Martial Arts Movies You Have to Watch pt. 2: Flashpoint

Do you like Martial Arts movies?  Yes!  Do you like MMA? Yes!  Do you wish someone would make an MMA style fighting Martial Arts movie?  YES!!  Then I know the perfect flick for you ^_^

El (aka Elfarren) here, back with another awesomeness flick I think all of you should see.  This one has more of a plot than the last film I reviewed, The Protector, but not quite as much @$$ kicking, so if that sounds kind of like your movie-going style, read on.

Dragon Dynasty is quickly becoming my favorite movie company ^_^

Dragon Dynasty is quickly becoming my favorite movie company ^_^

The first thing you need to know about Flashpoint is that it stars Donnie Yen, one of the best Asian martial arts actors alive today.  He’s still a pretty new name to most American audiences, but you’ve probably seen him in movies like Hero and Blade II in supporting roles and not realized who he was.  In Flashpoint he takes the lead and proves that he’s every bit as much the leading man as Jet Li or Wesley Snipes ^_^

Kickin' A$$ and Takin' Names

Kickin' A$$ and Takin' Names

So what’s the movie about, I hear you asking yourselves …  To put it most simply, this is a police drama that centers around two cops (Donnie Yen and Louis Koo) who are partners in Hong Kong pre-1997 (when China took back control of the city).  Yen starts the movie under review by the police commission for use of excessive force, and Koo is undercover to try and bust three Vietnamese brothers who are your typical drug-smuggling gun-toting badguys.

Chokehold FTW!

Chokehold FTW!

What really makes this movie awesomeness, though, is the fighting, of course.  Donnie Yen uses a lot of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts for the 2% of you out there who don’t know what that means) in Flashpoint, and he does it so well the first time I watched this movie I couldn’t believe how agile he is.  The only thing I can think to compare him to is a viper or a tiger or some other very fast, very fierce creature you wouldn’t want to f*^k with if you ever crossed paths in the jungle *LOL*  Yen gets in his fair share of fighting, too, from jumping in the ring with an unnamed criminal in the opening scene to the 16 minute battle royale at the end ^_^

This one's for the ladies *_*

This one's for the ladies *_*

Oh, and for all you girls out there grumbling that this’ll be yet another action flick your boyfriend makes you watch with him, did I mention that you get to see Donnie Yen in tight jeans for most of the movie?  Or that there’s a nice long scene with him lounging shirtless on the beach?  Because srsly, that’s yummeh *LMAO*

I’ll be back again soon with another movie for you guys to watch, but in the meantime I encourage any and all of you to go to your local megamart and shell out $15 for Flashpoint, you won’t regret it ^_^

Ja ne,



~ by elfarren on July 13, 2009.

9 Responses to “Martial Arts Movies You Have to Watch pt. 2: Flashpoint”

  1. FIRST!!!!

  2. thanks elf..ill be sure to check this out sometime tonite…
    that one guy does look familiar, which im glad u gave a reference also..might go check out some more of his movies…

  3. Glad I could give you a recommendation ^_^

    There’s one fight scene in particular that I really love where Donnie Yen does this awesomeness move where he slides behind his opponent – it’s during the fight where the badguy chucks some 10 year old girl across a restaurant – you’ll know it when you see it, then want to hit rewind and play it again in slow motion *LOL*

  4. big donnie yen fan i see xD

  5. YOSH! Great post and a nice recommendation Elfarren. I’ll be sure to watch it tonight…by any means necessary…>_>

    No pic for the guys? >_<

  6. heh heh. asian fights. lol! 🙂

  7. Sounds awesome. I think I will watch it today. Thanks Elf for recommending this vid.


  9. This movie rocked. saw it a while back. been a fan of donnie yen way back b4 most of you even heard of jet li. him and yuen biao are two chinese martial arts actors that shoulda made it big long ago. might i recommend “Iron Monkey”. one of my all time fave movies. donnie yen kicks major ass in it.

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