The Pairing Wars: Episode 1- The Foxy Menace


Before you start reading this, please note that I might get killed by Scorpion for not asking permission to do this. If I disappear suddenly, you should be certain that it wasn’t the Michael Jackson zombies.^^ However, this is just for fun and I don’t expect anyone to even attempt reading it. If you do though, I’d be honored. Even if this thing only took me 30 min. -_-‘

This is Eva again (who just seems to have too much time on her hands), otherwise known as dynamicentrance. The reason I’m doing this right now is probably because it’s been bugging me for the past two months like a prick in my finger that I just can’t pull out. I think I know at least ten other people who feel the same, so hopefully we can gain some reasonable opinions from this post. And have a good debate while we’re at it ^^.

Everyone who reads the Naruto manga should know by now about the huge set up Kishi’s brought about. NaruHina or NaruSaku? And while we’re on the subject, we should remember that whichever girl he choses (and he’d better chose one), leaves the other open for pairing. Now I’m a NaruHina sucker, so I might not be the best person to type this up, but I’m also pretty reasonable with both sides of the argument.

And so begin the pairing wars: Episode 1- The Foxy Menace (I’ll leave that for you to interpret ^^):

Two girls, one guy. Can Kishi really let us choose?

Two girls, one guy. Can Kishi really let us choose?

Photo by Obaka-Momo


NaruSaku is one of the faves that’s flying around the web right now. I must admit, they would make quite a cute couple, although Sakura has a few quirks (like being an absolute *itch to Naruto before the time skip). The best argument for it would probably go along the lines of them having been friends for many years now. They’re close, they have common interests, and Sakura provides the much-needed attention that Naruto strives for (albeit by bashing him over the head). And Sakura would gain the much needed support that Naruto’s character provides. As we all know, she loves him this much just because she knows that whoever she decides to be, Naruto will always be there for her. It’s win-win on both sides.

I believe that if she began to really care about him without hiding feelings or pretending she doesn’t love him, it would be the optimal choice of pairing. Besides, this would prove to us that Sakura’s stopped chasing after Sasuke, a traitor and emo. It would be a nice improvement on her character.

Can this hug really be stronger than a real confession of love?
Can this hug really be stronger than a real confession of love?

Artwork by: An Haruno Girl

Of course, if we’re prepared to say that they end up together, we get naught for Hinata. What’s the next pairing? Would you like KibaHina? Because that’s where it’d be heading if the NaruSaku ship was real. If Kishi really is going for global appeal, he’ll have to think long and hard on who to choose. So after examining the pro’s, we’ll have to move on to the con’s:

Sakura, although a great friend to our favorite blonde, hasn’t been that friendly all the time. She was downright horrible in the beginning, and would’ve probably taken much longer to change her opinion had it not been for the betrayal of Sasuke. And while she seems to have certain feelings, she completely refuses to admit them. Is she embarrassed about liking Naruto? Because that’s not the way a girl should feel about the guy she likes. And while we’re on the subject, we mustn’t forget that she’s still obsessed with Sasuke, even if it’s in a different way. Who knows what she’d do if he does come back to the village?

So far, there aren’t many clues on this pairing being canon. While Naruto was head over heels for Sakura, the kunoichi doesn’t seem to show anything from the viewpoint of romance towards the blonde. And while you could look for subtle hints, Kishi only gave one sure, cahracter-worded clue that this might be happening:

This sentence never was finished. But Yamato seems to have a pretty good insight on the young pink-haired kunoichi's feelings.

This sentence never was finished, but it was hinting NaruSaku all the way. Yamato seems to have a pretty good insight on the young pink-haired kunoichi's feelings.

There are probably more to this than what I’ve typed up, but I’ll leave the rest of the debating for the comments section (or else chatroll if you’re still fired up about it ^^). I look forward to hearing your own thoughts on this (I’m still a NaruHina, even after typing this… nope, NaruSaku doesn’t move me XP).


And now we move onto the pairing a lot of people have considered ‘canon over 9000’ after the famous 437th chapter aptly named ‘Condfession’. I don’t blame them– this was the first time anyone’s ever told Naruto that they love him in that way. If I were him, I would’ve started hyperventilating on the spot (he decided to hyperventilate Konoha instead). The pro’s are probably obvious on Hinata’s side: she’s loved him for so long it’s difficult to imagine her loving anyone else (which is why I find KibaHina slightly exaggerated) and Naruto was the one person who’d managed to change her whole being, turning the shy, weak Hyuuga into a powerful and brave kunoichi, if only in the eyes of Naruto and her cousin.  ^^

The fated scene that NO ONE had been expecting from a shonen mangaka.

The fated scene that NO ONE had been expecting from a shonen mangaka.

Naruto, however, being as blind to romance as Paris Hilton is to common sense, doesn’t make the ideal pair. As much as the confession must’ve impacted him, he can’t simply start loving someone because she loves him. If it does happen, it’ll take time and a lot of *thinking* bubbles in the manga. He’s been chasing after Sakura for so long that he didn’t even opt for anyone else (I don’t think he believed that anyone else loves him anyway), so it’ll be hard to digest what Hinata’s told him.

Is canon really canon? Or will Kishi throw in a twist?

Is canon really canon? Or will Kishi throw in a twist?

Artwork by me, because this was my first photoshop colored pic and I’m proud XP

And then, what if NaruHina does happen? It’s pretty likely already. But let’s say Naruto ends up with the shy girl– what happens with Sakura? Of course, if Kishi’d go this far to be canon or else simply cliche, he’d immediately send Sakura off with Sasuke. Yup, as much as I regret saying it, this is the main downside of NaruHina: SasuSaku. But hey! we can always hope for Inari to make a move XD.

So now it comes to this– you’ve heard my opinions, all together in one, and you probably have at least a hundred more to add. So I’m here to listen in and pick a winner: What’s it gonna be: Hinata or Suckura Sakura?

And now I’m done. The pairings steam is out and about, while I’m still vouching for NaruHina. I am waiting for support from super >)

Episode 1 was a drag, especially since one of them’s bound to happen. But if you liked this so far, then I might just move it up to Episode 2: Attack of the Strawberry Cologne. If anyone gets the pun in both those titles and is the first to shout it out, I swear I shall give out vampire cookies ^^

And now I hope everyone’s in the mood for a debate. If not, or else if Scorpion decides to kill me because I didn’t ask permission to do this, then you won’t hear from me about all those nasty pairings again. This is a promise. Now I seriously need to know though:

With this, I take my leave.



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  1. FIRST !

  2. And now to actually read this. LoL.

  3. NaruSaku = Fail x 9000 (which would equal over 9000 megawatts of fail).

    Naruto might like Sakura, but he should get with Hinata.
    Why ? ‘Cause Sakura still probably likes Sasuke, and she’s a total bitch.

    SaiSaku 😀

  4. SECOND!!

  5. You forgot to mention that Sakura is a blood sucking vampire zombie…3rd? Great post Dynamic…random but a good read nonetheless. 🙂

  6. @super: How could I have missed that? @_@

    @nagashikage: I agree on the equation, but I think Suckura’s gotten slightly better since those old days when she was a downright whore.

  7. pfft if sakura ends up going all sasuke-kun when he makes his appearance i WILL palm face and shake me head…

    NARUHINA FTW!!! she got there first and with style:P

  8. Sukura looks like she is just using naruto as “back-up” in case Sasgay shuns her.She may be staking out option “b” so she doesn’t end up a spinster. Can you imagine Sukura as a wife/girl friend? SCARY! Whaaam! Naruto wouldn’t last a week.

    I just wish Hinata would have ran up to Naruto first and gave him a big hug and claimed her man. Instead, she watches Sukura grope her man which causes her to freeze up.

    Naruto needs to wake up and smell the Hinata. MMMM..MMMM…good.

  9. I really like this post, it had good insight on both pairings…i seem to be the ONLY NaruSaku supporter on this site, surrounded by NaruHina fans…let me straight up what i think of both pairings…

    A: What kind of relationship would Naruto and Hinata have exactly? It would probably be the most boring and one-sided relationship ever. Hinata doesn’t complement Naruto well, he’s energetic and boisterous…she shy and reserved. I know people say that opposites attract, but c’mon. She wouldn’t be able to stop some of Naruto’s boneheaded actions with her little voice. Hinata would be one of those stay at home wives…which, are nice sure…but (this might just be me, and probably why i dont like Hinata) when i get married i would want someone who isn’t afraid to speak her mind, someone who is outgoing, someone who will be an equal…not a mousy, quiet, smothering woman who is obsessed over me. Hinata has none of these traits, the only times she shows any backbone is when she’s in front of Naruto…Sure I’m not Naruto and my opinions probably aren’t the same, but cmon…with his personality, do u really think that the pairing would work?

    B: What was Hinata to Naruto, exactly? A friend, sure, but he didn’t even think twice about her…He even straight up thought of her as a weirdo before that:
    the only time he thought anything of her was after his match with Kiba in the Chuunin exams:
    Sure after Hinata’s match and her determination Naruto probably thought of Hinata as a friend, but beforehand…she was his weird stalker…

    C: Sakura shows many of the same characteristics as Hinata minus the impish nature…
    Wanting to try harder because of Naruto…check:
    and then again…
    Jumping in a situation that will probably lead to them getting hurt to try to save Naruto…check:

    To all you people who say Sakura doesn’t care enough about Naruto…here’a a few examples:
    Some other people are also able to pick up on it:

    D: There’s a few things that Sakura realized about Naruto, and that takes some growing up to do.
    Knowing that Naruto is not who she original thought:

    E: Sakura is not a bitch anymore…sure she hated Naruto, but she doesn’t feel that way anymore…Naruto is her closest friend. When she hits Naruto it’s because he’s being a Baka…plus she doesnt mean those hits…they’re more like ‘love taps’, but from Sakura, well, those taps become pretty tough…btw she isnt hitting him as hard as she could…Naruto would’ve died a long time ago.

