Naruto Shippuden Episode 113: The Serpent’s Pupil ~ Breakdown and Discussion

-Naruto Shippuden Breakdown Below-

Naruto_Shippuden_by_MLethArtwork by Mleth

Hey everyone! It’s Alexie (alexie828) here with this week’s Naruto anime breakdown! Like Eva (dynamicentrance) I am a new writer here, so lemme give you a short intro. Hi, you might have seen me making my ridiculous (and rather pointless sometimes, if not appeasing supertrek89’s lust for Hinata) posts on IRA until a few sad days ago when Jeremiah shut it down. I’ve always wanted to write breakdowns because they make writing seem fun, and I can swear and be as informal as I want, unlike those essays I write in English class. I’m just NUTTY for Naruto and I always have a nickname handy for each character. (Not always very good ones, but I personally like Tobi-otch andΒ  Douchebag Danzo.) I’m really sad that Penny isn’t doing the breakdowns for the anime anymore, and I sure as hell am not as good as her, but I will let you be the judge of that. I also read Bleach and Fullmetal Alchemist and watch the animes as well, although I’m not as knowledgable about them as much as Naruto. (Considering I rewatched the whole anime series twice and read through the manga 5 times, I should know a BIT about it.) Although….I am a huge Detective Conan fan, but I bet some of you don’t know what that it. =/ I’ll try to bring you as fun a breakdown as I can, but don’t start making targets with my face on it if this breakdown turns out lousy. I will be only doing it this week, and eatencookie will take over after this week, so ya, hope you enjoy it!

So, shall we begin? =]

Nineteen long episodes and five months later, we finally have ditched the fillers and are finally back on track with the manga! We’re all gonna miss Guren and Yukimaru, but at least we still have Kabuto. Where else to reenter the realms of the manga than at the point where everyone’s favorite bitch Sasugay lays it down with Orochimaru? It begins with a 5 minute recap of Orochimaru’s invasion of Konoha back in the good old days of NO FILLERS, and it includes everything from Orochimaru giving Sasuke a curse hickey to the point where Orochimaru gets his jutsu dissected outta him by the Third. Great times, great times….but is it just me, or does Sakura look like she does in Shippuden but with longer hair? And somethings different about Sasuke…

Yep, definitely the actors on a low makeup budget. I know my snapshots are weird, but I make em myself, so whatever o.O

Anyways, back in sunny Konoha, we got a pissed off Tsunade wondering where the hell her ANBU posted at the site of the Sanbi’s watery home have gone off too. They are probably playing poker in heaven right now or eating some dango while poor Tsunade is biting her thumb at them. (In case you don’t know what that is, it’s the Italian equivalent of flipping someone off ,,l,, so remember that if you’re a thumb biter/sucker!) She dismisses the ANBU who brought her the news and he does a nifty magic trick by phasing down through the wood. Definitely more original then the puff of smoke most ninjas use.

We get a quick glimpse of a possible Orochimaru x Itachi moment, and it ends with Orochimaru’s snake doing a little suspicion something off screen down south there…there was quite some blood too.

Kabuto shows just how loyal of a bitch he is to his master Orochimaru by tending to his every need like the little nurse he is. While walking away, he has a little “insane guy” chat with himself, practically telling the whole world “Orochimaru is weak as heck right now, so this would be a good time to attack him. Oh did I mention you will all bow down to him someday HA HAHAHAH HA!” Wonder if Sasugay heard anything…hmmm….

Meanwhile, everything is going step-by-step (or panel-by-panel) of the manga, and we see Orochimaru cackling like a madman and day-dreaming more about his future. More boring recaps about his past during the invasion, and we see a nice little blend of Itachi’s famous shuriken trick where he nails every target hidden around some trees. Sasugay does a variation of it by using his Chidori stream instead of kunai knives and he nails everyone of those suckers.

Being in an advance English class this year, I had to read some books by John Steinbeck, and my teacher has this huge fascination with how Steinbeck uses animals as foreshadowing. Well as a total John Steinbeck moment, we see a cute little moth being burned into ashes by a fire, which is the FIRST sign.

We also see a lovely scene where a tiny mouse is running around and suddenly a mommy fox-weasel-ferret creature snatches it up and brings it to her babies as chow. SECOND sign.

