One Piece Chapter 546 Discussion and Breakdown + 547 Spoiler Prediction!!! New Domotivational Poster Included!

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-One Piece 546 Breakdown Below-

One_Piece_wallpaper2_by_LuffyNoTomoArtwork by LuffyNoTomo

Before the breakdown I just want everyone to see this. You probably won’t understand it unless you read the comments section down below. We had a ‘Shrine War’ down  in the comment section and Dynamic one of our newer members decided to draw a picture of whatever the hell just happened. Without further delay here it is.


LOL, WRA members included Supertrek89, Mudshovel, Eatencookie, and Dynamicentrance. Also a burnt corpse of Naruto....*points at Mudshovel* He did it!

Artwork by Heartsintertwine

Hello all and welcome to WRA’s first One Piece Manga Breakdown! Now let’s celebrate hardcore by starting a riot and looting stores for Nico Robin smut! No?…Alright then let’s start a riot in anger at the fact that we got jipped TWO WHOLE PAGES!!! >_< That’s right, did anyone else click the page or press ‘next’ in hopes of reaching pages ’18-19’? Well I did and you know what I got? I got bitch slapped in the face by Oda’s backhand! He said, ‘F**k you guys and screw your pages 18-19.’ Then he proceeded to smoke a blunt and smack a couple of hoes…(sorry I’m listening to ‘I Got High’ by Afroman as I write this breakdown 😉 ) Anyway, what the hell happened? I guess this is the price of having One Piece come out earlier than usual. Thank God the chapter made up for this little folly with pure Luffy and Jimbei awesomeness! I’ll get to those later when I actually start the breakdown.


This week's BOPP (Badass One Piece Pic)! Click to enlarge...that's what she said! 😉

You may notice that there is no weekly AMV in this post but do not fret. From now on the weekly One Piece AMVs will be posted with the Naruto and Bleach AMVs in Reflex’s newest post. The One Piece spoiler vids will also go there along with the Naruto and Bleach spoiler vids. Basically all the vids are now located in one easy to find post. If you know any good One Piece AMVs you want to recommend me to post or you want recognized drop me a line at and you may see it posted one week. Even better if you can MAKE One Piece (or any) AMVs definitely let me know and I’ll most likely post it to recognize your talents.

From now on in replacement of the weekly AMVs on this page I’ll be posting a ‘Badass One Piece Pic’ every week. Simple as that really no need for explanantion. Again if you know of any please send them to me or create your own. Of course all credit will go to you for finding it or creating it and credit will go to the artist of said picture. (Note: I’m open to suggestions of other acronyms besides ‘BOPP’ for this post. Anybody who can come up with something better will have his/her acronym used from then on.) 🙂

Alrighty then let’s get to this breakdown.

Phew, thanks to Mickey Mouse, Giraffe Man, and Robin Hood...Robin is safe again! I was feeling a little worried for her but these grown ass men in little kid's hats will protect her...right?

Phew, thanks to Mickey Mouse, Giraffe Man, and Robin Hood...Robin is safe again! I was feeling a little worried for her but these grown ass men in little kid's hats will protect her...right?

Robin has made her escape with the help of the revolutionary army that we just find out about at the beginning of the chapter. Where the hell were these guys before Robin arrived? If I were one of the prisoners I’d be kinda pissed.

Prisoner: “Where the hell were you guys before this chick arrived? The hot girls that can make a hundred hands arrives and all of a sudden everyone’s gun ho time to rescue the prisoners? You assholes I’ve been imprisoned here for 50 years and not once did I see a revolt! WTF, you under the Mickey Mouse cap aren’t you one of the prison guards? You just want a handjob hug you bastard!” 0_0

Lol, jkjk I’m glad Robin has escaped and it’s time to move on to the next character. I wonder who’s it going to be…

Picture 2

Ah, Galdino is doing pretty well for himself holding off Magellan’s precious Hydra. Still it seems he can’t move or attack while defending himself. Now Crocodile says something interesting here. “You never do know how two abilities are going to match up.” Hmmm…there have been self evident fights where you knew who had the advantage like Luffy (Rubber) vs. Enel (Electricity), but what about other fights like Ace (Fire) vs. Smoker (Smoke, duh 😉 ) and Ace (Fire) vs. Blackbeard (Darkness)? Those two fights of Logia users seemed to cancel each other out just like Galdino (Wax) vs. Magellan (Poison). Does every DF ability have a natural weakness, strength, and neutral enemy? I believe so. A fight I would love to see is Kizaru (Light) vs. Blackbeard (Darkness)! Is light strong against dark, is dark strong against light, or will they cancel each other out?