    Ok…this has been one of the longest posts i have ever done…but it was worth it…hopefully some nice debating can come from this. 😛 eh, super?

  10. LMAO, you make it out like I am some type of evil ruler who will banish you to hell >_<. This type of stuff is fine, just don’t make a post about a topic that is covered by another person already….this stuff is fine.

  11. I can’t decide. I like ’em both. Hinata would care for Naruto with unreserved devotion, but like DrO said, she doesn’t compliment him very well b/c she’s naturally shy and quiet. Sakura teaches him how to be social. It was her normal behavior that got Sasuke (yes, *him*) and Naruto to get over being social morons and to care for someone other than themselves. Sasuke helped Naruto to gain that care for other ppl as well.

    Sakura has feelings, but is unwilling to get over Sasuke to be with Naruto. IMHO, Naruto should stick with Sakura as they are teammates and they are comfortable with each other. Sakura would keep Naruto in check with his idiotic behavior. I just don’t see him changing his energy; I don’t believe that Hinata could deal with all that *gestuers vaguely at Naruot as he learns a new jutsu*.

    AND IF ANYONE ELSE MENTIONS KIBA WITHOUT INO ATTACHED, I will turn Akmed the Dead Terrorist on yo a$$! *pffffff…* Hey…what’s that sound…? =)

  12. LOL, defensive much Dro Sensei?
    @Dynamic: Too much time on your hands *shakes head* lol jkjk.
    Must say the polls made me LMAO and some of the subtle puns as well.
    Well there seems to be lot of talk about NaruSaku and NaruHina but neither is gonna happen. Why? Well when you have hot chick confess to you and a bit later all you can think about is continuing to chase a guy around, it’s pretty safe to say that all the yaoi lovers will be the ones cheering the most.
    Also Scorp’s rein of tyranny has only just begun! Lol jkjk.

  13. *random guy, definately not DrO-SeNsEi* KibaHina! NaruIno!!! AHAHAHAHA

  14. @dro: that’s like, the longest comment I’ve ever seen !
    How long did it take you to find all those links ?

  15. @ nagashikage: meh, i know my way around the Naruto Manga well enough so that it was easy to find them…:P…besides i had some time on my hands today

    @ mudshovel: i must go on the attack before they can…the best defense is a good offense.

  16. NaruSaku! But again I predict Sakura to die so Kishi can give Hinata her sick, seductive wish.

  17. I still hope and think for NaruHina. I think that Hinata is more of the opposite that Naruto needs to compliment his nature. Her shyness and carefullness would be an influence on his brashness and outgoing attitude. To put it in the best way I can think of I see Hinata as the ying to Naruto’s yang.

    Sakura it seems like to me, as much as she might have started to develop feelings for Naruto, will never get over Sasuke and end up as only a close friend to Naruto. I think this is because if she does end up revealing and acting on those feelings towards Naruto she will feel concurrently feel as though she has given up on Sasuke and his return ever to her and Konoha. hence she won’t ever truly be with Naruto in any capacity of more than friends/teammates.

    On a tangent, I wonder that if Sasuke was to ever come back to Konoha’s side, the only thing I can ever see causing this would be after something along the lines of severely hurting/injuring/killing Sakura that would bring to finally realize what’s he’s done. That being said, I doubt that Kishi would ever kill her but who knows.

  18. alrighty…my 2 cents…
    NaruSaku..definitely no doubts in my mind about this one. look the truth of the matter is, you fall in love with someone the more you spend time with them. idk if i should say most but i’m gonna anyway, most people marry their best friends. you dont fall in love with a person you dont spend time with.
    so with that in mind lets look at the facts…
    1) naruto and sakura have always been on the same team (minus training trip) so they spend a LOT of time together
    2) sakura’s “hitting” of naruto are love taps. haven’t you guys seen the movie “Hitch”? and i quote “In case you didn’t go to high school, hitting is a GOOD thing.” haha
    3) I’m not as good as DRO, so i’m not going to go look it up, but before hinata’s confession to naruto, how long had it been since we saw her in the manga? a freakin long time dude. and no one can say they met up but it wasn’t in the manga, if it didnt happen in the manga, then it doesn’t exist.
    4) my man DRO already proved several times that sakura has done as much as hinata, if not more. even if they are just hinting at it, dont try to tell me we couldn’t figure out what Kishi meant by it.
    my point is you just dont fall in love with acquaintances, and right now thats what naruto and hinata are. they don’t spend time together, so unless that changes drastically, i’m goin NaruSaku…..though i think i’ll always be 🙂
    @dro- dude you’re a beast. i would not have taken the time to get that much evidence which is wjat makes it pure awesomeness

  19. Oh my…hehehehe 😉 I hope you make this fun for me Dro! 🙂

    A. Well now you might see them as a boring couple because she’s shy and reserved but I could see them as a fun couple. Are you saying shy and reserved people can’t have fun? Hinata can’t go out on dates with Naruto because she’s shy and this why they can’t have fun and would be a boring couple? Hmmm…well I have to disagree here because that’s all assumption. The relationship would be far from one-sided as Naruto cares enough for Hinata to never let her do all the work in a relationship by herself. You gotta give the guy more credit than that Dro. In fact Hinata compliments Naruto perfectly as a couple.

    Instead of bashing him over the head every day and bruising his ego (Sakura)! She (Hinata) compliments Naruto and raises him up. You’re right Naruto has a lot of energy and with that energy comes a big ego. He’s the man to become the future Hokage after all, so he deserves and has the right to his humongous ego. Naruto needs a girl who will boost his ego, acknowledge him, and raise his spirits. Remember how important acknowledgment is in Naruto’s life. Hinata is the “perfect” spouse for him in this case. She’s not afraid to express her feelings as you and I both know. Unlike Sakura who bashes on him, refuses to compliment him in his face, and always degrades the poor guy. Hinata boosts him and Sakura tears him down. Do you really think Sakura compliments Naruto perfectly after all of this?

    Let’s see here, “when i get married i would want someone who isn’t afraid to speak her mind” (Dro)

    Hmmm…someone that’s not afraid to speak her mind. LMAO, by all accounts that would be Hinata right? Must I remind you of this little scene Sakura could never do tha- Oh wait, scratch that I forgot about this little epic piece right here. Sakura CAN speak her mind! Here remember Oh shit that wasn’t a confession to Naruto! My fault Dro pretend you didn’t see that… >_> <__<

    Hey, isn’t it ironic that the shy “impish” girl is the one with enough guts to express her true feelings. While the “outgoing” brutish man girl is to afraid to say her true feelings…if she has any that is. They’ve been hinted at but even she won’t admit anything even to herself. tsk tsk tsk…

    B. What was/is Naruto to Sakura exactly? A friend…not really in the past. More like a annoying guy she really disliked and saw as a useless ninja.
    Always getting in the way of her first love (and possibly still in love with) Sasuke.
    Lol, she really didn’t care did she?

    You’re right Naruto thought of Hinata as a weird stalker girl and didn’t pay her much mind. Sakura thought of Naruto as an idiot not worth 2 cents and didn’t give him much mind. Both girls have changed and so has Naruto in the past 3 years so in the end both of our Point ‘B’s are moot, but it’s always good to bring up past references. 😉

    C. Hinata also shows many characteristics of Sakura minus the hitting…

    Willing to try harder

    Jumping into situations saving Naruto’s life.
    I don’t seem to recall Sakura ever saving Naruto’s life…maybe I forgot and can be reminded with a link? Oh well, I’m sure she’ll get to it someday.

    And of course we both know how Hinata cares for Naruto.

    and of course recently

    D. Yes, while Sakura took forever just to recognize the talented ninja Hinata knew from the very beginning.

    E. Sakura is not a bitch anymore? Agreed, she is not because she has changed thank God! Doesn’t mean those hits are “love taps” though. Just because her crazy schizo personality ‘Inner Sakura’ is gone doesn’t mean her anger problem went away. I still think she gets off on causing Naruto pain…that’s just me though. 😉

    So overall what have we proven with all of these links Dro? That both Sakura and Hinata care for Naruto and that Naruto cares for both of them. Have either of us proven that Naruto cares for one over the other? That he’d die for one over the other if he had no choice? Do we even know where Naruto’s feelings stand now for Sakura? I think not. But what has been shown that separates Hinata from Sakura is the fact that she admitted her love for Naruto and Sakura hasn’t. She’s taking steps forward while Sakura is standing there watching from the sidelines.

    If Sakura’s hug was a step forward then it was equivalent to stepping out on the sidewalk and finally seeing the sunlight. While Hinata’s confession was a leap on the moon bounding freely.

