Bleach Manga 362 Spoiler & Bleach Manga 361: I Hate Loneliness, But It Loves Me discussion and breakdown

Bleach 362 Spoiler Can Be Found Here

Hello everyone, El (aka Elfarren) back again, keeping the awesomeness alive and well with your weekly Bleach breakdown.  There have been a lot of changes since last week and the closing of IRA (may it rest in peace), so I’d just like to take a moment and say thank you to everyone who made the great migration and didn’t abandon WRA before it has a chance to get off the ground as they say.  We have a lot of great new ideas to share with everyone, but for the time being, how about we stick with the oldies but goodies? Having said that, let’s get to it, shall we? ^_^

Soi Fon unleashed her missile o' doom on Barragan

Soi Fon unleashes her missile o' doom on Barragan

I have to say first and foremost that I love how Tite never leaves us hanging in regards to the cliffhangers he ends his manga with each week ^_^  We start off chapter 361 with a bang … er, explosion seems more appropriate, actually … when Soi Fon releases her bankai in Barragan’s general direction.  She doesn’t even have to be terribly accurate with her bankai, it seems, because the thing is so huge that it even blows away Omaeda, who provides us with the comic relief as usual.

If you didn't laugh when you saw this, you need to find a sense of humor ...

If you didn't laugh when you saw this, you need to find a sense of humor ...

I guess this answers the poll question from last week, eh?  LOL  I debated with myself about including this picture in the breakdown for this week, but I got such a laugh out of it that I couldn’t resist.  Omaeda does a good job of bringing a bit of levity to an otherwise serious chapter, and even makes for a nice pillow after Soi Fon’s steel sash fails and tears apart after her attack on Barragan.

WRA Voters 1 - El 0

WRA Voters 1 - El 0

Just as she’s about to fall to her untimely death, Omaeda catches Soi Fon and helps keep the awesomeness alive ^_^  If you can’t tell by now, Soi Fon is one of my favorite captains of the Gotei 13, so I was happy to see her still alive and b!tching at Omaeda even as he saves her from becoming one with the pavement.  I also have to concede that perhaps her sash was meant to protect her from the recoil of her bankai after all, though I never give up a debate without trying my best to argue the other side.  It would have made for a great shield as well, if Barragan ever had a chance to get that close, that is …

Shunsui is apparently the worst captain ever at keeping a secret.

Shunsui is apparently the worst captain ever at keeping a secret.

Meanwhile, in arena #2, Shunsui and Stark are still having the laziest fight ever.  Not only that, but Shunsui is giving away trade secrets like they’re no more important than telling someone it’s a beautiful day outside >_<  It raised my eyebrows a bit when I saw him casually tell Stark that all the captains’ bankai are as powerful as Little Teapot’s and Soi Fon’s, because it means one of two things: either Shunsui is so freaking bad@$$ that he’s got nothing to worry about, or he’s seriously underestimating Stark and is about to get his butt kicked for making such a boast.  I’m interested to know what you guys think.

Apparently Shunsui isn't the only one giving away secrets ...

Apparently Shunsui isn't the only one giving away secrets ...

Shunsui isn’t the only one making boasts and giving away the secrets of his side of the battle, however, because Stark doesn’t think anything of telling Shunsui that unlike the other arrancar, he split his power into another person rather than put it into his zanpakuto.  This is beginning to remind me of another fight we were witness to recently where Ulquiorra told Ichigo that he traded brute force power for regenerative abilities, and like happened to Ulquiorra, I think perhaps this boast of Stark’s is going to come back to haunt him in the end.

You know Shunsui is serious when he takes his kimono off.

You know Shunsui is serious when he takes his kimono off.

Whatever the case may be, it seems that the laziest fight ever is finally starting to get serious, because once Stark reveals his ability to merge Lilynette’s body with his, which unleashes his full power, Shunsui throws off his infamous kimono and takes his battle stance.  He isn’t paying around anymore and pulls out both his zanpakuto, calling out “Katen Kyokotsu!” to activate his zanpakuto’s shikai form.  He couldn’t have chosen a better time, too, because when the smoke clears it’s revealed that Stark’s new form is like something straight out of the ’70s *shudders*

Dude, furry leg warmers went out of style more than 20 years ago.

