Updated with spoiler vids. Bleach Manga 366: The Gillian Massacre. Breakdown + Discussion

Here’s a raw spoiler vid i found, it looks legit, and a script video that was posted by ‘fifthmizukagehusband’ – thanks. 

G’day all.

Elf is taking a couple of weeks off to collect data and so your friendly neighbourhood mudshovel has been asked to cover. I must say that overall the new chapter was pretty damn badass and once again we are left on a ‘hurry the fu*k up next week’ note.

We start off this week with a nice extreme close up off all the Vizards masks and then a group pose. I had to laugh at elephant man (Hachi) who decides to draw his sword in a barrier O_o ? There just has to be someone different, doesn’t there 😛 . Damn their masks look awesome, almost makes Ichigo’s hollow mask look like crap.  

Bleach - group

Team Vizard FTEW!

After completing their wish-we-were-the-Ginyu-Force group pose, they all take off after the spewed up Gillian except for Shinji who as the leader gets to watch.

Gillian 1: "Damn i hope this goo isn't placenta" O_O

Gillian 1: "Damn i hope this goo isn't placenta" O_O

Hiyori is the first to lay down an ass beating, with a sweet leapfrog, sword and cero combination that ends up taking down three Gillian simultaneously. Kensei is the next one to strut his stuff. His fighting style resembles street fighting as he uses rapid punches to rearrange a Gillian’s face. Perhaps I missed something, but somehow his punches cause the Gillian to explode and then proceeds to knife a second in the face which also causes an explosion – what is this die hard O_o?

You just know that when Gillian start exploding because they've been punched that you've entered the next Die Hard movie :P

You just know when Gillian start exploding, because they've been punched or knifed, that you've entered the next Die Hard movie 😛

Mashiro is up next in a suit that leaves nothing to the imagination. She uses acrobatic and rapid fire kicks to dispose of her 5 Gillian, who tumble over like me after a great night in the city 😛 .   

Those are some damn fine legs...

Those are some damn fine legs...

Next up is Hachi who Kekkaishi ‘Ketsu’ style pwns four Gillian though the beauty of decapitation. Lisa is annoyed that flying heads are coming her way so she uses them as stepping heads and then performs some eloquent slicing and dicing.

Note to self: throwing heads at women packing katana - not a good idea!

Note to self: throwing heads at women packing katana - not a good idea!

Rose then makes his appearance, and I for one have no idea what the hell he did. His sword and scabbard are crossed in front of him, he mentions something about a melody and then the Gillian gets owned. WTF happened?

Finally it’s Love’s turn and he proceeds to rip a Gillian in half, perhaps to wear as a coat later? Little Teapot and Omeada have their WTF faces on as the Vizards decimate all the Gillians present. That’s the one thing that made this chapter awesome IMO; the Vizards did in 15 pages what would probably have taken the Gotei 13 five chapters.

You maniacs, you blew it up, damn you, damn you all to hell!

You maniacs, you blew it up, damn you, damn you all to hell!

Now we get to the battle we all want to see, Shinji v Aizen. With the way clear of most Gillian, Shinji decides to have a very brief chat to Aizen. After some broken Japanese translated to broken English is read, now correct me if I’m wrong, Shinji removes his Hollow mask and lashes out at Aizen which is described as a ‘deadly strike’. Pffft – yeah right.

Ohhhh, but i wanna see the fight now >_<

Ohhhh, but i wanna see the fight now >_<

Thus ends the chapter and sets up what should be a mean chapter next week.  I for one was impressed at the carnage this week and hopefully there will be plenty that follows 😀 . Until then here is your bubble contest and winner from last week.


This weeks winner, Boyruns

This weeks winner, Boyruns

This weeks winner was Boyruns who made me LMAO pretty hard with his entry. I also have to give an honourable mention to Redshota’s Bubble entry: 

1: There’s nothing to discuss. I said surprise, it’s not my fault you didn’t hear.
2: Should I mention the crabs? 

Now this weeks bubble contest, the usual rules apply.

The only panels which i thought something could made of. Have fun :D

The only panels which i thought something could made of. Have fun 😀


~ by mudshovel on July 17, 2009.

