Naruto Shippuden 115:The walking sword

Well it’s Eatencookie here, bringing her second week of the Shippuden posts. Well the thing about this post is it was either going to be out VERY early or rather late… It obviously was the second one this time around! Why was it out so late? Well believe it or not, I do have a life to live. (Surprised? I know, I couldn’t believe it either! -__-)  And life took me away to a far, far away county! Yes, county not country. Not to mention that gosh darn new Sims3 game got people hooked on it so I couldn’t get anywhere near the computer….  But really people, we should have a moment of silence for Michael Jackson. Who died just a week after Orochimaru….I swear it’s a coincidence! O_O *notices no-one believes her* >_<

So lets get this started then?

This weeks episode starts off with the promise Sasuke made to Suigetsu. The good old promise of freedom. Sasuke slicing open the test-tube that Suigetsu is trapped in. (Causing A LOT of water damage, I might add) This anime has really turned away from its innocent childhood days. How can you call it innocent when you got a butt naked Suigetsu appearing and Sasuke naked in the opening? No, you just can’t. But you can yell fan service! 😉 Sasuke tells Suigetsu he is the first chosen one .(You are the chosen one, here take this Hello Kitty ring and join the club!) So Sasuke is assembling a team and is gathering the innocent unsuspecting Karin and Juugo after a short detour. Sasuke tells Suigetsu to get his clothes on ( A bit uncomfortable, Sasuke?) and that they’re leaving. Suigetsu isn’t going to take that and decides to clarify a few things with him. 1: That he was Snake mans pet (DOWN BOY!), 2: Lots of them were out to get Snake man and Sasuke just had sooo many openings and 3: He has a cooler, bigger eye than Sasuke.(I just realised Sasuke doesn’t have any pupils…weirdo.) But then he says he was just kidding and he is going to do as he pleases, and what he pleases is walking around in public naked! YAY NAKED TIME!!

See this finger? Yeah, it's going to blow you whole world

See this finger? Yeah, it's going to blow your whole world

So what have we learned? Puddles are no longer safe. Why? You’ll be attacked by a naked man swimming. I didn’t even know a puddle could get that deep on the middle of a road…Also Sasuke seems to have a cowboy song playing when he enters places. I swear, I am just waiting for him to arrive in a cowboy hat and yell “giddy up partner!” So Suigetsu decides to make a deal with Sasuke. If Sasuke shows him where Team 7 left Zabuza’s sword and if he can get it, then he’ll join Sasuke. Sasuke agrees and then tells poor Suigetsu to get some damn clothes on. Some people just don’t understand ‘naked time’. *Shakes head in disappointment* 


Naruto gets a bridge named after him and the love of the world, you get a big bow...seems like a fair deal

Naruto gets a bridge named after him and the love of the world, you get a big bow...seems like a fair deal

Suigetsu asks Sasuke if Zabuza was strong. Guess what he said, absolutely nothing. He got no reply what so ever! Sasuke is lost in his memories of how Zabuza called them kids not ninjas. Suigetsu asks if there is anything wrong, not getting an answer of course and Sasuke decides to move on. We then move on to find that the sword is NOT beside the grave. Darn grave robbers strike again! Sasuke then tells Suigetsu that why would he know, he’s not the grave keeper. He then states the obvious, someone must of taken it.

Screw flying sharks, a walking sword?! WE'RE DOOMED!!!!

Screw flying sharks, a walking sword?! WE'RE DOOMED!!!!

