Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood – Episode 10 Breakdown + Link to torrent

*Edit* Well, seeing as everyone *coughMudshovelcough* has been asking me for a link to where you could actually watch or download the new episode, I did some extensive research, and i believe I’ve found a site that works ^^

FMA Episode 10 Torrent Download

Hey there! This is Eva, (dynamicentrance), the new annoying little person on this blog bringing you the most random breakdowns you can think of. Now I know, people pressed the link here to read about FMA, but I thought that as this is my first post, you won’t mind too much if I introduce myself fully ^_^.

I swear, I’d spent way too much time simply reading IRA (when it was still alive *sobs*) and only got the courage to get an account around a week ago. Then, as my luck usually goes, it closed down and died, as I call it, taking down my hopes of reading something witty once in a while. But a beacon of light appeared! WRA  really is a lifeline. I’ve finally found a place where I had the actual courage to somehow work my way into the brilliance of the breakdown writers, and now I’m happy to say that I’ll be a regular random. XD

I do realize that I am young (I don’t even know everyone else’s age so it’s not my place to say, but heck, Penny has kids) and I lack the usual wit that comes with hours of staring into a screen and laughing at things that only small circles of people with OCD understand, but I hope my attempts at amusing you (a chuckle is all I’m going for at the moment) and sharing the grief over a lost pet (TINY, NOOOOO!!!…) will be enough. You have to realize that I am someone who has yet to discover HOW One Piece became so popular and read Soul Eater until the very end. Those two things will have to wait however, because I lack a life anyway– I’ve got two eight month old brothers to take care of for the whole summer.

But enough ranting about me! Time to move on to the show that has been greatly overrated underrated  bugging me for the past few weeks. Before you start reading, you must understand that unless you’ve read the manga, this will contain spoilers for the future series, so BEWARE! This week (and the next few to come, if I decide to continue on this anime) you’ll see way too many snapshots, but hey, I found a new toy to play around with and it’s not going to go away so soon.

Where to begin… so we start off with an inspiring image of the Ishbalan War. Roy Mustang, along with his side-kick Maes Hughes stand behind the front lines and watch as the soldiers get massacred. Well, at least they’re fighting and doing something. I can see why Roy Boy wants to be up there at the top instead of King Bradley. They almost look like they could go ‘Time for tea!’ at any moment and have white table cloths and porcelain tea cups pop from out of nowhere. Relaxing view, too.

The dog and his sidekick

White is the new khaki-- get used to it. Besides, doesn't it bring out their eyes? *inner fangirl acting up*

Suddenly, we find out that this was all a dream that Roy had while being ‘idle’ on the job. Riza kindly suggests that he should go to the ‘Nap Room’. Wait… they have a room where you can sleep in the military!? I wanna join! *mauls* 

Heheh, just kidding. Anyways, after the intro of the show, which is, in my opinion, at least a hundred times better than the old one (as well as giving clues about the show– did you see young Hohenheim? The splitting image of the shrimp Ed) we get to return to the hospital room, where my favorite team of army dogs is trying to figure out the Sudoku of the century– who the hell are these people that seem to be involved with everyone and everything, including the philosopher’s stone? (A ghost balloons up behind “Homunculi… homunculi… *gets stabbed by Lust*) Ed recounts his adventure in Research Laboratory 5 with stunning illustrations.

The expressions! The taste! The pineapple! And is that Lust I see in the corner?

The expressions! The taste! The pineapple! And is that Lust I see in the corner?

Such concentration... are those purple twirls in the background? @_@

Such concentration... is that a picture of narutomaki on Armstrong's forehead? @_@

And just when they reach the peak of their genius– and unexpected visitor. The Fuhrer Bradley himself decides to visit our favorite little alchemist and brings a present along with him! Of course, if this series is following the manga this time, then we know that he is actually Wrath, one of the homunculi that just can’t seem to die. I find it slightly ironic that he’s the one pretending to help them while being one of the people they’re supposed to be investigating. And he acts the part at first, too. Everyone is stunned to find out that the they’ve been spied on since the beginning, and we get to hear some honest threats coming from the Fuhrer… but then he bursts into laughter, permanently shocking Al.

So now Bradley has power over the main investigators of the plot, by pretending to be their ally and telling them not to share the information with anyone outside their circle. Then there’s his spectacular exit through the window. Now the entire room is somehow confused. I’m still trying to avoid laughing at the distilled picture of Al in the background.


The King has spoken-- and his subjects are now braindead. I swear, the armour has been standing there like that for at least five minutes.

The King has spoken-- and his subjects are now braindead. I swear, the armour has been standing there like that for at least five minutes.


"I gotta find Bubba!"

"I gotta find Bubba!"

Right after the Fuhrer takes his leave, our favourite male-bashing phenomenon Winry decides to burst in, only to find everyone still staring through the window. Explanations are indisputable. She then announces that she’s got the train tickets to Dublith. Hughes is surprised Ed takes interest in girls. Chaos ensues.

