Naruto Shippuden 117: Juugo of the North Hideout

Eatencookie here again with this weeks Shippuden episode. For the heads up, no there’s none next, next week, so you’ll have to live without it. Tragic, isn’t it?

So lets go to the post before I am killed for procrastinating again. >_>

This weeks episode evolves around the  attempted recruitment of Juugo with a sprinkle of Konoha to boot. Just so we are reminded that Naruto is still out there eating ramen, Kakashi is still reading his novels, Sakura is still in need of anger-management, Sai is still Sai and that Tsunade is still giving orders. Some things just don’t change, even with a new arc. Karin starts our episode off explaining exactly what is so dangerous in the North Hideout. It’s where the unstable experiments are kept. You know the ones with the Curse Seal and can’t control it. Or the ones with flowers growing out of their heads. (>_>) Good, Juugo is just what we need then. A good old unstable nutcase with the tenancy to kill uncontrollably. So we move on to Juugo who is trying to decide if he should kill a male or female, while the fight between monsters wages outside his cell. It is a decision that takes a lot of thought after all. You can’t just pick at random, you don’t want to regret killing that person in the end, now do you?

GAAAAH!!! The horror of it makes little children cry!

GAAAAH!!! The horror of it makes little children cry!

In Konoha, Sakura is at Naruto’s door telling him to hurry up and get dressed. Naruto realises then that he forgot to fix that alarm clock he threw against the wall yesterday morning, so now he has missed out on the entire morning time. I bet he’s really regretting that, Sakura. Naruto mistakes her hurrying him for the hope that she wants to go on a date. Of course Sakura crushes that fragile hope with a fist shake and tells him that Tsunade wants to see them. Elsewhere, Suigetsu has once again exhausted himself from walking and is taking another break. Karin then states that she has business in the North Hideout too, when Suigetsu tells her that his destination is different that hers so she can go on ahead. We then move back to the North Hideout which has turned into a zoo and not the friendly kind of zoos either. These ‘animals’ on show there are the ones would tear off your arm if you offered them peanuts. Juugois still is his cell being held down my a metal ball on his ankle and he is trying his best to tune out the war waging outside his cell.  In his mind he is remembering how Kimimaro manages to calm him down when he was on one of his dangerous rampages. Juugo then mutters to himself that without Kimimaro, he can never leave his cell. Back with Karin, Sasuke and Suigetsu, Karin is explaining that Orochimaru found Juugo’s power to be enticing when Juugo first sought out Orochimaru. Orochimaru made an enzyme based on Juugo’s body fluids (My god, I’m hoping that is was his blood >_<) and used it to cause the same changes in other Shinobi. I.e. The physical changes and the high amount of chakra that came with it. What was this enzyme that could do such a thing? The Curse Seal.

Yes Sasuke. If you just advert your eyes for the duration of the conversation, they won't realise you have one...Well until you lose it

Yes Sasuke. If you just advert your eyes for the duration of the conversation, they won't realise you have one...Well until you lose it

 In Konoha again, Naruto has realised that Jiraiya has returned when himself and Sakura arrive in Tsunade’s office. Naruto enthusiastically tells Jiraiya that he has mastered the new Collabaration Jutsu, as he works in sync with those two toads. You remember the one which Jiraiya had been trying to teach him during the last arc. Tsunade looks like she pretty much has it when the two begin to make plans to leave and catch up over ramen. She blows when they start to walk out the door  and we leave hearing  the cries of “ow” from the clueless duo. Returning to Team Hebi as they arrive at the North Hideout and come across a guard stumbling around outside, on the verge of death. As he collapses to the ground he tells them that after the prisoners heard the rumour of Orochimaru’s death, they went wild and started killing everyone. Before he could finish what he was saying he passes into the void. They then run into one of the prisoners who is in stage 2 of the curse seal. ( Who has a tail that reminds me of a platypus >_>)Sasuke doesn’t waste anytime with  greetings, instead he takes down the prisoner with one swing of his katana.


