One Piece Chapter 547 Discussion and Breakdown + 548 Spoilers Confirmed and Spoiler Video!

-One Piece Breakdown Below-

It's Franky's turn! :D

It's Franky's turn! 😀

Well here’s this week’s spoiler video from Naruto1piece3 for all of those who like to spoil their manga reading fun on Thursdays-Fridays. The script for the vid will be posted down below in the comments section as usual. I haven’t read the script and only glimpsed at the video myself because where’s the fun in spoiling this much of the manga? *sigh* No need to preach… Enjoy! 😀

This is what happens when Oda does acid! @_@

This is what happens when Oda does acid! @_@

YOSH, welcome to another rant edition of One Piece Chapter Breakdown! You know what? I’ve noticed recently that I always had in the title of each breakdown ‘Spoiler Prediction’ but no one ever made any…not even me! BAKA! >_< Lol, so I’ve decided to fix this problem out of the goodness of my heart (plus it gives me reason to keep the word ‘Spoiler’ in my title which attracts viewers 😉 ), so hence forth I am enacting a weekly Spoiler Prediction Contest! *Applause* The goal of the contest is simple. It is to find out who can guess most accurately what will happen next chapter and the one that guesses most accurately is of course the winner. Quick rules:

1. Your spoiler prediction has to be under the caption SPOILER PREDICTION. If it’s not it won’t count. If you made a mistake just tell me in the comments section and I’ll fix it up.

2. You are not allowed to copy and paste spoiler predictions from others. Not from this site or any other site.

3. You may only predict up to the next chapter. Your prediction is only valid for the next chapter coming out. If you just so happen to predict up to two chapters, and get them both right, with one week’s prediction then you’re either a lucky sonofabitch or perhaps Oda in disguise. A single prediction that guesses correctly for more than one week will only win that one week’s spoiler prediction it was posted on and not the others. If you want to win the contest two weeks or more in a row you have to do separate entries for each respective weekly spoiler prediction contest. This gives others a chance to win the next week’s contest rather than have the same person win again by luck. If you think you’re so skilled that you don’t need luck then be humble and stfu keep on winning by guessing correctly each week. 😉

4. You’re allowed up to two predictions in a week for the contest. In other words you have two chances to get it right and be satisfied with your entries. You can make more than two predictions for fun but the extras can’t be under the caption SPOILER PREDICTION.

5.  Your spoiler may be as long as you want. I will read it…trust me I have nothing better to do I am dedicated. Just remember this spoiler prediction contest is weekly. Your spoiler can only guess up to the next chapter coming out. The longer and more detailed it is the more likely you are to get it wrong and have mistakes in it.

6. Almost anything is allowed in the predictions. I don’t care if they’re funny, serious, sad, or dumb. Just make sure they’re not offensive somehow. I don’t how you can pull off offending someone in a spoiler prediction but watch some dumbass try anyway. 😉

7. Who’s the judge of this contest? I am the judge and I will pick the winner. Comments from others may sway me (I accept bribes) and the user of the spoiler prediction can argue why his/her spoiler should win. In the end though I will have the final word. I AM THE LAW! XD

8. When the real spoilers come out and if they sound very much like someone’s spoiler prediction it does not make them the winner. I will be deciding the winner after I read the whole and complete chapter release. The winner of the weekly contest will be announced in the next Breakdown and have his/her prediction posted. The winner may win a house, a car, some candy…or something better (and cheaper). BRAGGING RIGHTS! Tell em’ why you’re so awesome and how easy it was for you to predict the future. Say you’d do it again if you “felt like it” all the while you proceed to post another prediction praying you’ll get lucky again. 😀

9. If nobody is even close then the winner is…CHUCK NORRIS, because he wins Anything. At Every Time. Anywhere! 🙂

Well that’s it for the rules of the prediction contest. If you have any questions feel free to post them. I will NOT be posting these rules again for future breakdowns. Instead I will be including a link to this page for future reference in all my breakdowns. If I make any changes to the rules I will notify everyone.


Here’s this week’s BOPP (Badass One Piece Pic). Yeah, you know it’s badass. 😉 Artwork by Mzag.

Alright let’s get to this breakdown!

