Naruto Breakdown + Spoilers


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  1. first first on WRA yay!

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  3. 1st third on WRA…

  4. First fourth =P

  5. Fifth… and soon to face the same fate as the 5th Hokage… *lapses into coma*

  6. @mud- i had the first first on wra on the bleash post- so you have failed

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  8. first 6th? YO YO guys

  9. First ninth 🙂
    I’m going to miss IRA, but I bet WRA will become as awesome as IRA, though I’ll never forget what IRA did for me.

  10. 10 th !!! i hope we can keep the good mood just back in the day 😛

  11. @Harshy: lol, way to rub it in. ur just jealous u didn’t get 1st on the breakdown every1’s here for 😛

  12. HEY! just thinking is it possible that Tobi is like Zetsu?!?!?!
    You know two people in one to gain a long life cause madara/tobi doesn’t have a single gray hair + they use some weird speed and he sticks together with Zetsu in the beginning.

    (btw there must be some sick jutsu’s left I promise)

  13. I found this little spoiler and it look true

    Naruto 451 Spoiler | Naruto 451 raw
    Verification: Pending

    (Shikaku is displeased with the Feudal Lords’ decision)

    “This is nonsense, I humbly request my lord that you reconsider,” said Shikaku. “On what grounds,” said Head Lord.

    “No need. My Lord, the decison has already been decided by you, the head of the Fire Country’s council, that’s all that needs to be said. Stand down Shikaku, or in the name of the law they may punish you for breach of power,” said Danzou.
    Why you little… Where were you when we needed your unit the most,” asked Shikaku. “Settle down, or this meeting will be postponed,” said one of the Fuedal Lords. “I’m just trying to defend these travasties this man is throwing at me, please for give my manners,” said Danzou. (He stands up and then bows.)

    “Do you want Konoha to end up like Mizugakure? Please, here my out. This man stands for everything that is wrong in the shinobi world. He is not the example our past Hokages set for us,” yelled Shikaku.

    “Who is to say the new system is worth giving a try? Under the past Hokages the village has always been in turmoil,” said Danzou. naruto 451 raw

    “ENOUGH. Danzou is now the 6th Hokage. Anymore complaints and I’ll retain each and everyone of you in confinement,” said Head Fuedal Lord. (Shikaku thinks to himself.)

    “I can’t let this happen. I must do something. If I can, then maybe Konoha will have a chance,” said Shikaku. (They leave. 3 Guards escort Danzou and others outside.)

    “Now, considering that this area is heavily guarded, I might cause a huge commotion .Kage Mane, complete,” said Shikaku. “What’s going on,” said Guard one. “I can’t move,” said Guard three. “Damn,” yelled Guard 2. “Kage Mane,” said Danzou. “Shikaku, what are you doing,” said Anbu 1. “I have to do this, this man is not what Konoha needs right now,” said Shikaku. “You’ll never get away with this,” said Danzou.

    “I don’t care what they’ll do to me. This is my way of making it up to Konoha. BIND,” said Shikaku. (Immediately, the Fuedal lords send in a horde of guards, who are armed with Kunai and heavy weaponry. They capture Shikaku and takes him away.)

    “Shame. Did you think you could plot something as drastic as this and not be caught? This place is heavily patrolled,” said Head Council Leader. (They move to the commotion.)

    “So, it seems Konoha has some internal problems as well, this is no good,” said Council member. naruto 451

    “He’ll most likely recieve the ultimate punishment,” said Next Council Member.

    “DAMN it. I was so close,” said Shikaku. “ASSASINATION ATTEMPT. SHIKAKU of Konoha will immediatley be retained in confinement for high treason to the Hokage,” said Head Fuedal Lord. (Who appears with more guards.)

    (Danzou Smiles.)

    Switch Scene to Akatuski Hideout

    (Madara approaches Falcon.)

    “I know you are extremely anxious about going to Konoha. But Sasuke, two of your members will have to stay behind and help with the sync of the Eight Tails,” said Madara.

    “I aint goin no where. I’m with Sasuke regardless,” said Suigetsu. “Afterall, it is up to Sasuke. But two of you will still have to stay behind,” said Madara.

    “Heh, Sasuke needs my chakra sensing abilities, I have no need to worry,” said Karin. “So, have you decided,” asked Madara. “Suigetsu is coming with me. Juugo and Karin will have to remain behind,” said Sasuke. “Yeah, that’s my pal,” said Suigetsu. “If its Sasuke’s orders, I’ll have to follow,” said Juugo.

    “How dare you? Afterall I’ve done for you,” said Karin. “Let it go, this is for the best,” said Sasuke. “Before you go to Konoha. I need to warn you of Naruto. He defeated the former Akatuski Leader. I’ll replay back the viewing of the battle via my sharingan,” said Madara. (Apparently Zetsu recorded it. Like he did with the viewing of Sasuke vs. Itachi.)

    “Naruto hmm,” mumbled Sasuke.

    switch Scene to Konoha:

    (Team Samui are wondering around Konoha.)

    “So, is the Hokage even alive considering the state of the village,” asked Karui “I dont’ want to feel like wasting my time but its for Raikage,” said Omoi. “Guys. Look over there. There is a huge crowd of villagers. Perhaps we’ll find the Hokage over there,” said Samui.

    Switch Scene to Kisame:

    (He is walking over an ocean of water.)

    “Looks like I’m all alone on this one. Its been a long time,” smiled Kisame. (He pictures walking alongside Itachi.)

