Naruto 452 Breakdown + Spoiler

Naruto 452

Special thanks to WOTG and MLG xIReFleX for the spoiler.

Around the time I read this chapter I had been thinking about something from Naruto 451. If you guys want to read a prediction of mine, scroll to the Sasuke section. Do not read it if you don’t want to get bummed out.

Unfortunately this chapter seemed to reflect things we knew had to happen anyway, so it might have seemed a little uneventful for some readers. The story tells more about how they are mad at Danzo, and Kakashi sights how Danzo is actually doing what he’s supposed to do by punishing a missing-nin. Finally there is a confrontation with the Kumogakure ninjas that most of us could see coming a mile away.  But I’d like to point out some things that mean an exciting story in the future.

Danzo and His Dirty Deeds


It seems that everything Danzo has done so far has been snake-like. He’s a man with a hunger for power and he’s willing to step on other people’s toes to achieve it. And yet, he is starting to make some valid points here. I’m glad to finally see some depth to Danzo’s character, because now his behaviour is starting to make some sense. I’d even go as far as to say that Danzo is now an anti-hero type. We’ve only seen a little bit of his good side, and if I remember right, it has only come out in this chapter. That starts with the acknowledgement of protecting Naruto. We’ll see if this is sinister or out of good intention later. But I think we all know there is more chance of Danzo thinking of Naruto as a resource rather than a teammate.

What keeps coming to my mind, though, is that Danzo killed that frog! Bastard…

Not all good guys relate. Naruto and Sai, both, seem to disagree with Danzo’s harsh actions. But there is a chance now that Danzo really is doing this out of care for his village. No doubt he is set in his old ways. But, haven’t we also seen Yondamie described in the same way Danzo is now? Yondamie was very protective of his village and his allies, and quickly dispatched his enemies – almost in a blink of an eye. In the fierceness of their ability to protect their village, they could be seen as similar.

Forces to be Reckoned With


Karui and Omoi immediately showed some real skill, and I can’t wait to see their powers unleashed. A small skirmish was set off as soon as Naruto saw Sakura being threatened. How Romantic. I’d like to sum up the fight for everyone. I had to read it like four times to realize what was really happening.

Also, this is the song I heard in my head when I saw Naruto protecting Sakura.

Naruto pulls Sai’s sword. He uses the sword to swipe away Kauri’s katana. Naruto nudges Sakura to the side at the same time for safety. Kauri is startled by the speed and Naruto is about to give her an elbow to the face. Omoi blocks the elbow with his sword hilt. (This could be seen as Naruto trying to do a fake out and make sure Omoi couldn’t take out his sword.)  Naruto does a kage bunshin. Kauri tumbles over Omoi and flips her sword around so that she doesn’t cut anyone with a sword strike. She strikes at Naruto but his clone appears to do a blade grasp. Kauri says, “Woah.” Sakura punches and Sai kicks. Omoi kicks Sakura and Naruto is already starting to go break her fall. Sai misses. Naruto’s clone gets cracked by Kauri and disappears. Naruto catches Sakura, and the other team jumps to safety. Sai just stands there.

Lots of skill shown by Naruto and the new people. As for Sai and Sakura… FAIL.

Perhaps the most important thing going on here is that Naruto finally has a real connection to Killer Bee. The day is coming when Killer Bee can give Naruto advise on how to really use his biju.

Naruto Pairing


For this Naruto pairing we have Kauri and Omoi. They tend to fight like a married couple, but when they fight as a team they make beautiful music together. Let’s play a song for them!



Sai, no matter how many piercings, you'll never be more emo than Nagato.

Make your caption better than mine  and we’ll post the winner and the runner’s up. I pulled that caption out of thin air. You can do better. And remember, there is a prize for the winning caption.

Contest rules: Write something funny that’s in context of the picture above and please put CAPTION in capitol letters in the comment first so we can easily sift through the comments section.

Contest Winner

This weeks winner is: kahmix

Making logs in private isn't as easy as making them for the public.

Making logs in private isn't as easy as making them for the public.

Honerable mentions:

“Change my Diapers dude! I’m 47 YEARS OLD!!!” -harshytkage

“Damn teenagers, sitting on an old man’s wood.” -boyruns

“Pain destroyed my secret stash of marijuana. *pant* need *pant* kronic.” -Fanboi

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Sasuke gives Naruto a meeting place outside the village via some sort of messenger hawk. Sasuke admits to his team that he has been planning to get back together with Naruto to help him get rid of corrupt officials that were responsible for the death of his family and countless others. Which means he would go after Danzo with friends old and new.

Naruto approaches the intended meeting place. Right when we are finally expecting a reunion between Naruto and his brother from another mother, we find that Sasuke lays dead and beaten near a tree. He lays in a fetal position with one arm over his stomach wound and his eyes are open. In death Sasuke looks slightly at peace, released from his burden of revenge – but slightly surprised that he had to leave so much undone. He looks much like Nagato’s faithful little companion: crumpled and lifeless with his jaw still hanging slightly open. Sasuke is mortal now. He’s flesh and bone. He has no more power – no more sharingan. He’s just a kid that was troubled, sought revenge, joined a gang,  and got caught up in something bigger than he was.

Naruto burns and screams alone with no one there to hear him. He was on the verge of something that now would never be. He could not face Sakura after this. The anger swells within Naruto, but something clicks off. He straightens up and realizes that because of this, he has to break his own rules. Because of this, he will change his ways. He’s not angry anymore. He remembers Nagato. He fully realizes Nagato’s change of heart. There will be no peace. Not until the people responsible for this are dead. Naruto is now set on revenge.

I predict that this will not happen.


Thank you all for your comments on my first breakdown. I will be more available and more responsive on the boards next week. I apologize for the lateness of this weeks breakdown.

Have a better one,


~ by Gavin on June 22, 2009.

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  3. sasgay track made me lol…

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  5. great Breakdown gavin i really hope we get to see more fighting between team 7 and the cloud nin but i don’t think kishi’s gonna go that way with the story.

    About the sasuke scenario u made it’s really cool but sasuke is too proud to ask for naruto’s help, and to tell u the truth i actualy don’t have the slightest ideea what’s gonna happen when sasuke reaches konoha. but something tells me that danzo’s gonna make sure Naruto ain’t @ to c sasuke for the reunion.

    What i predict would happen is something along the line of a plan os sasuke and team hawk to infiltrate konoha silently and try a swift assassination on danzou and the two advisors.
    And just when he get’s to the job Narto comes in screaming some paceful shit that danzo dosen’t is human after all and yadi yadi yada we get into a fight …. who knows we’ll just wait and c.

  6. Third.

  7. Perfect song for Sasuke. Though for Naruto or Sakura, it’ll never be too late. @_@

    Holy shit, we’re getting prizes for these captions ??

  8. CAPTION: Now a word from our sponsors; Fruit Roll Ups they do more than tattoo your tongue. Disclaimer: own by Danzo industries use may cause paleness, confusion and fits of emotional distance. Recommended use around root, anbu and loud, non secretive shinobi bearing the phrase dattebayo.


    Moral of Sai’s story; what happened in Vegas should’ve stayed there.

  10. @Kyouto: Damn you. That’s so much better than mine.

  11. Submit as many captions as you want nagashikage. We only had like 14 captions last time.

  12. CAPTION:

    Shouldnt’ve tried to lick the ramen off the grill.

  13. I rlly can’t think up wid a caption today x)

  14. yay nice breakdown !

    shit … i dont seem to be able to write a caption thats not related to inappropriate content and the depth of sais throat … lol damn you sai -.-“

  15. CAPTION:
    My tongue wears the pants in this relationship

    i’ll make a better one when i wake up 😉 great breakdown

  16. CAPTION: Forget the ugly tattoo! Your breath makes my eyes water.

  17. CAPTION:

    See naruto, you’re not the only one who has made out with sasuke


    Those are the remains of the last poor soul that talked about Danzo. Yes, they’re his pants. Why do you ask?

  19. CAPTION:

    Well don’t ask Sai why they’re there, he was drunk as hell that night.

  20. CAPTION:
    Guess what sakura its extra ribbed for pleasure

  21. Awesome! I don’t really get the appeal of being the first poster on a new thread but it’s pretty sweet to be the first caption winner. I’ll get in contact with you a lil later ScorpionLegacy, for the shirt. Gotta run!

  22. CAPTION:
    So yeah I can’t talk about danzo *writes on paper* he likes to leave marks on those he’s molested like that bastard orochimaru

  23. CAPTION:
    “I went looking for love in all the wrong places”

  24. CAPTION:
    So I went to the bar with Sasuke last night when i woke up this morning…. BOOM…. herpes simplex 2

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    Yes they are my proper pants on my tongue, all root members are not allowed to wear full pants…So I decided to be an outsider and wear them on my tongue 😉

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    I left my tongue on the freeway again…I think an old lady with a trolley ran over it…

  27. k so i think i have a prediction for the near future.
    sauske and gang get to kanoha and are able to sneak in undetected since there’s no detection barrier set up. i think danzo will be the shortest reign for a hokage ever cuz sauske’s gonna assassinate him and possibly the third’s old teammates too. thats when the kumo ninjas will show up and fight him (that will be tight). then naruto will get wind of this but by the time he gets there he see sasuke getting away cuz he’ll mop the floor with the kumo ninja

  28. CAPTION:

    Hey Sai! Are those tread-marks on your tongue?

    @everyone I know this is going to sound crazy, but hear me out. If you look at the manga you should notice that just about everyone in the manga has a unique set of eyes. After you notice this, you may also notice two pair of people that have the same eyes…and they are:

    1) Sakura and Suigetsu…Hahahahaha! ROFLMFAO!!!! It’s true! As a matter-of-fact almost the entire face!

    2) Madera and Danzo…Yes their eyes have the same shape. It’s undeniable.

    What could this all mean? Well it would explain why Sakura is such a BITCH! Or maybe There’s some sick-ass plot twist(Danzo)…Who knows?



  30. Just for the record, I want to say that I knew that Naruto had wind chakra waaaay before…like back when he fought Kiba!

  31. @Gavin: Excellent breakdown man! As other people have already said Sasuke’s song was f**king hilarious and so appropriate. XD The Sasuke theory was interesting…you predicted that your prediction wouldn’t happen eh? Now that’s new. 😉

    As for my thoughts on the fight I completely agree. Sakura and Sai = FAIL! This is exactly what I said would happen in the Hinata vs. Sakura debate. Sakura would rush in with her slow ass punch and get PWNed! Now look what happens. *sigh* I know, I know It’d be just like me to somehow bring Hinata in this wouldn’t it? 😛

    Anyways, Karui and Omoi = Awesomeness but Naruto = Total Badass! Even with his fatigue he moved quicker than everyone else and was on alert and saw the nins coming. Besides that the chapter was a lot of talking and berating of Naruto to not interfere in Danzo’s plans.

    I still don’t understand though how Danzo could ever turn out to be good as people have theorized. This is the man that perpetuated the extermination of the Uchiha Clan. This is the man that ambushed a group of peaceful ninja on their way to make a negotiation for a hostage release. This is the man that killed that porr innocent messenger frog. This was no ordinary frog…it could talk and go POOF! (It’s probably back now after Nagato’s reset no jutsu). Last but not least Sai even said it himself.

    “We’ve done a lot of dirty deeds to protect the village…”

    No matter how much Danzo “loves” the village it’s a thin excuse for the atrocities he’s done. It doesn’t make up for his actions is what I’m trying to say. This man is EVIL!!! @_@ That’s all I have to say on the matter.

    @Visonary: LMAO!!! XD

  32. There is something I noticed about the fight between the cloud nins and Naruto. When he does the bunshin technique the bubble indicates that he doesn’t say it out loud. Please corect me if I’m wrong but previously didn’t Naruto always yell “kage bunshin no jutsu” (sorry if I misspelled anything there). That’s gotta be important, right ?

    The no talking seal created by Micheal Jackson and first implemented on the children who visited neverland ranch (sai being one of them)

  34. @Redcopywheel: I don’t believe has to call out a jutsu before it can be activated. Naruto has used his kage bunshin no jutsu many times without calling out the jutsu verbally.

    Great breakdown, Gavin. “…Everybody wants to rule the wooooorld.” *remembers Mojo-Jojo*

  35. Another great breakdown gav!

  36. ok apologize was hilarious and if they killed sasuke before he or naruto kills danzou and before he and naruto have their reunion i will be so pissed 😦

    this is what he leaves you after he rapes you………a std that makes me his sex slave.

  38. CAPTION:
    Note to self don’t put tongue on grill

  39. I think Danzo is going to be killed, let’s face it Susuke is uber now and somehow Naruto is going to be Hokage. I could be wrong, but it seems this is setting up quite nicely to the next time skip, where Naruto is Hokage, Sakura is his wife, and the showdown with the last two Uchiha’s is going to begin.

  40. CAPTION:

    The small mark = 10 rape
    The big mark = 100 rape
    Freaking Danzo rape me 340 time!!!

  41. @Hellyeahjay: That’s OMGFDTSLMFAOWWAFGF (Oh My God Falling Down The Steps Laughing My Ass Off While Watching A Football Game Funny)! And yes I just made that up…what it was that obvious? 😉

    Damn, I got nothing this week and I really want a shirt dattebayo!

  42. @Supertrek LOLLLLL OMGFDTSLMFAOWWAFGF WTF man i am laughinng my ass off with your small acronym 😛

  43. Wow i got an honorable mention cool! =D

  44. CAPTION:

    Ithn’t ny tonguh tatuh thucking kuhl?

  45. Sai Caption:

    Mmm….George Forman….I mean..he…I mean his grill……does wonders.

  46. CAPTION:
    “DAMN NARUTO!You swore you were clean!”
    “Haha…This puts my emoness on another level! I shall not be outdone Sasuke and Nagato.”

  47. awesome breakdown, the prediction that “wont happen” is ok too, thanks!


