One Piece Chapter 549 Discussion and Breakdown + 550 Spoiler Confirmed! +_+

One Peice Early Spoiler by JPlicious

-One Piece Breakdown Below-

Artwork by Sharingan333

Welcome to the latest One Piece Breakdown! Here’s this week’s BOPP! Yeah, I’m calling it badass…what would you call it? *cough*hentai*cough**cough* 😉 Artwork by an appropiately named Milkytwilight. I didn’t make that up… >_> The One Piece AMV can be found in Reflex’s post here.

I’ll let you’ll know now. From now on I will be using panels and translations from Binktopia which are more accurately translated than Onemanga it seems. Onemnaga gets the chapters out faster but Binktopia takes the extra time for more detailed translations. Here it is if you want to reread the chapter which I REALLY suggest you do That goes for the Naruto, Bleach, and other series you may read. Binktopia has all the popular manga Onemanga provides. Ok let’s get into it! *hides from Onemanga representatives and takes bribe from Binktopia agents* 0_0

I know this isn't from the recent chapter but I just wanted to see again what they were up against! 0_0

I know this isn't from the recent chapter but I just wanted to remind myself what they were up against! 0_0

This chapter was…good. It wasn’t as action packed as some of us might have wanted it to be (Whitebeard showing up, Magellan vs. Blackbeard Round 2, or Bon-Chan vs. Magellan) but there were a few important developments which I will go into further in the breakdown. Contrary to what I believed before this chapter does seem to be the beginning of a new a Arc, so building up the moment is where Oda is concentrated for now. This new Arc I’m naming the ‘Marineford Arc’! YOSH, let there be war!

Anybody else see Franky writing his name in the snow? The pervert....

Anybody else see Franky writing his name in the snow? The pervert....

Alas, Franky comes to the conclusion of his two chapter moment and finds Vegapunk’s lab shutdown and boarded off. The building looks intact though so there may be something interesting in there Franky could find…upgrades, stage 1 plans for the ‘Pacifistas’, documents, research history, Vegapunk’s background story, or whatever. I’m really curious how the Strawhat Pirates are going to return from their adventures and what new skills and/or information they’ll bring to the table. What I’m REALLY hoping for though is as they go into fillers in the anime, which I know they have to eventually, they’ll cover their adventures with more detail than 1 page. 😉

Forget ' The Blackbeard Crew'! From now on I'm calling you'll 'The Lucky Bastards Crew'! ;)

You'll think your lucky? Pffffft, escape death as many times as The Straw Hat Pirates then we'll talk! 😉

Finally down on Level 4 Blackbeard has recovered from the poisoning but not in some cool way like I imagined he would (sucking out all the poison through darkness and releasing it somewhere else). Instead he receives an antidote from none other than his new BFF Shiryuu. >_< Here’s major development #1. Shiryuu after helping Blackbeard once again finally makes the decision to join his crew! 0_0 All the folks out there who thought Shiryuu would never help out pirate scum take that! This cements the fact that they were working together all along for the slow ones out there…I’m looking at you Wonderweiss! XD This crew was dangerous before but now with the addition of Shiryuu former Chief Jailer of Impel Down it’s pure evil! Before Blackbeard gains anymore nakama possibly to match Luffy’s crew number I have this to ask…

Over on the captured Marine Battleship Ivankov reveals how he counteracted the poisoning. A combination of “Vigour Hormones” and “Healing Hormones” so props to those who guessed the obvious answer to how he healed himself. On the other hand Ivankov decides not to use the treatment on Inazuma and lets him recover naturally, so he doesn’t have his life span shortened. Why you may ask? According to Ivankov it’s because he is an important Newkama in the Revolutionary Army…so what does that make you Ivankov the leader of the Newkama? Chop liver? 0_0

Truer words have never been spoken by a drunken man... :)

Truer words have never been spoken by a drunken clown... 🙂

Most of the crew is mourning for Bon-Chan’s death(?) but not Captain Buggy. Oh no, he’s drinking himself into a state of jolly over their successful escape. Well that is until Luffy clobbers him in the face and calls him a big-nose that is. 😉 Here’s one mistranslation that kinda bothered me during the Crodile and Jimbei conversation. On Onemanga it says that Crocodile knew that Fishman could talk to fish but not sharks. The proper translation though is Crocodile knew that Merfolk could talk to fish but had no clue Fishman could do the same much less call upon sharks. Yes, Fishman and Merfolk are DIFFERENT! I know it’s kinda confusing…but not really. Fishman = Arlong, Jimbei, Hachi, etc… Merfolk (Mermaids & Merman) = Cammie and Kokoro. Fishman look more fishlike while Merfolk look like the characters off of The Little Mermaid…half human with giant fins. Not that I’ve ever seen that stupid movie before…. >_> Merfolk are much more peaceful than Fishman and even Jimbei admits that his race “can be a little rough”.

Since I have yet to see a female Fishman I can only assume this is what goes on in the deepest darkest depths of the sea. 0_0

Since I have yet to see a female Fishman I can only assume this is what goes on in the deepest darkest depths of the sea. 0_0

Major development #2…at least to me. Jimbei is in slight debt to Luffy! Why? Because he kicked Arlong’s blue ass! Now you may not remember but Jimbei is the captain of the Sunny Pirates and Arlong is a member of that crew, or at least was. Jimbei feels he’s is partly responsible as captain for Arlong’s past actions against Luffy’s crew even if Arlong’s only a former crew member. Plus, Jimbei is in debt to Luffy because he saved him from Impel Down allowing him to help rescue Ace who’s in Whitbeard’s Crew. Jimbei also feels he owes great gratitude to Whitebeard for freeing Fishman Island from human tyranny. It’s all complicated but what it all comes down to it Jimbei is in terrible credit card debt and he’s on Luffy’s side for life. YAY! XD



Unsurprisingly Luffy doesn’t figure out until they are out of Impel Down that the Fishman he’s been working with all along is a Shichibukai! That’s the second Shichibukai he’s worked with now where he has had no idea that they were a Shichibukai until much later. Jimbe’s title is inconsequential to Buggy though because the obvious news of them going to Marineford to participate in the upcoming battle is what makes him fall to pieces…literally. 🙂 There’s only two ways to go. Down to Enies Lobby or up to Marine HQ. Well I know which place I’d rather return to but Luffy, Crocodile, Jimbei, and the Revolution Army have business in the upcoming battle so they’re headed to Marineford prisoners and all. The prisoners would rather go back to the Gaol to receive unimaginable tortures, waste away, and then die rather than have a quick death in the upcoming war…in other words they’re stupid. Moving on, the Marines contact the ship and Luffy answers like Luffy does. XD

LMAO!!! Screwed over twice! XD

LMAO!!! Screwed over twice! XD

Major development #3. The Marines believe that Buggy is 1 of the 2 major culprits in this ENTIRE incident! Not Crocodile, not Jimbei, not Shiryuu or Blackbeard, not even Ivankov. Most of blame is shoved upon Luffy and Buggy. LMAO, poor Buggy is screwed! XD Remember Buggy was already making his escape when Luffy broke in and as they teamed up together they were noted as the two instigators to Impel Down’s security breach before communications were brought down. Some more interesting details are exposed to the rest of the unknowing crew as the Marines sign Buggy’s death sentence. Let’s review Buggy’s history shall we? He was a former member of the Pirate King. Gold Roger’s pirate crew. He was a Nakama and very good acquaintance with Yonkou Red-Haired Shanks. Sounds impressive right? Yeah, and this was one of the first antagonists in the series to get PWNED by a ‘Gomu Gomu Bazooka’.  So how’s Buggy’s bounty looking after this?

Silly Luffy. ;)

(TN: "Wash your neck and wait" is a Japanese expression meaning...well, basically "You just wait". "Wash your neck" as in "Get it ready for the slicing"). Silly Luffy 😉

Another problem with the Onemanga version. What I posted up there is the Binktopia version. I’m not going to even reword or tamper with the wording. It’s funny how it already is and there it is for people who may have missed it.

He's good. *takes off mask* *GASP* Mr. President!? 0_0

He's good! *wipes off makeup* *GASP* Mr. President!? 0_0

Nonchalantly Luffy starts a conversation about the First Mate to the legendary pirate crew Dark King Rayleigh and the flabbergast ex-prisoners are ecstatic by Buggy’s experience again. Hell, even the major players (Jimbei, Ivankov, Daz Bones, Crocodile, and Galdino) are a little surprised by Buggy’s status. One thing leads to another and like a snowball effect the excitement piles up and rushes over the ex-prisoners and Buggy alike. They all get fat heads if you ask me. They want to overthrow Two Shichibukai, a man with a 300 million beli bounty, and the leader of the Nekama Army for control of the ship! 0_0 ARE THEY F**KING CRAZY!?! I think they are but even with power getting to Buggy’s head he’s intact enough to know they don’t stand a damn chance and tells his new army to back down. His goal? To become…THE PIRATE KING! Scratch what I said earlier. Buggy is even more off his rockers than his crazed army. >_< (Note: This particular part is easier to read and understand in the Binktopia version than the Onemanga version IMO. >_> Oh shit, here comes the Onemanga agents! 0_0) Buggy rounds up his army in a nice inspirational speech and with a pirate roar all matters are settled and off they go to Marineford no more complaints. No matter what you have against Buggy you can’t deny the fact that he has the natural ability to inspire a crew even in the hardiest of circumstances. 😉

OH OH OH!! Ace if you don't have the 80 stairs to get up the endless staircase I know a neat glicth you can use! :D

OH OH OH!! Ace if you don't have the 80 stars neccessary to get up the endless staircase I know a neat glicth you can use! 😀

Development #4. Ace has arrived at Marineford the destination of his execution with 3 hours left until chop block time. We now know it takes an hour to travel from Impel Down to Marineford. Ace is reminiscing about an old conversation he shared with Luffy probably right before he departed on his own adventure years before Luffy. The theme of the conversation is Freedom! AND AS PIRATES FREEDOM THEY WILL HAVE….oh wait, that is until one of them gets captured, chained, and shipped off to his execution… -_- The chapter ends with Ace being led perhaps  into the courtyard Marineford. I wonder what awaits him on the other side…

Oh yeeeeeaaah! You'll have lot's of freedom.... Freedom from that thing called life! >_<

Oh the irony... 😉

YOSH! That’s it for this week’s chapter. Not the best but I’m sure we’ll be getting more into the swing of things next week right Oda? ^_^ What’s that I’m sorry I didn’t hear you correctly. NANI!?!? WTF do you mean there’s no chapter release next week? Something to do with more “research”? Then what’s that Nico Robin and Nami smut all over your computer for? Is this your “research”? *grabs metal bat and jumps on earliest flight to Japan with Captn, Mudshovel, Pickles, Kyouto, Ahsan, Tobi, Zekks, and Sogeking.* We’ll teach this bastard to leave us out of his pervy “research”! 😡

Buggy Demotivational

Artwork by Asaph

Lol, here’s this week’s Demotivational Poster. Of course it had to be Captain Buggy. 😉 Next week I’ll put something up. Maybe it’s time for another post of ‘Why you should be reading One Piece’? *glares at nonbelievers* Maybe I’ll just say f**k it and do some “research” of my own. We shall see… Comment, predict, and enjoy! 😀


That bastard Chuck Norris won again! Moving on same rules… >_<

Next week…OH MY FAULT! *glares at Oda’s picture on flight to Japan* 2 weeks from now the next person to be covered on the chapter cover story will be Tony Tony Chopper! Whitebeard WILL make his appearance and move on Marineford. Another appearance by Ace will be put off for some time because his arrival at Marineford was the major event in his life right now. With that done we don’t need to see him again until the time of the execution…sorry Ace fans (I’m one too 😦 ). On the ship Luffy and co. will figure out a plan to get past the ‘Gate of Justice’ impeding their way into Marineford. Back in Impel Down Shiryuu and Blackbeard will make their way down to the control room to defeat Magellan so he doesn’t interfere in their plans. The chapter will end with Luffy and co. arriving at the ‘Gate of Justice’ and sizing it up… 0_0


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  1. First!

  2. FIRST

  3. darn…i coulda been first if i read it faster…aaahhhhh!!!…. anyways great breakdown as always super…

    im somwehat of an agreement with whats going down next chapter…i think whitebeard will be there(probably the last couple of frames) i think thers gonna be more pirates involed or rather shibukais…i remember that shibukai that wears pink was talking about a new era aproaching so he might be in cohoots iwth blackbeard or possible ally… it would be great to see something more about ace or the crewmembers of luffys.

  4. does anyone know who that captain is in the onepiece amv that was fighting luffy in the last breakdown…i think it was for the movie but im not sure…

  5. Actually I’m was second

  6. @xxeduar1993xx: Sorry he beat ya to it. His comment was just in moderation. 😉

    @Shinobi: Thx, is this the dude you’re looking for You’ve probably never seen him because he’s not in the manga or anime. He appears in the 4th One Piece movie.

    @Anyone: I’m going to bed… Lol, I won’t be on for the rest of the day so have a happy 4th of July! Now bring out all the illegal fireworks! 🙂

  7. super – onemanga doesnt translate the manga themselves you dunce…. they get it from another fan-subbing group – FrankyHouse…….

  8. @shinobimadness: sure dude! rub it in!!! I HATE COPYRIGHT!

    Was that his Idea of SHAKING THE WORLD TO ITS CORE???
    He just got a new crew member! what’s so great about that?
    Damn that creep-beard! He just got my hopes high!

    and Marines inspiring Joker to do exactly what luffy intended to….so far-fetched….but sort of hilarious….I guess!

    but there was something about that merman…maybe the sichibukai was somehow related to the shark guy? or maybe he just wants to know how luffy defeated the shark guy? Did I miss something?
    *too much thinking*
    *head hurts*
    *must not over use my brain*

    (see, I finally got something to talk about other than the usual “that was amazing” comment 🙂 I LOVE ONE PIECE!!!)

  9. oh yes and almost forgot!
    Oda probably knew that I had exams next friday…maybe that’s why there is no chapter next week!
    I love you 🙂 (just as a fan….don’t get any wrong ideas -_-)

  10. @Reflex: Dude, I never said Onemanga translates the chapters did I? No, I said I’m using the translated chapters provided by Binktopia rather than the ones provided by Onemanaga from now on. I know FrankyHouse and other translators do the translations but I didn’t want to mention them because they do a great job. Onemanga is a big site it can take a hit or two. As I said before Onemanga offers a quick release but at the expense of proper translation. Binktopia offers more in depth translated manga.

    @Sogeking: Lol, so YOU’RE the reason Oda delayed the chapter release! You better do VERY VERY well on that damned exam! 😉

  11. Great breakdown, Super…

    Well, Buggy already knew Jimbei was a shuchibukai so there really was no need for him to freak out when Jimbei said it.

    I still think all this is part of the Impel Down arc (even though it probably should be named something else like Ace’s Execution arc) because the main objective of the arc is yet to be accomplished (or not).

    I think we’re finally gonna see Whitebeard make his move. He’d have to get through the Gate of Justice as well if he hopes to reach Marineford so maybe HIS crew would take care of that and team Luffy would not have to worry about how to get through. I think we’ll also be seeing more of Magellan and the Blackbeard Pirates. And of none of this happens then we’ll probably get to see the rest of the Strawhats.

  12. Yo, wassup people, as of this weeks Naruto chapter, this is the highly confused Tobi is a good girl…
    Nice job as usual Super-san. liked the whole little developement countdown that you made.
    I have a little countdown of my own…

    1) How many people actually have their names plastered on the front of their houses/workshops? But seriously, hopefully Franky gets some major upgrade parts hopefully starts firing beams 😀 or at least learn some weaknesses in the pacifista schematics. As for your question about how the crew are gettin back. Im tellin you ther’re gunna meet up with the revolutionary army, haha. Well maybe not but the fact remains that if the crew are left to find their own way back to reighley, Zoro will never make it. Also the people in west blue and sky island will also have a tough time.
    I too am hoping the anime uses these chapters to make fillers since we all know that fillers will be coming in a large bundle pretty soon.