Back to the manga Luffy decides to stay behind and fight Magellan and anyone who saw the funny ass awesome spoiler pic this week knew what he had in mind. He became a ‘Candle Champion’! For all those who don’t remember this is not Galdino’s first time using his wax for a move like this. He just never used it on someone besides him before. Maybe this will jog your memory…

'Fighting Champion' Luffy Edition! Now able to smack the bithces and hoes from a distance!

'Candle Champion' Luffy Edition! Now able to smack the bitches and hoes from a distance of a couple football fields!

A few of the escapees decide to stay back and fight too but Galdino was just trying to buy time to get the hell outta there. Lol, but Luffy makes him transform him into a waxy poison fighting machine FTW! A skip, a hop, and a jump Luffy fires off his ‘Champion Rifle’ and BAM connection without receiving any poison. Awesome! Then cannon fire from the few escapees that decided to stay and fight protected by more of Galdino’s wax walls. Magellan beat Shiryuu (long ago), he nearly killed Luffy, took down Ivankov, brushed Inazuma out of the way, and seemingly took down Blackbeard and his entire crew, so I just want to ask. Is this finally the end of Magellan’s winning streak?

Meanwhile Bon-Chan is jizzing all over the place with his premature celebration until Daz Bones (Mr. 1) sets him straight. There are still 10 marine battleships outside with 800 marines aboard each one. Do the math and you get 8,000 more marines in between you and freedom. That’s a lot of f**king opposition! So the prisoners open the doors, the anticipation builds up, and ………Nothing! Not a single ship is waiting them and no marine in site. Guess what happened? The ships were sent away by Magellan! *DING* *DING* *DING* for all those who answered correctly on last week’s poll that is now forever gone give yourselves a pat on the back and treat yourselves to something delicious tonight. As for everyone who guessed wrong….jump off a building lamenting on the way down about how everything in your life is always wrong. Oh my….don’t actually do what I say it’s not that serious. Captn step away from the ledge there’s still so much to live for! Smurf this is no time to talk on chatroll and laugh at Captn’s demise! Nooooooo,  Mudshovel don’t push him! OMG, thank goodness Kyouto had that trampoline prepared. 0_0 (If I missed anyone just let me know and I’ll put you in next weeks breakdown.) 😀

Buggy either looks really badass in this picture or he looks like he's concentrating really hard to shit his pants.

Buggy either looks really badass in this picture or he looks like he's concentrating really hard to shit his pants.

Ahem…so Jimbei says, ‘Don’t worry you shitty humans I got this under the belt!’ (Because we all know Fishmen secretly hate humans) takes the gigantic door and hauls it on his back. Crocodile, Daz Bones, and Buggy hitch a ride and Jimbei starts hauling ass! HOLY SHIT!!! Can we stop here and revel in Jimbei’s awesomeness? He dodges cannon fire while moving at dolphin speed, catching up to the Marine Battleships that had a head start, WITH a big ass door and three individuals on his back. You don’t f**k with that but he’s not done yet!

Jesus could walk on water and turn water into wine. Moses could split the sea in two. But Jimbei can grab water and beat your ass with it! Who would win in a fight? XD

Jesus could walk on water and turn water into wine. Moses could split the sea in two. But Jimbei can grab water and beat your ass with it! Who would win in a fight? XD

Fishman Jujutsu FTEW!!! This…this…this motherf**ker literally GRABS and takes HOLD of the water and manipulates it like a sheet! Holy shitting pope on a golden toilet that’s amazing! (Note: A holy shitting pope on a golden toilet is not amazing. It’s quite flamboyant actually just like Jimbei grabbing water and tossing it around.) I digress… Jimbei creates a humungous sprout and launches Crocodile, Daz Bones, and Buggy on to a marine ship effectively taking it over because we all know 800 marines can’t take on 1 Shichibukai much less two and two more powerful allies (Daz Bones and Buggy). Let’s not forget Buggy worked on Gol D. Rogers ship and is a notorious pirate. Alright I admit he’s kinda weak but compared to the marine masses he’s a power to behold! Wait what’s this? He’s already down for the count? Curse you Buggy and I stood up for you and you get knocked out on the boarding party! *grumbles something about hating clowns anyway* >_<

WTF, I just noticed this dude is Water Bending! From now on his title is the Avatar-Fishman-Jedi-Pirate-Ninja! He's unbeatable as far as I'm concerned!