Who you gonna call? Posion Control! XD

Who you gonna call? Posion Control! XD

The first thing I noticed about this chapter was that there was no cover story on any of the other Straw Hat Pirates. We got 19 pages though… Oda takes and he givess. We also got three nice color pages  (0-3) which I suppose makes up for the lack of cover story. I wonder who will be next for the cover stories though…cleverly disguised hint for topic on prediction contest… Anyways, this chapter starts off with Magellan unleashing his deadliest poison yet, Kinjite, which can even melt through and destroy the structure of Impel Down. This already powerful foe has LEVELS of acidity to his poison? Whoever didn’t know this raise their hand. *raises hand* *is the only one* *feels alone* 😦 ! Damn, and I really thought Magellan was in for an ass whooping this week and so did the majority in the polls last week…so why didn’t anyone else raise their damn hands?!? 0_0 For those who guessed right on the poll ‘Is this it for Magellan?’ last week give yourselves a pat on the back. There were two right answers on that poll. He wasn’t defeated but he didn’t win. At the same time though he was too powerful for Luffy and had him running. Overall, I say Magellan won the fight but the true victory goes to Luffy who managed to escape Impel Down FINALLY!

It's like Komamura's Bankai except gooier and more useful. :P

It's like Komamura's Bankai except gooier and more useful. 😛

As Luffy runs away, not like a coward of course but a very brave “Oh shit let’s get out of here” kind of running away, the prisoners are waiting outside anxiously either to hear word from the ship or Luffy’s fight. Here’s the situation; the prisoners are f**ked! Yep…that about sums it up nicely. Not descriptive enough? Fine, the prisoners are stuck between a vast ocean full of Sea Kings with no ship to sail and a crazed poison man that would rather see all the prisoners dead rather than escaped. See? Now do you agree with my first summary? It was much shorter and just as accurate. 😉

I've never seen someone so bored and kick so much Marine ass before!

I've never seen someone so bored and kick so much Marine ass before!

Meanwhile, over a couple hundred meters off into the ocean Crocodile, Daz Bones, and Jimbei are cleaning house ship. Honestly they’re having no trouble at all. They actually look bored kicking Marine ass. The Marine’s simple logic to defeating them? “Throw them in the water!!” Honestly that’s a quote from one of the Marines! You can’t make this ridiculous shit up. Lol, it’s easier said than done and they find out soon enough. Do they honestly think they are capable of throwing Crocodile, a sandman, into the water? Do they even know how to hit him? What about Daz Bones who’s body is made of sharp steel and all you’ll have are guns and swords? LMAO, don’t be ridiculous! Maybe they could take on Buggy since he’s still knocked out cold and useless.So the Marines decide to sink the ship…good plan that’s what I would’ve done. One problem though.

Maybe I'm spamming Jimbei to much but I'm afraid that if I don't talk about him enough he'll come through my toilet and eat me! 0_0

Maybe I'm spamming Jimbei to much but I'm afraid that if I don't talk about him enough he'll come through my toilet and eat me! 0_0

That’s right, the Knight of the Sea and Captain of the Fisherman Pirates, Shichibukai Jimbei! Water is his terrain and a Marine Battleship is like a toy boat in a bathtub to play with. Shooting two sprouts of water up he effectively wets the ships’ gunpowder rendering them for the most part useless. Back in Impel Down Luffy and what’s left of the resistance force against Magellan are making a run for the ship…what ship? There is no ship. Oh noes, what’s gonna happen now?

WTF IS THAT!?!?!?! 0_0 That was  my reaction in a nutshell...

WTF IS THAT!?!?!?! 0_0 That was my reaction in a nutshell...

LMAO and AHHHHHH at the same time!!! For the most part it was funny but I can imagine myself at the main entrance of Impel Down and being scared the hell out of if I ever saw a giant transvestite face popping out of a wall! It would’ve been worse if he said, “OHHH YEEEAAAHHHH!!!” 0_0 Ivankov knocks himself out upon hitting the ground but it shows that he has Inazuma with him. However Magellan is confused on how Ivankov survived the poisoning. Hell, I’m kinda confused too. If you look at their pictures you see that Ivankov is rid of the poison on himself while Inazuma is still covered in it. Luffy procures a Den Den Mushi from Bon-Chan and speaks to Jimbei who tells Luffy to jump into the sea. Sounds familiar… *cough*Enies Lobby Arc*cough**cough*. >_> I’m telling you if they landed on a busted up Going Merry I would have laughed my ass off, put the manga down (in this case turn my computer off), and flew to Japan with a metal bat. Back to Ivankov and the poisoning though.