    Next Chapter: Team Samui contacts the Leaf

    I will update this post as soon as the naruto 451 confirmed chapter has been released!

  14. And if this spoiler is confirm WTF ITACHI would be back!!!!

    But it still to early for be sure…

  15. its usually fake if its translated so in depth already

  16. well last weeks spoiler came out pretty early who knows. I say the first part is more likely to happen I don’t see itachie boy coming back.

    this is the only legit looking one out there right now, but it still needs a real translation, some pics, and confirmation
    the gist so far is…”Naruto finally passes out. All the new gen Ninjas are mentioned. Shikaku gets back to the tent and tells them Danzou was chosen as 6th. Tobi and Kabuto are mentioned and the Lightning messengers arrive to Danzou. It say the back cover , i think spine, is of Manda and Katsuyu.”
    If anyone can read Kanji, please add to translation

  18. Hmmm intrusting seem some what real

  19. thnx for the spoiler…i think it would be cool for sasuke to see the battle so he’ll know how far Naruto has come. Also, I think him picking the water guy confirms the fact that hes gay. = /

  20. Congragulations on starting this new awsomeness blog. Do your best. Great spoiler, but some of it may be fake. There seems to be too much detail in it.

  21. hmmm…maybe we’ll get to see a naruto-hinata confrontation…where she blushes as naruto remembers what she said and did…then he’ll take her in his arms gazing into her soul and express his never ending love for sakura lol…i kid i kid…

  22. Btw who started the new blog? Will there still be breakdowns like before? =]


    From: Naruto 451 Confirmed Spoiler

    Naruto 451 Spoiler | naruto 451 Confirmed

    Naruto wanders around the ruined Konoha village.

    Sakura tells him he should rest, but Naruto says that it’s his fault the village ended up in this state

    Ino, Chouji , Guy’s team, Shino’s family etc. meet up with Naruto.

    They encouter Hinata and Kiba too. Naruto expresses his thanks to Hinata, but she doesn’t seem to remember much about what happened (NOTE: not entirely sure here. Could be the other way round.) Naruto heads off to see more of the village.

    Kiba wants to say something to Hinata

    Hinato says “yeah” and there’s a flashback to the scene from the previous chapter, where Hinata smiles. She blushes? (not at all sure about this, might actually be Kiba who blushes?!) [in brackets: “Might be wwww.” (no idea what that’s supposed to mean.)]

    When they get back to the tent, Shikamaru and his dad are there. An agitated Sakura tells everyone that Danzou is now Hokage.

    Tobi is looking for Kabuto. Now he’s fused with Orochimaru, he can make up for two lost men (presumably referring to Nagato and Konan?).

    The Raikage’s messengers arrive before Danzou.

  24. thanks for spoiler. Looking forward to see what really is going to happen with Hinata since translation was a for sure. I rather have a dead Hinata then her ending up with Kiba. That’s all I got to say.

  25. Interesting Spoiler. I’m looking foward to this

  26. Ahhhhh spoilers.

    *screams while running away* 😛

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  28. Kabuto/Oro in Akatsuki


  29. Here is the newest image. I think I am gettong better with this stuff.

  30. ttp://

  31. Credit goes to TenraiSenshi for finding it.

  32. Hey guys!

    I am very happy that everyone is coming together again! I think I would have gone insane without you guys. Now we just need something to debate on so I can have a go at Mudcleaver or Marksman… ^ ^

  33. The pics are right, but the text is fake. The real translation on the Onemanga forums:

    If you look at the pictures, you see Yamato, and Inari + Tazuna. Where are these in the fake text? Nowhere… because it’s fake. Which I’m happy about, anyway. I’d rather have no Hinata appearance than one where either she or Naruto forgets about the confession. ^^

  34. Credit:Anonymous

  35. @Kyouto: Thanks for the spoilers yet again. The part where it said ‘Everyone’s cheering because Yamato built a wood house’ just made me ROFL. I was like ‘Yay! A house!… now who gets to live there?’ … brawling ensues. XDD

  36. Kyouto thanks for the spoiler this chapter looks quite intrusting. tazuna is back that cool but they don’t look like the’ve aged one bit LOL. I love how kiba was one of the first people to know that danzo the pimp was the hokage.What the he’ll yamto(sp) u make one house a your already tired :(.

  37. I’m going to miss IRA but i bet WRA will be AWESOMENESS as well..ah..i’ll miss Jeremiah too…and where are u Glen????? 😀
    OMG…i really wanna to see Naruto’s reaction if Danzo calls them to give them the order to kill Sasuke….~che…that douche.. >_< Kishi has some good ideas..hehe 🙂

  38. @OF815: I thought u were trying to phase the 815 name out, seems like a good time to do it…
    But then again i still would have called u 815 even if u did. lol.
    Looking forward to the new styled breakdown. Naruto breakdown, Gavin style!

  39. wat up all gd luck on the naruto breakdowns, and the new chapter looks amazing cant wait so see how they all readt, and i thought yamato was strong one house and hes out wat a shame!!

  40. Oi..where the heck is Bono??I’ve just noticed..*looks on the first comment wondering* 😛

  41. Hmm… what does it mean if it says a comment is awaiting moderation? *puzzled* It doesn’t show up unless I log in. Not that it was that interesting… just curious.

  42. We all know Naruto would rather disobey Danzo than kill Sasuke.

  43. hi guys,

    hey of815/gavin looking forward to new and improved breakdowns!

    so far the spoiler has me on the edge of my seat – I can’t decide if I want it to be fake or not.

