One Piece 550 Breakdown + 551 Spoiler Prediction! New Demotivational Poster Included! *_*

-One Piece Spoiler Video Below-

caption-630567-20090626113757Artwork by Grueny

Script for spoiler video down below. Thx again to Naruto1piece4. Looks great but I didn’t read the script of course. I don’t know you all spoil yourselves this much. 😛

-One Piece Breakdown Below-

YOSH! Welcome all to another week’s edition of ‘One Piece Manga Breakdown’! As we all know last week we were stripped naked and left to wonder in the world of manga without our weekly fix of One Piece. We all went through withdrawal symptoms but some of our members had it worse off than others but we all went through something. Let’s review this crazy week shall we? 😉

Mudshovel was found neck deep buried in sand saying he was one with the desert and at his will he will turn into a sandstorm. Ahsan was arrested for running around his hometown with a two swords in hand and one sword in his mouth, complete with sharingan contact lenses and mask, claiming he was Zorashi the greatest swordsman ninja to ever live! XD Pickles now has to undergo surgery to uncross his arms because he went all day and night for a full week like that expecting multiple hands to pop out of the walls *shakes head sadly*. Shinobi took up cooking classes, kickboxing classes, and smoking…the only thing that stuck with him was the smoking and now he’s an addict. >_< Sogeking donned a mask and slingshot then flung a rock at a gang leader in the name of justice… He is now in Witness Protection and we’ll contact him later. Kyouto unfortunately thought he was a deer/human hybrid and ran off into the wild to get in touch with his “animal side”…we haven’t seen him since. >_< Fearvano is on trial for going out on the streets and doing a perverted dance in only a pair of panties and loud Hawaiian shirt in front of a group of school kids finishing off with SUPER!!! XD

Pumpkinbread has been shunned by society because he claimed he was Jesus and could run on water, but when tried he immediately sunk and nearly drowned. He swears his giant whale friend Laboon saved him (it was a boat) and went into a laughing/crying fit of Yohohohohoho’s. Captn found ‘One Piece’…well more like a one-piece bathing suit in a lingerie store and is now banned from all Victoria Secret’s nation wide.  Elisha2kings pronounced he was the King of Pirates and was swiftly arrested for suspicion of drug smuggling.  Tobi is now a wanted man for robbing 5 different major banks in the United States and can be identified by the unique characteristics of having the “$” symbol for eyes and trying to predict the weather with his blue flute. Last but not least I was arrested and thrown in the Insane Asylum for “attempted suicide” but those assholes don’t know that I’m made of rubber and I can survive a dive from the empire state building…bakas! Of course Dro and Cookie just stood by the sidelines and thought we were all f**king crazy but what the hell do the Non-One Piece lovers know? @_@

How’s that for an intro? Alright let’s get this breakdown started now that we’re all back to normal and have been released and forgiven by the proper authorities…>_>


Here’s this weeks BOPP! I’m sure most people have seen this pic before but you can’t deny it’s awesomeness and it deserves to be up here. Artwork by Arnistotle.

Either Usopp is REALLY hungry or he's going to SURPRISE the f**k out of Beetleman! XD

Either Usopp is REALLY hungry or he's going to SURPRISE the f**k out of Beetleman! XD

Usopp stars as this week’s cover adventurer in the Bouin Islands a forest of man eating plants and giant bugs. Not to worry though because he has an escort who has some interesting knowledge and items Usopp may pick up on. Nothing much more to say here except GO USOPP-SAN YOU’RE AWESOME!!! 😛

The first few pages of the chapter covers the areas of South Blue, East Blue, North Blue, West Blue, and the Grand Line. Oda shows what the atmosphere is like in each of the great oceans regarding Ace’s execution and Whitebeard’s preeminent attack. Let me sum it up for you…

South Blue can tell time really well but they're prejudice against old people.....>_>

South Blue citizens can tell time really well but they're prejudice against old people.....>_>

East Blue citizens mate with their sheep! Don't ask me where I got that information from...>_>

East Blue citizens mate with their sheep! Don't ask me where I got that information from...>_>

North Blue citizens are a bunch of alcoholics! 0_0

North Blue citizens are a bunch of alcoholics! @_@

West Blue citizens correlate a person's intelligence to how many pegs they have for amrs and legs. ;)

West Blue citizens correlate a person's intelligence to how many pegs they have for arms and legs. 😉

Grand Line citizens are obviously fond of that creepy opening to Nightmare on Elms St. where the little girls in dresess are skip roping and singing a develish tune! >_<

Grand Line citizens are obviously fond of that creepy opening to Nightmare on Elm St. where the little girls in dresess are jump roping and singing that develish song! >_<

Now that we summed up entire cultures in a few quick sentences based off of one event and few words said by some scared citizens let’s move on to something more interesting…



Marineford has been evacuated except for the cats…no that’s not really interesting is it?

