Bleach Manga 365 Spoiler Discussion + Bleach Manga 364: Grinning Revengers Breakdown

Bleach 365 Spoiler Scripts by Jplicious

Bleach 365 Spoiler Pics by Lordwalgaw

Another week, another chapter, and this week not only was the chapter early, it was so friggin awesomeness I barely have to explain anything without captions *LOL*  You should all know by now how much I love using lots of pictures, so without further ado, I’m El (aka Elfarran for the newbies) and this is your Fourth of July Bleach breakdown ^_^

It's super, it's chunky, and it's from Heuco Mundo ... sounds like the Superchunky from Hell to me ^_^

It's super, it's chunky, and it's from Heuco Mundo ... that's close enough for me ^_^

We get our first good view of the Superchunky from Hell mentioned in last week’s chapter, and I hate to point out the obvious, but this thing is huge.  Guesstimating Wonderweiss at about 4’8″ in height (I’ve figured this by comparing him next to Ukitake, who is 6’2″ according to Bleach Wiki, in pics to follow), that means Superchunky is roughly 60 feet tall and at least 56 feet long! @_@  That’s like something the size of a six story building with Menos Grande for feet coming at you, just to give you a size comparison …

Captain Komamura isn't the only one with a good memory.

Captain Komamura isn't the only one with a good memory.

Props go out to Byth 2 this week for recalling the chapter where Superchunky made its first cameo to tease us with for later ^_^  Remembering that tidbit is about the only high point for the Gotei 13 this week, though, because from here on out it all goes downhill.

Wonderweiss FTW!

Wonderweiss FTW!

First Ukitake gets pwned by Wonderweiss while he’s busy staring at Superchunky, which is so not cool I actually yelled “WTF!!?” at my computer screen when I saw that the spoilers really were true.  Ukitake is one of my favorite captains, for one, and I wanted to see his bankai, for two … my only consolation at this point is that it looks like Wonderweiss hit Ukitake below his ribcage, so he might have missed his major organs.

Stark FTW!

Stark FTW!

Then, with a cheap shot from behind while Shunsui is about to exact vengeance on Wonderweiss, Stark hits him with a cero at point blank range.  Instead of “WTF!!?” I yelled “NO!!” this time, but otherwise my reaction was pretty much the same.  What’s worse is that it looks to me like Shunsui got obliterated by the beam of energy/light/reitsu, so he doesn’t even have as much hope for a comeback as Ukitake >_<

Hell hath no fury like a woman frozen by Little Teapot!

Hell hath no fury like a woman frozen by Little Teapot!

As if that weren’t bad enough for the Gotei 13, next Hallibel destroys Toshiro’s ice flower prison seemingly by the power of her evil eye alone …

This looks says Little Teapot's about to be in for a world of hurt *LOL*

This looks says Little Teapot's about to be in for a world of hurt *LOL*

And Barragan is still standing after the smoke clears from Soifon’s futile attempt to kill Death Incarnate.

You should all know by now that the bad guys never go down that easily ...

You should all know by now that the bad guys never go down that easily ...

That’s not the end of the trouble for our heroes, though, because to ice the cake, as they say, Superchunky frees Aizen, Tousen, and Gin from the flame prison Captain Yamamoto was holding them in.  x_x

I wonder if his breath is super chunky, too ...

I wonder if his breath is super chunky, too ...

