Bleach 228 Breakdown~Bleach Beach Special! Summer! Sea! Swimsuit Festival!!

Howdy guys! It’s me again, Alexie, here to bring you the latest on the new Bleach episodes! This week, we take a break from all the fighting and have a “relaxing” beach vacation! (I lie)

So the episode starts with all the Shinigami chicks picking out their swimsuits. Vice Caption Nanao is debating whether her choice of wearing a bikini would be “appropriate.” Matsumoto tells her she’s being ridiculous and continues on to tell Nanao to show off her “assets” while Matsumoto bounces her own “assets” up and down. Nanao replies with the classic blushing face.

Over on the other side, Yoruichi picks out a nice orange bikini while Soi “Lesbian” Fon thinks about how much hotter Yoruichi will look in the swimsuit, only to immediately realize she did not pick out her own yet. As she frantically picks through the swimsuits, Yoruichi comes over with a childish purple swimsuit, completely shocking Soi Fon, who is concerned about not looking nice next to Yoruichi. As she debates whether to reject it or not, she decides to pick another suit.  Just when she tells Yoruichi she picked something else, a much cuter yellow number, Yoruichi hands the swimsuits to the cashier. Too bad Soi Fon! Maybe you shouldn’t have been thinking dirty thoughts about a women taken by Urahara.

Now Vice Captain Isane is stuck with no idea what to get. Her sister Kiyone comes over holding a swimsuit that would drive any guy nuts, and as Isane tries to refuse it, her Captain Unohana comes over holding a similar suit. Unohana shows her assertive side and frightens Isane into getting the cleavage suit. Even Kiyone who was laughing a moment ago was silent from Unohana’s creepy order.

Jeez you think choosing a binkini would be easy, but really its not. But for you guys out there, I’ll sure you will be pleased.

Skip to the intro song, and I sound totally lez for saying this but Ican’thelpbutreallythinkRukiaOrihimeandMatsumotolookhotdoingthedancenumber OK MOVING ON.
Here it is though just for your enjoyment if you like it too, or just for a little music while you read the breakdown.

Onto the beach now! Matsumoto shows off all the Bleach girls, and I announce with pleasure that I have all the pictures for you! Buttttt you’re gunna have to scroll down to the video at the end, with highlights of the best Bleach girl moments!

After showing you what their mamas gave them, Ichigo makes a face at the girls, asking them why they were in the human world at the beach. FLASHBACK!

Once upon a time there was a lovely pool that the Shinigami women built for their own pleasures. They chose the location as Kuchiki Byakuya’s yard spot. Unfortunately, Byakuya somehow found it, so as the sad women watched, he took out his Zanpaktou and exploded it. As Matsumoto complains, Yachiru calls Byakuya a meanie. Here’s proof that I’m not lying.

So now the women need a new place to swim and enjoy themselves. They thought about a bath house, when Unohana comes out of no where, with her creepy smile, and suggests going to the real world for a “Fine Arts” training session.  Even Yachiru, who was slowly eating a large bowl of what appears to be rice, gulps down the whole thing to exclaim in joy, and she jumps out of the seat. The End.

All Ichigo can think about if  hollows, hollows, hollows, so Rukia assures him there were Barriers put up. Oh and a treat for you girls…HERE COMES SOME SHIRTLESS GUYS! (Some were semi shirtless, dangit Bleach writers! Strip their shirts off!) Ichigo wonders why someone as calm and boring as Byakuya is at the beach, but Byakuta tells him off, saying he likes the water. At this point, Captain Ukitake, (hot) Renji, Ikkaku and Ukitake’s other 3rd seat (all 3 not hot, and OMG ARE TWO OF THEM WEARING THONGS AND SPEEDOS? SHIELD YOUR EYES!)

Ichigo asks if Ukitake should be out of bed and Rukia thought it was a good idea for him to relax at the beach. Renji and Ikkaku were invited, and of course Ukitake’s little monkey servant wanted to come along. Ukitake exclaims how great the beach is and faints from heat exhaust. I’m sure he’s loving it now.

Unohana asks for some ice for Ukitake and Ichigo and Renji go to a nearby beachhouse to get some. Who do they find working in there but Orihime, Ishida, and Chad. Orihime, hearing about Ukitake, calls for Hitsugaya to supply some ice. Apparently, the little hottie doesn’t like the heat(ironic), so he stays indoors, something about his sword being ice or something. So bad news for Hitsugaya fan girls, we get no shirtless Toshirou. =[ He walks out and creates a huge ice dragon, obviously way too much ice for any sick man to use. However, Orihime, keeping a positive attitude, and decides to make her experimental curry sweet bean fusion shaved ice, and Chad comments on her idea.

