Bleach 363 Spoiler & Bleach Manga 362: Howling Wolves Discussion & Breakdown

This is the best spoiler I could find for now.  As usual, I will do my best to update the video as more information comes out ^_^

Hi all, El (aka Elfarren) here with your weekly Bleach breakdown, and this week things seem to be moving along quite nicely.  I’m not much for long introductions, so let’s get right to it, shall we?

And here I thought I was a perv ... Tite takes the cake this week!

And here I thought I was a perv ... Tite takes the cake this week!

One of the things I love most about Bleach is that for as serious as some of the fights are, Tite always throws in little bits of ridiculous comedy, and this week that levity was brought to us by Stark and Lilynette, who turned into a pair of twin cero guns after all.  I was very hesitant to call them anything but swords last week, since guns seem out of place in the Bleach universe, but I stand corrected by the mangaka himself.  This, of course, begs the question …

Shunsui finally decides to get serious ... kind of ...

Shunsui finally decides to get serious ... mostly ...

Whether Stark’s guns are awesomeness or not, Shunsui apparently decides that he wants none of that business and attacks Stark while he’s arguing with Lilynette in a rather uncharacteristic display of aggressiveness.  I was sad to see his hat get cut in half — because let’s face it, Shunsui without his hat just isn’t right — but delighted to see him attack not just once, but twice back to back with his zanpakuto in shikai form.

I never knew Sunsui had it in him to get this serious during a fight ^_^

Or maybe he just really hates Stark's disco suit ^_*

Being the curious person I am, I went online and looked up what each of his commands meant, but am disappointed to say that I wasn’t able to make much sense out of them.  “Busho” roughly translates to “one’s duty post/station”, and “Koma” can mean either “coma, a top, or shogi pieces”.  Does this mean “Busho Koma” means to be asleep at one’s post?  That would make sense for Shunsui, who is such a laid back guy, but I somehow doubt that’s a correct translation.  “Takaoni” breaks down to mean “hawk or falcon” (taka) and “ogre or demon” (oni), which makes more sense seeing as how Shunsui attacked from the air.  If anyone can find english versions of these commands, I’d be very interested to know what they say ^_^

WRA Readers 2, El 0 - I'm starting to see a pattern here >_< LOL

WRA Readers 2, El 0 - I'm starting to see a pattern here >_< LOL

Before Shunsui can have all the fun, though, Stark fires off his cero gun, which leads to another round of stop the battle so Tite can make sure everyone knows what’s going on explanations >_<  I dunno about the rest of you, but I get a little tired of this week after week and thought this was a bit unnecessary.  Thankfully Shunsui and Stark only stalled for a moment, however, before getting right back into the thick of things ^_^

Stark unleashes a hailstorm of Cero blasts awesomeness style!

Stark unleashes a hailstorm of Cero blasts awesomeness style!

Without wasting anymore panels with unnecessary diversions, Stark uses “Cero Metorajetta” to give Shunsui a run for his money.  I thought this was pretty damn awesomeness (furry leg warmers aside), but have to agree with Shunsui that it does make the battle a little imbalanced.  Okay, a lot unbalanced since Stark can basically stand in one spot and hit targets a football field in size away.  It also makes me wonder about Lilynette’s limits and how powerful said cero blasts are, because to me it makes the most sense for her attacks to become less powerful the greater the distance they travel and the wider the arc sweeps.  Let me know what you all think and perhaps next week it will be WRA Readers 3, El 0 *LOL*

Ukitake makes for more than a covenient coat hanger this week ^_^

Ukitake makes for more than a covenient coat hanger this week ^_^

Thankfully, before things start looking too dire for our favorite lazy captain, Ukitake steps in and saves the day with “Sogyo no Kotowari”, which I tried hard to find a translation for but couldn’t.*  “Sogyo” doesn’t seem to mean anything no matter how I broke the words apart, but “Kotowari” can be split in half to mean “Koto (a japanese harp), thing, matter, fact, circumstances, business” (koto) and “rate, ratio, proportion, percentage, profit” (wari).  I’m not sure how any of that can fit together, but figured I’d put it out there for everyone to debate until next week when Ukitake answers the new question burning up everyone’s minds …

*Edit: I’ve been looking on wikipedia and they list “Sogyo no Kotowari” as meaning “Truth of Pisces”.  For someone born in December that still doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me, but he does have two swords and Pisces is represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions … perhaps his shikai uses opposing natures to create the cero-like blast of energy that dispelled Stark’s Lilynette cero gun?  Let me know what you guys think.