WTF, I just noticed this dude is Water Bending! From now on his title is the Avatar-Fishman-Jedi-Pirate-Ninja! He's unbeatable as far as I'm concerned!

No need for Buggy anyway because Jimbei can kick ass by himself. More Water Bending Fishman Karate and there goes a whole deck of them. He needs to calm down with those spears though because he’s destroying their only vessel of escape. Lol, but it’s still awesome how Crocodile and Jimbei respond. They’re more worried about keeping the ship intact than defeating all the marines. 😉

Well, that’s it for this week. I’m going to have a small One Piece Movie 10 update next week. This weeks demotivational poster is in response to another poster I found out there on the web. I couldn’t help myself. Comment, predict, and enjoy! 😀



(Note: I apologize If I may have offended anyone with my previous religious jokes. At least I know my history…) 😉

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  1. Since nobody else is saying anything….
    Nice breakdown Super!
    Finally we get to see crocodile in action (next week >_<).
    Also about the whole light DF vs Dark DF – there can be no winner. It's just that simple. It might come down to who had better control/more skills with the DF but if they are evenly matched – it will be a draw.
    Megallen will pwn, but luffy will escape – maybe a sacrifice from Mr 3 😉
    Oh and Buggy looks hardcore in that pic btw!
    Also what Jimbei really did was grab his ball sack which caused a loud scream which focused the water into a condensed stream and hence they flew 800M. 😉
    Oh and WTF was up with the short chapter, there i was on page 17 and to my horror and shock the credits page came after! CHEAP!!!!

  2. Why isn’t my long a$$ post showing >_<
    Sabotage by Supertrek if you ask me 😛
    i'll give it some time…

  3. GAHHH, how’d Mudshovel’s post get through? Damn…lol, jkjk! I’m the one that approved it after I found it in the spam folder. 😛

    Anyway, thx Mudshovel but I think Luffy will PWN Magellan this time around. Magellan can’t keep on winning over and over again. There has to be an end to his winning streak! Honestly I think Kizaru can take out Blackbeard. The dude can move at the speed of LIGHT! Wait…but then Blackbeard can suck in EVRYTHING around him…I guess it is a tie.

    I too believe it’s up to how well you can use your DF ability, but I also believe for every DF ability there is another ability out there that it’s weak against, strong against, and/or neutral against. It just makes sense that way and we’ve seen it happen again and again.

    Lol, Jimbei is awesome you’re just hating! 😛 And WTF was up with that 17 page end crap? It was total BS if you ask me. I was hella pissed if you didn’t notice. 😉

  4. Third. And I’m not too into One Piece, though I’m trying so hard to do so …

    And yes, if sharks were to begin flying, that’d be it. 😦

  5. i finally caught up with one piece and i get left with a short episode…damn it….
    anyways i think luffy and mr.3 will take out magellan but will have trouble catching up with the others that went ahead. that or he actually might run into that bison looking guy from level 6 or 7…so far im really liking Jimeba guy…i know this episode is gonna be funny with luffy turning into that candle champion tho… so ill be patient for it…

  6. With the whole DF vs DF debate…I’m gonna have to say it’s not just the fruit, but the user that counts. You can have the most awesome Logia fruit in the world, but if you don’t use it properly, you couldn’t even stand up to a non-fruit person. I admit that certain Logia fruits would be able to cancel each other out, like the fight between Ace and Smoker who were both Logia users ended in a draw. But I think that how strong the user is counts just as much, if not more. Even though BB has one of the most ridiculously-powered fruits, he was a pretty strong fighter beforehand and the Darkness Fruit only enhanced that power.

