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Hey everyone,

Well it’s official. WRA has turned into a circus and now this post is the colourful ball being juggled around by old Flappy the clown. Well hopefully this is it calming down this week, but who knows. It’s Eatencookie on manga duty this week, so lets get it started, shall we?  This weeks manga was pretty good in my opinion.  Danzou starts off this weeks chapter forming his hand seals and immediately sends his wind jutsu towards the onslaught made by the ANBU. In one swift movement the wind based attack slashes across the front of the ANBU, causing all 17 of them to collapse to the ground severely injured. The oh so merciful Danzou doesn’t waste time for excuses and ends their failed assasination with the fall of his katana to their vital points. You really begin to question the capability of ANBU nowadays. They’re meant to be one of the strongest ninjas in the village, but get taken down so easily. Some people aren’t getting a Christmas bonus this year… or good health care either.

Everything is silent...Then Sasuke and Co. barge in as Naruto and Konohamaru perform their jutsu... It didnt end so well in the end...
Everything is silent…Then Sasuke and Co. barge in as Naruto and Konohamaru perform their jutsu… It didn’t end so well in the end…

In Konoha, the team is beginning to set out. Kakashi warns Sai not to tell Danzou that Naruto has left the village, just that he hasn’t made a move. Sai tells Kakashi that he still doesn’t trust him and Kakashi bluntly tells him that he was sent to spy on Naruto. But then tells him that he’s a member of Team 7 and he has faith in him. Sai wonders what this feeling is, while we sing ‘ I believe in a thing called love’ in the background. Back with Danzou, Fu points out that the assassin were the remainder of the Hanya Clan from the Land of Wood that they had assassinated. Assassin being assassinated? Oh there is irony in there somewhere, I’m sure of it. But remember when Sai told Team 7 that Root did a lot of dirty deeds to protect the village? Yeah, this is one of them. Danzou mentions that he is pleased that his name was not recognised much by others in the Ninja world. He mentions that controlling both the Shadow and Public would strengthen the village as well as the country. Danzou is scheming evilly to himself. He has it all figured out. If he can make sure the meeting goes well and that the other Kages recognise him as the rightful Hokage,  then the Jounin will have no other choice but to vote him as Hokage and thus dictation with an iron grip will rule.

We flash to Sasuke’s team for a moment as Karin warns that something is up ahead. Another tree? A knife wielding maniac? Killer Bee singing an Enka? We’ll just have to wait. Moving back to Naruto, himself and Konohamaru have challenge each other to another match of Oiroke no Jutsu, while the Anbu spies watch curiously. You can just tell that’s not going to end well. Kakashi sees the chance to put the Anbu into a nice little nap and comments on the lack of trust Root has for Sai lately. Naruto has won somehow on the Oiroke no Jutsu ‘challenge’ and Konohamaru whines that he is getting so far away. Naruto compliments  him on his Rasengan and promises to teach him how to do a bigger one when he returns. The Cloud Nins are finishing off some paper work before they depart.  Little do they know that Yamato is tracking them as they leave. So Naruto and Co. set out. (With Naruto utterly pumped up after his stretches.)

Nowadays, all you need to become a ninja is a loud personality, to lack discreteness and bright colours.
Nowadays, all you need to become a ninja is a loud personality, to lack discreteness and bright colours.

In a small Inn, the Mizukage and her team are resting. She comments on how Chojuro sword must of been heavy and he tells her that he is a tad feverish. Well if he was feverish before, her placing her forehead against his, has just caused the boys temperature to sky-rocket. As well as recruited another male into her fan-club forming outside her home. As Ao tries to comment on the ‘old days’ the Mizukage silences his rambling and says that the village is no longer known as the ‘Bloodmist Village’ and the 4th Mizukage nightmare is long over. So for you people still thinking Madara is very good at cross-dressing, he is NOT the present Mizukage. Obviously it was him who instated the ‘final test’ at the end of academy, as well as made the Mist village so blood thirsty.  But by the way the present Mizukage makes it sound, he has obviously been out of work for quite some time now. The village elders might of turned to him like Sir Allen Stanford and said “you’re fired.” But there is just one big difference between both of the Mizukages. (Other than the fact that one is female and the other is male, duh!) One of them has marriage on their minds and the other has world domination on their mind. Mistaking Ao’s question about arrangements for dinner as engagements, Mizukage is beginning to go into a depression. Then after Chojuro says that there was so many options and he couldn’t decide and Ao gives out to him about his ” shilly-shallying” she mistakes it as so many engagements called off. Chojuro runs off to order for them and Mizukage threatens to kill Ao. Maybe he should go into miming… She can’t possibly mistakes his words there…

Ao has had enough of your shilly-shallying! And Mizukage will kill the next person that mentions engagements
Ao has had enough of your shilly-shallying! And Mizukage will kill the next person that mentions engagements

In a small cave, the Iwakage and his team has set up camp. So the Iwakage sums up their destination and what the country is like for us. The destination is the Land of Iron which has formed from three mountains named ‘The Three Wolves’. The land of Iron has a strong military and because it is neutral, the other countries do not lay a finger on it. It doesn’t have Ninjas but instead they have samurai protecting them. Pfffft who needs ninjas when you got men in big fur cloaks and big swords for some good old ass whooping, to protect you!? So as we move back to Sasuke’s team who are in quite the predicament. Suigetsu has just returned from scoping out the area and the guards have been strengthened because of the meeting. So the only possible way for them to get out of this situation? Use Juugo’s powers with animals… Well that would be fun… So we move onto the final Kage, who is first as usual. Our Kazekage, Gaara has arrived with Temari and Kankuro to The Land of Iron. They were never ones to be last, even during the chuunin exams. Meeting Mifune, the leader of The Land of Iron, they are invited in for tea because as Kankuro pointed out, it is cold! At the end Yamato scolds Naruto for sneezing and commenting on the weather, because right now they are attempting to remain undetected.

Well he isnt gay, hes just married to a pineapple. Or theory 2: Suigetsu eating broccoli. Sasuke eats Suigetsu. Sasuke steps on broccoli, leaving broccoli...a vegetable!!! _
Well he isn’t gay, he’s just married to a pineapple. Or theory 2: Suigetsu is eating broccoli. Sasuke eats Suigetsu. Sasuke steps on broccoli, leaving broccoli…a vegetable!!! >_<

Well that’s it for this weeks breakdown, but I am just going to point out one tootsy thing to you Obito = Madara supporters. It’s something I came across while rereading the manga and it just made the theory seem crazier. But if I am wrong, I do NOT give you the permission to pelt me with smelly fish!

Now this could mean 3 things if he's Obito.1: Obito has aged horribly; 2: Kakashi has been using anti-aging lotion for years and 3: I have just started the debate up again >.<"

Now this could mean 3 things if he's Obito.1: Obito has aged horribly; 2: Kakashi has been using anti-aging lotion for years and 3: I have just started the debate up again >.<"

Well that’s just something I wanted to point out before I left, teehehe. So tune in next time for Naruto Manga 457!!! 😉 And here’s this weeks Bubble Contest; enjoy!

This weeks bubble :3

This weeks bubble :3




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  4. 4th. i feel like such a winner

  5. 5th Woo hoo

  6. I Copy And Pasted my last comment because everytime I put a msg up a new post comes out and I was really Bothered when It kinda happened again, Soo Yea 🙂

    I was pondering If the 5th Mizukage is currently reigning as Leader because she defeated Tobi, Like is there some plot or Is she that Powerful and Tobi has a weakness? Judging that fact she is a women I would say shes just as strong as any man in the Village, because she has the the same Will or likewise Will that Tsunade and Sakura Weild. Choujuro’s sword is really making me Itch I wanna know its properties..
    I liked the fact that Suigetsu has his sword aswell, so when the Anime comes there will be a little Filla involved.
    These Samurai in my mind are really going too test the Abilites of the Ninja, In Taijutsu and Genjutsu Im guessing hardly any Ninjutsu will be involved because they are Samurai.
    One Final Note, WTF is Zetsu possibly he discovered Obito’s Body because I believe he was from that territory, but thats another story. Zetsu Ninjutsu is way more interesting than Orochimaru’s because they are twin minds working as one so they are deeply connected in Ninja History, Also the Fact that he samples every body he finds he also discovers ninja qualites just awell as the Sharigan… I know someone agrees with me.

  7. Okay is it just me or didn’t page 6 of the manga prove that danzo is madara????? Oh and i really like the summary!

  8. lol! sasuke was married to an ugly pineapple! LMFAO!

  9. My first post here! My name’s Alex and I was reading IRA from a long time and now I made an account on WRA!
    Anyway, I think we’ll get to see the Tsuchikage and his bodyguards’ abilities in the next chapter because the samurais look strong. Does anyone else think the girl bodyguard looks like she has the Byakugan?
    By the way Sasuke+ugly pineapple= ROFLMAO!

  10. I had to throw in the Ice Age quotes there 😀 One of the funniest films I’ve seen lately 😛
    Yeah well I still remain unconvinced that he is Obito, I mean if he was, why would have wrinkles!? In all fairness they aren’t that old!
    As for Danzou acquiring the Sharringan from the Uchiha clan massacre, remember in Pein’s flashback Danzou’s eye was blind-folded there too? And that was waaay before the massacre! So I think he got it before that… He might of got it from Obito, but it’s unlikely, possibly a teammate that died?

  11. i’m kind of intrigued by this chapter. i dont think kishi would throw the samurai (the ninja’s natural enemy) into the mix if there wasn’t gonna be a fight. bout time too, i really need some action right about now. anyways we could be set for a major collision, i mean naruto kakashi and yamato, plus the kages, plus samurai, plus sauske’s team equals some sweet fight scenes…at least i hope so.

  12. so what exactly do you guys think sasukes plan looks like?
    Go inside, kill evryone, go outside, ask madara what to do next?

    I mean hes got but a 5man team.. against 5kages plus 10 kage bodyguards, plus the entire eskimo samurai stormtrooper staff °°
    i guess hes gonna use susanoo, but thats not gonna work forever 😉

    so in order to make that fight somewhat intresting, kishi has to make sasuke overpowered, or (preferably) help him out with big scale plot twists 😀

  13. Wooow before I read this breakdown I wasn’t aware there was a page after the page with the “end” thingie at the bottom!
    As for Danzo, I think he’s gunna turn out to be a good guy, and now I think he’s completely different from the current sharigan users. He’s a completely different person because his eyes are bloodshot remember? He’s REALLY old, but he’s a good guy I’m sure. A hell of a douchebag, but he means well.
    Btw cookie do you min if I add somthing to the end of your breakdown? I noticed it while studying this one picture of Sai. 😛

  14. Hmmm, is it about him actually smiling normally now? Hey it’s true, he can smile for real now without looking so fake *nods head knowingly* lolz

  15. *gives cookie a standing ovation* that’ll do cookie, that’ll do (sorry i just re watched ‘Babe’ and have been waiting to use that line at the end) but yes, very good job this week 🙂

    Now…as for the Obito theory, what’s to say that Madara (aka Tobi aka Obito :P) just didn’t have a good nights sleep? I mean so much stress building up can take a toll on a person’s psyche and sleep patterns. So I’m saying he’s just very…very…VERY sleepy.

    He did just face team 8 and team Kakashi…he also healed Sasuke (ewwwwwwwwwwww) yea, he’s tired alright.

    Then there’s an impromptu dance routine after he got hit w/ Amaterasu…GO TO BED TOBI!!! YOU LOOK EXHAUSTED!!

  16. @Dish:*Throws arms in air* YOSH!!! I seriously can’t wait for the fights =D It’ll be awesome, not to mention a holy sh!@ moment when they realise how strong Naruto has gotten 😉
    @Raket: Sasuke seriously is underestimating the Kages, they weren’t named the strongest ninjas for nothing. I don’t think he knows how to activate susano’o yet. There’s probably some trick behind it, just like the other one. Naruto will probably end up trying to protect Sasuke in the end. *cookie sigh*
    :Alexie: Meh, I don’t think he is. I know he does everything he does for the sake of the village, but seriously he has killed so many people because they are seen as a ‘threat’ to him. He has only the thought of becoming Hokage on his mind and hasn’t even considered the amount of people being put in danger because of him.(just like Sasuke…thought I’d throw that in as well >_>) In the end I’m sure he’ll end up taking more meat than he can chew 😉

  17. Those are wrinkles Dro, if he suffered from insomia he would have shadows under his eyes, but he doesn’t…he has wrinkles. Therefore he is an old geezer. And reviving him can mean so many things, medicine…*coughs* mouth to mouth >.<. I am gonna laugh so hard if he isn't Obito. I mean I'll do it on the post and yell in your face =D As for the whole amaterasu thing, it wouldn't take that much out of Madara. He has the ultimate sharingan so the side effect of becoming blind. He also has a large chakra supply so he doesn't need to worry about that either. Therefore:

    Madara = old geezer

  18. Does anybody else feel like the is gona be another Naruto and Sasuke clash in the land of iron?

  19. Hahahahhahaha, Sasuke loves his fruit of course! XD

    @Cookie: YOSH, great breakdown you should stay on the as the official writer. 😛

    Now about the Obito theory…why must you do this to me? >_<

    The one big thing that separates Kakashi from Obito is that Obito's right side was crushed by a boulder. His skin under his eye looking like that could just be a left over wound/scar/injury from the incident…or, most likely it's just baggy eyes. 😉 We all get baggy eyes when we ave restless nights so why can't Madara/Tobi? 🙂

    Still we all know Madara is old as hell. My main belief in the Obito = Madara/Tobi theory is that they're somehow connected through Obito's sharingan or body. That could be Madara aging Obito's body quicker than usual or that could be Madara's body with just Obito's sharingan. Lol, only time will tell.

    @Lelulalilo: I don't know if the current Mizukage had to fight Madara to gain her position. I just imagined that Madara up and left one day and she was then appointed Mizukage to take his place. Maybe Madara announced his leaving first but still I don't believe their was a fight for power…it would be cool as hell though!

    @Lelulalilo again & Dish11: Indeed, can't wait for Samurai vs. Ninja fight! I can't even think of anything more epic than that fight unless Chuck Norris's right leg were to jump in there. XD

    @Hamslam1: What's on page 6?

    @Dragon: WELCOME TO WRA! I hope you read One Piece! 😉

    @Rake: Sasuke's plan…I heard it had something to do with a pineapple but I could have read that from somewhere else. 😉

    Seriously though he's not trying to pick a fight with all the Kages and especially not a whole country with kick ass Samurai. He's probably planning on intercepting Danzou before he can make it inside the meeting and killing him.

    @Alexie: Danzou a good guy? NEVER!!! @_@ (Watch me be wrong) ^^

    @Jdizzle: I hope so!

    @…: Ok, I'm done…

  20. @cookie: No its something different. has nothign to do with Sai whatsoever. Just a little drawing glitch I found. You’ll think its stupid anyways 😛
    Btw are you a guy or a girl? I don’t want to assume one of the other, so ya…hehe

    @jdizzlex212: Duhhhh why else would Kishi go through the trouble of senting Naruto to the Land of Iron with the CONVENIENT reason of talking to the Kages, and sent Sasugay to the Land of Iron with the CONVENIENT choice of killing the Kages? Like seriously, he planned this clash from the start. Only difference is, Naruto is beat up pretty bad already, so this isnt too good.

    @supertrek89 and everyone else who contradicted my good guy theory: LIKE I SAID. DOUCHEBAG DANZO IS A TOTAL…WELL…DOUCHEBAG, but he’s not a bad guy either. So maybe good guy wasn’t a good word to use, what I should say is he means to keep the village strong and SOMEWHAT safe, but he takes too much sacrifice to make it happen. So in a sense, I would save he a bitchy good guy. Kinda like your English teacher when she gave you a C on your essay. She might bitch sometimes and piss you off, but she means well in teaching you. 😉
    (Ok that was a bad example, but you get what I’m saying now right?)

  21. @Alexie: Ok I think I see where you’re coming from but you have to remember he’s more than a major douche bag. He’s a scheming pile of evil piece of shit to…at least in my opinion.