Ukitake strikes a pose and saves Shunsui's @$$ at the same time ^_^

Ukitake strikes a pose and saves Shunsui's @$$ at the same time ^_^

Stark raises a great question, because Ukitake’s counterattack did look quite a bit like a cero, but I have my doubts about whether or not that’s what it really was.  Rather than speculate, since I already said I couldn’t break down the command to make any sense, I’ll let you guys give me your thoughts on what Ukitake did in this week’s cliffhanger.

Until next week, when Tite reveals what Ukitake’s move really was, I’ll leave you with the return of the bubble contest.  I was a little surprised to see such a resounding “YES!” in the poll last week, so have fun and make me laugh ^_^

This week's contest: Guns vs. Swords

This week's contest: Guns vs. Swords

Ja ne,

El ^_^


~ by elfarren on June 21, 2009.

56 Responses to “Bleach 363 Spoiler & Bleach Manga 362: Howling Wolves Discussion & Breakdown”

  1. FIRST!!!!

  2. SECOND!

  3. Sogyo no Kotowary isn’t a technique btw. It’s Ukitakes sword name.

  4. that coat hanger reference sounds fimiliar lmao;) great breakdown:D so can anyone else say KAPOWEE with starks guns;-)

  5. THIRD!

    Shunsui: Is that a gun… or are you just happy to see me?
    Stark: It’s a gun…

  6. @ Orochimaruhebi: Uhm, there are 3 bubbles this week *LOL*

  7. 5TH! I don’t have time to comment anymore than this because I have to rush out of the house and I haven’t read the breakdown yet, but I’ll say in advance excellent job Elffaren! GAH! *presses submit and rushes out the house missing a sock and boxers* 0_0

  8. 6th!? Good job on the breakdown! Just the way it should be!

  9. @elfarren: you could just go to Bleach wiki and type in a name, then go down to the zanpakuto section. The english translations are next to the zanpakuto and some of the moves …

  10. BUBBLE:

    Shunsui 1: Quick question, Espada. You have that small girl with you, so you’re not lonely …
    Shunsui 2: But your aspect of Death is Loneliness. Why’s that ?
    Stark: … Because, I can get really lonely. You don’t wanna know what I do with these guns at night.

  11. @ nagashikage: Thanks for the reference – I don’t normally like to go to sites like Wikipedia for information because they’re generated by fans and aren’t necessarily authentic. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to imply that those sites expound false information, only that I prefer not to use them because I’d rather get my facts straight from the source, so to speak.

    Having said that, it’s funny to me how close I got working out translations on my own ^_^ Some of my mistakes have to do with the spelling of words – they called one of Shunsui’s moves Bushou Goma instead of Busho Koma, like the onemanga translation – and the other part of my mistakes are because Japanese words have multiple meanings and I simply chose the wrong one. Still though, I’m glad to see I wasn’t far off the mark ^_^

  12. (Forgot to close the slash. You can delete the one above.)

    Shunsui: ttp://

    Shikai Special Ability: Katen Kyōkotsu possesses the ability to manipulate wind, seemingly through the swing of the blades.

    Bushou Goma (不精独楽, Lazy Spinning Top): This technique causes tornado winds to flow from Katen Kyōkotsu to envelope the target.[47]

    Takaoni (嶄鬼, Mountain Demon): This attack was also used in Shunsui’s battle with Starrk, but Starrk’s attack hid the nature of the attack, so what it does or how it works is completely unknown.

  13. @elfarren: Aha, see ? Kyouto even went and copypasted what I was talking about. 🙂

  14. @ Kyouto: Thanks for posting the bit from Wikipedia me and Nagashikage were talking about ^_^ I’d take the translations with a grain of salt, though, because I know for sure that “mountain” in Japanese is “take” (promounced tak-ay) not “taka” (pronounced tak-ah).