Warm welcomes are difficult to find these days, Sasuke is one of the reasons

Warm welcomes are difficult to find these days, Sasuke is one of the reasons and does not want your girl scout cookies

Back with Juugo, he is debating on whether to kill a male or female. It is a hard decision. But he comes to the decision of killing a woman if she comes through his door. He then enters stage 1. I don’t even know if I should call it the Curse Seal, because technically the Curse Seal is what Orochimaru created from his body fluids! Back with team Hebi as they have a conversation while the prisoners in front of them are posed for attack. After telling them that Juugo is not i that group. Sasuke wants Suigetsu not to kill any of them. Suigetsu lectures Sasuke that he should of killed the prisoner back there and tells him that he is such a Leaf Nin. Translation for that is that: they won’t kill anyone unless they absolutely have to. Unlike the Water Nins that’s all for the butchering. After Suigetsu and Sasuke are done fighting the prisoners and telling them to use soap, Karin reappears with the keys. But where did she get them? O_o” *Looks at body on ground* They never leave it lying on a desk anymore, do they!?

 When they arrive at a cross-way in the hallway, Sasuke tells Karin to tell them which way. Karin becomes even more irritated when Suigetsu tells her to just tell them because it is the ability she prides herself on. Fed up with Suigetsu and  just proving that teamwork is going to be rather difficult with them, she sends Suigetsu in the wrong direction and pulls Sasuke in the right direction.  He then points out the obvious, she just sent Suigetsu roaming in the wrong direction. As Suigetsu makes his way as a loan soldier he asks if Sasuke’s Curse Marks makes him look as ugly as the guys back there. (Teehehe) When Sasuke doesn’t answerhim Suigetsu turns around and realises he got ditched. Juugo comes to the decision that if a female opens the door he’s going to kill, just at the timeKarin was unbolting the door. But as she is about to pull the door open Sasuke stops her saying that he’ll do it and to stand back. Just at that moment as Sasuke opens the door, Juugo has changed his mind and he is going to kill a male. Tough luck, Sasuke.

He just won the World Bingo Final and his first thought is to kill. At least he has a plan ;-)

He just won the World Bingo Final and his first thought is to kill. At least he has a plan 😉

 With Suigetsu he is back at the entrance of the hideout after taking a wrong turn. Damn, sometimes you just need a map! After one of the prisoners question his strength, Suigetsu threaten that if it wasn’t for Sasuke’s orders he would of killed him. But the prisoner is officially a knucklehead and tells Suigetsu that they’ll all die. Or else he can see the future…*Takes note* This ends with a first class ticket to  being beheaded. Juugo has just crashed Sasuke into a wall, forming a crater while he’s at it. But they’re just going to have to wait because Konoha still have to have their say in all this. Back in Tsunade’s office, Jiraiya and Naruto have newly formed bumps on their heads, Tsunade is looking pissed and Sakura is laughing awkwardly. Konoha is officially the last to know that Sasuke killed off Orochimaru as Jaraiya tells Naruto and Sakura that his reliable source told him that he is dead. ( I really want to know who his sources are! They know everything it seems. -__- ) Sakura begins to become teary and Naruto asks if  he is coming back to Konohanow. Jiraiya tells him that it doesn’t seem to be the case.  

She just found out that she didn't get invited to Super and his husbands wedding on the coconut tree ;-)

She just found out that she didn't get invited to Super and his husband's wedding on the coconut tree 😉

Returning to Juugo and Sasuke, Juugo reinforces his arm to make his next blow a should be, death blow. But as the blow hits Sasuke, Karin notices his chakra has changed. Why is this? He went partial transformation on Juugo’s ass and now hand and over sized hand growing out of his shoulder with finally painted nail to make the Akatsuki proud. Juugo cackles that Sasuke is another one of his copies but it slightly amazed at Sasuke’s amount of control over the Curse Seal. The episode ends with Sasuke telling Juugo he just wants to talk. Somehow I think the time for talking has passed awhile back, Sasuke.

Becoming a pacifist then? I'll send you a fruitbasket.

Becoming a pacifist then? I'll send you a fruit-basket.


This is the bit when he admits he's gay >_>

This is the bit when he admits he's gay >_>

Well that’s the end of this weeks breakdown, and remember that there is none next  next week. Well I’m sure I can compensate for that elsewhere. *Insert evil cackle right here* That’s it for now! Look how early I have it out too :3 teehehe…




~ by eatencookie on July 11, 2009.

