Brutal Legend: Hot Babes and Jack Black

Stand aside One Piece, welcome the new team awesome

Stand aside One Piece, welcome the new team awesome

G’day all. Mudshovel here, helping you waste your time 😛 .

While Reflex is a hardcore gamer and will be reviewing many well know and upcoming titles, I’ll be focusing on less known more selective titles. While I like to say that I’m a ‘hardcore’ gamer as well, I honestly don’t mind playing a ‘shit’s and giggles game’. It’s the same with movies as I sometimes like to turn off the brain, sit down and watch an action packed movie that not only borders the impossible but drives 10KM south of it (eg Wanted). Not that I’m saying this game will be bad, but it’s more so a fun game to play than a, “ahhhh FU*KING CAMPERS!!!!” game rager. So quite possibly a game you haven’t heard of but was at E3 ‘Brutal Legend’. 

Official Story trailer

Come on, you can’t tell me you thought that trailer wasn’t funny. Basically the protagonist ‘Eddie Riggs’, who is voiced by Jack Black, finds himself stuck in a fantasy Heavy Metal world one day. He must then journey to save this world where demons have enslaved humanity. Being The World’s best roadie, only Eddie can decipher the relics left behind from the ancient Titans who created the world. Now I realise this may sound a bit lame, but it’s a free roaming action-adventure game with an area approximately 64km² not to mention all the brutal killing and comedy mixed in. You meet up with various allies along the way, some of which are voiced by Motorhead’s ‘Lemmy Kilmister’, Judas Priest’s ‘Rob Halford’, The Runaway’s ‘Lita Ford’ and last but not least Ozzy Osbourne.

Teaser Trailer

Throughout the game you will see many references to Heavy Metal through symbols, names and landmarks etc. For example ‘Eddie Riggs’ his name is obviously derived from Iron Maiden’s Mascot ‘Eddie’ and the original artist who designed him/it ‘Derek Riggs’). There is also heavy Norse mythology embedded in the story line as well, seen through the various beasts that you must defeat.

Game play Trailer

Nothing like getting soaked in blood to realise you've done the world proud 0_0

Nothing like getting soaked in blood to realise you've done the world proud 0_0

The game play best showcases the awesomeness that is this game. I mean what’s not to like about electrifying enemies with a guitar, then proceeding to decapitate or disembowel them with your ‘axe’? Later on in the game you will find a ‘Hot Rod’ that is nicknamed the ‘Deuce’ which you will be able to ride around in. All of the weapons you locate can be used together to form awesome combos like the ‘Earth Shaker’ which not only blows away the enemy but also destroys the surrounding environment. When you find allies who will assist you in battle, you can also perform combos with them such as throwing your ally at the enemies. 

E3 Trailer

Finally I leave you with the trailer from E3. Now unlike Reflex who ditches school to write these up (come on 3 – 7 game posts a week plus the weekly AMV and spoiler post!). I surprisingly have a depraved, biased and time consuming obstacle I call life. This means that my posts will be irregualr at best. I won’t necessarily be doing previews every time, but if I do you can guarantee that it will be of a game you’re going to buy *shakes fist* 

Till next time, adios.

~ by mudshovel on March 13, 2009.

11 Responses to “Brutal Legend: Hot Babes and Jack Black”


    Do we still do that… *feels foolish but still gloats he got first*

  2. do want…btw SECOND!

  3. Third then!
    PS Supertrek check your email o.o

  4. ahhh yes. mudshovel takes a whole paragraph oh his post to make fun of me…. touché my good friend

    but no life… really?? considering the fact that I’m gone half the day every day, and the fact that the Modern Warfare 2 post took me 45 minutes tops to write suggests otherwise. The difference between u and me is this – i KNOW how to write – i can fire these posts off left and right while you… you take 3 days to write one of them…. now who has no life my good friend 😉

    lol. 3 days? pls thats something else i’ve got planned (that still isn’t done >_<)
    Only took a couple of hours.

    Lmao a couple of hours??? I could write 3 posts in a couple of hours!!! nice try dude!!

  5. sorry, this game seems dumb =(

    Im gunna stick with Halo ODST, Assasins Creed 2, and Modern Warfare =)

  6. @ fanboi – haha ur in luck then (spoiler for E3 blowout week 2)

  7. This game looks fun. Should kill about 1 week till I get tired out it. Is it out for all systems?

  8. Another Halo fanboi *shakes head*. I’m sorry but you’re lost 😛
    As i said this is just a fun game, if you’re a serious hardcore gammer, you most likely wont like it. However as I like Metal music, there are alot of hidden jokes in the game so it’s a must get for me XD.

    Good choice on Assasins Creed 2 and Modern Warfare 2 btw.

  9. @captnmexico: yeah, ps3 and 360 not sure if it’s going to pc though. Also finally someone who know’s a good game when he see’s it 😛

  10. Team Awesome move out the way? HA! 😛

    Lol, the game looks fun and funny but I probably would never get it unless someone lent it to me. Not a big fan of heavy metal but I am a big fan of Jack Black. Great breakdown Mudshovel and I await more from you. After you get done with that thing called…life?

    It’s 3am and i’m reading this comment – who said i don’t have a life?
    *Pulls out knife* XD

    – Mudshovel

  11. 11th !!

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