Since the sword is not there, Suigetsu tells Sasuke the deal is off until he can find it. Sasuke of course is not willing to part with proper company just yet, so he decides to tag along with Suigetsu as they begin their epic journey to find the runaway sword.(Well here’s a hint guys. If it is made of metal and looks quite pointy, not to mention it’s walking around on some tiny wooden leg and wearing so funky pair of pink heart sunglasses, you might just have found the sword. Or you could put up posters and ask a man carrying that very similar looking sword…Whatever way floats your boat!) Taking a stroll Suigetsu tells Sasuke that he’s going to continue to find that sword seeing as it is rightfully his. Who should they bump into on the street? Just one of the men that got their butts owned by Naruto when they tried to kidnap Inari’s mother. He still has that hat and eye make-up too! Showing that you CAN wear the same outfit for three years without fail. I do not recommend you doing this nor will your friends! No you cannot walk around smelling like a bin!*gets out water gun*O_O Well anyway after rudely walking into Suigetsu, he is nearly facing the wrath of Suigetsu and his finger of mystery! But Sasuke being the party pooper won’t let him and as the guy trying to get away as fast as possible without running from Sasukes glare. While he viciously insults Sasuke under his breath. Jerk, idiot old fart? Yup that sums Sasuke up entirely, though I was under the impression he was aging gracefully! Must be that anti-aging cream. So how’s Sasuke going to pay off the debt he owes Suigetsu? With yogurt of course!! Pffft, what else are you ment to pay it off with!? Money? What can money buy you!?

As soon as you here the squeal, you know the attack is imminent

As soon as you here the squeal, you know the attack is imminent. The attack of the fangirls...It leaves the viewers scared for life.

So what would happen when you stop to eat with Sasuke? You are forever cursed to the traumatic memories of having fangirls standing nearby with big, pulsing, pink hearts surrounding the man next to you. I’m sure you’ll find a lovely woman someday Suigetsu, depending on how being on Sasukes team works out for you of course. So as Suigetsu relaxes enjoying bowl after bowl of yogurt (on Sasukes tab of course) he tries to figure out why exactly Sasuke is assembling the team. He even asks if he is going to say “Alright, lets go conquer this world!” But Sasuke is aiming for something bigger. So Itachi is bigger than the world then? He got that fat since last we saw him!? Jezz lay off the dangos…. Suigetsu being smooth talker that he is, okay pretending that Sasuke is looking for that runaway sword, asks nicely if the waitress would know where it went. Fast forward 5 seconds and Sasuke is mauled by fangirls telling him that Tazuna might know. It’s been awhile since we seen him hasn’t it? But sadly he and Inari are off to lightning country to build a bridge! Figure, it’s just their luck! But a friendly stranger is out to save the day, telling them that Tenzen Daikoku took it because he, as Suigetsu believes, had a grudge against Zabuza after the whole coup d’etat incident.  And the man they’re looking for just happens to bump into Suigetsu again.

Sasuke:Hey, it's that stole my man-bag! Suigetsu: Don't you mean purse? Man: This can only be settled with a manly handshake! Suigetsu: *cough*making babie dolls dhake hands*cough*

Sasuke:Hey, it's that man that stole my man-bag! Suigetsu: Don't you mean purse? Man: This can only be settled with a manly handshake! Suigetsu: *cough*making Barbie dolls shake hands*cough*

So after throwing Mr hatman out with the trash (no joke) Suigetsu gets the information on Tenzens current life and that he lives in a castle. Really, gone are the days that rich people live in modesty…. Sasuke then pays a visit to Tenzen at night…in bed…when he was innocently sleeping… I’m beginning to see patterns with Sasuke here… He warns him that the castle will be attacked by tens of thousands of soldiers and that he might just need to gather all his men… Sasuke makes a wager on who can get Zabuza’s swords first without killing anyone. Sasuke being playful? I sense a trick here… So after Sasuke bets the crap out of the tens of thousands of people about to attack the castle the bet begins!! Sasuke disappears after burning the shower of arrows to a crisp leaving Suigetsu to handle the guards. All the while he stands watching in a tree, not even bothering to try to get the sword. Nice to know he’s enthusiastic about the wager…especially seeing as you were the one making it. (-__-)  SoSuigetsu takes down the enemy one by one showing great flexibility and without even using a weapon. All the while the water keeps dropping into the puddles. This is either them showing the men falling like droplets or Tenzen needs to get his plumping sorted out!  Arriving in Tenzens bedroom Suigetsu finally finds his sword right before getting cut in half by the last of Tenzens men wielding the Executioner’s Blade. That’s gonna leave a mark. Tenzen happy dance didn’t last too long as Suigetsu reforms like water and takes the sword, throwing the guard out of the hole he made in the wall. Teach his to think he can make dramatic entrances!