    Anyhoo, more Shikaku = always good (IMHO) can’t go wrong there.

    And more Kabutochimaru? Yum.

    Anxiously awaiting the next chapter.

  44. If that spoiler is true about kiba and hinata, and in some crazy way they end up together, I hope Naruto neuters Kiba and his dog.

  45. Looking forward to the breakdowns Of815!


    ROTFLMAO@ “Everyone is cheering, because Yamato built a wood house.” XD

  46. @super: Lol, yeah, now everyone’s going to fight for who gets the bunk bed. XDDD

  47. @Dynamicentrace: I wonder though….Yamato has always been proficient in making houses without using to much chakra, but the insides were always bare and just used for shelter on missions. Maybe the inside of these houses require long term living and so he pimped it out with furniture, rooms, stairs, and other wooden accessories. Hence he runs out of chakra quickly or he has already made a couple of houses before that. I definitely don’t think he’s weak though as some people have stated…*looks around* 0_0

  48. supertrek89: i will harse on uamato where has been for the last like 8 chaps. He has no right to be tired lol.

    Yamato: Oh god im so tired from..doing..nothing
    sees naruto of in the distance
    Yamato: NARUTO PICK UP THE PACE god what a weakling

  49. @super lmao 🙂 yeah..he built a 😛

  50. @mudshovel: You’re absolutely right! I’ll be posting now with the Gavin moniker.

    @lovesrainscent, supertrek: Thanks for the vote of confidence guys. I’ll do my best on the first breakdown.

  51. Ya galvin thanks for doing the breakdowns. You will be great 🙂

  52. @Gavin: Can’t wait to read your breakdowns! I’m sure it’ll be great. ^^
    *whispers* btw, if you ever need help, give me a call.
    >.> <.<

  53. @everyone:

    I wanted to let you all know that I’m moving on…I am writing the Naruto anime at another site. I have had fun with you all and I have made some great friendships here. I don’t want to leave any of you behind but, I found a new place to call home.

    Although I am now an “infrequent writer” here at WRA, I’m not sure how much I can guarantee that I will be writing. I am now an admin AND the Naruto anime writer at The people there are just as talented and just amazing as those here. Word On Mars also has a chat set up so it won’t necessarily be the last time you see me…do drop by and say “hello!”

    Love you all – you guys are like family. I hope that I will see you at my new home!


  54. PURE AWESOMENESS GUYS! You managed to hijack/bribe Fahim for the spoilers (or ask him nicely for them pfft! )

    The new site has the feeling of new life!

  55. LOL prawl who needs to ask nicely pfff. See ya penny tho I talked to u last night on mars so not seeing u won’t be a prob. Hope u have fun there wish ya luck . 🙂

  56. Penny good luck!!Gambare ne!? 😀

  57. LMAO!!!!! Poor Yamato. This spoiler is different from one before and I’m glad.

  58. Hey I’m new to the board. I always looked at the Iareawesomeness blog, but when it was closed i just felt like I had to join. It’s good to see things are still running somewhat smoothly.

  59. Hey Of, nice to see you here too ^_^ Sorry I haven’t commented before, but I just found the time today. I can’t wait to see what kind of ideas you have in regards to Naruto, and know you’ll do a great job of entertaining us *L* Here’s to the rebirth of awesomeness!

  60. See y’ ’round Penny. :O I checked out the other site a bit too by the way. Sort of neat I s’ppose. As for the thing about Kakashi, they forgot (I read the subjective (supposedly) review about Kakashi’s person) that Kakashi’s main identity problem now might actually have to do with Rin’s death, if she’s dead.

    I think what might’ve happened is Kakashi tried, but failed to save Rin (through a series of events that were also detrimentally mentally damaging to Kakashi) when she needed help on a mission, so he more or less felt like he still couldn’t show his face. Not to mention he failed to help out the fourth hokage, his mentor, as well as Obito. So now he’s not really ashamed of his father anymore and himself because of that, but more along the lines of him being ashamed of himself for not being strong enough, and before he met Naruto he was way lazier and had less of a drive to do anything to help. I think meeting Naruto helped change Kakashi over time, and to get on his toes more.

  61. Oh, and by the way, I love you as family too, Penny. At the very least as a friend anyway. 🙂 Pretty sure as family. :O

  62. @elfarren, dynamicentrance: I’ve actually already gotten started on the breakdown. We already know what’s in there, and when the actual translated version comes out I can fill in the blanks. I hope you guys like it!

  63. @all the new writers: good luck! I’m looking forward to your breakdowns! And does that mean that Penny won’t be writing as often as before? 😦 or not at all? So who’s doing the episode breakdowns?
    And I’ve never really written before… But any chance I can help out with some of the blogs perhaps? It looks like fun so I wanna give it a shot, or even getting images or clips I can help with? : /

  64. @Gavin: does that mean we might have early breakdowns? 😛

  65. i hate danzo sooo bad 😦

  66. @alexie: it’d be interesting if you could try writing too. ^^ I just worked up teh courage to ask if I could join and I can say that YAY! I can WRITE! … don’t ask. I get hyper. Anyway, I decided that seeing as all the main manga breakdowns are taken, I’m working on the FMA new anime breakdown right now. I know it’s not too popular, but I guess i just want to try out writing breakdowns first, before going for something more serious… @_e ah well.