66 Responses to “Updated with spoiler vids. Bleach Manga 366: The Gillian Massacre. Breakdown + Discussion”

  1. first

  2. first!

  3. BUBBLE:
    Omeada: I think I just shit myself
    Teapot: I think he just shit himself


    Omaeda: That dude’s name is Love? HAHA!
    Hitsugaya: With a name like that people will forget all about Hitsugay Touchme. I’m free from the torment!

  5. thanks for the breakdown mud, it was a good chapter of just plain awesomeness…is it me or does love have a better mask than anyone?(or is it that his hair makes it even more awesomeness?) i cant wait to see how aizen deals with this. im not sure if he was expecting this encounter this soon or not.

    Omeada:Wow…His Awesomeness is unreal. He still looks cool with me on the SAME page as him!!!
    Hitsugaya:I feel as strong as Omeada now!

  6. muhahahahahah im alll caught up onbleach

    full of action,

    now when does urahara kisuke step into the battle field

  7. BUBBLE:

    love: grr where is the penny i dropped??

    oomaeda: w..what? yo shiro, tell him.

    hitsugaya: crap…i bought some ice-creams with it. do u think he will mind?

  8. Mashi is my fave Visored, she’s kewl.

    @eroseninjiraiya: Love doesn’t say anything in this contest …

  9. @shinobi: Love’s mask is cool, but i like Lisa’s the best. Aizen will pwn all IMO, his abilities are just BS strong.
    @nagashi: Mashiro’s cool. Mashiroooooooooo Kick LOL.

    Also i want everyones thoughts on what Rose did, cause as i said – i have no F***ing clue what that was! Maybe next week we’ll find out – but i kinda doubt it.

  10. BUBBLE:

    Omeada: Holy shit! i can’t believe that just happened
    Toshirou: Yeah, i didn’t think my pokemon would hatch that soon either

    (i know, i know. I won’t include myself in the bubble contest unless Elf finishes collecting data earlier than expected)

  11. Nice job. Love the more violent chapters!

    omaeda: Crap! This isn’t what it looks like.
    Hitsugaya: Ironic…looks like “Love” caught us!

  12. BUBBLE: Omaeda:do u think the fat vizard guy is seeing anyone? Toushiro:*cough*Homo*cough*

  13. @mudshovel on the manga page 19 at the top of the page shinjis face looks surprised. Could it be that he did not attack aizen but rather got attacked from behind?

  14. @mudshovel: My god … I wanna kill myself for not noticing it really looked like Love was hatching from an egg. More like SHREDDING from an egg.

    Age old question; Which came first, the Vizard or the egg ? Lulz.

  15. I’m willing to bet that next week, Tosen is gonna protect Aizen, block Shinji’s “deadly strike”, and end up fighting Shinji. It’s so clear … my Rinnegan sees all in the future !!

    *Quickly rememebers Rinnnegan can’t do that …*

    Umm … well, that’s my opinion anyway.

  16. Sorry mud, gotta steal your observation for this …

    Omaeda: OMFG, GTFO … my Pokemon egg hatched !! Gaahhh !!
    Toshiro: Congratulations … ! ANGRY BLACK MAN hatched from your EGG !

  17. That could be his zanpakuto ability. Hypnosis via music.

    As for kensei, his knife zanpakuto can fire off blasts of energy which were probably what caused the gillians to explode. That or a cero.

    O:Oh crap, he’s still hungry! N-not me, take the punk instead!
    H:Uh i’ve got swine flu…so…err…yeah…

  18. YOSH, great breakdown Mudshovel! Plenty of action in this chapter to show off the Vizards abilities and powers. Even the pompous little squirt Toshiro was awestruck enough to compliment them on their powers. 😉

    Can’t wait for next week though where hopefully the Vizards get down to the real fighting. Vizards vs. Espada and Former Captains! Of course the Captains that are still able to fight may jump into the fray. 0_0

    Favorite Vizard: Kensei
    What the hell Rose did: No f**king clue… 😉

  19. BUBBLE:

    Omaeda 1: “NO NO NO!!!”

    Omaeda 2: “That is NOT what I ordered from Wallmart!”

    Toshiro: “What have you done Omeada? You’ve doomed us all!”