Meanwhile, Ukitake is up and about, with 4 people keeping an eye on him in case he has another fainting spell, and announcing a sand scuplture building contest. Everyone is unenthusiastic until Ukitake announces there’s prize money. Everyone was more than happy to build a sculpture after that, except for Byakuya, who states that he “he has no need for money, but just wants to show off his ‘Fine Art.”  After hearing him say that, you’d want to see what he comes up with right? Unohana asks if anyone else in the the Ukitake-babysitting-group was going to compete, and see what Isane says.

So now everyone is off making sand sculptures, and poor Orihime realized that there were no buckets! Not to worry though, Matsumoto saves the day by teaching her how to make “boob buckets.” And good thing too, it works only exclusively for people with huge tits like Orihime and Matsumoto. Nanao tells off the two girls, saying it was “unacceptable” and Matsumoto’s “boob senses” kicked in, noticing that Nanao’s stuff was bigger than usual, so she starts groping Nanao, and pulls out a little pink pad. Nanao is a stuffer! GUILTY! (See this in the video at the end too)

Meanwhile, Ichigo, Renji, and Baldie Ikkaku just finished their castle, resembling a fort during medieval Japan, and Ikkaku suggests tunneling through the structure to see who gets to the center fastest. Ichigo refuses, commenting on the childishness of the game, but Ikkaku provokes him by saying that Ichigo was afraid of losing. IT’S ON NOW!
Seeing the guy’s vulnerable with their asses stuck out, Yachiru comes over giggling, with a crab in her hand. Let’s see what she does with it…

Poor Ikkaku, and Ichigo and Renji freak out because he got buried alive. Too bad the castle got destroyed during his flailing too. Little Yachiru exclaims “That was a big success!”

We see Rukia and Byakuya working now, and Rukia is sculpting none other than Chappy the Rabbit. Poor Chappy might as well be made out of snow, because looks like he’s ready to melt. Despite all this, Rukia believes she’s doing a great job. She can keep telling herself that. Rukia peeks at Byakuya’s creation, which resembles a happy turd on arms and legs. Rukia’s eyes sparkle as she stares at it, noting the craftmanship of his work. Don’t get me wrong, it was a really nicely done turd on arms and legs.

Nemu is off by herself, staring out into the sea, and mysterious tentacle things appear out of the water….why does it feel like something bad will happen?

Ukitake is feeling faint again, so he tells his two disciples that he’s taking a break to lie down before the judging. Kotsubaki(I found his name lol) worries for Ukitake, and builds a huge sand casket to block out the wind. Kiyone becomes pissed because the real problem was the sun, so she runs off to pick flowers to block the sun. Kotsubaki, responding in rivalry, exclaims that he will light incense candles so Ukitake will sleep soundly. The end result is this:

Orihime, Ishida, and Chad come bringing lunch for the people working on the beach. I wonder if she’s got those shaved ice samples with her. They set the food out in front of the Ukitake’s resting place, making it look even more like a funeral. However, Captain Unohana declares Captain Ukitake’s team victorious in the contest. She’s got quite the twisted mind, or maybe she just works with nearly dead people a lot. Isane responds to this with a “EH?”

An approaching menace comes upon Unohana, Isane, and Nanao, and the scene cuts to Renji and Ichigo gently slapping Ikkaku, trying to wake him up, when the girls scream. Isane and Nanao have been kidnapped by the tentacles from earlier! Now comes the classic Japanese hentai tentacle tease (don’t ask me how I know about that) and Nanao and Isane are screaming and blushing now. See their struggling in the video at the end. Meanwhile, Matsumoto nonchalantly exclaims, “Wow! That’s crazy. I’ll make a fortune if I sell pictures of this!” Ichigo and Renji are blushing red, perverts, when Ichigo yells at Matsumoto for thinking about papparazi. Unohana tells them that a hollow was known to haunt the beach. Ichigo questions their choice of a vacation spot where they knew there was danger, but Rukia tells him to save questions for later. RESCUE TIME. Da dada dad dadadadadadada dadadad dadad!

First up are Ishida and Chad, unleasing their attacks, only to have them absorbed by the monster. Nemu tells them that the creature absorbs spirit attacks. No shit Sherlock. So only physical attacks work on that thing, but Ichigo, Rukia, and Matsumoto all don’t have their Zanpakutous. However, Renji pulls out his Zabimaru, saying he expected a phenom like this, which makes you wonder where the guy put his sword while he was playing. Unfortunately, the tentacle just picks up Renji and tosses him into the water. The monsters starts attacking, and Kiyone and Kotsubaki cover up Captain Ukitake to protect him. The tentacle picks another victim, this time, Orihime. I bet Matsumoto feels left out, but she already had her turn when Luppi captured her.