Dude, furry leg warmers went out of style more than 20 years ago.

I’m not sure how this fight is going to turn out now that both Shunsui and Stark are fighting with two weapons each, but one thing I am sure of is that Shunsui looks a helluva lot cooler right now …  I mean srsly, what’s up with all the fur?  Add to that pointy boots and a white suit and he might as well have jumped out of “Saturday Night Fever” and started doing disco dance moves >_<  In all seriousness, though (because I’m only making fun of Stark for your entertainment) I’m a bit worried about why Stark’s swords are attached to his shoulders/back with those ribbon-like things, because that could very well give him an edge if he forces Shunsui to drop one of his swords.  Again, though, I’m interested in what you all have to say …

This week's winner brought to you by the letter "S": Supertrek

This week's winner brought to you by the letter "S": Supertrek

And finally, I bring you last week’s bubble contest winner.  There were only a handful of entries so it was slim pickings this week … thank you, Supertrek and Mudshovel, for helping keep the awesomeness alive ^_^  Just to be sure you guys still want me to go through the trouble of making up bubble contest pics, how about I put the fate of this part of my breakdowns to a poll?

That’s it for me this week … not as funny as weeks past, I know, but there weren’t a whole lot of opportunities for good jokes this week with Little Teapot’s battle on hiatus.  *Sees all the little fanboys and fangirls grabbing pitchforks and torches*  Okay okay, I’ll stop calling him that all the time, but it doesn’t mean I won’t call Toshiro that in the captions … See you all next week when Stark’s new abilities are revealed.  Until then …

Ja ne,



~ by elfarren on June 13, 2009.

57 Responses to “Bleach Manga 362 Spoiler & Bleach Manga 361: I Hate Loneliness, But It Loves Me discussion and breakdown”


  2. Great breakdown btw, elf. ^^ I always enjoy reading yours. And the subtle insults are well hidden under layers of fake appeal! XD lol, jkjk

    I’m really looking forward to the Stark vs Shunsui smackdown. Though I’m Shunsui all the way, Starky really gives me the creeps with the disco-do. 0_o I hope he doesn’t have an all-powerful cero that shoots out from all angles out of a disco ball or summat 0_e

    And way to go Soi Fon! ^^ Though I’m 100% sure that Barragan stands undefeated, he’s sure to be rubbing a rotting knee by now. *inner Sakura awesomeness face* SHANNARO!

  3. Hmmm i think stark has twin guns…not swords.

    P.S good breakdown elf ^_^

    P.S.S I just realized why stark could shoot a cero without a pose….he fights by shooting ceros like crazy with his guns.

  4. 3rd!

  5. I don’t know about Barragan being dead… Or Harribel for that matter… Well, perhaps not Harribel. Stark’s kind of sure she’s dead as he keeps on repeating how strong Little Teapot’s bankai was.

    But I’d like to see proof that he’s dead… I feel like it just went a little bit too easy…

    Nice breakdown, btw ^^

  6. yeah i agree wtih scorp; i’m pretty sure that’s a gun stark is holding.
    and the thing attached to him has to be “bullets” of some sort

  7. Great breakdown Elfarren.

    I think Stark is going to be a big problem. His weapons remind me of some kind of gun. The ribbon like things remind me of them ammo belts for machine guns. His mask covering only one eye reminds of those gadgets that help target. I think putting all these together spells trouble. The omaeda part was hilarious. I think its going to look like all the captains are going to pwn the espada. Then the espada have a comeback and rape the captains only to have vizards come in and save them. The vizards won’t be allies. No idea what will happen after this.

  8. Lol it looks like Stark has dual pistols to me. I hope thats not the case because that would be retarded.

    Great Breakdown! keep it up elf =)

  9. @ Everyone: Thanks for the support, and I have agree that Stark’s new weapons look like guns to me, too. I only called them swords because up to this point Tite has NEVER used anything except swords as weapons for the shinigami and/or the arrancar. Seems kinda of weird to see him switch it up now, don’t you think?