I bet these sick bastards asked for Hi-Def and 3D screening so they could feel as if the blood is coming out of the screen right at them! ><

I bet these sick bastards asked for Hi-Def and 3D screening, so they could feel as if the blood is coming out the screen right at them! ><

Ah, here we are! You know what I’m looking forward to most now besides the awesome battles that are about take place at Marineford? Media coverage, YAY!!! Now the whole world will see the awesomeness of the man that is Monkey D. Luffy up close in personal. Now the whole world can watch as the World Government’s ass gets so embarrassed that they would rather be caught up in extramarital affairs and lose their pride that way. It’s not clear though if the whole world can see what’s happening or just the Sabaody Archipelago. I didn’t see any monitors set up in the other oceans so maybe the Sabaody Archipelago is just advanced like that, and the rest of the world are piss poor 3rd world countries? I have no other way to explain it…

Like father like....*ACHOO*....sorry, what was I about to say again?

Like father like....*ACHOO*....sorry, what was I about to say again?

Buncha weak ass bitches!!! *cowers in fear and wets pants* -_-

Buncha weak ass bitches!!! *cowers in fear and wets pants* -_-

Back at Marineford Ace is on his knees looking grim atop an execution platform very much alike a certain individual. Can’t quite remember his name but maybe it’ll come back to me later. 😉 Marineford is found to be VERY accommodating in it’s defenses. 100,000 Marine troops including 50 battleships, fortified cannons, 5 Shichibukai, and last but not least the World Government’s greatest weapons the three admirals Aokiji, Akainu, and Kizaru.

I wonder if they'll have to cross a bridge...XD Shun those who don't get the reference! :P

I wonder if they'll have to cross a bridge...XD Shun those who don't get the reference! 😛

Good luck Whitebeard…Luffy and the rest of the escapees have reached the Gates Of Justice but are still stuck on how they’re supposed to get through. Oh, I know! Launch Bon-chan over the wall and use him to…oh wait…too soon?

Garp is the man! :)

Garp is the man! 🙂

Meanwhile over at Marineford something is astir on top of the execution platform. Fleet Admiral Sengoku seems to have something to say before the execution takes place. Something about Portagas D. Ace? Awww, how sweet a final commemoration before they stab two metal spears through Ace’s body! >_<

Not you fool!

Not you fool!

But no, it’s something else…Sengoku asks Ace to say his father’s name! It’s really Monkey D. Dragon right but according to Ace his father is Whitebeard. Most of the world doesn’t know any of these facts though. Is Sengoku trying to reveal to the world that they are about to execute the biological son of the most wanted criminal to the World Government? Sengoku then dives into a back story about how they tried to search for a child “That Man” may have had.

OMG, I feel kinda bad now...XD

OMG, I feel kinda bad now but I'm posting it anyway...XD

They could never find a child because they were fooled by none other than Ace’s biological mother Portagas D. Rouge from the island Baterilla in the South Blue. How did she trick them? Well she simply held off Ace’s birth for 20 F**KING MONTHS!?!? WTF, that’s damn well impossible! You know what the real crazy part is? I’m more astounded than her being able to be pregnant that long at the mere fact that these STUPID ass marines didn’t suspect a women who was 20 F**KING MONTHS PREGNANT!!! 0_0 I mean, how do you miss that? Have you seen pregnant women? No offense but they’re fat as hell and that’s only after 9 months! Think about holding a growing boy in your womb for 1 year and 8 months! She’d be a damn walrus and judging from her appearance (slim and beautiful) a 20 month old baby would stick out like a sore thumb! I must admit though even if I would have come across her I’d be skeptical of a women who can carry a baby for 20 F**KING MONTHS, but I’d also be very suspicious of her size and weight. They said they searched every nook and cranny and it seemed like an extensive search. Hell, I’d at least take her in for questioning. “Mam, you look VERY pregnant are you giving birth to a small baby elephant or perhaps a baby whale?”

Anyway, after FINALLY giving birth to Ace’s 1 year and 8 month old ass she passed away after the birth. A moment of silence for the strongest, bravest, and most hardcore woman in the world please


I know it's crazy but shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

I know it's crazy but shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!


Thank you. 🙂 Sengoku continues to rant on about Ace being born AFTER the death of his father so…it couldn’t be Whitebeard or Dragon…then who could it be? “The child born with the blood of the greatest evil in history flowing through his veins…” *GASP* Holy shit Ace’s mother slept with Hitler! >_<

Hehe, thx goes out to Pickles for giving me this idea. ;)

Hehe, thx goes out to Pickles for giving me this idea. 😉

WTFFFFF (What The F**k F**k  F**k  F**k)!?!? Ace’s father is the legendary Pirate King GOL D. ROGER!!! 0_0 Apparently, Sengoku, Garp, Ace, and Tsuru (the old chick) already knew about it. I figure the Gorousei know about it too. That makes Ace and Luffy unrelated as far as being brothers is concerned. This is because as Luffy being the youngest it would have been impossible for him to be born from the same mom if Ace’s mother died right after birth. What do you think of this revelation?

