Naruto Shippuden 114 : Uchiha Sasuke and the Chamber of Goop

Hey!! It’s Eatencookie taking over the Shippuden post from here on out (with backup from Alexie whenever I throw my rope, tie her to a chair and bribe her with sugar). Well I’m taking over this post by forc- er…ugh… I mean with a charming smile and a sparkly personality? I mean it’s not like I have to do my first post on the beginning of a Sasuke arc. Wait..WHAT?! i do!? Are you kidding me!? Oh holy muffins…the injustice…the horror, the abuse going to be thrown at Beak Boy himself! Oh well, this is going to be a joy to write then. Well seeing as I’m doing this post, it’s only fair that I do it with my own styles, so be prepared for a Cookie original. *Puts on sunglasses*

You know it's getting serious when the glasses come out

You know it's getting serious when the glasses come out


Well just like pretty much everyone on the blog at the moment, except a certain someone *looks at Supertreck building a Luffy shrine* hmmm O_o” *, it’s my first time. So you are going to sit down and pretend to like it! Understand!? Yeah…I thought as much -__-. Well I want to thank Penny for her help on explaining postings, without it, I would still be sitting at the computer wondering how to get pictures and if I can make the computer go KABOOM!! Probably not, but a girl can dream…


After school study classes, just became a reason to have a lock

After school study classes, just became a reason to have a lock

Well the anime begins with Sasuke slashing and dicing Orochimaru’s snakes, not to mention some high amount of foaming at the mouth from Orochimaru. Then we are graced with brilliant flashbacks from Orochimaru. Isn’t it strange how even when he’s in a battle to the death he still has time to reminisce about the ‘good old days’? But hey, that’s his way of doing things….no matter how odd it is.. The first of many flashbacks is the lovely teacher /student relationship.  Sarutobi and little Orochimaru are laying flowers on the grave of Orochimaru’s parents when they come across a dashing white snake skin. Lovely isn’t it? Normally people would go ‘ew’ or ‘ get out of here you! You’re defacing my parents grave!’ and throw it away, but these two decide to make a conversation of it and its ability of renewal and good luck, yep totally normal. Sarutobi should have noticed the first sign of insanity from the moment Orichimaru began stoking the snakes skin lovingly…
Snakes do to Orochimaru, what sugar does to people everywhere...MAKE THEM INSANE!!

Snakes do to Orochimaru, what sugar does to people everywhere...MAKES THEM INSANE!!

I'm sorry Tsunade, there was just no saving the dog...we tried everything, but the trama it faced was just to much for its little heart..oh and your brother's dead

I'm sorry Tsunade, there was just no saving the dog...we tried everything, but the trauma it faced was just to much for its little heart..oh and your brother's dead


Our second ‘pleasant’ flashback is with Tsunades losses from Orochimarus point of view. Each time Orochimaru stands there in the background while Tsunade has another one of her meltdowns, ah can’t you feel the love between them? But don’t worry people, he cried the second time, or maybe that was just the rain. We then move on to a little Anko twisting a glass case, with a certain white snake skin in it, around in great concentration. I for one was cheering her on to ‘accidently’ drop it but Orochimaru charges in and snatches away the case before she can fulfill her goal for the day.  Orochimaru then proceeds to promise Anko a fine first in line ticket to a free Curse Mark. Anko agrees of course, I mean wouldn’t you? It was free!
So we move on to see Orochimaru prowling the hallways of the local academy when he comes across an ominous light coming from a room. Curious he watches Itachi proudly show off his supreme use of aerodynamics (and suicidalness) before yelling out “TA DA!” as he land back on the podium. Itachi ignores him (too busy wondering how he is going to clean up the marks those kunais left) and Orochimaru continues to eye up the unsuspecting Uchiha and lick his lips with that unnaturally large tongue of his. The next flashbacks are of  Orochimarus run in with Sarutobi and then with Jiraiya, with both of them wondering how the hell did they miss how insane the man was!? Really, how did they miss it?! He carries snakes up in sleeve! 
Well if being the leader of the Akatsuki goes down hill, there's always counselling in a highschool

