Bleach Manga 366 Spoiler Script Released Early!! + Bleach Manga 365: Whose Side Are We On? Breakdown

Early Spoiler scripts from JPlicious – Newer spoilers will be posted as they are released!!!!!

El here, back again with your weekly Bleach breakdown a day early ^_^  Who says I don’t work hard for you guys?  *LOL*  Not a whole lot happened this week, so it’ll be a short breakdown again, but at least this chapter ended pretty awesomeness, so let’s get to it!

I never pegged Gin for being the sentimental type ...

I never pegged Gin for being the sentimental type ...

We start with Gin and Tousen this week, who seem pleasantly surprised to see the Vizards show up to cause them trouble.  It made me laugh to see Gin’s reaction and reminded why I like his character so much, even if he is one of the bad guys ^_^  For our members of the Gotei 13 (who are still conscious, anyway) they look completely shocked for the most part and can’t believe what they’re seeing … big surprise there, eh? *rolls eyes*

Any takers?  No ...

Any takers? No ...

Thankfully we can count on Shinji and Hiyori to bring some levity to the situation, however, which they do quite nicely after Shinji asks the other Vizards if there’s anyone they wanted to talk to before the fight.  Everyone says no except for Lisa, who has a bone to pick with the recently cero’d Shunsui and doesn’t waste time making her feelings for him known loud and clear.

Nothing says "Hi!" better than a good old fashioned head stomping!

Because nothing says "Hi!" better than a good old fashioned head stomping ^_^

This is where the chapter starts becoming awesomeness, for the venerable readers of WeAreAwesomeness have proven yet again that I will always lose in a bet against them *LOL*  Shunsui is alive and well this week, looking only slightly battered from his point blank cero courtesy of Stark in the last chapter.  Since the majority of you voted against me last week, the score now officially stands at …

WRA Readers 3, El 0.5

WRA Readers 3, El 0.5

Yeah yeah, just don’t get used to it, I’ll make a comeback soon ^_*


The old man still just doesn't get it, does he?

Next we cut over to Shinji, who has approached Captain Yamamoto to have a few words, though for the life of me I can’t understand why.  If he doesn’t care about his old captain why even go over to talk to him?  I dunno … but we do learn a few interesting things from their conversation, (cont. below)

In yo' face, b!tch!

In yo' face, b!tch!

the most important thing being that the Vizards have adopted Ichigo as their comrade whether he likes it or not, and are prepared to die for him if they have to in order for Ichigo to succeed.  I wonder if Ichigo even realizes their loyalty runs so deep, but if he does or doesn’t isn’t important right now.

Damnit, Superchunky, what did I tell you about barfing everywhere?

Damnit, Superchunky, what did I tell you about barfing on the carpet!?

What is important is that Wonderweiss screams out another command unintelligable to everyone except Superchunky (and Tousen, apparently), which causes Superchunky to unleash Hell in the form of dozens of Gillian.  I believe I said a few chapters ago that Superchunky could be Wonderweiss’s fraccion, and this level of control over it makes that seem more and more likely.  What do you guys think?

That's two chapters in a row that end with the Vizards striking a pose ...

That's two chapters in a row that end with the Vizards striking a pose ...

Now the Vizards have to prove their worth on the battlefield, which they seem more than a little eager to do, so next week I’m thinking we’ll see the start of some pretty ridiculous fights unless it’s time for an update with Ichigo and Co.  Until then, here is your bubble contest winner from last week, along with the bubble for this week ^_^

Ja ne,


This week's winner brought to you by the letter D: Domosenpai

This week's winner brought to you by the letter D: Domosenpai

And now for this week’s contest, the usual rules apply ^_^

Thanks for the foot to the face, sweetcheeks, I love you too!

Come up with your best (or worst) this week, you have three bubbles to work with ^_^


~ by elfarren on July 11, 2009.

45 Responses to “Bleach Manga 366 Spoiler Script Released Early!! + Bleach Manga 365: Whose Side Are We On? Breakdown”

  1. First?

  2. Dos


    Lisa: We’re through!
    Shunsui: I’m sorry!

  4. 2nd :PP i kinda was expecting much bettah, got disappointed was thinking on like BADASS chapter but boring one…. aznyways always a great breakdown Farren… wud like to see Urahara and ichigo’s dad showing too on the manga but i think we won’t see them 😐 wanted too see more evidences on ishii true powah’s xD anyways thanks for the breakdown

  5. bubble:
    Lisa: There is NO WAY IN HELL I’ld EVER let you do that to me!
    Shunsui: Who said you’ld be awake?

  6. Shunsui is fast becoming my favorite male character. Freakin hilarious if you ask me that he’s just sitting their playing dead. Made me laugh out loud at my computer as I read it.