So now I finally get to have some hope of a good episode! Looks like pretty soon we’ll be having a good dose of Izumi Curtis. Now that is one housewife I’d love to have on WRA or IRA or any other testosterone-induced blog out there.

Hear that, Gavin, Reflex, Super? That is the sound of your funeral.

Hear that, Gavin, Reflex, Super? That is the sound of your funeral.

But it looks like we’ll have to wait a while before we see some Curtis-action. We find out that as good as Winry’s arm is at swinging that wrench, her brain is still soft on the automail, so Shrimpy will have to make a detour into Rush Valley, (and I quote) “The Holy land of Automails”. This is probably what we’ll be focusing on next week *sigh*. But I do look forward to seeing how Izumi reacts to their appearance and the fact that they’re planning on asking her about the philosopher’s stones.

So the Elrics plus Winry set out toward their doom, while Hughes decides to investigate further into the plot that now seems to be taking over Amestris. He looks into newspaper articles… and something seems to click in his mind. He then tampers with military property by drawing doodles on the map. During this, he has an epiphany– there’s a connection between the riots all over Amestris! 

Now I won’t go into detail, especially since most of you know the manga anyway, but the plot is big. Before Hughes can make a move, Lust decides to make an appearance and permanently shut him up. “Deadly Curves” is her motto… She ends up with a dagger in her forehead. Oh well, leave it to the the guy with more fangirls than the entire fandom.


"Now now, Lt. Colonel Hughes. No need to read porn when I'm around."

"Now now, Lt. Colonel Hughes. No need to read porn when I'm around."

Hughes then stumbles out of the library, injured and bleeding (may I mention that he’s bleeding all over the marble floor and white walls. The cleaning lady’s sure not going to be happy) and attempts to get to the phone. The receptionist is extremely helpful.

At the last moment, however, he changes his mind and goes outside to use the telephone box instead. Has he figured out that something’s wrong with the upper level of the military, or was he out of credit? Either way, he doesn’t last very long, and I swear this was the saddest scene I’d ever watched. This is the third time my favorite character dies– first in the manga, then in the anime, and now the second run. God, how many times are they going to torture us? T.T

So Envy appears, classically in disguise. Oops! Forgot a mole under the left eye. Ah well, it’s not like you need it when you’ve got a gun. Then there’s the classic display of ‘You couldn’t kill your own wife, could you?’ and… the end of Lt. Colonel Hughes. TT^TT


The innocent face of death... bye bye Hughes T.T

The innocent face of death... bye bye Hughes T.T

Then we have the funeral scene, and this time I cried. I just couldn’t help it! Seeing little Elicia asking her mother why they’re burying him… I just felt my whole face go into depression mode. I do realize that Hughes’ death was necessary for the plot… but sincerely, he’s the last person I wanted to die. What do you think?

And we finish off the episode with a determined Roy, swearing to avenge Hughes. I only wish I could help (no, I’m not an Envy fangirl– thank God). Armstrong is called on to relay evidence and information on the killer, but he was silenced by the Fuhrer, who now seems to control everything. Smart man. But the giant-hearted giant still manages to give some clues. Roy’s curiosity is sparked– an organization that has access to the military and the Philosopher’s stone. *Homunculi… homunculi… *


We'll miss you Hughes! T.T

We'll miss you Hughes! T.T

And with this I’ll take my leave. 

I do realize that this isn’t a very popular topic right now, what with the manga and the first run of the anime, but I wanted to try out my abilities at this so called ‘breakdown’. Hope it’s not too detailed– I get inspired. >_> Try telling me how I did ^^. And remember– when in doubt- cheese.



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32 Responses to “Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood – Episode 10 Breakdown + Link to torrent”

  1. First!

  2. 2nd

  3. LOL, funny stuff dynamicentrance.
    Awesome breakdown!
    Can’t believe they killed off Hughes AGAIN! I was hopeing that they would keep him alive in this series. [sigh] o well i got over it in the anime, next step, get over it again.

  4. @mudshovel: Finally! Some opinions! *mwahahaha*… I was depressed. Low self-esteem, y’know? T.T And then I only did this to test myself.
    Hughes was my squee TT.TT I will miss him… again.

    People have been asking me to find links for the episode. I’m still working on it *sheepish*. Mine was from a private site ^^;

  5. @dynamic: lol, that was probably me asking for links. lol.

  6. Oh my…I can’t believe I haven’t seen this episode yet! I’ll go watch it now, read the breakdown, and then comment again. 😉

  7. Saw the ep. and sad sad sad. Lol, great breakdown though you manage to make fun of almost everything. Can’t wait for ep. 11 and keep up the great work Dynamic.

    On a side note though you might want to keep the spoilers down to a minimum because not everyone has seen the other anime or read the manga like us. People might just be starting out on the series and can’t read your breakdown now because you told them it contains spoilers. That is all.