Thankfully, however, one good thing happened for the Gotei 13 this week and it came in the form of the Vizards! ^_^

Proving that you shouldn't take the phrase "better late than never" too seriously >_<

Proving that you shouldn't take the phrase "better late than never" too literally >_<

Just like Rock Lee during the Chuunin Exams,  I used reverse psychology last week to make Tite think no one cared about the Vizards showing up anymore and VOILA!, guess who finally arrives?  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it *LOL*

That’s all for this week — I told you there wouldn’t be a lot of explanations ^_^  The bubble contest winner was difficult to choose yet again, and it took me forever to narrow down the final two.  I want to give RedCopyWheel an honorable mention for the Chuck Norris bubble, but being an alumni from Savannah, GA where Forrest Gump was filmed, I had to pick …

This week's winner brought to you by the letter E: EroSennin ^_^

This week's winner brought to you by the letter E: EroSennin ^_^

Keep it up everyone, I enjoy reading all the funny entries!  I will ask, though, that you start putting BUBBLE in all caps before your entry so I don’t miss any.  There were more than I’ve had to pick from in a while last week, and that makes it much easier on my end ^_^

This week's bubble contest: Wonderweiss's O-face *LOL*

This week's bubble contest: Wonderweiss's Oh-Face <_< >_> *LOL*

Happy Fourth all, don’t blow off any appendages playing with fireworks today ^_^

Ja ne,



~ by elfarren on July 5, 2009.

61 Responses to “Bleach Manga 365 Spoiler Discussion + Bleach Manga 364: Grinning Revengers Breakdown”

  1. 1ST ;p


    Wondernotsowise: TINY, YEEEEEEES!!!!!!!

  3. BUBBLE:
    I WANT MY SNACK PACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Bubble

    Srry I swallow 😮

  5. nhe itsv way bettah if


    wonderweiss: Everyone AIZEN swallowssss

  6. … Fourth ?

  7. As Kon once said.

    Wonderweiss: Tamaya!!!

    (Same Elfa is you refuse to look that up I say and on the holidays *weeps*)

  8. Awesome breakdown El.
    As much as i think that Shunsui is dead, i really hope that he isn’t, at least until we see his bankai 😛
    YAY Harrrrrrribel isn’t dead 😀 , time for teapot to go squish now! lol.
    Damn i hate Wonderweiss, idc what everyone else thinks, that smug ass grin when he owned ukitake pissed me off!! Hopefully he gets an ass beating next chapter.

  9. BUBBLE:

    What do you mean we’re out of Pretzels!?!

  10. Great Breakdown Elf…kept it short and sweet with everything…(although i do enjoy all of your breakdowns the same)…i hope shunshui isnt dead…hes my favorite character….HES MY DAMN AVATAR!!!!…ukitake too, it would suck if either of them were gone for good…i’d rather them be down but not out….anyways im curious to see the match ups between aizen and the vizards…my guess is that shinji gets aizen, kensei gets kenamae or koname(the big fox guy)…after that its a toss up…ohh that one big guy with pink hair might be alble heal since his kido is similar to orihimes…


  12. BUBBLE:


    [He-man reference]

  13. BUBBLE:

    WHAT, 9000 ?? That can’t be right !! … Can it ?!?

  14. BUBBLE:

    Ohhh who lives in a pinapple under the sea…

  15. Great Breakdown Elf, but you should know by now good guy never go down that easy =P

    Especially in Bleach where NO ONE GOOD DIES EVER! Seriously, why did Tite leave Momo alive? She has nothing left to contribute to the story.

    And our reactions were exactly the same. “WTF?” on Ukitake and “NNOOO!!!” on Shunsui. Both are my favorite current captains so to see them get owned in 5 seconds made me a sad panda =(

    Until Next week!

  16. BUBBLE
    Awesome! Wal-mart have raisin bran on two for one!

  17. Bubble: FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD~(blatant one piece reference)

  18. hello bleach guys ,im comming yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    ooo i am comming

    50 episodes’s completed yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    im comming


  19. Bubble

    “Tardlet RAGE!!!!!!!!”

  20. Great breakdown Elf, but I got the impression wonderweiss helped Hallibel by cracking the ice with his voice…

    I’m sorry, but I think the first pic is the funniest. Think about it… A giant turd just tore through space and time! What would a good title be?