    Voted for the destruction of the Uchihaa clan, assisted in the hostage taking of Konan, iron fist ruler who kills anyone who gets in his way, worked with Orochimaru and we all know anything Orochimaru had his hands in was B.A.D. Also much much more which Root can’t even talk about because of the seals on their tongues

    He may think of Konoha but he always thinks of himself first unlike the previous Hokages. But please understand where I’m coming from too.

  22. Is anyone thinking that the Mizukage lady is Kushina ?
    I didn’t think so either, but the fact that she’s so touchy around the subject of marriage and men … maybe it’s the 4th Hokage that she had lost … and her son is Naruto ?
    I doubted it myself, but the idea keeps rapping at my brain.

  23. @Cookie: Yea, Danzou had his eye covered during the Nagato flashback but that doesn’t really show that he had the Sharingan at that time. I could have well been a normal injury obtained from battle that he just covered up and later on obtained the Sharingan and had it implanted there, like Kakashi got that wound that screwed up his left eye and had it covered up the same way Danzou has his up until he got the Sharingan from (the now dead) Obito. =P

    But anyway, great breakdown. =)


    Chojuro: You’re just jealous ’cause you ain’t gettin’ none.
    Ao: Shut up! I get it when I want it, fatty!
    Mizukage: Daddy? Who’s my daddy?

  24. @cookie- YESS!!! i’m glad someone agrees with me haha. and i even forgot to include samui’s team in that last post..more awesomeness. the reading for this battle’s power’s, it’s…IT’S OVER 9000!!!

    And yes i absolutely agree with you on the naruto thing. that might be the thing i’m looking forward the most to, naruto showing sasuke and anyone who doesn’t know him how strong he is now.

  25. Has Sasuke lost his mind ?
    Where does he get the ludacris idea that he can simultaneously kill 5 Kage-level shinobi, at once ?
    I think his Mangekyou is, instead of killing his eyesight, killing his intelligence.

  26. Sasuke makes his move. Obviously the only ensures danzos deal to kill him and destroys narutos plan to plead with the kages…

    Sasgay is overpowered and despite everything, naruto joins in to help his friend from dying…

    Therefore leaving no choice for naruto to become a missing nin, and danzos capitalizes. The other kages revolt and thus begins the war and possible time skip kishi was talking about.


    Or what really happens,

    somehow madara/zetsu stop sasuke before entering and naruto pleads his case

  27. @supertrek89: Ya I see what you mean. Everything Danzo has done up until now was for power, and he did horrible things to achieve it, but it comes down to him, I don’t think he will be the one fighting WITH the bad guys. Rather I think he will be slightly onto the good side, but probably wil l be neutral, going his own un-merry way.

  28. @Cookie: why must you start up the madara/obito/tobi/danzou arguement once more? lol
    but if thats the way its going to be…
    I think Madara = Madara. Why? well why don’t we look back and see what Madara looked like during his prime.

    This pic CLEARLY shows that Madara, while still in his early-ish age, already had one bag under his eyes. Now come on, the guy has gotten older so of course he develops another bag underneath his eyes! it happens to all old people!!
    LMAO well, that’s all I have to say about that.

    Great breakdown by the way, cook, full of lulz 😉

  29. lol great breakdown cookie, wait a minute – how did u get the keys for this breakdown 😛 .

    I’ll prob get a bit of hate mail from this, but i think Sai’s pretty damn badass, and i for one like his character. His jutsu are pretty cool and he’s almost 100% not going to become the next sasuke.

    now that that’s over with – WHY the hell did you have to bring up the obito = Madara theory! [sigh]. I’ve said before that i think there is no way it’s possible, but if it’s true, then i for 1 would feel insanely cheated because of all the pointless crap about madarras back story and other madara releated stuff would have been for no F***ing reason!

    And Naruto(manga) is slowly but surely getting to something epic. the metting of the kage’s, Naruto meeting Garra again, Naruto meeting Raikage, Naruto meeting Sasuke again? (perhaps a brief fight) and mayhap some of Danzou’s plans?
    And something else that will earn me hate mail – i find myself thinking Danzou (as a character) is getting more awesome.
    1. He wants Sasuke dead
    2. He wants what is best for Konoha
    3. Hopefully he will be the one character (finally) that won’t listen to Naruto
    4. unlike Tsunade, who could only heal, he looks like he could acctually be able to hold his own in a fight.

    Let your rage decend 😛

  30. leave every thing else ONEPIECE FTEW

  31. What’s the E in FTEW stand for ?

  32. I think it would be a seriously cool twist that Danzo is seriously like a secret good guy. I mean let’s take the awesomeness of Itachi. I had always that that everything he did was to have his brother become stronger for some secret agenda…in which his case was to take care of Madara and mostly to revitalize the namesake of the uchiha clan. What if Danzo is trying to clean up Konoha with the eternal mess that clan Sarutobi made? It was cause of them that caused this whole Uchiha fiasco in the first place.

    But then again he’s a devious little bastard so i maybe wrong but I kinda like him as a character. Naruto has one of the best story developments that i’ve seen in manga. I am certain it will only get better.

  33. @ nagashikage- FTEW = For the EPIC WIN

  34. e in ftew is entire

  35. Well, looks like I’m back for a short while again. SHORT. And while super, mud, ahsan and co. are going bananas over One Piece this week, how about we concentrate on how FRIGGIN STUPID THIS WHOLE GODDAMN NARUTO CHAPTER WAS.

    *cough* First of all, maybe I should explain my opinion more clearly.

    1. I think we’re missing something. No, wait, a couple of things in this chapter. I’ll give you a clue: Pink Hair.



    Oh. Yeah. All those ‘unimportant people that are COMPLETELY ignored by Naruto and co. until they appear in around 30 chapters as though nothing happened. I can see Sakura going: ‘Fuck my life.’ 😦

    2. Did anyone else notice that Naruto’s wearing BRIGHT ORANGE in the middle of a snowy landscape? And they’re telling him to stop sneezing or they’ll be noticed >_>

    3. This chapter was only made awesome by a couple of doses of Karui, Omoi and the Mizukage. HELLZ YEAH! ^^

    … I think I was high on something now, so ignore greatly insulting comments.


  36. @cookie: Oh, and before I forget: Could I try doing one of the Naruto manga breakdowns? Maybe the week after this one? >.<

    Pretty Pwease? *puppy eyes* 8D

  37. @dynamicentrance: He’s wearing the forest green and black cloack that he wore in the 8-man team arc, isn’t he ?

  38. @nagashi: On top of the orange suit, yes. >.< And it still stands out, the way they're jumping. *stupid, stupid, stupid…*

  39. them samurai guys wont they be pretty useless can they only do taijutsu or something ?

    looking forward to the next few chapters. though i still think its to early for naruto and sasuke to have a fight. but its definatly on with sasuke and danzo. if naruto does see sasuke it will be during his fight with danzo. naruto will have to protect danzo but with kakashi and yamoto there sasuke will have to flee and attack the village at a later date. i can see him becoming another orochimaru or a non anorexic version of pain.

  40. @ mudshovel #3 only person to not listen to naruto???

    I guess we forgot about sasuke?


    So we have this huge melting pot of stuff that can happen, so what do you guys think WILL happen?

    I think there is a good possibility that if Naruto sees sasuke fighting (and losing, …why else show danzo kicking ass right before this get together?) that he will fight with/for sasuke.

    One last quick question, was the tech that itachi gave naruto for use on sasuke or madara???

  41. ** to clarify. I don’t see naruto doing a full fledged itachi “sasuke means more to me than the village” but I do see him standing up for what he thinks is right (even if it means disagreeing with the hokage)

  42. What I believe could happen at the Kage Meeting
    – I think 2 Kage the Little old Earth Kage and Raikage will be killed.
    – Kakashi Looses his eye sight and somehow gets Danzous Eye or one of Sasuke.
    – Suigetsu hopefully Kills Choujuro or aquires his sword.
    – Samurai Lord/Kage Be Killed By Danzou…Maybe.
    – Naruto Discovers some hidden Kyuubi power or the girft Itachi is revealed, showing us Naruto’s New Eyes.
    – Killerbee Turns Up at the Kage meeting with Kisame right behind him they have a fight Kisame Dies.
    – Sai Kills somebody protecting Naruto.
    – Sasuke nearly gets killed a few more times, but is saved by his team.

  43. @riddicyalutz: Yeah,yeah i know it’s part of naruto’s character that he understands everyone’s pain yada yada, but come on – there has gotta be someone that just says STFU. Pain did a good job on it, but caved in the end. Add something new to the manga than repeating the same stuff over and over.

  44. @riddicyalutz- ooooooooooooo i like the way you think! i had seriously forgotten about itatchi givin that to naruto. at the time i DEFINITELY thought it was for use against sasuke, but now that you mention it, it could very well be for use agaisnt madara. i mean itatchi was one bad a** mother, and my personal favorite character. maybe he figured if sasuke couldn’t do it then it would be up to naruto to stop madara, or maybe even stop both of them for that matter.

  45. @Mudshovel: No hate going your way for Sai. I always thought he was a cool character hence you never caught me making fun of him except on that one bubble contest. 😉

    As for the Madara’s character being wasted if the Obito= Madara/Tobi is correct I’d have to disagree. Madara is still alive and he’s the one in control behind the shadows, so how is his character wasted? I’m not saying he’s been dead and won’t come back. I’m just saying Obito is connected to Tobi/Madara somehow. Possibly in one of the many ways I’ve already described.

    And I recall Sasuke basically telling Naruto to STFU many times by his actions. First beating him at the Valley Of End and leaving his ass there and the village behind. Then Naruto went to retrieve Sasuke from Orochmaru’s hideout and Sasuke kicked his ass there too. Now he just gave Naruto the cold shoulder by refusing to acknowledge his power when Zetsu talked about how strong he got. Sasuke tells Naruto to STFU all the time. 😉

    @Dynamic: Well it’s true One Piece was pretty epic this week! 🙂 But you can’t deny the fact that those Samurai looked pretty damn awesome and the fact that all these different groups converging all into one place will lead to awesomeness!

  46. that power itachi gave naruto might not help him out in a fight with either sasuke or madara. it could be something to stop the kyuubi being forced from naruto’s body into that gedo mazo thing. that way itachi doesent have to rely on sasuke on defeting madara or naruto defeting him. just prevent madara from collecting all the biju’s instead. or i could be totally wrong of corse lol.

  47. I’m pretty convinced that the power that Itachi put in Naruto is a resurrection technique for either Sasuke(my first pick) or Naruto. I’m pretty sure we’re gonna see Itachi come out of Naruto’s body and save somebody(kinda like Yondaime did) plus it will definitely provide comedic relief(think about it… now he has Yondaime and Itachi living inside him!) This will also explain why Itachi was so sick when he fought Sasuke…He put his life force in Naruto!

    Isn’t it weird, btw, that Sai is getting all in touch with his feelings all of a sudden. Maybe his time is up? What do you guys think? I think everybody saw that Tsunade was in trouble…

  48. i wanna see a close up of zetsu
    its killing me to see what he looks like ripped in half

  49. this is my first time posting here…since some theories came rambling to my head.

    1. What if danzo is from the senju clan? and got his eye from some uchiha. we dont know which clan he’s from
    2. Since danzo approved the methods of yondaime…and they both know space/time jutsu…maybe yondaime is the son of danzo
    3. Naruto is the grandson of danzo, making him a senju
    what do you think about this?

    I am not responsible for any chaos that may result after this prediction is read.

    Following Sasukes arrival of the Kage Summit, The Five Kages will thoroughly discuss the following issues:Akatsuki and the Bijuu/Jinurikens taken, Raikage will bring up his issue with Sasuke/Killer Bee. Sometime during the meeting, Naruto, Kakashi, and Yamato will arrive to talk to Danzo, and Raikage about Sasuke, and will plead to be the one to go after him.

    However, i do believe and this was just now while i wrote this, that Madara/Tobi, will run into naruto resulting in major battle between them, and madara will not be able to get naruto, however either kakashi or yamato will be seriously hurt.(this part i believe won’t happen, however it is a possiblity)

    Sasuske’s actions will disrupt the summit, further delaying any issues. Because of his actions the five nations make sasuke there number one target, of which naruto will disagree with them. Because of his loyalty to sasuke, naruto states that he wont allow them to go after him. By doing such actions, the raikage sees this as an alliance of konoha and possible akatsuki. Any of the actions here will be the fuel to the future 4th Ninja War, which will have naruto leaving the village to go and protect sasuke from other villages as well as his own. Of which he will gain support from various people, many from his village, and a few from foreign countries, ie, the kazekage, and maybe the little old hokage.

  51. hm… obito=danzo? that would be interesting and weird. =.=

  52. i dont understand y u askd us a question about anbu when root is a completely different organixzation… and yes root does kinda suk, they dont do anything but get ownd. but i rly liked the breakdown
    and who ever said sai is a cool character is right cause he istn gonna b a new sasuke and his jutsu is ballin (as an artist i rly like his jutsu)

    danzo isnt freakin obito guys, it just doesnt add; he was in contact with salamander hanzo and he lookd so freakin old then, Obito is the same age of kakashi and danzou has an extensive history with the village ( he was the same age as the third) obito is not a good enough ninja to fool everyone including a kage about his past just to gain kage status so far down the road that he needs a reanimation jutsu done to his disgustingly mangled body.

  53. One point, the line under tobis eye dosent have to be old age, hes face was crushed by a rock, could be a scar

  54. sorry, if its really obito under that mask that it could be a scar from the boulders on his face. And also obito and tobi are pretty similar, just mixed up excpet for an o

  55. BUBBLE

    (kid) Yeah right, why would mizukage want with an old far like you?


    (mizukage) …right…jail bait…damnit

  56. My Theory on why Danzo has a Sharingan…..

    to me its the only explaintion for Danzo to have the Sharingan Eye is this… Tobi/ Madara is shown to only have 1 Sharingan eye thru the mask of Tobi, also when Tobi unmasks to Kisame, the visual is blocked but Kisame;s reaction is quick so perhaps he is scarred and only has 1 eye as Danzo has his other eye. I dont believe Danzo is an Uchiha and i dont believe he has the eye from a random Uchiha from the massacre that Itachi performed and i dont believe its Obito’s other eye.

    this is only my theory of where the eye Danzo has that is a Sharingan, i dont have a theory on how he got it from Madara, but that is who i think Danzo got it from.

    Discuss please… i asked the theory in the chat and everyone who was there said it hasnt been discussd previously… so im wondering what are your thought on it…


    love the one and only DARKspillnami


  57. @turpend: So two curved, bag-shaped, almost adjacent lines, look like scars to you ?
    Dude, they’re age lines, scars would’ve been more obvious-looking.

  58. OMG I live again! *looks around sees no one cares :(* well this was a nice chapter. Danzo clearly kicks ass. Anbu suck balls, no wonder yamato was tuckered out so fast makeing all that wood hehe ;). WHAT no sexy no jutus that’s just bull and no I’m not a lezbo… -_- but still that would be funny. On to the LAST SAMURI hehe movie reference damn they look badass. Once again sasuke still a douchbag because I say so and he likes pineapples LOL! Umm and one more thing naruto stfu I don’t care if your cold no complaining god damn!

    better or worse? 😛

  59. Sai is kick ass. I’m starting to think he’s pretty awesome.
    Since cookie isn’t responding, I’m just gunna say it.
    On page 5, Look at the middle panel of Sai. Now for a total WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU ALEXIE MOMENT: Someone forgot to color in the back of Sai’s hair. That is all.
    Waste of your time right? good thing cookie didn’t consent. Heheh.

  60. Well i figured I should stop ignoring my post, so I shall begin..AGAIN! :

    @Super: Ever notice we never agee on anything here? lolz. The only thing I could think of that would explain why Obito has suddenly turned into such an old geezer, is that Madara’s power is slowly decaying Obito’s body with age, because he can’t be a good container for Madara’s power. I mean Madara has a large chakra supply to it’s understandable why Obito’s body couldn’t hold it. Because frankly Obito never had enough time to become stronger so his body wouldn’t be able to cope properly with this power. What i’m more concerned about is Madara’s plan to sync Sasuke with Gedo Mazo. Ie: that big hungry statue that sucks out bijuu for dinner….yummy… So basically we will have another emo Nagato lookalike running about.

