God of War 3: There will be only Chaos!

What did you say about me mother!?

What did you say about me mother!?

G’day all, this Mudshovel back again with a preview of God of War 3.

The story line is being kept hushed, so there is little information out, other than what we all ready know. Now I know I said I’d mainly be previewing less known titles, I was originally going to do L4D2, but Reflex wanted to do that, so I got every PS loving fanboi’s favourite GoW. There are generally two types of gamers around that revolve around this series: the ones that love it and who’ll buy anything with the name GoW attached and the others that hate it with a passion, mainly X-box Fanboy’s who are secretly dying inside because it’ll never become a multi-platform game series 😛 .

Game Trailer

This will be the final game in the God of War trilogy. However before I get into this game, allow me to briefly recap the first two games. Obviously contains SPOILERS.

In the First, Kratos seeks revenge on the God of War, Ares, who tricked him into murdering his family. After a long journey he eventually kills Ares and Kratos becomes the new God of War. In the second, Zeus tricks him into releasing most of his godly powers and then proceeds to kill Kratos. Before reaching the underworld though, the Titan Gaia saves him and tells him of the sister of fate, who can change time itself.  After finally reaching the sisters, Kratos returns to fight Zeus, however he is prevented from killing him. Zeus escapes to rally the rest of the gods, while Kratos retreats back further in time to rally the Titans, before they lost the war of supremacy to the gods. The second game ends with Kratos and all the Titans climbing Mount Olympus in search of the Gods.

E3 Gameplay Demo

God of War 3 is obviously about Kratos and the Titans fighting Zeus and the Gods. GoW has set the standard for Hack and Slash adventure games and there are plenty of signs which suggest the bar has been set even higher. Some of the levels will be played entirely while on the backs of the gigantic titans while fighting hordes of enemies. There are many new move features that will be available in this game, one is the ability to pick up an enemy and put him onto your shoulder while using him as a ‘battering ram’ you proceed to clear out all the crowds. The downside is that this can not be sustained long, and if you touch a wall, Kratos will smash the enemies head into it, wait did I say downside – more like there is no downside! Another is Cyclops riding, but this is pretty self explanatory.

E3 2009 trailer: warning – it’s gruesome

This is a quote from GamesRadar.com who’ve played this game hands-on at E3: “Now, “gore” is a word that gets tossed around a lot in videogames, and it usually refers to bloody dismemberment or maybe a loop of intestine poking out here and there. God of War III takes that shit so far, it made a theater full of jaded games journalists go “eww!” in shocked unison. It’s not hyperbole to say that its gruesomeness is unprecedented in gaming. To be honest, there’s such a level of uncomfortable realism to it that it makes Gears of War’s chainsaw deaths look cartoonish.”

The creators and directors have remarked that they want this game to ‘define’ this generation of gaming, and are going out of their way to do just that. An example of the gore that will follow is when Kratos is ripping the head off of ‘Helios’ the God of the Sun. Skin stretches and tares, muscle tendons snap individually while the god agonisingly screams his last breath.

It's my head now!

It's my head now!

God of War obviously centres a lot on ancient Greek Mythology and apparently this game will explain the end of the Greek Mythology belief system. If you liked the first 2 GoW games then you’ll definitely love this one. This game will boast amazing visuals, worthy of next gen, and some new enemies to fight as long as some of the old ones. A lot of boss battles will be fought against opponents that are at least twice your size, and with the inclusion of new weapons, magic and moves this game will definitely outshine its predecessors. While little is known about GoW3 you can be sure that it will be a stand out title for the PS3.

Mudshovel out.

~ by mudshovel on March 15, 2009.

32 Responses to “God of War 3: There will be only Chaos!”

  1. FIRST!!!

  2. holy crap this is gunna be the most brutal game in history. by the way, is that atlas in the background of the 1st pic?

  3. Second =P

  4. OMFG…this looks so f***ing sweet i cant wait…i got chills up my spine…As in true God of War fashion there seems to be a lot of button press action sequences (or whatever the f*** its called) but with all the new gore, its gonna make it quite the visceral experience. As i watched Kratos tear of Helios’s head, i could almost feel how the control was gonna rumble…ahh, buttom mashing games…the best way to relive stress

  5. the name you’re looking for Dro is QTE – Quick Time Events.
    And damn right – how mad did that look – head dangling tendons flapping around in the wind. ahh rage will disappear with satisfaction 😛

  6. Fourth.
    When it came out, I thought the PSP version was God of War 3.

  7. Has anybody heard of the God of War movie coming out soon ?
    They say a complete script has already been written.

  8. @Nagashi: lol chains of olympus was a prequel dude. GoW movie – no i havn’t heard of it, but i’m curious, got any links on this?

  9. @dro: what consoles do you own anyway?

  10. @kakuzu64: Lol – damn right – this game will be epic. Yeah i think it is Atlas, at least he looks simialr to the Titan atlas from GoW2.

  11. @mud: sure.



  12. @ mud: I got a ps3 and a 360…so im pretty much set for this gen…as for the god of war movie they said they were trying to get the guy from the movie ‘Blood Diamond’ (Not Leo) to play Kratos.

  13. @Dro: Curse you. lol. U meant to choose one or the other not both. *shakes fist*. 😛

    @Nagashi: ummm last i checked, Kratos is white, isn’t that gonna be a problem? lol jkjk makeup will fix all, but i’ll still know. It looks pretty mad – have they started filming it at all?