    “gdo gyou gsee? gthis gis wghat ghappen wghen gyou gleek ag tireh”

  48. @ENTIRE CHATROOM: no debates in sight…well then I think I’ll throw the ‘who would win in a battle’ out there and see your votes…and long worded debates in:
    WHO WOULD WIN!? Sasuke VS Neji (first 2 that came to mind) 😉

  49. I figured it out!!!
    I know who danzo is
    this is cdog by the way if your remember me
    but yeah I got a theory that could hold true but I also have a side theory as well

    so danzo, wait for it wait for it, is madaras younger brother
    yup the eye that he lost madara took from his sorry @ss. well actually he took both but one of the eyes didn’t actually make it to full utilization. however madara did transplant some normal eyes into danzo
    but wait it doesn’t end there, what if the eyes that danzo got were byagugan eyes, that would explain the head band huh. even so he was forced not too use those eyes
    oh sorry the headband needs to be explained. well the reason is because he is hiding the curse mark given to him awhile back by the first of nejis family line becuase of the risk he posed to the lead house family

    there are a few things to clear up but I will have my full story no worry

  50. oh yeah and another thing sasuke in 451, it seems as if he is not in hatred because of the itachis death anymore. it’s more just a self consuming hate from somewhere else. it almost seems like he is talking about how itachi lived his life and when sasuke or danzo told him no. it might be that his hatred towards his brother still. I mean in sooth he has always hated his brother and was always his rival one step behind. through that whole journey to find him and beat him any means neccessary ended with itachi being good which really destroyed him emotionally. I mean he sided with orichimaru the worst guy possible and went on this dark descent into gaining power and all the while he thought he was the good guy fighting the demon his brother.
    when it turns out that your brother is good and your not the hero everything kinda rushes at you. I mean he was losing it when madara was telling him about his brother.
    but I think the worst of it is the fact that sasuke has turned to hatred because he doesn’t want to be like his brother and hates him that much more for being good. his hate comes more from the slaughter of his people and he wants to kill al those responsible and whoever gets in the way. there is going to be death coming. he is not rushing to konaha to join back up thats bull. sasuke is a man of pure hatred and is ready to unleash it.

    don’t get me wrong there are some hints in the other direction like him not killing the killer bee dude. but his quarell is not with any other nation his hate is strictly based for the slaughter of his people and he means to correct that. since it wasn’t itachi on his own volition he is going for the leaders that pushed it in konaha. once he is done there he will face madara. this is the only explanation that seems reasonable. but his hatred is a percise hatred and it is growing and I think thats what madara wants. hes only started him down the path which is konaha. who knows what he will uncover there.

    in terms of team 7, same as usual for now, total disregard of them. we will see what he learns about the history of the kyubi in naruto and also narutos father in all this.
    I think he will appear in danzos tent un announced. I don’t think sasuke will kill danzo either but rather learn something new that he doesn’t like.

  51. I’ve never seen Neji use ninjutsu. And i really doubt that just taijutsu would work on Sasuke especially with the ultimate sharingan and his speed. Genjutsu won’t work on Neji for obvious reasons but what about amaterasu? Because it’s an eye technique it can’t be countered with Neji’s rotation.

    In one of the early chapters, during the chunin exams Kakashi said that the Hyuga clan is the oldest and greatest clan of the Hiden Leaf. I really can’t understand how they surpass the Uchiha.

    I’d really like Neji to win actually so I would be cheering for the Hyuga prodigy but you have to admit- Sasuke’s good.

  52. i don’t even like sasuke but i still think he’d wipe the floor with neji. dude’s on another level compared to the “rookie 9” plus team eight right now…with one exception, naruto. i just don’t see neji having anything that sasuke couldn’t counter, even if we’ve never really seen him fight since the time skip.

    sasuke easily in this one.

  53. I believe in Kishis interview he said that someone in Konoha would loose their Eye sight now this is my theory and its along shot but would make so much sense and be a good twist into a certain ninja its too obvious for a Sharigan user too loose their eyesight but I beleive that Neji will Loose his Eye sight in a battle and Hinata will give her eyes too him, Thus Neji unlocking some power in the Byakugan eyes because in my opinion there should be another level in those White Eyes. Maybe not Hinata giving hers eyes too Neji Maybe Hinatas Father that way Hinata could still fight and all that.

  54. @lelulalilo

    not critasizing your opinion but i dont see how neji loosing his eye sight fits into the story at all would anyone care if he went blind he has no pupils anyway lol. i would have thought kishi ment sasuke because he is already showing signs of going blind like when he missed the glass of water i just hope he doesent go blind before naruto shows him the rasen shuriken.

  55. @chromer91

    i think you’re right about that, and i also think that would better fit into the story. because if sasuke lost his eyesight, i’m almost 100% positive he’d transplant itatchi’s eyes into his own. cuz remember madara still has itatchi’s eyes from when he offered them to sasuke the first time.

  56. guys im back in action

    had some prob but its sorted now

  57. Posted by: LoT @ Naruto Fan
    Source: 2ch
    Verification: Confirmed

    735 :んじゃ ◆VG7F8eEm0MNp :2009/06/23(火) 21:46:05 ID:ma778qGr0
    表紙ナルト・背表紙 奥様蛙
    サスケ 鷹は暁を抜けた~
    トビ  裏切りは死んでもらうといったはずだがな…?
    サスケ一行 ??
    トビ お前らには期待してたんだがな残念だ~

    トビ お前らは八尾にいっぱい喰わされたんだよ



    トビ それどころじゃないサスケとペインが暴れたおかげで五影会談の話が


    トビ 次の火影は決まったか?
    ゼツ ダンゾウに決まったよ  
    トビ やっぱりか…
    サスケ ダンゾウ…
    トビ  お前の兄を追い込んだ上層部の一人だ~


    まだすぐには命を~一緒に探そう サスケはその後でもいいだろう?



    黒いゼツ ウマクイッタナ
    トビ   ああ

    うずまきナルトせいで少しくるったな~サスケは長門以上になるのか~サスケをうまくコントロー ル~


    English Translation by: Yagami1211

    Cover is Naruto.

    While Sasuke is racing to Konoha, Tobi warps in front of him.

    stuff happens

    Sasuke : Taka leaves the Akatsuki.
    Tobi : As I said before, betrayers dies !
    Taka : ?!
    Tobi : It’s really too bad, I had high hopes for you.

    Then talks about Killer Bee.

    Tobi : You almost got killed by the Eight Tails.

    Then when Tobi heard they’re going to Konoha …
    He tells them that Konoha no longer exists
    And that Tobi’s subordinate, Pain, destroyed the village.

    Tobi : And that’s not all. Thanks to you and Pain, they’re going to be a Kage Summit.

    Then Zetsu comes.

    Tobi : What ? A new Hokage ?
    Zetsu : They choosed Danzou.
    Tobi : I knew it !
    Sasuke : Danzou …
    Tobi : One of thoses elders who blackmailed your brother.

    Then we see Naruto …

    Karui/Omoi = We’ll avenge our master, spit out intelligence about Sasuke !

    Naruto feels sympathy about them because they lost their master.

    Naruto : Your master is a Jinchuuriki ? I’m a Jinchuuriki myself and
    I’d like to help you save him.

    Let’s search for him together. We’ll deal with Sasuke later, okay ?
    Tell everything you know about Akatsuki.
    Then they continue talking

    Then we get back to Sasuke.

    Taka’s next move is … attack the 5 Kage Summit and kill the new Hokage !

    Zetsu splits in half ( ??? ) and the white Zetsu leads Sasuke.

    Dark Zetsu : I hope it will go well.
    Tobi : Yeah …

    Spoilers guys talk about what they think about the story …
    ( Nothing interesting really )

    Tobi : Nagato died too … He wasted Rinne Tensei, even though he was supposed to use it for me.
    It’s because of Uzumaki Naruto ! Sasuke can become greater than Nagato … I hope we can control Sasuke …

    Tobi : The plan is going like planned.
    We must continue the ‘Eye of the Moon’ plan !

    Then we see SUNA and guess what FUCKING GAARA RETURNS ! He’s going to the Kage Summit !
    Then we see Kankuro and Gaara tells him he doesn’t need him as a bodyguard.

  58. @Ashan: Yo man! 🙂

    @Cookie: Sasuke wins…hands down no problem.

    @Cdog: WHOA! Dude, your Danzo = Madara’s younger brother theory blew my mind! Lol, I don’t think it’s true but it’s a great idea and I could see it happening. I mean, how do you die from having both your eyes taken out in surgery? It’s not like Madara plucked the eyes out of his younger brother. Madara says his younger brother “offered” up his eyes, so it must have been through a careful procedure and doesn’t he look alive here?

    I know Madara says he killed his brother here…

    But hell, everyone thought Madara was dead too but look at him alive and kicking! Why couldn’t Madara’s younger brother who stood on equal footing with him in power do the same? I’m just saying that Madara’s younger brother could have faked his death to hide in the shadows and rise up later to take over Konoha….sounds familiar? The hiding in the shadows to rise up later and take over Konoha part… *cough*Danzo*cough**cough*…

    So where did Danzo/Madara’s younger brother get his eye/eyes from? That’s the gap in the theory and which is why I don’t believe it…if anyone can feel in the hole be my guest.

    @Lelulalilo: I remember us having a debate on whether or not Orochimaru was still in essence “alive” or not. I was for and you were against. Did we ever come to a conclusion?

    About your prediction of Hinata giving her eyes to Neji….it’s awesome! Let’s just flip it around though. Remember it’s the Branch Family’s duty to protect the Main Branch so if there’s any sacrificing going on it’ll be Neji protecting Hinata and him offering up his eyes to her. I’m not saying Hinata wouldn’t do the same because she definitely would. The thing is I could see Kishi allowing Neji to follow in his father’s footsteps by choosing his own fate to sacrifice himself for who he believes in at his own will.

    @Chromer91: Actually some more story on the forgotten “Rookie 9” would help the story line out tremendously. People can get sick of just a few characters being covered while the characters he built up in the past are left forgotten in the dusty road that is the past. I for one would love to see where Chouji, Rock Lee, Kiba, Hinata, Neji, Shino, and yes even TenTen and Ino are in terms of development and power.

  59. The upcoming chapter is going to be … AWESOMNESSS !!!

  60. I think Neji wud have a chance if we really see it through he’s the only Jounin of the rookie 9 even Shika isn’t jounin remember that
    We don’t got enuf information if neji has improved or what new techniques he Can unleash now 🙂


    sai: see this.. its a seal.. it prevents me from saying anyth-..

    sakura: um no ..thats a tattoo saying…ins-

    naruto: INSERT LONG AND HARD OBJECTS HERE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!WTF!!!

  62. xD if that spoiler is true my prediction last week was right on the mark! yea im the marksman 🙂

    but thats some pretty intresting stuff sausegay attacking at the kage summit things promise to get intresting again …

  63. @upertrek89

    i think the sub characters development will be shown at some point towards the end of the manga there will most likely be a war as negato said naruto would have to face it. but i cant see the storys focus changing on neji’s eyes when all the characters keep brown nosing sasuke’s eyes.

    i forgot gaara would be at the kage summit will be interesting to see whats going to be disscused. and naruto helping find bee is going to have its advantages learning to control the fox and forming a relationship with yet another village.


    there is no way itachi’s eyes will go to waste like you said they will be transplanted but i wonder who is gona get them sasuke already turned them down and i dont think transplanting his brothers eyes will give him the ability to see clearly again plus he already has the mangekyou sharingan so he doesent need them. would be good if orochimaru took over kabuto’s body and got itachi’s eyes but his part in the manga is probly over so its unlikley to happen.tobi probly has plans made for them already.

  64. @Chromer: I see. I hope that Kishi doesn’t decide to get back to the other characters only at the end of the manga though. I know right now things are pretty hectic, but when things slow down again perhaps Kishi will start to develop the characters again from where he left off.

    Maybe send them on A rank missions so we can see where their powers are at post time skip> Then we can finally have some plausible debates about who’s better than who off of current stats rather than leeching off of what they did 3 years ago. Lol, but who knows. Maybe Kishi has a bigger role for them to play in the future, The Rookie 9.

  65. @chromer91

    i agree and like everything you said, and i just have one single issue with your statement…if sasuke did end up translanting itatchi’s eyes it WOULD stop him from going blind. madara said transplanting his bro’s eyes stopped him from going blind so i have to assume the same would apply to sasuke. and yes he has the mangekyou already but i’m pretty sure the eternal sharingan is even more powerful, so he would have something to gain from it.

  66. @dish11

    in that case its more than likly he will transplant them i wonder who will get his eyes if he does or would his just go to waste?


    id like to see lee’s development it would be good to see him beat neji.

  67. we gotta see sharingan can’t copy neji’s moves cuz they’re bloodline techniques

  68. Naruto Chapter 453
    Spoiler #1
    Source: 2ch
    Vertification: Confirmed
    Forum: ttp://
    Site: ttp://


  69. I have a theory it is a crazy one but I am going out there since the Tobi/Danzo theory is about to be disproven at the Hokage summit. If Tobi can see into the future then I shall be the first to predict the most craziest of all matters Tobi is none other than……Konohamaru! What irony what bull what maddness should you refuse to take from me seriously but should he be a time traveler your heard it from me first, hahaha. Speaking of which where is Konohamaru, we haven’t seen his since the Rasengun. Either way I kidd Tobi is none other than Madara we know that. He isn’t Danzo, who lacks the longer young man hair.

  70. U know after seeing the spoilers i have a new theory. mayb tobi/madara is somehow a transparent being (a ghost?) and thats y when people attack him it goes straight through him.

    Tobi : Nagato died too … He wasted Rinne Tensei, even though he was supposed to use it for me.

    just my wild imagination

  71. WOTG

  72. damn reflex now that’s a spoiler, the pics in there ar almost the whole manga great job dude.

    The 7 tail bijuu looks like crap, what is that a mantis ???

  73. nice breakdown. Keeping it real!! ^_^

    So what are we debating about this week?! Anything good?! O_O

    *glares at super and tenria*

  74. @Super: You seem confident that Sasuke would win, but lets sort this out. If Neji landed hits on Sasuke, it would cut off his chakara molding. Which he would need to do ninjutsu, right? Ninjutsu is pretty much his most used attack. Neji trains under Gai, so he would be trained how to avoid getting stuck in a Genjutsu. As for the whole amaterasu problem, what if he goes blind from over-use so he’d only use it when he’d really need it, not to mention we really don’t know how fast Neji is or how tough either, damn time skips ruined our knowledge of their skills!! CURSE IT!! And if speed doesn’t work, I’ll blindfold Sasuke 😉 can’t set fire to the blindfold without ruining his face >=) MUAHAHAHAHA

  75. @Cookie: Hmmm…even if Gai prepared his students for the Sharingan unless they’ve encountered it before in a real time setting they don’t know how to fully avoid it and fight against it. Now that Sasuke as Tsukoyomi there’s a high chance that he could get Neji in genjutsu and once you are caught in Tsukoyomi there’s no other way to break it except with an even more powerful Sharinagan or the user lets you go. Not to mention that Neji heavily relies on the Byakugan which requires for his to be open all the time making use of its nearly 360 degree vision, insight, chakra sensing, and microscopic vision.

    The more Neji uses his eyes the more chances and likely it is for Sasuke to catch Neji in genjutsu. As for other skills besides eye techs Sasuke has Neji beat in Ninjutsu. I admit that if Neji can get up close enough without being put in genjutsu or being hit by one of Sasuke’s many lighting/fire jutsus then he MAY have a chance. Let’s not forget about Sasuke’s amzazinf speed and he’s well equipped in the areas of taijutsu to. The Sharingan only puts the icing on the cake. *shudders* I can’t believe I’m defending Sasuke with a well rounded argument. I’ve been doing that a lot lately! >_<

  76. @chromer91: On the contrary Kabuto is one of the best at sneaking. He is a sneaky man. Very sneaky. He always has those stat cards on him, eager to know what people are capable of… also his master has always wanted those eyes ya know think about it for a sec, well maybe it was more like the Uchiha bloodline, but still…He will have obtained the components of a “perfect shinobi”, but yet he is still no Uchiha! And even worse he is going to hear Sasuke say, “You are no Orochimaru either!” So that’s what we are going to get, a perfect Uchiha against a mere prodigy of a prodigy. It may even be as much of an ass whoopin as when Itachi put a 72 hour genjutsu on Kakashi. “I don’t understand? Why isn’t anything working?” Those will be Kabuto’s dying words. Sasuke will probably be wishin he did take his brother’s eyes in order to defeat Tobi…and lo and behold Kabuto has been holdin onto these for you the whole time! How lucky!