    This is just my opinion on why I believe in NaruHina and not NaruSaku. You’re not wrong for believing NaruSaku and I hope you don’t get that message from my post. This long ass thing is just to show my reasoning in why I believe this way. I appreciate your tenacity befitting one of the only NaruSaku supporters on this site as it makes for good debate. I hope all the NaruHina fans appreciate this post because it took me a looooong ass time to find all these links! >_<

    Arigato Dro for the debate! 😀

  20. @Dynamic: BTW, awesome drawing Dynamic and many kudos to you! 😀

  21. I’m for NaruHinaSaku……a poly relationship…you know like the mormons in southern Utah? Oh come on! You can’t tell me that wouldn’t be hot as hell!!! mmmm threesomes…*drool*

  22. @ super – congrats – u beat dros post in length 😀

  23. LOL mandi yummy na I like narusaku. Screw all u who hate I could care less!!!!

  24. NaruSaku all the way. There is no other option.

    Kishi is all about the cycles and repetition. Jiraiya and the Sannin were the pattern – Jiraiya’s failures are where Naruto will succeed.

    Jiraiya says: Tsunade turned him down every time, he couldn’t save his student (Minato) or his teacher (Sarutobi) and he couldn’t save his best friend (Orochimaru).

    Naruto will surpass Jiraiya in every way. He will save/redeem Sasuke, he will save Kakashi (not sure if Kakashi’s survival this go around counts or not – I’m expecting Sasuke to face Kakashi and Naruto ends up saving mask-faced-chidori-boy AND redeeming Sasuke at the same time) and he’ll probably end up saving Konohamaru in some upcoming arc.

    And Naruto WILL get Sakura. As PSI has said before, the series is called “Naruto” Kishi will see that he gets what he wants and what he does want/has always wanted is Sakura.

    Your links are impressive supertrek, but what they prove is that Hinata is a sweet nice girl with a huge crush on Naruto. I concede that they do establish a difference in Hinata’s and SAkura’s personality in that to date, Hinata is the one to speak her mind. But I contend that her speaking her mind is irrelevant. She’s not who Naruto wants and I’ve seen nothing to indicate that any of HIS feelings have changed significantly.

    Hinata’s confession in 437 serves more to jolt Sakura to an acknowledgment of her feelings both in regards to Sasuke(faing) and Naruto(growing). Indeed, Naruto’s reaction to SAkura’s hug was more happy/surprised/welcomed than his reaction to Hinata’s confession. (Oh, okay, maybe the battle had something to do with that one… 🙂 )

    And on the issue of cycles and repetition (gee, am I repeating that theme?) I really enjoyed this quote of yours:
    “Instead of bashing him over the head every day and bruising his ego (Sakura)! She (Hinata) compliments Naruto and raises him up.”

    LOL – the ONLY canon shinobi married couple where both partners are still living that we have as a reference point are the Naras. And Yoshino does a pretty good job of “bashing” Shikaku “over the head and brusing his ego” and yet – they are the only “successful” long-term couple we see in the manga.

    And when Shikamaru asks his dad why he married such a woman, his dad basically said, she has her moments and he has his reasons.

    Now, I don’t begin for a minute to suggest that Naruto’s personality is anything like Shikaku’s nor Sakura’s like Yoshino’s. But I DO think the relationship is illustrative – and basically he’s saying – what works for the parties involved is all that matters. Shikaku’s even more direct about it in his answer to Shikamaru – “even the roughest woman is tender to the ones she loves.” To me, if you look at the manga overall, that statement alone foreshadows NaruSaku much more so than NaruHina.

    And I say all this in the spirit of good natured disagreement super. I’ll be the first to admit that I may be wrong and if so so be it. I’m not at all opposed to NaruHina. But I just don’t see it happening within the framework of the overarching arc/storyline/structure of the manga itself. NaruHina may be cute, but NaruSaku is destined.

  25. @ loversrainscent: If you’re saying that Kishi does things in cycles then its only logical that Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke are the next cycle of Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Oro respectively. If this is true, you can compare the relationship between Jiraiya and Tsuande being the same as the relationship between Naruto and Sakura. And that is not as a couple but more as teases towards each other.

  26. Kishi does love the repition and circle of life thing. I could never give anymore reason as to support narusaku becuase they have all been shown expet one.
    Have any of u thought that hinata just like sakura BEFORE the time skip is nothing more than a fangirl. Sakura did the same thing with sasuke by always declareing her love and supporting him. Difference is now sakura has gotten over sasuka and now sees a friend and team mate she wants back. Hinata has yet to change she still has a crush on naruto, declares love like sakura gives some words of ecouragement like sakura! So there my two cents!

    Don’t worry dro your not alone on this website!!!

  27. @Ms.Mandi: may Kishi find it in his heart to allow that to happen. X)

  28. @dro: I admit you worked extensively, but your post STILL failed to change my mind. I just can’t see Sakura as anything but a really close friend. I don’t know who to blame– it’s not like I’m strongly AGAINST NaruSaku, but every time I picture them together, I feel… nada. Nothing. Can’t see it as cute no matter how much I try.

    P.S.: And you thought NO ONE else here likes NaruSaku? Try reading through the posts @_@

    @super: I knew i could count on you ^^ Your post not only sent me into ‘KAWAII!!!’ mode but reinforced my ideas of NaruHina. Yay and kudos for the longest post! Thanks for the comment on the pic. I have worked hard ^^;

    @lovesrainscent: I must admit, you only had one link but your theories sent me shivering. You’re too good. I’m scared that Kishi’ll make this NaruHina. But I’ve always had the theory of cycles and Sakura being to Naruto like Tsunade was to Jiraya– the closest friend and a tease. Nothing else.

    Besides, it’s not like Jiraya had someone who loved him quite as much as Hinata does Naruto. I think Kishi was definitely setting them up with all those moments mentioned in super’s post.

    @Mandi: … you know what? I think I like that XD

  29. *edit* @lovesrainscent: I’m scare that Kishi’ll NOT make this NaruHina. Heheh… big mistake. Oops.

  30. @Loves: Hehe 😉 I didn’t expect you to jump in and for NaruSaku of all things! GAHHHH, I’m at a loss right now…ok I’m back!

    That’s a good link but as Zekks said it’s not much of a repetitive cycle if the same thing doesn’t happen again and again. A cycle is like a circle a never ending loop. You’re right in that Kishi likes to repeat the previous generations so let’s look at how he’s done that so far. Jiraiya taught Minato who taught Kakashi who taught Naruto.

    Starting off with Jiraiya. He liked (loved?) Tsunade who was the female nin on his 3 unit team. He never got her. Jiraiya teaches the next generation Minato. I don’t know what girl was on his 3 unit team but he obviously didn’t wind up with her because his wife Kushina was from the Land of the Whirlpool. Minato teaches the next generation Kakashi. The female nin on his 3 unit team was Rin. She died so he definitely did end up with her. Kakashi teaches the present generation Naruto. The female nin on his team is Sakura. I see a pattern here…

    From what we’ve seen so far and as you’ve said Kishi is about cycles and repetition it seems like Naruto will not end up with Sakura. In fact it looks like one of them might die! And it can’t be Naruto…jkjk, I don’t even want that to happen but it’s not in my hands nor are the pairings. I’m just pointing out what’s there.

    If anything from all the pairings Minato was the only one to wind up with a girl and that girl wasn’t on his team. So if the father wound up with a girl not on his team I wonder who Naruto will wind up with…*cough**cough*Hinata*cough*ftw*cough*. 😉

    BTW, Naruto is not a big fan of destiny anyway.

    On a side note wouldn’t it be much easier for Naruto change the Hyuuga Clan if he just married the heiress to the main branch? Just saying… *whistles*

    @Death: There are more NaruSaku supporters on this site than before it seems. 😉

    Hinata just a mere fangirl eh? Lol, I think we can confirm her feelings for Naruto at this point but since you’re talking about 3 years ago let’s go back shall we? I don’t think Naruto or Hinata were fangirls at all 3 years ago. I truly believe that Sakura loved Sasuke with all her heart…lol, acutally I think she says it herself

    You make it seem like Sakura and Hinata were throwing out “I Love Yous” left and right, but in fact Sakura only declared her love for somebody once and Hinata only declared her love for somebody once. Sakura to Sasuke and Hinata to Naruto and both meant it. It has not been stated that Sakura has gotten over her feelings for Sasuke. In fact was has been shown is quite the opposite. She has been brooding over Sasuke for 3 years now and all throughout the Shippuden series (manga included) Sasuke has been on her mind. Of course she lost a friend but she also lost her first (and possibly still) love.

    As for Hinata, lol, you make it seem it’s wrong for her to be so caring towards Naruto. There’s nothing bad about her feelings not changing towards him. She loved him 3 years ago and she loves him now. Sakura’s flip flopping on the other hand.

    @Dish11: I’m sorry I forgot to address you. I see your main point is that Naruto and Sakura have spent more time together than Hinata. This is true and it does give her more chances. Does it mean Hinata can’t get together with Naruto though? No. You can spend all the time in the world together but if you don’t make your move nothing’s going to happen. You might even find yourself to late as someone else steps up to the plate and confesses their love to the person you’ve been spending all this precious time with. To put it simply Beat Around the Bush and you wind up SOL. Now I’m not say SOL is Sakura’s case…yet.

  31. @super: once again, well said. I’m annoyed with all the people saying that Hinata absolutely CAN’T wind up together with Naruto because he hasn’t known her quite so well. But who says he can’t learn to know her? Now that she’s went all out and confessed, wouldn’t he at least be interested in her?