As Ichigo goes to get his Shinigami badge, he becomes captured, but just as all hope was lost, Yoruichi and Soi Fon appear back from their fishing trip (did I forget to mention they went fishing? Well, ya, they went fishing…end of story) They easily take down the monsters with their fighting skills and Nanao, Orihime, and Isane are released. Nanao and Isane land gracefully on their feet as Orihime falls down on her ass, covered in a red liquid.

Apparently, Yoruichi and Soi Fon were chasing a shark when they found Renji, so she dragged them both back to the shore to check up on the others. At that moment, Ukitake wakes up from the dead and exclaiming “What a great sleep!” Here’s Chad’s reaction:

Ukitake turns to see the monster, and his face lights up, and he gets excited, saying that the group started the watermelon whacking game. Orihime licks the red liquid off her arm, commenting that it was indeed watermelon. While everyone is wondering what the heck is going on, because apparently all the Captains planned this from the beginning. The watermelons were designed by the Reseach Bureau to fight hollows, and Yachiru thought it would be a great idea to bring it and roped the Captains into it too. Yachiru was very satisfied with the results too. Captain Unohana asked if everyone enjoyed it, and surprisingly, Isane and Nanao didn’t. /end sarcasm

Yachiru runs over to Ichigo suggesting that they eat watermelon, and Ichigo wonders if the thing was edible. Well if Orihime was licking the juice it probably is, but then again, anything that Orihime eats usually isn’t edible anyways…

Just when they thought it was all over, about 10 more watermelon beasts pop up, and Yachiru is probably the happiest one there.

Well…not quite over yet.
Remember Hitsugaya? Well he’s chilling it out inside, eating what appears to be Orihime’s poisonous shaved ice. Matsumoto pops into the shop, boobs bouncing, asking him why he’s missing all the action. Of course, Hitsugaya responds with “Shut up, it’s too hot.” Still no shirtless. =[
Ok NOW its over! NOT QUITE JK JK
Here’s the video with the highlights of the girl action. Enjoy! (Not mine, I just found it)

I probably set a record for most pictures used as well…haha. Hope you guys enjoyed this breakdown! Took a hell of a long time to write, so you better have!
Ok, NOW it’s over!
I wonder why the pictures are so big. I resized them so that they would fit, but they still don’t o.o


~ by alexie828 on July 17, 2009.

17 Responses to “Bleach 228 Breakdown~Bleach Beach Special! Summer! Sea! Swimsuit Festival!!”

  1. FIRST

  2. second

  3. 3rd and great breakdown once again Alexie! Lol, I just have to ask you. How DO you know about the classic Japanese hentai tentacle tease? 0_0

    Hehe! 😉

    Boobs, bikinis, tight thongs, and sexy Bleach girls. What more could you ask for a filler? And I think Yoruichi and Soi Fon were doing more than just “fishing” if you catch my drift…>_>

  4. Oh ya I know right. I mean Yoruichi and Kisuke are total sex whores, but Soi Fon and Yoruichi probably make their own fun too.
    As for the Japanese hentai tentacle tease, don’t look in my closet. :O
    JK JK
    its still a secret >:D

  5. yeah it was a good brake down…….but i wouldn’t have ate those watermelon.

  6. This was the closest thing to hentai I’ve ever seen from this kind of anime.
    Especially the tentacle part, when Isane says there’s a tentacle in her swimsuit ? Wow. Rapist Watermelon Squid.
    They do all this, yet for some reason, they censored the bottom of Halibel’s breast. wtf.

  7. probably keeping it as close to pg 13 as possible. adding the boobs would be hentai.

  8. aww! yachiru is so adorable! 😛

  9. So what was this last episode, then ?

  10. It was a pointless filler that the Bleach people included as part of their new filler arc.
    This is actually in the manga too. It’s one of the random filler chapters. Heh. Except in the manga, it was only 10 pages, and wasn’t very detailed. Like we didn’t see the Nanao stuffing scene, no crab in the loin,
    and no hentail. 😛 The anime writers are twisted.

  11. Where the hell was neliel?we need more neliel (the grown one with huge boobs) on bleach

  12. The current filler is kind of good. Animation is good, story seems interesting… And Byakuya is showing how badass he is from the start of the arc. I kind of like it better than the current manga chapters.



  15. Oh my god I think it just went into another filler arc…. -.-

  16. Wow, this really is a ghost post…
    *echo, echo…*

    I heard the Bleach fillers are over, it’s Ichigo vs Ulquiorra soon…
    By the way, I don’t watch the anime, but I read the manga.


    I feel like I have been half stuffed with sawdust by these mostly craptacular fillers. Will be nice to get back to the cannon friggin story.

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