Well that’s it for this breakdown sorry it took so long. Here’s this week’s poster. Comment, discuss, and enjoy! 🙂

Ace Poster


*Grumbles something about Chuck Norris being able to predict the future by intimidating it to talk with his stare* >_< Same rules apply.

Next week I say a lot more emphasis will be put on Whitebeard’s position and happenings. We will get a back story of how Ace found out about his father and how Whitebeard took him in. Last but not least we will see Luffy and co. come up with a plan to get past the Gates Of Justice! YOSH!!!

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  1. first for
    now let me read it…

  2. Aw crap!

    I promised myself I was gonna be first this time. Well, second would have to do for now.

    Now to read…

  3. hey super…i love what u put for the introduction…at first i thought it was weird what ahsan was doing, but when i read about me cooking, and kickboxing, i instantly knew what u were doing…XD
    that’s one hell of an introduction…

    this chapter was full of surprises, seeing as how ace is the son of the coolest pirate ever(not counting luffy of course). i dont really think luffy would care about ace not being his brother, however it would shock him and throw him off for a minute. he does care about ace like a brother so theres no reason for him to just stop turn back around and look for his crew instead. if he did all that at enes lobby for his nakama, robin, i believe he would fight the world government by himself just for ace*cough* and would win *cough*. I dont think his crew would be able to help based off of the front pages…either of them seem to be able to know what happened via news sources(although this just happened at impel down part).

  4. I think you two will enjoy the introduction or be really pissed I outed your crazy behavior like that for all to see! XD

    @Shinobi: Glad you liked the intro took me forever to pick out who was gonna do what. 😉

    What you say about Luffy is true. He’d go through Hell and back anyway, even if he knew the current info beforehand, to save Ace from execution. I would like to think though that Luffy would care more than a little about Ace not being his biological brother. Hopefully, he’ll still consider him a brother and not know what the difference is anyway between biological and adopted. 🙂

  5. I could have sworn that weird looking fruit I ate last week was the Hana Hana no Mi!

    Nice breakdown, Super. =P

    (This post comes at you straight from my room in the mental home)

  6. YOHOHOHOHOOOOO! This breakdown made me laugh to death…..Aw! Im already dead. YOHOHOHOHOHO!

    Nice breakdown! Its awesome that i can follow this series now (which is so much more exciting at the moment than Naruto and Bleach). Im kinda bummed that Luffy and Ace arent true bros…O well.

  7. Yup, this chapter was like ODing after a week of withdrawal. Hospitals around the world will be filled with gibbering comatose addicts. XD

    In all seriousness, the whole Portgas D. Rouge plotline was kind of off-kilter. Even if a woman could prevent her baby from being born for 20 months, the baby would still die of suffocation or malnutrition. Maybe she slowed down the fetus’s growth? I dunno. For all we know, she was a Bene Gesserit witch who was trying to birth the future Chosen One of D. Anyways, it’s kind of silly looking for physical logic in a shounen where someone can survive the equivalent of a nuclear bomb, people coming out of attacks that can cut through wood, steel, and bedrock without a scratch, and an extrasensory power that can knock out many people at once!

    There’s still one question that’s bugging me: who’s Luffy’s mom now that we know that it isn’t Portgas? I’m sensing another dramatic reveal coming around the corner… *dies*

  8. @Pickles: Oh, I see you haven’t been released. I’ll see what I can do about that. 🙂

    @Pumpkinbreakd: Hahahaha, suffer with us as you wait for a week per chapter!!! XD

    Yeah, I’m also a little disappointed in Luffy and Ace not being blood brothers but oh well, shit happens.

    @Elisha: Lol, indeed a lot of things that happen in this manga don’t make sense but the 20 month pregnant fiasco knocked me on my ass if you couldn’t tell in the breakdown. 😉 I was like “WTF” for like a full minute straight. I even waited for the Binktopia copy to come out hoping to see maybe Onemanga mistranslated or something. Alas, as you’ve said though how could we judge the believability of a shonen manga in the first place? Just keep reading and go along with it. 😉

    Luffy’s mother…I hope she’s hot, still alive, and powerful as hell. Don’t you have to be to get with a man like Monkey D. Dragon?

