (as mentioned by Iruka while teaching a class before the Konoha invasion), while the fourth is considered the strongest of the Hokage. (Remember, he was the Sandaime’s successor, not predecessor).

    Now, as for the Raikage replacing Bee, the thing is we don’t know whether or not he is more powerful than Bee. He may be the Raikage, instead of his brother, but that might be because of politics or simply due to Bee’s disinterest in those kinds of affairs. After all, just because someone is good enough to be Hokage, doesn’t mean he will accept the position (I.E. Jiraiya).

    The reason Bee is on my team is because he is able to control his Bijuu completely. We saw how much damage Naruto could do in a six tailed state, and Bee can go into 8-tails while still keeping full control of his wits. He is impervious to genjutsu, has unmatched kenjutsu skills, is faster than most shinobi we have seen and is a Jinchuuriki who can control his power. To me that puts him above his brother in my books.

    So my team remains as Naruto, Bee, Nagato and Mintato.

  80. now how about creating a cross anime team ;p

    total members will be 10 k

    my team

    5-white beard
    10-hatake kakashi 😛 ( ill still put him in):P

  81. Idk if anyone pointed this out but the 2009 kishi interview is out and he states that more stuff on minato will be released epic (oh CC he’s mine 😉 )! Srry iPod can’t post link 😦 you will have to go find it yourself muhahahah *cough*. Damn finally naruto + miss ninja = pure awesomeness on a level u can’t imagine :p!!!!

  82. So super your saying that after minto sealed the fox and died madara just got up and walked away.

    For crying out loud who else do we know fought madara and the 9 tails kyubi besides the first and lived. No one.

    In my “pernsonal” opinion i think minito in the process of cieling the fox temporarly beat madara. I say this because the forth was the only one standing in the way of madara at the time. Madaras intentions was to attack the village so when the forth died your saying that madara just looked around and said.
    “Hey look the 4th is dead and no one in my way preventing me from attacking the village. But no i think i will just leave >_<

  83. Wow next chatper look great finally want read a chapter of Naruto again

    @Mark: No No No i am on Supa side. Minato did not defeat Madara. He even said that when they had the battle Madara was seeing through all his moves and it was nothing i can do. So no, now did he seal the 9 tails yes.
    So why would Madara not still attack the village. Well his ace in the hole is gone (Go Shino). Plus that would of been a whole village he would of had to take on by his self. Plus the Uciha would of went against him. At the time Itachi would of too. So at that time it was a lost cause. Now did he beat Madara no but he did stop him from destorying the village.

  84. ok fine. madara owned the shit out of the forth who has according to tenrai supposedly surpased the first who acually did defeat madara.

    This all makes great since guys. Thanks alot. ^_^

    Black ice if uchiha were agaisnt madara the would have stopped him from the beggining because there eyes control the fox to.

  85. @Minato vs Madara debate

    Alright, I decided to add my own opinion to this one as well, seeing as how we have two very contrasting views as to who won it.

    This is how I see it. Madara, as Tobi, seems to realize the fact that even with his power (provided he still has it all) is not enough to destroy Konoha on its own. When Sasuke mentioned his plans to destroy Konoha’s leaders (chapter 404), Kisame also adds to this implication by mentioning that even when you attack at the top (their leaders) they defend at the bottom (Those loyal to the village.

    So, what do you do if you seek to destroy something, but you don’t have the strength to do it alone. Well, the answer is to find something that will give you the power to achieve your goals. That is where the Kyuubi comes in. Madara needed the Kyuubi’s power to help him destroy Konoha and so he used it in his attack to achieve that end.

    After all, it is the most powerful Bijuu and as far as we know, it cannot be killed by any normal means. I think Madara was betting on the fact that he could control over that power to achieve his goals.

    What he didn’t count on, was the Yondaime sealing the Kyuubi away into Naruto and essentially denying Madara of that power. I think that single act alone, essentially thwarted his plans by taking away the power he was relying on and forcing him to put his goals on hold, knowing that he may not have the necessary power to destroy the rest of Konoha by himself.

    Hence, he discontinued his attack…

    So, now as to whether or not it was Madara or Minato who essentially “won” the battle, I think we need to look at things from the right perspective. After all, the winner is not always determined by who lives and who dies.

    Did Madara win? Against Minato himself, in a sense he did, but he was not actually victorious in any true sense of the word. He failed to achieve his ultimate objective and instead of destroying Konoha as he planned, he only managed to kill the Yondaime, which I doubt was his sole purpose that night.

    Minato, however, did achieve his goal. He protected his village, even if it was at the sacrifice of his own life and possibly the wellbeing his son’s future, and at the same time he prepared for that future by giving Naruto a possible means to combat Madara further down the line. I think when he said he believed Naruto would some day be able to control that power, he was not only referring to just wielding it like some weapon, but also being able to stop Madara from sing it for his own ends.