Well if being the leader of the Akatsuki goes down hill, there's always counselling in a high school

 Well the manga readers had to wait 364 manga chapters to find out the man in charge, the head poncho, the man cloaked in black. We Shippuden watchers only had to wait 114 episodes (and many traumatising fillers, some of us still haven’t recovered from the last one). Well this mysterious leader announces the newest member to the infamous Akatsuki. *drum rolls* ITACHI!!!! None of you saw that coming did you? And don’t try to lie… I’ll know! O_O

Yep Itachi, some people don't understand the word 'stop'

Yep Itachi, some people don't understand the word 'stop'

Well as Orochimaru stalks- er I mean walks quietly behind Itachi, with some groovy Asian music playing in the background, personally I felt like dancing to it. It also raises the question did they not here the music playing while they walked… Well Itachi then gives Orochimaru a genjutsu bitch-slap when he makes a bid to steals his pretty glow in the dark contact lenses. Then making sure he gets his revenge after that horrifying night he spent with Orochimaru ‘watching’ him training, he slices off Orochimarus hand as a momentum of their time together. Yep that’s the same hand which he parades around the liar on that table. Orochimaru mysteriously left the Akatsuki after this event. It was unclear of why though, hmmmm…….

FINALLY we exit the flashbacks and move on to the present tense. Sasuke is pulled into a genjutsu courtesy of Snake man after he ever so smartly gets himself paralyzed. He should have known the air was tainted! Teach him to boast about the simplicity of kicking Snake mans….tail?

Sooo...who's going to be the one to tell the cleaner what she has to do tomorrow?

Sooo...who's going to be the one to tell the cleaner what she has to do tomorrow?

 In the realm of purple goop Sasuke, which Sasuke is consumed in (besides the face, naturally), he watches in boredom as Orochimaru (also covered in the purple goop. Really that goop is ALL inside of Snake man!? It’s everywhere… AND bubbling!), approaches him in glee at finally getting the glow in the dark contact lenses! We then go to little Kabuto thinking in wonder at how easily Sasuke was willing to hand over the lenses. He is obviously in need of some hearing aids after the last arc, seeing as he has missed the ruckus and screaming coming down the hallway… Not to mention some heavy ‘ssssss’. Well as he walks down the hallway the tension music begins to play. He freezes when he notices a certain, slightly decapitated, snake body lying dead on the floor and Sasuke examining how interesting the floor is looking right about now. Sasuke upon realising that Kabuto has arrived on the scene decides to leave, and the music just keeps getting more tenser.. Kabuto officially freaked out now, ask which one Sasuke is. Sasuke, being the loveable and never leaving people in suspense boy that he is, decides to turn around in slow motion and pull  Kabuto into a genjutsu to show him how exactly Snake man got his butt handed to him, before leaving Kabuto to have a heart attack in the corridor..That music really does do a number on your heart doesn’t it Kabuto? We also establish that Tsunade, Jiraiya and Naruto can read each others minds and Itachi has their frequency under monitor, when they think how ominous that sunset is… Yep that sunset sure looked red didn’t it?

Sasuke, your 'will' just left a present on your shoulder for you

Sasuke, your 'will' just left a present on your shoulder for you

What they don't show is him wetting his pants

What they don't show is him wetting his pants

 Well that’s it for this weeks episode. Next week’s ‘Zabuza’s Blade ‘ with our first appearance of Suigetsu!*cheers* The plot FINALLY thickens! I even checked for misspellings AND no made up words in sight! Now THAT’S some hard work on my part. Aaaaaaah what the hell, gfkgh;kfnpisivs…rawr!

Ps: There WILL be a slight delay on next weeks Shippuden post *cough* not coming out to about Monday *cough* >_> <_< Who said that!? >_<




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  1. SECOND!!!! ha take that first

  2. Awesome Breakdown! Your captions made me LMAO and it was a great summary. I hope you stay in charge of the shippuden breakdowns!