41 Responses to “Naruto Shippuden 117: Juugo of the North Hideout”

  1. Uno

  2. I knew I should of waited until Monday >_>

  3. Liked the breakdown thhiiiiiiis much *holds arms wide apart* No seriously…exactly that much.

    So here we have a perfect display of what team hebi is all about. Suigetsu looks bad ass, Karin smells things, Sasuke looks gay and Juugo wants to kill.
    I really am beginning to hate Karin now i can see here in technicolour (^-^) see just appears more and more useless yet moans at everyone else all the time….

    p.s. Obviously the body fluid used wasnt blood…it was saliva….taken from swabs *cough*

  4. Third !
    Speaking of third, the third picture from the top looks exactly the way it did in the manga panel !

  5. very nice! i agree that it was a LOL moment when suigetsu said if sasuke looked ugly when he use the curse mark! seriously, sakura? wtf the hell is wrong with her? everything with sasuke, she always end up crying. how more of a lame-o can she be? anyways, the tsunade picture was also funny as hell! when sasuke “popped” his wing when he fought juugo, i got scared and thought sumthin ate sasuke for a second. phew! sasuke gotten pretty ugly, eh? same with sakura. (or maybe she been)

  6. You sure theres no epi next week? In your previous post you linked a timeline saying theres one more episode on June 16th before Kakashi Gaiden starts. Or did i miss something xD

    Anyways, great breakdown as always!

    Naruto/Bleach > OP!!!

    *hides from super* What? i cant be part of your guys internet tag =(

  7. @fanboi: damn i’m always a week ahead of everyone lol, really must fix that >_> well it’s fixed now anyway teehehe
    muahahaha you fogot one thing there: cheese > OP 🙂 he’s going to kill me one of these days >_>

  8. yep id take cheese over butt pirates anyday! *giggles*

    now hes gunna kill me too =(

  9. lol who needs pirates when you have cheese 😉

  10. Me you and Tobi are the late night crew. xD

    sorry just wanted to test my new Gravatar =D

    Minato FTW!

  11. well technically it’s early afternoon here 😉
    OMG IT’S MINATO!! he is secretly fanboi…I should of known…no wait I did know lol >_>

  12. Not liking this conversation…Cheese is better than one piece tebayo?! Whats wrong with you people?! Is this just because no one wants to talk about the shippuuden episode on its breakdown? *giggles*

  13. DATTEBAYO!!! Cheese trumps OnePiece hands down! We all know how amazing the shippuden and its writer is, so why talk about it? Why boast about their awesomeness, it would just be rude 😉 lol

  14. about the anime, though the pacing is not as good as i had previously imagined, the color, sounds and effects do make up for it.

    nice breakdown! i really enjoy this site…

  15. I haven’t read the breakdown yet and I haven’t watched the ep. yet but you can rest assure that I will soon! @_@

    *plants bombs under Cookie’s post* >_>

  16. ‘plans to bombs’? super…you’re supposed to be the smart one…*calls bomb squad and points at awesome post, bomb squad defuses oddly phrased bombs and give cookie a thumbs up*

    Cookie, Tsunade couldn’t possibly have known about Super’s wedding…unless someone spilled the beans *eyes cookie suspiciously -__-*

    *spots random piece of cheese lying on the ground* mmm cheese…*eats cheese and is suddenly turned into a jack russel terrier*

    woof WOOF woof *translation* darnit, not again

  17. @Dro: Oh my…I have no idea what you’re talking about crazy man. 😛

    @Cookie and Fanboi: First I would like to say great post Cookie it was both funny and in depth you TEME!!!! Naruto > One Piece I can understand for big Naruto fans out there but Bleach > One Piece? I almost went into cardiac arrest just thinking about the insanity of that statement. LMAO, then you said CHEESE > One Piece!!!! 0_0 GAhhhhhHHhh, you’ll are trying to kill me here! Thank goodness Tobi was here to defend the awesomeness that is One Piece. T_T

    But first I shall kill you both *kills Cookie and Fanboi* Yep, just like that. 😉

    Can’t wait for the Kakashi Gaiden Breakdowns those outta be interesting. I hope ghosts can type or perhaps you’ll be a zombie. 😛

  18. “I hope ghosts can type” psshhh. Patrick Swayze can run a multinational organization as ghost! Youd be suprised what us ghosts are capable off!

    *Posses Super and jumps out window. Super falls 6 stories to his death*

  19. @Fanboi: BAKA!!! I’m made of rubber so falling down 6 stories won’t even phase me. You’d have known that if you watched One Piece. 😛

    *Calls a priest to exorcise ghost and Fanboi’s soul is sent spiraling to hell*

  20. Sorry I haven’t been posting recently 😮
    Awesome breakdown! I really enjoyed it. I was LOLing when Suigetsu asked Sasuke if he turns ugly. Heehee

  21. hmm… i dont think sasuke’s the only one that’s ugly. i think its kishi’s art. naruto, sakura, kakashi, everybody gotten pretty damn straight ugly. the regular naruto series looked very kawaii, but shippuden…? the faces gotten longer and skinnier which is ugly. sorry if i sound offensive.