    In this sense, Minato actually won that battle, just by achieving his goal and keeping what was important safe, even though he died in the process while Madara lived.

    There we go. Hopefully that will bring peace to this strife… ^ ^

  86. Tenrai: I see what you are saying. But in the Battle with Minato and Madara, Minato lose. He said he could not beat him so he had to the next best thing. Take out his best weapon 9tails. Now if you did say that then nvm. But If it was just a fight to the death, Madara would of won.
    I just cant be bais to this cause i hate Sharingan user other then Itachi. U can blame Sasuke for that. Damn wont he just die like the rest of them.

  87. @Death: and it would of killed you to not tell us where to look?lol, well then…*steals minato* He’s mine now @_@ muahahahahaha >_> <_< *coughs*

  88. oh ho so its my minato v.s mud;s madara

    lets begin then

  89. Well in fairness all Minato would have to do is use the same technique he used on the 9 tails on Madara. Though it won’t end well for either of them… Yes the same technique the 3rd used on Orochimaru. It was the 4ths technique to begin with

  90. lets see here my frnds

    madara’s aim was the destruction of the hidden leaf village for which he himslef was NOT POWERFULL enough so he used the kyubi

    now minato even though madara had the biggest weopan on his side stopped madara by sacrificing his life ,he didnt let madara be successful in his aim

    thats y minato =win

  91. But if u can warp u can be catch cookie. So i dont think that will work ether

  92. Yea but a one on one fight is what we are debating about. So Madara would win. Please stop making me take up for Sharingan user.

  93. I meant how if Minato managed to grap a hold of Madara just for a second; Because he was a genius remember? But if he managed to grap hold of him he could still extract Madara’s soul. Or else find that Madara doesn’t have one @_@

  94. @Black Ice

    Yeah, that is why I said “Did Madara win against Minato? In a sense, he did…”

    What I mean is that if you look at it from a direct point of view, he did essentially cause Minato’s death. However, he was not ‘victorious’ in the true sense of the word, because even though he beat Minato, he was himself, in a way, defeated as well.

    I was actually directing my reference to the point Marks made earlier, about Mintato “temporarily defeating Madara” and adding to that idea. If Madara could have continued his attack, why didn’t he? I think it is because he knew his goal was unreachable at that point, so he was forced to withdraw his attack.


    About my point with the Fourth being the strongest Hokage, I am simply taking references out of Naruto itself. I am not just giving my opinion, I am basing my observations on what I have read in the manga.

    Anyway, the first may have defeated Madara in the past, but we still don’t know the details of that battle or what ends he had to go through to achieve that victory. At the same time, Madara would not have been able to use the 9-tails in that battle because of the firsts ability to control it as well, which means it was purely a battle between the first and Madara, with no other factors to consider.

    That is where the Fourth was at a disadvantage. Also, The First fought against Madara without having to worry about protecting his village at the time, because they had their battle at the Valley of the End, so the circumstances were completely different. He had no-one else to protect and could concentrate all his efforts to defeating his foe.

    Minato had to deal with extenuating circumstances, which forced his hand. That does not mean he is weaker, because he is not as far as I have observed, it just means he was unlucky…

  95. Well remember it took a minute for the 3rd to just get Oro arms. Plus if he do get him. What would be faster Madara warping or Minato soul stealer.

  96. But remember Orochimaru couldn’t move? So the same thing would happen to Madara. And the 3rd was old and not up to his original status; so if he was younger it would of been faster.

  97. Tenrai: Right you r. I was thinking that the debate was about a one on one fight with Minato and Madara. I was saying Madara because Minato said that he was un able to do anything agaisnt him. But seem like I was mistaken about what we was debating on.

  98. I c what you r saying also Cookie. Yet unlike Orochimaru Madara can warp. So he can just Warp out of Minato hands. Yet I wonder whos faster Madara Warping or Minato FTG it think that what u call it.

  99. @Mud: W-wait a stir fry? THE WERE EATING THEM!? 0_0 What have I done? T_T
    @Dro: *high fives him much to his shock* Meh it wasn’t that funny lol, I keep getting flashbacks to the interview last year with kishi about Sai causing something big… I think this is it 0_0

    @Ice: In fairness if Madara tried to catch the kunai with the seals on it, what Minato uses to warp, then Minato would warp to him and punch him down 😛 AND IT’S A KNOCK OUT!

  100. Cookie: Lol but I wonder which is faster

  101. Madara… Minato all depends where the kunais land. Madara warps at will

  102. Hmmmm, in ma point of view we don’t know enuf of either character to get a plausive answer of who’ll win!
    Minato was a J-man student so also a sage but we got an “immortal” madara that had time to learn some creyzy and ultimate jutsus.