Before they can jump into the sea though they have one big problem which just happens to be a Venom Demon trying to burn the skin off their bones! Well, a big problem calls for a big solution and a Giganto Stamp is that solution. Combining Luffy’s Gear Third and Galdino’s Giant Candle Wall they push back Magellan buying them precious time. So what’s next? Why grab on to Ivankov’s hair of course! Then with one powerful ass wink they are sent flying towards the sea.

Jimbei is a please don't eat me...

Jimbei is a please don't eat me...

LMFAO!!! XD Now how is this for irony? Last week I had a demotivational poster with Jimbei saying, “Fuck your flying sharks!” and guess what Luffy lands on? F**king sharks! Lol, for the sake of the joke I’m just going to call them flying sharks for fun. I didn’t even notice all of this until Kyouto pointed it out for me in the chatroom and I was ROTFLOL for a good minute. 🙂 Jimbei can control sharks! So once again, f**k your flying sharks to whoever made that other demotivational poster! XD Go here to see what the hell I’m talking about.

That says it all. :)

That says it all. 🙂

Magellan’s face after seeing them escape in such a fashion…Priceless. I wonder though….

Alright, that’s it for this week’s Breakdown I trried to make it as short as possible. Here’s this week’s demotivational poster. Yes, it’s Crocodile. Mudshovel has been badgering me about this dude for weeks now so here he is. *mutters something about Crocodile still being an asshole* >_<

Picture 9

Artwork by Whitetom


This one is in the bag because I’m awesome! Next week Oda is going to cover the adventures of Nami. Back to the main story though Luffy and the escaped prisoners will freely move on towards Marineford after incapacitating the other Marine ships. Magellan will not be able to stop them from escaping any further. He can not contact anyone outside of base to warn them of Luffy’s approach either because of loss of communications.  Shiryuu will be shown as a stowaway on a Marine ship. Ace will be shown to arrive at Marineford hours before the execution and we will see a glimpse of Whitebeard. The chapter will end with Blackbeard recovering from the poison and getting up to face Magellan. Muhahahahahahhahaa, I’m going to be so off won’t I? 😉


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  1. BONO!

  2. SECOND!

  3. THIRD?


    Next weeks cover will feature Usopp or Chopper. He will be doing something comical. (Boy, Girl, Animal, Boy, Girl, Skeleton, Boy & Girl, Cyborg, Vivi)

    Magellion will find some way to chase the Prisoners; He might use his wings, shoot off the island with his poison or if he is really cheap poison the water. Either way I think someone will have to stay back and defeat him. Betting on Jimbei since he seems the most capable over the sea. Magellion just won’t let a mass of people leave so easily.

    Ivankov will reveal in a flash back that BlackBeard assisted him or because he is carrying Inazuma with him he has a way to stop the poison now. Perhaps the joke is what he always does. He was po, po, positively not poisoned into the brink of death.

    Meanwhile Shiryuu and BlackBeard will be carrying out their plans for Impel Down. Supposing he has helped Ivankov it might have been out of his character or to revive him with the intent he would become another distraction to Magellion. Other than that Ivankow would be on his own. Might be more correct to think the doctor on BlackBeard’s crew was able to create an antidote but only if they were bashed and hit hard with the poison in the first place. BlackBeard would have like to avoid this but it was another possibility they could take for chance and fate.

    The manga has been praising Jimbei and his abilities. Perhaps to save Ace he will decide to face Magellion alone. As an act he will instruct the whale sharks to continue carrying Luffy and his crew to the gates of justice so they can move to the execution place. Truth be twisted I can’t think of anyone else at the moment capable of fighting Magellion on a mass level beside water bender Jimbei, but hey who says he would want to do that in the first place.

    However before any of this all of the escapees, Luffy and whomever else included will need to take care of the remaining Marine Ships around. The prisoners might commandeer more ships or just for the unexpected White Beard might show up out of nowhere. I feel like I should expect a giant sea (king) monster to appear out of nowhere. Bet you Impel Down is secretly a ship of some kind hahaha, but I only jest and joke.