  3. Cool breakdown. ^_^ Hehe, Suigetsu was in the preview for the next episode, yes!

    “We also establish that Tsunade, Jaraiya and Naruto can read each minds and Itachi has their frequency under monitor,” lol, though I believe it is spelled Jiraiya, not Jaraiya 🙂

  4. As random as usual cookie. but funny sh!t. damn it Itachi doesn’t need corrective lenses >_< he just needs to squint more 😛 . LMAO at the captions aswell. different kind of breakdown yet it was awesome none the less. props.

  5. Oh man cookie I think you got me beat in the breakdown department. I salute thee. -salutes-
    Awesome breakdown, I laughed at the snapshot about Tsunade. LOL. ” …oh and your brother died.”
    Its so random. I love it! Hahaaa. You did a much better job of summarizing everything. I was really not thorough, but you were.
    And no offense, but you got some really long run ons and grammar, and tenser isnt a word..I think…but pretty good! I can totally imagine having a convo with you in real life and you going on and on with a run on…LOL

  6. 6th 😀

  7. I really loved this! It made me laugh so much!
    Anyways, great job. I can’t wait for your next post.

    Ahhhh Jiraiya! Every time I see him I squeal like a little fangirl… ehhhhhhh. Yeah… I just pictured myself as Sakura/Ino and its NOT pretty. Oh well, he’s hot! (I’m weird, I know, but its the truth)

  8. *rubs back of head awkwardly* ^_^ thanks guys! really was fun writing it..though i cant believe how much i wrote >_< i thought i would only be able to write a page but nooooooo i just went on and on

    @alexie: you should see my english essays, the run on in them are legend 😛 i had one going for 1, 1 and a half A4 pages? but personally that was just to spite the english teacher and her belief of 2 pages is just not enough…then again that same essay i wrote 10 pages….that was just to say in your face to her and have fun reading THAT! she never commented on my amount of writing after that incident funnily enough 😉

  9. I really enjoyed reading your breakdowns! 😀 I LOL’ed so hard at your captions! 😉
    I’m looking forward to your next breakdown!

  10. Man look at kabuto’s face. THe only two things going through me head during that scene between Sasuke and Kabuto are, “Man someone is seriously fucking up their violin playing that freaky tune” and “HAHA KABUTO IS SO FREAKING HEARTBROKEN HIS LOVER OROCHIMARU IS GONE HAHAH!”

  11. Nice breakdown.
    Is this the first time they actually show Pein’s whole face, without the ominous shadows ?

  12. Woot loved the breakdown!

    I was kinda like “wtf” when I saw Yahiko for the first time in the anime. Just didnt see that one coming i guess. xD

    also i lol’d when Oro said awesomeness =D

  13. I thought this episode was AWESOME!

  14. Jeez, I go to work for a few weeks, and this happens WTF!!!!
    Glad to see you guys still keeping it going. iaresadness

  15. LOL! I’m pending…I forgot what that was like.

  16. ERO! good to see you.

  17. lol welcome to the new awesomeness ero;-)

  18. Hey, thanks alot! Great to see you kept the torch burning scorp. I have full pass tickets to mecha-con in Lafayette, la I planed on asking some questions to Ms. Viz media MARY ELIZABETH McGLYNN, but she canceled…damn the luck!

  19. damn that sucks >_<.

  20. Lol BRILLIANT breakdown cookie! I’ve been waiting for this!

    *please excuse me for living my life and staying off WRA for a few days. I didn’t mean to miss your post*

    It’s nice to read the breakdowns without actually forcing yourself to watch the same thing over and over again in the actual episode. XD And Kabuto’s face in the last pic? Priceless. We could create a whole story about this. It might even surpass the shrine wars in its awesomeness and destructionness!!!


