Naruto manga breakdown 455 + Naruto manga spoilers 456 CONFIRMED!!!!

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Hello people,

Every now and then a Naruto chapter comes along that just makes you say “what the f#$k”,  this is that chapter.   The chapter starts off with Dick Cheney…wait I meant Danzo preparing for his trip to the Hokage meeting.  Danzo assembles his two man gang, stocks up on hard liquor and puts Naruto and Sai on his “They could F@#K my plans up” list.

Is that guy on the right with the mask Michael Jackson?  What, to soon?

Is that guy on the right with the mask Michael Jackson? What, to soon?

Naruto is apparently still sticking to his no snitching policy as he gets repeatedly punched in the face for a friend that attempted to kill him at one point.  I say that this makes Naruto Gangsta, and like all Gangsta’s he will most likely get shot because he stepped on someone’s new pair of kicks.

Instead of hug Naruto loves getting punched in the face. He is a true masochist.

Instead of hug Naruto loves getting punched in the face. He is a true masochist. Now, Where's my money?

Sai finally takes action and backs up his homie Naruto by blocking Karui’s P.S.M super punches.  I can’t believe I am actually saying this, but I agree with the guy who likes to wear belly shirts and dances to techno at gay bars.  Sai asks naruto to act like a normal person and give up on protecting Sasuke the douche bag.  Naruto still sticks to his no snitching rule and tells Sai to stay out of the fight.  I think Naruto must have caught the EMO virus from pain and now likes to get beaten and cut so he can bitch about it on facebook.

Sai jumps in front of Naruto to confesses his love, just like Hinata but with out the stabbing.

Sai jumps in front of Naruto to confesses his love, just like Hinata but with out the stabbing.

Miss big boobs from the mayo on fries and P.M.S girl team steps in and breaks up the fight.  Naruto and Sai then go to Kakashi and Yamato to ask if they can see the Raikage after big boobs told them no.  Then a bunch of unimportant stuff happens like Naruto finds out that the mask guy from akatsuki is madara, Kakashi volunteers himself and Yamato as escorts for naruto to go see the Raikage and Sai finds out he has some man love for naruto.

Bow chicka wow wow

Bow chicka wow wow

Then we have Danzo walking down a path when a bunch of ninja pop out and attack him.  Danzo tells he body guards to stay back because he will handle this himself like a real OG.  This is the real WTF moment of the chapter, Danzo is Naruto’s Farther! …wait, that’s not right…I meant to say, Danzo has the sharingan! What a twist! …well not really since that has been a popular theory ever since we found out the guy with the orange mask had the sharingan.  Is Danzo actually Madara or is this just something just to make the readers think he is madara?17

Another interesting thing about this chapter is that Naruto Kakashi and Yamato might become enemies of the Hokage and any enemies of the Hokage are enemies of the hidden leaf.

 Well that is the end of my naruto breakdown.  Next week we are going to have cookie try her hand at the naruto manga breakdown.

Later peoples,

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  2. 2nd

  3. darn u supah ,if my pc werent slow,darn

  4. 3RD!!!!!!!!!!1MUAHAHAHA

  5. 5th…on my own post WTF >_<.

  6. YOSH! Great breakdwon Scorp you had me ROTFLOL at “Let’s get it on” and the caption ‘Bow Chica Wow Wow’! Oh nooooesssss! XD

    I still don’t think Madara is Danzou because that would suck ass. Danzou and Madara are total opposites. One wants to destroy Konoha the other wants to protect it. Madara wants Sasuke to kill Daznou. Danzou doesn’t want to die and wants to rule as Hokage! 0_0 Lol, maybe he’s suicidal if the Madara= Danzou theory is correct. The one they have in common is a sharingan in their right eye and old age. Danzou moves like his age is showing though while on the other hand Madara/Tobi acts like he’s in his 20-30s.

    Now a Naruto, Kakashi, Yamato team is badass but come on where’s Hinata? T_T Lol, jkjk in fact it’d be better for them to have a med nin on their team and take Sakura with them. Yes, I said it folks Sakura would be a good edition to the team and be useful actually. 😛 Though if Sakura’s unavailable crying over Sasuke still then by all means take Hinata! 😉

    P.S. Sai just got 10 more awesomeness points in my book!

  7. Fourth! Scorp, you don’t count, lol

  8. So Sais on about 10 awesomeness points now Super? 😛
    Great breakdown! Funny captions all the way through…
    I liked the fact that Naruto has finally told someone about the 4th! You would think he’d be excited to tell people about it really…
    Other than that i didnt really like the issue much…

    Oh is it just me or does the mask guy look like Yamato? probs just Kishi screwin with my mind

  9. OMG…ROFLMAO at “I’m the only one who gets to hurt Naruto, if you know what I mean.”

    Great breakdown, Scorp!

  10. Loved the breakdown, Scorp, especially the bubbles ^_^ Too funny!

    Totally agree too that this was a complete WTF! chapter … the drawing wasn’t all that great IMHO, and the plot twists were even less exciting *sigh*

    Danzo mentioned last week that they had to find Orochimaru’s experiment data to try and fix up his eye and arm, so I’m thinking he’s most likely NOT Madara in disguise. There’s the whole being in two places at once bit screwing things up, plus it’s way too obvious at this point since everyone guessed that as a possibility ages ago >_< If anything, I wouldn't be surprised if we learn that Danzo took that Sharingan from an Uchiha who crispified his hand in the battle right before/after the elders sent Itachi to kill his clan.

    And what was with the Kakashi teaser? Kishi's dangling the campfire conversation in front of our faces like a carrot and damnit, I want a bite *LOL*

  11. Is it just me or does the manga have a new look and feel to it

  12. could danzo get the sharingan when itachi killed shisui( the guy he killed to get mangekyou) and he took an eye out of shisui

  13. No, this is my third time saying. A dead body doesnt have chakra flowing so they wouldnt maintain the sharingan. Danzo got it from someone alive

  14. Great breakdown once again,
    I have a question-why would Danzo want to fix his rigth eye,I mean his arm-I understand(if he is right handed it probably sucks when he tries to have some fun in the bathroom :P)but a sharingan eye.If he wants it fixed does that mean he didn’t want it in the first place.