    I know that the whole: “They’re barely friends let alone lovers” thing is winding around everyone here. It was bugging me too (which is why I’m off on fanfiction. Strangely enough, my main fanfic is ItaSaku. sue me. It’s not pedofilism if she time traveled!) but then I though: well, unless she does something, Naruto will never take interest. So now that she has, Kishi has lain a good base for them to start knowing each other and for Naruto to fall for her himself. Just saying.

    Besides, Kishi has put way to much effort into Hinata’s character (when I look at super’s links) to simply kick her out. He was obviously preparing her as someone interesting to Naruto. Actually, right now I’d LOVE a love triangle. XP

  32. @Dynamic: Arigato, I try my best to defend her after all she is my favorite underestimated Kunoichi. I always root for the underdog! 😀

    Yeah, people saying that it’s impossible for them to be together also irritates me, but I find the community members here are more open to the fact that there’s a possibility even if they’re NaruSaku fans. They may not like it and we may have different opinions but we all respect each others views…that is until Hinata gets the first kiss in because that’s when the gloves come off and I’m coming out full swinging! LOL! XD

    Indeed, way to much emphasis has been put on Hinata for Kishi to waste her development and throw her in the background. In fact out of all the rookie 9, besides the main characters of course, Kishi has developed Hinata the most. Cheers to the love triangle! Wait…is this the love triangle that Mandi mentioned? 0_0

  33. @super: I just noticed something else in your earlier post: the cycle of each team’s girl has another glitch– she’s usually in love with the one that ISN’T mentor or mentor of mentor of Naruto *confusing myself here*. So the equivalent of Sakura and Sasuke.

    Tsunade was said to have chased after OrochiJackson, but he left the village so they didn’t wind up together. We don’t know much about Minato’s team, but since I’m guessing both his teammates are long dead (just guessing!), they weren’t together either. Then Obito and Rin. Obito obviously had feelings for the medic nin, but yet again, he died and they didn’t wind up together.

    So… no SasuSaku?…

    HELL YEAH!!!!!!!! XDDDDD

  34. @supertrek – I apologize. I am afraid I didn’t articulate my idea of the “cycles” here clearly enough.

    Naruto is the destined child who will CHANGE EVERYTHING, even those very cycles.

    Jraiya failed to save student/teacher/friend and didn’t get the girl

    Kakashi failed to save student(Sasuke – Naruto will save/redeem him)/teacher(Minato – student to Jiraiya/teacher to Kakashi)/friend – (Obito) and didn’t get the girl (Rin)

    Saurtobi failed to save student (Orochimaru) – we don’t know much about the teacher (Niidaime) friend (Homura?) and girl aspect (Koharm?) but regardless, Niidaime IS dead, Homura DOESN’T seem to be supporting Sarutobi’s legacy efforts too much and Koharmu WASN’T Asuma’s mother/Konohamaru’s grandmother.

    The cycles will repeat and Naruto WILL break them by succeeding at every turn. It is the logical outcome to the Story of Naruto that Kishi has laid out for us. He’s the one who will change the world – it’s been prophesied, Jiraiya has acknowledge him as that destined child with his dying breath. He WILL succeed where those who have gone before him have failed.

    So again, I concede there is plenty of stuff to support Hinata being a nice sweet girl. Yes, as a character we do see more of her than any of the rest of the rookie nine except Shikamaru.

    LOL, however, your own arguments for Hinata being good for Naruto apply equally to Shikamaru – he compliments him, his personality is yin to Naruto’s yang personality – he’s extremely unlikely to bash/berate Naruto (hey – he’s out and out said why would anyone want a troublesome woman anyway) 🙂

    So from a personality and character development standpoint, yes Hinata and Shikamaru are nice, well developed non-main characters. That’s all we know.

    If Naruto ends up with Hinata, fine, he’ll end up with somebody sweet.

    But true closure of the Story of Naruto would be for him to end up with Sakura.

  35. @super- well i’m very pleased you didn’t forget me 🙂 now back to our friendly debate
    i acknowledge that your reasoning makes sense. i’m not opposed to either relationship. but at the moment, it just leans more towards NaruSaku for me. like i said, i still think it would take a pretty drastic change to get NaruHina. if they started to be around eachother more often then i could see them together in the future..maybe. remember Kishi made naruto such a baka that he NEVER realised hinata had feelings for him. until her confession obviously. so he could have only recently given any kind of that to them as a couple. and i think that would have been hard to think about while he was figting pain and going 6-tails and what not. we shall see…..

  36. *thought to them as a couple…..sorry

  37. Ahh, it seems i DO have some support here…

    Super, im not gonna lie…your post beats my last one in terms of length…and this shall be(has been) an epic debate…but here is where things get messy…

    A: “You’re right Naruto has a lot of energy and with that energy comes a big ego. He’s the man to become the future Hokage after all, so he deserves and has the right to his humongous ego. Naruto needs a girl who will boost his ego, acknowledge him, and raise his spirits. Remember how important acknowledgment is in Naruto’s life. Hinata is the “perfect” spouse for him in this case…”

    Super…are you honestly telling me that someone who already has a HUGE ego, needs it to be boosted even more?

    If anything, he needs to become more humble if he’s to become the best Hokage ever…Sakura is PERFECT for this, sure when she was young she tore him down maliciously…but now she does it when hes being a baka. Besides, she doesn’t just bash Naruto, she scolds whoever is acting idiotic…

    “She’s not afraid to express her feelings as you and I both know. Unlike Sakura who bashes on him, refuses to compliment him in his face, and always degrades the poor guy. Hinata boosts him and Sakura tears him down.”

    Sakura has shown many times where she openly praises Naruto, even when she supposedly ‘hated’ him…
    (Btw u posted this in one of your links as proof that Hinata cares for him…all she said was wow…and that was quietly to herself…Sakura on the other hand yelled out that he was great)
    also after the skip:
    (Yeah, it sure seems like Sakura loves to bring him down :P)

    “Hmmm…someone that’s not afraid to speak her mind. LMAO, by all accounts that would be Hinata right? Must I remind you of this little scene Sakura could never do tha- Oh wait, scratch that I forgot about this little epic piece right here. Sakura CAN speak her mind! Here remember Oh shit that wasn’t a confession to Naruto! My fault Dro pretend you didn’t see that… >_> <__< "

    Uh-huh, Show me one other time since the time skip where she has said anything remotely close to speaking her mind…u say, they have both changed, where's Hinata's change? She is literally the same character + a little more backbone and bigger boobs…shes still the same shy, reserved girl…we have all known that Hinata cared for Naruto deeply, so her confession was no real surprise…all it was to me was someone who finally grew some sense and decided to tell Naruto how she felt…and you know what…i was proud for her! To finally grow up and speak her mind, thats a hell of a step for someone like that…

    "Hey, isn’t it ironic that the shy “impish” girl is the one with enough guts to express her true feelings. While the “outgoing” brutish man girl is to afraid to say her true feelings…if she has any that is. They’ve been hinted at but even she won’t admit anything even to herself. tsk tsk tsk…"

    If your logic states that the shy girl confessing is ironic, doesn't it also make it ironic that the loud girl that had always hated Naruto and found him annoying has never once stated (since the timeskip) that she has no feelings for Naruto?

    B: I agree with this, they are too close to call in this regard…

    C: "I don’t seem to recall Sakura ever saving Naruto’s life…maybe I forgot and can be reminded with a link? Oh well, I’m sure she’ll get to it someday."

    Umm Super, i would hardly call getting owned five seconds in by Pain 'Saving Naruto's Life'. Sure she tried, but she failed…the only reason it worked is because Naruto went Six Tails as a result of seeing Hinata's "death"…indirectly, SURE she saved Naruto's life, i'll give u that 1…o yeah, and as to Sakura saving Naruto…well here u go…
    and then again:
    (Hey, this might be a stretch, but he WAS pretty badly injured…and she did sacrifice herself to heal him…if u can count Hinata's I can count this one)

    D: "Yes, while Sakura took forever just to recognize the talented ninja Hinata knew from the very beginning."

    How can u possibly say that Hinata has viewed Naruto as a talented shinobi when, in your own link, it says she viewed him as a 'proud failure'? Look, Hinata is inspired by Naruto's hard work…and thats what made her admire/love him…she would watch as he would fail when he was trying his hardest…
    Sakura realized he wasn't so ordinary long ago:
    (Yes thats Sakura blushing)

    E: Who knows? Maybe Naruto's the one who gets off from Sakura hitting him, he doesn't seem to really complain much…:P

    "So overall what have we proven with all of these links Dro? That both Sakura and Hinata care for Naruto and that Naruto cares for both of them. Have either of us proven that Naruto cares for one over the other? That he’d die for one over the other if he had no choice? Do we even know where Naruto’s feelings stand now for Sakura? I think not."

    I dunno Super, Kage-Bunshin IS handy when you have 2 b in many places at once…but we have seen Naruto fight tooth and nail, even risking death, to save Sakura before…

    Look we can debate all we want, but the fact remains that i am a minority here when it comes to NaruSaku…i could yell till im blue in the face, but its hard to change people's opinions…i enjoy these debates with you, not because im trying to change your point of view, but because they are interesting, intelligent, and, most importantly…its fun waiting for your next response…if im able to make one person see where I'm coming from with this and not hate Sakura, it'll make me happy…

    @dynamicentrance: my intention wasn't to change your mind on the pairing, just to give insight on the other side of the coin…and yes there seems to be a few other NaruSaku supporters here…:)

    @Lovesrainscent: Hi Loves-Senpai! It's good to have a NaruSaku supporter…especially one who is as good as you are 🙂

    @dish and deathcon: Thanks!