    @Super: I think those “A rank missions” are about to take place right now, even if they are not officially A-rank or given by the Hokage. I believe it will be a journey of some sort with side adventures to help the new characters grow a little bit. Question: What exists right now that will lead Naruto in the direction of either sasuke or Killerbee? Can you answer that? Tobi and Danzou want Naruto out of the way, as well. So he is probably going to be on this journey away from Sasuke, and chances are that he will lead Akatsuki right to killerbee. But no need to worry about that, at least now anyways. You are now going get to see Naruto on a quest, but where is he going with his new found crew? Do you think Kakashi will join this new crew? I’m leaning towards no. And if Kakashi can’t go, but Naruto can, why then would that be so? Why would Danzou allow that?

  77. @Visionary: Lol, you sure gave me a barrage of questions there. Er, I’m just a guy who reads the manga like everyone else and I know just as much as you do. Nothing more and nothing less. 😉

    I don’t know if you were trying to brainstorm ideas, help me look farther down the road, or see if I knew something you don’t know but most of those questions I cannot answer with certainty. One question I can answer though is this one.

    “What exists right now that will lead Naruto in the direction of either sasuke or Killerbee? Can you answer that?” (Visionary)

    Well, right now Sasuke is on his way to Konoha Village. Naruto is in Konoha Village. No one knows Sasuke is on his way except for his team members and Akatsuki. In other words Danzo and Naruto don’t know about Sasuke heading in their direction unless Danzo is Madara (I don’t believe it). Danzo can’t stop Naruto from meeting Sasuke without his acknowledgement because he has no idea Sasuke is on his way. The only way Naruto can’t meet Sasuke right now is if Naruto leaves the village in haste to find Sasuke and somehow passes him on the way out.

    If Naruto and Killerbee are destined to cross paths then I have no idea how that will come to be. I hope as allies…

    As for the other questions…were they rhetorical?

  78. awesome spoiler this chapter looks like its gunna be really badass! Hell Yeah for Gaara vs Sasuke 2! *hopefully*

    Gaara doesnt know that Danzou is really bad and will protect him because Konoha and Suna are allys.

  79. @ Supertrek about Orochimaru I say that hes trapped and Not Dead but still alive the thing with Kabuto is that if the Mind and person that Ocochimaru is inhabits Kabuto then it would be lame as, I say that Kabuto is now a new type of HebiMaru and that he would still retain his own conscience but be twisted by the Power that was Orochimaru.

  80. What I said prior too my statement that Neji would loose his eye sight and thus gain another Byakugans eyes and unlock some new abilitys I say that because its too obvious for sasuke too loose his eye sight I beleive kishi said that someone in Konoha would loose their eye sight so could be Kakashi or Neji.

    But my theory is that the Byakugan is not really spoken about and I thought that if the Sharigan was an offshoot of the Byakugan then couldnt the Byakugan hold similiar traits of having eyes transplanted and gaining new abilites.
    Well look at it this way sharigan normal mode has good abilites but when pushed too the MS has more abilites.
    Byakugan is just normal Eyes and thats it, I rekon there is more too their eyes its just that no one but neji being a genus that he is hasnt discovered its own very secrets yet.

    But its all just a theory about the person I thought would loose their eye sight I had a few Kakashi and Rocklee because would be like a Zatochi in my eyes, but that wont happen more like Rocklee will be a drunken fighter in his older days if there is a time skip. But yea I have more too say but Im tired and gonna have a nap before a watch the new TRANSPFORMERS Yea 😉


    Rim jobs: When you know you’ve hit rock bottom.

    (I hope you guys know what rim jobs are)

  82. ive got a theory here, in one of kishis interviews he sais killerbee will atack konoha, mabye his students encounter sasuke and he kills them, so killerbee gets mad and take it out on sasukes former village, what do u guys think?

  83. Good spoiler. Patiently waits for chapter now. (Keeps clicking refresh)


    Danzo tattooed me himself, using only his mouth.

  85. @ supertrek89

    “It’s not like Madara plucked the eyes out of his younger brother. Madara says his younger brother “offered” up his eyes, so it must have been through a careful procedure and doesn’t he look alive here?”

    As said by itachi , madara plucked his brothers eyes out but i dont think it was done willingly. At the time tobi was trying to tame sasuke. he also gave sasuke misinformation that the nine tailed fox attack was a natural disaster
    when it was actually madara who ordered the fox to attack.
    just making that clear to everyone

  86. @Super: I’ll admit I wanted to give you a good challenge as you seem to always enjoy a good debate. It just doesn’t make sense though, if there is a hero in your village(for Danzou) that defeated an opponent that nobody else could AND bring everybody else back to life, then wouldn’t you want to personally thank him and have him as a bodyguard for the Kage meeting? Its too fishy! That’s all I’m saying! If you read the spoiler, you’ll see that Sasuke has been redirected away from Konoha because the meeting isn’t there. So it seems that Naruto is heading into the blue yonder with a new crew if you get my drift…The only clues they have are that the meeting place for Akatsuki are in the hidden rain village, right? Otherwise Naruto might be ordered to accompany the Hokage to the meeting. They certainly don’t know that Sasuke failed in getting Killerbee. Maybe they will go to the scene of the crime where team Taka fought Killerbee? I don’t know. I was hoping somebody had an opinion on what will happen next.

  87. @King: Ah, but look here

    “Itachi probably thought the truth would never get out…” (Zetsu)

    “Regardless of whether he thought the truth would get out, he probably feared I would try to get Sasuke on my side.” (Madara)

    This implies that Madara was telling Sasuke the truth (”the truth would get out…”) while Itachi was telling Sasuke lies (”probably feared I would try to get Sasuke…”) to protect him and keep him away from Madara. Madara is also talking with Zetsu in that scene so would he be lying to his closest aide?

    In my opinion everything Madara told Sasuke wasn’t the full truth and was probably twisted in some sort of way to console Sasuke. I also believe that Itachi was lying to Sasuke though to keep him away from Madara. Remember he lied to Sasuke all the way up until the end even at death. The truth didn’t come out until Madara talked to Sasuke. So, who told more lies and more truths? Well, from my standpoint and from the above conversation it seems that Madara told the more truthful story.

    @Visionary: Oh, whoops. I tend to stay away from spoilers as much as possible so I had no idea Sasuke was redirected. Seems like Naruto vs. Sasuke Round 2 is not as soon as it seemed. I would prefer 3 Rounds honestly. First win goes to Sasuke. The second to Naruto to make it a tie. Then the 3rd near the very end of the manga to determine who is truly the strongest.

    Hmmm…the thing with Danzou not trusting Naruto even though he’s so trustworthy is because Naruto’s soaked in the ideals of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th Hokages. He’s more of their ally of justice rather than someone Danzou could properly use. Remember Naruto to Danzou is just a weapon to be used (a tool). If he can’t be properly controlled as such then he’s defective and has to be watched (Sai’s job).

  88. @Super: But it still doesn’t mean he can’t be used for a simple Kage meeting. Its not a term commitment. I realize that Madera doesn’t want Sasuke to go to Konoha because of Naruto, but how does he know that Naruto won’t be at the the kage meeting? So if you think that naruto might be at both places wouldn’t you take your chances on a busted up town rather than a meeting place that will probably be protected by all of the great nations? Nuff said! as for your little convo with the King I think you might be interpreting the conversation alittle too literally. “Thought” can be easily replaced with knew and now youre in a whole different context. If the quote was interpreted as, “Itachi probably knew the truth would never get out,” then that raises intrigue, and you know that there is some serious treachery going on with Madera. I’m assuming that there may be a chance that Itachi’s dad was onto his being a double agent, and it came to a point of we gotta do something before they do…

  89. I’d like to see kakashi getting itachi’s eyes :).

  90. @Visionary: Actually, Madara doesn’t care if Sasuke goes to Konoha for revenge or because of Naruto Not once does Madara even mention Naruto’s name in the convo and neither is he trying to dissuade Sasuke from going.

    Anyway, why would Danzou bring Naruto to the Kage meeting unless he had some evil intentions? Bringing Naruto along would ruin Danzou’s chance of getting his ideals across to the other Kages. Danzou should know that if Naruto heard something he didn’t like at the Kage meeting he’d speak against it, even if not allowed, undermining Danzou’s authority. The other Kages would probably listen to Naruto to if they knew he was the 9 tailed Jinchuuriki and the one who saved Konoha. Not only that but with Gaara at the meeting Naruto would have an ally which is all the more reason for Danzou to keep Naruto away.

    Now I’m not saying Danzou won’t take Naruto along but the chances are very very unlikely. If he does take him purposely he’ll have some evil intentions.

    As for what I said to King. Look dude, I’m just reading what is actually there it’s not really up for debate. It doesn’t say “Itachi probably knew” it says “Itachi probably thought” There is no misinterpretation. Sure, changing such a key word in the sentence would make it say something different. Hey, changing any key word of a sentence would make it say something different. But instead of changing the word to fit a different context let’s keep the word as what is actually written and interpreted as. In other words Madara was telling the truth. Not all of it…but the truth nonetheless.

  91. @Super: in the chapter that you are referencing Naruto was not strong enough to defeat Pain or Sasuke. I’m sorry I’m referencing a chapter that has not come out yet, but in the next chapter you’ll see that Madera really sees Naruto as the fly in their ointment. As to the next point, I see what you’re saying! Naruto can be a huge blabbermouth! Plus nobody knows that Sasuke is coming for danzou. Now…as for the interpretation of the manga…I just want to say that as far as in depth conversation onemanga is not the greatest. When it comes to really knowing whats going on I choose binktopia. Their interpretation is spot on! Unfortunately, their quick phrases and quips aren’t as cool as onemanga for instance in that frame where Kauri is surprised by Naruto’s Kage bunshin she says, “woah!” in onemanga, but in binktopia she says, “oh?!” -that is lame!!! But Binktopia’s literal translation is far superior than onemanga. Thats why their chapters come out later. If you’ve never really experienced binktopia then you may feel inclined to reread some chapters done by them when you see what I’m saying. I personally like to read both to get a more rounded experience. Let me know what you think.

  92. @Visionary: Binktopia indeed! 😀 The translation is nearly completely different from Onemanga’s translation and in the end the two scenes are saying completely different things. (This one implies that the truth got out and that Itachi was trying to cover it up.) (This one implies that Itachi knew the truth about him would never get out and still hasn’t. Still if this link is correct and Itachi took the truth to his grave it only furthers my opinion that he was lying to Sasuke and Madara was telling more of the truth.)

    I don’t know which one has the more accurate translation but I’ll take your word for it and do some research later. Thank you for the second source though.

    Regardless, the original issue was not on whether the truth about Itachi got out or not. This was originally about whether or not Madara’s younger brother willingly offered up his eyes like Madara said or if they were plucked from him forcefully as Itachi said. There’s only one thing to indicate that Madara would lie about this event. There’s reason that he could have lied to make himself look good in front of Sasuke, but Itachi also had reason to lie and make him look bad as to steer Sasuke away from him.

    As I said before I know they were both lying and telling half-truths but I’m leaning towards Madara telling more of the story correctly than Itachi.


  94. moons eye plan? is that zetsu’s better half moon eye
    what does he have that is key to madaras plans

    I know for one that Naruto is not going to be let outside of the village and will be forced to stay in Konaha while the kage is gone. the kage may force him to go but I don’t think naruto will be at that fight, at least not until the end. I think Naruto if anything is going to fight the fish dude with killerbee. I forgot his name but he is the akatsuki member with the fish sword.
    the five kages is too hard to predict now
    however one of the kages going which we I have been wondering about
    : the mist village will be there

  95. W00T!

    Reasons why this chapter kicks ass:

    1. Sasuke gets pwned (even if it’s by Madara and he doesn’t actually get hurt)

    2. Naruto actually appears smart in front of someone. Way to go blondie! (SHANNARO!)

    3. Sakura succumbs to hysterics at the mention of Sasuke (That’s right… leave more room for NaruHina >D)

    4. Team Cloud and Team Kakashi are actually going to cooperate. Now if we just somehow ignore Sakura, this will be one hellofa team!

    5. GAARA!!!!!! TEMARI!!!! And… Kankuro is nice too X) Need I say more?

    Reasons why this chapter sucked:

    1. No NaruHina… again >( I’m starting to get the feeling that Kishi’s desperately trying to correct using the confession so early on in the manga by not mentioning it again.

    2. Sasuke acts like he doesn’t care about Naruto’s strength… made my blood boil, but it’ll be nice seeing him get pwned later >)

    3. Instead of killing Sasuke like he’d promised, Madara plays favorites and forgives him. Damn, and I’d been hoping ONE of them would finally be able to die.

    4. Sakura embarrasses her whole team in front of the Cloud people.

    Soo… great chapter, all in all 🙂 Can’t wait for more Gaara and Team Cloud/Team Kakashi interaction.

  96. Great chapter the first page was the best thing i’ve seen so far in naruto this past few months. The fact that Maradra can use a power simmilar to kakashi’s only the differance is that Kakashi can only use he’s MS power to transport someone else in another dimension, while Madara Can use it to transport himself.

    OK people the Obito theory is back in business I say this because both Kakashi and Madara have the same power thus they must be using the same type of eyes and since only the other eye of obito could probably do what kakashi’s sharingan eye is doing now it’s safe to asume that the right eye in madara’s skull in obito’s

  97. A couple of other aspects that were intresting in this chapter are the fact that Sasuke is now awere of Naruto’s power-up and that gaara could have gotten a little bit more stronger in this time since he’s rescue.

    I belive that now since Naruto got to play the good guy whit the cloud nin and will help them to find bee we will heve one of two posible scenarios;

    1 Is that Bee is sorry for leaving the village and thank’s naruto for finding him with the help of he’s team.
    2 Is that he’s gonna be mad about being found and will start a fight whit Naruto since he’s the one responsable for he’s relocation.

    This is what happens when you try to count how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop…

  99. @Eugen: of course … it all makes sense.

    The same way Itachi’s Mangekyou has two different powers in each eyes, Obito’s Mangekyou had two powers in each eye … the left, which Kakashi has, can transport objects, and possibly something else. The left, which is Madara hsa if I’m right, has the power to transport whoever’s using it, and all the other stuff. I also noticed that Madara said “Nagato was supposed to use Rinne Tensei for me … what a betrayal”. Which most likely means there’s someone that Madara wants Nagato to revive … and that “person” could actually be either Obito or Madara’s own body.