    This is a fight I wudn’t bet on the winner

  103. So is anyone else wondering when Tsunade is waking up? I thought it was the fate of all the Hokage to end up in that shinigamis stomach playing cards with half a fox and Oros arms. Well if im right the partys gunna suck when Danzo gets there. Lol, anyway, is this seriously the end of her character or what? Its not the first time we have seen ninja drain their chakra close to empty if not get rid of it all…
    A quick list of those i remember and how they were better than Tsunade. Kakashi ran out after his fight with Zabuza (The first one) He had so little chakra that even with his greatness, he fainted. When else has he fainted apart from after eating that Tsuckiyomi? Yet he woke up within the next couple of days.
    Neji ran out of chakra after his fight Naruto. He couldnt move at all…Yet he shrugged it off after something like a half hour.
    Sasuke od’ed of chidori fighting gaara which kakashi already said would drain his chakra to 0. The curse mark probably saved him but still, he was up and wqlkin about fine after like 10 minutes.
    Gai opened 6 gates and used the morning peacock before running at his full pace then taking a nap and being fine again
    Sasuke even made a ‘yeah, i have no chakra left’ comment to Itachi before he used Kirin and released Oro (I know that wouldnt cost him energy) then he defended himself with kunai, thus magically getting more energy from somewhere before he actually fainted. He woke up pretty soon afterwards.
    Those are all the instances i remember and in at least some, most of you must agree that they handled it better than Tsunade, a sanin!! If you would say its because she released her little diamond thing then why didnt she go in a coma the first time? She used a hell of a lot of chakra then too…
    Its really dumb that she would have been better off dying and then being brought back.
    *Sigh* Rant over….

  104. @Tenrai: I don’t know where you’re taking this but this is a debate on who would win on a 1 on 1 fight not who won 16 years ago. 😉 I can understand you using that as a point of reference but the debate is on what would happen if they got into a fight at this moment. There is no Konoha, no village to protect, and Madara is just as powerful and so is Minato.

    Now let’s look at the facts and I will of course be using the attack 16 years ago as a point of reference.

    1. The time Minato and Madara went up against one another Madara saw through every move Minato tried to make and he couldn’t even touch him

    Now I know the counterargument for this is ‘How do you know they even battled’? Simple:

    A. We know Minato got close of enough to Tobi to see his mask and recognize it 16 years later inside of his son. If they were close enough they obviously fought unless they sat down for tea time. If that isn’t proof enough that they got close to each other than look here Minato found out at that time there was a man hiding in the shadows controlling the Kyuubi. Unless Minato is psychic he would have had to find Madara up close in order to find him as he was hiding.

    B. Minato was in battle to save the village. He wasn’t relaying orders to his forces from the safety of his office. His “moves” weren’t strategies his “moves” were attacks and Madara saw through all of them. C. Minato even says how powerful he is and “no one could ever face him without a very unique set of abilities” I highly doubt Minato had that “unique set of abilities” because once again Madara saw through his every move.

    2. Minato cannot kill the Kyuubi and Madara without resulting in his death so at BEST all Minato could hope for is a tie if he kills Madara. We know he can’t kill Madara by any conventional means from the proof provided above so all he’s left with is Shiki Fuujin. Minato could not beat the Kyuubi 16 years ago as he does not have the 1st Hokage’s Mouton jutsu or an Uchihas sharingan. He has Shiki Fuujin…which results in his death. If Kyubi is sealed and Madara lives then I consider it his (Madara’s) win obviously. If Minato goes for Madara first then we have the case again of Madara seeing through his every move while the Kyubi attacks from behind. Minato is at a disadvantage throughout the entire fight and just can’t see him winning…at all.

    @Cookie: Use of the Shiki Fuujin requires the user to not only stand still in the middle of battle but also to wait for the Death God to be summoned. It takes preparation AND the opponent has to be up close in order his/her soul to be snatched away. Someone who has space/time jutsu which allows him to travel at the speed of light would be nearly impossible to catch with that jutsu. On top of all that Madara has seen that jutsu before seal away his precious Kyuubi so he knows what it does.

    @Marksman: I can see where you’re coming from but Tenrai already pointed it out. The reason the 1st Hokage beat Madara is because he had a “unique set of skills”. It’s not about who’s more powerful. The 1st had Mouton jutsu which allowed him to suppress the powers of the Bijuu allowing him to capture/tame so many. In battle with Madara he was able to suppress the Kyubi and fight Madara. Unless Minato could learn someone else’s Kekkei Genkei or obtain a sharingan he can’t beat the Kyuubi (unless he uses Shiki Fuujin) and you you know where that winds us up at.

    On a side note I also believe you need the EMS to control the Kyubi fully. There has only been one person that we know of to have controlled the Kyubi to it’s full extent (Madara) and he had the EMS. So I highly doubt mere Sharingans or the few MS’s the other Uchiha’s had at the time could have suppressed or controled the Kyubi out of Madara’s EMS grasp.

