The Pairing Wars: Episode 2: Attack of the Strawberry Cologne + WINNER of Episode 1

Hey! This is Eva again (dynamicentrance), asking you the most honest question: Aren’t you tired of me yet? If the answer is yes, then I’m sorry to disappoint you, because the poll in Episode 1 of the Pairing Wars had 72 people telling me to just get on with it and that they’ll somehow live through the horror that TPW (new acronym for the Pairing Wars if you didn’t get that yet) is.

3 people admitted their true feelings (thank God someone around here is still normal) and told me that I’m braindead and that I should just stuff it. ^^;. 

1 person attempted to exorcise me. I can’t really blame them. Dro and Super and, finally, myself just snapped in the comments section with comments that were truly TLDR. We’re sorry for the inconvenience of: loss of eyesight, braindeadness and total NaruHina/NaruSaku conversion that our comments may have spawned. Otherwise, we’d rather tell everyone to STFU and not read them.

Right, I’ve decided to close the voting on the first episode on the 15th of June It’s still going for those who want to vote on the poll, but the votes aren’t counted anymore, sorry ^^; The winner is officially NaruHina (I was vouching for Inari, dammit!) with 50 votes, followed by NaruSaku with 26.

Third place goes to SakuHina with 7 votes, because the picture of those two together does wonders to the male mind.

Fourth is Inari, still not making a move for Sakura with 5 votes, and SasuNaru, the pairing that added an -ai to all shonen manga is in fifth place with 4 votes.

Now onto the long dreaded awaited Episode 2 of The Pairing Wars: Attack of the Strawberry Cologne! Kudos to eatencookie for stating the obvious– it’s about Bleach! *gasp!* What a surprise!… and I must be high again *sigh*. That would explain the rantiness of this post.

Attack of the Strawberry Cologne

IchiRuki vs. IchiHime

 Ha! You got me. I’m going for the so-far most discussed and most probable pairings in the real mangas, but… I’ve run out of the most popular mangas (except for One Piece which I still have to read) and the others just aren’t quite as discussable. So Episode 3 will most likely be exploring further into Bleach and Naruto, or else a new manga that has enough followers and a good enough debate. The later ones won’t have to be ‘Realistic’, as in, they won’t be about which pairing is canon, but rather, which do you prefer.

So–o… Ichigo in the middle this time?


... I gotta admit, Japanese people are cute when they cosplay... *cough* SO! Who will it be for our little strawberry?

... I gotta admit, Japanese people are cute when they cosplay... *cough* SO! Who will it be for our little strawberry?



Artwork by: Behindinfinity


Once again, I’m sorry to say that I’m prejudiced. Yes, I support IchiRuki. So sue me please don’t sue me. ^^; But I will try to type this up as fairly as I possibly can even though I’m boiling at the thought of talking about Bitchyhime heheh… *looks around hoping that nobody here is an Orihime fan*… Orihime in a normal way.

Now IchiRuki has been hinted throughout the series, although the main setback would probably be the fact that Rukia is, in fact, a shinigami, while we are pretty sure that Ichigo is a normal human. Yeah, right. Well, he’s a half-hollow hybrid known as a vizard, but he’s still a virgin living being.

This is what makes all great relationships tick-- love/hate!

This is what makes all great relationships tick-- love/hate!

 Artwork by: Ravenrockmind

But if we were to see past that little problem somehow, we’d notice what every fan has held in his heart since the beginning of the manga. Both Ichigo and Rukia have it bad for each other. You could call it simple hints, but I remember every moment when they mentioned something like this: Rukia when she was leaving to save Ichigo definitely said ‘love’ (or was that in the anime? O_o Well, I know she did), and Ichigo was inconsistently troubled about rumors starting about him and her in the school after pointedly saying that he doesn’t care what people think about him.

Well I’ve ranted long enough about irrelevant nearly-facts because I’m a sucker, so now I come to the actual pro’s and con’s of Ichiruki.