  67. @reflex: haven’t I heard this before? 0_e

  68. @reflex: correction, I hate DOUCHEBAG Danzou soooo bad. 😉

  69. Mybe I can write the Naruto anime breakdown for one week as a trial? 🙂

  70. m just hpy 2 post on wra’s first outing

  71. everyone has got to be thinking that danzou’s hokages status is going to be soooooooooo short that they wont even bother putting a face on the mountian after he dies

  72. @smurf: I don’t think ANYONE would want to see his ugly mug staring down at them for the rest of their lives 0_o

  73. Don’t u love the similaritys of harry potter to naruto. Danzo is like umbridge taken over hogwarts in book 5 LOL. Most know how that turned out ;).

  74. hahah deathcon thats true, cant wait for danzo to make naruto write lines with his blood

  75. @urisas: HAHAHA I GET IT. I bet Danzo even has an evil guy cat, or maybe his summon is a cat. >.>

  76. @Alexie: Hey, you wanna start writing Naruto Anime Breakdowns for WRA? We seem to be short a writer for that section…and you wanted to start writing breakdowns so I thought I’d ask…

  77. @Supertrek89: GASP REALLY? Ok I will ^_^ But the new episodes isnt suppose to come out till next week, so I got a week to figure out how to post pictures into the blogs. >.> Like those snapshot ones? o-o

  78. Oh strike that, looks like its out.
    So how DO i get make snapshots? I might just type up the breakdown today…

  79. @alexie: I was perplexed at the thought too, but I toggled around and looked around my VLC player and there was a spot kindly labeled ‘snapshot’. Everything was pretty clear from then on. ^^ If you have VLC you shouldn’t have any problems. You could also check and see if any other player has that function. If not, then you can just download the player. It doesn’t take up too much space and it’s brilliant for playing just about any video file. ^^

    Hope I helped!

  80. naruto manga isnt out on onemanga but is it out on any other site yet?

  81. @dynamicentrance: THanks I’ll give it a try!
    @smurdclassic: I usually check for releases on cuz they release the raw and the translations, but they are usually zip files. OneManga usually almost immediately puts up the new manga. They check every 5 minutes or so, so once the Scanlation hits Mangahelpers, then most likely it will appear on OneManga in a few minutes. =]
    And there really isnt any other place you can get it fast…unless you pay.

  82. k good thanks i always read from onemanga but i wish naruto would have come out early this week just like one piece

  83. wat would everyone say is the best place to see naruto anime as soon as it comes out

  84. @alexie: I would use Print Screen or prt sc on your keyboard. Then paste it in like paint or something and cut out the picture. Save it as a JPEG and your good to go =)

  85. @smurfclassic: i go to, but it has alot of adds and sometimes gets a little choppy =(. Still gets the job done.

  86. @Alexie: Sure thing, type up that breakdown and send it to me and I’ll post it in your name! Do it whenever you can no rush. Check for that snapshot feature on the VLC media player like Dynamic suggested. Arigato!

    Oh, and I’ll e-mail Scorp to make you an author so you can post breakdowns by yourself in the future. My email is

    @Smurf: I usually go to for my anime goodness. 😉

  87. @mudshovel: Yes, that means I should be able to get the breakdowns done much earlier than we have been before. But this week, since this is my first time around – don’t be surprised if I need a day or two to finish it.

    For anyone who wants to write, let us know. We wont have anyone stepping on each others toes with breakdowns, but we have been glad to take submissions for new posts. And listen to what super has said above.

  88. @うちは Fanboi & @supertrek89: i already check them website to see if it come out before the website that check and it dosent, the best website for naruto, bleachm onepiece, hitman rebornm that i have found would be

  89. @alexie: you’re about late by like one day lol. i asked scorp if i could do the naruto shippuden post a day ago and he said yeah >_< sorry man!! maybe another time lol

    [Ok, we have talked it over and Alexie you will continue to do the Naruto Anime Breakdown for this week. I had no idea Cookie had asked Scorp last night to do the Naruto Breakdowns so I take all the blame for offering you the position Alexie. I should have checked to see if the position was still open before offering. Thank you Cookie for understanding and….Alexie is a girl everyone. 😉 Sorry for all the trouble.

    -Supertrek (feels quite dumb) >_<

  90. IDEA!!!

    Anyone else think that kakashi wont be wearing his mask anymore? i think sometime soon hes gonna take it off for good.. maybe… just because i dont think hes ashamed of being his fathers son anymore.

  91. no stepping on people’s toes!

  92. o ok thats fine xD I’ll just do it this week, and whenever you need someone to fill in I’ll be here. Its totally fine xD
    And yes I’m a girl people =[ Is it because my name sounds like a guy, or cuz I’m always talking about how hot Hinata is? xD I’m a straight girl btw the people and I only talk about Hinata sexually to appease supertrek89. >:P

  93. @rasengan101 I don’t think so it would take away what made him kakashi. That mysterious side of kakashi and I like that in him. But I could be wroung and that happens LOL. Whatev it’s a cool idea tho.

  94. @Alexie: Hahahaha, yes appease me! 😀

    I just wanna say sorry again and ask you is there any other anime you read or watch? You can always write about those but Bleach is taken btw. Do you have a FB? I say this because I never can seem to catch you on chatroll.

    Actually could you check your mail please?

  95. @rasengan101: if kakashi does keep his mask on a does become the next hokage it would make the job of putting the face on the mountian alot easier because no mouth and no nose holes lol

  96. i know that madara is mizukage but is he the current mizukage or not because if he is then riakage summouns of all the kages is could get them all killed. dont like danzou or riakage (for trying to kidnap hinata and couseing neji’s farther to died instead of hinatas), but u cant kill garra again es already died once and that damm old hag sacrficed her life so he could live (made me a little teary eyed back when i firsted watched the episode). kno wat i mean.