    Jinbei is awesome, but then he’s from the New World! I only hope that the Straw Hats get a fishman nakama soon that can perform equally badass waterbending! 😉

  7. for that one piece bad ass poster up above is it just captains cuz theres no zoro…and i know he’s higher than a few of them …lol

  8. @Nagashikage: You underestimate the power of Jimbei AND One Piece! 0_0 Lol, what chapter and/or episode are you on?

    @Elisha: I agree…with everything! Are you in my mind? *gets suspicious* @_@

    @Shinobi: LOL, welcome back dude but I can’t say you came back at the best time for the manga. Two pages less can ruin your whole damn day…but not really and hopefully not at all. If it wasn’t for Jimbei and Luffy though I would’ve sent a VERY angry letter to Oda’s house…with anthrax in it! 😉 Lol, jkjk!

    Yeah I noticed Zoro missing too but I had already posted it and the picture still looks badass without him. Even though I’m sure Zoro’s presence would’ve raised the power level of that pic OVER 9000! XD

    @Anyone: Another acronym suggestion for the Badass One Piece Pic post(AKA BOPP) is still up for grabs. Don’t complain to me if it sounds lame in the future. 😛

  9. Damn, no where near enough comments here … hmmm how to change this… Start reading one piece ppl – u honestly won’t regret it! I honestly thought that I’d never read it, as after watching the dubs I thought it was terrible. Probably due to super’s recommendation (however I like to claim that it was a choice made under the influence, it was risky, but in the end it paid off 😉 . I can honestly say that One Piece has WAY more comedy and is just funnier in general than Naruto and Bleach, not to mention its story is just as solid as Naruto’s! One of the best things about it is the way it incorporates the comedy into serious situations, and you never feel as if it’s forced or over used.

    Now seeing as how everyone is opening OneManga and clicking on One Piece Chapter 1 atm, I think I’ll add my 2 cents to the breakdown 😛

    Lol, yeah I noticed how pissed u were super, considering u designated a paragraph to ur rage. Also I don’t hate Jimbei, besides the fact that he looks like he could be the next one yelling SURPRISE, he’s just sorta in the way (I don’t know why I think this, perhaps because there isn’t enough panels on Awesome, awesome Crocodile! Lol). Meh, BOPP’s fine.

    Also, anyone get the feeling that they might be running a bit behind schedule? They’ve still gotta steal a boat or 2, defeat Magellan, then sail to wherever the execution is (I know they’ve said it somewhere but I’ve forgotten 😛 ), not to mention they have to do this in 4 hrs! Whitebeard to the rescue 😉

  10. @Mudshovel: Lol, thx a again. It’s mostly America that seriously underestimates One Piece but it’s so famous everywhere else in the world! It’s such a great anime but it goes over so many people’s heads because it’s too “cartoonish” for them. *sigh* If only they knew. Hey I’m thinking about doing another why you should watch One Piece post you wanna help?

    I can’t belive you don’t like Jimbei though! Have you noticed he’s an Avatar-Fishman-Jedi-Pirate-Ninja? He’s awesome! 😀 I’ll see what I can do with Crocodile *grumbles something about him being a ruthless dictator* next week. 😉

    As for them running out of time..nah. They still have hours and they’ve already found their vessel of escape. Now all they have to do is evade or destroy the other Battleships and defeat Magellan, but they have a couple hours to do so.

  11. @Super: glad u liked, and yeah for sure, just email me ur idea(s).
    Jimbei might be kinda cool, but i don’t hate him or like him, he’s just there. lol
    I also have no idea why i think corocodile is awesome, maybe because he reminds me of Garra 😉 but yeah he is…

  12. The shorten chapter might have something to do with the Takonbon that are released after. I really don’t know. Either way it adds suspense let Oda have his two pages he will make it up, you see what I had a hard time believing Jimbei could do ODA EARNED THOSE TWO PAGES. They have 4 hours until Ace’s execution but they starting to push it just a little bit. Then what happens if the gates of justice close beforehand. Luffy will likely win against Megellion he can touch him now so that’s a plus. However seeing Megellion in action he is not an idiot Luffy protecting his hands, arms and legs won’t stop him that easilly. Every DF likely has a counter but there are in the same since ways to stop that neutrallity or weakness in the same sort of way it appeared. For example Enel’s use of heat, now imagine if he channeled it through his body instead of becoming lightening to attack Luffy directly, sure it could be absorbed but it might come with a burn. And of course Buggy looks badass but that’s only because he think’s he is free, victory is his. If the prisioner’s saw that laugh a few panels early he would become the equivalent to a diobolic villan or a man simply bracing his arms to keep balance.