    Ignore. *does not want to hear about underage drinking jokes again*

  21. Niiiiiiiicceee breakdown Cookie! Hey, I’m not the only one here that has experience writing for this blog. Elfarren was here long before I was so to her we’re all like blog writing noobs! 🙂 Besides this is WRA not IRA. Even if it’s your first post we’re all like veterans to the blog. Yaaaaaay, were all the same… 0-0

    Anyways, really funny and random all the way with a nice summary of the episode to boot. I just can’t believe Orochimaru lost in his own dimension. He must have not REALLY wanted Sasuke’s body if Sasuke’s will out beat his. If he really wanted Sasuke then…

    1. He would’ve covered Sasuke’s damn face as to cover up his eyes instead of lovingly staring into them and licking his lips!

    2. If he really wanted Sasuke’s body (that sounds so dirty) he wouldn’t have lost out in the battle of willpower. It wasn’t only the Sharingan that helped Sasuke. It was mostly his willpower which held Orochimaru back.

    Well, Orochimaru was sick/crippled, old, and dying. That must be Sasuke’s main target group to pick on…now he’s going after Danzo! Someone stop this fiend! 😉

    @Ero: YOSH, long time no read pervy sensei! 😀

  22. @dynamic: *cookie has breakdown after launching party, realising dynamic wasn’t here for the party* *people in white come to put cookie in white room* *cookie decides she doesnt like the white room* *nurse comes in and finds room coloured with rainbows and butterflies and little puppy dogs, but cookie is still wearing a white vest* *cookie makes a dynamic exit later that night* well that’ll start a story 😉

    @super: DON’T WORRY! I HAVE A SECRET AGENT UNDERCOVER IN HIS GROUP!!….oh crap.. did i just yell that out loud?

  23. @cookie: Hah, you forgot to include KABUTO, THE EVIL IGOR SIDEKICK in your story. Then we must somehow interpret this differently…

    *dynamic sees cookie climbing over the loony bin walls in a white vest*
    *sees colorful My Little Pony crayons*
    GIMME! O_O
    *mauls cookie*
    *cookie retaliates with spinach missile launcher TURBO VERSION OVER 9000!!!*
    *Kabuto and Super watch battle from hidden cameras*
    Kabuto: Our test subjects have escaped, shouldn’t we capture them?
    Super: *drools* Nah, wait until they tear each other’s clothes off.


    Do not mock me or hate me. My B-day’s tomorrow, I hate leaving my easy-going days behind and heck, my life’s been catching up. B-DAY PARTY FTW!

    *hands cookie invitation*

    There will be VAMPIRE COOKIES! And EDWARD CULLEN will do juggling tricks to your amusement! Then we can stab him as many times as we want to because I said I’d steal his Ferrari Enzo if he resists >_>

    There will also be SAUCEGAY BASHING!

    *that’s her favorite form of entertainment*

  24. @dynamic: *cookie accidently drops My Little Pony crayons into sewer* *cookie cries and blames dynamic*
    *dynamic goes into sewers to find them*
    Cookie: FOOL, I HAVE THEM HERE! *holds them up into the air with a glowing light surrounding them(from a torch mud decided to point at them)* *bird swoops down and steals them* *cookie hand still hangs open as she stares in shock at her empty hands*
    *dynamic screams from sewers and cookie goes to investigate*
    *Cookie and Dynamic are surrounded by VERY hungry crocodiles*

    Dynamics: Darling it does appears we have gotten ourself in quite a pickle here. Oh, and I do believe the My Little Crayons are not down here…
    Cookie: My, my it does seem that way doesnt it? Oh yes, a bird just stole them, I was quite shocked at the irony of it!
    Dynamic: Well shall we teach these whipper snappers a lesson then?
    Cookie: There is no need darling, I have already organised a transporting. *Cookie and Dynamic appear in camera room, while Kabuto and Super appear in sewers* *Kabuto and Super scream like girls*
    *Dynamic notices tea*
    Dynamic: Lets watch, shall we? And look tea! What wonderful service!
    Cookie: Oh look! They’re trying to growl them away like wolves!

    It’s your birthday tomorrow!? why didn’t you tell me before, I would of ordered a show as well as a hot air balloon of presents, guess I have calls to make now! *starts ringing up people*
    *already in the Ferrari Enzo* wait we aren’t stealing it now? Oh muffins… SAUCEGAY BASHING!? HOW’D YOU KNOW THAT WAS MY FAVOURITE FORM OF ENTERTAINMENT? *buys two new hurling bats* *hands a colourful one to dynamic* 😉 You first!