    @Alexie: I’m a girl. Really what guy would name themself a cookie, in all fairness? And hey Sai could of gone white hair on us from all this horror he has to face ever since he joined team 7 😉

    @Nagashi: I’m not seeing it. They don’t look alike at all, to me anyway.

    @Dragonball: Welcome to WRA, and don’t listen to anything Super says….Trust me it’s for your own good…don’t except a present for him… It’s A TRICK I SAY!! >_> sorry.. crazy moment there <__>…. Finally someone who sees the sense here!

    @Dynamic: Oh so you finally show your face around here, then?lol. Yes it was a huge ‘face palm’ moment when he gave out to him for sneezing, really he’s wearing bright orange in a blizzard for muffins sake! Sorry dynamic, can’t do it. I will have people nagging at me for ages for them to do it. Not to mention Reflex will have my head for giving it to you when he asked first. And I have grown attached to my head after all these years. Maybe sometime when i’m away this year 😛

    *Is still looking at the long list she has to answer back to* =___= damn it, and I thought I was doing so well…. Not to mention that chat’s beeping is getting pretty annoying right about now..*cookie sigh* ANYWAY!

    @Mud: Oh I just broke into Scorp’s house and forced him(at gun point)to cough up the keys(not literally), I really wanted it, you see! Meh I still think Sai was awesome ever since I met him in the manga, as for Danzou…*dramatic pause* I could care less for him. At least he has stopped giving me a headache, but seriously another character with the sharingan!? The whole cast will have one soon enough! >__>

    @Riddic: I see Naruto refusing to betray Sasuke and Sasuke being an @ss. That’s what I see.lolz. But really, I do think he won’t let them hurt Sasuke and will have a flashback of his talk with Nagato and Itachi, during the Kage meeting. Just wait for it. I predicted what happened during the Nagato flashback and I’ll predict again!!!

    @Chromer: That would actually make alot of sense. Protect Kyuubi from Madara, protect Sasuke from Madara. All to bring down Madara…. Jezz Madara is one popular man..

    @Fuuton: I wasn’t talking about root? The ones attacking were ANBU, that was what I was on about. And before you say it Danzou was originally from ANBU.

    @Spill: But why would Danzou even have Madara’s eye?…it leaves so many questions… Or Madara just lose it in a pocker game? Its been known to happen >_>

    @Deathcon: You died? Damn it woman, stop doing that! Yeah they cheated us out of the Sexy no jutsu! (not a lesbian either -__-) And to think the fan base would of sky rocketed with that! Hey he has no wooly hat to protect him. How ever will he survive?…Not to mention he has been beaten up so his wounds might slow him down…Damn Naruto, you didn’t think this through did you!? *Face palm*


    *cookie sigh* ALL DONE ^_^ for now >_>

  61. muhahahahah

    its simple ediots

    danzo is not an uchiha ,he got his sharingan from any uchiha he coudve killed,he uses wind style ,what is wind style weak against again?

  62. Oooooooh I know this one! It’s so simple, it’s water! No wait.. Can I guess again. Hell I’ll do it anyway. It’s fire! YAY A GLASS OF MILK FOR COOKIE!! *claps hands*
    Well it’s a good thing I’m not a Danzou = Uchiha believer. Call it a hunch but I’ve heard from a reliable source that he’s really an old man. >_>

    But I’ll point this out Ahsan, you can use more than one element. I mean if you had the sharingan you can also copy any element jutsu. Oh yeah, I know this stuff :3

  63. o ya good point ccokie

    i was just seeing how would kakashi counter his wind attacks in case of a fight

    well he can use fire or water

  64. If Tobi is Danzo, then he’s a very good actor.
    What I mean is that Tobi asked Zetsu who became Hokage, when he should know that he became Hokage if he is Danzo. I never would have thought that Tobi was Danzo until I saw Danzo’s sharingan.
    Chojuro:I-I’m sorry. I just thought you would have appreciated not having mud and dirt in your food.
    Ao: Damn whippersnapper! You should know you have to stomp on my food before making me eat it! kids these days… No common sense.
    Mizukage:I’m just going to shut up and they won’t find out I’m a crossdressing Madara. Take that SuperTrek!

    My first bubble; I won’t win for sure.

  65. have a feeling alot about tobi and danzo will be found out in a couple of weeks.

  66. well I was rereading the manga and found this (top right panel):

    so this was before the uchiha massacre
    and obito was presumed dead a while back
    BUT madara has the big rock star hair we all know and love
    IF madara did indeed transfer bodies (i doubt it) he did it AFTER the massacre
    meaning that obito’s body would have been nothing but dust by that time


  67. lol look sasuke had sharigan when he was little……he only had one thing in his eye

  68. of course lil thats the most basic form of the sharingan

  69. YAY I am 69th…Wait…DAMNIT…Okay, so, on the Obito thing:

    Wow, nice speculation. That could very well mean he is Obito…but…It is near impossible for him to be unless Kakashi is older than he says he is O_O

    No, impossible…Or is it? Is Rin still alive? Is my chicken going to burn while in the oven? So many questions…cough cough….Byem my chiekcen is burning…Back fire, back I say!

  70. @super: I could be wrong about the theory’s going around, but i always thought that the madara = Obito theory meant that it was actually Obito pretending to be Madara. That is why i’m saying all the stuff on Madara would have been pointless – since it’s not F***ing him.

    Yeah I know Sasuke was sometimes telling naruto to STFU, but soon he started to change (and listened to him) then changed again into a Oro follower – damn that guy is very impressionable. What i meant was that, Danzou, from beginning to end never believes or listens to Naruto at all – there has to be someone that does it. His power to change ppl is overused and i for one want to see something different.

  71. @mud- ya i agree with you. i understand how one of naruto’s “gifts” is his ability to relate to pretty much everyone and help them to become good and what not. but sometimes i think he just needs to beat some dudes up that dont see things eye to eye with him. like he was with nagato… first anyways. they just fought, and the stronger person won. and then we all know how that turned out. but anyways he cant..or more like shouldnt, be able to get through to EVERYONE you know? just beat ’em straight up

  72. hey everyone, i’m just curious but would anybody be opposed to naruto getting a weapon eventually? i mean he’s a close range fighter anyway so why not? i think it would be tight if he got a katana that he could channel his wind chakra through like asuma did with his trench knives.

    comments anyone?

  73. @dish yeah i rly liked asuma weapons but naruto always been a brawler and he would need some sort discipline to learn how to use a weapon tot hat extent

  74. @dish: Hell yeah – that would be awesome sauce. Imagine a multi-shadow-clone jutsu (1000 clones) all using a katana with wind infused chakra. Serious ass beating would ensue!

  75. Yeah,that would be so cool! But Kishi won’t give Naruto a katana like Sasuke. He’ll give him something different, maybe even cooler!

  76. hey everybody!
    @dish11(refered to “but sometimes i think he just needs to beat some dudes up that dont see things eye to eye with him. like he was with nagato… first anyways. they just fought, and the stronger person won.”): the stronger person didn’t win…

    @dish11(refered to “naruto getting a weapon”): naruto doesn’t seem the weapon-user type, and it would take too long for him to learn how to use it. but, since sasuke has a katana, maybe naruto will get one too…anythings possible!

  77. Well Danzo still strikes me as a ‘younger brother who gave up his eyes when he was still young, innocent, pure and non-D-bag’. Don’t ask. I think it’s the Uchiha-some-sort-of-bird’s-butt hairstyle >_> They usually give a clue *shrugs*

    @cookie: Yeah, I was pretty sure no one would let me T.T I’m just so darn full of ideas after every chapter! It’s like the panels are talking to me! I can’t count all the times when Naruto’s asked me if he could make out with Sasuke now…
    Uh… Yeah.
    Anyways, if anyone needs ideas (usually weirdly funny), I’m up for the job. ^^ *notices everyone edging away*

    @mud: Hasn’t anyone noticed that the reason why mangas usually have such a goddarn long plot is because some small detail just keeps repeating until you’re sick of it? *points at One Piece* Example >_>

    And hail the fact that the Mizukage isn’t a cross-dresser ^^;

  78. Hey everyone, it has been a while since I posted here, but I am back in action! XD

    I thought this chapter was great, even though it was a bit all over the place with the numerous view points shown. However, things are finally starting to move along at a nice pace and it looks like we are on our way to a climactic showdown.

    Hopefully, we’ll get to see the Naruto/Sasuke battle we have all been waiting for.

    Anyway, nice breakdown. Now we just need a debate to heat things up and get us all in the mood for some action!!! ^ ^

    *looks for Marksman to start debate*

  79. @Dynamic: Yes yes yes, no need to get sarcastic on me :P. Yes most manga repeat some details, but why would readers continue to read it, if similar (if not the same) plot lines are continuly repeated? I know i for one would get bored of it pretty damn quickly. OP hardly ever repeats stuff besides the main point of the story. Naruto on the other hand repeats the i feel your pain crap in alot of battles, Sasuke Sasuke Sasuke (as said by naruto and sakura) plenty of times.
    That is why i’m saying that the series needs a character who is immune to Naruto’s pain talks – It needs variety! although i would never stop reading it, it’s a dick move by Kishi if almost every character listens and changes just by a talk. Some ppl just need to be rasengan in the face!

  80. @mud: Rasengan n the face. Uhh … sorta like he did Pain ?

  81. Oh wait .. He DID change Pain with a pep-talk. It was the DEAD BODY that he had to Rasengan in the face/stomach. ok, nvm.

  82. Ok guys, what I’m about to post is a theory i came up with while thinking of a comeback to cookie’s belittlement of MY post by making me look like a Baka…I used to think that Tobi/Madara was Obito…but now I’m going with my new theory…thanks to TenraiSenshi and CaptainPickles…to Tenrai ’cause he was the one who helped convey what i was trying to say and look at it more clearly…and to Pickles for not agreeing with the theory and making me look more into it, which in turn helped me find more evidence…Pickles may not believe in this theory…but his lack of imagination helped me out nonetheless.

    Ok so, remember WAYYY back in Naruto, when we were introduced to the Uchiha Massacre? Well in chapter 222 when three members of the Uchiha clan came to ask Itachi why he hadn’t shown up to the meeting? Well they also asked him if he knew anything about the mysterious drowning of Shisui Uchiha (very close to Sushi, i made that mistake on the chat and it led to hilarious results…lol) well, i read a very interesting tidbit…

    Ok there are two important things here that i have to mention, so i’m going to break it up into two separate explanations to make it clearer…

    1: The ‘suicide’ note that is left is very cryptic…it reads:

    “I’m tired of the duties…
    there is no future for Uchiha…
    and for me….
    I cannot walk out the “path” any further…”

    Sure at first glance it seems like it means that there is no future for him (Shisui) and that he’s committing suicide because of it…but if you read it differently it means that Shisui cannot walk the path of the Uchiha any further…

    2: In the next few boxes they talk about Shisui’s abilities…they say “He was feared as Shisui of the Mirage, and one of the most talented Uchiha…”

    when i looked him up here…

    it shows that he was master of the Shunshin Jutsu (Body Flicker/Teleportation Jutsu) i know its a wiki, but his nickname backs it up though…so please bear with me for now.

    OK, now i know many of you may be thinking, it said he was dead…Itachi killed him…that’s how he got Mangekyo Sharingan…yes, but did you consider these scenarios…?

    Itachi considered Shisui a brother, and on the day that he skipped the meeting, Shisui ‘killed himself’ and failed to show up to the meeting too…now read this…

    According to Itachi he had a ‘mission’ to do, and on the next page he says “Well I can’t say, its an absolutely secret mission.”

    Ok, keep in mind these are just MY scenarios and not what I’m saying actually happened. There are bound to be loops in there that I can’t explain right now, but I’m giving you two scenarios that may be able make it easier to understand my theory…Overall what I’m saying is that with this new evidence that i came across Tobi/Madara Uchiha is none other then Shisui Uchiha…

    Scenario 1: Itachi meets up with Shisui to talk to him. Shisui passes down his ideals of the Uchiha clan and they both hatch a scheme to make it seem like there was a coup d’etat coming
    and that the only solution would be the massacre of the Uchiha Clan. Itachi agrees and informs the Konoha council, they tell him (except the 3rd Hokage of course) to kill the Uchihas. Itachi goes on with the plan but can’t kill Sasuke because he loves him. Itachi joins Akatsuki so that someone will put him out of his misery someday (preferably Sasuke). After talking with Naruto in the forest before his fight with Sasuke, Itachi sees that there
    is someone there for Sasuke and can give him a better life…He trusts Naruto and gives him the ‘gift’ that we don’t know yet. Itachi fights Sasuke and confuses the crap out of him with the forehead poke as a way to let him know he loved him.

    Scenario 2: Itachi finds out that Shisui is planning something and confronts him, Shisui is planning the destruction of Konoha (or whatever floats your boat *insert huge disaster that would mess up ninja world here*)…Itachi ‘kills’ Shisui, and gains the Mangekyo Sharingan because he had to kill his best friend. Itachi tells the Konoha council what was going to happen, the council (minus the 3rd Hokage) tells Itachi that the only solution is the
    massacre of the clan to avoid the wrath of the Uchiha, Itachi agrees and kills them but fails to kill Sasuke because of his love for him…Itachi then joins Akatsuki to keep an eye on their activities…Little known to Itachi, Shisui Uchiha had planned ahead and set up with Pain/Nagato to use his Impersonation Jutsu (the one used when he used Itachi’s and Kisame’s chakra to make exact copies of themselves) tricking Itachi into thinking that he
    had killed Shisui. Shisui Uchiha dons the ‘Tobi’ personality and mask to avoid suspicion by Itachi. Itachi eventually becomes suspicious of Tobi, and when he loses to Sasuke he implants ‘Amaterasu’ in him so that no other Uchiha would be able to speak to Sasuke.

    Yes i know its far fetched, yes i know it’s crazy, yes i know its 6:30 a.m. here…but i’ll let you guys decide…tell me what you think? *rings bell to begin debate and then promptly passes out from exhaustion*

  83. @Dro: Oh gee, thanks, lol.

  84. @Supa: Again I agree with u Supa. Why wouldnt I (All hail Hinata)

    Yet I starting to believe that Mandra might be Dozan.
    I mean which better way to bring down Konoha by working
    inside. Still some cracks to that idea yet still all good.

    Obito is Tobi.
    Don’t care what no one says lol.
    Yea i do but still.
    Last break down i gave good reason of why and how.
    Don’t feel like doing now unless some one want to put up a fight
    but when the day come to see
    who’s right about this.
    If I am wrong then I’ll be the first to jump on the
    right side and talk about the ones that was wrong.
    It just the American way.

  85. Hmmm, I just thought of a good debate topic. ^ ^

    How about instead of having a battle between two characters, as such, why don’t we have one between two bloodlines? O_O

    This time, it can be the Sharingan vs the Rinnegan. Just the bloodlines, and what they could do at their full potential, as well as the power they give their user. If you want to use specific characters as references in your analysis, that is fine, but other than that, I want to hear what people think about which one is superior and why.

    Also, this way there is (hopefully) no bias in the form of favoritism, with regards to each person’s favorite characters.

    (Hopefully no-one has any strange eye fetishes. lol).

  86. I’ll say Rinnegan is better.
    I’ll wait for other to back that idea up so i can use their fact.

  87. @fuuton- ya i know what you mean. it definitely would take time to learn how to use it. but say there happen to be a time skip and when we saw him again he had a weapon?

    @mud- hahaha YOSH!!! naruto clones FTW!!!

    @dragonball- ok ok i can see how he wouldn’t want them to have the same weapon. any ideas what it would be if he DID get one though?

    @truepain-uh…that’s a joke right? naruto defeated all 6 of pain’s bodies single handedly. and if naruto hadn’t been so noble about it he woulda kicked nagato’s a** too, i dont see how you can say otherwise. sooooo…the stronger person DID win.

  88. @ black ice

    I understand what your saying, but why does he want to destroy a pile of rubble that is konaha again?


    I simply can’t see danzo and madara bring the same. Madara did destroy Konaha (via nagato) and danzo wanted something like that so he can take over.