    2) I couldn’t really figure out whether Jimbei was holding a grudge about Arlong or not but i guess it makes sense if he was…Even though Jimbei is super cool and Arlong is a douche…

    3) Loved the whole “i guess every ship has its own disgrace…” comment from Ivakanov, i laughed so hard. But it was still nothing on the time Duval’s face was revealed! i dont think anything will top that moment…

    4) When is Luffys bounty going up again? He destryoed another shibukais organisation defeating them in the process, punched a tenrubito, destroyed a pacifista, broke into impel down, kicked ass in impel down, broke out of impel down and is now traveling to Marinford. Oda is gunna have to show us what sort of numbers bounties can reach to…When i started watching one piece, i thought the 30 mil luffy had in west blue was huge and now hes got 300 mil. Oda hasnt really shown that bounties can get much higher than this although apparently in an interview he hinted that 500 mil was possible. Either way luffy has done some crazy stuff so his bounty would surely have to go up for it…
    p.s. sorry about spelling of the japanese words

    5) Surely the gates of justice are not that big a problem, the current will be no problem for jimbei to swim in and with one of his crazy 1000 tile punches or something, a hole could be blasted right through it. opening gates is for sissies.

    6) It seems to me that Blackbeards crew is gunna keep growing until is hits a size that matches Luffys. Im guessing the far off battle between those two crews will now involve a Shiryuu vs Zoro battle.

    well anyway thats all my little comments over.

  13. @tobiisagoodboy:i think i saw something saying someone had a bounty of 1,000,000,000…(it probably was luffy’s dad dragon) so i think theres no limit, but rather its up to how much of a threat/actions they do…dragon is the mastermind of the revolutionary group. when i saw shinyru join i instantly knew him and zorro would clash…so far i think chopper, ussop, and maybe sanji have some one to go up against in blackbeards crew…so yeah i agree with you that everyone will have someone to fight.

  14. awesome job supaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh,you are truly awesome keepin up all the time never leeting onepiece fans down ,u r a herooooooooo yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    now what i really wanna see is how the nakama of luffy make an entry to save luffy ‘s @$$ fromm here in the end it’d be intersting to hear all of thier stories about thier adventures .

    and tobiisagoodboy you are damn right the bounty is gonna hit the skies when is zoro ,causin something big and increasin his bounty!


    The next chapter will feature Nami for the front cover short story.

  16. @Pickles: Ah, so you see my predicament I had over whether or not to look at this as a new Arc last week. I have made up my mind to do so now since everyone else seems to be. It makes more sense. Impel Down (the place) is behind us and Luffy won’t be returning there anymore (I hope). So on to Marineford and the ‘Marineford Arc’…or ‘Ace’s Exectution Arc’ as you’ve said. 😉

    @Tobi: Franky with beams FTEW!!! XD

    With all you’ve said about what he’s accomplished thus far I’m sure his next bounty will be at 500 mil minimum. 0_0 Making him one of the most feared and renowned pirates in the entire ocean. He’s going to New World though and only the best make it that far. These pirates don’t know fear and have seen hell and come back, so more challenges are yet to await Luffy.

    @Shinobi: 1,000,000,000…sounds like Gol D. Rogers former bounty. 0_0

    @Ahsan: Lol, thx dude. 🙂

    The Starwhat Pirates making an entry to save Luffy and his brother would be epic, but I just don’t see how they could accomplish that from where they were sent.

    @Kyouto: You just wanna win the contest don’t ya? XD

  17. I doubt the Strawhats are going back to Reileigh by ship or anything. I mean, some of them aren’t even in Grand Line anymore and getting there is hard enough not to talk of finding their way back to finding their ways back to Sabaody Archipelago which would require going back from one island to the other using the lock post…which, by the way only one person in the crew knows how to use and navigate through the seas, and that person is stuck on really dense cloud. And then there’s the harsh nature of the Grand Line also to contend with, also. Bottom line is: I think the Strawhats are going to get back to the archipelago by some unconventional means. Maybe Bathelomew Kuma intends to pay each of them another visit. Heck we don’t even know why he butted into their fight in the first place.

    Thanks my little thought =P.

  18. hmm just a few thoughts 30m>100m>300m>…
    if it multiplies by around 3 everytime then that would make 900m but i guess that would be a bit overestimated, but still i think roger had over 1.000.000,000 bounty cus luffy is still considered a “rooky”
    as for kuma isnt it possible hes somehow linked to dark king rayleigh, i mean if kuma wouldnt have warped them away they might have ended up beeing all killed,…

  19. @Fearvano: Yea, Luffy is still a “rookie” but even some of the Shuchibukai don’t have as much bounty as he does, so I think that whole “rookie” thing only means he’s just starting and just beginning to set his mark as a pirate. Same goes for the other Supernovas.

  20. @Super and fearvano: Honestly, i really dont see the bounties of the roger pirates bein that high. They ruled the seas once but that was long before the desire to eliminate pirates was any where near what it is now. We know that buggy at least escaped a heavy bounty and if you compare him to the likewise couardly Usopp then you can see that even the less useful members of a crew can still pick up an average bounty in the heart of an incident

    @Pickles: I really really agree with you, the straw hats arn’t all gunna show up sailing back to the island, something bigger is going to happen

    @Fearvano: The conversation that took place between Reighley and Kuma as the straw hats were getting seperated didnt seem like one between friends. Reighleys line ‘and why should i believe you’ implies Kuma intended something with an uncertain or questionable nature. The guesses i have at this moment are that Kuma is trying to maintain the balance that he loves so much. Either he actually intended for Luffy to save Ace or the exact opposite, where he wished to keep him away from Ace. He clearly expressed interest in their brotherhood back on thriller bark

    On a side note, i was thinking today that maybe theres a human that ate the reindeer reindeer fruit (tonaki tonaki no mi) and created the exact reverse of chopper only less hairy. Wirrd thought.

    Oh and a quick debate. Ace vs Aokiji. i guess it all comes down to the way their fruits counter each other. Can aokiji still reform if he is melted? can he be melted? Tell me what you think.

    p.s. lovin all the new one piece support lately 😀

  21. @Tobi: Usopp cowardly? I beg to differ. He’s just a human without the DF abilities and insane inhuman strength of Zoro and Sanji. Usopp and Nami are the two most normal people on the crew and I’m not saying they don’t have their quirks, but when it comes to being scared they have every right to. Just think of all the battles Usopp has fought and won despite all his disadvantages. Every person he’s been up against has had some kind of DF ability or insane ability compared to his. Yet, despite him being called a coward and shaking in his boots he’s stood and fought over and over again. Sorry I’m just a huge Usopp fan. Definitely my second favorite character…yep. 😉

    He’s like Batman but without the stupid bat persona. He has the awesomeness of the Sogeking! XD

    As for Ace vs. Aokiji…it’s hard to say. Most people would think Ace easily but it’s not the properties of the DF that matters in the end. It’s your ability to bring out its full potential and beyond. Enel nearly won against Luffy despite him being a Rubberman. You just gotta find ways around your weakness…

  22. Sorry i didnt mean to insult the manly Usopp, only point out that isometimes it only takes a few actions like shooting a flag and and attacking Spandam to get yourself a nice bounty. Again, i understand the severity of those said actions but i was using Usopp as an example for Buggy. i imagine the roger pirates would have done similar things to the Enes Lobby incident, things were only a couple actions could land you a heavy bounty. Thats why i think the bounties on the roger pirates wernt that high, because Buggys bounty isnt. The government may have put a crazy sum on Reighleys head now just to catch him since it is the grand pirate age now though but i doubt it was that high compared to the numbers of the shibukai or supernovas when he was actually part of rogers crew.

    Your argument about Usopp is a very good one Super but i merely called him a coward because he has called himself it several times. At the very least we know hes negative. But hey, Buggy gets called a coward yet he and Shanks personally challenged Whitebeard a while back so i guess even he has moments of bravery too. And thats what i would call the times Usopp stands to fight, hes scared most of the time but manages to overcome it. Saying he isnt cowardly because he stands less of a chance against the crews foes seems a little of bit of a stretch though.

  23. well supah im so wanting to see luffys crew come back to sae no matter what lol actually it puts all up correctly of course the lands which they will pass ,they will cause ruckus
    and have fights for sure ,especially zoro because of his aweful sense of direction and also anger ,well they getting to luffy to save him will alos symbolize thier growth and hence there bounties even rise! zoro 000(150 million)0000 chopper 0000(10 beri)0000


    and about ussop ,its natural to be scared against df etc but he stands up and beats them when he stands up,ulike buggy so tobi is a good boy ,ussop is a coward but an awesome coward LOL haha onpeice FTW

    THanks to supaaaahhhhh for providing us such awesome breakdowns ,eery week without fail ,keep it up supaaaaaahhhhhhh u rule

    i so wanna see zoro kikin ass

  24. A DEBATE





    IM MAD

  25. nice breakdown super.
    I’m gonna keep this short (no that’s what she said jokes either >_<)
    Buggy is kinda cool but very annoying, hopefully he falls overboard at sum stage.
    Luffy – funny as hell – answering that phone made me LMAO.
    Crocodile looks like he's ready to fight at the marines HQ, hopefully he'll go up against an admiral (and win!)
    Jimbei – hmmm what r u thinking? Are u thinking that ur gonna pay luffy back for beating the crap outta Arlong? u better not be!!

    Also – usopp suxs and should die as soon as possible. okay that's not fair since he's a nakama and very occasionaly funny but still i just sigh in boredom everytime it's his turn to fight someone.
    As for Ace v Zoro – even thought i'm a huge Zoro fanboy – there is no chance in hell that he could even touch Ace. 😉

  26. only way i see zoro having sore chance against ace is if he had haki or like a kairoseke katana or something. in other words right now zoro is getting owned but we all know he would look cool while he did it

    also even though i really like usopp as a character, i totally agree with mud that his fights are like watching grass grow.

  27. @Mudshovel: Hahahahhaha, where’s the Usopp love? 😉

    Like Ahsan said he’s cowardly but he’s an awesome coward and when times get tough he’s always there to help no matter what the challenge. Though I do understand where you’ll are coming from on calling him cowardly how could you’ll not like his fights? 0_0 They’re like the perfect mix of comedy, action, and gadgets! And the Sogeking theme is so f**king epic I ROTFLMAO every time I see it! XD The way he comes back to win and the crazy ideas/gadgets he pulls out of nowhere FTW always inspire me to root for the underdog.

    @Tobi: I don’t know anything about the Roger Pirates bounties because they haven’t been shown yet but I do know this. The reason Buggy doesn’t have such a high bounty is beacuse well…he’s Buggy the Clown. He was a mere apprentice on Gol D. Rogers ship and probably only for a short time until they disbanded after their captain’s death. He wasn’t renowned on the ship that’s why the Marines took little notice and forgot all about him ever being on the ship in their old dusty archives.

    After the Roger Pirates separated he jumped into small piracy and made a name for himself earning his meager bounty. You can’t really correlate Buggy the Clown’s bounty with the rest of the more notable Roger Pirates who I’m sure had much higher bounties. From all the talk about the Roger Pirates I can only assume that they caused mischief and mayhem for the World Government thus earning them unsurmountable bounties. Remember what they found? The true history behind the World Government. That alone is enough to piss off the World Government to give you an unprescdented bounty.

    I understand where you’re getting at when you say they could have done little things to earn up the bounty but I don’t see the Roger Pirates doing little things to rack up a high bounty. The Roger Pirates are the type of crew to make a grand entrance and a grand exit. The start of the New Pirate Age.

    @Ahsan: Uhhh…definitely Ace. Zoro won’t even be able to touch him without Haki or a kairoseki sword. I’ll tell you this though. Zoro sure as hell would give Ace a run for his money. 🙂

  28. well i guess we gotta see one of the yonkou’s bounty befor we can say anything about the highest or max bounty there is, but i still think its over 1 billion beri.
    as for zoro vs ace, yep ace for sure i would like to see zoro come up with something to counter logia type dfs tho.
    Also i wonder what ace will do when/if he gets saved from the death penalty, will he reunion with whitebeard (prolly), will he still try to huntdown blackbeard, or he will he (temporarily) join luffy?

  29. all saying ace ace ,have u forgot the zoro’s main ability is to withstand any thing .he saved luffy’s life from the paw paw guy.he took all his damage ,still was standing. like i said before he may not have a good sense of direction but he has awesome fighting skills.
    as i said before this is what zoro will say


    after saying this he would many times be beaten up but i think he will become stronger ,as he does in every fight ,(he learend to cut metal in a fight ETC) so i think ,zoro will be beaten to the death and at that time somehow (like always ) will find a way to beat ace


  30. @fearvano

    ace is always white beards

    he calls him DAD

  31. @ahsan: you are forgetting that Ace is a logia fruit user (i think that’s what it’s called but i could be wrong). Where the DF ability (fire) allows the enemies attacks to pass threw the user without being hurt.

    And i’m pretty sure that zoro can’t injure Ace because of this. Not to mention Ace is the second in command of the whitebeard pirates, meaning he must have some serious skills. Zoro, although strong, is nowhere near Ace’s skill level atm.

  32. @Ahsan: Yea, it’s true, Zoro has by far the most endurance I have ever seen. But what good is all that if he can’t even touch his opponent let alone beat them up. I mean, he’d only be able to take so much of a thrashing before his body gives in. And, by the way, this is Ace we’re talking about, captain of the White Beards’ second division.

    P.S: How come the smileys look all weird now, lol.

  33. @Mudshovel: Woah…that’s some weird jinx…

  34. @pickles: lmao, that’s kinda creepy – you got spy cams set up somewhere? *looks over shoulders* >_> <_<

  35. dont forget as i said zoro hasnt got such a huge ass bounty for nothin ,1 as u agrreee he got endurance 2- remember and remember well he only learns from battles (eg he learned to cut metal)

    3 you could expect zoro getting himself owned but eery df has a weaknedd as crocodile has water i expect zoro to find it at least if not win find the weakness and fight to his death

  36. i also think when he is gonna make a re-entry every one of the straw hats are gonna be atleast twice better stronger etc

    becuz its the new part of the grand line (wats the name again)
    better strong guys are here so to match up with them when they unite to save luffy’s ass they are gonna be twicew better for sure so zoro is simply going to get the most better

    cuz he is the most obssessed about trainin

  37. @Ahsan: Lol, dammit Ahsan I’m telling you there’s no way Zoro could win against Ace! This is because the fact is Zoro CAN’T touch Ace! I highly doubt mere bottles of water is Ace’s weakness. You probably have to dump a whole Olympic sized pool full of water to douse Fire Fist Ace. Unless Zoro is carrying around that much water he doesn’t stand a chance against Ace. Maybe one day Zoro will line his swords with kairoseki then he’ll stand a chance.

    I agree when they reenter the stage the Straw Hat Pirates are going to be at least twice as strong. Especially after their perilous journey to get back to the Archipelago it only makes sense they’d grow much stronger.

    @Mudshovel and Pickles: JINX! Now you both owe me a soda! 😛

  38. @Ahsan: That’s where the second part of my comment and Mud’s comes in. Ace is the second division captain of the current greatest pirate group in the series. Even if Zoro figures out Ace’s weakness (which I assume would be water…duh) I still don’t believe he would be able to beat him.Remember Crocodile? Luffy found out his weakness was liquid but he still lost a second time.

    He still would have to get stronger before he can take on Ace.

    As for the other part of Grand Line, I believe you’re talking about the New World

  39. as i said before

    ” you could expect zoro getting himself owned but every df has a weaknedd as crocodile has water i expect zoro to find it at least if not win find the weakness and fight to his death”

    fight to death means losing but losing zoro sure he will give ace a tough time no matter if he cant touch him h will find out a way and try his best,he will do a to death duel,probably dying

    and btw captain pickles

    you say”Ace is the second division captain of the current greatest pirate group in the series”

    i say



  40. @Ahsan: hehe, cool =P

  41. You know, super? I have commented on your posts for ages, but never bothered to read them lmao. Well I did now…and you know what? I still don’t feel like reading the manga muahahaha

  42. @Cookie: Well…IT’S YOUR LOSS!!!! Hmph… T_T

  43. It’s funny to think about what’s going to happen in the next few hours when the effects of the coke…I mean adrenaline shots Iwa gave Luffy wear off.