  100. “Nagato was supposed to use Rinne Tensei for me … what a betrayal”.

    im assuming that means mandara has no physical form and negato was going to fix that issue.

  101. @ nagashikage & chromer91 actualy what i presume about the Rinne Tensei is that The Eternal MS that Madara has is not that eternal, i actually think it’s got a flaw and it dosen’t cofer immortal life, only prologes the user’s lifespan, so thus Madara needed a back-up in case he was killed. at least that’s what i think.

    If my theory is acurate enough I think that Madara EMS is something along the lines of what kakuzu was doing not in the same way but the same principal, When a body get’s to bad and worned out it has to be changed, just like what Oro was doing, only in the EMS i think the life-span is greater then what orochi was doing but non the less it has it’s flaw so Madara must have found a way to and this is where i got a little stuck:

    – My first opinion was that he was changing only the eyes and thus keeping the light in his EMS , but then i got a little confused and re-read the previous mangas, and i saw something most of us i bet figures out that lead me to my next opinion:

    – In the chapter that Itachi is talking to Sasuke about madara and his mission to kill the uchiha clan we see Itachi meating with madara in the forrest and not only dose he have a diferent mask he has a diferent hear style, so that lead me to belive that that was Madara’s original body because he had the same hear style he had when he was fighting Hashirama. But when we see him now he has Obito’s hear style, as i learnd through out the years a person in a manga or anime dosent change it’s apparence unless something big happens, so either he got a haircut witch is highley unlikely or he made a transfer of body or eyes.

    Personaly i don’t know what to think and witch one is it but i think it’s the bodt transfer. And so another theory ccame up,

    – If he took Obito’s body then that means he must have a uchiha host to be sutable for the EMS and if that’s the case then Why did he help destroy all the uchiha, is sasuke the ultimate body he wants or dose he have something else up his sleve.

    Who know i guess we do what we do best predict and hope it’s closest to the brilliant mind of Kishimoto 🙂

  102. In case I disappear over the weekend…I just want to say that the Naruto manga this week has been nothing but pure awesomeness! And if I had to pick a page I would say 17! It oozed with excitement and suspense! I mean Madera is coming out of the closet full swingin’! Just look at his body’s expression! I actually feel scared for…gulp…Naruto! No…maybe Kakashi! Who knows, but how do you stop Madera? He can probably kick anybody’s ass! And “eye of the moon”? What is that?! His brown eye? Watch out! I know we haven’t seen that one yet!

  103. im sorry but does sasuke rly think he can kill all the kages… he cant even handle killer bee, how is he going to handle the only man that can keep killer bee in check? not to mention that his team isnt exactly the allstar line up needed to take down people as powerful as the kages. i assume his plan is to burn the building while there still inside but that would b another punk move by him, and not rly winning a fight.

  104. @caption

    the things that danzo has done to the secret ops are so hideous they had to prevent them from disclosing any uneeded info…..just like catholic priests

  105. ‘Eye of the Moon’ Hmmm…. Could Madara have wanted Nagato too revive his Younger Brother, or can Sasukes Eyes inserted into his brother be enough too revive him completely with the power of the Sharigan. Is it some kind of Riddle that The Older Brothers recieving the eyes of the Younger one Give them Say the Eyes of the Stars Or Sky or What ever and If the Younger Brother Recieves the Eyes of the Older get the Eye of the Moon. Or Could there be some kind of transferal of power if Sasuke eyes are given too the corpse of Madaras younger brother and thus reviving him. Both being the Younger of brothers have the eyes of the Moon.

    And how does Zetsu know where the Kages are meeting unless he is a Kage or could he be that well informed. I rekon Kakashi could be the one too take down Madara his eye is the Opposite of his powers and Madara is the Body of Obito No doubt he is.

  106. @Eugen: Seems like there is another Tobi= Obito theorist on this site! Muhahahhahahahaha *cough**cough**cough* Ahem…Muhahahhahaha! 😀

    @Fuutonsaivor: Indeed, I don’t know how exactly Sasuke plans on killing 5 ninja of Kage level but let’s not underestimate him. After all he was the man who…Ummmmm…Errrr…WTF has Sasuke done that would prove he could kill 5 ninja of kage level? He killed a sick and dying Orochimaru, he defeated Deidara because Deidara killed himself, he beat Itachi because Itachi wanted to be beaten, and he beat Naruto who only had 1 tail out. The only thing I could see going on for Sasuke is his Amaterasu which defeated Killer Bee…but not really. Maybe his Tsukoyomi and his Susano.

    This chapter was pretty damn epic. “Moons Eye Plan”? Is there really something trapped in the moon by the former Sage of 6 Paths with a giant Chibaku Tensei? Maybe Madara has a way of releasing whatever’s trapped in there. As for Sakura…we’ll get to that later. 😉

  107. @super: My thoughts exactly on the Saucegay (I have to learn to write Sasuke one of these days, wrote this automatically) thing.

    Sure, he’s got Suigetsu (bless him), Karin (… die) and Juugo backing him up, but they barely held against Killer Bee, and he wasn’t a kage. I don’t even think he was as strong as his brother, since the Cloud village accepted the jinchuuriki as heroes. If he’d been strong enough, he’d be the Raikage now (unless he was too cool for it ;))


    XDD Especially since their sensei is the only rapping host in the shinobi world XD

    Then there was the scene I absolutely adored which made me think what Sasuke would say:

    Sasuke: (to Tobi) Not again… First Naruto, then Orochimaru, now you. What’s with the creepy people going violent when I try to leave them? You are like a a scorned ex.

    And then, Sasuke didn’t know that Hachibi (Kiler Bee) tricked him, which means that he’s still pretty much evil. I don’t like that >( It means he won’t come back to being good little by little, but he’ll have to get his ass raped by Will of Fire.

    Now all I have to wish for is that Karui and Omoi go back to wherever they came from before Naruto can use JESUS NO JUTSU on them. It would be too much of a loss. 😦

  108. @supertrek89

    great post super. sasuke thinking he can have 5 ninja of kage level over is exactly WTF everyone he has fought has offed themselfs or is dying anyway lol. now he thinks he can take on the top 5 ninja all at once. although he is saying he wants to try something looks like he got a new tech he didnt have to do any work for thats going to be way overpowered no doubt.


    Sasuke says that he will only take the Hokage’s head at the meeting. Not all of the five kages.

  110. @ supertrek what do u think sasuke whant’s to try, do u think he will use susanoo or do u think he found a way to manipulate amaterasu on a new level, because i don’t think that even with susanoo sasuke can’t win agaist the kages.BUTTTT we forgat that the kirigakure kage is the one the only madara or so kisame says.

    I can’t wait to see how this madara obito theory turns out especialy if kakashi sees him, now that would be a very dramatical moment.

    But i just can’t get it out of my head, is madara using obito’s body or just his eye, and if he uses only one eye presumably obito’s then were is the other eye and it it’s in the left socket were it’s biologicle place is then why dosen’t heuse it ???

    What the hell happend to this dude after Itachi met him, is this all part of itachi’s warning for madara to stay away from konoha, was itachi actualy stronger then madara or at least equal to him.

    I can’t wait to see the part when Naruto has that deap hearted talk with Madara ” Who are you, What happend to you ” and then Madara will start the long and thriling story behind his long life.

  111. Interesting new chapter its nice to see Garra again. And i bet he’s stronger than ever, from what Kanky said, Garra has lots of powers without Ichibi. I wonder if he’s stronger than Sasuke?

    BTW its nice to have been here…that i have been a part of awesomeness for over a year now.

  112. Sasuke is going to be surprised that Garra is one of the Kages. I don’t believe he ever got the full story about Garra, may even think he’s still a host.

    Also, I’m curious as to when Naruto going to drop the bomb that he knows the 4th is his dad….

  113. @everyone: before u make any asumptions about the manga, I suggest you read the binktopia first! It will give you a much clearer understanding of what’s going on. If you can’t find it, there’s a link in one of my previous entries. Have a great weekend!

  114. @ visionary1200 dude it’s a much more acurate translation but u can find the same one on narutocentral.c-o-m, only one manga makes this fast un-interpreted translations.

  115. Wow so many good thing are going on in to Naruto again. I am actually getting back into the story. I mean my second fav character is back Gaara. Plus its doesnt seem he is weaker with out the 1 tails.

    @Eugen: In a way i do believe you about the Obito and Madara thing. Just that i Believe that Obito is Tobi. Because it more point to the fact that he is.
    Now the whole thing about his past could be made up since no one other then the First can confirm it.
    Motive I am still working on

    Plus I know a lot of other are think about this also.
    I don’t see no way in hell that Sasuke is going to beat 5 ninja of Kage level. I mean his whole group better pull a miracle out their asses.
    That is all.

  116. DAMN YOU ONEMANGA! How dare you lead us astray again! >_<

    Lol, Narutojr and Visionary are right. It says here that Sasuke plans on taking the "Hokage's" head at the summit meaning he still only plans on going after Danzou. Still, he can't just burst in there without inviting a fight from all the other Kages. He must be planning on intercepting Danzou on his way to The Kage Summit. *sigh* Onemanga provides us with a quick release but at the expense of proper translations and we get into this mess. 😉

    @Dynamic: LMAO@ "Jesus no jutsu" XD Actually, Naruto is the world's last destined child (savior) now that Nagato is dead. 0_0

    Poor SaucegaySasugaySuxgay…Sasuke, there we go. Sometimes we all have problems with his name >_> Now he has scorned ex’s after him too wanting to bring him back to wherever the hell he just left. Well since I’ve been defending Sasuke these past few weeks I’ll say that I think he can do it (kill Danzou) and if need be fight off the other Kages…ok, maybe only for a little bit before getting PWNed. Still Team Taka can be used as a handy distraction (strip Karen and throw her on a pole. Suigetsu makes a pool and throws a splash party and Juugo impresses everybody by talking to animals!) while Sasuke goes after Danzou. 😉

    Oh, and you’re absolutely right Team Kumo = Awesomeness Incarnate! 😀

    @Chromer: Seems we were all wrong on this point. Sasuke is after Danzou only but I’m sure you know about this by now. You bring up a great point that Sasuke may have a new power or tweaked Amaterasu to use on Danzou or the other Kages if forced too. It may be overpowered but since when has Kishi ever held back in giving his two main characters over powered shit (Naruto and Sasuke)? 😉

    @Eugen: I think Sasuke is just going to try to assassinate Danzou regularly. Maybe use Tsukoyomi on him to slowly torture and break him making him relive all the horrors he did. I still think Daznou is more powerful than he looks though and is going to surprise Sasuke. Danzou may even avoid Sasuke’s pursuit. His reign as Hogake can’t be this short can it…?

    As for the Madara = Obito theory I still think he’s manipulating Obitos body in some way. If it’s just Obitos eye then it’s still part of Obitos body being used. Anything else further down the line I have no clue…

  117. CAPTION

    “See this? This is what happens when you give Danzo a blowjob..”

  118. So if we sum it up:

    Naruto and the cloud nins are going after hachibi and so is Kisame.I hope Kisame gets to him first because I want to see Kisame go all out on somebody. But there is also a possibility that the cloud nins and naruto will meet Kisame first. I can’t even imagine what Kishi is planing to do with this part of the plot but I don’t really see a way to screw it up. The chase for Killer Bee is going to be intense no doubt about it.

    Sasuke and Taka are going to the kage meeting to get Danzou’s head and Gaara is headed the same way along with Kankuro and Temari and all three of them are presumably more powerfull than ever.I bet that Sasuke and Gaara are going to fight at some point. Maybe Gaara will save Danzou’s life. Sasuke and Gaara going at it at the current skill level they both are will be one hell of a fight. That sound like a good debate by the way. 😉

    I have no idea what Madara and Zetsu are going to do now but “The Moon eye plan” or whatever sound sinister so I hope we get some more info on that the next chapters.

    We’re going to have some crazy kick ass chapters coming out soon.
    Can’t wait! 🙂 So I would like to ask for some predictions. If anyone has any ideas on what might happen next please share them. It will help me calm down my nerves while waiting for the next chapter.

  119. I forgot to mention something. Early in the series they said that the dark circles around Gaara’s eyes are signs of insomnia caused by the ichibi. Then why are they still there. Gaara is no longer a host right ?

  120. @ redcopywheel i read a interview that kishi made a while ago staiting that an i quoute ” Gaara’s sand and dark circles around the eyes are there to stay “

  121. @ Eugen that’s good to hear. Gaara without his sand techniques isn’t really Gaara. I wonder how he compensates for losing the biju. His chakra levels have dropped significantly for sure and the sand won’t automatically protect him. I don’t really understand how can he still control the sand without shikaku but I’m still very glad that Kishi kept Gaara’s old powers

    do you have a link for that interviewe ? (wasntme)

  122. Back to this kage meating that Sasuke is gonna crash, i guess that we all think the same thing by now, evan if we consider sasuke a total emo kid and a person that make’s a big deal out of everyting that happens to him, he still is a very smart person and dare i say it he is a really entertaining character.

    In the manga so far and in the anime every sasuke fight besides the one he had with naruto on the hospital roof were very calculated, he actualy activated his sharingan during the fight with haku, a feat that was almost imposible to a kid his age, the only thing that kept naruto alive at that point was the fox, but sasuke allways depended on his natural skills until the curse mark, witch by the way he made his own due to a lot o training.

    What i’me acutaly trying to say here is would he have gotten this far is he didn’t go to Oro, and if he would heve then how long would have that took him???

    Naruto caught a lucky break that J-Man took him under his wing and so he got the training he was intended to. And who knew how to train Naruto better then the former teacher of Naruto’s Father.

    But evan If sauke is a s strong as he is i really don’t think he’d be stupid enough to just go busting in and saying ” hey D-bag i’me gonna poke your other eye out for what u did to my bro “.

    That’s not Sasuke, what i actualy think is that he and hawk would wait for Danzou and the other two council memebers on there way to the kage meating and then strike at just the right time, the only problem here is that root is gonna be all over D-bag.

    And probably just as Super said, D-bag must have something up he’s fake bandage to actualy be apointed TEMPORARY hokage.

  123. @ redcopywheel
    “In Part II, Gaara is captured by Deidara of Akatsuki and Shukaku is extracted from his body, causing his death. Chiyo, regretting the life she gave Gaara when she sealed Shukaku in his body years earlier, gives up her life, using her puppet revival technique, to bring him back to life. While he no longer possesses Shukaku, Gaara is still able to manipulate sand, as proven when he uses it to pull Naruto’s hand towards his for a handshake. According to an interview with Masashi Kishimoto, Gaara’s ability to control sand, as well as the rings around his eyes can never be taken away.” Sry to put this as a post because it’s from :

    And the naruto wiki is no longer to be trusted but i’ll try to find the actual interview only thing is the last time i found it, it was purely coincidental and i was only looking for a bio on gaara. I’ll keep on it, c what i can dig up

  124. @ Eugen Thanks for the info and sorry for making you dig up old stuff 🙂

  125. Not to cause major spoilers but look at Masashi Kishimoto previous interview.
    (“Jinchuuriki of the 8 tailed will be revealed. This Jinchuuriki kills one of the Akatsuki’s members and invades Konoha by him/herself. During this fight one dies, and one will lose his/her eyesight ‘.

