Hello awesome community of WRA. I’m just stopping by to deliver a quick message on this very special day. 🙂

From the newer fathers…

Father's Collage

To the older fathers…

Father Collage 2

All of  us here at WRA wish you all a Happy Father’s Day! ^_^

If you’ll didn’t get what I meant by “older” and “newer” fathers… The “newer fathers” are the dads introduced to us in recent years while the “older fathers” are the dads introduced to us years and years back. Anyway, the whole point is whether you just became a father recently or have been a father for a while now go out there and enjoy yourself because this is your day! As for all the sons and daughters reading this…get off the internet and go do something with your dad dammit! 😀 Then come back and if you feel like it post what kind of day you had. See you’ll laterz! 😛

~ by supertrek89 on June 22, 2009.

8 Responses to “HAPPY FATHER’S DAY FROM WRA!!! ^_^”

  1. BONO!

  2. RAWR!!!!!!!!

  3. hmmm, darth vader and mufasa r the same voice…interesting…does this mean that James Earl Jones is the best dad ever?

  4. Aww… I need to write up an email to my dad that’s at least three times longer than the last ones… darn it, this is going to take me three hours…

    But it’ll be worth it 😀

  5. Happy Father’s Day all and if you don’t have a father thank the closest person to you who raised you as one! 🙂

    My day? Well let’s see…

    My brothers and I woke up early to mow the lawn and fix our father breakfast in bed. Then we all chilled for the entire day doing absolutely nothing except family discussion, tv, and video games…it was GREAT! For dinner we went to IHOP where we talked about how awesome dad was and handed him two Father’s Day cards….the cards had no money in them because we’re cheap. >_< All in all a nice peaceful day and a our dad felt like a king.

    Now back to the norm where we can sleep in, skip breakfast, watch the grass grow, and eat left overs! YAY! 😉

    Oh, and if you didn’t know who those people are in the above collages here they are.

    First Box:

    Top Left Corner: Minato Namikaze from the manga ‘Naruto‘. Father of Naruto.
    Top Right Corner: Monkey D. Dragon from the manga ‘One Piece‘. Father of Luffy and Ace.
    Bottom Left Corner: Van Honhenhiem from the manga ‘Full Metal Alchemist‘. Father of Edward and Alphonse.
    Bottom Right Corner: Isshin from the manga ‘Bleach‘. Father of Ichigo, Yuzu, and Karin.

    Second Box:

    Top Left Corner: Son Goku from the manga ‘Dragon Ball Z‘. Father of Gohan.
    Top Right Corner: Homer Simpson from the cartoon show ‘The Simpsons‘. Father of Bart, Lisa, and Maggie.
    Bottom Left Corner: Anakin Skywalker (A.K.A. Darth Vader) from the movie series ‘Star Wars‘. Father of Luke Skywalker.
    Bottom Right Corner: Mufasa from the animated movie ‘The Lion King‘. Father of Simba.

    So now you know. 0_0

  6. I ❤ MUFASA!!!

  7. Very good. However you forgot one man, here is how it would play out.

    Death Scythe (Spirit): Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakaa daddy loves youuuuuu!


    *Death Scythe/Spirit enters fetal position.

    That is a Soul Eater referance. As for Shinigami-Sama, Kidd is still stuck in a book now isn’t he but he still gets cool points as a father, Happy Father’s Day.

  8. @Kyouto: Lol, I was thinking about using Spirit but I just couldn’t fit him. I HAD to do Homer, Darth Vader, and Mufasa then Goku just beat out Spirit. The other four are the dads covered in the main manga on this site. Spirit never catches a break not even on Father’s Day eh? 😉

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