  25. @cookie: You read my mind. 😀

    *Saucegay trembles as the dark shadows of cookie and dynamic appear behind him (bats included)*

    *Super and Kabuto are pressed against the wall in the sewers, crocodiles and the cast of One Piece nearing in on them*

    *super gives a high pitched scream*

    10 minutes later

    *Camera zooms in on cookie and dynamic in Ferrari Enzo, driving down the motorway to Konoha to take back a beaten up Saucegay. Edward Cullen is tied up in the back*

    *super is sitting in the sewers around a pot that’s cooking on a fire together with One Piece cast and crocodiles*

    Zoro: Um… you sure it’s okay to eat him?

    Super: Sure! He’s like this pedophile-lover guy that’s a nerd besides. No one will miss him. *stirs in the pot* Hmm… needs more salt.


    I don’t want it to be my birthday. So far 14 was the best year of my life. I could still act my age and say that I’m acting my age! (aka being crazy, acting childish, reading mangas, hating make up, saying all guys are pigs…*turns to face super* PIG!)


  26. @Dynamic: *hides mind reading gear* >_> <_<

    *in the sewers as the inhabitants enjoy 'A LE NERD'*
    Zero: It appears I have found a peair of glasses in my meal
    Super: Eat it! It'll increase your brain cells!
    Zero: Oh, okay. Wait! Are you calling me dumb?
    Super: Er…NO! OF COURSE NOT *voice begins to rise into a high pitch squeak* NOOOOOOOOO!! PLEASE ANYTHING BUT THAT NOOOOOOOO–*suddenly cut off*

    Cookie: Who knew it would be soo easy to capture a emo and a vampire!
    Dynamic: It does help when you have the correct leverage *shows Cookie a video of Bella hanging upside down over a cliff*
    Cookie: How marvellous!*grins* I did wonder what that extra set of rope was for!
    Dynamic: I do hope they don't bleed out on the seats…I would be quite discusting!
    Cookie: Don't woory, I threatened them with my SPINACH MISSILE LAUNCHER TERBO VERSION OVER 9000! They wouldn't dare -__- I was wondering Dynamic? Seeing as Sasuke is declaring his goal for his life is to revive his clan…What would happen if he was sterile!?

    Pfft 15 is no biggy! I get away with being insane everyday of my life! I WON'T EVER GIVE IT UP FOR ANYTHING MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!*notices men coming in white lab coats and huge butterfly nets* O_O"

  27. @cookie: *watches as men in white coats take cookie back to the ‘OrochiJackson Research Lab for Critically Insanity Loving Patients’*


    *dials number on Edward’s latest mobile* (the ring tone is Like A Virgin… don’t ask)

    “Hi! Yeah, it’s me. No… don’t bother with that… no, wait a moment, it might actually be a good idea, dattebayo!”

    *puts away mobile*

    5 minutes later

    *huge black van screeches to a stop outside Research facility. Side door opens up to reveal huge banner: ‘Naruto & Kakashi! The great Harem Technique reenactment of the Icha Icha series! Now with live narration!’*

    *Naruto and Kakashi climb out, dressed as MIB agents. Suddenly, a huge stage appears. The show begins (clue is in the title 0_o)*

    *researchers rush out (they’re all male. What did you expect from a Jackson look-a-like?)*

    Dynamic: Yosh! Time for the youthful hip rescue of team YOUTH!!!!! *shudders at what she was forced to say*

    *Gai and Lee rush out, sparkly teeth, sick-colored spandex of doom and eyebrows of bushiness all together*

    Gai: Yosh! Where is this youthful maiden we must rescue from the unyouthful grasps of UNYOUTH?

