Bleach Manga 361 spoiler + Bleach Manga 360: Shock of the Queen discussion and breakdown

Chapter 361 spoiler, courtesy of the mysterious Glitter Nails ^_^

El (aka Elfarren) here, back again filling in for EroSennin with your weekly Bleach breakdown. Apparently that hangover is lasting a little longer than usual, so let’s try to be quiet and keep the music down ^_* I have a lot of pictures this time, so let’s get right to it …

At least Lilinette isn't "wahhh"ing because her dog died ... TINY, NOOO!!!!

At least Lilinette isn't "wahhh"ing because her dog died ... TINY, NOOO!!!!

This week, for me at least, was pretty much all comic relief, and we got to start things off nicely with the battle between Ukitake and Lilynette. The spoiler scripts were spot on as usual (thanks again, Kyouto!), and it made me laugh to watch as Ukitake goaded poor Lilynette into such a rage that she started crying even as she shouts that she’s going to kill him. Don’t count her out, though, because for some women the level of their anger is tied directly to their tearducts for some unknown reason, meaning Lilynette could still (by some incrementially small margin) be a force to be reckoned with. As for Ukitake, for someone with such a normally placid disposition he sure does seem to be enjoying himself, doesn’t he? ^_^

This week's bubble contest brought to you by Ukitake's version of having a good time >_> LOL <_<

This week's bubble contest brought to you by Ukitake's version of having a good time >_> LOL <_<

I squicked most of you out last week, so I promised myself to be a good girl and decided to leave the above picture alone. May you all come up with your worst in my stead ^_*

Holy sh!t, is Omaeda a genius after all?

Holy sh!t, is Omaeda a genius after all?

Next we come back to the farce that is Omaeda’s “fight” against Barragan in his released form. I won’t even call this a battle, because all Omaeda has done up to this point is make us giggle and roll our eyes while he runs away with that priceless, dumb@$$ expression on his face *LOL* Then, out of the blue, he gets the awesome idea of using Kido to fight Barragan and buy Soi Fon time to release her bankai. When I saw Omaeda turn around and shout, “Bakudo 21!”, I have to admit I got a little excited that maybe he isn’t just the worthless dunce who’s only around to make Soi Fon look cooler.

Of course he's not a genius, baka!

Of course he's not a genius, baka!

But, I guess my hopes were aimed too high, because it turns out all Omaeda is good for is running away as usual *sigh* I remember one of you griping in the comments about how Omaeda needs to prove why he’s a Vice Captain and I couldn’t agree more. What do the rest of you think?

Not to get technical or anything, but that's a battle axe, not a guillotine ... just sayin' *runs away from Barragan's Death Breath*

Not to get technical or anything, but that's a battle axe, not a guillotine ... just sayin' *runs away from Barragan's Death Breath*

Thankfully there are at least two people in this week’s chapter who are taking things seriously, and as one of them, Barragan doesn’t waste any time before he whips out his ginormous battle axe to chop Omaeda into bits and pieces. I thought he looked pretty awesomeness before, but add the battle axe to that and he’s awesomeness² ^_^ Just as we’re about to watch him make mince meat out of the worst Shinigami ever, though, Soi Fon’s bankai is finally ready!

Sometimes to win, you have to do that which you despise most ...

Sometimes to win, you have to do that which you despise most ...

Not only does Tite not make us wait to find out what Soi Fon’s bankai looks like, he also answers a question on all our minds from last week: what the hell is that sash that Soi Fon wrapped around the building before releasing her bankai? It seems of all the talent Omaeda lacks, he at least knows a Ginjotan, or steel sash, when he sees one. I’ve seen a lot of speculation that it absorbs the recoil for when Soi Fon uses her bankai, but for my part I disagree. I believe it’s meant as a shield for Soi Fon like Gaara’s sand was in Naruto before Shukaku was extracted from him. Soi Fon herself says that the nature of her bankai is such that she can’t move with it due to its size, so it makes the most sense to me. What do the you guys think?

Soi Fon unleashes her own "Little Boy" on Barragan FTW!

Soi Fon unleashes her own "Little Boy" on Barragan FTW!

No worries, though, because whether she can move with her bankai or not, Soi Fon proves that big and flashy can still get the job done ^_^ I don’t think this fight will be over quite so quickly, and that she’ll have to work a bit more before she takes Barragan down for good, but at least things are looking a bit more hopeful this week. So until next week, when we get to see the results of Soi Fon’s blast ‘o doom, that’s it for me. Hope you all enjoyed the breakdown and I can’t wait to see what you come up with for this week’s bubble contest ^_^ Winner for last week below.

Ja, El

This week's winner brought to you by the letter "O": Orochimaruhebi

This week's winner brought to you by the letter "O": Orochimaruhebi


~ by elfarren on June 8, 2009.