  5. 5


    hmm..where to start…i think the cover might cover ace since it getting close to the main attraction, or possibly zorro since he’s had the last couple of days possibly resting. now to the story line… i think magellean will try something with his wings, however it might be a combination of a flying and poison mix like a flying kitjune attack. i dont think anyone will stay behind to fight because they all have something to do. if jimbei stays behind they’ll lose there advantage if something does happen to the ship later on or if someone falls off( he doesn’t have a df so he’s the only one with sea legs….lol) however i do think jimbei might use an attack to stop his pursuit possibly wetting his wings or something in that nature. near the end of te chapter either whitebead will be preparinig to go to the hq… there might be a couple words from that blackbeard and his crew or shrinyru
    for my personal dreams and desires,although this might happen way later in the future: luffy’s crew gets wind of ace’s execution and indiviually decide to go help out knowing luffy wouldn’t let that happen…(his crew does know what he would do)

  7. @Super: lol, sweet breakdown. But u failed to mention my prediction of Magellan pwning all/luffy not going to be able to beat him 😉 . Geez – u couldn’t have found a cruder crocodile pic for the poster could u? lol.
    Also i’ve got no idea how Ivankov survived the poison, unless it’s whole body was covered in makeup. lol.
    It seems that the flying sharks are jimbei’s bitch’s a? he must have seen ur demotivational poster and decided to prove it 😉

  8. @Kyouto: LMAO at “po,po, positively not poisoned”! XD You’re prediction is mighty detailed I’ll be amazed if it happens that way. 😉

    @Shinobi: Ah, so you believe the wing theory too? It’s quite popular in the polls but I don’t think those tiny things will help him fly even with the help of the poison. Well we shall see. You and Kyoto should prepare to bask in my glory as everything I say comes true next week! 🙂

    @Mudshovel: Oh my, how could I forget mentioning that… >_>

    Ahem… Lol, I knew that pic of Crocodile would rub you the wrong way. You couldn’t possibly think I’d praise the guy did ya? I can’t forgive him that easy just for helping Luffy break out of jail. The things he did in Arabasta…unforgivable…for now…I’ll hold my final judgment until he does something spectacularly good or spectacularly evil again. Aren’t you gonna enter the prediction contest?

    @Anyone: You’ll HAVE to see the One Piece AMV in the AMV post put up by Reflex this week. The other AMVs are pretty good to but the One Piece one is so badass it’ll have you jizzing in your pants halfway through! Joking… >_>

    Oh, and I know I said last week that I’d have a One Piece Movie 10 update but the post was so long I decided to do it in the next breakdown. It’s something really short anyway and we have until December before the move comes out. No rush. *rushes Oda to finish the movie in his prayers* -_-

  9. @super: as much as i’d like to, my predictions are so accurate that it would be considered cheating 😛 lol. Na i honestly have no idea what is gonna happen next week and i’m not cheap enough to look through every1 elses to get ideas and post them as my own. All my predictions generally decend from biase on who i think is better / what i want to happen anyway 😛

  10. now to actually pretend i read this manga >_> <_<

  11. @cookie: I’m still stuck on a chapter… *looks around to see if mud heard* Heheh… I mean I’ve SOO totally read the whole thing *shuffles away quietly*

  12. @dynamic: Oh yeah..uh..i’m stuck on a chapter too >_> <__> <_<

  13. @Cookie and Dynamic: WHY ALL THE SECRECY?!? 0_0

    @Dynamic again: I’m up to chapter 50 on ‘Until Death Do Us Part’. All I can say is WOW! 😉

  14. @ super: oh muffins >_> <_< i think he's on to us dynamic O_O

  15. @Cookie: That’s what she said…except it was “in” instead of “on”! Failed attempt at sexual joke! 😦 *cries a little* *gets over it by watching Nami and Hinata smut* YAY! 🙂

    @Anyone: Going back to One Piece! I wonder what Red Hair Shanks is up too. Is he moving with Whitebeard or is he coming on his own? Not to mention Monkey D. Dragon! 0_0

  16. @super: I’m only fourteen… uh… well… fifteen you PIG! *rants about idiotic guys for a moment*

    Heheh… I’ve converted another to Until Death Do us Part!!!! *mwahahahaa!!!* Igawa and Mamoru KICK ASS!!! *drools at the image of Mamoru*
    Hey! If you can dream about Hinata then I can dream about him! *Keeps having ‘Sweet Dreams’ replay in her mind* DARNIT!