I’ll return to my dorky animal foreshadowing later. Right now, we have finally reached the moment most of us have been waiting for half a year: Sasugay pinning Orochimaru down with his Shiny-Electric-Sword-Of-A-Lot-Of-Pain. (Or so I’m told) I knew there was some sorta dramatic sequence leading up to the moment of impact, but for me, it seemed like the sword was going a BIT too slow…

Of course we all get to see Sasuke. Yippee! /end sarcasm

Again we see a few more flashbacks, which got me thinking that probably 90% of the episode was either flashbacks or talking and plotting about stuff we already KNOW about. So let’s just get on with it!


Now Sasugay is laying one bitch-slap after another on Orochimaru, calling him weak, and saying that the only reason Orochimaru went after him rather than Itachi was because Orochimaru could only handle a “fledgling.” He criticizes Orochimaru’s experiments (GASP) telling him that toying with human lives was “disgusting.” (He said SOMETHING along those lines) You get to see some interesting scenes where Orochimaru’s got a bunch of his playtoys (humans) chained up against a wall, he floods chakra through one of his playtoys (humans) and you get to see one of them violently exploding because the curse mark failed. Lovely.

Sasugay continues on to talk even more smack to Orochimaru, who probably was crying on the inside by now because he just wanted Sasugay’s love, but all he got was a series of bitch-slaps and a Chidori sword digging through both his arms. The best part was when Sasuke said, “So you got dibs on me.” Haha right? It’s like he’s ADMITTING that Orochimaru OWNED him or something, that he had to call DIBS. This is the moment that all Sasuke fangirls deepen their hatred of Orochimaru. Personally, I would NEVER call dibs on him, but who knows… >.>

After the heart-wrecking experience Orochimaru felt, Sasuke goes in for the kill, only to have the huge white snake that is now Orochimaru’s real body shoot outta his mouth. Look at the size of that thing! Tell me how it was possible Orochimaru was even able to fit inside a human body at such a huge size! Now we know where Jiraiya learned to squeeze inside of his toads’ mouths.

So finally we get some action! About 90% of the episode is over and we finally get a little action. I wanted to put a clip up, but youtube banned it. Sorry! But its the last minute and a half of the episode, in case you wanna know, since episodes usually are 23 minutes, its about at the 18:30 mark. πŸ˜‰

Looks like Sasuke learned how to utilize the curse mark without ruining his clothes. I personally find this kinda funny…but maybe he’s just showing Orochimaru that he’s just toying with him because he has enough time to strip off the top part of his robe.

Another thing I never noticed was that Orochimaru’s white scales are actually individual snakes, and they each can freely attack. Kinda insane, but it fits him. I mean, why settle for one HUGE ASS snake when you can have one HUGE ASS UGLY snake with a buncha little snakes that you can freely bend and use as weapons? Orochimaru knows how to think.

Lastly, I’d like to point out the THIRD sign. We see a very obvious sign here, the snake tries to strike the fox, only to be plucked into the air by an eagle. Hm….what does that remind you of? What do you think the anime was trying to tell you by showing these signs?

And that concludes my breakdown! I’m glad I got to do at least one, and I was rushing kinda to get this done because my birthday is on Sunday, and up until then I will be busy, and I will probably be busy on Monday as well (because it is a sleepover) so the earliest I can get this done would be Tuesday, so I hope you people like it! Hope to write again sometime! If I do I’ll spend more time.

PS. If I had lousy grammar or misspellings, that’s because I am rushing.

Alexie out!


~ by supertrek89 on June 13, 2009.

34 Responses to “Naruto Shippuden Episode 113: The Serpent’s Pupil ~ Breakdown and Discussion”

  1. LOL random stuff Alexie. pretty annoying how most of the ep was a flashback … but meh at least the fillers are over with YAY

  2. oh and Happy B’day!

  3. @mudshovel: Lol thanks!
    I like being random…but is that a bad thing? πŸ˜› I was pretty disappointed by the level of flashbacks, but like you said, at least the spoilers are OVER! πŸ˜€

  4. good stuff. i also noticed the food-chain metaphors

  5. Brilliant! You’re so much better at this than me T.T
    I’d given up on the anime long ago (mainly because of the fillers) so I just read the breakdowns here instead ^^; and yours told me everything in perfect detail as well as making me crack a couple of bad-ass smiles. XD

    Cheers and a happy B-day! (geez, it’s my B-day in a week, my friend’s B-day yesterday and now you– It’s HAPPY week 0_o)


  6. @alexie & dynamicentrance: Happy birthday in a few days! How old are you turning ?

