The Awesomeness World of Manga: ~Until Death Do Us Part

Well, Eva again (dynamicentrance) with a little something that might just brighten your day: recommendations for the best mangas out there, possibly personalized just for you πŸ˜‰

I’ve been planning on doing this for quite some time, but I’d never really decided whether it would be appreciated on this site. But some people have suggested it already, both here and on the old IRA, so I thought to just go ahead and try it out. It might just be helpful to somebody out there. ^^

This will now officially be the first issue of ‘The Best of Manga A-Z’. Not a catchy title, but it serves its purpose. Here I’ll post a new manga that I have, by a chance of awesomeness luck, discovered lurking in the deep corners of the internet and bring it to you, summarized as briefly as possible and without any spoilers, and with recommendations ranging from gender to blood-type. πŸ˜€

I’ve decided to kick this off with a very personal favorite of mine: Until Death Do Us Part. It’s quite a popular manga, though I do believe it’s underrated mainly because it’s a seinen. Don’t be discouraged! It’s a great read for both guys and girls, although the amount of violence might not be your cup of tea. You can read it in onemanga here:

The cover of the first volume for the manga. The artist is Double-S and the author is Takashige Hiroshi.

The cover of the first volume for the manga. The artist is Double-S and the author is Takashige Hiroshi.

While you read Naruto which contains perhaps slightly less blood (but not much) and a more fantasy-type theme, this is a modern sci-fi thriller. It’s set in modern Japan, mostly revolving around the underground, the mafia and those who fight it. Although the main story is more interesting than that:

A young, twelve year old girl called Haruka Toyama has an ability to see the future. This power makes huge companies and even countries set their eyes upon her as a goal to procure at all costs. Not only would she be a great liability for the success in the stock market but many things besides. One of the main technology companies in Japan happens to be in the care for her, using her for their own exploits.

Wishing to escape, she uses her abilities to find Mamoru Hijikata– a man shroud in mystery who is said to hunt down criminals in the streets. He’s blind, but he’s incredibly strong, and his teammate is a genius in computers who provides him with sunglasses that help him when he needs to see.

Haruka is right– the man has had experience in shady business himself and, after much reminiscence, realizes just how many people are after the young girl. He promises to protect her– but can the three of them escape from the clutches of a whole country? And is protection the only reason why Haruka approached Mamoru?

Well, that’s for you to find out. ^^

The main characters of UDDUP from left to right: Sierra, Hijikata Mamoru, Toyama Haruka, Igawa.

The main characters of UDDUP from left to right: Sierra, Hijikata Mamoru, Toyama Haruka, Igawa.

Well, I hope I caught at least one person’s interest with this– it truly is a brilliant manga. Especially for those of you that love fighting and big plots. For the girls, there’s even a hint of romance sneaking up– who knows?

Thanks for reading and I’m out!



~ by dynamicentrance on June 17, 2009.

18 Responses to “The Awesomeness World of Manga: ~Until Death Do Us Part”

  1. FIRST BITCH ! πŸ˜€

  2. Now I just … feel like getting into that. Just ’cause.
    The way you described it made it sound appealing.
    In other words, excellent job, Eva.

  3. 2nd!

  4. WTF – might i ask when u sleep Dynamic? FMA ep breakdown, to shipper ep’s and now this… u must inject coffee stright into ur brain 0_0 . lol.
    ok, time to read it …

  5. Good stuff. I like it.
    Can i recommend a list of amnga to you that aren’t well know, that could help fill up the Alphabet?

  6. 5th haha
    cool dynamic I’ll take a look at them
    Anything with death in the name goya to be awesome right? LOL :p

  7. HELL YEAH!!!! I’m off to read it now!!! *injects coffee straight into brain cells* RAAAAWWWRRRR!!! *Falls over dead* X_X

  8. *digs hole*
    *pushes super’s body down an embankment*
    *drags it back up*
    *puts body into hole*
    *fills hole*
    *walks away*

  9. I was already dead why’d you have to desecrate my body by pushing it down an embankment? To make it look like an accident? How will you explain the coffee injected into my brain cells? At first it looked like suicide (which it was) but now it looks like someone else injected me with coffee and then pushed me down an embankment! 0_0 And you got your fingerprints all over me…

    Oh yeah I’m dead….er….BOOO!!! @_@

  10. Hmm all can be explained.
    Because of the coffee injection, u slipped down the embankment.
    U then struggled and dragged yourself up it.
    Then proceeded to fall into a hole that i had incidentally dug.
    Unknowingly i filled in the hole, and then whistled while walking away.
    That’s my story and i’m sticking to it.

  11. *totally ignores new idiotic behaviour from super and mud*

    @mud: lists are good, sure. Why don’t you post one yourself? It’s not like I have to do all the work -_-

    I DO sleep. I also type at a speed of 30 letters per second, so these posts take me less time than making myself dinner. Do not fear. Coffee injection side-effects have already been overcome by my body. I’ve taken too many.

  12. 30 letters/sec 0_0 u must have robot hands…
    and yeah i could, but seems like less work (for me)to make you read the entire series and then post your summary.
    Anyway – i guess i will, expect it in 2-3 weeks lol.

  13. I’m happy XD I’ve converted (I hope) 8 people to UDDUP! Now I can rant with someone! *is totally alone when it comes to ranting about lesser mangas*

  14. I’m actually reading that UDDUP right now.
    I’m on the 3rd chapter, where he just gave his name after going Super-saiyan all over those Yakuza gangsters.

    @dynamic: 30 letters per second ? Hmm.

  15. @nagashi: … do not sound suspicious! *crosses out 0 when no one’s looking* There, see! Totally normal typing speed! ^^;

    A-ha! You are reading it! … me too actually O_O New chappie just came out. XD

  16. This is a good topic. How about a similar topic thread on other Anime shows as well. I can think a few off the top of my head that might appeal to all or even some of our fellow readers and compatriots here.

  17. way !!!!! I didn’t think you’d create a review this fast!
    i’v also gone and made a blog that’s gonna be dedicated solely to reccomending manga, I started as soon as I asked you about it before.
    so far iv done a review of sket dance and will attemp more soon.
    this review is really good, definitly gonna check out the manga.
    but I was hopeing u could take a look at my blog sometime, i’m gonna finish a few more reviews and when I have I hope you will take a Look and give
    me your opinion. I’ll give u link soon if u want.

  18. @dynamic: Are you all the way up at 65 ? Uhh …
    *looks around nervously* I’m at 65 too, yeah …
    *crosses out 6 when everybody’s not looking anymore*

    Hey, Maybe if enough people get into it, there can be an author to do a breakdown for each chappie. =D

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