  97. oh yea one more thing sakura is a glory slut going after sasgay becasue he was popular and now sneaking in that hug on naruto because he now respected by everyone, crazy bitch moving in on hinata’s man wooooooooooo go hinata

  98. First time post on the new site i used to post on IRA but not as much but i saw how quickly something you love can be taken away so i’ll try my best to post more.
    congrats on all of you who took on the task to continue, i dont know what i would read every week after naruto is out.

  99. @ smurfclassic

    I feel the same way too but i think after sasugay come back to town she wont even remember naruto’s name

  100. @Alexie: What how dare you appease super! You do realise it’s my job on here to oppose him, don’t you? I find it brings balance to the force, i mean debates >_> <_< . lol.

  101. @Smurf: pretty sure he’s the former mizukage. Oh and lol, completely agree with the ‘sakura being a glory slut’ comment. priceless!

  102. @mudshovel: but you gotta admit that Hinata is hot, and with her flexibilty she would be a goddess in bed. Naruto would be lucky to have her.
    If you’re a Sakura supporter, I’m sorry but Sakura is really a man. If not, then admit Hinata is hot! I appease super because he understands my logic. ;D

  103. Come guys sakura isn’t that bad. A least she talks to naruto LOL. Acks like a true friend to home, yes she hits him. I hit my guy friends all the time it dousnt bother them and I don’t think of bothers naruto. Since he’s attention freak he prob enjoys it if he didn’t he would tell her to stop. I just don’t think it will happen between hinata and naruto they are way to different in personality. Sakura is much closer personality wise. So my point is that she’s not a man nor a bad person so stop harshen. LOL ok rant done 😉

  104. Sitting here, waiting for B361 and N451 to come out … so bored.

  105. @alexie828: dam right hinata is her tits really grew in 2 1/2 years when naruto was away mybe becuase he wasnt pressing them down while hiding behond a tree stalking naruto. sakura is just a carzy man with a short temper if kisi want to end the story have naruto go out with sakura and make one little mistake and get killed by that manly strengh

  106. What’s with boys and boobs LOL yah they do exist LOL

  107. @smurfclassic: I’m just say in she show none. I still think she’s to shy but it’s fruitless to fight on this website due to all the naruhina lovers. 😉

  108. @nagashikage: i kno wat u mean so bored i could kill myself if i was not w8ng for bleach and naruto manga to come out (quite a delima lol)
    @deathcon4: hinata being shy is also wats nice about her, and i dont think u hit your guy friend as hard as see does (like the first punch when he got back imbedded him in the ground for went 10 meters). if naruto and hinata get together then they will be perfect for each other becuase yes i agree with him loving attention and she’s practically a stalker already lol.

  109. (like the first punch when he got back imbedded him in the ground and he went about 10 meters)

  110. WTF I posted after smurf did LOL

  111. thats wat i was just wondering

  112. @Alexie: na i hate sakura and em a full NaruHina fan, but i generally don’t voice that too loudly, seeing as how u know … Super is as well. 😛

  113. @deathcon4:maybe the reason why there is more naruto+hinata people is because it logical and better match and noboby ant it to turn gay (sakura is a man) (3 way would be ok but most attention should be on hinata with sakura clinging to them like a lost little puppy 😛 )
    lets just put it this way if naruto and sakura get together (godforib) as soon as sasgay gets to the back she’s going to be all over him (epesially with the girl he’s with (jeleous) then naruto kicks sasgay’s ass then see goes back to him its realy annoying

    soz about the just had to get some things of my chest

  114. Haahaa alright. I just really like Hinata mainly because I’m a huge Naruto fan, and Hinata was the only one that actually saw Naruto for who he really is, and loved and respected him for it. It just drives me nuts how it took Sakura 2 years to start showing feeling or Naruto, because her mind was always on Sasuke and because he finally left she turns her eyes on another guy, in this case Naruto. If not I love Naruto, it took her at least to the Chunin exams got finally start respecting fully. It’s ridiculous, which is why I don’t like Sakura.

  115. Not to mention Sakura was pretty much useless as a kunoichi until after the time skip. That’s one of the reasons i hate her. Always acting like she was top shit, yet she couldn’t really do anything!

  116. I like NaruSaku because I think thats what Naruto really wants. Plus I like Sakuras character in Part 2 (Hated her in Part 1).

    Lucky for you guys, I have a guy feeling Sakura is gunna die, leaving NaruHina the only logical choice. I dont think Kishi will try to kill off Hinata again. =)

  117. A crazy thought came to me when I read this,

    “@Alexie: Hey i hate his guts as well, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll be bad at his job of hokage. Give him a chance first, before u reign judgement down upon him.”


    What IF he does turn out to be a good dude?? There’s the Naruto factor. The power to change the people around him. Maybe it won’t work on him like all the others since he is such a douchebag, but maybe make him more likable.You know make him just a grumpy old nin who means good.

    This was just a thought. Waiting patiently for chapter now.

  118. @うちは Fanboi:woooohooo that would be great if she dies or coma like master like puplil lol. it would be funniest thing ever seen if she runs to sasgay and says “come back to me” (lol needy bitch) and then he kills her lol

  119. whatever happens, I think a lot of the danzou-madara-whatever else theories will be unraveled soon, at least by the end of the year.