  10. well we can’t see starks other hand so it could be a sword and pistol combo.

    P.S if you look at the other one the blade is much longer so I am thinking a sword gun combo.

  11. Oh jeez, that s just the GAYEST. Guns ?
    Here I thought Stark was gonna have the best resureccion.
    I thought that Stark was gonna have a chance of winning over Grimmjow as my favorite Espada once he released, but it looks like that’s not the case.

  12. How is it underestimating Stark by telling him that all the Bankais are powerful ? He’s only stating a fact.
    And it’s not like telling him or not will make a difference, because Shunsui will eventually use it anyway.

  13. Sweet breakdown again Elf.

    Lol, i could have sworn that Stark was holding guns, but then again what would it fire?
    When i first saw Star in his new cloak, i thought he looked pretty mad, but then i saw the add on leg and hand ‘attachments’ *shudders* lol.
    Also What is with Bleach and monologue? i mean it seems that the enemy or other guy can’t transform or do something without pulling out a cup of coffee and deciding to explain that this is how my power works, this is why i’m doing it and you’ll never be able to stop me *insert laughter*. GRRR lame!

  14. Elf – the spoiler is going on the spoilers page – you need to remove that from the title >_<

    sorry i have told you this earlier but havent been in chat room

  15. @ Nagashikage: Disagree if you will, but I for one wouldn’t stand around telling my enemy that all the captains of the Gotei 13 have uber bad@$$ bankais, I would just unleash that b!tch on them without hesitation ^_^ Like I said in the breakdown, to me that says that Shunsui is either so confident in his skillz that he’s not worried about revealing that kind of information or he’s overconfident and underestimating Stark’s skillz BY revealing that information …

    @ Mud: Yeah, I agree about the monologuing *L* I understand that we as the audience need these things explained to understand them, but come on, can’t it be done more creatively?

    @ Reflex: You could have e-mailed me >_< LOL I'll change it tonight ^_^

  16. It really was slim pickins in the bubble contest if Super’s got through 😛 . Mine must hsve been deleted >_> <_< that's the only logical explanation 😛

  17. why didn’t my comment show … hmmmm
    Testing …

  18. It must have been slim pickins in the bubble contest it Super’s won it 😛 .
    Mine must have been deleted, that’s the only logical explanation >_> <_< 😛

  19. if**

  20. GUNS!??! IN BLEACH!?!??!


  21. Anyone else get the feeling that Bleach is gunna dick around for another 10 chapters cuz none of the “defeated” Espada are actually dead? >.> Not like Ulquiorra, but like Halibel and the skull guy (Im sorry I dont remember his name)

  22. Well he did plan on having guns instead of swords when he was creating bleach. Maybe he likes the idea of guns and is going to do a sword-gun thing.

  23. I don’t think Barragan is dead, though. there was smoke and in these Japanese manga, ANYTHING can jump from a smoke.

    there is an ero senin here. Sorry for taking this name. If you have problems please tell. It’s just that my other blog names also have ero senin as name. Sorry again

  24. I’m thinking I should’ve brought this up sooner so i could seem like a prophet 😛 but seriously as much as i love seeing the good guys win…Tite has left us with doubt about both Harribel and Barragan being killed obviously they aren’t im guessing that the top three espadas (Yammy Excluded) are Vasto this just makes complete sense to me because of the confidence Aizen has in them and how they never used an ULTIMATE TECHNIQUE, which we all know they usually do. I really pray im not completely wrong about this because now that im writing im having doubts im think that Well all the Espada fights weve seen so far when they released they only had one major technique…Soo seriously were getting F***ed with but idk im totally confused right now :{

  25. @alexie828: … Barragan ? 🙂

    @El: Well when you put it that way, yeah, I see what you mean.

  26. If Barragan and Halibel are dead, what a weak ending for them. I mean, Nnotria or w/e’s death was dragged on forever and hes #5.