  14. @mud: Dunno, all I could find was that they have the script done and they got the guy … forget his name … to play Kratos.
    They still need licensing rights or some jazz like that.
    And I still think they should get Bill Goldberg instead to play Kratos … he’s the perfect choice ! He looks just like him …

  15. @nagahi: lol, he that wrestler isn’t he? Idk, most wrestlers that do movies suck because they can’t act for sh!t. Although he does look suited to the role, i’d prefer someone who can act any day.

  16. @mud: Well that’s true, hmm. Although … I think all you’d have to do to play Kratos is yell with extreme anger while slashing away at mystical beasts and gods alike with your giant weapon … ok, maybe there is a LITTLE but of acting necessary. LoL.
    But Goldberg fits that “angry insane” type of person that Kratos is …

  17. @nagashi: True, he has the ‘angry insane’ type down. But Kratos is more than just a killer (if only bt a little) I mean he was tricked into killing his family, he breaks down because of it and at the end of the game tries to commit suicide to rid himself of the nightmares. I find it hard to believe that Goldberg could pull it all off.

  18. @mud: he tried to commit suicide ? When ? =O

  19. @Nagashi: At the start of GoW he’s stands atop the ‘highest mountain in Greece’ and throws himself off. It’s not until the end of the game that it is showed why he does this, however, Athena saves him and takes him to become the new God of War.

  20. @mud: oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah, I remember. Why’d he do that again ?
    I still think Goldberg could play Kratos. =P

  21. LMAO, goldberg was good in ‘The Longest Yard’…but i don’t know if he could pull off the seriousness of Kratos…but still…also if we’re going with wrestlers why not Stone Cold? Finally what about Vin Deisel? He was good in Pitch Black as the same kind of character…

    *Fun Fact* Vin Deisel looks exactly like my brother…he’s even gone to bars, and has had drinks on the house cuz of his resemblance to Mr. Deisel…:P

  22. @nagashi: to rid himself of the nightmares of repedidly killing his family
    @Dro: maybe Stone cold – he was awesome in ‘the condemned’ or Deisel but i think they’ve choosen the right dude for the job.
    as for your fun fact – that’s BS, here i am paying full price for grog and ur bro gets it for free. GRRR

  23. Where’d this post come from? The 15th! WTF, how’d it slip right past me? Well, anyway great job on the breakdown Mudshovel. I don’t really play the series but I love watching my brother play it. Kratos kicks ass! I hope he kills Zeus. That cheating, lying, drunken, rapist, power abusing bastard needs to die anyway! 🙂

  24. LOL, thanks, the preview was done a couple of weeks ago.
    Kratos better kill that prick, this is meant to be the final game, which hopefully means no cliffhanger endings! damn those endings shit me off.
    Yep nothing like killing a god to make u feel like a man. *insert overcompensating joke* 😛

  25. PS3 FAILS!


    no i just dont think its worth it to buy a whole new system for a few good games (i.e. killzone, god of war 3)

  26. god of war 3 should be launched on ps2

  27. @ahsan: How? the ps2 wouldn’t be able to handle it for 1.
    @fanboi: i believe ur forgetting valkyria chronicles, MGS4, Resistance, FFXIII Versus, Little Big Planet, Motorstorm, Ratchet and Clank series – should i name more 😛 .

    Meh it doesn’t really matter that much, i mean most games are being made into Mlti’s anyway (with the xclusion of SCE and Microsoft made games)

  28. @mudshovel: the only one im really interested in out of those is MGS4. I played resistance 1 and 2 and didnt like it much. Little Big Planet looks like a fun rental at best. Ratchet and Clank Up your Arsenal was one of my favorite games on my PS2 but I dont think the series has anything new to offer ( i guess we’ll see on that one. )

  29. Whats up everybody. Rock Lee is finally back! Or err… Rock Lee has finally joined WRA!!! ^_^

    Yes, God of War 3 is the game that got me to join We Are Awesomeness. Isn’t that just… awesomeness?

    I think Kratos is the perfect image for awesomeness, especially after ripping off Helios’ head in that fashion. Makes the guys of 300 look like angels. ^_^

  30. @うちは Fanboi:

    You guys forgot about Uncharted. Seriously, if you’re not excited after seeing that E3 gameplay with the helicopter… something’s wrong with you!

    Gran Turismo 5: The real driving simulator, now with damage, NASCAR, WRC, and the most cars ever.
    Rockstar’s Agent: The game Rockstar has always wanted to make.
    The Last Guardian: Team ICO, what more can I say?
    Modnation Racers: Looking to be the ultimate kart racing game.
    FFXIII Versus: Want the full FFXIII experience? Need PS3 and PSP.
    FFIV: For MMORPG addicts.
    Demon’s Souls: Most addictive and difficult action RPG ever, ultra hardcore.

    And many more. But of course, different people have different tastes. Some people just might not be excited in these games.

  31. um fallout 3 anyone? heavenly sword? infamous? kingdom hearts 3? come on, a whole bunch of great sports games and better graphics than xbox, those are only a few of the reasons why ps3 pwns.

  32. and if they come out with a persona game for ps3 rather than ps2, even more reason… oh and the CoD series…. i personally think halo is overrated and in my opinion thats the main reason pple get xbox 360 over ps3

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