  44. *reads supers really good points about roger pirates* ok, your totally right man, there bounties probably wouldnt even fit on the page

    @Ashan: Zoro is by far my favourite character and it pains me to say it but he really deosnt stand a chance. You are right that he has been characterised as a man with outrageous pain tollerance and will to live and he does tend to get beaten to deaths door before making the coolest comebacks in history but back when he learned to cut steel it turned out he had asked his sensai before. I really doubt the ‘how do you make fire bleed’ question popped up though. Zoro has no offense against Ace and i really believe Aces fruit is one with no specific weakness. He actually stopped drum island from snowing! Now in the slim chance Zoro mounted some offense there is another problem. Its name is flame comandment entai. Ace can actually make a friggin sun and hold it in his hand! The sun!
    The result would be the same if Zoro faced Kizaru and probably Aokiji too. Not only are they super powerful logias but they really know how to use their powers. The fight you should look forward to though is th one between Zoro and Killer which we all know is gunna be a thriller.

  45. @Tobi: Lol, don’t get me wrong I’m not saying they all have craaaazyyyy bounties like over 500 mil. I’m talking about maybe in the range of Shichibukai pirate bounties for the strongest of the crew and for the lower members around Luffy’s crew bounties. As for Gol D. Roger… 0_0 I shudder at the thought of knowing what his bounty must have been…

    @Pickles: Well the hormones are supposed to last 24 hours and only a few hours have passed. I did have a theory though that all the excessive fighting and activity Luffy goes through, especially when he gets to Marineford, will wear down that time limit faster to maybe 6-8 hours of fuel instead of a full 24 hours.

  46. @Super: Hmm…that makes sense but I think it’s unlikely. I think the idea of the adrenaline boost is that Iwa stimulates the adrenal medulla to produce excess adrenaline for the next 24 hours. I say this because there’s no way he could have pumped in enough adrenaline keep him pumped for a whole day non-stop.

  47. @Super: And somehow, I am okay with that. >=) oh well:P And btw MERMAIDS TOP HALF LOOKS LIKE A FISH AND THE BOTTOM HALF LOOKS HUMAN, yesh watch family guy, it knows all *_*

  48. @Eatencookie: Lol that’s the episode Stewie kills Louis right? Funny stuff…

  49. onepiece FTEU (universe)

    and i ve come up with do other quick disscussions

    1-zoro v.s ichigo

    2-hawkeye v.s aizen

  50. I’ve never really liked cross-anime match-ups because each one has it’s own unique style of approach. So I’ll just sit this one out

  51. pickles ,

    ichigo has a katana

    zoro has a katana

    ichigo has strenght

    zoro has strenght

    ichigo can shoot lasers out of his soul slayer

    so can zoro

    any thing else????????????????

  52. Here’s a question: are Luffy’s stretching powers automatic or does he have to apply force to activate?

  53. Im with pickles that we should just stick to same anime battles. Besides the winners of both those fights would be the shinigami since the only swords that hurt them are zanpaktou and Zoro and Mihawk wouldnt be able to see them.

    What about Sanji and Zoro. If they really went at it not like their joke fights or the crap one they have in one of the movies (the one with saga as the enemy)

  54. Oh sorry to double post but to answer you pickles, he has to apply force. His body is rubber so he can throw his arm (or anything else) backwards and have it snap back to him. His powers arnt like mr fantastics for example who can just move.

    If luffy got the llife return ability like the hairy cp9 guy who chopper fought, then i think he could control his limbs however he wanted

  55. high spirit power i requiured

    i think zoro and hawk eye have some shitty high spirit power

    i zee aizen wiining (because of his knowledge of demon magic)

    and ichigo and zoro match possibly drawn as both have some shity endurance and zoro has cursed swords btw tobi he can touch death gods

  56. @Tobi: I thought about that, but during the Skypiea arc when Luffy fought Enel and dodged his attacks with random moevents, he didn’t apply force to do this: (bottom left panel)

    And for the gomu gomu balloon he doesn’t apply force either.

  57. Oh and (sorry for the double posting) when he goes on second gear by using his gomu gomu ability to force an increase in blood pressure, he doesn’t apply force either.

  58. I see what your getting at pickles with the skypia arc part but honestly i thought it was all muscle memory when luffy did that seeing as all he really does is eat and fight. Gomu gomu baloon works by him breathing in so the force would be the air in his lungs i guess. Its a bit of a stretch but maybe he pushes his body weight down on his legs to make them pump. The only reason im so insistant is because hes like a rubber band, the cant stretch without force applied

    @Ashan: They cant hit or see shinigami coz shinigami are dead

  59. u just need a little spirit power ,and zoro has some damn high spirit power

  60. pickles ,tobi ,supah eaten and me

    are we the only wra onepiece crazy fans???????????

  61. Haha, actually i dont think eatencookie reads one piece either. Mudshovel likes it and theres a few more but i really dont undrrstand why people dont like it. The storylines just as good as naruto but its got really good humor too. Add the fact that the fights involve more than just a kage bushin and rasengan and its startingg to look better. Now dont get me wrong, im a big naruto fan, heck my name even shows my love of tobi, so im not trying to say which is best but one piece really is worth reading.

  62. @Tobi: The pressure from breathing in isn’t nearly enough to cause that much expansion when you think about it. The pushing body weight theory makes sense but if you look closely you’ll notice that when Luffy goes gear two, the pressure is built from the bottom, up ( ), while if in fact that shifting body weight theory were right it would be the other way around. And there’s also the way he does the twists his arm for the gomu gomu rifle.

    I agree that Luffy is kinda like a rubber band but all these incidences made me have second thoughts about that…especially the Skypiea one. I also figured I his powers were actually automatic, then the reason he retracts his arm(s) when performing moves like the pistol and the bazooka, is to increase the power of the attack.

  63. I totally agree that breathing shouldnt cause that kind of expansion but this is luffy we are talking about and its in the one piece world. Im too lazy to look for a link but whenever luffy uses gomu gomu storm his body expands like that too as he breaths in. it goes back to normal when he breaths out. Thats proof its his breath doing it. The way i see it with my bodweight theory is its kinda like a spring. The energy is completly transfered to the base then the rest follows which is why the bottom orb thingy forms first. But that little idea was just a suggestion i came up with while looking at your post before, not much thought went into it.

    I think im actually speculating when i say hes a rubber band coz i dont think Oda has specified and who knows, maybe he can actually control the length of his muscles in a way unfathomable to us non rubber people making what you say entirely possible. I just want to stress that im not arguing with you just debating. it seems whenever i get in these heated discussions on this site, i come across as agressive but thats not the way its intended, honest ^.^
    As for your last point, if he did actually control his limbs as you suggest, wouldn’t throwing his arm back first have the same effect as us doing it before a punch. If anything it would be a hinderance due to the range of movement his shoulder and elbow would be going through

  64. Nope, not aggressive at all (and I thought I was the one being too pushy, lol). I just wanted to get another opinion on the matter…and create some life in this place, lol.

    Yea, it IS One Piece…you can get away with stuff like that on an anime, I guess =P. For that shifting body weight/spring theory to be right, the “orbs” would have to form the instant he shifts his weight, which I assume would be when he puts his hands on his knees and bends, but that’s not the case when he goes gear second, as the “orbs” form moments after (by automatic activation of his powers =P).

    The way I see it, if Luffy just allows his body do stretch spontaneously, it would have the same effect as the picture I showed you during the Skypiea fight. In effect, Luffy’s arm would just drop to the floor, all curled up if he tries to perform a gomu gomu pistol without first applying force.

  65. Yeah thats a real good point actually, the ‘orbs’ would have to form strait away for it to be correct. Now i know basing a point on a feature of the anime rather than manga is a little cheeky of me but since we were talking about it and i had little else to do right now, i just watched the episode where luffy and luccis fight is coming to an end. When luffy activates gear 2nd, the strain is seen on his face immediatly before a shot of his legs and the ‘orbs’ indicating he doesnt apply his weight (if thats what hes doing) as he makes his stance.

    Could the skypeia picture indicate very little if not a practically non-existant force was applied since Luffy did comment after that he cant fight properly like that. Another argument i have for my rubber band perception of his powers is his inability to change his size or rather that after any stretching, his body returns to the same size. He would have to make a concious effort in regulating his limbs length if he could control them and i mean, its luffy. Wouldnt he either mess up the returning of his limbs when talking about food or he would show off things at parties by extending his fingers. Oh he wouldnt have to lace his fingers together to do gomu gomu ami, he could just weave them in the air. sorry i dragged on a bit there…

  66. Wari double post

    just reread your comment and realised you were on about bottom pic not top on that skypeia page. Again its all anime , but when he does that i remember he inflated his head first then transfered the extra…umm…skin? that he made to his limbs. Once they were long he quickly made his attack.

  67. So he DOESN’T shift his weight…are you then saying he DID make the “orbs” automatically? o_O

    If force had been applied in that Skypiea picture his legs wouldn’t have curled like that. I’d say his body returns to it’s original size because he retracts the stretched part by himself. He trained hard for ten years before finally becoming a pirate, so I would think he do something like retracting his arm or leg to it’s original length without even noticing. Also, when he does moves like gomu gomu net he is able to maintain it without having his fingers go back. Em…I’m not sure what gomu gomu ami is but I’m thinking it’s the gomu gomu net. So for that I’d say he weaves him fingers together to produce a better net effect as it would be much harder for a person caught in it to escape. To further buttress my point on conscious retraction, look at this:

    Notice how the extremely heavy golden ball Luffy’s hand is stuck in is in the air. If Luffy were to rely on the natural tendency of rubber to return to it’s original length then he would not be able to carry it. It would just stay on the ground. But since he retracts it by himself, he is able to use his own power to carry it.

    Also, if his body were to retract on it’s own like elastic material, then moves such as gomu gomu pistol would be weak as hell, since as his arm stretches, it would lose velocity making it weaker and weaker as he goes and then finally stop and return to original length. I’m sure we all know gomu gomu pistol is no weak move, lol.

  68. Sorry about the double post (again) but I just saw your second comment.

    *clears throat* He inflated his head? I didn’t notice but regarding that I’d like to ask…how do you reckon he did inflate his head? =P Breathing in? And if he did transfer the extra…skin…then wouldn’t it have the same effect as when he does it in gear third?

  69. @Pickles: Finally someone gets what I am rambling about lol 😀

    And no I don’t read OnePiece, it takes 1 trailer in english to turn you against the whole series, that’s why 😀
    I just comment to add some style here 😉 and to annoy Super with my non OnePiece reading 😀 teehehe

  70. No no, you misunderstood my point. I was saying if he does apply yhe weight then it happen the very moment the orbs form.
    Sorry, yeah ami is net. Im never really sure which words you should keep japanese and which you should translate. Its true that weaving his fingers together would aid the net effect but as you say he trained hard for 10 years, if he does infact control all his body then weaving his fingers as he ‘threw’ them would be no problem. If he can return his limbs to their original size as a second nature, that level of control would be simple enough.

    The problem i have with your points about elasticity and potential energy is that you dont take into account the fact that luffy is still human too. His muscles could easily counter the downwards force being opposed to them (when i say easy i mean easy for luffy) His muscles do in fact work just like muscles. They strain, fatigue and then develop as a result. If luffy was just rubber then he wouldnt be able to develop at all, he wouldnt have grown taller from his childhood and he wouldnt have gotten stronger as his journey continued. Now if he could control his limb length without force, that would be an ability given by the fruit so it would be his rubber arm as a whole and not just individual working muscles that controlled that action which would mean the strength behind it would be minimal yet he resists the gold balls weight, the work of his muscles which are also the driving force for his stretching. ^.^
    If you wish to argue that his arm doesn’t work as a whole then i shall ask you to contemplate this. Wouldnt stretching his arm require him to conciously stretch every muscle fibre, blood vesstle, tendon, ligament and also bone (cartalige, marrow, calcium deposits etc) and then conciously return them back to their original sizes even though their existance alone is a probable mystery to luffy. Would he also not have that advantage he has against blunt attacks because he himself would have to move his rubber body as he was attacked.

    PS his arm wouldnt have returned to normal when it stretched out as a boy since he just recieved the powers. (neck and head if you watched the first anime rather than the manga)

  71. Yea, that’s what supposed to happen but it didn’t. Instead the “orbs” formed moments after he had shifted weight which was when he put his hands on his knees and stuff. If, however, you’re suggested he applied weight by another means I’d say that’s very unlikely.

    It seems you didn’t understand the point I made earlier. I believe if he just made his fingers stretch spontaneously and “threw” them, then they would only end up curled up on the floor and that’s why he would need to apply force.

    You have a good point there with the whole arm stretching as a whole thing. But if that were the case then Luffy wouldn’t have been able to retract his arm this far: and neither would he have been able to perform the gomu gomu fireworks nor the gomu gomu rifle he did with part of his right arm still stuck in the gold ball. Now, since you say his body could easy counter the downward force then why didn’t his arm retract to at least to the same point in the link I showed you? Also, why didn’t his left arm immediately retract as well?

    Finally, as for your last point…I didn’t watch the anime but for all you know, Luffy may have willed for his arm to return to normal and thus would have retracted it himself. I know I would if I were in that situation.

    You seemed to have attacked only a few of my previous arguments, and left a few. I’d honestly like to get your opinion on the others like the gomu gomu pistol and the inflating head and the curly legs and the ability to maintain the net. I’d honestly love to be proved wrong on this ’cause even One Piece wiki says he doesn’t do it automatically “like Mr Fantastic or Plastic Man” (Plastic Man?)

  72. Here’s a thought…isn’t Mr 3’s power supposed to be Logia type?

  73. Sorry for the triple posting but I just re-read your comment and I saw something that I hadn’t addressed.

    @Tobi: As for your blunt attacks argument, I’ll say that Luffy “activates” him gomu gomu ability when he gets hit by kicks or punches or falls from tall heights just like the Logia type fruit users do when attacked (except Crocodile who has honed his ability to the point where his body changes form on its own when hit. Hey who knows, maybe Luffy has gotten to that stage as well =P)

  74. @pickles: not sure if somebody has replied to ur comment way above about luffy’s stretching powers – he does need to apply force. I had this (sorta) debate with super awhile ago and he agreed – luffy is like a rubberband, he’s normal until force/weight is applied to his body and thus making him stretch, he can’t automatically do it like for eg. Mr Fantastic. Hence why he throws his arm back to punch somebody.

  75. Take a look at some of the arguments I’ve raised and see why the idea I had which was once upon a time in accordance with you guys’ has been called into question.

    I do believe that the plan for Luffy as a character was that his body would stretch when internal or external force is applied but some observations I’ve made have caused me to think differently.

    …Now I’m just gonna stop spamming in this place, lol.

  76. @Pickles: I have to agree with Mudshovel and Tobi here. Luffy needs applied force to stretch since he can’t just do it willingly (hold his arm out and watch it stretch across the ship). Lol, I know you know this already because you said you did the research yourself, so why is it still on your mind? Is it because you don’t understand how Luffy does some of his attacks under the guidelines of him only being able to stretch with applied force?

    As for Gear Second he willingly tenses up his entire body to increase the blood flow at an exponentional rate. It’s like tensing your body up to strain your muscles except when Luffy does it with his rubber body he’s able to make a pump that shoots the blood throughout his body at a really fast rate. Even though it puts a strain on him his body being made of rubber can handle it.

  77. @pickles: u to bring up some good points. But tobi has covered most of them i think. My knowledge of One Piece isn’t that absolute, however an example i can think of about air pressure is Luffy’s Gear 3rd. He uses the air pressure to create a giant sized arm of leg, so why not through the expansion of his lungs causing himself to become baloon sized?
    As for gomu gomu no octopus, it would be a combination oof the elasticity of his muscles and joints plus his body weight which cause his limbs to go limp (sorta). that’s all i can really think of. Mayhap debate Super on this if you want an absolute argument for and against. I;m just to lazy to do that 😛

  78. No, it’s not that I don’t understand, it’s just like I said before…that I’ve made some observations that have caused me to think differently.

    I already know how gear second works but what I wanted to point out in that move which is one of those reasons I’ve been speaking about is how he forms those “orbs” around his legs which cause the increase in blood pressure that activates the second gear. No force is applied to trigger their formation.

  79. @Pickles: I always thought that was the blood building up in his legs before being rapidly pumped throughout the rest of his body. The blood being built up there causes the “orbs” to form in his legs taking on that blubber appearance before being pumped through the rest of the body. It’s just my take on it though.

    @Anyone: F**K, it just hit me again that One Piece isn’t coming out this week! What the hell am I supposed to do now? >_<

  80. Here I go spamming again -_-…

    @Mud: As for the air pressure thing, well all dropped that ’cause we both agreed the pressure produced from breathing was not enough to produce the gomu gomu balloon effect. But we also agreed it’s an anime so you can get away with stuff like that =P.