    P.S: now for the best NaruSaku moments…

    P.P.S: It's good to be on top of the 'longest comment' list…Hail to the King Baby

    *passes out from exhaustion*

  38. Super I didn’t mean it like she was spewing out i lo e yous but she just seems to a fangirl to me. that all I don’t hate hinata she a very nice girl it wouldn’t kill me to c them together. But like the other sakura supporters it just seems like the more realistic pairing. Naruto sakura are so much alike. Hinata is like the complete opposite of naruto. I just find I they got together it’s like some sort of Disney movie or something. One more thing If hinata wants to be with naruto she better start to get to know him becuase she know nothing compared to sakura. Does she know about the nine tailed fox? I don’t know can some tell and not being snotty I’m curios! That’s a big thing to find out who knows how she would react. Sakura was smpeletic and u could tell she trueing does care for him. Last but not least the real pairing will narutosasu becuase naruto will be to sick I the two girls that like waiting for him to do something!!!!! LOL 😉

  39. @ dro – i agree NaruSaku is going to win out

    befoe you ask however – yes super, i am still a NaruHina fan… i just feel that the NaruSaku thing is going to win out in the end

    who knows? kishi might be making this so close to call because he doesnt even know himself who is going to win?? ever think of that guy?? …. lmao i though so 😀

  40. @dro: I don’t know what the result will be. Heck, you’re a guy and Kishi’s a guy. I just hope he has help with the plot from some woman, because as a girl you just get this ‘feeling’ when you read about romance. No, it’s not some creepy mumbo-jumbo that has to do with the full-moon and cycles. Stop jumping to conclusions.

    The POINT is that all those links you posted, every time I read one, this sort of ‘It’s just not there’ feeling comes over me. I can’t feel the romance no matter how hard I squint. But when I see Hinata going for her man, I just sort of… go screaming KAWAIII in my head non-stop. It’s the feel of the story… Yeah, weird O_o

    Well, I agree fully (and am exceptionally sad to do so) with the fact that when romance is forced onto our poor immature (not anymore… not in EVERYTHING) blond, we are officially forced to wait for his brain to work and wrap around what a girl is. Whatever pairing Kishi has in mind for the end, (NaruSasu is beginning to look more likely @_@) it’ll take SO MANY CHAPTERS before we actually find out. I just know it.

    But… I will wait. Because I enjoy the debates, and because I actually quite like the suspense and the battles. This IS a war. X)

  41. @Dynamicentrance: Well, i appreciate that someone is reading my posts and that im not just writing them for no purpose…the reason because you scream ‘Kawaii” in your head is because Hinata is designed to be a cute character and sure, it’s cute for her to see her finally grow a spine and become more vocal…but is it romantic? No…its more along the lines of her owing it to herself of getting the monkey off her back and finally saying something to the one person that has been the biggest influence on her. She said those words because she was almost sure she would die, i bet you, that had Naruto not been in such a dire situation, Hinata would have never professed her love, not in a million years.

    As to Nartuo probably not being able to wrap his head around what a girl is, yeah…you’re right there…He’s still clueless when it comes to the opposite sex…Heck, even I’m still not sure what a woman is…Women are complicated, Men are dumb and shortsighted…but hell we’ve survived quite a few thousand years, haven’t we?…Hopefully Naruto will finally wise up…

    Sure Sakura is a really close friend, but don’t you think that has the best chance of ending up as a romantic outcome for the two of them? Though many of you don’t think so, I’m pretty sure Sakura loves Naruto…but still isn’t IN love with Naruto…it’ll either take Sasuke coming back and hurting Naruto, or Tsunade dying or something like that and telling Sakura to not end up like her…you know what I mean?

    OK, enough of my rant…this is alot of fun! 🙂

  42. what ever happened to saku/lee?

  43. @Loves: YOSH, now I see where you’re coming from but isn’t one of the themes of the manga that the newest generation would always surpass the previous generation. In power…not in matters of love…

    As for Naruto who’s different yes he will change the cycle of the Ninja System effectively changing everything, but I don’t think Kishi was saying that by Naruto breaking that cycle he will wind up with Sakura in the end. I suppose it’s different interpretation.

    As for Shikamaru and Naruto I just want to say Ewwwwwwwwwww! >__<

    The bad thing is I can’t tell if you’re joking or not. 0_0 That couple is terrible for each other and I think you know why. Psssst, they’re not gay. Lol, no matter how well they’re personalities match up it’ll never work out if they’re not attracted to one another. Sheesh! 😉

    @Death: Yes, Hinata knows about the nine tailed fox. I think most of the Rookie 9 know about the nine tailed fox at this point. If Hinata didn’t know about it then she knows about it now after he turned 8 Tails fighting Pein. As for whether or not Hinata is just a mere fangirl of Naruto…I guess it’s a difference of opinion. 🙂

    @Reflex: Indeed, at this point he either knows or he doesn’t. Honestly though this is one of the reasons I love One Piece so much. None of these damned Love Triangles! >_< Lol, 😮

    @Dro: I'll be getting to you soon enough. *notices he's collapsed on the ground* Hmmm… 0_0

  44. @Dro: LMAO, GO Dro GO! XD Your post did beat my last one in length. I guess I have to counter back with a little more eh? 🙂

    A. Your link shows that Naruto has a big ego…I know this already and you probably did to. It just proves my point. Yes, I see no problem in boosting Naruto’s ego every once in a while. That’s his personality he needs acknowledgment. Hell, every one needs acknowledgment. While Sakura may do this every so often Hinata is more proficient in this area…and many many more. 😉

    “If anything, he needs to become more humble if he’s to become the best Hokage ever” (Dro)

    Naruto is humble enough already has he not proven this? He just admit he was wrong in understanding Sasuke’s feelings and accepts why he couldn’t bring him back the first time. His journey to become Hokage will only make him more humble. Hinata’s not going to make him less humble but instead give him the support he needs to become Hokage.

    “Besides, she doesn’t just bash Naruto, she scolds whoever is acting idiotic…” (Dro)

    Lol, I do like all your links. They show how much Sakura was (is?) a bitch to others and not just Naruto. I thought before she wasn’t a bitch anymore but these links you’ve shown me after the Time Skip have me thinking differently now.

    “Sakura has shown many times where she openly praises Naruto” (Dro)

    Sakura does seem to show encouragement and words of approval to Naruto now. I concede to that fact. Good job! 😀 …to bad she can’t act like that all the time though then I might support NaruSaku…

    “Uh-huh, Show me one other time since the time skip where she has said anything remotely close to speaking her mind” (Dro)

    Hmmm…I said before Sakura has professed her love to someone only once. Sorry Dro, but I cannot show you another time she has expressed her feelings in such a way since then because she hasn’t. This is the bad thing. It seems she hasn’t gotten over Sasuke yet. Can you Dro show me anytime after the confession where she takes back her words, confesses to someone else, or stating that she has overcome those feelings for Sasuke? No, I think not. In fact what has been shown is her brooding over the mere mentioning of his name and receiving mixed feelings.

    “u say, they have both changed, where’s Hinata’s change? She is literally the same character + a little more backbone and bigger boobs” (Dro)

    Hinata hasn’t changed much? Wow Dro. If Hinata hasn’t changed much than Sakura is the same useless girl she was 3 years ago. What are the two main differences we’ve seen in Hinata and Sakura after the Time Skip? A lot more backbone. Before they were weak and the most they could do was act as support characters. 3 years later we find Sakura opting to fight Sasori an Akatsuki member. Knowing she would lose by herself and she would’ve lost without Chiyo’s help. Now we have Hinata opting to fight Pein an Akatsuki member. Knowing she would lose without any help. She lost and yet she saved Naruto’s life. Those two comparisons are pretty accurate right so I correlate Hinata’s growth with Sakura’s.

    Hinata is still shy. Sakura is still bashful. Your own links prove it so I find no need t re-post them again or offer any other evidence. If this means that Hinata for all she has done is still the same as she was back then 3 years ago then so is Sakura. I guess it only requires “a little more backbone a bigger boobs” to put your life on the line in a fight you know you have no chance of winning while confessing your love at the same time according to your logic.

    “If your logic states that the shy girl confessing is ironic, doesn’t it also make it ironic that the loud girl that had always hated Naruto and found him annoying has never once stated (since the timeskip) that she has no feelings for Naruto?” (Dro)

    Lol, this would imply that Sakura has feelings for Naruto and as much as it’s implied in the manga this “loud” and “outgoing” girl (Sakura) refuses to admit it even to herself and openly go after Naruto. Now that’s ironic. 😉

    (Does it really matter though? Life is full of irony. I didn’t think you’d bring my point up about the irony thing because for the most part it was just a joke and fun to write.) 😛

    B. Coolio

    C. “Umm Super, i would hardly call getting owned five seconds in by Pain ‘Saving Naruto’s Life’. Sure she tried, but she failed” (Dro)

    Perhaps I need to add an extra link then… (Pein says, “It’s time for us to go”. I wonder go where? Perhaps to have the Bijuu extracted from Naruto thus effectively killing him?) (Hinata jumps in thus directly saving his life. Not indirectly)

    As for Sakura. LMAO!!! XD Come on Dro I loved this link.