  15. Yep still think that Danzo is Madara and Tobi is Obito.
    Why just because.

  16. but great break dowb

  17. Don’t you guys find that Danzou’s sharingan is higher than his left eye? It’s weird :s
    @ tobiisagoodboy: I don’t know about that, why would Madara suggest to Sasuke to take Itachi’s eyes if you could only transplant the eyes of someone alive?

  18. You misunderstand my point orochimaru. That suggestion from madara was to obtain the eternall ms from itachis eyes. Now seeing as the only other non-uchiha sharingan user that we know of – kakashi – cant ‘turn off’ his sharingan and therefore covers it up, its a given that another non-uchiha – danzo – covers his eye up for the same purpose. If danzo cant turn the sharingan off then how would he have turned it on? Him taking a sharingan eye that wasnt in ‘sharingan mode’ and putting it in his eye would just be like putting a normal eye in

  19. I indeed misunderstood your point there 🙂 and it’s seems you’re right, thanks for clearing that up.

  20. Madara got his eye from obito. Just like kakashi… Cept the other one 🙂

  21. Errr danzo I meant.

  22. I have no clue where he got a sharingan but i think this is going to be a perfect opt for naruto to prove he should be hokage when there an saves every one again,
    not to lie though its not as interesting as it use ti be

  23. @Orochimau: No problem ^-^ glad you agree tbh

    @Jamrock: Firstly that names pretty awesome! Secondly, yeah i agree between the crappy end to the pain fight and the constant droaning on about sharingan from the past few months, it really has lost its edge…
    It always talked about sharingan a lot but now its getting rediculous….

  24. ok so mayb someone brought this up already but i havent seen anyone talk bout it yet and its been bothering me for awhile now. When naruto turned himself into a punching bag why didnt he go into sage mode i mean he didnt have to move rlly and i no he heals fast wouldnt it be less painful to turn into sage mode???

  25. Hey guys, anybody else think Danzo cud b Obito?

  26. i mean Obito’s right side was crushed by a boulder n look and behold, Danzo’s right side is off’ed, same for sharingan left one gone and right one there ( the one he didnt give kakashi), maybe Orochimaru and Kabuto used there jutsu to bring him back in another body

  27. so anybody try and explore the idea that danzo is madara brother? (i kno i have) i feel like he would b the only one who could even get close to knowin his weakness’ i rly dont kno wats goin on rite now.

  28. I like Black Ice’s idea, Tobi being Obito, remember that kakashi’s mangekyo sharingan power is that dimension sucking thing, it could have some connection to that tobi teleportation jutsu or not since tsukuyomi and amaterasu have nothing similar to eachother. If so, how could he control pain, i mean someone just with the mangekyo. Arrgggh this is getting confuse!

    Danzo being Madara is also possible, by wanting revenge on his own clan by making itachi doing what he did, by having a sharingan that needs to be fixed, meaning how old he is, by having so many secrets that needs seals on his own man! Cant wait to see if there is a scar somewhere around his eye just like kakashi. If not its all his!

  29. Did you notice the ninja’s that jumped Danzo were wearing hidden village atire? They are from some major country. That may not be an important note though.

    I’m thinking Danzo has fought Madara in the past. Danzo has one of Madara’s eyes I bet. We are yet to see Danzo’s skill, but I bet he is on par with Madara.

  30. @fuutonsavior. They can’t be related. Danzo has to cover his eye, like kakashi. That means he does not have the blood line to support toggling the sharingan. That also further supports the idea, its Madara’s missing eye

  31. Wow … well, now we know Danzo has a definite relationship with either Obito or Madara.
    I wonder if Obito even has something to do with the story at all …

  32. @johnnyocalypse: how does Danzo have Madara’s eye if they both have it in their right eye ?

  33. lol @johnnyocalypse …nagashikage does have a point lol

  34. And how the hell Danzo got the eye from Madara.Madara was one of the strongest shinobi ever to live and i doubt Danzo said “Hey can I take a look at your left eye-it looks shiny”.Also A lot of guys,including me,have posted very good reasons why Danzo is not an uchiha,therefore he isn’t Madara or Obito but I guess you just don’t read them.

  35. okay, i think i have the hang of this. its a bit weird to see danzo with that freaky looking sharingan, but how the hell did he received it? stole it or sumthin? im pretty sure he’s no uchiha dude! oh, and that sai part, LMFAO! that was gay in so many ways, but funny in sumwat way. nice, nice! i actually read this whole thing!

  36. @Blackice: Im really not buying the thought of tobi and madara being two different people. I just dont understand why an epic character like madara would be introduced to the series (aside from mentions at valey of the end and then by the fox) as someone only for it to turn into a complete farce and infact just a person ripping madaras name. If that were to happen then i can only think that no character would be madara. Kishi often leads us down dead ends but he actually went and said ‘Im madara’ next to a pic of Tobi, its against his nature to state something clearly then go and contradict it.

    I wouldnt rule danzo out of being madara simply coz he covers his sharingan, for all we know danzo could have approached a wounded and dying madara after the battle with the fourth. Madara asks danzo to take his eye with the promise of becoming hokage using it. Madara uses some crazy jutsu to seal his conciousness into his eye and then when danzo puts it in there are two personalities inside him as well as a random third one that was created. Indeed this could also suggest madara was taking over danzos body and has full control of his right arm.
    Im sure you guys can come up with hundreds of other justifications of how danzo could still be madara and have to cover his eye.

    Instead i will point out some clear things that contradict the argument: Danzo wants power and rule over konoha – madara wishes for its destruction and even sent pain there fully aware of his abilities and tendancies to smash things like the emo he was. Madara wishes to make Sasuke his new nagato/pain Why would danzo (if he was madara) give the order for leaf nin to hunt him down with the risk of killing his potential puppet. Then we have the whole mizukage thing. It could have been kisame seeing one of the old mizukage faces behind tobis mask. It could be that he is in fact the current sexy female mizukage. It could have been kisame marveling at how a puddle behind tobi cast a shadow. Either way a famous face like danzos couldnt be the mist villages leader. Then theres the whole being in two places at once thing and if your arguing that madara can teleport then the danzo-madara could teleport too and indeed just capture a sleeping naruto and indeed all the jinchuriki on his own….