  9. Ahahaha! Im Nami, yosh!!! *Flees with Pickles as a drooling Supertrek starts chasing them…

    @Pumkin: LOL at the skull joke! Nice to see a new face in here, sorry i understand you started commenting last week but i was too scared of spoilers to show my face XD

    YOSH, nice Super-san, really liked the intro and captions. Hopefully we get as many posts as last week again…even if we only have one week this time. *Stares at Odas picture as he returns from Japan* …i arrived to late to even glimpse his ‘research’, butt next time he holds out on us…Well i guess i will forgive his since it was an epic chapter.

    This Rouge is now the first woman to be revealed with the will of D, kind of interesting…Both of Aces parents had it.
    I cant accept that there is simply no blood shared between Luffy and Ace, maybe im totally wrong but i think theyre still related. More importantly, Whats this connection between Garp and Roger? Would Garp really care for anothers son so fully even if it was the pirate king? I dont know. What i say now may shock you *pause for effect* and i know some of you (Pickles ^^) will probably disagree but i think Roger and Dragon may be brothers, making Roger Garps son, and Luffy and Ace cousins.

    With that aside, how bad ass is the force around Marinford and Ace?!?! I mean, Enes lobby seemed impossible to defeat but this is like…Damn!!!

  10. Tobi: Lol! Super has all the guards at the facility vexed ’cause he keeps trying to visit even though I’m only allowed a limited amount per day. He keeps hoping to catch without my straightjacket…maybe during bath time.

    As for the cousins thing…well, I can’t say I agree with you on that one, but I’m not gonna go into it.

    But yea, the force at Marineford is frightening. I really can’t wait to see how this plays out.

  11. How did you know i want to follow in Sir Crocodile’s footsteps? He was never buried in a desert and ranting about sandstorms, but i’m sure there is a connection somewhere…

    LOL awesome breakdown super (except for calling Ace’s mother a slut bag – that was not cool man 😛 )
    Honestly – does it really matter if Ace and Luffy aren’t blood related? They’re bros nuff said 😉

    Hmmm, at this stage, unless whitebeards and crew turn up, Luffy and co have no F***ing chance to break through the defences of Marineford in 3 hrs and IMO will be killed. Against that much fire power the Marines have, idc how strong luffy is but against 3 admirals and the shichibukai plus all the vice admirals etc etc – NO F***ING CHANCE IN HELL. I for one would like to see a dramatic appearance by the Luffy Crew, that plus the Whitebeard crew could tip the odds imo.

    I realise that the hole 20 months thing is crazy and all, plus she’d be pretty big, but you do realise (i think you do anyway) that they were searching for baby births (9 months after) that Gol D Roger visited the place in question.

  12. im just thinking what will be luffy’s reaction to ace being F***** son!

  13. You totally forgot that I had that camera didn’t you? Don’t worry I was just selling the picture of you guys on ebay 😉 And making a fortune on it! muahahahaha >_> *coughs*

  14. *sigh* cookies back…

    @Ahsan: Knowing Luffy, he will probably be amazed right? I wonder why Ace doesnt like his dad though. It cant just be because he doesnt want to live in his shadow, can it? Coz he went and lived in whitebeards before he made a name for himself and even then its sttill ‘captain of the whitebeard pirates 2nd devision….’

    @Pickles: Im quite sceptical about my point myself now that i think about it more but still, the ages and stuff kinda match… I wonder who Luffy and Dragon’s mums are though

  15. well i think that garp and rogers could be related,.. however if they truly aren’t related i think rogers just pleaded with garp out of compassion since they’ve know each other for a long time. he was the one who would always corner rogers so i would think they do have some sort of relationship similiar to luffy and smoker…besides didn’t rogers actually turn himself in? so i think it was more like he was looking out for his son, at the cost of his own life…which when u think of it could be a reason why he was smiling to his death… he didn’t have anything to worry about
    his son would be taking care, his crew already split up and are doing fine, and he became the pirate king…

  16. Zorashi the greatest swordsman ninja to ever live! true as hell

    i was roflmfao

  17. well i guess the momy is the same portgas,or is it?

    omfg they arent even half brothers WTF

  18. @Mudshovel: They were looking for unborn children (Still in the womb) and newborn children (“newborn child or his yet unborn child”). They were looking for anything that had to do with a baby and correlated with Roger’s visit. She must have been in hiding and out of sight to avoid this…”Hey weren’t you pregnant 15 months ago?” 0_0

    @Cookie: What ever money you make you owe us royalties! 😛

    @Tobi: That’d be an awesome development and I would like to see it happen. Garp and Roger brothers. They’re both around the same age, Garp has known Roger for a long time, and they seem to have someone in common now (Ace).

    @Shinobi: Also remember his last words at his death spawned the Great Pirate Age. He planned it from the beginning when he turned himself in which is another reason he was smiling at his execution. 🙂

  19. @super: wait what are we debating this time? I’m lost as to what’s going on 😛 . Aren’t we both saying different things that lead to the same conclusion… meh.