    The Turd Strikes Back
    Enter The Log
    Brown Eye for the Bankai
    Rotten Times at Karakura Town
    The Big Toilet in the Sky
    Let’s go Bowel and See a Movie
    Oh Shit You said It!
    Prairie Doggin at Karakura Town
    The One that didn’t Flush

  21. @ Fanboi: I dearly hope you’re right, because if both Ukitake and Shunsui are dead they will have been offed in the lamest ways ever -_- *L*

    @ Visionary: I know Wonderweiss helped Hallibel, I was only being stupid in the breakdown when I said it was her evil eye :p

  22. YOSH, great breakdown Elffaren! Hope you had a happy 4th of July. 😉

    @Anyone:Ukitake and Shusui are DEFINITELY NOT dead. Lol, I don’t even have to point out the obviousness of this do I? This chapter was pure awesomeness though. Unlike Mudshovel *glares* Wonderweiss is one of my favorite Arrancar (Espada?). 😉 He’s a hella lot of power pumped into a little package but he doesn’t talk shit like Toshiro. And he’s innocent so he can be turned either way…and of course Harribel and Barranger were still very much alive.

    Ahem…so the best part of the chapter were the Vizards showing up (about time). Just in the nick of time to save the Captain’s asses too. Think they might have sat back and watched a few minutes laughing their asses off at the Captain’s demise if you ask me. Can’t wait for next chapter.

    P.S. Was that actual surprise we see on Aizen’s face? Did the great planner not see this predicament coming? We shall see… Oh, Mudshovel and I HAVE to disagree on something every once in a while or the universe is going to collapse in on itself. 🙂

  23. i agree theres no way ukitake and shunui are dead they havent even close to shown all there power yet, what would all the “no you shouldnt use your bankai right now” be about if it was never reveiled anyways. Finally the vizards arrive i hope they take some unexpected decissions,… i guess we will see in the next upcoming chaps =D

  24. BUBBLE:





    WHERE’s THE BATHROOOOOM!?!?!?!?!?!?!?


    I WANT THOSE SWEETIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (reference to banned condom commercial: )

  25. Soo Wonderwiess is a Vasto Lorde then.. Im thinking there is the Espada who aint Vasto Lorde and then there is another group e.g Wonderweiss and the Cycloptic Blob… My question is where the Hell was the Cycloptic Blob in HM and likewise with Wonderwiess. Is their another City In Hollow Land.

    But Anyway Vizards are gonna kick ASS!! this is where we see how weak Shinagami are and how powerful Vizards are, Just goes too show how Good Uruhara was too be able too avoid Wonderweiss.

    Man if the Espada could also take everything from the Shinigama I wonder how Ichigo and the others are doing taking on Espada 0.

  26. Nice breakdown (as usual) EL!
    Great job!



    Wonderweiss: Imma Fire Mahh lazerr!!! Boom!

  28. halibel hates shoop da whoop thatz why she was staring so mad at wonderweiss Lmfao xd

  29. im comming finished season 2

    now to season 3 anime is faster than manga

  30. BUBBLE


  31. BUBBLE


  32. BUBBLE


  33. BUBBLE


  34. @ Super: I dunno if that’s surprise we see on Aizen’s face when the Vizards show up, but let’s not forget they used to be captains and lieutenants, so they’re gonna be bad@$$ ^_^ And on a side note, is it just me, or does it look like Aizen’s hair grew longer? I swear that little strand between his eyes was shorter when they first arrived *LOL*

  35. when Wonderweiss said “OH” in the first pic i just had to put this in


    Wonderweiss: I need an adult! I need an adult!!