  22. *Rises from Hell* IM BACK LIKE MEGATRON B*TCHES!

    The devil got scared when MJ went to hell and is currently hiding in Purgatory. They got no rules down there now. You can come and go from hell as you please. =D

    @Candy: a lot of people arnt happy about animation in Shippuden but i cant tell the difference. Im too distracted by the purty colorz xD

  23. @fanboi: the colors are nice. 😉 seriously? u cant tell the differences? kishi needs some work. i like how he does the background. very nice, but the characters are a bit off. i dont care, really. naruto’s still awesome as always.

  24. *sees Super putting plans of bombs under breakdown* *Wonders why he’s putting the plans there?* *Notices Dro is now a dog and barking while chases his tail* *Realises she somehow died and is now a ghost* *Looks weirdly at the priest doing an exorcism of a lamp* *Hears the devil is now in Purgatory after MJ arrived in hell* *Has WTF face* O_o
    Well I cannot have my lamp dead, some of us like that lamp, but first…*uses psychic powers to revive herself and Fanboi* Oh yeah Super, I can revive the dead, learned that skill on our social outreach 😉
    *Explains to priest that that is a lamp, not a demon. *Fanboi and Cookie stare in horror at the priest’s sailor tongue as he leaves the building* *Cookie and Fanboi agree never to mention it again*
    *Grins evily at Super* Made of rubber you say?

    –Fast forward 5 minutes–
    *Super arms and legs are tied to the top and bottom of the Golden Bridge* What a compromising position, Super. LMAO. Oh and cheese will always beat One Piece, it is a well known fact. *Hears Super’s howl of rage* teehehe >=)

    @Candy: Actually what they are talking about is when Sasuke goes into sage 2 of the cursed seal, he looks ugly. As for the whole changing bit, Kakashi,to me anyway, doesn’t seemed to have changed, Naruto looks far better in this outfit and is even more kawaii, Sakura….yeah she wasn’t going to win sex idol from the beginning anyway… >_>

  25. @cookie: i know that already. just saying that the art gotten uglier than usual. sakura is kawaii? LOL!

  26. @Candy: Hey leave it a time skip and she may be another tsunade, though i don’t see that happening, tsunade is just too good for her =D Meh i dont mind it, the only thing i mind is that they won’t stop killing off my favourite cast T_T

  27. This outta be fun. I’ll just use powers you didn’t know Luffy had. 😛

    *finds himself strapped to the top and bottom of the Golden Bridge* *bites a small hole in his arm and blows into it going into Gear Third and easily breaking the straps* *uses his inflated arm in Gear Third to destroy the Golden Bridge with a giant fist* *side of effects of Gear Third hit and is turned into a miniature Supertrek but he is safe on land* *after returning to normal size he goes into Gear Second and easily catches up to Cookie where he then proceeds to destroy the lamp and call the police* *He tells the police that it was Cookie planting bombs under the Golden Bridge that lead to it’s destruction and the police who are HUGE One Piece fans believe him immediately* *Cookie is dragged to jail and is found in court guilty as charged* 😉

  28. @cookie: heh heh. Tsunade is better in so many ways. i dont care about that worthless pink haired chick. =.=

  29. *is turned back into human when cell phone rings* WOOF-err, i mean…hello? *is informed that cookie has been sent to jail due to supertrek’s lies and group of uncultured pirates* A friend in need is a friend indeed…*puts on suit and tie and enrolls to Harvard law school, studies for 5 hours and graduates at the top of his class, throws cap into the sky and walks to jail to discuss upcoming trial w/ eatencookie*

    3 hours later…(in courtroom)
    As you can see Judge, the real culprit here is Supertrek and his band of scurvy pirates…he obviously is the head of this whole fiasco. Eatencookie who, as we all know, lacks the mental capacity to plan such a complicated scheme couldn’t have committed this crime. I suggest you release my client lest you be branded an incompetent member of the judicial system and lose your good standing.

    (Honorable Judge Fettuccine Alfredo)
    Mr. Sensei, i would appreciate it if you don’t insult me in MY courtroom, unless of course you want to find yourself in handcuffs and in Ms. Cookie’s situation here…

    *gets idea*

    Judge, if i can get someone to confess to the crime, and there is irrefutable evidence, would you let Eatencookie go?