  37. i got a crazy theory….what if stick with me…danzo got that sharigan from….MADARA!!! hahah im joking…that wouldn be possible unless madara found out that the third beat him which was the pupil of the 1st/2nd, and he wanted to do that moons eye tech on danzo,but because danzo somewhere got f*cked up and lost his arm and etc that madara severed ties with him ,but lost his eye, which is why he needed orochimaru so he could get his arm back and fight madara to protect the village and truly become hokage….
    awesome short breakdown scorpion, truly with the powerlevel over 9000!!!

  38. i just cant stop wondering why ppl allways try to relate characters of therecently know as uchiha chronicles (former naruto) to link to each over by their stupid eyes…

  39. hmm i bet sexykage got a sharingan on left too lol

  40. kishi you tried making danzou intresting but … you failed

  41. @nagashikage. I had considered that, but who says it has to be on the same side as the eye he took?

  42. I think the Danzo-Madara theory has destroyed all odds and become more likely suddenly.

    But that doesnt “prove” it….

    The chapters pretty cool because of that….also Naruto spills he saw the 4th. Kakashi spilled the info that he knew Naruto was Minato’s son. And Kakashi seems to explain to Sai, that Sai has the same feelings/bond for Naruto, that Naruto has for Sasuke, so Sai understands Naruto’s feelings.

    On top of that, Naruto’s going to leave the village with Kakashi and Yamma, so he’s heading in the same direction as Sasuke again, even though Madara tried to divert Sasuke from him.
    Although Danzo wants to keep Naruto from meeting Gaara and the other kage’s by keeping him in Konoha. But with 2 nin with Naruto i cant help but wonder if Naruto will stay or not. 0_0

    I think Kaka and Yama will go alone…

    Anyway great chapter.

    Oh yeah…Kishi interview said Sai will cause summut huge….i wonder what?

    And im wondering if Konaha will become the enemy in the nin war….

  43. I dont think Tobi is Madara, i think Danzo is Tobi and pretended to be Madara to make it easier to control Itachi and then easier to control Sasuke. By making Sasuke angry at Danzo and the elders he can get Sasuke into a trap and kill him. Then Naruto would have to stop with his crazy failed attempts of bringing back Sasuke, then Danzou could just buy some time since he is Hokage aswell and rebuild Akatsuki since most of them are now dead and then send them all and capture Naruto take the Kyubi, then DANZO WILL RULE THE WORLD. I know that is a kind of wierd idea but it kind of makes sense.

  44. anyone think shika’s dad is one of the guys that jumped on danzo?
    i dunno but i had a feeling.

  45. maybe, but one of danzos root guys looked like Ino’s dad

  46. doesn’t torune look like sai. or maybe he is sai’s dad.

  47. Ok danzo cannot be madara because of huge age difference. Madara is around the same age as the 1st hokage. Danzo is around the same age as the third hokage, who was only a kid when the first hokage was around.

  48. I really hope this arc stays Kakashi, Yamato, and Naruto. Just a 3 man squad. Sakura and Sai are too weak for this team now =P

  49. nice breakdown
    it’s going to be very interesting (maybe big battle) 5 kages & 2 hosts (Naruto + Killerbee if they’ll find him on the way) is going to meet at the same place… and of course Sasuke, and Madara somewhere in shadows. can’t wait for next chapter 🙂

  50. The masked guy does look like Yamato! Maybe his evil Twin?

  51. sai is good guys he never gets to battle tho. just as a side note and just because one covers up ones sharingan doesn’t mean that they can=t turn it off. first of all why would u want everyone to know about ur secret weapon? Danzou could be doing what ninja do best; deceive his enemies by covering up his sharigan. And not to go out on a limb but isnt it possible that madaras brother got away with one of his eyes and got a replacement like kakashi but with a normal eye so he wouldn’t look so freaky? that is actually possible (wow im not going crazy)

  52. srry for posting twice but mayb that is why madara only shows one eye, because he only has one eternal sharingan
    Tobi has to b madara other wise how would he know how to put out the flames of amaterasu (dont know how to spell that)

  53. binktopia is out!!!! some nice differences…

  54. @Tobi: Boy oh man, man oh boy. Ok this is what I am think. Ok Danzo have sharingan. Now I have no idea how he got it. Yet I know that he is not Obito. He is to old and he have his left eye. Ok many people still say that Madara is Tobi. Kool yet i still say he Obito or have something to do with Obito body. Now this have been said before. But if that is Madara why do his sharingan seem to be similar to Kakashi. They both warp something. Kakashi warp away other objects while Tobi warps himself.

    So if it is Obito why would he want to destroy Konoha. Well let see, a war was the reason he lost his eye and haft of his body. So could he hold a grudge against Konoha for that, maybe so. So if he still was alive how did he become so powerful. Well
    that would be when the five heart guy come in (Just cant spell his name). He could of help him regain his body. Reason for that
    can be many. Maybe someone with sharingan could help him
    achieve something. Who knows yet that is just a guess.

    Ok so we all know that when you seek out revenge you get hella
    power. Ask Sasuke, he can tell you all about it. So his reason
    for becoming so strong could be to take out everything. Feeling like that because of different ninja and villages, that cause so much war . Again just taking shoots in the dark.

    So what better way of doing this is by starting up a group of supa
    power people. Find someone with a similar view as you. Use him to death and you get the ball rolling. Now I can be wrong to the point of no end. Yet we still are not for sure.

    So how Danzo get sharingan. Well that a hard one. I can’t say for
    sure until we seem him use it more or see his MS. I do believe that it might have something to do with some one that had sharingan but wasn’t really important.

    So there go my shot in the dark. Could be wrong and if so I’ll be
    the first to say it.

  55. Um…QUESTION- If Danzo is a Uchiha…why would he give orders to wipe out his own clan?

    * A > He Stole It

    * B > Madara was lying….again

  56. WOOOW
    Now I KNOW Madara isn’t Douchebag Danzo.
    What happened to Gavin btw?


  58. I honestly cannot believe people are still speculating that Madara is Danzo.

    @Fuutonsavior: If Danzo were actually Uchiha then he could “deceive” everyone by not activating his Sharingan…duh. But since he isn’t Uchiha he has to cover it up.

    If Itachi was telling the truth and Madara stole his brother’s eyes and wasn’t given, then look at this: From there you cans see he started with the right eye…and we all know his left eye has the sharingan so basically he has both eyes.