  8. @super: yeah, I think I’ll have to force myself next time *sigh*. I’m a difficult person when it comes to spoilers. You can ask my friends. The first email they get from me is one that reveals EVERYTHING about the upcoming chapter whether they want to read it or not ^^;

  9. Awesome first breakdown! What happened to the person who sheepishly shuffled into our chat saying “Hi, I’m new here, hope you guys will accept me.” While I was telling you I kinda just burst in my first time and said “HI EVERYONE I THINK SASUKE IS A DOUCHE”
    Look at you now! I enjoyed the breakdown, especially the part about the guys’ funeral. Haha. High five girl!
    But yes, I did notice the overwhelming amount of spoilers, and I’m being careful as I write my breakdown as well. It’s hard huh? Well anyways, nice job, and hopefully I’ll have my breakdown finished tonight or tomorrow? Oh strike that, I gotta play Pomp and Circumstance for Senior grad night tomorrow >.> So maybe tonight. I’ll try!

  10. @alexie828: … SASUKE’S NO DOUCHE !! XP

  11. @nagashikage: No the general consensus think he is, and i must agree. Complete Douche bag he is.
    @Dynaimc: I’m sorry to say this breakdown is now going to be taken over with comments about douche bag sasuke.
    (ha i said sasuke, Alexie, not Danzou credit goes to me 😛 )

  12. @mudshovel: I didnt start the Douchebag Danzou thing until last week xD I started ratted on Sasuke since day 1, but you were more of a hater than i was.

  13. @alexie: That’s becuae Sasuke makes it so easy to be hated. Not to mention he killed my gravatar 😛

  14. oh and cheers for the link Dynamic

  15. So you the general consensus doesn’t like Sasuke ?
    Or is it possible to like a douchebag ?

  16. @nagashikage: is that a rhetorical question?

  17. @nagashikage: Until Sasuke shows that he isnt a total douche, then the general consensus, does indeed, hate him. Even if he doesnt, I think a lot of people will find it difficult to forgive him. I for one, hate him more when he does something harmful to Naruto, physcially or emotionally, because I’m a HUGE Naruto fan. But at the moment, all my hate is reserved just for Douchebag Danzo unless Sasuke does something even worse.

  18. @mud: Nope, just a regular one, lol. I just can’t believe I’m the only one that likes Sasuke.

    @alexie828: Well, at least we share a common hate toward the 6th Hokage.

  19. @nagashikage: You’re not the only one, there are a few that rear their heads from time to time, but they generally get beaten into submission before they can make a valid point. 😛 lol.

    @Alexie: I’m still somewhat waiting till Danzou makes his first move before dishing out my full opinion of him. Who knows, he could make a great hokage (scoffs) 😛

  20. @mud: Haaaa ! Then I guess Sasuke can’t really be compared to Grimmjow … he’s a mega-douche, but EVERYONE loves him [myself included].

  21. @mudshovel: are you kidding? The guy killed a frog! There’s no way Douchebag Danzo can be good because he killed a frog! The cruelty!

  22. Nice breakdown. Izumi FTW!! Sad sad episode. Watching Hughes die again was hard to watch.

  23. @Alexie: Hey i hate his guts as well, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll be bad at his job of hokage. Give him a chance first, before u reign judgement down upon him.

  24. Okay time to bring this back to FMA. (lol, sorry for the side tracking dynamic)

    Personnaly i don’t read the FMA manga, i know i should but i’ve jsut never gotten around to it. I’ve got and watched the entire first series of the Anime and thought it was brilliant.
    Now this might seem like a stupid question, if the manga has all ready given the answer to, but – what is the point of showing Hughes murder again? Couldn’t they have started the second series of the Anime off closer or at this epiosde?

  25. The new FMA manga chapter is out btw

  26. http://www.onemanga.com/Full_Metal_Alchemist/96/


  28. oh you beat me to it…damn

  29. lol and i don’t even read the manga, i was just checking for Naruto 😛

  30. Good chapter. The Armstrongs’s faces were priceless


    Izumi FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The battle was also pretty cool.

  31. Oh darn. I go to sleep and I wake up to THIS? I missed the whole ‘Who’s the bigger D-bag discussion!’ (sorry nagashikage, both me and just about every person on the net or in real life I know hate Saucegay. And most of them are girls, so no use to say that fangirls work XP)

    YAY! NEW FMA CHAP IS OUT!!!!… I read the whole RAW yesterdat anyway ^^; Didn’t understand a single thing of what they were saying, but I have a serious mental problem when I see the word SPOILERS.

    I absolutely love interaction between Izumi and Olivia Armstrong. XD And the ‘FRIENDSHIP THROUGH MUSCLE’ never gets old, seriously XDD

    Oh, and mud, alexie, nagashi, I absolutely ADORE sidetracking when it involves Sasuke-bashing (and, as of late, Danzo-bashing too ^^)

  32. T_T it’s the day we were all waiting for.

    HUGHES!!!! (dynamic music in backround)

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