Quick child, take my strong hand

Quick child, take my strong hand

Suigetsu cuts through the main pillars in the castle, as well as leaving a dashing bald patch on Tenzens head, just so he can knock down the castle. What better way to make an unforgettable exit? Tenzen then realises that Sasuke is ‘THE’ Sasuke that killed dear Micha- I mean Orochimaru. So Suigetsu finally realised that Sasuke was testing him as they walk through the barren landscape. He also realised that Sasuke is terrible and put him in real danger with his little test. But at least he knows what Sasuke is really like now. We then flash to Karin after she has taken down a man 3 times her width as she senses she has visitors. For the boys there is even a flash towards her butt. 😉

Now who's gonna be the next one to say ' a womans place is the kitchen'!?

Now who's gonna be the next one to say ' a womans place is the kitchen'!?

She does the creepy glasses thing too.. -__-

She does the creepy glasses thing too.. -__-

Well that’s this week post done and dusted! In my defence I had half of it written before I left! I deserve a reward…or a pat on the head! ^_^ So Suigetsu has a cool, sexy voice! *secretly thought it sounded like an old man when he first spoke* And so we finally begin to gather the team! Well I’m off to bed, some of us are tired and have been trying for ages to get near the computer to get this post done!



~ by eatencookie on June 30, 2009.

26 Responses to “Naruto Shippuden 115:The walking sword”


  2. @reflex: winner winner chicken dinner

  3. Third, third.

  4. Bleh heh, Karin in that picture reminds me of my girlfriend when she has glasses on .. same face. ^.^

    Suigetsu going to retrieve the sword was the first non-canon occurence that I enjoyed.

    And wow, Orochimaru and Michael Jackson’s deaths … didn’t notice that. -.-

  5. I win a chicken dinner!!! HOT DAMN!!! I ALWAYS WANTED ONE OF THOSE!!!!! 😉

  6. @Eatencookie

    Hey!!! you forget something in your breakdown!!!!

    Where is the BUTT 😉

  7. omg, the Itachi and the dango thing had me cackling like a mad woman xD Great, great breakdown!

  8. Awesome breakdwon as usual! I think Suigetsu is major hotness. I CALL HIM! -glares- nos is got naruto and suigetsu muahahahah.
    I laughed at the naked comments, they were epic.
    R.I.P. Michael Jackson. What a coincedence…

  9. *pats cookie on the head* well done cookie, well done…btw did any1 notice that Mr. Hat (as i like to call him) looks like a mime? i dunno, his outfit scream ‘Marcel Marceau’ to me. *looks at Karin pic and looses train of thought* errr…ummm…*drools* So yea Cookie, Good Job! *gives thumbs up, but breaks thumb in process* Dammit! Not again! *walks out of room*

  10. I thought Karin had redish hair. Ok with the brown but I like to stick with the manga as close as possible. Either way great breakdown on episode.

  11. @captnmexico: it is red hair. it just looks brown because of the shade.

  12. @nagashikage- hope so

  13. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii the episode was ok

  14. LMAO – random but good stuff cookie!
    *looks suspiciously at cookie*
    hmmm, no made up words this time? What are u hiding?