    If interview is right, Killerbee will attack Konoha and Kisame dies. Sasuke might also lose his eyesight.

  126. Oh one question for anyone that wathes bleach. Me myself i only watch’ed the 1st ep but i wanted to wait longer until i start to watch it and eventualy read the manga.

    So my question is, Is it better then Naruto or not ???

  127. @Eugen: Are you jking? Naruto is better than Bleach on all levels. Story, Fighting but maybe not Romance. But, it is still a pretty good manga/anime series.

  128. @ quagmires thx for the bleach update i guess i’ll just keep waiting till it gets around 350 episodes and then i’ll start watching.

    And the other thing is this spoiler Interview u put up:

    Kishi said this before 2008 Jump Festa.

    Akatsuki Leader’s (not confirmed if its Pain / Madara) strength cannot be matched even by 3 Sannin of the Leaf.
    Confirmed, Jiraiya’s death and Orochimaru was a subordinate as an Akatsuki member.
    There is another character in Akatsuki, and unexpected member will bring a chaos
    Confirmed, Tobi (Uchiha Madara)
    One of the Akatsuki’s member becomes friend/ally with Naruto
    Confirmed, Itachi
    Naruto’s seal will be released by the end of 08, or beginning of the 09. At least 4 tails will be released, be prepared it could be shocking scene
    Not yet confirmed… Implies it will happen toward the end of the calendar year.
    Toad dies (he laughs)
    Confirmed, Jiraiya’s death
    3 of Naruto’s important people will die or get seriously injured
    Not yet confirmed… Jiraiya’s death, Sasuke? Iruka? Kakashi? Or Tsunade?
    Sasuke’s skills cannot be matched against Naruto’s new skills.
    Confirmed, Sage Mode
    Sasuke v. Itachi is great scale, and later Naruto’s information about family and bloodline will show up
    Confirmed, Itachi displayed the full power of the MS; Naruto’s parents revealed as Minato Namikaze (4th Hokage of the Leaf) and Kushina Uzumaki (of the Whirlpool)
    Sai, he will cause something huge (laughs)
    Not yet confirmed… Jiraiya’s warning of ROOT
    4th’s secret and bloodline will be shown
    Confirmed, Bloodline revealed in his name “Namikaze Minato” and his secret of being the father of Naruto
    2 huge characters of Konoha will die.
    Not yet confirmed… Jiraiya’s death; possibly Orochimaru?
    There is a female member in Akatsuki
    Confirmed, Konan
    Akatsuki will invade Konoha with its mysterious beasts, and Shiranui Genma will provide great help to Konoha
    Confirmed, Pain invades Konoha
    Kishi said this during 2008 Jump Festa.

    Uchiha’s secret will be revealed and 2 of the remaining will die
    Not yet confirmed… Itachi’s death; History of Uchiha clan was revealed and Decision of Konoha to massacre the clan
    Akatsuki’s leader kills 6 people
    Not yet confirmed… Was 1 of the 6 killed Jiraiya?
    Sasuke and Itachi’s fight will cause chaos; Uchiha, Uchiha Madara’s secrets are revealed and all the skills of the MS will be revealed. The fight will end with death of one.
    Confirmed, Itachi’s death; MS yeilds Tsukuyomi, Amaterasu, and Susano’o
    Naruto will collide with Pain; Kakashi’s team will collide with Tobi. There will be big turnaround on Tobi v. Kakashi’s team. Naruto v. Pain will be fights of the “beasts”. Be prepared, during this fight there will be deaths from Naruto’s team.
    Not yet confirmed… Sai’s betrayal?
    3 new members will join the Akatsuki. They will be stronger than Deidara, Hidan, and Kakuzu. One of them is the brother/sister of the Hokage.
    Not yet confirmed… Is this Team “Hawk”?
    Naruto’s new skills and the result of the training will reveal when he fight against Pain. He have learned all of the Jiraiya’s jutsu during the 3 years of the time and he became much stronger. He did not learn the “toad mode”. Naruto learned 3 of the 4th’s jutsus.
    Not yet confirmed… 3 of the Fourth’s Jutsu? Rasengan and…
    After all these fights, there will be a great war.
    Not yet confirmed… Assuming the Cloud
    There will be death on Tobi v. Naruto team and one of them becomes unable to fight.
    Not yet confirmed… Kakashi is drained from MS which enables him “unable to fight”
    Jinchuuriki of the 8 tailed will be revealed. This Jinchuuriki kills one of the Akatsuki’s members and invades Konoha by him/herself. During this fight one dies, and one will lose his/her eyesight.
    Not yet confirmed… 8 tailed revealed as Kirabi and Sasuke did have “blurry” vision after the fight
    Is there an update?

    The fact is i acutaly saw this info before and it made my day, i mean there is so much info in here and it can be debated for weeks, but is it really alt true ?? now that’s the real question.

    Evan if most of it has allready happend, i’ll still give it the benifit of a doubt. Anyways it the best spoiler i ever read about naruto

  129. i know i posted this above but this is my updated version of that spoiler at least what i could come up for now.;)

  130. 1. Kishi said this before 2008 Jump Festa.
    *Akatsuki Leader’s (not confirmed if its Pain / Madara) strength cannot be matched even by 3 Sannin of the Leaf.
    Confirmed, Jiraiya’s death and Orochimaru was a subordinate as an Akatsuki member.
    *There is another character in Akatsuki, and unexpected member will bring a chaos
    Confirmed, Tobi (Uchiha Madara)
    *One of the Akatsuki’s member becomes friend/ally with Naruto
    Confirmed, Konan & ?Itachi?
    *Naruto’s seal will be released by the end of 08, or beginning of the 09. At least 4 tails will be released, be prepared it could be shocking scene
    Confirmed, Naruto had 8 tails
    *Toad dies (he laughs)
    Confirmed, Jiraiya’s death, or probably he was refering to the frog Danzou killed.
    *3 of Naruto’s important people will die or get seriously injured
    Confirmed… Jiraiya, Shizune, Kakashi
    *Sasuke’s skills cannot be matched against Naruto’s new skills.
    Confirmed, Sage Mode
    *Sasuke v. Itachi is great scale, and later Naruto’s information about family and bloodline will show up
    *Confirmed, Itachi displayed the full power of the MS; Naruto’s parents revealed as Minato Namikaze (4th Hokage of the Leaf) and Kushina Uzumaki (of the Whirlpool)… Kushina not yet revealed to Naruto.
    *Sai, he will cause something huge (laughs)
    Not yet confirmed… Jiraiya’s warning of ROOT
    *4th’s secret and bloodline will be shown
    Confirmed, Namikaze Minato reveles to Naruto half his soul is seald in Naruto’s body and that he is his father…. Bloodline not reveled yet.
    *2 huge characters of Konoha will die.
    Confirmed… Jiraiya’s death; possibly Orochimaru?
    *There is a female member in Akatsuki
    Confirmed, Konan
    *Akatsuki will invade Konoha with its mysterious beasts, and Shiranui Genma will provide great help to Konoha
    Confirmed, Pain invades Konoha
    Kishi said this during 2008 Jump Festa.
    *Uchiha’s secret will be revealed and 2 of the remaining will die
    Not yet confirmed… Itachi’s death; History of Uchiha clan was revealed and Decision of Konoha to massacre the clan
    Akatsuki’s leader kills 6 people
    Not yet confirmed… Jirayia, Kakashi, Choza, Shizune, the other 2 I don’t know??
    *Sasuke and Itachi’s fight will cause chaos; Uchiha Madara’s secrets are revealed and all the skills of the MS will be revealed. The fight will end with death of one.
    Confirmed, Itachi’s death; MS yeilds Tsukuyomi, Amaterasu, and Susano’o
    *Naruto will collide with Pain; Kakashi’s team will collide with Tobi. There will be big turnaround on Tobi v. Kakashi’s team. Naruto v. Pain will be fights of the “beasts”. Be prepared, during this fight there will be deaths from Naruto’s team.
    *Not yet confirmed… Sai’s betrayal?
    *3 new members will join the Akatsuki. They will be stronger than Deidara, Hidan, and Kakuzu. One of them is the brother/sister of the Hokage.
    Not yet confirmed… Is this Team “Hawk”?
    *Naruto’s new skills and the result of the training will reveal when he fight against Pain. He have learned all of the Jiraiya’s jutsu during the 3 years of the time and he became much stronger. He did not learn the “toad mode”. Naruto learned 3 of the 4th’s jutsus.
    Not yet confirmed… 3 of the Fourth’s Jutsu? Rasengan and…
    *After all these fights, there will be a great war.
    Not yet confirmed… Assuming the Cloud
    *There will be death on Tobi v. Naruto team and one of them becomes unable to fight.
    Not yet confirmed… Kakashi is drained from MS which enables him “unable to fight”
    *Jinchuuriki of the 8 tailed will be revealed. This Jinchuuriki kills one of the Akatsuki’s members ( Maybe Kisame ) and invades Konoha by him/herself. During this fight one dies, and one will lose his/her eyesight.
    Not yet confirmed… 8 tailed revealed as Kirabi aka “ Killer Bee ” and Sasuke did have “blurry” vision after the fight

    This is as much I could update for now.

  131. Hello PEEPS =P i think another debate wud do us okay,
    I though on this huge ands interesting debate how about

    Shikamaru vs Kabuto that wud’ve been awesome

    they’ve got both excelent minds this wud be an interesting debate so gentlemans lets begin.
    I pretty much wud bet on kabuto =p cuz of his wonderfull healing techniques

  132. Are you insane. Shikamaru would kick Kabuto’s butt into the next timeskip. And in the next timeskip Kakashi will have a kick ass space time jutsu to transfer Kabuto to the next 3 timeskips revealing the Naruto nevers ends. Anyways Shikamaru kicks Kabuto’s.

  133. loll Kabuto is an excellent mind just like shikamaru don’t u tihnk he’d counter he’s strategies u kidding?

    and kabuto whatever he touches wid his hand destroys de muscles putting shika on nother dimension. kabuto gots healing tech to the roof he also gots some kuchyose too and we nevah rlly knew if he had a cursed mark

  134. Shikamaru could do Shadow Imitation Technique and make Kabuto stab himself with the Chakra Scaple. He could also do Shadow Neck Binding technique and choke the living hell out of Kabuto. How about Kakashi vs. Sasuke. Kakashi FTW.

  135. How about you go on Sasuke’s side and I;ll be on Kakashi’s side.

  136. lol stick wid shika and kabuto.

    like u know shadow tech gots some huge limitation and kabuto knows dem i think he’d ocuntermesure it.
    Kabuto gots her weakness and positives advantages all writen down, J-man himself said, Carefull naruto that guy is prolly evenly matched wid kakashi


  137. oh cmon. let’s switch to kakashi vs. sasuke. i hardly know anything about kabuto. please!?

  138. lol NO >< i like dthis discussion so for me i'll keep it :), cuz we all know saucegay wud win (srry

  139. No, i want to keep this one 😛
    And we all know that saucegay wud win kakashi, cuz he already surpassed him a long way ago (srry kakashi fans) we know its true

  140. wtf are you talking about. raikiri would pierce kirin, kamui would teleporte amatersu and raikiri would also reflect chidori. kakashi is also smarter than sasuke.

  141. LOOOOL dude tsokuyomi wud defenitely PWN kakashi remember when itachi did that to him he needed tha help of tsunade

  142. we don’t know for sure that sasuke has tsukomni. anyways, kakashi can just summon the ninja dogs to help him when trapped or have a shadow clone hiding in a tree.

  143. lol dude tsuk isn’t rlly like dat isn’t a normal gengutsu and we know that sasuke knows it, is just for amaterasu but anyways if he knows it he prolly can use tsu ad susanno’s

  144. btw as of the moment sasuke doesn’t have tsukomni. he has amaterasu.

  145. Looll dude why are u pressing kakashi victory so much he isn’t just enuf strong to beat sasuke.

  146. oh yes he is strong enough to beat sasuke. kakashi is stronger than sasuke and you know it. admit it. 🙂

  147. gtg. cya. look forward to another debate tommorow! 🙂

  148. srry but he isn’t cuz naruto surpassed kakashi already when he got fuuton, and on that time sasuke was stiilll WAYYYYYY bettah dan him



    People do crazy shit these days! I see people come out of tattoo parlors with tattoos on their tongues. To makes the situation more awkward then it should, they go up to me, pointing at it, saying, “This is spot where my boyfriend like park his hot rod!”

  150. to those who might be wondering why im not here

    just lost attration to naruto a little

    ill still be here though ,im watching bleach nowadays so most of the time goes there

    im still thinking where is the new breakdown


  151. kakashi would freakin own the sasugay

  152. kakashi strenght is far beyond that sasugay’s level (watch out biggest sasugay hater here)

  153. Kakashi is a kage level ninja. The only week spot that he has is his seemingly shallow chakra pool. Lets not forget that we are talking about the man with 1000 jutsu’s and we’ve seen about 20. There’s no way that Kakashi’s strength is limited to what we’ve seen or he would not have been nominated for hokage.
    I doubt that Sasuke can defeat a kage. Let’s face the facts. The boy is extremely talanted but he hasn’t really had a real victory against a strong ninja (8 tails owned him, Orochimaru was half dead and so was Itachi, Deidara blew himself up if naruto hadn’t shown up he would have died a long time ago-Haku would have killed him.
    Sasuke is limited by his hatred.It blind him and prevents him from really improving-just like the curse mark. But unfortunately Itachy couldn’t free him from that hatred. It’s a real shame 😦
    Sasuke vs Kakashi – Kakashi goes to a hospital once again, but Sasuke will die.

  154. Well well well Sasuke vs Kakashi now that is a really cool fight to watch, I really don’t know who to put my money on but i have to go with kakashi for now, While Sasuke has youth on his side and a bigger chakra reservoir plus the gift Itachi gave him with amaterasu and probably tsukuyome and susanoo, Kakashi on the other hand has way more experience, jutsu knowledge, and he’s was more calculated, plus since sasuke lost his curse mark he lost the bigest Ace up his sleve, the only extra protection he had up until the Hachibi fight where sasuke would have died 2 times if not for the special capabilities of his team.

    So Kakashi is smarter, a better fighter, way more jutsu under his belt and plus he was sasuke’s teacher and that gives him the advantage of knowing his enemy better, in conclusin kakashi knows most of Sasuke’s jutsus and how to counter them, the only thing kakshi dosen’t know sasuke has is kirin and probably Amaterasu, but since Kakashi knew about amaterasu when he saw it after the itachi sasuke fight that makes me think he could know who to prepare for it.