    That is all. Madara = Win

  105. @tobiisagoodboy

    agree with you completely she would have been better of dead then being revived. i look forward to her waking up if she does…well she better otherwise all the sannin had rubbish deaths oro owned while he was in bed, jiriya defeted by a guy in a wheelchair and if tsunade dies she gets the best of both she dies in bed because of a guy in a wheelchair lol.

  106. This spoiler is awesome.

  107. *is in utter disbelief that cookie returned the high 5* err well anyway…

    Although i think that Minato is cooler than Madara (i think Madara is a crybaby BITCH) i cannot argue with jutsu…Minato loses to Madara, hands down…sure Minato could just flash step his way around the battlefield but eventually Madara would see right through it…

    Remember way back when Naruto was still in its infancy? Before Akatsuki? Before Rasnegan? Before the Chunin Exams? Well there was a boy (girl? lol) named Haku, and he (she :P) had a jutsu called Demonic Ice Mirrors…in that Jutsu Haku could instantly move from mirror to mirror, much like Minato could move from Kunai to Kunai with his ‘Flying Thunder God Technique’…now eventually Sasuke (with the two tomoe Sharigan mind you) was able to see Haku moving…This translates well into this discussion…Minato’s moves would not be able to land a hit on Madara, and if Minato tried using ‘Flying Thunder God Technique’ to get an advantage…Madara would eventually catch on…so yes, I’m with super on this one…Madara = Win

  108. @drosensei

    Actually, we don’t know if Minato’s jutsu are weaker than Madara’s, because we don’t know about Madara’s jutsu at all. All we know so far is that he can avoid damage, but we still don’t know exactly why or the complete extent of his warping ability.

    After all, if he is all so powerful, why didn’t he capture Naruto when he was standing right in front of him? (Please don’t say it was because he didn’t think he needed to, because that is unlikely).

    Anyone ever suspect that maybe because avoiding or blocking damage is all he can do right now? Maybe his physical form is not strong enough to battle too high a level opponent in his current state. I am not saying he does not have a physical form, because he obviously does, but it may not be as strong as it once was. (hence why he might have mentioned Nagato’s revival technique and the fact that he needed it for his own purposes).


    Alas, it seems we find ourselves in dissagreement in a debate, for once. However, I will defeat any opponent with reasonable logic. lol!

    Anyway, you are debating that Madara would beat Minato, but the fact is we don’t know if he could. In my mind, the Kyuubi defeated Minato on the night of its attack, not Madara. Without the Kyuubi, I am not so sure that would have been the case.

    HOWEVER, that is not to say that Madara is not stronger than Minato, so please do not misread me. It is simply me saying that we have know way of saying for certain because we know very little about Madara’s power other than the fact that he can warp and he can control the Kyuubi. However, if the first Hokage managed to defeat Madara (without the Kyuubi’s involvement) then I am sure Mintato, who was considered the strongest of the Hokage, could as well.

    Unfortunately, circumstances were not in his favour and he had to deal with Madara and his big nine-tailed pet. A 2 against 1 fight, with a powerful Bijuu siding on one side, makes things difficult, so it is not really a 1 vs 1 fight is it.

    If it were just a true 1 vs 1 battle, with only Minato and Madara, I am not sure whether it would be as easy to call a victory for Madara.

  109. THE REAL SPOILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Translation by Stream @ Naruto Fan

    458 The great debate of the five kage

    Gaara: I will talk, listen
    Earth: The five kages have changed a lot, if you can be a kage so young. Kazekage, your father was a wonderful leader, but he seems not to have taught you manners. (Ain’t that the truth)
    Gaara: probably… That’s why I am the Kazekage here
    Earth: Gwa ha ha ha, cheeky fellow!!
    Water: Tsuchikage-sama, do not interrupt. Please go on, Kazekage-sama
    Gaara: I’m a former Jinchuuriki. I was abducted by Akatsuki and almost killed when they extracted the bijuu.

    Temari, Kankurou are looking in the conversation
    Kankurou: What’s with the Tsuchikage!
    Temari: Be quiet

    Gaara: That’s why, thinking of the extreme threat posed by Akatsuki, I made many requests for the five kage to collaborate, but I was ignored. …Apart from the former Hokage. Now that Jinchuuriki have been taken, it is too late to collaborate.
    Earth: Huh… The Jinchuuriki of the hidden villages of the five great countries have been taken. What would it show to other countries is they knew. We would be ashamed! It is common sense to keep our secrets. Now that they have been taken, the assistance of other countries cannot be counted on!!