    The main differeence I think (and hope) is that if madara is the end baddy, hopefully he has bigger plans than to “destroy konaha”

  89. And @ mud

    I completely get what you say about naruto making everyone like him/feel his pain is repetative.

    But his entire character is about changing:

    -from a boy into a jinchuriki
    -from normal to every hating him
    -hating him to accepting him
    -accepting him to saving the village


    He’s the child of prophecy and that’s how he’s going to (have to) change the ninja world.

    Albeit even if we all want to see him kick more @ss every now and again

  90. @riddicyalutz: I see what u r saying. But I am saying the Tobi is Obito and not Madara. Just using his name to creat fear in other.
    Like i said it a lot of cracks in that idea. Cant really get fully detail 4 some reason. Yet I’ll try later on.

  91. Just posting my last post just made me think of a reason why naruto shouldn’t be senju.

    (please note I want naruto to be senju) since most of all konahas troubles seem to stem from the senju/uchiha rivalry I think if madara is defeated by naruto him NOT being a senju makes sense because it means the rilvarly is over and not one clan won, again naruto bringing change by being a complete outsider…. Idk just my 2 cents

    *crosses fingers that naruto is senju*

  92. @ black oh, ok I see what you mean. But let me ask you this. If “tobito” is just using his name out of fear, is the real madara alive and out there?

  93. Anyone noticed that some spoiler is out? Here ya go then! It says that it’s confirmed *shrugs*:

    Naruto 457 Confirmed Spoiler by Sho from NF

    It’s Nja. Cover page is Naruto and the spine of the chapter is of Naruto and Kakashi

    I wasn’t able to see any movie info or the inside of it, but there’s some card illustrations-I think- enclosed

    Samui and her team join up with Raikage, and- having followed them- Naruto and co. go appeal to the Raikage
    Naruto is prostrating himself on the ground with his head to the floor saying, “Please forgive Sasuke”
    Raikage: “A shinobi shouldn’t be bowing his head so easily as that”

    With Raikage turning out not to grant pardon, Yamato cuts into the conversation

    Yamato: “Our side has our own bone to pick with you; the troubling matter of the Hyuuga Hiashi issue and what to do about it”, and he goes on about that

    *Not going as enemies, it’s left at that and off to the meeting grounds (the last expressions they made were pretty meaningful)*

    *[trans note: Nja is being purposely vague here]

    Sai: “I can’t just stay still and do nothing”, and calling Sakura, they go to head to Naruto perhaps?

    Sasuke and co. decide to take out Danzou on the return back from the conference
    Sasuke, wanting to know just who Danzou is, goes with Zetsu to confirm his identity
    but the moment that Zetsu tells him, “He’s Danzou,” there’s a close-up of Sasuke’s eyes with the Sharingan

    The last part we see is the 5 Kages showing their faces just before the start of the conference

  94. Once again, nothing good happens *sigh* Just a dribbling Naruto in front of what we could call the coolest Kage so far. Besides the Fourth Hokage. Whom we don’t know too well.


    I like him anyways.


  95. I usually wait for confirming pictures /the spoilers

  96. @riddicyalutz: Yea i do believe that Madara is alive. He might be Dozan yet i am not to sure on this. Like is said before i think that Dozan got sharingan from some not so important uchia nin.

  97. ok tenrai its rinnengan v.s sharingan

    i go with sharingan

    the best defence susano’o
    the best genjutsu tsuyomni
    the best ninjutsu amretsuri
    ability to copy
    alowed down motion,

    as with rinnengan

    all ninjutsu
    controll of 6 bodies,which can each use a high level tech
    shared vison
    shinra tensai
    chibaku tensai

    susano’o can block most attacks
    while it is unkonwn that rinnengan can stop tsuyomni
    amretsuri cannot be stopped by rinnengan

  98. about ANBU
    i remember a while back when kakashi said that itachi was a leader of anbu at age “x”(cant remember) i thought “so what? theyre pussys its not really saying much about him” lol. but ive just had a thought while reading this breakdown – they could be disadvantaged because they have to keep their identities a secret the so jutsu they can use might be limited because it could give away their identity e.g bloodline limits would give away the clan they come from etc – its a possibility.

  99. @Ahsan and anyone else in debate.

    Well, it is good to see a worthy challenger in this debate. (Ice made a post as well so hopefully we will see more of him as we go). ^ ^

    Anyway, I myself am actually still on the fence somewhat with regards to this topic, but I will however point out some of my own ovservations and nit pic at yours. (For the good of our debate, it must be done). 😛

    Anyway, first off, Jiraiya himself mentioned that the Rinnegan allows its used to learn any jutsu in existance, with no metnioned exceptions. Now, I am not sure how most people would see that, but to me, being able to use any jutsu, regardless of element, etc, or any other requirements = win. (P.S. remember I am comparing bloodlines, not characters. So try not to see it only as how Pein used it, but rather how much potential it has regarding the info we have on it, especially that provided by Jiraiya).

    What this means that, potentially, a Rinnegan wielder has access to an unlimited means of offense and defence, in just about any form one could imagine. He could learn a defence against just about any move or an attack that can get through any guard. It allows the user to be unlimitedly versatile and equally deadly. The Sharingan can copy the techniques it sees, but only if its wielder meets the requirements, meaning natural affinities of the user, etc, come into play, severely limiting the overall potentail of what a sharingan wielder could eventually learn. It is also restricted by bloodlines like Haku’s where the Sharingan cannot coppy such techniques.

    Now the thing we can’t be sure about is whether it allows the wielder to use the effects of the Sharingan. For the purposes of this debate I would say it can not, based purely on the fact that they are both great doujutsu and both unique. In saything that, I am also assuming that the MS techniques are also out of reach for the Rinnegan.

    So that means that the MS poses a threat with its high level and very exclusive jutsu, but does that mean it is superior? Lets see…

    The three most deadly techniques regarding the Sharingan would be Tsukyomi, Amatarasu and Susanoo. Amatarasu is deadly for sure, but not unblockable. It may be a flame that burns for days on end and that can consume just about anything, but it still behaves like fire in most regards.

    In the manga, it appears to spread like natural fire and it latches onto objects like any normal flame, only flamibility of the object it is burning doesn’t seem to be an issue, seeing as how it continues to burn on any surface regardless of from. However, if a rinnegan wielder were to use a tech like Shinra tensei, which has been seen repelling any kind of attack, including Kakashi’s lighting based jutsu (Which is not even solid matter, but rather energy) and Naruto’s wind based rasenshurikens, fire should not be any different, even if it is fire from hell.

    As for Susanoo, to be honest this seems like less of a threat than I would normally consider it if it were up against anything else other than a wielder of the Rinnegan. Remember, wielding the rinnegan = learnign any jutsu. That includes space time jutsu, etc. That means its wielder can potentially find a way past any defence. To me, Tsukyomi actually poses the greatest threat out of all the MS techniques, simply because it is the one that has the least defences against it. So in that regard, I could say the Sharingan scores.

    But, as I mentioned before, I am comparing bloodlines and not their users, so that is still cirumstantial. To me, it is very close, because both have great potential and give their users immense advantages in battle, from the analytical skills of the Sharingan, to the ability to wield any jutsu with the Rinnegan.

    However, I must say my choice slips somewhat to the Rinnegan, based purely on its potential and overall power. Of course a lot depends on the wielder as well, but as far as the bloodline itself goes, it has a slight edge in my oppinion.

  100. I think i will get in on this disscussion as well. My choice goes to the sharingan and the Uchiha blood line for the reasons that i will now state.
    The full potential of the rinnegan is probably to have all the specific powers in one body, like nagato before he burnt his legs and what not, and then to have learned loads of ninjutsu. The full potential of the sharingan is obviously the eternal MS.
    In terms of taijutsu firstly, the sharingan wins out because of its movement prediction and high speed comprehension, not to mention the fact that it can duplicate and taijutsu form the opponent uses. If for some reason the fight came down to taijutsu it is clear the sharingan should win (assuming of course the wielder isnt completly useless but we are discussing the blood line so its fine)
    Now you have been talking about the rinnegan being able to learn all forms of ninjutsu which is not entirely correct. The statement was that all 6 of the elemental natures can be learned. The sage of 6 paths wasnt the sage of 21 paths for instance, meaning that the rinnegan still cannot learn other blood line limits like ice or wood element. This is further backed up by the constant statements that those double-elements are unlearnable. So now we have established the rinnegan is only using the 5 elements we know plus whatever this 6th one is (i wont talk about the 6th because…well i dont know what it is ^^) then i will explain why i think the Uchiha wins out.
    The Uchiha are all proficient in fire element so any wind element jutsu used against them will immediatly back fire (i will point out thst a stronger wind jutsu could overpower them but they are all very, very good at fire element so it probably wont happen) and also, any fire element that the rinnegan user tried could be instantly copied and used back by the sharingan user as a counter just like Kakashi did with Zabuzas water dragon wayyyyy back. So thats wind and fire out for the rinnegan. Now the Uchiha are all pretty much geniuses from what i can tell, meaning that another elemental nature would be no problem for them to learn. They might even gain 2 more natures as well as fire. For the reasons i have mentioned above, that means that whatever the elemental nature they have learned, any jutsu of the same element cant be used against them and also the weaker element type could probably not be used against them. Therefore against an uchiha with only fire and one more element, the rinnegan user is down to a maximum of two elements to use and possible one. Against a better uchiha, they would most certainly be left with only one element to use and may even end up with all elements being ineffective. So considering the rinnegan has only a maximum of 40% of their elemental aresnal combined again with the sharingans comprehension and foresight, if the battle came down to elemental jutsu, the sharingan wins out. (Sorry the numbers might have got a little crossed there but i tried to make the point as simple as i could)
    Now from what we have seen, the rinnegan has no apt ability in genjutsu while the sharingan lends itself to it perfectly. I am not yet talking about Tsuckiyomi, just the regular genjutsu that for example, Sasuke does through his eyes. That means that strait away the rinnegan user is at a disadvantage because simply making eye contact with the opponent could result in a genjutsu trap.
    In all these areas, taijutsu, genjutsu and elemental ninjutsu, i have explained why i think the sharingan wins out. Now i will go into the specific jutsu of the eye techniques.
    I believe that the two most dangerous MS techniques for the rinnegan user would be the one Kakashi uses (forgotten the name) and Amaterasu. This is because the attack is based simply on the area that the user is looking at. Even though Shinra tensai is fully capable of repelling the flames of Amaterasu, i do not believe it could repel the warp it space that occurs after Kakashis tech. Also, while the flames can be repelled, they could be started on the rinnegan user themselves, not actually traveling through the air and not giving a chance to be repelled. If they were somehow repelled, the technique is so fast that they could just be used again and catch the rinnegan user in the 5 second interval anyway. While these techniques are very taxing for the user and it seems like the rinnegans techniques use barely any chakra at all, if just one were to hit, it would spell disaster for the rinnegan user.
    The added risk of Tsukiyomi is just an addition to the genjutsu point i made earlier. As soon as eye contact is made, the rinnegan would be trapped in that wierd place for like 3 days. Kakashi got caught in it and he had no hope of escaping even though he is one of the best leaf nin, i also think the only way you can break Tsukiyomi is if you have Uchiha blood in the first place (such as Sasuke) but im not entirely sure. Again, its a taxing technique but if it hits then the fight is over.
    Susanoo counters all the summonings that a rinnegan user could make considering its bigger than most and both its attack and defence are outrageous! Im pretty sure its stronger than all the dogs and crabs and stuff….
    My final point is that in the scenario that you set (‘at their full potential’) the nine tailed fox could be summoned and controled. Against Nagatos strongest technique, the watered down powers of the fox through Naruto still complety overcame it, so the full fox against any rinnegan user would likely have a similar effect.
    Well thats everything ^^

  101. i agree wit tenrai not every uchiha is even good enough to learn those techniques and the steps to reach them are extremely difficult…
    while the sharingan can copy most techniques they cant copy a blood limit tech while the rinnegan can. and im not sure if after an uchiha copies the technique they actually learn it so its just a quick fix for that one fight… i think an average rinnegan would win against an average uchiha

  102. But we are talking about the extremes of the blood lines so it would be the best possible uchiha. Also, i still dont think blood line limits can be coppied.

  103. yeah i was wonderin about the blood limits. when it come to taijutus the rinnegan could do wat it did to kakashi just blast him away, but susanoo is a bit different as tobi said i dont think the rinnegan could actually battle with a summon especially if its equipped with that special sealing blade, btw wat exactly is susanoo? (dont know how to spell it)

  104. @ everyone in my opinion if naruto had a weapon like the Disc Blade from Predator he could use it in a mad taijutsu fighting style or maybe it could be best used with Hyuuga style but if naruto could equip such a weapon if he used hes fathers teleport jutsu then he could throw the weapon so fast with his wind chakra infused into the weapon and catch as he teleports to the place where he threw it so he could basically throwit like its a tornado of blades surrounding his enemy.

    @ fuuton – I think Susano is their very own unique spirual summon only their sharigan can have of course because the Weapons that Itachis Susano had were unique. I dont think all MS users have those abilities in their Susano, Im preety sure thats fact.

    @ above speakers I believe Rinnagen can copy other blood line abilites because it possess all 6 elements so infinate fusion abilies must apply just look at the Gedo Mezo thingy its got Wood around it well it looks like wood.

    Also A ??? to everyone does anyone believe Gedo Mezo is a original technique of the Sage of 6 paths. And that Rinnagen created the Bijuu.

    And another small rant before I go on holiday…
    I cant remember the Issue but on one of the Walls there was a painting or scripture I think it was in the Fire temple but I remember seeing it and no one has said danything but there was a box with 9 chakra symbols the same type as the one on Narutos jacket but the were all connected too what looked like a Jinchuriki on top of a Frog. And I think it was a symbol of Madara well it was a figure drawn around it. Ill do some book finding and find that pic it could of been around the Uchiha shrines Ill find it and verify.

    Sorry for the long Story Rant but I had too sya something 🙂

  105. @ everyone remember pain said that the sage of six paths mastery of jutsu and rinnegan by far surpassed his techniques. This means that pain did not fully master his rinnegan so there are plenty more things that the rinnegan can do and i bet they would kick any sharingan ass. Nagato already knows how to revive other people using the King of Hell summon without killing himself (though it uses a lot of chakra so he can only use it when he is in top form) , what if the sage of six paths could revive himself. Nagato also said that the Sage of six paths can make a chibaku tensei that made a moon. There is no way you can escape it, even a eternal mangekyou sharingan user can have problems with it. Also the rinnegan has far less drawbacks than the sharingan. Basically what I am saying is that most people here are underestimating the rinnegan, and in my opinion it is a lot stronger than the sharingan.

  106. @ above discussions about Bloodlines.

    Alright, there seems to be some confusion about the abilities that the Rinnegan grants its user with regards to ninjutsu.

    On chapter 375: pg 11, Jiraiya specifically states that Nagato could learn ANY ninjutsu he desires since the age of 10. He did not refer to any specific element or type, and he did not mention any exceptions to that rule. He just said, and I quote, “any ninjutsu he desires”.

    Now we can all make assumptions and bend his words, but I am reading it how it sounds. It means that the wielder of the Rinnegan can learn any jutsu they wish to learn, regardless of its requirements, nature or element. It also means, as I mentioned before, that the wielder can effectively find a way past any defense or form a defense effective against any attack.

    We have heard references to the potential of the Rinnegan from both Nagato and Jiraiya, in that it was said that the original Sage of the Six Paths created the moon itself and even created jutsu as we know it today. In other words, even the Uchiha’s all mighty fire jutsu stem from the creation of the original wielder of the Rinnegan, seeing as how the shinobi world came about via his intervention.

    Also, the assumption that each of the Rinnegan’s powers must be separated into different bodies is also inaccurate. Nagato himself as a child is seen using different elements while fighting and the fact that he defeated most of Hanzou and Danzou’s forces shows that he doesn’t need anything other than himself to be powerful. Danzou, now known as a wielder of the Sharingan, conveniently dissipated during the battle and even Hanzou, who bested three sannin at the same time, was forced to retreat. (Not to mention being later killed by the same man).