  20. Just watched episode 410 of OP. I think Boa turned me to stone when I saw her animated…lol.

  21. @Mudshovel: …good point… 😉

    @Pumpikin: GAH! I haven’t been able to keep up with the anime these past two weeks! I want to see Boa Hancock animated too! >_<

    @Anyone: What do you all think the chances are of Dragon showing up now that we know Ace is not his biological son? I thought before that he'd attempt to save Ace just like he saved Luffy from Captain Smoker. Now though I'm positive Dragon knows the kid with freckles is not his son, so he may not come and save him. Any thoughts?

    And WTF is up with those defenses!?!? Whitebeard Pirates aren't aren't gonna take that down even with Luffy and the other escapee's help! I seriously think Red Hair Shanks and his pirate crew are gonna have top step in. Shanks vs. Hawkeye anyone? 😉 I wonder who Luffy and Whitebeard are going to trade blows with…

  22. Oh don’t you remember? I got you all drunk and then you signed a form so I got all the money for it 😉 Sorry you gold-diggers, you fail!!
    Oh and Super, I can’t WAIT to see this weeks breakdown >=)

    Yep Cookie is back here bishies 😉 muahahaha

  23. i see shanks stepping in but even if shanks v.s hawkeye happens shanks will get beaten,as if hawkeye is beaten doesnt it mess things up cuz zoro want to beat hawk eye if he gets beaten he is not the best duh ,

    i also see straw hat crew coming,late obviously and going into battle,then there journey flashbacked to show there growth,lol

  24. even if shanks does beat hawkeye it wont mess anything up cause shanks doesnt exactly fit the swordsman catergory and zoro’s goal is to be the “best swordsman” not the strongest person. atm the person he wants to overcome the most is mihawk

  25. well to anyone who ay have considered that Luffy may have any less brotherly feelings towards Ace just cuz he learned that they weren’t biological brothers, here is what I think Luffy’s reply will be when he hears the news:

    “WOHOOO!! My brother is the son of the pirate king, how cool is that?!!!”

    Everyone else (shocked/angry):
    “Then he’s NOT your brother!!”


  26. @sironamoon Yeah, that’s soo what will happen!

    Also is everyone forgetting one crucial Admiral-level person who’s connected to Roger? Rayleigh! What do you think Kuma whispered to him that made him stop fighting?

    Kuma: Portgas D. Ace is the son of Gol D. Roger.
    Rayleigh: You expect me to believe that?!
    A week later at the execution:
    Rayleigh: This party is over! *pwns everyone within a 60 meter radius and blasts open the gates of Justice*

    That would be awesome! 😀

  27. OMG!!! The mystery of the Kuma convo is at last solved!! Great thinking elisha

    I think Shanks and Reighley fighting together (again) would be amazing!!

    Oh here’s a thought, imagine if the straw hats got an apprentice and Sanji and Zoro fought over mentoring them. Its not gunna happen but wouldnt it be cool for someone to fight with santoryu and red leg?

  28. oh ya i dont remember this reighley guy but i see he is fu*** strong it would be awesomen if he does that


    santoryu + red leg

    one word


  29. @Elisha: That would be so cool but I really don’t see that being the case for two major reasons.

    @Tobi: Good news, I got a connection in your country =P. So we could still have that debate you talked about.

  30. @CaptainPickles What are those two reasons? I guess part of the problem is that his Vivre Card is the only way for the SHs to reunite. Then again, if he’s at Maineford, then they’ll all meet there! 🙂

  31. @Elisha: Well, first of all, I don’t think Kuma even knew that Ace was Roger’s son at the time. I believe Garp was the only one who knew and told Sengoku as there is almost no other way Sengoku could have gotten all of that info he had on the case if Garp hadn’t spilled the beans. And I don’t think Sengoku told the Shichibukai during any of their meetings because if he had, he wouldn’t have told Garp that he was going to tell everyone present at Marineford about it.

    The second reason is this: what would be the point of Kuma telling Rayleigh? Like you’ve already pointed out already, the only effect that would have is bringing more trouble for the people who are trying to defend Marineford and make sure Ace’s execution takes place, of which Kuma is part.I mean, it wouldn’t really make sense for him to bring more trouble for himself and his counterparts.

    It’s what I think, anyway…

  32. Nice breakdown Trek. It seems that we were thinking alike on a few of the topics brought up in this week’s chapter. If you don’t mind taking a look at mine which I posted on WoM only a few minutes apart from you it seems. I’d be interested to what you think in regards to some of my ideas.

    Let me know what you think.