  120. @アステックcaptnmexico21: if naruto is going to change him then he better work frigging fast considering the spoilers say that he put a kill order out on sasgay (granted that its really a “try to take this guy on and your going to die order”.
    i think that douchbag might have an alternative morive: finding out with one are not going to be loyally to him (which is all of the next genaration of shinobi)

  121. if u hear about a guy killing himself over pure boredem while his computer was on THEN THAT ME

  122. True sakura was a bitch in part one but she grew up in the 2nd part. That’s when I started liking her. Maybe I would like hinata if she would come out more or do something. I know y’all be like well she said I love u and saved naruto that is true. But hated that not becuase she said I love u but it seem like kishi trying to speed things up. I wouldn’t be surprised if naruto forgot she said that it seemed like a waste. What pissed me off more Is that after naruto came back she disapeared like what she said didn’t matter. It was good chap don’t get me wroung but u think shed run up to him and like give him death hug or something LOL not sakura. Oh well kishi loves to play with are heads. U know what would be funny if he got with like some random charcter or like ino. That would be funny.

  123. Smurf I will join u in boredness LOL I need chap now.

  124. the only charcter i have loved the whole way though is lee (the guys funny as ****) only ever read on this site so not sure about swearing
    @deathcon4: true got on my nevues that hinata faded into the background, would have been funny as hell if just before sakura hugged him but after the hit to the head he side stepped to egnoring her completly causeing her to fall on floor flat on her face and walks over to hinata and they start making out (if that were to happen hinata would faint lightyears before that happened lol)

  125. LOL smurf, I will laugh if he gets with sasugay god kill me for saying that LOL.

  126. ok before i kill myself anyone want to tell me wat they do when they are bored.

  127. lol deathcon i think i were sick a bit just then

  128. LOL it’s called pussy ass depression citing syndrom aka sasugay. When your bored u talk to me LOL 😉

  129. Cutting syndrom not citing

  130. lol wierd as least its a different response (different for better) that wat i usally get; watch some episode of naruto,bleach,one piece. yea right i have watched every single episode of each series atleast 4 times. (yes i kno i have no life lol)

  131. that wat = than wat

  132. U are sufferin from sasugay syndrom I shall begin healing process LOL. I need u to lay down first!

  133. sure already lied down i bed naked its 6am in the morning over here and i havent slept

  134. Starts cutting smurff up replacing vital organs with happy things LOL. Where’s my rainbow < <

  135. Ummm deathcon4 and Smurfclassic – why not take this to the chatroom instead of the blog…?

  136. dont that now wat (put a 6 chamber revolver to my head and play roulette with 6 bullets)

  137. Srry mud LOL was bored come to the chatroom I r there

  138. i knew someone else was reading but now responding

  139. i knew someone else was reading but not responding

  140. These guys just filled up my email with useless messages T.T lol

    I miss my real friends. T.T Everyone was a NaruHina supporter. And the worst thing is– I can see Kishi hinting that it will end up with NaruSaku. THAT DOESN’T MAKE ANY FRIGGIN SENSE!!!!!
    btw, would it be okay if I could keep switching sides between you guys? You know, to keep up the balance in the force? >.> <.< *shuffles in between mud and super* NOW I HAVE POWER!

  141. I see how it is, when i walk away for a few hours, people start talkin’ crap about Sakura…you know who you are -_-, if u have any more distasteful comments about Sakura…lemme know, so that she wont be totally ganged up on by u haters and have fair representation…:P

  142. Hmmmm…I like where these convos are going. Lots of hating on Sakura and Sasuke while lots of love and support for Naruto and sweet Hinata. Please continue… 😀

    @Dynamic: Lol, you have free will and no one will hold it against you if you pick a side, but I just want you to know….I have candy… *holds out candy* 😉

  143. @super: Candy… *zombie walks toward super*

    You better have something better mud! *is munching on candy already* Cookies might be appreciated *holds out hand for more candy*

    Oh, and Sakura has gotten better after the time skip, but she’s still stealing Hinata’s man goddammit! >( Look woman, chose Saucegay and be done with it! He’s a d-bag, you were a d-bag, so everything’s perfect now, right?

  144. where


  145. @admins: Why did you make it so you cant comment on the AMV post? It would be cool if people could recomend other AMVs for Reflex to choose =).

    BTW check out mightuchaaaan’s AMVs. Really creative =)

  146. @sunamic: NOOOOOOO STAY AWAY FROM SUPERS CANDY!!! it’s sugar free!!! cookies O_O why people whyyyyyyyyy!? T_T

    pfffft akura dont listen to these people 😉 go with lee!! he’ll brighten the day for you!!

  147. @dynamic lol whoops xD

  148. @cookie: hmm… sunamic… is that a clash tsunami and one of the sand sibs? If so, I like it XDD

    THE CANDY WAS SUGAR FREE? You bastard… >*((( Imma gonna join mud *evil grin*

    jkjk… but it really was sugar free T.T

  149. @ Fanboi – you can suggest amvs for us to chose – just use the email address i gave you in the post….

  150. … I think this might be important

    The new Naruto is out! ^^ *listens for screaming*

  151. … and it has too much Sasuke in it for my liking.

  152. @dynamic: no no, it’s what happens when you lock a sad sib and a gai in a room…everything goes outa control from there 😉

    yes it’s supers evil plan to detroy all sugary foods…his rebellion must be stopped >_<

    hmmm the chapter seems kinda anticlimactic…though personally i cant wait to see sasuke get his a$$ handed to him 😀 will be epic!!