    I believe the 6 bodies of Pein were necessary because of Nagato’s fusion with the big statue, whose name I cannot recall. Because he was essentially fused with it via those black rods, it seems to have limited his own mobility, (hence the big walking throne) so he was forced to find an alternate means of effectively moving about the world and destroying his opponents.

    Now, as for the Sharingan reading an opponents movements, that is a good argument. It is true that it gives a massive advantage in battle, but we also see evidence of the Rinnegan being ablle to fool someone’s senses. When Kakashi was about to ram a Raikiri into Pein’s face, he somehow “missed”.

    During that scene, we get a glimpse of the Rinnegan, which appears to have mislead Kakashi’s senses and distracted him while Pein simply moved his head to the side to avoid what should have been an unavoidable attack, especially considering the speed at which we know Kakashi can initiate it. That means even the Sharingan’s perception can seemingly be fooled and mislead by the Rinnegan. Had Kakashi read his movements as one would expect, he would have adjusted his attack accordingly, but that is simply not the case.

    Anyway, as I said before, we are comparing bloodlines, not their users as we know them. So it is more a case of what advantages a bloodline gives its wielder, rather than which wielders have shown the most power using them. To me, both give a lot, but the Rinnegan’s advantages seem to be a bit more powerful. However, in saying that, it feels very close to me, so a good argument can sway me if it holds enough strength. XD

  107. Hey i know this is a bit off topic but does anyone know where i can find part two of the madara vs first battle? Part one was posted on IRA before i shut down but part two was just left in the air??????

  108. @dish11: yes, naruto did defeat the bodies but nagato wasn’t aiming to kill naruto, just capture him. otherwise he could have just summoned the demonic statue of the outer path or have used a huge shinrai tensei. i’m not saying naruto is weak or that he didn’t deserve to win but i think that if nagato had wanted to, he could have killed naruto.

    @discussion rinnegan-sharingan: many of you are comparinging the mangekyo sharingan with the rinnegan, and not just the sharingan in general. not all of the Uchiha clan manifest the sharigan and of those that do, only 5 of them havehad the MS. we don’t know much of the rinnegan and whose had it, but the two people who’ve had it were both very powerful ninja. so, overall, the rinnegan is a lot more powerful then the sharingan.
    if we want to talk about the potential power, then it’s a whole different thing. if someone with the sharingan were to unlock the MS, then he would be at about the same level with a rinnegan user. however, if we compare the strongest users of these kekkei genkai (Madara and the Sage of the Six Paths), i believe that Rikudo is more powerful. However, it’s very likely that a battle between a rinnegan user and a MS user would be won by who gets the first hit. Susanoo seems pretty much unstoppable, but so does the Demonic Statue. We haven’t seen any rinnegan genjutsu’s but it’s hard to imagine one stronger then Tsukuyomi. Amaterasu seems the least of worries for a rinnegan user since he would have Shinrai Tensei and Bansho Tenin. Chibaku Tensei has is very powerful and the sharingan user would have a hard time stopping it. If we look at their potential power, a Rinnegan user can learn just about any technique since he can use all forms of chakra manipulation. A Sharingan user can master techniques only if he has the necessary skill or ability to use them. to conclude, the Rinnegan is stronger then the Sharingan.
    please, let me know what you guys think.

  109. p.s.- i agree with just about everything Tenrai Senshi wrote.

  110. @truepain: you say 5 have had the Mangekyou …
    Madara, Izuna, Itachi, and Sasuke … who’s the 5th ?

  111. @drosensei: Neither of those scenarios can be right … we already know why Itachi killed the Uchiha, to prevent war.
    Or did you miss that part ?

  112. my bad. Of the Uchiha clan only 4 have been known to have it while the fifth person, not a Uchiha, is Kakashi. he develops it during the time skip and he uses it against deidara for the first time.

  113. @truepain: Damn, I was so gonna pounce on you if you had said Kakashi was an Uchiha.

  114. Well Cookie is finally here to join the debate! (a day later than she promised) >_>
    Well I’m sticking with the rinnegan superiority here. For one thing the rinnegan is able no not only perform every type of jutsu, but it also can tell what type of jutsu is being perfomed at the time. As showh when Pein used it to tell what type of barrier was surrounding Konoha. They also are like a frequency between each body. (If they are using different bodies at the time.) Each body will be capable of telling where the attack is coming from depending where the other bodies are positioned. Ibiki also stated that the rinnegan user could use ANY jutsu, so from my point of veiw there is no limitation of the use. I would also like to point out that genjutsu can be used by the rinnegan
    user. It was just because Nagato, being one of Jiraiya’s students, was not a genjutsu type. But it never said that other rinnegan users can’t use genjutsu. It was just not Nagato’s type. Nagato could also sync himself with Gedo Mazo (the thing that sucks out the tailed beasts). So it can also be used to extract human souls. So their jutsus can be copied from that. I am just using Nagato as an example, not saying he is better.

    Now on to the powers of the six bodies. Well the first body can absorb any attacks thrown at it. But it fails at defending against any taijutsu. It can only defend itself against jutsus, so if you attack using taijutsu, it can just absorb you so the attack would be effective.
    The second body can summon any amount of animals or humans at a time. It doesn’t seem to be help back by the amount of chakra needed for each summoning, either. Therefore it isn’t restricted to just one animal. It could even summon a dragon if it wanted too.. >_> just saying.
    The third body can seperate any body part it wants and use it as a missile. Not only that but it can get a pointy tail to grow out of it’s body and use it as an attack.
    The fourth body can suck peoples souls drom their bodies. This means every memory and every jutsu they know, can easily learned through that. But it can also revive one of the bodies of Pein. Through those freaky looking ‘gates of hell.’

    The fifth body can use Tenrai Tensei to draw or reject a body coming towards them. But it can also be used to force a jutsu away from them, when used. But the flaw with it, is there is only a 5 second stop point. So it can’t be used it quick succession. Shinrai Tensei is his ultimate form of repultion. Meaning in can be used to reject anything. Which is why it flattened Konoha. Chibaku Tensei is the ultimate form of drawing. It can suck basically anything, no matter what wait, into the big ol’ moon shape of its. But both Chibaku and Shinrai shorten the persons life span too. So they are forbidden techniques.

    The final body of Peins can read their minds. Just like Ino’s clan, the technique is similar. It doesn’t just read minds though. It can also pull the soul out from the body, killing the person.

    Pein itself can revive anyone as long as they are within the time limit. So if all the powers are in one whole body, it equals a good old fashion @ss whooping. Naruto, I don’t think, would of been able to of survived the attacks made my Nagato, if he had been using all the jutsus in one body. It would of been near impossible.

    We this is it for now, I will do the sharingan later. Now to kill Tobi and Tenrai for such long comments in this debate. (Has just done a long comment herself) >_>

  115. illcounter cookie and tenrai,but at night kk

  116. @cookie ,tenrai its time for good old style assss whoopin of yours ,lol

    firstly i disagree ,rinnengan cant use all tech ,jiraya is a human ,all humans make mistkaes ,we know very clearly that rinnengan users can use 6 elements ,not bloodline abilitis,there is another thing too rinnengan users cant actuallly copy the jutsu at the same time it is beingperformed like the sharingan ,he actually hasto see it once ,then he can use it ,this is a disadvantage

    susano’o: the ultimate defence ,no matter how strong shinra tensai or chibaku tensai ,may theperson use ,its defence is shatterlesss against strong ass techs,however if some one attacks from all directions it can be a prob,but shinra tensai and chibaku tensai fail,and i doubt rinnengan users can use sapce time ninjutsu ,as pain didnt use it to dodge naruto’s ressangen or rasen shurikan etc,and no path could use it ,inother words


    FOR SUSANO’O OFFENCE one smallest cut of the sword means for ever selaing in the genjutsu sword 😛 what can pain do against this:P


    simple death!!!

    if you have read naruto manga you would know that flmaes dont fly towards the opponent ,they formon them,thus cannot be blown away :Pshinra tensai fail again:P what would rinnengan do 😛

    tsukomi : ultimate genjutsu ,the best in simple words,it cannot be broken ,if rinnegan user falls for this means he will be at his knees is 1 sec.only another ms user canbeat tsukomi

    @tenrai you say about hanzo bieng beaten and kkaahsi ,they are fools no way near the true potentail of the sharingan ,talk about if there was itachi or madara in kakahsi ‘s place they would have hit!!!

    saying of madra ,we havent talked about the freakin advanced space time ninjutsu of the sharingan that madara uses ,even more advanced than 4th;s ,what can pain do against that:P

  117. @whoever: Remember that the Sharingan and Rinnegan are only as good as its user. Personally i think if one has mastered the sharingan to obtain the eternal Mangekyou sharingan and has Madara’s Time/space jutsu – then they would be pretty much unbeatable. Unlike the Sharingan, we do not actually know alot about the rinnegan.
    For one, Pain used reanimated bodies and used chakra signals to manipulate them. So the abilities that the bodies knew could have been the original users own jutsu. (doubtful i know but there is evidence to support it just as much as refuit it).

    As Ahsan said, the rinnegan lets one master the 6 elements of jutsu, that does not mean one can use every jutsu. Yes all jutsu stem from the 6 diff elements, but Bloodline limits can only be used by it’s clan members. As we saw with Pain (who had not mastered the Rinnegan), the effectiveness and advantages of the doujutsu are determined by the user.
    I realise this debate is on which doujutsu is stronger, but as said above – the doujutsu is only as good as it’s user, and since we’ve yet to see (in action) somebody who has completely mastered the Rinnegan, how can it beat Madara’s time/space jutsu and all the other Mangekyou Techs the sharingan gives it’s user, not to mention the insight the regular sharingan gives its user
    From the evidence we’ve seen thus far, A Mastered Shaingan is stronger than the Rinnegan IMO.

  118. @ Ashan

    Alright, I would be careful in your argument, because sometimes your own words might act against you. If you are going to argue the point that Jiraiya is human and thus may be mistaken about the Rinnegan, then I will do the same by saying that Zetsu is… erm…. somewhat human… I think, and thus inclined to do the same, as is Itachi.

    In other words, if we can’t trust what Jiraiya says about the Rinnegan allowing its user to use any jutsu, that means we can’t trust what is said about Susanoo being an impenetrable defense either seeing as how it is a similar reference. Nor can we trust what is said about Amatarasu and its properties. Maybe it is just normal black fire that has a lot of rumors around it. 😛

    In any case, I doubt Kishi would mention such things if it was not true, after all what purpose would that serve at the end of the day? In these instances, certain characters serve as information centers in order to explain what is going on so that us normal mortals can understand better. Like the way Zetsu narrates a battle so that we as readers understand what is going on at any time, regardless of what crazy jutsu are being thrown around.

    My point is, that if it is stated in the manga it is relevant.

    In the same vein, regarding juts, the Sharingan may allow the user to copy ninjutsu and taijutsu, but only if its user meets the requirements of that jutsu as explained by Kakashi. Whereas the Rinnegan allows its user to learn any known jutsu without any such mentioned drawbacks.

    Here is another point in my debate that there is no such thing as an impenetrable defense. For example, how would Susanoo protect a person from a Chibiki Tensei? Somehow I doubt it can resist gravity, which means its user will be pulled up into the sky, along with it and the ground they are standing on, only to be crushed to their deaths inside a new small moon.

    In any case, once again I will mention the fact that we are comparing bloodlines, not characters. If it is said that the Rinnegan grants its user the ability to learn any Ninjutsu, then that is it. I would like a link to where it mentions only elements, because according to my source on chapter 375, it just says “any ninjutsu” and does not refer to “any element” specifically.

    In the same vein, Jutsu like Amatarasu and Tsukyomi are not unavoidable, as demonstrated by Sasuke who managed to escape the Amatarasu by using a form of substitution, while Gai refrained from looking into Itachi’s eyes to avoid Tsukyomi. They are not one shot, one kill jutsu like everyone makes them out to be and they have their downsides just like any other. In fact, Amatarasu could just be absorbed in the same Pein absorbed Naruto’s Rasenshurikens and Jiraiya’s giant Rassengan.

    Another problem is that they are not as versatile and their use almost always results in the exhaustion of their user, sometimes to the point of crippling them or causing other inconvenient side effects. The Rinnegan, on the other hand, has shown no such side effects on its user.

    At the end of the day, the Rinnegan shows more versatility and just as much power, but with less of the drawbacks.

    Oh, one more thing, your mentioned of Madara’s space time jutsu… Firstly, that may not even be an effect caused by the Sharingan and may just be a jutsu learned or created by Madara himself. Just like the Fourth created the Hiraishin, so it is not really valid here. This is not a Madara vs Pein debate, it is a Sharingan vs Rinnegan debate.

  119. I am supporting the sharingan here but i would like to point out that we dont know the nature of Madaras time/space jutsu and it may not be stemmed from the sharingan (unlikely that it isnt i know but for the sake of the debate, lets stick to facts.) Similarly, we do not know if the rinnegan can use genjutsu. Just saying because Jiryia wasnt a genjutsu type, pein wasnt either, does not count as evidence that the rinnegan lends itself to genjutsu like the sharingan does. I am aware that Nagato wasnt a genjutsu type, but by that very reasoning, you cannot say a genjutsu nin would be able to match the sharingans. Even then, in the event they were as good at genjutsu eye techniques, the only way to land them would be to make eye contact at which time they would be eating a Tsukiyomi and wouldn’t be able to escape since they wouldnt be an Uchiha. Also (and this is directed mainly at tenrai) Jiryia did say that he could learn all the elements but didnt Yamato say ‘knowing two elements and using them together are two different things.’ If they weren’t then Kakashi would be walking around using mokuton. That aside, even if the rinnegan user could use other blood line limits, we are basing this argument on facts, and while i believe there are clans that could use steam or magma element, they have not been revealed so the additions to this rinnegan users arsenal would be wood and ice element (as far as has been revealed) Haku stated that if flames were hot enough, they could melt his ice – they would have to be very hot though – and even though Yamato hasnt gone up against a fire element user, he makes wood ffs. Wood burns. Therefore both of these additions are still succeptable to the greatness of the Uchiha fire element. Combined with my earlier points about an elemental battle, this suggests that the sharingan user would still have a great advantage.
    I am having problems with the next part of my counter because it seems everyone on team rinnegan is arguing for a character with all the abilities in one body and then also for the 6 paths of pein. I was in the belief that all abilities in one body would be stronger so thats how i made my first argument. That approach does however lead this rinnegan user into a big disadvantage against the sharingan user. They dont get the combined field of vision that pein had which leads them even closer into the Tsukiyomi trap i mentioned earlier.
    It seems team rinnegan also didnt spot the point i made in my last post which was the same as Ahsans, Amatarasu is ignited on the persons body, there is no time for repulsion. Also the MS tech kakashi uses (I know he isnt an Uchiha but the tech is ok) could suck and number of limbs into the void without repulsion.
    My counter to the moon created by the sage of 6 paths is the kyubii. Just the watered down version of the 50% chakra version of the kyubii inside Naruto had no problem busting out of peins mini moon and the kyubii powers are even further limited by Narutos small body. I am in the belief that the full kyubii would only be stopped by a self sacrifice tech like yhe 4th did, which would mean the rinnegan user lost, or also mokuton. I still doubt that a rinnegan user could do mokuton but even if they could they would be busy dealing with the crazy fox.
    Not much has been said about the rinnegan so i know defending the sharingan is somewhat easier but i am trying to base my arguments on facts.
    *sighs relief* haltime score: we’re all tied up, team rinnegan 2, team sharingan 2 ^^

  120. Must give props for this, Ahsan. You managed to tear me away from rereading the manga! And I was doing so well too.

    But with the sharingan it has its faults too when it comes to copying jutsus.It can’t copy the jutsu unless the user has seen the hand seal. So if the opponent were to do the seal under their cloak or up their sleeves, then the user cannot copy it. And even so the jutsu wouldn’t be as strong as the original. They may not have the stamina for the jutsu, so it could waste their chakra or in the worst case scenario even kill them.