    I use this website – – for my translations, so I encourage everyone to see for yourselves how the fans who post on Wikipedia come up with their translations and I came up with mine. I’m not suggesting I’m right and they’re wrong, only that until an official licenser of Bleach (like Viz) give us their translations, that we can’t take Wikipedia’s info as concrete fact …

  15. @ Nagashikage: Geez, I feel like I’m under fire *LOL* I hope you read my previous reply to your reference, because after going back to freedict (see my reply to Kyouto) I’m more and more of the mind that we need to see official translations and not fan translations to say for sure what the commands mean. Going by the Wikipedia reference, Shunsui’s first move should have been “Bushou (laziness) Koma (a top), which is a mix of the onemanga translation I used and whatever their source is, not Bushou Goma – “Goma” can mean either a Buddhist cedar burning ritual or sesame seeds.

    I know a lot of people have a tendency to believe without question what gets posted on Wikipedia, but I’m trying to show that as a fan-based information site, it’s not the holy grail of truth. Like I said to Kyouto, I encourage everyone to use freedict to decide for themselves what they’re reading ^_^

  16. @elfarren: Ohhh. Well, you’re more adept the Japanese language and concept than me, so I can’t argue, LoL.
    And I checked out that site ! Pretty accurate when I put in other names. 😀

  17. BUBBLE:

    Shunsui 1: So, that gun shoots ceros ..
    Shunsui 2: I doubt that’s all it can do, as you’re the Primera Espada.
    Stark: Well … Let’s just say … shooting ceros isn’t the only thing this “gun” is good for when I get lonely back in Hueco Mundo.

    *Sorry, I had another way to say it and I just couldn’t keep it in.* 🙂

  18. Nothing wrong with wiki. The translations come from the same person who did the chapter translations. It might be a pun, it may be just plain wrong or an error. Either way you should go over now and correct it if you noticed
    it. No I am over thinking…

    I looked at the raw. This is where the issue is, the furigana reads Takaoni. Mistakes are common in manga translating and original. The translator read the wording taka but when converting it into an English name it became Take. The person was probably working from memory to make that mistake. Because
    the wiki lacks translators they go from the translator notes and there you go, catch and a miss. Wonder if I explained that right. Now the trouble of figuring out the meaning…


    鷹【たか】 (n) falcon (Falconidae family); hawk; (P).

    岳【たけ】 (n,suf) (1) peak; (2) mountain; (P).

    鬼【おに】 (n) (1) ogre; demon; (2) spirit of a deceased person; (3) ogre-like person (i.e. fierce, relentless, merciless, etc.); (4) it (i.e. in a game of tag); (P).

    鷹鬼【たか】【おに】Falcon Demon ー You pointed it out. I see the error.
    There you have it, the translation as it should be. At least the only that makes sense to me when combined with a falcon hahaha. (Probably doesn’t help Shunsui is leapt into the air like on the peak of a mountain.)


    Now for the the second from Shunsui. You already stated above but for some reason I feel like explaining things.

    不【ふ】 (n-pref) un-; non-; negative prefix.
    精【せい】 (n) spirit; (P).

    不精【ぶしょう】 (adj-na,n) indolence; laziness; sloth.

    独【どく】 (n) (abbr) Germany.
    楽【らく】 (adj-na,n,n-suf) comfort; ease; (P).

    独楽【こま】 (n) spinning top; (P).

    不精独楽【ぶしょう】【こま】- Indolence Spinning Top – I don’t see anything wrong with the translation from the wiki it. This time its an issue from the furigana it replaces ko for Its voiced go. The kanji however corrects this. It may be a pun.

    That’s about it, you spotted it. Not much different from what you posted above. I don’t think the wiki is the source of the issue. Checking might have helped for one and for the other it was the manga itself. Think I’ll go correct the wiki, sure its going to be reverted but doing feels better than staring.

    I been using for Japanese a while. However rencently I began using an offline dictionary.