  36. Let see if i can put place each combatant and see what happens when the spoilers come out

    Aizen vs Shinji (obvious reasons)

    Tosen vs Kensei (like Shinji, Tosen was a subordinate to him)

    Gin vs Rose (they were both on squad 3; seems most likely to me)

    Harribel vs Hiyori (because toshiro was the youngest of the captains, it some what makes sense to me)

    Barragan vs Hachi (this one took me a while but i chose this as most likely in my opinion because Hachi has similar abilities to orihime’s shun shun rikka and could alter reality and spare him a limb or two from Bara’s touch of DOOM)

    Starrk vs Lisa (To avenge her captian, shunshi, possibly in my opinion)

    Wonderweiss vs Mashiro (It appears to be respectable to me but i could be underestimating both of them)

    The Big Turd from Hell vs Love (I think this way is because Sajin [who’s captian of the 7th squad, same was Love] was asked by Kira to assist the others. His Bankai would be most likely used to take that hellish piece of shit out respectively; but to be honest i put him there because i had no where else to put him. Shame on me!)

    Some (maybe even most, if not all) of these verses not be right, given the Gotei 13 are still around, albeit weakening in strength. In fact, they might not even fight at all. i’ll just have to see the nest chapter.

  37. My apologies on mistaking Bara’s abilities
    It’s the breath of DOOM (the dark miasma), not touch

  38. @yatarx “Harribel vs Hiyori (because toshiro was the youngest of the captains, it some what makes sense to me)”

    Hiyori seems like the weakest out of all of them so i really doubt this one. Not to say wouldnt enjoy Harribel kicking Hiyoris whiney ass but i just dont see that happening.

    All the others look OK i guess.

  39. As Halibel is the weakest of the Spada then why not go against (supposedly) the weakest of the Vizard.

    And i’d love to see WW against Urahara!!

  40. aizen is such a bad @SS guy and is ridculously strong lol

    that all i know after round 70 epsidoes

    my fav charater is the child captain with ice dragon bankai

  41. and btw this kidnapping arc suckssssssssssss

  42. Another one


    RAGE!!!!Show me your RAGE!!!!

    (Reference To Metal Gear Solid 4 Raging Raven)

  43. Bubble: I know you are but what am I!



    Bleach Chapter 365
    verification: Confirmed
    credits: WL

    Hirako asks to Aizen how he’s been.

    The top starts with the vaizards faces

    Kira: Who are they. Every one of them has spirit power of a captain level. It’s all over.
    Komamura: …
    Aizen: Thanks to you, I’ve been doing well.
    Aizen: If we take one step now, everything ends… Hirako Sinji, I’m gonna have to ask you to step away.
    HIrako: Still a troublesome guy… You haven’t changed a bit since you were in mother’s womb… We’ll show you Aizen
    Hirako: The thing that has taken root inside of us, the thing that you’ve been wanting so badly.
    The vaizards all turn into hollow form.
    The spirit energy comes down heavily around the area
    Kira: Ah…Ah…
    Soifon: A hollow mask…! They’re…
    Hirako: How is it Aizen? Seeing this much hollow form all at once?
    Stark: Aizen-san! Are these people friends? Or
    Aizen: They’re just mistakes… There’s no problem in gettng rid of them.
    Stark: Understood
    Fires cero repeatedly
    Vaizards all fire cero of their own to offset the cero
    Stark: Tsk, cero for you guys too…
    Hiyori: Baka Sinji! Use your full power! It only offset it
    Hirako: I fired one that was twice as big as yours
    Hiyori: What did you just say!
    Rose: Stop it you too… No one’s taking it easy… It just means that that’s how strong that Arrancar is
    Risa: I did fire it easy.
    HIrako: The one that we met in the human world last time and… This is a pain in the butt.
    Mashiro: What’s wrong Kensei? You
    You’ve got a scary look on your face.
    Kensei: You can’t tell my expression!
    Hirako: Is it Touse


  46. I hope hirako owns aizen- the guy is too smug

  47. honestly, i dont think hachi will be fighting but rather healing everyone else. you still have komamura and old yamato that can still fight and im quite sure they’re gonna jump in the fray. not to mention ichigo’s dad, urahara and yoroichi. this fight is as good as the gotei 13’s

