Bleach 224 Breakdown

Bleach 224 Bareak Daowna

Hey everyone this is Nishiaru Metaku a.k.a Nolan a.k.a nch21090 with your weekly bleach anime breakdown!

Just letting you know, its  my first breakdown EVER <_< so don’t be harsh!

Ok so to get things started off, i just wanna say how much i hate how they take up the first 40 seconds to a minute describing how Ichigo got his powers, like people, seriously who hasn’t seen up to this episode? Anyway I didn’t come here to rant.

So any who, in the last episode of bleach we saw Soi Fon demolish that Tiger guy in a single swipe, which was pure pawnage and awesomeness!!

And now we get to watch Matsumoto get her butt wooped by Mila, Rose and Sun-Sun. The fight seems to be playing in the favor of the aranncars. The fight itself doesn’t seem to be fair considering its 3 on 1. But Matsumoto is holding her own.


Okay back on topic. During the fight it is quite noticeable that Matsumoto’s Haineko is effective for defense but provides very little assistance for offense.  The fight is raging on and Mila thinks she has Matsumoto on the ropes, when all of a sudden she pulls some Shipuno out on her and is about to get behind her when WAM she is choke slammed back to the ground.

Just like in the vid ^_^

After that, she started getting triple teamed like a deranged porno until, dun dun dunna, Hanamori show up to save the day! She blasts Mila in the face with a fireball from her Zanpakto.  For those of you who don’t know who Hanamori is, she was the vice captain under Aizen before he  betrayed Soul Society.

Well anywho back to the episode. They go through some really boring flash backs about Aizen and Hanamori, then she refers to him as if he is still her captain. Like seriously?! He totally effed over the soul society and took with him several powerful captains. Guh. Well needless to say Hamamori set up some cleaver Kido around herself and Matsamoto, and all three of the aranncar end up getting stuck in it like a spider web. she the does another Kido involving her Zanpokto and the net explodes on the aranncar.

They get really pissed off then eventually go into there resurrection forms which heals them immediately, which if u ask me is ridiculously stupid re guarding the regeneration. They blabber on and on about how they are pissed off about how they couldn’t finish the two girls off, and decide to bust out the big guns. Now traditionally in the manga they ripped off parts of their bodies to combine into some crazy chimera, but in the episode they only hold onto the certain body parts. Now i know your probably saying, Nolan, that’s really lame. And i COMPLETELY agree 100% with you there buddy. But hey this is tv that little kids watch so you are going to have to bare with me. It ends up taking several minutes of valuable anime time, and then it is finally complete at the end of the episode leaving a cliff hanger of what will turn out. Who knows what will turn out in the next episode. Will Matsumoto and and Hanamori be able to finish off the chymera? I guess we will have to wait another week and find out.

Well that is it for me everybody, hope you enjoyed my first breakdown! ^_^ Stay tuned for next weeks breakdown and see me in the chat room!




~ by nch21090 on June 19, 2009.

11 Responses to “Bleach 224 Breakdown”

  1. FIRST!

  2. Deuxieme. 😀

  3. Sorry, this breakdown was just … lacking.
    And the video, i think, was completely unnecessary.
    I don’t remember anyone getting chokeslammed …
    And there were more grammatical mistakes in there than there are head lice in Angelina Jolie’s crotch.
    *For those who haven’t seen that South Park episode, ignore it.*

    But since it’s your first time, there’s no problem.
    Practice makes Acceptable. Or perfect, either one. 🙂

  4. sorry just wanted to get it out there. i guess i can edit the couple spelling errors.

  5. @Nagashika: (Lol, I know this may sound angry but I’m not angry at you seeing as how Nch took your criticism well enough. I just need to say this ok? 😉 )

    WTF? Don’t you know what “Just letting you know, its my first breakdown EVER <_< so don’t be harsh!" means? You even knew this and said "there's no problem" but what you just did there was criticize his work for no reason. If you're going to criticize him on his FIRST ever breakdown then at least offer constructive criticism. Suggest how he can improve on it and why you thought the things were unnecssary, such as the video.

    All you did was berate his grammar, the video, and the quality of the post. You usually have more helpful insight than this what happened?

    @Nolan: I enjoyed the breakdown very much. I haven't seen the episode but just from reading your short summarized breakdown I basically know everything of importance that happened. Lol, I found the vid to be hilarious (who doesn't like seeing Trish Stratus choke slammed by Kane?).

    As Nagashikage was saying though there are a few grammatical errors in the post but not as exaggerated as he said. I know you were trying to be funny Nagashikage but it didn't work here. The breakdown was a little short but everyone has their own standards. What I found lacking were the pictures but not the quality of the breakdown. If you need help in capturing pictures from the anime and posting them contact Eatencookie. She does the Naruto episode brekadowns. There, constructive criticism at it's best. 🙂

    P.S. Matsumoto picture = WIN! 0_0

  6. Not bad for a first one. my first and only breakdown was pretty fail-tastic. The video is just HILARIOUS! I was “oh shit!!!” the whole time.
    Off topic: My friend named his boxer puppy after the guy who chokeslammed Trisha. Man that girls got some major tits. But Kane is a strange name nonetheless.

  7. @super: *sniff* YOU’RE MAD AT MEE !!! *cries and runs away*
    But all tears aside, I understand. 😉

    @nolan: just take it as constructive criticism .. without the constructive part … a mistake on my part, as super said above.
    But I still don’t remember a chokeslam in the episode. =|

  8. Congradulations on your first breakdown. It was a little short but I enjoyed reading. You summarized pretty well and caught the differences from the manga. To fill for content I can suggest the addition of some pictures from the episode. The video was okay but if you had an image from the episode to campare it with it might spread the joke easier.

  9. i can see were everyone is coming from with the shortness and lack of pictures. i am still figuring everything out. i will be sure to make improvements as i go on.

  10. Wait a minute, so you’re nolan, nishi and nch?
    anyway – pretty good breakdown. U made it clear what was happening and it was quite easy to follow. As said above, a couple more images would have been good, but the one there makes up for it 😉 lol.
    I must say that was pretty random putting in a wwe vid. LMAO, definite points for randomness.

  11. Ok cool 🙂

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