    If Madara was telling the truth and was offered the eyes and didn’t steal them, then look at this: Both eyes are bleeding. By all accounts, Madara took both eyes.

    @Everyone else following this theory: There’s absolutely no way Danzo could be Madara. If we’re going by the hair theory…Danzo’s hair was short when Madara’s was still long.

    Danzo’s right arm has some deformity while Madara’s is perfectly fine.

    Since Madara took both eyes from his brother, if Danzo were Madara, then he would have two Sharingan eyes and not just one.

    Madara is an Uchiha and can activate or deactivate his Sharingan at will and therefore, wouldn’t have to wear that piece of cloth over his eye like Danzo.

    Need I continue?…

  59. Lol pickles! i have been arguing this case for a while! they just wont listen…
    Madara being danzou would be too friggin obvious too! everyone suspected him since madaras sharingan was shown and now danzos right sharingan was shown while the mizukage and her body guard all have their right eye covered. bah! Kishis just throwin some curve balls

  60. A little bit off topic but does anyone have any ideas why kakashi never uses rasengan??

  61. @hou1kage…wellthats obivous..he has chidori…lol no seriously its because of his chakra pool..naruto can use it alot because he’s got alot plus the 9-tail fox to help him out..

    what if madara and danzo are enemies, and that danzo just wanted to make sure that madara couldn’t come back using other uchias which is why he killed them all off?…that would explain why he has the sharigan just incase he does comeback, he could atleast fight him off, with help from orochimaru’s techs, could him recover from his disfigurements. i think orochimaru and danzo have been cool longer than when he sent sai however long ago, possibly years. where was danzo’s root units when he attacked years ago?

  62. @shinobimadness so technically youre sayin that chidori takes up less chakra or that its a better technique?

  63. @shinobimadness

    i thought the nine tailed fox made it harder for naruto to manipulate chakara and if he didnt have it his own chakara pool would be even larger so im not sure if it helps him out. kakashi probly doesent use it because his element is lightning and its his only tech that he hasnt copied.

  64. Firstly its Raikiri to be technical 😛 and my guess why Kakashi doesn’t use rasengan is because raikiri is stronger. Its an S rank technique while rasengan is A not to mention the boost in strength for it being the same nature as kakashis strongest element. If he went against a proper wind user (which he hasnt, one of kakuzus hearts doesnt count XD ) then he might use rasengan but he would have fire element jutsu that he is proficient in which would be a better bet.

    I dont think the reason for him not using it lies in his chakra pool but to be honest i dont think kakashi has significantly less chakra than your average shinobi, its just using sharingan when your not an uchiha really takes it out of you…

  65. that makes sense

  66. Besides obito there were a lot of people danzou couldve got it from…. The whole clan went down in one night right? I think it would be cool if he took it from itachis father or something. I know they killed them all and dead eyes are worthless, but it never said madara couldn’t have finished one off… Just saying it’s another way for him to get it. That would mean kakashi had it longer…. Which I don’t think is the case.

  67. I think Kakashi doesn’t use rasengan because it’s an incomplete jutsu and the only time we’ve seen him use it, his left hand was holding his right forearm so I’m assuming he has to do that whenever he uses it which isn’t exactly convenient for battle.

    @Chromer: I believe the nine-tails chakra adds to his already large chakra pool. When he used kyuubi chakra for back-up against Neji during the chuunin exams goes to show that.

  68. got a wild thought. u know how we never see madara’s/tobi’s full face, what if madara only has one eye left. i mean why else would he make a mask with one eye hole? imagine if danzo’s sharingan is madara’s missing eye.

  69. he cant get it from itachi. itachi transplanted all his eye techniques to sasuke, so there’s no use of it anymore. 😦

  70. I just wanna lay my thoughts out there which I’m sure people will have a disagreement on (Pickles). 😛

    Why I think Obito is the Tobi personality to Tobi/Madara.

    First off I need to show why I think Tobi/Madara are one in the same.

    1. They both wear the same exact clothes, mask, and have the sharingan in their right eye.

    2. Tobi revealed himself as Madara to Pein.

    3. Tobi revealed his face to Kisame and Kisame called him Madara and the former Mizukage.

    4. Madara is alive because Jiraiya and Itachi both suspected it and they’re no dummies. Itachi met with Madara in fact to help slaughter the Uchiha clan. For those who say Tobi and Madara aren’t the same because Madara is dead there you have it.

    5. My last reason is if Madara and Tobi were two separate people that would be dumb as hell. Why would someone as powerful as Madara let some bafoon like Tobi go around and impersonate him? Why would he even work with Tobi if he could just do everything Tobi did with the mask on, but without the child like attitude?

    Now why I think Obito has a connection to Tobi/Madara.

    1. The names. Tobi…Obito…I mean come on. 😉

    2. I’m gonna put all of this together. The hair is similar, body similar, and age are similar. Tobi acts just about the right age for Obito to be at if he grew up like Kakashi. Obito has the most similar hair style to Tobi (much more similar than Danzou). Tobi’s body is young and youthful just like Obito’s would be if he grew up.

    3. Obito’s right side was crushed right? Of course it was no arguing there. Hmmm…looks like to me Tobi’s right side of his body could be constructed of metal or some other material strong enough to block a giant swinging sword. Sure it could’ve been iron skin but I didn’t see any hand signs.

    4. Obito’s remaining sharingan was in his right eye Tobi now has a sharingan in his right eye. It never says that Obito lost his right eye when he was smashed “The right side of my body is ALMOST smashed”. never says “Oh noeess my right eye is gone”. 😉

    5. Kakashi’s sharingan and Tobi’s sharingan similarities. Kakashi took Obito’s left eye and he developed the power to do this… (warp others to another space/time dimension)

    Tobi has the power to do this (warp himself through space/time dimension)

    See the similarities?