    *dynamic points at the building*

    *Gai is unresponsive and ranting about youth*


    *throws his sunset background wallpaper through the window to cookie*


    *decides that castrating Saucegay is now the aim of her life*

  28. @Dynamic:*realises she has long comment ready for her full of no doubt randomness* *rubs hands together* well this shall be fun to work with >=)
    *at the time inside the research facility*

    *the hall are dangerously silent…yeah right! screams and howl of pain and horror are escaping the ‘entertainment area’ as the group are forced to watch through little Timmy O’Toole playing his bango. Cookie slumps in her chair wondering about the meaning of haggis and if that was the reason Dynamic looks green in her photograph…then a magical light appears above her head…well falls actually, cursed mechanics! and an idea hits…along with shards of glass! Pushing Timmy O’Toole off the stage (already winning the support of the audience) a cane and top had are thrown at her. And she does the one thing that she can think of at the present time..PRESSES PLAY ON THE CD PLAYER AND DANCES TO WARRIOR’S DANCE!!!

    5 minutes later

    *the entire facility inside is utterly trashed after a much need riot. The researches rush out the exit in a fit of confussion after someone yells “THE GREAT HAREM TECHNIQUE REENACTMENT OF ICHA ICHA SERIES DATTEBOYA!!”

    *Cookie emerges into her room to collect the articles of equipment she was allowed to keep…a cape and a whip…* *suddenly she notices a flying sunset twirling around like a topper towards her face* *Cookie ducks quickly before sweat dropping at the sight awaiting her* *Gai and Lee stand before her winking with there blinding teeth and giving her the thumps up*

    Gai: I believe you are the youthful maiden we are here to rescue!
    Cookie: Y-you’re my rescuers!? *makes mental note to bring this up with Dynamic in next meeting*
    Lee: HAI *gives salute* USE US AS YOU WILL!
    Cookie: Er….*DON’T THINK DIRTY THOUGHTS, DON’T THINK DIRTY THOUGHTS! >_<* You can free the other hostages?
    Gai: AAAH!! A youthful sugestion! Lee we most free the OTHER YOUTHFUL PEOPLE HERE!! *both run through door*
    *Cookie yells after them* THAT'S NOT THE HALLWAY! THAT'S THE BATHROOM!!
    *both run out into the hallway with toilet paper on their sandles


    *Cookie uses cloak as parachute as she makes use of her aerodynamic skills* *Landing she freezes at the site* *The researches are all knocked out and surrounded in puddles of blood, from what she believes is from a nose bleed*

    *Kakashi and Naruto appear beside her and Naruto slings her over his shoulder*
    *Cookie stares in wonder at the MIB and wonders where she can get a suit like that*

    *Naruto springs like a kangaroo into the air and over the wall landing beside Dynamic, who is conveniently sipping tea*
    Dynamic: Aaah the mission was a success then!
    Cookie: I would rather you wouldn't of taken your time on the rescue mission, but then I suppose you have the matter done then?
    *Cookie takes her seat beside Dynamic as they put on a pair of black sunglasses*
    *Naruto and Kakashi then hand them both a red button*
    Dynamic: We shall test it out then? I do enjoy a good show, darling!

    *The research lab is consumed in a mushroom cloud
    Dynamic: Aahhhh the pretty colours *_*
    Cookie: But where is th- *A rain of fireworks explode* PRETTY *_*
    Kakashi: Madams..I hate to break this up but we have a problem *points to the grumpy flump, Orojackson standing in the destroyed gate
    Dynamic & Cookie: AHHHHHHH yes…I forgot about him..


  30. @cookie: I’ve officially been 15 for 2 minutes here and I’m sleepy. I digress from writing a longer post… that’ll be my aim tomorrow >>)

    Cookie: Well, too bad we forgot about the UNYOUTHFUL owner of this UNYOUTHFUL research centre. And he is now UNYOUTHFULLY rampaging!

    *cooke & dynamic watch as Gai appears behind OrochimJackson*

    Gai: We must convert this UNYOUTHFUL person to the power of YOUTH!

    OrochiJackson: I love little boys! ^^ *squeals in a high pitched voice*

    Gai: Yosh! What an UNYOUTHFUL thing to say! *pulls out green spandex* We shall change you to the HIP ATTITUDE that is Konoha’s FIRE!