    The vizard conversation with the Soul Society fellows was exactly what I expected and predicted but that didn’t make it at all disappointing. Can you say Ban Kai in vizard? Yeah…that’s what I thought. Should be an interesting couple of fights coming up.

  7. I think Shinji talked to Capt. Yamamoto because he didnt want any Gotei 13 people attacking the Vizards.

    And this chapter seems kinda like a filler chapter. At least i was suprised because someone posted a “confirmed” spoiler involving vizards shooting cero xD

  8. awesome breakdown elf… dont worry im not keeping track…

    i had the biggest grin on my face when shinji said he was on ichigo’s sides… this one again proves to captain commander about ichigo’s potential( can someone say vice-captain/captain?) i knew shunsui wasn’t dead, but playind dead did seem like something he would pull just so that he didn’t have to fight…although now im concerned about ukitake since they didn’t really show his status….i wonder if he’ll pull a toshiro and comeback. if not theres that one guy that does kido that might be able to help… im really curious tho to see the match ups because since shinji got here its now down to him or the captain comander to be the one to “fight” him.

  9. Awesome breakdown Elffaren and with a quick release to. 🙂

    @Anyone: Vizards are gonna kick some Gillian ass next week. The thing about Superchunky is that it was working with Aizen from the very beginning when it rescued Aizen from Soul Society. Wonderweiss wasn’t created until later by the Hougyoku Still Superchunky could have been assigned as Wonderweiss’s fraccion after the creation. I just have my doubts because of this.

    The face on Yamato…priceless. Lol, the old man almost had a heart attack and yes Shusui was funny as hell. XD

    Can’t wait for next chapter to see the Vizards vs. the Espada, Gillians, and 3 former Captains. Unless they switch to Yammy’s battle over in Hueco Mundo which would suck big time for a cliff hanger.

  10. why oh why didnt Shunsui die? 😦

  11. Haha, Hachigen’s hollow mask loks ridiculous. XD

  12. Wow this is sooooo unexpected, Wow! I would just like to say thanks to all the people who made my bubble victory possible: *fighting back tears* God, my family, the little yellow sponge,El, pres. obama, the people who failed,…and last but not least, will ferrel. This is truelly an honour that I will cher-i-sh *sobbing* thank you and god bless god bless us everyone.

    yes…i did just give a rendition of a celebrity acceptance speech…you didnt imagine it…it happened.

  13. superchunky could have been assigned to wonderweiss as his fraccion after wonderweiss was created…

  14. lol domosenpai

    hearing your confessions also makes my heart wet.(*sob*)
    god bless you, god bless WRA, god bless the manga.

  15. next chap may not be on hueco mundo. we may first see the match ups here on the rael world.

  16. Lol elf, I think the readers are still beating you 🙂
    YOSH! I knew Shunsui wouldn’t die, he just likes to play dead 😉
    And I was wondering when the vizards were going to show their masks around here

  17. Sweet – awesome breakdown elf.
    Don’t worry, the WRA readers aren’t keeping score >_> <_<
    Also i think Shinji talked to captn Yamamoto for a couple of reasons:
    1. to say that they have no intentions of allying with the Gotei 13, they've disregarded them as the 13 did to them.
    2. to clarify that who they're after and basically to show the 13 what they can do and at the same time twll them not to get in the way.

    GRRRRRRR i can't wait for somebody to shut Wonderweiss up! He is such a brat! I'm waiting for WW's face to meet mister fist, that should shut him up.
    Also – superchunky – WTS!? At ur size i don't think going balemic is going to help 😉 Seriously – good call on that one El!

    All in all this chapter was boring, answered answers we had and was more like Tite saying " F U readers, i want a break, tune in next week for a real chapter" – i mean at least Oda had an 'excuse' of gathering data. (Kishi delivered as usual).

  18. Bleach chapters pretty awesome i think. The vizards will battle. Theres shock on all faces….exept Gin…..^_^…….

    And the closing pannel showed the vizards wearing their masks, it was cool. I wonder what there Bankai’s are, or even their Shikai’s?

    And that Vizard guy (former vice captain of Kido corps) who has the same powers as Inoue, he can reverse time. I think Espada 2’s speeding time, will be a good match up against the reversing time….i wonder who’s power is stronger?

    Oh yeah and poor Shiro is so young he doesnt even know who the Vizards were ^_^

  19. BUBBLE: lisa:has my ass gotten bigger since i joined the vizard? Shunsui:is that a trick question?

  20. Decent chapter.i think the significance of shinji talkin to yama is to confirm his position as leader of the vizard as much as it was to tell us where their loyalties lie

  21. BUBBLE
    Lisa: Stop looking at my ass! And don’t even thínk about touching it!
    Shunsui: DOH!

  22. BUBBLE:
    1: There’s nothing to discuss. I said surprise, it’s not my fault you didn’t hear.
    2: Should I mention the crabs?