    6. How Tobi and Kakashi looked at each other after their first encounter Suuussssspiiiiicccciiioooouuussss…..

    7. Last but not least Tobi/Madara’s dual personality. One minute he acts like a grown ass man (Madara) and the next he acts like a kid (Tobi). Sure he hasn’t acted like a kid in a while but that could just be Madara supressing Obito’s personality now that he’s come out of hiding for the most part. Does anyone else see Uchiha Madara acting so out of character (like a little kid) on purpose even if he was trying to hide his true identity? I sure don’t…

    Seems like Madara could’ve plucked the sharingan out of Obito’s eye and accidentally taken along with him Obito’s personality, or Obito’s sharingan could be taking over his body with its old personality. Lastly, Madara could have taken Obito’s body and had someone like Kakuzu, Orochimaru, or Zetsu reconstruct him. Then Madara transfers his old dying soul into the newly reconstructed body of Obito but Obito’s personality remains for some reason. Thus making Madara/Tobi!!! 🙂

    Alright, those are the similarities I see which make me believe in the Madar/Tobi/Obito connection theory. I’m sure there’s holes in it and what not but until I see Obito dead and buried he’s alive to me. 😉

  71. @Super: Lol I thought we dropped this and decided to wait and see. But hey, if you wanna have another go, put ’em up! I’ve been getting pretty bored after we dropped the Luffy one.

    *puts on fighting gloves*

  72. hmmm who wud won Orochimaru or Kakuzu the immortal men or the 5lives men?

  73. Anybody else want to see naruto as part of the senju clan? I mean doesn’t that make sense with all these uchihas being pissed at konaha? His gift at the valley of the end with sasuke, etc…

    I don’t think that will (if at all) come up after the time skip.

  74. @super: that’s too long to read. i’ll pass.

  75. @riddicyalutz: how would he be a senju? that’s plain weird.

  76. @riddicyalutz: that would mean Minato was a Senju … I don’t think that was so.

  77. Will Naruto become a missing nin?

    yea i say he will because of how he wants to meet the raikage. Danzo said make sure naruto dont leave, but naruto leaves. Maybe naruto kills one of Danzo’s guys and pulls a treson on him…idk just makin a guess.

    but i think if naruto does become a missing nin, then there might be a time skip because theres a possibility that naruto could end up with a bounty on his head for help or saving sasuke at some point. yea thats all hehe:)

  78. This is quite random but this is why I think Naruto would be a awesome Hokage.
    1. He could do mass shadow clone and help out all the villagers and do many chores and little jobs around the village getting too know every one personally.

    2. He could do mass shadow clone and learn all of the Forbidden jutsu in the secret vault and become a unique but powerful ninja, perhaps the strongest Hokage of them all but then, The First knew all those techniques anyhow so he would be akin too the First in jutsu thus making his battle with sasuke all the more alike.

    3. Because he is the Demon Fox who destroyed the Village many years ago and now hes just saved the Village so that would make them even. But in my personal opinion I believe naruto will fight the Demon fox again, Im talking about the other half and that time as Hokage he will win so the village doesnt repeat its Karma.



    First time poster here. Had to get this off my chest and not sure if someone already has this thought.

    Danzo is Madara. My hypothesis is that Danzo’s Sharingan has an ability to project himself as a phantom made of chakra through space (not sure about time yet). That would explain why attacks go right through him.

    Also, one of the latest chapters has Tobi/Madara say he has to attend to something and then cuts over to Danzo going to meet with village elders to become Hokage.


  80. Hey evryone, i feel a strong urge to change the topic, therefore my first post on this blog:

    My 2cents on the “Moons Eye plan” of the great Madara-sama!:

    It was full moon when he attacked konoha with the Kyuubi!

    It was full moon when he attacked konoha with the Kyuubi, again!!

    Now as for his Moons eye plan.. im not sure..
    could have somewthing to do with the sharingan, and tailed beasts.. what do you think :D?

  81. @Supa: I agree with u completely. I also think Tobi is Obito or the Madara used Obito body. I have stated my point earlier about how and why.

  82. @ cane and nagashi…

    Your right. I don’t Necessarily think it’s the case either. But no matter how powerful naruto gets…. To me he’s just an oddity, because we have this huge build up of the uchihas… And we know the senju was better…

    So my question is, are we going to witness a wipe out of uchihas and go on to something bigger? Because if senju was so large and defeated uchiha, I’m sure it’s not like they just stopped making babies right?? We know pretty much nothing about senju minus the 1st and 2nd… Why can’t he (naruto) be one?

  83. And even if naruto defeats madara as the final battle… So what? So did the first. :/

  84. @super

    Two week ago, I will say you are totally right, but since last week chapter, went we see Danzo with is sharingan, I not that sure anymore.

    1- It’s the right eye just like the other one of Obito

    2- Danzo is a cockroach and he will pick up every thing he found useful

    3- The pupil look weird way bigger that usually (probably cause by some rock crashing is face)

    I know they are not the best argument, but still it’s plausible (Mythbuster), but deep inside my heart i still want the Tobi/Obito theory to come true 😛

  85. this is the first time i read a wra breakdown, tho i was a fan of IRA, but i really liked it!! keep up the good work..

    now the reason i just registered to wordpress was to be able to ask this question that’s eating me up:

    Danzou, in the previoius chapter says ‘find kabuto before anko does! he has valuable research that can help with my right arm and eye!!’

    now i know this is just the excuse he uses while thinking ‘he may know about me and oro’, however, he uses this excuse in front of the 3 men that are present. Then the two of these guys, along with i guess some ‘practice attackers’ also from the root, actually WITNESS the fact that he has a sharingan!

    I think it’s a PLOT HOLE! in either case its a big hole in Danzou’s excuse. Now probably none of those guys will be able to talk to anyone else about danzou having a sharingan due to the seal on their tongues. Still, if u need to use an excuse against some ppl, ie ‘i need a way to fix my right arm and eye, as they are damaged/i cant use them’ against these guys, and then totally blow the lie that u just told 10 mins ago right in front of them, i dont think it even really makes sense to use that excuse.. no?

    i mean if u trust ur tongue seal so much you may as well tell them that u and oro cooperated at some point too.. or if u hide that fact then at least hide ur sharingan as well…?

    or maybe he meant sth like there is sth wrong with my sharingan and kabuto’s research can fix it? tho i highly doubt that??