    Yay trampaline.

    Oh and to state it again because it was that awesome. Jimbei + Water = WTF!!! The Marines never stood a chance. (Still waiting to see what BlackBeard and Shiryuu are up to.)

  13. @mud: no acknowledgement at all… *shakes head* You didn’t even notice how you converted me! O_O I am now reading One Piece and shall be finished soon!

    How do your threats work? @_@ I need to know. This could be useful. *writes down ‘evil plan to take over the world mwahahahahah’* *totally serious face*

    btw, I’ve built the Zoro shrine! *worships*

  14. @dynamic: lol I had to check ep 1 after this comment to confirm 😛
    and u should as well, you might just find the secret that makes OP so popular (especially in Japan, I hear Super’s all ready implemented his plan throughout America) MUHAHAHA
    *gets down onto knees and worships statue*
    *Statue demands payment*
    *pulls out wallet*
    *Has credit cards seized* XD

  15. @Kyouto: I admit Oda made up for those two pages not being there but I still have the right to rant nonsensical remarks. 😉 Lol, I hope Luffy beats Magellan’s ass this time or the dude is going to become invincible in my eyes. Another win on his belt? I hope not…

    “Jimbei + Water = WTF!!!” (Kyouto) LMAO!!! XD

    @Mudshovel & Dynamic: Shame on you too! *Scoffs* Not building a Luffy shrine?!? *Burns Zoro shrine to the ground in repentance to Luffy* *Constructs Luffy shrine and brags* 😀

  16. @Super: Pffft – luffy shrine, u wish. We all know Zoro kicks more ass.
    *kicks luffy shrine*
    *shrine collapses due to poor design* XD
    *Zoro shrine appears out of the ashes*
    We all know fire only makes Zoro stronger 😉

  17. BAKA!!! *Pisses on Zoro shrine and throws acid on top of it* HA!

    *Rebuilds Luffy’s shrine with titanium and laughs maniacally* Muhahahhahahahahah! @_@

  18. @Super: so that’s how it’s gonna be.
    *poors chlorine over luffy shrine*
    *completely rusts*
    *decides to leave it standing because it’s funnier that way*
    *zoro shrine uses the acid like water to wash the urine away*
    *Zoro is left standing completely fine and with a nice acidic gleam, next to the rust bucket*
    Hehehe, MUHAHAHAHA, hehehehe

  19. @mud, super: *is staring with raised eyebrow as you continue shrine war*
    *shakes head*
    You have the defenses all wrong
    *builds self-shrine*
    *makes Naruto patrol the grounds in harem mode*
    *invites cookie over to have some cookies and watch the nosebleeds*

  20. *stares at the new shrine*
    Hmmm i could have sworn i caused the luffy shrine to rust? JKJK
    *sees fox boy sleeping in a ditch*
    *rolls out a ton of HCL acid and burns the surrounding area into nothingness*
    *places signs pointing to Zoro shrine*
    *starts laughing uncontrollably*
    *falls on face*
    I hope nobody saw that >_<

  21. *pulls up sunchair and puts on sunglasses* *sits back and relaxes with popcorn* *grins* well this is getting good 😀

  22. OMG HE KILLED A FOX BOY *builds a fox boy shrine* *puts flower beside shrine* *blows zoro shrine up with heavy use of gun powder* i never run low on ammunition MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA *notices a DYNAMIC SHRINE* *raises eyebrow* well in THAT case *builds a COOKIE SHRINE* 😀 *looks at fantabulous COOKIE shrine* it’s so prettyful!!

  23. @mud: sorry, the zoro shrine is gone *shakes head compassionately*
    The one you just destroyed was your own shrine disguised as mine.
    *joins cookie in real shrine with sunglasses*
    “Now how about those missiles we were keeping for WRA doomsday?” asks dynamic politely.
    “Time to set them off, darling” replies cookie.
    *suddenly cups of tea appear on a white table cloth in front*
    “How absolutely delightful”
    *both watch as luffy shrine is pulverized in a mushroom cloud*
    “Beautiful view, eh?”