  20. yay i won the bubble contest

    well grreat breakdown mud.

    as for love’s attack thing….it looked like his fingers were moving ( http://www.onemanga.com/Bleach/366/14/ ) kinda like playing piano…not sure what that means

    maybe someone else can figure it out

    oh and mashiro reminds me of megaman

  21. Everyone’s forgetting that the Vizards still have Shikai, and some have Bankai !
    We haven’t seen their full arsenal yet.
    And why did Shinji put his mask on if he just stood there in fron of Aizen the whole time ? Intimidation ?

  22. @Ahsan- Dude I’m totally wondering the same thing. The genius behind this plan needs to make an appearance.

    oh as for Rose: I got the impression that his melody was a invisible piano 😀 You kinda see his fingers in positions similar to those who strike the keys of a piano.

  23. @grimspada: hmm could be, but i think that it was shinji who made the first move.

    @nagashi: LOL, Piracy funds terrorism! lol jkjk

    @gonrod: well Kensei didn’t fire off a cero that’s for sure:
    If you compare the 2 blasts, Kensei looks more like an explosion than a cero. so maybe he did knife the first one and fired a burst of energy, but those explosions still look like c4 explosions to me 😛

    @super: lol. hmm i’d have to say my fav Vizard would be Shinji, but i like Lisa’s mask the best . lol, you have no idea either – we’re screwed! lol.

    @boyruns: hmm fingers moving, i still have no idea how that can hurt a gillian, Tite has sum s’plaining to do 😛

    @bbgurly: as i said with boyruns, i still have no idea how that would hurt a gillian. but then again, i’m not up-to-date with pianos these days – do they sell invisible pianos which may cause external ownage? lol.

  24. @ everyone: gah! i meant rose
    dang names

  25. @grimspada: nahh, that’s just his “get-ready-to-die-bitch” face.

  26. This chapter was FTW, seriously. Freakin’ Shinji, Kensei, Lisa, and Hachi are just awesome. They are my favorite Vizards [in order too, btw]. But when it comes to Shiji, I don’t think he will get completely pwned by Aizen, but the poor bastard sure as hell won’t win. Counting the hours till next manga….oh gosh i hope it’s gonna be good.

    Maybe we’ll see Toshiro eat it? Here’s to hoping. n.n

    Love: Rawr!
    Omeada: Holy crap did he just rip one?
    Toshiro: You think i’m stupid? I know it was you!

  27. I think Rose had some sort of background rap music playing which probably killed the Gillian. Still, he must be like a magician/musician/captain/[fill-in-any-other-labels-here].
    Rose is pwnsome!

    Bubbble 1: BROO!
    Bubble 2: I was gonna eat that later!

    Bubble 3: Oh no he di-int!

  28. Bubble
    Omeada: WOW! That guy sure is good with his hands!
    Toshiro: That’s what she said.

  29. gotta a fight discusion

    urahara kisuke v.s zaraki kenpachi

  30. Urahara wuld absolutely rape zaraki.benihime’s true potential is not shown but i have a feeling the guy could rival even aizen

  31. Love: “SURPRISE!”

    Oomaeda: “Oh no! He’s going to rape us!”

    Toshi: “Well he did yell surprise, so technically…”

  32. if we think clearly even kenpachi didn’t shown us he’s TRUE potential, we prolly will watch him get stronger when he finally learns his zanpakutou’s name.

  33. BUBBLE

    Teapot: Wish i had a super powerful mask

    Omadea: yeah than you might but be such a fucktard….nah you still would be

  34. BUBBLE

    Teapot: …….

    Omadea: …………….. F U C K

  35. BUBBLE

    Teapot: …..IT WAS THE FAT ASS I SWEAR!


  36. true,well its like kisuke is my fav guy and kenpachi is my 3rd fav guy so ill go with kisuke too

    how bout

    hitsugaya v.s grimjow

    and i too think kisuke skills are far above any ordinary captain,he may even equal aizen,aizen was his opponent in the flash back remmeber.he is yet to make an entrance in this fight remember this too!

  37. @ahsan how about captain komamura vs yami? it might be kinda one sided, but it would be great to see yami as the 0 espada vs his bankai..