  7. People that follow the anime ONLY … how do they do it ???

  8. lol animals FTW!

    good first post alexie I enjoyed it =)

  9. @nagashi: I’m turning 15 actually. T.T Believe it or not, 14 was my favorite year. I DON’T WANNA GROW UP!!!… maybe a little bit ^^;

    @alexie: how old ARE you? -_o Imma wanna know ^^

    @anyone who wants to listen: I suck at breakdowns so expect something else from me in the next post. It’s being planned >.> But I can do them if people want me to ^^

  10. @everyone: apparently I’m only older than Eva by about a week cuz I’m turning 15 tomorrow! Also, eatencookie is suppose to write the rest of the breakdowns so I’m here in case of emergency but I hope you guys enjoyed it nonetheless πŸ™‚

  11. @Alexie: Great job I really enjoyed it even though I have yet to see this ep. I read it in the manga anyway so I don’t think you spoiled anything for me. πŸ˜‰ BTW, I’ve heard of Detective Conan. *Goes to check Wikipedia*. Yep, I’ve heard of Detective Conan… >_> <__<

  12. Ya it’s not very fun to write about unless it’s a movie though…(detective Conan)
    Anyways I forgot! Happy early birthday Eva! Tell me the exact day so I can give you a huge cyber hug and greeting that day! πŸ™‚

  13. I know what detexctive conan is, i luuuv that show!

  14. well it looks like i’m doing the shippuden from now pressure on my pressure at all >_> <_.<
    hehe good post alexie πŸ˜€ hey you wouldnt mind covering the posts anytime i'm away? my GOD there was alot of flashbacks..and moth killing! SUICIDE I TELL YOU…SUICIDE!!

  15. the “fox-weasel-ferret creature” was supposed to be a mongoose, which is an animal famous for its ability to vanquish venomous snakes…so yeah ur supposed to associate sasuke with the mongoose at the beginning of the episode, but then he becomes the hawk at the end…

  16. well the moth is obviously jesus and dies for sasuke’s future sins! πŸ˜€

    serious literary analyst mode:

    mommy weasel = itachi trying to protect his young (aka sasuke, the ungrateful git!)

    snake = orochimaru (too subtle!)

    hawk = sasuke/future team hawk

    was anyone else seething at how arrogantly condescending sasuke was toward orochimaru. ok, orochimaru wasn’t exactly the nicest guy, but sasuke was all “uchiha: superior. orochimaru: inferior.” yeah the uchihas were god’s gift to earth! that’s exactly why the entire clan was wiped out in one night by their golden boy, itachi!


    yes i know that itachi killed them all to prevent the uchiha coup which would’ve ripped konoha apart. i’m just going off of what sasuke knows and how he justifies his clan’s greatness.


  17. really good job alexie…(gives thumbs up)…i hope to see more of your breakdowns on here…and yeah, it was kind of weird to see an older version of Sakura in the flashback…also you know that tattoo orochimaru has on his left forearm? I know that it’s used for summoning too, but isn’t that the hand that was cut off by Itachi? As i watched this and they had the scene where itachi cut off his hand it hit me…”maybe the seal keeps his arm working”…and then i noticed a few more tattoos…yea, just a thought…i dunno…anyway, good job once again…btw happy birthday!

  18. Nice job alexie! Haven’t watch the anime yet but u did a very well done job giving very well though details even if I were rushed gives cheers.

  19. Haha thanks guys! And yes eatencookie I’ll cover for you whenever you feel like it. XD

  20. So I have a question.. Why is everybody here against Sasuke? Sure, he betrayed everybody in Konoha and especially team 7, but I think Naruto wouldn’t have been the Naruto we all know now, if Sasuke wouldn’t have left (is this even english?)
    I think Jiraya never would have thought Naruto the things he knows now. NO Rasengans and no frogtrainings… because Sasuke never is a threat.
    I’m glad he left the Village.
    Nice breakdown BTW!

    I’m just a curious new guy here, sorry.

  21. XD thanks alexie!! i’ll give you the heads up when i need you too lol!!! πŸ˜‰ lol

    yeah i noticed the whole animal hinting thing as well, it was a rdslmao moment..and a wtf moment as well for that matter,hmmmm πŸ˜€
    OMG A SPOILER!!! *squishes it* that was close! O_O

    well it seems i have alot to live up to now *cookie sighs, puts on cocentration face and rubs hands evily together* well this should be fun >=) Muahahahaha

  22. *is scared by cookie’s concentration face and evil demeanor* *starts to back away slowly*

    Yeah, that moth truly did own itself…but now on to more pressing issue…i wonder how Suigetsu is going to sound…hes an interesting character…

  23. *pulls out super soaker and aims at dro* *pus on sun-glasses* so it begins….

    well i dont think they’ll put him in the anime until next week…just doesnt seem like enough time in this weeks episode. But hey…i’ll make sure to include his dashing voice;-) lol

  24. is that super soaker filled with gasoline?

    and yea i think you’re right…i forgot they have to show OrochiJackson’s history…BLEH!!!!