    Hahahahhaha, that’s not Sakura saving Naruto’s life that’s Naruto about to fall from a tree and he wasn’t even at a great height! Come on you gotta admit that’s pretty funny. She didn’t even do anything she just yells for Sasuke. 😀 (Oh yeah, she’s blushing alright…yelling Sasuke’s name. 😛 )

    And your other link is indeed a bit of a stretch. At no point after the transformation was Naruto going to die. Is was taking longer for him to heal, true, but saying that he was about to die if it wasn’t for Sakura’s healing is highly exaggerated. Don’t fret though Dro, I’m sure at some point in time Sakura will save Naruto’s life…someday. 😉

    D. A “proud failure”. That is the talent Naruto has best and what makes him so easy to relate to. His optimism is what makes his character. That is what makes him such a great ninja Dro. Hinata recognized this long before and was inspired by this to do her best and if you look at the links in succession you’ll see this.

    She continues to praise his great shinobi abilities. So yes, Hinata realized Naruto’s greatness long before Sakura ever did probably even before the series started.

    E. Lol, maybe they’re both sickos that way eh?

    “I dunno Super, Kage-Bunshin IS handy when you have 2 b in many places at once…but we have seen Naruto fight tooth and nail, even risking death, to save Sakura before…” (Dro)

    Ty for all the links Dro but as I already stated,

    “So overall what have we proven with all of these links Dro? That both Sakura and Hinata care for Naruto and that Naruto cares for both of them.” (Super)

    We know that Naruto would risk his life tooth and nail for Sakura and so would he for Hinata. Am I wrong? Probably not.

    The whole point of my previous long ass post was to show that if NaruSaku is to go anywhere Sakura needs to step it up and somehow Hinata has to stop being so awesome. 🙂 Maybe she’ll fall in love with someone else? Like Dynamic all I can see is a bickering, one-sided physically abusive, and mismatched couple when I picture NaruSaku. Your posts show there could be something there but Sakura needs to take a couple of leaps and bounds before Hinata snatches Naruto away. Instead her pride and mixed feelings for Sasuke are getting in the way, which totally dissolves NaruSaku as of now.

    Like Dynamic said it is becoming more and more likely recently but I’m still not convinced and as you’re not trying to convince me I’m not trying to convince you either. Because it I await your response. 😉

    *Grabs Dro some coffee* Here you go how are you going to write back if you’re collapsed on the ground?

    P.S. From the looks of the posts so far it seems that NaruHina is the underdog. You’re cheering for the majority and there’s nothing wrong with that. I thought I’d just point that out. 😛

  45. @super, dro: So… you have turned this post into some sort of ‘Whose comment is longer battle? *raises eyebrow*

    I LIKE it! lol
    Well, after all I’ve said, I could’ve just put it all in one big post and won this whole thing. Why do I even bother?… Oh yeah. It’s fun.
    The thing is, I’ve always been a supporter of NaruHina and I must admit it’s hard to change your opinion. I’d actually be quite happy if Naruto somehow wound up with Sakura, but…
    What about Hinata?
    Okay, let’s picture this. In the middle of some other godforsaken battle, be it Saucegay or Danzo or Fagatsuki as the enemy, Sakura admits her feelings for Naruto. He’s overjoyed, COMPLETELY forgetting about the girl that had risked so much and that loved him enough to give up her life (which is why I find it unlikely) to go all out for Sakura and win.
    Then, the aftermath, we get a look into the future after, what, around 10 years? Naruto’s happily married to Sakura, Saucegay’s in his emo corner trying to cut himself up, and Hinata?
    I wouldn’t be surprised if she’d be joining Saucegay with the cutting business. Think about it– poor girl, was completely obsessed over the guy, risked everything for him, changed herself for him, and finally confessed only to be turned down for some b*tch that suddenly changed her mind about fawning over an emo. (Yes, I do know that this is overdoing it with the facts, but if Hinata were an angry woman, I picture these thoughts in her head ^^;)
    Would Kishi really do this? He’s NEVER given any signs for KibaHina. Maybe you could turn to the anime, but the anime has already given Naruto his first kiss so I don’t think we can trust them (bloody sonsofabitches made Naruto’s first kiss go to a fishwife >() So who would Hinata end up with?
    The answer is simple: NO ONE.
    Now what was the POINT of developing her so much if she’d NEVER lay her eyes on any other guy? What, to have her commit suicide after she’s rejected? Kishi might as well have made Sakura the one to go out there and save Naruto from Pain in chap. 437. But he chose Hinata. And he’s been building her up for this through those ten years with Naruto. So think about it– would he stop now, just because Sakura is flip flopping over two different guys?
    And yes, she’s still not over the Saucegay business. Like super said, she’s never taken back her confession of love to him or admitted that she’s stopped chasing after him. If I interpret things correctly, she’s chasing after him more than before. (Then again so is Naruto. @_@ SasuNaru again?…)
    So Kishi still hasn’t given enough clues for NaruSaku. I stand by my word, not because I prefer NaruHina, but because I see it as the more likely outcome.
    Then I come back to my first point: IF Hinata hadn’t gone all out and nearly died for the guy, and IF she hadn’t confessed her feelings, would Naruto have even taken any notice of her? Kishi set this up and I KNOW it. If it were me and I wanted a nice, clean NaruSaku, I would’ve just left out the whole confessing business with Hinata. Naruto would just end up with Sakura and the shy girl would cry alone but learn to accept it somehow.
    But now we have some problems >_> Naruto knows about Hinata so he won’t be sure about Sakura anymore. This has got to impact him somehow. And Sakura would feel bad about intruding on the girl who’d confessed first if she did love Naruto so she wouldn’t make a move either. Now Kishi MIGHT have just been going for the drama and the twists and the love triangle, but yet again, I’m confused about what he’ll do with Hinata if she were the left-over.
    And then this really disturbing theory pops into my head– Kishi was planning on killing off Sakura after making NaruSaku canon, and Hinata was just needed there as a replacement.
    Now you could say I’m going all Omoi on you and looking too far into the future, but somehow, all the ends have to be tied up and I just don’t see a way. Of course, Kishi could just leave us hanging in the last chapter, like most mangakas do, but I think he’d be too scared of the things that could happen to him when the fans found out. ^^; I’d be on a first-class flight to Japan first thing after reading the chap.
    Likely outcomes include (it would be interesting what you guys thought about this so I’ll number them for you in case you want to answer. If not, then meh, I tried)
    1.) Saucegay coming back, Sakura going after him and everything turning cliche and canon. NaruHina, SasuSaku and may I include ShikaTema, being a fan. ^^ Naruto becomes Hokage after Danzo is kicked out and akatsuki destroy each other. Madara just poofs away somehow… well, I won’t go into detail.
    2.)Sakura dying in crossfire or just sacrificing herself for Naruto after confessing her feelings and having them accepted. Naruto is devastated but learns to make peace with it, becomes Hokage and marries Hinata. Saucegay is very likely to die in this outcome, as Sakura won’t be there as an option for the rebirth of the Uchiha clan. (Ino is NOT an option. Hell, imagine half-Ino half-Saucegay babies– the world is doomed!!!!)
    3.)Naruto deciding that he’s not sure about Hinata’s feelings and Sakura dying or running off with Saucegay. We’d have a pair-less Naruto who then becomes Hokage. And we know he’ll choose Hinata, but the manga ends and we all kill Kishi for it. Of course, even here we should get a glimpse of Naruto becoming Hokage.
    4.)Sakura confessing her feelings, Naruto falling for her (like he hadn’t been head over heels before) and Hinata accepting this and becoming widowed for the rest of her life (not likely again)
    5.)KibaHina, NaruSaku and a dead Saucegay. I would barf at that type of ending, even if it does include an offed emo.
    6.) Naruto dying after admitting to himself that he likes Hinata.
    7.) Naruto dying after telling Hinata that he still loves Sakura and that he’s sorry.
    8.) Hinata dying (which is almost impossible as Kishi already had a taste of what the uproar would be if it happened) and NaruSaku becoming canon because Naruto hadn’t made up his mind yet. Saucegay getting killed again.
    9.) Danzo getting offed by Saucegay who then forces Sakura to birth his clan for him and Naruto ending up saving Sakura only to find out that she’s head over heels for the Uchiha. He then understands that it was Hinata who really cared for him and marries her.
    10.) LOVE TRIANGLE!!! And Naruto decides not to hurt either of them so he simply remains pair-less.
    11.) The pebble that Kamui threw DOES start an avalanche, which then buries and kills Saucegay and his Pimp Crew. Edward Cullen comes in and bites Sakura to take her away as his ‘Vampire Queen’ because Bella’s dead from boredom and Naruto and Hinata get married and spawn ten Mary Sues. Danzo is a bitch so Konohamaru rasengans him into the next dimension and Madara just goes ‘Well fuck that.’ and does us all a favour by dying. The Cloud Team are now the main characters of the next manga by Kishi.