  38. Hitsugaya vs grimmjow is damn obvious-grimmjow would own that little biatch.komamuras bankai may be as big as poww’s resurrection but it is nowhere close to yammy’s ridiculous size and sheer power.he would die so fast.so how about hollow ichigo vs aizen?

  39. @grimspada: How do you know Yammy is bigger than Komammura’s Bankai when they’ve never been on the same panel ?

  40. Dude, aizen is a bitch, all ichigo would have to do is what kimpachi did against tenzen or what ever his name is (blind dude) back in the first arc. You cant trust your senses, but im pretty sure once ichigo is stabbed (wich hes pretty use to by now,he could just grab aizens sword and cut his fucking head off. Aizen wouldnt cut his head off on the start, that would take the fun out of it, seems to like to torture people in his own way.

  41. @nagashikage. I kinda compared the sizes of stuff around them.go back to the page with yammy’s resurrection and check out the sizes of rukia and co.i realise its a big assumption but i cant shake it off

  42. BUBBLE

    Omaeda: ZOMG


    Toshi: I know EXACTLY what you mean!

  43. hmmm,remeber kisuke owned yama espada 0!!

    that means he is powerfull

    damn thats y i want to see him enter this fight damn

  44. NOP urahara defeated Yama espada 10 he didn’t ressurected yet so technically was espada 10

  45. Bubble:

    Omaeda: Oh..my..
    Omaeda: God…
    Toshiro: I know, he didn’t even yell Peek-a-boo…

  46. BUBBLE:

    Omaeda: Way to tear him a new one!

    Toshiro: I wanna be like him when I grow up…

  47. i think the:

    Omaeda: I think…I just shit myself!

    Teapot: I think he just shit himself!

    bubble should win, lol, thats epiic…

  48. @Anyone: Couldn’t Aizen just use Soul Society to form his key? We know we’re going to have to see the Royal Palace, the Royal Guard, and King sometime but we know he’s not going to destroy Ichigo’s hometown. That’d be stupid as hell for the plot line.

    I think Aizen was planning to use Soul Society citizens all along to create the key and reach the King. Also, I have the feeling when it all comes down to it Aizen is gong to kick some serious Vizard ass. Aizen is a DB but he’s strong as hell!

  49. Is Aizen stronger than all the Espada or no ?

  50. Yes, he is stronger than all the Espada and that’s why he was able to control and lead them. All of them combined though would probably kick his ass.

  51. Hehe, maybe not, if he drops the soul slayer they go to hell(illusions).

  52. @supertrek: I always just assumed that he was, but I find it hard to believe that Aizen can beat every Espada with his own power.
    Unless it’s that Hypnosis crap.

  53. I am so good. I totally called on Tosen’s interference !

  54. Is it just me or does Mashiro look like a badass power ranger? hahahahahahaa

  55. damn when will urahara enter the fight when will ichi and kenpachi come to this world to kik some espada ass

  56. Last chance for bubble entries ppl, i still haven’t decided yet. Sway me with originality or bribe me – either way 😛

  57. BUBBLE:
    Omeada:Why do you always have to be so rude!
    Toshiro:Geez.He ripped that A*s wide open……AGAIN!!

  58. btw it’s my first post here,haha.I just finished reading all One Pice,Naruto AND Bleach Chapters.(Took me more than 3 weeks.

  59. bleach is out babies

  60. *bribes Mudshovel with riches and women* >_>


    Omaeda 1: “Ohhhh!”

    Omaeda 2: “Congratulations Toshiro he’s everything we expected!”

    Toshiro: “I’m…I’m a daddy!?”

  61. Bubble

    Omaeda 1: He’s SUPER AWESOME!!!
    Omaeda 2: …For a poor dude like him,

    Teapot: That’s surely gonna leave a mark oO!

  62. Bubble

    Omaeda 1: He’s SUPER AWESOME!!!
    Omaeda 2: …For a poor dude like him that is!

    Teapot: That’s surely gonna leave a mark oO!

  63. I apologixze for he double posting >.>

  64. Bubble:

    Omaeda: Omg he going to rip the next biggest thing apart
    Toshiro: Haha damn suck to be you.

  65. Bubble
    I know i just post one but got a better idea

    Omeada: Wow only in my wildess dream I could do that.

    Toshiro: What be a black angry power ranger that take steroid.

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