    So in Sasuke Vs Kakashi fight i’ll have to go with Kakashi at least for now.

  155. I wonder when the new breakdown will come out????

  156. Tonight!

    Sorry guys. Work has been taking up every available hour. This week I’ll be more on track for Friday breakdowns. I have at least Friday off for this weeks chapter, and today for last weeks chapter.

  157. @Dynamic: I sense a little bitterness when it comes to Sakura, ne? Lol I can understand that, but let’s at least be honest. Your acting as if Sakura is completely useless and enbarassing, but she’s done exponential amounts more in the fighting area than Hinata has. She is noted for her Tsunade-like strength and took on Sasori almost single-handedly. Hinata has never once been noted for her fighting skills, but rather her love confession and big boobs. Like I said, your hate for Sakura is understandable, but don’t defend Hinata by saying Sakura’s useless. Hinata is twice as useless as Sakura ever was and compared to the other kunoichi, Hinata’s fighting skills have rarely ever been mentioned.

    As far as chapter 453 goes, I really liked it. I’m not into major Sasuke bashing, but I’m glad he was stopped in his tracks. It annoyed me that when Zetsu made the announcement about Naruto single-handedly defeating Pain and implying that Naruto was stronger than Sasuke, Sasuke shrugged it off as if he didn’t care. Wtf? That’s what drove Sasuke to revenge in the first place was his realization that Naruto was getting stronger! And he’s going to act like it doesn’t bother him?! Ugh. It’s not like I want him to sit there and seethe but really, let’s be honest with ourselves. He STILL cannot give credit to Naruto. If he didn’t “care” he wouldn’t have high-tailed it to Orochimaru when he was twelve. Psh. And with Naruto’s new “Let’s help Team Cloud find their master Killer Bee” plan, I can see it’s going to lead us on a bunny trail. I seriously hope this new plot development doesn’t detract from Sasuke and Naruto’s confrontation. And I can’t wait for more elaboration on the Kage meeting with Danzo and Gaara. I sense good things in the future.

  158. @Daisy: Yep lot’s of Sakura haters around here… >_>

    Lol, let’s see here. Yes, Sakura has done more fighting than Hinata. I hope so. Do you know why? Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura have all done more in the fighting area than the other rookie ninja because…they’re the main characters and are supposed to get more exposure! It makes since yeah? 😉

    Yay, but despite Sakura being one of the main characters she was basically useless up until Shippuden. She has improved a lot which is why I like her now. The thing is she’s getting harder and harder to like. These past few chapters she’s been moaning and now crying over Sasuke! >_< Last chapter she rushed in and got PWNED which made me doubt her fighting ability which has been praised so much. Now she's confused over whether she loves Naruto or Sasuke…jeez give me a break.

    Now as for Hinata I don't know why you bashed her so much but I have to step in here. Hinata is useless? Sure, saving Naruto's life isn't important or anything right? When has Sakura ever saved Naruto's life? Never. Trust me you can look it up but you won't find it. What makes Hinata so useless? She lost in 2 fights…1 against Neji who has always been superior in the Hyuuga style and is Lee's equal rival and 2 against Pein who was basically better than the whole village. I'm not going to even count the amount of times Sakura has been useless in battle but I just want to point out one thing… She tied in a battle with Ino…INO!!! 0_0 That's just…sad!

    Is she useless because she's shy? Is she useless because she's loves someone so deeply? What makes her so useless I ask you? I'm going to go out on a limb and say Sakura's not even useless despite all her failings which I mentioned above. I know she's a great fighter and even a kind person…when she needs to be. I also know that there's no way in hell Hinata is useless nor is she a kunoichi to be underestimated. She's ten times better than the other other kunoichi and in fact I say she can kick Sakura's ass! 😉 I already proved it in the last debate and the recent chapters only backs me up.

    All in all I feel a little bitterness when it comes to Hinata for you. 🙂

  159. K-man vs Sasuke hum.
    I put my money on Kakashi why because I hate Sasuke.
    Yet all that aside I don’t think lighting attack would work on Kakashi.
    So that leave Sauske with fire.
    Even if the same thing go with Kakashi about lighting attack not working.
    Kakashi still have many more thing in his bag of tricks.
    He can counter Sasuke fire attack with water and earth.
    Now if the fight drag outs he will lose because he don’t have the chakra.
    Now MS VS MS i can see going ever way.
    Yet the reason i put my money on Kakashi is because he have used it more.
    Yet if he use it and miss on more then on occasion.
    Then Sasuke might got him.
    But Kakashi still have more to offer in the fight.
    (Now run like hell from Sasuke fans)

  160. Sorry for the typos errors almost got caught by my boss.

  161. Don’t worry daisy, Super stops at nothing to defend Ms. Hyuuga…

    @Super: really super? You come to the rescue of Hinata? You have most of the people here to back you up, so doing that is unnecessary…face it, Hinata has done next to NOTHING…stepping in against Pain is moot ’cause the only reason Naruto was freed is because of the 6 tails transformation…Hinata got PWND. Naruto saw what he thought was a death of one of his friends so he transformed. Hinata didn’t help him, so please stop using that as a comparison for the both of them and implying that because Sakura hasn’t done it, it means that Hinata is better somehow.

    Oh yeah, btw…it might not be saving his life, but it’s just as important…saving his lifelong dreams from being killed…and this happened VERY long ago, when (according to you NaruHina shippers) Sakura was a bitch

    Sure, Sakura WAS useless. In reality, Naruto was too if it weren’t for the fox. Whenever things got tough Naruto would call upon the Kyuubi chakra, which he didn’t even know about until Jiraya trained him after the preliminaries and before the finals. From that point on Naruto started getting better, but when it came to his actual skills, without the fox’s chakra, he was just as useless as Sakura was.

    As for the recent chapters…Wow she got punched, how is she ever going to get back up from such an attack?? Give me a break Super, do you think that she was actually trying her hardest? She took out a LOT of Sasori’s puppets without Chiyo’s help. She defeated one of Pain’s largest summons with one punch. DO you really think that’s all she has in her?

    And what exactly makes her hard to like with the last few chapters? Her sensei is in a COMA! But she still tried to cheer Naruto up and kept her thoughts to herself. It shows MATURITY, if she were still the same old Sakura she would’ve told Naruto what she was thinking.

    She cried? BFD! She just heard that the boy who she cared for for many years, the one she ‘loved’ with all her heart, and broke her heart is a member of the organization that is after your best friend and the one person who you can depend on the most, the same organization that just destroyed your home and put your sensei of two and a half years in a coma…Can you even begin to understand the emotions behind that?

    So please tell me Super, where exactly is it hard to like Sakura? Is it because she’s one of the few shinobi who shows emotion? Is it because she decided to cry because she doesn’t know how to deal with the situation? Is it because her innermost thoughts don’t sit well with you?

    I don’t hate Hinata, but you put her on a pedestal that she doesn’t deserve to be on. She’s a shy girl who is nice and determined, but she’s still a minor character that hasn’t done much in the manga.

    *phew* Ok, rant over…hopefully you’ll read this Sakura bashers (you know who your are -__-) and see that the pink haired kunoichi isn’t what she used to be… *passes out*

    P.S. Don’t even get me started on the Hinata/Sakura debate >_< *passes out yet again*

  162. umm..this might be some kinda crazy spin off but, has anyoen thought of the possibilty that obito = tobi? could that be possible??

  163. yes, obito = tobi…im sure of it.

  164. *Achoo* I have a feeling I have to tear your argument up a bit Dro. No offense it’s just necessary for now… 😉

    Let me start by saying this. My above post was not a bash on Sakura nor did it do that. If you read over it again all it was doing was rightfully defending Hinata. Come on “she’s twice as useless”? “Hinata has never once been noted for her fighting skills, but rather her love confession and big boobs”? (Daisy) Of all people you know I couldn’t stand for that BS. Instead of going into a useless rant though on how useless Sakura is I admitted that she has her moments. Then I proved Hinata isn’t useless. That is all and I thought it would end there with a response from Daisy but then you had to jump in. 0_0

    So the fun begins once again now let’s start shall we? 🙂

    I’m not going even to say I’m surprised to see you jumping in for Sakura nor do I even care. After all it’s to be expected right oh Sakura defender? 😉

    “Hinata has done next to NOTHING…stepping in against Pain is moot ’cause the only reason Naruto was freed is because of the 6 tails transformation” (Dro)

    Ah, yes I believe we have gone over this before have we not? Saving Naruto’s life is not moot and it’s definitely not next to nothing. He is the protagonist of our story after all. Let’s go trough this step by step once again Dro. (Pein says, “It’s time for us to go…” Go where? You know Dro go to have his Bijuu extracted and thus that results in? His death. Which means Naruto’s life is in danger.) (Pein is about to Shira Tensei Naruto into unconsciousness but lo and behold look who jumps in to save his life. Hinata.)

    So yes, Hinata saved his life even before he turned Kyuubi. Now what made Naruto turn Kyuubi? Hinata’s sacrifice. Yep, she got PWNED and sometimes you gotta risk your life to save others even when fighting an enemy you have no chance against.

    Those links you showed…you worded it wrong. Sakura did not “save” his dream. Was his dream in trouble or something? No. She believed in him and it was about time. Hinata did that long long ago since the very beginning.

    “Sure, Sakura WAS useless. In reality, Naruto was too if it weren’t for the fox.” (Dro)

    Seriously? Naruto useless without the Kyuubi? Naruto is a fighter and he never gives up. He has proven this many times and has learned Kage level jutsu (Rasengan and Kagebushin) without the Kyuubi. He has fought and won battles without the Kyuubi. The Kyuubi is just a bonus and burden he was forced to have. I guess Sasuke is also useless without the Sharingan. No. He’s a genuis fighter and the Sharingan is just a bonus and burden (blindness) he was born with. Naruto was always above Sakura and will always be. At no point was Naruto ever as useless as Sakura. That’s just low. 😉

    “As for the recent chapters…Wow she got punched, how is she ever going to get back up from such an attack??” (Dro)

    Not really. She got her stomach kicked in and her ass PWNED against another female Kunoici. It’s not like she was fighting someone as powerful as say…Pein…what about Neji? Nope she got PWNED like I said she would when she rushes in. BTW, she sure looked like she was trying pretty hard back there… (“Take this!” PWNED XD)

    I felt kinda bad for her and after all that training. Sure she took a few (not a lot) of Sasori’s puppets out but Chiyo took most of them down. Not only that but we all know if it wasn’t for Chiyo Sakura’s ass would have been grass and vice versa. Teamwork FTW!

    “And what exactly makes her hard to like with the last few chapters?” (Dro)

    I thought I said this already in my post to Daisy but perhaps you missed it? Maybe I didn’t go into enough detail? Did you not understand that this is why I personally find it hard to like Sakura in recent chapters? I wont repost it but I will go into further detail explaining my reason for you.
    First the PWNAGE. I trusted in Sakura’s fighting ability to at least dodge or hit right here but what we got was a sad attempt and a swift kick to her stomach sending her flying. I could have swore I said numerous times this was Sakura’s fighting strategy in the Hinata vs. Sakura fight and this is what would EXACTLY happen in a close quarters fight. She rushes and and gets beaten back and this is the first mark against her. (“God, you’re so annoying!”) -_-
    Second she’s STILL annoying as hell! I mean do you believe this? Kamui has been around Sakura for like what…2 minutes? And Sakura has already managed to annoy the hell outta her. I’m thinking at this point ‘Sakura probably deserved that kick’ now. (“Ohh…Ohh” Boo-hoo-hoo stop crying girl! *_*)
    This the final straw for me and the third strike. Not only was I right about her still having feelings for Sasuke but this crying is unwarranted! She’s not crying over Tsunade being in a coma so I don’t even know why you brought that up. BTW, Tsunade in in a COMA. Naruto’s master DIED. Then he fought Pein, almost lost, and saved the village (with Hinata’s help 😛 ) Now she needs cheering up? She even wonders why Naruto isn’t cheering her up! That’s just selfish and I can provide the link if need be. Even so Naruto is the one that cheered her up in the end not the other way around. He blew off Sasuke’s disappearance and she thanks Naruto silently. At what point did she cheer Naruto up after he went trough all of that?

    Back to the crying though it was weak of her. I don’t care if she’s a kunoichi she’s a ninja and she needs to get her act together. I’m not saying she isn’t allowed to cry. Hell, even Naruto cries but not anymore over Saskue! She’s had 3 YEARS to get over this! I don’t see Kamui crying over the loss of her master Killerbee and she thinks he’s dead! This was all recent but I don’t see any crying! Sakura knows Sasuke is still alive and yet she cries over the information he’s in Akatsuki? That’s not all though. She cried after Kamui said this, “What’s Sasuke to you anyway!?” Then she breaks down Wahhhhhh! Cry me a river Sakura! T_T Makes you wonder…

    This is my reason why it’s getting harder and harder to like Sakura. You don’t have to like it and you don’t have to agree but since you were so curious I thought I’d let you know anyway.

    As said before I don’t hate Sakura. I didn’t bash Sakura. I said she WAS useless but I looked at her currently and said she’s one of the characters I like now. I’m just disappointed in her right now that is all. If I put Hinata on a pedestal it’s only because everyone looks down on her. You and me both know that the reason she is so popular is because she’s so cute, or her big boobs, or because her love for Naruto is so “Kawaii”! (Now even though this is all true 🙂 ) I look beyond that and defend her against that shit! Do I not? I know she’s a great fighter, I know she’s not useless, and I prefer NaruHina beyond shallow reasons I think you know well. Is this so bad? I was just defending her like I always do and tried to mediate even by praising Sakura, but you respond to my post like I did otherwise… Why?

  165. I’m… so tired…

    Sorry to all. I have to put the breakdown off one more day. I’ll make it up to you guys I promise.

  166. kakashi for life ,he would opwn that saugay emo bastard

    (btw all sasugay haters join ttp:// i mean become a member)

  167. no prob gavin,(ill just die of nothing to read )just kiddin.well you have been doing great ,i know its tough,try your best you have as much time as you want

  168. god damn super now that’s a long ass motta fuckin’ post, dudeeeee when u get on the subject u get on the subject, good points made but sakura is a bit better at what she dose then what everyone says. Just wait and c because i feel that soon most of the weaker fighters are gonna prove there worth, because i doubt that Naruto is gonna go all alone on this trip with the cloud nin and i’me guessing that a lot of the fighters that didn’t have a lot of action will get the spotlight soon. fighters like ino shino kiba and even tenten

  169. Heya, I’m new to this blog, thought i’d throw in something thats been on my mind for sometime now…:)

    Since Sasuke is closing in on Konoha, and Naruto is there all eyes are ofcourse focused on a possible battle between the two of them. I’m as curious to know how both would do considering their abilities, and thought of the following,

    “Sasuke’s Sharingan won’t have any effect on Naruto in Sage Mode”

    We all know that:

    “The only way to get out of any genjutsu, is to have the affected person’s chakra either mingle with another chakra or get someone elses chakra inserted to disturb the affected person’s chakra”

    We could see this earlier when Itachi pointed his finger at Naruto and Sakura had to insert her chakra into Naruto to get him conciouss again, but also when Sasuke’s Sharingan proved ineffective against Killerbee who mingled his chakra with that of the 8-tails.