    Akazuchi and Kurozuchi (earth people) look on silently

    Gaara: Keeping appearances… Honor… That is stupid ancient thinking
    Earth: (huh… What a brat…)

    2nd part

    Water: The fact they have been taken should be a cause of alarm. To control them, we need techniques, knowledge, and time.
    Earth: The Jinchuuriki grow with the bijuu. They need to adapt. And even then their control is difficult… Not to say impossible… Isn’t it?… Kazekage…
    Gaara: …
    Danzou: In the first place, the only people who could ever control bijuus in the true sense were Uchiha Madara and the first Hokage, Hashirama… And the fourth Mizukage, Yagura …There was also the brother of the Raikage, Killer Bee, but…

    Fire and Water minders react.
    Raikage: Enough with all this useless chatter!!
    All the minders move in to calm him down
    A strike, another strike stopping it. We can see Kankurou’s puppet

    Mifune: This is a meeting, people. Mind your manners
    Danzou: Calm down, Fuu, Rune.
    Gaara: You too, Kankurou, Temari.
    Water: Aoi (?), Chojiro, no problem…
    Earth nods to Aka- and Kurozuchi

    Raikage: Konoha! Rock! Sand! Cloud! Akatsuki is made of missing-nins from you villages! And that’s not all!! Your predecessor kages included, there are some among you who have made use of Akatsuki before!!
    Gaara: Made use…?
    Raikage: I cannot trust you all! I did not want to talk to you at all! But I came, and I called you here, to ask your word!!
    Gaara: What do you mean, made use of Akatsuki!?
    Raikage: They didn’t tell you anything, even though you’re the Kazekage? Ask the old-timers of your village! You used Akatsuki in previous battles!
    Earth: …

    3rd part

    Earth: The great countries are all at peace now… We have switched from the armament race to disarmament. With the tension between countries, the risk of battle has diminished. For the countries, the military forces are now a costly burden… But there is still a risk of sudden wars! It is a problem to rely on shinobis without combat experience, you lose battles that way
    Gaara: To avoid this risk, one way is groups of mercenaries… That is what Akatsuki was, then?
    Earth: It takes times and money to raise good shinobis in our village, but Akatsuki, whose occupation is to always fight, is a team of professionals. But for not much money, they gave superior results!
    Raikage: Don’t be so defiant, Tsuchikage!
    Earth: Huh!
    Raikage: The sand used Akatsuki to attack Konoha, that’s Orochimaru…! It is unclear whether at that time, he had left Akatsuki or not! And the former Hokage and Kazekage died
    Raikage: I would like to be sure nobody schemed all this
    Raikage looks at Danzou (perceptive, ain’t he?)

    Raikage: (…Old racoon…)
    Raikage: The most suspicious of all is hidden mist!! You have no diplomatic relations… There are rumors that Akatsuki started there!!
    Water: …

    Water: Since we’re at that point, I’ll say it clearly…
    Aoi: Could the fifth (Mizukage) mean that…!
    Water: The previous kage… There are suspicions that the fourth mizukage could have been manipulated by someone… It may well have been by Akatsuki… That’s why I did not want to talk about it…
    Raikage: All of you…!!
    Earth: …!!

  110. @Tenrai: He wasn’t there to try to capture Naruto, his job was to delay the Konoha nin…and he did just that 😛

    btw i never said weaker, i just said they’d never land a hit…Sharingan can see moves before they happen…most of Minato’s known jutsu had to be close range. Madara could just read what Minato would do, and act accordingly…

  111. @Dro: No, that really couldnt be the reason Madara left Naruto. He can instantaneously move at least 5 miles and we know he can carry people while he does it since he got Sasuke away before the konoha nin arrived after the Itachi fight. There has to be a limit to Madaras power which is stopping him gathering the bijuu himself since it would be quicker and easier for him if he did.
    Also, Hakus ice mirror movement was a high speed technique not space/time jutsu. One of the sharigans (hundreds of 😛 ) abilities is high speed comprehension, if they are moving fast, Uchiha still see. The fourth didnt ‘move’ he literally vanished then reappeared, the sharigan couldnt follow it since there was no movement.
    Another point is that while Sasuke could follow Haku, he couldnt see Narutos kyubii movements until he got three tomoe so there are still limits to the speed the sharingan can see. Sasuke missed the kage bushin hand sign Itachi made in their fight while Itachi missed that substitution that Sasuke dodged Amaterasu with…

    @Chromer:Rofl at in bed by a wheelchair guy. But you are right, the ending of the sanin were all quite lame, i wont say they weren’t dramatic, just lame.

    @Anyone: Everyone seems to think Sasukes eyes are gunna go off every time he sees Madaras sharingan, couldnt that have been a one time thing?

  112. @Tenrai: Well of course Madara would use the Kyuubi against Minato so that’s why I’m saying Madara would win. The Kyuubi would act like a summoning, so while you may say that’s 2 on 1 I say it’s just another means of attack just like any other summoning.

    Even without the Kyubi Madara can see through every move Minato will make as I’ve already stated and Dro has reinforced. It’s a matter of predicting Minato’s moves thereafter and attacking just at the right point. By the end of the day I still see Madara standing victorious.

  113. @visionary1200 – thanks for the translation. The spoiler has a couple of typos that you confirmed for me. It says that Yondaime HOkage was manipulated by Akatsuki but it should have been MIZUkage.