    As for the second part, here’s my question…where’s the force coming from? That’s my point. There was no force applied, yet both his legs stretched. and if there WAS force applied (somehow) then his legs would stretch in a straight line, not the way they did…and they also would have immediately retracted, but they didn’t…

  81. @Super: If you’re saying Luffy causes blood build-up around his legs then and then pumps it to the rest of his body, then I have a question. How does he pump this pressurized blood to the rest of the body?

    If, however, you meant that Luffy build up blood around his legs which forms the “orbs” which in turn pump this pressurized blood round the body, then I also have a question. How does he cause this increase in blood pressure around his legs? Also, if it was the pressure that caused the “orbs” to form and this same pressure is spread throughout his body, then his whole body would turn into one throb “orbs” all over.

  82. So many errors in that one…I didn’t read over, lol

  83. @pickles: remeber that weight is force. Also why does it have to stretch in a straight line? the reason he punches straight is due to keeping his muscles firm – however as i said that he uses the elasticity of his joints and muscles to go limp it causes that effect and it wont retract beacuse of the weight applied

    @super: why not the Naruto breakdown this week and then the new person can do it the week after?

  84. @Mud: It’s pretty simple Physics. A body will move in the direction of the force applied. If Luffy truly were just elastic then his arm or whatever part that stretches after force is applied would only be able to move in the direction of the force…which cannot be in a zigzag course as shown with the gomu gomu octopus.

    Errr…I still don’t get where the force is coming from. And…elasticity of his joint? A joint is a point of connection between two bones. It’s not like it’s a body or anything. How does he use the “elasticity” of his muscles, then? Elasticity is the ability of a body to return to its original shape after being stretched or compressed. That just once again goes to show that force would have no be applied…and there wasn’t any.

  85. @pickles: might i raise another question – why are we all trying to use modern day phisics to prove theory’s and abilities in manga?

  86. Lol, that’s funny…but the laws of Physics still apply even in manga…well to some extent anyway. Some people (in One Piece) may have abilities that allow them to defy these laws. Because some of these laws were found out in our modern day doesn’t mean they didn’t stand in the old days. There are some things, however, that you can get away with in a manga. The breathing in for the gomu gomu balloon thing, for example.

  87. @captain pickles,mudshovel,tobiisagoodboy: you guys seem to have all the good debates when im not on…lol

    im kinda looking forward to….NEXT week to see what happens…i guess i might as well wait to put up a prediction since its for another week or so… speaking of matchups i think it would be interesting in a couple people going head to head…

    zoro vs shanks( shanks was milhawks rival at one point)
    blackbeard vs smoker( ace was on equal footing with smoker also luffy never beat him)
    a brooke match would be great since he hasnt really fought anyone since joining.
    nami and robin in a pillow fight…lmao.

  88. onepiece FTW

    zoro would win against shanks

    and black bear would own smoker

  89. Sorry Pickles the last comment was rushed because it got really late here in the UK since i was having such a good time with the debate
    Now, I did some digging up of really old Oda stuff and it seems to me that back in his creation and concept stage he was really adamant that Luffy could stretch. (I think the last episodes of dragonball Z inspired him, with the way Majin Buu did it) Threrfore I truly believe that his powers were intended (at least initially) to be like a rubber bands. You are starting to make me think that he may gave gained some degree of control to them but alas for the sake of debate i shall counter what i can.
    You mentioned a while back that Luffy activated the powers before getting hurt. Its a fair enough point but in manga issue one the bandits who enter the bar attack him, rather than the anime where they pretty much talk scary to him. One of them says something like ‘This kids got a wierd body, our attacks dont hurt him’ Now if luffy was a logia, it would be entirely possible for him to develop the ‘whole body change’ thing that they do but he isnt, hes a paramecia yet he can still take attacks from all over his body just hours after getting the powers. To further stress this, when hes eating on Amazon Lily, i see no reason for him to have ‘activated’ his body, yet when he gets pulled by the crazy fan girls he stretches. A final thought on this point is when he demonstrates to people that hes rubber, he wouldn’t have to put his finger in his mouth, he could just move it. Now im sorry if im mistaken but the way youve argued to me makes it seem that rather than a rubber human, your considering him a stretching human. Thats fair enough but then wouldnt the fruit in fact be called the stretch stretch fruit and even if he ‘activated’ his body the fact that in all, it wouldn’t be rubber meaning Enel would have just owned him like the others.
    A second counter i have for him not having control of his retracting limbs is that hee would be able to freely choose whether his arm mooved closer or further away yet once his arm is returning to him, he has never once sent it strait back. This lack of control against the elastic potential becomes aparent if you look at times when he stretched back to the ship and came crashing in or when he stretches behind mihwk and then goes crashing into the wall behind him. If he could control those actions he would decrese his speed before impact. Similarly if he was controling his limb movements then him stretching his arms further away for a gomu gomu rocket would have no effect since it would just be him throwing himself past the object .
    On to the point you and Mudshovel discussed briefty to do with his joints. Luffys limbs and organs are rubber, we know this but we also know body fluid such as blood is still liquid. This means that the synoval fluid in his joints cant fill the space that the joint would have stretched to, which we know it would since theyre rubber otherwisee Enels attack would have fried his joints, and would result in rediculous pain, particularly in the bones of the forearm, as the bones rubbed together. Now i will simply suggest two things about this point: One, hes rubber so it doesnt matter if the bones touch. Two, its a plot hole but seriously i suggest we drop it because its going into too much detail and as i said before Oda just wanted him to stretch.
    The head inflation point you made seems to be a little contradicting (if i can say that without sounding rude…) as you are arguing that he can control his limbs making yhe need for the initial step to be pointless. Now before i argue my cause, it could just be the anime people tying in with the octopus name under Odas suggestion to come up with an intermediate step when we saw the move in motion, if thats the case and it was just the animators then plot holes are a given. Now as for the how i can only liken it too blowing up your cheeks to the extreme level. I would then further assume that without letting that air escape Luffy forces it into the fibres and tissues of his muscles and also the cavity between skin and muscle and then pushed it down his arms with gradual contractions of his outrageously powerful muscles. If the cause is somewhere along those lines then its no wonder it was never explained since it would just be really boring.
    About your comment on the gomu gomu firework, Oda has never really stated the length in which luffy can fully stretch to. Thinking logically, his limbs would snap if he stretched too far and was infact elastic so thats an argument for yourslef. At the same time though, when more force is shown, the stretching goes further (when he grabbed Usopps hand after he rejoined, luffy did a massive pullback) indicating he does infact have those rubber features. The way i see the firework working is with entire use of the shoulder muscles for placement of the attacks and tension, and than fully tensed triceps to hold his arms out and apply essentric force.
    Now with the gear second orbs, i too invisioned then as his pumps and not built up blood *glares at super* what i suggested about the Lucci fight in the anime is that Luffy doesnt shift his weight as he puts his arm on his leg and makes his stance. The strain is shown (i.e. the pount of the shifting weight) as the orbs form indicating that there is an external force in their creation. This is the main point i am wavering on and possibly suggesting he may have eeveloped a degree of control but for now i will stick to the point i suggested.
    Right i think thats everything towards you done.

    @Super: I actually read the recent issue again under your instruction from the link youve given. Jimbei says ‘aside from this incident i actually feel a level of gratitude and guilt towards you’ *pannel of Arlong* now i dont wish to start a debate when im already in a heated one with pickles but it seems to me Jimbei feels bad about what Arlong did and is glad luffy stopped him

    @Shinobi: Im sorry we had the debate without you, it would have been good if we got more opinions especially if yours was different. Bright side is we get to do this sort of thing next week if super lets us since Odas being all gay and keeping us waiting *pins Odas picture to dart board*

    @Eatencookie: it sure is nice of you to drop by and chat even though you dont read the manga. Its not like anyones forcing you to or anything *ties eatencookie to chair* *gags eatencookie and tapes eyes open* *shows her one piece pannels on a slide show against her will*

    @Ahsan: I agree smoker would loose to blackbeard but think zoro would get owned against shanks. He is a master of haki and he took a blow from whitebeard with one hand. His swordsmanship is or least was good enough to rival Mihawk as well.

    @Anyone: Everyone is saying the straw hats will be stronger when they return and i agree they will but wont you feel cheated if they are all at like admiral level strength without any real explanation? I know i will….

  90. @Shinobi Feel free to chip in if you like. I’d like to get another opinion even though I’m pretty sure it’ll be against mine, lol.

    Oh wow…I think Zoro has a long way to go before he can go up against Shanks, one of the 4 most renowned pirates. He might as well challenge Whitebeard.

    I also think Blackbeard would pwn the fine particles out of Smoker. With his extremely powerful control of darkness plus his Haki, Blackbeard would really beat him up.

  91. What about the other yonkou? Do you think Oda is keeping his name a secret for a reason? Wonder if its anyone we know…A hot female yonkou would be pretty cool even though their ‘kings’

  92. Holy…o_o…emm…gimme a moment to read that and I’ll get back to you, Tobi.

  93. @Tobi: *refusing to look at the slideshow* *insteads decides to watch Pickles and Tobi and Mud I suppose battle it out for who can write the longest debate * >_<

  94. *stares in awe as eatencookie blows up slide show with mind* *cant focus on debate any longer as he wonders if he would have those powers if he didnt read one piece* 0.o…

  95. Well that takes away the slide show problem…now how the hell do I get out of these ropes and this metal chair. It’s so very cold brrrr 0_0
    Hehe yes take the bait, refuse the OnePiece and take up the mental power lol 😀 jk sorta >_>

  96. AHHHH mind powers! she really is apart of the children of the corn!!!

  97. @Tobi: Indeed, you make fine points it’s good you’re on my side. But I too said his legs acted as pumps the first time I addressed Gear Second to Pickles.

    “As for Gear Second he willingly tenses up his entire body to increase the blood flow at an exponentional rate. It’s like tensing your body up to strain your muscles except when Luffy does it with his rubber body he’s able to make a pump that shoots the blood throughout his body at a really fast rate. Even though it puts a strain on him his body being made of rubber can handle it.” (Supertrek)

    My other comment after that one was just saying the “orbs” that look like blubber at the bottom of his legs may be built up blood pressure before being pumped from his legs. In fact they may just be overlapping rubbery skin (forming the pump) from the pressure he puts down on his legs when going into the Gear Second stance.

    Now as for what Jimbei says I see what you mean and you could very well be right. I just want to point out my viewpoint. Jimbei says, “Even aside from this whole incident I feel a certain amount of gratitude and guilt towards you.”

    *shows picture of Arlong*

    “But let us put that aside for now we should focus on our main goal” (Jimbei)

    I agree he was feeling good will (gratitude) towards Luffy but if he felt like he was in debt (guilt) towards Luffy why would he put that aside? It makes more sense that he is feeling ill will towards Luffy over that incident, but he puts that aside to work together and save Ace for the time being. He could be feeling guilty that Luffy beat Arlong because after all he was the one that sent Arlong out there and Arlong was on his crew. Or he he could be feeling guilty that Luffy had to go through all that. I think it’s the first one. There’s the Onemanga translation to which clearly states that Jimbei is feeling bad about Jimbei’s demise. Now it’s definitely not the best for translations but I just wanted to throw it out there. Lastly there’s the wikia viewpoint. This is fan generated so there’s no definite conclusion but it’s more evidence to support my case.

    “He also seems to feel gratitude and guilt for Luffy’s defeat of Arlong, (likely because he was probably the one who dispatched Arlong into the East Blue in the first place).” (

    Now again this could be Jimbei feeling guilty over Arlong’s defeat or guilty that Luffy had to go through all of that. I suppose only time will tell when Jimbei confronts the incident with Luffy after the Marineford Arc.

    *rebuilds slideshow and drugs Cookie reducing her psychic powers and putting her in a state of absolute obedience* Heh! 😛

  98. *In last attempt for free will Cookie does the thing that Super never saw coming* POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLIIIIIIIIIICEEEEEE!!!!
    *An army of officers barge into the room breaking the slideshow in the process*
    *Noticing the scene of Cookie being held against her will and sedated, the officers arrest Super and Mudshovel(believing him to be an accomplice)*
    *Cookie recovers quickly and toasts the arrest of Super and Mud while feeling gloriously content that she did not get her will broken and never gave into the horrors of OnePiece!* 😉

  99. Yeah super i understood your point, it was just where you were talking about the obs being blood that i disagreed with you but anyway lets not quarrel, Pickels is the enemy here! (Jokes…)
    Now its been a while since i went back that far but i thought the sunny pirates disbanded or like split into groups and Arlong came to east blue on his own. sorry thats meant as more of a question than an argument.

    @Mudshovel: I cant describe how funny i found that comment!

    *hi fives super for his good work in aprehending cookie* *starts to feel guilty and asks if he went to far…*

  100. *Realises the error of his kindness and breaks mudshovel and super out of jail sacrificing his own freedom in the process*

  101. *Police notices Tobi high-fiving Super and decide to arrest him to for kidnapping and sedating innocent people and then for attempting to break Mud and Super out of prison* *This end up with both of them in a tiny room with no windows and no ‘magazines’ for super. As well as watching them burn the One Piece equipment they found on Super,Mud and Tobi*Yeah I think you went too far =D see you in court! lol

  102. @Tobi: They were disbanded but remember Jimbei is still the captain of the crew and they were his nakama. A deep bond could have been formed of respect even if Arlong seems like an asshole to us humans.

    *bribes police men with next week’s issue of an illegally obtained copy of One Piece 550* *turns out the police are HUGE One Piece fans* *Super goes back and pours drugs into Cookie’s drink while she’s not looking and reboots the new and improved slideshow while Mudshovel straps her down* *Tobi stands guard around the room and sets up a EMP wave emitting machine so no more phone calls can be made from this room as their won’t be any signal* MUAHHAHHAHAHAAHHAHAHHAHA

    Don’t ask how I sneaked in the manga… >_>

  103. *Curses the day he tied up cookie but gets mail privileges for good behaviour* *watches super get excited mistaking mail priveliges for male priveliges* *sends cookie one piece collage with secret death threat if she doesnt watch one piece is 7 days*

  104. @Tobi: 0_0 Male privileges? I should have left your ass locked up in jail you traitor! 😛

  105. *hands super a snickers bar to say sorry* *warns the others that we dont know the extent her powers*

  106. *gets weird ‘The Ring’ vibe from Tobis comment* O_O *ignore it and hands it to police** Police being as dedicated as they are offer armed services to Cookie*
    *Cookie offers Mudshovel a drink* *Mud drinks in unknowingly to Supers plan and collaspes, Cookie then cuts the rope with a nail file while Super stares at the slideshow memorised* *Cookie pulls out several several pistols loaded with tranquilizers and knocks Super out with it* *Cookie then kicks Tobi away as he charges towards her* * Before anyone can recover from the confusion she escapes out the exit and into a jet she has parked convenietly nearby and takes off into the air*

  107. *rubs wounds as he gets up, wishing the ring vibe had scared cookie more* *realises hes the only concious one and goes to resusitate the others* *wakes up super with promise of another snickers bar* *asks if hes still friends with vivi from Alabastar who cookie doesnt know about and if he is, could she lend us the super spot billed ducks to pursue her*

  108. *researches the ‘vivi’* a princess eh? well this changes things… *cookie decides on wearing gas mask for the time being while she makes some ‘calls’ to allies* *in the distance sounds of eagles,hawks and ducks arrive to help cookie fly safely* *Little does Super,Mud or Tobi how heavily armed these guys are, or how strong*

  109. Hmmmm….super spot billed ducks vs. jet? I think the jet is faster but I have an even better idea! 😉

    *Super, Mudshovel, and Tobi huddle into a 3-part Voltron like machine that can transform into a jet* *Because of the awesomeness of the jet they catch up to Cookie easily* *Tobi shoots down Cookie’s jet and her bodyguards since he forms the two arms and torso* *Super laughs his ass off because he’s the head and most useless body part* *Mudshovel boosts us over there since he forms the legs and Tobi scoops up Cookie who ejected from the plane* *SuperMudBoy (Name of our machine) lands in the middle of a desert and puts Cookie in the One Piece torture chamber on the Voltron machine and removes her gas mask*

    With it’s titanium walls that emit One Piece projections 24/7 and hallucinogen gas seeping from the walls it’s only a matter of time before she becomes a follower! MUahhahahahahhahaa @_@

  110. @Tobi: Only a few hours after? I beg to differ. Take a look at this: “Hey rubber boy.” Obviously Luffy has already become famous in the village for his ability…and this doesn’t just happen in “a few hours.” It would take a few days at least which is more than long enough for him to get the hang of his abilities especially since he was so excited about it as seen on that same page. Just take a look at Kalifa and Kaku of CP9. Only about thirty minutes to an hour after obtaining their DF powers, they were able to effectively use them to the extent they did. My point in this is that it obviously doesn’t take very much to get the hang of a DF ability…trained fighter or not (perfecting it, however, is a different matter).