56 Responses to “Bleach Manga 361 spoiler + Bleach Manga 360: Shock of the Queen discussion and breakdown”


  2. LOL Welcome to the new awesomeness 🙂

  3. hey….. here i am scorp

  4. heyyyyyo great breakdown, cant wait for this site to be up n poppinnn

  5. Sweet job elf. Damn Harshy, you’re meant to be on hiatus! lol

  6. i think i call 3rd 😉

  7. oh damn 4th..curse mud and his 1 minute lol

  8. 4th well we have taken a good start

  9. Xth. A revision of what I said before. Omaeda does have skill, he used his Zanpukoto in an earlier fight. He can use flash step and is a great actor. Heck no one knows where it starts and begins. However he is weaker than the other captain, I believe there will be a time when he if forced to want to become stronger by his own logic or Soi Fong will make him. He hasn’t realeased his Bankai either. As Soi Fong believes and says the man lacks disipline.

    About the sash around Soi Fong, why can’t it act as both. Having the steel sash tied to the building to brace the attacks of her Bankai and using the remaining of it to be used as a shield. Also is anyone else seeing a patteren here. I am part expecting Harribel (That’s right I spelled her name the correct way.) and Barragan to reappear from their opponent’s finishing attacks in a future chapter.

    Haha Ukitake is relaxing and having fun. I guess he is one of the few that are benefitting on the battle while fighting Lilynette.

  10. I still recon his battle axe looks like a bat that has been skewered onto a pole.

  11. @mud- i still am, but i wanted to be first on bothe the last post on IRA and the first proper one on WRA! :p

  12. Yeah first post of new blog!

    Its probably for recoil i dont see what else it could be for.

  13. is it me or have i seen this post somewhere? i think it’s copywrite!! 😉 jkjk

    @mud: that’s not a bat, that’s batmans signal it in the sky!!! 🙂

  14. @cookie: LOL, hey, he’s trying to get away with the bat signal. GET HIM!

    @Harshy: Hiatus my but, that;s just a ploy so you can get all the firsts! lol.

    @fanboi: that’s what i thought originally but against Barragans ‘death breath’ it’s pointless seeing as how she can’t escape it. I thought perhaps it was to connect to opponent – and send an electrical current into them. but that’s really just a random guess 😛

  15. just like awesomeness. Nice Job Elf. ^_^
    I cant wait for the return of the bubble post

  16. OMG I won the bubble contest :O well that’s a first!
    I too expect Harribel and Barragan to survive, although I’m not entirely sure about Harribel though… Stark seemed to be pissing his pants when he saw Toshiro’s cloud gather…

  17. Seriously, Last Night I had a nightmare about Ukitakes face in the first picture. I dont wanna go in to details =(

    Anyone else have dreams involving manga characters? I dont usually have manga characters in my dreams, just people from video games and movies xD

  18. I usually forget my dreams the minute I wake up…weird…

    Great breakdown, btw. Way to keep up the awesomeness!

  19. I’ve had Kakashi pop up in one of my dreams, and before you get any ideas, we only met briefly in the hallway before I went in to talk to the Hokage. Funnily enough, that was the entire dream >_< *laments* Why, oh why, couldn't it have been cooler? LOL

  20. i had a dream that i had chidori once. that was rad.

  21. @elfarren- hahaha

    I had a dream of Yoruichi. Nothing really happened. It never got tothe good part…. I always wake up right at “that” moment. One dream I do wanna have is with Hinata 😀 .

  22. i’m waiting on moderation?!?

  23. looks like you guys have serious manga/anime on the brain 😉
    I can’t say i ever have, unless getting chased by giant crabs appears in Naruto at some stage. lol

  24. @elf: lol thats weird were you taking a cat nap xD
    @boyruns: did it hurt when you used it…ive always wondered that

  25. Post Test


  26. [spoiler] post test [/spoiler].

  27. Post Test #4 so many issues

  28. Grumbles

    Spoiler Post Testing #5

  29. spam!

    no please keep trying your spoilers are always right lol

  30. Test #6




  31. Aw sucks. Just when I joined IRA, it closed down TT^TT Well, now you’ll hab=ve to put up with me here *evil grin*

  32. @elf: Great breakdown, btw ^^ KInd of nostalgic. I hope you’ll continue on the bleach manga breakdowns here too. I enjoy them lots 8D

  33. Bleach Chapter 361
    Source: 2ch
    Credits: Ohana
    Verifiacation: Confirmed
    Forum: ttp://

    Spoiler #1
    Credit: Ohana
    Courtsy: Spacecat (BA)

    The number 1’s power becomes evident.
    Lilinette does fusion ?_?







    Spoiler #2
    Credit: Ohana

    #1’s strength will be revealed.
    He does a fusion with Lilynette.

    Kyouraku: So, it seems like you’re finally getting eager.
    Stark: I wanted to see your bankai’s. Lilynette!!


    The only thing of note in this 3rd spoiler is that Soi Fon apparently defeats Barragan…and that Stark looks cool on the final page.

    Spoiler #3
    Site: Bleach Asylum
    Credit: Spacecat

    The number 1’s power becomes evident.
    Lilinette does fusion ?_?

    Kyouraku: “It seems you’re finally starting to get serious eh?”
    Stark: “I just want to check out your bankai. Lilinette!”


    Soi Fon attacks Barragan.
    Barragan is a skeleton?
    Seems considerably easy.

