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Bleach Manga 444 Breakdown and 445 Spoiler Discussion

Naruto Manga 544-545 Breakdown and 546 Spoiler Discussion

One Piece Manga 613-614 Highlights + 615 Discussion and Breakdown + Spoiler Discussion

Fairy Tail Manga 223 Breakdown and Discussion

Soul Eater Manga 84 Breakdown And Discussion

Soul Eater

Full Metal Alchemist Manga 105 Breakdown

Rate This Week’s Manga! 07/12/10 (D/M/Y)



Naruto Anime Breakdown 206

anime naruto

One Piece Anime Breakdown(Author On Hiatus)

One Piece 1

Bleach Anime Breakdown 293-294




Naruto Shiuppuden Movie 3 Review



AMV Corner 7

What Bleach Never Fails In

Most Powerful Jutsu Competition

The Mystery of Uchiha Madara…or is it Tobi

Celebrating 1 Year of Awesomeness

April Fools 2010

Naruto Motivational Poster Madness Parts 1 & 2

Naruto and Goku. Eerie Similarities Between the Two Characters That Show More Than Meets the Eye

The Juubi’s Eye

Sasuke’s Hidden Emo no Jutsu

The Paring Wars: Episodes 1 & 2

Leaf Ninja Tournament Part 2


Picture Editing Fun With Sakura and Naruto

Top Non-Leaf Ninja Of The Naruto World


What’s Your Power?


Video Games (Coming back soon…. or not)

video game



Eyes Of The Broken Soul

The Unbound Tournament

Orihime In Hiding


ENCOUNTER – Sasuke vs. Edward

Edward vs. Sasuke

In galaxy far far away…….


~ by サソリの遺産 Scorpion Legacy on June 10, 2009.

29 Responses to “Front Page”

  1. Hm the ruler is gone and I was beaten by a bot. First!

  2. A new site.

  3. and here we start over again…god i hope they find the site 😀 i mean it’s the most obvious one out there 😉

  4. WOOT! anything i can do to help please let me know!

  5. Viva la awesomeness!

  6. Awesome scorp. sign me up!

  7. what happened to IRA did Jeremiah shut it down b/c of law school or something

  8. well RIP IRA that sucks it had to come to an end

  9. To everyone:

    I haven’t decided whether I am going to follow everyone to WRA even though I have been asked to stay. I’m not sure I have the time to work on the creation of a major blog. I watched as IRA burned to the ground and, believe me, I am just as shocked as everyone else. I cannot believe what has happened – especially as IRA had over 1.9 million hits. This is unbelievable. I know many of you are angry and upset. I am so sorry for that. But, perhaps it is for the best.

    I know many want to remain with the Awesomeness crowd. However, if you are interested in working – really getting inside a blog like I did and am – there is an alternative. It is also a manga/anime site and it is in need of writers for the following:

    –FMA (everything)

    –One Piece (anime and manga)

    –Soul Eater

    –any other manga I missed

    –Occasional posts

    Naruto and Bleach are fully staffed.

    I am leaving this information so as to allow others a choice in what they wish to do. I know that Scorp needs help but there are only so many positions available to fill. So, if you really want to help, The site I am going to leave here needs people to get in and get moving on these items. I will be posting Naruto Shippuuden episode 113 at this site next week:

    Do check out this site – it is a great site with amazing people there. In fact, they are so terrific, there is a welcome message to everyone from IRA who visit!

    I will be in and out of chat for the next week or so to keep up with everyone. I have made friends here and I want to keep them.

    Thanks everyone!


  10. @Penny: Ive always been a big fan of your anime breakdowns. I was also shocked of IRAs downfall. To me, everything seemed to be going fine. I hope you and your kids will enjoy Word on Mars as much as they enjoyed IRA. I for one am going to see if we can get the same vive going here that we had in IRA.

    And if you do decide to not be a part of WRA, i think wed all enjoy it if you commented once in awhile. We really enjoy your input and personality =)

  11. I’m in…but please, let me be a bigger part of this…i really, REALLY wanna help

  12. @Penny: I’m with fanboi on this. It would be cool if we could create a blog like IRA yet in our own way and style. Your breakdowns are awesome, yet if you feel that you must move on it would be nice if you could ‘pop’ in every once and a while to comment.

  13. Hey guys, glad to see more people are coming on board! ^ ^

  14. @penny, dont you dare quit on us lol. dont make me come over there 😉

  15. yo ppls

  16. hey….i totally think u shud hook it up witha author status scorp………..

  17. Thanks goes to scorp for resurecting the awesomeness. He went out of his way and did this for us.
    Special thanks scorp. Way to keep the awesomeness flowing.

  18. ello everyone. can’t wait for things to get rolling. ^__^

  19. me 2(L)

  20. @Scorpion in general: Yay! I have been allowed to become part of the awesomeness!!
    … To tell you the truth, I have absolutely no idea on what else to say. Great to know that the legacy of IRA will live and continue its glorious work ^^

    I am awaiting further instructions, great awesome leader. *once again, totally serious face as this is said*

  21. Well, I think a new anime collage thing should be put at the top, where Yondaime is standing in the moonlight. Something more … awesomeness ?

  22. Good luck here on WRA. As I was a die hard IRA fan, I’ll do my best to support the community. We don’t die well, do we? haha

  23. There should be a poll each week about “Which chapter was most awesome this week?” (options: One Piece, bleach, naruto, etc)
    That would be cool 🙂

  24. May the Awesomeness live forever!

  25. hey flex some turd is using your name on the chat-roll thing, just thought u should know


    *stares for a moment at “front page” *

    This had a front page that I’ve never defiled????

    Oh guess I just did!

  27. LFS is watching you <__> oh and also Hey :p

  28. Like the blog =P


  29. I feel like this was just yesterday lol. It makes me want to push WRA beyond the 2 mill limit. Something IRA never could do. Can’t believe we’ve come so far from the turmoil, even if I’ve been hiatus for a while :p

    remember people? Can’t wait for WRA’s Second birthday lol

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