    Hanyways, someone PLS answer my question im dying here.. 🙂

  86. @Pickles: Hey, I just put up my thoughts and suggestions on what I see to be good evidence supporting the Tobi/Obito theory. If you want to debate them then be my guest but let’s not get into it like our former debate on IRA. 😉

    @Ice: Hell yeah!!! Now watch us be terribly wrong and have to pretend in the future that we NEVER supported this theory in the past, and all those who said we did are just crazy as hell. XD

    @Jay: So you are losing faith in the Tobi/Obito theory for the Danzou = Madara theory, or is it that Danzou with the sharingan is confusing the hell out of you like everyone else and now all bets are off? At least you’re still rooting for the Tobi/Obito theory. 🙂

    @Rake: Interesting observation. Maybe the sharingan has the most control over the Kyuubi during a full moon at a certain time of the year…or perhaps it can control any tailed beast with the full moon. I never got if the sharingan could control more than the Kyuubi though. If it could control the 9 Tails why not the weaker Bijuu? Is there a link between the 9 Tails and the sharingan besides how sinister their chakra is?

  87. don’t you think naruto could be a senju:

    1. i mean why would tsunade give naruto her necklace to him if it’s supposed to stay in hte senju clan. quite susoicious that theorey.

    2. When tobi’s talking to sasuke it shows a picture of the 4 hokages and he says senju retained supramcy (even though it shows a picture of the yondaime.

    3. Also, sasuke vs naruto at valley of the end. Kakashi says it’s ironic about them fighting there, Kakashi might mean that both of there ancestors fought there or just because of sasuke.

    4. this is the worst theory but when minato talks to naruto (inside naruto) he tells the reason why he sealed the kyuubi inside him, so he can control it. Did he just say that or could he learn the ability that the 1st and tenzo can use and suppress the kyuubi’s chakra.

    does anybody think this could be all speculation for naruto a senju? do you think that’s true

  88. Now thats someones mentioned it does seem possible that naruto could be a senju, it would be an old rivalry resparked. But i dont think Kakashi was referring to naruto when he said it was ironic that sasuke vs naruto at Valley of The End. He was probably talking bout just sasuke cause i dont think too many people remember bout the Senju clan, its hardly ever been brought up by anyone except tobi/madara, but hes old enough to remember a time before the Leaf Village existed and when the Uchiha and Senju were rivals.

  89. @Pazownz: Sorry but i really doubt that naruto is a senju or even a descendant. Firstly we have the little problem of his dad being Namikaze. Now this doesnt stop Naruto being a descendant but it does simply mean he isnt or wouldnt be in the senju clan, his clan name (which comes from the father) would be Namikaze.
    Secondly, Tsunade practicly gave that necklace to eveyone! Well no, two people and one was her brother but the second guy, he couldnt be a senju unless Tsunade was after her cousin or something O_O also i would like to point out that we dont know if Tsunade herself is a senju since we dont know who her father was and the fact she hasnt been called Tsunade Senju indicates to me that she isnt.
    As for the valley of the end, i always assumed that Kakashi said that because Konohas fate hung so delicately on that fight just like the 1st and Madara. At the time everyone thought Sasuke was practicly handing the sharingan to Oro.
    Naruto using mokuton? I highly doubt it. Dont see it happening no other senju could use it other than the 1st, then someone as supposedly distant as Naruto can do it? Besides it would mean he would have to be proficient in water and earth element and would have nothing to do with his strong and rare wind affinity. Plus its highly implied that the 4th flying thundergod is a bloodline limit.
    Dont forget that Minato inherited the senju teachings from the 1st because 1st taught 3rd, 3rd taught J man and J man taught him. So that could explain why he is pictured with the senju.

    @Super: Now that you list all those point i really see a lot of credit to your argument. Sure i see some flaws but overall its good *thumbs up* But i only agree because you still suggest Madara and Tobi are still the same person. If you didnt i would have to pull your liver out XD may i ask you though, why would Obito want to join akautski and then the cold reception with Kakashi? But if your right, Kakashi totally took the wrong eye lol!

    @Sironamoon: I dont think there is reason for Danzo to lie to root as you have pointed out. Which brings me to 1 conclusion, he wasnt lying. He probably really needs Oros research for something, my only guess is to try to cure the mangekyo blindness. You base your whole point on the fact that Danzo has a connection to Oro. He probably does, but he wouldnt hide it from root, they might even know anyway and probably about his sharingan too since they all follow him completely even though hes about as charismatic as a shouting door handle. Im sure a lot of his strengths are built around his sharingan just like kakashi.

  90. @tobiisagoodboy: well we don’t know if naruto is good in earth and water affinity yet. It says by jonin you have 2 affinities and kakashi has three.

    And we don’t know as well if naruto can do the flying thunder god yet. I mean he’s never used the kunai’s the 4th used.

    Also Minato could of taken his mother’s last name like naruto did and minato’s dad could be senju.

    And you probably are correct about the kage mountain and it means the teachings instead of a bloodline but you don’t know what Kishi will bring out of the blue.

  91. Yeah your right he could learn earth and water nature manipulation and then get mokuton but Naruto has the great arsenal of 1 wind element jutsu lol. Before Kishi gives him three more elements to mess around with, he is going to have to learn more wind jutsu. Naruto just isnt the same type of ninja as Kakashi (who has 4 elements by the way) coz he doesnt use like 10 different jutsu each time he fights. Granted he doesnt really know 10 but if he did, would his style change that much? Mokuton is best at midrange fighting and Naruto has always been predominantly close range. The point im getting at is if he could use mokuton, he would end up using it all the time considering the power it holds, and he would change from his own fighting style to Tenzos.

    Its true we dont know if Naruto can do flying thunder god but what other jutsu could Jiryia be speaking of Minato’s that Naruto was intended to compete (Rasen shuriken was already done)

    Your right, Minato could have taken his mothers name but if what you say is correct, he would be throwing the great senju name away as he did. Naruto didnt ‘take’ his mothers name, it was given to him to conceal his connection to the 4th.

  92. Hey @ pazownz, Kakashi has 4 affinitys – Earth, Fire, Water, Lightning.

    I thought that he got Earth and Fire from the Eye of Obito because I believe they were his affinitys.

    just a small note

  93. How Ya’ll Doin?!

    Yeeeeeeeeee Haaaa!!!