    When you think about sasano’o it only protects attacks from striking you. So it only is blocking the attacks. As for the sword of totsuka is only available to Itachi. Not the other sharingan users. So it’s limited to just the one guy. Thank god. We can’t have men running around with pointy swords. Well back to the point. It is only blocking attacks from hitting the user. So if you were to use Chibaku to draw the person in, then it can’t stop it. Then tada! You have an Uchiha in a shell!

    Now onto ameterasu. Yes it attaches itself onto it’s target, but when the target is moving it becomes difficult. Sasuke proved that when he was escaping Itachi’s attacks. But if say the rinnegan power was to absorb that was put against it. The rinnegan would absorb it. The power is a jutsu after all. So no matter what it would absorb it. It even absorbed chakra. So if your user was caught, then he would be drained of all his chakra. The amaterasu has that fault. You can never be certain if it will hit it’s target unless the target is not moving or unless the target is a big bull. (-__-) So if the target remains moving, it will be difficult to hit them. They just need to be fast, not lightning fast.

    As for tsukuyomi, if you’re an expert genjutsu artist, you can beat it. Tsukuyomi was beaten before, so if you are a master of chakra control you can beat it. After all, you have a whole 72 hours to find a way out.It may be a second in reality but if you’re in that world, you have all the time in the world. Not to mention it is only a way to break will power. So if you have a strong sense of will, you won’t be broken by it. Just because Nagato could not use genjutsu doesn’t mean that another rinnegan user cannot use it. It was just because as one of Jiraiya’s students, he was not suited for it.

    Madara’s speed is not from the sharingan either. It is something he learned himself. Lee can move to a similar speed, not as fast of light, but still very fast. Hell Lee’s speed could of increased over the time skip. It is possible to reach a speed through serious training. Not by special eye techniques. And seeing as Madara is over a 100 now, he has sooo much time to learn his speed.

    Ahsan you have just been pwned 😉 lmao. I warned you it would be long.

  121. omg god guys really now! Look how long they are >.<

  122. @cookie: madara does not move at super speed like lee because if he did then shino would still have tracked him with his bugs. His ‘speed’ is actually moving through time and space from one point to the other, not just moving really really fast…

  123. @cookie & others: hold it, why are some ppl assuming that Madara’s space/time jutsu isn’t by the sharingan?
    First off, Madara’s T/S jutsu is alot more versatile than the 4th’s (which is somewhat similar to a reverse summoning jutsu). It requires no hand seals and sections of the body can be separated from the body while the rest stays put (i.e. when naruto tried to rasengan Tobi and went through his stomach).
    I realise that alone doesn’t mean that it’s a sharingan jutsu, but doesn’t alot of the MS techs incorporate Time/space related jutsu (i.e. Tsukyomi, Amateratsu maybe Susanoo). So if one was able to obtain the eternal Mangekyou Sharingan – what’s to say that it isn’t the 4th technique that Madara said would be awoken?
    There is plenty of evidence to support that it is related to the sharingan – what evidence is there to suggest that it isn’t?

    Also cookie – Madara’s jutsu is not accelerated movement (speed), it is about the manipulation of time and space.

  124. @cookie

    u r really an amatuer

    k about copying ,its up to the user we are discussing the eyes not the user :p

    we are talking about eyes so they may be itachi ‘s so count the specail sword in:P

    the fire is from HELL it turns every thing it comes into contact with into NOTHING! it burns overnight LMAO no absorbing 😛 about speed , the point is that amretsuri turns all that is in sight into nothing ,meaning even if u are fast but in sight ,you dead ,its like your name has been written in the death note lmoa

    tsukyomni is the most powerfull genjutsu and only another ms holder can break it .its a fact

    who s talking about speed ,i said spacetime ninjutsu ,damn you stupid bakas its obvious that its the sharingan that alloews madra to perform such such damned high high space time ninjutsu

    now how will rinnengan beat the space time ninjutsu of the sharingan

  125. @cookie you just got your @$$ pwned

  126. Ahsan, there is no definative evidence that the jutsu madara uses is from the sharingan…but it doesnt matter because using facts i pointed out loads of reasons why sharingan wins 🙂

  127. @Everyone: Rinnengan wins. It’s obvious but I said I wouldn’t jump in the debate so I won’t. Unless you all really want an ass whuppin’! 😛

    @Mudshovel: Danzou and Naruto have had barely any interaction throughout this entire manga, so how could Danzou be the one to tell Naruto to STFU? I’m sure he would if he could but he hasn’t yet. Naruto hasn’t even gave Danzou the pep talk. So far Sasuke has been proven to be the only one to tell Naruto to just STFU and is still going strong. Plus he beat his ass twice. 😉

  128. Thanks for your write up, Cookie. I know how you feel about things not being stable. That’s why I write mine to come out so fast – I know there are people out there that want to debate but have nowhere to go. What a pain! Hope things settle down for you soon. 🙂

    Ah, Ahsan…I see you are out in front as usual. 🙂 Seems to be a debate among a few. Too bad because the new spoiler is out. Never mind it isn’t much this week. Another staging episode…

    Ok, regarding Sharingan: all I want to know is – is there ANYONE who does NOT have the damn tech? I mean, we now have Itachi, Sasuke, Madara/Tobi who have it. Then add Kakashi who obtained it at Obito’s death…then add Danzo. So, this technique is supposed to be rare, eh? From the looks of things, it appears we can now purchase it on one of those infomercials held in the US. So much for exclusivity. Give me Rinn’egan any day!

    Regarding strength…no one knows what the Rinn’egan could do(the one known holder is now dead). It is considered the top Dojutsu between the three main techs: Byakugan, Sharingan and Rinn’egan. I question whether the Sharingan was really ever the strongest Dojutsu. It is just the Uchiha blood and their arrogance for it that made it so intimidating. Sure, it could tame a Bijuu but so could Rinn’egan (see Pain Battle arc). Byakugan when used properly is a very formidable Dojutsu. At the same time, you don’t see Hyuuga doling out eyes with Byakugan like the Sharingan keeps changing hands.

    Madara has powers that transcend Sharingan – teleportation being one of them. If you recall, Yondamie Hokage’s Thunder God Teleportation tech did not need dojutsu to be activated yet he was considered to be a terror in battle because of it. In addition, it has been said that Madara may have taken that jutsu up a notch because of the Sharingan. There are other jutsu that he has that I am sure are well above and beyond anything like Tsukyomi and Ameratsu. It takes more than a Dojutsu to make a powerful shinobi (just ask Naruto).

    And, I will add, if Madara was not concerned or was considered to be all-powerful because of his techs, why was he so insistent that Naruto be taken out by Pain ASAP? He even said he had some very formidable jutsu (and Naruto does not have, as a “regular” part of his arsenal any Dojutsu). Just FRS will kick ass against Sharingan – Sharingan cannot follow all of the blows that one FRS makes.

  129. @super: I hope you don’t mean by ass whupping the fact that Sasuke went through the Kage Bunshin in the Team of 8 arc. If so, you must be kidding?!?

    (Psst…Naruto will kick Sasuke’s ass now. The 8 tails beat the crap out of Sasuke while Naruto beat Pain, the most powerful – outside of Madara- Akatsuki there was up to now. Oh and add – Wind beats Lightning). 😛

  130. @Everyone in this debate thing: It’s hardly about the eye techniques, it’s about how strong the user is.
    Konohamaru or kid Nagato with Rinnegan wouldn’t beat Madara or Itachi with Mangekyou’s … but that would hold true if you switched the eye techs around.

    It says when Sasuke sees who Danzo is, his eye is shown close up (which usually means, in manga, that someone is shocked).
    Sasuke is shocked because he can’t believe the guy he wants to kill is the GUY WHO KIDNAPPED AND RAPED HIM AFTER HIS FIGHT WITH ITACHI !! AAAAHHHH !
    *looks around at everyone staring at him ludacrously … clears throat and sits down, embarrassed*
    I hope I’m right though.

  132. srry but lets clear something up susnao’s sword is something itachi added to it, his personal sword and also the shield is personalized as well, thats not an eye technique, other wise sasuke’s krin mite actually have killed itachi so for the debate we cant rly say that the sealing sword / mirror shield would come into play cause either the rinnegan or the sharingan user could have them. and im srry but sasuke has proven that amaterasu is avoidable (just as a scenario) we cold say that the rinnegan user had the invisibility jutsu like in kakashi gaiden cant see them cant hit them. now because everything the uchiha use has stemd from the rinnegan we dont actually know if the uhchihas “ultimate” genjutsu is actually the ultimate (but since we r working on facts then ill leave this point were it is) yeah

  133. penny ,just because rinnengan is rare doesnt mean they are god eyes lol

    you say
    “Sure, it could tame a Bijuu but so could Rinn’egan”

    where is it that pain tames the 9tailed fox?

    where does it say that madara’s space time ninjutsu is not fromthe sharingan?

  134. i think that Madara’s space-time jutsus have to do with the mangekyo sharingan. it’s completely different from Minato’s technique! the Flying Thunder God Technique allows the user to move himself to another location in the blink of an eye. this jutsu is similar to the Reverse Summoning Technique, as it revolves around manipulation of time and space rather than accelerated movement, but instead of bringing something to users, it sends them somewhere.To activate this jutsu, the user needs a special seal to mark the destination. After this is done, the user enters a dimensional void that almost instantaneously transport himself to the location of the seal. Minato in fact applied the seal in advance to weapons such as kunai. Madara’s ability instead makes attacks phase through him, WITHOUT using kunai or seals.
    back to the dojutsu discussion: confronting techniques is useless because if you are hit by techniques like amaterasu, tsukuyomi, susanoo, summoning: demonic statue of the outer path, chibaku tensei, shinra tensei, ecc hit you are 99.9% dead. sure, madara escaped amaterasu, but he is most likely the strongest ninja currently alive and in the top 3 most powerful all-time. we have to analize the potential that the eye technique has. the Rinnegan has almost UNLIMITED potential because it lets you learn about any jutsu, maybe even MS techniques. the sharingan has great potential but it depends on the user’s abilities and skill. Madara, Itachi, Sasuke, and Kakashi each brought out the dojutsu’s potential but they are only a small part of the people who have possessed the Sharingan. Nagato and Rikudo both possessed the Rinnegan and both are incedibly powerful ninjas. the Rinnegan-Sharingan debate shouldn’t even exist since the Sage of the Six Paths is obviously the strongest ninja…he founded the ninja world!

    p.s.- who do you think are the strongest ninjas ever to live?

  135. One way which will prove that Danzou isnt Tobi/Madara is when Sasuke looks Danzou in his Sharigan eye if they are one in the same the Amaterasu will activate. But we all know Danzou is and has nothing too do with Tobi.

  136. Hey! I’m a new member but I’ve been reading this blog since it was iareawesomeness.

    I couldn’t help but get in on this conversation.

    Firstly, Rinnegan beats Sharingan, because Jiraiya said it was the most powerful eye technique. Plus, we can’t really know how strong the great sage was, so we should just go off of what we’ve been told. End of that debate.

    Dude, why isn’t anyone talking about Danzo being Tobi?! Their hair is EXACTLY the same! Anyway, this the best way for Kishi to introduce the kage meeting because sasuke messes it up from the start by letting loose amaterasu too early. THINK ABOUT IT!!!

  137. @Ahsan: where does it say that the jutsus ARE from the Sharingan…proof please?

  138. @hamslam: the second part of the Madara vs. Shodaime Hokage either wasn’t posted or is so buried in the old site that it is tough to find. I tried to find my previously posted stuff and it was very difficult to locate.

  139. @Ahsan: Unless you have proof that it is a sharingan technique then don’t make claims like that. Because shockingly enough, lightning fast techniques CAN be learned! *Gasps* Shocking, I know! You see, the thing about moving at the speed at light, no-one elses senses would be able to tell if you moved. I.e. He could move so fast that he could easily escape the bugs without Shino being able to tell when he moved. Why? Because light travels at 299,792,458 metres per second. No person would be able to sense that movement, not even bugs.*Notices everyone staring in shock because she knew the speed of light* What? I know science. Zetsu said so himself that Madara can move at the speed of light, remember? No space time Ninjutsu needed. It was just what Kakashi believed it seemed like. So unless you have actually proof that it was a Space time jutsu, other than Kakashi’s theory, then I’m open to see it.

    ANYWAY Sasuke was in sight of the amaterasu but he didn’t get hit? Because it is avoidable. And he proved that. Heh Sasuke doesn’t have MS and still beat it, Ahsan. So it is possible for non MS holders to beat it. Anyway we don’t know the full extent of the highest sharigan, and if my theory was wrong about space time jutsu NOT being a sharigan trait, I’ll admit it. Ahsan = pwned 😉 as promised…half a day later 😛

    @Super: *in shock* W-we actually agreed on something here?! IT’S DOOMDAYS!! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE PEOPLE!!

    @Penny: Finally, someone notices my hard effort here and is a person of sense! 🙂 Not to mention Sasuke can’t beat Naruto. Naruto has katana skills too, as he showed when he used Sai’s katana to block omoi’s and karui’s attack.!ed. End of story. Though I do see Naruto getting pretty beaten up by Sasuke…. Madara could use Naruto’s exhaustion to him advantage and kidnap him then and there. Which will probably lead to a rescue mission and Sasuke seeing the errors of his ways. The baka. But that doesn’t solve the question about who will be syced with the Gedo Mazo. Something tells me that Sasuke will be less than willing… Seriously is no-one curious about how that will turn out? Because Madara was planning to use Sasuke for that!

    So Sasuke isn’t taking out all the Kages then? Which is a good thing anyway. Because I have growned attached to them, in their short panel appearances. Lol 😛

  140. 138 comments and only a couple of bubbles? I swear if I don’t see 10 by the time I come back on tomorrow, heads will roll. =__= Get your @sses moving and do some gosh darn bubbles!!! <__> v_v useless… At this rate, this weeks bubble will be easy to know who won…. *cookie sigh* You have time to debate, but none to spare a moment for the little bubble? DO IT NOW!! NOW I SAY!*is going to push it until she sees ten knew one….from different assortment of people* -__- GO NOW!!!

  141. @Penny: Nope, Naruto’s second ass whuppin’ was from the second attempt for Sasuke’s retrieval at Orochimaru’s hideout. You know the part where Sasuke single handedly fought off Yamato, Sai, Sakura, and went into Naruto’s head and banished the Kyuubi? Leaving all 4 of them to stare up mouths agape as he went off with Orochimaru and Kabuto again and there was nothing they could do about it. Sad really but that was all in the past. I’m sure Naruto could handle Sasuke now and it’s one fight I think we’re all aniticipating.

    @Cookie: I already stored up food and water for this Armageddon as soon as I saw I agreed with you, and before I posted my comment. And haven’t many of us already congratualted you on your post already?

    *grumbles something about the guys not receiving any thanks* …>_>

  142. @Super: Okay we’ll need to get to the bunker quick, screw everyone else. If they don’t make it then they can be sewer mutants!! TO THE BUNKER!! You do have the keys right? RIGHT!?

  143. @Cookie: LMAO!!!! How cruel…but you do whatcha gotta do to survive! 😉

    *holds out keys…invites Cookie into fake bunker and locks her in* *goes to real bunker and closes reinforced doors*

    She’ll be able to survive in there for about a week before needing to go out and hunt for food in a radioactive wasteland. Or in whatever the shape the world is in after it meets its doom. XD

  144. @eatencookie: I think i have a nice guess for that madara jutsu, but only if it is obito or atleast his eye, remember kakashi MS jutsu sucking things to another dimension… It might have a connection with that madara jutsu by being able to travel through dimensions. – It really looks like it, yet connections/similarities jutsus between both eyes isnt a proof since amaterasu and tsukuyomi arent that similar.
    Another thing is that how was kakashi able to reach MS, someone who isnt an uchia to beggin with?
    1. Obito is alive
    2. Obito´s eyes are both still active. His right eye was still active and madara/obito reached the MS sharingam making the other eye (kakashi left eye) to be able to reach it.
    Might sound stupid, but kishi never explained how was kakashi able to reach MS.