  27. YAY! Great Breakdown Elfarren and awesome pick for the winner of the bubble contest. Pay no heed to Mudshovel he’s just jealous. 🙂

    Lol, I thought Omaeda wasn’t too funny but I wish he was. I would have loved to laugh like you did but all I saw him as was a waste of space taking up a few panels. Barragan is definitely not dead nor is Harribal (or w/e her name is now) as you’ll have said. Am I the ONLY one that thinks Stark looks badass? The fur, the gun and sword, the eye patch, the cool pose! Come on you can’t get more chill than that. I mean who else can rock the fur in a shinigami fight? STARK!

    Maybe it’s because I’m hoping for Stark to win.

  28. stark release remind me of a char from trigun looks nice

  29. Shunsui for the win!! ….. right?

  30. I hope the creater of bleach (forgot his name)

    Makes something creatives of starks release.
    Ofc stark looks conf, himself. (he hes something horribel destroying hidden himself)

    but same goez for shunso xD

  31. im so blown at soifons bankai it was so plain and boring . it changed my viewing of her completely

  32. on the other hand i cant wait to see shinsui’s bankai i hope is not as gay as soifon

  33. @Windstileshuriken: Agreed! Soi Fon’s bankai was, meh! It looks like it can be only used once so if it fails the first time she’s SOL too. 0_0

  34. I’m going with the Gun-Sword Combo… That’s what I make of the picture. I think he looks like a Seventies Pimp. A gun could be nice for a change, it’s not like its a ROCKERLAUNCHER! OMG what kind of a Bankai is that!? What is she anyways? North Korean?
    Barragan isn’t dead, it would be too quick. Same goes for Hallibel .. Aizen knows the strength of a bankai, so if they are this weak he wouldn’t have gone to war right?
    I wonder whats next…

  35. @wondstileshuriken: don’t be mad at my baby Soifon for her Bankai, blame Tite Kubo. He’s making Bleach up as he goes along.
    There is NO WAY that he has everything made up, or else Soifon’s Bankai would be better, Yammy would’ve died a long time ago, Ichigo wouldnt’ve beat Byakuya and Kenpachi a few days after even fighting, and Stark’s resurreccion wouldn’t look so pansy-ish.

    Bleach should be more like Naruto; perfect storyline, everything makes sense, and the anime is a decent distance from the manga, so that fillers aren’t imminent.
    And yet I still love this show … but still, yeah.

  36. So Stark is gonna unleash his ammo? all for the bling bling this year on bleach! heading for the catwalk with ‘who can unleash the most blinding attack of light’ AHH MAH EYES >_<

    shunsui took off his kimono O_O this is getting slightly interesting 🙂 and Ukitake playing the good part of the coat hanger made me LOL.. so i guess it's 2 on 1, 2 on 2, either way stark is gonna have an emotional moment sometime this month 😀

  37. @eaten: why would he have an emotional moment ?

  38. errrr….*wide eyes and looking awkward* do you REALLY need to ask that?

  39. @nagashi: Lets just say that – umm how to put this, lilynette will cause intense emotional strain for Stark at some stage within the next month. I’m sorry but i can’t make it any clearer than that.

    @cookie: well Ukitake is sick, he’s gotta feel like he’s contributing in someway and what better way than a moving coat rack?

  40. @mud : ah yes…what better way to contribute than to play the noble coat rack…well until he gets sick..then it’s goodbye favourite coat, hello green bloch…it’ll take shunsui months to get that stain out! (because of his lazyness of course). hehe well that saves me answering the awkward questions 😉

  41. I loved how Shusuni said how hitsugaya MIGHT surpass him..OMG..I think we are in for some Epic-ness.

    @freund i think your right about barragan, but Harribel is a gonner

    @Fanboi LOL

    @Elf btw Great Breakdown Str8 and to the Point>

  42. shusiu got it but dont understamate stark tho. and i hope barragan is still alive so he can despose of soifon for her gay ass bankai. seriously the wolf guys bankai is cooler than hers and i thought hes was pretty lame

  43. el good breakdown im diggin it. I gotta ask tho, have we seen Shunsui’s bankai yet? because as far as im concerned i wouldnt be to worried about ribbons right now.