  19. @ Kyouto: @_@ Damn dude, you totally pwned with that explanation a million times better than I did *LOL* That’s pretty cool that we found an error in Wikipedia, don’t you think? We really are awesomeness! ^_^

  20. its possible that Ukitake’s shikai absorbed some of Stark’s cero and mimic’d its properties or so…. 😀

  21. BUBBLE

    Shunsui: This town ain’t big enough…
    for both of us…

    Stark: My testicals said the same thing about my crotch.

  22. BUBBLE

    Shunsui: I like you pants.
    They look expensive!

    Stark: They’re over 9000.

  23. BUBBLE:

    Shunsui: So that gun shoots Ceros?
    Wait a second!? Where the fuck is your finger?

    Stark: If I don’t wash my ears soon I’m going deaf.

  24. Bubble:
    Shunsui:These two swords are pure awesomeness….
    Shunsui:So much awesomeness that IRA had to become WRA so that i would be included.
    Stark: I still dont see how you awesomeness is over 9000..

  25. III’M BACK!!!

    *notices that no one cares*

    Ah well, what the hey.

    So, I finally got some time to go on WRA and nearly suffocated at seeing all the new posts up here. BRILLIANT breakdown, elf and I can’t wait for more. I’ve never been good on the bubble contest, but I love reading the entries so I voted for it XD

    I’m guessing Ukitake’s cero/not-cero/idk-what has something to do with him being involved with the whole plot of ‘hollowification’ when we had the ‘turn back the pendulum’ plot. Maybe he’s part vizard or something really weird like that?

    Anyways, still alive and kicking Shunsui! You better stay like that -_-

  26. BUBBLE:

    Shunsui 1: So, Espada, the gun is actually the girl …
    Shunsui 2: how does that work ?
    Stark: Well, the tip is her head, and the back is her ass … so can you guess what the trigger is ?

    *Sorry, these ideas just keep coming to me.* X}

  27. Nice entrance, Dynamic ^_* Glad to see you on the Bleach breakdowns again!

    Great point about Ukitake, too, I didn’t remember that tidbit and will have to go back and reread those chapters before next week ^_^

    @ Nagashikage: I don’t mind, the more entries the better!

  28. @Elf: awesome breakdown again. I’ve noticed the trend of El 0 – commenters 2 – but this week i think u nailed it. I agree in that if multipule shots are fired in quick succession over a large area – it makes sense that the blasts will be weaker than a single concentrated shot. Also i agree with you on the opposing natures to create a cero like blast, because aren’t hollows the only one’s who can fire ceros? Soon to be El 2 – WRA ppl – 2 😉

  29. Awesome breakdown El!

    Your Pisces theory interested me the most. I can’t believe you came up with such a brilliant idea as Ukitake’s two Shikai being opposing forces to create the cero-like blast. I’m not saying that you’re dumb or anything it’s just that it never even occurred to me in the slightest to look the translations up and research this stuff. I probably still won’t in the future but it’s nice to know others will for you! 🙂

    I don’t think the range of the blast matters for these cero attacks and it probably won’t even be mentioned. Who knows though maybe you’re right this time as Mudshovel said. As for Stark’s gun and sword combination I found it interesting he didn’t use his sword. Maybe he’s saving it for Shusui’s Bankai or he just didn’t have time to use it…

    Oh, and Stark was definitely molesting Lilynette in her gun form. >_<

  30. LMAO @ Supertrek

    Tell me you’ll enter the bubble contest this week, I know you’ve got some hilarious stuff floating around in your brain regarding Stark and Lilynette :p

    Thanks for the props with my Pisces theory, I do try … even though so far I’m 0-2 *LOL* Hopefully Mud is right about me being right, because then at least I’ll be even with the WRA readers ^_^


    1) Dude..give it up, swords win

    2) chicks love a guy who can swing a big sword

    3) psh, my gun is a girl…so there!


    1)ok so your wepaon is actually that girl…ill buy it.

    2) but answer me this..what part of her is …ahem… the trigger?

    3)…thats none of your buisness

  33. @Elfarren: Lol, nothing perverted as of now. Nagashikage took all the good ones 😉


    Shusui 1: “Might I ask what you’re doing?”