    @cookie: It was nice knowing you… T.T

  17. @Dynamic: GAHHHHH, not you! I said “she” as in an anonymous OTHER female! Jeez…wait, hello what do you’ll want? 0_0

    *gets arrested by cops arriving on the scene*

    NANI? Cookie you called the cops? I didn’t do ANYTHING! I only made a sexual joke and looked up Hinata smut! I”m innocent I tell ya INNOCENT!

    *gets dragged away kicking and screaming* -_-

    *notices mud has built a grave for Cookie after realising she doesnt read One Piece* O_O”

  19. @cookie, super: *facepalm* I was joking. But it is fun watching super get dragged away… maybe we’ll have a little peace around here now?… NAH. Me and cookie’ll stirr things up. XDD

    *notices a new tomb labelled ‘One Piece non-believers’*

    *decides to leave country and NEVER come back*

  20. @dynamic: us stirr things up? when has THAT ever happened *remembers shrine wars*…ah yes..

    *running away from mud who has a cane
    Mud: GET BACK HERE YA WHIPPERSNAPPERS!!! *bone cracking sound* OH MY BACK!
    *holding suitcase and sun hat* *notices plane door closing* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
    *manages to slip through closing doors* *hears Super slam against the door and lets out a howl of rage* *then hears Super point chest like gorilla* O_O

    *sits down in first class with champaign*

  21. @cookie: *suddenly appears next to cookie with a glass of cider* So, what did I miss?

    *watches as mud and super clamber onto the wings of the already flying plane, evil expressions on their faces*

    Super, Mud: Kill… *zombie walk (crawl) to the window of the plane*

    Dynamic: watch out for that bird!-


    Ahh… too late…

    *shrugs and turns to watch in-flight movie: Snakes on a Plane*

    Now that gives me so–o many ideas… *chuckles to self*

  22. *confused on how he escaped jail to wind up on the wing of an airborne plane with Mudshovel but is okay with it*

    *wipes off bird splatter from face and opens the emergency exit plane door entering with Mudshovel* *the Twilight cast who just so happen to be sitting unbuckled on the plane are sucked out and fall too their doom* *satisfied Mudshovel closes the door*

    Super and Mudshvel: “You’ll wanna see snakes on a plane eh” *put on evil grins as they reach for their belt buckles*

    *the same officers appear out of nowhere and haul Super and Mudshovel away*

    Mudshovel: “No officer I was just pulling out my DVD ‘Snakes on a Plane’ starring Samuel L. Jackson! It’s right there strapped under my belt, LOOK! What were you doing Super?”

    Super: “Errrr….Ummmmm….pulling out Snakes on a Plane 2?”

    *cops ignore Mudshovel’s and Super’s protests and handcuff them to a railing in the back of the plane.*

    *Cookie and Dynamic continue to drink Champagne in first class unperturbed until the cops bust in and arrest them for underage drinking* 😉 *they are locked up to a railing a couple of feet away from Mudshovel and Super as the plane flies through the air*

    *Super pulls out a black market copy of One Piece chapter 548 and begins to read* 0_0

  23. @super: FDTSLMAO. funny sh!t. I don’t know how the hell i got drawn into this? All i wanted to do was watch a movie and eat some pretzels – how the hell did it turn into this ?_? .
    *notices cookie following the pretzels with her eyes*
    *lays down a pretzel trail into an abatwa*
    *cookie learns of discount prices* (hehe bet u didn’t think that was gonna happen).
    *walks away back to his movie*
    *realises i forgot to get the blu-ray disc*
    NOOOOO – all i wanted to do was watch a movie in slightly slightly better quality than HD-DVD! GRRRRR 😛

  24. @Super: *twilight cast appear on the scene looking anything but pleased*
    5 minutes later
    *Mud and Super are beaten and bruised on the ground* *Cookie decides now is the time to make a daring escape* *Cookie alerts the police to the fact that Super is carrying a blackmarket copy of One Piece and That Mud is secretly burning blu-ray discs (yes, he is actually burning them on a bonfire)
    *While the police are destracted arresting Mud and Super, Cookie and dynamic slip smoothly out of the hand-cuffs and jump onto a nearby empty float plane*
    *Cookie takes the wheel while Dynamic sits down in luxury to enjoy her birthday and they take off flying into the unknown, while Super and Mud stare at the plane dumbfounded and slightly jealous* 😉