I believe that their characters complement each other pretty well: while Ichigo feels the constant need to protect, Rukia scolds him for it and makes him feel better even if he fails. It’s not a relationship where the male would have to be stronger, and Ichigo needs that to take down his ego. He always feels guilty about the things around him, but Rukia always finds a way to make him better. He grows stronger through his need to protect. She can also provide answers to many of his questions and is a great friend. Plus, tehy enjoy their arguments on both ends ;P

The main drawback is, as I said, the fact that Rukia is dead, and has been dead for the past 150 years or so. Even if the pairing became canon, it would all end in tragedy because they wouldn’t get to be together anyway. Unless Ichigo died, which Rukia would never allow *whoop for the girl!*. So as strongly as the relationship is being hinted throughout the manga with various bonding, interaction and thoughts, it’s not likely to become canon in a hurry. But remember Ichigo’s dad? He was shinigami and he ended up marrying a human. I’m still hoping… ^^;


Well, we come to one of the most popular pairings in Bleach and coming close to canon, if only one-sidedly. Orihime doesn’t hide her feelings at all– she’s head over heels for our orange strawberry.

She seemed quite oblivious to him in the beginning. True, she’d always shown some sort of liking, but only recently did we discover that she actually loves him. The girl that was so weird and likeable in the beginning now turned broody over romance and being saved.


A wish before betrayal... if only she could've said it to his face... *shudders at what she's typing*

A wish before betrayal... if only she could've said it to his face... *shudders at what she's typing*


While Orihime loves Ichigo with her whole being and is ready to sacrifice herself to the arrancar for him, she doesn’t show complete devotion, like say, Hinata when she truly was ready to die for the one she loves. In the past few chapters, I was really disappointed about her character– even when Ichigo was about to get killed, she was completely helpless and was asking him to save her, like he hadn’t risked everything for her by coming there. 

Her need for a hero could be considered both as an improvement and a drawback– while Ichigo likes to protect those around him, her personality is too weak and depressive. I think that if she were to revert to her old self, when she’d been goofy and happy, but also brave, IchiHime would definitely become canon in a good way.


Return to the good old days, when she was an honest-to-God goofball and a lovable character?

Return to the good old days, when she was an honest-to-God goofball and a lovable character?


Artwork by: grandchaosSR

Now from Ichigo’s point of view, I’ve always seen him look at her with a more brotherly type of look. I could be wrong, but while he always reserves romance-hinting thoughts for Rukia, he never spares something like that for Orihime. It could, of course, it might be Tite playing with our minds while secretly setting up the stage for pure IchiHime *barfs at the thought*. In my opinion, no matter how much I hate to admit it, I think we’re heading for IchiHime. Just like with NaruHina, I don’t see why Tite would be hinting at the romance if he wasn’t intent on making it canon. Later on it would just create problems– Orihime being depressed and lonely… Ichigo feeling guilty…

But I must say that there is another good reason for Orihime to be left out– I can definitely see Ishida warming up to the girl. And if Ichigo does somehow end up with Rukia, as impossible as that seems right now, Orihime wouldn’t be left alone, because Ishida would be there for her. It would be a much more complex ending, but much more worth it in my opinion ^^.

Well, I’ve ranted long enough and now it’s time for your opinions! Sorry if I was a little too biased, but I couldn’t help it. ^^; You’ll hear more from me in the debates with super and dro, and perhaps even cookie if she feels like joining in O_o But time for the polls!

And now, I come to a dead-end for my next episode. Well, actually, I have lots of ideas, but I’m not sure what to choose. And i have no idea on which mangas are popular around here. I remain ignorant of One Piece, but that will soon change (how did mudshovel manage to convert me? O_o) although not in time for the next TPW episode. So, what’s it gonna be?

I know, slim pickings above. But I really am stumped on what to do. I would love to make one for ‘Skip Beat!’, but it’s a shojo and I don’t expect the guys to read it. Even if it is the best goddamn manga in the world and it only whiffs of shojo slightly. >>) And Gakuen Alice would also be brilliant, but hey! I don’t expect people to be reading them. Just tell me some other pairings you have in mind and perhaps some other mangas. If i haven’t read them and they’re short, I’ll try and immerse myself in a new story. ^^ One Piece is on my mind now however >.<

Well, can’t wait for the debate! I hope this will attract just as much attention– I had a lot of fun reading last episode’s comments. Let the Pairing Wars begin!