    Kakashi: *steps in before Gai can glue fake eyebrows onto their foe* … I wouldn’t wish for this fate even for Orochimaru… *sighs as he drags the youth-ranting jonin to the van*

    Dynamic: *watches with detached look* What do you say we carry out Naruto’s legacy and finally castrate the bastard that’s back in the car?

    Cookie: Wait just one moment, darling. I have something to take care of.

    *calmly takes out Spinach Missile Launcher TURBO OVER 9000!!! (where did she pull it out from? 0_o) and smirks*

    Cookie: PUCKER UP, BITCHES!! *starts madly shooting at the Naruto fangirl staff who just happen to be standing nearby*

    Dynamic: *watches serenely* Marvelous… absolutely marvelous *smiles*

  31. @Dynamic: well I am not one to create a scene but *whistles* *a massive parade appears* HAPPY BIRTHDAY! *parade start to march with cookie at the lead with baton* well it’s getting late here to so I’ll reframe from writing a large comment, because some of us are tired too…
    *Cookie smirks evilly as she hands the Spinach Missile Launcher TURBO OVER 9000(!!!) to Kakashi*
    Cookie: Much better, those screams were breaking my train of concentration! Now you said you wanted to castrate the boy in the back of our car? Do you want to include Edward in that?
    Dynamic: YES! He has been inpregnating young woman for far too long! Someone must put to his madness(MADNESS? THIS.IS.SPARTA!!!!!!!!!) before we all suffer from it!
    Cookie: So we must put a stop to his wood then?*smirks* (insert perverted giggle)
    Dynamic: But we must do it quickly…BEFORE the arrival of him fangirls.
    Cookie: Pushy, pushy! Don’t worry I have ways of dealing with them *rubs red buttom on lap, smirking evilly*
    *Saucegay and Edward cowers in fear as shadows of dynamic and cookie loom over him*

  32. Ummmmmmmmmm…so, I can’t wait until the fight scene with Team Taka and Killer Bee is animated. That will be AWESOME! To see Sasuke get his ass kicked all over again and see the 8 Tailed Beast in action! *shivers from excitement*

    *as Super distracts Cookie and Dynamic with actual talk about ‘Naruto’, which is what should really be discussed on the post, his Kage Bushin sneaks around the back of the van and frees Sasuke from his bonds*

    *whispering* Go go! Without you there will be no continuation of the manga ‘Naruto’ and the plot would suck ass!

    *Edward looks up at Super* Oh, f**k you! I don’t give a flying turd burglar if Twilight is continued or not. *Sasuke and Super escape off into the woods AND PART WAYS NOT TO DO ANYTHING GAY!*

    I know what you two were thing when you read that! 😉

    YOSH, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dynamic! Party hard for all of us! 🙂

  33. Happy Birthday Dynamic !

  34. @Super: LMAO again. especially the twilight comment!!!!!!
    @Dynamic: Happy B’day
    @cookie: random as usuall – which one of u’s started it this time? *is still wondering how the hell ppl dressed as MIB showed up ?_?* lol.

  35. @Mud : er….*shifty eyes* I don’t know what you’re talking about here *looking rather guilty*

    @Super: *stares in confussion at super* *wonders why he is talking about Naruto here*
    *Dynamic nudges Cookie*
    Dynamic: It appears he has set Sasuke free into the wild!
    Cookie: *face palms* DAMIT! *looks at Edward* Well we could still do him? It doesn’t matter anyway…
    Dynamic: Doesn’t matter!? Are you crazy woman?! He just set free our main target!
    Cookie: Crazy? That is a possibility…But he will be back, not to mention we could track him down whenever we want.
    Dynamic: How can you be sure?
    Cookie: I made sure to implant a tracker on him and not to mention we have what he wants…*strokes cookie jar**realises she stroked the wrong thing* *pats Itachi on the head* Oh he’ll come to us…But in the odd case that he doesn’t *pulls out shotgun loaded with tranquiliser*
    *Cookie and Dynamic put on black sunglasses*
    Dynamic: Lets hunt.
    *hears the scream of fangirls in distance and a Sasuke screaming in fear*
    Cookie: So it begins…
    Against the Twilight fans then? Well than you can have a shiney badge *really is a blu-ray disc she found elsewhere* And we are having a discussion about the Naruto cast here….just not the episode part 😉