    From what you’ve said then, it would mean that Luffy couldn’t possibly apply force and throw a normal punch without having is arm stretch even when he doesn’t want to. He couldn’t swing his arms around if he wanted without having them extend. He wouldn’t be able to dance without knocking out everyone in the room. Okay, I think the point is clear, lol. All this we know very well he can do without having those results. This shows that Luffy has a level of control over the activation of his power. We’ve seen instances where force is applied on his body but he stretches. I’ve also seen instances in which force is applied on his body and he DOESN’T stretch. For example, apart from all of the other ones I mentioned above, take a look at this: With the weight of a male adult coming down on his arm, it didn’t stretch downward. We all know Luffy is very playful so he may let his crew mates pull his cheeks…which they do a lot (especially when he says something dumb…which he does pretty often, lol). There’s the chance he allowed the women in Kaja do the same until it got annoying at which point he ran away since they just would have kept touching and poking him whether he stretched or not.

    Saying this would probably be bad for my argument, but simply allowing one’s body spontaneously extent wouldn’t be very practical when showing one is a rubber-man. Rubber is well known for it’s stretching ability and the ability to return to its original shape after it does (in a word: elasticity). Luffy has the ability to stretch his body and return to original shape afterward which is basically characteristic of the well known material: rubber. However, we’ve been shown that Luffy is indeed made of rubber. That was shown in the Skypiea arc when he proved to be one big human insulator. Honestly, up until that point in the manga I had thought Luffy was just called rubber-man because of what I mentioned earlier. And for the fact that he IS in fact made of rubber then I’ll say that he has honed his abilities to the point where he can stretch at will. Crocodile has clearly stated that devil fruits can unlock a lot more potential than many people know. If that weren’t the case and Luffy were just rubber and he hadn’t refined his ability to that point, then that would mean Luffy would be completely elastic. And I’m convinced that Luffy is in no way elastic. Sorry for this Physics lesson, but elastic materials have an elastic limit (not to mention a breaking point), a point at which a stretched elastic body cannot return to original shape. With all of the stretching done in moves like gomu gomu rifle, he would have long passed his elastic limit. Also, for elastic materials, it gets considerably harder for stretching to take place the more they do. Because of this immense increase in force required for further stretching which cannot be accounted for, for Luffy, since force is only applied once which is when he throws his arm or leg, it would simply be impossible to perform moves like gomu gomu rifle and gomu gomu hammer which require a whole lot of stretching. There’s also no way he could have practised to increase his elastic limit or breaking point because those are fixed for every elastic body. Am I making sense?

    When Luffy was getting on to the ship (or piece of wood) Mihawk was standing on, he was attempting an attack and so I would imagine he would attack with a lot of force and would have no intention of retracting. Unfortunately for him,though, Mihawk simply stepped aside, dodging his attack and making him fall on his face. With the speed and force at which he was going, I wouldn’t imagine the short distance between Mihawk and the wall would allow enough time for him to slow down. Also, how do you suggest he does decrease his speed, anyway? Once he begins retracting his arm, he begins moving at high speed. Spontaneous stretching would only have the same effect as I’ve mentioned at least three times now, and further retraction would only lead to an increase in speed. Besides, he’s rubber (not to mention he’s Luffy…by that I mean he’s reckless) he doesn’t worry about getting hit like that since it doesn’t hurt him.

    For the gomu gomu rocket thing…stretching his arms further away means more time for further retraction, and further retraction = more speed. It’s pretty much the same theory if he were elastic…

    I’m not sure I understand the joints thing but I know the bottom line is that Luffy’s joints would have gotten fried…somehow. For that I say that Enel’s electric attacks would actually have to be conducted through the surface of his body before it gets to the joints on the inside, which can’t happen since Luffy’s flesh also in rubber…an insulator that wouldn’t allow electricity flow through it to reach Luffy’s inside. Yea, you have a point there…all these things I’m mentioning might just be plot holes (I actually thought of that before but didn’t mention it since I thought it may have sounded like I was chickening out or something).

    I never saw the anime and I don’t have the slightest clue as to how that whole head inflation that whole head inflation thing went down. As for your theory on how it did happen I have a few question. How did he force the air he built up in his cheeks to into his fibers and tissues? Because it’s gas doesn’t mean it can just “enter” solid. How does he keep the gas from just going into his lungs like it should? If the air the air were to get to a cavity, it would be bombarded by other air particles and be stopped in its tracks.

    …And with that application of “eccentric” force wouldn’t his arm have to stretch like Luffy couldn’t control it, according to your theories? You forgot the “why didn’t to normal length” part as shown it could have in that last link I showed you. And why didn’t his left arm retract as well on that other link of him hanging off the flying ship”

    Once again, I don’t watch the anime, but I’ll say this…yea, stress is shown as the orbs form because there are causing massive build-up in blood pressure which isn’t exactly very easy to handle even though his rubber body can take it. If Luffy doesn’t shift his weight then where is this external force you speak of coming from?

    *heaves a deep breath* *thinks about having to read over* *sighs some more*

    Oh and you didn’t address the gomu gomu pistol argument as well…

  111. One long post deserves another o_o

  112. ^^^Lmao super! SuperMudBoy!
    Its like pirate docking six except theres no nice robin to mess things up….or to make things seem less homosexual ….
    *cough* moving on..
    *tobi slides the secret door in the chamber releasing the incredible one piece cobras that bite anything not watching one piece* *retreats to higher ground with mud and super as snakes surrond cookie in the chair*

  113. Well my breakdown will have to wait! I’m being attacked here. *Cookie hangs her head low as her bangs of hair fall, covering her face* *A dark smirk crosses her lips as she notices the snakes slithering around her narrowing the space between her, each second* *Time seems to hold still as the snakes are blasted backwards against the walls and the walls themselves begin to give way before they themselves (and the entire building) are destroyed by the force pressed against it* *Super,Tobi and Mud(who doesnt’t seems to be here for this entire warfest) emerge from the fallen rubble panting and gasping for air.* *Cookie then is seen dusting herself off in the centre of the newly formed crater.(I shall call it ‘The chocolate chip’) All three stare in wonder as she pulls off an invisible gas mask that she was wearing in the chamber* *Smirking again Cookie disappears of the back of a running Sasuke, who doesn’t seem to notice* teehehe I couldn’t resist that last bit >:3

  114. *Super, Tobi, and Mud get up and dust themselves off*

    Poor Sasuke won’t know what to do with her…well that’s it for me I lost my cool robot, my torture chamber, my numerous One Piece montages, and was almost arrested. I’m going home to look at Hinata and Nico Robin smut. As for YOU Cookie! Stop riding Sasuke and get on that breakdown! Lol, jkjk I couldn’t resist that last part either. 😛

  115. Lmao at that comment! I wish i never suggested the phychic powers!

    *Watches mudshovel(who isnt even here, i think) magicly turn into Itachi* *Sasuke immediatly turns around and comes back* *Super dives and snatches Cookie off Sasukes back as he gets ever closer to Mudshovel in Itachis form* *Super teleports sasuke back to the naruto universe using his Super-ness* *Tobi wishes he had magic powers…*

    [Lol, I don’t wanna be dragged back into this! >_< *lets Cookie go and goes back home* Sorry you'll have to torture her yourselves… ;)]

  116. O_O oh sh–!! Now that’s crude. COOKIE WINS!!! Teehehe, and I still didn’t break a sweat, though Super broke EVERYTHING he has. Don’t worry Super, We are just playinh Buckaroo, You can play with your husband though 😉

    NANI!?!?!? Husband? I…but…no…rumors…untrue…Dro….I’m THE MAN DAMMIT! *looks around confused* *pushes Cookie into a dark room with only a computer and a loaded video of the latest Naruto Shippuden episode and locks the door* Now GO! 😛

  117. *Goes and reads Bleach*

  118. YOOOSSSHHHHH!!!! First One Piece post with over 100 comments *dances to celebrate* THANKS A LOT GUYS…and girl!!! 🙂

  119. I feel like my comment in moderation just killed the mood. *feels like a party pooper*

  120. @Pickles: From your entire post I really don’t know what you’re ultimately getting at. Please don’t tell me you’re saying Luffy can stretch without force behind it (willingly like Mr. Fantastic). 🙂 All the stretching Luffy has ever done has had some kind of force behind it. You must not forget that Luffy is not only rubber but he’s human. He’s made of muscle, tissue fiber, and bones. The reason Kuro could stand on Luffy’s arm without bending is because he’s also standing on muscle. We all know Luffy is strong enough to support a mere human’s weight on his arm without having it bend thx to the muscle and possibly even bone.

    Since he is human and not just a rubber band he can heal and repair himself. A regular rubber band may have an elasticity limit and break over time, but not a rubber human that only holds the properties of a rubber band but also has the properties of a living being who can repair himself.

    I agree with you in that I don’t think Luffy has to consciously activate his rubber powers in order not to get hurt. There have been many instances where Luffy has been stretched, hit, and even fallen off cliffs while asleep and his rubber body has saved him or kept him from harm. His body is made of rubber it’s simple as that.

    Luffy has alwyas retracted himself to his former shape though unless hindered. He couldn’t do it with the golden ball for the simple reason of it’s weight and that his hand was trapped in it.

    Every action has an equal reaction. He does all his moves by applying an equal force and receiving an equal response (Gomu Gomu Rifle, Rocket, Punch, etc…) We all know how strong the dude is so even if it doesn’t look like he’s doing much trust me when I say he puts a hell of a lot of force behind those attacks. Enough force for him to stretch how ever far he wants too.

    Overall, there may be a case where Luffy does minute stretching without force being applied and hell maybe even one day he can learn to stretch without there being force half the time. But that would just turn him into Mr. Fantastic and be lame as hell. I can see him acquiring another Gear that does this specifically but nothing that would have him do Mr. Fantastic stretching in regular mode.

    I know I probably missed some stuff but I just wanted to get those points first.

  121. You guys probably think I’m putting too much thought into this and being overly critical…and I probably am but I just don’t think Luffy’s abilities are as simple as the rubber band. Let’s think back to Vapolu. He can eat anything…but who would have guessed his power would extend as much as they did. He’s able to not only integrate his body with the things and do the same things they could do but he can also do the same for OTHER by…eating them… (lol). who’da thunk it?

    Other examples include Kalifa and Kaku…especially the former. So she was a soap girl…what good is that? Turns out her soap can clean off your power and debilitate an opponent. She can also use her power as a shield and can make a person’s skin so smooth it becomes impossible to move. All this from soap…

    These are only a few examples and I could go on but I don’t wanna make another long ass post. The point I’m trying make should be pretty clear. And hopefully you guys see now why I’m dragging this on, which is probably getting on some of your nerves.

  122. The thing with devil fruits though is ultimatly they only give you one power. Now before luffy ate the fruit he was limited to the movements we have but after his body became rubber as well. He couldnt have control of his extra range of movement unless the fruit gave it to him as well as being rubber, otherwise it would be like us trying to move our intestines around i mean, you might jiggle them if you put some force behind your dancing or something but then thats effectivly what luffy does. At the end of the day, hes a rubber man just like super says, he isnt a stretching man or something else (btw who the f@*k is plastic man? saw the name above) So he has the properties of rubber. Isaid before that Oda really wanted him to stretch and i think hes done a good job of tying the character development in with that (saying he uses rubber legs to pump blood, talking about expanding air pressure in his bones etc) and now if you dont accept the explanations that myslef or some other people have given then just write them off as plotholes. I said i agreed that threre have been inconsistencys with his powers (busting out from rubble and not having limbs stretch everywhere) but as an overview, Ithink Odas done a good job keeping the science in line. Tbh hes a manga writer not a biologist or physisist and i would image these weeks off for reserce (the real reason not looking up hentai 😛 ) is to try to cover errors like the ones you pointed out.
    I think this discussion has been done to death a little seeing as it rules the last 50 odd posts…

    @Super: I mentioned back at the start of the debate that if luffy aquired the life return ability like Kumadori or CP9 then he could control his limbs as he pleased. Your idea of it being a gear is good though and i really see it as a possibility (even though gear fourth doesnt roll off the tongue like the others)

  123. I forgot to read over…again…

    @Super: Errr…yea that’s the point I’ve been driving at…not quite like Mr Fantastic, though. The result of his spontaneous stretching have the gomu gomu octopus effect.

    With regards the Kuro thing…one thing I’d like to point out is that Kuro was running on Luffy’s arm which was retracting slower than Kuro was running. Kuro couldn’t have possibly been on muscle alone as he ran and at the point at which he probably wasn’t on top of muscle, Luffy’s arm still didn’t drop. Lemme leave it at that. According to what you guys say about Luffy’s ability, his body would stretch when force is applied…whether he wants it to or not since he’s like a rubber band. And I wanted to prove that wrong with the Kuro thing but it’s turning out not to be such a good example at this point, lol, so allow me to use another example. If that theory were right and Luffy had no control over his stretching, then how come when he swings his arms and legs (applies force) while running he doesn’t stretch. I’m giving only one example for the sake of not writing another novel.

    I think we’ve established among ourselves that all of Luffy’s organs and body parts are made of rubber. Rubber is what rubber does, so Luffy does have an elastic limit and breaking point. The elastic limit is the point at which a stretched elastic material would not return to original length. It’s not like it’s some sort of wound he could just heal. It wouldn’t even hurt on a human. The breaking point is a point where the stretched elastic body actually gets cut with further stretching after even after elastic limit is reached. So basically, Luffy’s stretched arm or leg would get severed.

    Yea that’s what I said about the golden ball at first. If that were the case, however, the ball wouldn’t be hanging in mid-air, it would be on the cloud flour since the weight would provide the force that would cause the stretching which he wouldn’t be able to control…but that was not the case and that’s the argument I raised before. So my explanation was that Luffy is able to retract is arm by himself and therefore is able to carry it with him using his own power. Scroll up a bit and look more at the discussion between me and Tobi for more info. I’m trying not to write as little as possible.

    I don’t think you understand the tremendous amount of force that would be required for that much stretching. Try stretching a rubber band to its limit while applying force only once…see how far it goes (not far at all). Even when you continually apply force and you reach the limit, it hardly ever goes past two times its length. Luffy applies force only once and his body stretches many times its normal length. No matter how much super human strength he may have it’s practically impossible if he were just elastic. Notice that moves like gomu gomu rifle and hammer involve rolling up his arm or legs so the length that is stretched is actually many times more than it may look.

    Sorry, this was a bit long.

  124. I do believe the fruit would give him that ability as well, otherwise, it would be like you said. It would be the same as us normal humans trying to move our intestines spontaneously.

    Don’t get me wrong I’m not trying undermine Oda’s work in any way. On the other hand I’m glad Super got me into One Piece (…and yea it IS Cookie’s loss, lol) as I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. Oda has done a more than fine job with One Piece. Assuming tbs = to be honest, I’ll say yea you’re right, he’s no biologist of physicist.

    I have no idea who Plastic Man is either. Hence my “(Plastic Man?)” comment when I mentioned his name, which I saw on One Piece wiki which is where I was quoting from.

    So then, truce? (even though we weren’t really fighting) *sticks hand out*

  125. @Pickles: Yes, Luffy stretches when force is applied to him but as I said before the weight of Kuro standing on his arm was not enough pressure to do that stretching. That wasn’t a slack punch Luffy did. That punch was backed by muscles that run up along all of Luffy’s arm. Kuro was always standing atop of muscle because Luffy’s muscles stretch too.

    I don’t know about anyone else but I never said Luffy can’t control whether he stretches or not when doing certain tasks. Whenever Luffy runs, or throws his hands up in the air for joy, or breaks out of rubble, or whatever sure he can stop himself from doing crazy involuntary stretching. It’s his body and like I said he has muscles. He can resist his arms and legs from stretching by using those muscles.