    Posted by TDA @ Naruto Fan
    Verification: Confirmed

    Nja posted, since Jump comes out early so early spoilers



    ダンゾウ戦は速攻で終わり(印むすんで口からカマイタチ?みたいなのだして敵さんは切り刻まれ る)

    カカシはサイが信じてもらえないんですよね…って(また根の者として裏切るんじゃないか的な )







    Translation by Nightjumper @ Naruto Fan

    (Nja apologizes for last week, saying that he had a hangover or something)

    Simple spoiler from Nja:

    Danzou swiftly ends the battle.(He uses something from his mouth similar to Kamaitachi’s(Temari’s weasel summon) attack. The enemy gets chopped up)
    Danzou uses the Sharingan to swiftly attack and calculate the number of enemies. Scene change to Naruto

    Kakashi puts the Root ninja tailing Sai to sleep with a Genjutsu.
    (Naruto’s and Konohamaru’s Oiroke no Jutsu is used to distract two of them, thereupon they are taken out with a simple Jutsu.)
    Sai: You won’t be able to have faith in me, won’t you?(It’s almost like he’s betraying the Root a second time)
    Kakashi: You’re already part of Team Kakashi! [I/We] believe in you!

    [Sai] immediately smiles

    The Mizukage & co. are staying at an inn.
    [Details about Choujuurou’s sword. See below]
    The Tsuchikage & co. are camping
    The Tsuchikage informs his company of the site of the summit.
    There won’t be shinobi guarding the site, but warriors(samurai?) will.
    The Kazekage heads straight for the summit site.

    Back to Samui & co. A clone of Yamato is tailing them back to the Raikage.
    Naruto, Kakashi and Yamato; the three of them are in pursuit.

    Chapter ends there.[I think]

    [Nja explains how the fight with the root ninja went again]

    Small note is the single line with the Tsuchikage saying there won’t be shinobi on duty should be:

    He says that it will be samurai, and not shinobi, who’ll be the ones securing the location

    And I believe it’s literally named Taisouken* Hiramekarei** for Choujuurou’s katana

    *Great Twin Blades
    *left eye flounder and right-eye flounder (a type of fish)

  94. @tobiisagoodboy: well minato might have happened to what naruto happened and that miato was forced to have his last name to namikaze (probably not though) to protect him as well.

    and oh yeah kakashi only uses fire affinities in anime only, but he uses lightning, earth and water affinities in both. so in manga hes counted with only 3 affinities.

  95. @lelulalilo: and kakashi only knows other affinities because he’s copied the elements with the sharingan. thats why his water moves he copied off zabuza and he copied fire jutsu off sasuke(i think) and i dont know who he copied the earth affinity off. (might of just got that)

  96. @pazownz: You have a good point and as far as i remember kakashi hasnt used fire element in the manga but i disagree that he copied the other affinities. The sharingan copies the specific quantities of spiritual and physical energy mixed in the chakra the opponent is gathering. It does so by giving colour to chakra. It then allows all hand signs to be seen and comprehended regardless of the speed they are made, thats how it copies jutsu. Kakashi would have first had to develop the nature manipulation uust like Naruto did (without shadow clones though – you know what i mean) and he would also need affinity to the elements to begin with otherwise he would have just copied wind from Naruto

  97. But doesn’t the story seem almost dirty if naruto isn’t senju?

    I mean think about it. All this uchiha lore and if madara is the end baddy then I think only a senju should defeat him. The first already did… Multiple times. Or will the uchihas be totally wiped out and we move onto a bigger story?

    Ok so does anyone have any ideas on what happened to the senju?? I mean a clan more prestigious than uchiha, founded konaha, had the first 2 hokages, then
    poof gone? No one we know of is one?

    Any theories??

    Personally I think (for whatever reason) changing your name to hide your identity is plausibe, besides it’s already happened to some pretty important characters (naruto, “yamato”, “tobi” I mean sai isn’t his real name right?)

  98. All I’m saying is it’s possible that something happened that made senju change their name… Who knows the first wanted peace right??? Maybe he did it to stop the rivalry w/ the uchiha?

    We know ppl change (or had someone change) their names for identity so I don’t think the fact he’s “namikaze” totally dissolves the senju theory.

  99. hi, I’m from Vietnam. Nice to visit your blog

  100. Ive seen Kakashi use 4 not 3 affinitys He goes under ground for those attacks he does also he made the Earth wall come at Pain Lighting jutsu of course I believe he used a Fire Jutsu on Itachi once, Aswell as water jutsu on Zabuza..

    Im preety sure you cant just train for another Affinity You have too have a blood connection, Tobi put all those Bombs under the Ground and hes Uchiha so he has Earth and Fire. And I can see Kakashi being a second affinity too water.

    His connection is from his eye its intergrated into him so its given him extra affinity. Like Kabuto Im sure he has a few more Affinitys.

  101. LOL, nice breakdown scorp…that scene w/ Naruto and Sai made me have a hearty laugh.

    Ok, now as for the Obito/Tobi/Madara Uchiha theory…i think i’ve told super this, but i’m w/ him on this one…Tobi/Madara=Obito, at least in my opinion.

  102. This might be a little dumb but how do we know both of Danzo’s eyes aren’t Sharingan and only jsut one? I’m not sure theres been a panel of Danzo in the manga actually opening his left eyelid. Its always shown closed. Sure its been on display unlike his right eye, but whats to say if he opened his left eyelid and he can activate the Sharingan from that eye as well?

  103. @lakerpride

    Here is a panel with his left eye open:

  104. Fahim spoiler is out!!! 🙂

  105. @hellyeahjay: sumthin’s wrong with that video..

  106. oh, never mind. i had to press play like 14 times.

  107. @Tobi: Good question….I don’t know… 😛

    My only guess is maybe Obito’s soul integrated with Madara’s and became Tobi. Not really evil but not on Konoha’s side anymore. Maybe it’s just Obito’s personality not his former self…perhaps he doesn’t remember his past life after Madara took him and is now just another personality of Madara (Tobi). Bah, that’s all I could come up with. >_<

    Come on where all the haters to bash this theory to pieces? I expected some harsh feedback here not all these agreements! 😉

  108. i like how the story keeps getting weirder every chapter… i wonder how kishi would tie these all up. i hope narutoworld won’t suffer the same fate as that of hunter x hunter’s which was brilliantly crafted (before the cell/chimera saga)… 🙂

  109. its just that…Obito was crushed…his right side to be exact right? Kakashi got his left eye because of that incident. So that leaves Obito’s body mangled and without eyes so there’s no possible way that Madara can have Obito’s body. you’d have to have some amazing medical ninjutsu to recover a crushed eye…

  110. Debito it was stated that his right side was ALMOST ALL crushed doesn’t meant his eye or his arm doesn’t specifies what was crushed sob that theory cud be still open… ad to recover a body… just talk to orochimaru he’s the expert on that isn’t it :s?