  24. *sits back to enjoy some cookies and watch the nosebleeds* *points and laughs at mud lying face down on ground*

  25. *cries at loss of shrine*
    *decides on new plan of action*
    *starts digging hole*
    *sees China*
    *throws Cookie and Dynamic down the hole and into China*
    Ha now you’re China’s problem!

  26. *fills in hole*

  27. *learns the way of the chinese*
    *becomes a chinese pilot*
    *hijacks plane and takes dynamic and cookie home*
    now to the problem at hand…how did mud find our housey?
    *finds map with huge cookie and dynamic face in his room* ahh…that raises so many issues….


  29. *mudshovel turns around after filling hole*
    *cookie and dynamic are standing behind him with souvenirs and traveling cases*
    “Hey, mud! Long time no see!” *grins*
    *mud hyperventilates*
    “Nice journey, eh cookie?”
    “Yeah, the New Years celebration was awesome. I even managed to get into one of those dragon suits”
    *go back to dynamic shrine and finish tea*

  30. I told the less-detailed version of what happened >_> <_<

  31. LMAO
    @cookie: first off i found that map >_> <__> <_<

    @dynamic: That was fast. *insert that's what she said joke as desired*. ummmm
    *points over there*
    *Runs away screaming "HOLY SH!T it's the children of the corn!" XD

  32. damn, comment ended up in the spam folder… let me reiterate…

  33. LMAO
    @cookie: First off i found that map at Super’s house, not that i robbed him, his windows were open – who was i to say no?
    That’s my Nico Robin shrine… um i mean … why would i have a shrine near my bed…? >_> <_<

    @Dynamic: That was fast. *insert that's what she said joke as desired*. ummmm
    *points over there*
    *Runs away screaming "HOLY SH!T it's the children of the corn!" XD

  34. *still has dragon head on* *grins* LOOK!! *shows medals to mud* WE GOT PRESENTS FROM THE EMPEROR!! for bravery and defeated an evil flying monkey!

  35. @mud : but why does it say property of mud in pink writing? and why is there a flashy sign saying LUFFY SHRINE RIGHT HERE BESIDE MY BED? this is quite confusling… >_<

  36. What just happened? *notices Luffy shrine gone and a massive crater in its place.* *notices a hijacked 747 with Chinese leterrs on it* *notices Cookie in a Dragon Head* *notices Dynamic covered in souvenirs that look like they could be from China* *notices his house might have been broken into because one of his windows have been smashed into* *notices Mudshovel pointing wildly running around and screaming, “Children of the corn!”* *notices a burnt Fox Boy left forgotten in a trench*

    *Super backs away slowly and barricades himself in his house. Then he builds sexy shrines of Nico Roboin and Nami with Luffy in between them.* (not in that way of course…) 😛

  37. *notices super barricading himself*
    Weirdo O_O
    *goes off to nick stuff from the people on the 747 that are still frozen in shock*
    Oh look, a portable Michael Jackson shrunken head.
    *looks around*
    Oh what the hey.
    *launches missile at super’s house*
    *watches explosion while making the star trek hand sign*
    We’ll miss you and your uncharacteristically long posts.

  38. @dynamic: the weird thing is i got him a fortune cookie and it said ‘your house will be blown up by a missile…but the weather will be lovely’…i think it was a lucky guess *goes to order a fortune cookie*


    *Escapes under tunnel, climbs up ladder, and opens up hatch leading into the basement of his mansion*

    This mansion has anti-missile defenses, anti-aircraft defenses, and a 24/7 patrol of elite ninja far beyond the Anbu level (Because the Anbu suck). Not to mention a modern army that is stationed in the basement as big as 3 aircraft hangars.

    *Shakes the hand of Chuck Norris who is the general of his modern army* *checks to make sure the stealth fighter jets, tanks, and weaponry are in fit working condition.*

    *Takes elevator to the living room of mansion* *sends 5 ninja out to assassinate Cookie and Dynamic with a snap of his fingers* 😉

    *Sits down to paint a masterpiece of NicoRobin, Hinata, and Nami in bikinis!* *Drools uncontrollably all the while doing it* @_@

  40. @super: *decides to blow bubbles at 5 ninjas attacking* *5 ninjas end up being sucked into bubble and float away over the armed security* *bubbles bursts causing the ninjas to falls onto armed security* *while the defenses are down cookie and dynamic sneak into supers home* *cookie decides to make some calls*

    *super home is in ruins after 5 bus loads of party goers land on the scene* *super lies sobbing on the floor in a pool of his own tears after the party goers decide to play keep away with his ‘masterpiece’. BUT ON THE BRIGHTER SIDE..THE WEATHER IS LOVELY!