    Now then my theories:

    1) Kyuubi “Alone” gets easily controlled by the sharingan…Madara / Sasuke has shown this. However, when Sasuke disposed of the kyuubi in Naruto’s mind I think it was only
    possible because Naruto had not allowed the Kyuubi to mingle with him. He was reluctant to accept the Kyuubi-chakra. I think this is a vital point because if not so, then Sasuke would’ve been able to dispose the 8-tails in Killerbee’s mind similairly which
    he definetley could NOT.

    “From this perspective I think its safe to conclude that with cooperation between a host and a tailed-one, Sharingan is ineffective to both host and tailed beast”. But so far
    we have not seen naruto capable of cooperating with kyuubi in shippuuden so far….

    2) Sage chakra:
    Couldn’t it be so that Sage Chakra is actually protecting against Genjutsu? Cuz no matter what, its not NARUTO’s chakra but an outside chakra that mingles with his or is inserted/absorbed. This would definetly clear the whole Sharingan effect on Naruto in Sage mode. Its completely in line with the basics of Genjutsu.

    Moreover, We all remember the scene when Itachi and Sharky were follwing Naruto who was accompanied by J-man. Itachi clearly said that he feared Jiraya’s capabilities and that even if they were with more, at best they might defeat him but it would end up
    with them being dead aswell.

    After seeing the Sasuke vs Itachi fight, I could not believe how strong Itachi actually was and thought of him overestimating
    J-man or misleading things, cuz he definetley seemed way stronger then J-man. Unitll now, I think I understand what Itachi was
    talking about and its again completely in line with above mentioned: Itachi’s Sharingan
    (Genjutsu) has no effect on a Sage (Natural chakra mingles). With that out of the question, Itachi would only have a handfull of options against J-man and would have to use his strongest attacks which upon using have devastating effects on himself aswell.
    Moreover, considering J-man and his many powerfull techniques and experience this would indeed be a big bet for Itachi.

    Therefore, I think Sasuke’s Sharingan won’t effect Naruto in Sage Mode. However Amaterasu and Sasuke’s “new uknown jutsu” might be extremely dangerous for him. I think that Itachi’s powers that were given to Naruto will protect him from Amaterasu, as both are originally Itachi’s powers and well in his planning capabilities. However Sasuke’s new power may be the true desisive issue on Naruto sage vs Sasuke but not his Genjutsu…

    What u guys think of this?

  170. This is a spoiler of a spoiler in case anybody is reading. I should have a real one in a couple of hours!

    UNCONFIRMED: (but these are good sources!)

    Posted by Serenity & Vered @ Naruto Fan
    Source: 2ch

    From Nja

    んじゃ ◆bvOTKk1mXg :2009/06/30(火) 20:50:39 ID:0qnXvlnh0


    土影様から 小さなおじいちゃんが土影様
          赤ツチ・黒ツチってお供二人を連れ(男女…男はアンパン○ンみたいなやつ女はアンコをさらにき つくしたような感じ)
    水影様 髪型を変えたツナデの様な人
        最近の若いやつは 根気 がないな~そんな説教してたら 遅れ ちゃい~
        が 婚期が遅れる… と勘違いし
        だまれ殺すぞ  っていっちゃう美人
    雷影様 こいつはいいなあつすぎる男 さあ いくぞおおおおおお って

    ナルトへ 人気のないところに連れてきたナルト さっさと情報よこせ
         と言われるが   やっぱサスケは売れない… 
     ナルトの答えは 気が済むまで殴ってくれ→ナルトフルボッコタイムへ

    根 アンコには2人の見張りがついていますがやりますか?
    ダン 今は大切な時期だ~そんな事をしたら大変だ
       それよりカブトをはやく発見するんだ(あいつは私とおろち丸の関係を知っているかもしれ ん…)



    Short Translation by: fugetsugym@ Naruto Fan

    Description of the various Kages:
    wait for another translation, not up for it now.

    Naruto tries to get Omoi and friends to change their revenge plans and offers himself as a punching bag so they can vent their anger.

    Root member- we have 2 watching Anko, shall we do it? (Off her?)
    Danzo- Now is a tenuous time, if we did it now it would cause trouble, more importantly, hurry up and find Kabuto, he knows about me and Orochimaru maybe, he has all of the medical data on Oro’s experiments, finding that is the priority. It may have something on making my eye and hand work again.

  171. Script Posted by Serenity & Vered @ Naruto Fan
    Source: Nja @ 2ch
    Translation by : boyakist4649 from MH
    Verification: Confirmed

    んじゃ ◆bvOTKk1mXg :2009/06/30(火) 20:50:39 ID:0qnXvlnh0

    土影様から 小さなおじいちゃんが土影様
          赤ツチ・黒ツチってお供二人を連れ(男女…男はアンパン○ンみたいなやつ女はアン コをさらにき つくしたような感じ)

    Starts off with Tsuchi-kage (Earth/Soil-kage) – he’s actually a small old man.
    He’s a stubborn old man that apparently threw out his back trying to hold his baggage on his own.
    He has two companions – Aka-Tsuchi (red-soil) and Kuro-Tsuchi (Black-soil). (of the companions – the man looks like Anpanman, the woman looks like Anko with a little bit of weight.)

    水影様 髪型を変えたツナデの様な人
        最近の若いやつは 根気 がないな~そんな説教してたら 遅れ ちゃい~
        が 婚期が遅れる… と勘違いし
        だまれ殺すぞ  っていっちゃう美人

    To the summit
    Mizu-kage (water) looks like a Tsunade with a different hairstyle.
    She is with a man called “Ao” (Blue) and one of the Seven Swordsmen.
    The young one was being lectured for lacking patience – and the young one misunderstands being “late” to be associated with a delayed pregnancy. The pretty-looking one tells him to shut up and threatens him. (Translator’s note: Just appears to be a semi-comedic exchange amongst them)

    雷影様 こいつはいいなあつすぎる男 さあ いくぞおおおおおお って

    Rai-kage (thunder) says this guy’s a good, passionate guy. As he says “Let’s GOOOO!” He blasts through the room and makes his departure.

    ナルトへ 人気のないところに連れてきたナルト さっさと情報よこせ
         と言われるが   やっぱサスケは売れない… 
     ナルトの答えは 気が済むまで殴ってくれ→ナルトフルボッコタイムへ

    To Naruto. Naruto brings them (presumably the two Kumogakure-nins) to an isolated place and is told to give them information about Sasuke. But Naruto refuses to sell Sasuke out…
    If you kill Sasuke – our village will retaliate and the endless chain of hate will perpetuate.
    Then what should we do with the hate that WE harbour? (again, presumably the two Kumogakure-nins)
    And Naruto’s answer: you can keep hitting me until you’re satisfied –> Naruto gets a beating

    To Danzou
    根 アンコには2人の見張りがついていますがやりますか?
    ダン 今は大切な時期だ~そんな事をしたら大変だ
       それよりカブトをはやく発見するんだ(あいつは私とおろち丸の関係を知っているかもしれ ん…)
       あいつがもっている今までの医療データやらおろち丸の実験の資料などを探すほうが先決だ   わしの 右目・右手に役立つ事が載っているかもしれないのでな…

    Ne (Root-anbu): Anko has two monitoring her – shall we go forward?
    Danzou: Right now is an important time – we can’t afford to do that now.
    More importantly, we need to find Kabuto (He may know my connection with Orochimaru).
    We need the medical data and experimental information from Orochimaru’s work – that should be our priority.
    Since he may have information that may be useful to my right eye and right hand…

  172. @rustyiii
    yeah i think that itachi’s gift to naruto will in some way protect him from sasuke, just because naruto cant rly escape amaterasu (the only reason sasuke did was because he pulled that inner body switch stuff.
    i dont think sage mode is genjutsu proof but i rly hope that killerbee teaches naruto how to communicate with the kyubi. (sadly the kyubi is almost pure evil while the 8 tails seems very chill)

    still not sure who would win in a fight between the two
    1) they both have extremely powerful jutsu (sasuke has more jutsu, but they are practuically varriation of chidori…)
    2) they both have a great rump card

    i just ant wait to see this fight or gaara vs sasuke rematch

  173. id like to point out and strengthen my theory i produced b4 in hope someone might agree or disagree lol. tobi/ madara uchiha can move at the speed of light said zetsu after sasukes fight with itachi remember they raced to to sasuke and he told madara not all of us can move at the speed of light so when it appears someone has passed through him its him moving quickly and back 2 the same position.

    But the rinne tensei statement got me thinking madara is a ghost and the 1st hokage did kill him its his eternal mangekyou that allows his spirit to live on and thats why he cant be hit.

    anyone else come up with a similar/different theory??

  174. Naruto Spoiler 454 confirmed:

  175. Well, I do remember there was a sigh on the page,left from the translators,which stated Zetsu was being sarcastic.Despite that your theory sounds good,at least as good as any other.I guess there is a reason why they call it eternal MS.But then again how did Sasuke hit him with the amaterasu if he is a ghost.After all the flames are material so I don’t see how they will touch him if Madara was a ghost.The sole fact that Madara can interact with other objects means it is just a technique Madara is using.Maybe he has a large holographic map of the world and can make a wormhole through the dimension from where he passes to whichever point he desires…(Sounds good doesn’t it 🙂 )

  176. WTF??????????????? NEW NARUTO SHIPPUDEN MOVIE??? GAHHH!! O_O CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS ONE! 😀 apparently there is something about Kakashi cause he is leaving the village and all the teams are summoned to go after him…..strange..

  177. Here is another trailer..shows more..

  178. @babyfox9: those are old trailers. Been out several months.

    The story is that Kakashi goes missing and that the Konoha 11 are assigned the mission to retrieve him. No clue as to who is involved yet.

    Won’t be shown in Japan until August which means it will be possibly Spring 2010 before we see it in the US/the West. Look how long it took “Bonds” to get here.

  179. well i put all these trailers on ira chat long ago,just at the time of release of subbed bonds .go and check if you that time no one bieleived me.lolllllll

    im always ready for a kakashi movie .(waits anxiously)

    welcome back peennnyyy

    hope you be with us

  180. @Penny i didn’t know the trailers where this old..i just found out..and damn, sure “Bonds” took really long to be released in the West..i hope they release the DVD quickly enough so as it’ll be subbed right after.. 🙂

    Wow Supa that was a pertty long post. Yet I just want to say this. Like u i believe it is more to Hinata then meets the eye. In season one she could beat any other girl other then fan girl. Now I still believe that is true.
    The whole team that she is on don’t get no play in the manga.
    Yes sakura have gotten way better since she was younger. Yet Hinata was already good. Now do I hate Sakura na I only hate Sasuke. It just that Hinata have more of a apparelling attitude.
    Yet i don’t think she should get Naruto. I do want Sakura to get Naruto.
    Then that would leave Kiba with Hinata and i can finally get what i want.

  182. new naruto is out on

  183. pretty good chapter imo

  184. who is this “SleepyFans” he’s my hero =D

  185. mizukage… *droooool*… i’d let her boss me around 🙂

  186. Cool chapter, just because we got to see all the kages. Looks like Kabutos coming back in the story.

    New movie has Kakashi and that makes me happy =)

  187. me too fanboy

    chapter was good we got to see all the kage’s and alos to know that danzo is perhaps obito ,whose right side was crushed in the cave ,probably madra had saved him.

    btw guys ihs has moved to wordpress far better than before ,,with the latest post ,my tribute to naruto


  188. Well I’m back sort of… Good chap lol cool to see kages in the chap. I love how naruto let the cloud ni beat him up. Way to stick with the peace :). On another note bad news had my ipod touch taken away anyone no how to do chatroll on the blackbarry its not leting me. Other wise if not I’m not going to be here a lot lol. Kudos everyone 🙂

  189. anyone got the feeling that the 2 ninja beating naruto are going to get his life story in the next few chapters

  190. Why’d Gavin skip the last chapter ?

  191. …And with that chapter, there’s no way anyone can still say Danzo is Madara.

  192. I heard a rumor.that says danzo is a cross dresserm

  193. just want to hear some other opinions, but what about Madara being a ghost-esk or advance form of astro-projection type of thing- not actually being fully alive or the rest of him being trapped somewhere. This would explain no one being able to land a hit on him, and him saying that Nagato was supposed to use Rinne Tensei. also i dont believe that he has used any ninja arts besides Kakashi claiming that his time/space jetsu is more advance than the fourths…just a thought

  194. Penny posted a breakdown of the last two over on Words of Mars if anyone does want to see it.

  195. No way, So Tobi is actually a good girl…

  196. i’m kinda disappointed…i honestly expected more from this chapter. it was kinda cool to see the different kages dont get me wrong, but what happened to madara being the mizukage? did i read that wrong however long ago that was when he showed his face to kisame? and i was seriously not happy when naruto told them they could beat the crap out of him. BS..straight BS. it’s nice of him to be loyal to sauke and what not, but he could’ve wiped the floor with the both of ’em. which is kinda what i expected after reading this last week.
    i thought when he said “let me handle this” he had a plan and was seriously gonna let loose on them……bummer.

  197. @to63 lol yes it does sound good id like to see that one pretty soon 😀 all joking aside thou what theories do you have on this tobi/madara transparent or not topic??

    @ illdoittomorrow

    i posted a similar theory if u could scroll up and find it for me its just b4 the videos lol 😀 but you could also see to63’s post also contradicting my statement and presenting the “Hologram theory” i think its great 😀 too bad i dont think kishi has any intentions of making it happen:(

  198. maybe his state (madara) could be compared to that of voldemort in harry potter. he is dead but at the same time moving out and about. somehow mayb he split his soul?? 😀

  199. ttp://

    ttp:// (Just felt like posting this to see the joke cleared up.)

    Has anyone else notieced? Its kinda hard to tell but at the end of the chapter Danzo’s arm looks like a prostetic limb, somewhat like Nagato and his legs or am I just misinterpritating it?

  200. hey have anyone thought about the Mizukage being Kushina?

  201. kingkhaos glad you like my theory.I actually have another brainstorm here 🙂 This,undoubtedly, will sound weird but what if madara was pure chakra.I mean if it is dense enough it can interact with the surrounding world and if he makes it a little less dense- objects can pass trough him with ease.Also what if his Eternal MS enables him to make some sort of copies of himself-much like shadow clone but far more advanced,and teleport them whereever he likes.Since the clones would be made only from chakra the above mentioned thing involving the density of the chakra can be done with them.

  202. actually thats an awesome theory, makes more sense too. It would justify the Eternal MS part cause if the first hokage did kill him at the valley of the end then ’cause of his EMS he would still exist but as pure chakra with a will to take over the world 😀 with his “moons eye”

    The more i think about it the more it fits in to me.