    hey, whats up everyone? nice breakdown super!
    The next chapter will start with Zoro retrieving his swords from Perona with a caption like “wounds finally healed” (On a side note, i think all these side stories are going to involve the straw hats meating up with the revolutionary army and then they are going to appear at marinford with dragon at the last minute and thats how they meet up with luffy again)
    the chapter starts with all the people on whale sharks approaching the battleships while jimbei, Crocodile and Daz Bonez take out one or two of the surronding ships
    it cuts to Magallen who says he doesnt intend for them to get away and then used something like a super large venom road to reach their battleship
    we see Ace finally arive at Marinford and he thinks something along the lines of “luffy don’t come here”
    the chapter ends with whitebeard getting up from his chair…

  26. @Tobi: Hey what’s up dude I haven’t seen you on in a while. Busy eh?


    The cover story will deal with Franky meeting the genius inventor on the snowy island. The inventor will look at Franky and get an idea to upgrade him whereas Franky may protest in surprise. In the main story Magellan will go back down to Impel Down to find an underwater submarine or emergency escape boat to chase after the escaped prisoners. When he goes back down to Level 4 he’ll find Blackbeard and crew missing. Shiryuu is shown somewhere around Impel Down finishing up the rest of his plan. Back outside the prisoners are destroying the rest of the Marine ships and procuring the one Crocodile, Daz Bones, and Buggy landed on. Then they set sail for Marineford. At Marineford Ace has just arrived at the execution grounds. The chapter ends as we get a glimpse of Whitebeard moving out.

    There it is…that’s my second prediction for the contest. GOLDEN BABY! XD

    Im gonna go with what i said earlier about magellan using his wings to atleast try and go after them. but also im gonna add that there might be a fight with some abnormally large seakings since it is a prison for very dangerous people. i think luffy might tap into some of his haki powers once again but nothing major.


    Everyone manages to board the escape ship however the Door of Justice will not open.

    They are seiged by Marine ships and engage further battle.

    They defeat most of the enemies when Jinbei says that actually…
    Mister 2 is the only way that the door can be opened.

    Mister 2 “I’ll explain myself later after we get out the door”

    Jinbei thinking but holding back his words: But if you do this you…

    (cut to)

    Mister 2 disguised as Poison man gives the order to open the Door of Justice.
    The door opens and the ship proceeds towards the exit.

    Jinbei couldn’t hold back his words any more so he decides to call Mister 2 on the den den mushi.
    (He knew from the beginning that Mister 2 was going to sacrifice himself for everyone else to escape)

    Luffy is wailing wildly on the Den Den mushi to Mister 2.
    They say their final farewells and the Door of Justice cruelly closes behind them.

    The real Poison man appears inside Impel Down and approachs Mister 2.
    Real Poison Man: What are your final words?

    Mister 2 seems happy and ready to die.


    I didn’t see some important pictures so I couldn’t remember the whole issue properly sorry.

    One Piece 548 Summary
    The Door of Justice was not able to be destroyed
    Mister 2 went back alone disguised as Poison Man to give the order to open and shut the door to a soldier
    in order let everyone escape.

  29. *reads above spoiler* 0_0

    F**K, I was so off! >_< Ahem…I was kinda close in my first prediction. Let's see… I got it right when I said Magellan couldn't pursue the prisoners any further. I said that the only thing standing in their way were the rest of the Marine Battle Ships, and if they were incapacitated there would be no more opposition. However I didn't take into account the Door of Justice! >_< Nor did I know Bon would stay behind for this. DAMMIT!

    Lol, it seems Chuck Norris wins this week unless the manga says differently. There’s always more to be revealed when you actually read the whole chapter instead of being fed bits and pieces. 😉


    pic 1
    Chapter 548: “Thank You”
    Coverstory is Franky being chased by cyborg animals

    pic 2
    Luffy: Yeah!! We reached the battleship!!

    pic 3
    ?: !!!
    ?: Oh yeah!! This was here…!!!

    pic 4
    ?: The gate is…. opening!!!
    pirate: What’s going on!? Why is the gate opening!?
    Mr.3: What’s going on? Is it a trap!?
    pirate: Uoooo Yes!!! I don’t know know why, but (rest cut off)

    pic 5
    Magellan: No, that is right… Has my decision ever been wrong?
    guard: No sir, I don’t mean that!
    Magellan: After you let their ship through, close the gate right away. Got that?
    guard: Yes sir!
    Marine: Do not let them get away! There’s no way that should be allowed! Fire!
    Marine: Is it Magellan’s orders!? What is he thinking!!
    I don’t understand the meaning of this!! Where’s Warden Magellan!?