  111. true but orochimaru had to jump from body to body though because they deteriorated. Obito’s body would be no exception.

  112. for all the people who kept saying kakashi cant perform high level genjutsu

    taking down two root anbu’s isnt easy

  113. omfg,

    all the kage’s

    sasuke’s team

    naruto ,yamato and kakashi (best tag ever)

    gather at the meeting

    the next chap will be awesomeness

  114. Naruto’s been boring lately. Each chapter moves way too slowly…

    Bleach’s chapters move wayyyy too fast. Each page is filled with action and the chapter is over b4 u know it.

    One Piece is the only one that has a good balance of everything.

  115. pumpkin

    you said it

    in every espect onepiece is perfectly balanced

    its awesomeness

  116. bloody hell its out quick

  117. oh eah why is naruto covering his right eye up as well in new chapter
    its the new fashion in naruto

  118. LMFAO!!! You heard it here first! Naruto has the damn Sharingan I just KNOW IT!!! XD

  119. ye but i was first one to say it
    wats my prize

  120. pazownz no its not a new fashion.I think Kishi’s been reading this forum for a while and he is just messing with us.I bet he is gonna fing some more reasons for other characters to cover their right eye. 😛

  121. i know
    next kakashi will and will probably go smash into a tree.

    who else will,
    gaara perhaps

  122. I read it.The ninja vs. samurai thing looks rather cool.I can’t wait for the inevitable fight we are going to witness.Those samurai look like upgraded storm troopers.I wonder if they have light sabers 😀

  123. mayb kishi covers his right eye now, and doesnt want his characters to feel left out 😀

    but it might be all part of the “moons eye plan” tobi was goin on bout 😛

  124. @kingkhaos: youre probably correct
    madara used a genjtsu on everyone in the narutoverse to cover their right eye or they die

  125. Well yeah,that’s Madara’s evil plan.Now he’ll be the only one to wear those fashionable new sun glasses 😀

  126. i know thats his plan but why sunglasses?

  127. You mean you don’t know?Sunglasses are the single most evil thing in the universe.Haven’t you seen any bank’s clerks-pure evilness I tell you…

  128. I thought that was a really cool chapter. The real action is about to start very soon.


  130. hmmm, seems like danzou is a wind type. i can’t wait for the color issue next week ^__^

  131. YAY LETS ALL TALK IN CAPS TOO SEE HOW ANNOYING THIS IS YAYYYY… had ma share of pure awesome with those caps, lilrick plis next time don’t use dem… udk how it feels to read dat

  132. my bad i couldn’t find my glasses so i couldn’t see the small letters….but i have found them…lol

  133. @Lilrick42: Nope, it’s not just you.


    New Naruto manga is out go read now.

  135. boyruns you actually cleared that for me.I couldn’t make what Danzo did until I read your post and now when I took a closer look at it,it looks like Sora’s(the semi-jinchuuriki from the fillers)wind blades…hmmm a sharingan wind user,that’s gonna be interesting to see…I wonder just now-does that mean Danzo’s gonna teach Naruto some wind techniques(I swear if that happens Kishi is definately spying on us).

  136. allright letz let danzo be madara for the time being … but if thats so whats the point of gaiden?
    why should kishi carefully form a backgroundstory around obito and kakashi and point out obito as a character if hes only good for dying anyway?!

    im not sayin the obito/madara theory s the real deal but i d say its probability is way higher than the danzo theory

  137. @klokoller: if thats true that why he made the gaiden, why isnt rin been mentioned yet.

    but i just think obito is dead
    unless somebody did the reanimation jutsu on obito (bring back from the dead jutsu)

  138. I was pondering If the 5th Mizukage is currently reigning as Leader because she defeated Tobi, Like is there some plot or Is she that Powerful and Tobi has a weakness? Judging that fact she is a women I would say shes just as strong as any man in the Village, because she has the the same Will or likewise Will that Tsunade and Sakura Weild. Choujuro’s sword is really making me Itch I wanna know its properties..
    I liked the fact that Suigetsu has his sword aswell, so when the Anime comes there will be a little Filla involved.
    These Samurai in my mind are really going too test the Abilites of the Ninja, In Taijutsu and Genjutsu Im guessing hardly any Ninjutsu will be involved because they are Samurai.
    One Final Note, WTF is Zetsu possibly he discovered Obito’s Body because I believe he was from that territory, but thats another story. Zetsu Ninjutsu is way more interesting than Orochimaru’s because they are twin minds working as one so they are deeply connected in Ninja History, Also the Fact that he samples every body he finds he also discovers ninja qualites just awell as the Sharigan… I know someone agrees with me.

  139. when is the post coming for the new manga….

    Chill man. The author’s are doing this for everyone and it must fit around their schedule. It’ll be done soon enough.

  140. I think danzo is madara. If u look at chapter 456 when he’s using a jutsu, his screwed up hand had bolts in it, just like madara/tobi has bolts. He has the same hair and everything. The fact that he has a sharingan is maybe because he can’t turn it off, because it’s eternal. As for the 2 places at once, he could be capable of it using space time ninjutsu. Also after he sent Kisame to find the 8 tails, he left for somewhere. I have a feeling it was the conference in Konoha. It fits, because he could get there in perfect timing, virtually instantly. As for Obito, I don’t know. He’s probably dead; there’s no way in hell he could have summoned the 9 tales.

    On a different note, we know almost 4 sure that madara was the 4th Mizukage, but why did he leave? What does he want with sasuke?
    He mentioned something about Gedo Mazo, that thing that Pain used a few chapters back. Anyone know what it is? All I know is that Madara is using it to hold the tailed beasts, because that statue in the Akatsuki hideout looks exactly like it.

    I also think the next arc is setting up another showdown between Naruto and Sasuke, cus they’ll both be at the conference between the kages. I also think that the power Itachi gave Naruto is setting up for a Yondaime-Naruto style conversation between Itachi and Sasuke, telling him the truth about Madara and Konoha.

    What do you guys think?

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