    This is pure politics at its finest. (I often grimace at that) Of course we all know what this means…Danzo has exactly what he wants. He didn’t want just the power to control Konoha. He wanted the power to control and to harness Naruto’s power, as well as obtain power over the five great nations. Now that the Hokage (whether it be Tsunade, Danzo or anyone else) is overseeing the treaty because they have Naruto’s power, this just plays into his hands. Danzo’s announcement that Tsunade’s era is over is a bit premature and rather ballsy. We’ll see if Sasuke has anything to “say” about that.

    I still say that Gaara will be the Kage that could make or break this treaty. This is because of what Konoha has done for him, his siblings and the Sand as well as his special relationship with Naruto.

    And, for those Naru-Hina lovers out there – this dream matchup is history in my opinion. Sorry guys! The comments this past week and Sakura’s reaction show that this is the case. Hinata will always be playing second fiddle.

  114. @Penny: Pfffffffffft, so Sai just found out Naruto likes Sakura. Like I said old news and Sai just caught on. Sakura had no reaction because she wasn’t even there when Sai talked to Naruto about this. Unless you’re talking about what Sai tells Sakura in the spoilers which I avoid. Long live NaruHina!!! @_@

  115. isn’t the fourth mizukage the three tails? not from the tv show but the one Kishi draws

    if it had already been settled then sorry but I barely saw it

    here’s the link to see for yourselves

    refer to the spoiler to see what I’m talking about, Danzo lists the people who could control the tailed beasts

  116. and what I mean by that is that Madara couldn’t have been the fourth mizukage, he would have had to have been the third/second/ or first

    I guess it doesn’t really change things much but I thought it was interesting

  117. @Tenrai: Yes Madara’s space/time jutsu is more versitile (and better imo) than Minato’s. Minato’s ‘flying thundergod’ tech is similar to that of a reverse summoning jutsu, he uses seals on items or ppl and then appears where the symbols are.

    Madara’s is said by zetsu to move at the speed of light (although we don’t know Minato’s speed, i’d say that they are almost the same), however Madara can do partial space/time jutsu on his body, meaning that all minato’s attacks wouldn’t work.
    Also Minato even admitted that he was no match for Madara, that Madara saw though all his attacks – i think he would have used the flyin thunder god…

  118. @dude i dont follow u on this one. They dont have to know that he can control the taild beast and to the best of there knowledge no other kage known to the naruto world could do that. mayb im just not getting it but she could just b another jinchuriki that had control over her beast like bee does.

  119. mybad didnt see the spoiler nvm dudewglasses

  120. muahahaha! kakashi gaiden is almost here! i wanna see minato so badly! hurry up and upload the new episode, dammit! >.<

  121. Suigetsu: Remember Karin its not rape if u yell surprise

    Karin: SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Zetsu: What is that crazy look in ur eye NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

  122. Bubble:

    Suigetsu: Remember Karin its not rape if u yell surprise

    Karin: SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Zetsu: What is that crazy look in ur eye NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

  123. Good eye Dudewglasses, Yea whoa the fourth was the 3 tails amazing who knows how he controlled it though. But Im starting too think Madara used Genjutsu on Kisame he like he thought he saw the Fourth. Or Kishi is totally gonna Head F*** me when he reveals what the real story is. Which will most likely be told 20 weeks from now, FArrKK the Wait…

  124. kakashi gaiden,comenow plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  125. Am I the only one who keeps having flashes of the spoiler saying Sai causes something big? Cause I think this is it.. 0_0

  126. Cookie is NARUSAKU!!!

    Get away pink demon of hell! *Gets cross and points it at Cookie*
    Return to where you came from!*Expects a high-five from super,but dies of old age*

  127. i want naruhina!!!!!

  128. @Ahsan: Me too!!!

    And I had always thought that Sakura already knew that Naruto liked her, but just ignored him for Sasgay.
    Well, the spoilers say otherwise. I really hope narusaku doesn’t happen!

  129. I am on ur side Cookie. NaruSaku all the way. So Hinita will be heart broken. So who pick up the piece, no other then dog boy his self. I am down for Kiba&Hinata.
    Can U dig that Sucker!!!!!

  130. there are two ways to go

    hinata like naruto

    sakura likes sasuke

    karui likes sasuke

    naruto likes sakura

    sasuke well i think will go with sakura,

    since sasuke maybe bent towards sakura and she likes him its more of a chance

    soits naru hina then

    karui well she gets jugo or suigetsu lol

  131. new anime is out on

    kakshi gaiden

  132. @Black Ice and Eatencookie: I like NaruHina more, but I still think Sakura is cool. And by the way things are going ,according to the spoilers, NaruSaku is more probable to happen.
    BUT!!!! Like Fanboi said, Naruto might be coming back to the village to say goodbye to Hinata and they might talk about the confession. So like a stupid love series, Sakura goes to say to Naruto that she loves him too, but she’ll find him in love with Hinata!!
    So anything could happen and we’ll just have to wait two more chapters which I won’t see because I’m in vacation!!! NOOOOO!!!
    Could you make the breakdown come out before Monday, please?
    *makes a puppy face* pretty please?