    pic 6
    Magellan (real): What are you doing!! Who told you to open the “Gate of Justice!!!”
    Magellan (Bon): !
    guard: What!? Chief…Warden!?
    Magellan (real): !!?
    Magellan (Bon): …. Oh.
    Jinbei: …..
    Luffy: Are you serious!? Bon-chan…!?

    pic 7
    Jinbei: We left behind hundreds of other fallen comrades also!!
    You want to return and fight Magellan!?
    There will be even more casualties!! And loss of time!
    Someone had to stay behind to open this gate!!
    Luffy: ……
    Jinbei: ……!!
    Bon (flashback): I’m the only one that can do this perfectly!
    I’ll open the “Gate of Justice”!!
    Jinbei (flashback): What do you plan to do afterwards…!!
    Bon: You know you shouldn’t ask that.
    Don’t tell this to Mugi-chan until the communication is cut off.

    pic 8
    Bon: That’s right, it’s me!! Hahahahaha!
    You fell for it again!!!
    guards: He was an imposter!

    Pic 9
    pirates: Bon-chan!! Brother Bon, answer!! Bon-chaaaan!!!
    Mr.3: Mr.2…!!
    Buggy: Mr.2, you…. I’m sorry, for everything!!
    Ivasan: Bon boy….!!!
    various voices: Bon chan!! Brother Bon!! Bon chaaaan!!
    Luffy: Bon-chan, the gate is closing…!!
    (rest cut off)

    Pic 10
    Luffy: THANK YOU!!!
    varioius voices: Brother Bon, thank you!!! Thank you!!!

    Pic 11
    Even in hell….
    A flower of friendship can blossom
    As the waves ebb and flow
    A flower petal is left behind
    I will blossom it again one day
    This Okama-way

    Pic 12
    Everyone: Bonchaaaaan!!
    Magellan: Do you have any last words?
    Bon: I’ve achieved my wish.
    (Let’s meet again.. in the Okama field)
    The last panel talks about how many prisoners escaped the Impel Down, but the pic is too blurry to read.
    “This was the biggest blunder ever in history of Impel Down…
    But the incident was not over yet”

  31. @Super: Lol i hoped no one would notice but the reason i havnt been around is because i kinda got lost in the transition from IRA to WRA

  32. @Tobi: Eh? People still confused about that? Hmmm…seems like we need to put a glowing neon light sign on the IRA site saying ‘GO TO WRA THIS WAY! —->’ Lol, no worries as long as you found your way in the end no matter how long and arduous the journey! Ahem…*closes Confucius book*. 😉

    We got a couple more people reading One Piece while you were gone btw. Conversion one man and woman at a time…one man and woman at a time. Then we’ll TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!! MUHAHAHAHHAHA! XD

  33. Pic 11
    Even in hell….
    A flower of friendship can blossom
    As the waves ebb and flow
    A flower petal is left behind
    I will blossom it again one day
    This Okama-way

    Thought that shit was deep. ADIOS Bon-chan. May you go to Okama heaven. His spirit will not live on in our hearts but in Sanjis 😀

  34. Raw: ttp://

  35. Translation: ttp://

  36. One Piece is out ppl

  37. OMG – EPIC chapter!!!!

  38. AWESOMENESS!!!!!!


  40. THIRDED? Lol, yes it was EPIC indeed! BON-CHAN BANZAI!!! 😀

  41. CUATRO! Adios Don Bon-chan!! May you dance in the Okama fields.

  42. @everyone:
    how much do you think Luffy’s head will be worth now?

  43. I know I like double posting but this time, it is not just for fun 🙂

    Even in the depths of hell,
    blooms a beautiful flower of friendship,
    leaving its petals as mementos,
    bobbing back and forth on the waves,
    may it one day bloom once more,
    the okama way.

    so, that really was an end of an arc….and an amazing one too 🙂

  44. and maybe these lines belong to the poem as well….not so sure
    in the okama fields,
    let us meet again.

    and that goes right into my diary ^_^

  45. You’ll be a poet one day Sogeking if those words hold your interest this much! 😀

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