  44. @windstileshuriken: Don’t talk about my shinigami wife like that !! *Pulls out switchblade and points it menacingly*

  45. @Nch: Nope, we definitely haven’t seen Shusui’s bankai yet..or Ukitake’s…or Unohana’s…or Yamato’s…or Urahara’s…or Yoruichi’s…or Gin’s…or Kenpachi’s (because he doesn’t have one yet)…or Aizen’s…am I missing anyone else of importance?

  46. @ NCH & Super: May this year reveal all their bankais and be awesomeness 😉

  47. Rapid-fire cero gun ? Ohhhhh noo Tite.

  48. Bleach Chapter 362
    Source: 2ch
    Credits: Nja
    Forum: ttp://

    Spoiler #1
    Credits: Nja









    Spoiler #2
    Site: FLOL
    Credits: Sheetz

    Stark’s gun (Lilynette) is a continuous rapid-fire cero gun.
    This is the only thing that Stark says…
    My, that was an easy fight.
    Kyouraku can’t dodge the attack and Ukitake appears in front of him.
    Whether he reflects the attack or uses his own technique to counter I don’t know,
    but he saves him in any case.
    The end.

    Spoiler #3
    Site: BA
    Credits: nez

    The gun is able to rapidly fire unlimited ceros

    Stark does not say much

    The battle is not serious but after that

    In this unavoidable battle, Ukitake appears in front of Kyouraku

    It is uncertain if their abilities are mutual or clash, but they are helping one another

  49. I just read the Bleach spoiler …
    Halibel and Barragan turn out to be not dead;
    Soifon is exhausted from using Jakuho Raikoben;
    Urahara and Yoruichi come and save Toshiro and Soifon, respectively.

  50. All i really want to see is some captian pwnage and have the Captain Commader; Yamamoto, to eat it. Seriously that guy is just a douche

  51. Must.Resist.Spoilers! >_<

  52. @supertrek: if you can, they you have more willpower than most of the rest of us.

  53. Hey guys, About Shunsui going off about how powerful their bankais are… have you forgotten about Aizen, Gin, and Tousen? One would assume that those three have already shared the trade secrets of the shinigami to the Espada, so Shunsui wasnt giving away any secrets. He was actually just boasting, more like in a proud parent sort of way. Remember he is like 500 years older than the other two captains who released their most powerul attacks. Not to mention he has spent the whole fight trying to get Stark to fight seriously, so he tried to scare stark into going all out, which he did. Shunsui will release his bankai after he figures out Starks fighting patterns in Resurrecion form.

  54. Wow, this chapter was pretty decent. Shusui is finally getting really serious and we just might see him pull out his Bankai next week. I guess you’ll were right about Stark’s suit. When he stood up I was like, “Oh noeeesssss!” >_< He looked more badass last chapter in his cool pose…

    I wonder what Ukitake is gonna do. Him jumping in like that must mean he's going to fight alongside Shusui or was he just helping him out this once? All I can say is Stark FTW! 🙂

  55. @ Supertrek: Glad to see you’ve seen the disco ball … er, light … about Stark’s outfit *LOL*

    @ Everyone: I’ll have the breakdown ready tomorrow, complete with the return of the bubble contest, so get ready to think up some ridiculousness ^_^

  56. His cero machine gun more than makes up for the bad outfit IMO. My guess about his guns(Lynette) is that she has a released form too. They are 2 separate beings. He released and changed her form, but she didn’t release. That’s just my thinking right now since Shusui suspects the guns shot something else or has something else. I really curious about what Ukitake shot back.

  57. @captnmexico: Yeah, I think you’re right.

    I hope Ukitake isn’t a hollow, ’cause if that was a cero, I’ll be shocked. And not the good kind of shocked, the omg-wtf-not-another-gay-surprise kind of shocked.
    I think Stark’s resurreccion was enough of a gay surprise for now.

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