    IT IS DONE!!!! NOw tell me what you think -_- I have worked 20 MINUTES on this!

  42. LOL, look at the beginning of the One Piece Breakdown guys. XD

    *Is kinda sad his mansion is in ruins* *calls Chuck Norris up to kill and torture all the party goers to find out where his masterpiece is* *After the torturing no information is revealed because they were all to drunk to remember* *is kinda sad again* *remembers the how lovely the weather is today and goes outside in his boxers to run around in the sunlight* 0_0

  43. @Dynamic: LOL, way to much free time. That’s pretty damn good though. Drawn free hand then scanned on to comp?
    Well i think i’ll fun off into the distance never to recover my sanity. XD

  44. @dyanmic: LOL, i just did the movie list quiz on ur devuantart profile page. 120, and that list was rather short. LOL

  45. One Piece Chapter 547
    Source: 2ch
    Credits: Nja
    Forum: ttp://

    Spoiler #1
    Credits: Nja

    つまんなくてごめんな なんか毒男のくそっぷりがどうしても許せなくてな…
    先頭カラー 今インペルを脱出してるみんなが酒飲んで宴会してるみたいなのだ


    毒男 この技は使いたくなかったんだが使ってしまったらインペル自体が
       どんなものも防げない毒 (技名はすまんな…)

    海にジンベエが呼んだ ジンベエクジラの大群の背中に乗ったところで


    Spoiler #2
    Credit: Battle Franky – (Quick Summary)

    Seems like all the candies and jailbreakers are drinking and having a feast outside ID.

    Luffy is attacking aggressively.

    Magellen seems to be holding back an attack, ’cause he fears it’ll destroy Impel Down if he uses it. It’s a poison that no one can stop.

    Luffy and 3 are struggling.

    Ivankov breaks through to the 1st floor with the death wink, Inazuma is with him.

    Jinbei calls out to a herd of whale sharks and gets on.


    Spoiler #3
    Site: Arlong Park
    Credits: Battle Franky & Godsleftsock





    Iwa-san catches all of the escapees in the Death Wink’s recoil. Then everyone escapes to the sea on a group of sharks.

    Nothing on Blackbeard and Shiryuu this week.

    Croc and Mr.1 stand peerless atop the ship.

    Buggy just gets up from his failed landing

  46. AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Thanks Kyouto for trampoline. No way Jose am I going back to Hell. Dark had already killed me. Such a hassle coming back. Got stopped at the living world border. Something about me not having a soul or something. Gave border patrol the finger and dug myself a tunnel. After 4 days of fighting off mole people I finally made it to the surface. It was good to be back till Mud pushed me off…damn you 😀 .

    Yeah yeah I was wrong. 😛 So now we get to see Franky’s cover story. I was thinking you guys should do a poll every 2 weeks to guess who will be next. There is Usopp, Chopper, Nami, Brooke, and Zorro.

    *pokes Super with stick*
    no response
    Calls Ivankov for help
    Ivan-san uses hormone thingy majig.
    Super LIVES!!!!!!!!
    Oh shit…Super is a chick now O_O

  47. @mud: wow, you really do have no life XD
    We live in a modern age, aka drawing= pen tablet+photoshop
    … even though most of mine are still pencil drawn ^^; that one was just there on the spot in photoshop. My handwriting’s not that bad in real life!

  48. Testing new gravatar…

  49. Damn! Didn’t work.



    AND IM ON CHAP 478






  51. @Ashan: LMAO, I can’t believe he’s actually doing it…

  52. @Super: lol – what did u do to incourage him so?

  53. @Mudshovel: I may have made a bet with him that he couldn’t catch up on One Piece in a week. Now he’s kicking my ass in this bet… I feel like I’m losing something but at the same time I’m happy someone else is reading One Piece! 😀

  54. Good to have another fellow one-piecer. I was a later convert but have been following for some time now and absolutely love it now.