  25. @dro : what this old thing? oh of course not *shifty eyes* heh heh heh .. hey it cant be THAT long *oh god it’s going to be the most longest thing ever* T_T

  26. A very interesting breakdown! I can’t wait for the next one ^.^

    And in case anyone is interested, the voice for Suigetsu is Takashi Kondo, who voiced Sai’s brother in the anime [Not that he actually said anything in the flashbacks >.> aside from a few little sounds] And Karin’s voice is Kanako Toujo πŸ™‚

  27. @nekovi: unless you’re japanese, jap. voices don’t even matter, they could just pick up Sakura’s jap. voice actor and slap it on Karin, and nobody would notice.

  28. I suppose so. πŸ™‚ I just thought it might be nice to share. ^_^

  29. Tips for your next breakdown:

    1. Don’t be biased through your whole breakdown. I actually like “Sasugay” and so do other people. I’d rather a unbiased breakdown but sure you can express your opinions.

    2.Usually I read naruto show breakdowns and refrain from watching. This breakdown had an extreme amount of humour and it was less of a summary. I came to read a summary, not a article filled with humour.

    3. I’ll admit. I liked your captions. They were funny but funny imsages and funny captions are ussualy at the end of the breakdown. I would like more pictures of Sasuke and Orochimaru instead of pre timeskip photos.

    If I’m bombarding you with what seems like unhelpful critiscm please try to understand I’m trying to give you constructive critiscm. Aside from those three issues your breakdown was great. Continue the great work and hopefully you’ll improve on your next few breakdowns.

  30. Lol alright…
    -sucks in a breath- This breakdown was done in a rush, so I didn’t actually really think as I did this. This is just a first attempt and I don’t think I will do another one for a while because apparently I didn’t ask for the spot early enough. And this is sorta the style I write in…but I’ll take your tips into consideration.
    Most people now can take the Sasugay joke cuz this whole blog is rather biased against Sakura and Sasuke, but ok. Lol.
    Truth be told, this episode really didn’t have much to it. It WAS only half flashback and nothing else different from the manga. I covered all there was to really say about it, since repeating what happaned back in the good old days of the old Naruto anime seemed boring so I tried to stick the humor in wherever to cover up room. next episode will be done by eatencookie, but she’s got a fun one. This one has SO much more to write up about. >:[ I got to write one full of flashbacks and talking.
    And in the other breakdowns the funny stuff was just posted all over. =[ It makes it less confusing so that its in order of how the episode was set. But ya I shuold have put more of Orochimaru and Sasuke.
    But if I do get to do a next one, I’ll try to summarize more, and lay off the opinions as much, but I did try to vary between Sasugay and Sasuke.

  31. Well said alexie! *applauds*
    I personally think that this blog is made for humor and snide remarks about Saucegay. You can read normal, fun-lacking breakdowns on other sites, but WRA kicks ass in the laughter department *does weird dance* So even though I don’t watch the anime either, I understood everything that happened in the episode perfectly after reading this. Maybe a few more pictures of OrochiJackson’s oh-shit face would’ve been nice, but it’s a first for alexie so be nice *glares*
    jkjk, I know it was just constructive criticism, but I really don’t think making this funny as hell is a problem in the least. As I said, you could go read some other breakdown if you’re unhappy with this one.

    Cheers and great work alexie, again! You beat me in breakdowns any day T.T

  32. @alexie: I really enjoyed your breakdown. it was funny and spot on so congrats =)! btw you and dynamic make me feel old =( i turned 18 on march.Β΄*supa keeps yapping about how his whole life passed like a film before his eyes*.
    I really hope the next ep gives us some action (i mean real action not that yukimaru guren BS). Seriously this guy and Sora will foreva be remembered as the 2 most useless characters.

    @eatencookie: Don’t worry, i’m sure you’ll be AWESOMENESS πŸ™‚

  33. @alexie: awesome breakdown bro, too bad for Penny you are way better πŸ˜›

    BTW Naruto 114 is out and it’s the best episode since F**king long time

  34. So the fillers finaly over? Good. I thought it would finish when the long Pain invasion manga arc was over and it seems i was right.

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