  133. @Dragon I feel what you are saying. But with all my heart I am hoping it is Sakura. Not because I think they make a cute couple or anything. Simply because I want Kiba to get something before the shows end. I mean he was always behind Hinata supporting her and looking after her. So I think that Kiba can get her. Naruto can go with TenTen for all I care. I just don’t think he should get Hinata.
    (Wondering who in the hell is TenTen)

  134. @Penny: You know I only gave half of the spoiler!

    Here’s the other half:

    SPOILER PART 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Earth: …!!

    4th parth
    Earth: Mind your tongue, Raikage! Even though this is a time of disarmament, you are not following, and are gathering forces and techniques… Maybe you hired Akatsuki too
    Raikage: What!!
    Danzou: Before you start bickering, there is something I wanted to say to all of you…
    Raikage: What!?
    Danzou: The leader of Akatsuki is probably Uchiha Madara

    Four others: !?

    Earth: That guy surely died long ago…!?
    Danzou: We don’t know that for sure… but we have pretty clear information
    Earth: Was he really such a monster?…

    Mifune: From the point of view of a neutral country, I’ll say this. The leader of Akatsuki has read how the times were going… Peaceful countries… And has magnified the distrust between countries… Even in the iron country… But this has turned to our good fortune… Did the five kage not gather, for once? Until Akatsuki is destroyed… The hidden villages of the five greatest countries in the world… could form a joint alliance.
    Raikage: An alliance!?
    Danou: …Good plan. We need a collaboration equal to the emergency (…going the right way)
    Mifune: It is desirable to have a unified command, in order to minimize the confusion
    Earth: Then… The problem is, whom do we entrust the authority over the alliance…
    Mifune: There is disagreement between you… As a neutral country, our choice would be more respected. I would like to propose who would be the best among the five kage.
    Danzou: The era of Tsunade is now over

    Final part
    Sakura’s tent

    Sakura: Naruto…!
    Sai: Yes… To protect Sasuke, he got badly hurt… But he couldn’t sell Sasuke. And then… He did not tell you, so as not to make you worry
    Sakura: …
    Sakura: (Naruto…)
    Sai: Now he’s gone to ask the Raikage to forgive Sasuke… It’s probably hopeless…
    Shizune: But why be so reckless? Kakashi is with him
    Sai: Kakashi-sensei trusts Naruto. I think that even though it was hopeless, he wanted to create a chance
    Shizune looks at sleeping Tsunade
    Sai: I was initially assigned to Kakashi’s team to replace Sasuke, so that’s why I don’t understand them too well… …I don’t understand people’s feelings too well either

    Sai thinks of his talk with Naruto
    Naruto: (…I can’t even keep my promises…)
    Sai: And I don’t know what was your promise with Naruto…
    Sakura: …!
    Sakura remembers the promise
    (Naruto… It’s my wish of a lifetime… Please, bring back Sasuke-kun)
    Sai: But… That Naruto really likes you… Even me, I can tell that!!
    Sakura: …!!

    Sakura’s flashback (yay…)
    Small Naruto: Sakura-chan Likes Sasuke a lot…
    Tears in her eyes
    Small Naruto: I know that Sakura-chan is hurting so much, it’s painful… I will definitely bring him back home! It’s my promise in a lifetime!!
    Tears are flowing from her eyes
    Small Naruto: …Sakura-chan! I… will definitely keep my promise. I don’t change back on my word. That is my way of the ninja…
    Sakura: Wa… ha…
    Okay, she’s crying

    Shizune: Sakura…
    Sakura: Uh…
    Sai: Naruto is suffering because of Sasuke but… what about you?
    Sakura realizing

    Back to the meeting
    Mifune: Now, only Konoha has a Jinchuuriki… The way he’s guided is the key… So how about giving the supreme command of the alliance to the Hokage?

    Gaara: …
    Raikage: What!?
    Earth: Huh!?

    Will the meeting be a carnage…!?

  135. I was watching Naruto SHippuuden and Minato was explaing the plan saying they were invading the Village hidden in the Grass and I thought Shiiit, here I am contradicting myself thinking Danzou could of obtained sharigan by Absorbing Obito Im still for that Idea that or he got his eye from and Injured madara after the battle with the Fox.

    But when Obtio gets crushed and all those grass nins attack and minato comes and saves them its a strong possibilty Zetsu was there hidden with his abilites knowing full well what just took place between them all. That could of been a container/shell for madara also. I came too think IF madara got Obitos body and mind then him seeing through all of minato’s abilities would of be proof that madara had what he needed too try and attack Konoha but Obito wouldnt of known of Minatos secret jutsu that nodoubt defeated the Fox. Very hard too determine though Obito does play a part somewhere in the current timeline, From getting a better description of Obitos character from the Anime his voice actor kind of sounds and speaks like Tobi.