  23. BUBBLE:Lisa: What kind of girl do you think I am?…You Sick Pervert!!
    Lisa:*whispers* meet me back here after this fight 😉
    Shunsui:In Your Face Ukitake…

  24. BUBBLE

    Lisa:Where shall i go? What shall i do?
    Shunsui: Frankly,my dear, i dont give a damn…

  25. Bubble://

    #1: Stay there,
    #2: I’ll show you how raping is done properly

    #3: Yes ma’am

    Nice breakdown (of course) El! I can’t wait to see how they’re gonna be busting up Karakura Town. I wonder who’s gonna be doing the clean-up duty?
    Right now I’m just worried about how Ukitake’s doing…

  26. Bubble

    Lisa; I can’t believe it,
    u have been screwing Matsumoto behind my back
    We are done !!!!

    Shunsui: I’m innocent, she seduced me.. plz don’t go

  27. BUBBLE:

    Lisa: Watch and take notes while I fight him …
    Lisa: I’ll show you how to really take on an Espada.
    Shunsui: Unless you wanna eat 10,000 ceros, with a side order of THOSE WORDS, you better stay back here, sister.

  28. People there is this thing blowing up my mind, i don’t got enuf knowledge of bleach universe to say it, but cudn’t be ichigo dad part of the high noble families!?

    If we think clearly we got

    1. Mass lvls of reiatsu for kurosaki’s family, it was said by byakuya that high noble families wud born wid huge reitsu pool
    2. Ishii just cudn’t run from seireitei he wud be consider an enemy and be persued, it isn’t that easy to do it.
    3. We got an uruhara talking with an immense respect to ishii
    4. It wud explain also the fast development ichigo wud have

    For me its a possiblity, but help either prove it or go agains it

  29. Hmmm, I did think that, but it’s just wouldn’t the Captains of thought his Last name to be odd, if he was ment to be a noble..

  30. BUBBLE:
    Shunsui: Even after all this time it’s still the same
    Lisa: You’re checking out my @ss again aren’t you..

  31. it cud’ve been erased the memory and if we think clearly maybe only captain yamato wud’ve known him i think

  32. @eatencookie, @acklikxx It could be that Ichigos mother was part of a Royal Family; and i could go even further and say that her Maiden name could be Hikifune

    (Get my drift);P but hey as always its just a possibility.

  33. @peediwee:hikifune is not part of the royal family she is former 12 squad captain turned royal guard and am pretty sure ichigos mums name was masaki

  34. I don’t think they’re royal family but i believe in a high noble family.

  35. @acklikxx Oh yeah meant to write Noble Family but @grimspada What I meant was because we never saw Hikifune and the fact that I still have reserves about Ichigos moms death that her being a captain or even a member of a noble family is not too far-fetched

  36. @peediwee: i see.i also hav reservations about her death and anyway this is the bleach universe after all! So its quite possible

  37. bubble:
    Lisa: None of your pick-up lines work on me anymore!
    Shunsui: I wanna bag you like some groceries?

  38. BUBBLE

    Lisa: I’m too sexy for your body, too sexy for your body, the way I’m disco dancing.

    Shunsui: I’m too sexy for my love, too sexy for my love, love’s going to leave me.

  39. Bah! I have no inspiration for bubbles anymore it seems. T_T Maybe next week unless I can pull a quick one out of my ass…that sounded kinda wrong…>_>

  40. my theory is that his dad was part of the royal guard…he has that special captain hiayori (i dunno how to spell that) and he talked about being a captain when he killed that arrancar (well, its implied because he said that they captains would be walking around with skyscraper katana’s if they didnt suppress their energy)

  41. Ugh why singing? xD

  42. I can’t see Aizen fighting against Hirako just yet. I think WW is definitely gonna jump in. If Juushiro is out which pretty much looks like he is, Shusuni is still gonna fight Stark that guy got hit my a cero point blank and is pretty much un-phased by it. Thoughts?

  43. @peediwee: “Unfazed” is if he had took the cero and just stood there as if nothing had happened. He was fazed by it … HE FELL TO THE GROUND. I think you’re just trying to say that he survived it ?

  44. @nagashikage Well Thnx for the spelling correction….BUT! I meant what I said about “pretty much” UnFazed (un-phased). The Pretty much implies that something did happened. If I would have said totally Un-phased “unfazed” then yes i would be wrong. And even knowing that i meant “unfazed” when i spelled it wrong signifies that you still understood what i was writing and was in no way detrimental to my response. 🙂

    I ♥ Dyslexic’s (spelling courtesy of google)

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