  145. hmm…im pretty convinced sais sword is nost definatly not a katana cookie…The only skills Naruto showed were similar to kunai skills. He cant use a katana, not yet. I think Naruto is more of a nunchuku sort of guy anyway imo…

  146. i could swear kakahi doesnt have ms but has an alternative to a normal sharingan… it doesnt even look the same and that leads and we all know kaakshi would never kill his best friend so he cant even have the ms sharingan. as a side note why didnt anyone ocnsider hinata’s father for hokage? he killed the former raikage and we see him owning like 30 sand ninjas during the invasion… freakin danzo being a punk

    Right! kakashi would never kill his best friend, so then comes my theory 🙂

  148. BUBBLE

    Chojuro: She does? Are you sure?
    Ao: Don’t you see she wants you?
    Mizukage: Am I that obvious?

  149. BUUBLE:

    Chojuro: “Oi Oi…I heard if we don’t make a bubble entry Cookie’s going to behead us!”

    Ao: “Eh? What’s that new Naruto breakdown writer gonna do without the proper papers?”

    Mizukage: “Newb…breakdown…divorce papers…I’ll kill him!”

  150. BUBBLE:

    Chojuro: “Stick my sword where??”

    Ao: “Eh? Didn’t you know to put it in the carriage?? ?”

    Mizukage: “Did he say Marriage?….I’ll Kill him!”

  151. @nagashikage: how can neither of them be correct? Do u know for a fact that what Tobi said was the truth? And if my theory is correct then he would have more of a reason to lie. Also it’s called misdirection on Kishi’s part, if he says one thing and something else happens, people say…”I wasn’t expecting that.” it’s a trick Kishi has used in the past (example: A year and a half ago we were certain that Itachi killed the Uchihas for his selfishness and to test his limits, he said it himself, but that turned out to be a lie, according to Tobi that is…and now that’s greatly accepted as the truth.) Please don’t treat me like i don’t know what i’m talking about here, I’ve been reading this manga for quite a while.

  152. BUBBLE:

    Chojuro: “Holy crap Ao, what the hell happened to your eye?”

    Ao: “I’m a Pirate see? ARRGHH!!!”

    Mizukage: “If you’re a pirate, then get your lame ass back to ‘One Piece’ where you belong before I kill you…we don’t need you tainting the awesomeness that is ‘Naruto’ with your snore fest excuse for a manga…”

  153. *sigh* that was unnecessarily Dro…

  154. @Super: *Super turns around to find Cookie lounging on the couch, flicking through the tv channels*
    Cookie: You know when the worst ends? Do you think the tv will lose satellite?
    Super: 0_0 How did you get in here?!
    Cookie: Built an underground tunnel between both of those bunkers with a spoon weeks ago. Just in case you tried to kill me off.

    😉 ooooooooh yeah…Well 4 more so far…It’s a start

  155. i dont have much time becuz of the power failure but ill show you that madara doesnt move at the speed of light

    look first madra’s ewyes appear then the whole body
    and when naruto ressangens him or sasugay chidori’s him they pas through ,without him not making any handseal 😛

    there you go proved,:P

  156. @Tobi: You’re right…It’s a sharpened walking stick. There is a difference.. And I couldn’t be bothered to look up what it’s real name was so I stuck with that.

    @Orel: Hmmm…It does actually seem like the opposite of Kakashi’s sharingan doesn it? I still think Obito is d.e.a.d. But maybe the sharingan does actually start to fade, or Madara is just after the most powerful sharingans.

    @Fuuton: You don’t have to kill your best friend to get MS. You can get it from hard effort like Madara and his brother did, or you can get it by losing someone close to you.

  157. and cookie dont talk about sasuke v.s itachi fight ,it was all itachi’s set up dont beleive me ? will you beleive marks man who wrote 2 damned posts on this for ihs

    its on blog as you can see gtg power failure

  158. BUBBLE:
    Chojuro: What on earth makes you think she has Sharingan?
    Ao: Well have you ever seen her right eye? I bet she has Obito’s other eye!!
    Mizukage: OMG I have Sharingan!?! WHY HASN’T ANY ONE TOLD ME!!

  159. I’ll stop you right there Ahsan. MARKSMAN wrote the post, did Kishi or one of the other manga writers do it? No they didn’t. So how can you prove that he couldn’t hit him because Sasuke was moving to fast? You can’t. I’m sure Mark did a great post on the fight, but until you can come on with genuine proof that the fire cannot be outrun, I am sticking to my theories. And if mine are right, hehe in your face 😉

  160. Who’d of thought the Mizukage was a brunette … Kishi mislead us on purpose by leaving her hair white instead of shading it in.

  161. @Cookie: Yeah, its double edged and has no tip so its really not a katana. The word you were looking for is tanto, you would know about swords if you read one piece 😛

  162. cookie just read the post then ull agree with me:P

  163. @cookie

    part 1-

    part 2-

    hopes this will satisfy cookie

  164. cookie the reason i didnt do any bubble entry was simple,the bubble was not appealing 😛

  165. @all the debates going on here: WHOA! To think I’ve been missing all of this T.T Sadly, my accessibility to the computer is down to an hour every two days T____T

    But enough grovelling! I’ll show youse whippersnappers how debating is done (or not)!

    First of all, my two cents on the Rinnegan vs. Sharingan debate:

    I’m sorry, but if some random ninja were to first try out the sharingan and then the rinnegan (to stay on equal standards for both– it all depends on the user anyway), I’d still go for the Rinnegan. Wasn’t it supposed to be nearly legendary, something that actually created the world of shinobi when the Sage of Six Paths first used it?

    Well, of course, legendary or not, parent of all other eye techniques or not, there’s always the possibility of the sharingan having surpassed it simply through the fact that it’s had more users, more practice, and more new discoveries. But the fact remains– the Rinnegan has no blind spots (Six Puppets that can see all! O_O), it can use all forms of chakra nature manipulation (it has no weaknesses in that respect either), it can use any jutsu in the world (counterattacking becomes child’s play), and whatever special things may have been uncovered with the sharingan can and will be copied by it. If we’re looking at pure facts and not circumstances, technically, the Rinnegan is superior to the sharingan in any way.

    So the sharingan has Susanoo, Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu. Big Deal. First of all, that doesn’t mean anything since the Rinnegan can use them too. It all depends on which side uses them first. As for defending against them– if there’s a way (remember, Saucegay was able to stop Amaterasu), then the Rinnegan can do it. So in the end, it mostly depends on the fighters and circumstances. And even then I’d stick with the Rinnegan!

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hold any grudges against the sharingan, but I do love looking at facts ^^; And I weigh ‘Legendary’ against ‘Way Overrated’ and find that I’d go with Legendary. The Sharingan is only famous because it is quite powerful compared to other techniques. There’s no proof that it’s better than the Rinnegan, so don’t bet on the Uchihas’ pride (nasty little buggers…) >_>

    As for the ‘WHO THE FUGGNUGGETS IS DANZO?’ debate, all I can say is that it will PROBABLY end up with something none of us expected. And knowing Kishi, it will be lame. Really lame.

    But whatever theories there may be about eye transplants and body take-overs, please remember that Danzo’s left eye is normal. *receives ‘so-what’ stares* Well, what I mean, is that either Danzo was some sort of spawn of an Uchiha & non-ninja that wasn’t able to evolve his left eye, or he got his right eye from someone else, like Kakashi. He can’t be a full Uchiha. If he would’ve given up his other eye, there’d be a hole there now, not a normal eye. Unless someone sacrificed THEIR normal eye to him… which is getting confusing now O_o

    Meh! I tried. >._> If Madara’s defense has something to do with matter-less-ness, then it would be best to simply seal him up, wouldn’t it? How else could you get rid of something that’s made of pure chakra? *speculation, speculation…*

    And finally:

    GAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!! IT’S ARMAGEDDON WITH COOKIE AND SUPER!!!!!! *hides in lead-lined fridge* O–h, pickles ^^ *munch munch*

    Dammit, I just ate all of my supplies T_T *climbs out of fridge* *walks through desolate, burning landscape* *knocks on super’s bunker*

    Super: Who’s there?

    Dynamic: Someone who isn’t trying to make a joke >._> <_.<* Now where's my anti-aircraft gun?




    *long rant has come to an end*

    Whew! Now I'll read the replies to that tomorrow or in a couple of days T.T

  166. I’m really really surprised how many people think we’ve seen the entirety of the rinnegan. We’ve had a whole clan, multiple wars and rivalries with the shargian… I’m not sure we know 100% about the sharigan let alone the rinnegan.

    With the rinnegan we’ve seen 3 things.

    1. The guy that made EVERYTHING
    2. Fight w/ J man
    3. Fight vs konaha/naruto

    — someone pointed out that pain wasn’t trying to kill naruto. That is one pretty significant point, plus pain was an impressionable wheel chair of feelings, so obviously not the best litmus test, but that’s all we to use!

  167. GAH! This… this… THING has destroyed the end of my post! It completely erased Cookie’s part of the dialogue! T.T

  168. If riduko created created ninja techs, why is it a stretch to consider bloodlines limits aren’t withtin reach. Look at it going backwards everything in the ninja world has stemed from one thing/guy… The sage of the six paths. Bloodlines had to start somewhere, and since we know the starting point of everything “ninja” I’m confused why people still think bloodlines aren’t within the rinnegans reach?


    That’s IT! I’m reposting it!

  170. @ dynamic, LoL… my bad?

    *** side note I’m not saying the rinnegan can even learn the bloodline limits capabilities, just that. The limits of the bloodlines came from somewhere and the rinnegan is that somewhere.

  171. @all the debates going on here: WHOA! To think I’ve been missing all of this T.T Sadly, my accessibility to the computer is down to an hour every two days T____T

    But enough grovelling! I’ll show youse whippersnappers how debating is done (or not)!

    First of all, my two cents on the Rinnegan vs. Sharingan debate:

    I’m sorry, but if some random ninja were to first try out the sharingan and then the rinnegan (to stay on equal standards for both– it all depends on the user anyway), I’d still go for the Rinnegan. Wasn’t it supposed to be nearly legendary, something that actually created the world of shinobi when the Sage of Six Paths first used it?

    Well, of course, legendary or not, parent of all other eye techniques or not, there’s always the possibility of the sharingan having surpassed it simply through the fact that it’s had more users, more practice, and more new discoveries. But the fact remains– the Rinnegan has no blind spots (Six Puppets that can see all! O_O), it can use all forms of chakra nature manipulation (it has no weaknesses in that respect either), it can use any jutsu in the world (counterattacking becomes child’s play), and whatever special things may have been uncovered with the sharingan can and will be copied by it. If we’re looking at pure facts and not circumstances, technically, the Rinnegan is superior to the sharingan in any way.

    So the sharingan has Susanoo, Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu. Big Deal. First of all, that doesn’t mean anything since the Rinnegan can use them too. It all depends on which side uses them first. As for defending against them– if there’s a way (remember, Saucegay was able to stop Amaterasu), then the Rinnegan can do it. So in the end, it mostly depends on the fighters and circumstances. And even then I’d stick with the Rinnegan!

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hold any grudges against the sharingan, but I do love looking at facts ^^; And I weigh ‘Legendary’ against ‘Way Overrated’ and find that I’d go with Legendary. The Sharingan is only famous because it is quite powerful compared to other techniques. There’s no proof that it’s better than the Rinnegan, so don’t bet on the Uchihas’ pride (nasty little buggers…) >_>

    As for the ‘WHO THE FUGGNUGGETS IS DANZO?’ debate, all I can say is that it will PROBABLY end up with something none of us expected. And knowing Kishi, it will be lame. Really lame.

    But whatever theories there may be about eye transplants and body take-overs, please remember that Danzo’s left eye is normal. *receives ‘so-what’ stares* Well, what I mean, is that either Danzo was some sort of spawn of an Uchiha & non-ninja that wasn’t able to evolve his left eye, or he got his right eye from someone else, like Kakashi. He can’t be a full Uchiha. If he would’ve given up his other eye, there’d be a hole there now, not a normal eye. Unless someone sacrificed THEIR normal eye to him… which is getting confusing now O_o

    Meh! I tried.

    And we’ll PROBABLY be getting some super-amazing-awesome new technique from Naruto soon. Think about it– Sage + Kyubi + Itachi’s gift + Rasengan = ONE HELLOFA PLOT TWISTER!

    And no, I don’t think Naruto will be getting a katana or some sort of other weapon for himself. Kishi’s always stressed the fact that his strengths are ninjutsu. In fact, his taijutsu is probably the sloppiest of the Rookie 9. Even if he’s better than some, he’s had to work his a$$ off three times harder than the others to get to that level. I think we should be expecting some nice new technique that would literally blow anyone out of their seats. And it WILL be awesomeness.

    Personally, I would love it if Naruto got a bit more of an expertise on seals. Seeing as Jiraiya was his master >_> If Madara’s defense has something to do with matter-less-ness, then it would be best to simply seal him up, wouldn’t it? How else could you get rid of something that’s made of pure chakra? *speculation, speculation…*

    And finally:

    GAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!! IT’S ARMAGEDDON WITH COOKIE AND SUPER!!!!!! *hides in lead-lined fridge* O–h, pickles ^^ *munch munch*

    Dammit, I just ate all of my supplies T_T *climbs out of fridge* *walks through desolate, burning landscape* *knocks on super’s bunker*

    Super: Who’s there?

    Dynamic: Someone who isn’t trying to make a joke.

    Super: Ah, sounds promising.

    *opens door* *dynamic charges in blindly* *knocks TV over and makes it implode*

    Dynamic: Whoops! ^^; >_> <_< I feel a disturbance in the force O_o

    Cookie: *evil face* Now where's my anti-aircraft gun?




    *long rant has come to an end*

    Whew! Now I'll read the replies to that tomorrow or in a couple of days T.T

  172. @riddicyalutz: Not your fault ^^; There’s something wrong with the site or my post T.T

  173. Return of Marksman. The Incredible Marksman that is.

    I see Tenrai my worthy opponent has posted and awesome debate starter.
    Sharingan Vs Rinnegan
    Pain Vs Madara

    But of course we know that madara would defeat pain. Its true that pain would diffinatly give madara a run for his money in the end because he is a god, madara still comes out on top by a close one.

    But this should be madaru vs pain. Madara is a master of the sharingan. it isnt a fair match. Lets put madara agaisnt the sage of the six paths the true master of the rinnegan.
    I dont see madara defeating him even with his complete mongekyou sharingan.

    In a debate rinnegan vs sharingan i have to go with rinnegan. But its hard to tell. Theres is only two features of the sharingan that utterly screw over the rinnegan and thats tysumi as tenria brought out and also the unique abilty to control and tame the fox with ease.

    This is a tough one guys >_< Help please

  174. marks damnit youre against me @_@

  175. @Ahsan: Dude lay off Cookie you’re getting way to serious. It’s just a debate and it seems like you WANT to make a fight out of it. I don’t know about Cookie but I already would have snapped on your ass if you were talking to me like that. I’m not saying you can’t debate just calm down Ahsan I know you’re better than this.

    @Dro: You stepped up from insulting one great character to an entire excellent manga you have not bothered to thoroughly read. How very uncharacteristic of you… 😛

    @Dynamic: Agreed and you’re welcome in my bunker just don’t eat all my pickles! 0_0

    @Marksman: OMG, it must be Armageddon if you came back to the blog! XD

  176. so i agree with super lets take it down a notch, and get back on topic

  177. huh i was too enthusiastic , ok , srry cookie ,

    but since no one repleid that means sharingan wins lol

    srry again cookie thx for pointing it out supah

    curses himself for being a pain in the @$$

  178. Did I read that correctly. My worthy rival, Marksman, needing help deciding in a debate. Very well, I will assist. 😛

    Lets take a look at what we know about the Rinnegan. Alright, the Sage of the Six Paths, whom we have seen as the earliest known wielder of the Rinnegan, was also the same person who created the shinobi world as we know it, by creating jutsu, etc.

    This means that Jiraiya’s words about the Rinnegan allowing it’s user to wield any jutsu they desire must be true, considering the fact that it was that same power that created those jutsu in the first place.

    Being able to use any ninjutsu = win. Now, that is not to say that no-one else can learn a lot of jutsu themselves, but we do know that most shinobi are restricted by certain genetics, like their chakra affinity for example. That means that even a Sharingan wielder is limited to the jutsu he can copy, as mentioned by Kakashi.