    Now as for the elasticity thing you seem to think Luffy is just rubber. He is more than that. Sure rubber has elasticity point but we’re talking about a Rubber Human. Even if his body and organs are made of rubber they are still human body parts and can heal themselves. Any wear, tear, or elasticity damaged gained (for a rubber human) the body will heal. That’s what body parts do it’s part of their function. I’m sure it’s not even a big deal since Luffy’s been doing it for most of his life.

    The Golden Ball didn’t hit the ground because Luffy was trying to pull up. If Luffy wants to retract his arm quicker than usual he can using his muscles. If e wants to stretch father than usual he probably can to using his muscles. It’s like reaching up to the sky and straining to touch the stars with you hand. Is this what you mean by Luffy controlling his stretching? It’s more like controlling his own muscles rather than the rubber property itself.

    I think Luffy stretches with great forces which is the reason why he winds up for an attack that goes a fair distance. If I try to stretch a rubber band with my own strength then sure it won’t go that far. But Luffy is the rubber band itself and has beyond super human strength. I’m sure the force he applies to is stretchy arms and legs along with the muscles in his arms and legs are more than enough to stretch his body a good distance.

  126. Aye agree to disagree. I must truly commend you though, your view point didnt seem like an easy one to defend but you did so every time with some great arguments. *grabs hand to shake* *gives pickles a snickers bar* *hopes he inst allergic to nuts*

    I googled plastic man and it came up with a wierd guy in a red suit, looked like mr fantastic knock off though it could be the other way around.

    Maybe we should just go back to character battles mainly the one i really want people to think about: Zoro vs Sanji. Their strength is kept so close together all the time (the CP9 members they fought had 20 doriki difference, the strength of two people, which is nothing when you consider what those two straw hats are capable of) and dont just say zoro coz he can take a beating coz sanji’s no slouch either. I wont voice my opinion yet coz i wanna hear what you think first everyone.

    p.s. sorry about the horrible spelling and numerous typos in last post

  127. By the way did anyone else watch the anime and think Margaret looked wierd in colour?

  128. @Tobi: Thanks, you raised some pretty good points yourself =).

    Okay now since we’re done with that debate we can move on. And I can get back to asking you guys this: isn’t Mr 3’s ability supposed to be logia type?

    As for the Zoro vs. Sanji thing I think it would be a really close one but Zoro has the advantage because he uses blades and Sanji’s attacks involve contact (except maybe Diable Jambre) so Zoro can block and at the same time attack with his blades. Another advantage is that he has three blades so if Sanji uses his two legs to somehow hold down two of them, there would still be one more that can attack. Of course Sanji would find a way to go round all these making it a close battle. I don’t want to sound stereotypical but I actually believe Zoro is the better fighter not just because of this advantage but he’s a pure fighter (a swordsman) while Sanji is a cook that can fight.

    By the way, Tobi, Kaku’s doukiri would have greatly increased once he got the DF power so the difference wouldn’t just be 20. I don’t want to sound stereotypical but I actually believe Zoro is the better fighter not just because of this advantage but he’s a pure fighter (a swordsman) while Sanji is a cook that can fight.

  129. Hmm i know what you mean, every one of the crew have their own role laid out for them except luffy and zoro really. You can say luffy is the captain but he doesnt actually act like a (stereotypical) captain unless theyre fighting. You can say zoro is first mate but Oda hasnt said it. So you expect them to be the best fighters. About Kaku, Jabura said that even though his doriki was lower than Kakus, in a fight his fruit would come in too (was before Kaku got fruit) that implies that although increasing fighting potential, fruit dont actually increase doriki. You could argue that being zoan types their power would increase if they did the test transformed but that goes for both of them really doesnt it?

    Mr 3 i believe is a paramecia because even though he controls his wax, he cannot become it only produce it. Blackbeard aside who did say ‘even among the logias its unique’ refering to his power, all logias can produce, avoid attacks by transforming and then reform.

  130. Oh yea…another point I wanted to add to back up Zoro was that he usually fights opponents that are stronger than Sanji’s opponents in most of the arcs. And they both end up having pretty much the same difficulty defeating them. The Alabasta arc was one case where Zoro fought Mr 1 while Sanji fought the weaker Mr 2 (Bon-chaaaaaaan!). Another case being when Sanji fights Jyubura while Zoro fights Kaku who had higher doukiri. Well if you ask me, I’d say the legendary samurai Ryuuma (who Zoro even fought at a disadvantage, which the Samurai noted, as he only had two swords at the time) was stronger than the human/tiger/elephant/gorilla/bear named Absalom. In the Arlong Park arc when they fought opponents of the same level, Zoro had just gotten pwned by Mihawk, left with a huge scare across his chest which can still be seen ’til this day and his two katanas broken and so was at a disadvantage.

    In all these fights they had where Zoro was either fighting a stronger enemy than Sanji’s enemy or disadvantaged (or both in the fight with Ryuuma) they still had relatively the same difficuly in defeating their opponent.

  131. @Tobi: Ahh, I see what you mean about the doukiri. You can scratch the Kaku and Jyubaru part in my latest comment, then.

    About the Mr 3 thing…this is what I’m trying to say. Shouldn’t he be able to turn his whole body to wax? He can turn his forearm yo wax…that he has shown when performing his candle wall move. If he can do that, then why not his whole body?

  132. No no pickles, i dont think he turns his forearm into wax, it just sort of gets coated as more is produced. Thats what i think anyway. Its like how luffy isnt a logia even though his body has become something else except with mr 3 its for the other reason. I think to be a logia you need to have a body made of something else and then also be able to produce and control it. Both points are key

    Just had a thought. Akainu, the last admiral, what do you think his powers will be? If we go with the pattern set by the two other admirals it will firstly be a logia and decondly be something to do with red (aokiji=blue pheasant blue=ice, kizaru=yellow monkey yellow=light, anainu=red dog) Thirdly (its a bit of a stretch seeing as not many logias have been shown) but it will be quite alternative for a logia. Aokiji is the only solid logia and kizaru is the only substenceless one. Seeing as how fire is already taken my only suggestion is magma/lava. It would be so crazy if it was, think of the power of that! plus it fits my third point as it would be the only (canon) liquid logia…

  133. @Tobi: Good insight but Lava/Magma has already been taken. Filler episode. I know dumb right for such an awesome power to be wasted but I saw it with my own eyes.

    @Pickles: Good moving on! 😉 I don’t think Galdino is logia type because none of Luffy’s attacks ever passed through him in a muck of wax. That’s why Galdino made that Wax Champion to protect his body.

    As for Zoro vs. Sanji. I see Zoro winning in the end but with a couple broken bones, scorched clothes, and heavy blood loss. 🙂

  134. @Tobi: I always had the idea that he produced the wax from his forearm and shot it out from there, but your theory is also plausible.

    The first thought that came to mind was fire but that’s already taken. Another thought that comes he may have control of heat, Magma/lava is also a possibility.

    P.S: Who’s that big guy with the sword in the picture in the breakdown with Smoker, Hina, Kizaru, and Aokiji. I originally thought he was the third admiral since I skipped the Robin flashback and didn’t know the third admiral was actually another until just now.

  135. @Super: Wasnt that power just to melt everything, the hot hot fruit? It was a little similar to magma but ultimately was a paramecia. Im talkin about arms becomin jets of molten rock and him forming huge erruptions of the stuff

    The big guy is the one eho talked about justice when luffy got his first bounty and then seen again giving orders at the sound of the buster call. Hes a vice admiral but judging from the rediculous amount of medals, is a marine hero like garp. His names something like john giant i think

    Oh dont you think its about time robin had another solo fight? The last one was against the fat guy on sky island. I guess its hard for Oda to put her in solo battles seeing as her ability either owns straight away or is completly ineffective but hey, hes a smart guy so figure it out already!
    Also whos up for a Brooke vs Scratchman Apoo musical duel in the new world?

  136. @Tobi: Ah, seems we were both wrong. It was the Atsu Atsu Fruit and it dealt with heat so lava/magma is still up for grabs.

    YOSH, I just want to see Brooke in a one on one fight with ANYONE! Lol, he’s so awesome and his story was so sad. 😦 Robin needs a fight with Nami…in the pouring rain…no umbrellas…thin white t-shirts…you getting my drift? 😉

  137. @Super: GAH YOU TOUCHED MY COMMENT!! and I was actually talking about your hand at the time 😉 But if the husband is really Dro then that’s cool teehehe
    *notices loaded computer but instead of watching it, Cookie decides to lean against the wall and carve how long she has been in there for* *Wonders if Pizza can be delivered to the room*

  138. Yeah I’m gonna go watch the anime now >_>

  139. Hmm no chapter this week for OP? Suck for you guys =(

    Luckily i dont read One Piece or id be bummed. OP always seemed a little too weird for me. I just read this breakdown cuz i like supertreks writing =D

    Dont worry cookie! I like yours too =)

  140. muahahaha YOSH!!! Another non-OnePiece fan 😉
    teehehe thanks fanboi 😀

  141. what’s with all the One Piece hate (spearheaded by cookie)? Nothing better to do than bash an epic manga that is actually the pure emodiment of awesome sauce? for shame cookie 😛

  142. Your not allowed to discurage any more potential fans you mad psychic witch!

    p.s. please dont shoot mind bullets at me..

  143. I’m not bashing an EPIC manga, just the OnePiece 😉 ew they put manga in awesomne sauce!? You just put a generation off awesome sauce..well done 🙂

    Mad psychic witch eh? Normally that should be an insult but I can’t deny how true it is ^_^” I won’t shoot you with mind bullets… I’LL BLOW YOU UP!!

  144. Tobi’s charred remains were found scattered around a room that was entirely empty except for a computer. On the screen Tobi had placed an order for mind bullet protection unaware of the dangers of the mind explosion….
    Please attend his funeral

  145. Well, I guess I was wrong as well when I suggested Akuinu’s power is heat. Magma/lava is still up for grabs, then.

  146. @the debate… well i have a few things about this rubber issue. i think that since luffy is a rubber man, he has the ability to recreate actions of rubber etc,(stretching,inflating and so on) i think his powers work to his will and thus not really requiring much physical assistance. he holds his shoulder when doing his gomu gomu pistol probably for aim since in he threw his arm back it would probably be more like a whip, than a straight shot. Coincidentally, luffy has had an attack called gomu gomu whip against crocodile i think. when luffy is concious, he has more control of his body since its rubber, but when he’s either caught off guard or out cold, he has no control of what his body can do. remember when he was fighting arlong and was knocked out in the water? they took his head and stretched it all the way to the surface just so that he could beathe. also, with the issue of second and third gear are somewhat the same… luffy’s bones are also made of rubber…because when in third gear, he bites a hole in this thumb, and blows air into his bones…(but wait aren’t bones filled with blood and marrow?) causing his arm/body part to expand…ill have to explain a little bit more but i gotta go

  147. @captain pickles: that big guy near the top is a vice admiral, named …*pauses for irony* John Giant, who is actually a giant..

  148. @Shinobi: I honestly can’t believe someone ended up on my side…and you have some really good points that would have been useful. But alas, the debate is over.

  149. Reading Shinobis comment made me think of something. Kairoseki stops devil fruit powers which is why Ace cant just become fire and get away right now right? It does this be ’emmiting the same energy as the sea’. Therefore the ocean should have the same effect, devil fruit users should become normal people. So how come luffy was still rubber under the water in Arlong park. Also, how come chopper was in his half beast mode and not a full reindeer when Franky shot him in the water in the enes lobby arc?
    Is there a reason or am i just being a douche and pointing out plot holes?

  150. On this day so many people learned not to doubt Cookies abilities; little did they know that she was not done, but instead only getting started >=)

  151. @Tobi: What I always thought the sea did was to make it impossible for a DF user to ACCESS their power but the power is still there. As for the Chopper part, it may well be a plot hole.

  152. You know Super? I think we might just get you to the 200’s yet 😀

  153. Eatencookie founded a colt whose sole aim was the removal of one piece from the one manga top 3. Their first act was to distribute dart boards with Luffys face on as standard in an attempt to gain both finanses and followers.

    @Pickles: That is actually a realy good way theory. But do you think then that even covered in kairoseki, buggy the clown still couldnt be cut? Haha that useless baka cant even get executed right!

  154. Pffft I didn’t find the cult, I AM THE CULT, jk jk, get your free entries here people, we have cookies and cupcakes. And for you manly men out there we have barbie dolls 😉 lolz, Oh and we also have this shiney orb *__* shiney

  155. Dont advertise here! Im a ghost now so mind bombs dont work anymore! I would like a cupcake though but since a certain explosion i cant eat! *Watches the masses flock to witness the orbs shinyness* God damn it! You’ll never take one piece off the podium cookie! even if i have to haunt your psychic ass for the rest of your life!

  156. Well in the case of your disability at the moment Tobi, I shall call some contacts.. I bet you’re saying “who you gonna call?” GHOST BUSTERS!!!! That’ll solve my whole having my “psychic ass” being haunted for the rest of my life, I think.

    How did we fall to such madness that we has to wage war for the removal of OnePiece? Oh well, I SHALL TAKE IT DOWN!!

  157. *Tears the fast food numbers from Cookies phone book so she cant order pizza for her numerous fans causing them to go in hungry rage and kill all men wearing white suits* *Ghost busters are killed and join Tobis newly formed ghost cult coz they hate eatencookie and her fans*

    Yosh! Just as planned

  158. O_O I had fans? Oh well *holds up special Ghost Sucking Vacuum OVER 9000 and begins sucking up Tobi’s cult. LA LA LA SUCKING UP THE GHOATS, IS SO FUN LA LA LA * Cookies fans hear that she is offering free copies of next weeks Naruto Manga from her sources in Japan and she all return to her with their friends* GET YOUR FREE NARUTO MANGA 456 EARLY, ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS SCREAM OUT YOUR DISLIKE FOR ONEPIECE!!! 😉

  159. *Tobis comrades sacrific themselves to destroy the ghost vacuum from the inside before he is trapped inside too* *Tobi curses earencookies name to the heavens for destroying the cult he just created, he also curses her fans and sources from japan* *Tobi declares that ghosts and psychics will be enemys rtom this moment forth…then makes a swift exit for now* *as he leaves the curse is granted! earencookie and her followers are forever to smell bad no matter how many showers they take*
    Well it wasnt the curse i asked for but hey this is war, you make do

  160. guess who’s back<<<<<

    o ya

    sorry guys i was away due to some techinical issues with my wirelless broadband device im back to deefend zoro's ass

  161. @Tobi: Hmm…I think has to activate his powers before his body actually separates. It’s not like his body gets but before it separates but he actually separates the part that’s about to get cut before he does get “cut”. So in actual fact a person trying to cut him would just slice through the air in the space Buggy makes between the separates part and his body. And he can divide himself into very many segments making it impossible really to cut him…but he’d have to divide himself before he gets hit before the attacker actually strikes. This is how I’ve always seen his power so I could very well be wrong about it.

  162. thank god i ain’t earencookie! But oh well, *Takes out the new vacuum* LA LA LA SUCKING UP THE GHOSTS IN THE VACUUM!!

  163. *Sighs* My typos have lost me this war… *gets sucked into the ghost vacuum* Could you suck up some KFC?

    @Pickles: I always thought his powers meant that he couldnt be cut. They just made him split automaticly as he was cut. *notices similarities with previous debate* *sighs at thought of locking horns with pickles again* (It really does tire my brain)My best argument for this would be when being chased by the blue glory in impel down, he was looking in the other direction as he was cut but still split in two. Also against Zoros inhuman speed and also the unpredictability of his santoryu he still managed to split himself in the right places and time it so Zoro thought he killed him. It wouldnt be easy to pull off timing like that for anyone, least of all an idiot like buggy.
    I always figured him like the opposite of luffy – immune to sharp attacks but vonerable to blunt ones.

  164. @Tobi: Lol…well I do have some counter arguments but let’s leave it at that for the sake of peace. You could be right and it could be impossible to execute him.