  153. agree with @dynamic..che..Sasugay and his hatred..enough 🙂 well do u guys think the battle between Naruto and Sasuke is coming quickly or not?

  154. @eatencookie i agree…Sasuke will have his a$$ fu***d for real..and it will be from Naruto~nya!it sounds so good…ahahahahaha 😉

  155. 😛

  156. Haha i don’t need to buy support like super, i sway ppl to support my side through awesome arguments. And if that didn’t work – i’ve got choc Gold coins *uses blimp to rain coins down*

    @reflex: what the hell – MLG 11Reflex – what the hell is MLG?

    @cookie: making up wrds as usual! 😛

    and since there is no talk about the new chapter – it was aite. 2 much Reminiscing for my taste but meh it delivered in the end.

  157. damn guys what’s going on, i’ve been gone for 2 week’s on vacation and when i come back no IRA anymore. that’s sad, but i’me glad to see people that enjoy the thrill of the debate have started a new family here. please to meet u WRA.

    FIRSSSSSSSTTTTTTTT!!!!!! just playing i’me 193849349683409 i think 🙂

  158. @mud: I have come to the Dark Side. @_@ Now where are my strawberries? >.<

    New chappie was meh. At least Kishi didn't crush the hearts of NaruHina lovers like the first spoiler had promised ^^

  159. great new chapter, it’s one of those chapters where u can’t really predict what’s gonna happen next, u have a lot of variables.

    One thing is for sure, the fact that Naruto is gonna go smack the living day-light out of danzou’s remaining eye, or at least try to do it, before kakashi or someone else stops him.

    It would also be great if by the end of next week’s chapter sasuke would finally arrive at konoha’s gates. I would love to see he’s face when he look’s at konoha as nothing but rubble and finds out that the man that ordered the uchiha slaughter is now hokage.

  160. Finally the new chap is out. I liked the new chap it was good time to take a break from fighting yet it’s transitioned into the next Part in the plot very well. Nice to see tazuna and Inari again. One more thing I will miss the cloud gang. Damn u kishi making them funny and then throwing them into a black hole.

  161. This weeks manga was stupid, boring, needless, and absolutely foolish, kishi’s lost it this time, i hate you!

  162. @Mudshovel- MLG-= Multi-Lingual Gay

  163. New chapter was kinda nice, and Inari looks too old for his age, like what, 7 or 8 now? Looks a little on the buff side. He’s cute though except I think he said that Sakura is ” pretty ” now. Im sure I read wrong…>:(
    This is probably the most I’ve seen Naruto smile since his childhood. Also I wonder how Tazuna. and Inari will react when Sasuke returns and starts attacking Konoha.
    On a final note, Kishi is preparing for more action so we probably won’t see any love for a while… Damn Kishi he set up this whole NaruHina NaruSaku mess to let us chew on it just to say “‘lll get back to you guys!”

  164. @Dynamic: Those candies were definitely not sugar free. I don’t know where the hell to even buy sugar free candy from… That candy came out of the back of my white van with tinted windows. I have a whole cardboard box full of SUGARY candy in the back! You wanna check it out? I pass the candy out to the homeless…and I’m installing an ice cream truck bell on the roof to attract…the homeless who REALLY like ice cream… >_> <_<

    Lol, jkjk! XD

    @Cookie: Stop lying to my…minionspeasantsworshipersarmy…followers. Yes stop lying to my loyal followers. Now if you'll excuse me I need to buy more sugar free sugary candy. 😛

    @Mudshovel: OUCH, WTF? Why are you raining hard chocolate coins down from thousands of feet in the sky? You just hit that baby in the face! Not cool dude…come my lackies we will take Mudshovel and his evil ways down together! 😉

    @Harshy: LMAO, can't wait for Reflex to read that one. In all honesty though MLG stands for Major League Gamer, but perhaps in a different sector of society they have that meaning for it.

    @Alexie: Definitely agree here. I'm reading it but I don't believe my eyes! "Pretty"? LMAO and WTF! What are you looking at little guy? I gave him the benefit of the doubt and checked all the pages of the manga and not ONCE did Sakura appear pretty. In fact she looked more like a plain face boy trying really hard to pass for a girl. Sorry Sakura fans… (but not really) 🙂

    @Anyone: I thought the chapter was pretty decent. Especially all the jokes and comic relief you know. Lol, Yamato building those houses and my favorite one of Inari calling Sakura "pretty". Hahahaha, what a joker… Anyway, I thought it was pretty awesome how Naruto played off Sasuke's leaving so casually while Sakura and Kakashi brooded in the back. That's why Naruto is still my favorite character how he keeps moving on and his optimism.

    Sasuke is nearing the village yada yada yada no one cares unless Naruto kicks his ass soon. Douche Bag Danzo surprisingly did a good move and put a hit list on Sasuke's head. YAY! Now the most interesting aspect of the chapter appears. Naruto is forced to make a decision between his loyalty to his village and Hokage or Sasuke who he thinks of as a brother! Choose wisely Naruto and that's all I'm saying… 😉

    (BTW, I hope he picks to side with Sasuke because unlike most of you I don't hate Sasuke at all and never have. Hence the reason I've always called him by his proper name Sasuke. He's a douche bag, confused, emo, betraying, spoiled lucky sonofabitch asshole, but in the end he's an excellent ninja! That is what I respect about him and how he saved Naruto's life 3 years ago. I'm hoping for that same Sasuke to come back eventually.)