    Thats what I was thinking but because of Danzo’s Arm and Eye I still believe its a strong possibilty that he got Obito, cause as far as I know Danzou believed that Madara was Gone and dead from either 1st hokage attack or Fox attack.. I got that from the SPoiler him sayin that he thought he was gone.

    Kishis got me so Riddled…

  136. *has WTF face* When did I become a Narusaku fan? I never remember saying it. I remember proving the theory but never being a fan 0_0
    I still remain loyal to—*notes no one cares right now* Meh. I’m going to watch the Gaiden. Then start my breakdown. But first..*goes to AOPA*

  137. My eyes watered through the Gaiden especially after that Rock fall jutsu, Kakashi first time I seen him so Sad.

  138. has everyone seen the gaiden but me!? damit >_>

  139. BUBBLE:

    suigetsu:Karin, please dont say youre gonna go mad with power

    Karin: because im the leader, zetsu im gonna eat you!

    Zetsu: sorry karin, i let choji eat the other half of me!

    sorry with the really bad bubble im bad with captions

  140. BUBBLE:

    Suigetsu: Dude i really want some cheetos
    Karin: Hehe, see what happens to ppl who fu*k with me Zetsu!
    Zetsu: But, but, we don’t have any cheetos!!!

  141. does anyone else think that the moderator mifune is madara?

  142. naruto 458 is out!!!

  143. It was aite (OP was better though 😛 ). It seems Raikage knows all about Danzou’s plots, and this alliance seems pretty mad awesome imo. oh and Sai mentally b!tch slapped Sakura XD, Sai ftew!

  144. GO Saiiiiiiii tell Sakura to fuck herself her and saucegay, u and sasuke ae the causev of his PAIN

    yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! *cheers for sai*

  145. i just read the new manga 458 and i have to say it was pretty good. we found out new things and the story is moving on. i really hope that danzo doesn’t get elected head of the alliance… VOTE GAARA!!!
    @captain135: mifune can’t be madara. they are completely different. and why would madara want to give power to danzo!?
    @naruhina/narusaku discussion: we thought naruto and hinata would start going out or something after hinata told him she loves him. maybe kishi will pretend that nothing happened again…but i think that narusaku is the most likely.

  146. @everyone

    I want to know if anybody think that kankuro retrofit Sasori to is puppet collection cause they just look the same

    The same pipe in the hand, the same hair and the fact that we didn’t see is face yet

  147. the puppet looks a lot like sasori but i dont’ think kankuro would want to use sasori as a puppet… maybe he created one with the same weapons…? oh and chojiro sword looks like an umbrella =S

  148. if the land of irons leader was madara that would b an awesome twist and i actually like the raikage, hes a beast and he was kinda rite when he told them to shut up and get to the point of the meeting

  149. i think mifun want to handover the control of five nations allience army to naruto.when he eliminates akatsuki but madra & zetsu goes missing then the nations’ll acknolege him as next hokage coz sasuke will kill danzou.but he’ll decline it & go on for searchin sasuke & to beacome more & more stronger.

  150. any other gueese guys?

  151. i don’t think it’s sasori but it sure looks like him. if kankuro actually did get sasori’s body, he’d seem evil… i mean, using a dead person’s body as a puppet isn’t exactly a normal thing… still, if it is sasori, kankuro would be a lot stronger.
    @spanky: i don’t think mifune is going to become an important character. i believe the final battle is going to be naruto vs sasuke or, more likely, naruto, with the help of sasuke, vs madara.

  152. @supafreak 17 & truepain: But Kankuro was nowhere near Sasori when he died … actually, he was miles away in Sunagakure, sick in bed after being poisoned by Sasori himself.
    There’s no way Kankuro could’ve just walked and gotten to him like that.

  153. @Nagashi: Nah, Kankuro was in the field where Gaara got brought back to life. Seeing as Chiyo managed to easily cover the distance between the Sasori fight and that field, in theory Kankuro could have got Sasoris body. He was, however, seen with Gaara when he brought him back so a more plausable option would be that he salvaged the body during a clean up mission of that hideout or something. There would have been loads of holes in the body though and to be honest he could have picked any of the surviving puppets as well not to mention any human puppets Sasori had in scrolls that he didnt use so it wouls seem like less hastle to grab something else instead….if he did.

  154. @tobi: Sure he wasn’t still sick ? Oh. Well … it’s a possibility. Actually, now that I think about it it’d be a pretty interesting twist, Kankuro using Sasori’s puppet body.

  155. for even noticing it looks like sasori is amazing being able to remember that far back i can see it being sasori why not? it would be cool to use sasori’s body to benifit the sand for all his wrong doing even better if he has the kage puppet.

  156. didnt sakura trash the kazekage puppet? i agree with you that it was a really easy thing to miss and hellyeahjay did a good job!

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