  15. Happy to see these characters animated. But i’ve been watching Naruto from the start…right from Naruto episode 1….i’ll wait untill i catch up by downloads before i download/watch new episodes….could be a while as i have no internet until the 26th. But im on episode 27 of shippuden…and im skipping filler, although i missed half of the last filler arc so ill watch that…

  16. canon with the taste of filler 😦

  17. ooo ya waiting to see sasuke v.s itachi

  18. LOL, I finally got to see the ep. and read your breakdown and you’re making fun of flying sharks too? XD *gives Cookie a MANLY handshake* 😛

    Great job on the breakdown but I wasn’t to pleased with the ep. As Boyruns said it tasted more like filler to me than anything (I usually don’t eat my episodes and I chose the wrong time to start >_<). They should have just gotten the sword and moved on like in the manga. I enjoyed the fighting at the castle though even if they skipped over Sasuke kicking ass. -_-

    Oh yeah, and where's the pic of Karin's butt? 😉

  19. @ super i dont think they take it into consideration whether it “tastes” like a filler or not lol, they’re only concerned in making the anime last as long as possible, even if that means that most of the episodes “taste like fillers.

  20. I loved this episode, although it was a little filler, it was realllllly funny 😀 I loved suigetsu, he surely livens things up and i cant wait to see how the animé portrays him and karin always getting on each other’s nerves 😀

    suigetsu is definitely one of my favs+ now 😀

    Great breakdown, very funny, especially the naked jokes 🙂

  21. it’s funny how Suigetsu looks like Sakura… 😉

  22. I hate Karin >_<

  23. *looks at comments* O_O” oh jezz*inhales*
    @hellyeah: i just thought the butt was too hardcore for you boys, not to mention the amount of blood the cleaner would have to work with! 😉
    @alexie:STAY AWAY FROM HIM YOU!!! I WON’T LET YOU DAMAGE HIS COMIC RELIEF!! >_< *random fangirl moment*
    @dro: *hands thumb stilt and shakes head* maybe you should wear a suit of armor, it might save your life
    @mud: *hides mysterious box of untold wonders*nothing…
    @super: don't play dumb,i believe it's hanging on your wall super, 😉
    @ 1angel: i'm beginning to see a fanclub forming here 🙂 in that case…. I AM THE LEADER!!!
    muahahahaha… yeah total filler, but nothing like getting reminded that some girls only deal on looks not the personality behind it! if they did Sasukes fanclub would fall but 3/4 😛
    @lousy: what are yo-*looks at picture* oh holy muffins O_O
    *exhales and collapses from lack of oxygen**gets up 5 minutes later*

  24. @everyone: due to certain ‘issues’ ie. my father loading family keylogger on the main computer, the one i do everything on!*not one bit happy* it has become extremely difficult to do my work and has basically put on end to ALOT of my online life. this of course has caused me to go to war with him, meaning the oh so secret *found couple of hours after he loaded it on…got to love google not closing things properly* was- to my belief- removed by a virus search i ran on the computer… but this of course is not certain, but basically it pretty much could stop me from continuing my posts as well being in the chat, so if this war does sway to my father i will NOT be continuing my part of the blog or even the chat,so alexie you may get your chance! I’m not so certain yet so don’t get your nickers in a twist. I’ll probably let you know in this weeks post 😦 oh and if you’re wondering, yes my tantrum, when i found the spywear, WAS epic. i refuse to lose this war! it’s an invasion of my privacy, even my passwords would of been copied on it! so i hope i did get rid of it 🙂 or else the war will be bad >_< i want my privacy!!! not my private conversations with friends to be watched! T_T

  25. T____T WAAHH!!!!!! NO!!!! your cookieness is GONNA stay!!! *calls Mr. eatencookie long distance*
    *has long drawn out conversation where alot of question are asked mainly ‘who the hell r u’ and ‘what the hell r u talking about?’ alot of insults are thrown dro-sensei’s way…but ultimately mr. eatencookie decides to hear dro-sensei out*
    To Be Continued…

  26. if anyone has been waiting for bleach anime breakdowns i have the newest one right here check it out.


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