    In addition to that, we have also heard that the power of the rinnegan transends life itself, and that is shown by the fact that Nagato was even able to bring an entire population of dead people back to life. He is also seen being able to take a person’s very soul from their body with little effort, (once again demonstrating this power on the masses during his fallout with Hanzou and Danzou)and without even having to resort to using a jutsu like the death god seeling technique to do so or sacraficing his own life.

    Something like that would really cause problems for the self proclaimed immortals, like Orochimaru and even Hidan and would probably even bypass a defence like Susannoo. Susannoo may be able to stop any jutsu in the normal sense of the word, but can it stop an attack that is directed against one’s soul> I don’t think so.

    To be honest, if that doesn’t explain the Rinnegan’s power well enough, then people are really hard to convince.

    There is also the fact that Jiraiya himself mentions that of the three great doujutsu in existance, the Rinnegan is the most powerful. That may just be his oppinion, but I would think a sannin’s words would hold some weight, especially one with an information source as large as his.

    Now, as for the Kyuubi, that is probably the most dangerous power of the Sharingan, allowing the user to control the nine-tailed fox. MS and nine-tails pet vs all jutsu known to man and even jutsu that transends the mortal realm, as well as comanind a giant soul eating stature? It is a tough one, I will admit, but to me I am still going with the Rinnegan. It is close but the scale JUST tips in favour of that.

    At it’s full potential, nothing is ever suggested as being more powerful than it. Even Madara needed Pein’s power for his own purposes, because if he didn’t, he would not have been upset about his death and wouldn’t have mentioned that he had hoped Nagato would have used his last jutsu for him.

  179. damn i give up you people are teaming up on me 😛

    ill reply to you tenrai but in the mornin

  180. BUbble

    one of the ninja swords man: ill sleep with you tonight

    the other guy: nah you are too little for that

    the mizu kage: are they gay O_O

  181. and tenrai senshi ends the debate! there’s no counter to what he(or she) just wrote! RINNEGAN wins!

  182. Wait Super is defending me now!? O.M.G. IT IS AN ARMAGEDDON!!! GAAAH >_<
    @Dynamic: You just broke the tv set! Well at least I don't need to worry about Super trying to make me pay the rising taxes because the world is ending. Damn polititions trying to squeeze the last money out of the world!
    *Flash forward 5 minutes*
    Dynamic and Cookie has just taken full control of the bunker after over-throwing Super for leadership. *Dynamic then has gotten into the pantry and is draining the bunker of it's pickles stash* *Cookie is still trying to rebuild the television and and Super has been strapped and gagged to a chair to shut him up* Some people over react about the end of the world….

  183. nice pic true pain. In this debate i have to go with the rinnegan. But as i sad before the ability to control the nine ails the most powerfull being on naruto untterly screws over and pwns rinnegan.

    @super: Damn Straight its Armegeddon. I comes in and brings down da house.

    Damn Straight 😉

  184. @Cookie: So much for defending you in the future! T_T

    @Tenrai: Great argument as always man.

    @Ahsan: Thx a lot dude you’re the awesomeness of men Zoashi! 😀

  185. Well there is no future when it’s armageddon. Jezz, didn’t you know?

  186. supah its zorashi 😛

    noneed for thx it was my mistake i realize it now,hope i dont make it in the future,cuz thats it all about


    this is what i try to do

  187. @true pain

    u think i give up that easy :p

    ask supah

    ill counter tommorow im busy now

  188. BUbble

    one of the ninja swords man: i want pikachu fly tonight

    the other guy: shut it kid ,we are only eating squatle fry tonight

    the mizu kage: what are these strange creatures they are naming ,O_O

  189. Ok, im willing to concede here even though i know ahsan wont…*sigh* Tenrai made some really good points and he also admitted that the fight would be closer than everyone seems to think…
    One thing i have noticed now though is the godly (no pun intended 😛 ) amount of chakra that Nagato possessed. I do think that a lot of his techniques required very little chakra regardless of their power but even then, being able to distribute chakra to enough rain to cover a village must take a lot of energy and then he went on to fight and defeat J man with no real sign of fatigue…its just madness ^^

  190. Bubble:
    Warnning GAY!!!!!
    I mean like to guys GAY, not when u lose a game is a stupied way

    Ninja Swords Man: Ha your just made because my penis is bigger then your

    Eye Pacth Dude: Ha kid you wish.

    Mizu Kage: I wonder what they would do to me if they find out i was a man and minds is bigger.

    Again GAY!!!!!!!
    But funny to me

  191. Ok I am now into this debate. Did I read the early post NO!!!!!! Because I don’t like reading novels. Ok let began.
    I will just call them by God Eye and Copy Eye because of the simple fact that I don’t feel like spell there name over and over again.
    Now I am on the side of the fence where GE is killing poor innocent villagers. Why is that because I don’t want to be one of them. Na but all in all GE is better.
    U are able to control not 1 or 4 but six different body. I mean come on who wouldn’t want to do that. It would make doing chorus around the house a lot easier. Then you can learn any ninjutsu or how ever u spells it. And ur also to see in some many different views. That six pairs of eye u can see from. And just think of the possibilities if they were cross eyed. It like CE and WE (White Eyes) on crack. I mean for real look at some of the thing was able to do. The Bitch Please Jutsu, The Gravity Bind Jutsu, The Destroys Villages and Small Towns jutsu, and my fav I can summon a giant dog that look just like Tiny jutsu and can’t forget about Iron Reaper Soul Stealer Jutsu. That is a day of reckoning F*%&ing with GE.
    Then we have the all might CE. Now what make me laugh about this is that it became famous 4 copying other mover yet the one who do this the most don’t even have the Blood Limit. We all know who I am talking about. It can copy Ninjutsu as long it not a Blood Limit. It can slow down ur since to read ur opponent movements better. But if ur still not fast enough to react that ur ass. It is the almighty of ginjutsu. Plus it is believe to let u live on forever if u power it up enough. U also get three kool move that come with. U get a good deal but u risk going blind or dyeing. It’s a case where is ur problem out way the side effect
    But after seeing what GE can do I really don’t see why CE is better then it. Now if we say EMS then u might have a point that can also still be crush but a point none the less. So I am on GE side, not because I hate Sasuke so much that it would cloud my judgment but because I hate Sasu I mean because J-man said it was the best out of all the three doujutsu (Yes I do know what it mean and how to spell it so HA)
    To me they r all some lucky B*^%@ish, why couldn’t Kiba have one. I hope they all got to hell other then Hinata cause she so cute. Just stupid some times. Give up on Naruto and go with Kiba.
    I am done

  192. Okay, i think a couple of ppl above mentioned that the Rinnegan can copy and or use the MS techs… How?
    Firstly we already know that Kekkai Genkai can’t be copied, or else it sorrta defeats the purpose of it…
    Secondly, the MS techs involve no hand seals! How can a jutsu be copied if it comes out of the eye? Unless the Rinnegan suddenly develops a kalidoscope, there is no way it could copy the MS techs.
    THe MS techs are unique to the Uchiha’s/the sharingan and only one who has activated the MS can use them.

  193. This thing about Danzo’s sharingan is confusing.
    I think Danzo is Madara’s brother

  194. BUBBLE

    1: I think i’ll get some cookies from subway
    2: BAKA, they’re always sold out, you know how popular they are
    3: Owwwww, now i want one

  195. New narutos out =D

  196. @Ahsan: okay, i’ll be waiting.
    @mudshovel: Pain has used techniques without using hand seals, so whose to say a Rinnegan user couldn’t copy them. However, i think that he can’t copy them because they come out of the eye.
    @everyone: like someone has already pointed out, Jiraiya said that the Rinnegan is the strongest doujutsu. page 2 chapter 373 “Those eyes…of the three great eye techniques, they are without question the most powerful…” Kishi wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t true…

  197. Geez.Nu Chapter’s out.Apart from Naruto apologizing to Raikage, there’s once again absolutely no action…..

  198. ok ive come to a conclusion

    seriously the rinnengan that pain had was no match for madra’s sharingan ,even itachi could give him a tough time ,thats a fact ,

    and i still disagree with rinnengan bieng able to perform blood line abiliits

    so we can safely say that the potentail of the rinnengan and sahringan ,till now diplayed in the manga ,makes sharingan win

    but we still dont know the true potential of the rinnengan !

  199. now this is called a famous ninja

  200. ive come to a conclusion

    rinnengans true potentail hasnt been shown yet

    and at this stage in manga sharingan beats the currently shown rinnengan’s powers

  201. quite a good chapter this meeting will be decent. looks like the raikage will only have respect for a ninja for actions and strength. no doubt naruto’s name will be mentioned at the meeting and the raikage will hear some of his actions and how strong he is. gaara will likely mention saving him and the strength he had fighting him when they were kids. weather or not danzo mentions naruto defeting pain and saving the village is another matter. danzo’s true colours will come out in this meeting maybe he wont be as bad as he is perceived.

  202. @ Chromer91 – Good insight I agree totally.

  203. @Ahsan: only Madara can beat Pain/Nagato. Itachi might give him a hard time, but Nagato would win. But, as you said, the Rinnegan’s true potential hasn’t been shown yet. it still is impressive though…
    @chromer: yeah, danzo’s true colours will come out soon.

  204. i also wonder whats gona happen with sakura and naruto he obviousley has feelings for her and she might have feelings for him but none of that matters because she is in love with a 13 year old sasuke what a pedo lol.

  205. @Ahsan: Just want to say this. He take people soul out of their body. He can destory villages with on move. Only two poeple I knew could do that. That was Gaara when he had 1 tails and Pein when he was alive. Plus Itachi even said that Madara was weaker. Just because he is suppose to be Madara don’t mean that Pein couldn’t beat him. Pein could of just be going with Tobi because he made him think they share the same vision.

    Ok HE TAKE SOUL OUT OF THIER BODY. That right there is enough to
    say that God Eyes win. Un less God come down his self and be like “You know what Sharingan is better” Then I am with God Eyes.

    @Mud: I do agree with you I don’t think it can copy Blood Limits. Yet the stuff it can do to me out way all of MS moves.
    Until we can see EMS to it fullest. I say God Eyes win hands down. And that’s the bottom line because J-man said so.

  206. What i also ment 2 say if it wasnt for the fact that Tobi new Pain weakness he might not be able to defeat him. But just beacuse he have sharingan dosent me he will win.

  207. black ice: and by God you mean kishi? i seriously doubt God gives a crap about the great naruto universe.

    hahaha danzo locks like the weakest hokage of them five, (danzo= EMO)
    I thought the mizukage would be blonde =(…
    Any one else wanted naruto to kick some serious raikage ass?

  208. BUBBLE

    Chojuro: She does? Are you sure?
    Ao: Don’t you see she wants you?
    Mizukage: Am I that obvious?

    Michael Jackson

  209. but the fact still remains that the ability to control the most powerful being on naruto uterly screws over the rinnegan.

    But in the end the rennegan still pwns.

  210. the rinnegan has the ability to control gedo mazo and that thing holds 7 biju and suck out peoples souls maybe thats the most powerfull being on naruto that was under controll of the rinnegan.

  211. @ supertrek: you know me too well…:)
    Besides, i was only kidding…one piece isnt THAT bad…you gotta admit though, even though you didnt agree w/ it you still laughed a bit at it 😛

  212. @dro

    onepiece FTW

    @pain & ice & marks

    damn i have concluded and what ever you have said there answerss lie in that

  213. I was reading Naruto manga and I noticed when Itachi used his MS his Amaterasu was in the right eye and Tsukyomi was in the Left.

    Then I was Watching Sasuke fight Killerbee and he used genjutsu after which he grabed his left eye I thought that was just stronger Genjutsu but now he used Amaterasu and its coming from his left eye.

    I thought that was wierd I didnt think that was the normal Goes for the Sharigan properties..So whats the word in this cause I just noticed myself?

    Is this why Sasukes eyes are stronger or differant. Or if a Amaterasu itachi right eye goes in sasukes Tsukyomi right eye and Tsukyomi left eye goes in Amaterasu sasukes left eye, Does that mean its a Moons Eye a completely new eye.

    Would that be the Case if Danzou and Kakashi swaped eyes?

  214. minato,itachi,kakashi who can beat this team?

  215. @Ahsan pain, naruto, and saucegay?

  216. @Ahsan: Madara, Jiraiya, & Naruto can beat those three.

  217. @Ahsan: Tenten, Ino and Udon* The dream team to the rescue!!!!

    * Partner of Konohamaru

  218. So three theories on danzo:

    the first two are about his eye:
    1. is that he is like kakashi and was an outsider who stole the eye and kept it secret (obviously)
    2. is that he was a memeber of the clan, but like most of the clan he couldn’t develop the sharingan himself, he wasn’t one of the few who could do it. So he stole the eye from someone else.

    now there is the possibility that he was a member of the clan and lost the other eye, but since he seems to keep it a secret, it doesn’t seem like anyone knows he has it. so that seems unlikely.

    the 3rd is with the now probably renewed belief that danzo is madara. now it is possible, but highly unlikely. For one, he wouldn’t have kept the 9-tails from pain. For another, their goals seem to be in conflict, as well as their personalities. If anythign the fact that danzo has black hair just seems to point to theory #2 as a likely answer. And that would just be great: that the person who ordered the clan destroyed was a memeber of the clan himself. so sauske has no one to blame but the uchia clan for all their problems and their colapse. So I’m going to go with #2 here.


    Anyone else seeing this panel as foreshadowing??

    I mean the 5 kages with their respective countries… Yet Naruto is front and center and his arms “reach” past all 5 countries :/???

    Screw you guys for making me read waaay too much into these things

  220. Hmm – how did danzou get the sharingan?
    well from that link i think it safe to say he knew orochimaru quite well. We all know Oro wanted the sharingan – and his experiments were probably related somehow.
    Danzou pretty much says ” Kabuto has the info on Oro’s experiments and it will be useful for my right eye and arm” So i’m thinking that his sharingan has got something to do with Oro’s experiments, maybe transplant.

  221. @milomelo:

    Doesn’t look like it’s that hard for an Uchiha to get a Sharingan.

  222. @Ahsan: we could put together the three strongest ninjas: Sage of the Six Paths, Madara, First Hokage. Personally, i prefer the team Pain, Itachi, Zetsu.
    @milomelo: I had never thought about #2…it seems the most probable.
    @riddicyaltuz,mudshovel,milomelo: awesome insight!

  223. minato would beat pmadara

    itachi would beat naruto

    kakashi v.s jiraya ,it otta be interesting!!!

  224. milo melo damnit were were you man,havent seen u around?

  225. Whoaa!! I just had a big night out with the Boyz and I was reading over this latest manga over naruto and the fact that Naruto was beggin for Sasukes life, Thats a big call its like a Hokage begging for peace.
    Raikage will think about naruto’s words in future, Im thinking in later issues if Sasuke understands how far naruto is willing too go for him even though hes been away from the village, If they were too fight again it would be because sasuke doesnt understand his journey in life. And if they do fight Naruto will defeat him.

  226. Double Post 🙂 Im Drunk

    In this addition naruto admits that he cant keep his promises too me this means tat if he were too say I like you or live you to sakura he doesnt mean it cause he doesfeel like he can keep his word so in my eyes he doint have feelings for her cause I know how he feels you dont tell a girl you like her if it doint mean Shiit.. So he is thinking about someone else personally he has a lil Flame for Hinata 🙂 if she was real or the fact she reminds me of a girl I know he’ll show her how grateful he is in future.!

  227. Triple Post 🙂

    On that link he must have used space time Jutsu too fool 1st Hokage that he was defeated by maybe because he was going too loose or it was better that he remain dead and able too follow through in some other plan, So the jutsu he has Now!! Is the Same Jutsu he uses. So Madara in my opinion is the same Madara from then so what Im saying is he is Tobi.. And LTMS Danzou is Obtio because of the Crush damage and my own personal opinions.

    Hahahehehoho I cant wait for Danzou’s Revelation..

  228. Im a Hypocrite when I say this But I look at this
    And I think What if?!?

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