    I say fusion but whatever, the last page looks ultra cool.


    Spoiler #4
    Site: FLOL
    Credits: Sheetz

    The first pic Stark says that He and Lilynette are 1 person divided into 2.
    It seems like their division has something to do with the transformation from hollow to arrancar.

    Spoiler #5
    Courtsy: Spacecat (BA)
    Credits: 69

    「蹴散らせ 群狼(ロス・ボロス)」
    “Kick about, Los Boros (Wolf Pack)”
    I think its suppose to be “Los Lobos” which would then translate into “Wolf Pack”.

  34. Lol at chatroll going down :O

    Looking forward to the new chapter. I think Stark is going to be a real handfull. I think Ukitake and Shunsui are going to have to work together on this one just like their fight with Yamamoto. Although I kinda want Shunsui to kick Starks arse to kingdom come on his own doubt its gonna happen 😦

  35. @Fanboi the chidori felt heavy in the dream but i didnt get to use it, i woke up 😦

  36. Great breakdown Elfarren but why can’t I win these damn bubble contests anymore? 😦

    Lol, jkjk it’s all good. I hope Stark kicks Shusui’s ass but we all know Tite’s gonna make it look like Shusui won at first. Then Stark’s gonna revive and finish Shusui off in style unless someone else jumps in. Why do I have the feeling the Vizards are going to be on Aizen’s side though?

  37. I’ve never thought of that, it would certainly complicate things.

  38. Whaaaat ? Lilinette and Stark fuse ?
    Is it me, or is there a lingering stench of DragonBall Z in the air ??

  39. @everyone:

    I wanted to let you all know that I’m moving on…I am writing the Naruto anime at another site. I have had fun with you all and I have made some great friendships here. I don’t want to leave any of you behind but, I found a new place to call home.

    Although I am now an “infrequent writer” here at WRA, I’m not sure how much I can guarantee that I will be writing. I am now an admin AND the Naruto anime writer at The people there are just as talented and just amazing as those here. Word On Mars also has a chat set up so it won’t necessarily be the last time you see me…do drop by and say “hello!”

    Love you all – you guys are like family. I hope that I will see you at my new home!


  40. We’ll miss you so much, Penny! I wish you the best of luck!!!

  41. @ Super – *Whispers* You know, no one has entered this week’s bubble contest yet … perhaps I need to make it more obvious?

    Great idea about the Vizards, too, I could totally see why they’d be pissed with Soul Society! I’m not entirely sure, but didn’t they used to be captains before Aizen did whatever he did to them? For SS to just abandon them to the real world and treat them as non-entities seems kinda bass ackwards, to me ^_^

  42. Oh then let’s keep the bubble contest hush hush…


    Lilynette: “I hope he’s not looking at my ass.”

    Ukitake: *thinking* ‘I’m definitely looking at her ass right now…’

  43. BUBBLE:

    Lilynette: note to self, powerslide = failure

    Ukitake: worst enterance ever!

  44. it would suck if the vizards were on aizens saide (well great for story suck for the captains lol) but i think the fact they have such a history with Urahara, they will be on his side. It would be crazy if it became a three way fight like Urahara is going to go for the kings key now and try and take over.

    BTW the anime breakdown is up for 223 if anyone wants to read it not trying to convert anyone we are all part of a bigger whole… of anime nerdiness lol

  45. Bubble

    Liynette: Looky here *shakes butt*

    Ukitake: dont look, dont look, its jail bait… *nose bleed* but i must look!

  46. just a thought: the should be a new squad that protects earth with ichigo as the captain (then he can wear the nice clothes beffiting his power) and rukia as his lueteniant beffiting he power of becoming a seated officer and not being held back by byakua.

  47. @smur that would be kick ass!

  48. @urisas: Why is naruto playing with what looks to be a 360 controller!? We all know PS3 is the wave of the future. 😛

  49. *waits for backlash from reflex, supertrek, Dark and all other 360 fanboi’s* lol

  50. lol really mud either you dont know video games or your on nuts ps3=epic fail its last in sales and like no good games only good thing is blu ray which 360 will have soon

  51. lol but hey to each there own right lol, and i have that pic b/c its awesomeness there is a bunch of ramen bowls all over and i found it when i was playing a lot of assassins creed so i felt like it was me

  52. Bubble

    Liynette: Ha! bet your zanpaktou can’t reach me!

    Ukitake: That’s what you think! *grins*

  53. LOL i could sprout off all the awesome things that make the PS3 but i think i’ll save that for another time.
    other than that minor glitch, the pic is pretty cool.
    I saw ur bleach post on Mars, how long have you been doing those breakdowns?

  54. BUBBLE:

    Liynette: “Jailbait no jutsu activate”

    Ukitake: “Oh noes! My weakness!”

  55. The ending picture…BADASS!!! Makes up for the rest of the chapter which wasn’t so great in my opinion. Soifon’s cloth seemed to be used for backlash but it still ripped making it kinda useless. Omaeda tried to step up his ‘A’ game on Soifon but he got denied quicker than MC Hammer at a bank. XD

    Next week hopefully Shusui vs. Stark FTW!!!

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