  203. @eroseninjiraiya: Ehh, that’s a long shot … but Kushina IS from the Land of Whirlpools … mmm I dunno.
    But I thought Madara was Mizukage ?

  204. Well yes,Madara WAS Mizukage.Still wasn’t it stated somewhere that Kushina was dead.Anyways, the current Mizukage is rather… satisfying…

  205. Mizukage and Raikage look the strongest. Especially Raikage. I bet that guy kick some serious ass.

  206. What if Madara is just a shapshifer.
    Ok stay with me now.
    If he just have a face to show to people to gain there trust.
    I mean Shark Boy already said that he was a Mizukage. So why would we still be pretending that this new girl is the Mizukage.
    I mean wouldn’t they have give us a hint that was Madara.
    Or when Shark boy seen him could he have been talking about an
    old Mizukage that was suppose to be dead or retired.
    That would explain about how he now so much about the past.
    Or could it really be that girl pretending to be Madara for what
    ever reason.
    Just playing two roles to gain on thing that she want.
    (Really have no idea what she would want)
    That is what i believe might be going on.
    If these idea already been said claim it if you want to.
    Don’t really care.
    That is all.

  207. excuse me but I am new here so i dont lnow a lot of things.

    but why isnt there any breakdown for the last two chapters.

    anyone reply please

  208. Because someone is falling behind.

  209. Did anyone else notice that the mizukage also had her right eye covered at all times with her hair?????????????

  210. @eroseninjiraiya: looks like we need a new writer for Naruto.

  211. yes i noticed it too!!! mizukage has her right eye covered at all times :O !!!!!! same with danzou!!! omg something fishy goin on round here…..

    why do people have to suspect someone who has their right eye covered??? for gods sake

  212. After reading the most recents comments I have figured what Madara’s “Moons eye” plan is.He will make everyone cover their right eye and thus he he will be the only one with a visible one.The bad thing is he has already started with Danzo and the mizukage-damn he is evil 😀

  213. we gotta see dudes that gavin gots a REAL LIFE he works, and he was rlly busy lately…, we can’t blame him for don’t having time to write us a breakdown we just gotta be patient =)

  214. Something Tells me that Danzo was the one who took Obitos body and abosorbed him thats why his eye and arm and possibly his leg thats why he has a walking stick so basically his whole right side of his body is Farked thats why he needs too know where Kabuto is so he can find out the correct method of using the Body transfer Technique cause in Orochimaru’s case it healed his arms so its a rebirthing technique kind of like a refresher jutsu. And another reason I say that he has done it because danzo kind of still looks young, what I mean is the Third had grey hair And the other elders have grey hair but Danzo is stll a brunette with full colour treatment. That would explain the reason he covers his right side or perhaps the covered parts are absorbed Obito crushed injurys covering his body or it is Obito Shifting in form like Orochimaru on Kabuto but Danzo with his Iron will is the Dominent one. And all of us were thinking Madara is Obito still sounds true but Im thinking Obito is apart of Danzo.

    Does anyone else know where im going with this?

  215. @Eroseninjiraiya, Ice, & Nagi: Exactly what Acklikxx said. There are more important things in life than Naruto and Gavin will get the breakdown out when he’s ready. I’m sure you’ll understand this so a little more patience plz. 😉

    @Lelulalilo: Nice theory and I’m half way with you on it. The only thing is if he took on Obito’s body what did Danzou look like before then? If he took Obito’s body wouldn’t he also take on his appearance as Orochimaru’s body transfer technique does? Then when Danzou comes back to the village with the same name but a different face wouldn’t that be VERY suspicious?

    Now say he just absorbed Obito’s body without taking on his appearance, but just took on Obito’s injuries. Danzou leaves the village completely healthy and he comes back with his right side crushed…no explanation. It just so happened though that Obito’s right side was just crushed however long ago. If Kakashi didn’t become suspicious wouldn’t Minato? Wouldn’t anybody become suspicious if somebody came home with that kind of injury without a proper explanation?

  216. @Lelulailo: Well, first of all, I’m not for any body transfer theories (by Madara or anyone else). Also, apart from what Super has already said…there’s the small issue of Obito missing his left eye (which would be with Kakashi). So if Danzo did in fact somehow take Obito’s body for whatever reason, he’d have no eyes o_o.

  217. In the series of naruto now we are seeing lots of Body splits and absorbtions and fusions, So we just dont really know how they do it yet.

    @Supertrek: Danzou Hmm well we dont know what he looked like but when Nagato killied Yahiko his face was cover but his arm was Good. So it happened more than a while ago, More than likely its been a gradual process. When Kabuto intergrated Oro his face was changing, Now lets lookk at it like this Danzou Absorbs Obito, And now believes he has the Sharigan, Maybe for a while he did still remaining the in the same form but then Obitos face started too form and the eye was destroyed, Over time it kinda spread the form of Obito coming through danzous body. Danzou made a mistake Oro perfected it but not too the stage where it was absolutley complete cause Oro still need more bodies, But danzou must of gona a differant way with the jutsu, though it wasnt perfect and now. He needs Kabutos research because for all we know Kabuto is more than likely perfecting the Jutsu cause Kabutos body wont deteriote because kabuto already had the ability too regenerate so Kabutos body wont breakdown or in my mind be fully taken over by the life force that is Orochimaru. I believe we hadnt quite finished our chat about that, But im sure I said something about it before.

    @Captain pickles: If Danzou absorbed Obito he would have both his eyes plus 1 more eye but then, I have too say that he absorbed him so Danzous right eye and obitos right eye fused as one eye. And Danzou still has his left eye which would in fact fill Obitos left eye but its a fusion jutsu so, why dont you think he would have any eyes?

  218. @kingkhaos and jb135… i noticed it but also the body guard had his eyes covered maybe mandara is the bodyguard and is going to kill all the hokages?

  219. srry guys but mayb he needs the body transfer simply for the same reason oro initially used it. to stave off aging/ immortality. i actually cant see danzo as obito because that would go against his character. and i cant see danzo absorbing obito either… bad idea and its a forbidden jutsu anyone who knows it would have been caught reading the forbidden scrolls in the forbidden room like orochimaru was by the third. so i dont see him knowing this jutsu prior to him being hokage which is like less then a day mayb.

  220. i think people are overthinking danzo as a character danzo is danzo not mandara or obito just danzo and there is no reason to believe otherwise just because he has an eyepatch and his arm and leg are busted shouldent make him suspect to being somebody other than himself he is a ninja and ninjas get injured especially when they take on a kage.

  221. Anyways i also dont like those theories of danzo=obito or madara=obito, i specially think danzo helped orochimaru to research those ofrbidden jutsus and when he saw he didn’t needed him he just told every1 what is he doing.
    I’m curious to see where it gonna lead, ithink i cud believe more in a danzo trying to help madara cuz he likes his beliefs

  222. @Lelulalilo: It’s either you’re really contraticting yourself or I’m really confused, lol. First, your theory stated that Danzo absorbed Obito and that’s why his right eye and arm are the way they are. Next, you said if he absorbed Obito, then he would have three eyes…o_O. And if both Danzo and Obito’s right eyes fused then hoe does your theory explain Danzo’s condition?

    I say he would have no eyes because, going by your theory, Danzo wouldn’t have a right eye because he would transfer to Obito whose right side was smashed. And we all know Obito also gave his left eye to Kakashi. So basically, Danzo would have taken a body with no eyes and in essence would have…no eyes…

  223. …Not to mention that Obito’s body wouldn’t have had an arm and a leg.Why on earth would someone get into a dilapidated body like this, is beyond me.Really guys lay off the X files-they are messing with your brains.

  224. hey guys just found a new prediction/ spoiler for 455

    ENJOY !!!

    Naruto 455 ナルト NARUTO 455 <<<<<<<<<<<< BELOW

    It will open with Team Hawk.
    Karin: “Sasuke, there’s someone with huge chakra coming towards us.”
    Sasuke: “How long ’til they get here?”
    stranger: “Right now.”
    Team Hawk stops and looks up. In the trees is Konan, but she’s not in her Akatsuki robes.
    Zetzu: “Konan…”
    Konan: “Oh, Zetzu. I didn’t notice you. You must be Sasuke. Would you care to talk?”
    Zetzu: “Kill her!”
    Sasuke charges at Konan with the Chidori, but (no surprise) it doesn’t work. Konan dodges it and pretty much beats Sasuke’s sorry ass like a drum.
    -cut to Naruto-
    Shikamaru walks near and notices. He immediately tries to intervene. Sai stops him.
    Shikamaru: “Hey, what the Hell are you doing!?”
    Omoi: “This doesn’t concern you.”
    Shikamaru: “You’re beating the shit out of my friend, of course it concerns me.”
    Sai: “Allow me to explain: Naruto has allowed them to take out their anger on him.”
    Shikamaru: “That makes no sense!”
    Sai: “No. I suppose it doesn’t.”
    Naruto: “It’s Sasuke. They’re angry because Sasuke captured their master for Akatsuki.”
    Shikamaru: “And you’re waisting your time here? You should be looking for your master, you idiots!”
    Omoi: “What do you know!?”
    Shikamaru: “Don’t be such a pain in the ass. I know how it feels to lose your master, and right now you should focus on finding him. Not beating the crap out of someone who had nothing to do with it.”
    -cut back to Sasuke-
    Konan has thrown him quite a way from the others. He’s obviously gotten his ass handed to him (never seen that before).
    Konan: “You’re so stubborn. If you can’t defeat me, what makes you think you stand a chance against the five Kages? You’ll be dead in four seconds.”
    Sasuke: “I have no choice! I have to obey Madara, or he’ll kill me.”
    Konan: “Odd…I wouldn’t have thought a coward could kill Orochimaru.”
    Sasuke: “What did you call me?”
    Konan: “A coward, you simple little pawn.”
    Sasuke: “I’m no one’s pawn!”
    Konan: “That’s why you’re doing exactly what Madara says? He had you in the palm of his hand since you went out to “exact vengence”.”
    Sasuke: “SHUT UP! Maybe if I kill everyone you care about, you’ll understand my pain!”
    Konan: “I’ve heard that plan before. It won’t work on me, because they are all dead.”
    Sasuke has a flashback to when Kakashi said the same, and thinks about Naruto and Sakura.
    Konan: “Sasuke, Zetzu will be here soon. I don’t have much time to explain to you…the secret of Akatsuki.”

    Next Chapter: Yeah, I Know That Ending Sucked

  225. it’s well writen though i don’t believe it x), not seeing konan taking part on these follow mangas

  226. I think we need a person who doesnt actually HAVE a life to do the Naruto manga breakdowns….The breakdowns are already two mangas behind.

  227. Gezz give him a break okay if u want the breakdown that much how about doing it urself -.-, GAVIN is trying HARD to make the breakdown good, hes actually giving prizes for caption, he introduce new ways to the breakdown he JUST doesnt have much time now, people got LIVES, if u don’t its ur own fault he’s a working person and he gots to do it to LIVE, u prolly not

  228. lol thats why i sed it should be someone who doesnt have a life. W/e no big deal anyways.

  229. @captain pickles: Ok Let me say this what I meant was that If they had fused, absorbed, joined, combined its all the same thing differant text. But if they did I was saying well this is what Im saying, That Danzou has 2 eyes obito 1 but when the fuse again 2 eyes but I guess i didnt type my thought patterns out correctly.
    When Oro fused and his arms were Farked the were healed again. This is something I read on a data forum it sait that Obito is Madara grandson. So if Danzou chose too absorb the Grandson of one of the Greatest Uchihas then Why not and even if his body was wrecked once they had fused his pyshical damage wouldnt have
    shown affect but what Im saying is that maybe the Jutsu went wrong.

    About the Forbidden scrolls Danzou would of course have access or know how too have access, by using Orochimaru he would of aquired exactly what he wanted but Orochimaru could of went his own way.

  230. I guess I’ll have to say this again-why on earth,no,in the universe, would someone need such a wreck of a body.As far as we have seen Orochimaru used only bodies of individuals with exeptional abilities and strong and healthy bodies.He even rejected Kimimaro,who was unrivaled at that moment,because he was sick.I propose another theory about Danzo’s current condition-how about he lost his body parts in a fight with someone,they are ninjas you know-accidents happen,people die,stuff like that.

  231. Well who wouldnt want too fuse with a sharigan, Danzou knows its the Best Ninja Weapon in the Entire Ninja World. Orochimaru knew it and so does Danzou. Either Danzou-Obito Theory Or its Something else.

    But besides all of That I wanna Know what the Other 7 Swordsmans Sword can do it looks as if its a 2 handled blade, Its kind of wrapped like Kisame’s I wonder what Abilitys it has I mean Properties.
    Talking about the Seven Swords does anyone think That All 7 swords can Combine into a Powerful sword or Something else?

  232. I don’t quite agree about the sharingan-we all know the rinnegan is the first and the most powerful of the three eye techniques.Just because Pain couldn’t use it to its full potential doesn’t mean its weak.I still believe Danzo’s condition is due to something else.

    About the 7 swords your idea sounds a bit like transformers swords 😀 but i doubt Kishi would make it like that.

  233. @lelulalilo

    the whole danzo fusing or combining however you want to put it is ridiculous he would never have got away with it you cant just wake up one day with sharigan without people asking questions everyone would know he had done a forbidden jutsu or killed an uchiha and transplanted the eyes is it so hard to accept danzo is just a old guy with an eye patch. and i dont think the seven swords will combing together because it isnt transformers lol

  234. Yea I guess Danzou is all Speculation for now just a few more Clues I guess.

    About the Swords being Transformers I thought that was Funny, But why would Suigetsu want too collect them all just a thought, I always thought Samahada behind alive with Chakra could do something or combine rah rah rah.. But true it aint Transformers.

  235. @Lelulalilo: Okay, since I really don’t understand what on earth you’re saying I’m going to go about this from another angle.

    First of all, why would Danzou want the body of a sharingan-user with his right eye crushed and his left eye surgically removed (so basically with no eyes which equals no sharingan) and well over a third of his body mashed by a boulder? Madara’s grandson or not that’s still ridiculous.

    Second, how do you suggest Danzou even got to Obito’s body which was buried in more boulders after the incident? He couldn’t possibly have gotten in the cave before the rocks fell and he couldn’t have gotten in after they did, either.

    However you may look at it it’s just incredible.

  236. @everyone:

    Don’t worry! Hopefully, in a few more hours, we’ll learn a little bit more! Who knows? Maybe there is some horrible deformity from trying to have Oroch fix him (i.e. the procedure went badly) That’s my guess for the record. Oh, btw, but I’m pretty convinced that the power that Itachi put in Naruto is a resurrection technique for either Sasuke(my first pick) or Naruto. I’m pretty sure we’re gonna see Itachi in Naruto’s body(kinda like Yondaime) plus it will definitely provide comedic relief(thnk about it: The real truth about Itachi and Madera!).

    Stay tuned for the spoiler!

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