  48. BUBBLE:sanctuary! Sanctuary!

  49. ource: BA
    Credits: 69 @ 2ch, Spacecat
    Verification: Confirmed

    whose side are we on

    見ない間に随分キレイになったねぇと享楽。それを蹴飛ばして一蹴するとそどんだけ強くなったか見したると息 巻く。
    平子はじじいのとこへ。恨みを晴らしにきたのかと問うじじいに、愛染にな、あんたのことは別だ といい、
    見張りのピエールを見つけてやっと入れた(ピエールは入れるべきか逡巡してたが内部の戦況を見 て入れた)
    「俺らはあんたらの味方ちゃう、俺らは愛染の敵、ほんでもって苺の味方や」といって仮面のほう へ戻る。

    ローズは鳥みたいな、ラブは鬼みたいな、リサのは面に十字が入ってる、ハッチはネルのフラシオンの顔でかい やつににてる。

    Translation by sheetzflol on BA:

    We see the reactions of the shinigami and aizen’s group.
    Hisagi, breathing faintly, stares at Kensei.
    Hirako says there are people from the gotei 13 he wanted greet after such a long time, but not everyone is there.
    Lisa silently goes over to Kyouraku.
    She steps on his head and asks how long he’s going to pretend he’s dead. Then she presses down with her foot.
    Kyouraku tells her she’s gotten pretty in the time he hasn’t seen her. She kicks him away in disgust.
    Kyouraku: “I’m glad your healthy!” “Fool!” “…Really…” (Seems like they’re talking about the past?)
    Hirako go to Yama-jii and asks if he’s let go of his past grudge. To Aizen he says matters are different with him.
    Hacchi creates a barrier room(?)
    The 1st Division VC looks at it and finally goes in. At first he’s hesitant, but then goes in to watch the progress of the battle.
    Yama-jii asks if he can consider them allies.
    “We are not your allies. We are Aizen’s enemies. In truth, we’re Ichigo’s allies.” He returns to the vizards.
    WW screams and a large number of gillians come out of Superchunky’s mouth.
    The vizards all don their masks.
    Rose’s is like a bird. Love’s is like a demon/ogre. Lisa’s has a cross in it. Hacchi’s is like Nel’s fraccion with the big face.


  50. Elfarran, you said my name, i feel so cool now. But don’t do it again, my ego is already big enough and i don’t want to end up
    as smug as Aizen ;).

    Great breakdown as ever. The Ukitake and Shunsui incident wasn’t to good for my nerves either.

    With the vizards now dropping in to lend a hand I really hope Hallibel still can find the time to chop off Toshiro’s stupid head before one of them can intervene.


    pictures are towards the bottom 😀

  52. @Elfarren: Lol, it’s not just you it looks like to me Aizen has a personal Arrancar Hairdresser in Hueco Mundos taking care of his hair for him. It’s one thing to be the main antagonist but he also has to look the best too? Damn, handsome evil bastard! XD

    *must.resit.spoilers* *_-

  53. Now that the Vizards are here, do the Gotei 13 have a chance to beat Aizen and Co.?
    well i say the vizards will do good but when it gets 2 aizen and the other 2, there gonna bust a epic fail. Then out of the blue….. Uruaha, Ichigo and Ishada dads pop up and begin havin a big a$$ fight with aizen.
    this is just my guess caus wouldnt the powers of the one who created the houk-watever, the last quiency, and the father of ichigo be bada$$!?

  54. Bubble

    Oreah… GUNDAM!!!!!!!!!

  55. Tousen and ichimaru r not that powerful.kenpachi owned Tousen b4 and gin was held by toushiro.the only problem is aizen and his kyoka suigetsu

  56. 365 up,
    the spoilers pretty much said it all

  57. well that chapter was boring, just answered all the questions which we knew the answers for. hurry up next week!!

  58. BUBBLE:
    Chocolate Milk

  59. Bubble:

  60. Bubble:

  61. hmm, people used to enjoy Bleach it seems.

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