~ by dynamicentrance on June 16, 2009.

28 Responses to “The Pairing Wars: Episode 2: Attack of the Strawberry Cologne + WINNER of Episode 1”

  1. FISRT!!

  2. oh believe it suckers 😉

  3. @cookie: only because I told you 😛

  4. @dynamic: as if 😉 it was my awesome insight and coolness that got me here before everyone else lol

  5. 2nd! because dynamic doesnt count…its her own post =P

  6. that one playing ichigo looks like a girl….or a very feminine looking man…

  7. Third.
    Pretty sure it’s gonna be IchiHime …

  8. Hehe, I was one of the four that voted for SasuNaru xD

    Hmmm, maybe you should do a pairing war about crack pairings, or crossover pairings [ugh] I might spawn interesting conversation…

    I’m new here by the way ^_^

  9. Whoops, I meant “It might spawn interesting conversation,” not “I” heh.

  10. Gonna have to say that the most interesting next pairing for me would definitely be Urahara/Yoru

    I mean seriously, she blows all the others away in terms of hotness.

  11. nekovi: way to make me gag XD. *shudders at NaruSasu*

  12. @Zekks: Damn right!!!!

  13. haha good stuff Eva. I enjoy reading these ^__^

  14. @everyone: wow, discuss much? @_@ I was waiting on dro and super but they haven’t appeared! T.T Damn this sugar addiction is driving me crazy. I have to lay off the chocolate for a while.

    @cookie: I am officially inviting you to the One Piece breakdown to watch as mud and super nosebleed at the sight of my wonderful shrine-defense. Cookies will be abundant ^^

  15. So is everyone waiting for someone to kick things off?
    All right then
    *walks over and kicks Supertrek*
    *points to episode 2*
    *no reaction*
    *pokes super’s lifeless body*

    Anyway although i won’t really be ‘discussing’ this, i must say out of all of them it has to IchiRuki. Orihmie is just annoying IMO. Come on – she might have a large rack but at some stage you need a spine in a relationship and i can’t see her ever having one.
    There that should start some ppl talking, it’ll be either furious agreement or just plain furious. lol. And then he said to them “let the shippers rage” MUHAHAHAHA.

    Oh i started typing this an hour ago but got side tracked by tv. It was a word a commerical break at some stages 😛

  16. Orihime** she’s so insignificant that i can’t type her name properly 😛

  17. *notices dynamics offer* hmmm…a shrine eh? *goes and gets sunchairs and popcorn* *leaves for the one piece dicussion*

  18. *Revives and wonder how he died in the first place* *suspiciously looks at water he drunk before going to bed and notices a thin layer of white powder floating on top of the water* sees a Chinese souvenir and some spinach left behind by the culprit* 0_0

    LMAO, great breakdown once again Dynamic. I liked how you advertised two new manga at the end of it all…as if that wasn’t on purpose. 😉 Oh, and your post didn’t sound bias at all… >_>

    In all honesty I don’t really care who Ichigo winds up with. I was leaning towards Orihime when she confessed her love because I was like “WTF?” then I was like, “Awww, that’s so sweet” then I proceeded to look at her big boobs… 0_0

    But as you’ve said in recent chapters her weak, damsel in distress, useless attitude has made me not a fan of hers. While on the other hand Rukia has been looking more and more badass throughout the entire arc. Now I’m leaning towards Rukia. In the end if this keeps up I hope it’s IchiRuki because Ichigo winding up with a weak girl like Orihime would just be stupid.

    In the end if Orihime steps up and changes I really don’t care who Ichigo winds up with. Orhime has the looks while Rukia has the fighting ability and she’s not bad looking at all. They’re both kind, trustworthy, caring, and yada yada yada.