    I have a problem with the magma theory. Magma is molten rock and its only liquid because of extreme heating. If it were exposed to room temperature for too long then it would just turn solid again and be nothing but rock. In effect, if Akainu were to turn his body to magma then he would just turn to rock in a matter of seconds. And if he were to shoot magma from his body it would turn to rock as well…

  165. But Aokiji doesnt turn to liquid at room temperature

  166. @Tobi: Lol, yea I noticed…that doesn’t make much sense…

  167. My guess is the fruit maintains his form. Its kinda like how Kizaru is effectivly pure energy but he still makes a yellow body shape when he rides that yata no kagame move of his or even better example how he can make a solid sword out of light.basically it means Anainu could still be magma (i really hope he is) but im also straining my brain for other things he could be and comin up with zilch

    By the way how many of whitebeards crew are we thinking are going to die in an attempt to save Ace? Its ironic from the man who ‘wont allow the death of a nakama’ unless he himself is gunna die…. could that be the shake-the-world-to-its-core that blackbeard said? An aweful lot o people who want the old man dead are showin up

  168. @Tobi: I don’t think very many. A rookie from Shanks’s crew had a bounty of over 90 million. I don’t imagine Whitbeard’s rookie’s would be far from that…not to talk of the high-ups. They’reall incredibly strong so I don’t ese very many of them losing their lives. I see the high ranking members go against the really strong opposition like the shuckinukai and the admirals while the lower ones go for the others which they really shouldn’t have trouble with.

  169. @Cookie: 200? Maybe… 😛 *Ties, gags, and straps Cookie to a rollercoaster ride called ‘Head Banger’ and flips the switch to let the ride go on until its systems fail* *frees Tobi’s ghost from the vacuum and uses Gedo Rinne Tensei No Jutsu to revive Tobi*

    Ah, so now the jutsu was actually used for Madara/Tobi. 😉 That’ll teach you Cookie to mess with One Piece and it’s followers and didn’t I say I had something new coming for you? 😛

    @Fanboi: Thanks…I guess? 🙂

    @Tobi and Pickles: OMG, you’ll getting so technical now! T_T Lol, just think of Kizaru’s light sword as a light saber.

    About the giant above. Is that steam coming out of his body as he’s walking by, and are you’ll sure something as hot as magma/lava turns to solid rock at mere room temperature?

    Buggy the Clown can split willingly but I don’t think he can split in his sleep or anything like Luffy can bend (or be stretched) in his sleep. If he couldn’t be cut at all (split automatically) why would he bother to dodge sword swipes and all that? I think he needs to voluntarily and consciously split in other words.

    The ocean makes the DF users a rock in the water that can’t even try to put up a resistance once they go under. It also greatly weakens them inhibiting them from using their DF powers to get out of the ocean in the first place. It doesn’t take away their powers though as Shinobi has shown Luffy still retained his rubber body after being thrown in the water by Arlong.

    As for Whitebeard. Yeah, I definitely seeing him as the first Yonkou to die and Ace taking over as Captain. Then it’s a race between Luffy and Ace to see who finds One Piece first and become Pirate King. 🙂

  170. @supertrek… well dont forget about blackbeard, he still believes that onepiece is out there as well…

    i wonder if crocodile would go for whitebeard i he gets the chance seeing as how him and several others are silvermedalist… it gets interesting to find out..

    also its gonna be interesting of the fights are gonna be when they get to the marines headquaters

  171. Wow! Super and I actually agreed on two things at a time! *goes outside to see if the world is coming to an end*

    I’m more than positive about that magma thing. Room temperate is waaay more than enough to solidify it.

    As for the Whitebeard thing, I really don’t see Ace taking over if he died simply ’cause I don’t think he’d be capable of filling his shoes (literally, too, lol…that dude is huge!). I think he’d form his own pirate crew and go after One Piece.

  172. @Super: You really think you could strap me on rollercoaster and I wouldn’t enjoy it?! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE —*crack* oh no…I just broke the KFC box :O The horror!! You can explain to Tobi why he didn’t get his KFC, Super! *Walks in front of debate licking a lolipop with slighty wind-worn hair and a large grin plastered on her face* *Super stares in horror because she didn’t bang her head* *Cookie waves* HI, HI GUYS, HI!! 😀

  173. muhahaha the invincible ahsan is back again,man i gotta do something about this net damn

    ok i gotta put a logical dissuccion

    assuming that zoro can touch shinigami(which he obiviously should be able to,as at the level he is his spirit power must me that high)

    zoro v.s ichigo

    endurance v.s endurance

  174. No….No kfc? Cookie…How could you? I mean we are enemies since i declared it and all but you stole everything from me! My body, my cult even my freedom! *notices he is no longer in the vacuum or a ghost* Man! having my body back is great and all but did you have to use cop-out no jutsu super?
    Oh cookie, seeing how im not a ghost anymore we arnt enemies right? *walks home*

    You make a good point about the strength of whitebeards crew but dont forget a ton of them got wiped out by Shanks haki. Now im not saying shanks is a push over in any shape or from but to be honest i doubt his haki has surpassed reighleys. Trafalgar law and Kidds crews were all able to stand up to one of the dark kings blasts making, in theory, all of them more capable that all of whitebeards crew who were ko’ed. This may be a mock point due to something as simple as those two being able to control the intensity of the blast however. But more to the point Mihawk is there and the only person i see holding him off is whitebeard. Then you have the admirals who just seem invincible right now and i dont even think the strongest of whitebeards crew can hold them back for too long. Kizaru moves at lightspeed! >.<

    I reckon Ace could handle leading the group. More than anything, his pride (and the tattoo on his back 😛 ) wouldn't let him walk away from the name of whitebeard. Question is, would the other division commanders follow him? i think not.

  175. *Sees Super and Pickles agreeing 0.0* *Confirms that hell has frozen over*

    God damn you cookie! *sobs* you take eveyrthing from me! My body, my cult and now my KFC! Why?!?! *bursts into tears* *notices he is no longer trapped in vacuum or a ghost* Gee…Thanks Super. I mean i really apreciate you saving me and all but did you have to use cop-out no jutsu?
    lol at the used for tobi now though ^.^

    @Pickles: To be honest i dont see how whitebeards men can really hold their own against the force thats at Marinford. Sure they are probably an amazing crew but i do have a few points i would like to make. First a whole bunch of them got knocked out by Shanks haki on the ship. Now its an assumption but i dont think shanks would have surpassed Reighley in his haki control just because Reighley is the greatest Ossan to ever live. The dark king sent a blast out that didnt KO any of Kidd or Trafalgars nakama in the auction house. It implies that all of them are more capable than those weaker members of whitebeards men and seeing as both the kidd and heart pirates had such trouble with one pacifista i dont see how people who are (supposedly) less capable than them will fair much better. This may be a mock point if Reighley and Shanks are capable of controling the ‘intensity’ of their haki blasts though but im not really sure if they can. Secondly, Mihawk is there! He owns! The only person i see matching up to Mihawk at all is whitebeard himself. I mean he was the rival of Whitebeards fellow Yonkou Shanks before he lost an arm. Also i dont see even the strongest members of Whitebeards men from holding back the admirals from killing at least some of them. Kizaru is there and he moves at lightspeed! >.<

    I think Ace is capable of taking over the crew. His pride (as well as the tattoo on his back lol!) wont allow him to walk away from the name of Whitebeard. The question is whether the rest of the division commanders would follow him. My thoughts are they wouldnt.

    @Ashan: Firstly its not just about being able to see the shinigami coz even if zoro could, the only swords that hurt them are zanpaktou meaning zoro still couldnt would ichigo. That aside the winner would still be ichigo. I guess zoro might be able to counter getsuga with a 108 pound cannon but i kinda doubt that but all it would take was for ichigo to use his bankai and start moving at super speed. Zoro is quick but hes no match for that. youve seen the fight between Ichigo and Byakuya at sokyoku hill right? In the soul society arc. Ichigo is everywhere in that fight! Plus if that still isnt enough then ichigo would just go hollow and get even more speed and power. If thats not enough then he would probably go super hollow and start firing cero everywhere. Yeah zoro has no chance.

  176. @tobi: im with you on the zoro vs ichigo only because zoro hasnt become the greastest swordsman yet… 😉

    yeah dark reighly’s haki was strong but it wasnt the imitidation kind like shanks’ was…his was more of a distraction to type so that he could get out of there…if he really wanted to i think he could have easily knocked everyone out…that one friend of his said he was like 100 times stronger than luffy’s crew.
    i think shanks might go help out whitebeard only because of the balance issue that would be happening…its one of the yonkou vs world gov’t AND shibukai(at least 4 will participate for them) unless another yonkou helps out or a group of other pirates help out whitebeard no matter how strong he is, its still wont be enough since he doesn’t have his second commander to help out…*cough*

  177. Lmao, it wasn’t my fault this time! I was innocently walking to hand you the KFC and then Super strapped me and the KFC in the rollercoaster! He was just asking for trouble and now the food it broken and cold now 😦 Poor KFC didn’t have a chance!

    And Super as for your ‘new’ attacks, I’m still waiting to be amazed by them… Right before I blow them away with a flick of my finger 😉 lol

  178. @Tobi: I do think they are able to control the intensity of their haki. Also, haki attacks willpower and not strength: That’s what one of the commanders of Whitebeard’s divisions said to the noob pirates when Shanks was going on board. Besides, there were still a whole lot of men that could withstand it that weren’t the commanders.

    About the fighting thing…I think you’re just saying all that because you’ve seen just how powerful the the Admirals and shuchibukai are. But I don’t think the Marines would send such force if they knew the Whitebeard pirates weren’t powerful enough. It’s said there at the top of the page: “Every last shred of Military force serving under the same of justice is gathering here at Marine headquarters.” All that because of the Whitebeard pirates. So yea, I think they are powerful enough to take on the admirals and shuchibukai.

  179. Eatencookie! You have all these psychic powers and you cant even protect one box of KFC? Its totally your fault!

    @Pickles: You raise some good points, particularly the haki thing and whitebeards pirates strength being an unknown. Thinking back, Ace was pure awesome in Alabastar against all those ships he whiped out in seconds and there are three more people as powerful as him. So i guess i will concede. All i was suggesting was that but marine HQ and the shuchibukai were created to balance the power of all the youkou not just one.

    Onto another topic of discussion then (we really have talked about a lot this week looking back at some of the previous comments) luffys crew. Do we think that they will be adding a fishman to it? or will it be a mermaid? or neither? will that be their last nakama?
    I will make some points known first. Back in the second issue of the manga (10 years ago) luffy said he wanted 10 people (talking about the size of his crew) now the question in hand is whether he counted himself as one of the ten. If so then you can rest assured that the next nakama will be the last because even if it was ages ago, you can expect Oda to follow up with it. If he didnt count himself then great, they have room for two more. Secondly i would like to point out the clear lack of females onboard. Sure the straw hats are better equipped than most crews on the ladies department but still, theyre the ones we see all the time so they need some more girls! Thirdly, Sanji is currently the only unarmed fighter of the group without a devils fruit, this means the fishman karate would be perfect for adding another fighter of this type.
    With all that being said, it seems the best fit to me would be a female merman (if they exist). Tell me what you think guys.

    Possible other candidates include: Boa Hancock, Perona, Camie, Hacci, Ace (not really….) and also Silvers Reighley in the coolest of worlds and anyone else you can think of (but i cringe at the thought of yet another paramecia type abboard that ship)

  180. @Tobi: Thanks =)

    As for the Strawhat crew thing…I’m pretty satisfied with the current crew. The captain, the first mate swordsman, a navigator, a sharpshooter, a cook (with one mean kick), a doctor, an archaeologist, a mechanic, and what Luffy always wanted: a musician…the crew looks pretty complete to me. Yea, Luffy did say at least ten members but he said he’s like to get ten members BEFORE hitting the Grand Line. And when he did, he had five (himself included). My point in that is that that statement may well be considered null and void. In my opinion, the crew is pretty complete and any more additions would have no particular benefit. But if Boa Hancock were to join, hey I aint complainin’ ;-). Reighley joining I think would be overkill, lol. He’d be able to teach Luffy how to control his haki, though, which would be cool.

    Speaking of haki, Luffy has the strongest kind: king’s disposition. I can’t wait to see how he turns out when he finally learns to use it.

  181. Lol! The crew is nice atm but i do see them adding one more, as for the position aboard the ship…I guess helmsman is the only position that specificly needs filling as far as i can see. Its not all that important but hey, Blackbeard has one so why shouldnt Luffy! I would just really like to see a girl in the team who had fighting skills comparable to Luffy, Zoro and Sanji. Robin has a really useful ability but to be honest it doesnt lend itself all that well to battles. She either gets rid of the enemy strait away or cant really do anything at all. Exceptions being cyborys, giants and zombies. Reighley joining was kind of a crappy joke on my part. I dont really want Oda to even consider it. How could his greatness even develop any more?

    I think it will be good when luffy learns he even has haki! >_<
    Seriously though, he has been using it a while now and still doesnt know. also i wonder how many types of haki there are. I think theres the wierd defensive one right? like sentomaru and one of the snake sisters used? (not really sure on that tbh) theres the movement prediction one that the other snake sister used that sounds just like mantra. Then we have Zoros asura as well as Flamningoes powers which may be types of haki and then finally the kings disposition…

  182. so tobi one thing i would like to make clear here is that even though i asked you to assume that zoro could see shinigami ,i beleive that he must have a high spirit power

    now you say

    “the only swords that hurt them are zanpakto”

    are you sure ? i cant beleive it ,i dont know but even if ,in bleach manga it self it says somewhere clearly that only the soulslayers can damage the deathgods.i believe zoro and hawk eye can damage them up pretty badly(ill tell u y i said hawk eye )

    1-hollows can beat up shinigami pretty bad ,they dont have a soulslayer

    2-zoro and hawkeye are by far the top swords man

    3- zoro’s swords are no ordinary one’s,cursed swords FTW

    now i understand zoro cant win against ichigo perhaps


    i say

    hawk eye v.s ichigo


    zoro v.s renji

    two battles to disscuss ,as per agreeing that zoro and hawk eye’s swords can mess death god’s up pretty badly


    (looks around ,damnit cookie ,mud,pickles ,super any one support me or else)

  183. Hmm I like the thought of Zoro vs Renji. That seems like a real good match up actually since Rengi is one of the slower shinigami and cant do crazy amounts of kido…
    I would say it would be close, like all zoro fights, but under the premis that zoro could hurt them then i would say he would come out on top…maybe.

    As far as hawk eyes and ichigo, Im still with ichi. He moves at super speed man! I still dont think Hawk eyes has a chance but would like to point out i have very little to base it on seeing as we have only seen the very tip of the iceberg in terms of hawk eyes powers. Its just the way Bleach does its character development, by achieving one thing people come ten times or hundred times stronger instantly and one piece doesnt work like that so most of the characters you do a cross match for will be an unfair fight…

  184. Lol, sorry Ahsan, I already stated my view on cross-anime match-ups

    @Tobi: It wouldn’t surprise me either if Zoro had some form of superpower (I mean aside from his insane strength). Maybe some form of haki, not the kind Luffy has, though. Maybe a demon inside of him or something along that line…like Asura. It’ll be cool.

  185. JINX! you owe me a soda!…preferably Mountain Dew. (even though we didn’t really say the same thing)

  186. @pickles hell ya ,some demon takes over him ,like in hollow mode or something like that ,cuz his insane endurance isnt human at all…..


    glad to see we agree on something,rather perfectly agree ,it will be a till death duel and as you said most prob zoro will last long ,becuz of his insane endurance

    now hawkeye you say zoro can beat renji who is a vice-captain ,hawkeye beat zoro sooooooo freeakingly easily by a small knive WTF

    yes id say itll be an awesome match

    even in hollow mode itll be an equal battle

    its the world freakin best swords man

    i cant decide on the winner

    perhaps a tie


    the one who has some sence in the final attack

  187. @Cookie: BAKA! I don’t need for you to enjoy my tortures! T_T Why didn’t the ‘Head Banger’ bang your head? FALSE ADVERTISEMENT!!! >_< *rips up plans and starts anew* Ohhhh, she's gonna get it this time. @_@

    @Tobi & Pickles: You guys are forgetting that the ship is also considered a nakama of the crew. Remember the Going Merry was just as apart of the crew as any of the living crew members and by the end they all saw it that way. So who's to say the Thousand Sunny which embodies the spirit of the Going Merry isn't apart of the crew right now, and makes one of Luffy's 10 nakama he wanted?

    @Ahsan: Yeah, I’m with Pickles on this one about the cross-anime fighting. You’ll have to debate with Tobi.