  55. @Super: lol. Other than self respect, was the bet for anything or just a friendly one?

  56. @Zekks: YIPEE! Another One Piece convert! Soon WE’LL TAKE OVER THE WHOLE DAMN WORLLLLD!!! I mean…spread the word of Awesomeness that is One Piece. 😉

    @Mudshvoel: Just a friendly one unless I forgot some terms. I bet you would want me to lose something though wouldn’t you? 😉

  57. @Super: other than you losing ur self respect, na i’m pretty much good XD.

  58. Script for spoiler vid!

    pic 1
    Magellan: “Hell’s Judgement!!!”

    Pic 2
    Marines: Drop him into the sea! Dont’ let him have the ship!
    Marines: What’s with this guy’s body!? The whole body is…. weapon!?
    Daz: It’s the Spa-Spa fruit.

    Pic 3
    Luffy: Let’s run for it!!!! Is the ship there!!?
    Prisoners: They’re being chased by a huge one!!
    It’s Magellan!! There’s no place to run!!

    Pic 4
    Giant Ivankov head rises
    Prisoners: Whoa!?

    Pic 5
    Jinbei on denden mushi: Just leave it up to me after that!
    Luffy: Alright, let’s do as he says!! 3, lend me your powers again!
    Mr.3: Have you lost your mind!? If we dive into the sea, we’ll surely die!!
    He’s with the government, we can’t trust him!!
    Luffy: He’s a friend of Ace, I believe him!!

    Magellan: To the ocean? Just try it!! The entire area is nest of Sea Kings!!
    “Hell’s Judgement!!!”
    Prisoner?: Be careful!! If you even touch one drop of this poison (rest cut off)
    Prisoner: Gyaaaa!!! That’s impossible!! We’re done for!

    Pic 6
    Luffy: “Giant Stamp!!”

    Pic 7
    Marine?: There’s something under the ships!!
    What are these….
    Jinbei: Ah, you got here on time!! I’m sorry to call y’all to such a dangerous sea…
    Marine?: Huh? He got onto something….
    Luffy: Uwaa!

    Pic 8
    Marine?: It’s a pack of Whale Sharks!!! Jinbei called them here!! (cut off)

  59. @super, mud: quit with the converting business! You’ve already got me crazy! Poor Ahsan *shakes head* he has found the addictiveness of One Piece.

    *is having lots of trouble typing because 8 month old brother is sitting on her knees trying to pull out her hair*

    Darnit, let go! Wait… did my ava just change? OMG! It CHANGED! *has been waiting since yesterday*

    I changed it just to see if anyone reacts to it in a weird way ^^; Can’t really see me much can you? Told you I wasn’t ugly! *mostly meant for cookie, super and mud*

    Heheh… ^^;

  60. One piece is out!!!


  62. I must admit: JIMBEI KICKS A$$!!! *has no idea what’s happening because she hasn’t reached it yet, but read new chappie anyway*
    Whoever he is, I am a fan right now XD

  63. Wait – who said Magellan would pwn 😉 Super 103 – Mudshovel – 2 lol.
    All in all a good chapter – and YAY – 19 pages this time!
    Also Dynamic ur looking a little blue 😛

  64. @mud: Oh ha ha, real funny. XD I’m actually green, but… well, yeah, I admit it, my hair takes up my whole personality doesn’t it? XP

    And who is this Jimbei? Must recruit him into my Dynamic Shrine! Then build a moat around it… *evil plan is hatching… hatching!* lol

    >_> <_< If you copy my idea, beware! I have bribed Jimbei with a Little Mermaid bride! *has no idea who Jimbei is yet so is not sure if this is a good joke*

  65. Pffft – who needs jimbei – crocodile is way more awesome sauce. Jimbei is only good for yelling ‘suprise!’ – isn’t that right super 😉

  66. one piece is out nd we found out that jimbei’s secret identity is …….. that he really is AQUAMEN!!!!!

  67. Hahahhahaa, I told you Jimbei was AWESOME! Too bad I was wrong about Luffy kicking Magellan’s ass though. Oh well, I guess it makes since with Magellan’s strength, winning streak, and DF ability. Anyway, off to the breakdown I go…expect it tomorrow in other words. 😉

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