    Shusui 2: “I know you’re new to this world but that’s not a cellphone your holding…”

    Stark: “Shhhhh, I’m trying to order take out here! Hello? Can you hear me now? Good!”

    Shusui 1. Who does that suit remind me of…oh michael jackson!
    Shusui 2. Shit so thats why his fingers were in her ass
    Stark 3. Lalalala first the head then the ass now the…TRIGGER!!!!

  35. BUBBLE
    Shunsui: You miss the trigger the joke is gone there is no climax.
    Shunsui: Pulling blanks won’t help you if the gun is already jammed.
    StarK: Stop stalling, Lilynette is fine and I am gun ho for seeing that Bankai.

    (Tell me someone got half those references.)

  36. BUBBLE: (Rated R XD )

    Shusui 1: “Come on let’s go I wanna fight!”

    Shusui 2: “OMG, WTF are you doing?”

    Strak: “Hold on! Lilynette likes to be revved up before fighting, so I always have to rub her up against the tip of my head to get her excited.”

  37. @Elfarren: Yeah I know, but I figured you’d split the sentence where the ‘…’ is 🙂

  38. BUBBLE:

    Shusui 1: “A gun huh….”

    Shusui 2: “…so are you trying to compensate for your…”

    Strak: “DON’T GO THERE!!”

  39. BUBBLE:

    Shunsui 1: You ever seen Afro Samurai?

    Shunsui 2: The guy with the sword always wins.

    Stark: Guess you’ve never seen The Untouchables, you never bring a knife to gun fight.

  40. Hey Elfarren do you know when the next Bleach movie is coming out or has it already come out and I’m just behind? I’ve heard something about a new Bleach movie a couple months ago but I haven’t since. Maybe it’s not so new anymore….

  41. No, I haven’t heard of that, but it’d be worth looking into ^_^ I’m a sucker for my favorite manga being turned into movies and buy them all *LOL*

  42. BUBBLE:

    Shunsui: Merging with a chick …
    Shunsui: Does that mean i’ll be subjected to random crazy outbursts?
    Stark: pfft, you’re just jealous you can’t grab and kick ass at the same time

  43. Bleach Chapter 363
    Spoiler #1
    Source: 2ch
    Forum: ttp://

    One of Ukitake’s swords absorbs the opponent’s attack and the other sends it back exactly the same. The tag hanging from the rope adjusts the speed and power of the reflected attack, and throws off his opponent’s timing.
    While they are fighting Wonderweiss appears, bringing along some huge creature. Its nails are all menos masks, and it has one eye.
    Compared to it in size, Wonderweiss is like a grain of rice.
    タイトルはSuperchunky from Hell
    Title is Superchunky from Hell.

  44. Spoiler #1 (Addition)

    translation by Sheetz @ FLOL

  45. Bleach Chapter 363
    Spoiler #2
    Source: 2ch
    Verifiction : Confirmed
    Website: ttp://

    credits : Nja@2ch

    1. ttp://













    スタークも ワンダーワイス?

    ワンダー ア~ 


    Spoiler #3
    English Translation
    credit : spacecat@BH)

    There is a color page with CHAD.

    After seeing Ukitake’s moves 3 times Stark can see through it.

    I don’t remember what they are saying sorry.

    Some guy (Wonderweiss??) interrupts.

    Some ridiculously huge guy appears from the rear (a big black mass, can’t tell who).

    Ukitake’s swords ability allows it to absorb from the left blade and then release it with the right?

    Basically it absorbs as one thing and transforms while passing through the chain and is emitted as a wave of energy. (So I guess if it goes in as a cero it comes out more like Ukitake’s power and the cero mixed/combined? I’m not sure how to explain this).

    The two guys are being pushed. Kyouraku is going to use his bankai but Ukitake stops him.

    There is an intrusion.

    Stark and also Wonderweiss?


    As far as I can tell it is not Yammi.

    Spoiler #4
    Source: 7MV0AB+90 @ 2ch

    煽り 本来の力を解放した享楽と浮竹に対し、スタークが繰り出す技とは!?