  33. @CaptainPickles Kuma’s ambivalent as far as his loyalties are concerned. He says that his duties are to the World Government, not the Marines, but then protects the Straw Hats twice. When he first encountered the SHs, he asked Nami whether Luffy has a brother and she mentions that his name is Ace. Then he spares Luffy and his friends after seeing the incredible loyalty displayed by Zoro and Sanji. He also comments that Luffy has a very loyal crew to Dragon! You know, the guy trying to bring down the WG. Then he later saves them from Kizaru, Sentoumaru, and the Pacifisa and sends them to very convenient locations. Luffy’s is the most obviously convenient as it’s the island of a Shichibukai who would unknowingly inform him of Ace’s upcoming execution and give him a chance to rescue him! This really doesn’t seem like the actions of a blindly-loyal cyborg.

  34. Hey All this my frist time. But I been a read for a superlong time. I use to be on IRA. and a sad day it was when it was gone. It took me a while to find this place glad I did. But not for my idea of what happen in this issue of one piece.

    Fthe fact that Ace mother face wasn’t seen. that has me thinking. Is she dead or alive? And or what other secrt dose she hold. Thier is more to her then just being love Gold Roger and the mother to Ace. If these two things were just the case then us seeing her face would be no big deal. Also this put more of a shadow of Luffy and who is his mother and what connetion dose Gold Roger and Monkey D. Dragon have in comment. Wearther it is family??? friend??? two have two of the most well knowen peolpe in the world both come to the same island one and haveing both or thei son growing up togther must mean their is a connetions. Not only that thier that D. I have some idea but I just whileing like all of you to see this fight to come. And 4 thoese of you. woundeirn what kinda of reaction Luffy will get fomr find out that Ace is not his blood bro. I think he would care less. He will pick his nosie and say “so” ANd fight anyone who gets in his way. We know that Luffy and Ace grown up with each other and share their dreams with each others. And Luffy came back to save Robin and she only knew his 4 a short time. I don’t think the world goverment has enoght peolpe to keep Luffy and Ace apart. The really qustion here is dose White Berid knew that Ace was old Roger son and if Roger ask White to look after him or watch for him.

  35. 20 fucking months?! LMFAO

  36. @Zekks: Great breakdown dude! I dropped you a comment on the post. 🙂

    @Swim: Thx for commenting and welcome to WRA! Please enjoy your stay. 🙂

    I do believe Ace’s mother is dead though because…

    1. Sengoku said she died upon delivering Ace.

    2. Holding your baby in for 20 months is a titanic feat and the consequence of said action must be titanic too. Death of the mother.

    Now about Whitebeard knowing whether or not Ace was Gol D. Roger’s son that a great question. I have a strong hunch that Whitebaerad somehow knew since he was Gol D. Roger’s #1 pirate rival and all. Maybe that’s also a reason he took Ace in because he knew what great potential he had.

    @Enrique: I know right!? It was a stroke of creative genius… 😉

  37. @Elisha: For what you’ve said so far, I have this to say. Kuma is obviously twisted…he was a pirate. Lord knows why he did what he did, but regarding the Tenryuubito, it was a Marine issue and he hadn’t been given any orders in that case. He was acting of his own accord and since he has no obligation to the Marines, he was uninhibited. Also, I’m pretty sure the places the sent the Straw Hats were randomly selected. He couldn’t possibly have imagined Luffy would make friends with Hancock, have her fall in love and assist him in infiltrating Impel Down. Besides, all of what he did have little to no connection to Ace’s execution. The fact still remains that it would be foolish for him to bring more trouble for himself and the World Government which he is loyal to.

    P.S: I may a bit off sine I am really tired, so please bear with me. =)

    @Swimsean: Welcome to WRAand enjoy your stay. =)

  38. Just a quick note though Im thinking some must have all ready covered this though Aces parents bot having the Will of D. Then that must mean something, Im not going too look back but I think Sengoku said something about him being a Devil child not him being the Devil himself but his Blood line.
    And Gol D. Roger is like a King.

    Is anyone else thinking that All D. born people in the World of one Piece are cousins all related like the Tenryobito.

  39. @Pickles:Im with Elisha on this, i think Kuma intended to help Luffy and his crew. You say he wouldnt have known Ace was Rogers son but he knew the Luffy was Dragons pretty easily. The speculation is Garp was an idiot like usual (a freakin cool idiot ^^) and probably told Kuma about Ace. Alternativly, the information could be something Vegapunk programmed into him since that smart asses true nature hasnt been revealed yet. Either way, i do think Kuma could come across the info. Then there was also the line he said after Rayleigh said ‘you expect me to believe you’ Kuna went ‘ I dont know, im doubtful myself’ so whatever he said would be a well guarded secret…
    As for why Kuma would effectivly recruit Rayleigh, he wants to keep the balance. I remember him saying stuff about keeping the balance in the thriller bark arc and i truly believe that his past has something that makes him strive to keep the balance and listen to the world government so fully. Kuma wants Ace to be rescued so one of the yonkou doesnt lose a powerful playing card and cause the others to rampage like crazy.
    You cant honestly say the straw hats destinations were random, nami on the weather island, franky in vegapunks home town, the beetle loving usopp with the beetle guy. Maybe the intention was for luffy to sneak on the ship with Hancock unaware but the real events went in his favour a bit more.
    *braces for round 2* XD

    @lelulalilo: My theory on the will of d is that they are all descendents from the island the ‘world government’ destroyed at the end of the void century right before the wg was created.