  188. Oh i guess the ship is a nakama too but hey, as Pickles said, luffy was talking about getting 10 people before hitting the grand line. That was before he got his first bounty though and got forced to leave east blue.

    So who thinks if Nico Robin joined in with the pirate docking, the big emperor robot that they would create is easily a match for Kuma? 🙂

  189. hmmm….im thinking zoro would win agains renji because renji’s shika allows him to keep distance, but is avoidable, or can be deflected easier IF someone can read his attacks and movements…if zoro decided to use his 108 pound cannon, then renji couldn’t block it intime due to the strength…if he used his bankai….that would futher put him at an advantage because of its size regardless of how much powerful it got. my opinion would go to zoro hands down… now for a real fight between to guys would be ….
    Zoro vs. Kenpachi….bwahahahaha…bwahahahaha …oh sorry…
    (crazy strong) vs (strong and crazy) plus both could cut each other all day…

    i think luffy might get more than just 1 or 2 more, but it would be later down the road…i do hope he gets another chick on the boat, although boa would be an equalivalent to sanji…lol hopefully luffy gets someone with awesome df ability or just pure skill like zoro, sanji or sogeking…i mean ussopp

  190. omfg ,shinobi u r awesomeness ,itll be one hell of a match zoro and kenpachi,of the same phyche

    itll be a to death duel,and the will do it with

    kenpachi ,doesnt have a bankai all he;s got is crazy streanght and freakin endurance

    and zoro has also got strenght and endurance,they are the same type of warrior,but considering zoro’s skills with 3 swords and the fact that kenpahci cant use bankai ,zoro can evade him but itll take a hell on him to take down kenpachi

  191. Been wondering for a little while now but what do you guys think about certain people wth logia types having no weakness other than standard devils fruit weaknesses? Its a bit like the thing super posted in one of his breakdowns a while back about all devils fruits having an advantage, disadvantage and then neutrality with some other fruits. I agree that all the fruits seem connected but some of them like Aces, Kizarus, Aokijis and Smokers really just dont seem to have any weaknesses. And if any of them fought it would probably end up neutral. It seems a little unfair that some fruits wouldnt have any weaknesses when others are so obvious…
    Also is crocodiles the only fruit that can naturally counter its weakness? (weakness is water, can suck up water)

  192. I think logia type users are cheap as hell honestly. It’s a wonder they don’t just try to take over the world it’s not like they can be touched in most cases. Like you said Tobi those above DF users don’t seem to have a weakness to their DF besides the ocean (and karoseki cuffs)…at least none that we can see right now.

    Smoker seems to be weak against wind though which Dragon used effectively against him to let Luffy escape Louge Town. As I said before the only thing I can think of to counter Kizaru is Blackbeard right now. There was a logia type user who could turn into water but she was weak as hell and her character was wasted in one of the One Piece movies. She could probably do best against Ace if she were as strong with her DF as he is. And Ace vs. Aokiji is still up for grabs with me but I see Ace taking the win on the mere fact that fire does best against ice, and Ace has basically mastered his DF just like Aokiji.

    Still these match ups are all just assumptions of DFs working best against other DFs. There’s no definite conclusion that Ace could beat Aokiji for example. In other words…yes it’s very unfair that they have these abilities and this is what makes them the strongest forces to be reckoned with in the world of One Piece. As for Crodile. Lol, you’re right Crocodile’s DF counters its natural weakness. How odd… 😉

  193. @Super: Ace vs Aokiji seems like a good match at first glance but then if you look a little deeper you see it would just be like a screaming match between a teenager and their mum. Bacically if one could hurt the other it would all come down to who could make the biggest friggin attack and totally engulf the other as well as their less substantial attack. Ace makes the sun. Aokiji makes bloody Antarctica. They bash into each other…
    That is of couse, assuming that they can hurt each other at all which i really doubt considering Aokiji never seems to melt while walking around i just dont see why he would melt at higher temperatures.

    Its a good point about smoker but i wouldnt really call it a weakness. I would say that Ace and Crocodile could get blown about too but it really wouldnt do much other than move them around a bit as far as i can tell.

    All in all, I totally agree that getting a logia type is effectivly a cop-out from fighting fairly 😛 which is probably why haki is being introduced.

    P.s. Croc got ripped off. A logia that still gets owned when it rains. What kind of pirates scared of getting splashed by the waves?!

  194. I do think logia powers are a bit unfair but that only adds to the fun when their users get their asses handed to them. All of them have weaknesses like you’ve stated. Some have weaknesses of elements that other DF users posses, like Enel and Aokiji, while others have weaknesses of elements that other DF users don’t posses…or can’t even have, for that matter, like Crocodile who’s weakness basically is any liquid that wets a surface (like water and blood…I’m not gonna go into the scientific reasons now, lol).

    As for Ace vs. Aokiji…I personally think Ace would win…and not by a close one, either. My reason is that Aokiji can’t project ice from his body (unlike Iceman). He has to freeze up an object and use it as a weapon. Any object he uses would easily be melted by Ace. The only offensive he’d have against ace is to freeze Ace himself but the ice would just melt over his body and the water forced would evaporate because of the heat Ace emits. He wouldn’t even have to consciously make effort to melt the ice on his body…he made it not scow for a day on Drum island. All in all, Aokiji would have no real offensive against him…or defense, for that matter, but Ace has a lot he could use.

    @Tobi: Aokiji doesn’t melt when he’s walking around because he’s not ice all the time just like Ace isn’t fire all the time and Smoker isn’t smoke all the time…they only become their element when they use their power. But then again, the ice he makes on object doesn’t melt. For that I’d say that the ice Aokiji produces from his body is so cold (maybe even absolute zero…or not but that would be so friggin cool) that it would take more than the normal time it should take to melt. Also, he makes it in high volume (like when freezing an entire human or the sea) so each molecule (sorry) of water can feed off the coolness of the other which would allows it stay in solid form longer than normal (coupled with the fact that he produces ice at really low temperature). But Ace’s fire would easily produce enough heat to…BREAK THE ICE (haha!…anyone?) …in no time.

  195. Ace and Aokiji are on equal levels of there powers so the fight between them would have to be a draw. Both seem to have tremendous about of contol of there df, that they can remove situations that would be somewhat troublesome for them, but extremely difficult for others. IE ace-Drum Island, Aokiji-riding bike on the ocean…Personally, i would go with ace since he has the will of d in his name…speaking of which, i think for those who are logia types, there weakness may be haki, since those amazons used that when they were using arrows hunting luffy down, so if someone could apply that to there attacks against them, then its possible to actually fight on even grounds with them.

  196. I think rather than just being a logia weakness, haki is being introduced as a standard df weakness along with the sea, kairoseki and blackbeard

    Good point about Aokiji only freezing objects Pickles and now that i think about it he froze grass to make a sword right? I just have a feeling that seeing how hes solid and can shatter only to reform, that he could shape his limbs how he liked and end up making weapons like the blades crocodile used. But then i still dont think they could hurt each other. Even if Aokiji did melt (which i really doubt he can) then i just envision a scene reminiscent of terminator 2 with water freezing itself or running across the ground in bubbles. As for the stuff he freezes, whatever way you look at it its not scientificaly possible and all comes down to the greatness of devil fruits. freezing a whole stretch of ocean out to the horizon and making it hold for a week… I dont even think the transfer of energy in crystal structures is that useful (sorry for science) so its all down to the powers of the devil ^^

    But yeah its great when logias take a punch they never saw coming! Both Crock and Enel ate one of Luffys and made priceless expressions as they did lol

  197. @Tobi: Well, if you don’t agree with my theory and Aokiji’s ice can’t even be affected by its natural enemy then he’d basically be unstoppable. Only haki users would be able to hurt him.

  198. Hey it wasnt my fault Super forced the poor box onto the the seat of the ride! I just couldnt help them when he blind folded me too 😦 Maybe cause the sign said Head danger? it was just a cool backwards ‘d’ you looked at!

  199. Pffffffffffffffft, don’t listen to the One Piece hater. All she does is spread lies and rumors about the awesomeness that is One Piece how could we trust her with a mere bucket of chicken? For all we know the bucket could’ve been emptied of the drumsticks by the time she got on the rollercoaster, and she was planning to hand you a bucket of wings!!! Now that’s just EVIL!!! @_@

  200. So it’s just lies and rumours that One Piece is awesome? If you say so Super… Hey I tried with all my might to safe guard the bucket of chicken, but you sabotaged it, Super! And made Tobi cry, for shame on you, FOR SHAME!! You should be paying for it for him, it was you that forced it on the coaster after all

  201. Bah, you’re twisting my words around! 0_0 I said, “don’t listen to the One Piece hater. All she does is spread lies and rumors about the awesomeness that is One Piece.” Not, “She’s spreading lies and rumors that One Piece is awesome”.

    Hehe, let me show you how you twist words around. Ahem…Not to worry fellow One Piece followers Cookie has conceded. This is what she said and I quote,

    “I’m so sorry I’m so sorry. Please forgive me I have seen the light and now know the epitome of manga that is One Piece. It’s power level is OVER 9000 and I understand that THIS IS LOGUE TOOOWN. It was especially my fault that the chicken was crushed and of course Supertrek was right in that I did eat all the drumsticks and was going to hand you a box of wings in the first place. Please forgive me oh great One Piece followers and I will repent for my actions at a later date.” T_T (Cookie)

    Even though the crocodile tears at the end was unnecessary I’ll wait to forgive you after you repent Cookie. But thanks for the heart felt apology baka! 😛

  202. LOL super!

    I think there was a debate going on somewhere but, meh i think that’s over with. I mean what’s the point of debating the awesomeness of OP? It such a one sided debate, where all the evidence and facts point to Awesome, and whoever disagrees with this they have obviously poped some kind of hallucinogen.
    Give up haters, soon you will come to relise you’re mistaken, until then we ask that you sit in the corner and cry yourslef to sleep. After all you’re missing your Zoro shrine 😉

  203. muhahahha i ll kill all onepiece and zoro haters

    a question

    any guesses on monkey d dragons abilits’s

  204. *sighs* If cookie keeps resistiong the greatness of One Piece maybe we should hit her with a load of haki and force her to read it…

    @Ahsan: Well because Luffy was so conveniently saved by that lightning bolt in Loguetown, then the rain stopped their ship from being blown up by wetting the marines gun powder and finally the crazy gust of wind he made, i am guessing something like the storm storm fruit

  205. Has anyone see the spoilers up above? I don’t look at spoilers so I don’t know if this week’s chapter will be cool, epic, or awesome. Those are the only 3 options One Piece chapters provide. Lol, jkjk but seriously has anyone taken a look at the spoilers yet?

  206. yehh i’ve seen the spoiler. cause u dont read the spoilers super ill just say its probably gonna be epic lol, a real shock for many im sure just like when luffys nakama found out dragon was his dad:D

  207. After last week’s Danzo shocker, I think I’m just about ready for anything Oda can throw at us.

  208. ive not seen them ,ill take a look

  209. well super only gave me three ratings to go with, epic seemed to fit it to me unless they manage to screw it up somehow.

  210. Super forging statements is against the law and you are already on thin ice with it. I do believe I was talking about cheese at that time! It went something like this : “I’m so sorry I’m so sorry. Please forgive me I have seen the light and now know the epitome of manga that is Cheese. It’s power level is OVER 9000 and I understand that THIS IS CHEESE TOOOWN. It wasn’t especially my fault that the chicken was crushed and of course Supertrek wasn’t right in that I didn;t eat all the drumsticks and was going to hand you a box of wings in the first place. Please forgive me oh great Cheese followers and I will repent for my actions at a later date.” How did you get that wrong I was standing right beside you at the time? Yesh, baka.

    Zoro shrine? Didn’t me and Dynamic destroy that several manga chapters ago? I think we did and we have picture evidence of it. That debate ended a long time ago 🙂 And you’re all going to fail with making me read One Piece, I’m not that easy to convince muahahahaha …or attack for that matter! >=)

  211. Destroy? Zoro? if you read OP, you’d know that that’s impossible. You can’t kill what you don’t understand 😛

  212. Im with Mud here Cookie, you cant get rid of Zoro. The closer you come to killing him, the more chance you have of a new technique bursting forth.

    *hires private investigator to search for the box of chicken* *after months of testing the results are finally in* ‘there was only wings in the box, even the crispy strips were gone’ GOD DAMN YOU COOKIE!!!
    I see you can revive the dead now, it is most distressing that your powers continue to grow, however i realise that dispite that ability you did not revive the destroyed KFC. It stands to reason that that is your weakness! your powers do not extend to poultry! *orders chicken suit for himself as well as turkey and pheasant suits for Super and Mud in preparation to attack*

  213. kill zoro LMAO

    the more u will try to kill him ,the more he will get stronger ,he ‘s a devil

  214. I never said we killed him, just his shrine 😉
    >_> hey in all fairness those investigators lost your box so they bought another…you should really carry that sort of thing by yourself..
    You’re totally right.. I just can’t stand ro revive dead birds… I mean a whole box full of revived chicken wings flying about with no bird behind them…It would of been traumatising! But if you’re going to be birds then…*Takes photo of them and sells it on ebay* *The picture is then posted throughout the internet* *Cookie then calls in some people*
    *All are equipped with shotguns, hats, and sunglasses.

  215. kills cookie ,zoro or his shrine what sthe diff

  216. spoilers look awesomeness

    luffy and ace are not blood brothers omg ,this is getting freaked up

  217. Thank muffins i’m not that cookie…that was a brutal death >_< *cries a silent tear for the cookie*
    One's a person the other is a building =D

  218. hey guys, what’s goin’ on in here? *sees somewhat of a discussion between cookie and super debating whether or not One Piece is awesome or not* super, you have my opinion on the matter…btw aren’t you supposed to be in a vial, frozen somewhere on the celestial body no longer considered a planet, pluto?

    As for cookie…*long pause to increase tension*

    I used my one phone call to talk to you guys…I’m spending the night in jail for those of you who may not know.

  219. Ah so he is adding a comment to this, and is not sharing his opinion then? Hey Tobi is in there too, with backup from Mud and Ahsan with a random comment thrown in 🙂
    >_> hey it’s not like I started all this *hides evidence of her part in this* <_<
    *Doesn't notice tention, but instead gets a telescope*

  220. I think this post has had over two hundred comments on it now. Ironically the One Piece hater contributed to this achievement =P.

  221. ture@pickles

    looks like our so called onepiece hater is actually a onepiece addict from the inside


  222. Hey someone needed to take a highly random conversation over here..and somehow manage to end a debate 😉 Oi ahsan don’t give Super that hope, it’ll never end then >_< lolz

  223. WTF!?! They aren’t blood related? or are they just half-bros? So the mother, now known as Rouge, is an important player now. The fact they don’t show her face proves it. It might be a BIG wtf moment when they reveal it.

  224. yes captn

    eaten ,i dont beleive your outer words anymore u r actually a onepiece addict from the inside


  225. does zoro have haki?

  226. The whole strawhat crew has haki. This was proven when Raleigh(Dark King) attackted the marines at human trafficking place. He intended on taking everyone out. Everyone who didn’t get taken out had at least soem kind of haki. Plus zoro too badass not ot have haki :D.

  227. *Receives, while on a trajectory orbit back to earth, hope that Cookie may one day read and love One Piece*

    YOSH!!! 😀

    @Captn: The whole crew having Haki? Nah, it’s just that they had strong will power they weren’t taken down. Haki attacks the spirit of a person so anyone with low spirit is effected and anyone with high spirit can resist. Trafalgar Law (+ his crew) and Kidd (+ his crew) weren’t affected either, and I highly doubt that they all have Haki.

    *must.avoid.spoilers.* 0_-

  228. I have just finished watching.reading one piece and i must say the anime is amazing:

    1) Its a perfect balance of comedy, action, drama, and fantasy. Ive never cried so much in an anime b4. so many sad moments…

    2) Almost no fillers. Very impressive. And if there are fillers they are quite entertaining.

    3)The arcs are nice and long.

    4)Characters are never forgotten (like in other animes).

    5) Its awesome!

    I got into one piece when I read some article on IRA about having to watch it and i have no regrets! TY!!!

  229. @Pumpkinbread: How right you are, my friend. Join the fun! Your only regret now is that you’ll have to wait for chapters every week like the rest of us junkies!

  230. @Pumpkinbread:

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