    BTW, NaruHina FTEW!!! 😛

  19. by the way its kinda already decided, if you look at the pilot for bleach it shows that ichigo and orihime both like each other. However in this pilot rukia is the size of a toy soldier so it may change. lol
    rukia is more of a support for ichigo, but in the end itll be orihime.

    is there anyway the people here could recommend good manga, iv read a few now but its hard to filter out the good from the bad.

    I think brief posts about mangas that you may have read would be really good and may get more people to check this blog out.
    by brief i mean one post alone, not constant updates like naruto and bleach. Perhaps one new manga a week. i would do it but i have no talent for writing.

  20. @wul: Yeah, I was thinking of doing that seeing as I’ve been finding tons of good manga in the past few months. It would be interesting’– both shojo and shonen, and please don’t say it’s not for you just because it’s shojo– some of them are really good. ^^
    I’ll see if I decide to try it out and see how it goes along– I already have a perfect manga that should appeal to just about everyone here XD

    @super: Yay! You’re back! And w00t, you’re on my side again in this one ^^ I think I liked Orihime in the VERY beginning. Everything started going downhill after the whole sereitei arc. She became a broody, weak ego-maniac. Yes. She cares about others but so far I haven’t seen her sacrifice much or save anyone unless she was forced to.
    I’m off to work on a new sketch on photoshop. It’s a surprise! *winkwink* ;D

  21. @dynamic- never fails to satisfy.

    Um, I was a Ichiruki fan up to the end of the rescue arc. After that It died. Just didn’t feel it anymore. Still don’t. She now feels like a support character. Tite has mentioned that their relationship is like ying and yang. Plus I too have noticed Rukia is smaller now. She has worn Ichigo’s younger sisters pajamas >_>

    Now on to Orihime. I kinda had the opposite impression of her. I found her quite annoying in the beginning. I only started liking her during the rescue arc. I became a Ichihime fan after that goodbye scene. I was moved I guess and felt sorry for the chick. They have also hinted that Ichigo cares for the girl, but to what extent we don’t know.

    ATM I am rooting for IchiNel. Yeah I know I’m crazy, but don’t you know I’m Loco!! Any who, I liked her character since she came out. At first it was as a comic relief. She was like a little sister. Then they went a lil into her character when she transformed into her real form( and a mighty form it was 😀 ). Not sure it its sister/brother love or she might actually like him, But you can’t deny there isn’t something there. Just look at this.


    Even if its not probable at least now Ichigo has a Shinigami, a Human, and now a Hollow(with shinigami powers). That completes the cycle seen as how Ichigo belongs to all 3 worlds now.

  22. @captn: IchiNel FTW ^^ I like it too, although I don’t think it’s probable in the least.
    For some reason, Orihime just struck me as such a weak, egoistical character (plus I was rooting for Rukia), that when she confessed to Ichigo I didn’t feel any emotion. Just a sort of ‘meh, I’d replace her with Rukia’. XD

  23. @captnmexico: Noooo, you forgot the “h” in front of the ttp.

  24. I go back and fw with this but I like IchiRuki better aned Ishida and Orihime would actually make such a curte couple but meehh don’t think is gonna go that way.

    @dynamicentrance- Completely agree with the Skip Beat comment in fact agree so much that I signed up here just for that!

    BTW, Hi everyone!! I’m new here. Well i’ve been reading for a while but first time comment.

  25. Can I still suggest the fantasy of IchiYori?

    Yeah…in case you didn’t notice…Yori is definitely my fav.

  26. @Jinetmc: YOSH! Welcome to WRA. Now give me all your money…

    Lol, jkjk. Ahem…*sees Scorp walking by* *Scorp passes and waves* *waves back*

    Phew, that was a close one. If he saw me mugging you he would’ve jumped in and mugged me taking in all the profit. Alright, you’re free to go now. Just stay away from all the crazed people around here. >_>

  27. *hides money and runs…. fast*


  28. Did you forget Lee and Sakura?

    Nobody understands Lee (his youth his flawed >__>

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