  36. @cookie, super: er… *shifty eyes* How did it get to this? I just wanted a random story that included Kabuto pissing his pants O_e

    Cookie has a cookie jar? *no pun intended*

    GIMME THE COOKIES YOU… YOU… SAUCEGAY FANGIRL! (best insult i could think of)

    *mauls Cookie*

    *wrestling match continues for ten minutes*

    Dynamic: *while holding a couple of her mother’s torture needles and in the middle of a punch* Look!

    *dynamic and cookie look up at the forest that just appeared there for no apparent reason*

    *a harassed looking Saucegay stumbles out of the woods with smooch marks all over him*

    Saucegay: Please… kill me… The horror! *millions of fangirl images reflect in his eyes*

    *even dynamic shudders. The horror*

    Dynamic: *thoughtfully* But you won’t suffer enough if we just kill you… *shrugs* (to cookie) Shall we go back to the original plan?

    Cookie: Sure, why not? >.<

    *pull out gasoline cans*

    *singing* Deck the halls with gasoline, Fa la la la la, la la la la


    *cookie and dynamic ignore and continue ignoring* Light a match and watch it burn, Fa la la la la, la la la la

    Saucegay: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

    Cookie: Don't worry, the frustrated fangirls are in there too!

    *screaming is heard*

    P.S.: Twilight haters UNITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *damn you, Robert… damn you…*

  37. Awesome episode.. great breakdown

  38. Well Cookie returns after having some lovely lightning
    @Dynamic: *Sasuke stares in horror as his home is detroyed*
    Cookie: *realising something* Wait! Didnt Nagato already detroy his home…along with the ramen shop!?

    Dynamic: By gum, you’re right! Then this is his temporary home? Now that I look at it…it’s a cardboard box O_o

    Cookie: It’s a wonder that we managed to fit so many fangirls in that one wee boxy..

    Dynamic: Behold the wonders of butter!!!*holds block of butter in air*LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    Saucegay: You destroyed my home T_T I was still paying rent on that!

    Cookie: It’s okay there is tones of other boxes in the alleyways for you to live in *cough*and for us to burn*cough*

    Saucegay: But the hobos there bully me and call me emo T_T

    Dynamic: *giggles* You get bullied by hobbos? hehe

    Saucegay: They stole my bow!

    Cookie *muffling laughter in sleeve* O rly?

    Saucegay: You’re laughinf at me,aren’t you?

    Cookie: Here have a free punch 🙂

    Saucegay: Oh Oka-wait wha!?* cookie promptly punches him* THAT’S FOR EYING UP MY COOKIE JAR!

    *in distance for some reason Kabuto is wetting himself*


  39. new anime is out. awesome. more detail than manga

  40. mmm pretzels

  41. R.I.P MJ and farrah fawcett… My favorite freak and my favorite angel in one day 😥

  42. So the fillers *have* finished…yay! 🙂

    Im shocked Bleach fillers have ended so quickly though, the Turn back arc gave a good chance for long fillers….now their will be fillers in the middle of the large battle. 😮

  43. @Schy: Welcome back dude! Just in time for Bleach fillers! Lol, jkjk 😀

  44. wow when i was watching and saw Yahiko’s entire face i was surprised, i thought they wouldn’t reveal his face til months from now but that really made my day (and notice how his skin isn’t as pale as it was in episode 80. goof up? or did they give up on the pale corpse appearance?)
    i also noticed a week after Oro dies {more like sealed away) in the anime, MJ dies
    unusual coincidence……(somewhat)

  45. @ yatarx8:

    omg… i NEVER thought about oros death and the coincidence of MJ’s death 😦
    It’s so bizarre it’s scary 0_o

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