    XD XD XD I enjoyed that last one. Worst thing is, it’s about as likely as all the other ones O_O

    Whoa, now those were a little far-fetched and detail-less, but don’t hate me for it. There are a million and one more theories and most of them are in much greater detail. But I stand by my opinion that GODDAMMIT, if Kishi didn’t want Hinata to get together with Naruto, he wouldnt’ve created her!!!
    And I know I’m going too far with this, but when I get into a debate, I can’t get out. It’s all dro’s and super’s fault >_>

    I need a cup of coffee now T.T
    MAKE ME ONE SUPER! Why does DRO get one, huh? And get into that kitchen and make me a sammich! Lousy fodder ninja from the land of question mark that just pop in from nowhere…
    Right, it’s official, I’m high on weariness. Last time that happened, my friends managed to convince me to eat paper.
    Friends… that was funny *ROFL’s for a moment* I wanna go eat vampire cookies and be an alchemist!!! *cries* And now for some sugar to complete my craziness craving things!!!…
    *gasps for air*
    I better finish typing this before I go all out High on Sugar.
    *gets cut off by super*
    Need coffee….
    Super, I have died now, so please give me a proper wake. And keep fighting for NaruHina!… *chokes*
    Btw, beat this post if you can. I swear, besides my ranting and highs, I’ve written more than super in the last one.

    I hope that by the time I post this, dro will not have answered with an even longer post. -_-

  46. oh holy sh-!!! O_O i aint reading all that! what the hell!! this isn’t a debate this is MADNESS!!! MADNESS I SAY!!!! THIS IS MURDER BY A METER SITCK!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO

  47. you know in that first picture? it looks like sakura is gonna do something scary…SOMEONE GET THE HOSE AND SOAK HER DOWN!!!

  48. @cookie: is it that bad? *looks blankly*

    Well I’m going to bed now (Yes, Europeans exist and they have different times! *gasp!*) so I’ll await answers tomorrow.

    If there aren’t any, then once again, meh. I don’t really care. Ø_ø

  49. @Dynamic: LMAO, WTF? You’re the most random person I know on this blog besides HarshyT. Way to make a Dynamic Entrance into the discussion.

    I’m not going to even try to beat your post right now because I just came from typing up my own. Remember it’s about quality not quantity. *gets smacked by Dynamic* 0_) Youch!

    Hehe, I like all the situations you put up and instead of going through every single one I must say I enjoyed #2 the most. Lol, damn and I like Sakura ever since the Time Skip. I don’t want her to die but her dying for Naruto makes everything seem right. She has yet to be in a situation where she jumps in for Naruto, saving his life, and wounding up knocking at death’s door.

    Hinata did it.

    Lol, hell even Sasuke did it.

    ROTFLMAO, I even remember Sai doing it.

    FDTSLMFAO, wait I got something even better!
    Sakura saved Rock Lee’s life! LeeSaku? XD

    Hahahahhaa, I’m sorry I couldn’t help myself. I hope this doesn’t piss anybody off I’m just doing this post for fun. XD

    I agree to the upmost degree with you. KibaHina is yech! Dog Boy Kiba marrying the heiress to the Hyuuga Clan? *shudders at the thought* Ha! I want to see how Kishi works that one out. As much as I like Kiba it ain’t gonna happen.

    #11 Was probably your funniest theory of them all. Lol, Team Samui FTEW! XD

    @Cookie: Lol, I know it’s crazy right! I didn’t comment on the top pic because it was obviously bias against Sakura’s appearance and it’d be to easy to bash her. 🙂

    @Anyone who cares to listen: As much as I like debating please don’t take me to seriously. I use a lot of humor in my arguments to lighten the situation. I may sound serious and passionate about NaruHina but I hope none of you take this too seriously. Please remember these are fictional characters in a fictional world (until I invent my dimension traversing machine 😉 ) and I don’t apply ‘Naruto’ into my daily life until I’m on this blog and other parts of the net. In other words have fun and laugh dammit! 😀

  50. @dynamic: oh it means naruto and hinata might need to bring a kunai to bed with them from now on O_O yeah i should sleep too…ireland has a bedtime matter how odd it is O_O

    @super: actually it looks like she has finally ‘developed’ something…most be an imposter..though why anyone would ever wanna play her i will never know 😀 (i actually dont mind sakura…she’s just too easy to bash lol)

  51. @Shippers: okay time to chill ppl. Some of these posts are insanely long! And I know a thing or 2 about massive argument comments! Now as for the shipper rage, wait I mean debate…

    No offence meant to anyone but I honestly can’t debate this topic seriously. I mean there is so much ‘what if’ and personal opinion involved that it sorta makes everyone’s arguments corrupted. Not that I’m saying anyone’s arguments/view points are invalid but the general point of a debate is to ‘sway’ the opposite side into accepting and/or agreeing with your view point – no? So this isn’t really a debate, because the moment Super stops supporting NaruHina and Dro NaruSaku, is the day that one or the other comes to fruition.

    Now if u’ll excuse me, i’m going to try and get read through all of Dynamic’s, super’s and Dro’s comments while wasting hour, my will to live and my eyesight. lol jkjk.

  52. ok sorry guys, but for some of these it’s TLDR….

  53. *Sigh* You’ll are right. Even though I don’t know what TLDR means (Tyrannosaurus’s Legendary Dragon Rage?) I don’t want to make anymore TLDR posts. Sounds scary.

    Lol, I don’t know why I even continued there’s no way I can sway Dro and I already stated why I support NaruHina. That is enough for me.

    So I’m out of this debate. Dro and Dynamic and whoever else you’ll can go ahead without me.

    *Sits back in EZ Chair and sips Pina Colada* ^(0_0)^

  54. Hmm i think TLDR is short for ‘Tough Luck Douch-bag Repliers*. Oh wait i;m in that section …

  55. well, i hope u @ least read my last comment…because i promised myself that it is my LAST post…*notices what he is currently doing*…*imitates William Shatner as Captain Kirk* KAHHN!!!

  56. I’m still not sure if my comments get through or not with this post, but if this is a repeat, please delete…thanks!

    A: Constant praising is unnecessary…Naruto knows that he has people who acknowledge him and trust him…so us trying to prove one more than the other would be unnecessary now that i think about it
    not just team 7…he thinks of Hinata as an important person too…
    Constant praising is unnecessary since he knows that both those people acknowledge him.

    A bitch to others? Really? So, you’re telling me that Sai wasn’t being rude, Kiba wasn’t acting like an idiot, and Konohamaru wasn’t being pervy? That you can chalk it up to her being a “bitch”.

    You know what this proves super? Sakura isn’t against Naruto, per say…no, shes just against these three characteristics…rudeness, idiocy, and perverseness…weird though that Naruto posses all three of those characteristics, yet they get along so well…

    Its good we can agree on the fact that they both praise him…but cmon, all the time would be pathetic…isn’t that one of the reasons why people hated Sakura in the first place? All she did was care about Sasuke and praise him, but now you say that if she reverted back to that, with Naruto instead of Sasuke, you might support NaruSaku? CMON, SUPER! lol

    “Hinata hasn’t changed much? Wow Dro. If Hinata hasn’t changed much than Sakura is the same useless girl she was 3 years ago. What are the two main differences we’ve seen in Hinata and Sakura after the Time Skip? A lot more backbone. Before they were weak and the most they could do was act as support characters. 3 years later we find Sakura opting to fight Sasori an Akatsuki member. Knowing she would lose by herself and she would’ve lost without Chiyo’s help. Now we have Hinata opting to fight Pein an Akatsuki member. Knowing she would lose without any help. She lost and yet she saved Naruto’s life. Those two comparisons are pretty accurate right so I correlate Hinata’s growth with Sakura’s.”

    True…True, but Hinata was the same girl…up to the point where Naruto was in trouble…Sakura had changed since page 14 of chapter 245…still, some characteristics of her prior self remain, but gone were her insecure and self-conscious traits…Hinata only changed because Naruto was close to being taken by Akatsuki…she forced herself to change quickly, but it took her a longer amount of time than it did Sakura..and super before you get your feathers in a ruffle…im talkin’ character development, not feelings for Naruto here…So yes, in my mind Hinata was the same exact person in:
    (right before she jumped in)

    @ the irony: Uh, Super…the whole reason y i thought it was ironic is because Sakura has not denounced her feelings, she’s never told anyone straight up that she has no romantic feelings for him (since the time skip)…even though shes supposed to be the loud, bitchy one.

    Super, did u honestly think that i was serious about that 1st link? But in all seriousness, Naruto WAS unconscious the fall MAY have killed him…:P

    Super, im going to agree when u say that Sakura has to step it up, 2 the streets (sorry, had to put that reference in) if we wanna be sure of a certain pairing…this has been the best debate ever…and dynamicentry only makes it more fun…:)

    GAH! @ LeeSaku…*scene from raiders of the lsat arc plays where eyes melt* she wasnt just protecting Lee, she was protecting them all!

    @Dynamicentry: im going to have to go with option number 11…and if not that then 5 is good too! 😛

    I got this out of the spam box for ya Dro. I will not counter your argument/viewpoint anymore. You should try some of this Pina Colada though! It’s delicious!

    -Super 😀

  57. Aw man… I’m TLDR’ing too? It was just one post!
    One… insanely… tireingly… long…. post… *dies*
    btw, TLDR mean ‘too long, don’t read’ Annoying people on the internet… I read fanfiction BECAUSE it’s long! *evil laugh at the thought of reading some more*
    … *cough* I shall now retire feeling like an idiot.