    @swimsean: Welcome!! Make sure you comment loads!! ^^ …dont listen to EatenCookie…

    @Anyone: Animated Boa Hancock, what were you thinking? I almost stabbed myself so i didnt turn to stone!!

  40. @supertrek hilarious – “your mother was a total slutbag, even i got a piece of that action etc…” lmao

  41. welnome swimsean

    i think roger and dragon were frnds or something damn some relation betwwen them existed

    we will start off with the escapees staring at the gate of justice and jimbei saying he has an idea. We go to marinford and everyone is amazed about what has been said. Ace has a little flash back about his childhood. We see team blackbeard in impel down doing something fishy then finally jimbei emerges with a great way to get through/around the gate.

  43. @tobiisagoodboy – Yea that was my general belief that they were from that Island, I bet the tenryobito are the Scum Dogs that stole their glory.

  44. @tobiisagoodboy & lelulalilo- mayb thats also the reason dragon started the revolutionary army and went against the WG. sort of revenge for the destruction of the island that he was from in the void century

  45. oh wow!
    the spoilers…they certainly raise the adrenalin level!
    690 millions??? ****! if the spoilers are true then I bet we are going to see some crazy stuff this week (not that we haven’t witnessed total awesomeness so far, but this one is sure going to be one of the best-est of the best-est chapters ever)

    All Hail White-beard!
    (btw, is Whitebeard a giant? I know he is big but is he the same type as the ones we saw earlier in the mr. 3 arc? )

  46. and @kingkhaos: I do not think destruction of the home island of dragon is the reason why he started the revolution(whatever it is)…that’s just Robin and nobody else’s story 🙂 the reason why dragon started the revolution has perhaps something to do with the origin of the World-Government or who the leaders of the World-Government are (it’s just my opinion, well, at least, the second part of the statement is)

  47. @Anyone: Where Kuma sent the Straw Hat Pirates could be very coincidential or on purpose. After much debate with myself I have concluded it was on purpose. After all Kuma was a former pirate who roamed the seas. He could have very well traveled to those islands and known the nature of them. We all know Zoro was on purpose at least because that’s the same place Kuma sent Peronna.

    @Sogeking: I believe the island Kingchaos was referring to was the one the World Government destroyed 800 years ago. Right before the World Government took over the world, remade history, and hid the truth.

    Spoiler is out already!? 0_0


    Although Ace speaks of his ambition to make Whitebeard the Pirate King, Whitebeard acutally wants to help Ace become the Pirate King.

    Luffy had met Ace at 3-5 years of age, and hence might realise that they are not related by blood.

    The Marines already knew that Ace was Gol D. Roger’s son 2 years after Ace left the village, but he was already under Whitebeard’s charge.

    The Gates of Justice are blown open by Whitebeard’s crew, allowing Luffy’s crew to charge in. Whitebeard’s ship has broken the perimeter already.

    Whitebeard’s ship emerges from the waters, followed by the 14 division captains on 3 ships. Whitebeard disembarks alone.

    The Shichibukai face off against 5-6 pirate crew captains from the New World. It turns out that they are allies with Whitebeard.

    Garp remembers Portgas D. Rogue’s face.

    Some dialog from the end of the chapter:

    “Well then…any last words?”

    “Haven’t met in a few decades, eh? Sengoku.”
    “My dear son is safe, isn’t he?”

    Whitebeard meets Ace’s eye.

    “Endure a bit more, Ace”


  49. AAAHHHH! SPOILERS!!! *covers eyes* see you guys on friday…

  50. LMAO!!! You think you got it bad Tobi? I have to post the spoilers, update the blog, and keep up with comments…all the while trying to avoid the spoilers. >_<

    Lol, it's near impossible. XD

  51. @sogeking: naw i dont think whitebeard is a giant, if only hes like kuma by just being really tall. he’s probably about 12-14 ft tall, where as those giants were at least 35-40 ft.