  165. @super: I quote: “but in the end he’s an excellent ninja! That is what I respect about him and how he saved Naruto’s life 3 years ago. I’m hoping for that same Sasuke to come back eventually.”

    I hate him because I know it’s NOT gonna happen. And if it does, then Kishi is simply DYING to make this the most cliche manga in the world. Seriously. And I want my non-sugar-free ice cream now T.T (even though I’m siding with mudsh- *gets strangled*)

    And yeah, I ROFL’d at Inari calling Sakura pretty. Best joke of the century… well, maybe after the ‘Pebble that destroyed Konoha’ XD

    @harshy: Reflex is coming for you… @_@

  166. I liked the new chapter. It was really nice seeing Inari and Tazuna again, it brought back old memories of when i was younger and was just starting to read Naruto…ahh good times…*clears throught* ahem…anyway Inari is quite perceptive now, notices things that many of you Sakura haters can’t…o yea, Naruto is quite perceptive now too…He noticed that Sakura wasn’t happy and tried cheering her up, and…it WORKED. But then again, Naruto was always perceptive when it came to Sakura…It was also nice that they had alot of reminiscing this chapter from both sides…Naruto was able to see why his words never could reach Sasuke. Sasuke was also doing some reminiscing of his own…but his memories were more foreboding and ominous…this is getting good

  167. @ harshy – that comment of ur made lil sense – i suggest getting a dictionary or using google next time??

    oh and if u really want to know what it is, go here

  168. @Dynamic: What? Why wouldn’t you want that Sasuke to return? I’m not saying that have to best buds laughing and skipping together at the end of the manga or anything. I just want things back to normal. A friendly intense rivalry that just may lead to them killing one another. 😉 Cliche or not it’d be the best ending besides Sasuke dying for Naruto or vice versa.

    Right now Sasuke is a douche bag on par with Danzo. The asshole wants to completely destroy Konoha and when I say completely it’s that he wants to kill EVERYONE in the village. He hates Naruto while Naruto cares for him and I don’t like that. Of course he’ll change he can’t go on hating Naruto forever or else it’d just be dumb.

    *stops strangling Dynamic and hands her non-sugar-free ice cream*

    @Dro: Lol, yeah Inari’s perceptive alright. He knows now how to lie to women to make them happy. How fast they grow and how quickly they learn… 😉

    Seriously though the reminiscing of the fight between Naruto and Sasuke was pretty cool. Now Naruto understands him for real. This was really interesting though how he says, “No wonder he [Sasuke] wouldn’t even fight with me.” Then he says, “It might hurt a lot… but I want to fight with him for real this time…” Hmmm….does this mean both Naruto and Sasuke weren’t fighting at 100% capability during that previous fight? They were both seriously going out for blood but were they only fighting at perhaps 95%? Trust me 5% can make a hella difference.

  169. @supertrek89: That is a quite intrusting idea. You know this is just a though but what if the fight naruto want it’s at the end. Naruto becomes hokage and then naruto and sasuke some meet up at the valley of the end and go to opposite side jump at each other and then boom end. Hmmm just a thought.
    For the next chap I think naruto is going to find danzo and have a talk with him. Then danzo threatens to kick naruto out of the villiage. SO naruto backs off, something like that anyway.

  170. why the hell is everyone talking about how its going to end really depressing.
    super- dont hate sasuke cause he strong but at the monment he really need a hug
    and too all the stupid people who like sakura the only reason why inari said that sakura was pretty was because he not that good or a carpenter and has gone blind

  171. did anyone notice how hinata “saving”, or better said trying to save naruto, was almost exactly like sasuke jumping in front of haku’s ice needles when he saved naruto way back when…i bring this up b/c i saw the haku fight as the origin or the solidifying moment of naruto’s “bond” to sasuke…you know the borderline homosexual love one jk but not really…so seeing as these two events are so similar cant we infer that naruto will infact end up with hinata and not suck-ura as hinata’s sacrifice should have significantly strengthened her and naruto’s bond.

    and how did tazuna and inari get to konoha so fast…the messanger bird from the lightning ppl just got to konoha (ill never understand manga timelines).

  172. @domosenpai – maybe they drove a car?

  173. why did the IRA close down? I enjoyed reading the breakdown there.

  174. Hello everyone!I’m new here but i’ve read breakdowns on IRA when i was a guest;)And i have my first question….WTF Why Naruto doesn’t wears his cool cloak!?

  175. @ maik341: Hi there! I’m new too this is my first post! I was wondering too where naruto’s cloak went – probably to the drycleaners’ or maybe to to the tailor after pain/yakiko put all those holes in it with the rods lol. But honestly he would look so cool with his cloak – like jiraya ^_^

    @ domosenpai: I was wondering about the the manga timelines too. Cuz how did Inari and Tazuna get there so fast and sasuke has been travelling for soooo long? Maybe there’s something kishi-san isnt telling us, probably teleportation no jutsu or airplane no jutsu ha ha ha jk lol Oh and i really like your theory with hinata and haku and the formation of bonds – that’s a really nice take on things.

    I still do not like what sakura did when she stole all the attention from hinata when naruto returned and she ensured that she did not leave his side. If i didnt know better i would have sworn she is ensuring he doent go to hinata…

  176. Just testing something.


    Was this really necessary?? I appreciate the fact that you did it on an older post, but still… really? – ReFleX

  177. Ok, it works. 😀

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