    @everyone who’s complaining: I did this for fun. No, I’m not an idiot. I’ve written over 120,000 words in fanfiction. This. Is. NOTHING. So it might seem like a lot… and I’m obsessed… but I had fun XD Especially with writing the ‘possible endings’

    Cheerios, because that’s how I get out of things! ^^

  58. @dynamic: when’s episode 2 coming? i must say even though it’s pointless for them to debate on it, i’m looking forward to Super vs Dro round 2. with Dynamic as Super’s back up and Deathcon4 as Dro’s.
    I’ll be the guy sitting down watching, while eating popcorn and other yummers.
    Also when were you called an idiot? ?_?

  59. @mud: Episode 2 isn’t about Naruto, sorry. ^^; And we’ll have to see if super will actually be AGAINST dro on that one. We might have a completely one-sided win. I enjoyed episode 1 because it’s a close shave on both sides.

    But… it’s a completely different pairing in ep. 2. And If you have requests for ep. 3, I’m accepting! Still haven’t decided on it ^^;

    No, no one called me an idiot. I called MYSELF an idiot while I was writing the above. Mainly because of the fact that I spent 30 minutes on a comment on my own post. XD

  60. @dynamic: it’s about bleach the second round isnt it? the whole stawberry thing was a give away lol and the fox was the kyuubi in naruto so…. GIVE ME VAMPIRE COOKIES!!! MUAHAHAHAHA >_> , <_<

  61. @cookie: *hands you Vampire cookie* FINALLY! Someone paid attention to my genius*cough*stupidity*cough*!

    Now the cat’s out of the bag (if it wasn’t already) and I feel stupid-er. But… episode 2 is well on the way anyway, so I don’t really care. Yay for more debates! ^^;

    … What if super and dro team up on the next one O_O

    THE HORROR!… unless I’m of the same opinion >)

  62. Bleach up 4 ep2 a … does that mean ep3 will be One Piece?

  63. @mud: *sweats profusely* I… haven’t finished reading One Piece yet, so… no.

    DON’T KILL ME! I AM AWARE OF MY MISTAKES! *builds Luffy shrine* I will read it! … someday!

  64. Pfft – build a zoro shrine and then i might consider letting u live. Everyone know Zoro is more awesome than Luffy.

  65. YES!!! MY RANDOM GUESS WAS RIGHT!!! er..i mean my advance source of knowledge hehe *coughs awkwardly with shifty eyes*
    *takes vampire cookie* now it shall suck milk muahahahaha!!! >_<

    so we got a rukia and orihime debate then? lol…well hey i might even join in…and then the real danger begins 😉

  66. @drosensei

    yah i do think she is hitting him as hard as she could because well he has the stamina for it and his durability is off the charts lol. but still hinata and naruto can and will be together xppp

  67. @mud: … this is a historical moment. In the two years that I’ve known manga and have been a follower, nothing had convinced me to read One Piece. Not my judo-champion friend (whose uncle is the European Champion and two brothers +father+3 other relatives are obsessed over it so it’s a scary family) who had been obsessed over it for 3 years, not the many praises people gave it on the internet, not the fact that it was the third most popular manga on the net.

    Mud, you just made me start taking One Piece seriously O_O I should be done with the whole series in a couple of days.


    What did you do?

  68. Thank you super, im glad its out of that box…anyway…im also out of this and i will join you on the sidelines…*sits next to Super and orders Margarita instead of Piña Colada*

    *receives Margarita but frowns at it* E-excuse me, i ordered a Margarita no salt, NO salt…but this one had big BIG grains of salt…

  69. So this is where everyones moved too, i was wondering why IRA wasnt allowing coments. Well although its sad at least this place wont be mixedup with terrorists lol

    As for the relationship thing, i have to say your all being very down on the narusaku side.

    to me it seems like a more likely situation, its the more interesting of the two. With NaruSaku wev seen development from both characters, sakura has become a lot more appreciative of naruto and is showing big signs of affection.
    Naruto has gone from a babbling idiot with a crush to a guy that understands her, for example in the recent chapter when he intervines with questions about sasuke.

    The other argument of NaruHina is a bit too dull, if hinata admits she loves naruto and then he just turns around and says okay itll be boring. Thers no development, Hinata is still the blushing girl who loves the ground naruto walks on.
    And narutos still the loudmouth who doesnt understand her at all.

    Plus the SasuSaku one is just annoying, if he returns and she just falls for him ill be pissed, it will be a cop out. I generally want sasuke to sacrifice himself as an ending lol

    if naruto turns down hinata itll be of an eye opener for her. Think about it, as soon as sasuke turned down sakura she developed into a much better character. Sakura was as obsessed with sasuke as hinata is with naruto but she didnt go all emo and cut herself. She moved onto affection for naruto.
    so hinata could be left with her respect for naruto but it wont be a love thing anymore. She may even find someone else.

    i dont think wer gonna get an answer to the relationship argument soon, kishi doesnt seem into romance. we didnt know kurenai and asuma wer together until he was dead.

  70. @dro: now I don’t drink marguerita, but after 5 years in Spain, when you ask for no salt, the bartender will just give you a blank look and turn away. O_o
    *shakes head* No experience whatsoever… *looks around* Hey! It’s not like I drink! But like I said, I lived in Spain for five years and my mum… *people start edging away*… darn. I lost them. T.T

    Cookie is from Ireland (just remembered)!? *gasp!* I am a fan! *waves everything she owns with a shamrock on it*… but Scotland is where I’m gonna live if I get the chance. HAGGISSSS!!!!! And I’m already planning for university there ^^
    Sorry… T.T

  71. @dynamic: *whispers to random person* you should get her checked for drinks..i’m beginning to have my suspicions, yeah dont even try to bring the irony in that lol. you want to eat a sheeps ofal? oh okay then…i’m sure you’ll LOVE it *goes to find bucket for dynamic*
    yeah u was concidering going to go to university over in scotland but i don’t think i can be bothered with the whole euro to pounds exchange rate and not to mention the accommodation.. lmao…wow…that talk about university was the most serious type of conversation i have had all day *goes to find flying monkeys*

  72. @cookie: correction, I HAVE eaten haggis and I loved it *grins at the horrified expression on cookie’s face*
    Serious? University is SERIOUS? Damn, there goes my dream.

    I DO NOT DRINK! I HATE ALCOHOL! I… oh fudgekins *watches as everyone’s ignoring her and whispering about underage drinking*

  73. @dynamic@ *goes to call hospital after she experiences poisoning from evil haggis* i told her eating it 5 bowls without stopping wasnt going to work out well…but at least the resturant got a new make over…IN GREEN!!! O_O

    *whispering to someone about underage drinking* *realises dynamic realised* *coughs awkwardly and holds out money* don’t hurt me!! i’m loved >_< *little does she know that's dros wallet*MUAHAHAHAHA ….oh crap did i cackle out loud? O_O

  74. @cookie: *accepts money* well, I don’t care whose it is as long as now it’s mine. *watches as dro’s evil shadow appears behind cookie* Oh look, entertainment. XD

    While we’re filling up this post with genius*cough*useless*cough* comments, it might interest you that episode 2 is out! ^^ *is not advertising*

  75. @dynamic: *coughs*so is advertising*cough* *punches behind self* jezz got a chill there O_O

  76. Well I guess we found out what happens when 2 randoms chat together – u don’t get closure, because you’re still wondering what the hell is going on! lol.
    Hmm I converted someone to the way of One Piece? Wow, I wonder how that happened. It must be the same thing Super said to me about reading OP, I have no idea how he did it either. lol. One day I was a hater, and the next I found my self enjoying it. He must have drugged my water supply. *Hides last weeks plane ticket to Europe* of course I didn’t do the same >_> <_< .

  77. *Hides drug supply under couch cushion* >_> <_< ^_^

  78. *wonders why mud was in europe* *sees super with drugs in his hand* O_O” DRUGGY!!! *takes note not to take anything offered my super and mud*

  79. not even overloaded sugar candy…?

  80. @dynamic- Goodshit. It was an interesting read. I myself am a Naruhina fan.

    Just because I’m a Naruhina fan doesn’t mean I hate NaruSaku. I just prefer Naruhina. Main reason why is because she has liked him for who he is right from the beginning. She was also the only female nin who wasn’t crazy over Sasugay and we know how he turned out…. Sure Sakura is a ‘better’ match( I guess) for Naruto but I rather give Hinata a chance. You don’t have a girl like a guy the whole damn 450+ chapters and not have her get with him. Specially after that confession. Even if they hook up for a while I will be satisfied(I think). Rather have that then Kiba thing. In fact I rather have a Hinata die then her ending up with Mommmas boy. I think Hinata was initially not a character who was going to stay. Things changed and she stayed. She has huge fan base now. Maybe Kishi will go deeper into her character now since this whole love triangle. One idea would be her family. How she is the shame of it. If I recall her father favors her younger sister more since she shows more promise.

  81. @Captn: LMAO @ “Even if they hook up for a while I will be satisfied(I think). Rather have that then Kiba thing. In fact I rather have a Hinata die then her ending up with Mommmas boy.” (Captn)

    I almost agree dude but I’d rather have Hinata go lezbo than end up with Kiba instead of dying. *Drools at picture of Hinata going lezbo with Ino* @_@

  82. Oh no! Kushina says not to go for a “weird” girl. She wants him to find a girl like her. AKA – Hot tempered! Ugh! Naruto needs to be a rebel and go against his mother’s wishes.

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