    @everyone: was the will of d first introduced by gol rogers right?… what if the will of d has something to do with the void history? for instance the d stood for the name of the country or desendants of those that were supposed to be “eradicated”, thus giving them the will of d by having the desire to live on. all of those who have it have shown a strong will to live, ie luffy, dragon, rouge, saul( that giant admiral), ace, etc…

  52. man, i just love that one piece song on the spoiler when it plays in the anime… gets me well excited lol

  53. omfg next chapy is gonna be full of damned action ,some full but kiking action

    damn damn

    now straw hat creww make a dynamic entry now damn

  54. It seems we all are thinking the will of d has to do with the eradicated island. At whoever asked, will of d was firth introduced or at least mentioned by the one and only dr Kureha. It most certainly has something to do with the void century otherwise Robin wouldnt be so interested in it. As for Dragon starting the revolutionary army to get back at the WG, i doubt he has traveled to Raftel and read the final poneglyph combined with all the other poneglyphs to show the true history. What i would believe though, is starting the revolutionary army could be Dragons fate or rather his ‘inherited will’ (sound familiar? :p) To be frank, it seems all who carry the will of d have this inherited will. The ossan in Luffys hometown even called Luffy being a pirate fate (could be a dragon reference though) then theres the fact he chose the same log route as Roger and events such as the hugh coincidence of the knock up stream and the sky island cloud lining up perfectly at the right time always seem to occur right around the straw hats and specifically Luffy. Befriending Hancock and being able to get to Impel Down is another example. You could say its just coz hes the main character but i think Odas too smart for that.
    Something i am very interested in is the characteristics of the d carries. From what i have inferred through the series, i think d carriers possess the ridiculous will to live, a complete sence of acceptance – usually with a smile – when death is unavoidable, and also this super human strength that some people have in the op world.(let me know if you spot more) Rouge showed that ridiculous will to live and it seemed like she accepted her death from the little we heard about her. What i wonder then is if she had super human strength. I think it would be awesome to hear about a strong female character like that, im all up for the powerful ladies ^^
    *sigh* i digress…

  55. @Shinobi and Tobi: Great insight into the Will of D! I think you all covered my thoughts on the subject matter.

  56. muhahhahahah the invincible ahsan is here


    *runs out of breadown blinded by pathiticness and has nightmare about one peace for next three weeks*


    lol joking.
    Great breakdown super

  58. lol@marks

  59. onepiece still not ,damn y is onepiece ignored damn

  60. go to mangahelpers, read the raw and the translation side by side (that’s better than just waiting…believe me 🙂 but if you can resist long enough for someone to put the translation into the boxes, you might as well do that)

    btw, wtf????????? where is that captain with 690m bounty??? that’s a total rip off 😦 I want my money back!!!!

    Other than that, great chapter…as always ^_^

  61. One Piece is out

  62. AWESOME! EPIC!!! Damn it next week, get here quicker!


  64. I alway thought OnePiece was something non existent or something like the Journey as One together survive in onpiece that was the Treasure each other having one another.

    But Now Im thinking that Ace Is Gol D. Rogers Onepiece Treasure and/or he will eventually lead himself too the Onepiece treasure.
    One thing Im thinking about is that Whitebeard Needs Ace Too find the Treasure. Maybe Ace is the Key, Any other Gol D. Roger Offspring.

  65. @lelulalilo: Hmmm, i’ve never thought of it like that before – interesting, could be. Personally i always thought that the treasure was the adventure getting there, the bond between nakama’s and getting there in ‘one piece’, but at the same time i want it to be something a bit more materialistic than that.


    The WG is seriously screwed and in all honesty, they deserve it. They didn’t want to pick a fight with Whitebeard, they just wanted to kill Gol D Roger’s son?! Those idiots!

  67. omfg white beard and luffy wtf

    gimmi the next chap now kishi

    does kishi have a webite i wanna hack it lmao


    may you have many more and more aweomeness ones

  69. Hmm i always imagined one piece as a real object but not as gold or jewels, just something precious to Roger coz Luffys hat is his treasure and there are also loads of other characters who refer to ‘things’ as their treasures such as zeff and his restaurant, Vivi and her country and even that dog shushu from buggys first apperance was said to protecting the shop because it was his treasure. The theme seems quite recurring.
    I also buy Muds idea though because i have been thinking for a while that there are a few of pirates who could just claim the prize if it really is on Raftel. Crocodile could just drift in the wind to get there, Kuma could teleport, moria could send his shadow then switch places, Now i know there are people who will jdisagree so let me make your arguments for you. Croc can only go where the wind blows, kuma can only teleport somewhere he has been, moria cant control his shadow over a certain distance. Hmm they are the main things i guess people will respond with (you probably have more but this is dragging on as it is…) all 3 points have not been proven or stated in any way. EVEN if someone still thinks you cant cheat to get to Raftel, surely Kizaru can get there, he can ride a beam of light and even adjust its course.
    So yeah mud, i think journey = treasure is quite possible too

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