    Spoiler #5
    Poster: amaida

    Barre fortnight
    Stark, “I was captain … I do see the true power of we.”
    Babylonian &浮竹”What about you?”
    Stark, “How do you know? Of the firearms is enormous strength is coming from those joint 4 Two”
    Proliferation of guns and arms to the four best Neutra
    Translation (used google translate )

    Babylonian &浮竹”is n …”
    Stark “mock装弾infinite imaginary times 4 (METORAJETTA Cerro KUATOROVERUDE)”
    Babylonian &浮竹”madness!”
    爆煙the two that stand almost intact
    Babylonian &浮竹”Do you know? The sword it’s the strong who dumped the knife and replace each other from swing with one hand.”
    Stark “… Why is …”
    Enjoyment “魄刀Zan is one of us in the original four.”
    浮竹”too powerful and the power of the original … was to replace each one.”
    Stark, “Well … the time is coming and I do not believe it is used to power …”
    浮竹for the release of pleasure and power of the original victim, and pay out the Stark skills!

    Stark End Here………………….?

  46. !Whoa!… from the spoilers it looks like Tite is pulling out ALL THE STOPS monsters and guns and bankais OH MY!!!

  47. i new it it absorbs attacks XD

  48. Bleach is out ^^

  49. BUBBLE:

    Shunsui: You know you should wash those guns!
    That snot nose brat probably doesn’t clean herself properly. I smelled her a mile away! She could probably use a good douche!

    Stark: Hah! Well that that would explain why I have such an itchy trigger finger!

  50. Finally, i was wondering for the longest time what the catalyst was gonna be to get not only Shunsei’s bankai out, but captain-commander yamato’s as well. Then again, that big ass monster with wonderwiess is probably the introduction of the vizard showing up. If not them yet, then definitley Urahara and Ichigo’s dad will. Gotta love this manga for its wtfomgnowainess. My biggest wish is that when Commander Yamato turns bankai, he has to yell “Flame on!”

  51. Bubble 1: Oh now i see… those are guns.
    Bubble 2: At first i thought your weapons looked like dual dild…
    Bubble 3: what do you mean “thought” they… oh damn they are guns!

  52. @Axel: LMFAO at “Flame on!” XD

    This chapter was kinda crazy Stark can shoot 1,000 ceros at a time? DAMN, how the hell are you supposed to beat that and he STILL has yet to use his sword! Now Wonderweiss has showed up with a sweet ass looking sword and a giant pet at his back. It’s not the 0 Espada so what could it be? It’s definitely no regular Hollow or Menos and it must be hella powerful for it to make an appearance like that. Seems the Captains do need the Vizards…and badly. Talk about cliffhanger though. Damn you Tite and your obsessive cliffhangers !

  53. If you look at the monsters head (the one behind wonderwiess) it looks like the same monster that rescued Aizen, Tousen, and Gin, way back at the “Save rukia” arc. You know the one with the Crescent moon looking eye… if you dont know what im talking about watch bleach episode 62. It’s when hes floating up in the Negacion light beam, if you look behind Aizen you’ll see it. But ya whatever it is, its gonna force a lot of bankai’s that we’ve been waiting for.

  54. Could Wonderwiess be a Vasto Lorde cause of the look and shape of his sword I cant remember anyone else with a sword like that and hes with the Hollow Cyclops, Awesome.

  55. I was kinda hoping the vizards would come through giganta or whatever the hell its called…

    Or maybe Ichigo in his full hollow form 😦 …

    …But we get 2 worms….and one of them is literally a giant worm.

  56. The reason though for the “Two worms” is because of one important rule… Balance. Balance is a huge guideline for all stories, meaning good guy strength = bad guy strength. If you have to much strength on one side for too long, it gets really difficult to add drama to the story. So with these new worms for the bad guys, the author for bleach can introduce the arrival of extra good guys, whether its Urahara with ichigo father and ishida’s father, or maybe the arrival of the vizard. I still have my theory of the Vizard, but im beginning to think it got squashed with the arrival of the Cyclops dude.

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