Review :: Borderlands – Enter the Wasteland!

Review 😉

What up people!! Welcome to the first review of the new and improved WRA gaming section. I, ReFleX, am here to guide you on your journey through the magical and expensive world known as “Interactive Entertainment” (Videogames for the slow people out there). Let’s get started shall we?

Borderlands is one of the first major games of its respective genre, RPS (Role-Playing Shooter); A genre that, as the name suggests, combines RPG style character advancement with the first person perspective common in most shooters nowadays. It does a really good job combing these elements too. The FPS controls are excellent and easy to use, and the RPG elements, while a bit shallow, still allow you buff your character up the way you choose, with unique skills and upgrades… depending on which character you chose.

This is the screen where all you upgrade and unlock new skills for your character.

One of the highlights of this game is the outrageous number of weapons found in it. Throughout the game, it is rare for one to spend too much time using one particular sniper or SMG because missions and towns are littered with weapons chests filled with even better, more valuable weapons. The inclusion of “special” weapons that add elemental or toxic damage boosts increase the number and variety of weapons even more.

Crates with new weapons or ammo, such as this one, can be found all across the environment.

One challenge that comes with the extremely high amount of weapons is determining which weapons to keep and which to sell/drop (there is a certain number you can carry). Impatient players will tend to get annoyed with this feature, and will ignore stats/sell weapons based on value, not stats once their inventory is full. However other players will find this constant equipment management enjoyable. To make things easier, the game includes the ability to compare stats on the various weapons to determine which ones are “better” than others. Even with this feature I still found myself constantly taking large chunks of time out of combat determining which weapons to keep, which was actually quite fun in its own regard.

All weapons can be compared with current weapons in your inventory.

Another shining feature of Borderlands is its stellar Co-op gameplay. In co-op, up to 3 players can take existing characters they have saved and join a 4th player’s game, starting at the point he has reached in the game. They then play through his current missions and objectives alongside him. Experience is more plentiful in co-op due to the extra players, so level-up progress is not lost. Borderlands’ near-flawless execution of co-op through the campaign/story (whatever you want to call it) definitely stands toe-to-toe with other co-op juggernauts on the market today.

This is Rakk Hive. He looks like a tough creature to beat, but the only issue you may have fighting him is ammo, seeing as how he can do little to no damage to you.

However, any game, no matter how good it is, still has flaws. I had 2 main issues with Borderlands, both of which are fairly insignificant. The first of these was the difficulty of the mission/enemies. In the latter stages after you begin finding some of the higher level weapons and maxing some of your character’s stats out, the missions begin to feel sorta like cake-walks. Boss battles in particular were riddled with this issue. Not one boss in the whole game (even Rakk Hive seen in the image above) was difficult to take down.

The issue issue I had was with the story… or lack thereof. Sure there is a constant goal of “find the vault” running throughout the course of the game, yet the story normally took second place to the action. While this isn’t entirely bad, I would of liked to seen just a few more story elements and cut scenes/back-stories implemented throughout the course of the game. The disappointing ending to the already-lacking storyline didn’t help the cause that much either….


The game is very well-made, however a few problems with difficulty and story-telling keep it from “elite status”.  If you have the ability to play online, the co-op found within the game can almost single-handedly warrant a purchase. All-in-all the game is highly enjoyable and I would recommend it to all gaming fans :).

That is all for the Borderlands Review. Hope this helped some of you confused people out 😉

Ohhh, and for people who have played the game and still decided to read this far:


There are currently 2 DLC options available for Borderlands – The Zombie Island of Dr Ned and Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot. These are fairly entertaining additions to the game. Zombie Island hosts a mix of enemies from the regular game (only in undead form) including Tankensteins and the awesome were-skags. The Underdome is essentially a collection of tournaments held in 3 different unique locations. In each area you fight wave after wave of enemies with bossfights consisting of bosses from the original game thrown in to mix things up. Certain rounds have specific advantages (giving certain weapons more power) which can help or hurt your chances of eliminating enemies. Overall I would give Zombie Island an 7.5 and The Underdome an 8, as far as DLC is concerned.

The NEWEST DLC, known as “The Secret Armory” [Of General Knoxx] increases the level cap to 61, AND brings new weapons, class mods, enemies and vehicles to the scene. While I personally have not played this DLC too thoroughly, what I have played thus far is quite enjoyable and looks to be another great addition to the Borderlands formula.

Borderlands Gameplay Videos

To prevent an annoying feature known as “lag” from occurring on this page, I (ReFleX) have opted not to embed Borderlands Gameplay videos on this page. To see some of my personal videos however, feel free to visit my youtube page. (DO IT OR DIE!!! >_>)

Now, on to the Review!!!! 😀



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