    I don’t see why not, but who would be so crazy as to do such a thing in this courtroom…They would surely face the death penal-

    Danger is my middle nam-i mean…DEATH is my middle name…i confess to the bombing of the Golden Gate Bridge, Supertrek was to take the fall, but he was too much of a coward and blamed it on the one person who’s personality would surely make her a prime suspect, Ms. ‘Eatencookie’ Cookie. Check the scene, you’ll find my DNA there…it’ll be in dog fur, but that’s another story…go check the scene, you’ll see.

    1 hour later…

    Well Mr. Sensei, it seems that you were the mastermind here…and therefore you face the death penalty…your trail starts in 3 days…

    (To Be Continued…)

  30. @Dro: You silly bastard! 😛

  31. Jeesh Dro, you’re such a goofball….

  32. Actually I DID know about that power, I happened to read someones comment during that debate and it mentioned Luffy’s powers. Sucks to be you and I’ll show you why. But first..
    L-lacks the mental capacity..!? WHO’S SIDE ARE YOU ON HERE, YOU TEME!? Well I’ll clear some things up then (=_=)
    *Cookie confronts the judge after the trial and explains the events that really happened*
    *After a long winded conversation the judge and Cookie comes to an agreement on several matters*
    1: That Drosensei can stay in jail over night for that comment on Cookie’s intelligence (by her request of course)
    2: That the judge too is against One Piece
    3: That every police officer that likes One Piece is fired (because they are seem to be corrupt)
    4: That cheese is indead better than One Piece
    5: That Supertrek89 is to be arrested for crimes against his country and other’s posts*
    *After Supertreks sudden release from prison, he is confronted by Cookie holding mysterious items*
    *He is suddenly melted at a temperature of 133* I added an extra 5 degrees to the melting point of rubber so your body temperature won’t get into the way of that! *She then puts him in a flask before freezing said flask to -67 degrees**She then puts then flask in a rocket to pluto* Oh yeah I may not watch or read One Piece, but I still know the flaws of rubber!

  33. Why are ya’ll talking about One Piece on the Naruto breakdown >.< you're infecting the greatness of Naruto with One Pieces super duper gayness……

  34. *Throws hands up in victory* I GOT MANDI’S VOTE!!! Not only does she have common sense but her vote counts for OVER 9000!!! 🙂
    Wait…why are we talking we discussing how much One Piece will never compare to cheese? O_o 😉 *Wonders how bad this situation would be if Cookie actually bothered to read One Piece* *Shudders* It’ll never happen…Unless I get VERY bored >.<

  35. AHA! It seems I have found the solution to all our problems! I found the way to make Cookie read One Piece and see it’s awesomeness!

    *Bores Cookie to death* HA! There’s nothing more boring than a flask filled with melted frozen rubber floating in outer space. 😉

    Oh noeess…I killed her! 0_0 Shouldn’t have added the “to death” part! >_<

    Oh well… 😛 *sees Mandi and pre-hired hitman snipes her legs then puts a One Piece manga in front of her* Read it and he might just call for help! XD

  36. Damit Super! You can pay for the funeral and no cheaping out of it! I want big lavish decorations! And a choir of singers and I want a pile of One Piece Mangas burning at it! In fact I want every copy you have burning! Then if you don’t do it, I’ll come back and haunt you to death!!! In fact I’ll revive myself and just haunt you! >=(

  37. @cookie: Looks like theres no Naruto Epi this week. Next week we’ll have another Sasugay epi, then a double dose of Kakashi Gaiden. Looks like you were right all along you little sleaseball!

    Oh wait im on your side! *Destroys Super soul to complete nothingness for all of eternity*

    Hmm looks like game over = /

  38. NO! NO! HOW COULD THIS HAVE HAPPENED!!!! *cries for many days and goes into deep depression* *gets idea* *makes deal w/ devil and exchanges life for cookies* x_x *dead*

  39. Hmmm….no I am not going to get you out of this situation… Why is it always the devil? Why not Buddha?

    Hehe I knew I was right! Ah so Super is dead? Well that settles things:P

  40. Is it me or the quality of the animation has gotten worse.

  41. Lately I feel the same @redcopywheel…well the damn Itachi arc has just started and they are putting now the Kakashi Gaiden arc(it was supposed to be way episodes before 😦 )…damn them..but i can’t wait to see Minato in action..i hope they choose a really good seiyū for Minato’s voice!.. 🙂 😀

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